The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, May 23, 1884, Image 3

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The Columbian.
FRIDAY-, MAY 23, 1881.
Correct Kullrond Time Tnble.
Train on tho Philadelphia A It. It. leave Itupcrt
a follows I
0:3a a. m.
4:1)0 p. in.
11:01 a. in.
0:13 p. in.
Tralnson tlio 1), U A V. 11 It loavo llloomsburg
as follows I
7.-05 a. m. 8:28 a. m.
11:17 a. in. 11:5.1 a. m.
0:30 p. m. 4:33 p. tn.
Tlio 8.88 a. m. train connects at Northumberland
wltn the v.33 train on 1'enn.tylvauU road, reaching
Philadelphia at 3:11 p. m.
Tho 11:53 train connects with Philadelphia and
Heading road nt ltupcrt reaching Vhlladel
phla at 0:00 p. in.
Tlio IliM train connects with Pennsylvania road
at Northumberland at 1:50, reaching Philadelphia
at 7:23 p. in.
Tho 4.33 p. m. train connects with Innsylvanla
ro.W at Northumberland at 8.o5 p. in., una reaches
l'hlladclphla at 3:us a. ra.
Trains nn tho N. & W. U. Hallway pass Illoom
Ferry ns follows t
nobtii. souri
11:87 a. in. urn p. m.
0.SW p. in. 4:is p. m.
Notice to CorrcNpoiidciitH.
In order to savo many communications from tlio
wasto basket wo mako tho following suggestions
to local correspondents I Use only one sldo of the
sheet, and wrlto aspialnas poulblo; .give only
the local news that Is of soma Interest to tho coin
munlty, such as accidents, Improvements, mar.
rlagos, deaths, matter relating to schools and
churches, buslnosl enterprises, changes of resi
dence, anl tho llko. What appear to bo Jokes at
tho expense of others, and personal mention glv.
lug only ono name or Initials or a nickname, will
not bo printed under any circumstances. Such
Items often glvo offense, though nono may bo In
tended. Tho full nuns of tho writer must always
bo given, bat will not be printed unless requested.
l'or Hale.
Several town properties, good location,
brick or frame.
About 25 acres of land In Hemlock town
ship, partly cleared, balance well timbered.
A farm of about 80 acres In Scott twp.
For terms mid particulars npply to Geo.
. Elwcll, Moomsuurg, l'u. feb. 20-tf.
Mr. A. G. Klmborly Is our authorized
agent to solicit subscriptions, job work,
und advertising. Ills receipt for money
for this olllce will be as valid as that of the
proprietors. apr 25-tf
O. W. Jones Is assisting In the Prothono
tary's ofllco.
Miss Annlo llernhard Is visiting Miss
Alllo Mann at Syracuse, N. Y.
Illram W. Thornton of Danvlllo has gone
to California to spend several months.
Candidates' cards printed at this olllce
for $2.50 per thousand.
Tho best dirt-proof watches mado can be
seen nt L. Bernhard's jewelry store.
Court crier Coffman rejoices In the iul
dltlon of a daughter to his family.
Largo scrap pictures reduced in price
one half at the Columbian store.
The Afton "Band will hold a festival on
May SOtb und 31st.
E. A. Ilawllngs wants calves, for which
ho will pay six cents per pound. tf
Bishop Howe will visit St. Paul's P.
Church on Sunday June 15.
Tho Mite Society of tho Reformed Church
will hold a festival in Evans' Hull on the
evenings of May ilOth nnd 31st.
Tho Philadelphia dailies now reach here
at noon Instead of live o'clock. This is
greatly appreciated by the reading public.
Head Harmnn & Hasscrt's new adver
tisement in another column. It will bo of
special interest to farmers.
Oo West via. Pennsylvania railroad. All
changes made In Union depots. No omni
bus transfers. W. C. McICinney, Ast't.
Tho Pennsylvania Itallroad Company
wilMss'uo excursion tickets to Chicago and
return for $21.40. Good from May 20th to
Juno l.'lth.
Wo want a regular correspondent from
Catnwlssa. Anyone capable of doing sat
isfactory work will rccelvo proper compen
Tho assignee's sale of C. B. Brockwny's
property has been postponed to some time
in June, Notice will bo given in this pa.
per and by poster of time,
A now Itliaca live octavo orcan will bo
exchanged for a buggy. Inrjulro at this of
At a meeting of tho Executive Commit
tee It was decided to hold tlio next Annual
Fair of Columbia County on tho 15, 10, 17
and 18th days of October next.
Tho Pennsylvania Uallroad will Issuo ex.
curslou tickets to the National Conventions
at Chicago. Tickets wilLbe on sale nt their
office on Main Street, 1st door below Ex.
chango hotel, Bloomsburg, Pu.
W. C. McKinnky, Agent,
Gorton's Now Orleans Minstrels gave a
first class entertainment at tho Upcrn
House last Saturday night. Tho jokes
wero good, containing nothing that bor
dcrcd on vulgarity, and the music was ex
ccllcnt. They deservo crowded houses
wherever they go.
H. V. White Esq., tho newly elected
secretary of tho Agricultural Society, en.
tcrs upon his duties with n thorough knowl
edgo of tho positiou, having been assistant
secrctnry for soveral years. His uiiuni
motis election to tho olllco was n well dc
served compliment.
Al. KranU whoso barn was burned some
tlmo ago and for whom tho neighbors gen
crously subscribed to assist was unfortu
unto enough to lose tho subscription list
Any body who may have found it will do a
kind thing: by returning it to him or to the
Benton stage driver.
All members of Ent Post will assemble
in their hall at 10 o'clock, a. m., Sunday
May 23th, In full uniform, to attend Divine
Service at tho ltcformcd church, In accord
ance with orders from Head Quarters.
Ciias. S. Fohnwali),
Post Commander,
Ent Post, 230, O. A. It., Dept. of Pa,
A new question has been raised in court
by a motion to strike oil tho numo of ir.
Bower ot Catuwissu, from the Medical Itcg-
Ister. Tho Act of Assembly requires that
any physician coming from outside till
Statu must get nn endorsement of the fac
ulty of a medical collego in tho Stato ns to
hu qualifications, and tho .genuineness of
his diploma, said endorsement to bo made
by tho Dean of tho Faculty. Dr. Bowcr'i
diploma Is from a Missouri medical college
and ho has a certificate from tho Secretary
of tho Faculty of tho University of Point
sylvnnla, as to its genuineness, but not us
to qualifications, Tho secretary telegrapli
that the certlflcato given by him Is I til end
ed as n compliance with tho law, Whether
it is or not Is tho question for decision.
Sweet potato plants, -10 cents, per 100
$3.00 per 1000, at J. Garrison's, 6th St.
Another candidate on tho nntl.trnvcl
principle Is announced this week, In tlio
person of W. S. Flslicr of Main township,
who oilers himself for tho position of conn,
ty commissioner. Ho wns a candidate
thrco jenra ago for tho samo place, and
had n fair following.
G. A. R.
G. A. R.
All Grand Army men wanting gulls.
white vests nnd caps for the 80th of May,
can bo supplied nt tho lowest prlco by D.
OWENHKKO, the Popular Clothier.
Pomona Orange, No (5. will meet Juno
13, (2d Friday) nt 10 o'clock n. m. In tho
new Grnngo Hall, nt Catnwlssa. a fine thrco
story bilck building. U lthonc, Esq., of
Centio Co, .Master of l'cnnu. State Orange,
nnd James Cnlder, D. 1)., of Hnrrlsburg,
Lecturer ot I'cnna. State Grange, will bo
present, nnd tho Hall will bo publicly dedi
cated nt ono o'clock p. m. All nro Invited.
II. II. llltOWN, J. II, Eck,
Secrctnry. Mnstcr.
Mr. F. 11. Hartman has been secretary of
tho Agricultural Society for tho past four
years. For eight years prior to that ho
wns assistant secretary. His duties wcro
always performed promptly, accurately,
conscientiously and satisfactorily, and his
many friends regret that his present situa
tion compelled him to decline n re-election.
To whatever ho applies himself, ho brings
Intelligence, nnd Integrity, nnd theso with
his a liability, havo made lain deservedly
popular with nil who aro thrown In con-
tact with him. Mr. Hartman Is one of the
young men of the county of whom wo ex
pect to hear something In tho future.
Wlnonn MntterH.
At thn last meeting of Winona Firo Com
pany E. 11. Clark was elected president In
place of Geo. E. Elwcll, resigned, and C.
B. liobblns wns elected forcmnn In place of
F. Peacock, resigned.
A speclnl meeting of the company will be
held this (Friday) evening at 8:80 o'clock.
A full attendance Is desired.
I.uw for 1-oiIcllerH.
Several Inquiries have been made of us
as to the law covcrninc peddllni: and
hawking In this county. Tho act of 1840
provides that :
No person shall sell or exnose to sale
within the county of Schuylkill, ns a hawk-
er, peddler, or truvellni: merchant uny lor
elgu or domestic goods, wares or merchan
dise, under penalty of Ilfty dollars for each
and every offense, to bo inflicted ill the
manner provided by the act of 0th April,
18JJ." tins mono of procedure is uy a war.
runt from a Justice of tho Peace, a bind
ing over to court, and Indictment In the
Quarter Sessions.
This net was extended to Columbia
county by act of -March 27, 1848.
Mrs. Lydla Appleman, wife of Mathias
Appleman, died at her home on Market
Street Monday- morning, Slay 10, 1884,
ged G8 years, 2 months and seven days.
The deceased was a member of tho Luther
an Church from youth, but for tho last
ight years, I lie loss of sight nnd hearing
had deprived her of her usual attendance
nt worship.
In the absence of Hcv. F. P. Manhart,
word was sent to Rev. J. It. Dimm of Sc.
llnsgrovc, a former pastor of this place,
who preached the funeral sermon, from tho
text "The path of the just Is ns tho shin
ing light that sliincth more and more unto
perfect day," and reading the (list psalm, a
chapter that gave so much comfort to the
deceased duriug her affliction.
She leaves a husband, four children nnd
six grand children to mourn her loss.
Clicnp uooltH.
Wo have the following books on our
shelves. The prices are very low, and as
we have but one copy of each tho first cub-
tomcr gets the bargain :
Life nnd Travels of Gen, Grant, COO pp.,
well bound, illustrated, worth $3.50, we
offer it nt $1.50.
Our Wild Indians, 030 pages, illustrated,
Life nnd Work of Jnmcs A. Garfield, 072
pages, $1.50.
Stanley in the Wilds of Africa, 714 pp.,
The English People, 5 volumes, 82.G0
for the set.
Goldsmith's Poems, 75 cents,
llobert Browning's Poems, 75 cents.
The French Revolution, by Carlylc, CO
Irvlng's Crayon Papers, 40 cents.
Cyclopedia of Choice Prose, by Talne,
75 cents.
These books are In good condition, and
arc ollered considerably lower than tlio
regular prices. They cannot bo duplicated
at tho figures named.
Coi.u.miuan Office, Bloomsburg, Pa.
The mill of Bclshllne Bros, up Haven
Creek was burned Inst week. Their loss
Is estimated at $1,300 or $1,400. The or
igin of the lire is not known.
Judge Derr had a flue tract of timber
burnt over during tho recent forest fires.
The loss Is heavy.
Tho recent "spell" of weather lias kept
com planting back considerable mostly
done here now.
Fishermen have had their favorite sport
curtailed considerable of late. Cause, too
cold, too much water, nnd not enough of
Mr. Husscl L. Mcllenry and Miss Mug-
gio B. Welllvcr, of Benton township called
at the Christian Parsonage on the lOtli of
May and wero duly tied up In tho matri
monial noose. Joy and success attend
Mr Clinton Cleaver, only brother of Mrs.
Ed. Hughes of Cambra, and unclo of Prof.
Hughes died on Sunday night aged 58
years and was buried in tho Benton ceme
tery on Wcduesday,
Memorial Day.
Ent Post, No. 250, G, A. II., will assem-
bio ut the hall on Friday, May 30, at 7
o'clock a. m., sharp.
Proceed to Orungevlllo, wlicro memorial
exercises will bo observed at 10 a. in. i at
LIghtstreet, lliSOa. m. Afton, 1 p. m
returnine to Bloomsburg. Lunch will bo
served In tho hall to members of tho Pott.
Parade will form on Market Square at 3
o'clock p. m. Tho procession will bo un
tier command of P. P. 0., II. J. Conner,
Marshal, to whom nil organizations will re
The column will movu down Market to
Fifth, Fifth to East, East to Main, where
procession will bu Joined by societies from
tho Normal School, proceeding down Main
to Centre, up Centre to the cemetery.
Attcr performing tho beautiful rlto of
strewlna flowers over tho graves of our
fallen comrades, an address will bo deliver,
ed by II, M. Hinckley, Esq., of Danville.
It Is earnestly desired that the lire de
partment, secret societies und Sunday
schools participate In these memorial scr
vices, and that all places ot business bo
closed from 3 to 0 p, m., and tho town be
decorated with Hags.
All flowers furnished by tho ladles of tho
town will bo thankfully received by com
inlltee nt O. A. It. hall from 0 n. m. to 3 p,
Lots of pocket books and purses at the
Colomuian store. Very cheap.
There was n session of court on Wcdncs-'
day to hear tho matter of nlUclmienl
ngnlnst Peter Baldy. Tho wholo nftcr-
noon wns occupied, nnd tho Investigation
Is still In progress this (Thurday) morning.
Fon Balk. A desirable store property of
the late A. B. Vanllow nt Buckhorn. The
goods will bo sold separately, or tho goods
and building together. Apply to A. C.
Vnnllew or J. Tcrwllllgcr, Mghtstrcct, Pa.
4 w
I hereby nnnounco my namo for rcuoinl-
nation nnd election to the ofllco of Register
& Itccordcr, nnd would especially call the
public attention to my consistency ns n
Democrat nnd Independence ns a citizen,
That I havo always held the right to elect
men to ofllco belongs to tho people, nnd
not to their scrvnnts nnd that I accord to
them p. full consideration of tho elements ot
character of those who seek to bo honored
by them. To be a guardian or servant of
tho people Is a position of honorable dis
tinction to which nono nro worthy except
thoso who have given evidence of nn lnten
tlon of being honest nnd upright.
In tho fnll of 1878 I consented to be n
candldato ot tho Democratic party with
which I have always been active, and nftcr
much personal abuse, labor und sacrifice
incident to a canvas, I was barely defeat
ed, but submitted to tho result with the
best possible crnce. Having full conll-
deuce In my friends, many of whom hat)
been misled by false nnd unjustlllable
prophesies by the opposition, I concluded
to bo a candldato aaln In 1831. At this
time I made tho nomination on first ballot
by Instructions with soven delegates In ex,
cess of nil my opponents and three of tho
requisite number, with means barely suf,
tlclcnt to bcuY expenses, without the prom
ise of clerkship or assistance for other of
fices yet every social and political enemy
was active among my friends, working nn
Independent movement against my elec
tlon with vlim I nm satisfied (very one of
my present opponents voted nnd acted. 1
did not havo tho benefit of my predeces,
sot's experience iu office, who was nn In
dependent cnndldnto and yielded up the of
flee reluctantly, nnd to servo the public
with enro nnd promptness, I was obliged
to labor and study earnestly how well I
have acquitted myself as your servant It is
not for me to say j however, no questlona
ble act of mine wns intentional. If I shall
be deemed worthy the support of the pco.
pic to a nomination nnd election at the
primary and general election, It will bo my
highest ambition to gratify their most
laudable expectations.
Gkoiiqe W. Stkiixkh.
Agricultural Society.
The twenty-ninth annual meeting of tlio
Columbia County Agricultural, Ilortlcul
turnl Ss Mcchnnlcnl Association wns called
to order by the president, Mr. Frens Fow-
ler, In the Opera House ut Bloomsburg,
Snturdny, May 17th, 1884, at two o'clock,
p. m.
Mr. John Hartman wns elected chnlrmnn
and J. P. Sands and II. V. White secretar
ies ot the meeting. The chair appointed
Mr. F. B. Hartman reading clerk. After
calling the list of names of members, Mr.
J. C. Brown, treasurer, stated that three
persons, Philip Creasy, M. C. Sloan and F.
P. Vnndcrsllcc, who were members last
year, had paid to him one dollar each since
the first day of January last, and requested
tickets of membership for this year. Tick
ets refused, and tlio meeting requested to
take action upon tho matter. After the
section of tho etinrter relative to the elec
tion of members had been read and discuss.
ed, John Grolz, Esq., moved that the per
sons named bu ndmittcd ns members of
this society. Hon. T. J. Vnndersllce mov.
ed to amend by making the motion to ad
mit the persons named and place their
names on the list of members In good
standing. Mr. J. C. Brown seconded the
motion, nnd with the consent of Mr. GroU,
the vote wns taken nnd the question de
cided in favor of tiic amendment and the
chair ordered the names placed upon the
The minutes of last annual meeting and
the financial statement for last year read
and approved.
On motion of T. J. Vnndersllce, Esq.,
the salaries of the president, secretary and
treasurer were fixed the same as last year,
to-wit s president, $50.00 ; treasurer, $75 j
secretary, $100.
Nominations being In order, on motion
it was decided to put in nomination the
whole ticket and vote the ticket ns a whole,
whereupon Mr. Vunderslico nominated the
following ticket, to-wlt : president, Frcas
Fowler; vice-presidents, M. O. Hughes,
bamucl Camp, Win. Shaffer, C. L. Sands
executive committee, J. M. Dewitt, Bultls
Sterling, E. D. Leldy ; secretary, II. V.
White i librarian, Thomas Webb j treasur
er, J. C. Brown, and member of Board of
Agriculture, Cliandlcc Eves. On motion
tlio nominations closed nnd, Wm. Barrett
cast tho ballot and the chair declared the
ticket, ns nominated, elected.
Mr. S. J. Conner olTcrcd the following
resolution :
Jlefoked. That the officers ot the Coin in
bla County Agricultural, Horticultural it
Mechaniral Association bo and they are
hereby directed to give notice that nt next
annual meeting a proposition to amend the
charter will bu presented In regard to the
right of membership, und that a committee
uo appointed to prepare resolutions."
Question called, vote taken and rcsolu.
tlon lost.
Mr. Aaron Smith then moved "That this
convention appoint a committee of five, to
report to tho next annual meeting, n plan
to chango our Charter so that this society
may become, a Stock Company." Standing
voto resulted ns follows : 39 for nnd 12
against. Tho chair appointed Aaron
Smith, S. J. Conner, J. C. Brown, Geo. E.
Elwcll nnd Samuel Klsncr to serve as such
No other business, meeting ndjourncd.
J. P. Sanus ) s ,
h. v. wniTK ;ccy8-
A leak in tho reservoir was discovered on
Thursday by some ono passing iu that ill
rectlon, nnd thus saved the water com.
pany considerable expense, ns the water
had carried nwuy u large part of the em.
bnnkment. About twenty men repaired
the leak on Thursday night.
E. P. Wilbur, President of the Lehigh
Valley Itallroad, passed through hero on
Friday on his way to Suubury, in tho pal
uce car Minerva, which Is reported to have
cost the enormous sum ot $00,000. As wo
had but n passing glimpse of it we can't
say anything ot the Interior, but from hear
say we should judge It's u beauty.
No matter what direction you look In
our prosperous llttlo town, you can seo a
building looming up. There aro nt least
twenty houses In course ot erection, and
contractors say they have more work on
hund than they can complete this year,
William Selgler Inflicted tin ugly gash In
his arm on Thursday, by striking hlmsulf
with uu ux, at Morris Hldge.
A large lump of coal fell on John Wash
er ut Morris Hldge colliery on Friday, eat
ing him severely ubout the head.
Our worthy borough officials, and citi
zen In general, have cumn to the conclu
slon that an "ounce of prevention Is worth
a pound ot cure," and on Sunday evening
it Board of Health was organized, which
consists of men who havo the welfare of
tho people at heart, nnd will use vigorous
menns to havo the borough In a good san
itary condition. Peter Fcttcrmnn nnd
Thomas Johnson wcro appointed watch
men to guard tho houso of Mrs. Evans,
who has a daughter In Ashland nllltctcd
with small pox, nnd rumor has It Mrs. E.
calls to sco her dally. Tho Ashland watch.
men should bo more strict, nnd not allow
outsiders In small pox houses.
Condy Cnrr, Anthony Gnllnghcr nnd
John McCaffrey left hern on Monday for
Tho picnic held on Saturday last under
tho nusplccs of the Junior Sons wns n
financial success, being tho first of tho sen
son, nnd nil tho collieries having paid on
that day, '.hero wns n large crowd and lots
of money.
Tho double engines nt tho reservoir of
tho Locust Mountain Water Company were
tried on Tuesday, nnd proved themselves
more than equal to their work.
Quito n number of our saloon keepers
closed up on Saturday evening nnd patron
ized the picnic.
Tlio latest In renovntlng n dwelling Is to
whitewash the doors and window frames,
nt least the Hungarians living on Itallroad
street have ndopted this plan, and It looks
(un) well.
M. W. Brcnnan has accepted tho agency
for the Singer machine. All orders left at
his store room will bo promptly attended
Diphtheria has ngnln mado Its appear-
ance In town. Four cases being reported
to Dr. Gwlnner on Saturday evening.
Mr. J, W. Evans Is having a fine barn
built In connection with tho livery stables
ot Michael & Co. This cntcrprlslug linn
have deserved nnd received n large share
ot the public patronage, and we nro picas
ed to notice that the demands of their bus
iness makes It necessary for them to en
large their premises.
The offer of S. B. Bowman to donate two
acres of valuable land to nny new nnd en
terprlslng Industry H a generous one, and
it would be wise If the property holders of
the borough made some efforts to secure
the location of manufacturing firms here.
It Is not reasonable to suppose that Ber.
wick will be us prosperous in the (future as
It lias been the past unless an cITort is
made to develop new industries.
Extensive preparations arc being made
for the proper observance of Decoration
On Sunday next tho C. G. Jackson Post
No 159, will attend church iu conjunction
with the Sons of Veterans nnd the P. O. S
of A. The services will bo held In tho
Evangelical church, conducted by the Itev
II. W. Buck, the efficient pnstor. A pub
lie procession will form at ten o'clock,
headed by tho Berwick Comet Band, nnd
march from the rooms of the G. A. It. Post
to the church.
On Decoration Day three detachments
will attend exercises in tho following
places, in the morning: Mifllin, Lime
Hidge und Summer Hill, all returning to
Berwick nbout noon when a grand proccs
slon will be formed nnd the usual floral
decorations of soldiers' craves will bo car
ried out nt the cemetery, alter which the
closing exercises of the day consisting of
vocal and Instrumental music and nil
dresses by prominent public speakers will
take place in the M. E. church.
The superintendent of the J. & W. Mfg.
Co., Mr. It. W. Oswald, has directed that
the works be closed on the occasion, nnd
there will doubtless be n line display of
public patriotism.
Col. A. D. Secly has mounted n stack of
arms in front of Ins residence, wblcli Is
surmounted by a handsome basket of living
flowers, presented to him by his friend Mr,
Julius Hoft.
We mentioned a few weeks ngo nn acci
dent which occurred to a horse belonging
to Mr. Casper Frantz while crossing the D
L. & W. It. H. nt this place. In justice to
the company we desire to state that though
the horse did not die they wcro honorable
enough to forward Mr. Frantz a check for
one hundred dollars to Idemnlfy him for
Ids loss. People may say what they like
nbout corporations "having no souls," but
we know plenty of pcoplu who claim to be
very just In their dealings who would havo
let Mr, F. spend u good deal of money in n
lawsuit If they thought they could havo
evaded payment.
Our baso ball boys were laid out nt Dan
vllle last Saturday, but as they uro all men
In the true sense of the word they take
their defeat with good grace. Go In, boys,
jou have the muscle, nnd It is only n mat
ter of time for you to prove whnt you nro
made of.
Our town council met In the little olllce
of the J. & W. Co., last Saturday night,
and stormy times they had of it. Iu the
first place exceptions wero taken to the
fencing of the ends of the streets butting
on the hill or river bank on tho ground
that they were blocking up public thor
oughfares for the particular Interests of
private Individuals. After inspecting tlio
work of tho council in this matter your cor-
respondent is forced to state as a matter of
trutli that tho fences so constructed are a
wise provision ngulnst accident, nnd will
really result In permanent Improvement to
tlio localities iu which they are placed,
i uu results ot incir other deliberations on
Saturday night are open to criticism. Last
year three special pollco were appointed nt
a salary of $83.33 each, or an nggregato of
ono hundred dollurs n year. This council
was elected on nn economical basis, nnd It
seems strnngo that In view of n probablo
suspension of the works and that the pop
ulation of tho town (to quite an extent) is
likely to bu diminished, the present coun
cil should appoint two special police nt a
snlary of $100 each, besides the chief of
pollco at u salary of $180. When wo take
into consideration tho other legitimate ex
penses they will bo called upon to meet, we
think they should havo considered very
carefully before Increasing tho expenditure
ot tho borough finances in this direction.
When we mention the facts that tho secre
tary's salary lias been doubled the present
year, und that it Is claimed that the
town is too poor to provide for street
lights (notwithstanding that the lamps nro
already provided and have been used dur
ing tho past two years) It does look us
though our economical borough dads nic
currying out the old adage of being "penny
wlso and pound foolish."
Court I'rttcceilliiifH,
John L. Sponenberger vs. Berwick bor
ough, petition to r.ssess damages, Aaron
Kelclmer, E. Rlngrnso, Levi Fester, Ed.
ward Wagner and W. B. Freas appointed
Salo of real cstuto ordered lu estate of
Nancy Kahler.
Ellas Howell, Amos Wuutch and J. P.
Ikeler uppolnted viewers of a road iu Hem.
lock near Elizabeth Smith's.
Lawrence Hurlmau, William Glrtoii and
Ell J, Old appointed viewers of u road lu
Pino township near John Fox's,
Daniel Yocum, David Armstrong nnd P.
A. Evans appointed viewers of u road in
Scott township near II, Sharpless',
Sale of real estate ordered lu estate ot
Susan Rumble,
Daniel Yocum, David Armstrong and P.
A Evans' appointed viewers of a road In
Scott near llobert Stiff's.
Commonwealth vs. G. W. Arms, reasons
for now trlnl filed.
Court directs that hereafter the venire
of jurors shall bo mado to appear nt 10
o'clock on Monday of tho second week, In.
stead of 0 o'clock ns heretofore.
Appeals wcro filed In tho enses ot C. I).
Fowler, Casper Franlz, L. T. Thompson
vs. Berwick borough.
John It. "iolie vs. John Ilintcrlltcr,
plaintiff takes n non suit.
Ellas George, Washington Purr and Da
vid Munson appointed viewers ot a rond In
CntnwtssA township near Seth Hartman's.
Decree of divorce made In Mary Hower
vs. Henry llowcr.
F. P, Jncobs appointed guardian of
Amelia Trump, n minor.
Joseph Hartzcll, John Harmony nnd
Charles T. Shumim appointed viewers of n
bridge In Beaver near P. & It. crossing.
W. Colemnn vs. C. P. Fullmer, ct nl.,
non suit entered.
Bridge In Flshtngcrcck ucnr Elizabeth
Padcn's, approved.
Argument court fixed for Juno 30th nt
0 n. m.
Lewis A. Stiles nppolntcd guardian of
Eva I). Stiles.
-Madison Gcarhnrt appointed guardian of
Maggie B. Stiles, now Clark,
Decree filed in dlvorco of Mills vs. Mills.
Aaron Bogart vs. Peter Bogart, case
tried, verdict for plaintiff for $480.10.
Attachment allowed for Peter Baldy,
trustee, under will of W. G. Hurley.
Hecognlzanco of E. II. Baldy for the ap-
pcarancc of Peter Baldy on the 21st day of
Estate of Catharine Slusscr, decree of
court ordering real estate to Margaret
Brown filed, and recognizance of Margaret
Brown nnd Franklin Ilhodes taken and
A. Crevellng vs. W. Thomas, case tried,
verdict for defendant.
John B. Mnchcn appointed guardian of
Wllilnm, Jennie nnd May Mnchcn.
Georgo Beavan vs. L. A. Itlliy, ct. al.
Verdict for plaintiff for $3500.
G. W. Correll and It. H. lllnglcr appoint
ed appraisers in estate of Thomas. J. Mor-
Samuel 11. Kacrcher Esq., of Pottsvlllo
was admitted to practice law In this county-
Edward L. Perkins Esq., of Philadelphia,
was sworn in us attorney to practice law, in
this county.
Weckcrly's Executor vs. I). B. Freder
ick. Verdict for plaintiff for $458.43.
F. P. Evans vs. U. II. Ent. Verdict for
the defendant.
Commonwealth vs. Harry Miller. De
fendant sentenced to pay a line of live dol
lars and costs of prosecution, nnd undergo
imprisonment in the county jail for 5 days.
Motion for a new trial In Bevnn vs. HI-
Foi: Runt. The front room, second
floor, of the Columman building. One of
the best rooms for nn ofllce In town. Hent
cd by steam, lighted by gns, water on same
floor, Apply to Geo. E. Elwcll. tf
The best ice cream at Phillip's.
Kinds on Saturday nlglit.
C. C Marr takes trade dollars at par
dry goods.
Ice Cicam packed in any
Let orders ut J. F. Caldwell's.
Hammocks 90c. SI. 00
and 1.05 at I W.
Haitman is Sou's.
Gentlemen who want a spring suit put
up m CITY STYLE should call nt the
liloomshuri;. David Lowenbcrc who cm.
Funs und parasols lust opened nt I. W.
Hartman fc Son's.
Go to C. ('. Marr's for new dress goods
of all kinds, und very cheap.
Full lino of spiinc dress (roods now open
at I. W. Hurtman it Son's.
C. C. Marr wants butter,
shoulder, ham and lnrd.
eggs, side,
"Tho apparel oft proelalm's the man."
A well dressed gentleman is the admira
tion of all, and the placo to get your
RELIABLE STORE cf David Lowcnberg.
Good muslin OJc, extra heavy 7Jc by bolt
at I. W. Hartman & Son's.
Wool nnd
cotton curpet chain ut C. C.
New goods at J. 11. Skeer's.
GO pieces white
Hartman & Son's.
dress goods at I. W.
Moro of tiiat CO cent syrup tho best for
the' money, In town, at C. C. Murr's.
"When found mako a noto of."
The place to co for your spring clothing.
a stylish lint, or a lino neck scarf, or tho
latest style iu furnishing goods is nt David
Beautiful chamber sets 10 pieces for
$3.00 at I. W. Haitman & Son's.
Summer silks in dress patterns nt
C. C.
A neat present given away with every
purchase made at tlio Popular Clothing
Storo of David Lowenberg.
Yellow butter and fresh eggs are tlio go
nt I. W. Hartman As Son's.
A very largo line of straw hats now on
view, NOBBY, NEAT and NEW, just nr.
rived at David Lowenberg's.
White ten sets SU.OO ut 1,
W. Hartman &
"I am a Baptist minister, nnd before I
ever thought cf being a clergyman I grad
uated in medicine, but left a lucrative prac
tice for mv present profession, foity years
ago, I was for many years a sufferer from
quinsy. Thomas' Eclcctrlc Oil cured me.
l was also troumcu witu Hoarseness, nun
Thomas' Eclcctrlc Oil alwnys relieved me.
My wife and child hud diphtheria, nnd
Thomas' Eclcctrlc Oil cured them, ami if
taken in timo it will euro seven times out
of ten. I urn confident it is a cure for the
most obstinate cold, or cough, nnd if nny
one will take a small teaspoontul und half
fill it wltli tlio oil, and then place the end
of tho spoon lu one nostril und draw tlio
oil out ot thu spoon into tho head, by snif
fing us hard ns they can, until thu oil falls
over Into the throat, and practice It twicu a
week, I don't cure how offensive their head
may be, It will clean It out nnd cure their
catarih. For deafness und earache, It has
done wonders to my certain knowledge, it
is the only medicine dubbed patent medi
cine that I havo uvcr felt like recommend
ing, and 1 urn very unxloits to sco it lu ev
ery place, for I tell you that I would not be
without it lu my houso for any considera
tion. I urn now sullcrlug with a pain like
rheumatism In my right limb and nothing
relieves mo uuo i nonius' eciccino uu, ur,
E. F. CIiane, Corry, Pu.
Cough when Shlloh's Cure will glvo you
immi-dlatu relief. Price 10 cents, SO cents
ami if I. Sold by Moyer Bros.
Mr. Alfred Sneer thu celebrated wine
grower of New Jersey preserves tlio unfer.
uieiited Juice ot thu grape for sacramental
use. It has been adapted, and Its use
sanctioned by tho prominent divines ot
tills country. It Is also used by invalids
with remarkable well effect. For sale by
of Ilourhou, Ind,, says i "Both myself and
wife owe our lives to Shlloh's Consumption
Cure." Sold by Moyer llros.
"l'M AM. niiOKK UP I"
This Is tho usual exclamation of one nf
lltctcd with rheumatism, or lameness,
lthcutnntlo people are Indeed entitled to
our slnccro sympathy nnd commiseration.
Spccily-relief Is offered them Irt Dr. Thorn-
ns' Eclcctrlc Oil. It is tho sworn enemy ot
nil acnes nmi pains.
A lasting nnd fragrant perfume. Price 25
nnd 60 cents. Sold by Moycr Bros.
At times symptoms of Indigestion aro
present, uneasiness ot tlfo stomach, Ac, n
moisture Ilko perspiration, producing Itch-
lnir nt nielit, or when ono is warm, causo
tlio Piles. Tho effect Irfirtmedlato relief
upon tho application of Dr. Dasanko's Pllo
ltcmcdy, which costs you but GO cents and
is soia uy u, A. Kieim. jury m-cow
Wllkcs-Barre, Pa., Jan. 0, 1833.
Mr. flielps, Dcnr Sir I consider it my
duty to tell you how much good your
Itheumnlio Elixir has donu me. For ten
yenrs 1 hnd Ithciimatlsm in my left arm
and last year It extended through my whole
body and limbs. I could hardly turn In
bed, and several days I could neither feed
. .....ii. r i.
everything Hint I could hear of. but got no
better, nnd i began to get discouraged,
Mr. Good, tho druggist, advised mo tnko
Phclp's Rheumatic Elixir. I did so, nnd
nftcr having taken tho first bottle I felt sat-
Isfled that it was helping me. When I had
taken three bottles I as entirely cured.
I feel very crateful for what your medicine
has done for mo . I will cheerfully recom
mend It to thoso ullllctcd with Ithcuma-
Usui. Yon can use my name ns you wish
in ucnnii of your J'.nxir.
Vours, with mnny thanks,
Cmas. II. ICmffds,
No. 14 Mngnolin Avenue, Wllkes.Uarre, Pa.
Mahanoy City Pa., Sept. 8, 1882.
Mr. John II. Phelps Dear Sir i I hnyo
used your Rheumatic Elixir with good re
sults and can recommend It to any person
suITerlug with that fearful disease, rheuma
tism. Ciias. W. Smith, Hatter.
Free with each bottle of Shlloh's Catarrh
ltcmcdy. Price CO cents. Sold by Moycr
Foil THE IT II Lit'.
I owe my life to Phelps' Rheumatic Elix
ir During the past fifteen years I have
spent over a thousand dollars for treatment
of Rheumatism nnd never received any
permanent ueneiit until i loon tne L'lieips'
Elixir. I consider it the best rheumatic
remedy ever ollered to tho public.
Geo. K. lloTT,
Mr. Phelps' i Your Rheumatic Elixir is
gotug to bu a big thine here. Am satisfied
the time is not fur distant. I'kuse send mo
another gross. Very respectfully,
Apothecary, Havcrford Avenue, Phlla.
If C. A. Klelm, the Druggist, does not
succeed it is nut for thn want of faith. Ho
has such faith in Dr. Ilosanko's Cough and
Lunc syrun ns a remedy forCoiiEhs. Colds.
Consumption, nnd Lung Affections, that he
gives a uottie iree to cntn una every one who
is in need oi a medicine ot mis Kind.
July lil-cow
A positive cure for catarrh, diphtheria nnd
caniier moutii. sold liy Jloycr llros.
You can be weak, nervous, debilitated,
and despondent, disqualified for work of
head or hand, or you can enjoy n fair share
of health and peace of mind. Durdock
lllood Hitters will alleviate votir misery
und do vou n world of good if ym will but
nave laitn to try.
Denr Sir I lay on my side for four long
montns witiiout any relict until i commen
ced taking Phelps' Rhumntic Elixir. It is
the best medicine I ever used. To-day is
tne best day 1 nave seen in twelve months.
1 thank you and God Almighty and no one
else lor my relief, i nave lived ami done
public business in Geneva, N. Y., for tho
last twenty, therefore have many acquain
tances that call around und sec me dally
and to ask nbout Phelps' Elixir for them
selves or for some of their friends. I praise
it highly. You do the talking and sign my
name as my tongue count not do it justice.
Andrew Desmond, Grocer.
Geneva, April 10, 183:1.
For sale at Hendershott's Pharmacy,
Bloomshutg, Pa.
As we come to them they aro received,
borne with, and passed over with no more
than u thought, it we uro in the enjoyment
of health, but if suffering witli Piles or
fllfttl tlldf-nCM nf nnv ktlltl tlinxr muirntfi' n
hundred fold. C. A. Klelm, the Druiriiist.
has Dr. Ilosanko's Pile Remedy which is an
absolute cure for uny nffection of the kind
and is bold for 50c cuts. July lil-cow
Immediately relieve croup.
by Moycr
cough und bronchitis. Sold
Seo a woman iu another column, near
Speer's Vineyards, picking grapes from
which opecr's fort urapo Wlno Is made,
that Is so highly esteemed by tlio medical
profession, for the use of invalids, weakly
persons and tlio uged.
Sold by C. A. Klelm, Bloomsburg.
sept y.'-ly
TTo mnlcli that bonnet 1 Feathers,
ribbons, velvet can all be colored to mutch
that new hat by using tho Diamond Dyes.
iuc. mr nny color nt tne druggists, wells,
Richardson & Co., Burlington, Vt.
And liver complaint, you havo a printed
guurnntee on every bottle of Shlloh's Vital
Izcr. Sold by Moycr Bros.
Tho Phelps' Rheumatic Elixir for mo hns
always acted like a charm, 1 think this
full it cut short a severe attack of Rheuma
tism. I can endorse the remedy either ns
a preventive or cure. Yours truly,
Mia. G. W. Palmeii,
Glenbum, I'n.
(Koto. Mrs. G. W. Palmer is the moth
er of Hon. Henry W. Palmer, of Wilkes
Bane, Pa., ex-Slate Attorney General of
Miserable by Indigestion, constipation, diz
ziness, loss oi appetite, yellow slsln i bill-
loirs itnlizer is u positive cure. Sold by
.Moycr Bros.
that so many people sink Into untimely
grnves when wo consider how they neglect
their health. They liuve a dlsorderd Liver,
deranged bowels, Constipation, Piles or
diseased Kidneys, but they let it go nnd
,, ' ,,l"m, , : :
over It." it irrovvs worse.
other und more serious complications fol
low nnd soon it Is too hue to save them.
If such people would tnko Kidney-Wort It
would prcservo their lives. It acts upon
the most important organs purifying tlio
blood and cleansing tho system, removes
nnd prevents these disorders und promotes
lly virtue ot a writ of all as llerl facias Issued
omof tho Court ot Common Picas ot Columbia
county and to nw directed, 111 bo exposed to pub.
Ho salo at the Court Houso lu llloomsburg, on
Saltmliiy, .Juno 7th, 1881.
at 3 o'clock p. m.
All that certain messuage, tencmont and tract
of land sltuatolu Montour township, Columbia
county I'a., bouuded and described as follows, to.
wit i beginning at a black oak and runulng thence
by land of Lloyd l'axton, (lato Joseph Paxtou),
north sixty degrees cast tJxty.four perches to a
stone, thenco north nineteen degrees west twenty,
six perches to a rod oak, thenco north iltty.fourdo.
grees east forty-slx perches and soven-tenths to
Dig FUhlngcivek, thenco up tho same noith thirty-live
degrees west thlrty-ono perches to u btone,
thenco by lands of Murlu Evans Hate 1'cter Apple,
man), boutli sixty-four degreoa weal ono hundred
and twenty perches to a plno btuuip, and thence
by laud of John Mentch (lato John Itlctnrds), south
thirty-six degrees east fifty perches to tho plaeo of
beglunlug, containing thirty-two acres and one
hundred and four perches strict measure, bo tho
samo more on less, on which are erected a framo
dwelling house, barn and out buildings.
seized, taken Into execution, ut tho suit of Juno
H. Scott vs. ll. M. Quick and to bo sold as tho pro.
pcrtyoia. M. Quick.
Vunderslico atty sheriff.
May lilts.
Tho second shipment, consisting
of Boven cases of our celebrated
Reached us a fow days ngo, and
nro oven inoro hnndsomo (if that
is possible) than tho first lot which
sold so rapidly. Wo have them in
And tho following sizes :
0 - 4, 0-4, 7-4, b-4, O-lUoJO-1.
It is almost impossible to praiso
theso goods too highly. Tho col
orings are so rich and effectivo
nnd tho prices so very moderate
that they should meet all tastes
and suit all purses.
Our stock of
Raw and Spun Silk and Fine
Tapestry Table and
Piano Covers
Is now complcto and comprises
tho following sizes :
1 1-2, 1 3-1, 2, 2 1-2, 3 yards long.
Eighth Street.
Market Strett.
Headquarters for D.
have Just received tho finest lot ot
LiqrjT tEpErS, floWES $ SELf BlNDES
ftver i.rnit(rht. tn fnlnmhlii rnunlv. For lltrht draft.
aro second to nono. Ever- macfilno Is fully warran
They also
for nil the old anil new machines, so that If you break down In the middle of Harvest they are pre.
pared to Ux yo i up without delay. , .,
Farmers, do not bo deceived but be bure to examine tho
- o I s i b i o I :r, I usr i :e -
before malting your purchases.
Slay 82-tw
Tho follouliiir bus wero nrescntfid ti council
Anrll 8th and uas-ed and ordors were Issued for
thelrberveral amounts, U:
fi It Housel street Coin's, for March. ... $ 45 5)
Oliver Fornwald, for labor on highway
in March .... 13
Oeorae W'.irr forlaboron highway In Mar 3 "5
John Penman " " " 11 25
1 ranK .Murrv " " " " " " a is
James Commons for labor on " " " 3 44
Thomas Me ormlckfor" " " " " "5
wm siiociniKer sou
.losenh 1 ousel ' 5 uo
James On-en " " " " " " 1 Si
Frederick Schwln for horso wagon on
uignway in .uurcu aw
WmCilgfrrorhor&o and wagon on high-
way in .March. 0 U)
F D Dentlcr, C It Houseland Thos Webb
uuunorsoi .Marcn ih-h a uu
ell .Mendenhall for lumberused on sewer 25 i
O It Housel for service In part as St. Com-
inlssloricre tn Keby IKSl 4 05
O M Vandersllce for publWiIng ordinance
and circulars 1J 00
llloomsburg (las Co for gas In Veby nnd
March lhSI 108 00
M C Woodward for service nsconstablo la
March 9 83
Hill ot Jonas Mann for fi feet of crossing
stone m lKS'l 00
Oeo i: Elwell for rent of Council room to
ApillllsHI 15 to
Winona Fire Co rent of hall to Jan 1 '81 ao 00
J J llrower rent of Friendship Fire Co
hall to April 1 "81 30 00
8 W Shutt pollco scrvleo In March 9 10
win cnrsimau i reus ror ireicni on bewer
Pipe 30
j j liagenmicn tor renalrlnir wagon, bro-
keu In sewer ditch 8 00
s Neynurd for uai of worn on sewer und
Light street road to Feb 11, '81 119 21)
A 1. Fi lu for sen lco us sec. In March ... 15 UO
Total amt of orders Issued April 9
f MM 05
W II Eyer ono day assisting Surveyor on
sewer In Jan
P S Moyer for repair of lanterns April 18
C 8 Furnmn for 0 straps for hose carriage
April is '81
8 A I'etrlken for rent of Town Pound
1 W
1 00
iroin April i to April 1st '83 (of
which t'J allowed and not accepted)
8 W Bhutt, police service AprtiSth VI..,.
E It Ikeler atty fuo In Equity suit of 11 J
Wnller, vs. '1 own of Ulooins
burgNo. l, Feby term '81
O' a ltarkley, for services as solicitor from
August luth '83, to April 23d 11, In
cluding extra services InKnruiCuse,
and lu Eaulty Suit of I) J Waller et.
aL, vs. Town and In proccoJIngs to
widen Light street road
Secretary ot council for extra work In
18 00
1 00
50 00
254 00
connection with sewer lu Nov and
lieo'S3undJan and Feby and for
t'motspent In connection with Equity
casoNo 1 Feb T. '81
UutchlnsS Shoemaker tor sewer pipe. ...
Morehead Clay Works for Bewer pipe
(which Includes damaged pliHi ami a
number ofplpu that wero never or
. dercd by Council rur which It Is claim
ed tlio Town H not resnonslb.e)
W 00
wo Oi
83'J SS
U It lluu-cl street Commissioner, bill
trni April 1st to April 9th '81
Total amount of Hills on hand April 30th
15 5
11811 01
Tlio uuaemtiruva U'.iYinL' put uu pianlng Mil
uu uuuruHuairuui, ui unit-ci ass coouuioa, u pre-
furnlsnea at reasonable prices. All lumberused
Is well seasoned and none but skilled workmen
aro employed,
furnished on application. l'lani and specific
iiuim irupart;u uy uu vxpcricncvu urougniBinau
HlooniHbiirfr, Pu
Our magnificent stock of '
Is attracting much attention.
Ail tho goods wcro manufacture
to our order ond importcd'dircct.
Wo havo all tho latest styles in
At yory moderate prices. Wo
have them in
4 4, 0 4, 7-4, and 8-1 sizes,
And in all the now designs and
colorings. Wo havo also a com
plete lino of
In all mes and grades, with
kins to match.
& OotlhieE
Filbert Street.
durability and simplicity the Osborne Machines
keep a
Wheat per bushel ,. .$ 1 07
Rye " " 70
Corn " " 05
Oats " " 40
Flour ber barrel 0 00
Cloverseed 8 00
Dried Apples
Sides and shoulders
Lurd per pound
Hay per ton 18 00
Buckwheat flour per hundred 3 00
Hides per lb 5 to 7
Veal skins per lb 08
Sheen pelts, each 75
Wool per lb 80
Philadelphia Markets.
corrected" weekly.
FEED- Western winter bran, spot, 11.25.
MACKEltEL. Extra mess S5c large l's, sa aoc,
extra shore !4 26c.
VLOUIL Western extra's 2.50 & 3.00; Penn'a.
family, 4.50 4.75 Ohio clear, 5.01 (S 5.3l,v; winter
patent 5.75 ; 0.50.
WHEAT. Delaware red at l.lltf, No t Penn
sylvnnla red 1.18. "
inn-rnme Pennsylvania .0 (4 730.
coitN, flji bushels in grain depot al60c
OATS.-NO. S whlto 42 NO. 2, 4tf
HAY AND STHAW 'Ilmtithri'linlmi trait..-
and Now York, f IT. fair to good Western and
Nework, 14. c is.; medium Western and New
tors-, ii. i in. ; cm nay as to quality 14. 17,00
ItYO straw 16.50 ll.OO Wheat kl mw O (J in nf
straw 10 a 11.
SEEDS. Clover Sets- per lb. Timothy 1.40
ei.siperbushel, Flax 1.72 per bushel y
w 00;. onio, Pennsylvania and Wost Virginia.
Slo ; common 26 27c. Texas, Full clip due 20 S
2.', medium 20 c4 24 coarse, lot 17.
tfti7 ,' ..7; ' u Mini, 10 western
HUTTKlc. Pennsylvania extra, si Western
extra 8a
LIVE roULTlty.-Fowls, Hens, 15 mixed
low no. roosters old 8 a 10c. turkeys, 17 ducks
DHESSED TOULTUV.-Turkeys extra 1617cts.
Chickens extra 17(416: ducks cholco mi
' "'Aioi'.s. Early Hosoper bushel, 43 m 45
Ilurbankuudllebron, 40142? h
(Hi..n.-.K(wnp ,,,a w s.w nt.r uuu
Duck eggs 82, g 25 Ueeso eggs U (9 35.
A mb jl n rl Ll . I could hardly speak
w I A Hnnl was almost lmpos-
siuieio ureaine
threugh my nostrils.
Using Ely's cream
Halm a short time I
was entirely relieved.
My head has not been
so clear nor voice so
strong In fat a. I re
commend this adinl
rable remedy to all ur.
nicte4 with catarih or
colds In the head. J.
o. Hchenor, Merchant
Eiizauctn, N. J.
I was anilctod with
catarrh and cold In tho
heed. I Used K I y's
CFIirD cream Halm w h 1 0 u
HAY T-tV t cured me. W. II. 1111.
Urd, Dentist, Hordentowu, N. J.
Ely's c
lief ut once,
Ely's Cream Halm causes no pain.
naliL (lives re.
Cleanses the bead. Causes healthy
secretions. Abates Inflammation. Prevents fresh
colds. Heals the soies. ltestorcs the senses of
taste and BinelL A thorough tieatment win cure.
Not a liquid or snutr. Applied with the nnger.
Seud for circular. Hold by druggists. Mailed for
50c ELY 1IKOTIIK1W, Druggists, Owego, !. V.
May 2J-4W d
To sell Nursery Stock for tho.llooker Nurseries.
Rttubllsbetl IH3V Liberal NAl.tltV AM) KX
!!! K paid Permanent employment, bend
tor terms. II, li. lluoKttu t:i..IIUNY.
Mayv3-2IU ltuclrlrr, N, Y.