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    The Columbian.
FRIDAY, MAY 0, 1884.
Correct Kallrnatl Time Tnblc.
Trains on tho Philadelphia & it. n. leave Kupert
as tallows i
0:3(1 ft. m.
4:00 p. in.
lliu a. m.
6:13 p. m.
ft Tmlmon tho 1). I. & W. It n. leave Moomsburg
norn. bout u.
7:09 ft. m. 8:88 a, m.
10:) ft. m. H:m a. m.
6:3 p. m. 4:ao p. rn.
T!V?.l1iJ5il.ral?. outh connects with tho l'hlla.
delphU Heading at ltupert, nndwlththe Nor
thern central nt NonhuniEcrYand.
, i?! "ln connocts at Northumberland
Vl VSSXiP tr.aLn.on 1 "nnvlranla road, reaching
Philadelphia at 3: 19 p. m.
i, E'A?,ii41.tIa,P,,conncct wltl1 rhlladelphla and
lleadlnu roAd at Kupert at ll:Si) reaching fhlladel
pma at 6:00 p. in.
The lt train connects nlth rcnnslvanla road
1. Northumberland at 1:43, reaching 1'hlladclphla
ftl 7;3 p, tilt
.TS8.4:3? pm tmln connects with Pennsylvania
road at Northumberland at 8.03 p. m.. and reaches
rhlladelphla at 3;i5 a. m.
Trains nn tho X.&W.B. lUUwajrp&ss Bloom
Kerry as follows i
0.31 p. m. 7iU7 fj. m.
Notice to CorrcMioudeutH.
In order to savo many communications from Iho
wasto basket wo mako tho following suggestions
to local correspondents s Uso only one side of tho
sheet, and wrlto ospialnas poislbloj give only
tho local news that Is of some Interest to tho com.
munlty, such as accidents, improvements, mar
riages, deaths, matter relating to schools and
churches, business enterprises, changes of resi
dence, and tho like. What appear to bo Jokes at
tho expenso of others, nnd personal mention glv.
tng only ono namo or Initials or a nickname, will
not bo printed under any circumstances. Such
Items often giro offense, though none may bo In
tended. Tho full namo of tho writer must always
bo given, but will not bo printed unless requested.
Pur dale.
Several town properties, good location,
brick or frame.
About 25 acres of land In Hemlock town,
ship, partly ctcarcd, balance well timbered.
A farm of about 80 acres In Scott twp.
For terms and particulars apply to Geo.'
. Elwcll, Dloomsburg, Pa. feb. 29-tf.
Public (tUlCH.
All thoso having public sale bills printed
at this ofllco will receive a notlco under
this heading, freo of charge. The notice
will remain standing until the day of sale.
31. P. Lutz, asslgnco of O. 1). Drockway,
offers valuable real estate at private sale up
to May 17th, and If not sold by that date
will be exposed to public salo on Saturday,
May 24th, 1884.
Mr. A. Q. Klmbcrly Is our authorized
agent to solicit subscriptions, job work,
and advertising. His receipt for money
for this offlce will be as valid as that of the
proprietors. apr 25-tf
VT. B. Allen came homo from Chicago on
Monday to visit his family.
Tho genial countenance of Judge Dcrr
was seen in the jury box this week.
Daniel Wclllvcr of Greenwood, was
among tho throng in attendance at court.
James Wclrman of Benton, shook hands
with his many friends in town on Monday.
Mr. J. II. Hnrroan has been in poor
health for some weeks past. His improve
ment Is very slow.
George Roan, foreman of this office, Is
taking an enforced vacation by reason of a
carbuncle on his right hand.
Hcv. Dr. Monroo was elected secretary
of the General Conference of the M. K.
Church, now In session in Philadelphia.
Dr. W. M. Iteber is attending a Medical
convention nt Washington, D. C. His wife
and Mrs. M. ii. McKinncy are with him.
William Goodman of Conyngham, was
In court on Monday as a witness. He has
beeu a reader of the Columuun or Its
predecessors for thirty years.
Ex-Sherlff Carter, general agent for D.
M. Osborne & Co., spent the week in town
superintending the exhibit of agricultural
implements for his firm.
Mrs. Maize went to Philadelphia on
Wcdnee day to buy her stock of Summer
millinery goods, expecting to spend a
week. She was accompanied by her son,
Rev. William S. Prentice, a delegato to
the M. E. Conference, from Springfield, II.
llnois, will preach in tho M. E. Church in
this placo on Sunday rooming. Mr. Pren
tice is a cousin of Judge Elwcll's.
Centralia wus largely represented In
court, on Monday. Among those present
were John P. Hannon, Patrick Flynn, W.
J. Sweeny, David Walsh, Daniel Curry,
Edward McFadden, John Crane, Edward
Hughes, James Haggorty, Robert Farrcl.
John Ncrtncy, Bernard I. Curran, nnd
many others,
Llllcy & Sleppy have over one hundred
different stylus of wall paper.
Fine displays of agricultural Implements'
were made In front of the court house this
week, by different parties.
Tho best dirt-proof watches made can be
seen nt L. llernhiird's jewelry store.
A new Ilhiica Ave octave organ will be
exchanged for a buggy. Inquire at this of.
Announcing the mimes ot candidates
niiist lie paid for when the order Is given
for Insertion. Wo have but ouo luvariable
rule in this mr.Ucr.
Foil Sale, Two lemon trees, large,
henllhy mid full bearing. Inquire of Mrs.
Hirum Tronsue, Espy, Pa. O.St
Potatoes are scarce. Llllcy it Blcppy
don't want any, but any other kind of pro.
duct! they will take,
JleKlnney Smith, the defaulting
mhtloner of Lycoming eounty, pleaded
guilty to thu charge of embezzlement, in
court at Wlllliunsport, on Tuesday. Sen.
tenco was deferred.
Lilley tk Sleppy nt Orangevllle, have the
largest stock of gilt, mica, satin, white,
black and brown back wall paper ever of.
fered lor sale in Orangevlllo.
At the meeting of stock holders of the
Normal School held on Monday, William
Meal, William Elwcll, J. A. Funston and
Ellas Mendeuhall were reelected trustees
to servo for three years.
A Goon Investment in Rsal Estath. A
brick reBldenco on the corner of Iron and
Fourth (trccts, large lot, choice fruit trees
fine well of water, stahlo, &c. Building In
fiood condition, fur silo apply to
Bloomshurg, Pa.
E. M. Tewksbtiry announces his name
for representative In this Issue, on the anil
travel principle. Ho was a candldato once'
before on Iho same principle, and though
defeated ho has tho courage of his convlo
Hons, and proposes to tight It out on that
line, Wo hope the tlmo may soou come
when all candidates for ofllco will follow
his example.
Tho public schools will closo on
day with npproprlatojxorclscs.
Mrs. Bcott wants (osell her business out,
Sco notice. ,
Lost. Oft Btinday Last. Part ot n gold
nccklaco, with a locket and gold ring. Tho
finder will bo rewarded by returning tho
same to this office.
Tho Directors of Blooth Poor District
will receive prppoiiMs, until Tuesday, May
18th, for excavating n ditch ib&ut 2,100
feet long nnd 8 feet docp. 8eo notlco In
nnothcr column.
Go West via. Pennsylvania railroad. All
changes mado In Union depots. No omnl.
bus transfers. W. C. 'McKinnev, An't.
- - u
A. largoNofoiindUnd. dog'bol&nglng to
E. C. Wells was shot by n boy down near
tho Barton brldgo on Monday. Tho act
was willful, .malicious and, without cause.
Tho guilty-party Is known, and will prob
ably bo punished.
llenjamln Hngcnbuch, formerly a rcsl
dent of this town, tiled nt his homo In Iown
on Tuesday pf last week, aged CO, years.
Ho moved from this county in 1855. Tho
papers published nt his home 1 speak very
highly of lilm.
Datcsman & Wcldcnhamcr of Espy, hnvc
just added to their stock n fresh supply of
drv KOOllfl. nnttnna. tinnti. atinAa Itnta
shirts, overalls, &c. You should call and'
i -ni
oeu mem.
All the licenses annllcd for At this court
wcro crantcd. There wenTbu't few'nnw'i
ones except Ui Centralia,' where there
were seven, nio licensing of these may
put a stop to the wholesale unlawful sell
Ing that has been going on thero for tho
palttwoTyearr , , j rt
h i K k, : $
Everybody says Llllcy & Sleppy are sell."
ing goods cheaper than anybody In the
Prof. Johnson, better known a Blind
Charley, has moved to Bloomsburg and
Will make his home here permanently. He
Is employed by J. Saltzcr and will assist In
tho salo of pianos and organs. As his play.
Ing is remarkable he can show the merits
bf tho different instruments to the best ad
Vantage, and will no doubt prove n valua
ble assistant to Mr. Saltzcr.
An clTort Is being made to organize a
Stock company for the erection of a, large
flouring mill at this place, with a capacity
of 100 barrels of Hour a day. Such an cs.
labllshment would not only be nn advau
iage teethe town, but to the entire county,
as It would afford a market for all the
Wheat that can be raised here. Our enter
prising citizens should give it all the en.'
couragement possible.
We have been Informed that the Y. M.
C. A. of Berwick have secured sufficient
funds for the erection of n building worth
$7,500. The ground was a donation by
Mr. C. It. Woodin. This added to tho cost
of the proposed building will mako a prop
erty worth from $13,000 to 815,000. The
citizens of Berwick were very liberal in
their contributions. The Berwick associa
tion takes the lead in this section of the
Our complete stock of wall paper Is prov
ing a drawing card. Observers wondered
what we were going to do with it when It
was brought to us by wagon loads, but we
have sold;faswo'wcrc 6bliged to
order again! and have another Invoice on
the way. Call and we promise to please
you. Lillet & Sleitt
The re-election of J. S. Grimes as coun
ty superintendent was a deserved compll
ment to an efficient officer. The largo vote
cast for him was given because he has at
tended faithfully to his duties, and the" di
rectors were favorable to him for a second
term because they had no occasion to de
sire a change, and not because of any per
sonal objection to Mr. Hower, who is a
gentleman of excellent character, nnd fully
competent to fill iho position, had he been
Foil Sale. The good will and stock of
a well established tobacco business, with
all the nccussary fixtures for a first-class
bakery and confectionery. Satisfactory
reasons given for sellihj;. Apply to Mrs.
Jane Scott, Exchange block, Bloomshurg,
Still further improvements are being
made at the shops of Ilarman & Hasscrt.
Only a few years ago this firm started In
business with a small building and limited
capital, and as their trade gradually in
creased they havo made one addition after
another until their establishment covers a
lurgc area of ground, and employment Is
given to a considerable number of men.
Besides doing a general business as mould
ers and machinists, they arc agents for D:
M. Osborne fc Co's. agricultural imple
ments, and keep on hand all, k,lndsof
special castings for this machinery.
. : ..- i .
There are men who think that a pews
paper that (foes not abuse everybody
against- whom ,y may hp.vo a personal
grudge, Is afraid to express Its opinions
for fear.of (.fending, 'There is i news
paper that we know of that does not pro
pose to grind every, axe Unit may be
prought to It i nor does it propose either to
pommend or criticise any Individual "r
corporation slmply'to' gratify ,the personal
Interest or spleen of those who? may 'want
It done. This may not bo tho proper way
to conduct a newspaper but It is our wny,
uuil as we have found it a very good one
we propose to stick to it.
i I
This week will wind up corn planting.
Thu roiid. working season Is approaching.
Thu farm house on the old Andes place,
lately pujehasedyund occupied kby Fritz
Miller, wade6troycd by; fire gn ''last Fri
day. A dcfectlVof'fluo1 and high wind Is
supposed to have been the cause. But Ut
ile furniture saved, and no Insurance.
Rev. b'myser, l E., preucllcd a very In
teresting and instructive sermon in the M.
E. church last Sunday evening, Theme :
"JiH'i . .
Mr,4 Mbiuep andTwlfc of Nantlcqke, were,
thouesfs ofja)'W.,IIartuan "amllwlfo o"n
Tho Lutheran Sunday school will meet
next Sunday afternoon at half past one
O'clock, iustead of tho usual tlmo In thu
morning. Prcnculug Immediately nftcr
Next Tuesday Mrs. Barbara Ohl will
tart for Allegheny City, whero she In.
tends spending a part of tho summer visit
ing her sons, Thomas and Amos. We
wish her ,a safu Journey and n pleasant
Halph Ivey and wife, or better known as
''Uncle" and, "Auijt.'l wjlj shortly leave us
for ilolitidule.' ' Ono by one tho miners aro
deserting our village,
H, W, Applcman nnd his assistants
caught thirteen eels In tho Hemlock last
Monday night,
It Is, Indeed, quite a mybtery, but it Is us
true as history: that) Joe, belli j j tired of
single life, l)as juken unto himself a wife.
May their future be peaceful and merry, Is
tho wish of Pjiuobnck and Fauit.
closo on Satur. I Cfintmc ofTlmc. I I "
The new (hnc-table on tho D. L. & W.
railroad went into effect on Monday morn
ing. Tho early moralng train north now
reaches hero nt 7i05, and tho train south at
8:28. t The table on tho fourth pag$ 'IU)bc
corrected as soon ns wo receive a table con
talnlug all tho changes.
County Hiiiicrlntciidciit.
The triennial meeting ot tho school di
rectors of Columbia county was heldlln
tho court houso on Tuesday afternoon,
Tho meeting wns callcll t'd brde. by" county
supcrlntcndant Grimes. Peter R. Baldy of
Catawlssft, was1 'elected temporary chair
man, and J, O. Brown temporary-secretary.
Upon calling tho roll, scvonty.thrce
directors responded. There aro U4lrecl
tors In tho county, so that ono; moriTthatl
onclialf of them were to attendance. VTho
following permanent officers were then
elected' (rictiiirmn, O.'.O.jMurphy of Ccttj
India t secretaries, J. O. Ilrc-Wn of Blooms
burg. QW. Uttof Greonw6od.t Tho sal.
hry' of county superintendent was fixer! al
SlJOOO, per annum. Tho nomtnaUori of
candidates for county supe'rWonijcntbelng
next in order, J. O. Grimes, tho .ptesynt In:
cumbent, and Alfred Hower oCCatawlssa4.
wqro named, and after calling' the roll there
wqro 71 votes for Grimes nnd 3 for,
Oii motion, Grimes' election was made
unanimous. Mr. Grimes was called before
tho convention, and made a few remarks,
thanklng the convention for their contln.
ucd coumlenco in him, and making aotno
good suggestions" concerning the manage
'mcntot;the public schools. On motion ad
journed. Centralia,
The holstlug rope on Morris Rldce slope
broko on Thursday, and did conslrfe'raUlc;
uiuuugu iu iiiiiracK, aim umucr. iis me
break occurred late in the evening, they
were able to resume work next day.
Tho air hole from Logan slope is com
pleted. They camo within ten yards of
having it underneath the main track of tho
L. V. railroad.
Tho work on the new track at Morris
Ridge slope will bo completed this week.
Gcorgo Miller, a noted character, former
ly of this place, created a little excitement
on Centre street a few evenings ago, by In
viting one of our peaceful men to have a
few rounds. The gentleman, to be agrcca.
ble, accepted, and before many minutes
tliOjrlrig was formed. The' first round was
opened with a hard one from Miller, which
landed on his opponent's back, and Miller
received in return two hot ones on the
nose, which finished tho round onit the
fight. The right mau in tho right place
that time.
James Kelly, a promising young trades
man of town, will leave shortly for fhlc.
ago. Jim wants a larger field to work In,
and the West Is the place to find It.
As the timber men at the Continental
were putting up a collar on Thursday
night tho support gave out and the collar
came down with n crash, striking Richard
Collhan, killing him Instantly. Tho de
ceased was burled on Monday In St. Igna
tius' cemetery.
Bush fires were raging on the moun
tains here last week. Considerable dam
age was done to tho timber, and several
small houses were destroyed. The Hun
garian shanty near tho Hospital Jwas burn
ed also.
The collieries suspended operations this
week, according to orders, and tlioao of
tho employces'who havo a garden, made
good use of their Idle time In planting.
Miss Kato Monahan of St. Clair, visited
friends here last week.
John IlcHron Is erecting a new dwelling
on Park street.
The town presented a dcserted.looking
appearance the beginning of the week, as
the greater part of our populntlon wcro In
quest of license. We would like to see
them all get it, but as this is doubtful wo
will see some wry looking faces next
The'Odd Fellows will picnic In the Hazel
Dell grove on Saturday, the 17th inst. The
first of the season will surely be a success.
Patrick Bakey had his leg slightly hurt
at Centralia colliery on Thursday, by a
piece of coal striking li i in.
The tunnel lit North Ashland U progress
ing slowly. It will take o.ver two months
more to complete It. ,
We have an cxnert miner In town who
says he can drill a hole In a shorter snacc
of time than any man In tho county, and
will bet money on It. For further Infor
mation call on, or nddri-ss, Ed. McNalls.
Doc. Bradley has a new suit, and looks
for all the world like an Imported dude. As
Centralia girls very seldom sco a dude,
Doc. will have n tlmo keeping clear of
them. ,
We' are not quite sure ahout Spring being
here, and, would llku to, sec better proof
than a' solitary straw hat. 'Suppose Bur.
gess Dyko dons his linen brccches.i
The plumbers arc. kept busy fitting In
water pipes for tho peoplo on the till j.
Quite nn excitement was caused about 10
o'clock on Friday evening by the blowing
of thu Centralia colliery whistle ; hundreds
of people ran to the breaker thinking It
WH8 a call for assistance The iwatchman
saw a pile of rallroud ties burning, and
thinking it was tho breaker, blew the
whistle and fooled tho people.
Thero are forty-eight patients in thu
Miners' Hosplul. This is quite a crowd
for one doctor tu attend to.
Thomas Fnrrel, who has been clerking
for a firm in Glrurdvlllc, Is laid up with a
severe attack of sickness.
I'ulatocM a l)ru In Market,
An agricultural exchange quotes pota
toes ns retailing at 25 cents per bushel nnd
goes on to say that last year an unusually
larg crop of potatoes was planted every.
whero throughout, the country mainly be-'
cause of the comparative failure of the
crop for several previous years and in tho
hopo that the good market created thereby
would continue. The scuson proved to be
an exceedingly favorable one, Potatoes
grew strong and rapidly, thero was a
marked freedom from tho ravages of tho
potato bug, and hundreds of bushels wcro
obtained whero tens hud been raised be
fore. Tho result is that thoy are now re
tailing slowly from 25 to 80 cents per bush,
el according to quality, and only execp.
tloiial ones selling at tho price lastj namvd.
Mauy of the farmers hold from pno to three
hundred bushels and somo bavo com.
menced to feed tho potatoes to their hogs,
believing that much more profitable than
selling for cash,
It is altogether llkclyiS ,(l)it tho present
low prlces'wlll lead many to abandon tho
potato as"4,farm"prdduct for this' year at
least. We can hardly advise this course.
It Is true the potato Is an exhaustive crop
to grow, as It returns very llttlo to the soil,
but tho cultivation should not be neglect
ed, though H might be reduced.- Many of
the farmers, discouraged by tho present
low prices, will, of course, ulmost wholly
abandon tho potatoes, and with tho com
parative scarcity this would make next
season's crop likely to bring much bet
ter prices thun now prevail.
Farmers are getting ready for corn plant
ing. We War of dome that havfc finished)
they bellbvo In tho saying "Th6 early bird
catches tho worm."
Thogra9s and grain seemed tosmllo from
head to foot on Sunday on account of the
Somo of tho young men think thu belles
ought to bo reminded thai this Is leap
Miss Fannie Hess spent BumW with
Delia Hldlay(
Boys, ybii dan't catch troUt', when they
Inhalo tho smOll of "purorock and'rye. '
J. W. Hldlay drovo to Beach Haven on
Btinday. Joc,-yoii must put on "check.
If you want boss reading take tho Coi
UMntAN. 1,1
Ono of tho Centre farmers is raising 20
lambs, - f ' , '
Wo are glad to hear of Addison Shaffer's
recovery. '
Mrs. Annie Miller spent a fow days In
visiting friends and relatives at Blooms,
Among the visits Miss Alllo Ilagenbuch
mado whllb at Bloomsburg, was one at tho
Normal school with her friend Delia Hid
lay. Foil Rest. The front room, second
iloor,"'of the Columbian building'. Ono of
the best rooms for nn office In town. Heat
ed by steam, lighted by gas, water on snmc
floor, Apply to Geo. E. Elwcll. tf
Llllcy & Slcppy's low prices arc playing
smash. Low prices aro doing It.
Court Proceeding.
The regular May term of Court convened
on Monday, May 5th, alt the Judges on the
bench. The returns of constables wcro
D. A. Hess was' appointed foreman of
the grnnd jury.
Isaac McBrido was appointed tlpitavo to
wait on grand jury.
E. Shutt and ,M. E. Cox appointed tip
staves for first week, and Nathan Fowler
for second week,
Frnnk Rhodes was appointed coustablo
of Bcnvcr township in placo of Chas. Ba
kcr, removed from tho township.
Report of salo confirmed nisi in estate of
Elizabeth Delong
Report of viewers In favor of a road in
Conyngham township near John Morris,
confirmed nisi.
Report of viewers against a road in Sug
nrloaf and Jackson confirmed nisi.
Sale of real estate ordered In the estate
of Isaac Leldy.
Report of viewers vacating a road at
Rupert, confirmed nisi.
Report of sale in estate of George Gans
ter, confirmed nisi.
Report of viewers against a road In Fish
Ingcreek near Ell Penler'a, confirmed nisi.
Petition for review ot a road in Catawls
sa near High House filed.
Report of viewers against a road in Cen
tre township near Allen Shcllhammcr's,
confirmed nisi.
Report of viewers to assess damages in
cases of E. B. Graves, Casper Frantz, C.
D. Fowler, and L. T Thomson against tho
Borough of Berwick, confirmed nisi.
Petition of John L. Sponenbcrg to assess
damages against the Borough of Berwick,
Report of salo In estate of Phoebe A.
Miller, confirmed nisi.
Report of sale In estute of E.-J. McIIcnry,
confirmed nisi.
Report of sale In estate of Georgo. Craig,
onfirmcd nisi.
Report of viewers In favor of a road In
Roaringcreck near Samuel Hauck's, con
firmed nisi.
Report of viewers against a road In Pino
near William Karshner, confirmed nisi.
inquest ordered in estate of Peter Ilcla
bach. S. C. Jaync was appointed guardian of
CIms. F and John N. 'reveling.
Additional exceptions filed against thu
Incorporation of Espy ns a borough, by
leave of court.
Return of inquest in estate of Evan Wei
liver, confirmed nisi.
Report of salo In estate of Harriet Moyer,
confirmed nisi.
John M. Clark, Esq., was appointed a
commissioner to take testimony In cane of
Clark Bllteubender va Joamm Blttenbcu
dcr. Citation awarded in tho estate ot Nicho
las beybert.
In the assigned estate of O. B, Brockway,
rulo granted to show cause why tho slier
ill's salo shall not be stayed.
Report of sale in estate of John Sharpless
confirmed nisi.
8. C. Jaync was discharged as usslgnee
of Dickson.
Report of sale confirmed nisi in estates of
John J. Stiles, William Shultz, and Joseph
Report of viewers In favor of a road In
Orange near Heck's confirmed nisi, also In
favor of a road in Orange near Abner
Everybody is crying "hard times" wo
arc doing first-class business. Why
shouldn't people go and buy where they
can buy the cheapest ? Wo are bound to
run our stock dowu so wo will havo room
for Spring slock. Come early and take
advantage of some bargains we are oiler-
ing. Lillev &'i'V.
Tlic PlHlilnifcrcck Itallronil.
The interest felt In this projected im
provement is naturul und reasonable, for
the construction of the roud would secure
to public uso tho main remaining routo in
tills county for a railroad line. The now
road would directly accommodate about
80,000 of local population, would develop
new industries aud aid old ones, mid would
Increase population and thu valuu of prop
erty along the entire route.
Progress has beep mado in tho prellmi.
nary work necessary to tho success of tho
enterprise, but as yet no decisive arrange
ment has been made for obtaining funds
for construction and equipment. A fow
words will explain tho situation i In the
first place, tho necessary, tho ludlspensu
bio basis ot flnauclul arrangements abroad
Is, that tho right ot way and tics as far us
tho mountain shall bo obtained without
casli outhy therefor from tho funds of thu
company. This object has not been fully
accomplished, nnd to accomplish It will re
quire some further effort. In tho, next
placo there has been, recently, u depression
in tho stock market, and also a falling off
of revenue to the coal carrying roads
which has discpuraged for a time any In
vestment In a now enterprise, or even Its
proper consideration. This last clrctim.
stance, however, Is presumably a cause of
only temporary delay, and tho former, as
an additional cause, can nnd ought to bu
removed by publlc-splntcd action along
the lino, We understand from Capt. Con
nor that about two.'thlrds of tho ties re
quired for tho road to tho mountain havo
been subscribed, leaving 25,000 to bu made-
..! ft... ...I.I. .1 .1... -. I 1.
uuu iiiui nun iiiu uAuuiiiiun in nun a
dozon land owners tho right of way above
Light Street has been released or adjusted.
Certainly, what Is yet wanting In these
particulars is not beyond tho means or In
clination of the people of the Flshingcreek
valley to supply, aud thy will need no ex.
hortatidh from us to Induce them to perlorm
wicir uuiy to tueiuseivea ami to tuo public
Licenses wcro crantcd to all nnnllcvnts
nt tho present court, twoiof which wcro for
hotels and three for restaurants., Tiio re
ceiver of thoso licenses aro nil men of rc
spcctnblo character hhd Wo.iiave llttlo fenr
that tho community will bo nny tho worse
for tho action of tho coiirt, ns It, Will bo a
matter ot personal Interest for tho parties
not' Interested to conduct their houses In
slich a manner ns not to call forth criticisms
of an adverse character.
Mrs. Lizzie Jackson nnd party of friends
are lit tho general conference
of tho M. E. Church at Philadelphia.
Tho fuucral of tho boy sulcldd Fcnstcr.
inachcr took placo on Sunday last nnd was
attended by n largo gathering of people.
Tho circumstances of the caso were, of it
very sad nature and tho parents and friends
of tho deceased havo tho sympathy of the
entire community.
Quite n number of our citizens wcro in
nttcn'dauco nt court during tho present
Mr. A. V. Bower nnd Mr. Hill ora going
to Europo for n Bummer's vacation. Thoy
leavo hero next Thursday. Wo havo been
promised somo literary contributions to tho
columns ot tho Columbian during their trip
and we know that Mr. Bdwcr has tho abili
ty to, mako them of an interesting charac
ter. , Mr. Ellis Girton, formerly of Berwick
has tjono west to spy out the lond. Wo
hope he may bo successful In meeting with
the Eldorado of his expectations.
At a meeting of the Odd Fellows Hall
Association on Tuesday evening tho fol
lowing gentlemen were elected as members
of the Board of Trustees t lianlcl Reedy,
Dayld Baucher, W. C. Barnes, Hudson
Owen nnd S. B. Bowmnn,
Wo will send to nny nddress 10 monthly
or 8 hardy roses for $1.00. Catalogue free.
J. L. Dillon, Florist, Bloomsburg, Pa.
General Order. Mo. 7.
Thero Is nothing ephemeral in all God's
Creation, tho tiny blade of grass, tho
quivering leaf und tho mouutaln rock may
change form, but they exist forever. The
lives of our patriotic comrades, like tho
irlnclplcs for which they died, aro Indc
structlble. Tho good men do, lives after
As u comfort to us, and to keep bright
In tho hearts of the present and rising gen
oration, the lives, Bucrlflces'and sufferings
of our country's defenders, tho beautiful
and suggestive ceremonies of Memorial
Day have been established.
Sculptured marblo and storied urn arc
only appreciated as tho evidence of grate
ful hearts j not nil our heroes may havo
their history chiseled upon marble, but It Is
possible to have tho deed3 of every one
who suffered for liberty's sake, remember
ed and recorded upon the hearts of patriot
ic people. In no way can this bb moro
surely effected, than by an camct partici
pation In tho solemn exercises of tho !!0th
of May. Comrades of Pennsylvania, it Is
our duty to bo in tho front rank in this no
bio work. We go not only as mourners but
as instructors ; standing beneath tho old
flag, wo point to tho heroic deed3 of thoso
whoso services and whose sacrifices wo
That this work may bo fullaccomplished,
every Sabbath and Public School, religious
nnd civic society and military organization
in the state is earnestly requested to join
in honoring our dead, on Friday May 30th.
Let us in tho name of liberty and patriot
ism, remember those whose graves arc un
marked and to which no mourner goes.
Tho leaders of religious opinion havo
given to our memorial anniversary their
cordial sanction and thus associated tho
hallowed sentiments of piety, with tho ten
der duties of patriotism. It 13 recommend
ed that posts, on tho Sabbath preceding
Memorial Day, attend a placo of Public
Worship, nnd arrango for tho delivery of a
Sermon, commemorative of our fallen com,
rades and the cause for which they laid',
down their lives.
By Command of F. H. DYER,
Department Commander.
Asst. Adjt. General
Thu Cadctshlp.
The competitive examination for the ap.
polntment to tho vacant cadetship at West
Point in this congressional district was
held on Thursday of last week at Mauch
Chunk. Tho following applicants present
ed themselves and were' examined : John
M. Hill of Beach Haven, Luzerne County j
IT. S. Grant Phlfer of Mlllllnvillo, Columbia
County j James Brislln of Troscknw, Car
bon County, and Thomas ,Boyd,, Hermun
Wllhcm, and Douglas Cnilg of Mauch
Tho report of tho examining committee
will be forwarded to Hon. John B. Storm
at Washington, who will make tho appoint
ment. No uso going any further than Orange,
vlllo to buy your wall paper. Llllcy &
Sleppy can suit you in taste, quality und
Fearful IVarnliiKH Ak"IiihI Rope
The jumping rope seasqu belpg at present
at Its full height, the little ones aro found
exercising themselves wherever nn oppor
tunity offers. Rope jumping' is not partic
ularly Injurious if indulged In, ns It should
be, moderately. But tho native Instinct of
young America, whether In girl or boy, Is
to overdo the thing, They don't want to
bo left even in tho matter of ropu jumping,
and as somo one Is bound to imitate exam
ples set in other athletic fluids, so each little
girl. circle has Its champlpu whom all tho
rest of tho girls feel bound to Imitate. In
this struggle for supremacy lies the . great
danger of rope jumping. A fearful warn
ing of tho sad results that aro likely to fol
low excessive practice with tho ropo, comes
from Ashland whero three deaths from
ropo jumping havo occurred within tho
past two weeks, tho last victim being;
Keler, uged 11, who died on Saturday front
cuiigcHiiuii ui 1 nu uram caused uy over 111
diligence in tho pastime, l'.t.
Col. Charles G, Iliumnonil was con-
vorsinij 111 Clncaco with two friends.
Ho oxprtwed thu opinion that it wits
better to jlvo to charitable objects tin
ring lift than iy bciiuoHts after one's
duatli. Ho refen ed also tu tho demiso
of a friend, which had occurred recent
ly. Just as lie did so his head dropped
suddenly upon his breast. This was
first interpreted as .1 sign of grief. The
next instant it was seen that lie had
fainted. Help was called, but lie was
dead in five minute.
GKISINQEHHUMEL. April 24th, at
,tho home of tho bride, by Itov. Ai Houtz
Mr. J. A. Gclslngcr to Miss Mary HuutelJ
both ot Flshingcreek township.
PltrrZ-STHOUP.-In Jackson, April
BTth, 1884, by John P. Derr, J. P., Mr.
Purvln Fritz of JackBou towushlp, Colum.
county, to Miss Magglo B, Btrouii of
Muncy Valley, Sullivan county, Pa.
, FOX-LAYCOOK.-On April 80, 1884,
by ltev, F. P, Manhart, John W, Fox to
Ella Laycoclc.
C.(j frMJ A , GOUM'Y, PA.
T " " I
Kltclivti P.cononi)',
Dr. l'dwnrd d. Love, tho Analytical
Chemist for tio U. 8, Government, has
mado (Ohio Interesting pxpcrlmens . as to
the comparative value, pf bakipg powders.
DM .qvo's tests wcio mado to determine
what biarfds.ftfo tile most economical to
use, and as tholr , capacity lies In tholr'
leavening power, .tebts wore directed sololy
to ascertain tho available gas of each pow
der. Dr1. Love's report gives tho follow
ing 1 ' i
Nainonftlifl mtiin inrhcn nn
linking imwdnrs. per each ounce ot Powder,
"itoyal" (absolutely pure) 1S7.4
"I'AllinvO" Mliim nnwrtnrl..
;,Jtumlorifs(phwplmte)freh....(.i ,,,1W,5'
'Ilumtord's" (phosphate) old s?.?'
jinnronrs NonoHucn," rrcsii....T. ...m.n
"llnnfords Nona Buch.Vold.i 8.8S
"Hcdhcnd's" 1170
"Charm" (alum powder)..,, 1 na
"Amazon' Mum powder)... lll "
"cioTdandV (short weight oz.).. ,..110 8
"Hca I'oam", ,,1 .107.9
"war",. ; , ; ind.8
"nr. Prleo's" , ioa.
".snow Flake" (arorrsHt. Paul), 101.W)
'Lewis'" condensed ! m
C. K. Andrew A rnWMMi7nln fliiVmV Wit
"Ilcckcr'a",. .', , ug
"oillcw si.2
"llUlk" , B0.S
In his report, the Government Chemist
snys 1 , I regard all alum powders as very
unwholesome. Phosphato and Tartaric
Acid powders liberate thctr gas too freely
In prodesi of baking, or under' varying
cllmntlo changes suffer deterioration."
Dr. H. A. iMott, tho former Government
Chemlstnftcr n.jarcful nnd elaborate ex
nmtnatldn of tho.Varlous'Baklng "Powders
of commerce reported to tho Government
In favor of the Royal Brand.
In 1808 the scventccn.year locusts lived,
moyed and had their being, much to the
discomfiture of the peoplo. Their advent
"after many days" will take placo next
yenr. An entomologist said that ho heard
tho low mttrmurlngs of theso Insects In the
woods last summer, expects to hear tho
soma during tho coming warm season and
predicts an nvalaiicho of the samn above
ground during the summer of '85 their
proper season.
Lilley & Sleppy have made a great cut in
all kinds ot goods, and will not bo under
sold. Granulated sugar, Oc. j Standard A.,
0., ; while sugar, 8c. a nlco brown sug
ar, 4 lbs for 23c ; nil domestic glnghnms,
10c .and down j nil cotton shirtings, 10c;
calicoes, 5 and Gc dress goods nt cost.
Call early and get a bargain.
For lace curtains, cretonnes, wool frin
ges, luiiio linens, sheetings, ixc, go to
Clark & Sou's.
For ladles' and children's hoslcrv nnd
gloves go to Clark & Son. Large assort
ment, lowest prices.
Gentlemen who wnnt a spring suit put
uuin CI TY STYLE should coll nt the
Bloomsburg, David Dowenbcre who cm
Remember that Lutz & Sloan aro selling
dress.sllks very chenp.
Big Seduction in Colored Dress Silks at
Clark & Son's. Special Bargain. Seo thorn,
A large lot of light Percales nt Lutz'i:
Sloan's, a cents a yaril.
W. J. Corrcll & Co. keep always on
hand a assortment of furniture to
select from. Any special orders filled on
snort nonce.
"The apparel oft proclalm's the man."
A well dressed ccntlcmnn is the ndmirn
tlon of all, nnd the place to get your
Sl'KIINU &ui r is nt tho rui'Ubdlt AND
RELIABLE STORE cf David Lowenberg.
Black silks and summer silks away
down, at Clark and Son's. Go see them.
Now goods nt J, B. Skcer's.
The largest, most complete assortment ot
Hamburg edgings at lowest prices. Clnrk
X Son.
A big clock of corsets at Lutz & Sloan's,
price from 20 cents up.
''When found mako n note of."
The place to go for your spring clothing,
it siynsn iiiu, or it nuu necK scan, or 1 lie
latest style in furnishing goods is at David
Buttons, laces, ribbons, gloves, collnrs,
ruciilngs, (Sc., go to (Jlark.o; son.
More white goods mid embroideries at
1-mz ib Moan's this week.
White dress goods of ull kinds at Clarli
& Son s, with white dress patients and cm
broideries to match.
X :
. neat present given away witli every
chase made at tho Popular Clothing
mi mln
Store of David Lowenberg.
A tinlot,.,, HAD mnoltn Tl ..nt. n 1...
flu, linit Itnut ,1nrL' villnn .t r.nta fuwl
nnd other (roods verv chean. at Lutz &
Tito best CO cent corset sold, with all the
leading makes, nt Clark &, son s.
, A very large lino of straw hnls now on
view, isuiiui , uat anu .Nfcw, just nr.
rived at David Lowenberg's.
Mahauoy City, Pa., Sept. 8. 1832,
Mr. John H. Phelps Dear Sir : I haye
used your Rheumatic huxlr with cood re
suits and cau recommend It to nny person
limering wiin mat leanui disease, rheuma'
(lain. CnAs. W. Smith, Hatter.
run. Foi! the hughe.
Let us all pull out of this sea of sickness
and .despondency, ami get onto u rock foun
elation of good, strong health. Burdock
Blood Bitters are lite thing to pull for,
They are ono ot tho most renowned health
restoratives over manutactured.
TDo It yourself. With Diamond Dyes
any lady cau get as good results ns the best
practical dyer. Kvery dye warranted true
to namo unit sample, luc. nt druggists.
veus, iiiciiaeusou a ui iiurnngion, vt
lilehard T. ltoblusou is n druggist living
in Hacine, Wis, Hero U what he says i
"Ailllcted with laryngitis I was uuablo to
urtlculute. n work distinctly for fully two
months. A liberal application of Thomas'
Eclectrlc Oil completely cured me. Am
pleased to recommend it.
Ono of tho strongest proofs of the value
pf Kidney Wort as a remedy for'alldUeas
ies ot the Kldueys, Liver und Dowels, U thu
iiici mat it is useu ami iirescrilied uy "reg
umr pnysiciaits. rump u. uauou, JI. u.
bt Monkton. Vt.savs r "Take It all In all
t Is tho most successful remedy I havo
ever useu." i
of dollars havo been spent in ndveitlslng
'till, 7.llii-tit,.l ltlnn.l lilt....... I....
tills fact accounts only in part for their
.'enormous sale.. Thulr merit lias mado them
what they uro tho best blood tonic ever
devised oy innti,
Dropsical nnd rheumatic persons Hud the
tuo of Sneer's Port Uruito Wine of Nn
Jersey of incalculable benefit. Its purity
and valuable properties havo given it a
wpio reputation among physicians through
out this country and Km one. It la i-xrcl
dent for debilitated females, und used by
llio best families in New York and Wash.
Ington ns nn evening family wluo. For
Tito Phelps' Hhcuinutlo Klixir for mo has
always acted like a charm, I think (liU
Tall it cut short n severe nttack of Hlicunw
.tlsiu. I can endorse tho remedy either us
.t. '
. inuvi-iiiivu ui uiuu. iiuim iruiy,
Mits, 0. W, Palnkii,
nii'iilinrn I1..
' (Mole. Mrs. O. W Ptilmer Is tile moth
or ot iioii, uenry w. rainier, of Wilkes
llarre, Pa., ox-Sluto Attorney General o
Tho second shipment, consisting
of seven cnscH of our celebrated -
Henclicd us n fow days ngo, and
aro oven moro lmndsoniu (if tlmt
in possible) than tho first lot which
sold so rapidly. Wo have them in
And tho following sizes:
5-4, 6-4, 7-4, 8-J, 8-10 & 8-12.
It is n1iuo3t impossible to praise
theso goods too highly. Tho col
orings aro so rich and offcotivo ,
and tho prices so very moderate
tlint they should meet all Units
and suit alt purses.
Our atook of , ,
Raw and Spun Silk ami' Fine
Tapestry Tabic and
Piano Covers
Is now complete arid comprises
tho following sizes :
1 1-2, 1 34, 2, 2 1:2, 3 yards long.
Eighth Street.
PopdLCuOTrtfflqHoJsE, BER,WICC . ,
Beneath tho (niinfGi'S. nwnv nhnvn r.lin nniinrmM nnd fillinor
every inch of spuce in our extensive shelving accommodations,
our goods are
Wo nfl'm1 horror rnnd tit, ln;- ni
t J ' - ' ' ...... ...V..
in all patterns. Call and judge ibr yourselves, it' we do not at all
tiiheg sustain our well known motive.
apr 23-31H
-Wu take a
Sen 11 wninntl In unnllii'r nrihimn mmr
Sneer's Vineyards, picking grapes from
which Speer's I'ott (initio Vino is iniule,
that is so highly esteemed liy tho medical
profession, for the u&e of Invalids, weakly
persons and tho aticd.
Sold hy C. A. lvleim, Hlnomshurg.
sept ..My
At times svinntnms nf imlhrrutnli uro
present, uneaslnOss of the stomach, iVc, a
moistiiru like nersiiliallon. nroduclntr Itcii.
lug at night, or when one is wiirm, cause
thu Piles. The effect Is immediate- relief
upon tho application of Dr. Uasiuiko's Pile
Hemedy, which costs you hut 00 cents ami
Is sold hy U. A, Kleim. July HJ-eow
In numberless liullis beneath the skin is
secreted tho liquid suhstunco which gives
the hair its texture, color nnd jjloss. When
this secretion stops, the hair hvglns at once
to uecomu ury, lustreless, brittle ami gray.
Is that tho condition of your hair ? If ho,
ippiy i'nrucr's llnlr H ilsain at once, it
will restore the color, gloss and lite hy re
nowing the notion of nature. Tho Ilulsatn
is npt nn oil, not n dye, hut nn elegant
tollot nrticle, highly appreciated because
of its cleanliness.
As we como to them thev aro received.
borne with, and passed over with no more
than tl thought, If wo are In tho enjoyment
Of health, hut if suffering with Piles or
sklu disease of any kind they magnify a
iiiiiliireu 11111,1. u, i, jyieiiii, my jjriljrclsl,
has Dr. Uosanko's Pile Itemedy which is an
nbsoluto cure for nny nll'eellon of the kind
nud Is sold for GOconts. July lU-eow
ANIHtEW IlKSMONll's l'ltAHE.1.
Dear Sir I lay on my sUle for four long
months without any relief until I commen
ced taking Phelps' Klftiiiiutlo Elixir. It Is
the hest medicine I ever used. To.duy U
the best day I have seen in twelve months.
1 thank you and llod Almighty and no ouo
else for my relief. I have lived nnd done
puuuc business in ueuevn, -V ., for tliu
last twenty, therefore have mnnv aeoualn-
lances that call around and see mo dully
nnd to ask about Phelps' Elixir for Ilium
jbclvca or for totuo of their friends. 1 prui?o
it highly. You do the talking and sign my
name us my tongue could noi no it justice.
Andhkw Dusmoni), Grocer.
Geneva, April 10, 18S3.
. Pur sulo nt Ilendershott's Plmtnriey,
Ilio.ouisuuig, Pa,
If O. A. Kleim, tho DniggUt, docs not
succeed It Is nut for tho wunt of fullh. lie
has such faith In Dr. lliwunko's Cough nnd
I. IIIU' RVl-nn na ii roiiii.ilv fitrPmitrh I',.!,!
Consumption, nnd Lung Alft'ctlonsthiit he"
gives u bottle freo to em it aud every ono who
is in ueeu oi a medicine ot tins klml.
July ll)-eow
Hu Q. RshJleman,
Vlutnber ami km niter. l(&trof Keliujl'r's liaid
Mate doiv.
ISloom&jbm'j', Pa.
All Windsor nttlrupifoi'btemn, iras und water
IMK COUHllllll)' III! llttllll,
Itoplliiyaudfcpouilnif aitendod Ui ui short no
tlco. TlnwaiooteTory description mailo loonier.
1 Orders leltnt Hehuyleri cos,, lurdwa a Mote
Mill uo prumimy numi.
Special attention Ktven to ui'ittu b) miubi nnd
hoi water.
May e-)y
' Our magnificent stock of
co,ve,i::; ,
Is attracting much attotitlom
All tlib goods were manufacture
to our order and Imported direct.
Wo liave all tup latest styies In
1 At very inodoiato prices. Wo
havo litem in
1-1, 6-J, 7-1, and 8-1 sizes,
Att(l in all tho now, designs aud
col6i ings. Wc havo' also a com
plete lino of
In all thee and grades, with nap.
kins to match. ' '' "
ii mi;
& Qtottafe
Filbert Street.
PliMICi-. - .
1 1.
i. i ill -jr
- Jnoa flinn nvor wirli Intnsr sf.vlos
nh nsure in waitim; on our customers.
Wheat per liuMiol
Ityo " "
Cum " " ,
Outs " " ..'...,',
Flour her harrel..
C'loversecd ; '.,
li'-ras ,(..,
Dried Apples
Hums ;
Sides und shoitldeis
Chickens ,
Tut keys
Ln d per pound
Hay per ton i
IU'eswx !,. ..
Buckwheat Uour per hundred..,
Hides per lb .,...
Veal skins per Hi ',
Sheep pelts, each
Wool per lb
.8 1
C 00
8 00 -.
13 00
3 00
D to 7
Philadelphia Markets.
corrected" weekly.
l'j:i:i)' Western winter bran, .uot, q,
MAUKl'Jti'.L Kxtm ioqmssc. largo 1's,sh aoc tale.
1'I.oUlt. Western extra's t!.60 on 3.1)0 ; Pfnn'a.
rutnlly, i.soiM.75uuio clear, &UJviD.s:xi winter
winter n . .... . ........
sjivuiihi ml u: , " "u"cuu-
uii.. i-iiiuo I'onnsTivunia . o ft 73c.
eoit.N, oj) buhlieti In gruln Ueiiot atone.
y.A.l.sT0' 3 "Ml" !..Mi,S, W.Jii
I AY AND STRAW 'llni,.ili-iM,,i,i uw.
ami New Veil;, $17. fair to fooa Western ana
Ne ork, ll. m 15. t medium Western ami New
i urk, ii. is. : cut liny as to uitalltT l j. ( 17.110.
1(1 e ktruw ii).,V) 11.00 Wheat straw, a. u lg, oat
straw in (.( n. ' u v' "ak
v-iuipr ucus- per 10. iimotny 1.40
it I.5-. pur bushel, Hax 1.7S per bushel.
Mitieu washed,
It'te ! ennimnn 'il
' 17. . '";', .-"tKV iwmiauim eL iruinia.
I leeco Washed, XX and above. 37 1 400 1 X'ril
i S!ic. Texas, Vail clip rinu so y
a.', miKltum so Mt s-i coare, 1U w 17.
...'"."",l:u"'j'""a extra, is western
Wjmii.-l'enrttylvaiila extra, 31 Westorn
'S'tl " 'lTnv.-rl'Vwis. liens, 15 mixed
lolalle. rwiters old tj uw. turkeys, tl ducks
UUKssKl) l'01't.THY.-Turkeya extra 10 (Wets.
Chickens extra 17m1p: ducks ulioi m .
tin.i,, ,1.: ,,', r.,,.'.'.' . .r' """! is
..... HH4 1. 1 11(1, .U t, If,
ONIONS. Yellow, l..5"(n 8.00 per bbl.
J luck itTBs s-i, (, ss oeesueirifs 3) 35.
Clironle Ciiiurrli,
Tho resu 1 1 of 8 5
years' cuturrht the
bridge, or dltlslon ot
my noso, was about
hiilttfono. 1 obtained
Halm irmvu used four
Willie npiilyltiK It tu
1 he nlTeeteil n.iri m u 11 1.
a swab, w tit
about euted up tho
nostrils. 1 naif pro.
Muuslv tried all other
remedies on tho mar
Vet Itliout tierma.
iient rellof. J. a,
Wood, MS, IHsh-st.
toliliubm, Ohio.
Lll'tt 1'roalll ll.illn iiiiwv4 nn iviln. nlrnd ra.
lief tit oniv. 1 lemvi the head. C'uiin hflalthy
,iieliiiis. Abnes uillaiuiuutlon, I'rotuuls (resit
C'iI'K Ih is the bines. Uextores tho senses of
tu and Miiell, A llioitittgh titatmetit will cure.
Nut a liquid orsnutr. Alipll'id wlih tho muter.
VadfiTi'ln iiiu- sold by itruzslsts. MalkM for
500. y.u liuiinimts iirufitfUis, oweno.N. y,
Api ll tw d
M 1 4lil