The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, May 02, 1884, Image 1

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ooLOKatADinocniT,rAnorTni xontn, and oo.
Ursulas, OonsolldaWd.)
ImhihI Weekly, every Hrlilny .tlornlnikRt
it two Dou.tBH per year. To suMorlbers but of
the county tho terms are strictly In ildrance.
lir.So piiper discontinued except at tho option
ot the publlihers, until nit arrearages are paid, but
onsr continued credits will not be iriven. '
4 Ml
14 0(1
10 oo
r, m
11 no
Onolncli. ...... taoo
Two Inchon ...i. aon
Tli reo Inches 4 m
Four Inches am
Huartrr column., am
alf column lorn
unccolumn...., eovu
All papers sent out of the Htato or to distant rout.
Yearly advertisements iim irbto riunrtrrlr. Trsi
onicos must bo paid for Inadvanci), unless a rciDon-
Islentndvrrtliemchtsmustbopaldfor before tnser.
cd except whero parties havo accounts.
t-ffral advertisements two dollars per Inch for
thro Insertions, and at that rato for addltloniil
insertions without reference to length.
imo person in ooiumbia county assumes to pay
ho subscription duo on demand.
l'OSTAHK Is no longer exacted froni' sutmerlbarn
1 r
n the county.
Itxrcutor's. Administrator's, and Audltor'snotlccS
three dollars. Must bo paid for when nuerted.
The Jobbbiinejiartmentof the cofitmiiMis very
oomplete, and our Jot) l-rlnttnir will compare favor,
ably with that of tho largo cities. All work done on
short notice, neatly and at moderate prices.
Transient or tcal notices, ten cents a line, rceu
lar advertlscmcnu halt rales.
cards in the 'liuslness Directory" column, or a
dollar a year for each line.
" ' 'lnil "!I MM K T
. v U t
' i i in .
Dloomsburif, 1'a.
O.Hco over 1st. Rational Dank,
N., I
Dloousivko, Pa,
moo la's Uulldln;..
11.1 inUOlCALEWi '
Ofllco over 1st National llanlc.
DLOOMSsoaa, 1'a.
1,1.' lilOOVBlBRO, Pa.
omce over Moyer liros. Drug store.
omce In llrawor'8 bulldlng.second No. I
Dloomsburg. Pa.
orflcie corner bf Centre and Mala Btret'. Clark J
Can be consulted In German.
Nw Cowmiiah DniLsuta, Bloomsburg, Pa.
Member ot the United States Law Association.
Collections made In any part ot America or xu-
Ofllco In Columbian BoiLDino, Itoom No, , second
A ttorney s-at-Law.
rm ... i.t ua.innfti na.nlt bulldlntr. second floor
flrst door to the Wlv. Corner of Main and Market
streets Bloomsburg, Pa.
t& Pt nitons' and Rounliei Collected.
Office In Maize's building, over Blllmeyer's grocery.
! ! i Miyto.'M.
, . Attorney-atjLavy,
Ollico la his buiiaing opposite.Court House,
2nd floor, Bloomsburg, Pa. npr 13 83
Offlce In Nkws Iran building, Main Btreot.
Mnmhnr of the Amorican Attorneys' Associa
tion. ,
Oolloitlons made In any part ot America.
Jan.s, 1893.
Jackson Building, Rooms 4 anil 5.
lv Catawlssa, Pa.
Offlco, corner ot Third and Main titreets.
Attorncy-utLaw, Berwick. Pa.
Can bo Consulted iu German.
STOQlco flrst door below the post olllce.
14. BARKLEY. Attorney-at-Law
, omco lu lirower's building, and story.Kooms
T BUOKINOH M, Attorney-at-Law
LV Office, llrook way's uulldlng.llst noor,
UToomsburg, I'onn'a, may 7, '80-t f
T B. McKELVY. M. D..Sursteon and Phy
O m ilctannortbiMe Main otreet.below Market
L. FRITZ, Attorney-at-Law.
, tn CoLfUBiiN Building,
ewlug Machines and Machinery of all kinds re-
airaa. uriaa uonsi uunaing, uioomiDure, r.
R. J. 0. RUTTER.
Office, North Market street,
Bloomsburg, Pa
M. REBER, Burgeon and,
Office corner ot Rock and Market
JR. EVANS, M. D., Burgeon nd
. Physician, (offlce and Resldenou on Third
Bloomsbuuo, Columbia County, Pa.
All styles ot work done In a superior manner, work
warranted as representee iiiru cxtbadv
id without 1'ain by the use ot uas, and
tree ot charge when artificial tooth
are Inserted.
Office over Bloomsouru Banking company
lo be open at ali hourt danng tht da)
These old coaroKATiom are well seasoned by
arc and nas tistsd and have never ret had a
loss settled by any court of law. Their assets
are alllnvested In solid sscoaiTiisand are liable
to tne naiara oi ms only.
Losses raouyTLT and bohiitlt adjusted aid
pam as suoa i aeieruiaea oy uhsiitiam r
KHArr, sriciiL Aoiht and Ad;dstis Blooms'
soao, ra, , yi.
The nsoole of OolnmhU- eonntv ahanld natron.
Uo tno agency (wnero losses If any ara settled
ua iu ov one or lueir own niusens.
E. B. 8R0WER,
All kinds of work in Shoot Iron, Roof.
Ing mid Spouting promptly
attended to.
l"Btrlct nttcntlori given to heating by steam.
Corner of Main & East Sts.,
Bloomsburg, Pa.
Who always civea you the latest
styles, and cuts your clothing to fit
you. Having hnd tho experience lor a
number ot years' in tho .Tailoring .busi
ness, has learned what material will
givo his customers the best satisfaction
for wear and style and will try to
pleaso all who give him n call. Also
on hand
Gents' Furnishing Goods
Always ot tho latest styles. Call and ex
amine his stock before purchasing cIscj
Store noHi doo? ioFirsiHaiionalBank
Corner Main & Market Sts.
Bloomsburg, Pa.
April 2My
Continued from tail urtt.)
How Watch Cases are Made.
In buying n silver watch case great caro
slioultl bo taken to secure one that is solid
silver throughout. Tho cap of most cheap
silver cases is made of a composition known
ns albata, which is a very poor substitute
fur silver, as it turns black in n short time.
The backs of such cases aro made much
thinner than of nn all silver case,
being 'robbed in order to mako the cap
thicker and get in as much as possible of
tho cheap metal. Another important point
in asilvcr case is the joints or hinges, which
should be made ,of gold. Thoso of most
cheap cases arc made of silver, which is
nut n suitable metal for that purpose. In
a brief period it warps, bends and spreads
apart, allowing tho backs to become loose
Upon the case nnd admitting the dust nnd
dirt that nccummulnte in tho pocket. Tho
Keystono SilvcrWatch Cases nro only made
with silver caps and gold joints.
St. Louis. Mo.. Feb: 17,' 188S.
Itumr long and varied eiperiencttiubindlinf wktcheg,
we cannot but ackQotflfHUeand site oiirteatimonr that
the Keystone Solid BUver WaUh Cuea are the belt
made to our knowledge. llaTing no soldering thei rw
main titimoftenmui, harder and if (r than Ibey woald
be Mere they huated for loldenmr, and have, more
rrBiatinit power acninat pressure than any other casee
ji the market. Mikmou 4 JaccuoJavriuixCo. 1 at iUsp It Erjilsnt Wtlfk Cms ratUrUt. rklla
drlphla,rN.,rarhnn(l.ou)a lUudrattd l'sapkl.t .httwlsf hew
Jun llt.' ss4 ktj.twes II alth ass atsds. I
book. New cdttlon New bindings. New illustrations
from new design!. Sursrbly gotten up. Ssme low pric.
Adspted to sll cUnel. bells St sight. Asents doing blf
work. Exckllhnt Terms. The hsndiomctt prospectus
"BRiULltY.GA'KKisS & Co., M North 4tb St.Phllsdel.
phis, fa. Also other grind new books and Uibles.
mar23-iy aid
sood i"ny for Acrnls. loo lo I00 rr
mo. iiiiiiIpbwUIiii; slur SJrniitl Ness lllaturT.
Fssinoue mill Ueclal s t UliUIre o I IlivWorlcl
WiUe lu J. C. 31cJur,ly dc Co., I'titladelpbla, 1'a.
mar 28-ly aid
May 2-4wd
without groaso or OIL No occasion to.talte on the
tcarrtage wheela. Clroular sent free. Address i
OnAtlilTIt LUDKIOATLNQ CO., Jersey tnty, H J.
, April. tHr, '.
M. ,G. SLOAN & BRO.,
rirst-clau wottalvrays on hand.
Prices reduced to tuit the timet.
North American of Philadelphia.
Kranklln, '
Knnsylvanla, " "
York, of Pennsylvania.
Hanover, ot s, V.
oueens, ot London.
North British, of London,
omco ou vi traMt iHretit, No. 8, Oloomsburg'. .
OCt.Jl.IMyf . V i '
TAJrtNOY. ,Mo.-er' now building, Main
aireet, Dloomsburg, Pa.
.Etna Insurance Co,, of Hartford, conn. tT,o;t,M
Hoyal of Llrorpooi 18,114000
Lancashire ,,. lo.tKO.oot
Fire Association, Philadelphia.. 1 4,105, no
Pliinnli.of London :. 6.36t.ITi
London Lancashire, of England,, , l,Tu,:o
llartfortoLIUrtford. 1. .... t.iTl.eiO
Sprlngneld Fire and Marine
Ab the agencies are direct, policies aro written
or the insured without any delay In the
office at Uloomsburg. Oct. SB, 'Ul-tl
Suitablo for
Cemetery, Lots
Public Grounds.
tho several beautiful styles ot Pence manufactured
by tho unucrsicuca.
For lleauty and Durability they nro unsurpass
ed. Set up by experienced hands and warranted
to glvo satlslactlon.
Prices and specimens of other de
signs sent to any address.
i. ML 1EH!
Slay 4-tf
266th edition price only SI
Exhausted Vitality. Nervous and Physical Ocbll,
lty, Prematura DecMio In Man. Errors ot Youth,
and tho uutold miseries result Inc from Indiscre
tion of excesses. A book tor every man. vountf.
mlddlc-aircd and old. It contains 123 DrcscrlDtlons
ror nu acme anu cnronio aiscases. eacu one ot
which Is.lnvaluable, So found by tho Author, whoso
experience tor ai years Is such as probably never
ocioru icu 10 vue 101, oi any pi
bound In beautiful French
beioro fell to the lot of any i
pnyslolan. 300 pages.
bound In beautiful French muslin, cmb
covers, full cut. euarantced to be a liner work In
every tense mechanical, literary and professional
thananyothertvorksoidlnthlscountry forta.60,
ur mu muney win w rciuuueu iu every instance,
l'rlco only tl.oo by mall post-paid. Illustrative
Hamnlo 6 cents. Send now Gold medal awarded
the author by the National Medical Association, to
the onicera ot which he refers.
The Science of Life should bo read by the young
for Instruction, and by the anilcted for relief. It
will benefit all JVmdon Lancet.
There Is no member of society to whom The
science oi Lire win not bo usetui, whether youth,
parent, guartuan, instructor or clergyman. ar-
Address tho rcabody Medical Institute, or Pr
W. II. Parker, o. 4 Uultlnch tercet. Iloston. Mass.,
who may bo consulted on all diseases requiring
skill nnd experience. Chronic and obstinate diseas
es and that nave bariled the n n i I skill of
alt other physicians a spo fX Ci t I j clalty.
sucn treaiea succcssrui ' iJ VC1?I Is
without an Insancoof L JLL 1 OJ JkJJJ tall
ure. mention tms paper.
May a.lwd
WANTED. One Lady or Gentleman
town. 125 a week and expenses.
in every
l-4-4m 17 North Tenth St., Philadelphia, Ta.
The Dirt Chit fa ntn tnmplttl A limit WottV.rtady to Hay
"ZO TEARS A DETECTIVE," br Allan Flakerton.
AHorliiMnulpruvUfCei known fully
cipom-d, Heptetc with thrilling
ftLrtrhp of nulorluiiri Korcem.
j, (Jounterreltcri, iiuritlari, cir. lllui
NOTKII AVTIIOH. Priul IHmtrstpd, u,tl)lh,siT
Infrfilln. s-ll.rspMlf. CireuUf SD1 siivrlul Irrms ct
Y. 31. Mi: WITT, 404 Arch St., rhlledilpklu, l'
May a-4wd
in.. rri trniiiioi iQir iiisriiiou iooih.
.April a 4-w
lisii icEUEnr. An
U'llalllng euro for
tjemlnal Weak,
ness, Spermator
rheca, Impotency,
and all lllseased
Uiat follow im a
sofiuonce ot Bolt-
ADUL3 ; 03 loss ot
l emon. llnlvpr.
If FORE TiKINO.sal Las 8 1 1 ud e. AFTER TAIINO.
Pain In the llaclc. Dlmnesq ot vision. Premature
Old Age, and many other diseases that led to Insa
nity or uonsumpiion anu a iTemuiurc iiravo.
jlBrrana. ui uuici siaoiuouva w iciuuu iituiirj.
when druggists from whom the medicine Is bought
do not refund, but refer you to tho manufactur
ers, andthe requirements aro such that they
are seiaom, veivr, compiled wun. boo tucir writ
ten guarantee, A trial ot one single package ot
Oray's Specific will convince tua moot skeptical of
lis real merits.
on account or counterfeits, wo navo ndontea tne
Vellow Wrapper; tho only genuine.
UTFull nartlculara In our namnhlet. which we
desire to send free by mall to every one. rwTlio
Bpecltlo Medicine
sold by all dructrlsts at II
tier nap.knirft nr fi nrtrknfts for M. or will 1m, wnt f mo
By mall on the receipt of the money, by addressing
lJlx.lttlAS AinuiLinr. 1,1., iiuumu, it, i.
Bold in uioomsunrg uy nu aruzgists.
Send six cents for postage, and re
ceive tree, a costly box of goods which
will help you to mora money right
away than anvthlmr else in this world.
All, of either sex, succeed from first hour. The
broad road to fortune onena before the workers
absolutely sure. At once address, Thue Co., a u. I
gusiu, juame. m si-iy
TXrnorl Canvassers In every county In this
vv sa.aauL.LS. nLaLe lu laKuuraerM iar pturaerv
stock, auaiy and dulraOlei einploinutnf at
GOOD WAGED. Kiporlenoe in the busi
ness not requiroa. nurseries wiaeiy ana ravor-
aoiy Known, ror verms nauress
Tha 0- L. Van Duson Nursory Co,,
u&naia, a. it
Van Duscn Nurseries established 1833.
Also stoclc at wholesale.
Apill-13too w r
The underslimed havlnir nut his Planlnir ml
on uaiiroaa Btreet, in nrat-ciass oonaiuon, is pre-
A Af. A,, Mnrf. A. .A.I. K I. KM
yaiou w uu nit stuus us wwi iu usa siurj,
furnished at reasonable prices. All lumber used I
la well seasoned and none but skilled workmen I
are employed.
furnished on application. Plana and specific I
nous preparea uy an experiencea araugnumau
llIooniMbiirtr, Vn
y-AiNwrnairr & co.,
N, K. Corner Hrcond and Area strents,
lirordew will reoolTe prompt attontlu
i Great Medical Work on Manhood
A blgKcr Hliotv (linn nil the
White Elephants In tho Itltuii
motli Cluthlnir Stock of A. V.
VateN & Vo.
io liuinhng no'doccptlon, Vo
rol'untl tho money on nil goods
not entirely HiitUnictory.
Leilger Buiiaing, Chtnat& ?6th St
Feb 29 'St
Bulwcr Lyttou's Bridge,
'What II beillltlflll lirlrlffn hpfwnpn nld nrfn finrl
childhood Is rclhfton. How Intuitively the child
utKiua wuii pr.iyer ana worsmp on entcrinir lire,
and how Intuitively, on quitting tiro, tho old man
turns back to prayer and worship, pulling himself
ogam hiao uy bUio witu tno infant," remarks Sir 15,
uuiwer i.yiion, in nis "stranzo btory."
i es but between its distant ubutmentq thn
brldiro ot llfo h is many hlsh natl iwrul arches.
through which tho wild wutcrs dash and roar In
wraiii unu unoiuuuu. rrayerana worsmp mono
lie unshaken, twne.ith, ,nnd hliman art. nnd skill
lllu.iu.ii i.uu ayinnj vitu niiutuiu u L'lllUt.ll.
otxrs wm is ucst exemplified m tno laws Ho has
made tor the creatures whom lie has placed under
their control. Neither tho child's truatfjl "our
Father,"uor tho old man's "F orget mo not lu tho
miusL ui miuu munnuifs," win alter inisuyino
wclirht of a slnulo irraln.
Sclenco and art ilrst then faith and prayer Is
luu umer ui iiuavuu ustjii. iiiviuuy iieais inroull
Its agents, nnd thoso agonts aro tho discoveries of
muu , nut. iiiu vauu .muuuuccumuis oi ptoptieis
or seers. Is llfo a burden torou Daeitlme drusf
Is your power to codo with llto's nroblem and
duties weakened ? You aro not welt Tour blood Is
sluggish and tainted, perhaps ; or somo Important
organ is lorpia or overivorsea. mis iaci may navo
laKen iqo lorai ui uyspepiia. rneum.iiism, gout,
malaria, pains in the stomach, chronic headache.
or any ot a doien other Ills. l'AUKEU'S TONIO will
Invigorate you, as fresh air Invigorates thoao who
have been shut uo In damn, fetid cells. It la now-
crtul, pure, delicious, sciomlHo, safo tho keystone
Ui luc ueutrai urou ui mu unugu ui me.
nviU tho coming man nuoke I" was set.
tied br Prof. Fiik la his charming run
Ihlet, Uo nys, moreover, that tho rmtlontvl
way to Use tobacco Is through tho ripe.
AU agree that only the best tobacco nhouli
be used. Tilch la tho beet? That to
which Nature has contributed the most ex.
quisito flavors. D lack well' Dull Durham
Smokintr Tobacco fills tho bill completely.
Nearly two-thirds of all the tobacco grown
on tho Golden Tobacco 11 1 of North Caro
Una goes Into tho manufactory of Dlack
well, at Durham. jThcy buy tho pick of
mo enure poction. uenco
Dlackwell's Dull Durham
Smoking Tobacco is tho
best of that tobacco. Dou't
bo deceived when you buy,
Tho Durham Dull trade
mark la ou
Health and Happiness.
f Are your Kidneys disordered?
, imuih,)- uir Diijuyni inu iruui iiij (jruvf, o-s it
i ncrt filter I hud hern thm un l.v 13 ln?Bt ilortr tx Ml
JUotioit," M, W OvMinux, MtuliaiUc, lonitt.Ulcli.
3 Aro your nerves weak?
! v ' i , 1 mo fr-'in iifii-i.tiH w
ii i.. iu 1 1 i--u-iUoll " H r i. M. Li.
(hi. ii l.i. O.'ii-W.utt fUu.titor ClovclauJ, V,
"Have you Bright's Diccaso?
"ul ,v rii I'll ino hIk.ii uiy vuur n Juiet
. tatk s.U l.lCJl llko Llnnd."
Suffering from Diabetes?
'Ki J:i j-Vor ituo tnoiit htn'ti i-tvful tiuicaly I havo
tror UAL'ti, nlnost IniniPdlat i ticf."
Ur. 1 'hi 111 i t. iuiloii. Iut:ktfii, Vt.
Have you Liver Complaint?
'i;iJmy.W.t iwcA mo lC clirui i h.vcr DUoust-g
aiUT 1 iirayeil t ) dir."
,1 Henry Ward, lite CI, C3th:;..i Omrd, K. Y,
3 1 your Back lamo nnd aching?
"i.iJnfy.Wort.U lotllt tured u.u when I wuubo
1. .uu 1 to ixU out of l.e.l."
1 0. M. Tollman, UUwaulie, Vtl.
ITavo you Kidney Disease?
" .iJney.ort mado mo poiui i in liver unl kldiiid
r r jcara nf unaucertthfut . turlmr. Its woilli
( iO a box," Sam t .lodges, Wdiianutywn, u.
Ard you Constipated?
"Kidney-Wort cnaac easy oacuatiem and cured
mo otter J9)car vn.vt other mi dlrfiitn "
ISvliou l-alicltild, bt. Albaru, Vt.
Have you Malaria?
"Kidney-Wort Iim dono better tlmn wiy
remedy Iha.o tmr uul In my iiracilee,"
Dr. U. l, Claik.buutUIIcro, Vt.
Aro you Bilious?
"KJdneyAVort haa done me moro good than any
other remedy I huvo eer taken."
Mi. J. T. U allow uy, Elk Flat, Oregon.
I Are you tormented with Piles?
Jlducj-Vr'irt vtnnantnilj eurtt motf Llevdintf
pllfi.ur. w. ('. leeuiii'ticudMl It lome."
UvOi (I. I1U1T11, slUi.f SI. Altiilet. MjVltlVWII, 1 sr.,
Are you Rheumatism racked ?
"Kldn.y,Wort cun'd me, alu-r 1 was irhra up tu
lUe Ly physlciatis and 1 had sulTi-ml thirty years,"
Klt-rlJ.-e Malcolm, V.VsC Hath, ilolut.
Ladies, nro you suffering?
PEldiiey.Wori cured ine ot pivtillar troubles of
ef eralyig&rostArullnir. Many friends use and DrnUe
It," airs. U. lAmonaui, Isle La, Mute, Yt.
If you would Banish Disease
i arid gain Health, Take
Cures Scrofula, Erysipelas,
Pimples and Face Grubs,
Blotches, Boils, Tumors, 7oU
tor. Humors, salt unoiun.
S'cnW Head, Soros, Mercurial
Diseases, Female Weakness
and Irregularities, Dizziness,
Loss ot Appetito, Juandice,
Affections ot tho Liver, Indi
gestion, Biliousness, Dyspep.
sia ana aenorai-uuDtmy.
Atouimf lljrJ.Kk IIIwmI PailM ill islillf Iks
Q,I SS lSfSI l"11.'1 w I'i'lCSlSI l
1 ltirtlu'vi
cnn. bnia I y m u iu ucsn ts every nrr
lliicltoits In eleven Isiii'uses. 1'HICK, i.oo.
FOSTER, MILBU N i I C i Piop'i, ButTi'o, N.Y-
Brfflfl UUckwell's Genuine Cull Durham
aj lathchoooMiUJulK,o oi
iiuieu Jl-U
don't know wlmt 1 hftd dono to
icrlt tho spite oLforlnrio wliiob led mo
iNo. 132 l'eokovcr.Htroet in- enaroli
ttf La i.' J!.. T..
. iv ni nip nnnrimniiiH iiimrv i i Jt t
V mL : . i
uiueuiy bu. xnu iianur whs ui s wi
trvinir t)ftllnriiiri two dralifl ! tho
nn,f i.,nu,. ,(,!, iM, nAv"nni'n Mmt
it. ... tor. was almost worn b
Tho window
mr, n ilm
?w r
and itlcasantly effacod.
rnncry was of similar hno
er. and muslin curtains. (Irn.vii nar-
tially across, had been reduced by duitl
nun hiiiuko iu iiiu same Hiiuaucu uuiur. i
'Pt i , n. I
Kjeru were uno or iwu buikiuk I'ui-1
. .. , ,r .. . .. i i i I
! .:?' " ..,Ji' " a I
, ..u .h,...b i
Biuvuiimiiiuiaiiiu.Bi..i,i-. ''B"
Tl. ln,qi,W na pMorlu A limn,
1.1. A . . . 1 A .. 1 ..1!.,,!(V I
mi a aui u ul wuauuu uut unu inniiii.iu I
41. . . i..i . l i.i.i
hbr bands. Sho was vtry attentive,
wever, and anxious to show, her
flrst floor" to tho best advantago.
"I ho curtains will wash, said 1,
looking around.
"JJcar. ves. sir. surolvl Wo was
Iettin' cm hantr to savu tho otlierd,
which tho sun fades 'em so, being the'
worst of, stuffs nnd suoh like. Like all
earthly thincs, as fade mostly, don t
they sirl"
Tho landlady sighed cently and
loldeu tier hands again. alio wore
black worsted mittens.
"I hone," I said, in mv polite way1.
you den't mind my naming it 'but,
f course you rahem tho bed is
free,- you know from from any Httlu
annoyancesl" I
1 had my experience preceding
thoso three years ot paradise and Mrs
. - l . . : T
Chick, and I was nervous, partly from
dread ot tho indignation I had heto
aroused in the housekeeping breast
tho above delicate question and parti
. J. 1
lrom the recollection of results that had
followed on tho assurance of land
ladies of another class that their
knowledge of natural history did not
extend to the species alluded to, and
that they were at fault to comprehend
my meaning.
Mrs. Mninllf (Hint was hnr namni I
j . , xx L i '
adopted neither of these extremes ; she
oi.i, imi, ,,i ..,i.,i .,
;uum """" "Y
"To my knowledifo there ain't a liw
ing flea iu the house ;" (I didn't meaA
fleas, though), "but you know, sir, we
live in a vale ot tears, una in course
ts Ul IC11ID, unu III SiUilint;
there will be such trials for all at
times. If I am so tired, I hope to bea
it meekly."
will hn mini, trials for nil ,
And 1 think Mrs. Maudlo sued a
tear. I
"I am very glad to hear it, said I
cheerfully j "now about terms, if I ar;
range to come."
"Oh, don t speak of terms, sir ; I ra
suro what you vo been in the habit of
paying will suit us, or less, maybe, as
it's moro for tho keepin' of the rooms
aired, bein' as tho house is too big for
us, nnd the protection of havin' n gent
. , t .1... r ti r i. i, 1
iikc yourself, miner our roor, ,i:iuai
bein' low in the nerves ot lato yearj
and myself haven't that sperret al
somo have, which I'm 8tiie, sir, any;
thing wo can do to make you comfort!
able and feel at home, as there s nc
place like it "
"All I thank you thank you.
The light when ihu windows weni
cleaned would sun my work, the oxi
chequer was somewhat low, time was!
in obiict. and. taking all in nil. I
closed with my obliging landlady'tl
terms, which gave her much pensive!
And if you 11 be pleased to namo
....... ...;.,i,..o ot. ;., -i ...,. .,...., ' .
Mrs. Maudle with a faint sigh in con-!
nlnatn.i "u,n linn,, tn An l,n,lil..'
linal In mMt 'i,m ' .
U....V -... . I
You are very good," said I ; "I
don't think you'll find me exacting; I
confess lo a few weaknesses. I dis
like damp salt aud smoky potatoes. I
oujuci 10 a noi ainner ou u com piaie,j
and I'm partial to clean linen. I hat s
about all, I think."
Mrs. Maudle readily acquiesced in
these modest requirements, observing
that "a hangel couldn't waut less," and
thereupon we parted.
In duo time myself and mv few be
longings were convoyed in a cab to 123
Fcckover Btreot, I find dined, and be'
yond a cup of coffee, wanted nothing,
Mrs. Maudlo brought mo tho coffee
"I'm sure, sir, I hope its as you like,"
said she, meekly ; "but, if not, you'll
kindly namo it, and Sophonisba Ann
will bring you your water at any hour
you 11 mention in the mormn, sir.
sophonisba Ann mostly waits ou
lodgers, sir (that's my daughter), and
I'm sure always willui', though that
timid and soft-hearted but there!
don't mind ine, a sayin', as a mother,
perhaps moro than 1 had ought re
spetin' my own."
I said I was much obliged to hor
and her daughter for their kind inton
tions and wished her good night. Sho
sighed audibly mid held the door ban
die for another minute, then, with an
air ot resignation, retired.
Morning brought breakfast
aopnonisba Ann. This young person
was, if possible meeker and moro do-
pressed than her parent. Sho carried
her head a little on ono side, and snif-
.... . .
fed w th everv breath as f from c iron.
lo influenza. Her complexion was
pale, not to say pasty, aud hor hair and
. .
eyebrows whitish-brown, sophonisba
Aim s nguro was remarkable tor do
pression whero fullness might bo ex
pected aud a curious bulging tendency
wherever tho opposite effect was usual.
Her attiro was chiefly notablo for
hooks and oyes with a difference of
opinion that materially hindered friend
ship, and refractory Imir pins, which I
found had n way of dropping out ihto
all sorts of odd places. I found ono,
ono day, nt tho bottom of my jug of
porter at uniner i
This interesting young person con
trived to mako u surprising clattOr
with the breakfast ware, upset a chair
and throw down a pile of my books
beforo making her exit. I attributed
this to the timidity which ,,e7other
had assured me was counterbuluieed
by ho many virtues, and oould not, in
reason, complain ; but whon, iu re-
moving llio breakfast things, tho Bamu
pue ui oooks underwent precisely tho
same fate, and gave mo such n start
that I nearly out off a finger In mend-
nig ,ii pen, i couiii nnineip saying
uu.ier ii niHu ieiy, -r o. ncavoii s Bake,
my good girl, bo carotul what you do
next,",, which, produced quito an at-
tack of sniffing and a hastjr retreat on
tho part of tho unlucky maiden,,
i',,1.1 ,i i t
a iiiuo laicrin. ino nay, my lauu
lady knocked timidly at my door.
"Uomo in l ' said l.
"Como in P said
She crime in, folding her hands
looking up at tho CtlliiiR,
"liii Hiiro, sir, you'll excuse a,
thoottira liberty, but lis l i
. . '
m a mother,
jl i.u j-i .f..- r.- ...3 vi..
w"' . " K avu
nlV U'ug"ier, Hlr, lUKm on B0 aiior
Bg T M
yu'd klnt1' sccln' as si,u-
on''ft Ann is 8o tender-hearted "
"What is it about f I said, as the
tearful lady pausod to tako breath, "I
., , t .,.. ii,i't
Vl, I ItllU X .kill DUIU ,UU U 111 II b
.. , ..i!f.
iiiuiiii jui iw iiui i nur leuiui b, bit, uiiu
" owns it f she's said as much in that
kitchen down below me. 'His way'
Rnomn.l harsh.' Hhn anva. 'hut. hist
i"""1"10 n8" P'?ce 8110 8ay8.l
1 111 BUIW Ul il. BIIU BlIVB. UIIU
, u . . i . . , i . . ... t.
Hue o uueu u-uiym nur uvus uuu wiuuu
bopuonisba Ann is rather 'stencal at
times, sir i ami I'm a mother, with, I
hope, a mother's feehns, as you'll ox i hut there, don't mind me, sir. I
tell her I'm suro yon don't mean noth
ing, and likely it won't so occur
"menu mo r anui-J, "this is very
foolish i ot course I didn't meau to
1 . .... . , r ,
nuri, your iinugniers ieenngs, ran.imi j
pray tell hiir so j 1 11 remember to
cijffrx iiui itj'Vsjf duivji; juit U iitkiuyii
She almost wept at this.
"Oh 1 sir, you're tho most feelin
gent us over l,did .see, I'm sure. 1
aon t, Know whatever mv curl U say
and the last gent wo had so different
I 80 wiok'titiu Ins language ;
speak of banging the door.
not to
O dear,!
which is
what it is to havo a spernt,
what mo and mine never had :
and so
,. , the world 'tramples; onjus;" - said- Mr
THMhudle.'nivi1 Id'
'''I' hope not" said L "You should
t.alrn n. mnrn r'lionrfnt viiw nf lifp Mrd
' I was very busy, and wished sho
would go, but she didn't.
"Well,- sir, she observed, with a
8igh,.,,"I;nlways was one of tho 'down-
hpjirtf",! olios ? 'finil iMnnnlM rt nprvufl
iWlnurt T llnvnr alinll fnrrnir whnn
. . - : .. .
ho asted me to have him thats seven
,,v, . , 'i; v . ,Af2:.i i, .
and-twenty-yoarngo 'Manar,' he sayi
ago 'Manar,' he says
to me -that's
to me -(that s my " name) "but there,
sir, dou't mind me, which as a wife I
hope I havo a', wife's feelin's :" and
Mrs. Maudlo shed tears.
I did mind her very much and do
r,,, -3 . .- XT.ll. TJ..I..
un diiu rauuu 111 mu uuui wiiy wioiiiu
her eyes with her apron, aud evidently
awaiting my sympathy.'
"1 m sure Mr. Maudlo s choice does
him credit." I said desnerntelvi "he
doulduVhave" done better than take a
good wife to sooth tho path of life for
him ; wasn't that your door bell !"
"Sophonisba Ann will answer tho
door, sir, which I think you was mis'
taken, and it didn't ring," said Mrs!
Maudle. "1 m sure I never did meet
with a gentleman so thoughtful and
teehn ; a real tnend. as one may say,
.1.. l.Tr -..."1 11 'i.. .L i' li
iiiumiy, unu i iinoniy umiiMui
I ' all-aid 1 must trouble you to
shut that door, Mrs. Maudle,'' I gasp-
ed. "1 m subieet to ear-ache, and the
draught" I hope I shall bo torgiven
tor the hbs that woman caused me to in
vent. Sho slowly wilhdrev, murmur
ng motherly compassion, and fuiuily
suggested pepper plasters, and other
mild tenieilies for earache, while I
took up my pen and tried to uullect my
suattered ideas.
I had not yet seen Mr. Mauale, the
ol whose "nerves kept him
montly coiilinuil to an armchair in tho
kitchen, but from occasional sounds ot
n..w,y. something liko feebly rendered
CllOI USeS Ot a J0V131 liatUIO. In WhlCll ,1,
I ... ....
perceptible, I concluded that' even Mr.
M. had intervals of comparative cheer-
fulness.- Moreover, I discovered that
there was' a son of the house a tall
youth with whitish-brown hair and
skin and a s'.oop in his shoulders-
whose avocation scorned to bo near at
hand, by his punctual return to meals
at stated hours in tho day. With this
yuI!fa' maa 1 was fated,, alas! too soon
tolfecbme acquainted;
Uno evening, a Uttlo betoro mv din
ner, Mrs. Maudlo waited on mo with
an air of rueok mystery to nsk if her
son might "step up by-and-by' and
speak to me, if so be that I had uo ob
His name, his mother told ine, was
Cincinnatus ; he was rather low spirit-
en, ana uau, in iact, something on ins
"Dear me 1"
I said, "poor fellow 1
Nothing serious, I
any trouble i
bono ?'
"Uh, dear, no, sir leastwise, noth-
ing wrong. Cm s as innocent as tho
babo unborn, as to evil ways, sir ; no,
it's the mind, that's whero it is ;" (mys
teriously) "he's got a soaria mind, sir,
and the world a too little for him. '
"Indeed 1" said I, mentally regret
ting that the young gentleman had
selected me as the confidant of his
montal trials; but, alas! I little
guessed what was to como. Scarcely
was tho cloth romovcd wnc modest
ut sssuiuuiibcu iiuw uuijuaiiuniiin.-,
r""". , r., , "
papr parce , wmc i no ue-
J l
I Inilf Iv atinLri n rr tin it Is n Inner tuiori nf
.vv . V" ft
'W "opt la line roboiiiously in-
lii inn mvi'n. lllui Nil kii ir i rrmiiui i ill v
into tho first chair near, with an air of
, ...... - B ..
profound detection.
This voting man had a larero nose of
the solid Roman typo, very red oye-
lllis, unu is nuuuiuus VU1UU Willi It
twang in t. lie told mo ho was in an
attorneys otllee, but that tho work was
very distasteful to him, and ho hnd
thoughts of giving it up and turning
no nan begun several works ot im
portance, one of Which (his "chef
d'ouyru" ho called it) he had brought
up wun htm.
"Hlank vr'ae, mostly, sir," he ex-
I'M'""! i i "in ten books, revealing tho
mysteries of a human soul to tho moon,
.wno 18 u!'0,,m' to be listening poet-
g "
Ilw Hrrt three book.-.
"Wt it n risk, interrupted
shrinking from tho prospect of being
pressed into , tho same service as tho
nioun, nun
ion, and resolved to bo as practical
possible, "isn t it a risk to i givo up
Jteady workfor; fiji linoertatnty l(ke
.uenmiro i
"Well, s r.. mother talks liko that,
J and sho's right, and you're right,
ono point of view," said the voutb.
meekly "but when you've a soul, nnd
when your soul mounts beyond the of-
nco stool, whero nro you then T '
Ho waved bis hand descriptively, as
tt were, of an aerial flight i his nails
were inky, and very long,
"Well, I don't kiiow. said I,
hadn't you better 1"
JUut no had risen, and hurriedly
. . . .'. .
coininenceu nnuoing tno orowtl napor,
oi looisoap, well written orcr.
. oraottlnrly,
Blowly rcci,cd b follow9 !
Hail 1 cold, unfeeling orb, tho'
bright ray, b
Mocks tho absorbing madness of my
soul I
Soon, soon thy last quarter will draw
Man I
But.sooncr still for me the fuuoral
hell shall toll I
"That's the openinir lines," said he :
"the next"
"My friend," I said. "I am afraid
you will find tho public hard to satisfy;
yon must look for disappointment."
"i hat s all 1 look tor, sir, lie inter
rupted, "Hint and nn early grave' ho
added, with a certain air ot satisfac
tion. "And as mother and father
aren't as well off as they were, I dare
there won t even be a recordin'
marble to tell tho world Cineinnattis
Maudlo lies below but that's of no
He sighed
"Aron t vou a little out of health t"
I asked tit this point.
"Oh, yes, sir," ho smiled. "I'm
joiirnoying to the tomb, rve no sort
ot doubt about it myself, but the cold
world will pass heedless by and think
uouiing ot it. me world s so very
sublunary 1 Don't you find it so,, sir 1"
"Well, yes : I sunnoso it is that.' 1
said, never having had cause to doubt
it as a fact. "Yes, I Biinnoso it is.
But now let mo advise you as a friend."
lie lookca up sottiy.
''I kn6w you would," ho cried :
"that's just it, you will assist me, and
I'll step up of evenings and we'll go
through it together gradual like. Yes,
I felt sure you'd be tho friond to do it,;
when mother said, 'Uin, that s our hrst
floor going out," I felt as if I could
open my heart to you like a brother ;
1 did indeed, sir.
"Look here, I said, when he paused
aud shook back' tho excited wisp of
whitish-brown hair, with joyful vehe
mence ; "look here, I'll let vou know
when to briug it up. The fact is, I'm
awfully busy just now ; I haveu't a
minute to spare for study or tho de
lights of tho muse."
1 smiled grimly as I almost pushed
: -.. . t .1.- i i i : . .
him out of tho door, bearing his pre
cious orown paper parcel and over
whelming me with undeserved thanks.
Inwardly I resolved never to havo five
minutes leisure to listen to those "re
velations to tho moon" which would
henceforth haunt my waking and sleep
ing hours, even should the meek Cin;
cinnatus sink into his early gravo
the sooner for lack of brotherly sym
the next morning when I entered
mv sittincr room K.inhonisti.a Ann wns
,." f? . . . r ...
mere, a little belated, I concluded, as
8he was fnisliincr the operation of dust
ing, which I never observed to produce
muuh lesult. SnniHthiiur in thn Nt.reet.
had caught the d.imsel's notice, for slm
did not observe mv entrance, as sho
stood with her hands on her hips, the
luster hanging idly by her si le, her
mouth open, mi. I vacantly fixed eyes ;
the refractory hairpins in open rebel
lion, and stray wisps and tails of hair
obtruding where thev were olf duty ;
while hooks and eves at variance com
pleted the eff. ci oftheliulgy lines of
Sophonisba Ann's tlguro before
Now it happened thn I was engaged
in making a series ot sketches lor
comic journal, mm aopnouisba Ann, as
she now stood, was tho verv model I
wanted for one of them. Tho opportu
nity was too good to bo lost. I seized
paper aud pencil.
"Une moment, mv good girl 1 I cried.
"Stay as you are ; oblige mo by not
Ut uourse she did not slay "as she
was, but nearly enough so to enable
me to throw on paper tho outline which
had caught my fancy.
"lhanks that will do, 1 1 said as
blandly as I could.
She simpered and actually forgot to
"La, sir 1 whatever could you take
mo like this for 1" she cried at last. "If
I'd only been iu my afternoon frock nt
least, and douo my hair up a hit tidy
u you nau ioiu me ; nut la: now,
"Dou't namo it." I said ; "I'd rather
not, in fact. I wanted you just as you
The next oveniug Mrs. Maudlo camo
up smiling yes, actually smiling 1
wun a cneerjul serenity, it not a little
excitement in her domennor, as sho
placed before me a photographic like
ness of Sophonisba Ann.
"Which Maudlo and mo, sor, couldn t
hear of your puttin' up with such a
BKetcn ii ko, an ot a hurry ; and bein'
as our gun wnsn t tidied up, ns sho d
a wished, in course, Sophonisba Ann's
been nnd hnd this tnnlr nt Mr nani,.
joy's, round tho corner, if you'll accopt
it ; ana i m suro a good-hearted, woll
"8P8ea gun is my gurl, though l say
,t, nnd not took up with follies liko
some, nnd that steady, almost too
I -i i. r t w hi- i
meauy lor ner station in lite, as tier
falhor tolls her ; and I'm ram both her
. laim-i mm mu uui, mere, sir, wueil
. . i . nn.i ..... ..... .1.. -.. . .1
you ro a parent you 11 know what a
parent s felltn's are."
All this was said in ono breath, with
out any panso whatever. I sat hewil-
dered, wondering if it would be un
pardonably rude to reio-it tho offer of
a lady's portrait, and what I could say
in excuse.
"I m afraid," I began, "you'ro verv
kind tho fact is I think I didn't
mako myself quito understood."
'Oh, yes, sir, you did, Fray don't
namo. You was all a gentleman should
be ; and Maudlo and monre too proud'
nere iirs. aiauitio, without proceed
Ing further, convoyed herfelf down
stairs, In a tremulous condition between
wanted with their diugl'iter's likeness!
I, I sttiuk it on tho mantelpiece (it was
tears and smiles that fairly stunned mo
nut a very nattering P nnouriip hi. re-
solving to take no moro nntico. ot tho
ltd mrt lint Itnvt tit.n fiuj f.n.ll
Camu up I observed sho woro a flariui
,ed ribbon in her bnir nnd nn ussertiv
brooch in front of her dress. .Sim stol
furtive a ances nt the mantelpiece
iu half shy, half Biniporing. I emmht
her eyo by chance, when, overcoming
her maidenly modesty, with a prelim
inary snlfllo, said, sweetly i "Oh, if
you please, sir, about wnlkiu' out on
Sundays after chapel; for mother's quito
agreeable, bein' as you'ro such n gon
tlctnan, nnd"
"What do you mean J I Baid, Bharp-
ly enough, and quito forgetting tho
"tender-heartedness ot feophonisba Ann
iu tho excess of my bowildorment ; but,
instead of answering jn.e, that.yc-ung
person flow to, tho window, crying :
"If there isn't that man a crossing tho
street again. Oh! whatover'll father
lo T Hut (Jin is at tho door and you'll
protect noor father, I know ?" and sho
rushed down staira without further ex
Another minute nnd rapid nnd, it
must bo added, stumbling footBteps
began ascendinn the stairs, accompan
ied by theories of Sophonisba Ann and
tho fainter sobs of her mother -in tho
rear, and Mr. Maudle entered, sup-
Iiortcd by his son nnd closely followed
y a rough-and-ready looking person
with a paper in his hand
I started.
Mr. Maudle waved his hand.
"I I My dear friend Sir 'Scitso
-abrupt visits," be cried, in a hazy
sort of voice, "F friends may waivo
Here Mr. Maudle swerved sudden
ly, but Cincinnatus propped him up
"Arid I I believe I'm correct in
saying a f friend in need's a friend
indeed." (This very rapidly spoken.)
"Under thesu circumstances, I I'm
bound to forego a parent's feelings''
"Yes, Maudle, that's it," cried Mrs.
M., from behind the apron she held to
her eves ; "we know what you'd say
what we'd both sav, and feel likewise
and thank our stars as sent you, sir, to
our aid, which I'm suro we can hover
repay, as it's ill Ms. Oct.
"U 17s Cd.," interrupted the rough-and-ready-looking
person, with ahoarse
"Yes, tako her, tako my child, and
bless, you 1" cried Mr. Maudle, extend
ing his nnns liko the "heavy lather' m
a play, "and tell thish minion of tho
law, that that his clap,n phatiflied and
a helpless, aged parent saved from
ruin and distresh!"
Here Mr. Maudle broke off weep
ing. "Happy day P said Cincinnatus, "I
said you were liko a brother when first
I saw you, and I'll put it nil in my
great work, that an 'ollow-hearted
world may read and bo ashamed of not
doing likewise !" with which rather
ambiguons speech Cincinnatus again
dutifully propped up his swaying par
ent, whoso emotions were tob much for
him. 1
"May you both be happy t" mur
rain ed Mr. Maudle.
"0, la, father 1" cried Sophonisba
Ann, hysterically.
"What does it all mean t" I was
forced to ask tho bearer 'of tho myste
rious paper, who was tho only coherent
one of the party.
"Why, sir, this hero's a distress for
the sum of 14 17s. 7d. owing to tho
parties as sent mo here ; and tho old
gent, ho says leastwise he don't seem
to know exactly what he's savin' half
his time he says as you're a goin' to
mirrv his daughter and p.ij up square,
hut I ain't goin' to be gammened no
more, so if so he, sir, of course I have
your word as well as his'n "
I wailed for no moro. "Gracious
alive 1" I exclaimed, "are. you all idiots
ro lunntios, or what! Grant mo my
sen-esto get clear take a month over
for the notice only let mo begone."
And flinging the money on the table,
I rushed to collect my traps, thrusting
tho things into bug and portmanteau
as if for life ordculh, and never paused
ill I strode forth minus two pairs ot
boots, an umbrella and cigar-case, left
ehind in the hurry in search ot tho
st friendly cab which shouhl bear me
far from the region of Fcckover street
to any destination under the sun, rnth-
than consign mu in future to tho
tender mercies of a "Meek Family."
Woolen Underclothing,
Among tho maiiv means by which
wo seek to guard ourselves from tho
Heels of ohill there is one which hard
ly, even now, receives BUtlieient atten
tion tho nso of woolen underclothing.
Tho majority of persons of tho male
box do, Indeed, show their appreciation
f its wholesome qualities ; but there
remains a considerable moiety of these,
nd a far greater number of womon
and children, who profer an undersnit
t smooth but relatively meagre linen.
Yet tho superior advantages of wenr-
ng wool next to tho skin are easily ap
parent on reflection, ihey do not
depend merely on its greater warmth
and closeness ot application, it is au
thor capable, according to its texture
and in virtue ol its composition, ot bet
ter adaptation in respect of temperature
to tho needs ot various climates and
tho changes of seasons, than any other
lress' material. Moreover, whether tt
bo fine or rough, dense or light woolen
clothing, it is evident it exhibits a spec
ial facility for absorbing and distrib
uting moisiure. ii is mai property es
pecially which renders it tho natural
covering of tho constantly perspiring
skin. If ono bo engaged, for example,
in nctive exercise of limb, a linen fab
ric will absorb what products of trans
udation It can till it is wet, but will
leavo much moisture unabsorbed upon
tho clammy surfaco ; whoreas a flannel,
from its moro spongy nature, will rest
upon a skin which it has nearly dried,
and be but (lamp itseit. it is obvious
then, that in the event of an after-chill,
and this occurs in summer as in winter,
the body is, in the latter case, most fa
vorably disposed to resUt it. I" lannel
is not less cleanly than liuon, though it
may nnpear less whtto ; unit it tho
wearer bathe ttaiiy, it is surprising how
long it will retniu its purity, Tho dis
advantage of skin initation to which it
sometimes gives rir-o is usually assooin-
ten wun coarseness oi quality or iresn
ness of manufacture, mid is with near
ly all who havo experienced it a mere
ly tiniiMcut condition. Women as well
as men, we. repent, but nbovo all chil
dren and tho aged, who uro aliko par
ticularly apt tr tako cold, should cer
tainly adopt a woolen material for their
customary undergarment. It is easily
possible to adjust the texture to tho
season, sn that it khull be warm enough
in winter nnd not too warm iiiBtiinnier,
The Lancet.