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    The Columbian.
Public HlllcHi
J. i I'fahlcr will soil personal property
near Numlilla on Thursday March 20tli, nt
10 o'clock a. in.
Philip llcllis will soli personal property
on Ills promises In Flslilngcrcck township
on Wednesday March 12th, nt 10 o'clock n.
Qcorgo L. Moyor, administrator of Har
riet Moyor, deceased, will sell real estate
In Flslilngcrcck township on Friday, March
14th nt 2 o'clock p. in. and In Dloomsburg
on Saturday, March 15th nt 2 p. in. Seo
W, Ij. Manning will sell personal proper
ty on his premises In Jackson township on
Tuesday, Mnrch 2oth nt 10 o'clock n.
Ezra Thomas, ndmlulstrntor of Caleb
Thomas, deceased; will sell personal pro
perty on tho promises of said decedent
Greenwood township on Thursday March
13th nt 10 o'clock n. m.
Thosmas McHcnry, executor of Elizabeth
Dclong, deceased, will sell real estate In
Orange township, on Saturday, March 29lh.
See advertisement.
E. II. Ltttlo will sell 11 horsc3nnd 11
mules nt his f.irm In Scott township on
March 0th. They arc nil western stock.
See ndvcrtlsemcnt.
Allen Mann, executor of George Shuman
deceased will sell real estate In Catawlssa
township on March 25th. See ndvcrtlse
mcnt. E. II. Little executor of James Koat de
ceased, will sell personal property at the
Into rcsldenco of tho decedent In Hemlock
township on Saturday, March 1st nt 10
o'clock n, in.
M. A. Ammcrman, administrator of John
J. Stiles deceased, will sell real estate In
Flslilngcrcck township on Saturday, Mnrch
8th at 1U o'clock, nm. See advertisement.
D. F. Rcighard will sell personal proper
ty on his premises In Scott township, on
Tuesday March 4th nt 10 o'clock, n. m.
E. B. Sturgcs Esq, n Scranton lawyer
was In court on the 22nd ult.
Albert Hcndershott and Dr. Jamison of
Washington, nttended tho fnncrnl of Mrs.
Hendcrshott on Sunday.
John F. Mcglnncss, of tho Willlamsport
Gazette & Bulletin was in town Tuesday and
Wcdnesnay, and wo wcro pleased to meet
him. Ho Is an able newspaper man.
Mr. E. Bower went to lNcw Jersey on
Wednesday where ho will reside. His fam
ily will follow soon. They have made
many friends hero who are sorry to lose
W. H. Ilhawu Esq., spent Tuesday and
Wednesday in town, superintending tho
printing of n paper book for tho Supremo
Court. The book which makes nearly twen
ty pages, was printed nt this olllce, and was
completed in two days.
House to Let. Call on W. Krlckbaum.
Tho Bloom Ferry Company has launched
n new flnt bont.
Crescent Tobacco advertisement In nn.
other column. Feb. 8-2m
About nn inch of snow fell on Sunday
Fob Sale. A set of tinner's tools, apply
to I. R. Rupert Bloomsburg, Pa. tf
A calf only four weeks old nnd weighing
108 pounds wns dressed by Hawlings on
Monday. Who can beat it?
F. D. Dentler has broken ground for tho
erection of a brick store building next to
Enwllngs' on Main street.
A largo party enmo down from Mllllln on
Tuesday and surprised Mr. and Mrs. W.
H. Vcttcr. A pleasant day wns spent.
A little son of Mr. Carpenter, agent of the
Bending road nt Hupert, died last week,
Wednesday, nged 10 months. Tho funeral
took place on Saturday nt Tamaqua.
Tho Pennsylvania Kailrond has superior
accommodations and makes tho fastest
tlmo to nil polntsin tho West.
W. C. McKinnev, ngeut.
Tho entertainment at Normal Hall on the
evening of Washington's Birthday was
well attended, and tho performance is said
to have been very satisfactory.
Dr. L. A. Shattuck has n new team of
carriage horses. They are beautiful bays,
well matched, and good travellers. Ho
brought them from Connecticut.
A drama entitled "More Sinned ngaln3t
than Sliming," will be given on Friday
evening Mnrch 14. 'lhoso who take part
in this dramn, arc young men of our town.
It should bo well patronized.
G. A. Herring, by his refusal to sign tho
town ordinance passed lust Saturday night
has assumed tho entire responsibility for
the delay in tho sewer work. Laboring
men who want work should bear this in
The American Mechanics and their fami
lies observed Washington's Birthday by a
social gathering and n supper nt Evans'
Hnll. An cntertnlning lecture wns deliver
ed by Dr. Peifer, cx.stato counselor. He
is n pleasant speaker, and a jovial gentle-
man. After supper ho delighted tho audi
deuce with some good singing, uccompn.
Ing himself on nn organ.
Having greater facilities than any other
office In tho county wo are prepared to
print sale bills In tho most nttractlve style,
and at prices as cheap iib the cheapest.
Persons having their bills printed litre will
receive n gratuitous notice under this head
which will stand until the snlo takes place,
thereby getting n wider advertisement than
any other office cnu give.
Pen. O. M. Blaker la not writing nrtlcles
for the CoLDimiAN on tho evils and abuses
practiced In this county under our rules
governing the nominations of the demo
critic party, as stated by tho Republican ro
cently, nnd copied by several of our ex
changes. Ho has written n single commu
nicatlou on tho subject of "Hossism."
Neither ho nor any ouo else complains of
tho defects In our pnrty rules. It Is tho vi
olation of tho rules and tho law, that is
complained of.
By rcfercuco to thu council proceedings
of Baturday night it nppears that n majorl
ty of the Town Council voted to repeal tho
ordinance fixing tho sower route up Sixth
to Iron, etc. This action Is In accordance
with the expressed will of tho citizens, nnd
there should bo no further delay with the
sewer. It Is absolutely necessary that tho
plpo shall bo laid under tho canal before
tho water Is let in, otherwise tho sewer
cannot he completed until next winter, by
which grcnt Inconvenience will result to
the citizens, ami tho town may loso tho
Wiooo under tho contract with tho Normal
10,000 good white envelopes nt $1,60 n
thousand, ut tho Columbian stoic.
S, Sollcdcr has removed lila oli An aftmi In
Ell Knorr'a old stand, second door below
ltcltz's market.
Mil began 011 Wcdncsdnv. Thorn will
services nt tho Episcopal church on Mon
y, Thursday nnd Snlurdav nfte rnnnnfl nt
n (mutter past four o'clock, nn TunailAVnnil
Friday mornings nt 10, nnd Wednesday
evenings nt 7,
A great variety ot scran pictures nt
Comjmman store.
l'or Hnlc.
Several town properties, oood location.
brick or frame.
About 25 acres of land in Hnmlnrdt tnwn.
ship, partly cleared, balance well timbered.
a larm or about 80 acres in Scott twp.
nor terms ana particulars apply to Geo.
Jewell, lllooinshurg, Pa. feh. 29-tf.
A Curil,
To my democratic friends of Columbia
county. I tako this method of Informing
ou that I will not bo n cnndldnto for nom.
inatlon for tho office of Register nnd ltecor
dcr nt tho primary election the coming sum
Tho many democrats who have nlven mci
their .encouragement nnd pledged me their
support In case I was a candidate, will ac
ccpt my thanks for tho same, and consider
themselves at liberty to support tho man
ho will bo an honor to that offlco nnd to
the democratic pnrty. Yours truly,
Wm. L. Manning;.
Two offices to rent In tho Colombian
bulldlue. hented bv steam, eras, water on
same lloor. Apply to Geo. E. Elwell. tf
Court X'rocoetlliiKH,
An adjourned court wns held on Friday
February 22dj all tho Judges on tho bench.
Citation awarded In estato of Jacob Sny
der, deceased.
Partition ordered in estate of Evan Wcl-
Snlc of real estate ordered In cstnto of
William Shultz.
Petition presented for attachment in es-
tatc of Sylvester Pcaler.
Tho following opinions wcro read and
filed by tho court t Casper Kresslcr and
wife, to satisfy mortgage.
Catawlssa School Directors, rule dis
charged, at costs of petitioners.
Milllln township vs. Beaver township.
Beaver township to keep tho pauper and
pay costs.
Dccu ot John wourcy, Bticntr, to Augus
tus Brown for lot of land In Beaver, ac
knowledged In open court.
Decree made tor the adoption ot Jesse
Seybcrt by O. C. Hess.
Adjourned to March 17th.
The election passed oil without the usu
al amount of contention. About the only
opposition being for the office of constable,
but Alexander Knouso won tho day by
twenty thrco of a majority.
We have been creditably Informed that
Mr. Charles Coleman the popular landlord
who formerly kept the Hess hotel, the
headquarters for fisherman and hunters,
has now rented a hotel stand near the
Mountain Grove camp meeting ground,
where ho expects to move April list. Any
of his friends passing that way will calljon
him nnd they will find Charlie a good, gen
ial and obliging landlord.
Mrs. Alice Woods from Benton has been
visiting her many friends at tho lower end
of Jackson the past week or two. Como
again Alice, you arc nlways welcome.
Wc noticed Judge Derr a few days since
on his way homo from Philadelphia whence
he had been with Sheriff Mourey to
convey Port Harte to the Eastern Peniten.
tiary. The Judge looks halo and hearty
for a man of his years. He is now post
three score years and ten and could dis
count many who are younger in years in a
foot race yet.
S. W. McHcnry is building a flue house
nnd expects to have it ready for the plas-
terers In tho early spring.
Charlie Stevens, Ellas Stevens nnd Jesse
Stevens started for the west on Monday
last. The two former ones have been vis-
iting friends here for the past two months
nnd Jesse concluded ho would try his for
tune In tho far west also.
The township institute passed off plens-
utitly nt Waller on Friday last. Quite a
number being present from other town
J1Q11B ANOn-
Bcautlful Birthday cards from one cent
to $2.00. nt the Columbian store.
Mr. C. It. Woodln nnd family spent a
few days here and returned to New York
on Tuesday last.
Mrs. S. P. Hanly left for a visit to Wash
ington City on Monday, where her parents
Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Woodln are staying
for a while.
Chaplain McCube preached In the M. E.
Church on Sunday morning and evening
to large congregations. Ho advocated the
Interest of the church extension fund and
enthusiastically dwelt upon tho attractions
of Dukola as being tho El Dorado ot cmV
gratlon, nnd in speaking of western prog.
ress declared that much hotter wages were
paid out there than here, etc.,
If tho peoplo out west arc really In better
clrumstances than here and wealth is more
readily acquired, why can't they build
their churches without taxing us poor peo'
pic of the eastern states ?
Washington's Birthday was observed by
the bank nnd post olllco officials, nnd tho
public schools, mid lessons on personal vc
ruclty wcro generally in order.
Mose's free beer correspondent denies
your correspondent's statements. Wo havo
to disclaim any personal feeling toward
Mosc but will not retract ono word of that
statement, and wo suggest that if last Sat.
urday's exhibition is repeated very often
oven the f . i). U's lnuuenco wm not ue
sufficient to quiet tho sentlmont of the peo
Mr, J, C, Kunkle, thu efficient telegraph
operator of tho Western Union Co. of this
place, has recently invented an electric
bell which serves to indicntu tho water
guago of the reservoir, so that tho cngl
neer In charge of tho pumps can regulate
them hi proportion to tho requirements of
Tho invention is Ingenious and docs
much credit to Mr, Kunkle's mechanical
Mrs. Lizzie Jackson and party nro bask'
log in tho Florida sun shine, and no doubt
eating of tho golden fruit of that luxuriant
Bev. M. L. Smyser was in Berwick over
Sunday, nnd was greeted by his many
friends who wcro glad to see hlra looking
bo well.
The Berwick Cornet Band give n concert
this ovenliu'i which will be well patroulz
cd. Tho Coggsvlllo family of Scranton
furnish tho evening's cntertnlument assist
ed by Miss Delia Schobert of Wllkes.llarre,
who is down for a solo. This young lady
lias won many friends as a vocalist nnd her
singing will be n great feature of tho pro
O. O. Gallgtinu oilers his largo stock of
I heating stoves nt cost, from now until
I March 15th.
At a regular stntcd mcollne of W. O. No.
08 Pa., P. O, S. of A. Mlffilnvlllc, on Thurs
day evening Feb. 21st 1884, the following
resolutions wcro unanimously adopted i
Wiieiibas, It has pleased Dlvlno Provi
dence to remove from nmmiir lis liv minli
sudden accident nnd death our beloved
Brother II. L. Fcddcr n charter member of
Camp 88 Pn. therefore bo It,
Rcsohtd, That wo bow In humblo sub
mission to tho will and calling ot tho Dl
vlno Hulcr of the grcnt Camp on high, nnd
while wo miss him wo extend our earnest
sympathy to his widow, his parents, broth
er and distcr.
Rttohed. That out of rcsnect to tho mmn.
ory of our departed brother our chnrter bo
draped in mourning for tho spaco of sixty
days, nnd that our members wear tho
badgo of mourning for tho samo period.
Rooked, That the thanks ot this Camp
oro hereby tendered to Cnmp 105 of Bcr-
wiuk, who uy tncir prosenco and am at tlio
funeral showed their nvmnnthv fnr tlm
family nnd a sister Camp.
Rctohcd, That a copy of theso resolutions
be lireSCIltcd to tho widow nun nnrnnU nf
our deceased brother, nnd that thoy be
printed In tho Columbian nnd Bloomsburg
E. Smith, ")
J. E. Snydeii, V Committee.
Go West via. Pennsylvania railroad. All
changes mado In Union depots. No omnl-
bus transfers. W. C. McKmar, Ag't.
Main St.
Council ProcccillcirH.
Dloomsburc, Feb. 23rd, 1884.
Adjourned meeting of Council al 7
o'clock In the evening.
Present, Messrs. I. W. Hartman, Oconto
Hasscrt, W. 8. Moyer and L. E. Waller.
On motion of Mr. Wnllcr nnd seconded
by Mr. Hartman, Georgo Hasscrt was made
President pro torn.
Messrs. Waller and Hartman moved that
the following Ordinance be passed, to-wlt i
Bo It ordained and enacted by tho Town
Council of tho town of Bloomsburg nnd It
is hereby enacted by authority of tho same:
Section 1. That Ordinance No. 34 cntt-
tltlcd "an ordinance relative to tho con
struction of n common sower" passed Fob-
ruary 10th 1884, be and the same Is hereby
On motion of Mr. Hartman n vote was
taken which resulted ns follows :
Yeas. Messrs. Hartman, Hnssert, Moyer
aud Waller 4
Tho president declared the Ordinance
unanimously passed.
On motion of Mr. Moyer and seconded
by Mr. Waller Council adjourned.
A. L. Fhitz,
Illchard Pooley of Millcrstown visited
his parents last week.
Dan has got in his stock of wood for
tho summer and Mrs. Harris Is happy.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Moore of Catawlssa
spent Sunday with his parents.
Thos. E. Sands is still clerking for Mrs.
Wm. Old our shoemaker is looking after
the Interests of our soles.
Amos is quite busy shoeing horses, ro
pairing farming implements &c. Says he
has not been In town for two months.
Wc would advlso people In or near town
who have cabbage buried in their gardens
to tako it in at once ns the "Cabbage Kids"
nro out. "A stick in time" &c.
Tho election on Tuesday last 19th was
rather quiet. All the candidates for offi
ces were elected but a few.
The reception given Mr. nnd Mrs. Chns.
Itlnk by Chas. Shaffer on the 10th inst.
was u very pleasant affair. After refresh
ments were served tho young folks repaired
to the cellar kitchen where dancing was
indulged In, By mistake tho professor upset
a pot of milk, otherwise the party was n
success. Wo wish Charley nnd wife a long
and prosperous life.
Benjamin Klstlcr had four large hams
stolen lest Tuesday night.
Mr. Henry Ale had a birthday party last
Friday night from Llmcridgc. It was quite
a surprise to him. There was also a birth.
day party for Mrs. C. II. Mason Saturday
Tho grain in theso parts looks good. If
the weather Isn't too cold from now on we
may hope for a good crop.
Protracted meeting has closed for this
Mr. Abraham Swisher and son are in
from the west..
Thero Is no plant more impatient of
moisture than wheat. It has as great an
objection to wet feet as a boarding-school
miss. Tuereforo if you havo a piece of
well-drained land on your farm, a pleco on
which tho water never stands long enough
after tho heaviest rain, select that for your
wheat field this fall.
Benjamin Klstlcr is preparing to build
an addition to his barn.
John Mclllck nnd Robert Howell went to
Lalrdsvtllc for lumber last week. They
had doublo teams some places to get
through tho mud.
John Vance intends to build n new
house this summer.
William Oman Is confined to his bed by
Mrs. J. W. Hcndershott died on Feb
ruary 22d, aged about CO years. Sho had
been an invalid for many years. Mrs. Hcn
dershott was n sister of O. A. and Euos
Jncoby, and was tho oldest ot tho family.
Sho was a consistent christian lady, having
been for many years a member of tho Epls
copal church. Her husband and three
children survlvo her. Tho fnncrnl services
wero held at tho house on Sunday after
noon, Key. L. Zahner officiating.
Mrs. Hannah Btdlcman died Saturday.
February 23rd, nged 88 years, 0 months
ami m days, quo was the mother of Ellsha
HiUlemau, airs, j. k. Edgar, Mrs. A. Fry
Mrs. It. Younit, all of this town, and Deem
cr Bldlcman of Tunkhannock. For a num
her of years past sho was sorely afflicted by
the loss oi sight, but boro her burden will
christian fortltudo nnd reslcuutlon. Tho
funeral took placo at the Episcopal church
on Monday afternoon, tho deceased having
been a member of that church for many
Philip Peter Eycr, died ut his rcsldenco
on Hock street, on Wednesday mornlugat
one o'clock, at tho advanced age of 01 years
nnd 0 months. Ho wns born In Northamp
ton county, and camo to this placo, with
his father, Ludwlg Eyer, whom ho assisted
in clearing tho woods where Bloomsburg Is
now situated. Mr. Eycr was a man of unu
s mil good health, until during this winter
when ho begun to fall. Ilo leaves five chll
drcn, two sous and three daughters. Jumes
K. Eyer, Mrs. William Pursell, Mrs. J. 1),
Wilson, residing In this place, and Hev, F
P. Eycr of Montoursvlllo, Mrs. Dr. Willlts
of Willlamsport. Tho funeral will tako
placo this (Friday) morning nt ten o'clock.
Services nt the M. E. Church.
Lllley& Sloppy, tho Ornngovlllo mcr
chauts, havo reduced their stock of winter
goods one-fourth In price. Now Is your
tlmo to get cheap goods, Tuko advantage
of this opportunity,
James McGuIro a young man whoso par
ents reside In Conyngham township, but
who boards with Mr, Pfelffcr of Ccntrnlln,
first cast his voto In this borough and after
wnrd went to tho township nnd voted there.
His voto, which wns his first, was counted
In both places, but on Investigation tho bal
lot he cast In tho borough was thrown out,
This action wns taken because It was con
sidered Illegal. To aay tho least tho young
mnn has n very bright futuro nnd consider
Ing that ho escaped so easily, ho might be
come of scrvlco to cither of tho great par
tics In tho next national strugglo ns an ex
pert repealer. This promise of a bright fu
turo is certainly flattering, unless some
ovcr-zcnlous meddler should nip his career
In the bud. Words nro nlinost insufficient to
express tho devotion to duty of tho two
boards, which received his vote. Ho prov
cd plainly ipso facto that his object was n
dishonest one, for ho must havo known
Hint he could not havo been entitled to two
votes. Casting his voto in tho first placo
ho knew that if It wns declared Illegal ho
had not n partlclo of right to voto In tho
second place. Plainly his object was to
overstep tho bounds of American suffrage.
Where tho claim comes in Is, that in the
township, his voto was tho deciding ono
nnd was the wlnnlng4hrow even if Illegal.
How this Is thus, nnd his vote can be count,
cd is beyond your correspondent's humblo
comprehension. Wo wonder If this will
get to tho eyes of court and If so whether
the Intricacies of politics will bo able to
loso the trail.
Tho following Is tho result of last weeks'
election t
Chief Burgess, Jas. Dyke j Council, John
J. Williams 3 years, Owen Daley 3 years,
Edward Itccso 2 years, Patrick McCnfferty
2 years, William Davis 1 year, William
Darrah 1 year ; High Constable, Thomas
Gregg j School Directors, Ktchard Bon-
son aud Martin Purccll ; Poor Director,
David Walsh j Justice of the Peace, David
Black j Assessor, John Fortncr j Auditor,
B. I, Currnn ; Judgo of Election, John
Spring j Inspector Llewelyn Llewellyn.
Washington's Birthday was observed
hero In tho usual way, our stores were all
Isaac Moyster, mining engineer for
L. V. Coal Co., and assistants wero mak
ing surveys at Morris Hldgc last week.
The Good Templars of Schuylkill coun
ty, held a convention In Ashland on Thurs
day and Friday of last week, which was
largely attended. Gen. Louis Wagner of
Philadelphia, addressed the convention on
Thursday evening.
The small-pox In Ashland Is being kept
under control. Only ono death has been
reported. The remaining patient is recov
ering. Patrick Tulley and family left here on
Tuesday for North Bend, Neb., where ho
Intends to reside in tho future. Wo wish
him prosperity in his western homo.
The Hungarians are still on the increase.
Last week about twenty of them passed
through hero on their way to Morris llldge.
Miss Beck of Pottsvillo is visiting friends
Miss Addle Bllcy who has been visiting
in Montrose the past mouth, returned ou
Miss McCarty of Plalnsvlllc Is spending
a few days in town.
William Pfeifcr lost an interesting four
year old child by diphtheria on Sunday.
FlHliliiifcrcck Institute.
Asburv. Pennn.. Feb. 23rd. 1894.
Fishinircreek Townshln Institute wns
neiil at tho iishury 31. li. Church. There
waB a lariro attendance considering the In
clemency of tho weather. All tho schools
were represented except Kramer anil uen
dcrtown. The opening exercise consisted
of readinrr nnd nraver bv S. J. Pcaler.
Singing by tho pupils conducted by Cyrus
Bobbins. "A llcrht iinnn tlm shorn " V.
A. Ammerman was then elected President
in the absence of Mr. Grimes. Thero was
a committee of six appointed to prepare n
programme. Opening remarks by S. J.
Pcaler on tho rise and progress of the free
school isvstcm. Sinclnc bv the choir. "I
am tho child of a King." Adjourned to
meet 12;45 p. m.
Tho first few minutes wero occupied by
singing "Wo shall know." Next in order
was spelling consisting of twenty-five
words, conducted by 1. W.Edgar. Reci
tation by Lizzio Robbing, declamation by
A. J. McHcnry, recitations by Lilllo Bob
bins, C. Ammerman, Addle McGuIre. Din
loguo by Dyer McHcnry nnd Lnum Cary,
recitation by Verdio Franklin. Singing by
the choir, "O land of rest," an essay on
teaching by J. C. McGahey. A geography
class conducted by Miss Ella Andrews,
excrctse In history by Miss Tillio Laubach,
drawing aud describing tho battle ground
of Gettysburg, etc., recitations by Lilllo
Eveland and Bessie Lockard. Dialogue by
Mary Bobbins and Amanda Dewltt, compo
sition by Elmer Fahrlngcr, n reading class
composed of tho pupils of the sever.
al schools conducted by Frank Me
Michael, excrclso In arithmetic conducted
by Mr. F. Albertson, The closing exercise
was writing conducted by C. P. Zaner. We
think his system of writing ought to be
adopted In nil our schools. By report of
the commltteo on spelling Zaner school was
best. Wc had expected Mr. Grimes would
be present but owing to some accident ho
could not come. Wo thank the peoplo for
their attendance, &c.
Ei.l Robbins,
Work for Poor IIoyH.
At this season, country employers find
much use for the labor of large boys. Many
such lads between tho ages of 14 and 18
como now, friendless and homeless, to our
Boys' Lodglng-Houscs nnd to this office,
They nre boys who have had little training
and of rough habits, but they will be ot
uso on the farm or In tho shop. To employ
them would bo a charity to tho lads aud
nn auvantngo to uio employers. All cm-
ployers of labor desiring to aid this bene
volcnt work will please wrlto to Mr. C.
O'Connor, Supt. of tho Nowsboys' Lodging-
House, 0 Duano St. G. Cul ler, 287 East
Broadway; orCapt. Mathews, 814 East
35th St., Now York, stating tho particulars
In regard to tho hoys whom they would
employ, their address, with tho namo of tho
town and county, and the best means of
reaching the placo j also, what portion of
tho railroad fares they aro willing to pay,
Secretary Children's Aid Society,
10 East 4th St., Now York.
Never skip tho ndvcrtlsemcnt when rend.
Ing -a newspaper. They show Just what
live business men nro about, and every one
who has trading to do will find it pays to
trado with those who advertise. Business
men who do not advertise nro not up to
tho spirit of tho ago, nnd their stock llr..
gers ou their hands, Thoso who do adver
tise turn their stock quickly, make a fair
profit, and nlways havo a fresh supply to
select from. This Is n fact and not a lie
lion, ns cnu bo demonstrated by every sue.
ccssful business mau in tho country,
Tynojrrniililcnl lirrorn,
The number of types used In nn ordi
nary country newspaper la nboul 000,000 j
that Is tho actual number of bits of metal
arranged for each paper In preparing a
newspaper that slzo for the press. Few
people think ot tho printing trado ns ono ot
the most exact nnd particular handicrafts,
but It is. In making type, variations that
might bo allowed In the finest machinery
would render typo useless, Tho most cla
borate and carefully fitted piece of work
ever mado In other very particular skilled
labor docs not compare for minuteness of
detail nnd nccurato fitting with that which
the printer docs every day, Tho man who
docs tho first Is looked upon as tho marvel
of skill, but If ono hundred of his pieces
nre put In wrong side up or down, or turn
ed nround, It Is not noticed In the general
effect If n printer, In fitting ten times as
many pieces together In a single day, puts
one In the wrong woy, everybody sees It
and Is amazed at tho "stupid carelessness
of the printers."
Secure n bargain by going to C. C. Gal-
Ignnn's nt once, nnd buying ono of his
hcntlng stoves nt cost.
'rotractcd meeting nt tho M. E
the past
been nultc Interesting for
Lloyd Gcnrhart will spend this summer
Kansas. Ho started on tho journey on
The bulldlnsr of n foundry In town Is
talked of.
Rev Fossllmau preached his farewell scr.
mon on Sunday.
Truth crushed to earth will riso again."
In last weeks' Issuo an article nppenred un
dcr the hend of "Hetlcrvllle" vindicating
persons who had never been alluded to in
tho correspondence from this place. Any
ono referring to the correspondence of Feb.
8 will readily see that not n word was said
of thoso who subscribed to tho singing
class nnd withdrew, but of thoso who did
not subscribe nnd still seemed to bo nnx-
lous to attend. If no ono wished to nttend
without subscribing then why does nny
one ouch ? All that nppenrs In our corrcs-
pondenco enn bo readily proven. Tho nu-
thor of that artlclo speaks of entirely differ
ent persons nnd is evidently off Mils base.
Boys, why did you not answer It your
selves nnd Immediately ? Did it tako you
two weeks to bend the truth Into what you
wanted It, or did you wait for some one
to come from a distance of say 12 to 15
miles to dictate for you ? Tho nuthor
should havo been a little better posted and
not sny "last Issuo" when nothing ap
peared in that Issue from here, nnd not
plead for persons never alluded to, thus
exposing Ignorance. It might bo well for
you to be more careful when you attempt
to hold the truth before the public as a
"printed lie" and vlco versa. Wo nsk any
one to point out a slnglo word in our for
mer correspondence where wo spoko In
nny wny of persuns who had withdrawn
from tho school, and the public to comparo
the articles of Feb. 8 and Feb. 22 nnd
judgo for themselves.
"Oh, I know not the spell,
That enchains me unseen,
But I only can tell,
You're my Queen, Geraldlnc.
So reads tho text of a beautiful ballad
l'Geraldlne," from tho press of Oliver Dlt.
son & Co., Music Publishers, Boston. The
Music is by W. C. Levey, and tho publlsh
ersjeonsider it worth 30 cts.
They also send us :
The old-fashioned Homestead (40 cts.)
with neat lithograph title, by Bland.
Happy Thoughts (35 cts.) a Nocturne, by
Stadenton Caloph (35 cts.) by Jacob
Lakmo Galop (35 cts.), by Dellbes.
Regret (80 cts.), a queer song with only
two sounds, but still good, nnd with Eng
lish, French and Italian words, by Caril
lo. I'll meet my Mother there (30 cts.). Song
nnd Chorus, by J. H. Lee.
The Clouds will never roll away (30 cts.)
Song by Stahl.
i Denny Megan (40 cts.). Comic Song, by
Crawford Thomas. At the homo
of William F. Crawford on the 7th day of
i'ou. ioo uy nev a. n. uiiucoai iur. An
drew J. Crawford of Orange, to Miss Sarah
j. niomas oi white nail l'a.
Ciiaain Pealeii. At tho M. E. Par.
sonace Oranccville Feb. 14th bv Rev E. M.
Chllcoat, Mr. Ezra A. Chapin of Hunting
lownsiup, ra., to auco -u. reaier (laugh
of Prof, S. J. Pcaler of Asbury Pa.
at G. W. Bertschs' the nrtlst tnllor for four
weeks only. Suits of clothing mado up
to order from $15 to $20. Now is your
tlmo to act a cheap snit nnd a fit iruaran-
teed. Don't let tho chance go by but get
luuusurcu at onco.
O. O. Marr Is selling beautiful prints for
A full and fine assortment of cents' fur
nishlng goods always on hand nt G. W.
Bcrtsch's merchant tailoring establishment,
juaiu 8ireci.
Lutz & Sloan are selllm: drv coods
cheaper than ever Appleton A muslin for
7? cts. and yard wide. Hill bleached mus
lin tor 8 j cts. by tho bolt.
O. W. Bertsch the tailor and hatter has
just received a fresh lot of tho latest styles
oi iiats lor spring traue, namely me i euora,
Knox ami Aiptno liais. uau ami seo them.
The undersigned having rented tho
Stillwater Mills is prepared to furnish all
kinds of mill stuff anywhere, at prices to
suit tho times. Wheat flour n specialty.
Satisfaction guaranteed. Orders by mall
win receive prompt luicniion.
Very Respectfully, etc.,
Utilli.rnt.. .
Feb. 22-4w Col. Co. la.
Great Reduction; In Furniture. For tho
next four weeks wo will offer our entire
stock of furniture painted chamber suits
at 10, reduced from $25 i walnut chain.
her suits, marblo tops, $40, reduced from
$50 ; parlor suits, haircloth, $45, reduced
from SCO, and all other furniture ntgrcat
reductions, at uaumaivs.
Tho cheapest placo for dry goods Is at
v. u, juarr s.
W. J. Correll & Co. keen nlwnvs on
hand a largo assortment of furniture to
select rrom, Any special orders tilled on
snort nonce.
New goods at O. O. Marr.s to sell very
Now white goods and embroideries at
Lulz & blonn's very cheap.
Thoso In want of farm wagons will find
it to their ndvuntniro to call ami examine
our stock which wu nro preparing and have
prepared lor wo spring traue winch wo
claim cannot be excelled. Wo aro uslne
the best stock In market and give tho best
caio to workmanship and nro oiling our
rlins by u process of hotstenm which makes
the on penetrate tno wooii more thorough
ly than tho old way of oiling. Wo guariiu
ice our woru to givo cntiro saiisinciion.
Feb 22-2w Aitleman & MoIIknii v
C. C, Marr Is telling the best syrup for
C. P. Marr sells Days' soap. Try It.
BLooMsnoRO, January 28, 1834.
you f Yes. Who is this r Why, W. 11.
lCocher. ngent D. L. & W. Well, what Is
it r vny, n large supply ot tickets to uai
lfornln, nnd all Intermediate points west,
lust plnccd on snlo nt this offlco. Rate of
faro cheap ns by nny other route
2.1-tf W. R. KooitKn, Agent,
Depot, Bloom.
Another lot of cood nlaht slnalne catiar.
Ics Just received nt A Sohcdor's. 2w
(1. O. Mnrr buvs butter, cees, Inrd. ccesc
feathers, chickens, side, shoulder nnd oats.
A lariro lino nf table linens nnd tnblo oil
cloths nt Lutz & Sloan's chenp.
100 shotcs. fresh cows. beef, nil kinds
of lumber rough and dressed, clovcrsccd
and timothy seed. All tho above for sulo
nt Light Street by
BILA8 iounu.
Feb. 8, 4w.
Wool nnd cotton enrnct chnln at C. C.
John Funk, of Springfield, Ohio, writes t
"l wns trampcu upon uy a horse, and lor a
year tho pain through my hips wns so bad
I could not rise on my feet. Thoma' llcltt
trie Oil helptd me beyond dtscriplion. It will
do wonders for thoso who suffer from
No American wlno has received tho en
dorsements that havo been accorded to
Spccr's Port Grape Wine. Inquire nbotit
It nt your druggist's. For snlo by drug
I have been n sufferer from Rheumatism
for twenty years or more, and ot lato very
severely. Havo tnken ono bottlo ot Phelps'
Kiieumaiic JUlxir auu am now relieved ot
all pain, W. II. Desiilei:,
Attorney nt law. Allcntown, l'a.
For snlo nt ncadcrshott's Pharmacy.
Bloomsburg, l'a.
Iredell County, N. C Tho Ex-Shcrlff,
Mr. W. F. Wassou, says i "Brown's Iron
Bitters has improved my digestion nnd
general health."
Bum. hJit a.i tvga.i.
xlr, I would say that
I was In a fearful condition before I com
menced to take It. It has really made a
new man of me. I can cheerfully rccom
mend It to nil thoso suflcrlng with that ter
rible disease rheumatism. I remain,
Y ours Respectfully,
Fiiancis II. Eaiu.
Spring street, Newton, N. J. Nov. 15, '83
For snlo nt Hcndcrshott's Pharmacy,
Bloomsburg, Pa.
Reading, 1-0, '83
W. R. Kutzncr Dear Sir : In answer to
your favor of tho 4th inst., beg leave to re
ply that my wlto has no objection to me
use of her name In praising the excellent
qualities of the remedy you mention.
l ours ucspecuuiiy,
A. A. Heizmann.
Wholesale Bcents. Johnston, Holloway&
Co., 002 Arch street, Philadelphia ; H. K.
Wampole & Co., 418 Market street, Phila
dclphia. Kcvscr. W. Vn. Dr. W. D. Ewln, snys :
"Many esteem Brown's Iron Bitters as nn
excellent tonic."
I have used Phelps' Rheumatic Elixir on
some of the hardest cases in town. It
works like a charm. Respectfully Yours,
U. 11. UAXTElt, DrilggiSt,
Corning, N. Y., Jan. 11, 1883
Y. i. 1 1 . T.".. t 1
Tolu Cough Mixture. Ask your druggist
fnr It
An enricher of.tho blood nnd purifier of
the system ; cures lassitude and lack of
energy ; sucu is isrowivs iron tuners.
Shamokln, Jnnuary 10. 1882.
Mr. W. R. Kutzncr : I have used your
Soro Throat Cure in my family for tho last
three years anil consiuer it the ucst out.
l ours nespecttully,
H. Floyd, Plumber
Wholesale agents, Johnston, llolloway
& Co., 002 Arch street, Philadelphia : II.
ir n ' l .. r. o ma . . - . . . .
Corning. N. Y. Feb. 14. 1883.
John H. Phelps. Pharmacist. Dear Sir
I was troubled with Sciatic Rheumatism
for nearly six months In both hips, and nf'
tcr trying all. available cures and medicines
without success, l was nt last recommend
cd your Rheumatic Elixir, nnd after using
live and one-nan uotties i am pleased to
state that I am entirely cured. I before
could hardly drag my feet after me, now I
am aulo to work and lilt as good as ever,
and have no fear of being attacked again.
lou may puuusu tins u you wish.
lours Truly,
James Hiqgiks.
For sale at Hendershott's Pharmacy,
moomsuurg, ia.
Hundreds Write they owe their life and
present good health to Acker's English
ueiucuy tor tjonsuuipiiou, uougus. uolds.
r f 1 .1 i... t tt irt . .. i . . .
Tho universal praiso bestowed upon
Kidney-Wort as an invaluable remedy for
an uisoruers oi tuo luuneys, liiver and
Bowels, Is well merited. Its virtues arc
universally known and Its cures arc report
ed on all sides. Many obstinate cases have
succumbed to it alter tlicy had ueen given
up by tho doctors and a thorough treatment
will never fail to cure. Sold by all drug
gists, see udv't.
"There is no uso crying over spilled
milk," says the old saw. If you aro not
only bald, hut have no life In tho roots of
your hair, mere is no uso crying over that
either. Tuko both time nnd yourself by
tho forelock while thero Is n forelock left.
Apply Parker's Hnlr Balsam to your hair
before matters get worse. It will arrest
tho falling off of vour hair and restore Its
original color, gloss nnd softness. It Is n
penect uresslng withal, clean, richly per
fumed, cools nnd heals the scalp.
Every PjioMisK,backed by a guarantee,
Acker's Dyspepsia Tablets will glvo'lmmc-
dlate relict, l'rico 23 i ou cts. Bold bv
j. ii. mnporis, druggist,
rS"FashIon Is nnccn. Fast, brilliant and
l&suionamo arc the Diamond Dye colors,
One package colors 1 to 4lbs, of goods. 10c
tor uny color, uet nt druggists. Wells,
uieiiaruson is KjO., uurnngion, vt.
"fire him out."
This Is a common remark when roughs'
and rowdys Insult public decency by their
unseemly ways. Dyspepsia is n horrid
uore, nro H out with Jiuraocic llloxt mtlert,
l ou can do It.
ivmiiiera mill mixture uougn, Del
pleasant to tako and mild In Us actions,
i i .ii.. i - . ...
Tr... - Ml -1 . w... r .
especially recommended ior children
your druggist for It.
Wo clvo our readers an extract from
cheerful lcttter, written by Mrs. Elisabeth
Smith, of Richmond, Intl., who says t
maritan Kertine cured mo of hysteria and
nervous prostration." imminent Is use,
Mind and body nllko suffer from Hbir
glsh action of tho blood, tho result of dvs
pepsin or biliousness. Ayer's Pills will stir
ui inu uver, excite tuo stomach and uoweli
to activity, open tho pores ot the svstnm
and Insure health of body, which is India
pensauie iu mental vigor.
Wp want tu Bay a word to you who make
a living with your tongue. You certainly
must havo a clear, strong volco to engage
your listeners. J)r, 2'AoW ICclectrk OU for
soro iiiroat, conn, nnd hoarecness Is tine
celled. Uso and admire.
Erpitions, Bores, Pimples, Rheumatism
iiru mit indicators ot impure blood. Ack
er's uiood Wlxlr Is tho remedy. Sold by
U. JIII11MI1 IB, uruggiBi,
Are You Miserable through Indlgettion,
Knur Klntiinnl, fi.. .1 . .
uumi uiumin.ii, u, lUUSIImilOn f Acitor
Dyspepsia Tablets wo guarantee will n
Hove you. Sold by J. 11, Klnports, drug
Anvim'a ifrinn Ef.trin crilnranfrinl will
cure all kinds of blood poisoning inheriled
or contracted. Sold by J, II, Klnpoits, drug
Florence. On. Dr. W. B. Prathcr. says i
Brown's Iron Bitters have izlvcn untU fac
tion In every instance I have known It
Seo a woman In another column, near
Spccr's Vineyards, picking grapes from
which Spccr's Port urapo Wlno Is made,
that Is so highly esteemed by tho medical
profession, for tho uso of Invalids, wcnkly
persons nnil mo aged.
Bom uy u. a. lucim, moomsuurg.
sept 22-ly
Kutzncr's Vcrnilfuno Is a pleasant, safe
mv.l effectual remedy for worms. It is
readily taken by children nnd causes nn
sickness or nausea. Ask your druglsts for
Kutzncr's Tolu Coilifh Mixture, bv Us
healing and soothing effects, affords much
relief ill incipient consumption. Ask your
druggist for It.
At times Bvmntoms of lndlacstlon nro
present, uneasiness of tho stomach. &c, a
moisture llko perspiration, producing itch
inir nt nlsht. or when ono Is warm, cause
tho Piles. Tho effect Is Immedlato relief
upon tho application of Dr. Basanko's Pllo
Remedy, which costs you but CO cents nnd
is soiu uy u. a. Kieitn. Jiny iu-cow
If C. A. Klclm. tho Druggist, docs not
succeed It is not for tho want of faith. Ho
as such faith In Dr. Bosanko's Couch and
Lunc svrun as n remedy for Coughs, Colds,
Consumption, and Lung Affections, that he
gives n bottle free to cat hand every ono who
Is In need of n medicine of this kind.
July 18-cow
cares of life.
As wc como to them thev aro received.
borno with, and passed over with no more
than a thought, if wo nro in tho enjoyment
of health, but if suflcrlng with Piles or
skin dlsenso of any kind they magnify n
hundred fold. C. A. Klclm, tho Druggist,
has Dr. Bosanko's Pllo Remedy which is an
absolute cure for nny affection of tho kind
and Is sold for OOo cnts. July 13-cow
We intend that "Texas Sitting?" shall reach a
circulation ot 860,000 copies weekly before the end
of 1681 ; and to get that circulation wo aro prepar
ed, If necessary, to spend every cent wo make In
our business during tho year 1881.
Subscription price of "Texas Sittings,'' one ysar,
$2. SO.
To induce tho reading public to subscribe, we
make the following offers, good for 30 days from
date of this paper.
Wo will send free, postago prepaid, to every
subscriber who sends us the subscription price,
either direct or through an agent, tho following
Seven Complete No vets, in one Volume, Illustrated,
and bound In handsome colored covers ; also, an
Sxll Inch lithograph, printed In eleven colors, and
suitable for framing.
"John Jngo's Ghost," by Wilklo Collins.
"Tho Dream Woman," by Wilklo Collins.
"Lettlo Leigh," by Bertha M. Clay, author ot
Dora Throne," etc.
Tho "Missing Letter," by Mrs. Henry Wood,
author of "East Lynne," etc.
"Nlnety-nlno Choice Ileadlngs and Recitations,"
compiled by J. S. ogllvle.
"Mugby Junction," by Charles Dickens.
"PldL Scott tho Indian Detective," by Judson It,
To every person who will send us a list of Thrco
Subscribers and remit the subscription price, 2,M
each, we will give any ono ot tho following nrtl.
Gentleman's Stem-Winding Nickel-silver
Watch, warranted to keep good tlmo.
A 32 Calibre Revolver, T Inches In length, Solid
Silver-plated Handle, Gold-plated Cylinder and
llase Tin. Beautifully Engraved.
Combination Set, containing halt a dozen Shef
field Silver-plated Medium Forks and halt a dozen
Sheffield Silver-plated Table Knives, neatly set In
fine hlngo cover case, which Is enclosed In
Btrawboard box. These aro Sheflleld (Eng.)
goods, and are of tho best quality. The sot weighs
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itemcrnber that each yibscrlber gets tho paper
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A Lady's Solid Gold Watch, lnbeautltul Silk-
lined Morocco case, free to every person who sends
us fifteen yearly subscriptions to "Sittings," $J.50
We take our reputation on this watch being as
wo represent it. The works aro of the finest, and
are enclosed In SoUd Gold Iluntlng-Cabes, beauti
fully engraved.
For further (Illustrated) description of these
premiums, bee this week's "Sittings."
Jiemtt uy liegtstered Letter or J"oat OJtUv Order.
New York-, N. Y.
Feb 29- lw
Wheat per bushel
Ilyo " "
1 00
.. 0 00
Corn " "
Oats " " ,
Flour bcr barrel
Butter ,
Tallow ,
Potatoes ,
Dried Apples
Sides and shoulders
Chickens ,
Lard per pound
. 12 00
nay per ton
Huckwlient Hour per hundred..
Hides per lb
3 SO
Veal skins per lb,,
Sheep pelts, each,,
Wool pent)
Philadelphia Markets.
coiiuicctkd" weekly.
FEED' Western wlutcr bran, spot, (J 21.60.
MACKEBEL. Extra mess asc lnrtrn l'a. en a
oxt ra shore 1 'a 25 (, see.
riAiuit. western extra's 2.75 r.i 3.00 ; IVim'a.
famUy.w 4.15 Ohio clear, 5.W ; winter patent
NSHUAT. Delaware red at 1.15, xoi I"eun-
njiiiii'iu nil
UK.-rnmu rcnnsvivania rwn.
KVIS1? i9" - bushels in grain depot at coo.
OATS. No. 3 white 42 No. a. Ailf.
HAY AND 8TI1AW 'IMmnthvPlmlo u-iain-,,
and New York, 15. oiiOi fair to good Western and
New York, 13. H. ; medium Western and New
ltyo straw 13-so, Wheat straw, . (j 6. oat straw
lurK. ii. ut iu. : i l lmv ns in n n tr u .-tirnn
8EEDS.-Clover 8 10c per lb. Timothy 1,50
121. M rwrlmnhnl V nv 1 n
V06u Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia,
8,CiCommon25(2Tc, Texas, Fall clip fine 20 ti
22, inrdtum 17 64 SO coarse, 15 id 17.
i.iiii.-i. ix-uusj ivuiwa exira, ixc.
BUTTER -Pennsylvania extra, 32; Westcm 31c.
ir . . . "". l ui.n, iifiis, It v IDU IlllAtHl
lots He. roosters old 7 W. turkeys, 15 ducks
IllfVMMtll lirWll 1'JlV P.i.I.a....
clilckena extra 10; uucka ciiolcoKo 18; kwso
iin'hr!X)E?',7Iarl5' I'osei'er bushel, sso s 38
ONIONH. Yellow, 1.50 1,75 per hbl.
THE EMI Of rus.
During voyeurs of suf.
tenig from catarrh
and catarrhal head
ache I never found
anything to ii fiord last
ing relief until I tried
Ely's cream Balm. I
have used two bottles,
and now consider my
catarrh cured. I havo
recommended 1 1 t o
several oi my friends
mm mo goon reuus.
11. T. Uli
Igglnson, 115
Chicago, 111,
Lake St.,
I am cured ot ea-
larru aim deafness by
Ely's Cream Balin. My
aunt was ilenf. It re.
stored her hearing.
r. D. Morso insurance. Klljabeth. N. J.
hly's Cream Balm causes no pain, (lives ro.
nei ut once, uieauses the head, causes hoalthy
secretions. Abates Inflammation. Prevents fresh
i-uiai m-.uu iuvsuivs. iiesiores mo senses of
lusiu uuu Miii-ii. a uiuruugn irenuncui win cure.
Notalluuld pruiurr. Applied with tho nnuer.
send for, circular. Sold by druggists. Malted (or
ouu. mi niiuill&lia, uruggisis, uwegO, -N, Y,
ieu wi ir a
tittirn tMtnmcntarr on tho Mtato of Daniel
Klofer, late ot oranco township, Columbia countr,
im . riivwAwvi. hnvn fwn irriiirtiHl Iit tho ltesrtstor
otsalil county to tho unilcrslirneil executors. All
pcreons having clslm against tho estato of RMd
decedent are requested to present them for settle
ment ana mosu inueuivu ui uio raiuwj w mufcu
payment to the undersigned without delay.
f eb 20 Orangevllle, l'a.
Amone thn rocnnln nnd nroceetllntrs nf the Dr.
pilaris' court ot Columbia county, It Is Intf r alls,
I tins contained I Ana now, Kclminry 13th, ISM, tho
ntlli account of John Applemnn, serving executor
of said decedent to 18 of ftept. T. IRftl, having boon
filed In said court nnd connrmed alwolutely Bept.
w,1H83,on motion of c.O.Harkley Att'y for John Ap
plcman executor of Hlrnm 1). Apnloman, a decea.
ed son nnd logateo of said I'ctor Applcman, deceas
ed, and for tho legatees of Hiram Applcman, doo'd,
ltobert Ilucklngliam, K., H Appointed auditor
to make distribution of t ho estaUi of sidd Peter Ap.
pieman, deceased, to and among tho parties entit
led thereto, llv TIIK COURT.
Ccrtliled from the recordi this 15th day of Febru
ary, lft) I. W si. KlllCKBlCV, lTot.
In nunmflnra nt liU nnnnlntmcnt. thn timlfr&l lin
ed will meet tho imrtlos, interested, nt his orflco In
Illoomshure, on tho ssth day of March, A. I)., 1861,
at 10 o'clock n. in., when and where nil parties ha t
Ing claims nsralnit said estato aro hereby nottned
to appear and present tho samo or bo forever do-
uurreu irum coming in ior a snare m nam U3iau'.
feb sj Auditor
Tho undernamed nnnnlnted bv tho nmhans'
Court ot Columbia county, ntidltorto make dlstrl.
butlon otthe balance rernalnlnj? In the hands of n.
mm .an-, trustee oi w m. Kcicnnrr, ueceasco, to
and amonc thonnrtlea entitled theretn. herebr
gives notice that, ho will sit for tho purpose ot his
appointment, at hi? office In Uloomsbupf, on Fri
day March 2th, im, nt 10 o'clock, a. m, where and
when all parties Interested may attend and pre
sent their claims or bo forever debarred from any
KO 8 ;. ClIItlSMAN,
Real Estsitc!
By virtue of nn order issued out ot tho orphans
Court of Columbia county tho undersigned will ex
poso to public Bale on the premises, on
Saturday, Mar. 29, '84
at ono o'clock p.m., tho following described real
estate, sltuato In tho township ot Orange, Colum
bia county, bounded and described as follows:
west by a public road, north by lands of Abram
Kline, cast by lands of Moses Everett, and Henry
Belong, and south by lands of Thomas McHcnry
and nf ty-clght perches, more or less, about thrco
acres of which Is cleared and tho remaining wood
TERMS OF SALE. Ten per cent, of tho one
fourth of tho pur:haso money to bo paid at tho
striking down ot tho property ; the one-fourth less
tho ten per cent, at tho confirmation of sale j nnd
the remaining thrco-fourths in one year thereafter
with interest from confirmation nlsL
No. 1.
The lariro framo house corner fith and I'-ast sti.
East llloomsburg, now occupied by J. W. llendcr
suott, Is orfered for sale nnd possession given April
FARMER MOVING TO TOWN. It Is In perfect re
pair, contains ten largo rooms; tho lot is largo
with lariro barn, carrlntre house, crltm. nil? nnil
chicken pens and all out buildings complete, well
of good water and cistern, cholco fruit trees, grapo
iiuusuiiu muuucrj. lerms in suit iuu puruuaser.
If not sold within thirty days the property will bo
rented for one year.
No. 2.
Lot and two-storv brick hnnsn ndlotnlni? tho
above, containing eight rooms. Largo barn and
carriage house, plenty ot cholco fruit trees and
grape.vlncn, well of good water, &c.
No. 3.
Frame dwelllntr nnd lnrtyn lnt nnil ntnhla npnr
N'eal S Son's furnace.
No. 1.
Framo dwelling andlarire lot with irood fruit
trees, ire, situated at the head of road leading to
Bloom Ferry.
No. 5.
Lnree whnrf nnd nfiirn Ivlncrnn nnrnpr nf Klh sr.
Ferry Road and canal.
No. G.
Five bulltlillL- lots nn tlm north nlili nf Ktli Ktrwtn
and Ferry Road.
The above rjronert vis nfforprt nt. lnw nrtrps nnrt
tho terms of payment will bo made to suit purchas
ers. For further Information apply to
N. J. Hendershott.
Real ID state!
In mirsuanen nf nn nrrlprnftli rirnlnnn'Pniirt,
of Columbia county, Pennsylvania, tho undersign-
eu win expose topuuucsuio on tho promises on
Friday, Marcli 14, '84,
at 2 o'clock P. M. n certain lot of land In Fishing
creek township, Columbia county containing
mora or leas, adjoining lands now or late as fol
lows : Mary Flgles on tho North, Kllsun Kvans on
t.ho East, J. A. Evans on tho South, and Samuel
Mcllenry on tho West.
Saturday Mnrch 15, '84
at 3 o'clock P.M. on tho premises. All that lot o
ground sltuato In I"ort Xobloln tho town ot
Bloomsburg, bounded North and West by land of
D. J. Waller, East by an alley and South by an
aney, cont lining
l-O of :&bi ACHE
more or less, whereon Is erected a
and outbuildings.
TKMS OF sale. Ten p:r cent, of the one.
fourth ot the purchase money to bo paid at tho
striking down of tha property; thu one-fourth less
tho ten per cent, at the eonnrmatlon ot Halo; and
til a remaining tluee-fourtUs In one year there
after, with interest from conurmatlon nisi.
Purchaser to pay for tho deed.
Administrator ot Harriet Moyer, deceased.
Bloomsburg l'a Feb 22 ikhi at
Letters of administration an the ivtniii nt I'nit.i.
Thomas deceased, lato of Ureemvood townshln
Columbia county 1'eniiHylvanla, deceased have
uwu Kiuiui-u u 1110 noisier 01 sum county to tuu
uaderslgned Administrator. All persons having
claims against tho estate of tho deceased are re
quested to present them for settlement, and thoso
mui-uii-u m uicvauiiu iu inline piiyiueui lo ue
undersigned administrator without delay.
l'eb 22 f,w hcrena.
Great Reduction
LlDMBim ! I
IlnvlhL' Purchased n lnuri' tract nf hem.
lock timber nnil having a steam mill ou tlio
same, i inn prepared to nu nil sizes ami
lengths of house nml barn bills In a few
days' notice nt very low prices, I also
keep constantly on hand a full stock of
ING, Ac. Parties will save money by
getting prices before purchasing elsewhere.
IEL EL Lowe,
Orang-cvillc, Pa.
12.7-am. 7
WA T' ' l?rKWKMli reliable men
A l 1 III I to sell Fruit Tree's, (Irapa
lues, Shrubi, Hoses, etc. Salary and ex.
llonses Wild. Full lrislrilptlmw t.
Addiess J. 1M.KCI.UIE, Brighton, N, Y. (in)
eastot Boeliesti r, N.Y.) '
, ?'
Feb Svtw a
i mi mm 1 iwwmi " wvcrgi