The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, February 29, 1884, Image 1

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LUMBIAN, foniolldalcd.
Inel Veeklr every Prlitny Morning) nl
ni.oo.Msnuita, Columbia co., r.
at two dollars per year. To BUb&rlbers odt of
tins county the term are strictly In ndvanco
rNo p.iper discontinued oicept nt ttio option
ot tho publishers, until nil arrearages arc paid, but
oni continued credits will not lj iflvcn.
All papers cnl out ot tho mnU or to distant post
offlccs mint bo paid for m advance, unless a respon
sible person In Columbia county assumes to nay
tho subscription duo on demand.
l-osTAOBIsnotonaerexactea from subscribers
ntus county. .
complete and our Job t'rlnllne will comparo faror.
bly with thatof tho larifo cities. All work dono on
short notice, noatly and nt moderato prices.
111 2M n f,( lr
One inch. . .. tson tlW) tsno tfio tnoo
Two inches 4() boo son noo
Three Inches.... 40i) Bin 700 11 in ihoo
Four inches boo too o ijuw shoo
ouarler column., noo sou looo l(0 won
llalfcolumn .... toot lloo mi moo Bono
onccoluinn 2MJ saoj soon mux) loom
Yearlvnilvertlsements nainblonnnrtrrlr. Tran
sient ocfmt iK-menw must bo paid for before I nsert
cd except where parlies havo accounts,
',3 :
Legal advertisements two dollars per men for
tlirwi Insertlnns. nnd at that rate for additional
Insertions without referenco to length.
thrco dollars. Must bo paid for when nscrted.
Transient or I wilt notices, ten cents a line. reau.
J.K BITTEN3ENDEB, fProrr,te"'
lar adrertlscments halt rates.
cards In tho 'Business Directory" column, on
dollar a year for each lino.
Bloomsbun,', Pa.
O3130 orcr 1st. National Il.uik.
omoJ In But's llulldlng.
omco over 1st National Bank,
Offlce over Moycr Bros. Drug Store
Ofllco In Browcr's bulldlng.sccond No. 1
Bloomsburg, Fa.
Bloomsburg, Pa.
Offlco corner Ot Centre and Mala Streets. Clark a
Can be consulted In German,
New COLUHB1AH BCILDINO, Bloomsourg, Fa.
sinmbcr of tho United States Law Association,
Collections mado In any part ot America or Eu-
rops. r
Offlco in Colombian BuiLtiiNG, Room No. t, second
Notary Fubllo
A ttorneys-at-Law.
omce In 1st National Bank building, second floor,
first door to the left. Corner of Main and Market
streets uioomsoure, ru.
I6T"fVnioHS mid Bounlici Collected.
Offlco In Maize's building, over Billmeycr's grocery.
Ofllco In Ills building opposuc'Court House,
2nd iloor, Dloomsburg, Pa. apr 13 '83
Offlco In Nswa Inn building, Main street.
Member ot tho American Attorneys' .Associa
tion. Collections made In any part of America.
Jan. s, 1S31.
Jnckson Buildiug, Rooms 4 and S.
May , -81. BERWICK, FA
Office, corner ot Third and Main streets.
"y E. SMITH,
Attorncy-atLaw, Berwick. Fa.
Can be Consulted in German.
WOfllco first door below tho post offlce.
O. BARKLEY, Attorney-at-Law
office lu Brower'a building, 2nd story.Rooms
O BUCKINGHAM, Attorney-at-Law
XV .Office, Brockway's Bulldlng.Jlst Iloor,
Bloomsburg, Penn'a. may 7, '80-t f
JB. MoKELVY, M. D.,8urreon and Phy
'lclan, north sldo Main stroot.bolow Market
L. FRITZ, Attornoy-at-Ltw. Offlce
, InUJLOuaiAN aulldlng.
wimi MiiChlqosand Machinery of all kinds re
trod; orxHA uoosa uulldlng, Bloomsburg, Fa.
R. J. 0. RUTTER,
Office, North Market street,
Bloomsburg, Fa
WM. M. REBER, Surccon and
hyslclan. onice corner ot Itock and Market
T R. EVANS, M. D., Surgeon and
!J .Phy8lo:an,(omco and Residence on Third
BLoQMsnuua, Columbia Countv, Pa.
all styles of work done In a superior manner, work
warranted as represented, Tutu Uitract
d wimooT Fain by the use of Uas, and
Iron of charge when artlficlalteeth
are Inserted,
omoo over Bloomsburg Banking Company.
lobe open at all hour) during the aa,
home; OP N. Y.
MNfr ",WJ""'J-
?Jf2 0LD coroBTiOMa are wen seasoned by
Sfli?fitleiibf court 01 law- Their assets
tn ,i'?,TeMepPOLiD8iooBiTiisanO are liable
to Ut hatard of rim only.
f Losses noumi and uohistlt adjusted aad
ca M soon as determined by Oubistun F.
loao Ja Agint axd Adiustsk BLOOHS-
irJfV? J1510 Oolamblft oounty should patron
ain nS.VS?0' where l0Mes " any are setUed
aiP,?J?...r, 000 of "elr own ciUions.
"r rntas, JttiUITV, yAIIt UEALINQ.
E. B. 8R0WER,
AH k'nuls of work in Sheet, Iron, Roof
ing anil Spouting iiroinjitly
nttendcil to.
iwstrlct attention given to heating by steam.
Corner of Main & East Sts,,
'Bloomsburg, Pa.
Clolbiw! Cliioi! Clotbion!
AND llBAt.Ell IS
Gents' Furnishing Goods
Having very recently opened a new
Merchant Tailoring and Gents' Fur
nishing UoOdsatorc, in KNORR &
WINTERSTBEN'S building. on
Main street, whero I am prciiared to
make to order, at short notice, first
clasa suits of clothing always in tho
latest styles and prices reasonable.
Fits guaranteed. Having learned how
to cut garments to suit custonierp, and
also what-kind ot material will give
satisfaction, I would ask you to please
can and examine too
Ever shown in Columbia county,
Baforo Purchasing Elsawhoro.
Corner Maiu & Market Sts.
April 13-1
Continualran lait uttt.)
How Watch Cases are Made.
The many great improvements intro
tlnccil in tho manufacturo of tho Jas. Boss'
Gohl Watch Case, have led to similar im
provements in tho making of silver cases.
Under tho old methods, each part of a
tilver case was mado of several pieces of
metal soldered together, requiring a great
amount of cutting and soldering, which
solicited the metal and gave It tho pliability
of lead rather than tho elasticity of silver.
Under the improved methods, each part
of the Keybtono Silver Watch Caso is mado
of one folid picco of metal hammered into
shape. The advantages are readily appar
ent, for every ono knows that hammering
hardens tho metal while soldering softens it.
To tost tho superiority of tho Keystone
Silver Watch Case, tako one of 3 or. weight,
press it squarely in tho center when closed,
and it will not give, while a caso of same
weight of any other make will givo enough
to break tho crystal. Tho Kcystono Silver
Watih Caso is mado only with silver cap
and gold joints.
K-rA t rt.l Unp t. X.riUit Witak Can FMtoriM, nR
Cclpfclfc, r... for k.idi.B. Il!utrtt4 r,Uil lk.t. k.
im.. llw m4 X.71I.M Cum an atada.
(7b U cmttnuid.) 1
266tli edition price only $1
KxlMustcd Vitality, Nervous and riirslcal Debit
lty. Premature Deolino In Jlan. Errors of YoutU,
and the untold miseries resulting from Indiscre
tion ot excesses. A book for every man. youns.
mlddlo-aged and old. It contains K'S prescriptions
for all acuto and chronic rictuses, each ono o(
wblcli ls'lnvaluaLle. So found by the Author, hoso
expcrlcuco for 23 years la sucli as probably never
oeioruieu iq mo lot 01 any nuysiciaiu ixuuuva.
bound In beautiful French muslin, emuoaicd
covers, full irllt. iruarantced to bo a liner work In
every hense mccliaulcal, lllcrary and professional
than any otlierworkboldln this contry forf.'.60,
ur iuu monuy m uy ruiuuui'u m uvcry luivuuuu.
I'rlco onlv 1.(K1 bv mall nost-nalrl. Illustrative
suuinlo o cents. Send now uoIU medal awarded
the author by tho National Medical Association, to
iuu uuiccrs vi wmcn ue ruiure.
Thl book should bo read by the ynun for In
structlon, and by tho mulcted for relief. It will
beneut all London Lancet.
Thoro Is no member of society tn wham this book
wUl not bo useful, whether youth, parent, guar-
uiuu, luauutiui ur uiciyuiuu. jii yviuiui.
Address tho I'eabody Jledlcal Institute, or l)r
W. II. l'arker, No. 4 lluinnch Ktrcet, noston, Mass.,
who may bo consulted on all diseases renutrlnsr
dkui mm cAiJcnviici!. inroniu uuu auiinaio uucas
es and that have banied tho i i in i skill of
another phyblclanj a bimj rlllliVlj clalty.
Buch treated successful f 11 r I oii l.My
without an lnstaucoot J. XX X Dili IjX1 fall
Feb 8-lw
M inufacturors of
FlrstrClass work always on hand,
Prices reduced to luit the timet.
North American of ruilodelpnla.
Franklin; " "
Pennsylvania, " "
York, of Pennsylvania,
iianovcr, of N. Y.
QuecnsfOf London.
North llrltlah, of Undon,
Otilco on Mtrket street, No, f, Dloomsburg.
oct. si,1-ly
1 AUHNOY. Mover's new bulldlnir. Main
Bireet, uioomsDurif, l'a.
.Utna insurance Co., ot Hartford, conn, l.078,sso
uoyfti vi ijiveruuui i9,ow,utiu
l.ancashlro 10,000,004
Fire Association, VhlladelpUla,. 4.155,710
l'hmulx. Of London D.iM.tlt
London & Lanca)iire, ot England...... l,TO,io
Hartford offiurlford ,u,eto
SprlngBeid Fiie ana Marine s,os,5M)
As the aioncles are direct, policies aro written
for the Insured without any delay In ths
onice at uiooaisDurB. tjt. , ei.t(
Bloomsburg, Pa,
I Ureal Medical Work on Manhood
1 I
Our stock orSprlng Clothing
In now ready far your Inspec
It comprises unci, n vnrlcty or
styles that we will surely bo
nblc to suit you. Prices very
LeterBiilBLCtelmilSi 6th St
Feb 89 'W
Swept into the Stream.
oni: thousand achf.s of land and "uigiit
on the deck of a big Mississippi steamboat stood
an aged Southern planter. Indicating by n sweep
of his arm tho waters tho boat was passing over,
no Bald to a passenger from tho North: "When
was twcivo years old I Killed ray first boar on a
new plantation my father was then cutting out ot
a forest that grow directly over tho watcr3 ot this
bend. That was a mighty good plantation, and
thcrowas right smart ot boars there, too. Hut
that one thousand acres ot land went Into tho Mis
sissippi years ago."
It Is putting no strain upon thoflguro', to sir
that great forests of youthful hope, womanly
beauty and manly strength are swept In the same
way every year into tho great, turbid torrent of
disease nnd death. Yet It should not bo so. That
It Is so Is n disgrace oh well as n loss, reonlo aro
largely too careless or too stupid to defend Ihclr
own lnterests-tho most precious ot which Is
ucaiui. jiiai gone, an isgone. inseaso H simple,
dui 10 recKiessuess or ignorance the simplest things
inigm as wen oo complex as a proposition in coulo
Sections. As tho hu-'n Westf-rn rlvpfa wiiloh on
often Hood tho cltlos along their shores, arise In a
few mountain springs, so all our ailments can bo
iraccu 10 impuru oioou anu a small group of dls
ordered organs.
The most cffectlvo nnd Inclusive remedy for dls-
casoia i-AKuiiu n jomiu. u goes 10 mo sources
of oaln nnd weakness. In rcsnanso tn nr.ttnn
tho Uver, kidneys, stomach and heart begin their
work afrcsli, and dUeaso Is driven out. Tho Tonic
ls noi, nowevcr, an mioxicani, out cures a desire
for strong drink. Have you dyspepsia, rheuina
tlsm, or troubles which havo refused to yield to
other ngento? Hero Is your help.
'Ton claim too
, ranch for Samaiu
Tilt NEnviNE,"
i eaysasUeptlc'IIow
can one medicine ha
I a specific for Epi
lepsy, Dysprpata,
Alcoliollum ,
Onlnm l!ntlnff. nhcnmatlam. f-inrrmiitnr
Tlitr, nr 8cmlnal WcaLneBB, nnd Ul'ty other
comiilnlntdf" Wo claim It n tpecljit, aim
ply, becaneo thoTirusof nil diseases nrlea from
the blood. Its Nm Ine, Resolrctit, Alteratlvo nnd
l.axatle properties meet all the condition herein
rcierrcu in. n a Known worm uuie ua
-J I I I n-1 I Li I I I I I
It quiets nnd composes tho patient not by tho
Introduction of opiates nnd ilrallc cathartics, but
by the restoration of acllvltyto Iho ttomichnnd
nerions ayetcm, whereby tiiclm.ln ls rilloed
of morbid fanclc, whliu uro created by the
enures nbovc referred to. .
To L'lergjincn, Lawyers, Literary men, Mer
chants, Hankers, Ladlca and nil Iho.o xsho.o Fed
entary cinployincnt causes iierou pr'lr.itlou,
Irrcgularltlej of tho blooj,, bowels or
kidneys or who require a ncrro tunic, nppctlrror
stlraulnnt, Bamaiutan Neuvinr la luvaliiahle.
Thouganilt proclaim It tho mo-twomUTfi.llinlg-orant
that ever anstatntd the .inking .,vtc!n,
81.W. SoIdbyallDriigslbtn. The lilt H A.JIK'II
110ND MKll. CO., Proprietors. M.Ju-epM.Mn.
Clil. It. CrltUstci, ictLt. K17 "tti. (0
Althongli much ls said about tho Impor
tance of a blood-purlfylng medicine, It my he
posslblo that tho subject has never seriously
claimed jour attention. Thin!: of it now!
Almost every person has some form of scrof
ulous lvolson latent In his veins. When tills
develops In Scrofulous Sores, Ulrvrs, or
Eruptlnn',or In tho form of Ilhpiiinntisra,
or Orgnulo Diseases, tho sutferlng thnt en
sues Is terrible. Hence, tho gratltudo of those
who discover, as thousands yearly do, that
Ayer's Sarsaparilla
will thoroughly cradlcato this evil from the
sj stem.
As well expect llfo without air as health
without puro blood, Cleanso tho blood with
rnisrAnKD nr
Dr. J. C.Ayer&Co., Lowell, Mass.
Sold by nil Druggists j ?1, tlx bottles for 55.
N. E. Corner Second and Arch stroma,
norderswiu rocelTo prompt attcntln
mm msm vegetable pills
And all Bilious Complaints.
Bafolo take, being purely vegetable j nocrhilni.
I'rlco S3 twits. Ah WruinUto.
Feb SO-lw i
Tho undersigned liavlup put bla Plantne Mil
uu nuuruHu oiruui, in uruv-ciaaa cunuiuou Ifl pre
furnished at reasonable prices. All lumber used
Is well seasoned and none but skilled workmen
furnished on application I'laua and epeciaca
A locksmith's advk.ntuui:.
In tho summer of 1878 Scnor Hon-
raiidcz opened n llttlo loekstnitli's shop
iii tho city oi Mexico, and soon worked
himself into n prosperous business.
Lute ono evening a lady, closely veiled,
entered his shop, nnd pulling from be
neath a cloak a small Japancso box, re
quested llonrandcz to open it. Tho
look was curiously constructed, and an
honr had elapsed beforo a key could bo
mauo 10 nt it. mo lady seemed ner
vous nt tho delay, and at lenctli re
quested tho locksmith to closo tho door.
This suggestion occasioned somo sur
prise on tho part of Ilonrandcz, but ho
willingly complied. Shutting tho door
and returning to his work, tho ladv
withdrew her veil, disclosing a sweet
and intelligent face. There wns a
restlessness in tho eyo and a pallor in
tho cheek, however, which plainly told
of a heart ill at case, mid in a moment
every emotion for her could givo plaeo
to that of pity.
"I'erhnps you aro not well, madam,
and tho night air is too chilly V said
tho locksmith inquisitively.
"in requesting you to close the door
nan no other obiect than to escape,
the attention of passers by," said tho
Jlotirandcz did not renlv.
thoughtfully continued his work,
resumed :
"That littlo box contains valuablo
papers pnvato papers and I have
lost tho key, or it has been stolen,
should not wish to havo you remember
that 1 over canio hero on such an er
rand," sho continuedj with some hesi
tation, at tho samo time giving Hon-
randez a look which was no difficult
matter to understand.
Certainly, madam, if vou desire it
If I cannot forget your faco I will at
least attempt to loso tho recollection of
ever seeing it here, said llonrandez.
1 lio lady bowed rather coldly to this
remark-, ana iionranuez proceeded
with his work. Ilavinir succeeded
after much filing and fitting, in turn
ing tho lock, he was seized with a curi
osity to get a glimpse at tho precious
contents of tho box, and suddenly
raised tho lid, discovered a buudlu of
letters, and a daguerreotype, as bo
slowly passed tho box to its owner.
Sho seized it hurriedly, and placing the
letters and picltiro in her pocket, lock
ed tho box, and drawing tho veil over
iier lace, sue passed into tho street,
whispering as sho passed Honrandez
About two o'clock in tho morning,
in tho latter part of .May following,
Honrandez was awakened" by a gentle
tap upon tho window of tho littlo room
back of his shop, in which ho slept. In
a moment ho was at tho window.
"Who s there?" ho inquired, peering
out into tho darkness.
Hist 1" exclaimed a figure, stepping
in front of tho window ; "open tho
door. I havo business for vou."
"Rather past business hours, I should
say j but who arc you I '
"No ono that would harm vou," re
turned tho voice, which Honrandez
imagined wai rather feminine for a
rushing back tho bolt, and slowly
opening the door, Honrandez discover
ed tho stranger already on tho steps.
"What do you want!" abruptly
asKcu iionranuez.
"I will tell vou.'' ntiflu-nrflfl t.lm s.imn
soft voice, "if you dare open tho door
wiuo enough lor me to enter.'
"Como in, said Honrandez. reso
lutely, throwing tho door open, and
proceeding to light a candle. Having
succeeded, ho turned to examine his
visitor. Ho was a small and neatly
dressed gentleman, with a heavy clou:
around his shoulders, and a blue navy
cap drawn suspiciously over tho oyes.
As Honrandez advanced toward him,
ho seemed to hesitate a moment, then
raised tho cap from his forehead, and
looked llonrandez curiously m tho
faco. Tho latter did not drop tho can
dle, but acknowledged to a littlo ner
vousness by hurriedly placing tho can
dle upon tho table, and investing him
self with two or three necessary articles
of clothing.
bmiling at llonrandez s apparent
discomfort, tho visitor said:
"Disguiso is useless I presume vou
recogtnzo mot''
"Ibelievo I told you, madam, when
I opened tho littlo box for you somo
timo ngo, I should not soon forcct
your faco. In what way can I servo
you r
"By doing half an horn's work be
foro daylight to-morrow, and receivinc
S500 for your labor," was tho reply.
-it, is noi ordinary worK, said llon
raiidez. inquiringly "that commands so
tnunifluiont a compensation."
"It is a labor common to your call
ing," returned tho lady. "Tho prico
not so much for tho labor, us tho con
dltion under whioh it must bo perform
ed." '
"And what is tho condition ?" in
quired Honrandez.
"That you will submit to being con
veyed and returned to your own door
Idoas of murder, burglary and al
most every other crimo presented
themselves in succession as Honrandez
politely bowed and said :
"I must understand something moro
of tho character of tho employment, as
wen as the conditions, to accept your
"Will not 500 answer in lieu of an
explanation !" she inquired.
"No, nor fivo thousand."
"Well, then, if it is absolutely neo
essary for mo to explain," sho replied,
"I must tell you that you aro required
to pick tho lock of tho vault, and"
" ou havo gono quito far enough,
senorii, with tho explanation," inter
rupted llonrandez. "I am not at your
"As 1 said, sho continued, "you
aro required to pick tho lock of n vault
auu rescue lrom death a man who has
been confined thcro for threo davs."
"To whom does tho vault belong!"
inquireu iionramiez.
"My husband,' was tho somewhat
reluctant teply.,
"i nen wny so much seorcsy 7 or,
rauicr, nowcamoa man conhned m
such a placol
"1 secreted him thero to escapo tho
observation of my husband. He bus-
pectcd as much and closed tho door
upon mm, Presuming ho had loft tho
vault and quitted tho houso by tho
back door, I did not dream uutil to
day that ho was confined there. Cer
tain Busjuciuus iicuj oi my iiuhuuiiu hub
afternoon convinced mo that tho man
is there, beyond human hearing, nnd
will be starved to death by my barbar
ous husband, unless immediately res
ent d. l'or thrco days ho has not left
the house. I drugged him less than an
hour ago, and now lio Is bo completely
stupefied that tho lock may bo picked
without his interference. I havo
searched his pockets, but could not
find tho key j hence my application to
you. Now you know all j will you ac
company mo t"
"To tho end of tho world, madam,
on such an rrrand."
'Then preparo yourself ; thero is a
cab at tho door."
Honrandez was a littlo surprised, for
ho had not hoard tho sound of wheels.
Hastily drawing on a coat and provid
ing himself with tho required imple
ments, ho was soon at tho door. There,
sure enough, was tho carriage, with the
driver in tho scat ready for tho mys
terious journoy. Honrandez entered
tho vehicle, followed by tho lady. As
soon as nho was seated, sho produced a
heavy handkerchief, whioh, by tho
faint light of an adjacent street lamp,
sho carefully bound round her com
panion's oyes. Sho then seated herself
besido him, and tho cab started. In
half an hour the vehicle stopped in
what part of the city llonrandez was
entirely ignorant, as It was evidently
driven in anything but a direct course
from tho point of starting.
Examining tho bandago to bcc that
his vision was completely obscured,
tho lady handed Honrandez tho bundle
of tools with which ho was provided ;
then takitifr him bv tho arm led him
through a gate into a house, and, after
taking him along a passageway which
was about fiftv feet in length, and
down a flight of staire into what was
evidently an underground basement,
stopped beside a vault, and removed
the handkerchief from his eves,
"Hero is tho vault open it," said
she, springing the door of a dark lan
tern and throwing n beam of light
upon tho lock.
Honrandez seized the bunch of skel
eton keys, and, after a few trials,
whioh the lady seemed to watch with
tho most painful anxiety, sprang the
bolt. Tho door swung upon its hiuges
and tho lady telling Honrandez not to
closo it. as it was self-locking, sprang
into tho vault. Honrandez did not
follow. Ho heard tho murmur of low
voices within, and tho next moment
the lady reappeared, and leaning upon
her arm a man, with faco so paie and
haeruard that Honrandez started at the
'sight. What intense suitering the un-
fortunato man must havo endured du
ring the thrco long days ot his con
finement 1
"Remain here,'' she said, "I will be
back in a moment."
Tho two slowlv ascended the stairs
and entered a room immediately over
whero llonrandez was standing. in
less than a minute tho lady returned.
"Shall I closo it, madam?" said
Honrandez, placing his hand upon the
door of tho vault.
No ! no !" sho exclaimed, hastily
seizing his arms j "it awaits another
occupant 1"
Madam, you certainly do not in
tend to"
"Aro you ready ?'' sho interrupted,
impatiently, holding the handkerchief
to Honraudez's eyes. The thought
flashed across his mind that she intend
ed to push him into tho vault and bury
him and his secret together. She
seemed to read his suspicion, and con
tinued : "Do not bo alarmed, you are
not tho man."
Honrandez could not inislako tho
truth or tho fearful meaning of tho re.
mark, and lio shuddered as ho uont his
head to the handkerchief.
His eyes wero carefully bandaged,
and ho was led to tho carriage, and
thence home by a moro circuitous
route, if possible, than tho ono by
which ho came. Arriving in front of
tho house, tho handkerchief was re
moved and Honrandez stepped from
tho vehicle. A purso of $501) was
placed in his hands, and in a moment
tho cab and its mysterious occupant
had turned tho corner, and was out of
llonrandez entered Ins shop, aud tho
purso of gold was tho only evidence ho
could summon in his bewilderment.
that all ho had just dono and witness
cd was not a dream.
Tho money seemed to bo cursed
From that night Honrandez neglected
his nourishing business, and with the
$500 and that which ho had managed
to save, ho plunged headlong into a
life of dissipation which, in a short
time, ended fatally.
In tho meanwhile tho sudden disnp
pcaianco of Senor Cavasso, tho wealthy
banker, becamo tho universal topio o
conversation, and though his wife gave
every sign of poignant grief over tho
absenco of scnor, tho knowing ones
winked significantly at each other, 'and
whispered that honor Uavasso s whero
nbottts was clouded in tho deepest
mystery. Tho polico could obtain no
clue, and senora pretended tho utmost
sorrow for her lost husband. It was
known that tho two did not live bar
pily together, but nothing further
could bo elicited whereby a tangiblo
elite could bo obtained.
llonrandez had drifted from bad to
worse, until, thrown upon a bed of do
liinim ho was given up by physiotans
as a hopeless case. While tossing in
his delirium ho graphically described
the incidents on tho night of his open
mg tho vault, which facts comitig to
tho cars ot tho polico, an investigation
was made, and when tho vault was
opened Senor Cavasso's remains wero
found. Whilo sleeping under tho
drug administered by his wife, he was
carried to tho vault and awoko to find
himself entombed alive.
Rcforo tho officers succeeded in tak
nig aetiora to tan sua had cut an ar
tery in her arm, and bled to death
Honrandez died in all tho agonies o
delirium tremens, and tho Senora's par
amour met a horrible death nt tho
hands of an infuriated husband
1 hero are only sixty-four distilleries
in neniucKy, but thoy yield powerful
Whon you eeo a counterfeit coin on
tho Bidewnlk always pick it up. You
aro liablo to arrest if you try to pass it,
"I'm down on you," says tho feather
to tho gooso and that Is why folks
keop picking at mo, was the reply.
The Oonsolentious Workman,
Tho conscientious workman is a
being we all hear of, but Bcldotn meet.
Tho writer has no hesitation in saying
that thero arc, comparatively speaking,
fow workmen actuated in their calling
by any consideration boyond tho mcro
point of dollars and cents. And tho
writer furthermore begs to observo that
lils opinion they aro not in tho least
be blamed for this ; because if thcro
aro few workmen enduod with consci
entious feeling regarding their labors,
there aro still ioVcr employers inspired
with a conscientious Iccling regarding
their men. What tho writer wishes to
arguo out is tho position, whether It
ays a workman to bo conscientious, it
ns employer bo so or no. The writer
thinks it docs, and for theso reasons :
man who docs his work in tho same
atisfautory and expeditious manner,
under nil circumstances, is an aquisition
and thoso who are in authority, very
soon discover his good qualities ; his
ght may Ho hidden under a bushel for
long time, but it is suro to shine out
at last. Such a man ns this, sober, ac
tive, discreet, intelligent, who docs his
work, not because tho foreman happens
to be looking at him,but from a senso of
right and duty, such a man as this will
riso in life like going up a ladder. Ho
is in the samo position as the man who
keeps his arms down in water ; ho can
not sink if ho tries. That is the con
scientious workman, and people who,
after reading this, resolve to lay in a
stock of the commodity, they will find
it pay them well to use it, and it is like
manna to tho Israelites, there is always
lenty to be had.
Iho writer is perfectly aware that
j vi tow
lias generally
He will find,
tho average workman has
grounds for complaint.
however, if he has not discovered it
already, that brooding over grievances
makes them swell into mountains, and
that grumbling does no good either.
If the workman has cause for dissatis
faction, let him look his position calm
ly in the face, see whether it will be to
his interest to take activo measures in
egard to it: if the result seems doubt
ful let him make up his mind to sub
mit cheerfully to his burden till the
timo comes when ho can kick it away
from him. Tho writer believes this is
good wholesome counsel, and will well
bear a trial. Lot tho workman per
form his daily duties, domestic and op
erative, with tho same cheerful spirit,
doing his duty because it is his duty ;
striving earnestly to master tho craft
he is engaged in to its utmost limits,
to improve that which he finds in ex
istence, and bis lot in lite win oe no
unhappy ono ; on the contrary, he will
find a hope of improvement in his
social position which will be an unfailing
fund of support to him in his calling, and
that if he exercises his stock of con
scientiousness, the more ho disperses of
it, tho moro ho will havo on hand for
future disposal. Ji. ib G. Fnnter and
Walter Halley and Blanche Douglass Rec
ognized in a Hartford Hotel.
Hautiokp, Feb. 14. A young man
wrote these names in the register of tho
City Hotel hero at noon on Saturday
last : "W. S. llubbell, lioston ; Miss
A. llubbell, Boston." The young man
wns of medium height and slim build.
My sister and myself," ho said as he
laid aside the pen, "would like adjoin
ing rooms if convenient." Ho got Nos.
7 and 7 connecting rooms adjoining
tho parlor.
Tho young man went out frequently,
but his companion kept closely to her
apartment. They wero lato at their
meals, and encountered few ot tho
other guests of the hotel until Monday,
when they entered tho dining room
punctually at tho dinner hour. Then
Mr. Dickcrman of tho firm of Dickcr-
n it Plumb of this city, who lias
lived in New Haven, recognized the
young man as Walter Malley, ono of
tho principals in tho Jennie Cramer
murder trial. The other guests also
recognized him.
The young woman with him was of
medium build, plump, and wore a well
fitting dark-green dress. Her light
brown hair was arranged in two awk
ward flat coils on the back of her head.
Sho spoko little, nnd was evidently
held in check by her companion, who
was reticent and noticeably nervous.
Mr. IJickcrman, after his dinner,
strolled into the hotel office and said
to tbo venerable proprietor, Curtis Jud
son, formerly proprietor of tho Gram-
ercy 1'ark Hotel, Now lork, "1 see
you had Walter Malley at dinner.''
"No such person m the house,' re
sponded Mr. Judson, exhibiting that
winning smile which ho has been in
tho habit of showing to his guests for
sixty years. Other guests drifted
down from tho dining room, nnd as
sured Mr. Judson that Malley was at
dinner up stairs, and turthermoro that
his companion was lilancho Douglass,
who was tried with tho Malleys in tho
Cramer case. Mr. Judson went up to
see. Tho couple wero still at dinner.
Tho knowledgo of their identity had
spread, and curious glances were bent
upon them by othor diners.
l'retty soon evidently tuoy beoarao
aware that they wero recognized, nnd
thoy hurried to their rooms. Shortly
Walter Malloy entered tho office and
called for his bill. Ho said that ho
choso to pay then, although ho and his
sister would stop until alter tea. iwcry
guest in tho houso went punctually to
tea, but tho couplo did not appear,
They had gono away in tho after
Most of our readers havo
ake bitten
hoard that when a dog is snn
a lungus snake ot the same species
inai mt, mm iormcd ou his liver, and
appeared to bo endowed with all tho
vitality of tho real or original reptile.
jiany years ago tu this county, ono
who was a great hunter had a valuablo
dog bitten by a snake, nnd after great
irouuiu saved ins dogs lite. Homo
months afterward ho noticed a peculiar
...:.. :., i.: .i. ....
iiuiiuu in iiianuijD nmi, i rum which
time the dog seemed in bad health, and
finally died. Actuated by curiosity, tho
gentleman opened tho dog, and, to his
utter astonishment found two snakes
oi vno Bpecies winch bit his dog, somo
six or eight inches long, hanging to
his liver. Iho dog s livor was hung up
in a tree, where it remained for a long
limn, ami was seen by hundreds ot poo
plo, many of whom aro still alivo nnd
will testify to tho above facU." 1lrif"
ton (Cr.) Aw.
Children aro daggers to wound our
, sew a with.
England Makes a Present to the United
A message wns received on Thurs
day of last week from tho President
transmittinr becrctary I relinguysen s
report ol tho presentation of tho steam-
.1.1.. A . . ,L. 1T.I..I ... . . I
ship Alert to tho United States bv
Great Britain to bo used In the Grecly
relief expedition. Tho reading of tho
report was called for by Mr. Randall. It
was as follows :
In tho search for vessels suitablo for
tho expedition now Preparing to relievo
Lieut. Greely nnd his party, attention
was early directed to tho Alert, which
is the property of tho British Govern-
ment, and was tho advanco ship of tho
expedition under Sir Gcorgo Narcs. It
was desired to aecuro this vessel, as
sho is peculiarly fitted for tho intended
service, and, as tho inspecting officers
recommended her, Mr. Lowell was
tlioroforo instructed to ask whether
alio could bo spared for tho service.
Information of tho wish of this
uovernmcnt having previously and in-
iormauy reached tho untish Admiral-
ty, a pnvato intimation was conveyed
to the United States Ministor to tho
effect that tho British Government had
not forgotten tho very considerate con
duct of this Government on the occa
sion ot tho recovery of tho Resolute,
and that, should any suggestion bo
mado that tho vessel would bo of uso
to the expedition, sho wonld bo present
ed. Tho Resolute, a vessel, as the Prcsi
dent remembers, formerly belonging to
I... r-i-...' 1.-..! C
her Majesty's navy, having been aban
aoncd in the Arctic region, was dis
covered and brought to tho United
States by American seamen, and there
upon was purchased by this Govern
ment of her salvers, repaired, and
returned to Great Britain. On her
arrival in England the vessel was re
ceived by tho Queen in person, and tho
officers of tho United States navy who
took tho ship thither were treated
with every official and personal court
esy. lhe Government other Majesty has
now given the Alert to tho United
States unconditionally, with hcranchors,
chains and such ol her equimcnt as can
bo utilized.
Recognizing this graceful aud op
portune act of courtesy on tho part of
tier Maiesty's Government, tho under
signed to-day instructed Mr. Lowell as
follows by telegraph :
"Her Majesty s Government having
presented to the Government of the
United States tho ship Alert to aid in
the relief ot Lieut, lireely and his par
ty, you will inform tho Secretary of
State for Foreign Affairs that tho evi
denco of sympathy with tho obiect in
view receives the highest appreciation
of tho President, as it will that of the
peoplo of the United States. The
President sends his cordial thanks for
the opportune gift of this vessel, which
he accepts in the name of tho United
States, and which will bo used in tho
humane cntcrpriso for which it is pecu
liarly adapted.
A motion was mado by Mr. Kan
dall that the communication bo spread
upon tho Journal of tho House, aud
that it be referred to tho Committeo
on 1' oreigu Affairs with the object of
having a more formal and appropriate
recognition of tho act of tho British
Messrs. Finerty and Robinson of
New York alono voting in the nega
The Patal Name of Walter.
Forty-four years ago the writer was
called in a professional capacity to a
rudely constructed log cabin in the
woodB, 1G miles east of this city. A
raalo child was born tho first born of
man and wife whoso intelligence and
general cultivation wero much in ad
vanco of the society in which they Uv
They wero determined to make
themselves a homo of plenty in tho
new country by their own industry,
having nothing but a quarter section
of good land and their household goods,
TllOl. ..nmrt lrft PlnA-mfinf rni,..
Ohio. Threo neighbor women wero
there, aud after tho littlo stranger was
dressed tho mother, with black hair
aud beautiful eyes, was asked to namo
the boy. "I want to call him Walter,
but it is an unlucky name. My great
grandfather was named Walter, and ho
never came homo from tho war lor in
dependence. Then mv husband's rrrand'
lather was named Walter, and ho went
to tho war of 1812 and ho never re
turned, ins oldest brother was nam
ed Walter. Ho went to sea and we
heard that ho becamo a soldier in Eu
rope, but ho never returned. Wo do
not know whero any of them aro bur
ied, jno grave stones mark their rest
ing places. Thero is no war now, and
trust never will be in our hfo timo in
this country, and I am in favor of call
ing him Walter, that the old family
namo mav bo retained among us,
lwenty-two years from that timo
Walter bade his widowed mothei fare
well to join the army for tho dofenso
of tho union aud tho homo of his child
hood. IIo was a good and bravo boy,
but was missing after tho battle of
Stone River. All efforts to gain somo
trace ot his deatli and final resting
place proved futilo. No one can tell
where, whon, or how ho died, or who
disposed of his remains. His mother
mourned tho loss of her first born, and
often regretted that sho had named
him W alter. A few years ago sho
died at tho old home. On her death
bed she said : 'Bury mo besido my bus-
i..,.,.i n .i. i.:ii..:.i i it Tr:.i. .
grave is over found spend nil the estate
i leavo, it it lakes that much, to bring
urn homo and put him bv his father
aud mo."' Indianapolis Times.
Tho pulso beats of a criminal during
execution by hanging havo been re
corded. Aftor the ropo was adjusted
tno puiao rate was lai i immediately
aftor tho drop it fell to 51, 52, 5)9, 20,
and to 0 iu the fifth minute : but tho
sixth minute- it roio to 70, then to 7S i
eighth minute, U: ninth. 31: after
this no pulso was perceptible in tho ar
unifs, uuv me ueurt ueai two or three
times between the ninth aud nine
teenth minutes, and once in tho nine
teenth minute. The death was from
strangulation, tho neck not being dis
Watches were first mado in Germany
in in i.
lio is happy whoso circumstances
suit his temper ; but ho is moro excel,
lent who cau suit his temper to any
A Bounty on Euin.
Tho floods which aro devastating tho
Ohio valley again this year as thfly did
last call forth observations mado a year
ago. Ut theso noiio is moro patent than
that tho tariff on lumber is simply a
, . r .., I- ..!--
bounty for tho production of such ruin
ns is now read of daily.
Tho tariff excludes Canadian timber
nnd raises tho prico of lumber in tho
homo market.
Tho high prices and big profits tempt
peoplo to tho rapid destruction ot tho
forests to tho very mountain tops,
and woods nro ruthlessly swept away
and into the market, which under tho
low prices of frco trado would bo left
In this heedless way the forests at
tho head waters of our streams -nrc lov
clled and tho snow-covered mountain
sides aro laid baro to sun nnd rain and
tho action of tho open air.
Tho follago which held tho moisturo
as in a great spongo and protected tho
snow lrom sudden melting, giving
forth tho water Blowly during spring
and summer, to sustain the streams
and enrich tho valleys, is gono ( and
tho first thaw and rain hurl down tho
whole precipitation of a season into tho
narrow channels of tho rivers, which
being unable to do tho work of a sea
son properly in a few days, overflow
their banks and causo widespread rum
and unspeakablo woo.
Nor is this all. Tho whole rain aud
snow fall of a winter being thus hur-
ried to tho sea beforo spring has fairly
- .1 ... !- if. f- !?. .i. ..
opened, no moisture is lelt in tho up
lands to supply (he water needed in tho
spring and summer. Great droughts
follow, tho smaller streams show dry
beds, the rivers dwindle into insignifi
cance, fertilo plains and valleys suffer
from thirst, and vegetation dries up.
This is no lancy picture. Tho Uluo
River ,vhich promises to pass if it baa
not already done so tho highest water
mark ever belore recorded on it, last
summer fell to an unprccedently low
stage. Tho actual experience of men
in every long-settled country is that
wholcsalo destruction of tho forest en
tails the destruction of the life-giving
streams, with all tho consequences that
follow. Much of southern Europo has
been made a desert wastes by tho de
struction of forests through ignorance.
With the experience of ages to profit .
by, we cannot plead ignorance, yet wo
aro recklessly pursuing a course that
has dono irreparable damage to other
lands. Tho head waters of the Ohio
tributaries in tho Pennsylvania and
West Virginia mountains aro stripped.
Tho peoplo of Now York aro alarmed
tor the noblo Hudson, and with reason.
Rivers aro mado destructive powers in
the winter and early spring, and aro
robbed of their power of beneficence in
tho late spring and summer. All the
rivers in tho Northwest aro beginning
to undergo tho same sad experience.
1 hero can bo no useful streams if
the forests aro cut away. The reckless
cutting of tho forests will continue
whilo tho Government oilers a pension
for their destruction. Without going
into the general question of the tariff
at all, it does seem clear that tho pro
hibitory tariff on lumber ought not to
bo continued. Yet it will be continued
for some time, and probably until most
of our forests aro destroyed. liujfald
JHocniiiff Telegraph.
Alphabet of Proverbs
A grain of produco is worth a pound
of craft.
Boasters aro cousins to liars.
Custom is second nature.
Denyiug a fault doubles it.
Envy shooteth at others and wound-
eth herself.
Foolish fear doubles anger.
God roaches us good things by our
hands. '
IIo has hard work who has nothing
to do.
It costs moro to reveugo wrongs than
to bear them.
Just aro tho ways of God.
Knowledgo is power.
Learning makes a man fit company
for himself.
Modesty is a guaul to virtue. '
Not to hear conscience is the way to7
silence it.
Ono nail drives out another. '
Proud looks liiako foul work in fair
Quotation, liko better things, has its
Richest is ho who wauts least.
Small faults indulged aro liko littlo
thieves which let in greater. '
lhe boughs that bear most hang
Upright walking is sure walking. '
Virtue and happiness are mother and
What is woith doing at all is worth
doing well.
Xtiemes aro vicious.
You nuver loso by doing a good
Zeal is blind when it encroaches on
the rights of others.
How to Dream Intelligent Dreams
It is known that tho action of
the brain causes a rise of cranial tem
perature. M. Delauuay finds, from
uxpeiienco on himself during sleep,
that, reciprocally, an elevation of cra
nial temperature stimulates tho action
of tho brain. Dreams aro usually il
logical and absurd, M. Delaunny, by
covering his forehead with a layer of
wadding, gets sane, intelligent drenm.
lie has also experimented on modoi of
lying, which favor tho flow of blood
lo particular parts, increasing t'ueir uu-
tntirn and luiictioiial activity
has observed that tho dreams one has
while lying on ono's back nru sensorial,
variegated, luxurious. Those experi
enced when on the right Mile aro'mo
bile, full of exaggeration, absurd, nnd
refer to old matters ; but thoso produc
ed when ou the left side uro intelligent
ami reasonable, and i elate to recent
matters ; in these dreams one often
speaks. Tho observation?, according
to tho author, agrees with what wo
know as to the scat of sensibilitv. of
mobility, of intelligence, etc.. and tho
comparative psychology of the right
and loft brains. Ennhsh Mechanic.
A French meteorologist has planted
in tho ground near his house two bam
of iron, from which wires run to r
tolcphpiiQ receiver. Tho eaith cur
rents which aro indicated bv sounds in
tho telephono never fail to givo notice
lo tho observer, who consults tlie mu
rpavatus so'einl times a day, of tho np.
proach ot a storm from twelve- to fifteen
hours iii ndvnuco.