The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, November 02, 1883, Image 1

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    The doltimfeikn.
ldmbiah, conwliaatcd,
IkiuciI Weohlr, every I'rldnr Mornlna, nt
at two iinLLAM per rear. To stibwiucrs out of
ttio county tho terms nro strictly in Advance.
MT113 P.W discontinued excopt nt tho option
ot tho publishers, until nil nrrenrOtteB nro paid, out
8 n continued credit will not bo Klvcn, 1
All pnpors sent piit of tho stnto or to distant post
ofllccs must bo paid for In advance, unless a rcanon.
8 bio pcraon in Columbia county Kssuims topay
tho subicrlption duo on demand. "uu,-3 w ''
n t'lio9 county" 00 l0nKCrcxacted ,rom utartew
The.Tobblni Department of tho ColumbianIs very
complete, and our Job Printing will comnarn ravnr.
ably with thatof tholnrgocltles .R donjon
short notice, noatly and atmodcrato prices.
r b. wallkk,
omeo over 1st. Kuloaat ll,hk. moomlr'
lll-ooMsiumn, r-A,
omco In Eiil'a Uulldlng.
p It. nUCK.VtiKtV,
UiousncKci, pa.
onico over 1st National lunk.
OH1C8 over Meyer Urm Pruir Store.
onico In Drawer's bulldlng.second iloor.ioom No. 1
Uloomsburg, I'a.
Bloomsburg, Pa.
omco corner otCcntro and Main Streets. Clark-J
Can bo consulted In German,
Nkw Colombian BuiLDiNO, Dloomsburg, ra.
Member of tho United States Law Association,
(.'olloctlons mado In any part ot America or Eu
rope. pAUL E. WIRT,
onico in Columbian BoiLDiNo, itoom No. 5, second
nLooMsnuno, pa.
Notary rubllo
A tlorney s-at-Law.
omeo In 1st National Bank building, second floor,
first door to tho left. Corner ot Main and Market
Btroets Bloomsburg, Pa.
t&'Pemtom and Bountiet Collected.
omco In Maize's building, over lllllmeyer's grocery.
May M, '81.
Office in his building opposite Court House,
2nd Uoor, Uloomsburg, l'ti. npr 13 '83
omco in News Item building, Main street.
Member ot tho Amorlcan Attorneys' Associa
tion. collodions mado In any part ot America.
Jan. s, 182.
Jackson Building, Rooms 4 nnd 5.
Mayo, 81. UKKWICK.PA
Catawlssa, Pa.
Office, corner ot Third and Main Streetn.
Yttorncy-athaw, Rcnvick. Pa.
Can be Consulted in German.
""Ofllco first door below the post olllce.
Cl. BARKLEY, Attorney-at-Law
. onico lu 11 rower's building, 2nd story.Iiooms
O BUCKINGHAM, Attorney-at-Law
Jrii.oniee, Ilrockurity'u uuildlngllst Door,
Uloomsburg, l'enu'a. may T, 'so-t f
T B.MoKELVY, M. D.,8urfjeon and Phy
O ilclan, north aide Main street.below Markot
AL. FRIT, Attornoy-nt-La O
, in couwtiN Building,
Sowing Michlnes and Miohlnory of all ktnds re
purod. Oram llouan llulldlng, Uloomsburg, l'a.
R. J. 0. RUTTER.
omco, North Market street,
Bloomsburi, l'a-
OR. W.M. M. REBER, Surfieon nnd
I'hyslclan. omco cornor ot Hock and .Market
JR. EVANS, M. D., Surgeon and
,1'nyslo an, (omco and Residence on Third
Tonsorial Ai'tist.
again at hl3 old stand under EXCHANGE
flO?KL,and has as usual a KIHST-OLASS
UAltuuitsilOI'. Ho rospectfully solicits tho
patronago otblsoldcujtomersand of the publlo
generally, )alyl,'80-tf
Largo and convenient sample rooms. Bathrooms
not anajold waler.and all modern conveniences
DIVOUCIW.--NO publicity! residents of any
state, laacrtlon, Nou-SuiporL Adleo and
applloatlom for stamp. W, II. LEU, Att'y, i!3'J
li'way.-N. Y. ' r sopt. Hth4w
-yy II. HOUSE,
Ui.oomsiiuu(i,Coi.u.muia County, Pa.
All styles ot Work done In a superior manner, work
(lailftUlUUH igjJivauuMiu. -a-... h-i .y(-
id wituout I'ain by the use of (las, and
freeot charge when artlnclal teeth
are Inserted.
na. Illnnniahnn, UnnHnwilfimnnnV
1o be open at all houn during the das
Mav QO 1 v
I ' 11.(1
.1 ' . y "y
0. E.ELWELI,, ..
J. S BITTEHBBMDEB, oprlelor.
These are the First Days of the
Fall Business,
already the hum of activity begins.
We launch the busy season with
Special Things
that prove to be strangely low. A Tew of
these have been in store some clays, but, to
give everybody a fair chance, we held the
announcements until the return of people
from their holidays.
A Rood lot of first-rate Cashmere for 50 cents A Bleached Muslin, full
Jerseys at $2.35. These (all wool). The new tar- yard wide, for 10c. The
are all black. The colors iff will prevent this qual- best we ever had at that
arc 2 50. ity from ever again selling price.
A lll.ick Dress Silk at at this price. Tiie best Twilled, A1I-
, unlilrecent. A Black Albatross at 25 Wool Red Flannel we
y w s nlw.tys $ cents, exactly half-price, ever sold for 25c.
fine Black Rliadama, A fine Black Camel's The best Canton Flan-
1 inches wide, at $1.50. Hair, 46 inches wide, at nel for I2jc. We never
I l.ilf-wool Black Dress 60 cents. could get so good a qual-
G'odsat 12 cents, which A good 36-inch all-wool ity at the price before.
11 just half-price. Cashmere at 40 cents. An extraordinary lot of
All-wool stylish Plaid, An excellent Black Towels at 25c.
Suiting. 43 inches, at 50 Cashmere, all-wool, a Eight lots of Ladies'
cents. We sold the same yard wide, at 45c. and Children's Hose that
at jfi.oo. A very few much ad- are on our counters at 25
Another in stripes at 65 mired Embroidered per cent, under prices,
cents. Not dear at Robes at one-third off of
A quality of Lupin's usual price.
These lots .of Shoes that are amazingly
desirable for the prices :
250 pairs Women's
Straight Goat Button,
172 pairs Women's
Straight Goat Button,
245 pairs Women s
Curaco.i Kid Button,
186 pairs Women's
French Kid Button,
152 pairs Women's
Kid Slippers, Sl.25.
112 pairs Women's
Kid Ties, f2.oo.
110 pairs Women's
French Kid Oxford Tics,
China and Glassware we hardly dare to
risk saying anything about, as the lots an
nounced are nearly always sold out in a few
hours of the day they, are presented. Watch
the city daily papers for the announcements,
and if these lots are sold when you come do
not be disappointed, as we have new lots in
every day or. two.
In Furniture. Young couples should see
The new Ash Suite of Bed Room Furniture for $25.
The same goods in Cherry for $28.
Our Works at present turn us out only
four suites per day of these goods, so that
first come, first served. Nothing like this
has ever been done in Philadelphia before.
A fine frame Body Brussels Carpet at
$1.25 that we are willing to endorse as a good
We are not permitted to give the
makers' names. The goods are new this
season, and fifty patterns at least to choose
The first Fall Offering of Ladies' Robes
are all-wool, of ample material, in
and the new patterns are on the
much the same, if. not a full equivalent, as though an expensive
Cashmere Shawl were dissected
done. The expense being infinitely les3 25, '
Also a few Wrapper Patterns, Persian, and with a decided
Oriental effect. The olive, old
dued in a broad border of consistent but curious formation, 10 to
11 yards each. .02.00 per yard.
There are other lots equally interesting,
and new things daily arriving.
Samples of Dress Goods sent by mail;
a "Postal" will receive immediate attention.
Thirteenth Street.
Market Street and
V AUKNUV. Mover's new bundle?. Main
sircet, itloomsburt;, l'a.
.Utna Insurance Co., ot Hartford, Conn. 7.078,su
Hoyul of Liverpool
l'lro Association, Vlill&delplila 4.105,711
riKDnlx, or London
London & Lancaalilro, of England.. , 1,tov,I6
llartrord of Hartford 8,T3,ooo
Uprlngneld l'lro and Marine, . 9,03?,SS5
As the agencies aro direct, policies are written
fortne Insured without auy delay In tne
olUce at Uloomsburg. Oct. 88, '61-tf,
nOMK, OF N. Y.
l'KOl'LKS' N. V.
Tnssfl old corporations are wen soasonod by
auo and rim tistio and uavo never yet bad u
loss settled by any court of law. Tbetr assets
aro all Invested In solid BucuaiTlisand are liable
to tbe hazard ot vihi only,
Losjes rnom'TLY and uonistlt adjuitod and
paid as soon as determined by Guristun V,
liNirr. smouL Auint and ADjuarm Uloous.
lUH'I, l'A.
Tbe people of Columbia county Bbould patron
ize tbe agenoy wbere loues If any are settled
and Dtfd or one ot tbelr own citizens.
141 pairs Women's
Front Lace Walking
Boots, $3. 25.
131 pairs Women's
Front Lace Walking
Boots, $4.50.
150 pairs Women's
French Kid Button
Boots, $5.25.
nine varieties, dark, rich hues,
palm-Icaf order. The effect is
and made into a robe, as is often
gold and rich, dark hues are sub
Chestnut Street.
New City Hall.
All kinds of work in Sheet Iron, Roof
ing anil hiionting promptly
attended to.
JBTPtrlgt attention t'lveu to beating by steam.
Cornor of Main & East Sts,,
Bloomsburg, Pu.
Ua la Utiie. Htdby dmggUu.
The rtigplny or Ilcndy-DIailo
Clotting mi t tho Low "Prices ar
rest tho attention and wonder
ment ofevcry passer by, nnd
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uy mo rcfiorauonor acuvnyio uiu siomucuonu
nrnoiM ftt'm, whereby tfio brnln H relieved
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canoes aoovo rererrea 10. .
To Clergymen, Lawyer. Literary men, Mer
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KICI, BrlCIS, I10AHB 8001, 0., 0,
N, B. corner Becond and Arch stronu,
tjrprders vll reooUe proinptattenUoa
nv A. M. 11.
It was tlio day nfter tho party, nnd
can any day over bo moro utterly
wretched t I mean, of course, to tho
ppoplo who havo given tho party es
pecially when, liko my uncle and aunt,
thoy aro of quiet-going habitB and
moucrato means, aud must let their
guests dnnco in tho dining-room and
havo supper in tlio biggest bedroom.
it was tlio day alter llic party, and
every individual in tlio honso was
miserable. Tlio days beforo tho party
had not been remarkable for comfort,
but tbey at least had been tinged with
tho radianco of hope and bright antic-
!... , 1 .1.! . 1
ii;iiiuu, wiinu iitiw nuiuing luiuaineu
but tlio "dregs and bitterness," and to
clear away and get tho liouso into
order again. ThU would havo seemed
rather a dreary task under any circum
stance!", I daro say, but it was greatly
aggravated by tlio fact that wo wcro
all in very low spirits, or, to put it
honestly, in dreadfully bad tempers,
having each and all a special griovanco
of our own.
My uncle's household consisted of
himself and my aunt, Mr. and Mrs.
Gilbco j their two sons, Christopher
and Peter ; their two daughters, Lnttio
and Sophy, and myself, Meg Morton,
tho orphan daughter of my aunt's
only sister. My mother had died
when 1 was 8 years old, and my father,
whoso habits wore by no means of a
domcstio kind, sent mo to school, and
allowed mo to spend-all my holidays at
my aunt's ; and when ho died, and my
school days wcro over, my temporary
homo beoamo a permanent one. This
camo to pass qttito naturally, and was
taken as a matter ot course uy my
Kind-hearted cousins ; and Aunt Char
lotte, who had always regarded mo as
ono of her own children, never seemed
to supposo that sho was conferring any
particular favor upon mo by giving tno
a happy homo among them all. But I
appreciated it, and endeavored to
provo my gratitudo in every way possi-
I was older than Lottie and Sophy,
and left school before thoy did, and I
bocamo very useful in the house. Aunt
Charlotte was of a nervous, timid na
ture, and, as I happened to be self
possessed aud cool and decided, sho
soon camo to rely entirely on my judg
ment and energy, and in a year or two
I was kousckeeper-in-chici, and my
advico was asked and pretty generally
taken on matters both small and great
-indeed "Mec's advico" became pro
verbial in tho household. Naturally I
grow a littlo dictatorial, for I often
wondered what they could havo done
withot rac. Chris was tho only otic I
could not manage.
"Bully tho others as much as you
like," ho would say, "but you shall
nover bully me, and somehow or
other I nover felt inclined to try.
"Tiffs" occurred among us now and
then ; but, on tho whole, wo wcro a
very happy family until the day alter
tho party, when, as I havo said, wo
wcro each and all miserable. My
unclo was confined to his room by a
bilious attack, whero ho lay groaning
and anathematizing "that campagnc.
iuy aunt looked very haccard when
she first camo down in tho mornincr,
and said her head ached badly ; and
her appcarauco did not brirhtcn as sho
and 1 investigated the state of crock
ery, etc.
I shall never rnvo a partv again, '
sho said quietly, but it was tho quiet
ness 01 uespair. "iino cnampagno
glasses broken, two sherries, and three
of the best china plates, and a great
stain on tho drawing-room carpet!
Wo might havo been entertaining a set
ot barbarians !
Christopher and Peter usually tho
most affectionato of tho brothers, were
now not on speaking terms with each
other, as my aunt and I discovered at
breakfast time ; and instead of going
to business together, Peter lingered
until Chris had gone, and then started
about fivo minutes afterward. This
unfriendliness arose, as I well know,
because of a stylish disagreeablo belle,
whom somo friends of ours had brought
with them to tho party, and who had
jlirtcd desperately, but with madden
ing impartiality with both my deluded
cousins. Honco their coldness towards
each other this morning. As for
Lottio and Sophy, I wished beforo tho
day was out, that they were not on
speaking terms, for they" wcro nagging
at each other all tho time, and finished
just beforo dinner with a downright
spiteful quarrel, and Aunt Charlotto
cried. Their grievauco was about two
brothers, Tom and Harry Nowill , for
Lottio liked Harry best, and Sophy
liked Tom ; and, with tho usual con
trariness of mankind, Harry was des
perately in lovo with Sophy, and Tom
with JiOttio t so it was usual alter every
merry-making wo might have, for Lot
tio and Sophy to fallout about them,
I felt vexed with overybody, but I
think I was nuito iustlficd in bcinrr so.
for thoy would all persist in behoving
or saying thoy believed that I was
in love with ridiculous John Ilowarth,
just because ho happened to bo in lovo
with me, and took caro that every ono
should know ho was, too. I did think
some of them at least, might havo had
moro sense ; and now this hue J.oinlon
bollo had appeared on tho sceno oh,
I felt tempted to break another best
china plalo aud all the remaining bIicv
ry glasses as I thought about it I And
11 I1.IU Utliy KI1UW11 II1U BUUU Ul
mind I was in, sho would never havo
trusted mo to wash them up and put
them away. Even our Newfoundland
dog seemed to share tho general dia
satisfaction, and kept coming from his
kennel as far as tho chain would permit
and uttering long and dismal howls
Tho cook said that it was tho sign of
a death, but tho houso-maid persisted
that it foretold a wedding. I did not
feel as if I cared much which it was or
what happened only I think I felt
moro inclined for a funeral than a wed
ding, especially if tho wedding entailed
a ureaiuast and nnother partv.
My aunt and I had boon up as usual
this inorniug we had too much to do
to bo ablo to lio lu bed. Chris an
Peter, of course, wanted their break
fast at tho usual hour, and their lunch
oons which thoy always took with
them aud aio in a littlo back room at
tho ollioo put up i and then, when
thoy had started for business, wo com
inonccd our dismal Investigations
through tho house. Wo always dined
Into o'clock, audit was nearly that
2, 1883.
hour beforo wo succeeded in reducing
tho liouso to anything liko order.
Then Lottio and Sophy had their quar
rel, in tho midst of which Chris and
Peter arrived and wo wont to dinner.
Chris folded his arms and put on a
dogged and determined look as ho
took his place at tabic
"I breakfasted off cold fowl,'' ho
said, gloomily "I lunched off cold
fowl I rcfiiso to dino off it."
My aunt grow tearful again.
"I his is not cold fowl,'' sho answer
ed j "it is turkey : nnd you might oat
it. Cold beof will keep a day or two
fowls aud turkeys with somo sauco
over them will not. Uttt" turning to
me resignedly "ring for tho boef to
be brought lin, Meg : wo havo had
enough unpleasantness for ono day."
"How is it thcro is a wholo turkey
left 1" inquired Chris, somowhat mol
lified as tho beef appeared.
"It was Meg's fault," replied Aunt
Charlotte, "slio put it on that dark
shelf behind the cellar door, and I
found it there this morning, quite for
gotten. But I wonder Meg, you did
not notico that thero wero only two
turkeys at supper ; this would have
been eaten if it had been thero.''
"I did not have any supper,'' I said,
"for I thought thero would not bo
room "
"That is merely an excuse," inter
posed Lottio; "you wero spooning
with John Ilowarth in the conserva
tory all supper-time."
I meant to look defiant, but I may
have looked guilty.
"Did ho propose to you ?" asked
Sophy, staring at me.
"I will put a stop to this nonsenso
about John Ilowarth," I said, deter
minedly. "You shall all know exactly
how the case stands, and then thcro
will be no excuso for any further dis
play of stalo wit at our expense. As
O . . t . "c 1, . 1 -,
supposes, Mr. Ilowarth did pro-
poso to mo last' night."
"Oh, Chris," interrupted Lottie,
"how could you hit my cat in such a
savage way ? Como here, Tip poor
pussy 1"
"xou should teach your eat not to
stick claws into one's logs at dinner timo"
retorted Uhns ; "then be wouldn t get
"Ho was not touching you 1'' return
ed Lottie, warmly. "Ho was begging
quite inoffensively."
"Ho was sticking his claws into my
leg," reiterated Chris, with quiet and
most aggravating obstinacy.
"Mow, don't you two begin quarrel
ing," said Sophy, impatiently, "but
let Meg tell us about John Ilowarth.
I havo ofton read about proposals in
tales, but I have never heard a real
bona fide ono described. Do tell us
every word he said, Meg 1"
"Did ho go down upon his knees V
asked Chris. "For if ho did, I wish I
had been thero to see him."
"I shall not tell you whether he
went down upon his knees or not," I
answci-cd calmly ; "nor shall I tell you
what ho said. But." I added, with
sentimental meditation, "ho said somo
vtry inuu imiigs, mjecu, to me nicer
than you could put together, Chris, if
you tried for a hundred years."
"I can assuro you that I am not
going to try, oven for a minute,'' an
swered Chris, giving mo a most savago
My aunt suddenly burst into tears,
"Ihis is tho finishing blow," she
sobbed. "Meg ooing to be married
I will nover give another party as long
as I hvo ! It was against my better
judgment mat 1 yielded this timo. I
did it to pleaso you all, and this is tho
result lurnituro ruined, eatables wast
ed, your father ill, you all quarreling
ii nu mis, ami jieg going to ue mar
ried I No, nover another party in this
houso !"
"What not oven when Meg mar
ries John Ilowarth!" sneered Chris.
No, not oven then." renlied aunt.
redoubling her sobs.
"Well, don t cry, auntie, I inter
posed, "for I am not going to marry
him. I gavo him a verv decided
No.' "
Chris hero gavo a ouick. covert
glance iu my direction : after which
his assumption of perfect indifferenco
seemed to ine a tnllo over-acted.
"Oh," laughed Lottie, "that ox
plains why tho poor fellow ato trullle
instead of fowl with his boiled ham,
and never found out tho difference 1
1 thought what a curious taste ho
tint aunt refused to bo pacified : she
had reached that state of mind when
troubles nro positively preferred to
"baying 'No' to Mr. Ilowarth will
not buy a drawing-room carpet," sho
said, "or eat up all tho tarts and cus
tarus anu cakes. i am suro warm
nig to her subject "tho wasto has
been shameful 1 When tho confection
er's man camo this morning 1 had not
a singio cako or jelly or blanc-mango
to send back, for every ono had been
broken into. And I saw you, Chris,
nine just a spooDtui oi that expensivo
porcupine, when a plainer cako alrcadv
1 i , ..
cuiiiiui'iiccu was ciose uy you.
"Oh, don't blame Chris for that,
auntio V I exclaimed. "It was done
tor JUiss Jones, no doubt. If ho had
tho power Chris would cut a bit off tho
jiuii-i-iiur iiHuu u sno asked mm.
I would," said Chris : "she is worth
a hundred Koha noors.
"Keallyr observed Peter, aroused
at last from tho gloomv letharo-v that
i. i , , w ,. . ;
una iiusscwscu mm an dinner-tune, and
addressing Chris : "What a pity she
does not regard you in tho samo light!
She told me last night how sho hated
uiuiuiiig wiui you, saying you wcro so
clumsy you wero constantly getting
j uitt- u'm uu ner uress.'
"indeed 1 retorted Chris. "Sim
told mo tho very samo thing about
"1 don't behevo it, Baid Peter.
"Do you mean to sav that I am tell.
nig lies I demanded Chris.
noiiicr quarrel I cried my aunt
"Oh, dear. dear, what will lm tlm
end of it all?"
"Tho ond ol it all might bo pi
iiougn, i replied with energy,
v every ouu of you would disji
lo common sense. I nm oi
patlenco with you all!"
"Well, Meg," said L
lOttio calmly,
"you generally seem to consider your-
seu capauio ot setting i
rights, so can you sot our
, 7 rrr,r ,
; tho world to
mr littlo world
mo wo oro all
you BurgcBt to
BtraigntT it seems to
miserable What can
mako us happy t"
"Common sense," I repeated "only
common sense. Tako my advice, and
peace win uo restored at onco."
"Lot us havo it then," said my
aunt querulously.
"Oh, let us havo 'Meg's advico' at
onool" sneered Chris ngain. "Howls
it wo havo not thought of this panacea
earlier t"
"I will commenco with ray uncle,"
I began firmly. "Let htm -at least,
mako him soo tho doctor to-night, and
he will bo better beforo morning."
"That is good advico enough." said
aunt, and I will tell him."
"As for you, aunt go to bod at
onco and forget your worries. Wo
will start a subscription list for you,
which I will head with fivo shillings,
and if tho others givo with equal liber
ality according to their moans, you
will bo ablo to replaco all tho broken
crockery nnd havo tho white- hearth
rug cleaned also."
"That is good advice, too, and I will
do my part by going to bed immedi
ately," said aunt, meekly. I am much
bbligcd to you, Meg."
"As for you, Peter," I continued,
severely, "I think instead of quarrel
ing with Chris about Miss Jones, you
had better turn your attention nearer
home. I know poor Kitty Reynolds
nearly cried her oyes out when sho got
homo last night, " or rather this morn
ing." "You know more than I do, then,"
returned Peter.
"Yes, I do, for I am in Kitty's con
fidence and you aro not, and I know
what Kitty said to mo when sho was
going home, and you do not. And
my advico to you, Peter, is, make it up
with Kitty, and leave Miss Jones for
thoso who want her."
"Capital advice ! But I nover asked
you for it you see ; so I don't consider
myself bound to tako it," and ho wont
on eating tarts.
"And now, girls, I continued, look
ing at Lottio and Sophy, "mako up
your minds to tho inevitable, and
change lovers. They aro twins, and
so much alike you cannot toll which is
which and I think it must bo merely
contrariness in y'ou two to pretend you
liko either ono better than tho other,
and" with ' just a careless glance at
Chris "contrariness never pays in tho
end. So tako my advice transfer
your affections quietly, and say no
moro aboiit it.
Then I helped myself to some blano
mango, and wont on eating my din
ner. "But you havo forgotten me," ob-
served Chris, "pray, havo you no ad-
VICO for me V
I Lesitated a moment, then looked at
him defiantly.
"Well, I said, "I think tho advico I
ihavo given Peter might also apply to
you j instead of making yourself ndic-
uious about miss Jones, I think you
might pud some ono to admire nearer
Then, owins: to Peter's deliahted
"jjravo, meg 1 and Uhns steady stare,
I had a sensation that I had nover ex
perienced in all my self-possessed life
beforo I think it was embarrassment
and I rose hastily from tho table and
left the room, presumably to see "why
that dog howled so." And Chris must
havo felt curious on tho point, too, for
ho also loft tho table and followed me
to Nero s kennel.
tin i - .
v nen wo camo m again reter was
standiug iu tho hall with his top coat
on, brushing ins hat very carefully.
"vny, reter," l exclaimed, "whero
aro you going ? I should havo thought
you wouiu uavo been moro inclined
lorocutnana walk. Whero aro you
going i
i-eier looked at us with a curious
mixture of defiance and sheepishness in
his expression.
"I am going to see Frank I sevnold's
ho said. lie told mo last night that ho
has a little terrier ho thinks I shall like,
and he said he would let mo havo it
cheap, so I am going to look at it."
"But," remarked Chris,
know that Frank has gone away from
homo to-day, aud won't bo back until
Monday, and your journey will bo ut
terly fruitless , will it not, if you find
only Kitty in T "
"1 shall seo tho terrier, muttered
Peter, putting oil' his hat, "and shall
leave word whether I will havo him or
"Oh, I havo no doubt it will bo all
right f 1 remarked with an innocent
Hcter looked at me. and then said
"What was tho matter with Nero, t
"Oh his chain I think his col
lar 1" I stammered, laken aback by tho
sudoniiess of his question, and ending
uy an appealing gianco at UhriB.
iNovermind, never mind r cried
i-eier, waving ms hands. "As you
aaid, Meg, I havo no doubt it will bo
an right j it b leap year, you know, and
Chris has only acted as any other man
iiuiu j. ciui iiuriL'u mrougn uiu
hall door, and slammed it after
otherwise tho hat brush would havo
struck him.
When Chris and I entered tho din-
ing room, aunt was there.
"lour uncle baa ltist Been tho doc
tor," alio said smiling a littlo aa she
kissed me beforo saying good night ;
"and, if any of the others havo been as
ready to act upon your advice, you
can let us know in tho morning. 1
think wo aro all ready for bed to
1 shall havo to Hit ui for Peter.
Raw unris.
"Ono of tho servants can do that."
said aunt.
"No, thov aro alltired out,"answerod
curia j "and l shall like to Bit up, inst
to bco poor Peter's bewilderment when
1 ask him what is tlio color of tho tor
"Oh, ho won't bo bowildered at all I"
I put in. "llo'll answer, in all Binnili-
city, 'Plum-colored' or 'Navy-blue,' and
men wonder why you look surprised
When mint 'had retired. Inoticed
t int T-ntt.v Snnliv worn l,av .Int.,
Boinething to their photograph albums,
and observing, them quietly, 1 saw them
.!.!.. ., " . t , "
exenango two photographs. I said
nothing ; but, when wo all wont nn
btairs logotnor, mey wero morrior than
i l.ottv
S,i,..V ...i.:. !.. . .i i' ...
r,:,t,' 'i...i.r. ...n.. ., .
- I w I WJVslllllllL: tllJtl IJltl W Clllllllir.
.,.,... us"''i nnd quito friendly again. ThtlS tlinrlnv- linmin ar
,lnv 1 ' "H"1 "appuy 1 anu 118 1
,', were happier still for Peter and
uru mippv aiw married now
enns noving also condescended to tak i , it s ? " ,r .
Meg's advico for onco-has a wife who of tho by offering their
Wo5hl,M tho very groin Hio tS on Ul,8t0"-,IS the bar room any food
(1 Q (1 ' f uulUB " moro tempting than stalo craokeis and
' ' dricd-up chcim
ChriB-hovTng also condescended totak "ii1", l,lf,1Kl'ig upon tho domain
TV t11"V to
uaviu iavis gayb n man wi never
Bit long ou a baibed wlro fence unless
thero aro bad doga on both sides of
1H 8vr S m It
onolnch. ..fjoo HM 8oo tSfto iso
Two Inches ..... boo 400 son 800 iso
Thrco inches...,, 4 00 Boo 100 II oo 18 0
Four inches boo to boj Moo soo
Ounrter column.. no boo 10 oo 18 oo sso
llnlf column looo HOit 11 oo 0u MO
unccolumn woo moo sooo 500 J looo
Yearly artvertlsdments narablflnnartenr. Tran
sient advertisements must bo paid tor befora Insert
ed except whero parties havo accounts,
, Legal advertisements two dollars per Inch for
thrco insertions, and at that rata for additional
Insertions without refcrenco to length,
Kxeeutor's, Administrator's, nndAudltor'soollccs
throe dollars. Must bo paid for when nscrtcd.
Transient or focal notices, ten cents a line, regu
lar advertisements half rates.
Cards In tho 'lluslness Directory" column, ono
dollar a year for each line.
The Reading Publlo.
Wo very often hear pcoplo complain
ing of their cqunty papers, nnd saying
that "they contain nothing worth read
ing i" nnd wo nro nil sometimes inclin
ed to think, (liko some men do of tho
weather,) that if wo had tho manage
ment wo could improve it in many ro
specta. But wo find, on looking around
that thoso very persons who complain
tho most, aro the ones that road tho
least. A dandy-or a "dude," wo
would call him now might travel all
over tho American conduct, and when
ho camo back, could tell you nothing
worth listening to, much less remem
bering : whilo a Franklin, a Humboldt
or a Newton, in taking a morning walk,
would mako somo observations and
select some good things from naturo'u
page that would bo tisoful to science,
and worthy a place in history. So it
is with tho reading public. Ono man
picks up his2ajer t for which, per
haps, ho is in arrears for ten years, at
least glances over it hastily for a few
minutes, throws it down and showers a
volley of curses upon its editor for in
serting some enterprising business
man's advertisement ; which, wero ho -as
tardy in paying for as our self-constituted
critic is for his paper, its editor
might bo in a fit condition to walk tho
streets with a bundle of old umbrellas
under his arm, or a Bcissor-sharponer's
grindstone on his back. Wo havo a
case iu point which serves to illustrate
our meaning hotter than anything elso
which wc can think of now, and wo
will givo it not as a reproach to any
ono but as showing how much a mau
may gaiti in general knowledge by read
ing all that a paper contains no matter
how insignificant it may appear at first
sight as showing also how many uso
ful things aro lost by persons who will
not learn whim thoy havo tho opportu
nity, yet aro over ready to sneer at
thoso who, by reading and study, havo
gained a littlo moro than they have
A few months ago wo happened to
bo present when Mr. "Faultfinder"
opened his mail, adjusted his spectacles
and began looking over his papers.
One happened to bo a "Circular"
nothing elso ; designed merely as au
advertising medium-
free. Iinstnrrn nnid. Tin uin milir nalrnrl
u-n4 annf. fn him
the favor of reading it. Looking at it
about half n minutn lm tli rnw it. nn tlin
from him. Thinking thero might, per-
linns, ho Hmnotiiirnvi,, if n.rti. ra,iinn
wo picked it up aud pushed it down in
our pocket. When again alono we
took it out and read it ; and whilo it
was nearly all mado up of clap-trap
ndVirfiqnmnnta tlinra urn a nnr. vnnr nr-i.
tnM fi PYPontinti Tn nun ltttln nnrnnr
was a table containing tho names of all
tho crowned heads of Europe, with tho
uatcs oi their accessions, and also their
ages. Ity looking over it carefully wo
wero enabled to gain the following his
torical facts, viz : In Europe thero aro
41 monarchs and 42 crowns : King
William, of Germany, wearing 2 that
oi tno uerman Jimpiro and tho
smaller kingdom of Prussia. Ho is
also tho oldest of all, being 85 years of
iijji.-, wiinu juiuiiBu, oi opaiu, is tuo
youngest being but 25 years of ago.
Dom i'edro, of Brazil, and William, of
Brunswick, each ascended in 1831
they being the longest reigning of all
DllllU JllCVilllULT, OI JV1IS3K1, 13 II1U
shortest having ascended in 1881.
We considered this tablo worth pre
serving, and takiim it homo wc care-
fully inserted it in our "scrap book"
and waited to meet Mr. Faultfinder,
which was not long and the following
conversation took place, as near as wo
can recall it at present :
Q. Mr. F do you not know how
mauy crowned heads thero is in Eu
rope 1
A. No ; how do I know.
Q. Do you know tho oldest Mon
arch in Europe
A. JNo : and 1 don t care a d n
Q. Can you tell me tho name of tho
only woman that wears a crown 1
A. Now you think vou ro smart.
My father didn't send mo to school
liko yourn did. If he did, I might a
knowed a d n sito moro nor what
you do.
Wc merely cito this ono case to show
what flimsy excuses somo men will sst
up for knowing nothing. Hero was a
man who shilted Ins responsibility
upon his father wheu tho information
was thrust under his very nose, nnd ho
was too proud to read it because, for-
sooth, it was surrounded by advertise
ments. Now there is no paper, how-
i over insigniiicant it may appear, or
however crowded with advertisements,
but may contain something worth
remembering, if wo only tako tho
troublo to search for it. Then read
your papers. Don't throw them aaido
because some ono advertises in them.
You may miss something worth mdrc
man your whole year s subscription
lor iruiv
"mere la many a roho In tho pa' h of life,
It wo would hut btop to tako (t, j
And mahy a tono from tho better land,
If tlio (lueruloua heart would mako it.
Thcro Is many a gem of rarest worth
Which wo pass in ldlo pleasure j
That u ilcher than tho Jowtled crown,
Of tho mlaer's hoarded, trea&ure."
It is estimated that in 9,500 of tho
9,000 bar-rooms in Philadelphia free
luncheon is provided. Tho quality of
tho food vaiieH according Jo tho loca
tion of tho bar room, where tho soup
mado of a half-pickled beef bone, n
few scraps of fat and lean meat, a
small measure of
potatoes, turnips nnd
I, . - , . .. - . ...
lo ""T .. m lW0 allon.8 .1 iwy.W.l
""! sin.-oinu.iu uuiioisiiiiy oi DOS
ton baked beans, boiled and baked
macaroni, broiled reed birds in season,
choico breakfast bacon, "and a variety
ot other dainties that would nrohablv
,.rtui f..... .in , -i.-
wov null, iu uu ui'lllES WCTU mu JH1.
nun iu jjui nm sumo tiling in ft reguiai
ii.. i lUDusuiiiui, jnuiimiv cost oi nroviii.
f'Km'Ilirwl fa Milt-
p.. ."7 , , v"
"""i n iiiiuuiu uiuKccpcrs who go
nml , , . .... vi"-"" " vv
" uuy lor loon w h c l a Iron tn t m r
7 customers. Tho hotels I'otim-nllv .
HUM - . CI ' J
A quart of good milk should weigh
nearly two pounds two and ono-liiilf