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A Dclcotlyo'a Experience.
& I'ATB.
(Ilufalo, IvTy., Mwa.)
Ono morning eoveml yenrs ngo, just
as tho dull Kray light wns beginnlnr- to
show itsolf In tho cast, a small band of
men might h&vo been scon doploycd
about a house on Ferry street, in Buf
falo. Thoro was nothing special eith
er in tho dross or appearance of the
men to indicato their Intention, but it
was plain that thoy had business of im
portance on hand. Suddonly a man
appeared at ono of tho windows, took
jn tho situation at a glance, and, swing
ing himself outward with wonderful
quickncs, scaled tho roof of tho houso.
Ihis man was Tom Ballard, the uotor
ions counterfeiter j and, armed to tho
teeth and fully realizing his situa
tion, ho defied justice andtho ollicials
bolow him. Some of the olllecr?, know
ing tho desperate character of the man,
Proposed to shoot him until he was
killed, but ono of tho number promptly
protested, and declared that if his
brother ollleers would assist him to as
cend ho would capture tho man allvo.
Accordingly ho began the dillioult and
dangerous task, and succeeded in bring
ing his prisoner to tho ground in safe
Tho man who accomplished this task
was Mr. Thomas Curtin, tho present
miperintendcnt of city polieo of Buffalo,
N. . Mr. Curtin is a man who is
known by every prominent detective
and policeman in America, and ho
stands pre eminently in tho front rank
of his profession. Quiet acd gentle
manly in appoaranco and mauners, ho
possesses a courago, combined with
marked physical powers, that make
him the terror of evil-doers and tho
pndo of law-abiding citizens. Few
people can realize, however, tho trials,
exposures, and oven privations, to
which the members of overy munici
pal polieo and firo department aro ex
posed. Compelled to bo on duty at un
certain hours, subjected to tho most in
clement weather, and often necessita
ted by tho naturo of their duties to
protracted undertakings, they enduro a
nervous and physical strain that is tcr
nblo. Such was tho oxperienco of Mr.
Curtin in former days ; and it is not
surprising that lie found ".himself suf
fermg from a mysterious physical trou
ble. In relating his experience to a
representative of this paper ho said :
"At times when I was on duty I
would feel an unaccountablo woariniRS
ana lack of energy. My appctito was
uncurtain ami my Head seemed
dull and heavy. I did not fully un
derstand theso troubles, but supposed,
as most people suppose, that I was suf-
D,s ,om rnnlari!- I tried to throw
off the feeling, but it would not go. I
though I might ovorcomo it, but found
lu.oiiiKuii, nnu i nnaiiy became- so
badly off that it was almost impossible
utiviiu iu my uuiies. 1 navo known
any number of men in tho polieo and
fire departments of this country who
nave been afflicted as I was, and I
aouot not thero are to-day hundreds
similarly troubled who, like myself, did
AUUr mo causo or really what ailed
lour present appearance, Mr. Cur
tin, does not indicato muoh physical
uLoiaiy, said the interviewer as he
iookcu at tho 220 pounds of bono nnd
in nanlA i ! - . - .
tuuawv oiuuuing neany nve loot eleven
inches in heicrht beforn hi m.
"O, no; that is altogether a thing of
F-i au J- am nappy to say that
for moro thau a year I havo enjoyed
almost perfect health, although 1 uow
WW. 1 1.. , .1.... T . o
..i4o uvm i was on tno road to cer
tain death by Bright's disease of tho
Kidneys and traveling at a very rapid
"How did you come to recover so
completely t"
"That is just what I want to tell
you, for I believe it may bo of great
service to many others in my profes
sion, who may possibly hear of it. I
began tho use of a popular remedy at
tho earnest solicitation of a number of
friends in this city, and found to my
great satisfaction that I began feeling
better. This feeling continued and 1
gained iu strength aud vigor until
now I am perfectly well and wholly
through tho instrumentality of War
uer's Safo Cure which I believe to bo
tho best medicine for policemen, fire
men, railroad men or auy other class of
peoplo o.posed to dangerjor a change
of weather, ever discovered. Since
my recovery I havo recommended it
everywhere, and never know a case
where it failed either to ourc or benefit.
I would not bo without it under any
consideration, aud I am positive it is a
wonderfully valuable, and at tho same
timo entirely harmless remedy. In
deed, I seo that Dr. Gunn, dean of tho
United States Medical Colleao of
Now York, indorses it in the highest
"So you oxperionco little difficulty in
tho oxocution of your duties now, Mr.
Curtin, do ycu J"
"Nono whatever. Our department
was never in better in conditon than
at present."
"And do you novor have auy fear of
tho desperadoes whom you havo been
tho means or bringing to justico f '
"Not in tho least. Such men do not
try to retaliate, partially becauso they
havo not tho courage, but oftoner bo-
causo thoy respect au officer who does
his duty."
Tho policemen, firemen, letter carri
ers aud other publio employes in this
country havo a particularly trying life.
W hen, ttierctore, u simple and pure
remedy that eau restore aud sustain
tho health of all such men is found, it
should bo the cause for groat con errata
lation, especially when recommended
by such a mau as Superintendent
xtiomas uurtin ot isuitaio.
" Ho w to Grease a Wagon Wheel .
Tho CoucJt maker's Maymim in
dorses the statement that lew people
nro . awaro tuat tnoy do wagons and
carriages more injury by greasing too
plentifully than in any other way. A
well made wheel will endure constant
wear from ten to twenty-11 vo years, if
care is taken to use tho right kind nnd
proper amount o( greaso ; but if this
matter is not attended to it will be
used up in live or six years. Lard
should nover bo used on a wagon, for
it will penetrates tho hub, and work its
way out around tho tenons of the
spokes, thus spoiling tho wheel. Tat
low is t'io best lubricator for wooden
axletrees, nnd castor oil lor Iron huba,
but many ot tho patent axle greases
aro also excellent, and havo tho merit
of being cheaper nnd more convenient
to handle. Just grease euough should
bo applied to tho vpindlu of a wagon
to give it a slight coating, l ms is
better than more, for tho surplus put
on will work out nt tho ends, and be
forced by tho shoulder bands and nut
washer into the hull around the outside
of the boxes. To oil nn iron axktree,
llrst wino tho spindle clean, wet with
tpirits of turpentine, and then apply n
lew drop oi caaior on iicitr uio snuui
iler aud end. One teasjwonful is milll
cieut for tho whole.
Speed of Ilorscs.
From an nrtlclo in Harper's Maya.
fine wo learn that horses aro now rals
ed that mnko much faster records than
they did thirty years ago. This is a
list of the greatest feat? i
tally Suffolk, onomllo.; 18(9 ,. ..8.38
Flora Temple, " WW 3.19V
Hotter. " 1N17 8.17V
(loldsmlth Maid, " 1ST4 3.14 .
Harus, " Urs S.IStf
wt.Julien, " 18hu iMltf
Milium, 1M1 8.10.3
Lately at Provence, It. I., a horsd
named Jav-Kyo Seo Hotted a milo iii
two minutes, ton and three-quarter se
conds. As to tho market valuo of trotter.
Mr. Bishop in this nrtlclo states, "that
when a horse has entered the ranks of'
the great 'flyers', there is hardly auy
limit to his value. One with a record
of U.Jll) may bo estimated in a general
way worth SSIU.UUU. From 2.3U down
to 2.20, $1,000 may bo added for each
successive second. When wo como
into the tho teens, aud near tho head
of tho record, juggling with gold nnd
diamonds is a coarso occupation in com-'.
parison. Mr. Honncr is said to havq
paid $:13,000 for Doxtcr, and $30,000
for Hams, and Mr. Vnnderbtiilt $20,01)0
for Maud S. But this last was beforn
sho mado her great time ; now that bIic
has made it, you aro told conlulcntlv
that a person stand ready to draw his
chock willingly for $75,000 whenever
ho can get a horso that will lead her,
and give him the distinction of having
tho fastest trotter in tho world. Hut
how (toes it pay T Woll, it nays first in
stock-raising ; it pays next in tho op
portunity to tako purses nnd stakes at
lorded by the great system of racing
circuits ; and no doubt oven thoso gen-J
tlcmen who withdraw' Irom racing, and
do their driving in private, life, hud it
pay in n pleasure and improved health
from this kind of recreation, extrava
gant as it is, which they might not be
able to procure- so well from tho expen
diture of equal sums in any other di
rection." Forking up the Garden.
Gardeners understand tho good ef
fect of turning up tho soil into in tho
fall has upon tho next year's crops ;
but thero nro many others those who
havo small gardens, and in this clas3 aro
many of our well to do farmers who,
by nogleoting this work, only rniso half
a crop of vegetables, and the of an in
ferior quality, aud then they wonder
why their more knowing neighbors do
so much better. Hence, wo cannot too
often repeat tho advico that if they
will use the garden fork and turn tho
soil up full fork deep late in Novem
ber, allowing it to remain in lumps all
winter exposed to tho frost, it will havo
much to do in putting tho ground in
excellent condition, and tend greatly
to add to next year's crops This is
especially tho caso where tho ground
is not so treated at all ; but wo would
mention that to do this onco iu two or
threo years, instead of every year, as
somo gardeners do, will produoo equal
ly good effect. Gardens and espec
ially old ones should bo limed about
onco iu five years, though but lightly,
say at about tho rato of thirty bushels
per acre, and lightly salted overy other
year at the rato of from six to eight
bushels per acre, applying it evenly to
avoid injury. Keep tho salt from com
ing in contact with box edging and nil
other evergreens, very small trees, &o.
Such a course will recuperate your old
gardens in a surprising manner. Gcr
mantown Telegraph.
Clover as a Fertilizer.
A stick of wood burned on the sur
face mostly passes off in gas, leaving
only tho ashes ; but tho same stick, if
burned in a coal pit, excluded from the
air, forms a mass of carbon of nearly
or (iiiito its original size. Now, all
- v. . - ,
decay of vegctablo matter is a slow
combustion, and when this is done un
der tho soil not only are the gasses re-
tained in the soil, but more carbon has
tho power to appropriate the valuablo
gasses always present, in uiu ramus
phcrc. Tho great value ol clover as a
fertilizer is due, first to the carbon
furnished by tho decay of the plant,
and second to the tine mechanical ei-
fects on the soil, which renders it no
rous, so that tho atmosphere penetrates
it and deposits plant-tood. it is clear
that better fertilizing effects will re
sult from the ploughing down of tho
crop to decay in tno soil. Ordinarily
noro can bo mado out ot the tops than
they nro worth for manure, and, if
rightly managed, the roots will supply
tho needed lertility. Pennsylvania
Panki. Pictukus. Floral panels aro
much used for room decoration, some.
times suspended from mirrors, or pic
tures, from a height, or standing like
armorial shields at cither sido of a door
or window. A pretty panel picture
mado with a trilling outlay, can bo pro
duced by taking a common slate. First
paint in the background cither somo
neutral tint or ono shaded in color
thoso lrom dark brown to tho lightest
tint of that color aro pretty and effect
ive, using burnt umber and white. Be
careful to shado it as gradually and
evenly as possible. Flowers are the
prettiest designs for panel pictures, a
particular prettv one being composed
of wheat heads, field daisies and wild
roses. Poppies, wheat and blue corn
flowers make another equally handsome
or golden rod and purple chrysaiitho
mums make a bright and cfTectivo pic
ture ; applo blossoms on ono nnd pan
sics on another nlso mako good com
panion pictures. Tho frames may bo
painted m somo neutral tiut or contrast
lug color, or elso simply gilded with
liquid gold paint.
To IvKKl' TlIU'.S ON WllKKI.S.
respondent of a Virginia paper
A cor
that tires may be kept on wlicols by
the following process : "I ironed
wagon somo years ago for my own inso
and betoro puttim on the tires 1 hllod
tho felloes with linseed oil, and tho
tires havo worn out nnd were never
looso. I nlso ironed a buggy for my
own uso sovon years ago, aud tho tires
are as tight as when put on. My nieth
od of filling tho felloes are as follows
I uso a long cast-iron boater mado for
tho purpose Tho oil is brought to
boiling heat, and tho wheel is placed on
a stick so as to hang iu tho oil. An
hour is sufficient for n common sized
felloe, of which tho timber should be
dry, as green wood will not tnko oil,
Care should bo taken Hint the oil docs
not get hotter than tho boiling heat
else tho wood might bo set on fire and
burned. Timber filled with oil is not
susceptible to water and much moru du
The Burlington Haickeye says
"Young uoorgo Vnnderbilt, lourth son
of the inilllounrie, wants to bo a news
paper reporter. 'Ihero it crops out
attain: the natural, educated and hered
itarv greed forced, tho insatiable
thirst fur wealth, tho passion for amasis
in' millions by the easiest and quickes
methods, nnd ronohlng a fabulous com
DCtenco by tho shorU'tt ways. It's a
family trait.
Trloks In the Markets.
Cut this out and run it over prepar
atory to marketing :
Urnnges nro occasionally boiled to
mako them larger.
Dried peas nro soaked to Imitate the
fresh, green article. .
samples ol nuts or lruit cracked
or cut and exposed nro not at all truth'
Tho best or biggest f i ult is always
on tho top of the box or basket.
Observe) it your butcher allows jour
meat to remain on tho spring bal
nneo scales until tho scales liavo ceas
ed to quiver and the Index is station-
The marki ts are full of theso littlu
tricks of tho trado. They come of
generations of study and prnctico and
as a rulo in buying'nny kind of article,
-...I .1... I..-!.... ......!
I you nnu inn ucaier puuuig up u
taokago out of sight look out for somo
kind of shave.
In tho pyramids and regular em
bankments of oranges tho best nro al
ways in front, while tho dealer fills
your paper bag with the poorer ones
concealed in tho rear.
Look at tho nice, llat bunches of cel
ery and you find tho greener and
tougher stalks in its rear.
Bugs Irom Hespectablo Family,
A man who was looking throucU a
second-hand store in Brooklyn, with a
view of finding a bedstead to suit Hun,
finally examined one and said :
"Aro von sure there aro no bugs in
this !"
"Bugs 1 Vhy. dot petstcad was oudt
of my own family I Wo got it when my
brother Moses vhas here, nnd now ho
has gouo away I sell it for half price."
"any, 1 behove it has had bugs in.'
"Ompoesiblo, my friendt. My wife
vhas so neat dot if sho knew of such
things in der houso sho go gra.y."
'And 1 11 1'o hanged it hero isn.t
proof I ' exclaimed tho oustomor, ns
he pointed to an unimpoaciiabio evi
"Vhell 1 Vhell 1"
Tho customer was going out with a
heartbroken look on his face, when tho
other detained him, and said :
'Dots all right, after all. Jit you
buy dot pedstead you know you havo
bugs lrom n respectable taraiiy. lUoses
vhas head clerk iu Hochestery, nnd you
know I vhas here twenty-seven years in
Ono of Mrs. Bishop's neighbors at
Dayton, Ohio, said to her :"Look out
for voursclf. lour illness is lust like
your husband's first wife's, nnd you'll
dio as sho did." Then Mrs. Bishop
mado inquiries, and learned of a gen
oral suspicion that her predecossor
had been slowly poisoned to death.
Bishop is blind, and it was easy for
tho wife to avoid eating that ho did
not eat, without his knowing that she
was taking nnv precautions. Hut
when she regained her health ho know
that sho had detected him, and ho fled
to escape prosecution.
Facts Auout Bees. It is known
that a queen boo lias deposited as many
as 3000 to 4000 eggs in tweuty-four
hours, and in twenty-ono days they all
emerge from their cells perfect bees,
thero being about 35.000 to 40,000
workers in a good colony. I he entire
colony becomes new, overy two or threo
months during tho working season,
owing to tho amount of honey obtained
and tho distance travelled in gaining it.
Somo patent apiarian enthusiast, who
has watched their movements, conclu
des that tho proboscis of tho beo must
be inserted into 500 clover heads be
fore one graiu of sugar can bo obtained.
There aro 7,1)1)1) m a pound, and as
honey contains three-fourths of its
weight ot dry sugar, each pound ot hon
ey represents 2,5UU,UUO clover tunes
sucked by bees.
. . . . i
Uf tho rich newspaper men James
Gordon Bennett runs two yachts and
four-in-hands Robert Bonner is tho
owner of 170 horses ; Charles A. Dana,
keeps a Pullman parlor car, whilo wo
are putting in a foundation for a barn.
Marlboro1 Times.
AclverllHliiKf ClieatH 1 1 !
'It 1ms becomo so common to write
beginning of nn article, iu nn clcguut,
teresting manner,
'Tlien ruu it lino somo mivcrtiscmcut
that wo avoid nil such.
"And simply call attention to tno merits
of Hop Bitters In as plnin, honest terms us
"io niuuco ncome
"To cive them onu trial, which so proves
their vnltio tuut liiey wm never use any
thine elso."
tub ukmkuy so iuvorauiy uoiiceu in an
tho papers,
"Kellgious nnu sccuinr, is
"Having a largo sale, and is supplanting
au oilier memcines.
"There is no denying tho virtues of tho
Hop plant and tho proprietors of Hop Hit
ters nave suown great shrewdness
"Aud ability
"In compounding a medicine whoso vlr.
lues are so palpable to every one's obscrva
UI ttlic Die I
"No 1
'Sho lingered and suffered along,
uwuy uu uiu iimo iur j enrs,
"The doctors doing hor no good ;"
"And nt last was cured by tills Hop Bit
tcrs tho papers say so much about."
"Indeed 1 Indeed I"
"How thankful wo should be for that
A Daiiutcr'H Misery.
"Eloveu years our daughter suffered
a bed of misery,
"From a complication of Uidncv. liver.
rheumatic trouble nnd Nervous debility,
"unuer uio caro oi tno uest physicians,
no cave tier ulscase various names,
"But no relief.
"Aud uow sho Is restored to us in eood
health by us slmplo a remedy as Hop Hit
tors, tliut wo hud shunned for years before
USing It." 1IIB X'AlUtSTS,
l-'uUicr Ih Gettlntr well
".My rtanL'htern r.iv i
"Ilow much better father li since ho used Hop
'Ho u irottlni? well after lite long Buffering from
u ujeusu uii'i.miu uicurauuv'
"And we uro ho glad that ho Used your lintel's.
A Uuv ot UtlCJ, N. Y.
Put a Brand oil Him.
"Women aro ,1 necessary evil," ho S.UJ, bringing
down uU nt hard on tho counter to empUa&lzo
the heartless remark, Kwastti tho village store
at West Milton, Saratoga couuty, and the speaker
was tho central nguroof u group of bunchollo
philosophers. Ho was homely, slovenly and six
"There's where I differ from you altogether,"
said .Mr. floorgo T. llrunam, of tho same place
"Women are mostly what men mako "em. When
husbands are brutes wles will fall Into gubml.
tloii or make home hot for the men i nnd they're
uuuatural In either character. I.ovo thorn, uud
i-tlK.vl.Uly bo good to them n lieu they're tick, and
vuu'll have no trouble. There's my wife. now.
Who's suffered a good deal with dysiepsla, nervous
prost ration and other ailments that took the bloom
uu uer cutt'ii ami iua spriui; um ui uer Kiepa.
Well. slioKaw au advertisement of rmi BK'aToMi'.
and thought It would bo just the thing for her
cose, iienueuien, scui ut iiuu'i auer a uome.
Kha took It. I sent airaln after more. So sovural
times. Trouble why, if you could wo Uow much
goul ll nas uone nrr jou wouia say mat women
are mo greatest oi uouit uirsiiiigx, uuu t akkkk
tonio I.- fhu next."
Th's preparation, widen has bocn known as Pan.
Hsu's (IinJkkTumc, will hereafter bo called slm
Ply I'liuKii's Tonic. This eluugo Inubneu reu
iii-ml m it'.irr bv hiibtt tuii'4 lmnuaod uiwn
lluir customers by unprincipled dealers under the
name f glwr land aw ginger Is really an unmi.
portautuaorlug Ingredient, wo drop Uio mis-
There li no rh uur. however. In the preparation
Itself, uud all bouW ruinilnlng la ihelundior
dealers, rapped under tho liaiuu of l'i sum's
iiinukh Tunic coitalu the genuine medicine If the
facsimile signature of Hiscox Co., Is at I he bot
tom unuer uuisuiv wrapper.
on coMroi'Nii r.XTitAcr ok
Him iKTn prmiomiccil by lending iiliyslctans Till:
no otnpr nvnieino now Known enn lio w cnociu
lly puiKo tho lilooil ol ilwii-eeated Ulwnsc.
A S P A R G O.
lias never yet fulled lo euro nil d Isaisns Of Uio
BlaMer, Kidocys, Urinary Orps,
F aiu in the Back
Bright's Disoaso of tho Kidneys,
Slono In tho lll.idder nnj Kidneys, CalculiH (irav.
el or llrt 'kclit Deposits, swellings.
'ilco (l, per bottle, or (I botllcs for f3. Sent to any
on receipt of cash or r. O. order.
Dr. Pounder Family Medicine Go.
'J IS. HKf'OM) treot, l'iillmlcilila l'u.
Tbe undcrslrncd havlnir out bis l'lantnz Mil
on Railroad Mreet, In flrsuciass condition, is pro-
purcu iu uu uh kiuus ui. wuik iu ma nnu.
furnished at reasonable prices. All lumber used
Is well seasoned and nono but skUled workmen
are employed.
furnished on anDllcatlon. nans and eoccinca
uuoa prep:irua oy an uxponenwa araugaisnian.
- Uloouisburg, l'n.
ffl. C. SLOAN & BRO.,
Manufacturers of
First-class work always on hand.
Prices reduced to suit the timet.
Manufacturer ct Plows, Stoves and all kinds ot
castmcs. Lariro siocr or Tinware. v;ook tsioves,
lloom Stoves, btoves for heating
bouses, churches, io. AI30. lanre stock of re
pairs rorcuy stoves oi an Kiaus.wuuiesuie unuruuiii
tnilUll 113 C II U 111 IV A, VTI Ull-O, Kill, VI lit. VO, (VU.,JIV.V
Pipe. Oook Doners, spiders, Cake Plates, Large
ir..iin. ciml dAld. Vl'.nnn Un.Au nil Vlnria
bf Plow Points, Mould lioards, Holts, Plaster, Salt,
JSUJS'M; MAJSUlili, itc,
P. HAimiAN
North American of Philadelphia.
lliimiurli-nnln II ,1
York, of Pennsylvania.
(jueens of Lontfon.
Vn-th Itrltlsh nf fMift.-in.
jiuniML-r, um, 1.
Ofllco on Market Stroot, N
o, s, nioomsburg.
OCt. 24, ij-iy
A I'oHitlvc Cure
A trentleman from
O.-weil, l'a., called my
lutentlou to Ely's
ci jam Halm as a reme
dy for catarrh, Hay
Fever, ic He was so
earnest In asserting Is
to bo a posltlvo cure
that I purchased a
stock. P. V, Hvirr, M.
1). Bordeitown, N. J.
"Tii "'-in
$iM Aimlv bvllttlo II n
Lj&icfiVM wr Into tho nostrils.
JSSvT iPB u nte0 TIlon lt cnect-
QVo u,m.sal passages of ca-
m u m k p. H. u . m luriliai luua, idiuinK
MAX-"JtELVER nealthybccretloiu. It
allays lntlammatlon, protects the membranal
linings ot tho head from additional colds, com
pletely heals tho sores nnd restores tho sense of
tasto and smell. Heneilelal results are realized by
a few applications. A thorough treatment will
cure, Cnequaled for colds in head. Agreeable to
use. send for circular, sold by druggists, lly
mall 50c, a package stamps.
cut utiuiiibiui, uruggisis, unegu, i,
October Mh-iw d
And will completely change tho Mood In tho en
tire system iu threo months. Any person who will
tako ono pill each night from ono to twelve weeks,
may be restored to sound bealt h, It such a thing Is
possible. For curing Female Complaints thoso
l'HU have no equal. Physicians uso them in their
nnictlce. sold evervw here, or sent by mall for S3
cents In stamps. Send for pamphlet. 1. 8. JOHN-
OU.l t IV, 1HKJIUI1, JlllSS. tlfl Id
Ald-T m03.
Absolutely pure. They contain no spurious or ex leaves Nu chemicals or Coloring Matter
used In their preparation. Very valuable for mix
ing with weaker china teas. Thoy contain a very
high percentage of Hvtract. They are cultivated
under tiio supervision of foreigners, uiwn tho
most approved methods. The leaf Is manipulated
by machinery, giving uniformity of umieuranee
throughout entire plucklngs. They a'talu tuelr
valuablo qualities tor an unusual length ot yme.
JOHN C. PHILLIPS CO., 1M) Water su .Sew
Yo.k. Agents of the Calcutta Tea syndicate.
SepL 81-lw d
I c a 11 recommend
Ely's Cream llalm to
all Hay Fever suffer
cm. It being, In my
opinion, founded uiKin
experience uud a sure
cure. I was artlleted
with Hay Fever for S5
j cars, and never be-
loreiounu iiermivneni.
relief. WkHSTiK II.
lUssiNS, Marthtleld,
Aiph by Utile nu-
8er into tno nostrils,
y absori'tlo" H e'
tH'tuallr idealises the
U A Y FFUFB uasai passages ui cu
IT rCYCW tarrhal virus, causing
healthy scretlons. Jt alla)- Inflammation, pro.
ttcu tho membranal linings ot the head from ad.
dltlonat colds, completely heals the sores and re.
btores the souse ot tosla and unelL lwuelkial re
sults aro realized by a few applications. A thor
ough treatment will cure, unequalled for colds
til the head. Agroeablo to us. Rend for circular,
hold by druggists, liv mall mm. a package
stamps. 1.L1 nuiiimius uwrgu, n. ,
iiU'-' d
ram iiuiat au list r ails.
l,unilLl.Swilil. THjUlMlfGlMl.
Vtt 1ml" 1 - d lydruKsUu.
Usod In tho prln; churclies for communion.
Ktccllcht for l'cmalca, Weakly rcmoni nnd the
Spoor's Port Gwpo Wine !
rnilWcm.KIIHATnt) WlNT.Htho pure Juice of
.1 tho dead rlpo oporto (Ir.ipe, rnlsed In Speer's
vineyards. Its Invaluable,
Tonic and Strengthening Prorortlos
nro unsurpassed by any otlar Wine. Uclng pro
duced under Mr. -pcer's own per'onilsupcrv 1-ton,
Its purity and genuineness nio guaranu ed by the lloiiiltalsnud Hoarosof Health who hivo
examliKHllt. Tho yo'ingcttehlldmaypnrtikeof
H, nnd Hie weakest Invalid use It to advantage,
lt Is particularly bencllclal to tho aged nnd
debilitated, and Milled to tho Vnitous ailments that
anect me weaker hc.
it is in every respect A wink i o he iiei.ieij on.
Speer's Unformented Qrapo Juico-
la tho lutco of the Onorto (Iraoes nresorveil In
Us natural, fresh, sweet Btatoaslt runs from tho
press by mmigntinn, thereby destroying tho exci
ter of fermentation, it Is perfectly pure, froo
from spirits and will keep In auy climate.
Spoor's Burgundy.
Is n dark rich medium nrv Winn lined hr the
wealthy classes an a Tnblo or Dinner Wine, and by
physicians Incases where n dry wlno Instead of a
sweet port Is desired.
Spoor's (Socialite) Olarot.
Is held In lilcll estimation for 11.4 richness ns a
Dry Tamo vviuo especially suited for dinner use,
Spoor s P. J. Sherry.
Is a wlno Of Sunerlor Character and n.irlakns of
the i tch qualities of the grape from which lt Is
Spoor's P- J. Brandy.
stands unrivalled In this Country for 1neiJlcln.1l
H has a peculiar llavor, similar lo that of tho
grapes fromwhlch lt Is distilled,
Seo that tho signature of AI.FnilU 8rEElt, Tns-
salc N. J., is over tho cork ot each bottle.
Hep. s-'83iyr.
not, Ufa is sweeping oy, go
and daro before you dlo
somctalng mighty and su b
llmo leavo behind to connuer
time." t6 a week you own town, ts outfit free.
No risk. Everything now. Caolialnotreaulred.
Wo win furnish you everything. Many aro making
fortunes. Ladles make as much as men, and boys
and girls mako great pay. Header, If you want
business at which you caa mako great pay all the
time, wrim for particulars to II. lUi.LKrr & Co.,
I'uruanu, juaino lfc. s, S2-IV
An EnglUU Veterinary Surgeon and Chemist,
now traveling in this country, says that most of
tho Horso anil C'attlo Powders sold hero aro worth
less trash. Ho ss that Sherlduv's Condition
Powders nro absolutely puro and immensely valu
able. Nonvng on earth will mako u ns lay like
Sheridan's Condition Powders. Dose, 1 teaspoon,
ful to 1 pint food, Soldovorywhero, or sent by
mall for 8 letter-stamps. I. S. Johnson a Co..
uoston, msi. aid ian ztrsj-iy.
HPoVpi': Extract of Annatto.
W " w'E' TNiitnrc'a own Color. Brightest
" and StrongMt. Eoy or ycor llcr
(h.nt, tt KB 4 35 ctl. la .twiirt fur unl'lf, colorlCK SOOltil. to
tlEAS. HAD I' & CO., K. (35 Market St., PUIUD'A.
Juno l-ly nts
A wrek mado at homo oy tuo mdustrl
ous. HfSt business now before tho
public. Capital not needed. Wo will
start vou. Men. women, bors nnd i-iris
wanted every whom to work lor us. Now Is the
timo. you can work in spare time, or give your
whole timo to Uio business. No other business
will pay you nearly as well. No ona can fall to
make enormous pay, by engaging nt once. Costly
uuiub nnu icriua irru. jiuuey iuuuu iusl, easily,
and honorably. Address Tkuk & Co , Augusta,
jiuiie. xjcu. o. sj-iy.
w u taa r1" - - im
And all Bilious Complaints.
Bafo to tako, being purely xoae tabloj no grlpins.
l'rlco l cents. All Druggists.
October 5th-lw d
New illustrated catalogue, (40 pp. -lto)
for season ot lBa.l -1, including many new
styles ; tho best assortment ot the best nnd
most attractive organs wo have ever offer.
ed, aud at lowest prices, $23 to i?000, for
cash, easy payments or rented. Sent free
Mason & Hamliu Oiian & Piano Co.
Boston, ISlTremont St. ; New York, East Uth
m. ; ciucau, irj uuuasu .vve.
Sept, Sl-lw d
VOLUMES tho choicest literature of tho world.
lOO pago Cataloguo Ireo. Lowest prices everkuowu.
Ktrt" sold by dealers, sent for examination before
payment on evidence 01 good faith.
JOHN B, ALDEN, Publisher,
r. o. Hon pr.
18 Vesey St., N. Y
l?I ((Ufa 'Till TO f AOEXTS Wanted :
'h ' 4lmmedlato and Immense
1 UiUyupopuiaruyoi --liiCASUiiv Of su.Mi" 1!
j0wlnirtoits lielnvverllr airrand treas.
ury of the best-loved cems of Somr. wj 11.1 tcs.
:wo pieces, such as "Swaneo Hlver", "OKest In tho
Lord," "llush thee, .My llaby," etc., etc., which In
sheet muslo would cost nearly Jioo ; In this elegant
volume only, linluent critics, such as l'att I,
Nllsson, Whitney, Thomas, Thursby, and others
say 11 is . ". perieci marvel 01 excellence'" "1
full of genulno ncins, nnd should be In every home.
.IU ll&U il, i .IU VAllupuillluil, lVlliailll IS UI1SA
Agents are coining mouey. Fur terms and parti
culara address
UUHUAitt) UliOS., Publishers, Philadelphia, l'a
Sept. Sl-lw d
Dr. J. IL 8UHES03 lus )ui rubUbhcd a Ikx on
hich Is offcroil Til V. V. t ia.lto njl aprllcanti,
1 1 eon Uin ru tnabt nforwtaii n fur &u v ho fc uj j cq
Ewnrte aiUicteJ with, or llaUo to txiy Ul.aiooi
0 throat or luum. Muutlou thl rMr Addrtmj
Vr,J. II. hCHOCIC A KO.V.IhlUJtlphll',
&M4i you njlU or QttvMihXsK)
orlo nro a wavs on tha
oonout for chances to to
create in Iroarnlngs.and In
time become woalthv : Ihoso
who do not Improve their opportunities remain In
poverty. Wo oner a great cUinco u mako money.
We want iiHiiy meu, women, b 58 undglrlitu
work torus rUht In tue on icmhIUI.h. Any ono
can do ' ho work prop., rfruin tho drst stirt. The
buslueba win pay mora yaa leu times ordinary,
wages. KiponstveouttliurntlHdrrce. No ono
who engages falls to 1 to monoy rapidly. You
cm devoto your whole mak to tho work or only
your spare momenta. KLI mall luforiimlon and nl
that is needed eut froj. llrmri nson i Co
Portland, taaiue. Doc. 8, Vi-ly
o s.i.r aa imji r. .j.
J0 miuutes of New Yurk. Mar pohIiious fur grad
uates thau ull onier bihoou combiued. Life, bchol.
rJilp, jw Wrltefor circulars.
i UK vuiji aui itniii uu . .narsnau. mien., wui
end 1)11. DVE'S.CBLRIIUATKU Kl.fci3TltO.VOI
trial for li nays to mon (voiingoroid) who nro af
flicted with Nervoui Debility, I)st Vltnllly, and
kindred iroiiDlos, guaranteeing upeedvand com
plete restoration of hoolth nnd manly vlg.r, Ad
dicsi as nbovo. N. II. -No risk Incurred, as Do
aays' iriai is nuowi-o-
ren. wm lyr, r
$l.r0 A YEAR
Ready and Waiting for You.
The Finest, The Latest, The Most Artistic
Styles of
-tttm fT7i I
1 -vi m r 3 ri . nit'ilMIASIlnlnn 1 ... . .
L'Induccmonts4 I- V' h
Call and be Conviueed that AVo
LeeidJ iin Cjiiialiity? i.t mid ffim
Lamest M & lowest prices
ErtHj' TorniH. Siitlfacllon Guarantiictl.
L, 1 SlfflH, M,
U.lica1. SuF.rJnt.nicnt cf thj SanUarluia.
Iuvalid'a Home.
IBloomiihiirg, Pa.,
Devotes special nttentlou to EpUep.jr,
Ncrvoa: Affsctlcns, nml Dlseates ef Womjn,
Patients recclvpil nt tho S.iiilturlum on
rcasoimblo terms (or board nml treatment .
I'. S. No clinri'o for llrst consultation,
apr 27, '83
Farnurs aud Threshers
wlaltlmto pureli:i nrst-cl.iss
art UK's of
Ono vtiuiTmt-f loiso Trfiiil I'ov.
wHU'lliroalH'i j and Hlukere, will do woll to call mi
or addreos J, M. llUUSlllziill,
IJghtKtroot, Columbia county, l'u,
li' All work warranteil. send for price list
and give mo a trial. No butler machines are
maaiUctured for thNsocUJU of the country,
July so-3 in
lliulit for S'nt t'wh, on ra.-'liit an 1 a'.p
.,Uout charge tur i iiuui'tdi j, Hi'u
v.i I
uft en- ui
October rww
j r t,
;IJ7 v'S-i
Thoro is no Baking
It3 qualities Medicinal and Culinary, guarantee Health
and Luxury.
For tho Celebrated ChlckorliiB, Ivcrs &
Pond, nnd Vosoci Son I'limos. World-re
nownt'd Kstcy Org ins, Violins, Aecorilcons
and Sheet .Muslo. Celebrated White, New
High Arm Davis, New Home, ltoynl St.
John, nnd Mght Humilng Domestic Sewing
Machines. Needles, oil nnil attachments
for nil makes of Sewing Machines.
Hft ISM IN l h JB
cau always ti3 M at tie
Suitable for
Cemetery Lots
Public Grounds.
Tho following sliows tho lleket Gothic, ono of
tho bp era! beaut iful tt) les of Fence manufactured
by tho uiuterelgnca.
For lloaut
L Set tin
amy i
and Durability
thoy uro unsiirnass
eL et up byexiH'ilencat
amis and win ranted
Prices nml Bpt'oiincnn of other de
signs sent to any address.
Tho Ilt'viiits' (luiuu, No,
31, l ull nn-l Winter, 1883,
(p,i ven wlmlesalo pritin rfi'r
lo con.unir;. mi ever tiling
ou iim', isit ilritili. wcar,or
havo f n v 1: 'iVILj how
toorder withoxui 1 1 l .m i largo
ones U,:H)0 i.' tnilnn. a wholo
picture j-allcry. (iiutuliis infunnation
Lleancil frwu tl.c i .ir..its of tho world.
No n.. r piht I .k In exUleneocontaiiu
a-um -1 m.,,n i'.i ent l'r co to any ad-lr-u;
i.hv. ,d- p. ,tage'VrtsV Lctus
hearl'r.i , .,i t-,it h.n .1 lienln oureity,
Neui l'p .-iti, M II ,.i'in t,. U'ioetl4ll
m ifc Titi Wubiuli Avcuuc, C'hlo-o, IU
Hop'- 11 tltf ati
Powdor equal to tho
ln effect sept, sith, issa. Trains lcavoBun.
9 88 a. m. Hen Blioro Express for llnrrlsburir
and inlermedlato stations, Lancaster, J'hlladei.
phla, New York, JJaltlmoro nnd Washington, nr.
riving nt Philadelphia 8.18. p. m. ; New York,
p.m.! llalllmorc, 8.05 p. in. 1 Washington d.tij n
m., mnkl) ;,- close connections at 1'hlladolplila for
all seashore points, . '
1.5a p. m. Day express for ItarrUitirg and In-
Hi ffilelphiairprin.: NewTork loS" m.
Daltlmorc, p. in.; Washington, tsUo p. m. Pulli
man Parlor car through to Philadelphia and pas
Ecuger coaches through to Philadelphia and Ualtl.
V,eE' Wiiiclphlnr ana cw Yor)r, ainviutrnt
Hlceping car accommodations can bo secured at
Ilarrlsburg for Philadelphia and New York, l'hlla
aolghlapagsengcrscnnicmain In sleeper undls-
.o5 a. m.-Kn'o Mall for narrisburg nnd inter-mediate-
stations, Lancaster, Philadelphia, New
?.hf,,rt1,la.lVm?r.e fln(1 Woslilngtou, arriving at
l b adclphla 1.60 a. m.; New York, arm. :
llaltlmoro J.40 n. m. Washington, a. rii
Through Pullman sloeplng cars aio run on this
X . .k.A. . vlt"""' """"""ruuuu wnsningion,
ftni ,t,nr.0,UBn lonscr coaches to Philadelphia
and Baltimore,
6.25 a. m.-Erlo Mall for Krlo and all intcrmcdlnto
"uu mruugii i-uuman raiaco car and
t'uilman Paiaco cars to llurralo via Emporium,
Vnr n.innndfift.nn nnri l,,inHrnrft.i.
Itochostor, Uuifalo and Niagara Falls, win!
bu.wigu .ujiiiiamumuo uur iu lauanaaiirua and
through passcngor coaches to Itochestor.
1.05 p. m. Niagara Express for Kano and Intcr-
to Kano. For Canandalgua nnd principal inter
i?iT. ."' r,',.' r"".' "S'.'?'u. " '"'"Bara
UirougU passenger coaches lo ltocliostcr.
h'ln 11. tt . Vnar linn tnr- T .vL flr.t-nr, .,, t...
dlato stat ons, and Elmlrn, Watklnsandlnterme-
u.u.iwud, nuu unuuu uaaocuKur coacucs 10
Lock Haven and Watklu3r
Philadelphia, 7.40 a. m.; niSISrV&T Wr
riving at Munbury, 1.03 p. m., with through i'ull
maul'arlor car from Philadelphia and throuuh
pafeuger coaches from Philadelphia and Ualii-
Fast Llue loares Now York 8.00 a. m. ; I'hlladel
phla, 11.03 a. in.i Washington, a.m.: Haiti
luore, was a.m., arriving at Sunbury, 6.20 p. m..
S t ,tll,!s,1!.p-iS'jenet,r uwciifa from l'ldiadel'
phla and Baltimore.
Erlo Mall leaves New York 8.00 p. m.: I'hlladel-
".iw P. m.; Washington, 8!so p. m.; Haiti-
r. ... in.i.iuK ui. ounuury, o.-u a. ni..
Si!!1 fh,r0.'!sn I'u'lman liaco sleeping cars from
---- ---" i u.u,,iuii uuu Dtiiiiijiiiru it ua
iliroujfli p.isaenfrcr coaclies frnux I'UUaaelniiia.
.7'...." T "KAI-UII I.AII.WAV.
ta11 Vial nneni Lni.... . .
Uloom Kerry 7.41 n. m., Wflkca-barro 0 !W a. m.
I. Ynrnca Vict1 lconfla i!iini,in nw . .
. . .- v uuavniUMguUUIIIJ U.ilO U III., arTlVlLK
.ni,a-iMiiigiu,.uu.I!l., timV
Ingat Bloom Ferry 12.01 p. m.,Sunbury 12.66 p. m
Express W est leaves Wlikcs-barre p. in. ar
riving nt Uloom Ferry 7.07 p. m , Bunbury 8.05 p
Qen. Manager.
J. It. WOOD,
uen. I'ossongcr Agent.
Julys 1883
trains lb ave ncrinr as yoiLOws(8nMnAr
For Kow Y'ork.Phlladelphla.HOttdlnir.rottsvllln
Tamaqun, Sc., 11,43 a. m,
For catawlssa, U,4S a. m. nnd 10.30 p. m.
For WUllamsport.cii 11,15 a. m. and 1,00 p. m.
For Lcwlsburg and Sunbury, 4.00 p. m.
Leave Now York, via. Tamnnend coo n. m. and
via. Bound Brook ltouto 7,43 a, m.
Leavo Philadelphia, 8, w a. m.
Loavo Reading, 11,63 a. m., Pottsvlllo, 12,39 p. m
andTamaqua, l,Mp, m.
Loavo Catawlssa, 0,30 ll.05;a. m. and 4,00 p. m.
Leave Wllllamsport,,45a.m1'l.05p.m. andO.OO p. m
Leavo sunbury p. m.
" Lewliburg iM p. m.
I'osscngcrsto and from New York, via. Tama
nend and to and from Philadelphia go through
without change ot cars.
C. G. IIAHCOOK, aereral Manager,
oenerai Pas3enjer and Ticket Agent,
JRH.10, 188l-tf.
p.m. p.m. a.m
o.m. p.m. p.m
9 w
X 43
scran ton....
6 17
0 82
6 27
0 34
0 03
8 CO
8 48
8 U
8 31
9 37
9 30
9 21
9 4R
9 t2
9 68
(I 41
0 40
0 61
C 65
0 08
7 02
7 10
7 17
7 22
7 0
7 37
8 00
8 S3
8 40
8 60
9 no
6 00
f, 05
b 10
e 18
8 10
8 ib
8 52
9 00
9 04
0 SI)
9 19
. WestlTttBton
10 OS
9 14
10 CS
8 85
8 .5
1 50
1 41
1 85
1 S3
1 18
1 03
9 04
9 04
10 18
10 18
2 04
3 02
8 CO
3 10
3 18
8 33
3 45
3 CI
3 67
4 SO
4 17
4 33
4 38
4 CO
6 19
6 S5
Fiyinoutb. Juno
8 .0
8 a
io it
10 84
10 48
10 05
11 07
11 13
11 SO
8 07
8 47
8 09
llunlock's creek
7 4611 41
8 24
8 17
..Hick's Ferry.
..Boach Ilavon.
...... Ilerwlck. .
7 S3 l. S3
7 SO 12 15
8 18
8 00
7 60
7 52
1 41
7 38
7 83
T 89
7 11
7 90 18 00
7 13 11 47
7 09 11 40
7 05 11 38
0 07 11 10
Urlar Creek..
willow drove.
..Llmo Ridge.,
11 CO
11 45
11 6S
12 IS
(1 10 03
0 40 10 00
0 37 10 44
0 18 10 t'i
a io io os
0 04 10
Oatawl'n llrldge
Cameron . . .
45 9
0 45
li 46
p.m, a.m. a.,m.
p.m. p.m. a.m
, . . , . W. F. HALSTBAP, Supt.
i Superintendent b onice. Scranton, Feb. lbt, 16f
Tone, Toucli.WorkDiaiisl.ip & DnralJilily.
v. .wir.i.i,t!ii kx.viiii a co.
.m!!?,'!2!'0 w' """"'ora etroct.l althuorc
N.i. IWllfih Avraue, New Voik.
October PMw r
PAYNE'S I O Horso Sparlt-Arrostlng
Portable Iliwlno has rut 10,(XI It. of Michigan lino
lliuird In 10 linum, burning ulabs from IU saw in
l,ll.IUU ll'lllUI.
Our 10 ltorti m Ounranltt lo fumlH power to
aw H.OOO fm t nf llcti.l.irk lloiril In 10 houia. Our
UJfoiuttrUI cut W,ov) In tuu time,
mir i.iiKMir. am (iu.iuntikd io
f'iriihli n liortu puwir un )i lots
f"i 1 mid uaur tliun any ntber Kn
glno nut flitrd Willi un Automatic
i;ui un, ir ywi wuut u Hlatlinmry
ur I'liriuiua k itr
Vine, ltiillvr, t'lrcil
T.uflniir ur Pullevn.
Ur Haw Mill, bT.
.(-Hlii-r cat or Mmlilnrt 1'aUut
IVruiiKlil-Iton Pullty, mud foronr
in urn ruiaiui.'i n. All. i. iur
Inforiiutlon uud prices,
Cornlug, N, V, iiox 1487,
Jan, 6, fcS-)y.
MMMitnM a tM Minn
(ll'll'llDMrfl.V Kllfllll kilt in
Hi ftvt iti4-l I mr UMd I mow WW fcoolrnr
UaMm U4t mj mm to lU lutuf iWn
IBM tit ullixtill it fe&nlail .
1f.uyiiiin.4iii lly
.11 MU,l III, IL. kta ..I
'JiIJI'TVlK,lHl ".'. L - I-W1VI..IVK
lUKbll ,iwm,Uu,uui.Ii t
Oct n.i-iy
rellab' ' uu-n i i
, nil 'uilt TriH-.i, uripi'
UOti. HUhlG. ltCMOlL ,V.V Onl.irv
4 xnriiiii liitld. Full IiimI i ui'.l Linn l'Lvi 11,
Ui iiieviwn,iiuiHii mini ..un uibit !.,,. iiu. hiik ni'4.
I AddroNiJ. K LKi'LAltK, UUlUU'tUN. N. V. tonu
UiUu coat ol Itoct ('iter, N, V. )
1 OjtoUcrlillW t
l vnh'r.""" '"k ""it
.W- - :