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    The Columbian.
VMM DAY, JULY 13, 1883.
Correct ititltroiul Time Tulilo.
I'rAim on Ilia I'lillalolpUl It, It. Icavo Itupcrt
. HI I. III. II 45 a. III.
4 oil l. Ill, 0 ,J p, ,
Trdns on tho I). I.. A W, II, It. lo ivu llloonntmr
noktii, souril.
7 o a. hi. 8 25 a in,
l) 47 U. 111. II 43 ii til.
; 31 p.m. 4 3 1 p. Ill '
Tho II 4) train iouth connect? with thu I'ulla
diiljtihl & Ite.Uliu nt import, and Willi Uin
Northern Central al Niirtliamuorlahd.
Tli 1 8:1) a. m. train cunjoU nl Sortii itnborlanj
witu Mi tram un ronmylvauta road ruaciilnir
I'ul ndeipbl at 8:i p. m
Tlio ll:4i train counocta with I'ntlidilplita and
HuadlnitroalaHtupjrt at ii:m rcaclilnir riiiia.
The I1UJ train counocbt with Pennsylvania
rjal at Northuinoorlaud at til) reaching Philadel
phia aU:M p. in
The 4:30 p rn. train connoctH with l'onusjlvanln
road at Northumberland at 8:os p, in. ana reaches
Plilladulphla at a. in.
Trains on the N, Vf. II. Hallway pasa uinom
rerry as iohowb ;
l.oc p. m.
7.U7 p. m.
7.41 a. m
c.31 p. m
Miss Brown is visiting her sister, Mrs.
II. II. Grot?..
A. 11. Uncoil of Wllkenbarro was In town
on Monday.
Mrs. Charles Unnngst ot New York city
la visiting her parents.
Miss Mary Derrlekson of JuliU, Is the
guest of Miss Miittlo Wells.
Miss Laura Waller Is entertaining Miss
Ditfflctd of Princeton.
K. W. Drinker is homo from New York
oil ii visit to his parents.
Superintendent GrlmcSf mid Prof. Cur
ran were at tho Wllllnmsport convention.
Miss Poland of Hngcrstown, Maryland,
U visiting her cousin, Mrs. F. P. Billmoy
cr. It. W. Buckingham Is attending the
State Tcachera' Convention nt Wllllnm
sport. Hcv. Mr. Krebss, formerly pastor of the
Itcformcd church, Is visiting friends In
Miss llesslo Monroe, of Rupert, is visit
ing her cousin, Miss Church, nt
Misses Annie and Sidney Qotschalk of
Bcthlcham nre the guests of Miss Mary
As Itev. L. Zahncr is visiting his parents
In Ohio, there will he no service nt tho
Kpiseopnl church for the next two Sun
days, C. i. Sands of Mordnnsvillc nttended the
Republican Stnte Convention nt Hnrris
burg on Wednefsday, as one of the dele
gates from this county.
Meeting of the. County Cotniiilttee.
There will be a meeting of the members
of the Democratic Standing Committee of
Columbia county at the Exchange Hotel
in Uloomshurg, Saturday July 14th, nt 2
o'clock p. m., for the purpose of electing
four delegates to the Stnte Convention,
nnd to transact such other business as the
interests of the party may require.
Chairman of Standing Committee.
Wastkk. A baker at J. V. Caldwell's.
Illustrated Hook ot Cnao Illr.U mailed tor a 3
rapt stamp, lllrd Food Co., 837 South 8th St. 1'hlla.
Tiic profits of the picnic at Rupert on
the 4tli, were $154.99.
John Palmer has gono to Nanticoke to
open a Hour and feed store.
A new line of neckwear neat, nobby
ami nice at D. Lowenberg's.
The State Teachers' Association is in
session at Willianisport tills week.
Tho survey for the Fisliingcreck rail,
road has been completed. It remains to
be seen what will come of it.
On Saturday the thermometer ranged up
in the nineties. On Sunday It rained nil
day, and towards evening a llro was not
II. II. Putter has changed the name of
thu Ilughcavillc Kntcrprke to the Ilughes
ylllo Mail. Tho paper is improving under
Ids management.
Tho property of tho late William Webb,
on Market street was sold on Saturday at
public snle, C. W. Miller being the pur.
chaser, at $3250.
Jeremiah Winterstcen and Peter Mc
Cann liavo been elected delegates to the
Democratic State Convention from Mon
tour county.
Tho Klinlrn Oaztllt man remarks, just as
if ho knew all about it, that "lovo making
In the hammock is progressing after the
most npproved style.
Foit Balk. A Platform Spring wagon
with top, Would exchange for hay or
oats. Apply to
W. C. McKinsbv, Hloomsburg.
A cow belonging to M. C. Woodward
was killed on the I). L. & W. railroad at
Crcvcllng's crossing between litre and
Espy, last Friday, An engine ran over
Elegant Pongee Bilk coats and vests
light and cool Just received nt I). I.owcn
berg's. The attention of farmers is called to the
advertisement of Messrs. Dnugh & Sons,
In another column. Tho reputation of
their Phosphate Is world-wide. Send for
Tho works of the Hethlcheni (Pa.) Iron
Company wero shut down on Friday night
and all tho employees wero paid oil Satur.
day morning. Three thousand two hun
dred men nro thus thrown Into Idleness.
Tuesday was tho last day for paying
merenntilo licenses. Comity Treasurer
Johnson was in his ofllco on Mouday and
Tuesday to receive them. If any have
failed to pay their licenses they had better
nettle at once and savo costs.
Cheapost l'aslilon llaifailno In tho world, ISO
largo pages, 4 pages new uuslc, 100) engravings
each Issue, W cents per year t slngio copies is cis.
Htrawbrldgo & clothier, 8th s: .Market tits., l'hlin.
A cow convention was held on Market
square on Wednesday afternoon about
two o'clock, over thirty animals being
present. They ought to havu passed a
voto of thanks to tho council for giving
them tho freedom of thu town.
Tho Columbian olllcc Is prepared to
furnish all kinds of paper bags, plain or
printed, ut city prices. Merchants pur
chasing of us will savo freight on their
Do not fall to call at J. Saltzer's sowing
machine rooms on Monday July ICtli, nud
see thu finest work that was ever dono on
any sewing machine dono on tho Cclcbra.
ted White Sowing Machine, Look for tho
handsome embroidery samples In my store
windows. Will bo on exhibition for only a
few days.
A cow belonging lo James Mncmahon
was found with n broken leg on tho morn,
log of the 4th, on tho Shatter road, near
the road leading to tho poor house. It Is
not known how tho accident occ irrcd,
Judge Mayer has granted a rulu to show
cntiso why nn attachment for contempt
should not Issue ngalnst the council of
Wllllnmsport for not repairing the streets
of that city In accordance with nn order
issued months ago,
0. A. Klelm saved the life of a buy uain.
eil Mal7.e, last Saturday. The liny In
swimming In thu creek nnd got beyond
his depth, Mr, Klelm wai attracted by
iiHcilcs for help, and sprang Into the
stream and rescued him.
Edward Foy, of Conynghnin township,
was committed to Jail on Sunday by Thorn,
as Murphy, Esq., UM oat, 0f Barney
Doogan, cliaigcd with an assault and bat
tery with Intent to kill Jnmes Doognn on
Saturday, by Blubbing him with a knife.
ilic members of tho Union Sabbath
school will hold a festival at Afton Pnrk
on Saturday evening, July 21st. Pro
ceeds to go to the purchase of nn organ
for the Sunday school nnd church. The
Afton Hand will furnish the music. All
arc Invited.
S, C. Creasy offers for sale 151 acres of
woodland situated In Greenwood township.
Thu tract will he divided into lots of 8, 10,
12, 14, 10 or 20 acres to suit purchasers,
and will be sold on reasonable time at five
dollars an acre. Address, S. O. Ciikahy,
Hloomsburg, Pa.
The Directors of the Blooinsburg School
Distilct will meet at the Fifth street school
building on July 14, 1883, nt 7 o'clock p.
in., to appoint teachers and Janitors for
the ensuing year. O. T. Wit-inx,
W.m. KmcKn.ur.M, President.
Secretary, pro Urn.
Just a moment before the boiler of the
steamboat that piles between Wilkes-Ham:
and Nanticoke exploded some days ago,
lion. John H. Storm, our Congressman
elect, was going to step aboard, Had he
done so we would probably now havu a va
cancy to fill. Jauit Chunk Oaicltc.
Thu Sunbury Daily says that E. Mast of
Shainokln, has the contract for the erec
tion of four new depots along the new rail
road, at Paxlnos, Sunbury, Wlnlleld and
Lewlsburg. Those nt Paxlnos and Win
Held will bu frame, and those at Sunbury
and Lewlsburg of brick, on the style of the
new Heading depot at Shamokin.
A tare opportunity is ollercd an enter
prising young man having i?2,U0O in cash,
all that Is necessary to purchase 100 head
of cattlu to go into the stock business In
Florida. Free pasturage on extensive
orange groves and one half thu orange
crop for three years. It will pay 100 per
cent, on investment. Inquire nt once of
Dr. Shaltuck nt the Hloomsburg Sanitari
um. Prof. Judson P. Welsh, whose manlage
is noticed in another column, has chosen
for his briilo one of the most gifted and
accomplished ladies in Bucks Co., Miss
Alma Sager, who is greatly admired and
esteemed in her section of the state. The
marriage took place in Hartsville, on tho
10th Inst, in the presence of a large compa
ny of friends and acquaintances. It was
in every feature an elegant affnir. The brl
dal presents were numerous and both beau
tiful and costly. The best wishes of many
go with the newly wedded couple.
Trade dollars continue to circulate here
at 85 cents, though everyone who can do
so, Is holding them back. In Philadel
phia most of the leading merchants arc
taking them at par for goods. Wo notice
by our exchanges that the business men of
many other places arc doing thu same
thing. It is likely that they will again
pass for a full dollar, but the tight ngalnst
them all over the country will show Con
gress the necessity of taking some action
ht its next session to retire them, or pass a
law making them legal tender. They are
worth more than the Eland dollar intrin
sically, and thero is no reason why they
should not be made lawful money.
W. H. Poust, agent at tho 1). L. & W.
depot here, was unceremoniously discharged
on Tuesday morning. Tho only cause ho
can assign is that he refused to stand tho
discount on twenty-nine trade dollars that
he took in before receiving orders not to
take them. They wero returned to him by
the company, and he expressed them back,
at the same time writing a letter fully ex
plaining the circumstances, llo heard
nothing more of thu matter until Tuesday
morning when he was notified to quit, Mr.
Poust has been an obliging and ellleeut
ngent, and thu business men of the town
will bu sorry to have him leave. Ho lias
been In the service of the I). I.. ii W, Co.
n number of years, and their action in dis.
charging him for so trivial a matter is se
verely criticised by the public.
Superintendent McCalister of Phlladel
phia made an address at thu opening of thu
Teacher's Convention at Willlamsport on
Tuesday evening in which lie uttered some
solid truths which should be heeded by all
educators as well as parents. He strongly
inveighed against the cramming processes
practiced In our primary schools, declaring
that we teacli too much, and teach It too
poorly. In his view, simplification is tho
great need of tho public schools. He be
lieved that tho time had come for teachers,
in view of tho responsibility resting upon
them, to demand of the managers of our
public schools that a change bo madu In
existing conditions.
Thu Gazette it Jlullelin says i
Thu Ideas advanced by Mr. MacCallstcr
wero eminently sensible, and they wero
presented in a very clear and Impressive
manner. If their adoption shall follow as n
result of tho present meeting of thu assocl
atlon, It will alone lie a sufficient iichlov-
nient to satisfy all true friends of educa
tlon. That hu struck tho right key was
attested by tho promptness and warmth
with which ho was endorsed by the other
able educators In attendance.
A llefructory Hector.
an episcopal ulkiioymax announuks a
Tho Enlscoiml church controversy
which has grown out of tho High church
tendencies of Arthur Ritchie, pastor of tho
Church of Ascension, Chicago, and which
has already served to draw out a letter of
protest from tho bishop of that dloceac,
had another sensational feature added to
it Sunday. Hector Richie, at thu morning
service, announced that at thu conclusion
of the service a requiem mass would bo
said for tho soul of Daniel Fountain, who
was drowned in Lake Michigan in tho hit
tcr Dart of -May. Tho announcement of n
requiem muss was apparently such n pro
nounced step towards llomiintsm as to
cause even tho parlshoners of tho Church
of tho Ascension to rebel who had hitherto
stood hv thu pastor, and one-half of tho
congregation left church. In tho mean
time, ut tho request of tho widow of Daniel
Fountain, tho celebration of thu mass has
been postponed for a fow days. It Is be
lieved now that thu bishop will bu com
pulled to order thu trial of tho pastor for
the Infringement oi mo witircii rules.
Wonderful I.lKlitiilnir,
Tho Elmlra Adctrl'uct notices a strange
freak of lightning. Thursday evening,
.Miss Addle Whtltaker, of Elkland, Pa.,
and Miss Hillings, daughter of David HII.
lings, of Ehnirn, wero riding on tho train
which was going from Wellsboro, Pa., to
Uenevn. When near Stokesdale, a furious
storm swept down the Cownnesipie valley.
Miss Whlllaker, becoming somewhat
alarmed nt the flnlence of tho elements,
closed her own window, and requested n
man who sat In tho next scat to close, his
also. Ho declined to do so, saying the
car was too closu ami lacked ventilation.
Very shortly afterwards thero wns a sharp
stroko of lightning. It shot through this
man's open window, did not allcct Mm,
prostrated .Miss Whlttaker, shivered Into
atoms a lltllu nickel watcli sho had hang,
lug from n chain, and for a time complete
ly paralyzed her arm. Nobody else In tho
car was Injured. Miss Whlttaker wns
taken homo by tho next train. After her
arm had been rubbed and treated all night
long, It wns freed from its numbness.
Miss Whlttaker will doubtless recover.
Centre NoIvh.
The Hoard ot Directors havo decided to
erect n largo two-story school building nt
Li no Ridge. This Is nn Improvement
much needed and will bo appreciated by
thu enterprising citizens of the river dis.
Mr. J. II, Hess spent last week with
his parents, and on Monday assumed tho
dullc9 of his new position In Heller's store,
at Wupwallopon, Luzerne county. liar
vcy's many friends alt wish him success.
Miss Lizzie lllue, of Camden, N. J., Is
spending her summer vacation with Iicr
aunt, Mrs. Alkiuan,
One day last week iia nine-year old son
of John DeLong's and a neighbor boy of
about the Biune age, were playing about
the barn they both ran to drive a cow out
of mischief, and as the neighbor threw a
stick, little Henry ran In the range and re
celvcd a blow above the eye, inflicting a
wound of a somewhat serious nature. Dr.
Ammcrman was called, and when last
heard from the boy was doing well.
Mr. George Conner lost a valuable horse
last week. Ills man was using him in the
corn plow when he showed symptoms of
cramp nnd was taken to the stable where
lie died In a very short time. The horse
which Mr. Conner lost about two weeks
ago was from the same stable, and died in
very much the same manner.
Mr. Jacob Rink lost a valuable cow on
the 4th of July. Shu didn't want to veil,
lure on another year of Independence.
Ui.syssks, Hutler do., Neb. June 30th '83.
Messrs. Editors :
Since I last wrote to you I have witness
ed a great mauy changes iu tills country.
Until thu last fow days it lias been very
wet and cold caused by the manv hull
storms that have been in this and adjoining
counties. On last Sabbath morning we had
at this place one of the heaviest rain storms
I ever witnessed in this or any other conn
try. The shower came up from the north
west, it began to thunder and lighten about
24)0 A. M., at 3 o'clock it poured down in
torrents, and peal after peal came until it
shook the earth. I was at Mr. J. C. Cole
man's. Wu thought tho house would blow
over sure. It continued raining until 7-30
at which timo I looked out of Coleman's
stairs window south and as far as eye
could see tho earth was completely sub
merged with water. The oldest inhabitants
told me they never saw such a rain storm
since they lived hero. I was rcallv sur-
prised on Monday morning as I was going
to the town of Ulysses, a distance of six
miles, all along the road to see the farmers
plowing corn, tho ground completely dry
with the exception of some low places
where the water was yet standing. The
ground in tills country is very porous and
takes In the water very soon. Worklnc in
this ground does not injure it. The chunks
of earth will in a few days appear to slack
and run together llko ashes. Tho wheat,
barley and oats aro now about out in head.
Such crops I never saw before, the corn
looks Hue, and more than an nvorago
crop is now anticipated. I was just ruad
ing an abstract of assessment in Hutler
county tor 1833, It contains among other
things tho following :
In the county theru aru 0,020 horses, 15,509
hogs, 15,478 cattle, 3,008 sheep, improved
lands 134,728 acres, unimproved lands
205,001 acres, total number of acres 339,
789, number of acres in wheat 21,708, com
50,417, oats 8.324, barley 1,073, (lax 2,82(1,
rye 1,245, meadow 521, number of fruit
trees 22,891, acres of forest trees 1,873.
Yours Truly,
Em Koumiss.
Iiinllle AHylum.
Danvii.i.k, July 11. A series of articles
has recently been published in thu William
sport Jlrenlfutt Tutite exposing alleged
abuses in thu asylum for thu insane at this
place. A representative of tho Patriot visi
ted the institution a day or so ago and was
shown through the different wards and af
ter making tho closest scrutiny failed to
discover anything that would thow either
a laxity or unduu severity in tho manage
ment of the poor inmates confined therein,
Tho author of boiiiu ot thu articles in ques
tion was a former employe of tho institu
tion, und was dismissed for ill-treatment of
n patient, and now excuses ids conduct by
asserting that Instances of tho most shock-
cruelty and Inhuman treatment nru of com.
niou occurrence. As Is usual in such cases
great injustice has been done. Dr. Shultz,
the superintendent, Is a thorough humani
tarian, and has thu entire confidence of tht
community in which ho mldcs. No onu
has been in thu least disturbed by the sen
sational articles appearing in print, and
copied by several papers throughout thu
state. Thoso having friends and relatives
within the building undergoing treatment
need give themselves no uneasiness by
reading accounts of alleged Inhuman treat
ment. That slight abuses exist, or havo
existed may 'ha quite true, but how aro
they to bo entirely prevented ? The disci
puno is very strict, and attendants nre
dismissed as soon us it Is known that they
are unnecessarily harsh In their treatment.
Hut when one of thesu poor crazed cren
turcs rushes upon nn attendant with the
superhuman strength which frenzy gives,
thero Is but one way to meet thu attack
force must conquer. Tho Institution cm
ploys the best help that can bo procured,
consistent with thu amount appropriated
by tho statu for this purpose. Thu duties
are arduous and often unpleasant,
ami uiiiy persons ot strong nerves
and wills aro able to fill tho position.
It is not to bo wondered at Hint these some
times fall in gentleness. As for "Iron clad
cells" there Is not one In tho building. And
as for "patients being poisoned" an exnini
nation but proves that tho Informer wns
perverting tacts, and your representative
questions whether such nn expose (?) us
that published In tho llrealutl 'lUle docs
anything better than place dllllculticJ In
tho way of those who nro honestly trying
to benefit thoso most unfortunate of human
.creatures -the Insane.
CltrlotiH TlitnitH,
New YoikMun.
In some parts of Siberia n wife costs
eight dogs.
In a shoo manufactory 6f Lynn Mass.,
there nro thirty women-nil divorced wives.
A watch made entirely of Iron nnd In
perfect running order was exhibited In a
Worcestershire fair recently.
Mrs. Mary Austin, of Washington, (la.,
died recently. Shu has been the mother of
fonrly-four children, Including ati sets of
A farmer near Stockton, Cal., has had
his farm devastated by millions of little
birds no bigger than a m ill's thumb. They
pull up the young grain.
Whenever a member of thu English roy.
al family is burled, a fee for breaking the
ground of 250 pounds Is demanded by the
Dean und Chaplain of Windsor, although
not an Inch ot ground Is disturbed. A
stone is removed from St. George's Chapel.
The stone closes tho passngo of thu royal
vault, which Is really a spacious room.
A species of spider has been dt scovcrcd
on the African const, the long firm web of
which very closely resembles yellow silk.
It Is said to lie nearly as good as the pro
duct of silkworms. The filaments have
been examined by Lyons silk merchants
with favorable results. There seems to bo
nothing to prevent acclimatizing ot (lie In
sect in France.
A curious advertisement appeared In a
lato Issue of the Liverpool Mercury. It rend;
"1 lost my purse containing two guineas
nnd a sixpence. Tho finder can keep the
gold If ho will return the sixpence, ns It
was the amount of damages I received
from the Midland Railway for breaking my
lug. The bit of sliver costs mu 210.
George Amcsbury.
Mrs. Agustn Smith, of St. Louis, Mo., Is
one of lightest sleepers In the state. She
Is awake twenty-two hours out of every
day on the average, nud when she docs
slumber it Is scarcely more than a doze,
during which she Is partially conscious of
all that is going on around her. She is
strong and healthy, with n good appetite,
and not particularly nervous.
IleetlH Recorded.
The following deeds have been recorded
since those lust published :
Harbara Glger to Elmer W. Runyun,
Cyrus McIIenry and wife, ct. al., to
Jarcd Hide, et. id., Fisliingcreck.
U. II. Knt, sheriff, to A. P. Heller,
trustee, Pine,
C. M. Vaudersllce, et. al executor, to
Ueniamin Hitler. Pine.
C. M. Vaudersllce, ct. id., executor, 10
Joseph T. Eves, Pine.
Catharine Gilbert to Joshua Hartzell, Mt.
Eliza H. Herat to Julius Haft, Hcrwlck.
G. M. Haker and wife to F. W. Rcdekcr,
Israel Whary add wife to Sarah Shcller,
F. F. Murceron and wlfo to Sarah Hohr
bach, Catawlssa.
Joshua Colo and wife, ut. al., to Charity
A. Roberts, Sugarloaf.
Abraham Mensch and wife to Joseph
Craig, Ronringcreek.
David Walsh and wife to Susan E. James
S. L. Howman and wife to Lloyd T.
Conner, Hcrwlck.
II. W. Mclteynolds, treasurer, to C. B.
Hrookway, Conynglnim.
John W. Hoffman, sheriff, to Henry
Hhouds, Locust.
John W. Hoffman, sheriff, to C. H.
Hrockway, Conyngliain.
John P. Levan and wifu to Jacob Under
muth, Locust.
James Pullln und wife to Jane Johnson,
Richard Johnson and wlfo to Ellas Drei
belbls, Scott.
Richard Thompson, et. al., to Riifus A.
Hartman, Hcrwlck.
Andrew Miller and wife to Georgu F.
Craig, Ronringcreek.
Daniel Harriman und wlfu to William
N. Parker, Greenwood.
Important Notice to tltc Public.
A great reduction in all styles of Sum
mer clothing has just been made in consc-
quencu of the cold and wet season. Call
and be convinced at the popular clothing
storu of David Lowcnbcrg.
Hunday Hctiool Convention.
OitANUBViLLX, Juno 30, 1883,
Pursuant to a call of District Vice Pros
idunt, O. H. White, representatives from
all the Sunday schools of Orange District
met nt Academy Hall and opened with de.
votlonal exercises. A committee consist
ng of Revs. Iloutz, Chllcoat, Hodlne and
Cantlcld were appointed to make nomina
tions for permanent officers, and to report
during tho afternoon session, After sing-
ng, the convention took up tho fourth
topic of the progrnmme : "What good ure
Stindny schools und why do we need
them 'r Tho opening wus usslgned to
Prof. Heck and Rev. Bodine, followed by
others, and was discussed at some length,
On motion, resolved thut un hour of the
afternoon session be devoted to a child
ren's meeting, and thut this convention
udjourn finally ut 4 o'clock, p. ni., and
that the next meeting of tho convention be
held at Mcllenry's church, nnd thut the
time be fixed by Rev. Chllcout: und that
tho regular meetings of this convention be
semi-yearly und the plnce be fixed at each
On motion adjourned to meet nt 11
o'clock, p. in,
Akieiinoos Session, 1 p, in. Convcn
tlon culled to order und opened with dc.
votlonul exercises. Children's meeting
came first In order, nud wns addressed by
Rev. Chllcoat and others. After singing,
lite sixtn topic ot tlio programme wns
taken up ; opening assigned to Jamee B,
Harman, followed by others. After sing
lug, tho seventh topic wus taken up
opening nssigned to Rev. Houtz, followed
by others, subject i "How enn we, retain
the older scholars." Thu eighth topic was
taken up and thu opening assigned to Rev,
Chllcoat, followed by others, subject
Wliut obligations have Christians and
parents to attend tlio Sunday school.
The tenth topic, "Tho future of the Nation
restB upon tlio Sunday school," wns taken
up, opening assigned to Hcv. Cantlcld
Upon tho eleventh topic, "Aro any more
schools needed In thu district, or is any
school in need ot help," report wus made
that tho Closen school-houso Sunday
school did need help in persons to carry
on the same. When on motion, resolved
that the persons who curried on the same
last year should bu Invited to ugalu take
charge ot the same.
Tho committee on nomination made tho
following report i president, O, B, White
secretary, James B. Hnriimn; assistant
secretary, Maggie Eves treasurer, E
Snydur; vice presidents, Thomas Mcllen
ry and Alpheus DcWltt. On motion thu
nbovu elected und directed by tho chair
to j reparo a programmu for tho next mee
The convention then adjourned,
' ' James II. IIauuah,
Council lroccettliiM.
llLooMsimnri, July 4th 1813.
This being the time for the regular month,
meeting of council, but no (itiorum be
ing In attendance the lircildeot called n
intetlng to be held Thursday evcnlmr July
5lh nt 8 o'clock,
Pursuant to cull of President Council
met on July 5th nt 8 o'clock P. M. The
President nud Messrs, llartmaii, Hassert,
Moyer ami Hlerllni, of the members were
A petition win read, idgiicit liy more than
Olio hundred of the lend I in' lux imvi,ra In
the town of Hloomsburg, asklhit that. In
order to ein ourugu the Investment of cnpl.
tal and lo foster our home manufactories
nud Industries. The HlortinshiirL' Woolen
Factory be exonerated from payment ot thu
town tax now duo upon the nronertv ot
ild Factory.
Mr. Hartman moved, nud Mr. Moyer sec
ended, thut the following resolution bo
adopted i
lUmhttl, Thut the Hloomsburir Woolen
Factory be exonerated from tho payment of
Town tax now due upon the property of
Thu resolution was agreed to and It was
so ordered.
On motion tho committees on Sewerage
nnd Fire plugs were continued.
On motion of Mr. Hnrtmnnnnd seconded
by Mr. Sterling tho street commissioner
wns directed to notify Charles Krug to re
move n nulsnncc on Seventh street. If not
removed, after three days notice, ho Is au
thorized to Institute such action nt law us
111 cause nn abatement thereof.
George E. Elwell, Chief Eiiclnecr of fire
department In ids report to Council recom
mends the following Improvements and re
pairs i "1st The purchase of a hose oiler.
The leather hose is very stiff, nnd unless
lied soon, will be liable to crack when
subjected to much pressure.
nd. The hand engine of Friendship No. 1
should be painted nud varnished.
8rd. All the npparntus of Rescue No. 3.
should bo painted and a new pole provided
for the hand hook, and tlio chain on said
hook be repaired.
4th. The Winona carriage should be
varnished and new side lnntcrns purchased.
The reducers to couple the dlfTereut sizes
of hose have not yet been provided. The
nnt of these might bo very disastrous in
case of fire.
On motion of M. Hartmau nnd seconded
by Mr. Sterling the report wns referred to
committee on tiro apparatus for considera
tion. Mr. Moyer moved and Mr. Hartman sec
onded, that the Secretary be instructed to
purchaso a "Noycs patent Hose Oiler" and
ten gnllous of Hose oil dressing. The mo
tion wns lacrced to und It wus so ordered.
Mr. Hnrtmnn moved that a committee be
appointed to confer with D. J. Wullcr in
egard to the sale of the town Park. After
being seconded by Mr. Moyer the motion
was agreed to. The President appointed
Messrs. Hnrtmnn nnd Moyer us such com-
On motion a building permit wus grant
I 1. W. McKclvy, to erect a stable on the
back part of his lot on corner of Market
nnd Third streets. Also, to Daniel Miller
to erect a stable on the back part of his lot
situated on Seventh street between Cather
ine Street und Eust Street,
On motion the following bills were rend
und upproved, nnd the Secretnry instructed
to draw orders for their several amounts,
Henry Yost for horse and wngou
on highway In June $ 2 00
Jnmes Commons for two horses
und wagon on highway in June 3 00
John Caldwell for horse nnd wagon
on highway in June 8 00
Samuel Shaffer for same 5 00
Samuel Trump, ' 7 00
John Herring " 19 40
Fred Schwln " S3 20
Eli Jones " 7 20
Charles R. Ilousel, Street Commis
sioner, for June 45 50
Wesley Gross for labor on high-
way in June 4 50
uenry nasscri lor same, y io
Andrew Campbell " 19 25
II. G. Housol " 4 09
Oliver Fornwuld " 7 CO
Joseph Townsond " 17 10
Elijah Shutt " 18 87
Ramsey Ent " 02
Clark Veats " 15 13
John Penman " 10 37
Michael Walter " 12 18
John Glllaspy " 18 87
Wm. Barrett " 8 25
Nathan Homboy " 4 50
Total $209 87
G. 31, Hughes for hauling cinder
on river bank 423 44
31. C. Woodward constable and
police service for June
0 33
8. W. Shutt, ct. al., police service
for June
10 50
15 00
Geo. E, Elwell rent of council
room from April 1st to July 1st, '83
Moyer Bros, rent of lockup from
from June 1st, 1882 to June 1st, '83
90 00
30 00
Columbia county, rent of old jail
stable from April 1st 1882, to April
1st, 1883
D. It. ColTman serving notices of
appeal on tax payers
10 00 I
John F. Pursel smith work for
7 25
C. M. Vnndersllco for printing tax
notices, advertising notices, &c.,
8 00
3 70
Elwell & Bittenbendcr for book,
posters, &c,
Wm Krickbuum fee In No. 1
Feu'y. Term, 1883-in Equity
0 30
Blooinsburg Water Company for
Gas Company for
84 00 !
May 12 posts
Gas Company
June 42 posts
84 00
15 60
Secretary's salary for June
Total amount of orders Issued i05(V!8
On motion adjourned,
A. L. Fiiitz, Scc'y.
Oruiiifcvlllu Newt,
X. Y. Z. has raised quite a breeze among
the boys and speculation Is rife as to his
Identity. So far all guesses aro wild. Try
again boys.
Tho glorious fourth passed otl quietly in
our town. The only observers of the day
being the small boy and his "Ore-crackers.
A purty of our young folks spent tlio
fourth ut Stillwater plculclng. They re
port u pleasant time, all credit to the gen
tlemcn of the party for their courage. They
wero heavily handlcaped. Wo counted
four gentlemen and sixteen ladles and "S'
being married and his wlfu of the party lie
didn't count. By the way Prof, you must
have learned tbejart of fishing of Ileckman
as the result shows twenty feet of polo
and two little chubs. We heard rumors ot
a novel amusement some of tlio ladles en
gaged, but girls we wont tell on you.
Tho all absorbing toplo of conversation
in our town Is tho proposed new railroad
up Flshlogcreek and various nro tho opln
Ions expressed regarding its effect upon
thu business Interest, some claiming it will
bu disastrous wlillo others say it will bo
iJtiiflU'lai. wu timiK it our business men
have energy and enterprise enough to take
advantage of tho opportunities It will pre
sent, the town will be the gainer by it.
Mr. John Stoddard and Mrs. Went, of
Phlla'delntlla. fnthor nnd mint nf nnrtnwna-
mnn Dr. Stoddard nro visiting the Dr. Wc
hope they will enjoy their visit.
Col. Hruco Rlckctts nnd family of. Wilkes
llarre wero In town last week visiting his
mother, ns wns niso Mr. E. C. Butler nnd
wife. Wo itro plcnsed to sec they still re
member tho old home nnd friends.
The new Foundry and Threshing Jhi-
chlne factory of Herring & llrumstetler wns
quite a surrprlso to us on the occasion of
our visit because of Its completeness. It Is
a credit to our town and Its enterprising
Wo learn our town Is lo h.tvo a much
needed want In thu shape of a good hotel
building. Hoiilfavo Ileckman intends tear
ing out thu front ot his stand nud rebuild
ing it, also remodelling thu Inside and put
ting up an additional story with mansard
roof. Hu also intends building n lnrgc
Btuble for the stabling of teams. Good for
George. Ho deserves success and lie will
have it. It Is the great need of our town and
ho will seu our people know how to reward
enterprise by liberal patronage.
There was considerable excitement in
town Saturday over reports that Miss Jes
sie Fisher had been severely injured by a
horse sho was driving running away and
throwing herself nnd brother out of the
conveyance. The fuels ns near as wc
could learn arc ns follows: A Mr. Hartzell
from up creek bad a horse die from bent
going up the Light Street hill nnd Instend
of removing It, was allowed to llo In the
road from before noon until night. Her
horiio lu passing became frightened and
and sprang into the ditch upsetting them
throwing them out and smashing the pha
eton nnd bruising Miss Fisher about the
head and face. We bear several others
came near meeting with a like accident.
Sucli carelessness is criminal and hu should
be made to pay damages.
Our glass ball smashers aru not crowing
much over the result of Saturday's shooting,
It was an oft day with the boys. II. II.
Low led the match with 9 out of 10, Will
Flcckciutine next with 8, J. W. Lilley 5,
J. Yocum 5, W. Allabach 5, J. Trivelpiece
A. Yocum 4. Steady your nerves boys
or shut tip.
X. Y. Z.
WiirrMiiiB. On the 2nd Inst., In Centre
township, Mrs. Catharine Whltinlre, aged
55 years, 4 months and 27 days.
Hess Stackiiouse. At thu home of the
bride, near Waller, Columbia county, Pa.,
July 3rd, 1883, by thu Rev. B. F. Keller,
Mr. Johiiathan F. Hess, and Miss Eva M.
Stackiiouse, both of Jackson township,
Columbia county, Pa.
Bo.MiiAY SrKCK. At the residence of
M. W, .McIIenry, Eyers Grove, Pa., July
4th, 1883, by C. W. Cooper, Mr. Henry R.
Bombay, of Muncy, Pa,, to Miss Lizzie M.
Steck, of Hughesyille, Pa.
Welsh Saoki!. At Hartsville, Pa.,
July 10th, by the Rev. G. A. Nlnimo,
Prof. Judson P. Welsh, of the Statu Nor.
mal school, West Chester, Pa., and Miss
Alma Sauer, daughter of Mahlon Sager
Esq., of llartbVille.
Hair Benewer.
The licit la the Clumpctt.
Biftty! Economy It Certainty of Good
Ttees qnilltlct are ot prime Importing In the
election ot a preparation for the hlr. Do not
experiment with now rcmedlci nlilch my do
turn rather thin cooj ; tint profit by the ex
perience of others. Jluy and ne with perteet
confidence an article which everybody knows
to be good. Hall's IIaib Hesewie will not
illMppoint yon.
B.P. Hall & Co., Nashua, N.H.
Sold by all Dritfrliiti.
Tho Photographers.
Best work, nt correct nrlcts. Frames of
all kinds, cliromos, panels nnd eatcls on
liuml. instantaneous process used.
A full Hue of reudy-inndo clothing,
gents' furnishing
Evans fc Eyer's.
goods, vulises, ivc, ut
25 lots ranging from SUM to .400 per lot,
4 lots ranging from r00 to 4-000 per lot.
All am.iii ,,f ti.o Vm Sehnril. No monev
required provided tho purchaser will erect
buildings at once.
Pictures, frames.
window cornices, at
Dwarf nnd large celery plants at J, Car-
r, son's, I'll tli street.
Shirts, cuffs and collars, necktie ami all
kinds of goods for gents' wear, nt Evans ii
Wc. thu undersigned, will sell nierchan-
dlse, tor cash only, at tho following prices i
iu us. or criminated sugar. i,uu; iui ins.
of standard A sugar. iM.OOi 11 lbs, of
white sugar, 4-1.00 : 12 lbs of C sugar, tl.00:
7 lbs. of thu best green coffee, irl.00;
11 His. of rice, l,0Oi 4 cans ot peaches.
00 cents j 4 cans of tomatoes, fid cents j 4
cans of com, 48 cents ; 0 papers of Ar.
buckle's cotTee, fcl.OOj 7 cakes of Bali
bill's soap, SO cents. Our very best print
7 cts. per yard. All kinds of dress nnd
iloinestlo mug uams. verv nest, ll cts. per
yard cottonado, 8 to lib cts. per yard;
laiues- uress goons uowu in so cuius
yarn, i.aiuts suues, ituwii u w u
cent. .Men's boots und shoes down iu io
20 per. cent. Our best dress linens 15 to
i ce us per vuru, uruss goons, oion
cts per yard. Wu olTcr thu abovo Inducu-
menis tor tlio hum ou nays. wo
bound to cut down our stock, as we
going to lay iu n heavy Fall stock, rouse
quenllv wo must reduce to inaku room.
Wo will take your produce at u casli price,
and will sell von goods ut above prices.
This Is an oiler you never hud beforn
this county. Don't delay In taking ud
vantage ot thu above. Hoping to see
llll, l.ll.l.KV v5 tJI.KI'I'V,
W-Sw Orangcvlllc, Pa
New dry goods nt J. B. Skecr's,
Elccnnt nmlor suits, cbnmbcr sets.
all kinds of furniture nt Cndmnn's
For Rood cheap
furniture, go to Cad-
Nobby suits made lo order nt Kvnns &,
Eyer's, by first-class workmen, Prices
very reasonable.
Most nomilar and best
family flour In
the market ut Hllhncycr's.
Fine groceries, notions, canned goods, nt
. B. Skecr's.
If O. A. Klelm, the DruuLdst. does not
succeed It is not for tho want of fnlth. He
has such faith In Dr. Hotnuko's Cough and
Lime svrun ns n remedy for Couch. Colds.
Consumption, and Lung Affections, that he
;ivcs a ijoiiiu ireoio eatn anil every one who
s in need of a medicine of this kind.
There Is more strenclh restorlmr power
In u bottle of Parker's Ginger Tonic than
in a bushel of ma't or a callon of milk.
This explains why Invalids find It such a
womlerliu luvigorant lor mind ntul liody.
j u n S3-1W
HTDInniond Dvcs will color nnvthinirnnv
color, and never fail. The easiest und
best wny to economize. 10 certs, nt all
Consumptive ncrsonsnrc said to be Great
ly benefited by the use of Speer's Port
Grapo wine. It secins to give nourishment
when everything else fails, nnd physicians
nro prescribing It ns a rich, nutritious wine.
rromincnl miystcians and members con
nected with the New York Board of Health
have inspected Spcers' Vineyards and
wine cellars and speak of his products in
tho highest terms, For sale by C, A. Klelm,
Hloomsburg, Pa.
As we come to them thev nro received.
bornu with, and passed over with no more
than a thought, if we aro in the cnlovment
ot iieailli, nut It sintering with rues or
skin disease of any kind they magnify a
hundred fold. C. A. Klelm, tho Druggist,
nas ur. iiosanKO's me itemedy winch is an
absolute euro for any affection of tho kind
ami is sold tor ou cents.
t times symptoms of indlaestlon nre
present, uneasiness of the stomach, itc, a
moisture like perspiration, producing Itch
ing at uiciit, or wueu one is warm, cause
tho Piles. The effect is immediate relief
upon the application ot Dr. Basanko's Pile
Hemedv, which costs you but (50 cents nnd
Is sold by C. A. Klelm.
Cleanliness nnd liuritv make Parker's
llnlr Balsam the favorite for restoring the
youthful color to gray hair. jun 2) 4v
A family want, nnd I wonder how wu
ever got along without Parker's Ginger
tonic, ll cured mu ot nervous nrostra-
Hon, and I havu u:u.l it si, ce for all sorts
of complaints in our family. Mrs. Jincs,
Albany. jun 22-4w
Mariiinnii, Flu. Dr. Theo. West. savs.
"I consider Brown's Iron Bitters thu best
tonic that is sold."
100,000 acres of good land for sale cheap
in ananaudoau alley giving the purcha
ser the full be loflt ot thu market by L. F.
Caldwell, Winchester, Virginia. Correspon
dence solicited. .May Hi 0w-
Charlottevlllc. Vu. Mr. C. II. Hurmnn,
President of thu Peoples' Bank, testifies to
the value ot urown iron timers lor re
llcvlug Indigestion
Far mniu valuable than thoso golden
apples of Hespcridos aro the life, health
and beauty of Womanhood. Mrs. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound restores nnd
preserves all these.
See a woman In another column, near
Speer's Vineyards, picking grapes from
which Speer's Port Grape Wine is made,
that is so highly esteemed by thu medical
profession, for thu use ot invalids, weakly
persons and the aged.
soui ny urugglsls. sept 22-ly
Enrich and revitalize the blood bv uslnc
Brown's Iron Bitters.
- -
To most children the bare suiriiestlon of
a dosu of castor oil is uai seating. Why
not, then, when physic is necessary for thu
little ones, use Ayers, Cathartic Pills?
They combine every essential and valuable
principle of a cathartic medicine, undbelnc
sugar-coated arc easily taken.
'.Men often mistake notoriety for
fame," but they never mistake Kidney-
Wort for any ipiack medicine, Ivldney
Wort is universally recognized as a stand
ard for all diseases of the liver, bowels and
.Minister, Is the singular name of a town
situated In Auglnise Co., Ohio. It is the
residence of Jlr. J. lirunduwle, who writes ;
"oamarwm .Verme permnneutlv cured my
son ot a Pad case of fat. Vitus Dance."
Tho children of Israel wero once fed bv
milium sent from heaven, This wus nn un
doubted case of "Ood.send," The amelior
ation ot human Ills und ailments has been
often undertaken und ns often failed. Ely's
ureani iiaini,, however, "nns uccii weighed
iu the balance and not found wanting." It
h a sovereign, speedy, eel tain and pleasant
euro for Cnturrh nnd cold In the head.
"""'" poisons uavu m csicu una
fact. "Ely's Cream Balm is a llod-send.
writes Mrs. M. A. Jackson, of Portsmouth,
N. H on May 22d, 1882. "I had Catarrh
for three years, hud tried nearly all renie
dies but to no purpose, Twooi three times
a week my nosu would bleed qultu freely,
and 1 thought the sores In It would never
heal. Your Balm has cured me," This
irepuration Is not a liquid or a mm IV, and
s easily applied. Can you, reader, ullord
to experiment with liifiirlons Iriilimtu niwl
injections when a pleasant euro is at hand i
Wheat per bushel....
Hvo "
Corn, " ....
Oats " .
flour per uarrei
TuilOW ,
Potatoes .
Dried Apples
Hides & Shoulders
ii!ub ........
per i per pound
i nay per ion
Heeswax .
UuckwhoBt (lower per 100.,
I'l 1 1 1. A 1 IKI.l'1 1 1 A M A 1 1 K KTH.
llJll'it. Market wiihMul-l'Mi; uile
in iMircis, iiiciuiiiiiL' Minnesota extras
ia.Miiu.iu: rciuiioivniiia tamo) f i sj viam I west
eriidiH.VN)4n.lJsi i puleutsttl.iil.iT.K.V
mr: ruiLti. iocs siow iy ai fi.rriL
Mikt. Mai kit w an dull and weak! earlots; fl.w bid turJuly s tl.lS . Mr August i
tl.lt1 forhcptcinlRir: Jl.15 turuciulier,
I'oiis'.-In.u ilve and easier our loUMaiUct Mi
bid lor .luly i we ror Ansusi s iu, for sept emlier:
lill, for iKtolier.
luis. Market was dull and weaken earlots
lluirei lie bid for Julyj :ri,c lor August i :iv lor
HcpleiilUT; use lor October.
Suitable for
Cemetery Lots
Public Grounds.
Tho follow lwr shows tho Ticket Gothic, ono of
the soeralbeiiiil Itul blylcjot Fence manufactured
by tho unilerbtgnul.
1'or Ileauty ami Durability they nro unsurpass
ed. N't up by experienced hardi and warranted
lo give satisfaction.
1 'rices and specimens
of other dc-
signs Hont to any address.
May 1-tt
Orangcville, Pa.
Fall Term "begins August 6.
Here nro offered at small exoense. tho adran.
taces ot a superior school. Students tirenaml tor
coucKe, teaching or business. Special Instruction
io. me lucKwnm. rue location h in every re
spect a most desirable one. Mcllirul and compe
ted teachers, isend for terms.
FffiCtS rjECK, . J!,,
Orangcvtlle, 1'a. fi-S! l'ltlNCIl'AL
Letters testamentary lu the estate of JohnOlr
ton, Lito of Hemlock township, Columbia county,
l'.i., deceased, havo been granted by the ltcjrlstvr
of h.Ud county to Daniel Victim. All persons haT
linrc'nl'iis atf.ilnst said etut3are revested to
present them for settlement, and thoso Indebted
iu mu Kainu ui uiaKC payment, io me unucrBigueu
without delay. DANIEL YOCUM,
junoi3Uv Kxecuior,
Uloomsburg, l a.
The undersigned Auditor appointed by tho Or-
Ghaiw Court ot Columbia Couutyto makedLstrl
atlon of the estate ot said dec3.uHl as shown by
theaccoint of C. V. Stiller administrator d. ft.
n. c t. a. to and among parties entitled thereto
will sit at his onico o.i Saturday July isttl at 10
o"clock A. M. to perform the duties of his appoint
ment, when and where, nil parties Interested In
SMldestato must attend and present their claims
or be fouwer debarred from any share of said es
tate. Cms. (l. lUiui.iv,
July eth
The undersigned Auditor apiwlnted by tho Or
plums' Court of Columbia county to make dlstrl
be.lou of fiu fund fs shown by the account of the
sarvlvtnff executor to and among the parties entit
led thereto, will sit at hlsonice In the Town of
Ulou.nsbun; on Tuesday July 31, IKS. at ten
o'clock A. M. to perform the duties of his upiiolnu
inent, Mlien and wneie all parties Interested In
said estate must attend and present telr claims
or be forever debaned from any share of said in
July till
Letters of administration In I lie pst.iti' nf Mar.
ens V. Caswell, late r lilonnisbur', Culumbla
county, l'.i., deceased, haw, l en k'riuititl bylh
ncKisu-r oi said eouniy to .M. F. Caswell, Admlu.
Istrat'l.x, All iiersiins Ii.ivIhl- claims iiLMlnst said
estate are requested to present them for soU
llement, and those Indebted to the naiuotomax
p.ijineut lo thu undersigned administratrix with
out delay. .M, P. CASWKI.I,
.lupo -Jl'M flw Administratrix.
estate of jos is iuiitki., deceased.
Tlio tuulersluneil a lltor appointed by the Or
phaus' Cuurt nt Columbia county to inako dlslrlbu
lion nf i he Ij.d.uieo Iu the h inds ot the administra
tor, to and umoiitf tho p.irt'es entitled thereto,
wlllsli-al hlsoillwi In lllooiiislmrtfon Saturday,
AiUUsUlh, ISM, ut 10 u'clocka in., when and
where all parlies havlnir claims against Haul eg.
lain are reintested to present them for settlement,
nud those Ii debted lo the s line to make pamenl
to the undersigned v, tthout delay,
Jiine'.n Auditor.
Offered by tho umlerslifiied for Ihe annrehcnslon.
trial and cnnWctlou ot tlio murderer or murderers
ot John Viiullow, al Llirht Street, Coluinblacouuty,
IM-, In 1877. CHAltl.KS ltKlCIIAUT,
II. 1'. KIK1AK,
5-ia couiin'rs. or Columbia Couny.
ffiT liPEffl
Kiiorr it Winturstcoii's 13uilling
Main Street,
next door to the First National
Bank, whore I am prepured to
from $18.00 and upwards.
Vita Guaranteed.
i: w. Imuran.