The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, June 08, 1883, Image 3

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The Columbian.
FRIDAY, JUNE 8, 18811.
Correct Itiillroucl Time Tattle.
Trains on tho 1'ulladclplila & It. 11. lcavo Jlupcrl
as follows I
0 is ft. in. 11 J5a. tn.
4 DO p. III. 6 4& p. in.
ir.lua oo tlio I). 1.. .t W. U. It. lmvo llloomsburg
i rollows I
7 in a. m, 8 a.- a. tn,
20 47 A.m. 11 45 a. in,
0 ilt) p. in. 4 I p. in,
TliolUJ train south conhr-ctn with tlio l'tilla.
dolpUlu ItcaillDg at Hupcrt, anU with the
Northern Contral at Northumuerlaud.
Tho 8: a, in. train connect at Northumberland
with 0:2S train on Pennsylvania road reaching
Philadelphia at 8:i p. m,
Tlio Hit; train connects Willi I'litLvklphla and
heading roal at Hiipcrt at 11:!)') rcachlnt; l'hlla
delphla at :oop. tn.
' Tlio ll!4S train connects with Pentnylvanla
roal at Norlhumticrland at 1:U reaching 1'lilladcU
phlaatTHJ p.m.
Tho 4:30 p. m. train connects with Pennsylvania
road at Northumberland at s:us p. in. anu rcacues
rhlladclpnla at 1M a. m.
Trains on tho N. & W. II. Hallway puss Ulnotn
Ferry as follows !
7.41 a. m U.iep. in.
6.31 p. m 7,(17 p. in.
Mr. Geo. Tiistln Is nt liomu for lliu sitni.
Miss. Aimlo J. Bernhnrd Is visiting friends
at Scrnnton.
Mrs. intrkeo Is visiting nt Mrs. M. II.
II. II. Hutlcr nml finally nro visiting nt
Dr. J. C. lluttcr's.
Mrs. Tunlsoii mid daughter, of lltook.
lyn, nro nt tlio Saiiltiirluin.
Dr. E. W. llutter of FitcIiuuI, was In
town on Tuesday.
Prof. 11. W. Uartcli ol Slicnniuloali, was
In town on Wednesday.
J. Clarence Flt.patrlck of llazleton spent
Saturday mid Sunday here.
Mr. mid Mrs. C. O. Darltley uiu visiting
relatives In New York state.
C. D. Jackson Ksij. will not start for the
west until after court on June lltli.
Klchaid Dilnker has been obliged to
leave his situation at Scranton, on account
of his eyes.
Wc arc pleased to note that Theodore Heck
of Light Street is again well enough to he
about town.
Mrs. .1. .1. Utiiwer, and Miss Ada will
start for Missoutl next Wednesday to
visit Mrs. llrugler.
Lieut. A. It. Paxtoti, of lliu Itegular
army is visiting at his uncle's Loyd Paxton,
at Kupcrt. He has been absent about six
Grant Ileiring Is at home for u few weeks
enjoying his Senior vacation. He will
return to l.afayetlu College, Enston, for
commencement, having an appointment us
one of the speakers.
The lluckhorn Hotel kept by U. II. Dclt.
crick has been recently re-papered, re
pntnted, mid otherwise Improved.
Wo acknowledge tho receipt or an In.
vllatlon to be present nt tliu Cenlctitilai
commemoration of Dickinson College to bo
held from June 2lth to tliu 28th.
All members of tho Ken lor Class, num.
bcHiig 33, passed a successful examination
by the committee nptiolnted bv the Hlnto.
The examinations closed Wednesday.
At Danville court last week Alexander
Frame, convicted of robbery, was sen.
t enced to two years' Imprisonment In the
Kastcrn penitentiary. John Enirle will
serve thrco months In the county Jail for as
siiuit ami battery on his fathcMiMnw, n
dear mute, J ho commissioners were
oevercly reprimanded for falling to supply
the court house with water after tho strong
recommendations by five successive grand
Wo have arranged to grind Lewis' Puhk
White Lrad is UA.Mriiia.i.'s ani TitAtKii'u
The town council of Danville at Its last
meotlnn recommended a special tax upon l'cnE I'Inskkd On., and aro prepared to of.
the properly owners to defrav extipnp nf fcr lndtlccmcnts In price to dealers
llupcrt Pft,
the Hooks suit which was tried In our May ;"8'iiirs
term of court.
Thermometers, from 25 cents to .3.50 nt
llic tcu'MiilAN store. tf
The frleinli 'of the lute M. K. Caswell.
desire to extend thanks to nil those who so
generously assisted them In their nllllctlnn.
T.. il...t- .,tl.i " l"v
....... nuuuri) especially no tiiey ten. u, Fcrnon.
uci uiuiiKs ior ineir promptness In render.
lug assistance.
iiiuMontour Iron & Steel company of
i-Miiviiio lnailu a successful casting Inst
caiiiruayaiternoon of thirteen tons. The
casting Is for part of a fly-wheel to be used
In the new mill works In course of erection
at ISurtluitnbcrlniul.
Two canoes reached hero on Friday last,
having como down tho river. They started
at Albany, New "iork. One was tho "Mar.
Ion and the other the "Acorn." Tho names
of the gentlemen who sailed in tlio boats on
a pleasure excursion were It. S. Oliver, and
They dined nt the Exchange
on Friday and shipped their boats back by
rail from this point. The men were bad.
ly sunburned and had enough of tho sport
ween they reached here.
Mr. II. I). Darlington, for several years
past agent of the Philadelphia & Heading
railroad company at Hupcrt, will leave
his post about tliu 12th Inst, aud remove to
Lcwlsburg to take a position on tho new
branch of tho P. & it. Mr. Darlington Is
a thorough railroad matt, as well as a
genial gentleman, and ho has made many
warm friends In this section during his
residence here, and his departure will be
The Baptist church looks verv urettv In. ecnerallv rccrcttcd. Frank Carnenter.
need since It bin been papered and painted, present nccnt nt Tamanend, will succeed
An uiKiuion lias neen made adjoining the Mr. Darlington at Hupcrt.
iuupii in which is limit a fine baptistry.
Don't forget that you can buy of
I, W. ITartmau & Son
A good black silk dress.
A jet black Henrietta cloth dress,
A tine black cashmere dress,
A pretty black lace bunting dress,
A stylish colored dress of any kind,
Whfto dress goods from lOo to7n"e,
Plain and fancy handled parasols,
Fans from 2c to 1.75,
Buttons, neckwear and ribbons,
All silk sash ribbon from Mc to 1.00,
MOO yds best calico nt Ooyd,
Guaranteed silver plated ware,
Mahcr and Grosh pocket knives,
Plain and fancy writing papers,
and piles of other goods at
I W. Hartman & Sod's.
For wlilto dress goods und embroideries
go to uiarK iu son's.
The larecst and finest stock of carpets
in Columbia county will be found at
Brower's carpet store, Blooinsbtirg. Body
brnssels, tapestry, Ingrains, mats, rugs,
oil cloth, hall and stair carpet In great
variety. 40 pieces of brnssels of new de
sign recently purchased, arc being sold
trom 75 cents to $1.50 a ynrd. Ingrains
irom 20 cents to 91. uu a yard.
Fine groceries, notions, canned goods, nt
j. 11. SKccrs.
Pictures, frames.
window cornices, nt
1 on can secure a line $250 organ for
115, at $3.00 per month, by julnli.g the
j.stey organ Club of Blooinsbtirg, Pn.
Address, F. M. Eveiiktt, Sco'y.
Blooinsbtirg, Pa.
r ots ran cm ir irom svm 10 4uo tier 101.
i lots ranging irom s;ou to suuu per 101.
All south of the Normal School. No money
reotilred provided the purchaser will erect
bt lldlngs nt once.
may u. W. in ft At j.
Eleeant nailor suits, chamber sets.
all kinds of furniture nt Cadman's
Mr. Smith la doing a good work here nnd
is rapidly gaining friends.
Illustrated Hook of Crme Illnln mailed tor A 3
rent stamp, lllrd Foal Co., B37 South 8th St. l'hlla.
Nobby suits mndo to order at Evans &
Eyer's, by first-class workmen. Prices
very reasonable.
Tho Calllepian
Normal School
lu Evans' hall
Literary Society of the
will hold a festival
on Filday nnd Snttirdav
evenings, Juno 8th and Utlt. An abun
dance of cream, enke and fruit will be furn-
James Terwllligcr of Lightstrcct was
arrested by Constablo Woodward on Frl.
day last on a warrant issued by J. D.
Bodlne, Esq., of Mnlnvlllc, charging htm
with robbing Levi Michael on the river
1.111 t m till
lshe.1 ',1l11..l.,..l..i.. """" "ma "u- B
1 1ml! In liefnrn 11. (I. f'rnvellm. Kan ..
nt Espy, for a hearing before Esquire
A beautiful line of gent's underwear. Bodlne at Mnlnvhiu on Thursday morning.
consisting of gau.e and balbriggan. Mc- Wo go to press too soon to report any of
ilium weights hist opened, nt I), f.nwen. the testimony. The name of Charles Mc-
The undersigned Is prepared to repair and
1 llrst class I
June 1 lm
put nn first class lightning rods,
ii. r. hicks.
Black bass season opened June 1st.
This is tliu year for the seventeen
Wllliamsporl'a new post ollleo is to cost
The interior of C. A Ivlelm's drug btore
presents u hanilsoinu uppearanco having
been recently frescoed.
As wu go to press, the circus is having
Its grand parade, uud the town is well
tilled with people.
Sweet potatoc plants at Dillon's green
houses at !!5 cents per 100, and 53.00 per
Tho Espy Cornet Band will hold a fes
tival In the park at that place on the even
ings of June 15th aud ICtli.
The N. ii W. B. H. H. should have
some arrangements for ticket selling here.
At present no onu seems to know where to
get them.
A net work of telephone wires is being
built all over the State. A linu from
Orangevlllc to Benton would be a paying
The latest style the "Broadway" silk
hat now for sale at D. Lowcnberg's.
The Hlooinsliurg Comet Baud will hold
a festival on Friday and Saturday evenings,
June 22nd and 23rd. The place has not
yet been selected.
Mrs. Samuel W. Edgar of Scranton,
died suddenly on Wednesday morning at
her homo In that cltv. Wu have learned
no further particulars.
Qlrton serves up the delicacies of the
season to hU'customers nt the St. Elmo
restaurant. The menu embraces frogs,
Bolt shell crab and clam soup.
A largu stock of silver-plated knives and
forks, as low as two dollars a set, also
casters, butterdishes, &c, nt Bernhnrd'
jewelry store.
Improvements continue at tliu Exchange
Hotel. The public parlor Is now belli;
painted and frescoed, C. Hendcrshott
and It. Ilugcnbuch ate the artists.
You can secure a linu 230 organ for
$115, nt 3.00 per month, by joining the
Estey Organ Club of Bloomsbiirg, Pa.
Address, F. M. Eveiietj, Sco'y.
Bloomsbiirg, Pa.
A judge, In remanding a ptlsouer, called
him a scoundrel. Tho prisoner replied,
"I am not as big a scoundrel ns your lion.
oi" here the culprit stopped, but finally
aiiiieii "laKes me to lie." "rut your
words closer together," said the judge.
Lontlon Punrh.
So far as heard from there are but two
candidates out for thu District Attorney
ship, namely, Hnbert Buckingham and II.
. lute, Eq. Both ure young lawyers
of ability, and either one which may be
elected will undoubtedly make nn efll.
cient officer.
A complete assortment of the best Amer
ican watches, both in hunting and open
cases, warranted from two to live years,
at L, Bernliard's jewelry stoic.
Dowell was on the warrant but ns he was
out of the county, living nt McVcytown,
Miflltn county, a despatch was Rent there
to hold him, nnd Constable Woodward
went after him on Monday. He returned
on Tuesday morning and McDowell gave
ball for a hearing.
You can secure a line 250 organ for$115,
at $3.00 per month, by joining the Estey
Organ Club of Bloomsburg, Pa.
Address, F. M. Evkiiett, Sec'y,
Bloomsburg, Pa.
There will be a meeting of Sunday
school workers at llidlay Union church on
Tuesday morning and afternoon, June
12th, lor the purpose of organizing Centre
township district, as an auxiliary to the
County Association. All friends of the
Sunday school and the cause which it
represents, nro earnestly invited to be
vi lint to wear and liow to wear It are
questions often asked. Call at the Leading
Merchant Tailor of Bloomsburg and full In
formation can always be obtained, at the
popular store of David Lowcnberg.
According to the statement the county
paid about 140 for work done nt the
court house und jail last year. SherllT
Mourey offer to contract for the same
work at 300 n year. The commissioners
should put this matter In his hands, ns it
would not only be a saving to the county
but no question as to the responsibility for
escapes could hereafter arise.
The Bloomsburg Band is an organization
of which the town may well feel proud. As
a general thing brass bands are shortlived,
there being no pay in the work done, and
oftentimes not many thanks. The present
band has lasted longer than any similar or
ganization In the town or county, and Is now
upon a permanent basis. Its members are
Interested in their work, and meetings nre
held regularly twice a week for practice.
Under the efficient leadership of Prof.
Brooks the band has made wonderful prog
ress, and they now master a number of
difficult selections, that but few country
bands would attempt to play. Tho band
renders services to the public on public oc
elisions gratuitously, and they glvo open
air concerts during the summer. Now In
return the public should show some uppre-
elation, and It can be done in no better way
than by contributing towards the purchase
of new uniforms, which are badly needed.
If the boys ask for money glvo liberally s If
they have a festival or concert patronize
them. They deserve it.
See our 20 cent boxes of writing paper
and envelopes. They nre of good quality
with unique designs. Cheapest In town at
the Columbian store.
I would call your attention to tho fol
lowing implements for sale by the under-1
signed : Kemp's patent manure spreader,
ltcmliigton & Son's carbon metal plows,
Advance chilled plows, Gnlo clilllcilplows,
sulky plows, Cornell com shelters, Centen
nial fanning mills, separators nnd powers,
one nnd two-horse corn planters with fcr-
tlllzcr arrangement, Dcerc fc I o's. walking
nnd riding corn cultivators, Buckeye walk
ing and riding corn cultivators, Iron Age
and l'lanct Junior onc-norso cultivators
with plow attachments, Walter A. Wood's
reapers, mowers and self-binders, Warrior
mowers and Bramer reapers, Tiger, Lead
er and Monitor hay rakes, Triumph and
Monarch fertilizer grain drills, hay tedders
and nay carrmrs, spring tootii urag nar
rows, spring tooth harrows on wheels, drag
and smoothing harrows, chopping mills
that will chop 10 bushels an hour with two
horses. Baldwin's hav and stalk cutlers,
f Hand and power.) U. u. uooner x uo's.
steamjengines and saw mills, brick mould
ing machines. Also Liistcr .tiros- tiest none
fertilizers In the market. All goods sold
at the lowest prices, and if not proven sat
isfactory can lie returned.
4-13 Bloomsburg.
Charles Hamilton was arrested by Con
stable Woodward on Friday, charged with
stealing chickens. He had a hearing
before J. M. Clark, Esq., und was com.
milted to jail hi default of hull. Accord
lug to the evidence he stole chickens of
L. ltuiiyan, W. Webb, W. Bawling, and
others, aud sold them In town. He has
been doing a wholesale business.
Head Qi auteus ton G. A. H. suns
and CaI's,
The suits sold at D. Lowcnberg's give
perfect satisfaction. The suits sold by D.
Lowenberg keep their color in fact all the
members of the G. A. H. are satisfied who
bought their suits of D. Lowenberg and
recommend them to their comrades. A
new lot just received at tho Popular Cloth.
ing Store of David Lowenberg.
Circciiwood Institute.
lloiiiisiiuitn, Pa., May 20th, 1883.
Institute wus called to order, pursuant
to appointment by the president, C. M.
Teachers present nt roll call, B. Follmcr,
F. Bogart, W. Bote, M. Stackhouse and
Hannah Patterson. In the absence of the
Secretary O. W. Utt was appointed Secre-
tary pro tern. Afler a very creditable ex
hlbition by pupils of Mr. Follther's, (Iiohrs
burg), school Mr. Bote gave his mode of
teaching history by tho "topical plan."
Miss Patterson gave a pleasant and in
structive lesson on letter writing. In illus
tratiou of the same subject the President
called up a small class of boys and girls
and drilled them In the work of letter
writing In a happy manner, fully demon
stratlng the theory of Miss Patterson.
Tho President then gave his usual talk to
the teachers.
-"Great haste Is not always good
speed." Yet you must not dilly-dally In
caring for vour health. Liver, kidneys and
bowels must be kept healthy bv the use of
. i . . ,iii i -: . i .. l . .
mat. prince ui iuluicuicb, rwuuu-ivurt,
which comes In llnuld form or dry both
thoroughly clllcaclous. Have It always
A whisker dye must be convenient to
use, easy to apply, impossible to run on,
elegant in appenrauce, and cheap in price.
liiieKingliam s uyc ior me wiusKers mines
in itself all these merits. Try it.
See a woman in another column, near
Sneer's Vineyards, picking grapes from
which Sneer's Port Grape Winu is made.
that is so highly esteemed by the medical
profession, for the use of Invalids, weakly
persons and mc ageu.
Sold by uruggtsts. sept yj-iy
Liver disease, headache, and constipa
tion, caused by bad digestion, quickly cur
ed by Urowirs iron Hitters.
"For 35 years," says our correspondent
Henry Clark, of Fairfield. Lenawee Co.,
Mich., "my wife had fits. They would last
about an hour, nnd sometimes longer. Sa-
manton Airmne bus permanently cured
Revelation suggests the Idea that from
Woman comes tho power to "bruise the
serpent's head." lhe words take a
new meaning to-dav since this Is precisely
what Mrs. Lydla E. Plnkham's Bemedles
do for thu physically diseased patient. Her
Vegetable Compound reaches the ultimate
sources of the evil. Its action is gentle
and noiseless, but It is moru powerful than
llie club ot Hercules. llazar.
Lewis. Iowa. Dr. J. M. Davis says :
"Brown's Iron Bitters give the best of sat-
lsiacuon to uiose who use it."
Prof. William II. Dill, A. M., Principal
of the Freebuig Academy, will deliver the
anniversary address of the Orangevillu
Academy on the evening of Juno 22nd.
.Major Dill Is onu of the best academy
Principals In this State, and is among the
very few who ate really good orators. Do
h:n chosen for hH subject, "Oratory."
All who can should hear him.
A gamo of baso ball was played last Sat.
urday afternoon between tho second nine
of Bloomsburg and a club from Berwick.
Tho scoro stood 30 to 14 In favor of Bloom.
Two barns wero burned In Berwick last
Saturday, one belonging to the Jackson &
Woodlu Manufacturing Company, and thu
other to W. J. Knorr. Thu loss on each Is
about 300.
Dr. A. B. McCrea, of Berwick, an ex.
pcrlcnced physician and druggist, has en
tered into n partnership with Dr. Rulter,
of Frceland, aud will removu to that place
with his family soon.
Tho Lycoming Chronicle newspaper
property lu Wllliamsport, belonging to the
estate of thu lata Colonel Tate, has been
bought by parlies lu Lancaster, who will
soon begin the publication of an afternoon
Democratic dally,
Geo, H. Brown, the popular landlord of
tho Central Hotel Is never done with lm
provemcnts. Having got tho first tloor
of the house about right, he Is now having
tho second and third lloors pupercd re
painted, and newly carped d.
All teachers of ('oluinbla county who In
tend to apply for permanent certificate,
uro requested to meet the committee at the
Third Street school building, lu Blooms.
burg, on Saturdny, Juno Dili, at 0 a. in.
By OmiEli ok Committer.
"Tho latest style and lowest prices,"
the business motto of D. Lowenberg.
Tho twelfth nnniial convention of tho
dloceso of central Pennsylvania of tho
Episcopal church will bo held in Chi 1st
Enlscoiial cathedral, Heading, coiuineiic-
Inn Tuesday Juuu 12th. Judge Elwill and
E. H. Drinker will piobnbly attend as
deputies from St. Paul's church, Blooms.
You can secure a line 250 orgnn for
115, at 3,00 per month, by joining tho
Estey organ Club of Bloomsburg, Pa.
Address, F. M, Lveiibtt, Sec'y.
Bloomsburg, Pa.
I nuskh OiLTKH, ETO. The announce.
incut is made that the Treasury Depart
ment will arrange for such a cancellation
of tho stamps on unused printed checks
and drafts, after tho law repealing the
stamp act goes Into effect (July 1st), ns
will enable the government to refund the
Smitten itcatli.
On last Friday evening Juno 1st, about
11 o'clock, Mr. M. E. Caswell, onu of lliu
partners In thu linu of Caswell Hros,
As Co., died suddenly. He died of a se
veto congesttvu cum. nu was me
youngest of eight brother and the first one
to be separated, lie was 31 yrs, 3 mosjnnd
15 days old. Suven brother onu sister and
his father survive him, Ho leaves a wife
and little boy, whu have thu sy .npathy of
the community in their sad bereavement.
Mr. Caswell was tho bos finisher in tho
woolen mills and thoroughly understood
his part of the work. Tho mills were just
about being operated very successfully,
and for tho firm to lose so valuable a part.
per and brother, Is n sad loss Indeed, Dur.
lug his short stay, -Mark, as he was com
monly called, mado many friends, who were
startled at his sudden demise. The funer.
al took place at his Into residence on West
New York Physician's say that they
huvo been using Speer's Port Grape Wine
and iron Hitters in tlieir praciico ior years,
to the entire satisfaction of their patients
and themselves, and take great nleasuru in
recommending them to tho public ns being
all that Is claimed for them, and In fact,
the most reliable they can mm, It is es
pecially recommended for consumptives.
thu aged and for female generally. For
sale by C. A. IClelm, Bloomsburg Pa.
money paid for lu stump and yet leave street, on Tuesday morning at ten o'clock
the checks or draft so that they may still ' of Uuvs- Fllckingcr, of Shamo.
be used.
Cheapest Fashion Jlayiwlin lit tlio world, 180
Uriro ihil'cs, 4 pagiw new misle, 100J cngraMng
e.u-liKsuo. no cents per ear i tlngto copies IS ct.
Mrawbitdgo .t Clothier, Btli x Market Bts., l'hlla.
Thu Dauvlllu Intelligencer has till to say
of Mr. S. N. Walker, Court Stenographer
for this county and Montour i
This gentleman I President of thu
Pennsylvania Stenographic, Association.
Ho U a gentleman of broad culture, exten.
slvu rending, und withal onu of thu finest
chess nlavers who visits till community.
Naturally, hu U popular with tho legal
fruteruhy and other who have tliu pleas.
ure of hi acquaintance.
W. B. Poust, agent D. L. ti W. It. It.
Bloomsburg, can now sell a ticket direct
und check buggugo through to nearly every
railroad town In thu United Slates. Hu
does not glvo a ticket part way and nn
order In soiuu other olllcu for thu balancu
of thu dUlunce, but gives the ticket
kin, and Mnnhart, of Bloomsburg. There
was n largo gathering of friends. I ho
body was taken to Jersey Shore and buried
nlongsldu his mother.
A few trimmed bonnets at Clark it Son's
to cloie out cheap.
A fresh lot of pantaloon patterns, iiohbv
and cheap, can hu seen nt G, W. Bertsch's
Merchant Tailoring establishment,
C'fA pint of thu finest Ink for families or
school can bu mailu from a ten-cent pack
age of Diamond Dye. Try them;
Uarlleld, Iowa. J)r. A. 1. llenak piivhi
'Once using Brown's Iron Bitters proves
its superiority over an otner tonic prepara
Wheat per bushel
ltye ' hi
Corn, " ,,,.. ,U)
Oats 11 " 45
Flour ner barrel
liuttcr 94
klxs a
Tallow w I
potatoes in
uriea Aupies to
llama 14
sides Shoulders 11
chickens .. .. 13
Turkeys it
Lra per pouna , 14
1117 per 10a r.' m
HoeAwaz , us
liocltwheat flower per 100 ,, O.n
Vuu'ii Market was In moderate request from
tha local consumer nnd prices rule sternly : sales
ot i,40o barrels, includlni,' Minnesota extras al 15 W
MitiO! rennsvlvanl.i fnmilr 14 uadS.V'K- nestem
do 15 S5i6.S5: patents II &47.W.
WHEAT Market was nulet. but linn: car tuts
1 13,1.S6; ti.lStf bid for Mays 11.191 (or June;
1 so v for duly s Jl.sov for August.
Cokn Finn, but not much dolui;; car lots fifta
69ci 050 bid for May j tt),c for June; 07 ','c for July 1
68V(0 for August.
hits 1110 inarKct was sieauys car lots 47vMc;
53c bid for Hay j 6j for June i 53X0 tor l-uly i47c
IU1 AUgUabi
A lino lot of straw-
Evans it Eyer.
hats just received by
Parasols, fans, ties, luces, gloves, ho.
slery, ribbons, corsets, collars, meltings,
A:c,, at Clark & Sou's,
Just received n new 1 11 voice of wliltu
vesting nnd linens at (I, W, Bertsch's.
All of thu latest styles.
New dry goods at J, B. Skeer's,
If you want dress silks of any kind go to
uiaru boirs largu biock, lowest prices.
Go to Bertsch's for those nobby little
text scurf plus, just received a new lot of
Wo aro Informed that the county has
paid somebody 75 for work done in sav
ing tho hildgo near tho paper mill nt Uuta. them
..-l..t.. ... it, Itnwt tliu lip,. Au llilu I
...... . v ... ...... w. - ..- - 8)lrt8i mH um, c0,,.ri, ...cU.tes. ......
U.ldgo is Kept up i.y uiu cui.tny noro ior kIm,s 0, K00(,s for ecu, wt,.( ,(t pmm &
llie uwiciib vi mini tact, pv i'jnu imiu uuy. layer s,
body else, they ougiii to iiavo been willing
to protect It for nothing, bo lur us wo
mm lenrn this liiiVMcnt wus unwarranted.
and ought not to bo allowed in thu next I A. .f"Jl nP. ol ready.mado clothing.
, " ,., , 1 gent.8- lurmsiiing goous, vuiwes, etc.
uiinual settlement. ' Evans t Eyer's.
For good cheap
furniture, go to Cad
J ohn Wanamaker
starts the May and June Sales with the unheard-of aggre
gate stock of Two and a Half Millions
and nowhere in the United States is there so large a stock at retail to which
City and Country People
have access alike, with prices marked plainly, so that
All pay the same
at John Wanamaker's.
The certainty that besides numerous bargains daily spread on the counters the
Big Store is now known to fix the Market Prices
ol' all the things dealt in, settles conclusively that it is the BEST PLACE
Those who do not care to stop over night at a hotel, can check bags, coats, umbrellas and packaages
the store door, and can get lunch in the building.
The few items below show how things are going just now.
Send postal card for samples.
From one of the largest and
best Paris houses we have some
splendid lots of Dress Goods,
all told about two hundred full
pieces, that were not ready ior
delivery until long after the
time, and on account tnereoi
were reduced twenty-five per
cent, all around.
This makes some famous
bargains :
A 41-inch All-wool illuminat
ed Beige, 4oc.
43-inch All-wool
Beige, 60c. Far
45-inch Oashmere
GOc. Far under value.
42-inch All-wool Check,
50c. Far under value.
42-inch All-wool Albatross,
GOc. Far under value.
. 41-inch All-wool Albatross,
75c. Far under value.
The following lots are very
desirable :
A 40-inch All-wool French
Shooda, 50c.
42-inch All-wool French
Shooda, 75c.
42-inch All-wool Pin's
Head Check, GOc.
A 31-iuch Nun's Veiling
creams, 35c.
The steady increase of our
Dress Goods Department must
be owing to the constant watch
to keep our prices the lowest.
We could not allord to cut oil
dress patterns and take them
back, as our rules compel,when
others sold at lower rates, so
we are on the alert all the time
to protect ourselves by mark
ing the lowest figures going.
Linen Sheetings, 2i yards
wide, value 90c, now G5c. ;
value 1.00, now 75c. : value
$1.20, now 8oc.
45-inch Pillow Linen, 37 ic.
54-inch Pillow Linen, 50c.
40-inch Butcher's Linen,
1-4 Drawer Linen, 18, 22,
25, 28, and 31c.
Fine Cream Damask, S1.2o ;
reduced to 1.
Table Cloths, 2Jx2i, 21x3,
2lx4i, 2 1-2x5 yards.
A Towel, 22x43 inches,
weigh half a pound, 25c.
A Damask Towel, 23x48
inches, good and heavy, price
now at first hands, 37 l-2c. ;
Some lots of Buttons and
Dress Trimmings at nominal
pricc3 as long as they last.
New importations of Paris but
tons open.
Ladies' English h:olid-color
Brilliant Lisle Hose, 50c.
Ladio3' Colored Hose, 12 l-2c.
hitherto 25c.
Ladies' Long Balbriggan,
French foot, 20c, hitherto
Ladies' Fancy Hose, a fifty cent
quality for 25c.
Men's full regular made, (Ger
man) Brown mixed, 12 l-2c.
Men's English Striped, full
regular made, 18c.
Children's full regular made, at
15, 20. 30, 35c, worth
Children's and Misses' Trim
med Hots, ready to put on, for
$1.50, $1.75 and $2, and up
wards. These come from our
own work rooms,
Ladies Roush-aud-Keady
Bonnets and Hats, all colors
and black, for 25c.
173 dozen sprays ot line
llowers at 25c. a spray, for
millinery and corsage. These
are about half price.
There is a new counter for
9 and 12c. Satin and Gros
Grain Ribbons, of which we
have all colors.
A magnificent lot of newly
imported Lyons Black Grena
dines, warranted all silk. The
designs are rich and beautiful.
Two qualities, $1.25 and $1.50,
which is said to be Jess than
half the cost of importation.
Before the goods reached the
counters twenty dresses wero
sold by the sample piece that
customers saw in passing. We
have some other black goods
at half price,
The Madras, Nottingham,
Antique, and Tamboured Cur
tains are in usual abundance.
Furniture .Coverings begin
at 12 l-2c a yard, and some of
our Cretonne are the cheapest
we ever had.
Handsome Antique Cur
tains, $3.50 per pair.
Four styles Gentlemen's sus
penders, made in our work
rooms at Oak Hall, 15, 25, 40
and 50c.
Balbriggan Underwear, 37
l-2c. ; used to be 50c. Good
night shirt, 75e.
The new Waukenphast shoe
is about the best thing yet that
has been done for men, if com
fort for the feet is considered.
Only first-clas3 workmen can
maKC them, and, as yet, we
have not been able to make
sufficient quantities to get the
price lower than $7; but this is
a dollar less than, we are told,
is asked elsewhere.
15-yard lengths of summer
silks, 35 to 65c
Glace Changeable silks, 65c.
Now India silks, black
grounds, small white figures,
very handsome, at $1.50,
A fair black silk is ' going
now for 75c, and quite a good
one for a dollar.
If you will pay $1.50, we
have a quality of the Bellon
make that we recommend, and
will ask you to recommend after
wearing it.
dlietnAit $tieet, ii'teetvtlv knd liket 0ti(eet,
, "
' I
20-inch black Satin Parasol,
lined in various colors, ten gilt
rib.-;, handsome natural stick,
Spanish lace trimmed. Price
m m m a ip ipjrarar? a tot?
peterIoopeT practical tin roofer,
1IISL1FI! ANI)CIIAltAOTi:it. Ill- O. MiiimU Ijh-
ter' author ot "Tlio lilory nnd Kliamo of KiiKlaud
Tho Napoleon I))iuuly.nctc. Illustratt-tl. 1'uirt.
lucm i wuui. acia.: null jiusmu. nxia. j-o&iuLro i
stamps Not bolil tiy ilciU-ntj prices too I
iuiv Aiviiuu loiiuniut;, lart'o i)n', uuuunwt I
Uric ov Mxx. It. Km-iiBm, nv. M. and 3so,
l.irx ok iKHtc Nkmton, by James Carton. . !-.
llii- Nan winklk, by Wushliiuton Irving, lie. I
jiuiiMNiioK none, uy uuioii t-urrnr,
AMmutUN iivxoniHiH Aru-inui ward, . ic.
i:nocu akiiun, by Alfred Tennyson, . . c,
llKSKHTKH Vll.I.iUK (TlIK TlUVH.KK, (ioldMullli. W.
corimi'B KiTUituiY NiuiiT, etc., Itouert liurna. So.
Scim.Liit's 80NO ok tiik linu, und other I'ot-uu, tie.
WOKLU-NMiaiuxu, by w, Mattleit.WlllUmn, sc.
John ii. ai.den, ruousner, l ewy hi., ;ew york',
Juno 1 4.w. il
From Hi" Districts or As.uu, Chittiuono, Oicuiii
others. Absolutely i-uro. Buporlor In flavor.
Tha Most KconoialoaL Jtenulrei otily half the
usual miantltr. Bold by all irroceni. JOHN a.
rilll.Ur.i Co.. At'enU nt tha Calcutta Teal
Juno )- d
Foreign and: Momm&w
f?-7!..--V - riAXomuri with stool, Uoa tuiuu,".
In IlliutrnleU futloa:,.o vbUh 1. out K11KK wluTlu" p.,Ucii.
Addreu or call upon UAMCL, r, 1IKATTY, Wiihlogton, N lutt,.
QllAM'.i: OK T13H.MS,
Aliinnirtlin ivnmUnhd m-occiil.
1um of tho iinut of f-omuioii
1 leai In unit for whl County, It l.s
therein euiitalned:
''Audnow.NovemlrU. 1W, ordered that tlm
Mpteniber term of court In .Montour i-ouuly khali
eomineueooiitlm third Mondaj of M-pleuiUT. niul
the September tenn of CourtHln Columbia omiuty
shall I'omuieueo oi. thofouith Monday of Septem
ber Insteatl of the Una's heielof.uv etabllhtl.
........ .. 11 V TIIK contT.
lertllled from tho lefonu Ihlstflrd day of .May,
Nollco Is hereby ulveu that the folio loir unifd
pen-on hauuilod with tho cwrlc of the Court of
(Juarter soaMoua ot tho IVaco of Columbia county,
their iK'tltlons for lleenio, which w III bo prttieiiteil
tuthoHuldcouit on Monday the eleventh day ot
Juno A, D. inm ut io o'eloi-k a. m.
John 1'. Keller, Iterwlek, bottler.
may Si .it' clerk Q. c.
81.50 AYKAll