The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, May 18, 1883, Image 4

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Oitlrtvntlng Celery.
Celory is ono of tlio most ngrcoablo
nn wiioiesotiio pinuu iirowii in tlio cnr
don. It Is gunerrilly clnltnud tlmt it
lias n quieting effect on tlio nervous
system, mid celery liollct, in milk
is recommended as a remedy fo
rheumatism. At any rato, celory is t
uood tlilnt? to have in llin hoiiao. mid
every farmer slidiiU make it a point to
navo a good bed of It. The Amcri'
can Agriculturist has the following
suggestion in regard to its cultivation :
"l'lio old method of setting celery at
mo uoiiom ot a trench is still occasion
ally followed, either by uardners who
have done this in the old country, or
by our own people, who havo not learn
ed tno lienor way; ot planting it on the
Niirface. Celory is ono of the plants
with which liltfu is gained by hurrying)
it will not grow rapidly until after mid
summer, when wo havo tho favoring
condition of warm days and cool, dewy
nights, and our most uxerienced gar
deners do not set out the main crop
until tho next mouth. Market garden
crs grow celery as a second crop, to
follow an early one, for which the soil
has been well manured t if this cannot
ba done, then the soil must bo well en
riched before planting. It rarely pays
to raise celery plants in a privato gar
den, if one is whero they can bo pur
chased. In buying plants select thoso
that look strong and stocky, a condition
procured by proper cutting back their
leaves while in tho seed bed. The
plants aro to bo set in the rows, four
feet npart, and six inches distant in tho
rows i thoy require careful planting,
and should bo no deeper in tho ground
than thoy were originally in tho seed
bed. In alt transplanting, it is impor
tant to havo tho earth closely in contact
with tho roots of tho nowly'set plant j
this may be done going along tho row
and pressing on each side of tho plant
with the foot, or by carefully crowding
the earth down with tho bauds as each
plant is set. If a cloudy time cannot
bo selected for planting, then do tho
work towards evening, and givo a
thorough watering. The plants have
nothing further done to them until
September, when the leavos aro brought
to an upright position, and tho earth is
drawn around to hold them there. In
tho meantime tho celery has nothing to
do but to grow, in which it must be en
couraged by hoeing or cultivating of
ten enough to destroy all weeds and
keep the soil loose, taking care in theso
operations to not throw any dirt into
the heart of tho plants,
Devon Oows for Butter.
AVe have been looking over reports
of what Devon cows havo just been
doing in tho butter line among us,
and find that nineteen of tho cows
havo been producing from 15 to 20
lbs. 5 or., each of beat quality of but
ter per week. Considerinc their me
dium size and economy of keep, theso
arc great yields ; but in years gone by,
there are records of still larger yields,
nearly equalling thoso of tho most
famous Jerseys of tho present day.
The Dovons, however, not only excel
in tho dairy, but in several other in
spects. They aro very superior work
ing oxen, have a quicker step and
greater endurance than any other
breed, and nro the most powerful of all
for their size. When fattened, thoy
turn out a choice quality of beef.
Thus wo see that they are a most ex
cellnt general purpose breed good in
tho dairy, for work, and for tho sham
bles. Tlio only other cattle that can
bo compared to them in uniting so
many superior qualities nro tlio Red
Polled Noi folk and Suffolk, which, iu
fact, aro hornless Dovons.
Tho Dovons havo boGii much neg
lected by the public for twenty years
or so past, both in England and in
America j but attention is now awak
ening to their great merits, and wo
havo no doubt they will soon come
Into as high favor again as formerly ;
for, Aside from their Polled congeners,
no cattle aro so profitably brod and
raised on light pastures, and hilly,
rocky districts.
At a public sale of eighty-six lots of
Devons the past year in England,
they averaged $180 each. One cow
of these sold for 025, and a bull for
$875, while a calf brought 50 guineas
($250). Theso are about 25 per cent,
higher prices than the average of any
herd of cither Guornsoy, .Terse', or
Ayrshiro cattle sold for in England in
tho year 1882. We can learn from
this tho appreciation of Dovons in
their own native land. American
Agriculturist far May.
Peed the Crow and Save the Corn.
Tlio only complaint that farmers
over had to urge against the crow was,
that it would pull up tho young corn
sprouts just after they mako tlioir ap
pearance above ground. Whilo wo
freely admit that it is guilty of this
pilfering, it still, with tho ordinary
protection we can givo tho cornfield
for two weeks, does tho farmer a deal
yoa, five times more good than
harm in tho destruction of the myriads
of injurious insects whioh wo must
give it credit for. Hut there is a way
a very cheap and simple way by
which this useful bird upon the farm
can bo befriended, and at tho samo
time wo can bo protecting the corn
field ngainst its depredations. It must
bo rcmombered that tho crow never
oats grain of any kind without being
soaked or made soft, and this is tlio
reason why it pulls up the young corn
sprouts,, to get at tho pulpy grain ad
hering to tho root. Well, this fact
being remembered, wo will soak half a
peck of seed corn in .water for twenty
four hours, or until it becomes quite
soft, and scatter it over the adjoining
fields, whero it will he found by our
black friends i and repeating this
onco or twice, or as often ns may bu
necessary, wo will find that tho planted
corn will bo, wholly undisturbed
This will require a very small amount
of labor and an oxponso of perhaps
not over half a dollar while at the
samo time it will savo other and more
troublesome; ntjd costly arrangements
for tho cornfield, pro
aorvo a 'valuablo insect destroyer, and
secure to us the companionship of a
wary, glossy, usofi)!, domestic bird,
ono of tho most pleasing and desirable
members of the winged fauna of the
The First Elephant.
A coiTospondrut writes : "Tho first
olophaTltl)n Exhibition ii New Eng
land, aiJM'saVd'toMiavo been tho first in
tho UnitWmnM.wa" Wiled at Alfred,
Mo., in tUa year 1827, about ono mile
well fronithe"1 Villag, in a piece of
woods ne'tlflrTo' Hound Pond, so called,
on thCToad lo.iding to Dover, N. II.
A man by Uio,nauio of davis had an
altercation llhtliojtroprletor of tho
menagerie tlio'ilay; previous, whilo on
exhibition afAjfjcd, and sought re
venge by shooting tho elephant. Tho
affair caused a great sensation nt tho
timu throughout Now England. Tho
locality is known and pointed out to
this day as tho spot 'whero the elephant
was killed,'"
Cultivation of Orchards. '
Cultivation is vcrv beneficial to
vounir orchards A vountr orchard
set in grass land and left to tnko care
of itself, will make very slow growth
if indeed a largo part of tho trees do
not tail to glow, and, alter n low years
die, as is generally the case
setting a voung orchard, tho,
should bo brought into a fine, vitsh coil
(lit ton by cultivation and fertilization
Tho trees should then bo carefully fit
and the soil kept well cultivated am
frequently fertilized for suveral years,
or until the trees have attained a bizo
of three or four inches iu tliatrieter nt
the butt Tlimi, if desirable, th& lutfd
may be needed to grass and pastured
with sheep, being top driHsVd occasion-
ly whenever the trees urn. found not to
be ornwinif ns fnl. ns' 'tlinv should
The terminal branches of thrifty grow
ilig trees should make an animal
growth of from eight to twelve inches.
If thoy mako only three or four inches
growth each year, tho trees evidently
need feitilizing Tho trees must be
kept thriftily growing from th5 timo'
thev are set until thev como into full
bearing, and in order-to keep idem
thus growing it is necessary to culti
vate and fertilize them for soveral
eara after thev aio 1 rst sot. Col
Marshall 1'. Wilder, a good atithoruv
upon matters pertaining to lruit grow
iug, onco said in it discussion before
tho Massachusetts Hoard of Agricul
ture : "In a word, until orchards are
ten or moro years of age, no crop ex
ccpt vegetables should be permitted to
occupy tho ground i aud then if grass
is grown, tho laud must bo regularly
manured, so as to sustain both crops
without lniurv to either, it such a
thing be possible.1' N". JS. Farmer.
A New Way to Keep Apples. ,
l)v. ftcxamcr says that somo years
ago, when ho had more apples than ho
could store, ho hired a cellar of a
neighbor, and put in several hundred
barrels. When he camo to take them
out ho found water in the cellar1 -three
or four feet deep, and concluded, thev
were a dead loss till ho examined them.
Some weeks afterward hd found them
in an excellent 'condition, better than
thoso which the water had riot reached.
The result was ascribed to tho low
temperature and exclusion of air,- to
which wo .would add a umlorm degree
ot cold, and freedom from tho fluctua
tions caused by air currents. Wo sup
poso tho water was near or at tho
freezing point. An objection to this
modo of keeping .apples is tho dilli-
culty of puttiug it into practico to any
extent. Oountru Gentleman.
Tho Country Gentleman; in re
sponse to a request from a correspond
ent for a cure tor horses which have
contracted tho habit of pulling at tho
halter, says : "Take a suflicientlvlong
piece of half inch rope. Put tho com
tie' of it under tho tail like a crupper,
cross the rope on tho back and tio the
two ends together in front of the
beast snugly so that their is no slack,
other wiso it would drop down on tho
tail. Put an ordinary halter;strap or
rope through a ring in tho manger or
in front of tho stall and tio jt fast in,
tho rope on the front of the breast ;
then slap his face and let him fly back.
Ho will not choke or need tejllngto
stop pulling back. Let him wear, it
awhile, and twice or thrice daily scare
him back as suddenly and forcibly as
possible. After one or two trials you
will see that ho cannot bo iuduccd" to
pull back."
K.U.SOM1HK. Eight pounds of whit
ing and one quarter of a pound of
whito gluo make the right proportion.
Soak the glue over night in cold water,
and in the morning heat till it is per
fectly dissolved. Mix tho whiting with
hot water, stir tho two thoroughly- to
gether, and havo the wash tho consis
tency of thick cream. Apply warm
with a kalsomino brush, brushing it
well in nnd finishing it as you go. on,
If warm skim milk is used instead of
water, tho gluo may bo admitted. I)o
foro tho wash is applied all hdles and
crevices should be stopped with plaster
of Paris mixed with water. Colors to
tint tho walls may be procured at any
paint store. If zinc whito is used in
steady of whiting, it will last for years.
Tho first expense is more, but tho' jnJ
vestment pays. Use first a sizing of
white glue.
To Wash Hnusnr.s. It is best
to clean two at a time, in this way;
First comb them well to remove tho
loose hair or dust, thou dip bristles only
in very warm water, sprinkle each brush
with plenty of powdered borax and rub
tho two together; after they aro thor
oughly cleansed hnvo a pitcher of hot
water and pour it over tho bristles.
Keep tlio back of the brushes ns diy as
possible. Shako tho water well out and
dry quickly in the sun. Brushes wash
ed in this way will retain their stiff
ness. CiiMKxr. Litharge and glycerlno.
mixed together to the consistency of
thick cream or putty is a valuablo co-,
ment for mouding stone jars, for aquar
ium purposes, for stopping leaks in
seams of tin pans or wash boileis, to
fasten on lamp tops, tighten loose
joints of wood or iron, loose bqxus in
wagon hubs, aud for a great many otliJ
er things. The article should not bo used
until tho cumont has hardened, which
will require from ono day to n week, ac
cording to tho quantity used. This co
ment will resist tho action of water,
cold or hot, of acids and of almost any
degree of heat.
A funny story is told of tho wife of
ono ol tho most noted Admirals of the
country. The lady is a society worn,
nn, nnd she prides herself on her re
membrance of people. She nlways
endeavors to make herself agreeable,
and is as pleasant to strangers us
though shn had known them for years.
A year ago meeting Coinmodoro Blank
at a dinner tnble, she said, "Why, my
dear Commodore, I am so glad to seo
you 1 How is your wife 1"
"She is dead, madam," was the blunt
Of course the Admiral's wife apolo
gized for not knowing what should
havo been a well-known fact aud n
fact which bIio had in reality heard but
had forgotten.
Tho other day this same lady met
the samo Coinmodoro at a party. Who
was apparently delighted to boo him,
and, in tho start of their conversation,
sho said : "Now, Commodore, I want
you to tell me, how is your dear wifol",
Sho wa4 thrown into surpriso rind
consternation by tho reply, "Madam',
sho is still dead'
Cokikk ion Plants A lady of
San Francisco lately rqeoiyed-.somo
plants from Mexico, and with tho
plants camo tho advico to fcrtllizothcm
with waste ooiieo anil coucu grounds.
This was done, and tho results were so
satisfactory (lint tho samo treatment
wui tiled on roses, and tho lojiilt was a
1 1.1 1 ..! ,1. 1
peaiiuy uuu vigorous growiii nun uiuiu i
and better flowers nnd of richer colors, j
Cures for Sleeplessness.
There is a form of wakofulucsss
which is a somewhat frequent experi
enco with persons engaged in nctivo
wiiiK. iii;m woo nns irtji uiisuy
jmgagcdjduryig tho day in his usual
nvocation retire, let us say. at about
10 or 11 oelook, feeling tiiuto cleepy
After a period of plumber, perhaps of
two or three hours, hd finds himself
wido awake, nt about 2 o'clock in (ho
morning. There 1$ ubjtljiiig particu
larly burdensome on his mind ! no men
tai anxieties perplex, no physical pains
disturb hfm. 3 His only nnnoynnco is
tho consciousness -that a haul day's
work is before him, nhd that his busy
brain ought to bo, tit rost. After toss-.
ing nbdnl for nn hour or mor in vain
attempts to court sleep, ho drops off
Inward 'morning into disturbed and
broken slumber, and rises at tlio usual
iiotr with i sense of having been de;
franded by nature of ono of his rights,
So long ns this is a rare or occasional
experience it need not attract attention
Y hcn,,.howevqr,. it becomes habitual,
when sleen is regularly broken bv no
riods of.'wakujfulncfls'inofo or loss pro
longed, ahd especially when theso peri
ods conav to lie nccompailied bv nnxio
ties nnd worrying, thosvmntomismoro
grave, it may betoken serious impair-
"ment of tho nervous system if nllowcd
to continue.
What may bo dono bv the person
himself, on awakening during tho
night, in order to again induco tdeeb I
The expedients at our disposal it must
l... ...if i Li.
uo iiuinmcu, are. exceedingly vanauie
iii: (heir efficacy, but mf3t of them nro
worth trying. A cense of drowsiness
is sometimes easily induced by getting
up nnd standing by tlio bedside until
ono feels almost chilly nnd tho bed is
cold. Another expedient is to wah
tho head, !ncck and upper part bt tho
body in cold, water a, lower tempera
ture of tho' sk'in inducing probably a
moro active cironiation of1 tho blood to
the s.trfacq and away from the ncr.vous,
centers. I havo foutid a bit of dry
bread thoroughly masticated and eaten
at this" timo to act almost like a charm
somo icasoslbvi drawing blood from
brain, to stomach, and Urns securing
sleep, Anything which serves to do
tract, attention from ono's self , and sur
roundings may occasionally avail
such as -saying-tlie.alphabet, counting
ono's respirations, ropcaling.the multi
plication table .and h mu)titudo of sitn-
lar expedients. Arr ancient monkish
receipt fdr wakefulness was to "count
your beads."' Jt is a good advico yet.
There aro. no better aids to repose than
a good conscience and a mind at peace.
Ho.NiisTr Rewakdko. The hunts
man of,a well-known English, paok re
turned homo lately by rail in a third
classcarringo in Which were already
nvo men, and, ns ho entered, seeing a
parcel of papers on the floor under
the seat, ho picked lliem uii. Looking
at them and then at his companions,
ho asked if riny gentleman had' lost a
bnndlo of -papers. Each man said
"No," and tho huntsman handed the
bnndlo to the station master, saying,
"As thov seem to bo notes, 1 had
bettor ewoL them with you." Tho
men agreed that, he '., done right; but
afler'a' time, one began to feel his
pookets," hnlLwith many imprecations
on his stupidity announced that ho
had lost a . (bundle 'of notes received
that day at market. A discussion en
sued as to what was to be done, and it
was .agreed that tho best 'thing was
for tho owner to geti out at the next
station. t.ake a hack' and go back as
hard as ho could. As the victim hur
ried off tho huntsman laughed a quiet
laugh, and said. " "I thought there
would i be one rocuo, out of six men.
It, Was a bundle; of play bills."
Jefferson Davis' estato of '500 acres
nt Beauvior, 'Miss., is now mainly de
voted to grapes and oranges. He told
a recent callor that tho neighborhood
was equal to anything in Florida in
natural advantages for winter resort.
He mentioned soveral. points on Missis
sippi sound as affording raro chances
for capitalists to mako money by
erecting hotels'. Thoy get the' benefit
of southwest winds that almost con
tinuously! float over tho water," ho
said, "and back of them are1 thousands
of acres of piiip. forests, tho odors from
which are strengthening to Weak lungs. iiaiiiui; is cxcciicm, me uayous
Bwarm with geese, duck, and brant.
and tho forests would yield to the
sportsman's skill plenty of wild turkey,
ijuaii, iiuu. uttur. jtir. iiivis mump.
that',, considering' tho circumstances.
Mississippi is' doing very well in the
way ot progress, alio produces more
cotton than any othpr State,' slid has
cotton and other mills emnlovint'
about 10,000 hands.and $7,000,000 in
capital, horfreo schools number 5,000,
and in o.very way way sho is getting
wide awake.
At rare intervals thoso peculiar pco
lo that givo way to n weakness for
surprise parties receive jheir just ro
wards. When theso phenoineua'occur
it is tho surprise party that is surpris
ed. Iu Tohickpn.j Bucks county, a few
flays .ago, olBopro of those people re
ceived a surprise that will last them
until a now minister moves into tho
neighborlfood'nnd gives them a chance
or another .exhibition of their mild
;orm 'of'insanity. '-While indulging in
f banquet ' at the expense of a meek
and inoffensive neighbor recently, theso
people fell through tho floor into thn
cellar, carrying with them stoves, ban
quoting table's, furniture, a piano nnd
two hat racks. It is expected that
some of them will recover from theirin-
lines in timo to givo another
parjy to pay for tho damages.
A most beautiful and fraiiant
growth for a window muy bo obtained
uy isuiiKiug a sea-spongo in warm
water and sowing in its cells tho seeds
of umbrageous grasses and wild tlnw.
ers, with hero and thero tho delioato
fern nnd creeping wild berrv. known n
Iho 'mocking strawberry. Tho hang
iug may bo dono by a gilded rod or
ornamental jcords. Thq spongo.. may
bo kept moist and distended by' daily
sprinkling with blood-warm wnter.
'I he sponge thus treated is much light
or, Prettier mul,, more surely verdant
than any otier .spring basket, Na
tional tJfarvler,
j A Warning to
A Warning to Pensioners.
'ij'hu Commissioner ofi-Peusions has
issued u circular warning pensioners
and applicants for pensions that un
scripuloiis persons nro traveling
tin dughoul the country claiming that
they nro authorized tQ)epresent tho
Commissioner of Pensions. No spcu
ial examiner or other person employed
by tho Pension Olliuo Is authorized to
receivo money, either as feu or expen
ses, and nil examiners are provided
with certificates bearing tho signature
of tho Commissioner of Pensions and
tlio Secretary of tho Interior.
DPMCinMCwm soMHKKs on auy uu.
I LinOlUllO fJse, wound, or Injury,
K. BCHALL, court House, NorrUtown, J'o.
muylMw r
Aitvoi-tlNlng Clients t !
"It has hcComo so common to write Iho
beginning of nn article, In nn elegant, In
tcrcathiff manner.
"Then run It Into some advertisement
that wo would avoid all such.
"Anil idmply call attention to tlio merits
of lloit Hitters In as plain, honest terms an
"To Induce neonlo
"To give tlicin one trial, which so (rfoves
incir vniuo mat iney win never uo nny
thins else."
"Tub Kkmkiiv so favorably noticed In
nil the papers,
"Kcllglous mid secular, Is
"Hnving a largo sale, nnd
1 Is supplanting
nil other medicines.
"There Is no denylnit the virtues of the
Hon nlnnt. anil tho nronrlctors of Hon
inuers nave suown great siircwaness
"Aim nniiuv
"In fnmiwnlni1!tnr n liw-illnltin wlirian
virtues are so nnlnahiu to evcrv one's oh.
llit Mlie Die?
"No !
"Slut Itiiirt-ii'il unit sillTi-ifwl lilom'. titiilmr
Kwny nil the timo for years,"
" 1 lie doctors doing her no good t"
"And nt last was cured by this Hop lilt-
ters tho papers say so much about."
"inuceii l indeed l"
"How thankful wo should be for that
, A ItutiKlitur'M MlHcry.
"Klevon veiirs nnr ilnuuhter fliilTtircil on
a bed of misery,
"From a complication of kidney, liver,
rheumatic trouble nnd Nervous debility,
Under the care of tho bust physicians,
"Who gave her disease various names,
"Hut no relief.
"And now she Is restored to us In cood
health by as simple a remedy ns Hop Hit
ters, that wo hail shunned for years beforo
using It." Tub 1'auents.
rather In GutlliiK Well.
"My daughters say !
"llowinucli better fntlipr l-i since ha used lion
"Ilu H trettlni? well utter hli lonir milTerlnir Irom
a (lKeaso tlocinred Incurable"
"And wo nm ho tliat bo h-m1 vnnr hitter "
A Lady of tttlc.i, N. Y.
MOrT?L Wt9 1. 1t
for all dlscnooti of tho Klilno3 nnd
It luu cpcclflo &oUoa ou UlU most Important
orffiw, dueling It to throw off torpidity nnd
In.' , cilnuUUns tho hclthy occwtlon of
thb BJle, nJd by keeping tho bowola Iu free
condition, cr-jctlnff lta regular dUcliorco.
R!lilSi!o IfyounroiifforliiTfrom
tvlSllclrliaa malarla.hiTCthacMlL),
Ma biUoua. dyipcpue, orconsUratcd, Kidnoy
WortwUl surely reUevo cnduulckly euro.
la tho Bprlnrc to cloanno tho Byotem, every
ono should tako a thorough courso of It.
U. SOLD(lVDmlCOI3T8. Pflcn fi I
tlsid tn tho principal Churcb.03 tor Communion
Jxceilortt for Ladies and Weakly Per
ssns and tho Aged.,
Spcor's Port Grape Wine I
Ills CELEIlllATEl) NAT1VS WINE Is niado
from tlie Juice ol tlio onorto drape, raised la
this country.
Its Invaluable
Tonic and, Strengthening Properties
aro unsurpassed by any other Natlvo Wlno. Iio-
inine puru juico 01 luourape, proancei unucr
Mr. Spoer's own personal supervision, Its purity
and L'onulneness. aro truarantecd. Tlio jouncest
child may partake ot its generous tiualltlf h, and
tno weauestlnvalid use It to advantage. It is par
tlculaily beneficial to tnc aged and debilitated,
and suited to I lie various ailments tnat arrect tho
weaker sex. It is In every respect A. WINE TO
P. J. Sherry.
The P. J.SnuitKY lia wlno ot Sunnrlor Char
acter, and partakes ot tho rich qualities ot tho
traps rrom which it li male. For rurlty, Well
ness, Flavor and Medicinal Properties, It will bo
found unexcelled.
P. io JBrsuady.
This BRANDY stands unrivalled In this Countrv
being tar uupcrlor tor medicinal purposes.
it is runs aistiuauon irom uio grape,anu con
taint vatuaolo medicinal properties.
It has a delicate llavor, similar to that ot tho
rrrapes, from which It Is distilled, and is in great
favor amouir nrst-class families.
Hee that tho slunaluro of ALl'HKI) Hl'KIilt. Pas-
ailc N, J. Is over tho cork of each bottle.
Sept. !J, -S2. l.y
I'll I I ''I 1 I 1 1 It
The only known tpecljlc for Kplleptlc I'lU.-C'i
jt?-Aleo for Spasms and Falling blckncsa.-utt
Nervous Weakness quickly relieved and cured.
Equalled by none In delirium of fcvcr.'CO.
a ji-Ncutrlliea germs of disease and sickness.
Cures ugly blotches and stubborn blood sores.
Cleanses blood, tpilckcns sluggish circulation.
Eliminates Dolls, Carbuncles und Scalds.'SA
Wl'crmuncntly and promptly cures paralysis.
Yes, It It a charming and healthful Aperient.
Kills Scrofula and Kings Evil, twin brothers.
Changes bad breath to good, removing cautc,
rrJtouts biliousness and clears complexion.
Charming resolvent and matchless laxatives?
It drives Sick Headache like tho wlnd.'S?
Fry Contains no drastic cathartic or opiates.
Promptly euros lthcumatlsm by routing ll.-uti
licitorci life-giving properties to tho blood.-u".
Is gnarantecd to cure all ncrvout dlsordcrs.-ca
riVltcUable when all opiates fall.ttV
llcfreihcj tho mind and luvlgorates tho body.
Cures dyspepsia or money refunded, -i
IiVEndorsed In writing by ovcrufty thousand
eadlng physicians In If. S. and Kurojw.-ua
leading clergymen In U, S. and Europe's
Diseases of the blood own It a counueror.-so
Vox sale by all leading druggists, f l.W.-uO
Tho Dr. S. A, Richmond Medical Co., Props.,
St. Joseph, Mo. (3)
Chat. N. Crlttcnton, Agent, New York City.
Curvature, lllu DUeatte. Whtto Hwtlllmr of the
Deformed Limbs, Spinal
garment, r.rcry case sucrt-iuful. omc4-s t New Vorlr.
133 W. U BL, every londvi lt..lon,WS Ik-acti Bt.,
very Wi-iluuday gyrttciuu, N. V., every Ibursday,
may ll-iw
vur CIIR1
i nc OUil A WIJKK.
Decided opinion expressed In lanyuago tint can
bo understood t tho promptest, fullest and most
uocurute lutelllgencu ot whatever In tho wldo
world Is worth at lentlnn, 'Hint Is hat every.
body Issmo to tludluany edition of THE Hl'N.
huuscrlplloni D.Uly tp.igosi, by mall M eta, a
, month. arli.C0ayv.iri bund.iy (Hpagud). tl-Wiper
1 jeari Wwkly iH iul'Cw), fl peryoar.
I. w. e.nuland, i'uoiUiwr, Now Yoik city,
i inayiMw r
General Fewing Machine Depot,
Fifth Slow Below Natal SI ,
GeleMei While Sewii Machine,
New Davis Vertical Feed Sew
ing Machine,
New Homo Sowing; Machine,
Household Sewing Machine,
Estoy Sewing Machine,
Genuir.e Singer Sewing Machine,
Singer Pattern Sewing Machine,
Attachments, best Sewing Machine Oil, and Nee
dles for all sowing mio'dnes. fewlnir Machines
sold on monthly paymnts- Liberal discount
mado for cash. Every machine purchased from
mo Is warrantedtobs kept In good ritunlntt order
for nvo years freo of charge, and t,linrou?h in
structions given by tho best lady operator In this
part ot tlio fitato free of charge. Kxamlno ray
stock of machines before purchasing.
Newandimnhic Pittnualillitorvnt thr mat fishtail f
World. Fir Medical Director SllirrsN, Uj S. N. Add rut
J.C Mtt-UKUY &LO., 632 Uievtnut bt., rtiiUdeh.hi, Pa.
June uo-ly aM
Tlmt Huown'sIkon Hitters
will euro the worst case
of dyspepsia.
Will iii.-uiroa hearty appetite
and increased digestion.
Cures general debility, and
gives a new lease of life.
Dispels nervous depression
and low spirits.
Restores ancxhausted nurs
ing mother to full strength
and gives abundant sus
tenance for her child.
Strengthens the muscles and
nerves.enriclies the blood.
Overcomes weakness, wake
fulness, and lack ofenergy
Keeps off all chills, fevers,
and other malarial poison.
Will infuse with new life
the weakest invalid.
37 Wnllicr 1., Baltimore, Dec. 1881.
For six years I have been a great
cufTerer frum Illood Disease, X)ys.
j-.-psia;andCotstipation,and became
,0 debilitated that I could not retain
my thing 011 my stomach, in fact,
l.fe had almost become a burden.
Finally, when hope had almost left
me, my husband seeing Dkown's
paper, induced me to give It a trial.
ikon uittcks auvertisea in tne
induced me tocive It a trial.
1 am now taking tne Intra bol
am now taking the third bottle
ftnu nave not lelt so well in six
years as I do at the present time.
Mrs. L. F. GRirfiH.
Brown's Iron Bitters
will have a better tonic
clTect upon any one who
needs " bracing up," than
any medicine made.
t-riePowen " """llUlv rw Hnll. r.
(SulUtd to all n-ctionf. 1 IVrltc for Fli liK !llu. Pamphlet
and I'sieeu to The Aultinon & Taylor Co., alanaUvlJ, Ohio.
An Knirllsli Veterinary Surc.on and Chemist.
now iravellnir In this country, sivs tint most ot
ma iinrsn anu uaino rowmrs s 1111 nora are worm
less rran. 114 stvs nnr siiTiain's condition
Powders aro nbsoiut-lv Burn and lmmnsely vtlu.
ahle. NotTiiu; onertli win make h-in lav life
Sheridan's f mdlllon Powdiirs. Dose, 1 teaspoon
rul to 1 pint fo id. sold everywhere, or sent by
mall for R letter-stamps. I. S, J.invonM c Un.,
nuaiun, aias. ui 1 jan vo oj-iy,
ron tub
And all Bilious Complaints.
Saf 0 lo take, being purely vegetable ; no crliilui;.
l'rlco 83 cents. All UrugKUta.
May 18-iw
And will completely chanso tho blood In tho en
tire sysu-m In three montlis. Auy penon who will
tako ono pill each nlsht from ouu to twelve weeks,
may bu restored to sound health, It such a think' H
ponfilblo. For curluir Female Uomplalnta theso
l'lllshavenoerpial. I'hyblclatw uso them In their
practice. Sold everywhere, or sent bv null for 85
centa In Ktamps. Send for pamphlet. I. S. JOHN-
WIN x CO, liLMton, Maas. apr 19
Ald-T raoj.
"1 not. ilia u swceplns oy, ko
nnf il.ii.,. Ilnru .ml ill ,i
Hometnlui; mlKhty und su b
Urnu leavn behind to connuer
timo " iw a week you own town, a oulllt tree
No risk. Kverythlnc new. C'ai t'al not reuulred
Wo will furnish you every thlnir. Many aro maklnu
f irlune. Ladles nuke as miitli un meu.and boys
anl elrli m ka trreat py. it-uder, It sou want
ft'i -t av which you cun maun fn-ui pay an tuu
nine, ra i-ir prtiuuiir.-i 10 11, iii.lkit k uu,
l'ortland, Maine D c. 8, V-lv,
desiring lucrative jki-JIIouh should learn Tel.
et'rapliy, Vacancies lor alhnllwl number,
AdilivsH, with slump, HUIT.
Chestnut btrecta.
nil-, uroau unu
d aiiriwiw
t.i. i.au4M.Ma lllnt.tl4 tltmi.
rMooks & Bibles
nniii 6i vitsiiftttcr t ritat ut it.
w in uiicsTi einnir iiti. ui't'tiru
la Ptlc. teLllnjf fl, iivt'dru vrr)hctti liktnl lei ml.
junusCr-iy aid
THE VOLTUailKt,Tt'0.(Maralttll, Mich., will
trial for su days to men (voting or old) who nro nt
fllctd with Nervoin Debility, Iml vitality, nnd
kindred trouolo", cuaranteelnB spei-dyand com
pieto restoration j hoaltl nnd manly vl; r. Ad
dress as aliovo N, u. No risk Incurred, m m
days' trial Is nllowtd-
Keb. tli--lyr r
laprolnirtho (trnndeit succcasofnll tho Twain
Herlcs. Affeniilnobonnhato p, A..t
1'or terms nnd terrllory nd-OOK Agents
dress DOUOLASS llllOS., 53 N, till St., l'hlla. I'll,
may Mw d '
Every Hstcy Organ
Sold is made
throughout with
Equal fidelity, and
Xiclds unrivaled tones.
Bend for Illuttrattd Catalogue,
And other fust class Pinnos, and a large lot of
Ami vvvvythung
mm mmm wi abb
Mmdiy TJoj B& TM Might
wmm www w&wi
Excellence of
Unrivalled Mock
of Spring Clothing
ManufiicluR'tl Ex
pressly for
gimp? and Workmanship,
to lit) the
Also a Very Superior Line of Gents FURNISHING GOODS
for Spring and Summer.
Just Received, at
the Popular Clothing Store of
Kunj Term)), .SuMIui:t Ion 4.'ir,ti iwkl 't.
A w ok mad') nt homo by tho industrl.
oils. Host bitnliiOM now lietore tho
P'lliilo. u.ipltal not needed. Wu will
start you, Mon. women, buys and irlrls
wantfd uvsn whore to work for us. Now la Iho
time. You can work In spare time, or give your
whole timo to the busings. No other business
will pay you nearly as wed. No onu can fall to
mnke enormous piy, by engaging utouro, Cosily
oulllt aud terms fr n. Money made fast, easily,
a d honorably, Address Tiiok A Co, Augusta,
Maine. Djc. I, 'oJ-ly.
othirs. vbulut'iy Cure. ujerur Iu ll-ivor
he Mist Kejuom rial. Iliiiuuei only htir tiih
usiitl (lu.tnllty, Mid by nil gMwum. J jiik v,
I'HILI.IIS Ot)., Agents n( Un Oilcutla Hu
Vrnm Ihn Hl.friM. At lUlill fn 11" I11AM,I Hiuiu
syndiciits, laii water-st. n. v.
may 4-1 w a
Thoro Is no Baking
Its qualities, Medicinal and Culinary, guarantee Health
and Luxury.
Every buyer should
Select an Organ
fFftat guarantees good
Every dag work and
Years of service.
J, ESTEY & CO., Urottlcboro.Yt.
in tlie Music line.
x'ODlo aro always on the
ionlout for chunces to In
' ih ih lr earnlui?3.aml In
tlmn becnnui wcuittiv i IlinRn
who do not improve in opportunities remain In
poverty. We otrer a groat chance to mako money.
uu wuiii in my in-ill, wuinun
b v
ami glils (o
work forus rUlu Iu tliil own looalltle,
cau do the work proinrlrlroin the rlrst start. The
. Auvonn
uusiuess wi i pay more y an ten umos ordinary,
wages. Kxpenveout thumlshed freo. No one
who engages falls to fl' fe money ranldly. Yn t
can dovolu your who'o mnk to the work or odIv
your spato moments. I'limul inforraatl m and nl
Ihat U iitodi'd sent free, ill m 4rt N.sov 4 Co
Portland, Maine, Deo, , VMy
flu 5 A (, M m lll.ilr.ul
Book, ti Kll stho .to 4 w
So. oUiapo for toitoto u4
fo.klm. U..U..UU vt.r,
1.0. tltlOUT t CO., MtW YOIK.
Jau 1, '63.1
Powdor oqual to lio
In cIToct Jlay
Ulh, 188.1. Trnlns leave Kun.
9.85 n. m. Sen Shore Kxpreei for Horrlslmrc
nnd Intcrmertinto Hlnllon1), Lancaster, I'lillaUel
plila. Now York, lialtlmoro nnd Wnslilntrton, or
riving nt l'lilladdplila s.15 ). in. 1 ow rk,
p.m.; Ilalllmorc, cor. p. in. 1 WnslilngtOD 0,4,1 p.
l.r.j p. m. Day cxprtus for llnrrlsburir nnd In.
tennedlate stations, Laneastor, I'liiladclphia, New
jork, Baltimore and Wnsliitiiiton, arriving nt
Philadelphia T.xi p. m.j Now York, lo.w p. m.:
Halllmore, ?.ln p. in.; N asliluifton, 8.40 p. m. pun'
man l'arlorcartlirouBli 10 I'hlladelpiua and pas
cenger coachc9 IliroiiKU to I'lilladolpbla and Haiti.
8,so p. in. Wllllairnport Accommodation for
ll.urlsburtf and nil liitoimeUlato stations, Ijin-
iastcr, I'lilladelptila nnrt New York,, arriving nt
1 iiiiuui, 1 1'U.i. u. 111., ..un lull. u.Yil U, ni,
HIceplnir car occommodailoni can be wciirt'd at
Harrlsburgfor l'Ulladelphlantid Now York. l'hlla
delpula passengers can leniAlu In sleeper iinais-
uirui'u uiiiu . 11. iu.
v.05 n. in.-
-Erlo .Mall for Hnrrlsburg and Ihtcr-
medlato dtnllons, Lancaster, Philadelphia, New
York, llalllmoro and Washington, arriving at
rniiaucipiim ..ou 11. in.: new iorK, a. In. ;
Baltimore 7.40 n. in.; Washington, ti.lo a. m.
Through I'ltllman sleeping ears nro run on this
train to Philadelphia, llattlmoro nnd Wnshlttgton,
and through passenger coaches to Philadelphia,
and Baltimore
0.25 a. m. llrio Mall ror Erie and all intermediate
Millions with through Pullman l'alaeo car anil
through passenger coaches to Jirle. nnd through
Pullman f'alaco ctra to Uurfalo vli IS mporlum.
For Canandalgua nnd lutcrmedlato stations
Uochcster, Bu0alo and Niagara Kalis, with l ull-'
man Palace car and passenger coaches through 1 0
1.05 p. m. Niagara Express for Kano and Inter
medlato stations with through passenger coaches
to Kano. for Canandalgua and principal inter
mediate stations, Itochcstcr, Btiffulo nnd Niagara
Fulls with through parlor car to Watklns and
through passenger coaches to Koclicstcr.
M5 p. m Fast lino for Lock Haven nnd Interme
diate stations, and Klmlra, Watklns and Interme
diate stations, with through passenger coaches to
Lock Haven and Watkltis.
Niagara Express leaves Now Yoik, 6.15 a. m. :
rhlladeloh'a, m. ; Baltimore T.30 n. m., nr
nvlng at .suabury, 1.05 p. m., with through Pull,
man Parlor car from Philadelphia and through
passenger coaches from Philadelphia and Balti
more. Fast Lino loavos Now York 8.00 n. m. ; Philadel
phia, 11.05 a.m.; Washington, a.m.; Balti
more, 10.15 n. m., arriving at Sunbury, 6,20 p. m
with through passenger coaches from Philadel
phia and Baltimore.
Erie Mall leaves New York 8.00 p. m.; Philadel
phia, H.a) p. m.; Washington, o-so p. in.; Haiti
more, 11.15 p. m., arriving nt buuhury, ti.'lt a. in,,
ltli through Pullman Palace sleeping cars from
Philadelphia, Washington aud Baltimore and
through passenger coaches from Philadelphia.
Mall Hast leaves Buubiirv 0.45 a. in., arriving of
Bloom Ferry T.41 a. m., Wiikcs-barre 9 20 n. m.
Hxprcss East loaves sunbury 6.35 p. m., arriving
at Bloom Ferry 0.31 p. m., Wllkes-barru 8 10 p. in.
Mall West leaves Wllkes-barro 10.30 a. m., arrlv
lng at Bloom Ferry is Oiip. m., Sunbury 12.55 p. m.
Kxprcss West leaves Wllkes-barro B.30 p. m. ar
riving nt Bloom Ferry T 01 p. m , Sunbury 8.05 p
iiHAs, e. rumr, j. n. wood,
oen. Manager. fien. Passenger Agent.
Juno 23, 1S32.
For Now York.Phlladelphla.Keadlng.PotUvlllo
Tamaqua, &o., 11,45 a. m.
For catawUsa, 11,45 a. m. 4 ro and p. m.
For 3,60 a. m. and ,u p. m.
Loavo New York, via. Tamanend D.OO a. m. and
via. Bound Brook rtoute T,45 a. in.
Leave Philadelphia, 9,45 a. m.
Leave Heading, ll.ta n. m., I'ottsvlllo, 12,39 p. a
and Tamaqua, 1,35 p. m.
Loavo Catawtaa, 0,10 1,40 a. m. and 4,00 p. m.
Leave WlHlamsport,o,45 a.m,2,oo p. m. and 4,30 p. m
rassengcrs to and from New York, via. Tama
nend and to and from Philadelphia go through
without change ot cars.
C. a. HANCOCK, aoneral Manager,
doneral Passenger and Ticket Agent.
Jan.10, 1681 tf.
p.m. p.m. a.m.
V 13 43
9 45
9 37
9 30
9 21
9 19
n.m. p.m. p.m.
s 00
9 03
8 66
8 4S
8 li
8 3T
9 30 2 10 6 17
6 22
V 27
6 84
9 43
9 62
9 63
10 03
10 18
.. Wfst l'lttston
tl 41
8 4G
0 61
6 65
0 68
7 09
7 10
7 17
7 22
7 EO
T 87
8 00
8 2S
8 40
8 60
9 00
6 00
8 05
8 10
8 18
8 26
8 30
8 31.
8 62
9 09
9 04
V 20
9 14
1 maiLuy. ..
8 25 0.1
8 23 1 CO
1 42
8 10 1 S.I
1 25
8 07 1 IS
S 01) 1 01
7 4a 12 42
7 33 li 25
7 20 12 15
7 20 12 00
7 13 11 47
7 02 11 40
7 05 11 33
57 11 10
S tl 10 CS
G 45 10 60
0 37 10 44
S IS 10 2i
A 10 10 OS
a 01 10
43 0
9 04
9 04
8 65
10 18
10 18
2 64
Plymouth Juno
10 20 ft 02
8 47
8 39
8 2S
8 17
8 12
s 00
7 60
7 52
7 41
7 3S
7 81
7 2'J
7 11
10 34
10 42
3 00
S 10
3 18
3 33
3 45
3 51
3 67
.. snickshlnny.
.Hick's Ferry,
.Beach Haven,
10 C6
11 07
11 13
11 20
Briar Orcek..
wiitow drove,
..Lime Itldge.,
Itunert ,
4 07
4 12
4 20
4 27
4 88
4 33
4 60
6 (9
6 25
11 CO
11 45
11 63
11 65
12 13
Catawl'a Bridge
I Cameron . .
43 Northumberl'd
12 45
p.m. a.m. n..m.
p.m. p.m. a.m
k... . .. w- 1IALSTEAD, Supt.
superintendent's onicc, Scranton. Feb. 1st, 1662.
run uu t;LllviAI tS.
We aro tho larsrest farmera. largett need eroir
er and liuvcst Heed ileulern auyherei honco
havo ureatost focllltiia for prodiu-iuif llit SitiN
11 our art ttittJ, And only tho but cut out
Our Annual Calalajut ami Vc Xdl brinra Till!
aaam til tho rhuirable new and etandard varieties
I'linU bentl'IlUUtotnyaddrCM,
HIRAM SIBLEY & CO, Soodsmcii
Itocheitor, N. Y. und Chicago, 111.
Af:8 Feb 9-1 y
PAYNE'S I O Horso OparK-Arrostlng
Portable i:n.,lno has ut 10.UW ft, of Mlcliigim I'll'P
Hoard In lo hou, burning tlabu from tho amy In
Our 10 Jlorst vt Guarante lo furnish powfr to
aw 8,000 feet of Hemlock DoinU Iu 10 hour. Our
jlJlotuuUl cut lO.OMfttt In nine time.
tJiir iugiues uro iiuakantekp iu
furnlfli a horepowr on lesn
f ii and utler timu any other En
cine not ilileil an Aiilomutic
Out oil. If you want a Htntionnry
nt l'nrla
lar Huu- .Mill. Shartlntf or I'ullev.
labia Engine, Boiler, Lircir
-liner rai rr jiuuunri j-i.u-iis
Wroiishl-Iroii. Pulley, 'nd for our
illii.liati'd t-utttliisriio. No. 12. for
information mid price.
11. W. I'AYNi: A SONS.
Coming, N, V. Box 1127,
Jan. b, 63-1 y.
oMI VI1"..'1 tt tun f t
. I'riAU'MUrisUTLUl.AVltlt.
IXTTA , ll U ll Ull tiraiAlAliull tuW
l'farii,AU('w,i, Uurrmu, g.
tl U ILU I umJ I Ivw taw f flbtl
1 U K 4 lAJUlS K K tv OUQU -Ufiiti ui