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0. E, Elwall, Iru.
J. K. BlUonbend8r.,r E4lto"'
FRIDAY, MAY 18, 1833.
Tho mlminUtrntion U hi trouble
Tho Presidents Stalwart friends a com
to bo going back on him. Why is this
thus 7
Tho City Council of Mcrulvillo, has ex
empted from taxation for city purpos
es for ton years any manufactories that
will Invest 85,000 Or more in factory
Tho Star Iioute tirala still drag along
nt Washington. Tho evidence Is all in
and tho counsel for tho defendants nro
endeavoring to talk tho jury to death,
which appears to bo about tho only way
to provent a conviction.
Tho Mlllheim Journal beliovos that
General Hancock is the only man in
tho country who can lead tho Demo
crats to victory in 1884. Tho Now
York Sun thinks Tilden is tho man.
Wo do not agree with either of them.
Wo believo that any sound Democrat
of national reputation, with a squaro
tariff record can bo elected.
Therowas a prize fight in Now York,
on Monday evening between Sullivan
and Mitchell which resulted in another
victory for Sullivan. There was thrco
rounds fought. About 10,000 people
witnessed tho fighting, among whom
were Chas. A. Dana and Iloscoo Conk
ling, who had seats reserved for mem
bore of tho press. Tho gate receipts
were about $10,000, sixty per cent, of
which went to tho winner and forty per
cent to tho loser.
Tho law and order committee of
Wilkes Barre, last Saturday ordered all
tho saloons, two hundred and fifty in all,
to bo closed on Sunday ; and have offi
cers stationed to sco that tho law was en
forced. Tho liquor dealers entered com
plaint as to tho cigar stores and they
were ordered to bo closed also. There
is now a bitter feeling between the
liquor dealers aud cigar stores. Tho
latter declaring that they will sco that
tho Sunday liquor law is rigidly en
forced. With a Republican administration at
Washington, plenty of protection, tariff,
and everything else that tho Republi
can party claimed during the last Presi
dential Campaign was necessary for
tho prosperity of iho nation there is not
as much activity in tho business of tho
country as thero ought to bo. Tho great
cry of that party in the Garfield tight
was that if a Democratic President
should bo elected it would be followed
by hard times. Now let them givo us
the (promised prosperity or acknowl
edge themselves unfit to govern a free
Chairman Ilenseh of tho stato Com
mittee, in a letter to tho Jefferson Dem
ocratic Association of York, speaks as
follows of tho importance of such orga
nizations :
My present official concern for tho
moat nearly perfect organization of tho
Democratic party in tho State, will jus
tify mo in expressing tho high estimate
which I set upon the influenco of a net
work of such associations as yours. If
these organizations wero extended
throughout the Stato their rolls would
represent a great body of its most intel
ligent and activo Democrats, whoso
united thought and action could not fail
to powerfully and beneficially influence
tho sentiment of tbo party. "Tho effect
would bo to educate speakers and writ
ers who could appeal with conviction to
tho individual judgment of tho voters
at a time, liko this, when in tho reaction
against political "bosses" and "ma
chines" tho power of such appeal to
common sense aud common honesty is
greatly heightened.
Ever since tho inauguration of Gover
nor Pattison, tho Philadelphia Times
has been VI llfvtnc him for nnrminlinrr
William B. Smith recorder of Philadel
phia. A few days ago Col. McCluro
got himself interviewed by a Now York
Jlerala reporter, and in responso to
that tho Governor has made public tho
ionowing letter :
Philadelphia, Nov. 20,
Mr Deau Gov.
Upon reflection I think you wero
ugut in mo suggestion to appoint a re
corder at onco and an Ind. Republican
nnd I was wrong in suggesting delay
for legislative action. I writo merely
to say that upon full consideration I
tninK your suggestion entirely right.
Youits ifcc,
A. K. Mo Cluiik.
Tho Patriot thus comments unon it:
It is a complete answer to all that
JUcUluro says on tho subject of tho ro
corder. It convicts him beforo tho
country ofdeliberato falsification. It
proves him unworthy of trust, and
makes anything ho may say against tho
governor in tho future absolutely harm.
less. It proves that every step tho
laovornor wok, in tim matter ot thu ro
corder, met with McCluro's fullest com
mendation and approval. It demon
strates that McCluro believed tho gov
ernor had tho right to removo thu ox.
citing recorder, a right which ho now
douies. It shows, also, that ho approved
of the appointment of an independent
republican to tho oflice, in advanco of
nny legislative nctiou looking to its nbo
lition, through, in tho columns of his
paper, uo lias prosistently denounced
tho provcrnor on this very ground. In
short, it proves that all for which tho
governor has been criticised by McCluro
in tho Times was unequivocally, fully
nay, almost abjectly assented to by
tho sumo McCluro in private All Mr.
McCluro may say, hereafter, against
governor rattison will ho as harmless
as tho bleating of a sheep or tho bray
ing of an ass. Tho Ananias of Penn
sylvania journalism will bo known in
history as Colonel A. K. McCluro.
As to Governor Pattison, ho is to bo
congratulated. Ho remained silent a
long tlmo under criticism which ho
knew to bo falso and whon ho might, in
a moment, havo silenced his accuser. IIo
has, at last, spoken, and spoken oppor
tune)y as well as effectually. IIo has
nn,,...l,,f,,l., I!-. ,...! Ml
IIo has no more to fear from that nuar-
ter. In tho story of Ananias in Holy
Wilt theso questfous aro asked ; "Why
hath salnu filled tliinu heart to Ho I
"Why hast thou conceived this thine
in tliino heart V And in tho sequel it
H recorded, "And Ananias, hearing
these words, fell down and gavo up tho
ghost." "And tho young men arose,
bound him up, and carried him out and
buried him."
How the President is Deserted.
The wail again rises from Washing
ton that tho President's Stalwart friends
have deserted him. It Is shown that
Conkling, Logan, Crowly and (Harrison
have from time to time withdrawn
their valuable support. All but Crow
ly quit because tlioy didn't get as much
consideration or as tunny offices as they
wanted, tiio western isow lorK
statesman, who Is tho excepted, left bo-
causo no couliin t havo a nlgnt key to
tho Whito House, togcthc with tho
Privilege of waking tho President nt all
hours of tho day or night.
But in spito of thu fact that Conk
ling didn't want Folger nominated, that
Logan was somewhat disappointed bo
causo his son-in-law could not have tho
Ztlni Reservation, that Grcsham was
inado Postmaster General and Woods
Tudce, rcaardless of Harrison, and that
Crowley actually vowed he would never
again set foot in tho Whito House in
spito of all these facts, tho President
lias actually been able to keep the
country going and has taken a consider
able fishing excursion beside.
lins has probably been a great sur
priso to these recalcitrant statesmen,
and will discourage their compatriots
from breaking off their relations with
tho Presidont until thov aio assured
that thcirstriko will bo successful. This
ought not, however, to have tho Blight
est effect upon tho proprietor of tholato
Keitn incident. limes.
A Defense of Pattison's Administration.
From tho Doylestown Democrat.
Somo of tho Republican newspapers
charge, that tho desiro of buncombe is
at tho bottom of Gov. Pattison's reform
policy. But he can stand this if they can.
Wo wish thero was a littlo more such
"buncombe" in publio administration,
Stato and Federal. It is too often tbo
case, that ho who inaugurates measures
ot relorm is charged with selfish
motives i somo never rcceivo justice,
while others have to wait until their
work is ovor, and perhaps aro in their
grave. But tho shafts of envy and
hatred fall harmless at thu feet of
Governor Pattison, for his past career
has mado himarccoid that is proof
against all such attacks. IIo is only
pursuing tho courso he pursued in tho
Controller's oflice, protecting tho inter
ests of tho people against tho machina
tions of tho bosses and their henchmen
Moreover, he is but carrying out tho
pledges mado to tho people beforo tho
election. This is tho kind of "bun-
combo" a great many men forget to
carry out alter they get the office ; their
promises are forgotten. As tho people
aro satisfied tho Governor is consistent
in his course, and is governed by hon
est motives, it matters not what parti
san newspapers say. If Governor Pat
tison should violato his pledges by
forgetting to redeem them, wo should
hear a howl of indignation along tho
wholo Republican line. Instead ot this,
ho has redeemed every plcdgo made.
Under theso circumstances ho can af.
ford to let his unjust enemies pec away.
The people know who stands by them,
and already they proclaim, from the
Delawaro to Lake Erie, "Well done,
good and faithful servant."
Death of the Original "Uncle Tom."
Tho Rev. Josiah Hcnson, Mrs.
Stowe's "Undo Tom," died at Dresden,
Ontario on1 the 5th, inst.
Mr. Hcnson has long made tho claim
that ho was tho original from which
this celebrated character was drawn,
and ho used it for all it was worth. Ho
visited England a few years ago in this
capacity and was presented to tho
Queen. But Mrs. Stowo rather upset
this protonsion by tho declaration that
"Undo Tom" was not drawn from any
ono person, but was the result of her
observation and Btudy of slavery.
A tramway is to bo built up Piko'a
Peak which will overshadow the Mount
Washington Railway. Tho plan is to
construct threeof theso tramways, oach
nearly three miles long, ono beginning
at tho end of the other. Tho first will
start from tho rear of tho iron spring at
Manitou, and the last will be terminable
in front of tho signal station at Pike's
Peak, at an elevation of 14,000 feet.
Tho supports will bo mado of trees not
less than eight inches, in diameter and
about twenty-four feet high, braced
above, and below. On theso an endless
wiro cable of ono inoh bore will revolve,
and upon which will bo fastened, nt in
tervals of about 100 feet each, a largo
covered armchair, in which two persons
can comfortably sit. This will bo sus
pended about eight feet from tho ground,
and pass an entertaininc and discharg
ing point along a movable platform to
load and unload without stopping. The
lower section will bo propelled by au
engine at tho lower end. Tho centre
one will bo driven bv water power, uti
lized on tho mountain side through a
turbine wheel, and the third by au en
gino erected on tho summit of the
In tho Senate the following bills
passed nuaily :
Senato till to compel nil supreme court opinions
to be written out nt length,
House bill to exempt mutual Sl building as
sociation from taxation tor stato purposes.
Senate bill to appropriate to the several organ!.
rations or me national (Ward in Philadelphia the
proceeds ot the sale ot certain real citato paid Into
tho stato treasury In 1873.
House bill relatlug to recorders In cities whose
population does uot exceed 30,000 Inhabitants or Is
less than 8,00 0.
Houso bill fixing the standard weight ot ft bushel
ot potatoes at sixty pounds.
Senato bill toprovldo tor tho etabllsUtnent ot
wills during the lite ot toitators.
Houso bill for tho protection ot dairymen and to
prevent traud tu sales of butter and cheese.
Houie bill authoring councils In cltloaof the
first class to Usue subpoinas and to taVo tho tcstt
mony of witnesses concerning tho management
una accounts of any ot tho departments.
To enable tho first Evangelical Lutheran church
ot East Birmingham, now city ot l'lttsburg, to sell
ana convey meir burial ground and removo tho
dead therefrom to other and larger grounds pur.
ohasod for similar purposes ; ompowerlug county
commissioners ol any county ot tho state, upon
recommendation ot two successive grand Juries, to
condemn a suitable property and bell the samo
upon approval by tho court, for tho purposes of
erecting thereon n court houso j authorizing Incor
porated compau lea to divide their directors Into
three classes to serve tor one, two, three and tour
ears respectively.
In tho House tho following bills pass
ed finally :
To repeal an net relating to coits In Luzerne
county, bo far as the Batne relates to Lackawanna
county i providing that whenever, In nny city of
the first clais, thero Is required by law a certificate
of a regularly chartered boiler laspecttou and in
surance company shall be accepted by tho chief
Duller inspector ot such city in lieu of examination j
authorizing tho corporate authorities of any
borough to vacate any road, Btrcet, lane, alloy or
any part within said borough; authorizing married
women and their husbands living separate and
apart, under deed of separation and mutual agree
ment, to aell and convey their separate real estate
freo and clear of rights of dower and courtesy and
other Interests ; bill providing for tho establish,
went ot a sclentlno agricultural expetlinent
station ana appropriating 110,000 annually for four
scars thereof,
, Tho following appropriation bills passed finally i
To the Mate Lunatlo Hospital ut Harrtsburg, fit,,
1(U : for a hospital for tuck and wounded miners and
railroad men at Couellsvllle, Fayette county, fin,.
WW i Jleadvllle City Hospital, 15,000 j Southern
Homo for Friendless Children, Philadelphia, 10,000
for the geological kurvey of the anthructlo regions
or tue state. iw.uuij littsburg and Allegheny
Home tor tue nisnaioss, iio,uuo.
Council Proceeding!.
Tho regular mouthy meeting of tho Town
Council was held oil May, nth 1883,
7o'clock 1', M. G. A. Herring, tho Presi
dent nnd nil the members wero present.
The minutes of April 2nd, 4t!i nnd 11th
were rend and approved.
A communication was rend from Ucorgo
, Elwell Chief Kngliiccr of Flro Cortina.
nlcs stating that tho annual Inspection of
the Flro Department by the Town authori
ties would bo held on Wednesday tho 80th
tiny of Mny nt 1 o'clock In the afternoon.
On motion of Mr. llnrtmnn and seconded
by Mr. Sterling tho following resolutions
were uniuimtoiisly passed, to wit t
JlaohtJ. That notice ho ctven to nil per
sons (In accordance with tho nets of assem
bly) Interested In properties adjoining nnd
In the lino of a street, which la proposed to
be opened, to bo called Jefferson Street,
from Bcroml street to Fifth street, by tho
wldenlnc of Jcflcrson Allcv from Scr.miil
street to Third Btrcet sixteen nnd one half
feet, nnd continuing nnd opening u street In
tho same direction to Fifth street. That
the Town Council will consider n proposi
tion to open Buch street at n mcetlmr of the
Council to be held at the usual place of
meeting on i ucsuny mo .aim uay oi nay
A. D. 1883 nt 71 o'clock lu llionflcrnnon nn
which time and plneo they shall bo heard
lu relation thereto.
llaoltci. That notice be ulvcu to nil tier.
sons (In nccorilnncc with the nets of assem
bly) Interested In properties adjoining and
In tho lino of n street which Is proposed to
be opened, to bo call street from First
street to tho road lending from tho Town
of Bloomsburc to Light Street of tho width
of thlrtythrco feet. That tho Town Coun.
ell will consider it proposition to open such
street at tho meeting of the Council to bo
held nt tho usual place of meeting on Tues
day the 22ml day of May A. I). 1883 nt 7
o'clock In the afternoon nt which tlmo nnd
place they shall be heard In relation there
Mr. Jloycr moved and Mr. llnrtmnn sec
onded that thu tax rate be llxcd nt ten mills
for tho year 1883 on tho built up property
In the Town of Uloomsburg. Tho yeas and
nays were culled which resulted as follows
Yens Messrs. Unrttnan, Moycr, llabb
and Waller 1.
Nays Messrs. Hnsscrt nnd Sterling 2.
Thero was not sufficient number of votes
cast to legalize tho fixing of a tax about
Ovo mills and Mr. Sterling moved nnd Mr.
Hnsscrt seconded that a rate ot nine mills
bo fixed. The yens and nays were ordered;
and, being taken, resulted ns follows i
Yeas Messrs, Hnssert, Herring nnd Ster-
ling 3.
Nays Messrs, Hartman, Moycr, Itabb
and Waller 1.
Failing to get the requisite number of
votes, Mr. llnrtmnn gave notlco that at the
next meeting he would propose a rate of
ten mills, Mr. Moycr gave notlco Hint ho
would propose a rate of 0 mills, nnd Mr.
Sterling gave notlco that he would proposo
n rate of 0 mills on tho built up property In
the Town of Uloomsburg.
The report of Samuel Neyhad In reference
to sewers was read nnd laid over until next
mcctlnc, and, on motion of Mr. Sterling
nnd seconded by Mr. Hnsscrt, Messrs.
llnrtmnn nnd Waller were appointed ns a
committee to confer with the Board of
Trustees ot the Normal School and proper
ly owners in the town of Uloomsburg to as
certain what they will contribute toward a
system of sewerage.
A building permit was crnnted J. Hurvy
Long to erect a carpenter shop on tho back
part of his lot on Fourth street between
Market and Jefferson street. David Low
cnburg asked permit to lay a walk two feet
wide on the cast side of Millers alley from
his store to his stable which wns granted.
A building permit was granted John Lock
nrd to erect a dwelling bouse on Fifth street
between uatlianno and iron streets; also,
to John 8. Sterner on West street between
Second street and Third street.
On motion the following bills were read
nnd accepted nnd the Secretary Instructed
to draw orders lor mcir several amounts,
viz :
C. It. Houscl street Commissioners
for April 33 25
John Gillespie, lnbor on Highway 9 37
Ullvcr Fornwnlt, 10 00
H. G. House!, " " " 1 87
Clark Vents, " " " 10 00
Elijah Sliutt. " " " 10 62
Joseph Townscnd, " " " 4 80
Wm. A. Jacoby, " " " 4 37
John Hcimard, " " " 0 23
Michael Walter, " " " 02
d. u. ohlve, horse anil wagon on
1 00
311 Jones, for same
0 00
3 GO
4 GO
14 00
Henry Hnsscrt. for same
Samuel Trunin. "
Fredrick Schwln. "
John V. Wlghtnight, stone for Pino
nllev bridec.
13 12
O. It. Mendenhall, lumber and tim
ber for highway, fi3 80
O. A. Jncoby, stone for highway 73 27
Samuel Trump, for hauling 233 loads
ot dirt, 11 40
G. 31. & J. K. Locknrd, coal for lock
up &c.
John Jones for water trough nt enst
3 07
S 00
2 GO
unu juiun streets,
C. A. Prentiss for repairs on Hook &
Ladder lloso (Jarriucc.
M. C. Woodword constable and police
service xor April,
11 83
a. v Bituit police service for month
of April
D. J. Hall for removing 10 bodies
from Episcopal burying ground to
Itoscmont Cemcterv fth .00
4 00
0 00
3 GO
0 00
15 00
15 00
51 75
J. H. Maize, oaths of council for
years 1882 d: 1883,
F. D. Dentler, C. It. Houscl, & Thorn
as Webb, Town auditors,
MwclUte Hlttcnbcntlcr, publishing
statement of 1883,
C. M. Yandersllce, for same
Samuel Ncyhard, Town surveyor,
Uloomsburg Gas Co. 43 gas posts for
84 00
Uloomsburg Water Co., water rent
for April.
00 00
Secretary's salary for April,
15 00
Total 4571 01
On motion nf Mr IT,,ri,n,, .,,..1 u, .,. 1,1
- -. ..i.i.ii.iiii iiuii ni,vuuui;u
by Mr. Sterling Council adjourned to meet
(n.. 00...1 1QD1..I Ml i V
i.ij ..iiu iWj ui ijo ciock in tne niter
A. L. Fiutz, Sec'y.
Koll ofllonor.
Tho following pupils have neither been
tardy nor absent during tho cntlro term i
Tmim SntRiiT Soitoot..
Uoom 1. Katlu Davis. Helen Lavcock.
Jennie Itoadarmel, Mattle Wnnlch, Mattlo
Bterner, Carrie Wilson, Freddie Holmes
and Willie Homes.
Room 3. Bessie Holmes, Ada Cox, Lilla
Sloan, Ella Kramer, Maggie Powell, Mag
gie Evans, Orval Yetter.
Hooit 3. Ida Illnker. Fannlu Freeze.
Laura Brockway, Bcsslo Hoadarmel, lluth
Edwards, Josinli Ftirinan. Je terson Mover.
Edward Sloyer, Warren Kramer, Charles
Uoom 4. Kntu Plfer.
Firrn Strkbt Soiiooi..
Uoom 1. Ellsha Fornwnlt, Wllllo Snyder,
Charles Pollock, Ada Yetter.
Boom 2. Amanda Brant, Joseph Shnrp
lloou 3, Charlie Blmrplcss.
Hoom4. Irene Glrton, Grace Woodward.
Evn Stiles, Katie Cadow. Willie, Snyder,
Charles Kcsty,
Magglo Evans hn not been tardy nor ab
sent for flvo succosdvo terms.
Two hundred pupils wero on tho "Iloll
of Honor" during the last month of school,
or auout4U percent., of all the pupils at
ending the publla schools.
. Notlco Is hereby given that an appUoatlon will
be made to said court on Monday Juno 11th im
underact of Assembly otthe Commonwealth of
I'cnnsilvanla entitled 11 an act to nrovida rortim
Incorporation and regulation of certain corpora
lions'' approved Anrirauth 1874. and tho supple
ments thereto, for tho charter of nn Intended cor
porallon, to be called "The Young Men's Christian
Assoclailuuot lierwlek, I'o."the objects of which
Is for the Improvement otthe uplrllual, mental,
wxial, and physical condition ol young men, aud
for theto purixihcs to have posiiesH and euluy all tho
iitfuia, ut-ut-iuB nuu prurm-gt; oi iuu saiu act oi as
Hiuwiy uuu its suppieiueuvs.
A. K. Oswald,
Absolutely Pure.
This nander never varies. A marvel of Durltv
trength and wholcsomoncsi. More economical
thin the ordinary kinds, and cannot bo sold In
compMltlnn with the multitude of low test, short
weight, alum or phosphite powders. Hold only
U04QS. KOTit. DlKINU 1'OWIIBK CO , 104 Wkll-Bb,
N. Y. aue 11-1 V.
An Old Soldier's
" Calrort, TeiAl,
May 3, lf82.
" I wish to exprce my appreciation of tho
valuablo qualities of
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
a a cough remedy.
"Whllowlth Churchill's army, just beforo
tho battle ot Vlcktburg, I contracted & se
vere cold, which terminated In a dangerous
cough. I foand no relief till on our march
wo camo to a country ttorc, where, on asking
for some remedy, I was urged to try Ayku's
CitEnnr Iv.ctohal.
"I did so, and was rapidly cured. Sine
then 1 havo kept the Pectoral constantly by
me, for family use, and I have found It to bo
an Invaluable remedy for throat nnd lung
diseases. J. W. Wuiilev."
Thousands of testimonials certify to tho
prompt euro ot all and lung
affections, by tho uso ot AVER'S Cuekrt
Pectoral. Ilclng very palatable, tho young
est children tako It readily.
rncrAREO nr
Sold by all Druggists.
tations and Announcements,
Reception Cards and Invita
tions engraved in the best
manner. Samples in the latest
forms and handsomest varie
ties of script.
oration of Note Papers, Stamp
ing in Colors and in Rich
Bronzes. Effective Combina
tions of Colors illuminated in
Gold. Special designs fur
nished free of charge for orna
mental Initials and Address
Dies in new styles of lettering.
of Bailey, Banks & Bi dole's
Illuminated Stationery is due
to its perfection of detail ex
ecution and the constant orig
inality of idea in the designs
12th & Chestnut,
List of Dealers in Columbia
County, l'a.
I hereby certify tho following list of dealers tak.
en, returned and classincd by me In accordance
wuu inuneverai acis oi .ssemuiy, in unci lor me
year imj, is cunecv iu mu uesi oi my Knowledge.
Q P Drelsbach Hen. Wore
! 7 00
60 (10
7 00
7 00
7 00
M Oil
r 00
10 00
so 00
7 00
10 00
7 00
7 00
7 00
40 00
10 00
7 00
10 00
50 00
0 Oil
7 00
7 00
7 00
7 00
7 00
7 01
7 00
53 00
7 00
7 00
7 00
10 DO
15 00
10 00
15 00
10 00
7 Oil
10 Oil
7 00
40 00
80 (XI
10 00
7 00
7 (XI
7 00
7 00
7 00
Charles Appicman Hotel
D L Klnirlfy
P 11 tihuman
o A Khuman
J P smith
IMt. .Medicines
Hen. store
Levi Michael
c 11 Meyers
Hiram Hess
11 K Uverett
J J .Mcllenry
A & 11 .HOlR'iiry
Mcllcury Kilckluum furn'tr. btoiu
J K Kilsou
'.' billiard tables
furnlturo store
Oeorgd Smith
r i. lusuenurbt
It II Uttie
drug Moru
Pal. medicines
hardware store
shoo btoro
clothlug storo
Moves tinware
T F lierger
K lierger
c W lirubakor
T U liradtord
M A Iioeb
C 1) fowler
J I) creasy
J II lileterlch
It 11 swayzo A" Co.,
J V Keller
II M Hocktnan
J K Vaiutta
lleagan & MeCroa
uen. sioro
drug storo
pat. medicine
gen. storo
Frcas lirothora
IS K Adams
liowman A Crispin
gen. sioro
11 11 iiuwcr
A E Clark notions
Freas llrothers lumber dealers
Ii F Drctsbach organs A machines
Samuel K Heller 2 pool tables
Jackson A Woodlnmt g Co. gen. store 4
pat. mcaiciuoH a
O A llucklngham Moves A tinware 1 1
W II Yetter organs A machlnoH 14
Casper Frantz butcher 14
F it Jackson A Co., " 14
Moses A .MeiMu cigars A tobacco 11
0 K Price btoro 1 1
Ash a llrothers distillery 0
William (ilrlon grocery 14
J L (llrton restaurant s
I W McKelvy gen. storo a
1 W Hartman A Son " 10 14
Singer mt'g. Co, bowing machines, Ao 11
W JCorrellA Co., furnlturo 13
J K Fyer gen. storo 14
Win Habb grocery 14
L IS Whary sto cs 14
JW saltier organs A machines 14
JBltcllz butcher 11
Hartman A llro grocery 14
PS Moyer stoves A tinware 11
(I W llertach merchant tailor 14
KAHawllngs butcher 14
Klwell A liltlenbender stationery It
FI) Dentler boots A shoes 14
W C McKlnney 3 bllllaid tabled H
James liellly it " " 8
(loorga A Clark books A stationery Vi
W 11 Tubbs hotel B
Jano Scott contectlonery 14
ll stohner restaurant s
Frank P lllllioeyer grocery u
AHNeyharl flour A feed 14
UUOalllgnan stoves Ao 14
K11I111A like butchers 14
11 J dark A Sondrygonls,noilonsAo 11
H A Wilson confectionery n
1-ewls lieruliard Jeweller II
O EH ivago 1 1
Dm Id Luwcnberg clothing ri
EECadmau furniture 11
Holmes A Schuyler hardivaie 11
iJiytoo Ituuyan A Co., 19
Klnport A llro grocory 13
7 00
15 00
7 00
SO 00
50 00
go 00
7 on
7 ou
10 00
7 00
7 00
7 Ol
7 01
7 Ol
7 00
7 O)
7 00
7 01
7 O)
7 Ol
40 Ol
40 01
111 50
W 01
1 01
co 01
10 no
7 01
7 01
15 00
7 O)
7 O)
7 00
10 00
7 00
15 00
10 00
10 00
JDWItson leather, A-o., It
Joseph Decker confectionery ll
OOMarr More h
KvamAKycr clothing 14
WJKIndlg boots shoes 14
DA Creasy gen. More 14
David stronp grocery store 14
Andrew BnllcHlor boot snoo nndlngs 14
II II vannttn, agent, wall paper, Ac 11
I K Miller storo 14
.1 ll Skeer " , 14
Klllirower stoves A tinware II
.1 Klnport drugs 14
" pat. inedlclnei IS
WOlllehnrt flour A feed It
11 V Klelm grocery 14
" pat. medicines 4
11 Klelm drug 14
(l M A J K Iickard coat dealers 14
William (Hirer hotel 8
c W Neal A Pro coal dealers 14
llannnn A Hassert dealers In coal 14
0 A Jacob- grocery 14
" liquor storo 5
" coal denier 14
1 armors' prodtieo Kx., gen. storo 18
Jane K lirown hotel B
Farmers' produce Kr., coal dealer 14
I) FPetblcr, render of pat. medicines 3
Peter dross bottler 5
Simon C Shlves, ngr'l. Implements 1 1
Illnomiburg Iron Co gen. storo 10
(" II Itobbln liquorstore 13
Wolf A ltittenhouse ngr'l Implcm'ntfl 14
V M (illmoro restaurant 5
W II (illmoro " r
bottler is
" billiard A pool table H
(I M J K lockard gen. sloro 11
t.uizAMoan dry goods A notions 18
N J llendershott drugs 14
" pat. modtcino S
Lewis dross clothing 14
JKealdncll confectionery 14
JJllrower carpet store 14
O A Klelm drug sloro 14
, " pat. medicines a
t II Yetter organs A machines 14
OHVunnan trunks, Ac 14
Jacob Keller wholosnlcnotlons 10
Alexander A llro wh'lsalo tobacco Ac 10
Moyer Ilros wholesale druggists S
" dmg storo 14
" pat. medicines a
D 1' Curry hotel 5
Joseph sfnudennielrer confectionery 14
J 1" Wellington drugstore 14
" pat. medicines 4
M Itrennati grocery sloro ll
James Kano restaurant 8
Adam Mcnsch Jeweller 11
O II .Millard gen. storo is
Mary chapman restaurant s
Theopholls Kvnns " B
James (irant " 5
owen P Kane liquorstore 13
A 11 Fortncr stoves A ilnwnni 1 1
7 00
7 00
7 00
7 on
7 00
7 UI
7 01
7 l
7 01
7 00
7 01
7 O)
7 O)
10 01
7 00
7 10
8 (0
7 CO
7 (0
BO 00
7 (HI
7 (10
7 01
25 00
7 01
13 80
60 Ol
7 01
10 (10
60 m
7 00
20 01
es en
7 01
co 01
21 co
60 O)
411 m
15 01
10 01
7 00
10 on
7 i
7 01
7 01
7 01
10 01
7 01
7 01
so 01
so 01
60 01
t 01
30 O)
60 01
7 01
T 01
6 00
7 01
SO 01
7 O)
13 Ml
SO 01
50 O)
so no
ss ft)
7 01
sr 01
so O)
7 01
r. 01
25 on
60 00
30 00
60 01
80 Ol
7 01
7 01
7 01
7 01
8 00
12 60
7 O)
51 (10
20 01
7 00
80 01
John Nurtney liquorstore 13
.Michael J Itvnn restaurant r.
Irvin llrothers gen. store 14
pat. medicines 4
Johanna O'Conner Uminr (.torn 1.1
Kllza uoldsviorthy hotel 5
... . " pool laoio 8
Wml'cllTcr hotel 3
" billiards H
David C mack irroecrv ii
David K Keller stoves A: tlnwnm u
Andrew Lenahan grocery 14
QW Davis drugstore 14
" pat. medicines 4
C O Murphy gen. storo 13
Henry K Knhler butcher 14
Thomas Collins liquor store 13
iioucre I'arrcu restaurant s
Itlchardlrvln furnlturo 14
L A ltlley A Co gen. storo 4
Mary Monroe restaurant 5
William Herbert Mom 14
so no
7 00
60 00
12 SI
50 (10
Daniei k Kenres hotel 5
A II Church trermtnrn 10
John L Kline hotel 5
grain dealer
Low Urns A! f!n
7 00
7 00
60 00
7 01
10 00
8 (0
7 00
7 O)
Jacob Sponsler
J a Maun
Thomas Brobst
. t rowier
navid nayman
It d Marti
A M Ileldleman
M A Swank store
7 01
SO 00
7 01
7 00
7 00
20 01)
7 CO
60 on
so no
40 no
7 01
7 O)
7 O)
3) 01
7 01
IS 01
111 10
10 01
7 00
7 O)
85 00
10 00
7 (0
7 01
13 60
vi imam Herkhcliner restaurant
11 1' Klrttipp Jp Wnn t.n.A
Charles Hays clothing A books
I H Secsholtz gen. btoro
"ijyiu Hollngshcad restaurant
William (lunther butcher
tlf-ufl... Kfutln.. l..t
A Truckcnmlller restaurant
, " a mutard tables
I.OWltmnn f ntliin..
s n lthawn stoves A tinware '
J K lihawn cigars A tobacco
D ii Frederick pool tnblo
Stephen Ilaldy btoro
John It Delmer gen. store
finnTnii.n)inrf t.M .. ..i
.uiiiii.i 1, uuuisamiucH
ruckenmlllcr A Keller books A music
J K Sharpies!) A Son gen. storo
. iinmu luniuuru more
1 .1'Lrwln confectionery
William John stoves A tinware
J M smith drugs A hardware
!' . Pat- medicines
s I lilnard gen. store
(1 W lteltsnydcr A Co gen. store
Albert Yetter 1 billiard tablo
osmun A wants drug store
" pat. medicines
(lordon A Haycock bottlers
8 Ol
7 O)
10 On
81 Ol
7 00
5 00
50 00
7 00
7 00
7 00
7 00
60 00
1WH.1CUHT BiuvcsiEunware
deary A Girren coal
M A IIIMiv ..!
J 11 Knlttlo "'
(i L hOMenbauder hotel
Catawlssa Paper Co coal
I-- M Tewksbtiry merchandise
J St Ammerman storo
W N Hosier
tV'E'1' chIP'u furniture store
I urr and s.ivago store
(I M Howell
M Mclleory A llro '
J P Mcllenry
II F Edgar auctioneer
LeriOeprgo gen. Mora
Pcnsyl A Kllnlo "
A J Dorr gen. store
Irain Derr auctioneer
P D niack gen. store
W Flless gen. store
Samuel Nagler pat. Medicines
W Perkins "
Ellis Kvcs A llro gen. storo
William Masters "
X ,'.15;'eH furniture
C Eves "
Wilson M Eves gen. store
JLWelllver More
Samuel Hazledlno hotel
C II Delteileh hotel
H N A JE Whito store
A 11 Vanllew
H II Hurleman store
Yocum llros store
Aaron Yoder restaurant
T P Chcrlngton hotel
David stlne store
M seaborn hotel
I) It Daniels store
Daniel Knorr hotel
o'10"?."-,,, auctioneer
ltolicrt W atklns "
MLltaup butcher
Wellington Yeager hotel
'udolph Yeager restaurant
Jacob meager store
William dingles btoro
C Kramer store
A K Smith hutel
7 00
7 00
7 00
7 ('0
7 01
7 10
7 01
7 01
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5 ro
7 00
5 to
10 (X)
7 0:1
8 00
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16 Oi)
12 60
7 nn
60 0)
50 CO
r 00
01 03
50 00
7 I
5J I
7 I
50 I
5 I
5 I
7 I
r 00
10 i
10 1
60 I
JKlllshop storo
D H Yetter hotel
J 11 Ilmllnn
U.l Campbell, agent, "
..I. i-jjiiKruucrger notei
Charlesltlchart More
A W Snyder gen. storo
A W Hess hotel
. " coal dealer
N II Creasy gen. storo
A (J Mlllnrd stoves A tinware
It J llernlnger furniture
Henry drover pool table
I Hess Strauss coal dealer
J O W Intersteen auctioneer
J P Sands btoro 14
0 11 Hosier store 11
II T iAicock hotel a
l'axton A llarman merchandise 14
1 00
neorgo Heckman hotel 5
u air.irs nutcner m
D K Slnan A Son gen. storo 13
Flockonstlne A Demott More 14
0 N smith stoves A tinware 1 1
A 11 Stuart store 13
8 Hagenbuch hotel 5
Lilly A sleppy storo 13
11 11 Low lumber dealer 14
Til Conner furnlturo storo 14
11 W Lyons
J It Fowler
C It Parker
0 W Chcrlngton storo
Norman Colo storo
Andrew Laubtch "
J W Perry hotel
AlphcusKllna pit. medicines
J O Morehead coal
Moorehead A Kllno storo
Jacob Miller hotel
N Itlehart More
W H lieltrlck storo
II (I ('reveling butcher
Forsyth A ltockafellow gen, btoro
7 00
7 on
7 00
7 Ol
60 00
5 (XI
7 (XI
10 00
50 10
7 0)
7 01
7 00
10 01
7 O)
7 00
H A Worman
John (Iroh
(I M Idkni-
pool table
J D Workhelsor
(1 W Crevellng
llnltrt. Purist
7 (X)
10 00
6 Ol
Harvey 1". Ilaycopk
Silas oung
Fieemau Fredrlcla
4 1 llnu-All
7 11
10 O)
60 01
7 (X)
7 00
'I'lr?.1l.TV'rwmle'" turnlture store
A 11 Whito storo
J I. Crnwtonl grocery
John McKamy merchandlso
7 00
7 01
7 00
Aniwn1u Will lul l.UA.. n.
...'T. ... .himuiiv mu lUllllDlssii
' I'lnomsburg on the th day 91 Juno,
the Commissioners'
Ju Umhou-ot' y oTni vXXt!
where you can attend If you think proper,
Mercantile Appraiser,
.i" Agents Wanted
Wr For our IUpld Selling Uoak
I II I h V h N Pnifuiwli Ao
I II I U I h UromtWiHcm.lowiniirlca.
Even bod J will u U, lttny ut our ' mlt.
Iruj W iwr WNiii kicmwvt territory, Ht tnut
11 Wt Cur It I od tV t'u. liUUhttni, Nt-w Yvrk
lly lrt110 of n writ of Fieri Facias, Issued out of
tho Court of Common Pleas of Columbia county,
ami to mo directed, will W exposed to public salo
nt tho Court House In the town ot Uloomsburg, at
3 o'clock p. in., on
All that certain trnct nt land situate In .Mount
Pleasant township, Columbia county, IU, bound
ed nnd described ns follow s, to-wlt t lleglnnlng nt
n post in Iho lino of land ot Ilnnnnn Cramer nnd
running thenco by said lands south forty-one de
grees nest lllty-ono perches to n post In lino of
lands ot Jacob Johnson, thenco by said lands south
twenty-eight degrees cast thirty-eight and ono
halt perches to a pine, thenco by tho somo south
twenty tlegrcos cast ono hundied and wenteen
perches to a whito oak, thence by tho same south
thirty-seven degrees enst f'rty-ono perches to n
black oak stump, corner of lauds of William Ap
picman, thenco by said lands north forty-seven
and one-half degrees east one hundred and twenty,
seven nnd one-hntf perches to a post, thence by
lands of s.unuel McFnrrm north forty degrees west
thirty-two nnd Keren-tenth perches to a pine,
incnco by the samo north forty-nlnn degrees west
ono hundred nnd Mxty-ono perches to the place of
.beginning, containing one hundred nnd four acres
and elghty-llvc perches ot land and allowance.
All Hint certain trnct of land sltuato In said
township of .Mount Pleasant, bounded and de
scribed ns follows, to-n It t lleglnnlng nt n whito
oak, thenco by lands of John Johnson, north thirty
beven nndone-hnlf degrees west thlrty-threo nnd
seven-tenth perches ton post, thenco by tho samo
north live degrees east twenty perches to a whito
oak, thence by tho same north forty-eight degrees
east two and live-tenth perches to a post, thenco
by tho nrst described tract south nineteen degrees
cast fifty-one nnd four-tenth perches to the place
of beginning, containing one acre and one hundred
nnd twenty-six perches of land strict measure, lie
tho simc mora or less.
seized, taken Into execution nnd to be Bold ns the
property of John Osmun.
JOHN .MOt'ItEY, Mieiirr.
Mny 18, is.
if! IWJV
rSIpotftOH jo ii23 doqs
o.iot.)sn SuifnMiomil oiojoii Sti;nua
ui 1!Jo.kI mu oSuiuuApu .iiotii oi
1! l'"U ll!-1 Suj.iiuilo.i .10 Sut
pijnq soti-iuil t) puu
OI OS !,.! 'btlpUV.lO
'sntuu.ii Atoning puu jooq
'-T,0Ai UOIOS )llts VnnuJ('Su'-orii
'Suippiojt '3"!1'!S ''ISI!S sl1!I!in 'ntoofl
Gents' Furuishiiis; Goods'
Knurr & Wintersteen's Biiildiiijr
Main Street,
next door to the First National
Bank, where I am prepared to
from $1S.00 and upwards.
Fits Guaranteed.
April la iyr.
"Is hereby given that an application will bo
mado to Hon. Wm. lllwrll, P. J., In chambers
on tho twenty-llfth day ot May, at 2 o'clock p. Al.,
under tho Act ot AsnO'iibly ot tho Common
wealth ot Pennsylvania entitled "An act to pro
vide for the Incorporation and regulation ot cer
tain corporations," approved April ifJth, 1871, for
tho charter of an Intended corporation to bo called
"CntnwlsM urniuru KxchiiiiL-o nnd Hall Associa
tion," tho character nnd object ot which Is to pro
vide, i-iect and furnish a hull and other buildings
in mu luwiiMiip ot ior mo accommoda
tion of cntawKs.1 (irange Patrons ot Husbandry
and for that purpnso to have, possess and enjoy
all tho lights, benellts and privileges or tho raid
Act ot Assembly. JOHN c. VOCU.M,
Ajiill 3rd, iss3. Attorney for Incorporation.
siiii'. columuu corarv, ri., necmsi'.D.
Letters Of administration In
Vanllew. lat ot Hemlock township, Columbia
county, Pa., deceased, Inn o been granted bv the
lleglsUT ot sail county to a. c. Vanllew and Jacob
Tcrnllllgcr, adm'rs. All persvns having claims
against stld decedtLt uru uquestrd toprecent
them for Sfttlcmeot, ai.d thos-lndebud tothe
esiato to inaKu pameni tome unueitlgned ad
tnlclstrators without delay.
npr 8-w' drnlnltrtor.
DIVOKOKS, No publlcltyj residents of nny
State. Desertion. Non-Sunnort. Advlco ami
applications lor stamp. W. it, LEK. Att'y m
u wiij, i. r .nay u-jw
iim&iTirn immediately i
UU II nl 1 a?0 mowjrouiiu mm ta
I Hll I rOlletrn Tr:i.i:aiAi-n Y.
I III. B kUllooil lliliitlonsi.-iiar-nnted.
AiMrpiK, with tflnin, tSnMTlnleiictciit
may U-lm aid
Prof. Doremus on Porous Plasters,
Tho College ot tho City ot Now York,)
Cor, Lexington Me. und 23d St. y
Now Yoik, AprlUT, lssl.)
Mksshs. Headuiiv .t Johnson ;
(leiitlemen-Atsmirrenuest I havo obtalnodln
open mitrket samples of Iiksson'sCai'Cini Ponoes
i'i.sTKiis and Alcnck's Porous Plasters, and have
submitted them to chemical nnulysls to determine
iiiriri'iuiiparaim' merits as external remedies.
1 Hnd 111 UKKSOK'S C41-CINK I'MHl'Klts i-nlnilitn
meillcal Ingnsllents. which do not exist lu Atcoek's
i-unms ruLsii-ra : ni-nco in my opiuton they are
supertor to those of Alcock's.
Youre rosp'y,
11 iinni.-v UllllL-U IIU l 1. TT 1.
Prof, of Chemistry and Physics In the College ot
mu i-iij ui,io iuitv, mil, i-ruu hi i.ncinisiry ana
Toiloology lu llellevuu Hospital Medical college.
A VrilT? lU'.nergelle, Jicllablo men to
"l' 1 ' l'hi'11 rnllt Trees-dninB vine
Shrubs. Hews, Ac. Salary and expenses
imld. rtilllniructtonsVlven. Kolnnvrw-r.
11-MII.-I1 nun mmiu iv irn inw imsint'ss. imn'ss
o. ,i . i.r.Li.Aiu;, iiiiitiiiru.N, v., (one mile
d .May, IMhlw.
CtfttQierA MONTH una llOAltl) for threa live
WSJiJF Voung men or ladles In each county.
Art'ireas, r. w. y.isuii.uii CO., Philadelphia, Pa,
d Muy.btlmv.
Ay ItliWAltll silll'PHN. Medlual Ulreetor, U. H. N.
A Tnrlllliig Pictorial History of the, World great
..... .'"", oif, imiinui istivai rtrcniieciuro
of all aires. A rei-nrd or Wnnderrni Miuiniu ,nn,
Interesting than notion. Price only 13. it sella
A I i H iv 'I' vovery wut-re. Jiauo imi.w p;r
... f'inonlh. Addresi J, C. .Mel'UHOV i
CO., Philadelphia, Pa.
d May, isth Iw
Send for DUf new rtrrtilura,. .
UtlUO! luiDortAlir. 10 All CX-FoMlcr. nr l it,.
iuiv luiw.iflUKi tan f-Foitjier or ihe r htlri.
ItU Iltv 4k 11'.. .1 s
. ZS . ' ' '"'-Hill! Mlt V.
Wanted EJI
In kbupt, (actor-
" ,.TT" , , In ll. trUm i tU LUr
Ml the nt Lcj i ,ow Unk m.J i rr.
tue IKIurl llOW li'ulblnlur, n nlut .1 . ri. i.
II... . ,l l-UIBUVUI TUO
1. 1 n
O0LDIERSH0! 1.001
trolled by rd tllT li how ruihlh hndiare ituUn
by rtllroadii itdniounitiilil,t ulwr, priwn con.
tract labor, and all furint ot vppruoiiit contain
naUhm lor old and young; c.uui.bVtf t year.?
t ri'w fri'Oi wnilat Gu'ina t uay lor ualllnir
Addrow I.AUOU WUULU, Plilltdelphlt, P.
W May, isih im
Point Uric:
Men's Sr;i.
from ttte ' -
in tndiib.
cares to ,l:n
Point I va
Fifccjn L
is a powerful tli i
Fancy Cr
rroods in t...
boast on tlicni i.
. Manhattan Chwiok m bix full lines, botli sacks
' s-. ' nnd walking;,, . t giooo. The buttons and
,,. tritnniingsoftlie.ia suits arc woith special attention.
, l'lain Cassimcr' i t hrc-i varieties, in sack style, at
A J", 10.00, Very :jlLfcl:.
Im'vc stylos of I la Oiisimei c Suits, ol' quiet
styles, and in both o.ick an.l Walking Coats, at
1 16.00. Tha wcll-knowi r.-putation of these goods
speak for tlictnsclvi s
These fifteen lines arj no', fraginents pulled togcthci
foran advertisement. Tiiey i jproscnt two thousand
suits, and goods to make more. There is business
in them.
Point Three:
Custom Made l"thing. A large display of
piece goods to ordc . "In i" .ir- very bargains in all the
following lines :
Class A, in an;
Class 13, "
Class C, "
Class D, "
Our" points":
cal people.
Wanamu'rer & Brown,
Oak Hall,
S. E. Cor. Sixth nn'l ?'-"eM, "'itlnrlclph.
Stiitablo for
Cemetery Lots
Public Grounds.
Tho following Khows the Picket flothle, ono of
tho upvoml uo.iutltulptylesof roiicomanufacturcil
by tlio underslirnod.
For llenutv nnd Durnbllltv IIkv umiinmlrnisi.
ed. set up by experienced hands and wnrriuted
to givo Batlsfactlon.
Prices and Bpecimens of other de
signs sent to nny liduresn.
May 4-tf
' The Lnrgcst Stock of Goods opened In
Denton, In many yearn, lins Just
been received by the
It liiiilirnccH
And overythlni; found In a general mercantile bus
lucsi, ut the very lowest prices.
4 y $ 4 4
Several hundred thousand feet
of dressed Lumber, Shingles, &c
constantly on hand.
tw- Purchasers will nnd It to their ndvantago to
J. J.
Benton, Pa.
Uay 4-Im
Will be received until tho nnt Monday In Juo
next for the bulldlni? of a school houso in North
Union township, Schuylkill county, tho upccinca
tlons of which aro as follows 1
liulldlnir to bo of brick, tho foundation of stone:
Blzo of bulldlntr soxw feet, and ten feet In tho
clear: brick work to bo is inches In thickness:
root to bo Of NO. 1 state; bulldlnL- In rnntnln a in
flows, 1 outside door and 1 partition door acro-a
ihu muuiui iuu uuuuiuk; curiiico 10 do 12 inches.
The wall will not bo let out by contract, but by
days' wapes. l'or further Information Innulroof
any of tho underhtKncd directors. Address all
communications to Secretary North tlnlon School
I'uinei, .lulls uruve, BcuuyiKiu county, pa.
Hinriii:.1 i.Hint, president.
(lEo. K. 1IICIIAK1), seoietary.
11. A. I.CTZ,
WM. lliLI.Et.
may 11
ESTATE OF JRHEUIAll lllnENni'ril nnnii.
Utters testamentary lnthoestatoof Jeremiah
IlairenUiich, laloof centro township, Columbia
county, Pa., decease.!, havo liecn irranted by tho
lteirtsler of said county to Kllslm llagcnbuch and
J. H. ilaitenbuch. All persons having claims
against said esiato aro requested to present them
for settlement, and thosolndebtcdto tho samo to
j'.U HAdKNliucil, ' Wecutora.
4-13 April ll, 'M I lifhtstreet, Pa.
Utters of administration In the estate of c. a
llardcr, late of llloomsburif, ('(dumbla county, Ph..
deceaswl, have beeiiKran ed by tho net-later of
said county to Mrs. H. A. llardcr. All rwrsons liav.
Ink' claims aitaliibt said decedent nro renuestedto
prtiteut them tor M'ttleinent, mid thoso ' Indebted
lothe sametomako payment Ui tho uuderhlmied
admlulstratrlt without delay. uu
. or. . MUS' A- "AIIIIKH,
aIl!irew AdinlnUtritilx.
U'tters of adinliiWratlon In tho estato of Aman
da WorUieiser, lute of llloomsburir, (olu bla
county, lu, il.n-jMd, h .e lrii L-rm ud by tl 0
IteKWer of said eoujin' to Willi,,,,, wi'rk htu"f and
Aiiulo hreiirler. All peon having el.Ui, b ,,0 MiTst
biild estate 1110 reitui Mn in pr, .Ji tn,u iw m't.
llemeiit, and thot liidebtoil'to Uio wmo to umko
pai meat to the tindershfiwd iidinlnUralo w 1th.
out delay. WM. WOUKIlKlBBIt,
, im,.
i.V-ISt 1
I !(,,
i tW.tfi J n big slock that
I " tv priced to ttio finest,
,'i r, k "4 black, from tho
rt , ' iies. A cotn
mM r - -"st scc-lf ho
tilta. A littlo money
tl s followlnr;!
;,nntJ tlic same
ut 59.00. Our only
thai, they arc (jood for the money.
ifl.a.u ' business style, ?l8.O0
" " 20.00
" " " . 22.50
" 25.00
. . ,d .sharp for practi-
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Is now fully prepared to furnish
ReadyMade SUITS
As Grood Gli sap
Ready-Made Establishment.
Orders taken for shirts, miulo
from measurement.
Is acknowledged by all
who have tried it to give as
satisfactory results as any
high-priced phosphate
or guano they have
ever used.
THICK $25 l'EUTON OF 2000 I,lSj.
On cars or Iioat In Philadelphia.
Send for Circular showing (ii:irnntci)i
soli: manufaotuheus.
20 South Dslawaro Avo.
may 11 4iv
am line.
20,000 S?KDUIIX!r
Conslstlns ot hundreds of varieties of tho choicest
Koseleranluim, Verbenas, Coleus, lle'iiitrope,
Vegetable Plantsss
We nro maklnir n nwlalty. Early l!ahboB plants
Oianlened) Pot (irown Tomato plants and Sweet
M?lSffi,,,,,,itt,' Uto -"
50,000 Strawberry Plants
of the best varieties Iteil itml fllack
Cnp Haspberrles, Hlmlmrb, Aspurngns
plants, Ao. Wu Imvu shipped ptntils to
every Stiilo lu thu Union.
consisting of jtoso Iluds, Carnations, Violets, HeU
otrope, callas, etc., etc., always on Thawl. Vow
era for weddings nnd parties, llounuets Ilahkctsof
fnllS'.'ral JrlldloiLS put ,i
.i,AJl.lllBr(''luistof."!?!1' ' or cit'.tomeral will
this season oiler n full Hue of garden seeds. Ft teen
iiW1,," al '.narkot gardening enables ins
tp oner the best seeds tor thlssectlcm. All I oiler I
vnliS!? , s.iUsMctl0u. They ore tuo bw
varieties and suro to grow.
?,J,'.a.,ourl?rttl,'lvc" houses, nlso cold beds
.' t "els containing nearly M feet otglasH,
(tao teing)lMrt';1' nbQV0 1,10 '""nal ticliiooi
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J, K HII.I.OM, Uloomsburg, Pa.
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wiurK" ruv,iey, viij a nogs, ltwohorso wagon,
1 truck wagon, f mule, si mares, I! set ta of hariiew
and havo loaned tho sumo to tieoivu cniHsley. dur-
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. . . W.M. JlcNINCH,
HM' AdinlnUlratcir,
llrovanlu, CoL Co., Pa.