The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, February 09, 1883, Image 3

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    The Columbian.
Correct uallroiitl Time 'l'ulilc.
Trains on the Philadelphia ft H, 11. leave llupcrt
as fuiiowsi
(i is a. m. H 45 a. m.
4 1)0 p. 111. 0 4511, 111.
Tr Ins on tho 1). I. W. II. II. loavo Bloomsburg
as lollowal
I cs a. m. 8 25 a. m.
10 61 n. in. 11 43 a. in.
6 51 p. in. 4 M p. m.
The II 45 train south connects with tlio Phlla.
deluhla ft Heading at llupcrt, and with the
Northern Central at Northumberland.
Tho 8:23 a. m train connects at Northumberland
Willi 0:33 train on Pennsylvania road reaching
1'liUdeiphU at Biao p. in.
The ll:4S train connects with Philadelphia and
Heading roal at ltuport at 11:50 reaching I'hlla
delphtaatlioop. m.
Tho 11:45 train connects with Pennsylvania,
roil at Northumberland at 1:63 reaching Plilladel
phla at 7:45 p. m
The 4:27 p m. train connects with Pennsylvania
road at Northumberland nt 8:03 p. m. anu reaencs
riilladelphla at 2:55 a. m.
Trains on tho N. ft W. 1). Hallway pass Illoom
I'rrry as follows s
1.41 a. m 19.08 p. in.
0.81 p, ra 7.07 p. in.
J. M. C. ltanck Esq. uttcndoil court tills
Mrs. J. II. Iilnglc of Hellcfontc Is visiting
her parents.
K. C. Cnswcll went to Philadelphia on
on Tuesday.
II. H. I'nyno Esq. of Kingston was In
court on Monday.
Mrs. Morris 3 hlpley started for her home
in Cincinnati on Monday.
Mrs. Tunnlson is the guest of Mrs. Dr.
Bhattuck nt tho Sanitarium.
Miss Kute l'rlco of Philadelphia is tho
guest of Mrs. 11. C. Nenl.
AVm. II. Snyder, Esq., ot Orangevllle,
was foreman of the.Omml Jury.
Moses Schllcher, of llenvcr township. was
among our callers during court.
Mrs. Frank Howe of DnuvllU; was tho
guest of Mrs. U. E. Waller this week.
Mrs. A. A. Marplc is visiting her sister,
Mrs. J. II. Ilarman, and other relatives.
Miss A 1). Welib, anil Mm. Henry W.
Clark, nro the guests of Mrs. Judge Elwell.
Thomas Sliumnn of Heaver, reports the
oil tanks of tliat place In successful opera
Hon. Miss Hattlo McKclvy came over from
school at I.ewlshurg and spent Sunday at
M. A. Amnicrinnn, Esq., of Eishmgcrcek
township, was in town on Saturday on
Horace- C. lilue, one of Danville's most
energetic young business men, was in town
on Tuesday.
O. A. Buckingham Esq. of Berwick, has
not been in good health for some time, but
Is now improving.
William Eyer, of Cutiiwlssn, started for
Florida on the 7th inst, expecting to re
mnln some time.
Miss May Harkley returned last week
from Troy, New York, where she had been
visiting relatives.
Wm. E. Sterner has leased the stone
quarry on the Drinker farm across the
creek from this place.
Gen. Louis Wngncr of Philadelphia was
in town last Friday nnd Saturday, visiting
gome of his old army friends.
Messrs. Iihnwn, ltoblns, Yocum and
Eyerly, repicsentedCntawissain court, and
seemed to have considerable business.
Grant S. Herring lias been examined and
pasted by the Hoard of Examiners as a stu
dent at law in the olllce of E. It. Ikeler.
W. P. White of Union County was in
town on Saturday. He formerly resided In
Scott township and has many friends here.
Berwick's attorneys, C. 11. Jackson L.
T. Thompson, A. K. Oswiild and A. C.
Freas were in (attendance ut court tills
William Hughes of Hazleton, drove over
here last Saturday with as pretty a team
as one often sees. He always has good
Ex-Sherlft Millard will start for Pitts
burg on Saturday next, where lie has been
drawn as n juror in tho United States
John Pursel, formerly of this town, now
living In Maryland, was hero this week.
With the exception of his gray hair he has
changed but little.
Mrs. Sampson Townscnd of Iron street
fell on the ice on Tuesday evening on her
way to church and was badly bruised. No
bone3 were broken.
Lent began on Wednesday.
Election notices for sale at this olllce.
John M. Stuckliousu of Shickshiuny died
last Friday.
Silas Young of Llghtstreet, has some of
the finest shouts In the county.
Court adjourned on Wednesday ufUr
noon, until Saturdajyuorulng.
Wanted Two girls to learn the Puuts
making. Call at D. Lowenberg's.
The sale of seats for the lecture of Itev.
Joseph Cook will begin ut Dentler'a store
next Monday morning.
II. It. Albertsou of Greenwood township
hereby announces his name us n candidate
for u director of Bloom Ploor District.
Jan. li), '83-4W.
A number of the Winona boys and their
ludy friends had ii hop at the company
rooms on Tuesday evening. Prof. Brooks
lurnishcd tho music.
Caleb Barton hereby unnounces that he
will be u candidate for re-election us one of
the directors of Bloom Poor District, ut the
coming election. Sw
The Ice on the river' started or. Monday,
i.. ... . ...
mi is now pueu up along me snore at u
considerable height.
Tho festival for the beuellt of St. Colum.
kill's church ut Evans' Hall was well ut
tended on .Monday and Tuesday evening.
Those who attend court, and everybody
eise, should take udvuntago of David Low
enburg's announcement on tho Hi
page, and secure a hiinraln. Now Is the
The prospects uro that next week will bo
s-nurciy occupied bv the tr ills of c v cuus'
cs- At tho culling of the list on Tuesday
morning there were thirteen cases remain
l"g for trial.
Can anybody Inform tho public how
mucn it costs to mind n nackuxo of nicely
cut newspapers, about the slzo of bank
uuis, rrom New York to Danville, by ex
press? Thereby hangs a tide.
Tho vestry of St. Paul's Episcopal church
liave decided to offer the property now oc
cupled by ltev. L. Buhner on Jlor.k street,
for sale. For terms address John A. Fun.
tou, Bloomsburg.
The funeral of -Mrs. .1. K. Grolz took
place on Sunday morning ut 10 o'clock.
Services wcro held nt tho house, the ltev.
O, It. Strunck conducting them. Notwith
standing tho stormy weather, llio attendance
wns quite large.
Mr. Tuhbs has put In a Holcomli tele,
phone from the olllce of lliu Exchange Ho
tel to the stnhlc. Thu transmission Is
much I6uder than the Bell, but nswearo
informed, It can be used only where a
straight wire can he stretched.
Mr. Jacob Fatter died br Ashton, HI.,
on the 20th of January, nged 70 yenrs, 'Ho
was born In tills county In 1801, and wns
the father of thirteen children 'all tif whom
survive him but one. Mr. Furver removed
from this county toAshlon, In 1870.
Wo cannot commend the 'commissioners
for raising the percentage -of- the county
Treasurer. Three per cent, ought to pay
lilm well for his 'work'. . It Is more1 than
many men are receiving who have equal
responsibility and do much more labor.
The rain on Sunday took the snow oil
rapidly, leaving a coating of Ice on the
ground, but a fall of a few Inches more
snow on Monday morning made the sleigh
ing ns good us new. Our liverymen have
been kept busy day mid night for the past
few weeks taking out Blelghlng parties.
The Young Ladles' Guild of St. Paul's
Episcopal church gave an entertainment nt
tho residence of Mr. J. A. Funston, last
Friday evening. Tho attendance was large
and tho company was entertained with
tableaux and music. Hefrcsliinents wero
served, nnd the proceeds were about tlilr-ty-llve
Col. L. F. Copcland of Indiana will lee
turu at tho Opera Houso on Friday evening
February 23d for the benefit of Ent Post,
G. A. It. The subject of bis discourse is
"What's to Hinder?" He lectured recent
ly at Catawlssa to a large audience, and Is
considered nn eloquent speaker. Scats can
he secured at Denllerls.
Tho Winona Fire Co. lias reccl red two
axes from Pulaski Carter of Providence,
Pa., for use on their iiosc carriage. Mr,
Carter is the manufacturer of axes, scythes,
edge tools, railroad and mining tools of the
best quality, and also of h ind agricultural
Implements. His goods are kept by nil
hardware dealers.
E. It. Heeler's black colt ran awuy on
Wednesday evening. Frank wns driving
her, with a load of boys In the sleigh, nnd
in turning the corner near the stable the
sleigh upset, throwing the boys out. The
horse run out thu alley, around by Main
and Market streets, and wns caught on
Fifth. No damage was done.
Valentines from one cent to iJl.BO at the
Coll'.miiian store. Call and see them.
A controversy as to which printing olllce
Is doing the most and best work is not of
any special interest to the public. We
have only to repeat our invitation of last
week to the public to come and examine
our olllce and our work, and compare it
with others in thu county. Our cotempo
rarles do not seem to invite such compari
son. The free bridge question is not settled
yet by any- means. Thu subject must be
agitated until people who live outside of
liloomsburg come to understand that while
we are paying taxes to build and repair
budges all over the county, it is no more
than Lilr that the rest of the county should
help liloomsburg. Tills Is u subject on
which we invite coirespondence oil both
Thomas F. Mcllrldu has been steward
at the Bloom Poor house for a number of
years, nnd his management has been satis
factory in every respect. Everything Is
kept In the best of order, nnd the unforta
nate people who have become objects of
charity are treated with kindness and con
sideration. No better man can be found
for the place.
The second lecture of the course will be
delivered on Thursday evening Feb. 22nd
by ltev. Joseph Cook of Boston, whose
subject will be " Tho Seven Wonders of
tho World." He stands at the bead of the
list as u public lecturer, his reputation ex
tending far beyond tho borders of the na
tion. Tho committee has gono to great ex
pense In securing his services, nnd should
bo rewarded with u crowded house. Se.
cure scuts early.
John V. Whitenight, having purchased
the entire interest of tho Bloomsburg Iron
Company, in a certain stone quarry, near
town, is prepared to furnish parties with
llrst-cluss building stone; tho stone used for
years at tho Company's furnaccs.bclng pro
cured ut tills quarry; also, for the past year
he supplied the Woolen Mill people, be
sides for other nnd best buildings In town
and vicinity. The public patronage is so
licited. Terms reasonable. 2w
Wasted. By Z. T. Fowler of Willow
Grove.Pa., 00,000 bushels of wheat at $1.03
per bushel. Jan. 19, '8:i-4w.
Ent Post, O. A. It., took possession of
its new quarters in Itawllugs' biilldin
last week. Thursday night, 'lite ball was
open to the public, and u feast of bean
soup, hard tack and colVeo was served on a
table extending the entire length of the
building.' The Bloom baud was present,
and furnished some cxcellarit music, and
some of the comrades sang several songs.
General Louis Wagner of Philadelphia was
present, and being called on for u speech,
lie responded In a neat address of about
fifteen minutes. Tho Post has very pleas
ant quarters, and Is In n nourishing condi
tion. Centre NntuM.
News Is not. very plenty this week. Tho
last wedding party have not returned from
tho bridal trip and tho next onu will not
start till Thursday too late for this issue
On Wednesday evening of last week
Messrs.. Ellshu and F. P. Hagenhuch, with
four-ln.hau'd, look u jolly sled load of our
young people to Mr. Philip Creasy',- near
Llghtstreet, where dancing was Indulged
In by tho paT'ty till u very late or quite
caily hour All report a pleasant tlmo and
seem anxious to treat another neighbor to
u similar party.
Miss Sulllo and Miss Emma Hancock
and 'Mr. Colo of Danville, were the guests
of Misses Clara iiuil Mary Aikman, last
Tho Prcbbytcrltins of llldluy church
have secured tho 'services of ltev. O.K.
Canlleld of Orangevllle, who will preach
every two weeks at 3 p. in. Our people
luivu certainly been very fortunate In se.
curing so elllclent a minister and worker
as Mr. Canlleld. His sermon last Sunday
was n very able nnd convincing argument.
Mrs. Jainej Miller has been quite unwell
for soino time, and Is being treated by Dr,
Ammermanfor heart dlseiike. It Is hoped
that she may soon reeovcr.hcr usual health
mid cheei fulness.
Mr. James Kelchncr, who has been suf
fering for muuy weeks trom u severe ut
tack of erysipelas Is ugulu able lo go about
but does not look like Jim yet. Hope ho
lliuy BOOH. ltKl'OllTKll,
Ilccr Homing,
In this Quaiitei! Sessions.
Commonwealth) Indictment for selling
t i ,W ,, . '"r' beer without n 1U
John V. Keller.) ceiiM-,
Special Veiidict.
Opinion by Elwell, P. J Filed Feb. B, '811.
The verdict llnds that tho defendant is
engaged In the business of bottling lager
beer, ale nnd porter nt Berwick, in this
county, nnd that within tho last year ho
lins, at his place of business and at other
places in the county, soldlngcr beer In bot
tles ami In larger quantities by the keg,
liono of which wns diankonhls premises
with his knowledge, and Hint he had no
license as it bottler nnd had not paid the
sum of fitly dollars ns u license fee.
Tho question submitted for thu decision
of the Court Is, whether under these facts
the defendant lias Incurred tho penally
prescribed by law for selling malt liquors
without license.
It Is contended by the Counsel for the
defendant that tho business of bottling nnd
selling lager beer by tho bottle, Is excepted
out of the general provisions of tho Inw by
Act ot 2Sth of April, 1858, Purd Dig. DM,
which provides, among other things by
Section 8, that bottlers of ale, porter or
beer, not otherwise engaged In the. sale of
intoxicating liquors, nor in keeping any
tavern, oyster house or cellar, restaurant
or place ot amusement or refreshment
shall lie allowed tn sell the. same by the
bottle, without taking out n license.
Provided that such liquor U not drank upon
the premises where sold, nor at any place
provided by such seller for that purpose.
Thus the law stood until the 22d day of
March, 1807, when it wns enacted, Pamph
let Laws, page 41, that. If any permn after
the passage of this act, shall sell spirituous
and vinous liquors, domestic wines, malt
or brewed liquors without having obtained
u license authorizing him so to do, such
person shall, on conviction In the Court of
Quarter Sessions, be lined, &c.
That this Act was not Intended to be
limited to a prohibition of unlicensed sales
by hotel or restaurant keepers, Is manifest
from the comprehensive terms employed.
lso from the fact that tho pronto exempts
from Its operations, druggists and apotli
ccaries who sell unmixed alcohol or brewed
liquor in the preparation of medicine. In
the construction of statutes It Is n rule that
"an exception strengthens the force of law
in cases not excepted."
This net operated ns a repeal of the 8th
section of thu act of 1858, not by express
words, but by clear implication. A subse
quent alllrmatlye statute Is a repeal by Im
plication of n former one concerning the
same matter,lf It Introduce a new rule upon
thu subject and be evidently Intended as a
substitute for the former law, although It
contains no express words repealing it.
Bishop on statutory crimes sec IS.?. John
ston' Estato St. Hep. fill. The last ex
presslon of the legislative will must pre
vail. In u well considered opinion of Judge
Williams of the 4th District he says: "Af-
ter tills act, (1807) bottlers stood where
they should stand, on the same ground as
other venders. They could obtain a license
to sell, by the quart or in larger quantities
in the same manner that any other dealer
could, but they could not sell without
No further legislation wns had upon the
subject of Hcensc,untll the passage of tholo.
cal option law in 1872 which prohibited, in
counties adopting it, all licenses lor sales of
liquor. In 1870 that act was repealed. But
this legislation did not affect the act of 180"
which was all the while in foice and re
mains the law to this day so far as relates
to sale without license. I mean to say that
the prohibitory portion of tho act remains
in force. The Act of 1870 provides (Di
gest 2029 ) that license for the sale of
liquor when not otherwise provided for by
special law, may be granted by the Court of
Quarter Sessions. It also provides for the
classification of hotel's, and llxes the
amount to be paid for their license, and In
an unmistakeablo manner expresses the
Intent of the law makers in a proviso which
declares that no license for bottlers shall
be less than fifty dollars.
The argument on behalf of the defen
dant wholly ignores thu Act of 1807, and
renders meaningless the Act of 1875. By
the former the selling without license was
in broad terms forbidden to all persons, and
by the latter tho business of bottling Is
specially mentioned in connection with
other business In respect to which n license
is required.
All persons engaged in the snlo of intox
icating drinks are thereby placed upon tho
same footing ; that Is they must have a
liceii'e so to do. A sale by the bottle con
tnining a pint or a quart is equally u viola
Hon of the law us n side by the drink, At
no time except during tho nine years be.
tweon 1808 mid 1807 have bottlers been ex.
cepted from the general provision of tho
law. There appears to be no good reason
why they should have special privileges
above others who make sales of liquors
If there is it has not been discovered by
tho Legislature.
Judgment on the special verdict In favor
of the Commonwealth.
SI 1 fill It ItVlllH.
Coasting and skating have been ill the
rage among the young people for tho past
two weeks. There was a full turn out on
The low Icy fields and pond near town
contained scores of pleasure seekers,
C. Woodrlng was killed by a fall of coal
In the mini's at Hollywood, Luzerne county,
on Thursday, lie was a son-in-law of
Daniel Hutteiistluu of this place, His re
mains were brought hero and burled In thu
Mllllln cemetery on Saturday.
Mr. Win. II. Seybert, one of our worthy
farmers will quit the business tho coming
Spring and move to Berwick. He Is a
Urst-clusH fellow and will bo missed, His
brother Heuben will move on tho Schwep
penhelser farm.
George Steely, Is taking n vacation and is
visiting relatives In Luzerne county.
Wo understand that the saloon belonging
to Joseph Sliumau has been rented to A,
W. Fritz of Berwick who will take clnvrgu
some time the coming Spring
Parlies have been too numerous to niako
mention of each ouo, Tho most brilliant
affair of tho season perhaps was thu one
from Berwick and vicinity which harbored
at tho resldencu of W. H. Seybert on Wed-,
nesday night at which time there wero near
u hundred persons gathered to enjoy them
selves. Among thu most notable birthday pres
ents of the day Is n live opossum of which
Joint Yoliu Jr., was tho recipient ut his
birthday parly. A gift front his nephew,
Thu gravel train hands and section
hands were repairing thu railroad nt
this place on Saturday. They nro not
any too well pleased with thu reduction
on wages front SI. 00 to 1.10 per day.
Nathan Keck will move from this town
ship to Miutzvlllo in a few weeks.
Peter Lantz has gone to housekeeping
Miss Mary Klkendall has been ill for
many weeks, but is on the amends again.
Charles Feddcr moved from tho Wolf
farm on Wednesday tn his old homu along
the West Branch river,
Court I'rocceilliiKH.
Court met on Monday morning, nil tho
Judges on tho llcnch,
lteport of Inquest In estato of William
Webb deceased, conllrmed.
Order to view road In Locust and Cony,
ngham tqwnshlps continued.
C onstables' returns tnlten In open court,
lteport of viewers of a rond In Centre
township In favor ot a road, confirmed nisi.
lteport ot viewers In favor of a road in
Greenwood and Pine, confirmed nisi.
Inquest on body of Samuel Slinman ap
M. E. Cox, Elijah Shutt and W. O. Glr.
ton, appointed tipstaves for lirst week, M.
Cox and Mlcmel Walter second week.
Opinions filed In cases of M. Cox vs.
John Leggottj W. llrlco Ss Co' vs. Mrs.
Sarah Haffcy commonwealth I). Iloll-
Ingshead ; Benton Saving Fund vs. 11. M.
Davis ( Estate of Matilda A, Zimmerman j
Esther Evans' will ense, Issue directed.
Inquest on bodyof John Smith of Cen-
tralla, npprnved.
ticport of snlo In estate of John Lewis
conllrmed' nisi.
Accoitnt-of committee of Margaret Port
lier, n lunatic, confirmed nisi.
Petition of John nnd Hannah Martz, for
the adoption of Anna Stadtlcr filed, and de
cree made.
ltoad In Franklin township near John
Artley's conllrmed nisi.
Cornelius Cronan sworn as n citizen of
the United States.
lteport of sale In estato of Louis Foulk
confirmed nisi.
Citation awarded In estate of Martin
Lunger lo file an account.
Mary ltepport vs. Win. ltepport, alias
subpoena In dlvorco ordered.
Auditors reports In the following estates
were conllrmed nisi : Louis Foulk, William
Schle, Wesley Hagenbtich, ltcbccca Van
dersllcc, James Luinon.
Accounts of the ltegister presented nnd
conllrmed nisi.
Elsie J. Jones vs. Edward Jones, sub
prena In divorce awarded.
Ilcporter of viewers against a county
bridge conllrmed nisi.
Com. vs. M. J Freas. A true bill.
Com. vs. Alfred Breech. A truo bill.
lteport of viewers in favor ot a road In
Orange township conllrmed nisi.
lteport of sale In estato of It. M. Eck,
confirmed nisi.
lteport of sale in eslato of A. Hunsingcr,
conllrmed nisi.
Com. vs. William A. Earnest. A truo
bill. Cusu tried, verdict not guilty. Costs
Com. vs. William Krlck, disturbing a
religious meeting. A true bill, verdict
Com. vs. It. A. Stlner, larceny, A true
bill. Case tried, verdict guilty.
C. .0. "Burklcy, S. IChorr and E. It. Ike
lcr 'appointed library committee.
lteport of Grand Jury read and Hied.
Citation awarded In the estate of Jonas
Hart.el to file an account.
Joseph Sliarpless, Peter Billuiuycr and
S. Ncyhard appointed viewers of u road In
Scott township near James Lake's.
Sale of real estate ordered in cstuteof
John linker.
lteport of Inspectors of a county bridge
in Sugnrlouf near Alinas Cole's conllrmed
ltuli! grnnted to show cause why an alley
n ear W. Belshline In Greenwood, shall not
be declared vacated.
Johanna Kcmmerer vs. Geo. Kemmerer
subpiena in divoice awarded.
In estate of Sarah Miller, a lunatic. Sale
ordered on ten days' notice.
Ella Fenstermucher vs. L. Fensterniacher,
subpana In dlvorco awarded.
Inquest awarded In estate of Phoebe A.
Com. vs. It. A. Stlner. This is the man
who committed depredations at several
places near Holirsburg. On the second in
dictment he plead guilty.
Com. vs. Harry Kriekb'aum, larceny.
Stealing jewelry at George Drelsbaeh's.
Plead guilty.
The case of Curtis S. Brooks against the
borough of Danville was fixed for trial on
Wednesday, but owing to lite illness of an
important witness thu cae was continued.
About 00 persons camu up from Danville to
attend the trial.
Caleb Barton has lnailo an cfllclcnt officer
as one of the directors of Bloom Poor Dis
trict, und the republicans can do no better
than to re-elect him
Blicrirr Hulct).
Tho property of Henry Ortwinu in
Bloomsburg was sold by Sheriff Mourey at
tho Court House on Monday last to John
Applcman for ijdlU. The sales of the prop
erties of 1). W. Hicks and Samuel Bower
were ndjourned until Saturday nt two
The great superiority of DR.
allothercoughremedics is attested
by the immense popular demand
for that old established remedy.
I am:! HllHi!
For the Cure of Coughs, Colds,
Hoarseness, Croup, Asthma, liron-
! cliitis.WhoopinK Cough, Incipient
I Consumption and for the relief of I
I !Kumptive persons in advanceu
' .'.es of the Disease. For Sale
f '1 DniRgicts. Price, 25 cents.
ICauss Ai.iikiitsok. On February 8rd,
1683, by Itev. G W. Dunhip,;at thu groom's
home, Mr. Jacob S. Karns and Miss Ar
mlnta Alberlsnn, both of Col, Co., Pa.
Winter goods very cheap ut Lutz &
Sloan's to closu them out.
009!) Pounds Good Pork.
f !)!)!)( Good Llvo Calves.
00J Good Llvo Shoals, in weight i 30,
;), -iu, mj 10 uu pounds,
01 Good Youug Beeves,
00V Bushels Good Cloverseed,
' Oil!) Bushels Good Potatoes,
0009 Pounds Dried Apples.
09909 Pounds Dried ltaspberrles, pitted
cherries and hird.
AH ot tho above wanted at Light Street
ny Dims i oung,
Dec. fiS-ilm '
Seo thu new styles of Linen Collars nt
Lutz & Sloan's.
107 pieces of White Granite Ware
tll.00 ut I, W. llariman & Son's,
More new Embroideries
Lutz ite Sloan's.
this week at
Winter suits at cont for two weeks at 1),
American Clilna Ten Bets nt 1. W. Hart
man & Son's.
For bargains In Winter Clothing call nt
onco nt D. Lowenberg's.
I. W. llartinan & Son's Is the place for
all kinds of white nnd fancy ware, nlso
Glasswnro In largo lots. Call and exam
ine. Housekeepers goods of all kinds nt I. W.
Iliutmmi & Son's.
All pnrtlcB attending court will find great
bargains m Winter Clothing. Overcoats for
men, boys nnd children, elcarlng nut to
make room for Spring goods cnll nnd bo
convinced that you can buy nn Overcoat nt
cost at D. Lowenberg's.
People who como to Court next week will
pleaso call nt I. W. Hnrtmnn & Son's.
A largo nssorlmcnt of white Counterpanes
nt Lutz & Sloan's cheap.
Wool and Cotton Carpet Chain nt I. W.
Hartmuu& Son's-
The best Linen towel every sold In this
town for 20c. can now be got nt Lutz &
Goods delivered nt all times nnd at all
places In Bloomsburg by I. W. Hartmnu &
We usually leave It to doctors to recom
mend medicines, but Pniker's Ginger Tonic
mis ucen so usciui in our lamuy in relieving
sickness and suffering that we cannot say
too much In Its praise. Salem Argus. ';
The use of Elys' Cream Balm, n sure
cure for Catarrh, Hay Fever and Cold In
Head, Is attended with no pain, lncou-'
vcnlcnco or dread, which can bo said of no
other remedy. Pnco GO cents.
Apply Into nostrils with llttlo finger.
I could scarcely speak; It was almost
Impossible to breathe through my nostrils.
Using Elys' Cream Balm a short time I
was entirely relieved. My head has not
been so clear nor voice so strong In years.
I recommend this admirable remedy to nil
nllllctcd with Catarrh or Colds in the bend.
J. O. Tichcnor, Dealer In Boots and Shoes,
EllzabethN. J.
As one having used Ely's Cream Balm I
would say It Is worth Its weight in gold as
a cure for Catarrh. I bought one bottle at
Martin & Eply's drug store In this place
and It cured me. S. A. Lovell, Franklin,
ooon FOR nAMKS. '
With a baby nt breast nothing is so use
ful for quieting my own and baby's nerves
as l'arker's Ginger Tonic. It prevents.
uowel complaints, and Is better than any
stimulant to give strength and appetite, A
newurK jioincr.
how's tub nAnv.
"How's the baby?" "His croun Is bet
ter this morning, thank you. We gave
mm some or Thomas' hclectrlc Ull ns you
advised, doctor, and shall give him some
more in nn hour or bo." Next day the
doctor pronounced the youngster cured.
on, what a ooranl
Will you heed the warning. The slcnal
perhaps of the sure approach of that more
terrioie disease consumption. Ask vour-
selves if you can afford for the sake of
saving B0 cts., to run the risk nnd do noth
ing for it. Vi e know from experience that
Shlloh's Cure will cure your Cough. It
never falls. This explains whv more than
a Million bottles were sold the past year.
It relieves Croup, nnd Whooping Cough, at
once. Mothers do not bo without it. For
lame back, side, or chest, use Shlloh's
1'orus l'lastcr. Bold by J. II. Klnports.
may iu-eow.
Bv the unthinking, Burdock has been
considered n weed, and its luxuriant
growth, unpleasant smell, etc., has render
ed it. to lliose "not Knowing us virtues."
a nuisance, and yet the root has long been
acknowledged bysnvants as most invalu-
aoie as a uiuretic, uncneni ami uioou puri
fier. Burdock Blood Bitters embody all
its good qualities. 1'rlcc l.uu.
Quick, complete cure, ull annoying Kid-
noy, Bladder und Urinary Ulseases. lyl.
."Better be wise by the misfortunes of
others than by your own." Take warninj
in time. Avoid attack nostrums by wide
thousands annualiv perish. Use only such
remedies ns are demonstrated above sus
picion, foremost among which is Kidney
Wort. For torpid liver, bowels or kidneys,
no other remedy equals it. It is sold in '
both dry and liquid form by ull druggists.
We liavo a speedy and positive curu for
catarrh, diptheria, canker mouth and
headache in Shlloh's Catarrh lteracdy. A
nasal injector free with each pottle. Use
it if you desire health and sweet breath.
Price 50 cents. Sold by J. II. Kinports.
may l-eow.
W. II. Sticker. Mt. Carmel. Pa., says :
"Brown's lion Bitters has done more for
me than nny medicine I have ever used."
'Wells' Health Itcnowcr" 'cstores health
nnd vljror, cures Dyspepsia, Impotenco
sexual Debility.
it-iTFor one ilinio get n pnekace of Dia-
mond Dyes nt tho druggist's. They color
anything thu simplest nnd most dcslrablo
"notion ON HATS."
Clears out ruts, mice, roaches, flics, ants,
bed-bin's, skunks, chipmunks, gophers.
lCc. Druggists.
Lvdlu E. Plnkham's Vccctahlo Com-
pound ranks tlrst as n curative agent in
all complaints peculiar to women.
Fine, vigorous Vines, Two, threo nnd
Four Years' Old, for sale by thu dozen or
thousand ut tho lowest prices.
ihcsu vines nro -raised onino famous
Jit. Prospect Vineyards, ut Passaic, N. J.,
where the well-known Port Grnpe Vino 3
produced that is so highly esteemed nt
brosden und Ilerlln, nnd other European
Cities to which it is shipped, nnd that is so
highly esteemed by physicians everywhere.
Address, Ai.fhed Sfebk,
Jan. 120, '83-3m, Passaic, N. J.
After nil the arguments about cheapness
und quality it appears that Dr. Hull's Cough
Syrup Is tho best remedy for tho euro of
Coughs nnd Colds ever offered to the pub.
lie; Thu prlco is only 25 cents a bottlo
nnd every druggist in tlio hunt soils and
recommends it.
Is it not wortli tho small prlco of 75 cents
to free yourself of every symptom of these
distressing complaints, If you think so cull
at our store una get 11 noitio 01 miou's, every bottle has a printed guur
nntco on it, use accordingly and If it docs
you no good it will cost you nothing. Sold
by J. II. Kinports.
may ly-cuw.
Dropsical und Itheuinatlo persons find
the use of Specr's Port Orupo Wine, of
Now Jersey, of Inculcunblo benefit. Its
purity und valuable properties havo given
it 11 wide reputation among physicians
throughout this country and Europe.
Tills wlno took thu highest premium at
the lute Centennial, It is excellent for
weary and debilitated females, and used
by tho best families in New York ns an
evening family wine. For sale by O. A.
Klelm, liloomsburg, Pu,
Is hereby glvrnto nil whom It may concern,
that an application will be made to tha Legisla
ture of thu Commonwealth ot i'ennsylvanla now
tn session at. llarilshurg for the passage of an
Actot the (leneral Assembly, the title nf which
Is "An Act to repeal the Act of May ninth. A, 1).,
ono thnusana eluht hundred and seventv.nnH.
entitled "An Act providing tirihe appointment of
an Inspector ot steam boilers In the counties of
tsciiuylklll. Northumberland ana Columbia, by tho
raver nor of tha Commonn ultli.
Tho object of the Act to be applied for as afore-
bum, as uppeurti iruiu uts line, ia ine repeal 01 (06
buu tan 111 iimvu ui aiay, n u., toil.
J. 11. t'Hl'KCll, V. II, WKLI.S,
M. llltlllUT. OKO. T. JilIlNH.
Feb, J '3-lw.
Tho best In tho world, ara easllv ohtalnml in n.
kota, Minnesota and Northern luna. (let ready
lomovulntha tuning. First come, best served,
County maps, descilptlon oMands. rates ofpaa.
ago aud irelghl. furnished freo by CI1AS. a
JIKOWN. Agent, Chliago, Milwaukee. A m, Paul
uy,ow DHiiiuiviioi.i UV91UU, jtiuua. no trou
ble to answer questions, r foblMvr
Whoatpi r bushel.....,, t
Oorn, '
Flour per lnrrol
Oioversecd ... .
Tnilow ,
Drtsrt Apples ........ . !o8
Hides AShouldofs''.'",',',','.',t'.'. '.'.'.'.!!!!!!. liv
Chickens ..!......... iii
Turkeys ; .- .
I.ard t"-r pound 14
May per ton
M'CSWAI , , , , ,
Uackwhoat flower per 100. ...i,!,,,' J.00
rmt.ADici.riiU, January It.
i I.ODB Tho market wns dull and weak : super.
flno 3.C0(9.83T i extra W.mgM.oo ! Pennsylvania
fftmllv W.6MM.75S Ohio and Indiana family
$5.00(45.76 ! Minnesota extra J vs.V3.M) j ao ntraljf Ut
W.soMfi.oo i winter patent nmgo.91)! sprln do
HVIl Kl.ODR-JI.0(4l,J3.
WnsiT Market was steady! No. i western reH
$l.o((i,o;f i Uelawaro ana Pennsylvania rodss
$l.oi(4i.ojV i loneberryrcd and amuer $1.
t'OKNTlio market was dull for local use: new
ungraded iatoo, do sail 7W740! old steamer
S20 ; do mtxrd 3soa do No. s do sic.
OiTs-Market was Inactive, bur. Bteadys No. 1
wluto 60c j wo. f do iSXQm : No. do 7o ; No. 1
ItTK-Qulet at 67,fiflc.
LAKD-Market whs steady 1. city kettlo 12V
lXo; loose butchers' Uc4tlVo; prlmo steam
UDTTKR-Pcnnsylvanla nnd wc9torn creamery
extra 8WS.j llradford county and New York
tra a:!3ie; Rolls stcaly; Pennsylvania
S(iJs-rennsylfanU:8IKfMo: western Joo nice
houso iHgjio ; limed native.
$fi tnonperaayathome Samples worth! 6
J IU 5Urre0, Address Stinsox Co. l'or
march l 1-y
JAN. 2nd, 1882, to JAN. 1st, 1883.
statement showing taxes assessed and balance
still due.
rio I 9 o
M 5 $ V?
Geavcr. ( Ml 61 J73 60 $12 60 1 " J
licnton MO 63 02 M SCO CM 61 M00
tllerwlck .... H6S2 22 M50 t9IU t578 77 tM60
Illoom 89iS81 05 00 124 00
llrlarcreek. . 1216 64 77 0i) tli 706 40 77 OS
'Catawlis.1 . 1701 64 07 50 SO 32
Ccntrnlla 72JS0 60 7 03 69616 M
Centre 1017 25 78 60 40 80 960 73 73 60
Conyngham.. 24SS23 900 60 2S201 900
Flshlngcreok 110119 U200 3105 818 33 9200
Franklin.... 644 79 41 60 10 so
(ireenwood.. 123510 93 60 4993 884 14 MOO
Hemlock 100172 49110 6 60 20300 4900
.Jackson.,.. 274 S3 60 60 2 90 '
I.OCU.St 1195 01 lis 60 8 51 404 22 US 60
Madison 993 53 72 00 23 75 289 79 "2lKI
Main 604 26 4310 22 85 24S 19 43 DO
Mimin 1022 82 62 00 15 85 229 43 62 00
tMontOUr.... T830 81 t40 50 t20U5 111377 t40 60
Mt. Pleasant. 005 64 6S50 59 81 293 85 66 50
orange 8il 4h 57 60 47 86 139 ul 67 50
I'lllO Hit) 5-100 4 37 163 40 68 00
Uonrtngcreek 40131) 46 00 8 42 70 so 4 600
SCOtt 1390 09 69 60 90 23 626 51 09 60
SUgarloat.... 365 41 67 60 75 66 47 0I5O
$17614 01 1475 60 79145 7641 28 117050
Amount duo for years previous to 18S2.
Y'r County Doj
issi 132 OS $ 35 oo
' 699 90 77 60
4 50
" 96 7 20 00
ISHI K10JJ6 83 00
tT650 21 1215 60
llenton ,
B fl Kase
M Knorr
J (Hilrton
wm FFouit..
Keubcn Harris
A. M. JOHNSON, Treasurer of Columbia county,
In account with said county on county tunas.
Jan. 2nd. ifs. mt.
Toamt. uncollected prior to 1S32
" amt, on hand at lust settlement
" County tax assessed In '?2
" tax on registry of voters
" added tax (ireenwood dup. for 'St....
" A II Herring old plank
" John Lore old briage near Snoe-
To I). H. Coffman rent for ola Jail
' the town of liloomsburg rent for old
Jail stable
To i W. sones tax exonerated and
since paid to Treasurer
To J (1 Olrton tax exonerated ana blnce
13,665 61
3,135 65
27,634 01
09 66
4 50
3 10
81 65
20 60
paia to Treasurer
To 11 C NaglH old cistern pump 1 00
" Kphntm I'arks shovel so
' coumy tax on unseated lands 1,143 04
county tax on scateu lanas 3 02
road tax on unseated lands 904 57
road tax on seated lands 84 77
school tax on unseau-a lanas 1,120 01
school tax on seatea lan 13 92 97
poor fax on unseated lands 440 29
poor tax on seated lands 4 ! 3S
special road tax on unseated lanas... 910 17
special road tax on seated land 1 so
special tchool tax on unseated lands 46 35
special poor tax on unseated lands.., 277 on
special poor tax on seated lands 1 10
llarner and Jestei deed held by Com
missioners red.'cmed 6 97
To Henry Yaplo deed held by Commis
sioners reueuiueu 4 c
To Samuel Hogart deed held by Commis
sioners redeemed 7 46
To John Kantz deed held by Commission
ers red'emea , H i iu
To John Hogart deed held by Commis
sioners redeemed 11 96
To Marr and Klndlg deed held by Com-
mlssloiersreduemed 2 r9
To aided tax llrlarcreek duplicate '31... 85
amt. recurved irom saie oi lanas Boia
by Commissioners 704 93
To amount received from Slate fund 162 67
" amt. received irom dog tuna 860 oo
" Marshall Mooro oia stove 1 00
" Wm Hulme oia onago Cole's creek
near A cole's mill 6 00
To Daniel ohl oia plank 2 co
" u 11 isni coBts pais on writs 2 00
" Wca KrlckOaum Jury fees 64 tw
" seated land tax since distribution .... m ss
" unseated land tax since distribution 193 72
" amt. to meet sum paid state for quota
charged on ooupons W 9 00
131,805 43
Ilv commission , exonerations and returns allow.
ca collectors lor una previous years.
Com, Ex.
Utstlcts. Com.
Mimin tn is
Montour 41 63
Mt ricnsant 80 64
range 41 S3
I'lno 18 84
ti? 50
87 21)
27 16
64 211 !
17 92
1 16
6 22
29 36
8 70
12 66,
60 61
12 51
40 4J
3 84
3 92
2 2-1
9 49
13 IS
7t 04
69 SO
6! 97
81 M
13 63
11 32
24 22
lioarlngcr'k 2027
69 10
22 04
S3 66
69 93
67 29
72 43
93 07
70 81
76 40
9 92
H9 16
nauinircreeK 03 40
(ireenwood 60 y,i
13 76
aw centralla
69 SI
49 41
30 U9
lo cSiCentro
8 27 1878
7 w oreenwooa 69 69 172s
$1,S3S,92 692.52
By total commissions, t,8M 92
By total exonerations ana returns 692 62
liy county orders redeemed 31.94) 05
By amount due from collectors, 9,291 49
uy amount to meet sum paiu state or
iiuota charged on coupons 10 00
By commission to 'I reaaurer 1,04s 36
By balance in hands of '1 rcasurer s,97S 64
$31,S03 43
A M. JOHNSON, Treasurer in accoun: wltu Dog
January 3, '62, to amt. duo at last settle
ment t,803 fl'.'
To amt. assessed In S'. 1.475 6
" added tax ureenwooa pupiicate, . . . 80
" unit, 0 1 nana at last settlement 26 57
$3,3U6 69
Com. Kx, Districts com. Kx.
(3 46 4 60 Mllllln 3 0) 160
3 12 2 60 Montour 2 36 3H.
a 05 a 60 Mt Pleasant a 75 s no
a oo l t.o orango seo soo
3 37 3 00 1'lnu 2 86 1U60
Uoarlngcr'k a 17 i oo
312 5 10 .SCOtt 3 'i7 4 00
5 93 Ml SugurlOaf H 81 1 60
3 30 7 0" l!,30
4 oo 6 60 Berwick 2 12 a o
lo 6 6i Hemlock in 4l
4 42 8.V 1879
4 do 7 6 llrlarcreek 8 68 a r,o
a 5 16' Cent r alia is aim
6 92 3 m Centre 4 00 6 43
1 i 60 1S73
210 4 oi' Oreenwooa 4 13 4 31
(90,114 111.21
ny cominis-ion to collectors t 90 oi
liy exonerations all iwed collectors 114 24
ny orders paid of 'di 7s tu
By amount paid county 860 oo
By commission to Treasurer 33 17
By amount Ouo from collectors 1 smj 00
uuwuvv in uauui . ticuaiur va 11-1
13,303 59
AM JOHNSON, Treasurer, In account with State
to state Tax asscssoa for '68 (791 45
By commission on duplicate settled for '82.
li st nets.
Conyi gbam
t 14
1 IS
1 11
1 04
a w
2 au
4 91
nv commission to collectors
By amount pata statu lor uuota
By commission to 'ireusurer ...,
By bit ttato u for Vi paid U county. .
Com. Districts,
I lackson
4; Locust
4 70 Mad BOU
6 21 Main
41 Mimin
4 3 Montour
' Ut Pleasant
5 0) 'range
ei ilne
I 61 Roarlngcreclc
.61 iJOtt
a 41 iugarlojt
1191 45,
For which orders wero Issued on tho Treasurer.
W II .tacoby recording Commr'rs 1 hi
.. ..Trs'sbond I SI 7s
t II I.nt tsKinff a prisoner to I'hpa B J 78
MJ,t'I.1"'0 '"Pri'isuRO 1 ta
9. v.?10'?". rcconllnir Auditors oaths.... 4 tn
H II Mondenhall lumber old Jail 1 84
m 1 tlotffor wrnrtlnir for ntdo walks on
n 1 tp.n!.ro nml 1,,r8t "ireeus old jail 100 00
"putrt litiekln(ihiii auditing pub. noire. w 00
.u minimum rugoruing names or Twn
onicers , , '
W o McKinnoy cxpressnpo
relfer Itrn'n. mnt anil nn.,, urnih'a nfiin
89 70
6 21
6 60
St 00
B 87
19 00
a ei
6 82
SO (
15 00
S 80
9S 41
3 00
19 00
8 M
SO 01
4 10
97 63
41 75
41 75
100 00
141 9
S3 00
2.5 00
Jones Co. btndlnir Huntsps forms
Freas llrown Ina nn niri lull ami tnhtn .
H M Holly redemption Michael Douijlitery
8 11 '!0'Tman bn1, f,,"co contract old Jill
..initu i-i. i tunui t.uiimnn ym iiornooy
. .. .. . ...iiiv'iiik kiuuu'i uiu 111,..,,.
B K ltilcr ot a! expenses to llarrlsbusg
.uuni.lg i milUJ 1KX , ,,.
II MftlO fioknftwlnilcrlntr'rm 1i,r14
it u lkler ft nl openses to I'lula. taking
Ii Mitchell copy of record suit J M
Clark ct nl vs columtU county .......
.-.. IIUVIU.IIIIU OIIIJ. 1.1 J I'M ......
n N (iramr. witness fees stilt J M Clark
bu, , 3 VVIUUIUIII lUUUly .m
Newton lloono expenses In effort to ar
rest burglar
It It Ent bin for drnplnc court houso
1. 11 luhuiv 4 prisoner? 10 riuia
II It Knt tiklnir 1 prisoner to Ph la
II II Knt taklnif 1 pilwncr to rhlla.
.11 , jiirK uu uug 1 ami, d .11 1'iark ct ai vs
ColumHa eountv.
Wm Krlckbaum l'rbthonr.tnrv hill
E II llaldy suit J M Clark ot al vs Colum
oia county
Ell lkler suit J Mllarketal vs Colum-
via county
(937 10
COUltTH, JUltOtl'8 l'AY k
V II Entscrvtnir lurv notices (I8S1I
( 96 00
774 91
9 366 20
8T4 61
116 00
161 00
870 00
12 90
14 62
9) 73
22 2.1
81 00
6 06
27 60
84 10
20 00
96 00
drand Jurors during year
Traverse Jurors during year
Constables returns during year
court cryer during year
Tipstaves during ycir
i aiKTflH.'nograpncriu pcraay ...
N Walkor Watts vs Columbia county S
F and Loan Association
S N Walker coin, vs sarah Gross
N Walker 1' s It U It Co. vs N .V 13 It
11 Co-
S N Walker Friend vs Miller
N Walker Com. v.s Sirabflross
B N Walker Com vs crevellng
John llartinan .lurv commissioner
Kit ltoblns Jury Conimlsetonor -
John I) casev clerk to same
U 11 Ent serving Jury notice?
14,605 04
costhincom. oases wiieiie the county
T I , 1 1 .. . ,.
IMt Llttlo District Attorney 79 00
, iu urmiiuuuui i,icrK oi uouri do T5
(931 72
Sundry persona ns viewers I 472 Ht
.... .i. tiiiiiiii? uuuiUKtr V'ltiugu. ...... vo Wt
llelrsof 8 lloylo : Co., ilamago Illoom.,. 423 oo
Nathan smttli ilimage Ushlngcreek 4 oo
John Laubach damago Flshlngcreek .. sot
Kanslow Felster damnffft oranirn oji nn
Camden Mears damage Orange lto oo
. . ,V'",A-,J,tt"v iijiiii.ku K laillUKlU'CK... XI, W
A.J Kline di'i niro Flshlncrernpfc 9iwm
Henry Warner damige I'lno 83 oo
M. A. Ammennan damage Flshtngcrcek. 2 o i
Daniel Stockor s (widow) daui g F'ngcr'k B 00
o. A. Megnrulo damago Orange 2i oo
llenjamln Lore damavo I'lno 16 oo
David oelslnger damago Scott .... 80 oo
EllHha Aldren damapn Flshlnt-.irnlf inn,
J. 11. Cornellson d imaco I'lno 40 oo
JoSQDh Crawford dflmntrn Ornit-n .tn nn
(leo. V. Thompson damara Fls.hlntrrrftk t.i nn
Jethro Hcnrle damage Flshtngcrcek so ou
.usuuiiiMiYHgu damage .j acKson so 00
Adam Shanerrtamago Orange 23 00
Matthew Patterson damage orango and
Greenwood ia oo
John Fritz damage Jackson tn nn
.laeuu i.ortman uamago f ranklin 15 Oil
Wm. Mather damage (ireenwood ........ 9 oo
.usna Jiooins damage .lackson 85 00
I'homas KdWArds dnmin llnntnn n nn
llenjamln Wertman damage i-rango 2M) 00
Wm llOhrbach rtiunatrn Knintlln ft,i nn
Hamuel Joumon Madison 75 oo
jonn iiummen damage scett ,. 125 00
T. II. ningles damago Madison 175 no
John A. Funston damage Mndlsnn 9911 ....
l'hllln ADnl.'milll riamnirn flrRpnwnnil iw n,
Thomas Coleman damage (ireenwood.. 40 00
.v. 11. uiu:i:,uu u.iiuugu urauge 10 ik
Adam Utt damaco Greenwood on i.n
William Carson damago soott es 00
Hiram Karnes damage l'lshlngcreek an (i
II. F. Filcar Com. attending views an an
Chas. Ilelchart Com. attending views.... 9 10
Joshua Fetterman com. attending vlows 20 co
13,019 34
c. M. Drinker, repairing locks 1
Holmes ft Schuyler, bills renacrcd
Stephen Poho, Commissioner
1 60
22 60
0 00
10 01)
2i 00
26 00
23 00
23 00
3 83
f 75
42 04
76 83
13 24
2 97
4 76
2 00
10 72
8 00
83 3"
6' 60
243 3
30 00
18 00
a. ii. iiernng,
L. .1. Adams. Auditor,
OWHe33, "
Oarrlck Mallerv. Aiifllinr ...
J B Casey stating acciunts f r l's;
(ieo Thomas, repairing ben
uiuuui uaa wo, ur gis
n (' Oalllgnan. repairing nt court houso..
M E Cox, work nt court hou-o
W II Allen, bill rendererj
(1 M ft J k Lockard, lumber
11 1. 1 numaHj a gross pens
LBernhard repairing click
Mover lira's bill rendered
.1 w naeoer binding Purdons Digest....
W J Corell. chairs and rnnalrtno.
Wm Chrlstman, for work at ofllce
11 P Vannatta, painting nt court house..
'' " painting water closet..
A L Fritz, for work at onico
M J Casey, pi uttering
S w Garrison, repairing nteourthouso .
C E Savage repairing clock
5 06
2 7!
2 HO
i- 11 tiusar, iiimoer ror wafr closet
40 37
1 87
91 35
173 09
u ueiueunuie., worK ut court house...,
homas Hawkins, ct nl. watnrrtnpt
Jonathan Bachman, work at court hons3
" " " water closet
John hltenlght, stouo
111 00
11 60
t ior water closet
Androw Campbell, work at water closet
2 25
3 75
12 25
8 45
6 12
71 90
60 no
14 00
45 00
cwtu duue. uiiuiingat court nouse
W U I'oust. f rehrht on stonn for nrpn
Joseph Buckle, hauling lime and sand..
.1 o iirnwer, carpel, u , law norary
HPIlawkoftCo btonn stein
John O Jones, work at court house
nt water Closet....
John B. Kllnger, work at coun house .
" !' " at water closet
David Lowenherg.blll rendered court h's j
36 75
60 O)
7 60
.loua t i-urneii, work ior wnrer closet ..
W J, Corel!, chairs and repairing sofa law
PhlMp Crawford, pavemnt stono
Levi Hall trimming trees
N J Hendershott paint for Iron fence
Freas Brown, Insurance court house ....
J II Urunler. drawings nlm and snenui.
4 40
45 00
20 01
4 60
3 60
123 IS
cations addition court house ln oil
v. ii.ucqut-uutui, lumuerror court nouce ..
60 93
,,, ror water closet
Fred Schwlnn. haullm? nt ennrr. hnntn
3tl 27
12 5U
James Cadman, chairs nnd renalring. ...
14 80
Sit 27
,. u i'liinn. iiiaiuiiK ior i-ouii nousu
Lajton Hunjou ft Co., bill rendered.
83 09
' hardware fur water
c oset
8 07
E B Brower, stove and plpo law library"
43 75
liiii luiiuer u ....
84 70
Mrs Phobo al.cteaulng court ho'so
OA Jacoby, coal
E U Ikeler, attorney
Charles llelchirf, commissioner
20 34
63 66
100 no
S21 70
11 e aiigar, commissioner
Joshua Feltermm. rnmrntlnnnr
357 30
SS4 9)
SOO uo
(4,160 69
John 11 C.s;y, clerk
II POardner, tending prisoners (SI)
11 II Ent, washing, etc., (Si)
U II Knt, turnkey fees ('3')
If II Ent bal. boarding prisoners l'3l),,.,
Thomas E.Oeddls, repairing....
o A Jacoby, Mone
W w Barrutt, work nhout prison
C W Ne il ft uro , co 1. .
lo 00
7 60
15 60
103 20
13 23
100 00
151 S9
8 00
1 34
i.tuiier lionshorr, Mi 1, ..dored
Kuhn ft Muru, taliou
ccoalllgan. repa'rs
7, It Sluiiz, work about prison
2.1 S3
200 95
61 4S
4 50
2 00
(UUUIU una tu,. iur i;.w ,
Kreas Brown, Insurance on Jill stable
F I) Dentler. shoes
J II Kinports, mea'clno
4 10
iiuuiiau .vuuKsert, repairs
A Y Hess, tautng core of .1 It J intson.'. '
8 75
23 00
i- VKiiatta, painting roof
Jos It Polio, wood
!."i',wJ',0We!f''''''1 fettling for prisoners
w B Allen, bill rendered,.;.
David Armstrong, tuiim- i..i tint-,,
15 3J
10 60
17 71
3 115
U II Ent. boarding prisoners ."..!' '
1-aylori ltunyan, bill rend -red
o A Klelm meiltoines
K II llrnwer, repairs
o E Kessler, slippers for prisoner
4 65
29 4
U U Ent, washing, ou- , , '
85 00
ain on o. iiiuenoenuer. co. statement... ( 40
" court proclamation... 23
" election procumatlon 26
. navertlfctng
,, ,, , " bl inks
c. M. vandersllco, lountystatenwnt....
'', election proclinutlon
" court calendar
; " advertising
. " blanks
James C. Brown, county statement
' election procl.imnion..
" bhufks,i'1U'''
Old E. Myers, couu'ty fctate-mnt.".','.'!'.!!
' f Hilverttd 1,11.
33 10
19 63
6 00
83 00
85 60
27 Mi
40 no
vs 00
88 00
40 no
It.S, Bowmin, advertising.... !.
(I. A. Potter, ailversthlng'
J II, Ileltrlck. ailvtrilsliiL-
! A, B-ckloy, postsgo and box rent
i!;vJ'l?.rk natlnneryforonieo anarourt
1 V',r?'.t'u'Pll('" P'"Clainatlon
Patriot Publishing Co., Dally Patriot..
8'indry perfcons for Innue.sts
III 64
W. II. HckI ir, Slmman bridge
Lliarles Itelchart, Davis bildgo... ......
Juhn Schfll,
A. 1..
Mellenr.v, Benton bridge,
Abljih Hess and Jen bridge
lames Conner, Beuton bridge
James Conner. Colo's brldgo.
II. F. Everttt, Ben'on bridge ..."
Jackson Ale' Benton brldgj
Wm. L, Colo, cole's triage..,,, J,, ,""...7.
Wm. Olger, Barton brldgo
m, (liger, lied Hock bridge
" Hupert bridge
," " ShHTer brldgo "
Clinton Crawford, Hunert bridge .'
6 00
I 00
1 60
a 10
9 00
5 2U
18 611
a to
4 60
V 13
6 05
5 00
4 19
4 19
A 63
8 IK)
1ST 64
J Jonathan llachman. Hut Hock brtdgo"7..'.'.
ft; Q'jfs. Henert UrMge
.... i' "uuu", nil"'ll uilUtft,,.,..
Kll Jooes, tt ai Ituoert bildgo
' ll.11 ton brlilgo
J, H, Kllnger, Ilupert bridge....,
Jonathan Bai'liman, er. u). itupert brldgo
O. Menaontmll, B.i'r'.on l!r1dgen.!,.r.l.U:
' ',' Itupert bildge
" " "ei Itoek briago,.:...!!
Jacob DtefTenbsch, " "
I Co
to 00
1 60
4 71
t W
t 04
15 10
T 00
4 00
7 00
) 0
4 09
4 71
II l)
19 60
I 60
M 00
I 79
I (0
t (0
1 M
4 I
mi .innen, anauer unairo.
Luylon ltunyan ft Co., Barton bridge
nuprrt onago
' Shaffer bridge.
lied ltrck bridge
- ... 1'iLiiuviiuaii, ouituri uuugu.,, ......
Uriah spade, Shaffer bridge ...
M. Mcllenrr ft Bro .Still water brldire...
Samuel Coleman, Karns brldiro......
Kilns Yost, et ai., I'ado.i bridge
cnumng at I'anon unogt
John McMtchael, I'aden brldgo -......
A, livrland. I'vlrn brldra
o, 11 Mendenhail, raden bridge
wm. R. Edsar. I'aden brtdro
Lav ton Hun j on ft Co., I'aden bridge...,
I), S. Pattcmon. ltd. MeHcnrr brldira.-...
O. W, Eves, Kramer bridge..
wm. Lnwtxm. Bckman bridge
II. Klsncr. M v lie Iron brld2
J. 15. Wplllver.ertbhlnff Kvrrstrmf p hrldun
Daniel Ohl. Erersirrovo brlrtirn
Daniel Ohl, Ed. Mcllcnry bridge ...
Wm.Olgor, Danvlllo bridge .,,
Wm. (llzer. Pursell brldiro...
.t.N. Marts, ' "
Ell Jones, Danvlllo brldgo
Jonathan Bachman. Danville brldirf .....
Lnyton Itunynn ft Co., Danvlllo bridge.;
Ezra Stephens brldgo near Jas. lieu.,,.
W. lives, bM on contract Esther i'ur.
nncn brtdtro.
M 87
( Ti
3 47
774 00
8i 00
Ucnlamtn Pctlcrman's Esther Purnace
brldgo ,
P. c. cleaver Ksthor Purnace brldire
Thomas. 1, Hoffman Krlckbaum brldgo...
iianii'i Biine jonnson onage icuntractj ...
Daniel stlne extra allowed.
Boyd Yettcr.ot at.crlb'ng at Porge brldgs
Chas. Helchart Malnvlllo brldgo
JolinNuss etnl, Malnvlllo Iron bridge..
Jacob l'lsher Malnrllle Iron bridge
9 re
119 2
I 7J
1 7
2 0O
SSf) ro
to 0A
mt. rmsiNT.
hlllo Rtroun Vandorsltco brldgo
Stepuen Crawlord Wltsnn brldgo...-
stenhen Crawford smith brldgo
Jonathan Bachman stoto bridge near
poor houso
Jonathan Bachman eTtra allowed
Jonathan Bachman randersllce brldgo...
K. weiuver, wuson onago laoovei ,
E. Wclllver, Wilson brldiro below,...
1'. sands MordansTlllo brldira .....
athlaa Kindt. Wilson brldmi rabnrel..
Mathlaa Klsdt. Wilson hrldsra fbelowl .
Mathlas Kindt. Mora anavl lie bridge
II. If. sands, smith brldgo
Ell Jones, ct al, Wanlch orldgo
vanuersuco Dnago....
" ' Wilson brldire rabovel
John Wanlch, Wanlch bridge
nunyon co.. nuson or go aoovoj ,
" Vandersllco brldire....
Daniel Ohl, Wilson brldgo below
II. Mendenhail, Wanlch bridge
" ' Vandersllco '
" ' Wilson brldzo
Uriah Spades, Wanlch brldgo
TohnlLore, Vnnco brldgo
60 61
449 75
1 00
2 0
71 00
IT 00
10 00
tt 00
176 49
11 00
w. ttves new Dnago near rinncs
B. Ilcrrlnsr. Vance brldiro
. It. Patterson, Kline bridge
'. S. Christian bal on con't fihoem'r's bflg
" ' extra allowed
Elijah Shoemaker, shoemaker brldgo ..
Ezeklal Co.O, Coin bridge
. i(. 1 oie, .1. 11. uoie unago
'. s. christian new brldgo near A. cole's
T. 8 Cli'lstlan, extra allowed
Daniel Fritz, John II. Colo brtag
$4,188 U
Convicts In Eastern Penitentiary f"Sl
Support of David Shen, Danville
Support ot Lizzie Milton, Warren
1 lti n
. 1S4 H
. 116
$440 41
Triennial Annual
Triennial Annual
newer (35 25 (23 ob
Jackson $w til 71
32 (3 91 93
IS 5
11 ii
65 38
HI 60
89 15
34 60
91 60
33 (I
13 3B
II 11
16 71
11 SI
14 0
M 3
II Tr,
IT 60
11 m
13 11
U 60
9 S3
19 16
II 41
10 60
11 SO
W 10
81 2-i
23 3
41 25
29 V)
2" Mi.Mt Plentant
17 05 orange
27 2),'Plne
24 25 Koarlifcr'k
11 60 Scott
so 98 Sugarloal
Conyngham 43 to
lsuinccr'k a c
Frinklln is ss
(Ireenwood 20 as
117 0
Hemlock 82 2.1
i- vol
Assessors tor fall registry of voters,
ts&l 71 tu It
Paid sundry persons .- $ 47 el
Paid spring election omceri I43 is
Paid tall election ooicers 494 21
aid surlnir room rent .. in OJ
Paid fall room rent 113 11
Paid constables adv. and attending
SDrtncr election 141 1-0
Paid constables attending fall oleollon... 12 00
1, nutter, election Dianas 11 11
. M. Clark. S-natorml Return Judce I 10
l! F Edgar. Congressional Keturn Judge... 17 uo
Henrv Kosenstock. Judicial Itoturn Judge 1 10
Kll Bobbins, election box for Flshlngo1
township ou
Wm Krlckbaum, counting fall vote 8 04
Samuel Noltnn. overseer fall election 8 60
O W ltuckle, ovorBjer fall eleciloa..... .... I 00
tl.iu 44
Amount township taxes refunded.. ....
111,17a i
Wm Mann, t docket Pro' h office
" 2 " commr'somco
" a ItecordefH offlce
Alteinus ft Co . I docket I'roth's orace...
Win Murphy ft Son's, 1 docket Itecorder'i
F I, Hotter, F4 registry boons
E B Yordy, 172 nsvssment bjnks
a is loray, 1 aoi'Kei iTeasurer h omco....
1131 (
Amount county Vonds redeemed
(TOCO 00
10:9 UO
iS,V!.1 0l
Amount coupons on tutu: paid
costs, Jurors pay, constable returns, o
Co.ts in commonwealth cases
S 137 10
4:113 m
133 73
1019 14
1166 89
!14 07
Hoaa and brlduo viewers and rofl aam-
Commissioner's office and court house
County Jail
rrinting. stationary ani
Bridges building aud repairs 4189 61
'enllentlarv and Asvlum
Asessors pav
rox ana wna cat scaips
Election expenses
Taxes refunded
Blank books
County bonds and coupons paid
(.14,945 65
Fromamountot orderslssued d-fdnet 1S.6T0.15
taxes refunded and (J.iT, redemption money and
(805900 bonds nnd coupons paid leaves 818,311.23
which Is tho actnil ordinary exponse for tns year
A. JJ,
Benton $ t) M Jackson I isn 36
llrlarcreek 63 ss locust 4 00
Catuwlssa 22 00 Madison 1M tn
l'lshlngcreek 6J 76 Main 13 mi
t rau ; in oa on line 93 co
(ireenwood 46 60 tiugarloat l "1
uemiocK m 00
Dog tax dae from Collectors. ( l,W M
i-iuuuie Luuiuii.soiun auu exuneruuons
Add amount tn hands ot Treasure....
(lives total aaseta
. H.hi'm
8,M1 41
l,'.t6 10
9S.IM1 49
1.176 64
, 1,600 Ou
3 00
110 00
Tax In hands ot Collectors duplicates...
Probublo comml3ilon and
Add amount in hand3 of Treasurer .
Ada value of old Jail property
ii.iituu nut, uii i.trii iiuwer now
j nreo aouoiu set ussersuient boiks..
tlt.fHO 01
Costs In Commonwcnllh cases ,
Amount tax duo thu hovural district
1 61
Amount roaa und bridge viewer aue ou
Aramnt county prison bonds unpaid. . . .
auj uee. is
'82 nnd not drawing Interest after that
tlmo tu the hands of A 11 Urlw who do.
clined to proOuco them when requpstoa w
uuou Mn 9m
Ain't county prison coupons unpaid wet
Ain't roaa damages assossea and unpiia
osllmaled as near as can be , m
J M Clark et. al. bal. on suit .1 M Clark
ct. al vf. Col. Co , .. is r
fli.lto is
lito 01
Actual InaebtcUness of tho Co.Jnnl, f,.. tm It
Wo. tho underslgnea Commissioners of Cointn
bla county, do hei-eby certify that tlm forrtplog is
a correct statement of accounts ut 'l eoy Tur
the year A. 1). ta.
B. P. KIH1AI1,
... . . . Commissioners of Columbia Conniy.
Attest 1 John B. Cusoy, Clerk.
We, tho underslgnea Auaitors ot Columbia
county, bavlug uen duly elected to adjust una
settle the accou its of tn-- Treasurer ana Coram!.
Honors of Columbia county, da hereby certify that
w u met at tho omen of the fl easurer and Commis
s oiiera, Iu Hioomkburg, and carefully examined
llieuecouulh una vouchers of the same from ths
8Dd day of January A.I). 18-.1 to the 1st (lay of
January, A. I)., Inij. una nnathein correct as
above ttatt'd, anil we nnd a balance due Columbia
countv on county fund of three thousand nine
huudred and seventy-t ight Uollarsaua niiy.four
ceutsfromAM Johnson, Treasurer of Columbia
county, Aud we nnd u bJtunce of tlfty-thrtie Ool-
arj and lour cents (C8.04) on dog fuua in hands
of A M Johnson, Treasurer.
,'Hveu under our hand ana Beal this 6th day of
JftQi A I), 1 &3i
UW. HKSS. isiuiui
County Auaitors.
t h, f L!11! . V.roJ. . e tic u 0 nt. All those mirVed
Januarj' ist'63 ' r auPllcu,M In toll since
81 no
0 IK
0 00
II 60
83 07
tn 00
7 00
ai 60
66 69
83 Oil
1 23
63 23
25 00
IT 69
K8T4TI 5K HtOIlOK till kit N, MCliiltD, UTI Of
Itteis teutaruentiiry In tho estate of Oeorgo
Shuinan duccuwil, late of MUlllu township,
Columbia couiitj, Pu., have been grantca by the
lteglur of suul couuly 10 Alleu Slann. All per
sons hav lug claims a-ralnst the cslaW or ialO
deoedvut uip requistiu 10 present lUem forseltlo.
oient, und those Hidtbtrd to the estate to make
payiueiit to thu uudcrk1gDodltlibuidt'Uy.
roi 'imiw,,
in 64
440 41
IT 65
1361 66
StO 16
I 'M 61
1051 00
,: D4
U 14
443 16
MO 88
1T4 M
l.tSO M