The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, February 02, 1883, Image 1

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00t.DUIHAI)P.HOCnAT,ltAnOFTtlir NORTH ftnd ro.
LVMRIAK, C!onlllil(ltlHl.
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JijO . CO 00 600) 100 fO
twxa nipcr uiscwntintHii except at titu ontlon
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All papers sent out of tntf State or w distant post
omces must be nalil form advance, ilnlc-a a respon.
Klbio pron In Columbia county auines to pay
llio HulHcrlntlontlito on demand, '
Yrntl n(Hertl9irntji nmabiflniinrterli-. Irnn-
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Mont nil vert l-ciucnls must bd pn Id nr licforc lnrn t
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!. rotrnl ndMilsrtrient Uvoidollara per Indi f, r
lliw lnwrtloni, add nt that rnto lor nddlllor.hl
Insertions without rcfcrcnco to length.
tbrec dollars.- Mast bo paid for ijhen rtsertcdf:
Transient or Local notices, ten rents a line, re ttu
' ;
, ' ,,.
1-iMi'AK k is tip longer oxacfea rrorrt SutiacTlwrs
initio county. , .
TlioJoublng Department of Hie Cowhrun Is very,
complete, and our .lob Printing' will compare favor
ably wlili thatot tliolarfrecltlM. All work done on
Bliort notice, ncutly and nt moderate prices.
.a.U.BIiWBLL p,..i.4.;.
tjie Columbian, Vol. xVU'.no t;
lar advertisements lialt rates.
cairls id tlio 'nulnes.tBlrcclory'iCOltinin,one
dollar n year for csicli line. "
flf II fit tit ttf Ifff
VJyip f if ip f fit ill
onlco In 1st National Hank building, second floor,
first door to tho right, corner of Main and Mar
ket streets, Uioomsbur?, fa. .
DwoMsoma, Pi.
omco In Xnt's Bulldinr.
DtoOMsncBfl, Vx.
OOlco on Main Street, 1st door below court House.
a rtvrrT vrt.'v Am T 111'
omce over Schuyler's Hardware Btore.
omco In Browcr'a bulldlng.sccond No. I
llloomsburif, l'a.
omco corner of Centre and Main strsota. Clark's
Bulldlntr. '
Can bo consulted In qerman. . n
New columman BciLntNa'.'Bloomsburff, Pa.
Meir-bor of tho Unltod States Law Association.
Collections mado In any pari or, Amerie ur n.u-rope.-.
onlco In Columbian Buii-dino, Koom No. 3, second
nLOOMsnuuG, pa.
Bloomsburg, Ta.,
omco In Mrs. Ent's Building.
omce in II. J. ClarkM Bulldlntr, second Boor,, first
aoorio inqiciu
Oct. 8, '$o.
Notary rubllc
A Uorinqys-oS-iia.; r-
rvmn In 1st Mntlnnnl Tlnnk- bulldlnrr. second floor.
tlrst door to. the left. Corner ot Main and Market,
streets uioomsoure, ro.
S&'Pentwnii andBountia Collected. . f
. , ; f
J II. MATZE, . . ''
A .AND ' I
omco In Mrs. Ent's Building, third door from.
Main street, MayiQ.'si.
' i
omco Id Nkws iTiW bullrflntr, Mam sjreet.
Member or tbo AmurlcanAttorposJjjiAssocla
tlon. ' ' - ' '
Oollontlons made In any part ot America,
Jan. 5,,1832. ..,;
.IIICK80I1 JHlU'llut;, iiuums ; mm u. j
May 0, SI. l- .BEItWICKPA
Catawlssa, Pa.
Office, corner ot Third and Main btreets. .
Orangoville, Pa.
omce In Ixiw's Building, second floor, seoond
r , ,1 It A ..,! tt
door to tu? left, 6 fi
dan bo oonsultcd In German.
Atloriiey-ntLiiw, Berwick. Pa.
Can bo Consulted In Germiui,
AI,8Q FUltit'-Ol.AKH .,
CiJ-Oillpo wfth 11(0 llcrwlok IiaJiienilcnt.
ri . BAKKLEY,.Allorney.tM.iw".',
J . omco lu Brower's biillfllds, ?ud ttory.llonn?
5 " '
T BUCKINGHAM, Allorney-nt-Law
I V.omce. Broekway's ilulldlne'lst floor,
liToouisDurg, l'enn'a, may,V'8-t t
. ' 4
T B. McKELVY, M. P.,8nrj!fon and Pljy.
(J .slclan, north side Main 8treot,belPw M"""
Air, Yim'A, Attnr'e'y.'at-? 0flicp
. In Columbian Building, )ne24
Mewi'iig Machlnosand Mtehlnery of aiVfclnds re
pilrcd. Or tin liuildlng, uioomttburg, Pa.
iipico, NprnTvn'rtot streot,
Uloomsburg, Pa.
Dlt. WM.- M.vRE.BHR, Surgeon jantl.
Physician, onfee corner of Uock and Market
V R. KVAN8. M. D.Biitceonv and
Il . Pliyslo'.an, (omce and Ilesidcnco on Thlr
T'Ti v2nviln1 Avif.iRf.
Isajainat his old -stand under lEXonAROJ
IlofttUand haa. M qwl'a UJItMTlMSJ
AIinUlttJUQIi. Hi' reWclfmUy sqll.nft the
UAUonane Qiniaoiqousioinvrtiaaa di iuu uuuuu
generally. J1"'1,
ir r ' 'mrvnrin .TitirvntiTOTiXW
Larca and convenient aimnia rbobis'. Bathroom
hot and cold W4ter,nd all modern conveniences
A. too.. 10 Hnruoe He.. New York, can learn the
oxact coat of any proposed line of AnVXHrtsiNa m
American Newspjpertj, iw loo-page pamphlet)
sacenu. j i f f Boo. io-aw. J
There - will bo a. Great"
, - r .iiHiMHtn 'IT'
,i!i'i'ttrAi TJ1 .-j n.jji.. .U'
, ... .. OF
. if-
- ? A 15 .'SO
Wintered Fall
SUITS, for
1,15:1, U, ui 11.
at a great reduction.
' i
be consrviEnxraEr).
I). Lowcnte's.
Tlie-uptrnvTblothlerf has fait received a fine line
otiQWuig in preparea to maKQ up
j ,
For Men and Bors In the neatest manner and La.
test Styles.
1-IatSi Gaps. &o,
Always on 'bdhd. Call and Examlno. EVANS
tl.. BLobaasDuno, fa.
7 . " U0VB
-1JKN1 1ST,
Hi.ooMSisimoi Columbia County, Pa.
All styles of work done )u a superior manner, work
vvRiiaiut-u uo irr'rt-ot'iiiva. 1KTU f.HTKACT-
ku without I'AIM by the use of Has, and
J1 fret) ol obaive hon artiarlal teeth
f are luieru'd. f
onioo over Ulooraspurit Hanking Company.
Afanufaeturer of Plows. Rtovesnnd all ktndnnt
cZstlngs. Large stock of 'Unworn, Cook Moves,
lOQin(ttoves, btovea tor taeatlug stores.tehool
tioususr. ehqrpl)04, ?, Also, lartre suck ot re
ualrafo) oily days of all kluds.whowsalanud retail
,huum an r ifu iinmcirruies, L.iu'r,ieiivra, c ,iovv
Pipe. Cook Boners, ttpiders, cako I'Uica, Lxrire
Iron Kettles. Hk'cl ScIch. Virou lloiik. all kinds
Ot Plow Points, Mould Hoards, llolw, Plaster, Halt,
JlUAJi MAfiiUJiti, txe.
febst-t ". V
X' A'8KC Y. Mo cr'a .new Ittfiiirnahllnr I'm.
building, Main
' Assots.
AHnalnsornncp Co.of.Tlartford, Conn, $7,o;s,Q24
ltuyl of Lverpojir..,.w. l3,5ie,uiK)
l.ancaslilru .
Flre Association, Pull iplplita,,,,. ,
PhtDnlx.of LfliidruiY.:.?
London .a r.anua-hlre, of England.,
Ilartror ' of llutford
,10!,l II
Sprlngtlrld Klre and Marine.
Asthea-eBClesaieiPreet, pollclen aro written
for the Iu4ured without any delay In the
omce at Uloomaburit. ogt,, 'il.i(.
These OLneonrORiTiONS are well seasoned by
if and Yf.n rnrso and. have naver yet. had a
loss settlod by any court of law Their MflfU
rare all Inveavtd In siouBinraand ar lUUle
tojtne hairntMiiitouiy. ,
' LOMiiS' eaqictrrLT Had iiqhistj.t adjusted and
-olid 8 soon ai determined by Cuhistian P.
UHirr. sriritL Aoixr and Aiijpsrsa blooms.
iuhi, Pa.
,tbo paopio ot Ooi itnbii oiuotv niionid patron
Iwtue agnoy whiro lauss If iv are settled
1Q 1 oild iv 1 of tbftlr own eltlinns.
lUnnylvanlft,' ' '
iiveoraincor Miincy
Manhattan of New York.
omce on Market Buout, No. , Dlosmaburg,
oot.lU. JMy' 1 I
?r0auMlnnSra,,(1? ' V'
llliinrt f uf sew York.
SlcU Hondaclip,
Clirmilo lllur
rli(rn, tTuundlcc,
Impurity nf tlio
III001I, l'everaml
riic, Malaria,
mid all Dlnem e
ST rmtsrd by Ie
range inent uf Liver, Ilowela and Kldncyn.
llAd Breath I Pain in the Sl,le, lomdimei Die
riln is felt uiuler the Shonldcr.blade, mlitVtn for
HheumMim ! ccneral lo of epprtllcj Bowels
Rtntrally cwlive, sometimes altcrnallng with In;
le head I. troubled tith pain, U dull and heavy,
with considerable loss of memory, accompanied
with a painful sensation orleavincundonesometlilni;
which ought to have Wen done; a slight, dry cough
ftnd flushed face is sometimes an attendant, often
mltal.en for consumption; the patient complains
of weariness and debility; nervous, easily startled;
feet cold or burning, sometimes a prickly sensation
rjf the skin exists; spirits are low and desoondent,
and, although satisfied that exercise would be bene,
ficlal.yct one can hardly summon up fortitude to
try it in fact, distrusts every remedy. Several
ofthe above symptoms attend Iht disease, hut cases
have occurred when but few of them existed, yet
examination after death has shown the Liver to
have been extensively deranged.
It fdimtlil bo used by nil persons, old and
young, whenever nuy of tlio nbovo
symptom nppcar.
leron Trnvplliic or I.lvlnrr In Bn
lu nllliy Lociillllos, by taking a dose occaslen.
nlly to keep the Liver In healthy action, will avoid
oil JlInlarln.IUIIniiH nllnckn, Dimness, Nau.
sea, Urowsiness, Depression of Spirits, etc. It
will Invigorate liken glass of wine, but 1 no In
toxlcutlng beverage.
If V'Hi have enti-ii nnyllilng lmril ot
llp;fstloli. or feel lu-avy after meais, or sloep
leaa at night, take a dose and you will be relieved,
Tlmo unil Doctors Illlla will bo Tcd
by nlwnys keeplu;; tho Ilegulntor
In tlio llnusol
Tor, whatever the ailment may be, a thoroughly
safe ptircntlvr, ulti-ititlvii and tunic can
never be out of place, 'I he remedy Is liiirnilra
mul does not lnteifcro with business or
it is PimrxY vnor.TATiL'n,
And has all the power ond uhc.icy of Calomel or
Qui"tnc, without any Df die Injurwiis after effects.
A Ciivrrniir'n Testimony.
Simmons Liver Regulator has been in use In my
family for snme lime, and I am satisfied It Is a
valuable addition to die medical science.
J. Gill SnOnrEH, Governor of Ala.
Hon. Alexander II. Stepliona, of On.,
says: Have derive! snme benefit from the use of
Simmons Liter Regulator, and wish to give it a
further trial.
,,",V' "',y, Thing Hint never fall to
llnlleve." I have used manv remedies for Dys
pepsia, User Aflecllon and Debility, but never
have found anjtlilng to benefit me to tha extent
. bimmotjs Llicr Regulator has. I sent from Win.
ncsota to Georgia for it, nnd would send further for
oojl a medicine, and would advise all w ho are slm.
ibrly olTected to give It a trial as it seems the only
Hang that ncer fails to reticle.
P. M. Jannlv, Minneapolis, Minn.
,I)r. T. Vt. JIusoii nayst From actual ex.
pcriencc In the use of bimmons Liver Regulator in
my practice I have been and am satisfied to use
and prescribe it as a purgative medicine.
i'SfTake only the Genuine, which always
has on the Wrapper the red Z TriidoOIurlc
. andSlgimtui o of J. II. ZUH.ix j. (;0,
August, 82 ly
That's a common expres
sion and has a world of
meaning. How much suf
fering is summed up in it.
The singular thing about
it is, that pain in the back
is occasioned by so many
things. May be caused by
kidney disease, liver com
plaint, consumption, cold,
nervous debility,
Vv hatevcr the cause, don't
neglect it. Something is
.wrong and needs prompt
attention. No medicine has
yet been discovered that
will so quickly and surely
cure such diseases as
Brown's Ikon Bitters, and
it docs this by commencing
at the foundation, and mak
ing the blood pure and rich.
Loglnsport, Ind. Dec, i, 188a.
Tor a long tlmo I hava been a
sufTerrr from stomach and kidney
disease. Myappetite was very poor
bnd the very smalt amount I did eat
disagreed Willi me. 1 was annoyed
very much from non-retention of
urine. I tried many remedies with
no success, until I used Brown's
Iron Mtters, hince 1 used that my
rtomacn aoes not bomer tne any.
MvaDDCtiteissimolvimmense. Mv
kidney trouble li no more, and my
general health s such, that I feel
like a new man. After the use of
Brown's Iron Bitters for one month,
1 have gained twenty pound iu
weight. O. B. Sakgkxt.
. . Leading physicians and
clergymen use and recom
mend Brown's Iron Bit
ters. It lias cured others
suffering as you are, and it
will cure you.
March, S, 'r-2. ly
DauEliters, Vives, lotiiers!
DlflOOVBnHIl Oi' 'Dlt. MAnonirjra
This remedy will act In liarmnsy Willi Bin l'V.
mala r-jstcin at all times, and of"i immediately
upotllliealHlomlnu) and ultrlu mascltr, and ro
ori llieiu Inn lirtilthy and rtrongtoiidltlon,
))r. Marvtilsl'al'lctluet'atholiron will ctn a fall
ing ot the womb, Lcncnrrlicca, Chronic I anamina
tion and Ulceration of tho Womb, Incidental
fJraorrlia?o or Flooding, Pnlnful, flupprorsed
aud IrrgulirMcnlrnallon, Kidney Cmnpialut,
Bftrrcunos 1 ntn Is rspreiaUy adopted to the clinugo
of Life. Solid for pamphlet tree. All Inters of,1
lnn,nlry freely answered. Addreeaai,abtis 'Jtir
ralo by all dritr;Eln. Nr.v il(i l per bottle,
Oldklzn HIiAtA. B rnre and ash: for Dr, ilar.
Jhisl'ii lKeiliioCaUio'.lcoii, Take no other,
Moyerllros., Wholesalo Agents, Bloomsburg Pa
Juno n-'r
No other dlscaao is so urovaleat In Hi La eoua.l
try as CouslipaUon, ad 10 lenicdyUa tcr
eqtisiled tbo celebrated JIldncyVort iu f I
euro Vuatovertttoeius9,imcvffliyUrtiUa.t
verv ftrifc -i 1il
pwyreuisLucv.. ...v e ouacuvis ;Myiiai '.'UJiufl It I
swrasj a''iaa i.Ujaiciaaa'
In and inodhuwi ba-abfr-i-ofi' At. 5
l"L'jl-tyt-g!!!!lttTOc!'Vrct'' '",t'"',,;'';"' '
Somebody's lips were cloto to mine
Tims temptei, I couldn't resist.
llogtitAli and rosy, a sweet llltlo mouth
Was suddenly, softly kissed.
Somtbody'a eyes looked up and frowned
Willi ttichn, reproving glance.
"II kisses w'cro wicked ? "I asked my pet
Then tho eyes began to dance
And, smiling, tho llltlo maiden answered,
As 1 knelt there at her feet,
" They must bo Just a little b'lt naughty
Or they never would be so sweet,"
Vcre VcrnoiVs Heritage.
"A proud old namo, you say? Yes. A
prido I justly Bharo hi its Inlicritauco ? Yes,
too. It Is BometUlua worthy a thrill of
prido to lmvo handed down to yon a nnmo
unstained by nny who lmvo possessed it. It
Is n noblo, hcritngo, nnd suroly n safeguard
ngaiiist temptation, sinco who would bo tho
llrht willingly to blot n fair oscutchoon? "
So spoko Voro Vernon, of Vornon IIn.ll,
his hnndsomo fnco Unshod with feeling, lila
tall form drawn to lis full height, his broad
shoulders thrown back, his bloudo head held
nhuost ' haughtily, ns ho glaucod up nt tho
portmlU of his nuccslors HUrronndlng him
In tlif piclnro-gnllcry, whero n littlo group
of four, from among tho guests gathered
under tlio hospitable roof of Vornon Hall,
had congregated.
It had been a question put by Miss
Strtithers which had elicited tho nbovo ro
ply.' A fclmngo Rinilo hnd wrenthod her thin
lips ni she courloously nnd ntloutivcly lis.
iencd to each word, nnd sho gnvo ono
(Illicit, htenlthy glauoo nt a girl standing bo
sidoi but Norn i'itzgonild did not hco Iho
look. Her bluo oyes were fixed upon tho
Kpenker's faco, nnd in their wonderful depths
was a rippling light, ns though hor heart
echoed his every wonl.
His gaza, -too, rested on her ns ho fin
ished, ns though socking hor sympathy and
Nora 1'itzgernld wns his father' ward.
Sho hnd been bruught to their homo a deso
late orphan nay, worse than orphaned ;
but of that, poor child 1 hlio know nothing,
nor ever should know, ho swore, could ho
guard from hor tho secret, tho more that
lately ho had learned another secret tho
secret of his own heart, which had passed
irrevocably into this littlo Irish girl' keep
ing. A bhndo Bwept over Miss Struthcrs' faco
ns n bmilo of almost loving confidence was
ex6hauged between these two, nnd for nu
instant hor own eyes lhshod with n lurid
light, , w hich seemed to r jveul a depth of
jealous, hate black ns I heir hue.
"You may indeed bo proud ofyonrraco
Mr. Vernon," bho nuswerod, in low, Bwoe
tones. "Nor havu tho women of your houso
over brought upon it n shadow of disgrace?
Uuvo uouu of your auccbturs tnnrriod unwor
thily or bcnealh them?"
"Novcrl" ho made answer. "Thoy
considered it too sncrcd a horitngo for their
unborn ohildren to let their hearts, in any
case, usurp their reason. Tho women of
our houso liavo over been btainlcss, and of
untainted mco."
And ho glanced with roverent tenderness
nt tho picture of his mother, beautiful wo
man, painted in her wedding-robes, which
hung above hiB head.
A monieut'n pauso followed his words.
How littlo did ho dream that with Ihoin ho
hnd put a buro weapon in the hands of his
most subtle enemy, whicli hhould bury itself
in tho heart ho would ho gUdly have guarded
by uttering his own as its safeguard.
Miss Struthcrs vvn: again tho first to
speuk, but bho now addressed her compan
ion, a young cavalry ofheer, spending his
furlough nt tho Hall, mid already a victim to
a pair of black eyes.
"Couio, Captain Harding," sho cried.
It in too lovely to spend tho morning
within doors. I challenge you to n game
of tennis. Mr. Vcruou, Nora, will you
" Wo will join you presently," Enid Vcre,
Sho turned nwny witlt a shado of disap.
pomtuicnt on her face. At the door bho
paused and turned back. Voro Vornou't
gazo was fixed on his mothcr'H portrait.
'I Will lio remember his own words? " sho
said, to herself.
Thou she reluctantly closed tho door bo
hind her, shutting thoso two togothcr.
Tho, man turned to his companion with n
quick gesturo of relief.
"Nora," ho tnid "do .you kuow that I
think I can find no uioto fitting tiiuo or'
plneo to toll yon boiiiething I have wanted
to tell you for many days ? Jiook nround
you, dear, horo, whoro s'o lnuuy noblo men
and women look dawn lippu you, and let
uio ask them to wclcouYd you among their
number ns tho Bweotcst roso n Vernon over
plucked'. Nora, darling, will you make ino
tho proudest, happiest mau on earth? "ViLl
you bo my w ifo ? "
Tho quick tears trcmblod on tho long
lashes ; tho breath cnuio quickly through
tho lovely, parted lips. Sho glnucod up with
a bowitchlug shyness.
" Ah, Vere, I am not worthy I " sho whis.
Ho caught her to his heart.
''Nut worthy, little one ?" ho bald, look,
lug proudly down upon the beautiful faei
ho forced upward lo moet his guzo, "Is
this nil? Then let mo silence tho doubting
lip foioVov."
And bonding still lower his royal head, he
pressed upon tho lovely mouth the llrst
lover's kiss which lutd ovor rested there.
' You luvo me, darling ? " he asked, a few
minutes later.
' I havo nlwnys loved you," she answered.
"Oh, Vme, you mo bu dllTerent from nil
other men."
The young iiinu laughed n frank, joyous
l.liU'lr, good to hear.
" Dillerout in your oyes only, littlo one,"
ho nnswervd. " But may thoy ever remain
in their present stnto of blinduoRs,"
That cumlng, tho betrothal of tho young
HVVdf r "f Iho house to Kir Vero'a ward Mid
almost daughter was formally nnuouueed,
Tho guests received It with binccro pleaij.
tire, though scarcely fcurjirlso, tho servnuts
with loud acclamations uf delight, Miss
Nora they had known nnd loved from child,
hood. They nuul bervo no btntugo and
haughty mistress, to tnko from herherplauQ
iu the old house.
Hut there was ouo beneath that xvnt wht
hoard It with nngry nud Inoixuliilnn tunnisa.
All Helen Htri'Uos A.v.'tl fttnlvltlons hopes
WW Ulgldwl ly the word to which she
listened w iMiiiUngly- blighted, but not
hupeUiHsly sa Thin slio swore, oven whilo
tliu liiui'iuured her lioueyed words of con.
gnrtuliitiou with tho rest,
"Ishuuuul?" she n-sked herself "in he
niud, or can it bo that he does wi know '(
Hut sho hoard his- wo.rdji tiwluy, 8hq
is but u chllil. Tlmmgli lWr xill wtriko to
W'V" - .
That very night there camo a light rnp nt
Nora Fitzgerald's door.
"It Is I, dear," murmured Miss Btrutli
crs, lu her sweetest tones., "May I como
Instantly tho door was thrown open. In
nwhlto 'wrapper, with her hair unbound
ami falling about' her llko n'veil, Nora smiled
her welcome.
"Indeed yon liny, ""alio Bald. "I could
Hot sloep, nud was flitting jit tho open win.
dow,ilroamlng of my own liftppinoss. I
wonder 'wliat I lnivo douo to deseno bo
;soeiiis so strangothat-' Vcro
should lovo mo, 'wlicn other women nro bo
grand, nnd btntely, nud beautiful llko
yifdrsclf,'' Miss Struthers. . lo yourtjltiiow I
should'1, haVe Ihoughti ho' wolildi not havo
bceu mo when yott' wcro' near?.",5r 1
" Wo ero fond of each other ouco," tho
elder vbihriu nnswered,-as thou'gii uncou-
tciousof her own wonts, " but wo ciuar-
rclod. Ho ho was jealous of uio."
A quick spasm of pain crossed Norn's
"You moan that yon and Vcroweroonco
engaged?" sho asked.
"No oh, no," bho rcphod, hastily.
"Whatlravo I bald? I meant nothing ex
cept that '
Sho stopped suddenly, leaving tho sou-
lencot uulluishcd. .
"Uo not let as talk of it lot us talk of
yourself. How you must long to have your
mother with you tit such n time. Do you
kuow 1 should think you would bo tempted
to forgivo nil nud go to her ? "
Tho sweet fnco grow ghastly.
"What can you ?" bho asked. "My
uothcr died w hen I was a child."
"Oh, forgivo uio I" exclaimed Miss
Htruthcrg. "What havo I douo? It
possiblo you do
not know possible that tho ,
truth lias been kept from you ? "
What truth? what nro you bayiug ? Aro
you mud, or am I ?"
Wo aro neither of us mad. But I daro
Bay no more. I havo already bald far, far
too much."
"Y'ouhavo, indeed, not to sny all. Iam
a woman, like yourself, Miss Htmtlicis, and
I demand from you tho truth."
"llutl daro not tell you. If thoy havo
kept this secret from you, they would never
forgivo mo for rovealiug it."
" Thoy shall not know tho uaino of my
informer. Tell uic, or I will go to them and
domand tho truth. Y'on bay that my mother
lives, and I mourn for her ns dead ? "
" Because becauso sho forsook you when
you wcro n baby. Oh, havo pationco and
listen," sho added, in quick alarm, for tho
girl hail fallen back as though stabbed to
tho heart. " Thoro was somo excuso for
her, Sho had loved a man beforo her mar
riago with your father, who was desperately
jealous of him. Ho was very, very ill, nud
thought himself dying, nud sent for her.
Sho'asked your father to let her go to let
horseo him for ono half.honr and 'ho ro
f used. Afterward, another nud more urgen
messenger came, nud sho went with him
Your father, when ho knew that sho had
gone, publicly renounced her, in his fierce
nngcr; nnd when, at tho end of n few
hours', bho camo back, refused her admit,
tauco to her homo or her child. Doubtless
Bho then was innocont of nny wrong. For
throo years bho disappeared, nud no one
heard of her ; but tho mau did not die, nud
at tho expiration of that time ono ycat
after your father's dcatkj-tho papers con
tained tho published account of their mar
riago. You were left as Sir Vero Vornou'd
ward. Tho "Vernon pity has over bccn,held
stronger than tho Vernon lovo ; therefore,
thoy doubtless havo withheld tho story, froin
" Hut these years of my mother's absence
where did sho spend them ?"
" Could it bo tho sweet musical voice
ouo of Nora Fitzgerald's chief charms'
which put tho question ? It bounded hoarso
and harsh.
Miss Struthcu shrugged her shoulders
"It is' the question tho world asks," sho
Tho girl fell on her knees. Miss Struth.
crs npproached, but bho raised hor land,
with her.hcad btill bowed, nud motioned to
the door.
With u glauco of triumphant hatred sho
went out, leaving Nora nlono with her deso
lation, disgrace and luisory,
An hour ago bho had been so happy that
sho banished sleep in her joy, so much
sweeter were her vcukiug dreams than those
slumber might briug. Now, though sho
might sock to purchase oblivion at nny cost,
it was denied her.
"Tho Vernon pity has over been held
Btrouger than tho Vernon lovo." Why did
thest) words, with their subtle poison-sting,
ever ruiuni to nor? unil why, In connec
tion with them, did bho hear again every
Byllablo Vero had uttered in tho picture gal-
lery that day ? Had ho been moved only
l'Hy, then, to offer her his proud old
name, and thus bring upon it its llrst stain '(
Ho liad loved this other girl too cold,
proud and fair. Ho had been jealous, uud
they had quarreled, then in pity ho had
turned to her.
"Oh, Vero I oh, nother ! " bho moaned,;
but neither of tho two, whoso lovo would
havo been held truebt in tho broad, w'ido
world, mado answer to her piteous prayer.
The dawn found hor kneeling still, but
bho know now what bho must do,
Hastily sho caught up a piece of paper,
and wrote upon it hor farewell
"I havo learned my mother's history,"
bho wroto, "Jlow, matters not. Do you
remoiuber, Vere, wliat you wild regarding
tho women of your lino ? Thoy lud ulwnyn
been pure nnd stainless. Did you know tho
truth whon you offered uio your nnnio?
rYrhnps, like nio, you behoved in my
mothoiJ perfect innocence. If so, I bless
you for your trust s but you shall not plit it,
lo huch proof. 1 am going away., N'ero.
Do not seek to find me. 1 will .uovorleb.
you kuow wnero t inn until you pro married.
Then you skill .hear that I am well luut
safe. Oh, llmt I eovld Uud my mother, una
go toner) un, that 1 Knew where toloolc
for hei'l I'thlnk my heart is brenkln'g" in-
Its struggle, but I do not falter, Vere.
Uood-by, forever I "
Sho addressed mid sealed tho note', thou'
dressed herself ns for a jouruoy, Hnt her
head swriiii nud her trembling ilugcrM re
fused to do her bidding. Sho was herself
unconscious of tlio ierriblo oxcitoment slu
had undergone, until, opening her door jo
pass out, n black cloud envoloped her, nnd
Bho' fell pnmo upon tho threshold.
There thoy found her, nu hour later, and
carried her to her bed. Tho household ytv.H
boon around nnd messengers for a phybioi4n,
dispatched lu hot haste.
But ore he coidd arrive, Vere, tearing;
open that luutliy.writlou nnd pitiful note,
know that this Illness, had been n mercy a
iu disguise, b(uca she bUU was there, to
loavo them never more. ' ,
"Who could Jliavo dono this cfuel,
thing?" ho queried, tinder his breath.
' Who could, luivu committed this llemi'i
work?" f
"Mother! mother!" This was tho
uniuo eoustuutly un Nora'n Hps, iu her dell.
rium, For thrco days sho knew no ono,
nud thoy feared for Ufa aud rensou.
But 6u the fourth day nil's opened her
bluo oyon and ldokod Willi wondorlng
recognition llito Vbro'ri liiudsomd, anxious'
" Whorp ntn I ? " slid liitlrmUrcd.
' In.your honie, dear, lind in our hearts,"
ho Answered,, " Yott havo been told somo
cruel falsehood, Norn, When you nro
tdrong cudugh, I will tell yort all tho truth.
You must hnvd faith lu me, dear, nnd be
liovo that I will keep nolhliig from you."
Sho nlmoiH blinTcd, find sighed it restful
sigh then, with her little himd tight clasped
in his, fell into n drcalnte'ss slumber.
A week later, nud from his lips sho heard
her mother's story. '
" It was true" Voro said, " that hor
father hiyl rouotuicod her in his, jodtous au
ger but no ono so bitterly fopontod or re
gretted his rash act ns ho. . Tho thrco years
of her retirement sho liad spout within tho
sacred walls of a convent, nud this fact was
known to all tho world. Sho survived her
second marriage but by a year. Iter heart
was broken by her unmerited disgrace."
When ho had fluUhed, ho opened hlj
"Now, Nora," ho said, ' "'will you not
como?" " '
Aud she, creeping In llicir embrace, for
got to, ask if it wcro Jovo or pity as thoy
closed nbout her, l)er shield forcvonuoro.
But Miss StriithriH no. longer made visits
to Vernon Hall. Her plots, nnd mnchina
Hons hud failed. ,Nom '.kept, her secret.
Sho knows, now tho truth of tlm( old story
bo darklv hinted to her. but it casts no
I doubt on her husbaud'ri. loyalty, nud trulh,
ami heart, nor, tho proud old uauio a prido
bho bbures now
with oipial .right (o his, since
is her cluldiou'B licrunge,
La Bruycrc, thp classical author of the
time ,of Louis XIV., was iu tho habit of
dropping in, duriug his strolls about Paris,
at tho house of Micliallet, tho printer and
bookseller. There ho would poke among'
the old and new books aud romp with Mi.
ballet's littlo daughter, n pretty child, to
whom ho hod taken u fancy. Ono day iu
tho year HibO. he took n roll of manuscript
from his pocket nnd liaudod it lo her father,
Baying :
See here, will you print this? l ean
not say if it will bo worth your whilo,
but should it, produco anything, it will be,
luy contribution to your littlo daughter's,
In 1C87 tho " Garactcres do la Jlruyero"
was published. Half n dozen uditious'werf
snapped up, yielding' a profit of over one
hundred thousand francs. The, honest
bookseller went to tho author, begging him1
to Bhnro tlio money with him. Tho goner,
ous author laughed at him.
''What aro you talkiug nbout?"- he
doninuded. "It is no business cither
of yours or- mine. It is your child'!
proporty. I am, only" glad it has turned out
bo well."
So little Mile. Micliallet remained iu pos
session of her fortune.
Many a woman will make great exortioni
to entertain a host of friends twico u sea-
sou, who does not mime it worm wnuo to
bother herself over, n bociablo gathering of
two or throo.
'naviNu tiii: phuan.
"You picked the puoatis on Ouion Crook,
you say, said an Austlu.reporter yesterday
to n young mau ou a wagon tilled with
"Yes, sir," ho replied, "that's .where they
ine from." - ..
"Mnuy up thero J"
"Plenty ofdhcni.i'
"Believe, I'll try a few," quizzed tho re.
poi'ler,'tnkiug a . big handful of tho pecans.
"I'll sell you n wholo peck for 50 cents,"
Eaid'lho man with swelling ojes,
, wui -
"Only want - n few. bay, do you kuow
f.wTrt, t ' ,,. ' ,,, '
'Nm A nir. cir. nvrrvlliilirr ui vnrv ilnll nn
Not A bit, sir; everything is very dull op
our wny.'
"Don't yon know Anything '("
"Well, I bclievo I did henr'-BOme uows
"What was 'it ?" nsked tho reporter,
crackiug n iiecnu. ' '
'Thero'was n mau got eighteen buckshot
in' him near whero I live."
'Who Bho( him ?" ' '
"Wliat did you Bh6ot ldni 'for?""askod
tho rep'ortor; nghast.
For stealing somo of my pecans out of
my wagon," Bind tlio countryman, rebelling
under tho, seat for his shotgun.
The reporter hastily replaced the pecans
in the wagon, aud, nftor calling tho country
pian Colonel, disap pcared nround iho cor
ner. 'Texas ,Sif lings.
citui:i. join: on a you.Mi r.vit;iii:i:.
' A young 'armor of Oliiltondalo, Ulster
cOunty, bc'dalno deeply enamored of a jonng
lady, a fetrauger' In tho neighborhood, who
was temporarily stopping' in tlio village,
nud, 'after courting' her assiduously for
bomo days, popped the nlMmportnnt ques
tion, received " yes " for an answer, nnd iu-
.bisled on tho luarriago ceremony being per
formed tlio following evening. According,
ly, a larg,o number of friends wore invited,
nnd tho couple woro made, ouo by n Justlco
of tho l'enco of tho neighborhood. Iniino
diately upon tho conclusion of the cere
.niouy t)io brjdo was surrounded by hor gen
tlemen, friclids, nil of whom insisted upon
kissing Iter, greatly to tho displeasure of Iho
jealous groom, whereupon bho mado her
oBcnno t,o mi adjoinlii( roopi, and tho briil?
(jiouui has, not e'ccu her slilee, 'or at 1cm)!
has nut been nblo to rccognlzo her. Tho
Irtish of tho nialtcr Is-that the brldo wnsjii)
nrottv bov. nnd wheu he left tho rdom he
changed his garments and inlitjjled wli Iho
crowd ,ond e(ijoyod' the ftfu. ' U'ho grdoni
will U9vcr get over tho ralhor pntcticnl joko
which Ills friends played' upoulihn, lilmlM
,yiioitf)!,-M,!tiy..Tii ji'itit.
T)r, Bender yesterday 'mado nn incision
into the left 'shoulder' ot it title horse he.
longing lo Mr. H, Hess, Iho Superintendent
of Street Service iu Iho introduction of our
water. works system, nnd remdved a silver
ten-cent piece of t 1870, which was placed
there nbdut four years ago by 'tho man from
'A., .'f'. i '',f(.! 1.A....1.1 it.-j. it.......
wuoui nr. S1U.SH lIUUIU I1UISO in ftl-p'
tucky. It wns intendod ns a priv'alo mark.
ni)d was placed" jttSt 'beneath tho skin, hnt
eoiibulfrnb!0. (issue liiyl (onuod 'over It dur.
lug Its Jour yearn' lougutoui. it a a well
preserved piece when Bllpp'ed nailer thoj
kkiu, nud, tlio only, mnrit' it reiains of t
singular Bervloe to which II 'vh's"pitt 1
greasy subslaiioo which ndheroH closely
the doprcskiou In .tho eolii.-Wrtwioiwn
Jvurnal, ' '
M . I
Pennsylvania's Governbrsi
1883. ,
Anvlli'mir relatitifrto the lives of our
jmblic men ia nUvfiya tt-'niaUcr of dcqi
liitercsl, nud ,11101'c'imitlciilinly fo wlion
the fan's rcla'tp to tlio carcrM Vlf thoftp
who lmvo been tlio Chief Jlagistralu?,
tlio highest points o honor in this
Tlionins Jllllli'ii, tho first (tovenibr of
Pennsylvania, under tlio Ooiiftitntion of
1790, was born iii'VJiitatluinhin lu 1711;
wan Governor from Diceinhcr tfl, 1700,
until Diceinhir 17, 1779, throo full
terms the cjiiftiluiioiml limit.' He
died nt Lancaster, January 1, 1800,
aged fifty-sjx.
Thomas JluKean,- tho Fecund Gov
ernor of thu State, win horn' in Lon
domloiy, Clicftcr county,' I'd., 'March
19, 1731; was Governor from Decern
ber 17, 1779, to December '-), 1808.
three terms of llueo years ('aelii nBtl
died at Philadelphia on tlio ith of
June, 1817, npjod clgl ly-thrcc.
Pennsylvania's tli'iid ' Govtriidr,
Simon Snyder, was bom at Lancaster,
Pa.,, November !, 17'6, and waA iri
ollieo from December 20, 18UN, to 'Do
comber 117. llireptortn. Died til
Solhisgrovo, Snyder county1, Pn,'Nrt
vemlier 9, 1 S 1 ti, at the ago of blxty.
William Findfay, our foilrth "Gov
eruor, was born in -Slerccr.sbtiVgFriifik-I'm
county, Pd., June 20, 17(!8, and
wns Governor fi'6m Dccoinberlll, l'817i
until December 19, 1820, ono tOrm.
jlo died in Ilnrfisltiirg November 12,
181j, nied FcVeiitv cWlit years.'
Joseph 'llelster, tlio flttli Governor
under the constitution of lVoO, was
born in Headiiig.Ifeiks county, Pa.,,
November 18, 17.12, and was in olliuo
from December 19, 1820, to December
10, lb2y, but oim term. Jietl iu
Heading, June 10, 1832, at the ago of
John Andrew bhultz, the sixth Gov
ernor, was tioin in i tilpelioeKeii lwi., ,
Berks county, Pn., July 19, 177fi, nnd
Was Governor from December 10, 182.'),
to "December IS, 1820,'two Icrms. Ho
died in' Latiensdt-r, November 18, 1852,-
aged seventy-FovrJn.''
George Wolf, tlio seventh Governor
of Pennsylvania, was born August 12,
1777, in Allen township, .Northampton
coiility Pa', and was iu ollice from Do
comber l.i, 1829, until December Jfl,
183.'), two terms, lie died at Philadel
phia, March 11, 1810, at thu ago of
sixty-two. 1
Joseph Kitnori the eighth 'Governor.
was' born in Berks tountvy Pa., oil tho
'23th dav of March, 1780 situ! was
Governor IrOm December If, 1833, to
January 13, 1839. Died October 10,
1B39, aged HU years.
ooviiBNOus VNur.u Tin': act op 1838
David H. Porter, thti ninth in line,-
'and tlio first (sovenlor under constitii'
tion of 1838, was born near NonUlowu
Moiituomery county. Ph., on tho3Ibt!
day of OetOborl 1788, nndtwai in ollieu
from January 13, 1839, tinlil Jnniiary
21, 1813', two teniH. J-Meii at liatns
burg August 0, 1807. agod sevuuty
eight. v ' v
Francis H. Shunk, tho eeoond Gov
ernor tinder tho constitution of 1838,
was1 born . lit 'Tranpe, Montuomery
cdunty, Prt.,- August 7, 1788, antLwas
Governor' froin' January 21, 1813, to
July 9, 1818. Died July 30, 1817, at
tho ago of fiftv-njne, only within bovoi)
days of Ins'sixtiOtli .birthday.
William .lolinsOn was uoin in
Greensbilrg, Westmoreland county, Pa.,
November 20, 180S. Was Governor
from July 9, 18-18, to January 20,. 1832,
Died at Pittsburgh Ontobcr 23, 1872,
aged wxtj'-threo years; -
William Biegli r 'was born at Slier
I - t 1 !..
IllilUPUltl, ouiiiiiei iiinu (.-uiiniy, j u..
.Tiumniv 1',' 1811, nnd was in oilife
f -om jIlimry o0, iS:,.,f 1() .,nlm!lrv- )(r,
lfclf;r'. aiid died at UlearHehlPu,
I . ' . - . . .
tXiijust'O,' 1880 ngttl sixty six veais.'
.lames l ollocic was iioinin iMiltou,
Noithuinberlntid count v, Pa., on the
11th of September, 1810. Was Govt-
nwr from .laimary' 10, 1833, to Jau-
uury 10, 1838. At 'present living iu
Philadelphia,- lioldni'' an npiiointniciit
under national administration.
William P. Packer1 was born in
Howard tovVnshij), Center county, Par,
!ril '3, lSUc. as in ollieu train
.limitary 19. 1838, lo January 15, 1801.
Died iu Williamsport bepteiiiljpr .2i,
1870, aged sixty-three.
Andrew1 G, Utirtin, born in Iell
fonto, Centre county, April, 1817.
Was Governor from January 1,3. 1801,
until January 13, 1807. A member of
tho National House of Hejiresi'iitaiive.
John , Geary was porn in, Alt.
Pleasant, )'ofdiuoi eland county, De
cember 30, 1819, Was iu oflico from
January -13, 1807, until Jamn.iy 21,
1873., DM in Hauisburg, Kebruarv
8, 1873,.aiiCd hfty-thiee.
Jplpi pf,,llartritilt, the last (tovciiuir.
itnderj tho, voiiVitiitmu ol lt.j8, was
born in Nov Hanover townhn. Mont
gnmery county, Pa., j'cehibpr lit, 1 830,
and was jCjuyv'rnor from .lauiiai-j; 21,
1873, to January 21, '1879. Ho lias
jist iiassetl
IS lliy-siroinl tiirthd.'iY,
iu is now iivm
liviiit; in Philadelphia in
tho eiijifyiiiunt of n luciativy foihral ap
Henry .u. I ION,!, tlip tigiieiUli lp
t)ie )iie, ami. tho fiiiSt Governor chosen
under tho jiriivision at l'biis(it,uiion
ol IbrJi, vliien. provides, unit tlio. Goy
eruor shall i bu elected for fpur yeais,
and shall pot h'J ohgtblp to "tjip olhco
for the ii".t sui'coeiliii (enii, was
bom in Lii.f't'iie .coiinly,. Pa., j i .1830,
nptl.was iu;uigitrnteii tioyeruor .laiutarv
21, 1879.'. , ' f
. Jt, ,ill li,9ls.vvvet lhal iill our Gov
ernors have bveu born wU'n11 tho limits
(it Pciinsslyauia. Hobert h. Patt son
is tho puly oAComipn, hiiving'becii byiin
iu Mary hind. I n ptiint of louguvm-,
Joseph Hitner beius thp honor of bay
till lienii tho mi unrlli linvmtr
...p, -v-f,. .... ...... ..
livetl eiglityrjimo years, m; uiontlH nml
Uyenty-ono, days. Governor Genijy
died UlQ sOiniKest, bi'iliK a littlo hex rmi
liftyrthrce, Kdueatiouully coiiMtlvrcd,
but of the eigliteva Governnib
namor. wove gripluutes of colleges,
U'lionias. .iMilllin mnduatcd at a Phila
dvjpliia col)pgVi Shulzo-at a collegopf
Now 'ork City,; JVJJf ck it Piineethn;
Giary at (Jefferson. College ; II n!ra'i!"l
at I nlon Coljcgy, i i'w ) ink ;
at WilUuuis voll.ig'', David I!
.Porter .was about 0111011111: Piineetoi
Wtieii ,lie.s. oilege (UiJUduigs liiu ne.d,auil (iijtja of ;i Ihorough
eolh'tiiuto couibc. Somo of Jio 'thtu
Gpyvjiiiqiji, J-gwiflpur,. , 'tcoi'veit r gi od
uiiii-Mi.ii ,uii.i((ui,ie, .(ijieimnmes hum
jnisiujjii priviiiy.iiisvriigiiiiii, n is gon
ernlly fidmitted by thoso Who havo niv
einiio-TnlltJpet Tjvltleitrnttei.tlonri!t'
Thomas MuKean vns tho most scholar
ly, nnd pofsibly tho brightest, intellect,
of thq entire lino of Pennsylvania's
Governors, lie was for twcntyt,wo
years chief justice of Pennsylvania, a,
signer of tbo Declaration of ItHlcjicnd
(incp, and author of ninny Statq pnperc
To the gre;at ciedlt of oiU'iDxecuiivesbo
itenid Ihnt they, all, heartily and active
ly esponstd tho cause of education---,
more particularly .Wolf, Hituer and
Ctirtjii., m- 1
Census, of Woods. , (,
The Jjtlrs't foresting' bulletin jfroiiftlifi
Census Biireau gives tile specifid jKrav'
ify, tho iioiceiit.lgo of (tsh hnd' tho
weight of n cnbjo foot ' In tidlindti' ' (f
our iialH'd woods. Added to this W
tho npiroxii't)ato uel value of each
species ; calculated front tho silecllio
gravity and, the fish. Thcso fuel esti
mates arn approximately correct for
uMVrcsiiioiu wood but tho actual fuel'
value of soino coriifcrotiS species like
pitch-pine' nlay'bc 20 per cenf. greattY
than that' glveii in the table. In an
oilier bulletin tho oxnet fuel value of
fiftH-llVC of the 'more important .woods',
ns determined by chemical a'rfalysi-i
was tabled. At least two determina
tions of sjiucilfo gravity' Wei o mnilo for
t'.li'h' Siecios stntllcd, atid iu wpfeds of
cotniiieicial imioitnneu sjieciniens'wcre
ta"ken from many trees grown1 in iwide
l.j 'different imrts ot the' cb'untry arid
under 'dllteient conditions of soil and
climate. Altogether this is the'mot
comprehensive work' of the kind ever
lindeitakeni Inoidt'iitally this bulletin
is valuable as furnishing the moat coin
nolo catalogue of nativo trees yet pulv-ishod.-
TliO' tabic contains -123 snfc-
cics, gronieil aecoilling-to theirs botan
ical nllinities witli thoir'seientifio and
common names, nnd tho region 1 whcie
they aro foiuld. Tlio dislinetion be
tween trees and Fhrubs is of courso an
nrbitraly '6nr, and ih a degree unsatis
friclory, but the Reparation needed to
ho niiidt', nml jirohiibly no Fafer line
could be drawn, lively plant crowinu
with a single arboiescentitem is called
a tieo. Alany species-'aro. admitted
into tho tree-list, which are smaller
than others which from their-habit of
giowih, are shut -out among the
shrubs, - , . '
baby in Ohio that was fed-on. ele
phant's milk gained twenty pounds hi
one .yyeek. . It was the baby .ele
phant, i . '
"Ah, ' me,'1 sighed a 'pawnbroker's
wife, "what a lpans-aum life, we
Tho world is apt to coo in.your ear
likca dovo when you are ricli, but if
you happen to bo poor jt kicks like a
mule. - , . , ,. ,
Professor in hydrostatics "If you
had puichaccd a crown of gold -''and
thought part "Of"itT was. silver what
would you' do?" Junior "Take it
back. ' " ' "
V 'l '. '
"l,vo been, heron bad thins,'', said
one big bird to another.,, J.ets,. stork
about bomolhing else," was. tho. .ro
spouse. . , ' , i ,- ,;
Did Dan-yell, in the lion's den,?
JJorntf. '. You, can ro-)iont .that.
'J'uhdo Aftwicaiu
Dining tlie ninth waltz, Oscar,. point
ing to his, boots, remark , d to Feliciana:
"Y",ou .can'b .say 1 havo no polish,"
"No", said ,shci..''but-yoii shiua,at the
wiong end. , . ,
"Hannah,'1 said a Brooklyn' lady lo
her new servant, "when tllero 'is1 niiy
bad ' news always let' tlio boarders
know of 'it before dinner. Such' lit'Uo
tilings 'make !i great difference -in' "the
i:.ii.iil: in inu tun oc ii ,s.ii,' 1
"Don't, ou think that Miss Brown is
a cry swt ct iirl ' .asked Jfeiiry'ph,
ye.-, yery sweet," i'eilied' Jane
lo Miy, tho is well pieseive.d,'.' Boston
, , ; i - 1
Tho lirstcat that wastakcnlto Gun-
nison'City sold for Slfi, but- tho first
map iiMluit town who killed'ncat was
)i ecnted with a purse of 30 There
no show in tliis country for the cat
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get ahead. JJctroit Free
Pho Yalo Colh'Ko faculty havo de
clared that hero after, when seniors or
sophomores injuPo "a freshman, tho
guilty parlies shall be punished just as
if they had injured a human being,
Texas Siftiniis.
street car conductor' carelessly
carried his bell punch homo and allow
ed his children to play with it. Tho
next-day. whon the company informed
him. Hint he was nino million, nine
huiiihi'd and ninety-nine, faixs, short,
his hair loscso rapidly that hjS'liat, t 'm
biiiitriii!' niKiiust the ceilinc.iirnko.out
lifiCiin-v aids of plaster rBobton.Trav-
'Sho went "n'lo a store to bnv'sonio
toilet 'sdap, and' when thV? clerk" was ex
piating on its Merit-, nbout niailo' :Up
her linnet, to purehiso1; but when 'ho
said "it would ktirvp ' off chap's,"
she' remnikt'd she 'didn't want that kind
Cambridge Trihttne.
Wiggles worth met Kelly on tho
htryot this, morning. "I noticq tljat
Colonel Buck is dead"' snitl Kellv.. "I
wniit, to know 1" exclaimed Wiggles-
.voith. "Did ho leave any, tuopcy t"
"Oh, .yes." -1 law much f "All-he
liad,".'o(!A7nri Courier, ,,
'A failuio I'MalrlisheS only this,! that
our itfteiniiiiation lo succeed was pot
strong enough. "'
Every hwiuaii hping has a
cany on vuthin, duties to perform," )u
tluuiices to exert, which arc peculiarly
his and which 110 conscieneu butj )iia
ow;),cau teach. , ,
-If yon would relish food, labor1 for
it beforo you take it ; to enjoy cloth
hig, I'" for it before. you wear itj if
yon Would sleep soundly, 'take 11 , clear
coiirioienoe to bed with you. .
A man running for olllcb in Texas
was 'dejected drinking' water and Wns
defended jry the Irigge'st ihnjoritV over
known in tlio district. , , "'
(Tni thu light- of (his inenagerip!"
rued tho tapir. Then the, other hf.asts
H-nuluU. ;to put him out.- Louisvjllo
Coiiiior Journal. ,. . 1
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