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Regarding the Nose.
Tho nnnala of surgery 'contain many
cases whero tlio noso lias becti out or
torn off, and being replaced Iim grown
fast again, recovering its jcopardleo
functions. One of tlio earliest, 1080,
is rolatcd by tlie surgeon (Fioraventi)
who happened to bo near by when n
man's noso, having been cut off, had
fallen in tho sand. lie. remarks that
ho took it tip, washed it, replaced it,
and that it grow together.
Still, this is a littlo bit hazardous and
in warm weather tho noso might rc
fuso to oatcli on. It would bo mortify
ing in tho cxtrcmo to liavo tho noso
drop off in a dish of lco cream at a.
banquet. Not only would itbodlsa
grccablo to tlio owner of tho noso but
to thoso who Bat near him.
Ho adds tho address of tho owner of
tho repaired nose, and requests any
doubter to co and cxaralno for him-
self. Hcgnault, in tho Gazette Salu
tairc, 1714, tolls of a patient whoso
noso was bitten off by n smuggler.
Alio owner ot tuo noso wrapped it in a
bit of cloth and sought Hegnault, who
"although tho part was cold, reset it,
and it becamo attaohed."
This is another instanco where, bv be
ing sufficiently previous, tho noso was
secured and handed down to future
generations. Yet, as wo said before, it
is a littlo bit risky and a noso of that
oharaoter cannot bo relied upon at all
times. After a noso ha once seceded
it cannot bo expected to stilt adhere to
tho old constitution with such loyalty
as prior to that change.
Although tlicso cases call for more
credulity than most of us havo to spare,
yet later cases, published in trust
worthy journals, would seem to cor-
roborato this. In tho Clinical Annals
and Medical Gazette of Weiilclbenr,
1830, thero aro sixteen similar cases
cited by tho surcGon (Dr. Wofacker)
who was appointed by tho Senate to
attend tuo duels ot tho students.
It seems that during theso duols it is
not uncommon for a student to slice
off tho nose of his adversary and lay
it on tho tablo until tuo duel is over.
After that tho surgeon puts it on with
mucilago and it never misses a meal,
but keeps right on growing.
Tho wax noso is attractive, but in a
warm room it is apt to get excited and
wander down into tho moustache, or it
may stray away under tho collar and
when tho proprietor foes to wipe this
feature ho does not wipo anything but
, space, A gold noso that opens on ono
side and is engraved, with hunter caso
and koy attractivo,especially on
a bright day. Tho coin silver nose is very
well in its way.but rather commonplace
unless designed to match tho tea service
and the knives and forks. In that caso
good tasto is repaid by admiration and
pleasure on the part of tho guest.
Tho papier macho noso is durable and
less liable to bocotno cold and disagreo
able. It is also lighter and not hablo
to season crack.
False noses aro mado of papier
mache, leather, cold, silver and wax.
These last aro fitted on spectacles or
springs, and are very dimcult to distin
guish from a true nose.
Tycho Braho lost his noso in a duel
and wore a gold one.which ho attaohed
to his face with cement which ho
always carried about.
This was a good scheme, as it found
him always preparod for accidents. He
could, at any moment, repair to a dress
ing room or oven slide into an alley
where he could avoid the prying gaze of
the vulgar world, and gluo his noso' on.
Of course ho ran tho risk of getting it
on crooked and a little out of lino with
his other features, but this would nat
urally only attract attention and fix the
minds of thoso with whom ho might be
called upon to converse. A roan with
his. nose glued on wrong side up could
hold tho attention of an audienco for
hours, when any other man would seem
tedious and " uninteresting. Nye's
Rotation in Crops.
"VVe wish wo could call attention of
every intelligent farmer to ono irapor
tant fact, that in caso of certain over
flowed lands, or nicely situatod valleys,
all soils whether black, yellow or
brown, aro exhaustive) , and the sooner
wo make up our minds to that fact tho
better for all concerned. Continuous
cropping of tho same land with tho
same kind of grain or cereal without
manure or fertilizers of soim kind will
sooner or later destroy, or at least in
jure tho future usefulness of that soil,
and whilo ho may congratulate our
selves on the ease and quickness with
which we acquire wealth, at tho same
timo we are leaving but a very ghostly
inheritance for our children and thoso
who come alter. Land may do well
enough for a few years with a continu
ation of crops or a destruction of all
the straw, cornstalks and other fertili
zing materials that remain abovo the
dollars and cents, and allow us to cart
our manure in into ditches and hol
lows. But tho experience of tlio best
farmers of either East or West is that
it will do bettor with it, oven whilo
tho land is now. Although it may
not bo advisablo to scatter manuro or
fertilizers all over anew or partially new
pieco of land, yet to our mind thero is
always a pleco of pasture or other por
tions of a farm whero such things can
bo used to advantage. If you deem it
otherwise then storo it up in some out-of-tho-way
place for future use. If
other words never waste or destroy tho
manuro or other fertilizing materials on
tho farm Nebraska Farmer.
Hens in Confinement. It is the
general belief that hens do best of all
when permitted to run as they will, but
this is by no means the caso as has of
ten been proved. A lady writer on
poultry management says ;
" I have had an averago of sixty
Plymouth Rock fowls that havo laid in
six months timo 0,603 eggs an average
of ninety four per hen, and nineteen of
them wcro set during tho time. They
havo never been out of their pens since
1 put them in last November, and they
novor will ntitil they go to tho block
to have their heads off. They aro di
vided into flocks of twenty, each flook
having 100 squaro feet of houso and
300 squaio feet of yard room. I havo
had llooks of twenty and forty that
had free range, but could never get so
high an averago as when kept yarded
in flocks of twenty. Tho cost of keeping
was less, and tho number of cegs mucn
less, when they had their liberty. I
cannot givo the cost of keeping, as JH5
young chickens nro fed from tho saino
grain bins.
My flock hai consisted of just fifty
hens in July, and they havo laid 910
eggs during tho mouth, which I think
is ood evidence that confinement a
grces with them. They aro provided
with all tho green food they can cat,
and aro given a low ground beef scraps
daily, but nover any milk, Tho chick
cris hatched by tho nineteen hens wcro
equally divided among thirteen hens,
nine of which began laying when tho
chickens wero threo weeks old, and
weaned them a few days later, evident
ly thinking it was better business to
help fill tho egg basket than brooding
young chickcus.
Does it Pay to Grind the Corn with the
Wo aro frequently asked this ques
tion, and upon tho strength of several
years oxperlcncd wo can only answer
that under somo circumstances it docs,
whilo under others it might provo un
profitable. Tho Zive Stock Journal
states tho caso so fairly and clearly,
and so in accordance with our own
view, that wo mako room for an ex
tract upon tho subject i "It all dopcr.ds
upon tuo facilities for grinding and tho
kind of stock to bo fed. Sheep grind
corn better than cattle, and thoroforo
they utllizo tho nutriment in wholo
corn better. Tho cob contains more
nctual nutriment than is generally
supposed. It shows on analysis 42.0
per cent, of carbo hydrates. 1.4 por
cent. Of albuminoids, and tho samo of
faU It is quito safe to say that cobs
havo ono-half tho value of hay whon
fed with food rich in nitrogen, which
it so greatly lacks : and when tho cob
is ground fino in burr mill stones thero
is nothing injurious to nnimols in it.
Thero is much said about tho dan
ger of feeding cob meal, but thero is
no foundation for this prejudice.
Whon tho cob is ground fino with tho
corn it must certainly bo in a rauoh
better condition for feeding than corn
on tho oar, when cattle swallow a largo
part of tho cob w ithout masticating it
any moro than is necessary for swal
lowing it. Yet tho cob does not pass
in anything liko tho proportion tho
grain does ; and whilo millions of cat
tle are fattened every year in tho West
on ear corn, sensible people will not bo
alarmed at tho danger of feeding well
ground cobs.
Whero mills aro prepared for grind
ing cobs it will pay to grind m tlio
ear, as, in addition to the nutriment
in tho cob, it saves shelling, and tho
cob mixed with tho meal separates tho
particles of meal, so that it goes in tho
stomach in a moro porous condition,
the gastric juico thus penetrates it
more perfectly, and the meal is digest
ed better than when eaten alone. Tho
writer fed fivo work horses npon cob
meal, mixed with cut hay, for several
years, and their hoalth remained ex
Wo do not wish to convoy tho idea
that corn cobs of themselves would be
worth grinding, but corn in tho car
can bo ground wholo as cheaply as
corn can be 'shelled and ground ; and,
if tho farmer is short of fodder, thero
can bo no doubt that it is wisdom to
grind cob and all. Agricultural Ep-itomitt.
The Tuberose is so called on ao
count of its peculiar bulb, tho namo
meaning liko a tuber. Tuberose is the
common name, tho botanical namo
being Polianthes. Thero aro two
species of Polianthes known, ono being
P. gracilis, a native of Brazil, of no
particular merit as a cultivated plant,
and tho other P; tuberosa, so well
known. Tho latter is a native of tho
East Indies. For a long timo after it
was brought into cultivation only tho
original singlo form was known, but
subsequently a double flowered plant
was produced, and has sinco been per
petuated as a variety. A few years
since a dwarf or lower growing vari
ety than the ordinary double flowered
was originated. This variety is known
as tho "Pearl." As it has nr.ich lar
ger flowers, with moro numerous
petals, than the old doublo sort, it is
now very extensively raised, and is
preferred "to it, although the other is
still much cultivated. There is a vari
ety, also, with variegated foliage, but
this peculiarity has not been of suffi
cient merit to bring it out very promi
nently, or excite much admiration ; it
has single flowers. In contrast with
tho. plain-leaved plants it is pleasing,
especially when raised as a pot or vaso
A variety with singlo flowers, known
as tho "Orange-flowered," is now in
tho .trade ; tho flowers aro pure white,
and its namo refers to its fragrance,
for which it is said to excel tho Pearl
and the common double and to rival
tho Orange blossom. For our own
part, wo should not think that Orange
blossoms aro moro fragrant than thoso
of Tuberosa Pearl, and it does not
seem that a heavier perfume can bo,
desirable. Undoubtedly thero may be
other strains propagated on account
of somo slight peculiarities and having
local reputations, but thoso named
abovo aro tho principal ones. In the
future wo may expect others to appear
from -time to- time,- and, in fact; even
now thero is ono of lato origin that is
claimed to bo earlier than the Pearl or
tho common dduble. Wo cannot, at
tho present time, advise our readers
that it has auy claims over the Pearl,
and wo doubt if anything superior to
it will very soon ba found. Vick'a
Tho very best iron preparation, and
tho ono having tho largest sale, Is
Brown's Iron Bitters.
An experienced operator predicts that
a belt of oil will bo discovered far bo
low tho present oil producing strata.
It has been proved by tho most reli
able testimony that Thomas' Eoleotrio
Oil is an entire success in curing tho
most inveterate cases of rheumatism.
neuralgia, lame back, and wounds of
every description.
Flace the cow in a stanchion, or In tho
absence of stanchions, tie the cow to a inau
ger pretty short. Thou take a strap seven
or eight feet long, with a ring in one cud ;
pass it under her body forward of the bag,
with the ring end on her right side j pass
the other end of tho strap over the back and
through tho ring; slide it along the back
lo the ramp over tho tail. Keep It forward
of the bag, draw tight, and stand on her loft
side; let the milker commence If she
kicks, jerk her down on her left side, and
hold her down a few minutes. Then let her
up and try again. She can raise her foot
three or four inches, but if she lifts her
foot high enough to kick she can be laid
down with case. I nover hod a chance to
lay a caw down the third timo, and I have
purchased and broken some vory bad kick
ing cows. They always giro it up. I
brook one'or more heifers every year, and
generally use tho strap on them once or
twice. Sometimes cows will have sore teats
in fly timo, and will stamp and refuse to be
milked. Then the Btrap may be used with
success. I keep a common halter strap In a
certain place in t he cow stable, and when
ever a cow manifests a disposition to kick,
the milker calls in an assistant, and the
strap is put on and drawn tight, aud the
troublo is ended. Tho cows soon learn
what tho strep is for, and will stand still If
it is tied on. I never knew a cow to be in
jured in the leant by laying her down.
BcoUlug and whipping should bo wholly
dispensed vrith. Uountrv Uentltman.
We. detest vanity in others, becaoM wt
havo got so taurli of It ourselves.
A KINtl ji.MOMl Tltlt 1'ltARANT.-.
M. Fiorina Phamon tells an amusing an.
eedoto about King Humbert of Italy, who is
as fond of shooting as was his royal father,
Victor Emmanuel. From tltno to time
King Humbert, oblivious of al royal cut
toms and court etiquette, separates himself
from his suite, and gun In hand, goes out
alono in search of gamo, accompanied by his
two favorito dogs. During one of his ex
cursions ho was mot by a peasant, who
looked on with admiration at thd hnvoo the
King hod mado among a covey of part
ridges. He did not know Uio monarch, and
seeing him in the dress ot au ordinary
sportsman, could not recognizo him. He
went Jtip to him, compllnionted him on his
skill with his gun, and then told htm that if
ho would como to his farm on the following
morning at daybreak and kill a fox whloh
had mado Borcral raids on his hou roost, he
would not mind giving him a couplo of
francs for his troublo. King Humbert kept
tlio appointment, nnd was fortunate enough
to kill tho fox. Tho delighted peasant wel
comod him on his return, callod his wife
and children out, and Insistod on tho king
sharing their breakfast with tkeni. At the
end of tho' repast tho peasant took leave of
his visitorj pressing a two-frano piece in his
hand, which tho king loused up in tbo air
and caught, declaring It was tho first monoy
ho had over earned. Two days afterward
the peasant was surprised to see an officer
in uniform rido up in an opea carriage with
presents from the King for his wife and
children. Ho then learned to whom he
owed the obligation, and woj confused at
the familiar manner iu which he had hob
nobbed with royalty.
Till! I.I ON AND Till! I.ADY.
Mrs. Lincoln, who mlsod and potted a pair
of lion cubs, on Howard stroot, a fow years
ago, recently paid a visit to one of them,
the lion Emperor. The Imgo beast recog
nized her and manifested his delight by tho
most extravagant demonstrations. He licked
her hand, sprang up and, placing his paws
on tho grating, tried to force his head be
tween tho bars. Mrs. Lincoln laid her faoa
against his vast jaws, and put her arms
through tho bars around his nock, and the
monstrous animal purred like n groat cat.
He put out his paw to " shake hands," at
his mistress's command, and then, as if
overcome with f joy, lay down and rolled
over and over, uttering meanwhile queer
littlo grunts and growls, and behaving al
together like a frisky kitten. Uotton 1'vtt.
i ") Tho Bad and
JrilZL Worthless
vt Aro never imitated
This is especially truo of a
family mediciuo, nnd it is posi
tivo proof that the remedy imitated
is of tho highest value.
As soon as it had been tested
nnd proved by tho wholo world
that nop Bitters was tho purest,
best and most valuablo family
inedicino on earth, many imita
tions sprung np and began to steal
tho notices m which tho press and
pcoplo of tho country had express
ed tho merits of 11. B., nnd in
every way trying to induce differ
ing invalids to uso their stuff in
stead, expecting to mako money
on tho credit and good namo of
H. B.
Many others' started nostrums
put up in similar stylo to If. B.,
with variously cunningly devfced
names in which tho word " Hop "
or "IIop3" wcro used in a way to
induco pcoplo to boliovo they wcro
tho samo as uop Bitters. All
such pretendcdrcmedic3 or cures,
no matter what their stylo or namo
i3, aud especially thoso with tho
word "Hop" or "Hops" in their
namo or in any way connected
wifli them or their name, aro inii
tatiousor counterfeits.
Bawaro of them. Touch nono
of Uiom, but: Uso nothiug but
gonuino jjop Bitters, with a bunch
rr cluster of green Hops on tho
white label. Trust nothing else.
Druggists nnd dealers aro warned
ngaintt dealing in imitations or
counterfeits. to,)
from the Soston Obit
Jfrf. Editor r
The abore If a good Itkeneaa of Vr. InKrf E. fink
turn, ot Lynn, Xau., who aboTaall other human Ulrica
nay ba truthfully called tht "Dr Friend of Woman.
M torn of her ccrreipondQU loMtoull htr, Sh
U icalonsly droUd to her work, which la tht outcomt
of a Itfo-itiidy, and ta obligtd to keep ati UAf
aattantt, to help htr aoiwerth larva oomcponde&cw
which dally pour In upon her, each Waring Jta ipeeUl
burden of iufTrtnr, or Joy at releaso from It. Her
VerbUhleCoiupuundl4a medlclse for good and not
crU purpOMi. I lTt personally InrtttlfftUKl It and
am Mtlsflod of the truth of this.
On account of lt li recommended
andiireacrlbedhythebeitphyalcUtie la the country.
Ono my it "It worka like a chartu and aavea much
pain. It will cum entirely the worst form of falUn
of the uUrut, Ltucorrhcea, trrejrular and painful
Uenttroatlcn.aUOTarlanTrouhlee, Xofiammatlon and
Vlccntlun.Flftodiofff, all PlipUvcementi and the con
atyjwnt iplnat weiknee, and la especially adapted to
the Change of Ufe.
It pcrmfM erer7 portion of th tyitem, and (tree
Dow life and Tlffor, It remotes f alntness, flatulency,
destroys all rrartntr for stimulants, and ixllsTf s weak
nest of the stomach. It cures Bloating-, Headache.
Ncrrous rrostr&Uon. General DehtUty.blcoplcssneM,
.Depression and Indigestion. That feeling of hearing
down,causlnz pain, weight and backache. Is alwayi
permanently cured by Hi use. U will at all times, and
uudtr all clrrumktanceSf act In harmony with the law
that gorerns the female system.
It costs i )ly 1. per bottle or six for t&.and 1 told by
drttgg'sU. Any adfict) required sj to special rues, and
tho names ot many who have been reitorvd to perfect
health by the use of the Vegetable Compound, can ba
obtained by addressing Mra 1'., with stamp for reply,
at her home In Lynn, Uass.
Tor Eldaey Cvmplalnt of eitktr sex this compound ts
unsurpassed as abundant testimonials show,
"Mr nnkham'sUTerllUs," says one writer, "are
thtbttt n (As ttvrld forth cure of Constipation!
BUlousoeM and Torpidity of the lirvr. Her Blood
rurlfler works wonders In Ita special line and bids fair
to etu&l tho Compound in 1U popularity,
All must respect her as an AngU of Vercy whoee kiUi
ambition Is to do pood to others.
lUladeiphla, I'a, CD Vra a. 1C U
for all diseases of the Kidneys nnd
It has spedno action on this moat Important
organ, enabling It to throw off torpidity and
Inaction, stimulating tha healthy secretion of
tho' Clio, and by keening tht bowels la fro
condition, fleeting 1U regular discharge.
UtMlntstn If you are suffering from
IwlcJlCll Ida malaria, hay tha chills,
ara bilious, dyspeptic, cr constipated. Kidney
Wort will surely rellsTe and qutokly our.
In the Spring to cleans tho BysWm, every
one should take a thorough course of 1U
Iu wbt way a Vrevtlent EtII may be bhorn of its
Tower to narm.
Malaria U a broad name tor many diseases au
orltrlnatlotr In blood DOIsonlnp. HiilnuN favr. tin.
typhus and trpuoid fevers aid chills and fever
are prominent luemurm or me ramujr. Malaria
drrits alike the builders, tlie Plumbers andtli
fhyslclans. Despairing ot ordinary treatment,
he latter almost unanimously recommend UKH.
UOU'i OAPCINK roilOUtl I'LAHTKlt as the
greatest antl-malarlal speclflo ot the age These
Elasters act upon the Uver, spleen, bowels and
Worn over the region of the liver, and upon the
back over tha kidneys, they ward on malaria like
aa armor No othor plasters do this.
When you purchase, satisfy yourself that tha
word UAroiNB Is cut In the center of the plaster.
Seabury Johnson, CheinUts, New York. Jllffb.
est awards at International lupotiuons,
deow-4tr d
Cares Scrofula, Erysipelas,
Plmplos and Face Grubs,
Blotches, Bolls, Tumors, Vet
tor, Humors, Salt Jlhenm,
Scald Ho ad. Soros, Mercurial
Diseases, Fomalo Woaknoss
and Irrofrularitlos, Dizziness,
Loss of Appotlto, Juandlce,
Affections ot tho Llvor. Indi
gestion, Biliousness. Dyspop
sla and General nobility.
AeourKof hurdntk MoM DltttM wilt ittlify tto
m.t ftkeptlcM that (III tlit Gf eaten Uoa4 furl&tr .a
eatth. Solit by medicine dealer ererr here. In eleven Ungusset. ftMCB, f t.oo.
FOSTER, MIIBUDN i CO., rrop'i, Buffalo, N.Y.
reb.lTlr. "Si
Elys' Cream Balm
KHectual y cleanses
thiniual passnees of
Catarrhal virus, caus.
Ids; healthy secret tans
aluys Inflammation,
Erotccti the mem
rane from additional
colds,oompletely be als
the sores aod restores
tbo sense ot taste and
smell. lUeneBclal re
sults are re allied by a
fow applications. A
thorough treatment
will euro catarrh, hay
fever, etc Unequalrd
for colds In the bead.
Airroeable to use. Ad-
u m pirby tbe little finger
HAY-FEVER Into (be nostrils. Vn
ply by tbe little finger
receipt of fifty cents will mall a package tor sals
uy eui uuggisis.
ELY'S pitRAM BALM CO.. Owego, N. V.
To Htrroni Saffwi Th Qmt European
pr. 3. b. sttfrsoN's srictno midioiki.
Dr. J. D. Simpson's Spocino Medicine is a Dual.
tlve cure for overwork ot body or brain or excess
of any kind, such as weakness and all diseases re
sulting from Nervous Debility, Irrttablilty.Mental
Anilely, Languor, Lassltude.Depresslon of Spirits
and functional derangements of the nervous sjs-
tcm neaertmy, t aipa iu uio
imwk ur aiae, 1.03s
of Memory, rro
mature old age
and diseases that
lead to consmpt.
ton, Insanity aa
early grave or
both. Mo matter
how shattered tha
krstem may tie
ijiii HXiuutaea of any kind, u short oonrae ofthta
medicine will restore tht lost functions and nro.
cure health and happlnesswhere before was de
spondency ana'gioom. tub upocino Medicine is do
Injr used with wonderful success.
Pamphlets sent free to all. Write tor them and
get full partrlcular.
ITlco, spectrin $1.00 per p&ckago.or six packages
for ts.OO. will be sent by mall on receipt ot money
Address all orders, J. 1). SIMMON'S MKDICINB
00. Nos. 104 and liWHaln street, Buffalo, N. Y.
For sale by J. H. KINPOItTH, Bloomahunr, Fa.
teb UK-ir
From the Districts ot A&uu, OntmaoNO, OionAit
others. Absolutely Pure. Superior In flavor.
The Most Economical. Requires only half the
usual quantity, sold by all grocers. JOUN c.
rniLUPa & CO.. Agents ot the Calcutta Tea
syndicate, 180 Water-St. N. Y.
acc la-i w a
Used In the principal Churches tor Communion
Excellent for Ladies and Weakly Per-
sons ana tne Agea.
Speer's Port Grape Wine !
from the Juice 0. the Oporto Grape, raised in
this country, its tnvaluablo
Tonic and Strengthening Properties
are unsurpassed by any other native Wine. Be
ing thejpure Juice ottneurapo, produced under
Mr. Speer's own personal supervision. Its purity
and genuineness, are guaranteed. The youngest
child ti ny partake of its cenerous qualities, and
the weakest Invalid use It to advantage. It Is par
ticulate beneficial to the aged and debilitated,
and suited to the various ailments that afreet the
weaker sex. It Is In every respect A W1NBTO
JP. J. Sherry.
TneP.J. unmiUYlgs. wine of HuDTlor Char
acter, and partakes of tho rich qualities ot the
grape from which It Is made. For Purity, Hlctt
ness, Flavor and Medicinal Properties, It will be
found unexcelled.
P. J. Brandy
Thlnnif ANTIY fffnni1 iiniHvullfu tn ttifa nminlM
being far superior for medicinal purposes.
IT IS PUIt a distliutlon from the grape,and con
tains valuaole medicinal properties.
It has a delicate flavor, stmllar to that ot tha
grapes, from which It It distilled, and Is In great
favor among nrst-class ramllles.
Soe that the slgnaturo of ALFKSO SI'KElt, Pas
saic N. J. Is over the cork ot each bottle.
Sept. ti, ?, 1-y.
rr OEN. DODOK'S bran new book, entitle!
Years Among
A true record cf the iuthor'e Tktrtt-Tkm Ttart fenMal X.
ttrtnnamaivr IiUum. Cj" Willi ta ttle JoUvJuclwo
By Gen. Sherman.
TfcU new work in it once luWcrtbeJ fx Vy rmUni'
AlTSCB wt entire (Wf. bf Cm. fnernua. On,
OVan, Ot. SitrUa. Ctm. H-uuixl. ni Houxind, ot n
U,nt lira, a i . () u s t ' ! ' Ar ti (c M Mia,
W el" leWni." Ililttor UlLir Olrthcxllit,) nji i "fl
if a tool; nf fntweua rnlW.' II le the Mt tulhrnUe xcoutl
I our Indltui errr publltbed, fully reTeetlaff their lnne
lUe," lecrel dulnf I, ti.!olti, ttc. It e replete villi t&rDllaf
eiperleneeecf the Author, end ot funoua Scoate, Treppen,
Co-t;e, M nere. norder Ituffleei, eU.,Tlrldly portrejUs
life In the Great Writ e It now fa, 484 IAowaif fee preee.
With Slrel Korntlep end Superb Chrome-LllheiTapti
rletee Iu IS colore, (rem photocraphl meje bj the V. S.
Ooeerameut exj-rulyo- rli, pre., vert.
AUE.NTSI 1 hla fraud book la now tuWalUi all othera
aOtol. .Vo cokjoiAo. Areata UTerao 10 to t oiden
day. We want 1000 more aicuti at once. ixclWe
Tirrllvm ) StHot JViw n'' r n. Our larte etrtuUri with
fuU paitleulari aval ..(. A f t Specimen Piatt aeal (
evUitfen for 1 1 ernl tump. Adlrete the aole pubtlahere.
a. a wonTUixaTiW a to., iitroD, cc.
A DVKltTIHErtS by addressing OEO. P. HOWELL
iru., iu spruce nr.., new iork, can learn tne
exact cost of auy proposed line of Auvshtiuno la
Aiurncieu itowspiiptiTR. iw-page pampniet,
M cents. ' TSecis-W,
sxroai. AfTUL
1 mt
Manufacturer ot
Xlrat-claM work always on hand.
Frictt reduced to mil the timet.
O. 33- SAVAGE,
8ilroroaro, Watchos, Jewelry, Clocks.
Alt kinds ot Watchos, Clocks and Jewelry neat
ly repalred.and warranted.
is prepared to do all kinds ot
Roxrsa rAxifTzxro
' risln and Ornamental,
All kinds ofFurnlturo Repaired
nd made hh good as new.
LOYED. Mitimates Made on all Work.
Has'Durchased the Stock and Business of I. Tla-
genbuch, and Is now prepared to do all kinds of
work In bis lino. Plumbing and Qas Fitting a
specialty. Tinware, Stoves,
sNqE3 HD tyEAJEtS.
In a great variety. AU work done by
Main Street corner ot East.
Of every description Ruled and
bound to order ; also bindt-r of all Peri
odicals such as Harper's, Century,
St Nicholas, Peterson's, &c. In fact
all Publications bound in latest and
most substantial styles.
Cerwspanieneo SoUcltai.
110 & 112 W. MAEKET .STKEET,
General Sewing Machine Depot,
Fifth Store Below Market St,
Celebrated White Sewing Machine,
New Davis Vertical Feed Sow
ing Machine,
Now Homo Sewing Machine,
Household Sewing Machine,
Estey Sewing Machine,
Genuine Singer Sowing Machine,
Singer Pattern Sewing Machine,
Attachments, best Sewlne Macutne Oil, and Nee
dles tor alt sewing mactitnca. Kewln? Machines
sold on monthly payments- Liberal discount
made for cash. Every machine purchased from
me Is warranted to bo kept In koo1 runnlnR or.ter
for fire years tree of charge, and thoroush In.
struotlons flron by tne boat lady operator In this
part ot tho state fr, of charge. Kiatnlno my
bum vt luovuiuoB) uciuru yuruu&siUaT.
aici, sricxs. bicisb soda, tc, tc.
V. K. Corner 8cond and Arch streets,
nr-orderi will reoelre promptattentlon'
Wkat Ik perslextd I'lif elrlnue do In t'ltacn of
"I'Utell youths honoit truth," answered the
doctor,, "urltftit'. Disease bothers tho medical
men almost as badly as cancer does. llavlDr
paaand a certain stage, both point straight to
ternlty. It may be uoprofessloaal to let out the
secret, but wbenerer a patltint comes to me with
unguii ii'reatw, tTttnr miner iroutte acting
Uknlt.I tell bltatoputon UHNSON'S CAl'CINE
rOHOlU I'LASl'KH without deUy."
Tte doctor spoke by the card. The Carclne
goes right to the spot. It you cun be helped, the
jpclntiwlll dolt. look out for frauds. Is the
wordOAl'C'INK cut In lite middle ot the plaster T
If ao. rou are all rhrht. l'rlca Ucenu. mahnrv
Johnson, cuemlsts, New York. Highest awards.
Jisvcri Ettcy Organ
Sold in made
Throughout with
Equal fidcllt g, and
Yields unrivaled tones.
Send ftf IUuttratcd Catalogue,
And other first clas3 Piancs, nnd a large lot of
cohI Hjt Music,
And everything in tlie Music line.
Easy Terms. Satlsractlou Guaranteed.-
Elucatol and j ractlcal prow era now appf
tnotto 'TIuU lh luithrr nrth
(iruM ii tlini'nrlitT llu lr prnilm-r v 1
WooUcr tliJa juar a full huo cf btaiulai-t)
t ruo t-) naiui1, iie n on dyui'luii li Hcou !i i '
liluo bU in . !nT 1 1 Itite ltuxKian OjU t Lt .
lu''.n'iilo liajcnov ,
North Mar Yc.:ov likutOorn t-tUl talic a th 1
farfoUUerl uiiual to nty; nf onion nu, t .
i nrro-', ea1, .c a init i.uu bum 1 irj.-3 ,
KUrruwt'.cirnrmMi faniw. WiMJtl'o;
rniie nlway i c hand for hiritw or Iv I
Ui Annual MMi--. iw. n jr. tyt,;
i nrro-', e-., ri'.. f.c a init i.uu bum 1 irj.-3 .
WUl Jtl'O 1.
I i
Ah' ,
DOC. 23-4 w
C70A WKKK. H2 a day at home easily made
H1' Costly Outritfreo. Address Tunis Co
Augusta. Maine. marcU SMy
Or any Active Man or Woman
In Cash, working for tho Amrrlrnri runner.
Address, K. A. K, UACKirrr, Ft, UMyne, Ind.
d Dec. 15-ltf.
aro certftlnlv be;t. havlmrbflen a
TmliiHtrlul tTf.tiiiiottf Win
Sixteen Yearn: no cOirr Amenmn (irpans
Lftvlnir liven found kiiual at unv. A ho f .'lipnticttt.
Style 109 ; S(Aitavfs; fufllcient compan nnd power,
with bfit quHlity. for populnroicrrilaml tHriilar inulc
tn Kcliootet nr f ainlllen, at only ft? S. One liundrcHl
other ilyIcfitMO, $:.7, ITS, ITM'i,!, UK 1H ta
$UNJstn(lui. Tht tarter ttytti are vhotfy unrtralrd ba
mnyothtrurtana AUotox easy paymeiiti, i'ew Ulu
t rated Oatftlniri frtr. "
The MASON & HAMLIN Organ nnd Flnno
Co.. 1M 'irc:5t h..lkton i K. luh ,M.,Kw orki
W-iXflliaflh Ave.. .CMcairo.
r . Dec. 15-4W.
Deo. 16-4 w.
Pruisjhatii Agriculiural Werb, Verk, Fa,
Sead for IUaitnttl
pcoplo are always on the
lookout for chance? to In
crrae thrlr oarnlutrs.and lit
tlntti lW!ComA wphIiIiv HirHn
who do not Improvo their oppoitunltles rt'Bialn la
poverty. Wo oiler a (treat chinco to mukt) money.
We want miny men, women, boys uml ttlrls to
work tor us right In their own localities. Auy ono
can do tho work properly from tho II rat stun. 1 he
business wl l pay moru than ten times ordinary
wages. Expensive outfit furnl'hed free. No old
who engages mm to make, mouoy rapidly. You
can devote your who o timo to tho work or only
your spate moments, full Information and oil
that Is needed sent free. Addr.'ss stinson & Co.,
1'ortland, hi aluv. Dec. S 'Si-ly.
make" S15I2S40wPeEERk.
Wo havo stores In 15 loading Cities,
from which our ageuUotjUlu their iti'i lloquUaly.
Uur I'lirlurti , ana I'rlnrliml (inirm nra el
lit If, P.i. haud for our Isuiv C'ulaloKUO and
Urui4 to utfinta
M M 1 nikll 3l2LBCkttwnnrmAto
Itil 111 tU labia UUKAMTOH,
March 3.y
AGENTS Wanted KKEr.' Wh'fci
wotkacrchaiartert rtei vatleu ,UO0KS &. OlDlGS
1 ' In t'tkei actinia: I.H, Meetli tl e.tiywtierei Idberwl terml.
lirajl.j. lAtilwa a in., u N, i-vunlk til., I'mUdcliJiu, I'a,
June 30-1 y uld
not, life li sweepluir oy, go
and dare before oi die,
fometntni; lnluhty and sub
lime leave behind lo ennnuer
time " Ui a week In sou own town, ti oulllt tree.
No risk, hverytiilui; new. (Ui Hal not retiulred.
We will furnish you ever) thin;. Many aro maklng
Iortune9. Indies make as much as men, and boys
and Klrls m ika irreat pay. Header, It sou want
bukluers at which you eau make treat pay aU the
time, writ ' for particular j to II, UitLurr t Co,,
Portland, Maine D. o, s, '83-1y.
J tir a positive reiuadr ( r tlie above dUftuisi ly its
Dts tr.wiiaad uf csM4 of the orit tlnd and of Iark
rt..n JiPtf hiy hen cured. lDJed,o stronBU ray fsitU
u lUctflcsiT. t'ist I will nil 1 U 11 lUlTtK4 ri.KR, tv
tt-lti.rwitilVvXI.rAlU.B-fULiTISHoiiliat Ju--.,wj
' iU, T. . bLOCUal, 111 laiUt.,Ns Vara.
DCC. 19-4 W
d 1)08. 15-lw.
Every butter should
Select an Organ
Trial guarantees good
Every dag wcrk and
Years of service,
J, ESTEY A CO., BrnttloiJoro.Yt.
Send a rough sketch or (If you can) a model of your
Invention to UEOUUK frl. LKllON, WaaJiltts
ton. I, C and a Prvllmlnary KxamUutUon
will bemadeot all United HUites ptitenta of the
(same claw of Inventions and you will beadvlaed
wUetber or not a patent can be obtained.
What will a Patent Cost?
If you are d vised that your Invention Is patent
able. Bend 20 to pay Uovcrnment application fe
ot $13, and 93 for the drawing required by tbej
UovermupnU Thla is payable when application li
made, and Is all ot the expense unteas a patent Is al
lowed. When allowed, the attorney tee (MS) and
the final Government fee (920) la payable. Thus
you know be fore hand, for n Uiar.wbeiher you ara
frolng to tret a patent or not, and no attorney's fee
schureed unless you do iret a Patent. An attorney
whose lee depends on his success in obtaining a
Fatent will not advise you that your Invention la
Eatentable, unlcs. It really Is patentable, ao far aa
latent Judgment can aid in determining the ques
tion; hence, you can rely on the advise given aften
a preliminary examination is had. lie I km Iat
enta and the ltoglstrnf Ion or Eab&a. Traulo
Mark and lEeluue secured. 4 a v rata pre
pared andmed. Applications In revivor of tt
IpctfHl.AtMintluiictl.or ForfrlledCasratnade.
Very often valuable Invent Ions are saved in these
classes of casen. It you have undertaken to secure
your own patent and failed, ft skillful handllngof
Hioinnriiia,! inauiuntiviTM, WHU Hie Wfl Tl TV
iiuesi ana resseti 10 tne t'minisnioner of Talents:
lli at he recognize (Ikoroi: K. Washing
wiii .t hi jruut miuriirj in nit? cnap.givingim
title of the Invention and about the date of oilm
your application. An examlnallonanrt report wtl
cost vou nothlnff, Searches made for title to Inven
uons, in iaci any information relating lo I'ateni
nromMlv furnished. Conies of I'Atpnt matinri
the regular tlnvernment rattxi. iia. h i n
member this onice has been In stircesHful operation
since 1S65. and vou thereto rnn lhv hnflii ni
experience, besides reference can hesrlven load
tual clients tn almost every county In the U. S,
ramphtet relating to 1'atents free upon request.
01B 10th St., "WASHINGTON, . C. and Solicitor of Amnrl
cun und Fortilarn l'atents.
dec. w w
PT7.NSTnNf3for Soldiers, widows, parents
rrjnOIUHOand children. Any disease,
wound or Injury entitles Millions appropriated
and worklnij force doubled. Prompt orcand
homes mulo hoppy. Fee no. Apply now,
WIDOWS. re-mrrled,now entitled dunne widow
hood, oroat success In INCHKASK cases. Hoontt
and Hack ray and DUcharjes procured. Deserters
entitled to all dues under new lawx. PiitcutH
for Inventor'. Und WarrauU procured, bouiht
and sold. Tne "WOULD & MILDIKII." (weekly
paper.) Sample copy Iree. send Biarap for full lo.
struettons. blanks and bounty tatde. N. W.
FIT.dKltAl.D a CO., Pension, Patent and Land
Att'ys, WASIIl.NOTON, D. 0.
aid. Dec. 1-4 w.
triaa eaiauiuur. nu
OOlcolu NoarYorU
lor tbo Curo of
itr. Ab. Ueaenild ClaU of Indonl.who makei a ?a
elalty vf Frllepi.y. 6a without dpubl trentaa ai J enrol
tmrd caaeatltmi any other 11 vlDif rhralclai. 1.1 mecce almily l.vti a.tnnl.htnci veliar, heard or caaaa of
otcr I'J )L'ltta, atiitllng aurc.aarullrcQrr.l be ht:u. It
l:h alan: uottl.of tola wnnd.rful cur. (re. it aff erf.
f rer win. mar aend llielr eapreae ftnl V 0. Ad.lrue u
a IUI vf nu. wlatilnr aritro Iu e.l1re.a
ur. All. ilLiKUOLi;, t.o, n Julia It., Keir Yuk.
Deo KM w
'bllaj'sltais. I'a.
uneso-ly aM
7T .7 uuionuea
Kay to iu delicacy ot
-.,v4.lilcll. roraaiauyPntinrieU.
dec 15 4 w
il Niljledinllnunfduty.l
ii. livvVinii.W.V.r.,,".yi
t , . . Tfl le le f fl II V V! ' r "r"lllllla.lim Iliiuiily tg
nl rnMildltran p irtciloiirolTaka tlumrtcti
d Deo. l5-4w.
fina week in your own town. Terms and 11 out
fWUilt Irco. Address 11. IUllit 4 Co., lfuatd
Maine. march 11 -iy
"f 'SH iJ'JA "''"''"
' -KSaV3aW'n itJtt'UtlaaiiuoiiVhititl
w r pen
KonheTn-'&Ttrat luiallway!,aUr0a D,Tl,loa
tn AffnAt ll-nfa lit. a..
berlalfaT' "u' "wns Ic Hcrthnrn.
LS.ra-r?01 8"oro Ktprcssfor mhn
nnuura; ana intermedlaui ntntinr.. t VJ'
York, s.15 p. m. lialuraore,i.iOB a' iv5h Ltn
!.' V. l. ?k'5? "osoonnccui StVS f?.?f?.
10-35 p. tn
SmaSSKSS. toi-Eiiiaoi:
s.05 p. m. wiuiamsport Accommodation tn,
Sunburr, lUrrtsburg and an Intci mediate i.r
tlons, tanoaster, rtlladelpwa anfl l Sow -rKt"
amrtng at PhlladclpWa ' ?nfln5lwn Toric
ea at. itarnsourrT lor
miladelplita Pftusen
disturbed until 7 a. rri. " D'r
l.Ma.m.-Itrle Mall for Sunburv. nam.r,,,.
ana intermcdiato Btatlons, Lancaster. i-fiiiari.C
phla, New Yorlr, Baltimore and Washington Vr
hTlnir at Philadelphia I w a. m. i New York li
a. m, llaltlmoro 7.M a T m. j WMhiVi
ton.s.lta. m. Thrnno-h PniimaiS J.-V."n!Bet
are run on this train to Philadelphia, liaitlmnr!
e.ttu a. m.-Krlo Mall for Brio and alt Intermedlat a
stations with through Pullman Palace can and
For Canandateuft and luUrmedlato sutlons.
Rochester, Buffalo and NlaKsra FaUs, with Van'.
mn Pja&co car and passengor coaches through to
1.45 p. m". Niagara Express for Kane and Inter,
mediate stations with through passenger coirhVa
to Kane. Por Canandatgua and principal inter
mediate stations, Itochcster, Buffalo and Niagara
through passenger coaches to Uocbester.
6.85 p. r., Fast line for Lock: Haren and lnterme.
dlato stations, and Elmlra. Watklns and lnterme.
dlate stations, with through passenger coaches to
Niagara Express leaves New York, e.Ma.m.!
Philadelphia s.49 a,m.: Wusblngton,' e.o;a.m.:
Baltimore a. m., arriving at Northumberland
1.45 p.m., with through Pullman Parlor car from
Philadelphia and through passenger coaches from
Philadelphia and Baltimore.
Fast Line leaves New York 7.55 a. m. ; Philadel
phia, ll.os a.m.; Washington, 9.3T a.m.; Balti
more, 10.60 a. oi., arriving at NorUiumberlanil
iH.pim,vwltl1 ttrongli passenger coaches from
Philadelphia and Baltimore.
Erie Mall loaves New York 7.55 p. tn.t rhlladel.
phla, 11. so p. m.; Washington, s-s7 p. m.t Baiu.
more, ll.M p. m arriving at Northumberland .1
a. in., with through Pullman Palace Bleeping cars
from Philadelphia, Washington and Baltimore,
and through passenger coaches from Philadelphia.
On and after Fobruary 19th,lSSl,tralns will leave
Bunbury as follows:
Northern Express .80 a.m.,arrlvo Elmlra H.50 pm
Arrive nt Canandalgua 1.23 p. in.
" Rochester 4.40 "
" Niagara. 5 45
Niagara Express 1.50 p. in. arrive Elmlra e.ospm
arrive Canandalgua 8J5
' Rochester 4 "
" Niagara ll.M am
Fast line 5.15 pm arrive Elmlra 10.200 m
" Watklns pm
Southern Express 1.82 a.m. arrive norrtsb'g s.15 am
u.iavu a uiiuuoiuuua I.IAI "
" New York J5 "
" Baltimore
1 1 1I7n V. , . n (
Lock Haven Ex 10.50 a m arrive uarrisb'g mm ta 1 nriuciuilll o.u. n LQ
" New York 0.45 '
" Baltimore 6.M
Day Express 1.60 p m arrive Harrlsburg i.ti p m
.. Ihlt.i,.lnr... a I .
" New York 10.00 "
Baltimore i.eo
Erie Mail l.M a, m. arrive Bamsburg s.eo a. m
u.ueutTluuue l.w
" New York 4B "
" Baltimore 7.00
" Washington s.n
J.R. WOOD, General Passenger Ageit.
FRANK THOMSON. General Xanagtr.
June 2, 1881.
Taints BcrxsT is voixowbisdhdat
For New York,PhlIadelphla,ReadlnglFottsvllls
Tamaqua, &o., 11,45 a. m
For Catawlssa, 11,45 a. m. 4 tu and r,M p. m.
For Wiuiamsport, 0,15 8,50 a. m. and 4,04 p. m.
rauixs roti aorsat utiva as follows, (ichdit
Leave New York, via. Tamanend ,oo a. ro. and
via. Bound Brook Route 7,45 a. m.
Leave Philadelphia, ,45 a. m.
Leave Reading, ll,ss a. m., Pottsvllle, lt,s p. a
aad Tamaqua, 1,85 p. m.
Leave Catawlssa, 0,10 s;40 a. m. and 4,00 p. m.
Leave WlUlamsporr,,45 a.m,i,oo p. m. and 4,80 p. m
Passengers to and from New York, via. Tama
nend and to and from Philadelphia go through
without chango ot cars.
.., General Manager,
General Passenger and Ticket Agent.
Jan. 10. 1881 tf.
......Scran ton....
Pitts ton....
,. West Pitts ton
.....Maltby. .
p.m. pjn. a.m,
8 00
8 6
8 48
8 41
8 87
1 10
t 12
8 87
9 K
S 14
8 18
8 14
9 45
8 (8
8 63
110 03
1 10 08
8 85
8 IS
8 07
a 00
1 5
1 41
1 85
1 85
1 18
1 03
8 04
9 04
10 18
1 64
8 08
8 06
8 10
8 18
1 11
1 10 18
.Plymouth Juno
B 55
10 16
S 47
10 84
8 88
8 88
Munlock's creek
10 41
10 55
8 Ot
7 4011 41
7 85 11 SS
7 S 11 15
7 SO 13 00
7 11 11 47
7 09 11 40
7 05 11 II
57 11 10
tl 10 58
t 45 10 60
87 10 44
18 10 81
f 10 10 08
04 10 60
5 45 40
- emcicsninny.
..Hick's Ferry.
.Beach Haven.
..... Berwick..
..Briar croek..
WlllAw flrnvA
8 17
8 11
8 M
11 07
8 46 8 44
11 18
11 80
8 61 6 60
1 87
4 07
4 13
4 90
4 17
4 II
4 16
4 66
8 C9
6 S6
9 09
I 00
7 56
S 01
8 16
8 18
8 11
8 tt
8 66
8 li
9 04
9 04
V 10
7 51
7 44
7 18
7 81
7 18
....Lime Ridge..
......... nspy
11 tl
11 .5
111 66
Catawl'a Bridge
11 60
11 IS
. ,.li annus. ...
. . rtMakvMn
t 45
19 45
p.m. a.m. turn.
p.m. pan. a.m.
. . W. F. nALSTEAD, Supt.
Superintendent's offlce. scranton. Feb, 1st, I8S1.
ThU elccantdrewi'i
u lucfcrrcJ by thou
iimilar article, on ac
count cf la aujwrior
fcleaj.lli.cta and piuiiv.
It conlalna inateriali
only that are IxneficUl a
iq ine icaip aau ruur
Rntoru tkTYoiithf ul Color to Crcy or Fdid Hair
raricera nair Uabam it ruielr perfumed and ii
warranted to prevent falling of the hair aud I re.
mQvedandruft'anditchlnj. Hiscox & Co , N.Y,
Soptrlatlva Heillh ills' Slrtnjjth Riitorir.
If you sr. a mtthanle or farmer, worn out with
overwork, or a mother run dawn by family or hotiM
bold duties try Pakh' (JiNutx Tl'MC.
If you nro u Uwytr, ininister or builneti man
luuiied by menial (train or analoue. carei, do not uke
lntoiicatini;iiimulantt,butui9 1'aiktr'lCraeerTui:
Ifyonliivo Contumpiion, Dvipepala, Rheuma
lim, Kidney t'omnlainis, or any oiaoraerof the litor.
aiomach. Uiwcit, tlotxl or neivcs.PMKfit't Cincia
Tonic will curo you. ItliiheCrealeit Blood Purifier
M lbs Best and Surest Cough Curs Cvtr Unl.
If vou are wailing away from age, diuipation or
any auuie or wealintu and renulr, a tUmulani talis
GiHcsa Tovtc alonce) it will lnviorai and build
Iou up from tht Tint doio but will never Intoxicate,
I Iui laved hundred of livcit it may lave yourt.
CAUTION 1-R.tM all eirUutaUa, rak.r'aGraeToe.U U
eaa4. Ike t.ilm41alartaUUU.lw.rU,a.4lltnl;
4lffrrea! frwa Mtrarali.., ef ataetr alcaa. !We I.r elrceltf W
HUcaC,N, Y, ttKailaa,al44alana4rat.
lie rr.h sad latunf fragrance; haa mle this
delightful perfumi erceedlnjly popular, tkar
Il aolklsr like It, Inaiat upoa havinf FLoasa.
TO Coioeem and 1 00k for lifnuim uf
LAl'UK 8AVIVQ BUYINg Me. lire.
" ,! n,aaoipnia 7.SS p. m.' Now f KiV
" w mrouBU to i'hitin.t: