The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, November 24, 1882, Image 1

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lcmsun, OonnolldaUxl,
Lnaed Weekly, .r.ry rrlday H.rala, mt
AT TITO HOLMS ftr ynvr. To subscrtbor out of
te (KHintr tho terms sro strictly Is advance).
trxo nper dlicontUiucd incept t th. option
pt tho Hiblllicni, until nil arrearages aro paid, but
loni continued credits uill not be tflveji.
All papers sent out of the state or to distant pout
Ofllcos must bo nnld for In advance, unless a rcsnon-
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ono Ind loo 160 ,9W lOo
TwoUiChtr) 110 4 00 6 00 8 00
Three Indies.,... too 6 00 loo II w
Kourlnclioi 8oo 700 vol ISO
Quarter column.. sio soo low i
llalfcolumn tow 140.1 ltoo llUi
onncnlumn 0 0 0 6 00 3000 O'lOl
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Yenrly advertisements r) 9'la& Jit"
tvnt mn r..mmentii must bo tiatri for before insert
ed eicept where parties tiaro account.
Ttl advertisements two dollars per Inch for
threes Inecrttons, and at that rate for additional
Insertions without reference to length.
tin nurmcrlptlon duo on demam
iuiu ifi mull iu ,unuuuin county raumn w par
iDiion duo on nnnnnn.
In the county,
R la no longer exacted from subscribers
Kxccutor's, Administrator's, and Auditor j notice
Uireo dollars. Must bo paid for when nncrtcd.
Tmnsient or Iwal notices, ten cents n line, rcgu-
Tlie JsbWn j Department of t ho comimbum Is e ry
lar ndTcrUMtncnU hall rates.
9uiiiinH, miuviii wu I 1 1111111 Mini uiHiiaruinTur-
bly wit li that of tho large cities. All worK done on
short notice, neatly and atmodcrato price.
B. E.EtiWELXi, ,
Cards tho 'Uuslnesa Directory' column, ono
:z BTTENBENDEIl,'v'w"v",
dollar ear for each line.
le dolttmbikn.
Ofllco In 1st National Bank butldlwr, second floor,
first door to ino nitnr, corner oi Main ana Mar
kt stroots, llloomsburg, )'a.
Offlco In Knt's Building.
Offloo, onMiUn Street, 1st doot below coart nouto.
omc over Schuyler's Hardwaro Storo.
omoo in Browor'a bulldlng.second Ho. 1
Bloonifiburg, ra.
Bloomsburg, Pa.
omoo cornor ol Centro and. Main 8troU. Clark's
Can bo consulted In German.
Nsw coujMBUH boildihs, Bloomsburg, Fa.
. MoBrtor of the united SZSSSToTm
Cvlieouons muuo iu uuj
omoo in coldmbun Bon-bisa, itoom No. s, second
Bloomsburg, l'a.
omoo In Mrs. Knt's Building.
sept, U 1M T.
oracolnM.J.Clark'iliuliding. Becond Door, Drat
door to the left.
. L.I.WIXTllBeTlBll.
Notary Publlo
A tiornoy s-at-Law.
omeo in 1st National Bank building, second 1 Door
nrstdnnrtotholeft. corner of Main and Market
stroets Bloomsburg, Vi.
t&Peimoni niirf Bounties Collected.
omcelnMm. Knt's Building, third door from
A t.rnvnov-ivt-LaWi
nniM in Nkws Inn building, Main street.
Mombor of tho Amorlcan Attorneys' Assocla-
Oo "e'otlons made In any part of America.
Jan. 6, 15B2.
Jnckson BaiUUng, Rooms 4 ami 5.
Catawlssa, P.
Offlee, oornor of Third and Main btreeta.
Orangovillc, Pft.
omeo In Low's Building, second noor, second
door to Uic left.
n.n kn oonaulted In Gorman. aug is i
Attorncy.atLnw, Berwick. Pa.
Cim bo Consulted In German.
ii3"Onico with tho Berwick Independent.
Immense New Stock
A Grand Iiinc
Gents'" Furnishing
Slek Headache,
Ohronlo Dlar-
rheoa. Jaundle.,
Impurity of the
Illood, Ferer tad
Acne, Malkrla(
and all DUeatet
T" A cauaed by De
rangement of Llrcr, IloweU and Kidneys.
Jd Ureathi Pain In the Side, lometlmet th.
rain li felt under the Shoulder-blade, mliuVeo for
Uheumatiim general lost of .ppetltei Boweli
ceneraiiy coiuve, lometlmel altemanrK wim uii
the head U troubled with pain, la dull and hurt,
with considerable loia of memory, accompanied
wiinapainiuliensatlonoi learlne undone aometniRg
which ought to hare been done) a ilijht, dry couta
and flushed face Is sometlmea an attendant, oftea
mistaken for consumption; the patient complain,
of weariness and debility I nerrous, easily ttanledi
tcet cold or burning, sometimes a prickly sensation
of the slcin exists; spirits are low and despondent,
ana, aunougn sausnea that exercise would d. Den.,
fielal, yet one can hardly summon up fortitude to
try It- In fact, distrusts erery remedy. Sereral
of the a bore symptems attend the disease, but cue.
hare occurred wnen but few of them existed, yt
examination after death has shown the I4ver to
hare been cxtenslrcly deranged.
It ahonld he used by all peraons, old and
young, nhcnoTor any of tho nbora
symptoms appear.
PernonR TrftTnllni? or LtTlnff In Tin
liealthy l,ncallllc, by Uklng a dose occasion
ally to keen the Liver In healthy action, will avoid
.11 Malnrla, lllllnus ntlackn, Dininess, Nau
sea, Drowsiness, Depression of Spirits, etc. II
wilt Invigorate like a glass of wine, but Is no In
toxicating bovcrngo.
If You llATO rntim nnrthlnt- lmr.1 nt
illsreation, or feel heavy after meals, or sleep-
uss iu nigni, raae a uose ana you wui oe reuevea.
Time and Doctor.' Dills will bo tared
by always keeping tho Itegulator
In tlio House I
For. whatever the ailment mav be. a thoroueVhr
safe purgative, allerntlre and tonlo oan
never be out of place. 1 he remedy Is harmlei.
nnu unes not iiuvnoro Willi uu.ine.s or
it is rmtrr.r VT-nT-TATir T!
And has all the power and efficacy of Calomel Of
A OoTemor. Te.tlmony.
Simmons Liver Regulator has been In us. In ray
family for tome time, and I am satisfied It It a
valuable addition to the medical science.
J. Gill Shorter, Governor of Ala.
lion. Alexander II. Stephen., of On.,
says; Have derived some benefit from the use of
Simmons Liver Regulator, and wish to give It a
further trial.
"Tho only Thing thnt ncror fall, to
Relieve." I have used many remedies for Dye-
Epsia, Liver Affection and Debility, but never
ve found anything to benefit me to the extent
Simmons Liver Regulator has. I sent from Min.
nesota to Georgia for it, and would send further for
such a medicine, and would advise all v. ho are sim
ilarly affected to give It a trial u it seems th. .nly
thing that nerer ftls to reliere.
P. M. Jaiinkt, Minneapolis, Ulan.
Dr. T. W. Mason saysi From actual ex
perlence In the me of Simmons Llrcr Regulator In
my practice 1 hare been and am satisfied to UK
and prescribe It as a purgative medicine.
8Take only the Genuine, which always,
has on the Wrapper the red Z Trade-Mark
and Signature of J. II. ZEILTN & CO.
Fall Novelties .
T) BUCKINGHAM, Attorney-M-Low.
I VieOMcc, nrocicway'B uuuuiug..isi.
Blooinsbure, Pcnn'a, m&y T, so-t i
ii 1! A Rlfl.EY. AtlorneT-.l.Lf.Tf
, onioa m Brower's building, ind story.ltooms
B. McKELVY, M. D.,8urKeon and Phy
.Blclun, north side Main street,below lla.rlt.1
L. PKITZ. Allorney-at-Law. Offlc.
in Columduk Building, Junoii "l.
sewing Machines and Machinery ot all kinds re-
purea. uranx uocbk iiuiiuiug, hiwiuduuk,
I mha i.MAivn rlnthlaf lilaf rfAlVAii ft fin HftA I
I Ox ciOW uooaa, aau 10 prvparuu 10 uia&o uli
Tor Men and Boys In the neatest manner and La
test siyics.
Hatsi Oapsi &o-i
Alwavs on hand. Call and Examine! BVAliH
BLOCK Corner Main and Iron fitreets,
BLOOHsnunu, Columbia Countt, Pa.
ill styles ol work dono in a superior manner, work I
warranieu as rcpTceeuieu, iiiruAAinun
BD vriTnouT raw uy me use ui una, tutu
free of charge when arttnclal toetu
are Inserted.
omen orer Bloomsborc Banking Compaay.
Jo be ojten at all hourt dunng the day.
HOT, I5-iy
uamifaMnrernr Plows, stores and all kinds ol
Castlnes. Large stock ol Tinware, Cook mores,
ltoom utorea, Stores for heating
bouses, churches, Ac. Also, largo stock of re
pairs for city stores of allklnds.whotcsale and rttall
,snch as Fire Brick, Urates, Lld,Centres,c.,8tovo
Pipe, Cook Boilers, Spiders, Cake platee. Urge
i..ii. L'l, Ua,is 'trrn Tin... all lilnH.
iron lciiirn, DICU DVICB, .uu ....,, ni, .
ot Plow Points, Mould Boards, nolts. Plaster,
New Life
is given by using Brown's
Iron Bitters. In the
Winter it strengthens and
warms the system; in the
Spring it enriches the blood
and conquers disease; in the
Summer it gives tone to the
nerves and digestive organs ;
in the Fall it enables the
system to stand the shock
of sudden changes.
In no way can disease be
so surely prevented as by
keeping the system in per
fect condition. Brown's
Ikon Bitters ensures per
fect health through the
changing disarms
the danger from impure
water and miasmatic air,
and it prevents Consump
tion, Kidney and Liver Dis
ease, &c.
H. S. Berlin, Esq., of the
well-known firm of II. S.
Berlin & Co., Attorneys, Le
Droit Building, Washing
ton, D. C, writes, Dec. 5th,
1881 :
Gtntltmtn: I taVe pleas
ure in stating that I have used
Brown's Iron Bitters for ma
laria and nervous troubles,
caused by overwork, with
excellent results.
Beware of imitations.
Ask for Brown's Iron Bit
ters, and insist on having
it. Don't be imposed on
with something recom
mended as "just as good."
The genuine is made only
by the Brown Chemical Co.
Baltimore. Md,
March, a, 'M. ly
omeo. North Market street,
Uloorasbure, Pa.
WM. M. ItEnER. Surccon and
hyslelan. omeo corner ol Rock und Market
T R. EVANS, M. D.. Burgeon and
fl .Thyslclan, (onico and Residence on Third
Tnviorinlnl A -H ah.
U atrain at hts old stand nnder Klo.IANOE
1IMUIKK8IIOP. Ha respectfully solicits the
. .thlisAMnisarnmapi nr1 Af thA nil h Mil
R. I. h. RABB,
Main Street, opposite Bplscopal Church,
Wlooms'surc, pa.
Telh citracUd without pain.
Oot. 1. Wi.
lAxzt tnd convenient sample rooms, Bath rooms
hot anc cold water.aad all modern conrcnluces
aouncy. Morer's new bulldlnir, Main
street, woonisourg, i a.
;tna Insurance Co.. of Hartford. Conn. IT.eis.iM
Koyat or Lirerpooi u,.uv,vuu ,
Lancashire in.eno.wo
l'lro Association, Philadelphia 4,ie:,TlT
Plioanlx, of London o,M(,t!t
lnrinn A Lancashire, of Kncrl&nd... . 1.T09.STS
Hartford ot Hartford S.JIS.OOfl
Sprlncfleld Flro and Marino s,032,!is
As tho atrsacies arc aireci, policies are nritiea
for the Insured without any delay In the
onice at uioomsourtT, ro, .iu.
nsllMAn riiiK insuitAnuis iujh-ahi.
Those old coBroaiTiOMS are well seasoned by
ageandrisiTisTiDand Iiaro never yet bad a
loss settled by any court of law. Their asseU
are all Invested in solid ssccBiTiisand are Uafcle
to the hazard ot rial only.
Lossos rowrri.T and uonistlt adjusted and
paid as soon as determined by Cuiistum T,
KNArr, srxciai. ausht inu auv.t.k iiukiii.-
.inn. Pi.
The people ol Columbia eounty should patron
Ire the agency where losses If any are settled
ana pain oy one 01 aawir uwugiiikou..
rs i n sun A DOUIQI
Four pconlo sat in the Intro drawintr-
00m nt Unstlo lJcrmott, nn old linlf-
rmticd tnannion in tho North of Ireland:
old Colonel Mncdcrmott, owner of tho
caRtlo and its low ininovcnshcd acres :
is lovclv datichtcr Knthloen. tho bcllo Onlv onco when Blio saw Uoland and Uurnott. disaiinointcd. but courtly mid that hour and cut throuc li to Bristoe convictod. Tho Buuoniiirs ot twenty
tlio county, with tho Dncht bluo him in closo converse sno icit a nine gracious as over, 13 introducing 111cm. auuion at mo umo uesianatcu, tno years, under sueii nntiincB. lor nimseu
oir ivuiiiiiti unu Jiiuiy iiwgruvu 1
Kathlt'cn looked tip and Lady liar
ci'ovo took her hand, exxlaiininir :
"lvathlcon, dear, 1 am ho pleased 10
sou you acain 1
''Mnrri'io 1" wa
"" - . ' 1 rf. . . .
tion. i)09ti)oiiemtnt of two hours 111 startinir now boforo ConcresB.ho is askinrr only
"Yes, Miss Mftcderinott, your cousin 1 tho march would onablo them to tret that ho mav bo restored to tho rolls of
Maggie, now my dear and ehorished through ai quick as if tho men woro tho army, with tho rank that ho woulb
wife. You bco wo wcro all abroad to- kept on foot nnd under arms while tho have if tho court-martial had nover
trothcr, and have stolen a march on so- road was bcinc cleared, and that tho been held. This, in mv ludtrment, is a
oicty generally, not wishing to mako a men would bo in n much better con- very small part of what it is possiblo
show ot ourselves. 1 on win lorgivo dition lor service 011 their arrival at to do m this caso and of what ouirht to
nowledgousl no their destination. Ho wai
eyes and brilliantly fair complexion so uneasy,
often Been in Irish women, his quiet Roland
little brown-eyed nieco Margaret, and
uoland Hargrove, tlio sou ot an old
Tlio old gentleman was busy with an
antiquated newspaper, Roland ami
Kathleen wcro whispering earnestly to
gether, and Margaret had discreetly catch tho night mail. Will you mind
withdrawn herself to tho far end of the mo taking you homo now 1" asked
lone room, rightly guessing that she Roland, immediately after supper,
was not wanted by tho other two. -'Oh, 1 could not possibly icavo yet.
And certainly any third party would Just look at my card,' answered lvatn
havo been a grievous hindrance to their lccn, hastily. "Don't let mo keep you
BV K. A. St.
dino might suspect anything of nn en
gagement between tiicni.
Slio was delighted to bco his Lord
ship's faco brighten as ho first saw her,
also to have tier caru itiKcn, nnu tus
name written against soveral dances.
As tho evening woro on a graunea
flush heightened her beauty. Lord
Carwardiuo Bccmod to tako bo much
plc.tsuro in her society, surely her
liopes wcro about to bo crowned with
none : sho was waiting with lovcnsh make n march on a vory dark night,
anxiety tor her old discarded lover, now through a blockaded road, inoro rapi
Sir Roland Hargrove, tho rising young dly than a single aldo-de camn. iinin-
politician whoso wonderful talent for cumbered, had been able to jet through
diplomacy had been tho means of keep, on horseback.
ing his party in ofllco. and had won for "When ho received tho order, ho
him already a baronetcy, beside the showed it to his leading generals, and
esteem and conlldenco of his leadcrsl apparently with one accord, they deci-
Ho camo at Inst, and Kathleen, as in ded that the movement at that hour
a dream, saw him again 1 but ah, what was impossible 1 further, that no timo
is this T A lady Binning in silks and could possibly bo gained by bo early a
costly jewels is with him, and Lady start, and that if thoy should start at
ho stales has "now for twenty years
been laboring under tho disabilities
nnd penalties inflicted upon him by tho
court-martial of 1802, all that timo con
tending for a restoration to his posi
tion in tho army and in Boeioty, and
always, as stated in tho beginning of
this article, on tho ground of his entiro
innocenco. The investigation of tho
Sohoficld board has, in my judgment,
established his iinnocenco for all tho
offenses for wheh ho waa tried and
but then rIio reflected that
could not in honor say any
thing likely to spoil her dances, for ho
had not tho slightest claim on tier.
"Kathloon. 1 am bo sorry to shorten
your pleasure, but thero is important
btato business to be attended to, aud 1
havo promised Lord Oarwardino to
troops would not bo fit for cither fight- nnd family and friends, is something it
ing or marching on their arrival at is now impossiblo to set right, iwen
that point. Porter replied, however, tv vcars of the best part ofhis life havo
'Hero is tho order, and it must bo been consumed in trying to havo his
oboyedi' but, after further consultation, uamo nnd reputation restored beforo
he decided, as did his generals, that a his countrymen. In his application
tsking 1
and not rcfuso to acknowl
conversation, for Roland's looks wcro Roland, go by all means,
n 1 ...:.. .n r.- .1.1 it ...tit -t
iialu niunb vt mutiny iijiuu aviiiuivuii o i jiurtut, win viiujiuiuii niv,
lovely faco and downcast eyes, wlnlo
ho pleaded with her for her lore, his
own boing entirely hors.
"1JO not turn away lrom me, beauti
ful Kathleen 1 I havo loycd you from
tho first moment I saw you, and your
entirely bo done. General Porter should, iu
Lady Mount added, with tho old winning smilo justified iu exorcising his own iudg- tho wav of partial restitution, be do-
I know, and Kathleen remembered so well. ment in this matter, becauso tho order clared bv Congress to havo been con-
I could not go now." She made somo commonplaco reply shows that ho was not to take part in I victed on mistaken testimony, and,
"But, Kathleen, I may not seo you pnu turned to listen to juaggios am- any battle when ho arrived there, but therefore, to havo never been out ot
again for somo time, and I want my mated conversation, sick at heart. was wanted to pursuo a fleeing enemy, tho army."
fttwurnr. nnmn in hnro for a moment." All through that London season sho Ho did not leavo tho commanding After declaring that in writing as ho
and he drew her gently into a small h"id to seo Maggie occupying the posi- general in ignorance of his proposed has upon the subject, he means no crit-
conservatory unoccupied iust men. "i i.mvi ui i.khiuu wmuu mn.- u..u uuiuy, n
lovo would bo an incstiraablo treasure 8uau leavo you if you wish it, of course, so coveted, and once, to increase tho
to me. I am poor now would for 1 ara Vcry much disappointed to bitter repentancc.sho overheard Maggie
nor of tho reasons for it, but at ieism upon tho court which tried Gen-
your sweet sako it were otherwiso : it
seems so cruel to ask you, so peerlessly
lovely, so httcd by nature to till the
loftiest position, to share auy but
princely fortunes. But I shall not
always bo poor ; I feel within mo tho
capabilities of future success ; the
splendid prospects opening before me,
through L,ord Uarwardines generous
offer of tliis Secretaryship, bid fair to
lead rac to famo and fortune, aud it 1
could onlv havo tho sweet knowledge
that you lovo mo and aro waiting for
me, oh, Kathleen 1 thero is nothing 1
could not do, no task so arduous I
would not undertako it, spurred on by
such hopes. '
Roland's face glowed with euthusi
asm, but Kathleen was still silent, lie
mistook this for maiden shyness, and
continued to plead lor her promise.
x'resently, raising her lovely oyos to
his lace, she said :
"I really don t know what to say,
uoland. You have taken mo by sur
prise, and I I havo no wish to be
married nor even engaged for a long
time. Will you give mo a few weeks
to think about it t
A few weeks 1 To a man desperately
in love this was intolerable, and Roland
felt a sudden chill. If Kathleen loved
him, whv not tell him so at oncet But
ho conquered his impatience, and pro
nnsed to wait for her answer until the
night before his departure from Castlo
Dermott for London, which would bo
in about ten days. Could he havo seen
beneath Kathleen s winning mauners
into her cold heart and calculating dis
position, ho would never havo loved
her, but ho took her outward beauty
and grace as a sign that she must be
true-hearted and loving, and ho had
given her all tho devotion of his noble,
chivalrous nature.
"I am in a horrid quandary," thought
Kathleen to herself, lying awake rest
less and excited long alter Hhc had re
tired to rest ; "I am twenty-two now,
and have sent away no end of lovers
sinco 1 was seventeen, because not ono
has been able to give mo the position I
want in the world of rank and fashion
from which I am shut out here. If I
only could know whether Lord Carwar
diuo really feels anything beyond pass
ing admiration lor me.
how to act
Lord Carwardino was a great county
magnate, isbuiously rich, a great far
liaracntary leader, forty years of age,
but haudsomo and unmarried. His in
fluence had procured Roland tho lucra
two oecrotary s post ho was soon to fill,
and tho secret of Kathleen's hesitation
was that nt ono or two dinners nnd
balls thoy had all attended nt his man
Blnn iiii'lnry l,ta alr,tf il.ltn.oti t,lc!i
no had been very attentive to her not
enough to cause remark, but quite sufli
ciont to raiso ambitious hopes and
wishes in her breast.
inero was 10 uo a largo ball held in
the county hall tho following week, in
nid of tho Irish Distress Fund. Lord
Carwardino would bo present, and
Kathleen thought :
"I shall see then whether he thinks
anything seriously or not ; if ho dues I
shall still be freehand If not, then 1
may as well accept Roland. I dure say
no will succeed as ho says, though it
will bo horrid to wait for years. I
should bo quite old before lie could
give mo halt bo good a position as
would bo mino at onco if Lord Carwar
dino would only propose. It is terribly
perploxicg, but then I might bo worso
011, ime poor juaggie even, who never
had a sweetheart in her life, and never
loso tho lovely Blarllt drivo 1 had pro
mised myself with you. However,
hope and bliss will go with mo if you
will only givo mo your promise.
"1 cannot, indeed 1 cannot, JUr. liar-
grove, interrupted Katniccn in great
agitation, dreading lest Lord Carwar
dine, whoso name was on her card for
tho next dance, should appear and 111
tcrrupt their tete-a-tete. "Pray, do not
ask mo again. 1 1 do not lovo you
I can novcr marry you.
Shocked and startled by tho decision
of her tone, which was uiinuuakable,
Roland released her hand and said in a
voico hoarse with grief and disappoint'
"Jliss JMaedermott, I cannot suo
twice: is that your final answer!
For one instant Kathleen hesitated.
What if, after all, Lord Carwardino's
attentions were only friendly. But no,
sho could not bear the thought, sho
must win tho prize
"1 am sorry it is tho only answer 1
can givo you. 1 hopo you will bo
happy and "
"Hush, hush, Kathleen ; such words
from you are a mockery. Good-bvo
may you never know a like grief to
that you havo caused me."
And hastily wringing her hand
Roland left her standing there, forget
ting in his desperate grief the common
politeness which would havo caused
him to tako her back to tho ball room.
But Kathleen willingly forgavo his
want of gallautry in the relief sho felt
at his departure, and ten minutes hence
she was waltzing with Lord Uarwar
dine, gay and sparkling as ever, with
out a single regretful thought for tho
man who had just gone from her pres
ence, crushed and broken-hearted.
Meanwhile, Roland had hastened
home, and, packing a small portmnn
teau, wroto a hurried note to the
Colonel, who had long siuco retired,
and was leaving tho house when he
noticed a light 111 the little room off the
library where Maggie and Kathleen
often bat.
Ho looked in. Tho formor, still
keeping up the role of Cinderella, was
waitiug up lor her gay cousin.
alio Btarted and pushed away tho
say to her hnsband.whon somo thouglit
ful act of Ins pleased her :
"You are too good to me, dear no-
"Nav. mv darling, you aro wrong.
How can I ever bo good enough to tho
. .r 1 r!.l.
darling nine who wnoao puuum, iiiu
ful lovo was my comfort and hope
through years ot trial and adversity 1"
Grant in Behalf of Porter.
General Grant has written nn nrtielo
for tlio December number of the North
American Review entitled "An un
deserved Stigma, " in which he reviews
the charges made against uenerai rnz
John Porter, and in which ho express
es his full conviction in lionci-ai 1 or-
oral Porter, nor upon tho oflicers under
whom or with whom ho served, gener
al Grant concludes with tho following
paragraph :
"If a solomn and sincere expression
of my thorough understanding of and
belief in tho entire innocenco of Gener
al Porter will tend to draw the public
mind to tho samo conviction, I shall
feel abundantly rewarded for my
efforts. It will always bo a pleasure
onco sent a request that tho general
commanding should send back cavalry
(,110 nad nono himself) and clear the
road near him of incumbrances, so
that tho march might bo unobstructed.
"There is no doubt but that ho would
havo arrived just as early and with his
troops if ho had started at early dawn
instead of at the hour ho did and tho
intervening tunc hnd been used in
clearing tho road for his troops when I to me, as well as a duty, to be tho m-
iney am mnrcn. strument, even 111 1110 smauesc degree,
"It was between 12 and 1 o'clock of setting right any man who has been
that, on arriving at his advanced posi- grossly wronged, especially if ho lias
tion, Porter was shown by McDowell a risked his life and reputation in do
despatch from General Buford, sent nt fenso of his country. I feel, as stated
9:30 on tho morning of tho 29th, stat- on a previous occasion, a double litter
ing that from seventeen to eighteen est in this particular case, because, di
regimonts of tho enemy had passed rectly after the war, as general of tho
through Gaincsvillo three-quarters of army, when I might have been instru
an hour before, or at a quarter beforo 9 mental in having justice dono to Gen
o'clock,on their way to ro-enforco Jack- oral Porter, and later as President of
son, so that the head of tho column tho United States, when I certainly
must havo been not ouly in supporting I could havo dono so, I labored under
distance ol Jackson, but at tho placo of 1 the firm conviction that ho was guilty
tor's innocenco. In tho first place, tho
ex- president refers spccificially to tho dovclopment by 10 o'clock in tho morn
charges made against General 1 orter in And nov.. conti,m,.8 Gcnorn
beforo the court-martial that convened
in Washingthon in November, 1802.
The charges were :
First. Disobedieuco of orders
under the 9th article of war.
Second. Misbehavior boforo tho
enemy under tho 52nd article of war.
Under tho first cnargo mere were
threo specifications of which tho court
found i'ortcr guilty,
ttlnntiallv :
First. Disobedience to tho order
of August
ing. And now, continues Ucneral
Porter's defender, "it is known by
others, as it was known by Porter at
the time, that Longstrcct. with some
25,000 men, was in position confront
ing Porter by 1 2 o'clock on tho 29th of
August, four hours and a half before
the 4:20 order was written."
McDowell withdrew his troops, leav-
thnt tho facts of tho receipt of tho
4.30 order were as found by tho court,
add that the position of tho troops and
numbers were different than they were
in reality. Having become better in
formed, I at once voluntary gave, as I
havo continued to give, my earnest
efforts to impress tho minds of my
countrymen with tho justice of
this case, nnd secure from our gov-
ivmcii uio court ing Porter with j0 000 men t0 collfront crnraenti a8 far ns ;t couia grant it, tho
heso were sub- Long8treet's 25,000. restitution duo General Fitz John Por-
"Tlms left alone," continues Geueral
Grant, "facing superior numbers advan-
tgust 27, requiring him to march tllTeousiv o3ted. and ignorant of tho
from Wairenton Junction at 1 o clock ,,, of v0,, it tDtei,. hP had nnv.
; t no.l. -...I l. ... " . . 1 .. . ." " " j
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June 5-ly
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Ilsnortr of New York.
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unr iii'viiiiii ii:lm- i. . ... i ....-u
, T lm,,l,1 know U0.0K 8,10 "a-" .oce?. reau.ln& Wiling misconduct was embraced
I nrinmnn nr. Knlnrwi a RitMrlnn ntiiinnr. I . f
on tho morning of the 28th, aud bo at
Unstoe Station by daylight.
V.sisiw7 Ttarl.ni1innir f.11 All mint.
29, while in front of tho enemy, to tho
joint order to McDowell aud Porter,
lircctinc; tnem to niarcn towaru
Gainesville and establish communica
tion with tho other corps.
Third. Disobedience on August
29, while in front of tho enemy, to
what is known as tho "4.30 p. in.
Order, '' rcquiriug Porter to attack tho
enemy's Hank and rear.
Ucneral Uraut sums uptiieseciiargcs
with more than legal brevity: "It
will bo seen from tho foregoing, '' ho
General Torters alleged
How to Mount your Steed, and What to Do
Having Onoe Mounted.
In mounting faco tho near sido of
tho horse. Tho near side is tho sido
nearest vourself. If you stand on tho
right sido of tho horse, which is tho
wrong side when you mount, you will
faco tlio crupper. Then everybody yill
know that your name is Johann Gotlieb
If vou cannot mount from tho
ground, lead the horso to a high fence,
Porter had necessarily to bido McDow
ell's arrival on his right. In tho mean
time his duty was manifestly to engago
Longstrcct's attention and prevent him
from moving against Pope, especially
while McDowell was out of support of
both Popo and Porter. Porter all that
day did not hear of McDowell, or of
what was taking placo in front of
Pope, though ho kept the former well
informed of nilairs with him, and pro-
.i .1... i.: ,1....
suuicu tiitib mis nuaiiaiuut:: wuru buhl iu t . . .
the latter. He however, engaged 'V. "Whoa two or three times, a d
Longstrcct's attention by demonstra- W'TP ovor H10 uor80?.earB- , ?" '
tions nearly harmless to himself, and so
"What, Maggie, not gone
yet? Well, I havo somo ono
good byo to me, then, I am off for
now Bitfiueiii And how ill vou
look, Mr. Hargrove ! Where is Kath
leen 1 I did not hear you coino home.''
"Your cousin is still in fairv-land ;
you had better not wait tor her, sho
will not he homo yet. Oh, MaKtrie,
httlo Maggie, I havo had a cruel blow
since 1 left, this houso a few hours
nqo !"
And then, though ho had not intend
ed it, ho told her all, and Maggie
sweet, uiisoiusn gin sympatuiy.etl witll
and consoled him, and spoko such
glowing words of hopo for the future,
and of high aims in life, that Koland
Hargrovo felt able to nso superior to
ins gnei.
"God bless yon, Maggie," ho said for-
ventiy, as no leu nor. "it over I wui
namo or fame, or fortune, I shall owo
it to you. I shall feel I havo one true
friend while you live."
borne hours afterward the proud,
ambitious beauty arrived at home, mad
wiiu rngo nnu sname. jjoni uarw:ir
dino hnd spoken of Uoland with limb
est commendation ; and believing, as
did most iu their circle, that they were
in three
appear- separato cases of disobedience of orders
one on tlio Hi tu or August, ana two
tO l'CSt I nn l,n onili nf Aimiwt and ill linvintr
ltr Sf3 retrca,cd unnecessarily from the enemy,
uy mat act, endangering otuer portions
of tho army with which he was co-
successfully as to cause Longstreot to
tako Wilcox s division from in front of
Pope, iu order to strengthen tho lino
confronting t'orter.
11K I1II) NOT niVrilRAT.
"Thus Porter, without sacrifico of
men and without endangerinc any iu
terests, did moro for Popa's relief than
if ho had gono directly to that general's
assistance. To havo dono so would
light soincwhero on his neck, and you
will havo plenty of time to adjust
yourself while tho horse is running
away. Another method of mounting,
largely practised by young gentlemen
from the city, is to balance yourself on
ono foot on tho fence, and point tho
other log nt tho horso in tho general
direction of the saddle, saying "Whoa"
all tho time. Tho horse, after this
cesluro has been repeated a few times,
backs away, pulls the alleged rider off
" It will be seen that, thoucrh theso
offenses wcro allied to havo been probably have sacrificed his corns with- the fence, aud walks up aud down tho
committed in August of 18G2, ho was out any benefit and jeopardised tho lano with him at a rapid gallop. This
continued in the command of. an army safety of Popes army. So lar ns I gives tho rider m about ten minutes all
corps until some timo in November have investigated tho case nnd I havo tho exero'se ho wants for a week.
following, taking an active part in tho stiuueit it, l inink, pretty tnoroughly it oy somo miracio you manage to
battles of tlio day following the date I seo no fact to base the charge of re-1 get into the saddle, hold on with both
of the last charge, and in command of treat upon. hands and say "Whoa." Tho faster
tho defenses of Washington on tho "in my judgment, Uoueral Uraut the horso goes tno tignter you must,
west bank of tho Potomac, and also at emphatically adds, "this disposes of tho hold on, and tho louder yon must
- i - -
. , ., I ''tv's11'! uuiiwieiiueu iu coucratu
mm ino prouu oeauty composed her- iat0 her on his success, when Kathleen
tho battle of Antietam, somo weeks
later. It would look at first very sin
gular that an ollicer, so wantonly
derelict in the performance of his duty
as General Porter was alleged to have
been on tho 27th and 29th of August,
should havo been continued in so im
portant a placo as the command of an
army corps, when so much was at
stake as thero was on the ilOth of Au
gust, and in tho dofenscs of Washing
ton, and in the later' battle in Mary
land, when the invasion of tho North
was threatened. Theso facts would
indicate to an unprejudiced mind that
the charges against Porter woro an
afterthought, to shift tho responsibil
ities of failuro from other shoulders
self to sleep, whilo poor Maggie, who
was quito a Httlo Cinderella to her
grand cousin, minus tho cinders and
housework, also tossod on her pillow
, i
uiit, mat piiiorv was wet with team
of bitter, unrequited love a first puro
hastily disclaimed any but feel'inus of
t-Z ll.!.. . , I.;.
jiii'imsiiiii luwuru nun.
"I am truly sorry for poor Mr. Har
grove, then i I feel certain ho loves
you, and I hopo yet to ceo you change
your mind," said Lord Carwardino.
Down went tho fairy palaco Kath-
charges, and consequently of all speci
fications under them, except tho alleged
disouedieneo ot the 4:50 p. ni. order.
"Iu regard to tho chargo of disobo
dieneo of the 1:30 order, which is the
principal one and tho onu that has most
deeply impressed the mind of tho
general public, there aro evidences
which look to mo important and con
clusive, showing that tho court-martial
which tried General Porter found him
guilty under a mistaken idea of the
actual iacts, now accessinio to any one
in search of tho truth, and which
Porter know to bo tho facts at tho
Dingrams in tho artiolo illustrate the
position of Porter's and Pope's forces
and tho troops under Longstrcct and
Jackson, "and," writes General Grant,
If you aro from Now York or Phila
delphia, you will shorten tho Btirrups
until your knees aro ou a level with
your chin. Then, as you ride, you will
riso to your feet and Btand in tho atti
tude of a man peering over a fence to
look for his dog, and then suddenly fall
in tho saddlo like a man who has
stepped on a banana peel. This is tho
English school. It is hard on tho
horse, but is considered very graceful.
A man cannot wear false teeth, how
ever, and ride in this manner. Jhlrl
ington Haxokeye.
Being Neighborly.
, ,, : . . , . . . s . i "
iuvu, uu given tu ivoiniui iiargrovc.unt i00 had built, and a little lator tho
" u,l'i uui--uiuu uy mm, or any one ruin was complete!, for ono of her nart-
?; . , new, delighted to spread what was not
tie nan neon Kind and attenttvo to yet public; informed her that Lord Car- this charge that it was about 10 o'clock
clso seemed to tako any notice of her,
ami beeauso sho was an orphan like
himself, but from interest lately.becauso
he found her so bright and intelligent,
and so ready to listen whilo ho talked
of his hopes and plans for tho future,
to which Kathleen always listened im
patiently, or interrupted him to nsk
somo question about tho great pconlo
ho know iu London.
Her father would gladly havo given
her a season in town, but ho was too
poor to altonl it, and their only fash.
lonaUlo relative, Lady Burnett, had
wirco piain uaugnters of her own to
tret established, and tnnk irn nnunr tn
i .. . ' rr -v i uvuh wuiiniiLr awav votitii
invito so uaucerous a ilval as i .n r :.. .i..,: t.i ".!,'
ii :.. vr-., ," , l"u" " ruiticii insu mansion : no
r,T ' .,rVr, V! " 7" fS?1 attcl't t0 'ec K11 lintl been sue
;T",r ? c .. m iat of Bb.
.m, hrZuZ w ,iT .'w.' " i"r " u. ll: !K t0 er capricious temper, had
n.Tit ,u"Htu ,u' wn,0 leit iter and taken a situation as a com
wnrdino was to marrv the Duke of St. on tho niuht of the 27th when Porter
Maurice's eldest daughter next autumn, received an order by command of
-iiajoruencrai rope, directing linn to
start at 1 p. in. with his corps to meet
General Hanks at Warrcntoii Junction.
If the latter was not thero General
Porter is ordered to leavo a regiment
of infantry as a guard until General
Hanks arrived. General Grant says,
in this connection, Porter's troops had
been inarching all day, that wcro very
.t 1" a i 1 T I I
union nuigiicii wnen tno order was ro
"You will seo the lion of the season
to night, Kathleen. Ah I by tho way,
I think you told ino ho was an old
ilamo of yours. Tako mv advico and
try and fan it into hfu again. Ho is
not married yet, or was not at tho closo
of tho season j he has been abroad
mostly since. '
So spoke Lady Huriictt, who, having
Btiucessiiiiiy married ner own girls, ,vas
trying to secure a husband lor Kath
leen, now in her 27th vear.
For fivo years tho haughty girl had
uvcu wearing away youth anil beauty
and to placo them upon him. ami tno troops under .Longstrcct and Thero are people who seem to baso
"In regard to his disouedieneo of .lacuson, "and,' writes Ueneral Grant, friendship on borrowing as long ns vou
tho order of tho 27th of August, ho is "that tho commanding general belioved will lend to them. Neighbors of that
alleged to have, without justification, the positions as given in the diagram stamp illtislrato tho impudence that do
deferred his march f rom YVarrenton to be the positions of the different nmmj8 without consideration, and tho
Junction to Hristoo Station from 1 commands, is shown from tho fact thnt fimiiinritv thnt l,rnol pniitmimt. W
of tho morning of the in his point order of that morninc ho nn,1 tlm nllnwinir in thn NW Vnri-
niuieu unit, mo inaicniions nro mat tno Mercantile Journal
wnoio lorco oi tno enemy is moving in
this direction nt a paeo that will bring
them litre by to morrow night or next
day.' Porter was not
in a position to attack tho right Hank
of Jackson, because ho was at least
threo miles away. With Longstrcct's
o'clock until
28th. "
TUB TltOOl'l rATiiiumi.
General Grant declares in recard to
picsetice, to havo o' eyed tho order ho
would havo been obliged with 10,000
men to have defeated 25,000 men in a
ohoscn position boforo ho could have
moved upon tho Hank of tho enemy, ns
tho order directed.
111,... t .1 - ... m -r
-una uven u tno position ot JiCe s
dived. The night, ns shown in tho nr,,,y '"J'1 bccn thirty-six to forty-eight
testimony beforo the court which tried "oura "18la"i ns asserted in tho joint
Porter, and ns ('onllrmptl hv thn order to MoDowell and Porter, it
donco given in what was known as tho would have been impossiblo for Portor n,'d shovel, but your boy wouldn't lend
Sohofield board, was extremely dark j ! lmvo obeyed tho -1:80 order, beeauso t-'in, and our hired girl has been over
tho road very narrow, with numerous 'l 1101 cc-ntemplato a night attack, to borrow tea and sugar and could't
cuts and streams passing through it ; nml Wfls I,ot received by Porter until Bet any- Wo kinder thought wo might
bounded by woods on both sides iu al)0Ul a,k' ' borrow your telephone or something
He was a small boy, with dirt on his
nose nnd a faded straw baton his head,
and feet so long unwnshed that it was
hard to tell where his too-nails wero lo
cated. Ho walked boldly up tho steps,
pulled tho bell, and when the lady camo
to tho door ho said,
"Say, can yon lend ino your telephouo
for a few minutes V
"Why, I can't,'' sho gasped out.
"We'll bring it back in half nn
hour "
"Hut I can't lend it, child. You
don't seem to know what a telephouo
is. Who aro you t"
"We live around tho corner iust
moved in, aud wo want to bo neiiihbor-
ly. I tried to borrow your wheelbarrow
Tho night of the ball arrived i
T. . 1. 1 ,. . 1 l . '
jiiiuiii'uii was looKing surpassingly
lovoly, in a new costumo that would
cost tho poor old Colonel many a
sleepless night to pay for. ltolanil es
oortotl her.but onco at tho ball sho took
enro to koep away from him a much
ns possible, in terror lest Lord Carwar-
"I consider that theso facts, with
many more that woro brought to th-s
many places, with no placo whero tho
Olion COUIltrv could lin Inknn -fnr tlw,
panion to nn old lady of rank and march of troops, nud blocked up with knowledgo of tho Sohofield board, folly
ni, wuu booh learncu to appreciate auo two thousand army wagons, "ert uenerai a-orier oi too chargo
her at her true value. many of them mired in tho narrow road disobedience of what is known as
Lord Carwardino hnil mni-rin,) l,n I an thnt. thn nlll,.Ai- u.l,n ,r,..o..n.i .1.:, I the -1:30 order, nnd nlnn nf thn imimh
puke's daughter, and Kathleen's lifo order to General Porter was over threo "on hikowarmness in his support of
had been utterly uneventful since. hours on horseback, in making tho dis- 1,10 commanding general.
'I his night Lady Huriietfs fashion, tauco of ten mile. Poiter was ex- pkiianpino hkstitutiok.
Isl ,cd ZlZT wifli iVUh iUilT' l?tCl1' Wit,h fat,8Uei1 Uool)8' W(,ni wllh Gcilc,'al wl Pathetic ap-
ished visitois, but Kathleou oared for long marches, on scanty rations, to peal In behalf of Gonnml Wn.l .JX
. ........ V . VV , II t,v,
ami ma would bring it back and get a
chance to seo your stylo and ask you
to run right in with your old clothes
rnoor rosmvE.
Wo havo tho most positive nnd con
vincing proof that Thomas' Kclectria
Oil is a most eilectual specif io for bodi
ly prin. In oases of ltit'iimntisin and
neuralgia it gives instant relief,