The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, November 10, 1882, Image 1

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    The CJdltunb
LUMB1AN, t'OIUOlldfttCd,
Inanril Weekly, every Irldnr .Morln, nl
at two noLuna per year. To mitncrlbcni out of
the county tho term tiro strictly In ndvnncc
'.TA1! ftW "ll-wuntlnucfl except at u10 onilon
of tlio publishers, until nil nrre.irnif. s are p,il J, but
lonff continued credits will not bo Kircn. '
All papers sent out ntthu stnto or to dlitnnt post
onicm must bo lmtd for In advance, unless a resiion
alblo person In Columbia county assumes) to pay
tlio subscription duo on demand.
PpSTAHK Is no longer exacted from subscribers
Intue county.
fTEFJobbinjf Departmentof tlio Coi.dn iAh" very
o mplto, and our .ton frlnllnir will compare favor
ably wit h thatof the larcenies. All work don" on
sUort noUcc, neatly and nt moderate prices.
3 It
u lr
1.100 (801
800 1100
II 00 180J
itO 30 00
15 00 U500
50 OT 100 00
one-Inch ffi lew Ijjo
Twn Inr-WMl .... XrO 4 00 MM
Tliiteliiclicu..... loo JtO '
rourmcnes ... . on i
puarler rnluinn. rim sno loin
I nlrrnlnmn .. . lOOl 14( 110"
flnrimliimn 2000 8400 80 Ml
Vi-iirlr mlir tlvmont pajnule iiunrterly. Tran.
kent advert o enla must Im paid tor before insert,
ed except wliero parties liavo account.
. . .. . . ..-11 Indl frtf
Legal advertisement iwu ; ,;.
Uir"o inaertlons, nnd nt tlint rate for additional
inscrtiona wuiioui mere ncu m ira"
Executor's, Administrator', and Auditor's notices
three dollars. Must bo paid for when nscrtod.
m. m i i nftiiwM. tun urn a tine. TTtf U
irUllSH iifc". a. '
tar aavcru1 niunui uuu mi.-o.
3 ' Z BITTENBMDEB, pwPlton.
n.n iiuulnra Directory
' column, one
car for each lino.
Oak Hall and the
Our exhibit in the Trades Procession of the
Bi-Centennial Celebration on October 25th
" will illustrate' the great Stock of men's and'
boys' clothing now ready in Oak Hall. Our
preparations for the trade of this Autumn
and Winter already reach
k One Million Dollars.,
Ouij stock is in all respects the best we have
ever offered", ancl we firmly believe'has never
been equaled in volume by any retail clothing
house in America.
Do not fail to visit Oak Hall. Look at the
Clothing and Piece Goods go through the
workrooms and see how the vast place goes
on. We have a hearty welcome for all,
whether buyers or visitors. The tens of
thousands of friends we have made in the
country about Philadelphia during the last
twenty-two years are, we are sure, more
firmly our friends than ever before. We
1 r
nave gamea tiieircconucience oy giving "tnem
ihe best dollar's! wortluof'cldthin'g to be had
anywherc.Hihd w6 xoffeP a nev pledge' of
fidelity in our low prices and elegant Autumn
stock for this year's sales.
Wanamaker & Brown,
Sixth and Market Streets, , "
omce In 1st National Bank building, second floor,
flrst door to tbo right. Corner of Main and Mar
ket streets, Hloomiburg', J'a. I .
onico In Ent's llulldlntr.
Bujomsburo, IU.
Offlco on Main street, 1st door below court House.
A BLooMsntmo, Pa.
omca over Schuyler's Hardware Btoro.
Offloe In Brower's bulldlng.second No. 1
Bloomaburg, Fa.
Uloomsbuig, Ta.
omoo corner ot Centro and Main Btreots. Clark's
Can bo consulted In German. , 1
Nkw coLOHiiH Boildino, Bloomsburg, Pa.
Member ot tho United States Law Association.
Collections made In any part of America or Bu-rope.
Offlco In Coluuduk bcildino, itoom No. , second
Uoor. - '
T) BUCKINGHAM, AUorney-nt-Law.
1 v.uuico, nrutKWKy a liuiiamir.;i8l uoor,
uroomsburg, Penn'a. may 7, '80-t f
O. BARK LEY. Attorney-at-Law
offlco In Brower's building, snd story.RoomB
T firi7nrv lr t a l tit
. slclan, north side Main stroet.below Market
L. FKITZ, Attorney-at-Law. Office
, In Colombian Building, June 24 '81.
'Attonicy-ntLnw, Berwick, l'n.
Cnn lie Consulted hi German.
C-5TOnioe with the Berwick Independent.
Sewing Machines and Machinery of all kinds rc-
piirea. ufiba uocsb uuuaing, uioomsDurg, pa.
AVID LOWENBERG. Merchant Tailor
Mam ai., aDove central uotei.
y liloinnburg, ra.
Offloe in Mrs. Ent's Building. '
Jsopt. 18 -Si-l y,1 t
door to tlio left.
Offlco In II.J.ClarkM Building, second floor, nrat
2 UUUI 1AJ Vliu IV
Oct. 8, '80.
Ofllce in Nkws Itbm building, Maip'street'.
Membor of the American Attorneys' Associa
tion, f . f
collections made In any part of America.
Jan. B, 1838. . ' J
ir rattfATTl
Jnckson. Bulldlug, Room'i nnd G.
May 0, ffl, BHBYICK, PA.
Ofllce, corner of Third and Main street.-' '
; t
ypi. II. SNYDUH,
Orangovillc, Pa.
rofflc In Iiw's Building, second floor, second
door t tut left.
Can bo consulted In German. nug 18 '81
omco, North Market street,
Dloomsburg, Pa.
rR. WM. M. REBER. Surgeon and
U Physician, onico corner of Rock and Market
TR. EVANS,', M. D.. Surgeon and
Physician, (Offlce and Resldcnco on Third 1
Bi.ooMsiiinto, Coi.utiiiA County, Pa.
All styles ot work done In a superior manner, work I
kd wituout Pain by the use or a as, and
free of charge when artificial teeth
aro Inserted.
Ofllce over Blooinsburir Banking Company.
'lo be open at all hourt durxng the day.
rov, avij
Large and convenient sample rooms, Bath rooms
hot and cold water.and all modern conveniences
a. kxokk. . " " li i.'wikthstiik,
1 Notary Publla
A ttornoys-at-3-aAV.
Offloe in 1st National Bank building, second floor,
tlrstdoortothelttu Corner etMiln and Market
Btroeta Bloomsuurg, rat
0iVMii9( and BouptUt QlkcUa
onico In Mra. Ent's Bulldlng,4thlrd door from
Collections promptly mads and remittal.
omce oppoaite uuwuii uapoiiv om. wi
dlni WEEK. U a day at noma easily made
Hf costly outnfroo.: Address Tku4: Co
Sick Ilendaehe,
Clironlo l)lr."
rliccn, Janndlce,
Impurity of the
Illnod, Fever anil
Ague, Malaria,
nnd nil Dlacaiei by De
rangement of Uvtr, IlowcU and Kidneys.
Bad llrcith; l'tln in the Side, lomcilmn the
ti.tln li felt under Ihe Shoulder-blade, mlitaten for
KhcumatUmi general I011 of optltei Bowelt
Eenerally coitive, ximetlmii alternallng with in
the head l troubled with pain, ll dull and heavy,
with considerable Iota of memory, accompanied
with a painful aensatlon of leavins undone something
which outfit to have been done: a ilisht, dry coujS
and fluihed face It lometimet an attendant, often
tnittaken for conaumntion) the padent complaint,
cf wearlneil and debility! nervoul, eailly lUrtledl
feet cold or burninic, ftometimes a pricVly lensatlon
of the ftldn extitsi iplritt are low and despondent,
and, although satisfied that exercise would be bene,
ficlal.yet one can hardly tummon up fortitude to
try It In fact, distrusts every remedy. Several
of the above symptoms attend the disease, but cases
have occurred when but few of them eiitted, yet
eaamlnitlon after death has shown the Um to
nave been extensively deranged.
It tliould bo uaed by nil peraona, old and
young, whenever any of the above
symptoms appear.
reranns Traveling or Living In On.
lenlthv Lncalltlea. bv l.ikln.. a
ally to keep the Liver In healthy action, will avoid
iininrin, luumia ntlncka, Dlitlnets. Nu.
sea, Drowsiness, Depression of Spirits, etc. It
will Invigorate like a glas of wine, out la no In
tuxlcating beverage. .
If Y.,11 linvn i,fltni n .1 v, l.n nS
dlgOMtltui, or feel heavy after meals, or aleep
1 at night, take a dose and you will be relieved.
Time nnd Doctors' 11111a will bo saved
by always keeping tho Itegulator
In tlin lrmtiMt
Tor, whatever the ailment may be, a thoroughly
safe imrirutlvc, nltt-tllllvu and limit, tin
never be out of place. '1 he remedy la barinleas
nit.1 doea not Intcrferu with buslnesa or
safe purgative, nltt-tiilivu and tonlo can
IT IS nmn.v wmrrATiT.m
And lias all the power and efficacy of Calomel or
Quinine, without any of the injurious after effects.
A finvernnr'. T.. (!..
11 Sirnronns Liver Regulator has been In use In my
family for some time, and I am satisfied it is a
, 'valuable addition to the medical science.
J. oill siiohtbf, Governor of Ala.
Hon. Alexander II. Stetiltcna, of (!.,
says: Have derived some benefit from the use of
Simmons Liver Regulator, and wish to give it a
further trial.
"The cinlv Thlnr? flint nnwv A
Itellevo." I have used many remedies for Dys.
liepsla. Liver AITection and Debility, but never
have found antthin? In bnfi, m ,n tk. ...
Simmoni Liver Regulator has. I sent from Min.
nesota to Georgia fur It, and would tend further for
such a medicine, and would advise all who are slm.
ilarly afTccted to give it a trial as it seems the only
tiling that never fails to relief e.
I". M. Jannet, Minneapolis, Mian.
Dr. T. V. Aluaiili anval Vrnm ai..l -
perience In the use of Simmons Liver Regulator In
my practice I have been and am satisfied to use
and prescribe it as a purgative medicine.
txffTuVe onlv the Runln.. .1
has on the Wrapper the red Z Trade-Mark
andSlgnaturoof J. II. ZlSILUf & CO.
August, 4 S'l ly
no longc" from Dyrpep
sia, IntHcif'Stion, wantof
.Appoil to, loss of Strength
lact o." Energy, Malaria,
' Intermittent Fovcrs, &c.
TERS never fallo to euro
all these diseases.
Boston, Nuvcniber :C, itSi,
Geiillenien; For ears I have
beenngTcatnulTcrcrrriim l)yspc)isla,
and could get ro rclief(luving tried
everything which w-s recommend,
ed) until, acting on theadticeof a
friend, who had been benefitted by
Bkown's Iiiom llliltiK, 1 tiled a
bottle, with most iurnrisir results.
Previous to ukin llitous'a Ir.o.'i
UlTTUK, every thing I atedistrcssed
me, and I suffered greatly from a
'burning sensation in the stomach,
which was unbearable. Since tak.
lug Bhown's Ikon ihrrcio, all my
truubtesare at.tnend. Canttany
time without any disagreeable re
suits. I am practically another
person. Mrs. W J. Flvkn,
30 Maverick St., L. Bolton.
TERS acts lilto n charm
bn tho digestive organs,
removing all dyspeptic
symptoms, such as tast
ing the food, Belching,
Heat in tho Stomach,
Heartburn, etc. Tho
.only Iron Preparation
"that will not blacken tho
teeth or give headache
The uptown Clothier; tons ust received a flno line
Ul nUW UUUUSi uuu 19 prciiaicu iu iuimq up
For Men and Boys In tuo neatest manner and La-1
test Biyics.
Hatsi Oapsi &o-i
Always on band. Call and Examine. KVANS'
BLOUK Corner Main and Iron mrcots,
BtOOIttBBtmO, FA..
vnnnracturcrof Plows, stoves and all kinds ot
CasilnKS. Largo Steele of Tinware, Cook moves.
Itoom Blovcm, btovca lor lioatlnt; atorcs.scbool
house, cliurclies, Also, larire stot:k of re
imlrs ror city stoves of all kluds.wholesule and retail
mien aa Flra llrlck. Urates. Liav.Ceutres. AcKtove
ripe, uook iioiiers, piuure, tusH rmiLB, imtkv
trnn Knttlpa. Hli'd Holes. Whcoh Boxes, all kinds I
Of I'lOW I'Oinis, MOUia uoaiu, iiuita, i-iaaiur, duii,
feb 8 t-t,
' 3old by nil Druoo'B''
" 'Brown Chcmicol Co.
Unltlmoro, Md.
See that all Iron Bitters are nude by
' - Brown Chemical Co., Baltimore, and
have crossed red lines and trade
mark on wrapper,
Marcn, s, VI. ly
1 AUBNCV. Mover's now bulldlne, Main
street, Bloomsburi;, l'a.
.t't.nn. Insurance Co.. of Hartford. Conn. tT.oi8.fS4
ltoyai ot uverpooi,,.,,,,,
Lancaslilro 10,010,000
Kiro Association, vmiadolplila t.ioi.fil
I'biDtilx.ot London ViSS-Jj;
lj)D(lon si Lancaslilro, ot England.n l,I09,io
llarttorl of llarfford , MU.ooii
Hprtnerield flro and Marine s.osi.sia
Al lue atronciea aro direct, policies aro written
ror tbe insured without any delay lu tne
omce at BlootnsburR. Oot. 8, '
Tho misty air liko amber accms ,
Llko inoltlnR gold the sky o'crlicad.
Athwart tho Ivory gate ot dreams
Surely our bark Is piloted.
For this Is tho enchanted realm,
Tho falry-palaco reared by sleep j
Through emerald chambers glides our helm,
And In our wake flame-opals leap.
I need but lift my heavy eyes
To south or North, to Kast or West,
To sec, as nt my bidding, rlso
A wave-charmed Island's tufted crest.
stfiiin." liow I Bliotild manage to sec her ngain
"Mr. Brooks 1 Who is hoi" won tho it must bo contrived somehow, I men-
rcsjioiiee, in n inullled lemnlo voice. tally resolved. Upon returning to
"I don t know, manin, tlio maid ro- town i lost no tiino in explnininff "tlio
iJiicd. 1 never seen mm Oelorc. nut situation to my wormy employer, jur.
lie's a younc gentleman, and says ho'll Kobcrtson, who milled mo good
wait till master comes down." naturcdly upon the mistake, and upon
"Whoever can ho ho. and what can wiiat tho consequences tnleht bo I
ho want, bothering here, at this time Next week I wa3 invited to a pio-nia
of tho day!" continued tho muiHdd at Mr. Ilobinson's and went not only to
voico : and thereupon tho door was it, but likowiso to Mr. Kobinson s
shut. hotiBo again and again beforo his nicco
Now, this was not exactly pleasant returned to Her Homo.
icted that most . i o"r years "avo passca
Here a tall headland draped with fern,
sin co that
invitation to breakfast was given mo :
and that "fairyliko girl" Ms now my
.tr, fri, it .n:tn.nn i.t. 1.!..:
Bailro&d TiokeU-
to me, but when I reflected
probably Mrs. Ilnbertnon would be tin.
nr.minStitnrl' i.'isl, t.tialinntVa Ittvitn.
rine-crovrned and honeycombed wlUi cavesj I to me, I thought it best not to bo Wife, llio local milkman, bless linn,
Then, itwtflhnvn thft rlvftr'ft urn. t J? 1 !..! i rvrtf. n tinnrlanmn lln" llnnn nnr wnil.
uiienutHi j so 1 coinmenceu cxuraiimig 1 13," ' .
tlio pictures on tho walls. They wero d,n8 aV-
not very interesting, and 1 soon con-
eluded my inspection, and looked
i f , 1.: .. i.. ,n nn1,.,, ,i,n
, . ...i,i,.i, !, , t, 'vti,. I Thcro aro less than lialf-a-dozen rail-
t,n..ii., im, .,1.( of t,. way ticket manufacturing establish
viousilay was upon a small table by mcn,tfl ln li0 Vltci "r",0, f
tl.n wlnsfnu. r, X tnnlr Hint, tm I'tist to aWai n'"1 n')8t SUCCCSsflll of tllCSO
pass away tho time, and I was soon "ln "ostoi. Lew people have any
listlessly perusing tho advertisements. !dei) of th. dimensions to which tho
I mi-it t tltt(lllr tlllia fl mtJIi n I ' w., ...-j v.. woinveoa ua
miimto or two when I heard a sliglit r , n """"M --'-"f
u lady's dress : sinuiltaii- im wlM-y " macninerj' necessary
nm,l.r ...,. fn,.r lil,t fnnt. mo maiuuactuie, or me bkiu ana
.,, i,i, .t, ,i,i, tr. i,n ability indisiiensable to its management,
i,f t ..i.i ii, (,-n,r, I" the matter of local tickets alone the
IVUillt IkLJU UlUtU A. VVUlll I JJ I lljf 1IVIU
my paper, or riso from my seat, a
musical voico accosted mo with ''Good
morning, uncle; here is your buttoti-
holo boquet.
There, lust abovo tho river's urn,
A low, soft nest of grasses waves.
Now narrowing cliffs Inclose our prow,
Fantastic rocks streaked blue and row ;
The channel eddies swlft,-nnd now
Broad as tho sea the river flows.
Thrilled by tho water's long embrace,
Tho slender silver reeds aro Rtlrred,
And sway with slow, voluptuous grace,
Llko dancers to a waltz unheard.
Thcro where the crystal floor scarce shines,
8o thick tho velvet leaves unfold,
Nuberb the Uly-quecn reclines,
A miracle of snow and gold.
Hero Is Miranda's Island -look 1
'Twlxt tree and cloud Btlll Ariel tiles,
Behind the hill, beyond the brook,
Tho whelp ot Sycorax yetllcs.
But duke nnd princes, clown and seer,
Have voyaged forth to other seas,
And fathom deep, since many n year,
Aro burled book nnd wand nnd keys.
No ribboned grass Is floating there,
Along our smooth, pearl-paven path,
But hidden faces' pale green hair
Ot nymphs and mcralds at tho bath.
On I we shall find In sober sooth,
From somo clear well-head bubbling up,
Tho fountain ot eternal youth
To brim tho thirsty pilgrim's cup.
Knchahted world 1 enchanted hour I
Hall and farowell. enchanted stream,
That hast tho utilmaglncd power
To make tho real Burpass the dream I
Emma lAxzarus, in Ihe Decanter Centuiy.
consumption is enormous, and tho vn
riety in manufacture all but infinite. Tho
number ot local tickets mado by tho
Boston concern nlono lost year amount'
...1 in 17 nnn nnn rrt, t,.. T:t t
I started up in no little surpnso at ,,. ,. ,, , ,.
I,. . ii i i I wit no tuiAiu tint; ituu uiuiitwiit.a uu
this greeting, which was evidently not .fa , , , B to . VoM.nA
1 at a 1
nienueu lor mo i ana were moou nin(,ty.eigllt 8tnliolla. A complete set
liornrn mo n f.lirv.liL'n mnirlpli. m uimn l...1?.. . . .
IG summers, her brown hair tailing
of local tickets requires not only that
there shall bo tickets sold in tho lsoston
oohcIv from a daintily-sluped head; dcpot for 0Very one of thefto outer sta
tar cheeks aglow with the healthy Uong, and in the Portland depot corres
morning air sTio had been enjoying, pondin , for tho other 8ttioD8 th
and ucepencd, too, by a
when she discovered her greeting
rosy blush other m)t that ti k t f h
eeting had v!of ,i ,si,,. i .. ,.j
been unwittingly addressed tc- a t CVGrv , . nvprv
stranger, blie was standing before i 'm. ,,. . ' ,. tj,
me, holding out the nttio Knot oi
flowers destined for her unclo's button
hole how I envied her uncle! a very
picture of health and lifo and happi
nesss and beauty. Her expression of
News from the Moon.
The telescopo has lately revealed Sauaro and V-shaped, bodices nro
somo very curious and startling appear- tho most popular foi evening toilets,
anccs in tho moon. Astronomers have A 1(ulv Rtl0uUl always bo noatcnough
been slow to accept tho conclusions , j f vi8jt0r8 without dctnining
which these observations suggest, be t, ( A
cause they have so long behoved that . , , , ,
tho moon is a dead planet and incapable On black costumes embroidery and
of supporting nny lifo upon its surface, lnccs Btrivo for prominence, and ladies
This belief is based principally upon will not err in choosing cither,
tho assumed absence of a lunar atmo- My may havo a coquettish littlo
sphere. Hut theso recent observations Wfty 0f putting her hat slightly to ono
iudicato that tho moon has an atmo- gi(i0) but this only proves that she is
sphere, and, if it has an atmosphere, it womanly.
may havo various forms of lifo upon ,, , i.. ..i.
its surface differing as much from those , The English walking hat in fine felt
upon tho earth as the moon itself differs " J,,st c".ouh f.crowi n?tt
from the earth in its geological and too masculine, and tiio roll of tho brim
cliinatoi'icat features. It wouU bo very 18 Janl,ty 1,1 lho 05ttrenl-
curious if tho tolescoiie, tho instrument A brown felt, trimmed with n broad
which has banished from tho moon tho velvet band, steel buckle in front and
hosts of strango creatures with which cluster of finely colored feathers on tho
tho imagination of somo of tho ancients side, is very stylish.
peopled it, and shown how unfitted it is
lor tho habitation of beings llko our
(.elves and thoso wo see around us,
should now make us believe that the
moon is tho homo of beings moro
grotesque in our eyes, perhaps, than
any tho imagination has pictured. Wo
Tho Princo Albert coat is among the
nowest styles for winter wear. It is
shaped a good deal liko tho men's coat
of the samo name, and may bo mado
up either in light cloth, or velvet
Hosiery decoration is now among
do not say this is probable, but only tho many employments of fashionable
that it is suggested by tho very interest- artistio ladies, covers or art iieciuu
ing observations which havo lately been work havo transferred their enthusiasm
made, and wo shall briefly describe. from lambrequins and sofa pillows to
un mo zm oi iuarcn last iir. Stan- tueir own preuy suk hiuukhis.
ley Williams, nn KnIish observer, was
luuMiig ut uiu inuoii in inu cany eve
Judges of tho Supremo Court in Ar-
1. ........ .. ..Hn1.1Kl 1... fn-mnl nnlnrd flin
ning with a Itelcscopo of considerable 'i0 ' of i!nuor, within a distancoof
three miles
from a public or privato
line. Tho number for the Eastern
amounts to about -1.100. Now rcmem
ber that theso printers make local tick.
ets for overy Now England line, and
many ot thoso ot Canada also, as well
"Walk out to my house and havo unrestrained eniovment had ohanmsd w" . -"Tc" . , T.7"EU.
l.rnrtkfnst with mo somo mornillLr." i n ,mnnt In " nf r.mlmrrn,np,,t. "u " ". '" t tuuy
c... .,. ....... ..;..... . , V. v nave constantly to carry stock lor all
ouuii nun uiu iiiviiiiuuii gum w mo nna uisiiiay, mingica Willi a gram M i tl ,i ., , -
nnndav bv Mr. Robertson, n noniftl. L.n.,anmnt. ?n Iso? l.rirrlif. nV? n l,o ? u,cra' 80 t,m ?l nny' ?U1 01 u.ny
middle-aged solicitor to whom I was humor of the awkard situation we
articled, in the thriving town of Ab- u broko upon her. An mstanta-
boytou. neous mutual agreement seemed to
Now, I had only been articled for a flash between us. We both broko into
few weeks j and
Sir. Robertson
wish to know
lirivntn life
i:ni..i ... t f , i'-"! 'u '...j ' "" uuiuuhiuuuub ruin
- ...... i -j -- tu .v.. u.g....,v - rnm nnn rnnri tr nnnthnr Wlinn n
Ki.uij-int; iiiv W13U. v simpio apologies ana dowb aim puss d , f , . unon a ticket
nftorivfinl. wnkitifr un :ind find riff a ai n,. c,I,1on intrnrliu.tmn ?ona" clor uxc? ms .eye8 uponailCKCl
. .... vr' " . V " """-r" in tho custody of a passenger and
i'iim iiiuk nuiniiii!! nun nil Liiiuiim uilu i idao i i nti'm'or nnr finHriiiiMi in inivit i.a m . v
my room, 1 speedily decided that this this sudden endiofr. In a few mo
was iust the kind of morning on which monts wo were chattintr awav liko old
I should accept tho invitation to break- friends. I fancied my fairy seemed to
fast at Abbey Grove, and in a few i)0 actually pleased when I announced
minutes 1 was on my way thither. that I was going to stay for breakfast ;
they aro prepared to fill an order for
tickets, combination or local, and tho
business receives somo illustration. No
two of these local ticket forms aro
alike in colors nnd their arrangement.
... I. n . i.n.innnri ..... i i it i . r. ,
- I ' IIIUII T .Ifcw.w 1 1 V. I ' ..-.. .. I ( I, , I, ,f, . Annl hah In ml. in
iii business made mo wondered what would havo happened ".i!r" "I L- 'V...'
.j l,!o : l,l- ,r 11 .1.1 .t.- USU Vll UIU aUSlL'lll III) IWU illU 11I1KU,
him and his in their if had not adopted this course, if ..,i , : i t n . '
eilCQ 1 W.18 milch UO- 1m. ;nintin in vnnnir lnrltr hml ll.1. I .. .. . " . .
between us! Our sudden introduction
takes in its form and arrangements of
colors, tho glanco shows lnm where the
passenger is going, or at least tho ex
act point to which he is ticketed ; and
that ordinarily is all the conductor
Abbey Grove, was situated about an(i I had almost summoned upcourago ,;' T ui nnt i,;a SntM-naf. tim tv7n
n. mill rnnaistpfl I n n,nanl trn in rnllltv I J .. - ...w ...v....v
passenger camo from or boarded his
two miles from the town, and consisted to ask her to present mo in reality
I a f I i. I ... . . . "
oi a small cluster oi viuas, nunc in a w th the flowers sho had undesignedly
prettily Bitnated spot, which, genera- offered to me, when tho entrance of
lions ago, had formed part of the the servant with tho completing dishes
grounds of an old abbey. Tho only for the breakfast table served an ex-
remains ot this ancient abbey, however, CU8U for her to leave the room.
train,provided ho has a ticket. Boston
The Masher Masted.
wero a lew yards oi crumbling wall,
with hero and there vestiges of what
at ouo tunc had been traecned win
dows ; these, with numerous mounds
of stones and masonry, wero all that
was now left to tell of what had been
there centuries ago. Most of theso
mounds wero now covered with grass rav employer, but suddenly paused
aud shrubs and tiees, and thus formed aH a tall ircntleman entered tho room
) 1.111 1 ...... A . .l l .
a aeiigniiuiiy seciuaea retreat, wmcn wi,om I had never seen betoro in my
tho inhabitants ot ivouey urove vuias ijfc.
enjoyed in common. H0 stood lookintr inquiringly at mo
The invigorating charms of an early aft0r a sharn "Good morning." I was
.11. . ..I. ! 1 I .
waiK mi a summer inurmug nceu ;io i00 embarrassed to make any response.
uescripiion, ine puro air, mo geniai My jr8t thought was: "llo is somo
sun, tho sparkling dew, and soft low visitor," but in a fow moments the
breeze, all tend to exhilarato ones awful truth dawned across my mind,
spirits and to make the day pleasantcr that this was in reality tho owner of
and happier throughout. All theso ex- t10 10B0 t wn3 jn and that by some
pcriences were mine on the day l wnto me!ln8 or other I had got into tho
of. As I approached Abbey Grovo wrong one. Tho situation was tro
and saw tho houses peeping from out iminilous. I am naturallv a cool char.
There wero
car, tint as ho
plenty of scats in tho
walked down the aislo
Sho had scarcely gono through the
door, when I heard again the greeting,
wood morning, uncie, iohowl-u tins i,.i ,,,, ,,, i iif
.. , . . , ii 1 . .1 :t 1 luurvuvt Dii.siiiiv IVJ I.UU I I LIU l, uuu luait
time by an unmistakablo sound, which . .f. .,, ,
made mo long more than ever to bo .... , 1 b
that girl's uncle! The door openced
once moro. I stepped forward to meet
ho asked
sitting alone
"oeat engaged, Miss t
with a knowing wink.
"JNo-iio sir, stammered tho girl look'
in ur around in dismav.
Down ho pluuged and braced himself
for tho campaign. Ho was a regular
passenger, and held his commutation
ticket in his hand.
"Shall I open!
'Tickets ! ' roared the conductor,
who had watched him from afar.
power, and giving particular attention
to that very singular oval valley known
in nntrnnnmiirs fiv tlin iifiinn nf Tlnln
This v.tlli'v is nlmiif. sivtv milna lirnmi' Yslcta. Tex., claims to bo tho oldest
remarkably level, nod surrotmdod by a town in tho United States. When a
ring of mountains averaging something Spanish explorer, Coronado, discovered
l-t i nnn r..... l.:. i. i . , ..Inn, in ltlfl Viafniinil tliem n
prosperous Indian corn-
high as .Etna. When the sunlight
strikes across tlio summits of the moun- a family has distinguished itself at
i.uiiM un uuu aiut; it tiiiuwM 1110 sinning T,o Fnrtp. Intl.. bv niecing thrco gor-
peaks into splendid relief, but all tho genus bedquilts from samples of silk
valley within remains shrouded in dark- obtained freo by mail from merchants
ness. Tho sun was iust rising unon ,, ,i, inmn ri,r.a
this mountain ring when Mr. Williams . , 4l . . , ,
mado his observation of Plato, and his . As an evidence of tho business boom
nt .it,o,.i ... iu Dakota, it is reported that over a
ance. Tho interior of the volley, which ,llo,of 'e11 ca'B .arc J? 8tan(1'."g
usuallv annears totnllv .lartr it. m,M, on tho Bido tracks in Pierre awaiting
; 4 i i J
times, was illuminated with a faint phos
phorescent light, making its level floor
dimly visible. Jit was not tho effect of
reflection from tho illuminated moun
tains, bocauso tho interior of tho valley
was protected from Buch reflection.
Somo passing clouds in our atmosphere
shut out this interesting scene from tho
sight of the observer for about an hour.
When tho sky cleared again, JMr. Wil
liams looked onco more, and saw Jtliat
tue strange light had disappeared. JUr.
Williams had mado a similar observa
tion, in tlio samo spot, about fivo years
About seven weeks after Mr. Wil
liam's observation which wo havo do
scribed, there was a total eclipse of the
their turn to be unloaded.
A species of cactus is mado useful
in Florida. Tho strong fibrc of its
leaves is turned into rope, its juico into
a pleasant beverage, and its trunk,
after tho removal of tho pitch, into
Soutache braid, in carefully selected
tints, is arranged in shaded lines, row
above row, and closely placed upon
tho hems of cloth skirts, about the
wrists and on vests.
One of tho most jaunty trimraiugs
for either bonnets or hats is tho now
bouquet pompons, each about the sizo
of a plum, glossy and smooth shaven
anu cxmnsuu in uuiui. ivy iimu
sun, and a party of French and English capoto bonnets aro set off with a clus.
ttgilUUIJIUl'IS VYVIlt LU aigpt lO OUsei VU I ll-T Ui rUHU-UUlUi JIUIII,v,lio
it, as tho line of totality ran across that
country. When theso astronomers
turned their spectroscopes upon the
edge of the moon as it hid the sun on
tho 17th of May they perceived indica
tions, in tho strengthening of certain
lines of tho spectrum, of tho existenco
of an atmosphere on tho moon. This
observation, though not unprecedented,
time to time,
But this was not all. On tho 19th of
May, two days after tho ecliuse. John
1 G. Jackson of Delaware, whilo studvinrr
Tho regular passeuger smiled sweetly I tho moon, os ho had been accustomed
on the pretty girl and put out his to do for years, with a reflecting tele-paste-board,
out of which two sides scope, was surprised to see near tlio
The colored laces now coming into
fashion will bo found very desirable in
renewing black silks that have seen
service, for they avoid tho startling
contrast of new and old black, and
really mako tho old look now by their
difference in tono.
Tho earliest engagement ring was
was hailed with satisfaction by those called tho "grimmaV," and consisted of
who had always contended that tho two hoops of gold, or sometimes ono
moon was not as dead as it seemed, oi gold and the other of silver joined
Tho existence of an atmosphere would together. A ring set with a largo
explain the phenomenon which Mr. pearl or solitaire diamond is now con
Williams witnessed iu tho valley of sidered tho most to be desired.
Plato, as well as various other equally Tho pointed Josephine corsages so
singular observations whioh havo been mei, i,, Voguo are ornamented with a
made by students of tho moon from scarf drapery, which is carried from
tho point in front over tho hips, fol
lowing tho extremo edge of tho cor
sage to tho baok, whero it terminates
in a very largo bow and long sash endi,
which fall over tho skirt.
the surrounding trets, I commenced
wondering as to what kind of a resi
dence would be occupied by Mr. Rob
ertson, how it would bo furnished,
what kind of people his wife and fam
ily would bo like, and the kindred
things that you speculate upon when
going to visit a house for tho first
time. Last, but by no means least, as
tnv walk continued, 1 wondered what
kind of a breakfast thcro would be to
appease tho appetite stimulated by the
I walked down tho shoit avenue charming littlo ladv. who. in less than
leading to the houses and then began tive minutes, I fouud I was absurdly in
to womier wmcn oi tue uuu uozen iovu with
villas I was bound for. 'I his pmall I Snl,l , hurried "trood inonmii'." and
community dispensed with numbers to Was trying to mako a ghastly attempt
their houses, nor did they even distill- at n sin In as I left the roomwhen.
guish themselves by the ambitious and would you believe it ! that tall, dark
ridiculous names which you see stuck mnn i,urgt out into a loud laugh. I
wero promptly nipped.
'Tickets 1
"Hold on !'' protested tho regular
punched this twice.
i me r
Since it was discovered that a family
western edge of tho disk, and over a at Logan, Ivan,, had lost hvo servant
portion of tho flat region known as tho girls in succession by marriage, the
Sea of Crises, something which he de- Stato Commissioner of Immigration is
scribed as a feathery-looking cloud, overwhelmed with letters from Eastern
Just two months later ho saw a similar maidens, asking the speediest means of
appearance m tho samo place. And reaching that house.
now Mr. L. E. Trouvelot, a well-known a lnarriago engagement betweon a
astronomer, commenting upon btanley tTow nn(1 a christian girl in Cincinnati
Williams observation, says that ho has wa, broken through tho persistent ef-
more than onco witnessed similar np. fort8 of ti,0 man-g mother, whoso ob-
nearances upon tho moon's disk. Ho jeclion wa3 solcly that of religious dif-
lias seen lunar landscapes lose their dis- ferenc0 . but sho relented after tho girl
tmctness as if thin clouds wero floating lmd almogt (yle(1 of poion.
". i.a. I.. i i suicu uuu uiiiiiiD, .uiu uuulmil utib inu i uvui tiifiii, mm once, around mo crater i
J"",B"" of Kant, ho saw what mav l,av bom, a A nrettv walking costume for n
",0:.... .s.e k. i"1). . "r'k: . " .. ... "I knew they weren't married" said rare vapor slightly tinged with nnrnle. voting girl was of Liuooln green cloth,
n.4.... 1... t T inn tin tnlrnn iwr (tii.tivtan
T'," .. . t Ti 1 passenger; "you p
and chagrin, that I could on.y mutter Thig A Jt
. :i E "Sorry," replied the conductor; "but
;r . t t.ii .i:....i you walked in, sat down aud, went to
i wwi; u t x " ,""r "' work on tho regular married style,
mis iiuuso Uy , , . .. , q Supposed, of course, it was your wife.
iu. l.y ...uuuu. auu ..: u ,
,.a,,ut. iu . r .B, a uuu a A d fc aS!,eI1org we,)t lo th c0
iranuo iiusu ai my mt, w d(Jtor Md Q and of.
,,,..,,1,1,, jumiiuiu! . ., fnrl,,l mm nllrf hnnrvliC nut. tlin
i hpn old coitroKiTioHi are well souoned by
ago siDd pi ax tistkd ftud Have never vet baa a
loaa settled lr any court cf law. Their as seta
are all invented Id nous eicoumiaand are liable
'a tb Hazard of iihi only.
Loeses raoto-TLT and iiohhti.t adjusted and
nam aa anon aa determined br CnaiiriiH Y.
HHarr, arxui. Amur and APJDaria ULOotia
toaa, i'a.
Tbe people of Columbia oounty ibould patron
lie tbe agenoy wliere losses it any are aetUed
um ruua or onn ot tuoir own ciuatina
TonBoi'ial Aiist,
u agaia at W old stand under EXOtiANOE
norm,, and has aa usual a PIHST-OLASS
UAUUEH SHOP, no respectfully solicits tho I
patronage of bis Old customers and ot tbe DUbltol
Kcuutuujr, i, Du-n
DisoovniST w'db". iAiicinBr8
This remcily will act In bermoay wllh th K.
mal item at all times, and also Immediately
mum tlit abdominal and uientio musciei, uiu rv
stora tliom to a liealtliy and stronir condition.
Ur. Marcalal's Uletluo C'atliollcon will core fall.
.,., ,t unmi, Lntirnpriupa. (Mirnnlc Inflamma
tion and Ulceration ot tlio Womb, Incidental
iimrrhir.fl ur Vloodlnp. PainfaL BuDoressftd
ai.J IrrseuUrMeuslruaUon, Kidney Complaint,
llarrcnnesa and Is especially adspted tolas changt
of Life. Bend for pamphlet free. All letters ol
Inonlry freely answered. Address as auove. ror
sale by all drucclatf. New alio 81 per bottle,
Oldaljo 81.0(1. lie sura ana asc tor nr. ai
chlil'e Uterine Uatbollcou. Taks noomer.
Moyerllros., Wholeaale Arents, lilonnsburjrP
.limn SJ-ly,
for nil dlseaaea of the Kldnays and
It has specl&o action on Uiia moat ImporUst
orcan, enabling tt to Uirovf orrtorpldltr and
InaeUon, lUmuLstiny tbbSAlU7 lURef
the SUt, and by aKplou the bowtla In fris
oondltlon, effwUna IU rtrular diaohara-e,
o I n vl rt If youansufrennc ftout
lYIUIUllUs inaUrta, have the oliiUa,
are btUoua, dyspepUe, or eonsUpated, Kldoay
Wort wUl surely relieve and quickly eure.
lathe Bpring to cleanae lho System, every
one ehould lake a thorough oouxio of it.
U. 8OLDBVDRU0OIST8. Prloatl.
up on most suburban reaiuences. No ;
nothing savoring so of the town, for
this Kroni) of country residences j they
all called tlieir several nouses Dy the
common naino ot Auouy urove, and
tho stranger had to take his chauco of
going to each nf the houses In turn
before lie lound tlio particular one
Fortune favored me, however, by
sending across my path a traveling
directory in tho Bhapu of tho local
milkman i and in resiionso to my in
rimry as to which house was Mr. Hob.
erteon's, I received tho straightforward
reply : "This ere one as l vo jist como
from, sir." Walking up tho path I
fouud the door invitingly open, and
the housemaid putting tho finishing
touclies on tue bell handle.
lie, as no squinted at a llask ot extra llo has also seen another largo crater
prime. "I vo seen lnm betoro, but illuminated with a faint mimic litrht.
this is tho first time it cost him a Mr. Trouvelot thinks theso various an.
couple of dollars to play it.' pearances aro manifestations of a lunar
'uo you Know who tno lady isi atmosphere ot a naturo vet unknown.
asked an lrmtusitivo man. Curious observations of a similar
"My wile, gentlemen, replied tho naturo can bo found scattered hero and
felt ready to knock him down,
know how my stupidity would
gaily discussed at that breakfast table
beforo her, and I felt mv discomfiture
and humiliation deeply ; but this open
merriment at my expenso maddened
A strango calm succeeded this Btorm
It was caused by somo words uttered
by my tormentor. ''You really must
torgivo; 1 could not ret ram lrom
laughing. My name is Kobinson,
Your friend Mr. Robertson lives in
one of tho other Iioubcs. Wo frequent
ly get parcels nnd letters, and even
calh rs comintr to tho wrong house
but in my experienco wo havo never
had bo amusing a mistake so early in
the day as this one,
with hollow plaits of tlio samo on tho
skirt, and botwecn each pleat n fold of
Turkish cashmere in colors of gold,
bluo, green and scarlet. Tho basque is
trimmed with a deep collar and long,
taperiug revere of Turkish cashmere
A lato shapo of bonnet in black vol-
ipturncd sides and a iano
' j conductor, and even tho flask chuckled there in astronomical records reaching a .J
bo wt.iiu.ry - giugBiuij .in hu bjhiku. uacK moro ina.i a century, but they St rt oi;lt in iront, lt is trimmed
. . i " 11,11-1, irt'iifirii, i v r iiii ti nniriui 11111,1 li.irii 1 . . ....
nlllll I I t3 ,v- J -vv.i .uuniit i.i, w. ii.ii. 1, l.lnnL'
distriiBt or totally disregarded. Theso
recent observntlmm irivn tlinm lfmnu'prl
From this sourco wonders havo been Interest and tend to vimlinntn ttimr r-nv.
expected in tho United States slnco rectness. If it can bo shown that tho
1751, when it was first introduced into ,0on has on atmosphere, Sir William
Louisiana. Tho yearly results, as to Ilersohel's idea that our satellito is in-
sugar yield, however, havo been stead- habilablo will not bo deemed so ridicu-
with black feathers and a monturo ot
carmine roses. uTho Hodichon" evo
ning capoto is of brown and gold chen
ille lace, with cluster of feathers of a
golden huoi strings of bronze satin
A vorv fit vl ml 1 n.nntumn l.itnlv mndn
ily on tho decline, nnd many of tho siu lous as it has seemed to somo modern un for a Philadelphia hello had a long
WOi e, 111 I b I 4, turned llltO I nstrnnnnmrH. V alinnlil nnt nvnwl. In I vi.l in. nf ..Wtvm lilnn nttniunn Hillt.
What wosin years gone by obtain any confirmation of tho observa- This was opened down tho front and
Louisiana IS not Ogtllll to lions of tho Owmnn tnlranniviat wlin 1m. liml hirv lnn nnnlcnln and revers. which
for lliaiiy years tO COmo. lrjivud hn ilUnnvproil a l.lo- nilv mul nrii nvrinmnntfiil Willi !t lirtllflltrimn pm.
SOUUlOni irppnt militnrv wnrltn in flm innnii. lint lirniflnrv nf pIpMi-ip. lilnn int. Tim
gar lauds
obtained in
bo hoped
Such being
tho case, other
Now this tmilnnntinn trmnd ilnu-ii
nar. : . . .1 - .t.. ii ..i. I . . . . .
"iuuiiei is nui, huh ii vi-i, Bir, uuu niy nil'Cl'
replied to my inquiry as to whether he which follow
was nt, nouie, wmcn,. coiibiuering tno troubled heart : "Mr. Robertson
time of day, realty appeared an absurd ,avo finished breakfast bv now. I
iiuesUon to ask tho girl j but wo tret cannot think of allowing von tn n
remaining hero
mates navo neon suggested and tried ; reasons might bo shown for thinking skirt was of velvet, cut short and plain.
they give, in many respects, lair results, that tho moon supports lifo peculiar to Around tho bottom was a deep full
nut whatever these havo thus lar been, itself. The mere possibility of such a ruche. Tho redingoto was fastonod
they aro SO insignittcailt When COnipar. Iliinn- U unmmuW Hlnrllimv fn,- ll.n .In...,, il.n fmnr ivitli n rnu? nf linml.
considerably ; but tho words ?,1 !l,h "r total. c0"u,l)lio of. moon is really a very near neighbor to painted buttons, nnd a largo jabot of
lowed wero like balm to my ,.?,t.tJ,e.L J'?," y . Va. 1?"'!dcr rth' V MP. realize how licelli laco is placed at tho throat.
ciose wo nro to another world besides
tho carth,but it is a very narrow span of
accustomed to use stereotyped phrases
under such circumstances.
"Oh, then, I will como in aud wait,'
1 replied,
"What namo shall I say, sir T said
the clrl.
"Just tell linn Mr. llrooks has called,
and ho will understand.
So Bayim: tho girl showed mo into a
sunt; littlo break fast room, where tho
sunbeams and the fresh morning air
seemed to bo vieing with each other as
to which should havo possession of tho
room, with suoh fiiendly rivalry wero
they streaming through two wido
lMoucli windows, which opened upon
a tatelully-arranged lawu nnd (lower
bodii outside. Whilo noticing those
.,! .1 1 ,1 11
tilings tne nousemani nan gono up
stairs to aiinouiico me, when something
iiko mo loiiowing tuuiogiiu ensued ;
Hut many argue that tho time will
come when Texas alonb will grow sufli
eiont cano to supply tho entire North
lVx . ,i,,. frt,. -f 1 7BB n,ul miutsi. an viits iiuuuu iiviir ui
o,.r.i.K maiuj l.a uuv u. ,y t, ( , , , prnmnlo nf T.m,
liitit.i Af ill tlin tmnara w..a.a I 1 " " ' - w.
nt:, , u " " ' ' . ", w ll bo in a proper' stato for
,:' T'V . "" tVr " m".". ,. cano cultivation for hundreds of years
D....B.U,, iu ,uuR . iu diu... a wu inu . . ,. llnrnr,llllf.,i. nrI
utes betoro l hail been ready to kuook n . ' .. " li " ,
.!.: t t .1.. i !....i. I ii iu oiiuiccu-u iu uiiiiiiiiiuii iivur-
t.i.i. ... . . vur , x m.w ii.u.ifjm, , ... mo f, , - . , , ,
most kind nnd ionaul(ratit fpllnur in I.. ' . . . . ' . :
.i i i mo war by lettles, but tho latter have
UIU IVUtllt. ., .. , A
Of oourso the breakfast was delirdit, ? ,,l"u ult :" ""i.uycu, aim io restore
fill. I found Mr. llnlsinMin nml Inst I 1 1,1 proj.ur eimu wuum nevOBSI
...!f,. on.ioilili ...,.,!l i,!.ji,.,,i B"icniiiicni, ua letisu oi million
iinu owiniuiv, UVUIUI, SklllUlli:,!! IUU nE .1M . I . . , . . T li...l .T.nii. " tiuiimo. lllltl ITO11 OlltlC lUXUUOn
:f " . Z , ' ...r" . ' i , wonW be of littlo help, as tho amount
innrlpil tlian I mv .un.n . n.wl ...1... 1 -T "vi..i. snu inucu ui suu
after Inpnkfasl. I nppnmn.mipil Imi- mwl '"" yw
Mr. Robinson into their pretty (lower
garden, 1 received irom her a rosebud
for my buttonhole, which I kept for
somo years nitcrwam. When sav
spaeo that separates us from tho moon.
1 ho mean distancois only 210,000 miles,
or less than ten times tho circuit of the
earth, and only about eighty times as
nir as irom hero to ban l rnncisco. INol
a few sea captains havo probably sailed
as far as the distance from tho earth to
the moon. And yet so closo nt hand
as this thero is a world differing so
widely irom tho ono wo dwell upon that
wo can only admit the possibility of its
oetng inhabited by assuming that its in-
namtanis aro ns utilike ourselves as
their world is unlike ours. Ar. Y. Sun.
Young ladies who havo a tasto for
artistio needlework, can dress hand
somely at small oxpciiBo. A very ele
gant evening toilet worn by a young
lady at a recent publio assembly was of
cream while rep silk ; tho tablier of
whito satin was ornniiiented with a
branch of wild roses, painted by the
wearer. Tho sleovcs and laco trim
ming was of cream Spanish lace em
broidered with crystal beads, also the
work of tho tasteful and industrious
wearer. It was ono of tho richest
toilets worn upon this occasion, and
lirobably ono of tho least expensive.
So much for taste nnd talent judici
ously applied.
"Pleaie, ma'am, Mr. Urooks is down good-bye I was perploxcd by thinking
lho best Spring liiedicino known
is that wonderful tonic, Brown's Iron
Lifo is not alwavs under our own
control, but can be prolonged by care Thomas' Kclectrio Oil lias obtained
ami prudence. Jiuidock Wood Hitters great popularity, from its intrinsic
as a laxitive, alterative, and diuretic value as a reliable, medicitio, in curing
medicino tend materially to restore hoarseness, and all irritations of tho
health and lengthen our days. Prico throat, diseases of tho chest, etc., For
$1.00. I these it Is an Incomparablo pulmonic