The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, February 24, 1882, Image 3

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The Columbian.
vvmm s.vwa
.Iohn4l)10ttprlc!i will well licrannnl properly
In 13py on Tlmraduy, Iturcli Otti.
Henry Fullmer, iiilmlnhlrator (it Ihe es
tate of Alirulmm Force, itecuiMuit, will sell
teal eslnte In Orange towintilp, on Tuesday
March Slit at 2 p. in.
J. C. ami Olmriluh Yoeiim, ndmlnUtralors
of r.lljali Yocum deceased, will sell personal
property In Locmt townililp on March lTtli
and 18t1i.
1), K. Sloan, exeeutoi of John Siinili,
deceased, will sell real estate and per.Kiiiul
property ou Ihe prcmlsesln Orecnwood town,
ship on Friday, Mare.'.i 10l!i at 10 a. in. See
John Zmer will sell personal property on
Ids premises In Fishing creek township on
Thursday March 2nd.
Turner Fyer will sell personal property at
Hycrogrovo on March (Jth.
lVter S. Karshuer ndinlnlitr.itor of John
Hallor deceased will sell real estatu In Mon
tour township on Friday, March 10th.
William Mostellar, adinlnlslr.Uor of Oeorgc
lireece deceased, will sell real estate In Mad
Ison township on Saturday Mireh 11th.
Join Ij. Kline, executor of John Kline Sr.
will sell leal estatu In Locust township on
Saturday .March I8U1, See advertisement.
II. L. Dletlcnbach has retired from the
editorship of the Clintai Democrat.
To clean mica In coal stoves, wash It with
Fou 8.M.K. Two good mares. Apply to
W. C. McKlnney.
). II. 1!. lirower Is about to start a new
republican newspaper at Danville.
Lent lias come.and codllsh balls have taken
the place of dancing parlies.
The banks and schools were closed on
The Hess Savage case was from Jackson
township, not Sugarloaf, as stated last week.
Fou Sam: A Good two horse wagon. Ap
ply to James Commons.
Frank IJ. Thornton died at Danville on
Wednesday morning at half past twelve.
The Central Pennsylvania. Conference of
the M. R Church meets nt Lock Haven,
Mnrch tG, Ilishop Hurst presiding.
(leorge Scovillo Ksi., (Julteau's counsel,
lectuml at Willlamsportlaxt Friday evening.
His subject was "Modern Politics."
I.ewisburg has six newspapers now, and
there Is talk of starting the seventh n Stal
wait Republican organ.
The Illustrated sermons at the Presbyter
ian Church will be resumed next Sunday
The Phllologian Society has purchased a
fine organ of J. Saltzer, and placed it in their
hull at tliu Xormal School.
We shall send another box of books to the
binder next week. Those having books to
be bound will please send them in by Wed
nesday. Miss Julia A. Hunt and the "Floiinel"
troupe were greeted by a fair audience at tho
Opera House last Friday night. This Is one
of thu best plays that has been given here.
I.osr. lletween Jlloomsburg and Light
Street, on Friday evening, n Ilangle IJraeelet
containing five gold dollars. A reward will
be given if brought to tills olllce.
W. II. Smith, late proprietor of the Milton
Anju.i writes the Gazelle fc llulletin that his
family is now free from small pox. He lost
! two children bv this disease.
Hon. It. P. Allen, of Williamsport, a grad
! uate and trustee of Lafayette College, will
deliver thu annual oration at the suinini r
i commencement.
Mrs. Clark C'hristnian died on last Thurs
day morning, February Iflth, after an Illness
of several months. Her maiden name was
Zeigler, and she was ono of the sltcis of
Mrs. Samuel Shaffer in this place.
A commission appointed to erect a moiin-
incut over the grave of Simon Snyder, Gov
enor of Pennsylvania from 1603 to 1817, will
receive plans and proposals for the monu
ment, at Selinsgrove. until April 1st.
IJy enclosing a three-cent slump to Foster,
secure, free,a set of tlielr tine niiiogiiipli pic
ture earns, wiuriiiuc uu in iiuuu'iii inn
Snow on Sunday, rain on Monday, and
iiiesuay, winning up wnu u nan niium uu
ri'. ..f , .1.,. .,..,,......1.1.11,. r
wuouii mil, ui'uii, 119 WIU ll .ft nullity ...
11m weather fop the tlrsl. of this week. e
uo not re ue uuer i eanuir e l nur iv ant-
thing about this.
"Itooms to Rent" is on tho boards for
ii very aiuieiii uiav. anu iiiu eifiupaov uiai
linwnta it. him rppelvpil rrtimtl niiMitnre twi.
. ,
Death to rats, roaches and antsj Paksons
-A U.1 A 1M!.. 1IH1I19 ,IIIUI lin 1IIIU IIUUl
,.l t., .. ..!...,!.. ..t..i.f x-.. r f
liaii si lens, nest i uneanesL veiuuii ki ier
II- 1 1.. I 111.
111 II,.. wml.l C,.l,l ,.,.,.u..
Thu Phllologian Literary Socletv will give
lull, this Friday evening, at which time the
play ot "llreml on thu waters ' will be pro.
nice ii. ac in ss on -m cents, e u lit e i it u er
.... ic, .'vii..7. .tiwv.itutav.-i .Tin iiv iiii i
111 UL 11 l I IIIUU.
The prisontT, Fink, taki'ii to tho pciilten
iwirr liilii-i h.rnru A u lu iiMH wt lit c.ifii l.-n. ti
ling ftf uiimii tlnwi tint ittttridifj nnn H'n ! lltl
A drunken lo'ifer at tho Opera Hnii'.e last
Y.1-1.1 !.-!.. .1 1 I,
I I .f 111 I 'ill ni In fcnf.ii iinlr.l U',. t.nvi. 111..
mrii'i'ii imin mi. nun tm-i I, it-n i
Don't bo deceived by Mi-culled traveling
nt lie a is. mere is 110 st en 1 1111? as iruvei.
1 .1. i 1 .... 1. 1
ni uiuieaiiHi uiev aie u &ei 01 miiuraiiL iei-
lows mm cuiiiKu lor iriases noi reauv
trnrMi Till Ki.nla mi it'ill nil v ilttit . i. I.I -i lie
in cities. You bad better iro to a reliulilo
neater wno wnrra is everv nn r ntut is a -
M'nvu n li.i fminil ill Ilia cliin. tv'li......iu iin.1
(iters client von n 111 1 ev nru none.
Thu uscfulucbs of thu dally newspaper ap-
... 1.,. ...ill. a. 1 11. 1.. n'..... ii........
minimi I.MIt t In. lit Imr iln. 11 ilriiif.tlat til
1, .....v. ....t,.",,
tiulltllir 1111 11 lirpsnriiitlnii. I In illiir-nvm iil lilK
error niter tits customer nail leu tun More.
llllt llll WHS lllllllllll tl IW'nl-llll.'ll lii.i If ulin
roil 1. anil in ilesiieratlou Hie 1 uu?!' 1st 111 ver- llll r 1 11 II irr I In llni Innnl ti.n.i.t. lr.itn.
'niitele the Wfininti uiw n iw-vv mi!iini. iinihr
Vtdiu saw tho lu'.vertlseineiit and cseuped 1111
awful denth.
An exchange says, "Alan's nveragu life U
ii:i years. Dr. Hull's Cough Syrup will al
ways live.
Some of our cltletis have suffered consld-
erable Inconvenience from water In their cel.
lars during tho recent wet weather, lnig
pumps havo been in deni'ind,
Services at St. Paul's church during Lout
will be held as follows t Tuesday, Thursday
and Saturday afternoons at 4.15. Wednes
day and Friday mornings nt 10. Wednes
day evening until April 1st, at 7.
The lire in tlu No. 1 slope of thu Susque
hanna Coal Mining Company at Xnntlcoko Is
under control and noon will be entirely out.
A large number of men who have despe
rately fought thu tire have had their faces
ami hands liurned.
- Tho election passed olf very quietly. The
town vote was very light, being only 41)0.
Last year it was O.Vi, and at last fall's elec
tion It was 021. At the Presidential election
In iyS0 It was 811. Hut little more than half
of tho voters attended the polls last Tuesday.
Hev. W. W. Kvnns gave a magic lantern
exhibition at Ids reldence on Tuesday eve
nliiti. to a select audience. The views In
cluded many scenes of Interest In JIurope.
The proceeds were for the benefit of the M.
K. Sunday school.
Logansport, (Ind.) Dally Journal.
I sell more of St. Jacobs OH remarked Mr.
I). K. Pryor, 112 K. llroadway, to our repor
ter, than of any other article of Its-kind, and
I consider it the best liniment in use. It lias
to my own knowledge cured severe cases of
rheumatism In this community.
Ira. voumresl son of Georire W. and Mary
A. Sterner, died of membranous croup on
Saturd.iv 11101111111: last, aired one year, eleven
mouths mill twenty-four days, lie was taken
sick on the Thursday preceedlng. 1 he fun
eral was held on Sunday afternoon, There
has been quite u number of deaths among
thu children from tills disease this winter.
HoAi!t)Ki:s Wasted. Students and others
who wish a quiet and comfortable boarding
place on or after April 1st, 1882, can pro
cure such a place by making application to
the undersigned either by letter or person.
Location south corner of Third and Hailroad
Streets, Address,
feb21-:)t V.i.
Friends of dead soldiers of this lrte war
will bu interested to learn that If the proper
Information Is furnished to George A. F.ckcrt
Department of Internal allalrs, Ilarrlsinirg,
they will see tiiat headstones are furnished
free of charge to mark their grives. The
government regulations lequlre the date of
birth and death and age as near as can be
"Rooms for Rent, Is founded upon occur
rences wlitcli may lie imagined 10 iawe
place in a house wheie furnished rooms are
rented, and the situations are ludicrous in the
extreme. Tho awkward predicaments in
which the principal characters are continu
ally becoming involved created roars of
laughter last night, and will make the come
dy a popular success."--A'. 1'. 'lime'.Auy- 10.
The Kcho says: The business men of
Hloonisburg want a free bridge ucross the
Susquehanna at that placj built at lite coun
ty's expense. Isn't thU a first-class exhibi
tion of check? The editor of the. .'.;:.) cer
tainly ought to be able to distinguish cheek
from progress. It is not the business men of
IJlooinsbttrg alone that want a freu bridge.
.Most everybody favors it except the stock
holders in the IVrwlck and C'atnwissi
Of thu cx-Governors of Pennsylvania only
three are living. Kx-Govcrnor Pollock was
electid in B.'tl over Governor Higler, and he
is now Naval Olllcer at Philadelphia. K
Goveruor Curtin was elected over Henry 1).
Foster in 1800, re-elected over Judge Wood
ward In 1H0:1, and is now In Congress. IOx
Governor Hartranft was elected In 1873 over
ex-Senator liuckalcw, re-elected in 187) over
Judge Pershing, and is now Collector of the
Pot t of Philadelphia.
A miserable specimen of Immunity was in
town last week asking for charity fiom house
to house. He had a pack on Ids back, and
one hand was lied up in 11 bundle of rags,
and was supposed to be crippled. He was
observed to u.u it, however, when he
thought no onu was looking. His uneeiemo
nlons manner of walking into houses alarm
ed several ladles into presence he
ushered himself uii.iunounc ed and demanded
uioncv. Mtcll vagrants ougui not 10 we 1111-
Assurance, is a good -quality to possess
sometimes, but It us that tho agents
who travel about the country making con
tracts with newspapers for the publication of
patent medicine advertisements are supplied
with more bnibs in tin ir countenances than
the law requites. They expect to secure the
very best positions in the paper, for which
they ate willing to pay about the pi lee of an
inch for a quarter column. If editors gen
orally would Insist on reasonable pay for
this class of advcitMng, it would soon ills-po-e
of the cheap concerns, and legitimate
manufacturers whose remedies possess merit
would be willing to pay much better prices.
The A'cuVirm Ay pilnls a table of new con
struction In I8S1 which foots up to 8,242
miles, and that Journal says: "Allowing
for returns yet to be received, we believu it
safe to istlniute that tho track laid In the
United Stales in 1881 will prove to have been
verv little if any less than 10,000 miles."
Kven should that stupendous tlguie be not
nllalm il. nnd the full Mulistlcs c.ttry it to
l),r,00 miles, the record of 1831 goes far be
yond that ever before made In this country,
w hieh has always been pre-i mlnent for rail
road building. Kven In the wildest times of
the railroad mania in 1671. only 7,:!7! miles
were added to our mileage.
The following liiithfitl nitiele we clip from
the Willlamspoit Sun k Ilinnen It Is usual
K- tlie iiL'i-nts of Ihe verv cheatiesl kind of
shows that have nio-l to suy about furnish
Imr "dead head" tickets us they call them
The advance agent of any of the traveling
eiiteitalnmeiits will call In at the olllce of a
paper like this and leave half a doen "com
pllinentailes," asking In return a number of
notices, the money value of which is woith
ten times the price of Ihe tickets. On an
average we pay In locals about three dollars
per ticket, anil therefore when we hear some
mm headed agent of the company, wearing a
diamond pin, talking about furnishing 'dead
head' tickets for the press we feel very much
like pulling his nose forhlin.
J. W. Raeder, the book binder, has been
compelled to enlarge Ids premises to secure
sulllclcnt aecoininodatloiis for pel forming the
work that Is coming In. Ho will occupy the
entire floor at 110 nudll2 West Maiket slice
and workmen are now making tho necessary
alterations, When they me completed Mr
Harder will put In the best ruling and paging
machines and picas that can bo purchased
lie will employ llist-class workmen and until
lug but the btsl of work will bo turned out
Ills motto will bo promptness and ho will
make to order blank books suitable for bank
eis, coal operators, Insurance agents, mcr-
chants mid county olllcers. He will Icivu for
the cities In n few days to purchiuo inaehlii
cry and block.- llVWWif .Viwct.
Mr Raeder ibus all of our binding and we
Know that he does excellent woik. Order
for binding received at this olllce nt ltacder'
Many persons Iron towels, fold them, nnd
place away before they are thoroughly drj .
1 his Is an error, and sometimes leads to re
sults not expected. In this damp condition
there Is 11 mould which forms 011 them called
odium," onu variety of which causes a skin
disease known ns rlng.worni.
We have Just learned the particulars of un
occurrence, last week, that rellects 110 credit
upon a young man who hns hitherto borne 11
good reputation. He resides In Hrlarcrcck,
and was engaged to bo married to nn esti
mable young lady and Thursday was named
ns the wedding day. At that time the guests
assembled, the clergyman was present and
thu fair bride, arrayed In lilting garb, await
ed the bri lugroom. He did not appear, nnd
after sonic time had passed, 11 messenger was
(out lo his residence. There It was learned
that he had started for Tennessee that very
morning, without 11 woid to the girl who was
o have l.mi his wife, or to any of his
friends. Criticism can hardly be too severe
for such base conduct.
Arthur A. Clark and Clarence Fltzpatrlek
attended the ball at Drlfton last Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Cheinbcrllii of Ply-
mouth were lu town this week visiting rel
atives. Mrs. Sallle Shrlver now living In Minne
sota, is tho guest of Mrs, Ttibbs,
Thomas Abbott of Colorado is In town
visiting relatives. He will spend several
weeks In this section.
Mr. George llertsch of Matich Chunk re
turned homo last Monday after spending
several days In town with friends.
Miss Sallle Shoch of Sellnsgrove Is tho
guest of Miss Kllza Ktthii.
Amos liuckalcw has been confined to the
house the past week by sickness.
(,'luur 3lilktns Mnrlilnr.
Mr. F. P. Hart, of Llllt, formerly of tho
Lancaster tuamimr, now of Ihe Internal
revenue department, has received letters
patent for nn Ingenious cigar making ma
chine. The leaf nnd filling are laid upon
plate and with one motion like that of a
rant-cutter a roller is passed over them and
tho cigar is made, 11 lateral knife clips the
ends as the cigar Is made. It then drops in
to 11 mould, twenty of which are In a sliding
box under the machine to receive them as
rapidly as made. With ono motion the ma
chine does the work now requiring live or
six manual movements, and the inventor
claims that one operator and a boy or girl to
:arry oil the moulds will do the work of five
cigar manufacturers. Castings are now being
made to put the machines Into market. If
they are as practicable as the model prom-
es they will revolutionize Ihe trade and
make cigars so cheap that the whole family
an uiford to indulge in thu weed.
The Sr.t Sn-ipi'iit nuiilii 1nh l.ona llrnnrli.
The sen serpent has again made his first
annual appearance this year at Long Brunch.
Willie Frank M. Taylor and several other
well-known residents, whosu names are not
given, were strolling by the iron pier one
evening about six o'clock a monster about
forty feet long rose above the water. Tho
peculiarity about this serpent was the head.
It had horns about four feet high and about
six feet apart. Its mouth was of the same
ilarmliig dimensions. Mr. Taylor and the
well-known residents declaru that these were
the first "horns" that they had seen during
the day. The eyes were peaceful and had a
id, far-away look. Its color is slightly
ircen, anil sltono with a phosphorescent
light. Mr. Taylor and the other well-known
residents became very much alarmed and ran
up the beach. At last,uflergiizing round for
five niinutes.the alleged monster sank slowly
and dlsappeaied. The iron pier is still
If the lady who reads this card when In
want of Spool Cotton will ask
for the
"O. N. T."
the will obtain the very best thread made.
Vsk for Clark's "O. N. T." Cotton and
see that you get it.
For sale by all leading dealers,
fob :t c-m
tliH'Mlurn NotiM
-Mr. F. P. Harris of Philadelphia is spend-
ing a few days in lids place.
Flora a blight little daughter of William
and Anna Hutchlngs, died on Monday after
in illness of but onu night.
Mr. A. 1). Vauliew. our popular ineichant
has already made preparations for repairing
the old Shoemaker store, where he Intends
ariying on business in the near future.
The meeting is still In progress in the
Lutheran Church.
Mr. F. 1!. llaitmaii and wife spent a few-
days recently with their brother-in-law, J. K.
Kelfcr lu Hughesville. Jaku Is running one of
the largest and best mills in this section of
the state, is doing 11 large trade, and knows
how lo entertain his friends,
lu reply to "A Granger," would only say,
but two statements were made concerning
.Mr. Samuel Old, that both wcro correct "A
Granger" admits. No reflections of poverty
were cast or intended, and when wu need
Assistance to write a few items from this vi-
cinlty, or advice upon the same wu will let
vou know, '
Vute In T11M ii
The following Is the vote of nur late town
elictlon held Tuesday, Fi briiary 21st, 18S2.
rhcre were only -I'.IO votes polled, about one.
half of the full vole.
riiK-uiiKXr ni' I'ot'Ncu..
A Herring,
112 ill!)
( 170
1 1
2-it (HO
2.18 01)11
220 (ISO
1711 1121
102 270
178 1122
287 (100
102 1121
21) rr,
180 fi87
218 1187
121 1110
100 ii.-!:)
1.1!) 2!i:i
274 002
lii'.l 1181
I'.li Knurr,
John Loekaid,
MUMiiKiis or onrjjcil..
11. Sterling,
Win. lialib,
ieorge Hassert,
Levi Waller,
I. W. Hartnian,
W. S. Moyer,
M. ('. Woodward, 1122
It. Harris. 211)
1). Lavcock, 20
hcitool. lilliKcioits,
Peter Jones, ' 401
O. T. Wilson, llll)
Thus. Webb, 210
L. II. Rupert, 217
W. II. Yeller, 1UI
I. K. F.ver, iVii
Hairy Fornwald, 215
II. Rosenslock,
Caleb Harton,
10. II. Hldleiuan,
btcplicu knurr,
Win. Glrlon,
John Peiimaii,
K. r. Lnl,
J. K. Glrton.
(la Tlilll llll)i. Trhll.
Wo will send Dr. Dye's Celebrated F.lcctro.
Voltaic Hells and other Kleetiie Appliances
on trial for thirty days to young men and
older persons who are ntllleted with nervous
deblllty.lost vltallty,elc., guaranteeing speedy
relief and complete lestorallon of vigor ami
manhood. Also for RheuuiatUm, Neuralgia,
Paralysis, Liver and Kidney dilllcultles,
Ruptures and many oilier discuses, lllustu.
ted pamphlet sent free. Address Voltaic
Hell Co., Marshall, Michigan.
Oct. 28, '8l.1y
Annllirr Hi'i Ttnv,.r.t CoHiph-lliMt.
The contract for putting down the track ot
Ihe N & W. H. ity. lias been given lo the
Messrs. Collins, and active operations In this
direction will soon bo commenced. Under
the old nrrangemciit It was the intention of
the New Jersey Central to lay thu track, but
since the road has passed Into the hands of
Ihu Pennsylvania Hailroad Company a
changu has been made. The rails are being
put In readiness for shipment and as soon as
the bridge nt Cntawlssa Is finished, which
will require about four weeks' time, thu
construction train will bo put on, A con.
necllon lias already been made with thu 1).
II. it W, at Cntawlssa, from which place the
train will bu run. A force of workmen will
be sent on in advance of the trnck.layers to
give tho finishing touches to the road bed.
These ineii will occupy Ihu slianlles which
have been left standing at regular Intervals
along the line. Mr. Collins says that tho
Pennsylvania company desires tho speedy
completion of Ihu road and nre leaving noth
ing undone to secure this end. Shidthinny
It rmlrlt Note.
Notwithstanding thu Inclemency of thu
weather, Tuesday there was a largo vote
polled, owing to the largo number of aspi
rants for olllce nnd the energetic work of tlielr
friends. The following is a list of olllcers
elect 1
Chief Hurgess, II. C. Hurgcss Assistant
lltirgess, Win. Ilayleri Justice of Peace t O.
A. Hucklnghnm 1 School Directors, H. F.
Crispin, Jr. H. L. Frcas,S. L. Mcllride; Con.
stnble,Johu Jacoby j High Constable, Lyiunn
Fowler i Overseers of Poor,0. H. P. Kitchen,
Levi Kurtz j Assessor, W. H. Hnrtmati; As.
slstnnt Assrssors,C. II. Jackson,!!. R. Howen
Judge of Flection, Win. Jarrnrd ) Inspectors,
Michael Thornton, Win. Hrcdbender ( Town
Council, G. L. Rengaii, David Handier, S. C.
Jayne, J. H. Hrlttidn, Win. Fciisterniaker,KH
Nothing has yet been heard of -Messrs Tut-
tie and Mcndeiihidl, Insurance agents who
disappeared some time since, without form
ally sajlng "good-bye" to their creditors.
111. Ivnorr Is anxious to have un Interview
with them.
A .In-mint tor .llcrlinnlri. I
The publishers of the "Mi:ciiamoai.Nkw.s,"
an illustrated, practical mechanical Journal,
for eleven years published at Springfield,
Ohio, have decided to remove their Paper to
their Eastern Olllce, No. 110 Liberty Street,
Nuw York, on or about thu 1st of March.
Thu "Mkciianioai. Nkh.s" Is ouu of thu best
Journals of its class published, and it is the
intention of tho Proprietors to still further
improvu it. In order to do this econom
ically, and In the best possible manner, thcy
tind that It Is essential to remove the same to
the metropolis of the United States, where
they can make thu paper first-class in every
respect. The "News" is a handsome sixteen
page Journal, printed on line paper, with en
gravings of the latest mechanical devices,
ami subjects that cannot fall to interest every
reader. They propose not only to make It
popular with the artisan, but a welcome vis
itor to everv mechanic's household. The
Publishers send a specimen copy and Premi
um List free oil application. Jheir sub
scription price is very low, only Onu Dollar
per year, and 11 useful premium included.
Alliiusl 11 l'nnlr
On Thursday night the Milton Opera House
was literally packed with people, to witness
Halrd's famous minstrels. All went well
until the overture was ahout half over
wlienlheCliief Hurgcss of Milton came in and
announced lu nn exciting tone of voice. "Thu
building Is giving way!" The panic can bet
ter be imagined than described. Gentlemen
turned pale, children streamed and ladies
rushed frantically for thu door. It was In
vain that the stage manager tried to quiet tho
crowd, but they lost all presence of mind nnd
were getting down stairs ns fast ns possible.
It so happened that thu builder of the build
ing was in thu room, who roso and said
"Ladies nnd gentlemen it is impossible for
this building to glvu way as theru aru two lit
inch brick walls running the entire length
and it cannot give 111 the least." This pnei.
fied the remaining portion of tho audience,
and the performance began again and was
gone through with without any further inter
ruption. The building was then examined
and found in a very bad condition, with a
largo crack running from the floor to the
celling, the stairway was very much shaken,
and lu fact the building had been slowly giv
ing way, and but for tho timely warning
Milton would again have met with a terrible
calamity. Argun,
A Mult' II Will I'll.
M. W. Mellcnry, a sober and industrious
young fanner trom Stillwater, Columbia
county.ciime to Market with a load of shoats
Tuesday. He put up his team for the night
at Rosenstock's Hotel, West Hnzletou, and
after supper, being very tired, he fell us!ep
lu his chair In the bar room. hllo ho slum
bered peacefully thu notorious Low. Zell came
Into the biirioom.antl as there wnsnt the time
no one present except the bartender and host
lor, Lew. stepped softly up to Mellcnry and
relieved him of Ids watch, after which he im
mediately left the hotel. Tho hostler had
observed the theft, and ns soon as Lew left
he amused Mellcnry nnd told him that his
watch was gone. Landlord Rosenstoek ac
companied the hostler and Mellcnry to the
olllce of Squire Jones, where 11 win rant was
issued for the arrest of Zell. Constable
Lynch then canio to town and found tho
man nt home, but when thu warrant was
rend he stoutly denied the charge of stealing
the watch. Constable Lynch, however, was
not to bo fooled, and on searching Lew's
trunk the watch was reroveied. The latter
was then taken bifore Sqtilto Jones, who af
ter hearing the evidence placed the accused
under bull for his iiiii.iiirnnce tit court.
Willie Thu fin- he .Mi ll, ll.
The manufacture of white muslin neckties
for men's wear in large quantities Is 1111 lu
dtistry of recent growth lu New Yoik, and Is
confined to that city. Threu years ago these
tics wcro inadu In shops where coloicd tics
ami semis nre manufactured.
"The demand for a neat, new, while inns
lln uecktiu every summer morning, or twice
n day bometlmes," said 11 wholesale man
ufaclurcr "led to the branching out of tho
white necktie trade as a separate industry,
and now the manufacturers are having moro
orders for lies than they can till, Millions of
them tire sent out from thu four manufactur
lug firms In this city. Onu of the two larg.
est firms is in Llspeiuird street nnd the other
Is In Wooster.
"Kverywhero these ties have been sent
they root others out of tho market. Those
which wu send are cheaper than can be
made by the old style. The old pi loo for
dozen lawn neckties fit to be win 11 win.
dollar. Now these are sold for i-l.fiO a gross,
Tiie material is a so-called Vlctoilu lawn,
or a muslin from tho Miinltawiiy Mniiufnct
tiring Company or the .Middlesex Hleiiclilng
Company. 1 he iniiniifactoiles are iu Prov
ldencu nml Fall River, and their muslins are
so well protected by high duties 011 tho tin
ported material that large quautltici can lie
sold cheap to manufactures of tho ties,
"tho prlcu of n gioss ol while ties Is ac
cording to quality, from il.f,0toi2l Those
of higher pilce aie iinluoldeiid on tho ends
with llowers, dots, or fancy designs, accord.
Inf to changes iu Ihe fiithlon, nnd t Un
packed iu glass-topped boxes destined
t-oine country dcalei's show case,"
A Nnv (III Trnllor.v.
The Sn'limn lln'lctc has the following 1
"A few months ago 11 slock company was
formed for the purpose of putting down two
test wells on llicMehoopntiy creek, near thu
point where Ilrnilford, Wyoming nnd Sulli
van counties meet. Somu threu or four
month ngo operations vvere begun, and the
boring commenced tit a place About two
miles above the village of Lovclton, near the
tse of what Is known ns Tyler mountain.
The work has been progressing ns rapidly ns
possible during this time, nnd Inst Wedncs
day, nt n depth of 1,050 feet, petroleum was
slrilck. As might be expected the stock hits
golie up amazingly, nnd considerable ex
citement prevails. Other wells will at once
be put down, and should thu existence of nil
hi nlmniliinco be proven, It will not bu sur
prising If the hills In lids vicinity arc cover
cd with derricks In 11 few years. "
llnmc I'nr Injur nl .lllni'i
A meeting of the commission appointed to
superintend the erection of a hospital for In
jured miners at Ashland, Schuylkill county,
was held Inst week at tho Jones house, liar
risbtirg. There vvere present President D.
A. Heckley, of llloomburg; Secretary John
P. Sliocner, of Orvvlgsbtirg J. II. James,
iVsldandj George K. Hast, Schuylkill Haven;
William James, Mincrsvllloj John W. Mor-
gait, Schuylkill county) Gen. William Lily,
Maucli Chunk) Jacob R. Eby, Harrlsburg;
II. Alrlcks, Jr., the architect, and W. F,
Patterson, tho contractor. Dr. Dlller Luther,
of the State board of charities, was also pres-
nt. Mr. Alrlcks presented his final report,
giving a description of thu building and do-
tailing thu satisfactory progress that had
been 111 nil c. The report was unanimously
adopted. The building will be finished next
week nnd Mr. Alrlcks was authorized to ap
point a person to laku charge, of It until It is
filially turned over to thu trustees to be ap
pointed by the governor, and also to pur-
chasu furniture for the building. The funds
nt present in the hands of tho commission
111 permit of the almost complete furnishing
of the hospital, and It will not bu long before
it will bo ready for thu reception of patients.
The commission adjourned to meet at Phila
delphia on March 2d.
.illintn I11111..
John Huffuagle has been lying ill for
about three weeks from a cold settling on
his lungs.
The saw mills which nru numerous in tills
place, have been unusually busy since the
late rains as water has been plenty. The
timber Is being worked into car, railroad and
building lumber.
John Drown Jr. of this place, who for the
past few months has been living nt Colorado
Springs, Col. made his returning nppenrancu
on our streets a short time ago. John is
looking well.
The mall on Tuesday 14th Inst, was units-
ally large. Some persons seemed pleased
with the news, while others rather frowned
nt the ferocious looking portraits.
The store room of Fckroto it Snyder is
undergoing repairs and will in a few days
look better than ever.
There was quite 11 small-pox scare in town
on Tuesday, created by some of the hands
who were working nt Herwlck, coming
home, because the small-pox broke out In
the same house where a number of them
were boarding. We hope it will not break
out here.
Considerable damage was done to many
farmers, by tho late rains washing deep
ditches in the grain fields.
What Makks a Goon I'afbu. The Lou-
isville Courier Juurnnl hns the following
sensible remarks about conducting a news
paper: '-riome people estimate, thu ability of
newspaper and the talents of Its editor by
the quantity of its original mutter. It Is com
parntlvcly an easy task for a frothy writer to
pour out dally n column of words words up
on any nml nil subjects. His Ulcus may How
on one weak, washy, everlasting Hood, nnd
the command of his language may enable
him to string them together like bunches of
onions, nnd yet his paper may be n meagre
mid poor concern. Indeed the mere writing
part of editing a paper is but a small portion
is mil a small poruon
of the work. The cure, the lime employed in
selectliiir, is far more important, nnd the fact
that a good editor is better known by his se
lections than by anything else ; and that we
know Is half of the battle. Uut, as we have
said, nn editor ought to bo estimated, and his
labor understood nnd appreciated, by tho
sienernl conduct of his paper. Its tone, its
uniform consistent course, turns, lnniillncss,
dignity and Its prosperity. To preserve Ihem
as they should be preserved Is enough to oc
cupy fully the time und attention of any man.
If to this be added thu general supervision of
the newspaper u tublislinient, which most
editors have to encounter, the wonder Is how
they Mud time to write ut all."
oiu I rriK-i-eilliitft
William Shcllhamiiier vs. 51. drover's nil.
mlnlstrntor's, verdict for plalntlllfor 770,05.
W. G. Yetter executors vs. William en
ger. -Nonsuit tuKcn.
Petition of Jesse Fisher for change of name
presented and tiled.
Petition of Lllliu Lnmon for citation to guar-
dliiu to (He un account 30 days before next
term Hied, and citation awarded.
Petition for county bridge over the Susqiie
lunula lllver ut Illoomsburg, presented ; A.
H. Stewart, Moses Schllcher and John Hart
man appointed viewers.
1). K. Sloan, Miitthevv Patterson, Abner
Welsh, A. H. Herring, Wm. Long, nnd Joint
than Poust, appointed inspectors to view the
workniunshlp of a county bridge over Qreen
Peter Swank. John Herner. Jacob Yetiger.
Henry Itelnbold, Kilns George, and Jacob
Arthur appointed Inspectors to view tho
workmanship of a county bildgc In Locust
iienr A. -M. Jolinsiin's.
i. E. Chimin unpointed iiuditor to ills.
tribute funds In the estate of William Verry,
Petition for review in the estate of Jacob
Homboy deceased, Hied.
W. Miller appointed auditor to distribute
funds iu tlio estate of Jared Harrison, deceased
bale ordered In estate ol tnluarlnc Uull,
The Sheriff acknowledged tho following
deeds t
To Wm. HartiniULlot iiiUuckhnrii forirHOo
sold ns tlie property of M, 0. Shoemaker,
II, ltcccc, lot In Uuckhorn for S-22.l5,solil as
property ol -M. u. biiocmaKer.
II, Hecce. lot In Uuckhorn for SOOO.sold as
the property ol M. U, blioemaUer.
W. Old. lot Iu Uuckhorn for 845. sold as
tut; properly o: -ii. u. iV w. ll. Biiocinuuer
M. G. Hughes, lot lu Cntaw ssa for S00O,
sold as tlie properly of vv. John,
Almlra Johnson, lot in Greenwood $30,sold
as the property or u, v . iioiiman.
Miirtha Adams, lot lu Online &1320. sold
as tlie property in j. u iieurie.
II. W. Wyiikoon, lot In Hloom $1500, sold
as inu propcny oia. .m. unpen.
John Movvrv. Samuel Houck nml Josenh
I.evnn appointed viewers of a road In Locust
near Henry Apples.
Petition Hied for tide of mil estate of Mar
garet Fottucr, n lunatic.
J, F. Dcrr, George Hurlemiin and B. W.
Mellcnry nppnlntcd viewers of a road lu
Madison and Pine near M. K. Master's.
Itohr Mellcnry, lllrum Kverett and (Ieorge
Knouse unpointed viewers for n rond In
J ticksoii and Sugarloaf near M, Ncyhnrd's.
K. It. Ikeler appointed auditor to dUtrlb
utu funds in cstnto of Frederick ShtiHer, de.
C. C. Peneock appointed auditor to dls-
Irllllltn funds 111 fhtiite nf -Trimm l'Vlterlnini.
f"r I deceased.
Adjourned until March lllst nt 0 a. in.
A horso belonging to Commissioner ltd
chart was tied nt tho Rupert paint Mill on
Tuesday nflernoou.niid becoming frightened,
broke Its fintenlngs,nnil ran to town where It
turned up tho court house alley unit was stop
ped at llttckalews' livery. The wagon was
imdly broken, but the horse sustained no In
The great superiority of DR.
allothcrcough remedies is attested
by the immense popular demand
for that old established remedy.
For the Cure of Coughs, Colds,
Hoarseness, Croup, Asthma, Bron
chitis, Whooping Cough, Incipient
Consumption nnd for the relief of
consumptive per ins in advanced f
stages of the For Sale Eg
by nil Dniggk'-s. Price, " ccnti.
Not. 4, "si-oui
Stehnki! Ill Hloonibbiirg on Saturday
morning Feb. 18th., Iia, youngest son of G.
W. nnd Mnry A. Sterner, aged 1 year 11 mos.
21 days.
A bud too sn ret for us t keop,
Illooms In nhovo,
For Ueuvetil Atnjclsto eject
With nn cvvrlasllinr love.
Siviii: In West Hemlock 011 thu 14th Inst,
Kzra Styer aged 40 veins and 10 months.
L. T. Shnrpless will positively close out his
entire stock before the middle of Match to
bult Ihe business, Call early If you want to
secure the best bargains.
Great Hargainsare to be had at C. W. Low's
store at Orangevillo Pa., as ho Is selling out
Ids entiro stock of goods at cost, as he lias
rented Ids store to Lllley & Sloppy and gives
them possession the first of April, feb 17- If
Pianos, 'organs, und all wood iiiulcal in
8truincnts,cleuiicd,ti!iicd,and repaired. New
luilrs jiut on bows. T. Mctlierell, Hloonisburg.
New muslins.
calicoes and ginghams ut
Lutz & Sloan's.
4000 yards spring calico at I. W. Hart-
man's (no cheap stttlT.)
Lutz & Sloan have the best and cheapest
lot of towels and tuble linens lliey ever
Parties desiring corn ut wholesale prices
can get it in 2j bushel lots and upwards, of
W. O. Ricluitt, Hloonisburg. feb !i 4-w
Hrim; your samples of black silk and be
convinced Unit l.tttz iV hloan will sell you
silks as cheap as you can get them anywhere
tn tin- stale.
Only think! 40 pieces of
ilu-'li ims in one
store ut I. W. Iliirtmiiirs.
It Is n remarkable fact that Thomas' ICct.r.u-
luie On. Is as good fur Internal as external
use. r or diseases ol Hie lulu's unit lliroat,
and for rheumatism, neuralgia, crick iu the
back, wounds, mid sores, it is the best
known remedy, nnd mucli trouble is saved
by having it always on hand.
New black cashmeres
and other dress
goods at I.utz it Sloan's.
The Klcctioii over, Xovv for the New
Spring goods ut 1. W. Ilartmiiii's.
Want Prime Cloverseed and 500 bushels
of Potatoes ut Silas Young's, Light Street.
Feb. 21 4-v
T W llnrlmiiii lilwnvs keens bw Grocery
Department well stocked with fresh goods.
llurdock lllood Hitlers Uriiia Hack health,
when the Unity Is Uadly disordered liy im
pure Hlood. 'Hillousiicss, indigestion" con-
i r'"" ;""'
' .' ,. n,I,nf Til,! lliii,.ra IVi,.,.
Easter and Hirtlulay cards by the hundred
In I. V. Hiirliiian's book department. Call
ami see tliem.
Dr. Frnzier's Root Bitters,
Frazici's Hoot Hiltets arc not a dram-shop
whiskey bevcraticbut are strictly medicinal in
everv sense. Uievnct slronglv upon tlie
liver nnd kidneys, keep the bowels open nnd
rcmilttr.mnkc the wcuksli-ons.lieiiltlie lungs,
build up the nerves and cleanse the blood und
uvKti'iu nf everv ltrmui'ltv.
r or di..iness.riisn oi moon loiiieiicniLicnu-
ing to apoplexy, dyspepsia, lever and ague,
droiisy.iilintilcs and blotches, scrofulous hu
mors nnd sorcs.tctteiM'iiig worm, white swell-
iiig.crysipelas, sore eyes und for young men
sutfcrini! from weakness or debility caused
from imprudence, nnd to females lit delicate
health, 1- raler's Hum Kilters are especially
Dr. Frazler: I have used two bottles of
Hoot Hitters for dyspepsia, diyzlnc-s weak-
ness, ami kidney disease, and they did me
more good Hum the doctors, ami nil the medi
cine I ever used. From Hie Hist dose I took
1 lieiran to mend, nml 1 inn now in pcrlect
health, nnd leel us wen as i ever did. l con
sider your medicine one of the greatest of
.lilts, -ll. .viAltruv tieveiunii, u.
Sold by nil druggists every wheie nt i?l per
M:XltY& CO., sa'e I'ro,,'rs
02 Vctei St. AVid Yuri:,
A fill Cure found sit l.aHtl
No One Xocil "uHVr I
A sure cure for blind, bli edlnir. iichmg nnd
ulcerated piles has li.-eu dlscnvi red by Dr.
William, fun Indian remedy. calli-d Dr WU-
Hum's Indian Ointment. A single lmx has
cured the worst chronic casi s -f 2,i or 110
years slunilllig. -Mi one iicc.l suii.r live
minutes tiller applying mis wniniernii bouiti.
In1' medicine, Lotions insli tiincnt and elec-
tuiiries do more harm than good. iliiaiu's
Ointment absorbs the tumors, nihil s the in
tense itching, (particularly ut night ultiruct-
tlng warm In bed,) nets tisn iiuiiltlcc,glve.s in
stant nml painless rellef.nnil is prepaid! only
lor piles ivc., tiiiu lor nothing else.
Head what lion. .1. M. t oiiuiiicri v ol i n vc-
hind says ubout Dr. William's Indian Pile
Ointment : I have urn! scores of pile cures,
nnd It iillords me nleiisuiv tn sav Unit I have
never found anything which g'ave me such
immediate mid permanent relict ns or. ll.
ham's Indian Ointment.
For sale by all druggists or mailed on re.
celpt of price, tfl.OO.
HHNrr.VSt CO., rnr'rs,
02 Vcsey St., New York.
liv Dr. Francr's Magic Ointment. Cures
as it uy magic, pimples, niacK heads or
grubs, blotches anil eruptions on the face,
leaving tho skin clear, healthy mid beautiful.
AUo cures llch, barber's Itch, sail thrum. let
ter, ringworm, scald head, chapped bauds,
bore nipples, sore lips, old obstinate ulcers
and sores, A-c.
F. Drake, F.sii,, Cleveland, O,, suffered be
yond nil dcsciipllon from a sklu disease
which tippctireii on ms iiiimis.iiciid and lace.
and nearly destroyed his eyes. Tho most
rarcful doctoring fulled to help hlm.tmd idler
nil nnd limed nu used nr. i rn.iers Magic
ointuieiii nml was cured ny n lew applica
tions. WThe Hrst and only positive cine for skin
discuses ever iiiscnv ereu.
Sent by mall on rccilpt of juice. (SO cents.
IIK-MIV iV CO,, Sole Piop'rs,
02 Yir.v Sr., Ntw Yom.
For blind, bleeding, luldnir or uh i rated
Jllll'S llll. MILIUM'-! IMUVN I'll V. (HYI'MF-NT is 11
sure cure, nice m uu by n ail. l or sale
by all DriH-'gHtu,
A good, rclinlilo iiceket knife is what
every jjeiitlcinnii should possess. Wo
Imvo nliout 7o patterns, ranging in price
from 10 cents to S-'.fiO inch.
There 1110 some tilings it pays to buy
only the best. The celebrated combina
tion li'nzor Strop nnd Hone which we
offir is tlie mticle ( pi ice oO eta. It can
not be excelled.
1 urn but 11 stranger hoi el Jersey is. my
home. While I stay I shall use nrren s
Kvnporated Vegetables. 2.ri et. package
makes 12 quarts of delicious soup.
I'ink Kvr. l)mi..MiM:it This fatal din
ease of Horses may be prevented nnd
eurid by the free use of HendershottV
Gemini! Cattle Powder ; it cleanses tho
system; clinches the blood and puts your
horso iu a heallhy condition. Largo
package, 2j ets. or ." for $1.00.
Well, it's mighty hard to cough and
strain so dreadfully I I 1 willy do believe
I shall cough up my boots, if I don't get
relief I Why be so distiesscd, when
Dr. Von Zotta's Homeopathic Pectoral
will cure you and restore you to health
nnd happiness. 25 cent and 81.00 bottles.
Xovv is your chance, and our store is
the place to purchase anything and every
thing in the lino of drugs, mtdieincs or
di uggists suitdru s. 1 Seasonable prices and
good goods aie our arguments, and in
asking for your trade, we promise to
make every assertion good, to misrepre
sent nothing and give you full value for
your dollar, each and every time.
Farming Land I
The undeitlgr.rd effcrsat ritvnto sale tho form
situated on the road f rem lilocmsturg to Berwick,
ut tho lower end ot Espy. Containing ubout
moro or lesi, nil under cultivation. There Is a
LAllOU iia HS, sheds nnd all tho necessary out
buildings on tho premises, all In good repair. Terms
easy. For particulars apply to
feb 3 l-m
Oiphans' Court Sale
Mcsai Astute!
Ily vlrtnoof orJ.-r isiuo d out of tho Orphans
Court of Columbia county, the undersigned Admin
istrator cl ooorge U.-e:co late of Madison township.
sildeiunty, deceased, will t xpo oto public saloon
tho rrunh-cs at 5 o'cl cl: p. m., on
SATURDAY, MAHCII 11th, 1832.
All thatcer'aln messuagennd tract of 'and sit
uate In Malison lownililp. Columbia county, Pa,
bouud-d by lands of William Mostellar, 11. W, Mc-
Heyno'.ds.Cyrus ltelcuarl, Jacob Zelsloft an l others
of land more or less, with the appurtenancos,where
on Is orectol a largo l cw
Dwelling House,
HANK liAliN, flood Ont.Uulldlng3. Tho farm Is
well watered and h s an
and fruit trees of all kin Is. Salo will boBubJectto
n dowcrv of J13i'4,501n favor tt Mary Snjder, widow
of Donlcl i-njders.-., deceased. I'cssr-stlon will bo
given April 1st, 1S52. Decdtobont ixpcnso ct pur
chaser. All grain In ground reserved
TEltMS, Oni-thlrd of tho purchase money to be
paid In c.t'h at thi striking down ot tho property,
one-third April 1st lss3 Willi interest from April
1st ls, una tin balanc-" ono-tlilrd to bo paid at the
death of Susanna tireeco wldawof (leorgo lireece, da
ceased, to the liMi-s of (lowga lireece deceased, with
Intciest annually froi.i Atrll 1st lss2,payablo to said
vvldo v during her lite, Sai l two thirds to bo sacured
by bonds and mortgajro on the rrc-mlses,
fob U-t3 Administrator,
IScs&E! JEstsatc I
rur.-uant to sn order ot tho Orphan's Court of Co
lumbia county, l'cnnsj lvanla, vvl l bo sold at pubuc
sale, on tho premises, In tho township ot Montour,
In s-'t'l county, on
FRIDAY, MARCH 10th, 1882.
at two o'clock p tn. Hie following described real
ostatolatootJobunillor.deceased to-vvit: A house
loot of round,
adlolnliis land of Henry Lazarus, Jeremiah Heaver
and Isaiah llauonbuch This lot Is situated on Uio
publlo road loading from llloom turt' to Danville.
Tho house Is a 1 irge two story
There Is erected ou s.vld lotalfOn (loop STA11LK
food ELL cf WATEItonlho premises.
TE11MS Or' SALE. Ten per cent. U one-fourth
ot tb.3 purchase money to bo paid ut tho ttrlkln&
down of tho property; tho onr-fourth less the
ton per rent, at the coollrmitnn of sale, and the
remaining throo-fourtlis In ono j car thereafter with
Interest from confirmation nisi.
Purchaser to pay for making df el.
l-i Administrator.
Cures Hhoumatism, Lum
bago, Lam o Back, Sprains an d
Bruises, Asthma, Catarrh,
Coughs, Colds, Soro Throat,
Liplitlioria, Burns, Frost
Bitos, Tooth, Bar, and Head
acho, and allpains and aches,
Tho Wit Internal &n4 external remedy In th
vorM. Tvery 1-ottU cuarantecj, SvM I f roe Jk In
JUri everywhere, Dttgttinn In cIM Unguaei.
Tries jjcenti
Thirty Sit Virletlei of Cbh2 6 of Corn t t of Cucua.
Un 4t of MeloDi ii of feaii i3of irolSquuht H
c( IWct taJ 41 ot Tomato, with other vincttu fa proporuoa,
Urge iwrilott ot whktt were crown on tuy fiv ut4 fuai, UI
tx??un4 ta my VfffvUtbU d Flower 44
rurlHtd. Sent Mttu lo til ho apply. CutiocnmefMH
Seuon nicd not write for it. All Sce4 roU bom any eiublUh
meat warrant to te both freth an4 true to name, to far, that
ahouUli prov other wiw, will rtAII th order jratla. Th
ortfllntil lntroduerori!arIy Ohio and Ilarbk lUr
to-. )lorblveiid V.mrlT lrn. lb Hnbbtr4
Marble hcttd (Vtbaco. I'bUncy'a Melon, and tcort of
ether new VeeetaMea, 1 Invite the (trooge U the juUkt
New Vcfeubln a Spctlalty.
Jaiut J.lI.drccor7 Marl!ebil,Mue
(eblt Ma U
Real Estato, TruBtj Invostraont and
fjolloction Uliico.
IWntorr frurna woolen mill. With full sot of mi-
clilncr. a good natural water power, ail ln good
working flondiuoa, also largo frajio dwelllnif.barn
and out-bull lings, M acres tf land, 8 mllos to
llloomstmrir, will ba sold clieap and on goM terms,
otrncd b r. L Hinds.
To acres, irood land, buildings, fences, irult and
water, In licnton twp., ono mile to Now Columbus.
Terms reasonable, owned bj- Daniel M'cnner. ITIc
15 Acres. Hurley farm, Montour townahlp.frame
dwelling house, bank oarnnnd other otiNbulldlng-a,
ooa Boioauoui iw acres uinuer: cu "w4,
ealihr location. Rood markets. If desired, will di-
ride In two or turco traets. sco drafts. Terms easy.
Now owned by Woi. Neal, Esq.
A comfortablo now hrlck dwelling on etti street,
-west ot Market, to rooms. A bargain.
IM Acres on south bank ot river 1W miles from
town of Mimin on road to Herwlck. lit acres bottom
land, balanco timber, llrtck dwelling, bank barn and
outbuildings, good fruit and water, (well and foun
tain). Also a valuablo deposit of nre acresotbrlok
and potter s clay. Owned by John Welt, ot Hlooms-
Adeslrablo new brick dwelling bouse and a Urge
framo dwelling liouso and frauio stablo on Haul
street one door below Third.
Lots offered on easy terms with contracts to build
It desltol.
95 acres In Madison townsliln: occuolcd by Joseph
wise, (looa iramo nouso ana unnK uara.
lately well limed and manured.
Apple orchard and
omcr iruiu.
tos Acres In Flslilnzcrcck township, on road to
tienton. llrlck house, frame barn and klieds Uood
water at liouso an J barn. Apple orchard and other
fruits. Owned by John 1'eater.
112 Acres nrn.1net.lvi- land tn -Jemtock township.
I v miles from liioimsbur?. Frame dwelling, bank
barn and two tenant houses.
A 9 story brick dwelling, new ftamo barn, good
water and fruit. All In best of condition on Centre
street, Illoomsburg, between 3rd and 4tb.
A large irame nouse aoa earn wiin ouiuuuauigg.
good water and fruit, corner ot Third t nd Hailroad
A very pleasant frame dwelling, corner or am ana
Iron streets, with water and gas. All In good condi
tion. a jf awry irumu cirrmgu unu uuu-ksuuui duuu,
lOxco iccton Iron near Main street, with trade and
good will. A full set ot tools tn each department.
seasonable prico ana terms.
A nearly now 2-sttirr framo duelling on Fourth
Street. Catawlsia, frame stable, good water, and
iruu, an in good cinauion.
Also. ir nines land on O. II, & W. It. It. near
Cat iwlss i Paper Mills, with coal yard. 4 llmo kilns,
and railroad siding. A desirable silo for car shops
or other manufactory. Terms reasonable. Owned
uyd. u. tvuiiuu.
68 acres, well watered, In Hemlock township,
frame house, bank barn and out-bulldlnErs. cholco
fruit, young orchird, with grain In ground, stock
ic, If desired. Thomas Ulckey owner.
For particulars, apply to
Oct, 11,-81-tf JOHN A. FUNSTON.
or r-AUL B.WIRT.
By Plasters chiming to be an im
provement on ALLCOOK'S
ALLCOOK'S is the Original and
only gennine Porous Plaster;
all other so-called PovOUS
Plasters nre imitations.
Beware of them.
See that you get nn ALLCOOK'S
PLASTER, which we guarantee
tas effected more and quicker
.i .i .i
cures titan any outer external
feb 1 13-t eow
Letters of administration on tho estate of Eltlih
Yocum, lata of Locust twp, Columbia county,
deceased, have been crantcd by tho lieclster of satd
county to tho unders'gncd administrator. All persons
uuviug claims ugaiDst mo esuuo or saia aeccaeut
are requested to present them for settlement and
lamo inaeoica to tne estate to maKO payment to ino
undersigned administrators without delay,
feb 10 6-w Administrators,
A Foil M Always Kept oil Hani
I defy competition iu this line,
as far as good work is concerned.
No matter how difficult the job is
bring it to me, and I will do it or
ask in pay.
Pnrties wuntius
work done m
this biiuich, will do well to call
and tee mo before going elsewhere.
1 do not lure any but hrst cliifs
numbers to do my work.
I am now ready to make esti
mates and take contracts for heat
ing private houses and public
buildings by steam or hot water.
There is always a full lino of
this class of goods to be found in
my store. Any that I havo not
on hand I can furnish at shortest
notice, as low as city prices.
I am always ready to do a good
job of roofing at a fair price.
Satistuction guai antccd or
Bloomsburg, Fa.