The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, June 03, 1881, Image 2

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J. K. BIXT3Hai!MDEn, Eilt0"'
Friday, .Ttmo H. 1881.
Tho l'lillndeliihiit 7'wm run out ol
lanuMinni' on Wcdiiusdiiy, nml hadn't a
wrd to throw nl iho "rooston." Never
wiv di-Aloo-t MoC'luro.
Tn view of thu dioijrai'.oful and disor-
di rlv iirocecdiniM in tho Wislaturo dur
ing thu past Hcssion, it might he well to
compel mcmbfix hereafter, to givolionds
lnr good behavior beloro tlioy tako their
eats. Tho Hpeakor should "ivo double
A misplaced switch at Beaver Swamp
li' iir Trenton, on tlio I'eiiiiHyivantit inn
roa-l last IUond.iv caused an accident
that resulted in tho death of two persons
and theiniiiryof more-than twenty. The
train wasrunninir fifty five miles an hour
and two passenger cars wero smashed to
That hiidi toned and incorruptible
sheet, tho iiarrisburg Patriot wiyrt "llio
iiitieoiniooi press is slowly 'citchiiij'
on' to tho idea that thislc'iishituro is not
so bad that it iniidit not havo leen
worse. ' This assertion may bo taken us
oim'ial, as tho J'amol u umloiiinuiy the
noblest 'nmcom ol them all.
Grant seems determined to loso no
chanco of loweriuj' himself in such pub
lie esteem as ho is now held. His latest
evploit is a letter urging tho legislature
n ISew orkto re-elect "our aoiiiuorn.
If there wero no other reason why Conk
lin' and l'latt should bo defeated, this
would lie sullicicnt. Itiiporinlism ought
to have no support in tins country.
The Williamsi iort Gazette aial Jhdlc
fi'i states that ex-Senator Chalfanl, of
Danville hsis been favorably mentioned
sw u Democratic eandidalo for Stall
Treasurer. Ah. indeed, and who has
mentioned" him, except perhaps Mr.
Cliiilfntit himself.' Doubtless tho Ga-i-.-He
and Bopublicans generally, would
be glad to havo the Dauvillo politician
nominated m easy to beat, you know.
Tho New York Express, John Kelly's
organ, is trying to convince, its readers
that Mr. Tilden is figuring with iMr.
Conkl'mg to buy one .Soiiatorship with
Democratic votes. It is a perfectly safe
thing to discredit any story that emanates
from tho wretched traitor Kelly, whose
betrayal of tho Democratic parly is well
understood. Kelly only repiesents tho
most debased elements of the party.
Tho six-day pedestrian content in Now
York, for tho O'Leary international bolt,
ended on Saturday night and llio victor
was a little fellow named Vint, who made
i score of .7S miles. This beats all
iormer records. Vint only weighs I OS
jbc. and ia tivo feet two inches in stature.
His pluck and endurance wero remarka
ble and havo richly repaid him, as his
receipts will bo largo.
The legislature will adjourn next
Thursday, Juno Oth. Only a few acts of
importance have been passed ; Ono of
thcho m tho bill providing for a loan of
ten millions of dollars, tho maximum
interest to bo four per cent., to meet tho
manning indebtedness of tho Comnioii
weultli. Tho sesiion has been chiitly
remarkable for personal explanations
nutters in which the people of tho State
tako the feeblest kind of interest.
For o, theso many years the news
pa.urs of Philadelphia havo been striving
to secure a reduction of car faros to five
cents. Tho des'ued result is as far olT,
apparently, as when tho effort was lirst
niitde.but llio papois Keep uptlio assaults
with unabated vigor. Tho averago
Philadelphia monopolist is about a3 stub
born a creature as is known to tho pres
ent generation and it is doubtful if any
thing this side .of :i popular uprising will
move him.
Ever since Speaker Ifewit threw aside
dignity and decorum and descended to
scurrility and vulgarity, ho has never
lost an opportunity to demean himself.
On Friday last, ho engaged in an uti
neomly wrangle with Mr. Wolfe, leaving
the chair and making disgraceful re
marks upon the floor. IIo insulted .Mr.
Wolfe and Mr. Nobingcr and. aftor tho
adjournment, exulted in bin reprehensi
ble conduct. How did Howit happen
to aopiiro tho reputation for decency and
respectability ho had when ho oiitorod
the House, any way!
Tho administration of that truly good
men Rutherford Hayes proves to have
been about as rotten m any tho country
bus ever had. In every department thus
la.1 investigated, framl and corruption
uve been discovered, and thu end is not
yet. Perhaps Hayes could not prevent
tho stealing, as tho rascals who put him
in tlio While House insisted upon ro
Avards for their services and retused to
nart company with the bcniflciary of
their crime. Tlio namby-pamby moral-1
ity at tho White 1Ioiij is in sickening
ontrast to tho star route plundering and
tho audacious lobberies ju tho treasury
department. What tho people desire to
know, now, is whether any id' the public
jdundcicrs are to be punished.
Tho beauties of a republican form of
government are beyond enumeration, so
many and yaricil aro tho phased of free
dom pretwjitcd for consideration. Owjii--ionaily
souw unusually choice develop
ment excites ur wonder, such, for iu
wtuiu'o. As that at Albany recently, where
the Vice President of the United States
was doing ins utmost to injure tho l'resi
'lent, by striving to secure the re cleo
1 wof Coukling. Although it ia yuito
generally understood that the Vice Pres
cient is a mere creature of Lord Uoacoe,
yvf .i decent regard for his high otllee,
riliijuld havo induced him to refrain li'oni
roclaimiiig it iio publicly. Arthur ought
i i tin one thing to rcdutMii his tarnished
reputation follow Coukling lead and
The Governor has vetoed the bill
granting pensions to veterans of the
Mexican war for the good aud sufficient
mi" ii that there is no money ju lho
!!(. sury for tho payment of such claims.
Th. mo message condudes as follows:
-l'atil adequate provision is made by
tlm General Awombly for tho icstorutiou
f the finances of tho Statu to u certain
ami I hculthy condition, and for tho pit)
nifwt of appropriations already overdue,
1 i-lmll feel It my duty to Interpose exec
utive disapproval of measure not strictly
mciiwiry, which impose additional four
.dons on tho jtroasury."
Thiro can i no doubt of tho justlco
arid force of Hum n.rjrumi nt and it will
nvet with popular tipprovul. Beyond
iu, tho payinont f pensions in a nmttor
which propci liclo-ng l tlo Jfl'j)crfti
t)wrtiftch't, '
(hunt is on his way bark from Mexico
and will of cottrxo rush to the rescue of
lloscooal Albany. If the I'uniblurtn
ofNowYoil; wish to earn the respect
of tho groat body of tho American poo
plu thoy will reject (C'onkling and snub
(Irani, It is hard to convince tho ox-
Ticsident that impoiiiilisui is dead but
that Is a good way to try.
Tho Greenbackers will hold their Stnto
Convention at l'ottsvillo on thu l.'lh of
Juno, to bo followed tho next dav bv an
old fashioned pic-moat Girardvillo. Gen.
Weaver, Hon. GilbeitDo La Matyr and
Jesse Harper, of Illinois, nro to bo tho
principal speakers.
If thorp is any vitality loft in thopaity,
Weaver is determined to bring it to
tho surface, and at tho same time ro
Instate himself iu tho good graces of the
rank and file, who nro inclined to look
U3kant at him, aftor tho terrific over
hauling ho received at tho hands of
prominent Greenbaokera last Fall.
A prominent Republican politician who
is an intimate friend of Senator Colliding,
recently said to a correspondent of the
Cincinnati! Commercial; "This is the
last Republican administration. It would
bo as well to paint a sign and put it over
tho White 1 louse door thus : 'James A.
Garfield, last republican tenant of this
building. "' Ho added "I believe tho re
publican paity is holding tho last term
of its leaso of power. Wo can wiite
over its tomb : "Killed, but not by the
Dcmocrata." Tho view taken by this
gentleman is that tho dissensions "in tho
Republican party are past remedy and
that, whether Colliding is defeated or
not, tho Slates of Ohio and New Yoik
will surely go Democratic at tho next
olection. "This is a stalwart opinion and
is entitled to consideration.
There does not seem to boaposibility
that Coukling and Plait will bo re-elected
United States Senators. Tn spite of
tho most vigorous and untiring work by
Conkl'mg and his friends, they wero un
able to secure a majority of Republicans
for tho caucus and thus a defeat was
foreshadowed. A ballot was taken on
Tuesday and resulted in I!.") votes for
Conkl'mg, !) in the Senate and -Hi in the
House. Piatt received '.'!) votes, 8 in
tho Senate and L'l in the House.
It requires SO votes to elect. Tho
Democrats voted for Kernan and
Jacobs, tho former receiving ol votes
and the latter ."3. On Wednesday a
second ballot was taken and Coukling
lost one, having only .'il votes to his
credit, Piatt held his 20 votes. It is
probable that there will he a deadlock
for several days to come,but llio chances
of Coukling and l'latt will not be im
proved thereby. If the Democrats ro
main firm, tho election of Senators may
bo postponed until another Legislature
is chosen. In that event the people would
havo a chance to express their views.
That HiiKpccted criminals should have
fair trials and bo given every chance to
establish their innocence,! a proposition
sustained both by law and justice. It
not infrequently happens that circum
stances, which at first sight, point con
clusively to the guilt of tho accused, aro
readily dispelled when submitted to ju
dicial investigation. But of lato years
tho delays of the law have grown inler
niinablo and so numerous aro tho legal
devices used by shrewd lawyers, that the
crime is well nigh forgotten beforo the
final decision is readied. Iu an adjoin
ing State a murderer, still unhung, has
already had three tria!s,iu each of which
a verdict of guilty was rendered, and
there yet remains a chance for pardon.
As a result of such delays there has arisen
in Bonio parts of the country,a feeling of
uncertainty and of impatience that "has
led to tho unlawful and unwarrantable
hanging of persons whoso guilt was con
sidered past doubt. Those who road
newspapers carefully must havo been sur
prised at tho number of lynching that
havo occurred during this past' twelve
months. Most of the.-o summary exe
cutions havo been for monstrous and re
volting crimes, and this fact has to a
great extent restrained public condem
nation of those who unlawfully punished
tho guilty. Lynch law is utterly in
defensible it is' opposed to tho wiitten
law and to every principle of decency
and morality aiid it is to bo deplored
that there aro many instances in which
right and justice aro set aside in favor of
tho indignation and wrath of the hour.
If lynching wero resorted to, where there
aro no courts to try tho offenders, tho
matter would bo dill'eient,but such is not
the case. In tho majority of lynchings
during tho year, the prisoners havo been
taken from the custody of tho Sheriff and
out of securely fatened cells. It is im
possible not to concludo that in these
eases tho people wero unwilling to await
tho slow and doubtful piocess of the
law. A subject m) grave as this demands,
and must eventually receive tlio attention
of our law-makers, though in just what
way tho present modes of legal proce
dure can bo changed cannot be deter,
mined without study and lvllection. The
main point to bo decided is, whether tlio
guilt or innocence of a prisoner can not
bo determined with hs delay than is
now available to those who have money
to pay for tlio iicsl of legal talent.
Mi'Munes Afhr JlacVeajjIi's Si'Jiji.
A llarrisburg special in tho X. V. .SVut
says: It is said hero that. fames McManes
tho Gas Trust boss of Philadelphia, is
determined to drive Wayne MoVoagh
out of the Cabinet, and that ho predicts
that his purpoiio will ,o attained before
Congress meets iu December, bout
three weeks ago MoMantw went to
Washington to confer with Blaine upon
milters of public interest. Iu the coiuse
of con er?Hlion ho told Blatiio that some
time previous in tho meeting of tlio
Chicago Convention, a .oiderenco was
held at tho olliet of Whuiion Barter jn
Philadelphia, at which, bi siden Barker,
McManes and MiicVeagh, and others
.hostile to Grunt, were present. McManes
told Blaimi (hat at this conference Bil
ker cuthusiastiu::)!' nijvouatcd tho Hum
iliation of Garfiihl, belle ing )in to bo
thu most available PiKfjidulc, but that
MaoVeagh igorou!y otipced Gatljild,
saying, iicojidiuir to McMuiics' rcpoit of
tho conference: "It will never do tononi
iuato Garlield, for ho is sj steeped in
oomipliou that hisciudidacy would re
quire a continued defense of his con
nection with woij paveuiviit contracts
urdCitdit Moblliur, ami other corrupt
transactions. "I never heard' any man,"
i,a(J McManes to Blaine, "say such harsh
thing of mother ni MaoVeagh said of
Gai'flehl ou lhat occasion, and I cannot
for tho life of mo understand why a re
former like MnoViiigh could accept an
otiiui under a Picident so conupt'a i
reprcnenlu (Jnilleld to be." And Mo
Manes UewlllftJ wjfli saying that Blaino
replied tluu: "Tho nrceptanpo of tho At
tonify GouernWhlp by MaoVeagh, mpjtr
tlio (liruiiuistDiioi H, is net near ho siiifiu
lor us that (l.'ii lii'ld appointed liim to tho
Antco,kmwluir,fl hoilld what MuoVeogh
hud oftid of him, twwety word iiltocd
on that opoiiMOii was Imthfmly KporlOM;
to Ghrtlfld,'
The judicial apportionment bill passed !
the iiouso hnally on Wednesday by n
votoofl!l' toU.V By this tho number
of judicial distiicts nro increased nine
and the number of judges fifteen. If the
Senate adds a few, the people will havo
nocniiFoto complain of want of Cotut
Mr. P. Lorillard's three year old colt
Iroquois won the Knglis'h Derby, on
Wednesday, tho first American horso to
win that race.
News Items.
Tho cpizootio hasappeured in tho west
ern part of tho stale.
An Haslon school teacher locked up
ono of her girl pupils on Friday for re
fusing to .recito lier lessons. Tho girl
jumped out of a window and ran away.
The distance she jumped was fully two
Rtories.yot she received no injuries.
Nat Harris, a prisoner at llairisburg,
is trying hard to commit suicide. On
Thursday last ho cut his throat j on Fri
day ho lore open tho wound, and on Sat
urday made an attempt to hang himself.
All his efforts havo been unsuccessful,
and now hi- is under strict surveillance.
Chicago Western Catholic
Tho latest man who lias been made
happy though tho uso of this valuable
liniment, is Mr. James A. Conlau, libra
rian of thu Union Catholic Library of
this city. Tho following is Mr. Con
hin's indorsement:
Union Catholic Linn.utv Association-,
HO I Dearborn Street.
Chicago, Sept. 10, 18M0.
1 wish to add my testimony as to the
merits of St. Jacob's Oil as a euro for
rhomatism. Ono bottle has cured mo of
this troublesome disease, which gave me
a great deal of bother lor a loiig time;
but thanks to tho remedy. T am cured.
This statement is unsolicited by anyone
iu interest. James A. Conlan, Librarian.
A hoy named King employed at. the
Beaver .Mills, Williainspoil, "fell from
thu edging burner, adistanco of sixteen
feet, Fiiday morning and fractured his
skull, from the .effects of which he died
in tho evening.
Parents, in buving children's shoes,ask
for those with the A. S. T. Co. Black
Tip upon them. They will outwear any
shoe, and add to the beauty of tho finest
made. A. S. T. Co. always stamped on
front of Tip.
A violent thunder-storm passed
through tho Catawissa Valley on Thurs
day night of last week. Tho lightning
shatteied several telejrraph poles, aud
struck and instantlv killed William Davis
a boy, who was ploughing in a field at
Zion's Grove.
Crawford county sends a ton of butter
every week to different western markets.
Women that havo been given up bv
their desired fi lends as beyond help,
have been permanently cured by tho uo
of Lydi.i K. Pinkliams Vegetable Com
pound. It is a positive euro for all female
complaints. Send to .Mrs. Lydia U.
Pinkham L'HiJ Western Avenue' Lynn,
Mass., for pamphlets.
Baik-peeleis aro iu demand in Tioga
county. It is estimated that 1.000 men
are engaged in the business iu that coun
ty at present.
01 all oilier preparations or uiO'Iii-inc. In
ci-'cs of nausea, lie.vhcr p, d ?i'u csi or irrrgu
laritirs of i In- a'(ii', lSunlod; I l 'od Hitters
Imve no I'lmil, I livy n.ver iiilm afl'iinlins
inumsJiitu rihet". Price $1, trial ciza 10 cenis.
Friday afternoon a tiamway iu tlio
Beaver Mill yard, Williiuusp.n t.'foll four
teen feet, laden with four trucks of lum
ber, six men and a borne. George Hoff
man had a limb broken in two places
above the knee, and Neli-n Byers, fore
man of tho mill was seriously injured.
The other men escaped with trifling in
juiies. Parents who allow their children to
g.-ow up with scrofulous humors bursting
ironi every pore aro guilty of a great
wrnntr. Think of them pointed out as
branded wish a lo.ithsiuno disease, and
you will readily procure them thu C'uti
eura Kcmidics.
TIk I'xteiiMve works of tho Collier
White Lead and Oil Company, iu St
Louis, wero destroyed by lii'olas't Satur
day niht. The loss is over .")0.),OJ0.
Th ,T. Anlii", Will'iim ftnvt, K.ut lloll'..
lo, nnltt: "Vour Spfii-f IIIywiiii lias wmk'il
0:1 mi i.ili,n',ii. 1 li.iil no Hppfiiif; iik'iI to
tlep litihv an I ;;,t tip i 1 dm tnornirj; miro-f('i-'':
my lirv.iili n- Miry ell' u.itu nml I
h (I'thI fiom si-Mim hculacte. Siiu-u using
i'mirf-pr iu lHiooma 1 dii'so mrmiitnnia fcavo
v.ini-U'l iiinl I ln'l ipii u vull," I'rico 50
ctntfi, in-1 iolilei 10 pints,
Torrilio tliunder storms aro icpoited
iu this and other States. Sovcial deaths
havo been caused by lightning.
JMl'OitTANT to Tr.Ayiii.f.iis Special hi
ihuoaifciiu nro r ll'i-reil j on by tho IJurlliiston
lloute. It will pay you to read their adver
tisement to be I'nuud tlsoivlitre in this issue.
.March IS-JO-w
ll poihOa) n huso namvs aro cnnouno il tn U1I3
cu.uinn, aro UeiU'cil toabldj by 1110 ilccl3lon ct the
Di lo convent lon.uli loh will meet on Tue&day
Aui; J
Wo mo,i il in announce tlio n.imo ot
JS.,M, U. KIIM'KIIMJ.M. i,f livnton township, as
n c.iiiiliiluio for trie f!eo er Atsci latd Jud;;e,sulijccl
iu iim riiUu i,l tliu Pi nio(riilJ raiiy.
TO!! ASSOCIAT1! .n'POli.
W11 nro milliri!"il to untimiMo tt.a namoot J.
I'Afl. KllHY. if 1 rnvrr tnunsliip, ns a euuiliiiatu
for AtM.t'1-ito .iiiclsi', bubjoit lu llio rulcb of llio
Diir.iCn tic p.nty.
IIKdISinit AN'P ItHollllKlt,
JIK'ny I.J, I'. FYK1II.V. i f lllcciiiH.urt', niitliorlrca
n 1111110111 co Ills i-niiii' tin a tiii'ill'li,to fur 1110 iif
llc(i nf Ih.'HiTBii'i llwonlcr, mill 'it la Hie decis
ion if Uw Pi iiiOipipH j;o:(ntj';'i)iivi;ullon.
Wo a n.uli'iii.:?il tg nan. win i'io namo ol
I'll lil IS Hi;iC I llll'. 1 f M.1I11 li)tnt.llll. IISIICAU.
iiiilii'i inr inn I'liui' in i'i. iiiy 'in-n u luiii-r. mil -).il
in He .it'i'UlM f tli j IM.i juiuliu 1 onviintloa
CoUNl'V TilEVtilMlEll.
Wi ,1,1) .jiiljjr' i'iI li unionrmo llio iiatnn rf
JAMI m Kll.l',clt.o Jlaln Ijviiiiliip, ns it cimlidUu
for Hi 1 niiliM of (j uoy TrCwsuitr, .uWcet tho 1 uloa
if Hi Ociuuoiuilo p.iriy. - '
We ii'i' a'at'n .lciHitinoui.Oii ILo DAmi" if . l
JniiNW iN, of noiat ii.wni'lilp u,.i oaiidlil in f r
"Im-'S i.f '''inii'v Ticasunr, s.lju't to tliomhu
ui iu l.fiiiifKUi.f pifil;,
cot'sry i.oiuiiKJin.sEK,
Wh arofliiihoilu'il in Minuunoj llio naiiiorfli 1'
Fil.Mr, i,f Hki 11 ucici 1: towb.iuii, nm c' uui.iiii f t
iliicllloi. of County 1 nuiinlUloner, iuM-'CI luili
rtiku of tUo Pemuorallo poly.
EiriTS of v.u 1 uii mvjoi:, nact'Asco.
ine umJcrilifiieil Auiilmr nptioltteil by tho Or.
pliilm1 1 illii't WHuldcouiity, lo innkn tlistilliui ion of
t liu liiilai.Cii ot iln fuml In llm baniln of Uavtil
r-nvnijv. Aiinimu'Mitrr if ncri 0 ceo-"'' m hvi.
iiiiiouir 11.1 rlloii 1 nl 11 liil ili'-rtiinilll kltfcllitanilicoiii
ll'u .mliinv Iu ml.l iioiinl)'. tin M..ih1hvi 1 It t l.'tll
il.iy nf Jui.u, A. o.. imi, in U'n o'clixisu. m.. of
h.ill 1l.1v, wlifB nml ulvio nil p.irl li 3 Inifro-leil In
said fuuu must ainiaor bo forever debarred from
ul ;Mro of BlUdfUOd
auv J.voniiY.
vy3,ir Auiitor,
ru'j noi'um -in . 'i iitu jet ii'tri-uj fives nouuu
Jim nnutnidii1in mU ui onlors iifn n f.ald DH
tf.M. wlfi fv raid ui vvvvn tuu 111U mil uttountli
diyjnlJiili' HM, m p'li'r.M. All mr on bavin r
nrdn win tirui.iii utvtn hi mat tuna ol !o forvr
dibllTWlivm liorinciii 11' Win hito-fa. b '
tf. JOIIJi J, M01 KNJtY,
'i 11. 'P. Wutni. rrNlQT,L
,1 il. li-imi, ,
' BiJJiAttry.
, n ui ii-am ,
lcltiitg aiulBcaly dirfeiifjcaciof
ulousllumor.'',Uk,oiP,01tiyoroaiiti(l Mercurial Aflbctions curod when
all oilier lituimu it'feuciufi Jail.
'I lirro U iiohiimin AKfnryrnniiARprcilllr, por
innnontly una rrtinnmlnillr ibMiiHi tho lilnod, cioir
the (Umpii'xlnii nnd skin. H'ftore llio llnlr mil
cnrei'icrynp 'iif Iti hlnif, i'nly find fcrnfulous
Humors rf Uu skin, Sculp nn I Hi nd ns tlio ciiiuvi
r. Uemiidlc, ronnntlnt; cf cnliciirii. M10 vrrntiskln
euro. 1 uMoninHonp. an cvpdsllii 'lolli-t, linlli nnd
Nurociv snoalhe, nn I t'iuicur.1 licsolvnat, tlio now
Skin Humors, niillt Criirif, oti:.
FMn tlttmors.-Mi'3. S. K. Whipple, Decatur, Mich,
writes Hint her f.ieu, hea l nml uomo uirmct her
body were 1 Imoit raw, Head envi'ivil Willi conns
nnd imros. Huacriid fonriullv mid ti b d nvrrj thluir,
I'cmnnentlv iiirrdliy l ulliiim llrrrcillnti.
.Mine t'rut,-Mrs, llowcr", 113 ('Union sln'r-t, Cln
Cltmtiil, (n)i'aln(if her Msfcr'n chil l who wnscurril
ot Milk t'riwt. which leslsti'd nil remedies Inr two
yrnini tow 11 hue, lie.iilhy b-jj, with 11 lieaittlttil
hnid of hair,
Tetter of tho llandi -Ll.zabi'th line klcj.l.ltlleton,
N. 11.. lliinkfully pralacs the CniliMirn Kemc il'es tor
n cirent tetter et tlio, which had rendcrtd
tluni almost u'lcn lo her,
ficaldSIcad, Alopcrdn, etc.
Scnld Head. II. A. Ilajinond, nndllor, V. W ,Jj k
H. ll.ll!.,jllchwa? ciirnl or wnM hend of nlno years'
iltiriitloa by tho C'ullour.i itctacdluj.
I'aUltitf of Iho Itatr. vranic A., Htenm FIM
PtiKliio ii, l',oton, wiisi tirrd of r.lcpula nr falllne nf
tho hair by tlio Culloiiiii lii'iiiedles.whlch emnpleti).
ly rrH'ircd Ids Inlr when nil k iM ho would loso it,
D.indrurl. 'ili'irnxs ih, out Frnnkronl Wcniw.
t'hlladtli.hln, mil cied with dnndniir, which for
twenty years had e ivoird hmrc lip with scaloa nni.
rjuatter nt nn Inoh Ii tlmkuim, cured br tUO CHilt
cuiiiltemcdloi. ("iitlnir.i Itompdlca nro rrr1roil bv WEIllfg
l'ori'Hii, Olii'inntsnnd Pro ri;l". yn Wttlilnirt'iii
vtreet. Hilton, mi l for silo by all ilnifKlals, 1'ilces
utC'iilleur.1 n.Med'el'ial Jolly.biiiuli boviifo ivnts
lame li .'N Jl. 1 utl.'ur.i i'"s"lvcn(, th" new m.iin
I lU'ib r. J per bottle, cullenra Meillelnnriollfl
.soap. JMents, Onllcura Meil elnul MinMni; saop:
in Cft.t , In burs fur barbel j nd lirtrn eonsumcri.Oj
centi. Alltniillcdfrtton icii'lttotprlii'.
suid tor iini. trulul Tro dl on the tUn.
Tlirvo iuos((ons.
Ssy, wlmt is Hint when Imiis osinll,
,i il eu-rtfi nml notion fall,
IiiipliDt- new btrcn,"ih to tnet tho calej
Malt nut
What, when llio o'ei vorked, weary brain
Ilrcii ii' d icl.ixe.s '(K'.uh Iho Hraln.
lulngslt to MioroUMtmioifaln?
.Malt hUtii'd.
And what, wlion tierce dislempci-'a sttlfa
As'all. nithitlrinntlcibnrlt!!,
will ylve new vim and c'ni-iii 11 li;o;
Malt llltiora.
Jiftilt Dittir) 0- inpiiy, Boiton, Jlrss.
"noC'itUNS' Vot.TAtO KI.I'C-
Ti! . i-t.isn.K, cobtlnsfWcent".
Is far superior to eii rv other
i li nppllaiice bif"i' tuc
'nine. Kicyinftaiit.iy rilleio
ll'IMr.. II I llVtl- IV.I.u.lnl...
V...: .'.""' "" 1 i"1 Hi iiuiii'-.i 111111 ciinaiy
Iilllicnlilcs. and may U worn over tho pit or ilia
Mnmirti. ncr thu hldeovs or anv nlfei to 1 parr,
i;r;caM cents, sold everywhere. WEIJKsfi I'DT
TKU, llostou, Mas. d inay
Vi' vai,uaiii,i:
i!ylitiioofanord.T Issued out tf tin Orphans'
Ciiutt of cclumbla county, the underMirncd admin
IMratorot thaistnti' of 1'liIllp.VI'ier, iloccnscil, -will
cxpoboto public salo on tUo premises lu Centre
townsblp, tn
at two o'clock p. rn tho followlns diteilbcd real
estate, to-wlt:
I.UTN03, sttaatn H Cenlr.j township aforesaid,
bannded and dean lUedai fjM.v.vs: Oa llio wistly
l.iudcf Jam 'St' ui. and onthes,outh by lot of Hen
Junlu Miller, on tho east by purpart No. r and ou
the norlh bv purpjrt No. i.contaliiice Ono Hundred
and StViiniy-i.liio IVichcs.
LOT NO. i, i-ltuate In Centre to.vnshlp aforesaid,
bjundedand desirltiedas rollowt: On tlio weit by
purpnr s Nos sanl 1, and 1st ot Iientamln Miller.
on llio f-uii It bv vx pai t N . I, ou tho eait by pur
pnt No. il, nnd on tho norlli by pm pat t No. V, oon
Ulnlni,' two At'.lES an 1 nfty-n'io tierches
LOT NO. 1:, ntuato In ftnire toiviiFhlp. r.f jresald,
lioeidsl on (ho w esr, tninh, east and north by pur.
p.uts iioi. :, 1, 7 and 2, respectively, coatalnlU!,
TWo AdiES and Ibiy-nlue pcrehe".
Lin ..o. 1, situ on in cvnttu township, aforesaid,
Iwuuded oa the wist, sjnth. cast aid ntr hby pur
parts No.-. it, I, s mil 2 lespowllicly, containing
T1V0 AUKKS ,111 1 ilfiy-niuo perches.
Li ) I' N'u. 'J, situate 1 1 centra I v nsh'p. aforesaid,
bgiindedoniliouorth. westand south by purparts
Nix. 2, s and I rpwtlvely. nnd tlw east by pur
pirts Nos, 11 and U gui h,t cf Andrew Olnglos
1 n 1 .fol'i W. Mmm in, 0 nu'-di.g TWO At'IU'.S and
tlf..alao perenm.
1.0 1" NO. in., situate in Centre lowroliip, nfore
si'd, bouuo.lon tlw ncilh, tait and toum by pur
P'ltsN'os. loud i, nml oath'i wmtliy pippaits
Nos. II p'l.HS, and by lot i.f .nd'2w (.Ingles aud
Joha . Miumoti,'' l.'K'iWo ACltt'K nndtlf-ty-nlne
pieli n
L01' No. 11, sltuitf Iu C''M,v lownlilp, afur.isald,
Ininliton Mi, ivjst, nurlli nr.d u 1? t by purpirts
Nos,i, 1 .111 1 Li ii'sp.'ctlrelf, and nn Hie sr.titu by
lot ot.MiiIrew unities aud ,loi.n i'. Miunun, con
talnlni; f'ttv IVivius
I'll' NO. li, Ut iato In iVutro lOAiishlp.aforosild,
Inunded on tin ninth by tho LmUwanua nnd
llloonub irjf r.i'lro id.on tho ii.o.t, south and west by
jmrpaits, N'03. to, 1 and l. lesinelUvly, ejatalntutr
I'Mty Tci'ilics.
LuV No. n, tltu.ito In Mala township, county
at ircsil.l.bjunW nnthj north by thus inpi-h .una
rtv,r, un the ejit and sou h by lands now or latu 1 f
tho heirs ot uoor.'o J.u.j,'eiibcri,'cr, ileccoscd, mid
on ll.o west by lands if , ccualnl-v;
audlltly-tno ruihis.
M C NO. IJ, a WilAIlt' LOT, slUato In tho MllflKe
of Espy, CiU-nbla co'iuty, atorcsald, adjolnlnj; the
Nurin llrancii cuialo.i the su'ith, nu alley 0:1 tho
uaitli, and Marlcotstrootlu said tuwn on (Lowest,
coatalfns about tlneo-lourths tf a s pi.iro reich.
Also, in undlvlccJ one-third of tno followln,- dos
ciiuut ice 1 tr piaet of NuJ t-ltiuio In Centre
to.vathlpi.-ccjiciedby chctuunt aa' Leil Mill
ertoMu. in Dtcembcr Term, ISTJ. 1I1.10 tho ilenth
ot mtUp M'lloi), blinded mi I deseilbed as follows,
10 I't li.'itlnmni; at a stone, ecru r cf land of Me!
ancluoi, ll.ik.'r, thence north thlny d ';r;ojand ton
islnules west by I i;U ot 1'hllip Millar oao h jndred
and lire perelu's U .1 sto ic, tticue-.' by ipitrry lots ot
u 11, ll'.ek.'tts m rth .stty.vj an I thni'.ipiarter t'c
grees cast wi r.ty one and foir tenths perches
t.) 11 st ue, thenoo by land of N ith.inlel L. t'.ituj -bell
siuili Ihlity detrrn-s and ten 11 Inuies east nlni-ty-tivu
and s-'Vcn-teailH H'rcl.ea u n ttone, by lu' of Julmi Wob'i outh slxly-ssvin
nnd one-ipiailer i19"-cjs west tncntctlro nnd
llmc-t..'i,is perelipj 10 a stone, ther.pi! by land of
Uu iiiijj soqil, ,11 pcrclipi tq a stone,
tho nortliern 01 nor of atjrosal 1 1 uuof Molanctlou
Ilalvir; thunco by said la-i 1 tonlh slsty-soven and
one-ituai tor dej. eos west tortj-slx and tlirco-tenlhii
pcrclu's to tho plaeu cf bclnn'.nsr, contalnlnj;
Forty-four Acroo
and ono l.undred aid lltlj. three pvtctisot laud
no it iiiuanuic. '
I HUMS 01' s.U.r..-Tcn per t. f tho cue-
foiiiih if t;p 1 u'clwf" moiiMy to be p ij at tho stri
king down id ilia iruu.'i't) tt.o ouo murip, )caino
ten pur unt. at tho comlinullJii of sale, nnd the
ri'iiatnlnv three-fourths In onu j ear Iheivafter with
Inn-res' from oir urination nisi. I'mchaiercrpur.
chasers lo p.ij f r JX'd or ilea J,
Junu3.U Administrator.
Dauchy &. Co'3. 4.ivfR.
tlu Author Ain-wamUrtut Mul.
icult)lk.w irjnU'tllhulxot&nil
ihtMif-i. imlitptu'-iilili) tn vury
'r,S-i(-j,r,(WT&tion bouuji'i
fci!) SM-Jbt pkc iiivaii AauMil j
11 tufcTum'VS! 11 pri'Krrii v
illl lHuktraL.wlnitTni.U A.til J
KNOW TUyBELlUl!.rfVh1i'iv.u,i.!;lV,1S:
Juno 34.1v
Tlio HcIInIi ol' tliu World I
Si lil liy
) 1110 3-1
Ar.?;TS! AdKX'VHl ACRiT.
Julltl 11. UOUOIt S tni' ut tuuk, Jutt t,Muh,d, tutllUl
M" John . Oowfii
cn prtrirty tliem. Tor rth, Uumir. uiru inUrrtt, it h
W ltWul h par. till tl 'UMmiy' look )vr .temlt, tj ouU
h.msSifefiiiWte I
fly Mrt le cf n writ of Vend, fcx. Issued out of tho
Court of Common I'leas of Columbia county nnd
to we directed, w III bo cxpotcit to pnbllo snlo on tho
lucuitics nt two o'clock p. m on
I'ltlDAY, JUNK 17tli, 1831.
Allthntceitatnlotof cround sltunto In CcnlralU
tlorough, bounded nt it ill Bcr.bod n.'i follows: On tlio
north by nnnlley, 011 tho rait by lot of Mary l'ln
hell, on llio nouns by Itallroad Avcbup, nnd on the
Mostbyl'Axton strcot, contatulnff tiventy-llvo feet
In front nnd ono hundred and lorty feet In do Mb,
whercoanro 1 reeled ntivo story fratuo dweldtK
hoitio and other out-bullillnss.
Melted, ukon Incxecullon nt ihosult ot mink
Itcntr, AsslifM e, .Vo,nsalnt Iho C'etitralla Mutual
Saving fund Association, and lo bo nold lis tho prop,
erty of Iho CctdtalU Mutual HaxtDj; fund Association
Fnr.P.zs & Maiib, Altorticye.
V. It, EST.
N.N'UAL UlIl'OltT OL''
CniDiiulitim TomiihIiIp unit (N'litriillit t'nni t)ln
Irlei lnr the jeiiri'iiitliuf April I llh, ISSI
To nm't borongh durllcato poor
tax nts mills
To nm't twp implicit:) poor lax at
10 mills ,
f 5T1 111
4s'Jl 01
-tmi ID
Uy nm't of unvnled land tax ro
turned on lioroueh duplicate. .. J 10 67
Uy um'i ot nmenioil land tax ro
tliriii'dontl)iluphciilo 139 SS
Uy nm't of erioin mid exoiura-lloiisoiiUit-uuithdupllealo
1(1 12
Ily nm't ot crt'Disuml I'xoncra.
tlnns nn twp duplicate 3 00
lly nm't of rumictlou tnado by
court In (lliiiril llstmo 271 S3
Ily nm't of Collector's Commis
sion nt r per cent 'ii) 03
lly nm't of balanoa put lu treas
ury 4 lii is
-i 5H3 1,1
To nm't received from co'lector t 4707 7J
To mat, tecolved from County
Tiei uriritns.iaN).t land tax... SKI 17
To uni t of wal inca uilo nuis
uicr 1 M
f 60.-,0 f.1
Uy nm't of poor ordt rs rcttcemod
nnd eanc-llcd
Ily nut i.f lreniitct'i commis
sion t : per cent
i IMH r.l
101 n-2
t 5013 C3
D.VV1D WALSH Collrctor ct Special Tax.
To nm't nf reilal poor duplicate
ot borough nt, 1 mill f 113 23
To iitn'tif xp'clnl puoi' iMpllcil)
ot twpnt ml Is illil 27
To ntn'Lcr uns'.it.'d land laxrt' fiom County Treasu it. Ill 71
t 2701 SO
Ilv nm't ot unsealed land tax re
turned nn boiuiliih rill rill all)..,. 2 IS
Uy nm't of unseated t ix tettirn.
cdon towmhlpdupfoito 2iio.1l
lly nm't of erro smul 'ixonera.
lions onboro dup'leato 3 22
lly nm't of errors and exoneiv -
tlonsontwpdi'plicato 1 Oil
lly nm't of ledticllon ir&Oa by
court. In illrnrd esmto 137 25
lly nm't of eollsctor's cnnimI.slon
at;. per cent no 30
Ily nm't paid Wm Krlckbjum
l'rothvsept. C, tsoJ 1 0,11 on
lly ain't pill Wm. KrlUbauni
l'rothv Dec. 7, lso con r.n
lly utu't paid order of II Iward
(ici'.itv tor sorvlceg as steward
order helm: tla,ed Apill 11. 1S7S csn on
Ily nm't of trcasurei s commis
sion at 2 p"r cent 41 7"
By bal due Uu district 107 07
$ 2701 31!
Wo thn undersltnotl auditors of Columbia county
heieby ccillfy that we halo examined Iho foregoing
uccuiiuiuuii nun 11, 101 1 1 ci us uuuiu i,ei UUl.
Coenty Auditors.
Orders redeemol In dutall.
No tj, April 1. lssii, SuTiuel Keller
monoy paid farm hinds
No 77 April .ll.'so C U Murphy making
annual ttntem-nt
No7S, .W so, issa, Mrs James Swci-
15 III)
ney innKing inrouiis
No 70, April ao, IssJ, It chard I'roctor
No so, May 13. lssj, liiiu ll.v Ultten-
bender pabllshlngstdt ineut..
Nn si. May 15, 1S), Itobert Fat lei
boarding sick paupers
No si, May 1.1, isi'J. David WaWi scr-
Wees list director....
No S3, May 13, issu.Thomu uallagher
sen Ices as director
Nos4 May 15, isso, l p liuik salary
as clerk
NoM, Mav 15. 1M', D Wolih S.TVlCuS
ns director
Nosii May 1.'., lss,),'l homas (lellagher
bcrvicHs as director
No 7, May 13, jsn, s 1' Lcvan shoals
nnd clover seed
Noss, May29,lssJ, Charles strausser
carpenter woik
No so, May to 'oo, Win lvnier keep-
lug vagrants
No 01, .iijy 20, issu, r v liurk room
No tu, Juno 20, ls;0,llurk & uros. cot-
No 04, June 20, lSsl', 'V, II. L'llghtngt
No 01, July 3, Umi, James Ujke sup
plies tor poor home
No t'il, July 3 is-a. (leo W Dav.s laid-
Icbio and suppl'rs
Nni'7, Ji.lva.lsSi, Dl'Cu iy horso
tin 0 and keeping ngr.uii s .
Ndoi, .laly 3, isS'i, riioscii.ipmin sui-
vlees .is drector
No 1110, August 7, lss",lir Owens prof
No Ml, August 7, lsn, Dr owet.s pii,f
No l"i2. August 7, lsin, W K Wildeu-
saul horse line
No, 101, Auiust 7, p-s, M T ljunehoo
Nolo-', August 7,ls3), casporllluwn
No lOil, August 7, isso.Dr Laslicll prof
No 107, Augtr.t 7. '-.-n, .Tnhn Mohan
en 1 otliusillcflim grave
No 10?, Aug 7, '-u,.! C liroivn pu .ilsn.
ing statement,
No 11,0, August 7, iss.1, Locust iv. p tui
tion for (Mupers
No lie, August 7. KM), 1) 11 Scosliidu
sliawbeirypl'inls... .f
Nullt.Sept l.if.i. A llt'ortner nn-
waio and sundries
No tia.Sept l.lswi.Siihiiiel Keller bun-
dries biiugh. for pmr Iiouso
No 114, sept 4, Isso, John it mokes
No Its M-pt 4, lsvi,.fohu Hi Ig suu-
ilrles fo- pour houso
No no, sept 1, Dso,l.u.il3Mlllerwoik
on f rm
No il-, bept4. isso, u i) Kurt, smith
No 110. cpt4, lsso.M Lllillg icpalr-
Ing wagun
Nu l'W, sept 4, issii, Knorr.'.' Daniels
surdrlcs for poor Iioumi
No 12.', bept 4 ls-o, C 11 Murphy mdsu
for poor district
No V2 Sept 10, issd, (1 W Dails lued-
Iclnes u;o
No 12S, Oct 2, Isso, Win Cleavor lum
ber No 12.1. Oct 2, lsso, DrLnsliell medical
No 11111, Oct a lsn, .1 1 steel bill heads
No 131, Oct'.', ls.0, Jackson Secchrlst
Noun, oct 2, ls-o. Wm Vltil; smith
No, 13i. oct 2 issi, Thos chapman
services as dliectnr
No 13,i, oct ,isn, sam'i Keller sal. ns
No 110, Oct 110, W D G lll.icli uidJO
tor poor district ,
No 141, Oct an, lsso, si'kes k Jonc3
Nu 142, Oct 30,lssn,)anltl Heaver coal
No 141, Nov fl, lS.o,Lewis 1'ltner woik
No 145. Novo, lsso, 111' I'o.k wheel.
Nov ),No8,lisi,saml liclnbold slii.o
No 7, Nuve, l-rO.CIiniloi Mrausser
painting at pour unm
No 14', Nov 0, W. W U Wcldensaul
kcrvici s 1 endi'i'i-d
No 'Hi Deo 4, Issn, V li iwf
lnnihjr .
Now.', Deo 21 isij, a H lvii tacr
waiB eto ,
NoM no 3, V), W K V,1J, Usui. 1
horso li in
N'i2, iitcM,tssu,o W Coma er wheel
wright No 7, Jans M.-lohn Hlilg Idn-
No 0 Jan s, sl.'l 110.1 Mil it 2 li'ils cider
No in Jan s, $1 .Ino I, illiie,niitK,ii c
Noll, .lull si, ChiiKs C U'k linn
Ho, 111 "11b l','SI,.Jas D ke,sui' lles f or
poor houn
No 80, Fell I'', "t"n Will lloitett m.'o
;i uj
si to
11 Ml
10 no
1 CO
!9 IIS
47 13
DO. 00
s 00
3 10
10 Ol)
111 Sl
12 00
10 711
4 i Ol'
31 '.10
rir pour iiiiiii't
no 24 tiar.
Willi. ....
1 10
No 25 Miiie.13, 61,, Ion llll 'inn uil'dg
II i.PHQi.a ,,
No2ii,vaiih 1 si, D.inii 1 iienvi t.eoil
No 21, .Marl, ' ,sam'i Kii'ler,'oward
No vu,
No 1 Mar vu '.iLIIiii ky. f llrna eofilns
No i'is ,il..r!.il, si Ihu, linaty, hoivo
No 31 Ma"')! 21'., 'ii, I'at Mjlaney ivid
15 on
II un
vo 1 no
IHO I'll
40 00
I'uicii nu'Ki KK'ties
1. . 11. . 1 ,1 . ' IV If 11'
Nnlu, Sli I i, .1!, W K WilJunsai.1
nnao limn '.... ;
No so, Apr 1 ' s , J n iiii li ior crn, .
No 10. Apr 2 sl.iirowein prif fervtco
No 1 , Apnl'i.'ni i Wiuili, inoiiey'
ii.ivauii d lor d'siil t .. '
No 4,,vprll 2, M.Jnri Mo an f ,r Hpus'
No 4H, ,piJI2. 1 .1-11 VuNiilly mi fuiy
um' ' v.JJ m!"-i wi5i
No4l,Aprt 11.1 li' ihirkicicrji'
Orders of iirevtius j oai a redoenied,
No 40, Mars, 'fs, I'd Kui'i.siullli will;
No si May), J-,iill I lard, mdi .
NoOJS.'P (1,'ts.l'i'tjislii'll med s. rMJj
No MJSop u, (s, liuibeu I'uhtluger,
bueuilng paiiiH is, it-'
No U.U. DioJ,' s, Win cleavcrjumbcr
No 14 1 I', b vs, '7'j.llin Lo A tiro coiUns
No 3, M i 22, '19, D w nlsli, tcrvlces as
No 1 .', miiv 2J,'lo,l)r Mi'ivibbln med bit
J,'0 HI, Ailgiii!'!'u,'.Vp'hti','Klln'i','c'c''dil"
NUVMig!), Usliell prnftcr
Nu 29, Auu 3 , 'jii, 'j'aos ueruty, liortiH
li t" , ,
No 13 H'pt in. '19, Chaw u l-.ok, limn,,,
Nu 40,001 s 711 Dr. McK bbln men sir
No It lets, O'Connor,
ho-83 hire
No 4s. 0' l U, Wm V'lnk tinlth
woil: mm ,..... ,
No to. ixov I, '19, 0 J 1'etcrs, ugt frulc
0'$?Di'Vj'' ,.l !. ,'
Din W, I'C-c , T9, 'I'hW Ctupinun.coaJ
nnd luiiillnJr 1.....1 n.
1 no
Si 25
ii 110
GUI 311
47 ro
57 73
100 ()l
1)3 01
1 a rn
It S3
io so
Nu M l 2t 21 " MJ lie.nwlclBO
No ll .lti it, rtfp Wi-f U.Wf
VlifluMMOlXM ..,i, ,i,..,,vr....
No tn, Teh as, wi, J I siol, printing.., 6 00
Un o., Mar ti, vj, r.m Lovau, cot I lor
poir houno UM
5so r4, Mar si, vo, Tlldo Wnjner wn-
ires n:tnald - Moo
Nu c.3, Mnr mi, 'so, i-11111'l Keilcr, trdeo
bought II Oil
Nolo, Mnr tin, 'yo.Ur
leal km lees WiO'l
ltieelpt of Dauvillo nsjlum for kcp.
tog luruiio paupirs m)m
Total, tl,3liu
Thn following outers Issued during Iho year nro
stlb iiutsint.dliig and unpaid!
No 74 April 8'i, Al.'lcly.allindlngln.
sniio paupeis 01:0
No is, April no, 'fo, lltldgit ticrnty.nt.
tntiilliiglnnno paupers 4 to
Noil., Apnicii.'sn.MrsJolin (tcraty,
attending limno paupers 4 5J
No HJIr.i, Sii, Dr Vnitlne, medi
cine, etc , , GO"
Nno.', Mnrni,'(i,l'Klluck, linrdivnlc,
i'io ! ,' 17 3S
iso ina.Aiig i,-tn,i' 1; nuck, hardwntu,
t3 7f
I no O'l
10 SI
No 115, AtigSJ.'sn.Uutke .1 llrocelllni
No ill, Hept lo, 'so, 0 O Muiphy,mdJo
for district
No 12.1, sept in.'so,!' 1: linen iiardwnro
Nn 124, sept 10, 'so, 0 11 Mlllatd, mdsu
Noun, Oct , i, 1. 1 ipnon Mutif
lnsurnnco CD insuianeo
No 127, oct 2, 'si, u 11 Muiphy, mdso
for dlslria
No 1.11, Oct 2, 'sj.Dr Vasilio mdsj
No Lis, oct 2. to, Vnttino .t Mcars
prof services and medicine
No 137, oe.t si, 'so, v v nutke.servlcci
No 133, Oct 22, 'sa, vv llurko.scrviccs
ns clerk ,
No 139, not m, 'so,!' U liuck,h,irdivaro
Nn in. Oct ro, 'so, A lilely, nttcLdliig
H (llbbons .,
No 1M, Deo 4, 'o, W I'elffer, keeping
ngianti ..,..,
No 151, Deo (, 'syihoiuacli ft Co tun )
No 3, Dec 2.1, 'so, Dr 1 jr
No4, 0, 0 VJ. 'AVU W Davls.paltit.elc
No r.,Deo 2J,'sii,tl W Dali,medii Ine.Ao
No 0, Juno, 'SI, U ll.Monrehi'nd X 1,0.
No 8,-Juu s,'sl,KnorrD,ui!els.bcef Ao
No 11, Jan s.'sl, Jtoit Yenger.rcpali-
Ing harness
No is, .1 11 . si,Wm I'elffer, cojI n-ut
keeping vngmnls
Noll, Jan 8, '31, Thos (Icraty, coal hauling
No ia, Jan 13, 'soo 11 Millard, mdio
for distrlet ,
No 1(1, Jan 2J, 'si, Wm llryeon, ntt'y
SOi'Viil 1 ,, ,.,
No 17, Jim 22, 'si, wm UrisoD, ntt'y
services ,,"
No is, Kib l, 'si, I, A Hlley & Co co il
No 2', 'en is 'si, Kd I'oy.serilces reu
.No 22 Feb l, 'si, Mrs
lent on necount
No 21, Mnrs,'si,wm 1 elilcr, keeping
Nu 2S Mar B, '31, 11 p l'olk.f mithwoilc
No eo, Jtnr 6, 'si, Samuel Ki Her, scr-
Ices I s;o ns steward In full
No 8f. Mir 24, 'st,.! I stfel.order book
Nu 31. M ir20, '"l, DrLnsliell, prof sr.
Nu 37, vine W.'SI.C (1'gil scr
No lis. Mar 10, 'si, c (1 Murphy, n.dio
for iltstilct
No 4"., Jipr2. 'to. or curry, services
No 47, v pr 2, 'in,!1 1' liurko, saliry as
clck lu full ror 'so
Total orders outstanding of l0
' " " " 170
" " " ' I 7s
" " " " 1S77
Total nr tcrs ouut indlng nt clato ...
Ain't fir unsullied bills ;iv dato...
T011I iniletednfsnl da.e.
Aiiiount trdirs Issiiul during last MIeciI
yeir ,,
Diduct oiders Issued during last llseal
eai' for bills cotitracted prcilous to
that j ear
Net nm't bills contracted Lut ytar for
wnli h orders nr lssii"d of blllsci'titracied lastjearfor
which no orders have yet. Lien Issued
and nro beforo called unset', eii bills
Total expendliures ol la-t ,uar Including
II I to
0 00
41 Oil
2 it, 2
4$ 00
4 70
II 40
110 Wi
17 03
r,2 ns
v:i 111
10 10
0 23
21 00
3.V) M
20 00
11 Oil
C si)
7il 73
t.j" r,3
70 00
3,3 1 a 20
r.m :u
1.VI0 03
l,llt eti
0 477 M
3,2116 117
1,0 3U10
2,200 13
3,200 t
urn 1, i'iiih lui r hick. iiinii improvements
nnd all other expenses 33:1 70
Account f C. o. Murfliy, Collector and Treasurer
or ls.j. D,
To ain't n eelved from Join Pureed $jj 10
uai.iiieo nun uistr'ct. 113 per
lostsintiineiit.piir 473
' balance nuo illtilctns per
lastbtjtcmcnt, bp.clal 4C0 30
I JO 02
Uycii'tpdCo. Auditors ns rcr r
"nm't paid Judgment of CM V.mccr-
deisileoondicket cf C 11 Murjiy
wlih Inti resiH aud costs
" ain't paid Judgment of C M Vani'er-
derslle 1 un docket ot v. (1 Murrhy
including Interest nnd costs
" ain't paid Judgment or (! (I Murphy
obtained in (o irt for $u'j toiclher
with Inteiestnnd costs
" nm't paid Judgment of o o Mur-
thy being Novt'fof Dec. T, 1.-17
with ''itirest, nnd costs
"ain't paid Judgment tn ill Mtir-
plij'a uso now In court f.iri3,debt.
Into est and costs
" um't of balmco still duo ilia dlst
W. A. MAltit, Attorney.
1C3 49
91 10
s II
19a 02
To nm't paid hlra last seltlemi nt by
y'ii'i'iiimii, nu,', iiiasurer
In lliinlda Ion or nu 1 ninnrn
lto ro
liy ain't dus W A .Marr fir over rnym't
lly llio follow 'ig orders cancelled nnd redeemed:
rc. ii jinidiso soioThrmnsonlla-
gher. seivlo s ns director lto 00
"in October 4, ' s to 1' K llmk.hard-
wire. Ac. 40 00
" 3.), octobir s, '79, to r u cuck.liard.
ware, c. 49 13
" 11.', Feb. ss, 'so, to I' 13 limit hard.
waic, .vc. u id
ISO 2.1
THOS. CIIAI-.MAN, Treasurer. 1S73 D It.
To nm't buitiLco Cue dlst t i.ut tttllcment (191 15
11 nm't nf order Issued April 2, l;sl for scr'
"ii "iiiiun 'hsu jour as uirt cior on acct.
presentiil nnd cancelled by us 191 ir,
Wofrither tln'i thn r.-iiinu'i, . i,,M.,a i.t.,
l'oor Dlsiilel liy tlw fiill,visiia'nd: '
Duo by Neiil Lo!ilIiiii,cnii' for '! 1 017 eo
,uii,iii-,ii-iaiy,ior r. u.iriey in asil-
" " I'nt. liuike tivas rerof '70
" ' 1 tun-Daily, tiL'usiiivrof ;"
" " (' 11 Murphy, tieasnrir '7J
" "D.lll iVul-ll. fill I..rt..Tr nf motlil
llli) VI
S3 3 1
S 11
tax if s. ijc7
WMidto llndflunti David Walsh. Ircasuier cf 1S.0
tlio sum tf 2 .11 as per fin going sturcment.
We, tho undoislgned Auditors of Columbia coun
ty, have, duly exsiniiieu tlm foregoing accounts, nnd
Mud tl.c balaueo du bv and to tin) several nlllcers
iiliovo iiuined, coirect as Bet upposito their rcspuc-
r. r., rM 1 1 11,
. , C U. SEESIiOI,
v minors.
il r 1 .', ij jss.
Census of Poor House Apr 1 ', issi.
Ntimnei 1 f lidiiit. s Munli 31, ',-.)
iidniitud uii'l' g ihu jiar
" dlMlinivdaiid .1 . 0)11 1 ddiirln
" 1 iiilinlllirii' th limi&ti 11,111 VI
Wmlo ten lumen! unit lliu Hoard of I'o o' Director!
do pn end hi make Urn i.ecuSMiry lepilrs to said
poor him vl: Tu raise Hie tuar pan ot said limine
uoto 1 sipiarn with tlio mul l building, put anew
mor on I he eld lie structure, uj i,s tn iiuko It cones.
Kind Willi tlio balance of tho building, and uso tho
.iiii-souij uiaiiiwiiii in iciii'iu 10 ugi.1 nnu venlll.i
Hon. 'I lu entire cost not to c.xccol ueveu hundred
mm nu uuuiiia lor mm luipruvemeiiis.
Inventory of real estate, stock, produce, etc., taken
72 ncres of land, ' Ha'huian Tract"
ncres of land, "William Miller Ti act"
1 tin idling homo
I bank barn
1 wagon shod
1 dm crib
1 coil and woodshed
Oao Lay rako
" tlinslilig maclilnu
" wind mill,,.,, .
'l cutting Imv
" iwo (t)hotto sDriiii; wugon ',
" , " wagon
" cnrrlago
Three set i f hai uess
, nu hou s o 1
" 1 lougu
lioe harrow
" cull) I'loiisli 1
Two sejtlies
Tlireeg id' ii r.ikui
Ono gialu di 111
" s t i.f t: iinngo larne-R ,.
" wneei h-r.'uiv
" euitivau r :;;
" twnivj li.r.jbicL'h
n real or
it 1 k.
Three Irises
Four 0 iw-
'I wo li In is
'leu slutes
Ten beds and bidding on upper !! ii,r..
suien " " i emu II nn'
Four " ' luiworojjH
Ilireu 10,1 Irg stovus
One lieutltig lovo
" round tibia
"I'lltt.g" ,
" win ins i' "t , ,,,,.
" tlii"ii u.'iain'in vlialu .. .
Wduen oiiiu lotlo.-ii uiialrs
01111 eupbi) id
" sink ;
Thret) li d roji.i stands
Jot let t g gl 1SH).
TwokPih"iit I'dca
"no Id lug leal tiit.K' ,
Tiiluj yarns ingrain carput
ivuirc:: tuismoN kauji,
(11 lui h Is of no
ivj bu-helsi I wheat ,,,, ,
si..", buli'ds 1 f .;
$1,500 110
240 II I
si 0 111
330 nil
75 00
., 23 00
... CD 00
3 00
.. ::.iu
... 3D 110
,., 4 Ml I
.. ,',0 00
.. 2.-1 10
n on
7 uu
, 5 (III
,. ii
,.. 75 00
,. 30 00
1 f.O
, zo in
... to 00
,., 31w)00
.. llll I II
... 40 10
.. 100 10
,., loo co
., 7o I'o
CO 0 1)
.. 25 IHI
3 ll.l
3 Ou
... 101.0
1: 00
3 00
I On
3 Ikl
3 00
4 10
2 I)
:: 00
in 1 a
It J 2!l
ion btl'iielsi i'ii.1
I" innif.. is m lelC'iW lent
io bii'ln la ' 1 lorn 1 11 1 un,.,
r. ii'i-li is t imti ps.
'MM '
l,.M, ,,,
Ml (HI
2J 311
127 HI
0 Ml
D 11,1 ll'.'l'i I "l'l IS ....
I Ii ithels id .ml Ui;,,,
I liipjliel 1 1 tiu.i u
9 Ion. of en 11 fudd r
7 tons' 1 li iv
-Il liuillls I t 0 I'dillge
&! polpids of In 1 f .
I ini p uiiCsof p;n;.
1 ",nii,.
2 30
4 no
'JO 0.)
110 on
40 no
14 30
Hi Oil
20 l.l)
3 toas ot hay
t lor 8 of (I'll Ml 11 r . ,
?',', si , .n
1' ,U,!".V '(.!M'.; ",it,......,,,:
fi ) 09
70 OU
it!u m r .r.Ti ::::::
110 MHlli'l- 1) p rn III I'.iri
21 luiniel. 11' hai l, tho .1, , ,
70lll'i.hlllit lHlatuo ,
10 b'l.U-Isi ft I ul 11
I'll I I'luL lit 1 11 lu-1,-1 ,,
2 bal l ids i.f s.i ,11 ..nut
I'M 111,11 ads if Lilt
,., 1, ...,
irt no
til 10
2 SO
5 CI)
10 00
11 to
r.i 0
Duo pounds of pork
ruuriy, .11
1 barnltf vlurgar
W(. d'ilin-e
I'll.n-eiin'iidiji i.i'.u'oii,5 suieaigiit to
Wra. 1. M..NN.Nrt,i 1
09 aH
ii 11.
AUWUc. a Mwki'ui.ciciv, "
W,Xlit towiiMilp, AptlltSSl,
Which coiunioiicc iMuy
If..... - 1 '1.1 r..l
JVIlC'r II lllglliy BUL'UL'SSllll HC'ilSOII IIIU HISl lliy.-l l'l HI' 11, 1,1111 il ullll'K
nggt'fgiitliiy nhout
nnil much loo larjjo iu crrtnin dcscriptloin of food., which, though soasoiinhlo .nu
highly di'sirablu now, may not bo no nnothcr sciiisoit.
iirrangcsiaenis Sbr the Future
looking to tlio extension of our business nml thn enlnrtfuniciit of fueilitioH forks
convenient Irmsaetion, iil.-so rentier it
and uroiith' 1 educed.
Wo propose, therefore, to offer extensivo nnd very Hiiusiml inducements to
tho people to tako from us during the next ninety days tho greater poition of the
nbovo nmounl. Iho bargains ottered
Our organization and machinery for. tho rapid distribution of largo iiiaitiliis
of goods smoothly nnd salisfitctotily nro believed to bo unsurpassed in the Aim ii
can market, but no elToit shall bo spared to Etreiiijlhcii them nnd add to their iffi.
eimiey duriiirrtho pressure of th'tt) CLOSING yAhE.
liver. person within reach ot L'liiluilelphia and liaviugdry goods to buy pIioiiM
visit ns in person during the continuation of this sale,but thoso who are tumble to
leave home can receive their supplies at thu marked down prices through the
.MA llj UliWi'.U WlU'Aii l.MJiM.
.1 roccb t
cuyir';r Uk: hmd
nir.icc .IJyi:.;.! I
width.) r.r.d I'.rici. ; r.:;;;!:ct1, cair.plc 1 cf
Dress GooDS,SiLKs,Etc.
shov.'iirrl'.i: laic t rtylcs, r.iul cnablinrr .1 purchaser in any
pait of l'l- Uniti;d Sinter, to select satisfactorily, and order
tho goods convoni(.ii:'y, with certainty of receiving only
what aro scr.; for, ,r.i! at precijjly tho same prices paid
by city cu-.tonio -.-s v.!:o buy at our counters. If, upon
examination al lionu, rny araclc:; fail to be nn expected,
wo request their rctv..-::, send othcr.s in exchange, or
refund tho ir.oiuy r.t cmce if thu purchaser prefers.
Our Nev Spring Catalogue
cmbraciivr r.:i tho dop.::trncnl:i in one large bock, with a
system of or Jj: lag 1 ,od.s by letter more convenient than
any heretofore, will bo mailed, without charge, to those
who scud us a postal card containing name, town, county,
and slate: nothir.g further i ; necessary, we will under
stand what is wanted.
Our stock, which forms the greatest variety in one
establishment in th j United S'.atei, include.". Ladies' Suits,
Shawls, I.Iiilincry, Underwear, Hosier', Gloves, Jcwchy,
Laces, Embroideries, Shoes, Linen 1, Gentlemen's Cloth
ing, IIouLckeep'r.g Good.), China, Silverware, Furniture,
Carpets, etc. Address,
Our ctr,r-, Lnn-vn ih th'! Oralid
Ui-nlll .111 1 Jll.n!icl SUVUs.
i il r lli-i-i', r.l r
in nc m.n.s on
Tlio underf.,sm'd nudltni' niinoiiitcd liv Uu- Or
nlnn.s court oi Cuimniii i i-fiiinii'. n, , i.,.i. In li.imlsof OilWoti .Mtlii k.e.v lukt if tlm
ild'i'dchl, to anil nmoii llu nnriliii i-i.t
lliL-ri'to. will bit nt ills iiliii'o In lliu town ot
Illuiim-lmrir on Wiilin-Mliy.tlin viuli cmv i,t .luiu'
A 1).. lbM. ntlon h'i'Ilc).- In th,, r.,i.,.m.,. i,.
tin- iluiloa i fills niipilutiiiiiit, lii n i,nj un, n,
I"1'"1""' ' K'"S (.I.HIll.S 1 lll MILl lilt It Hill Bl)-l-l'ill"
ill.d I.Hiln Ml,' hiitnii r.r I,. i iii.l,i,i,,T ,..
I'ClvliiL' any nluru liii'ivut.
Mnyso.4w AiidltHr.
A UlHTOt.'.S.NOl'iWC.
Tho undoislirncd Auditor oppolided In- tlio Or
plians Lourl i.f Culuiiiijl.i rounfy. to tmil.ii r lMrilm
tloiKitllioli.H.iticu liitliuluud.s.jt Dai'itflllrifoBlt
Buatdlau of tlm isialo r KMilIn est) ,(! roa-ul
to aud iiiiiuii- tl.o pai His entitled tlicrutu, will it at
.... .... v ... i.iviiihuuik uu r miruav, ,iunt i-, I'-sl
','!!,?. u:k. A' '. I':"""" IliuuuttiM uf 1iu.ii,.
poliitiiiriit. when and wIrto uii frsiiis linim; any
claim on s dd fumi wi i npw ir ami iuv.vh t hi- samu
or lu iK'U.iricd troin li-ct'tvliiu- any Muro tlnu of.
CHAltl.lis (j, H.MtKIIiV,
Jlaj M I v
U-ticisof AdmliiMiailim iiii iliocnuU'cr llcniy
W. Aul. t.ii.i fr.spnii ii.iii.ii, , i.i
u'HiuSf.Vvlt'u" u"i'" t-rumd liy tin, iti'i3:
, ., .... j ... .... miii inn fiiiiuiiiisiraiiix
All pci'.-uii.sluimi' ul.iliuiiiuratubtniiii'Mu'uof tlm
lll'Cl'dClltaiU It'll. UMl ll tf, l.r umr II,.,,.-, ,a,. t,.,n..
ini'iit, aiid lliuwliiiiibti'd lo ll.ii I'Matu 10 inuLo
lll'.'I.t. in llu, in, ,1.. ral.pi, ...I i.t.,... ,u
litjliy i..-.0..i. .iu!iiiuial!ulll. IIIUIUUI
bMt.Ml It. Al'
C. W. Hit IKK,
Alti rnrv.
.i iiuiiuuruiiix.
1'. O, tupy, l'a,
April 'JO li.V
U'ttcrs of luu on thu ,-siiiti! of licnlawtn
liindeimutlulati'i.t Coiiuwlntu iwp, eoiuiiiU.iio
.ifntid, liiiin wen Kraiili'd t,y tin, liwltlir of hat !
coiiuiy to tno unders uu.'d it il i n 1 n 1 , t ri; l or. A II ihtsou h
liiMli!,' fauns a.-alimi tin- ointuif Mild difud"ut
I r,5M':!'TVI'U,,i' '','m'"' "'HMfr nt 1. int-ut and
uud.-rslfiii'd admliilslrati.f wltnout, Ufiiiy,
n , ,,, mAOU.S'DlillMl'ril.
' uiiir. , Adiididitrator.
yTlW- P.O.mUBtun,i-a.
XliCU'lOU'd xoncE.
i;3tati: or oMLuie itfiiiins, iikceaskp.
ii.', . , .""'ii'irntary on ino rstatu of ncr.tue
lilting, lain if lliu lu.,11 tf L'alaHlsMi.Ooliimlila io
Viiiii.,il,ci.'.i,t.d . luvo tuoii Ki'.iiitulby i,u "tt
li r ct sutd uiiui.ty io J ,(, iiuLdiib. I'xi'eu ui ot
atawla,, All iwrB'onsliavlnecl.linH lt tuv'it
1 1 u of lliu di-ii'deiit am leiiui-xii'il io ?ri"iit iiiuu,
fursi'itti'Mi'tit ai.iltiiu.o litiitbiDd loSiiutlitaiu to
o"tft avlm,''Ut 10 'lt0 UI'a,,!!'''"'-a "'"Sior ttltK
.,,..,(,' M. fl. H170HKS,
MJ ili liiet-atur,
xZXF; tno or
Il ll'l lllM'lUlt'l" Of tl.O d'111'U 01 111" lltir JUt uitfut
itrusltd Hi suid land lto icuu ri'd lo attena rfr Si,
furuvvrtAvtara-d froin auyVLari if ino "amo.
CltlllLES O, II ltKLEY.
iiayiatu, si.jay
'I'll.. tir.f1ui,.!,.r , A . ' . .
Urn oltho tund lu Hi i liatids tf loi iri Tom
Jii..,"; on ttturdi.y,ina)tira-'y cf
fcons lnvtn anyclatin on said fund will lirrSll
TTV'S ?S$M' i? sf)ti. a tjt-t com.
'.AW i IK'Mly, WiuiUUiiiwd, h.m: jjttOfAw I
nsrasroxjasraB -a.
2filliiiii(l will contiiiuo iluiliif;
1...., .1 f At,,., Illlll UU lll1, n .l-.t
ilenirablo that tliw stock should bo f-pct ilily
are 111 111 every one ot our
ofr. postnl card, rpc-
cf oelii v.'ant J, v.'c
iij.h1, f;i'.tuilouul-) with
Drnot. n-eunln ilir. 1 Url. .. Tl.l.
I'Mu.ldi I ! Ij Clitsinnt S r. ,.l
n rn :.-i uTUlui'i'i two
lliu !.iuu..U Cuiir al
it l.-ti
i ,m!np?"n(1 01 ,ho virtuoa of sarsaparil
; niaiKlraki) yellow dock, with
I ln ,,.0 ns1,' lro'.H t'oweiful
t.iiniiiK I'luiuoiits. It ii tho purest, safest,
? c?',"al "Itwatlvo medicine
J ." "f01 "V,'1 a,jlu ,0 tl10 l,,ll,'''' Thu set
S luedlcli.o nml chemistry havo Dover
produced so valuablo n reinedy, nor ono SO'
potent to euro all diseases res t ini: froni
ull'"'..'1' Itcme!' Seroriilit'nmL
nil scrofulous illseuses, Iirvslnelns.
.,n,?e,l.!!,l;.,St' A'"I"JJ'" i''Iro, AS,pfS
II nil a ' I ", 1 3 I'jlMlllCS, Jilotf ICS,
'... 1,"0IS. Tetter, IIitniorsT
in". . 'i0'""' iUnc-wornu
iiiii cy",''"K''. Kcnmlo Weak.
,vf.?.f, .""I'Kiiliirltlos, .Iiiimillcf,
Anecllons of tho IJver, nvsiiciwlii!
iMimehitloii, GoneVal Ucliulty.
ltii!clSn,t:h'K ?u'! l'll,i"lsl'iK iliialille
PurRj's out tlm foul corruptions which
m ', ?!!! ,'i"t,U V001,1 " uso derauKC
K 1 ,"'ny,- ' stlwulntM uuil t'liltvoiw
tlio ital functloiis, protuotes enei"v nml
h Kr m4 pwvm iirtl. ss
wlmh ! . . "Iovi"ia vKr tliro.iKliout tho
.Visa 'X1"' ,hu fuSimt ,r01" n.V 'llu
2,, "c fvoni humility of tlio
J3AitsAi',Mtn,t,A a fair trial,
ousSlm-Unl:T,,Oi0'',1,;,'i'u,!llt.'vil11 tho ""mor
and i' n frl mllixVKt' "l i''"-M luaterials,
a ui without niedle nal v rtites, olteii'd as
miv1 I'1?' wJ,Uu !llsi'as 'omel i,,o?o
now .r i.'i, Tx t;t'",etMtoil eurattvo
in ,', '' -K t.,ls, 'y a,r 1110 '"'. cheapest,
1 1 ivs in ?m, "Jlootl-iuirllkr known:
KcXn ? u i "'."3 c'"l'ltion, anil pre
vears .mil1!,1."1'' bcCU JvU'uly "SUI'
defioo. t ",t fS W01.' ,Ilu "'"l'lalllleit eiilllf
ileuco ol millions whom it has beuullled.
Prepared by Dr. J. C. Ayer 8: Co.,
l'nutlcal nml Analjtlcul Clieiuljti,
Lowell, Mass.
yr lull Duarej
Tho undersigned audilor appointed liy tlio or
phans' I'cwi cf colutntia couiiiy to inal.u distrlbu.
i'!!!i0,M '0'u".)8 !'! tu-' lianusyr a. o. Jajno wl"
inJnUlraior of si d dccedetit to at d iiimfiir thn
Riii 'it ffl7iVVi'ei?t01 b?S w.ft"Lfcat iw
111 it n I i" fn, '" 1', '" '"Ul"J '"a "I'l'Ohlt.
infill at ins nuo,) in t io town of HitwiA- on
l'i day tho.iotlt day of June, A. n . "si ui two
o'clock In tho aiieriiooii of ba d day, it t left tlmo
Bharoof tuii Tiamo. 'v'u"0 irom any
May 13-1 w
ESTA1E UF JOHN WJilJiol ju, nH'FASKt),
Tlm iindi'iflt'i ctj uuiliti r iirnoiiited liv iim or.
pUaub'Couitwl'uliiiiiljtA louiiit ti Sail f n mhiTiu
Way r.m