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0. E. ELWELL. 1 P.,(9
l'Yldny, January 1881.
The Stnte 1' lltortal AmocUUoii will meet
ftt HsrrUburg nn January IS.
It l now conerally bslleved that Ulalne
II be Gntfield's Secretary of State.
Judge Woods ol Georgia linn been nppoln.
t'd to fl!l the vacancy nn the United State
S.prerue bench, caused by ilia resignation
Cl' Judge Strntiir.
There wore two double hanging an tho
lith. llnj(s mid Siillivnn were executed."'
Philadelphia mid Iiiinmna nnd Mrs. Mel
frhoflbr at Newark, Now Jenoy.
O.vrernor Murray, of Utah, has slgued tho
certificate of Allen O. Campbell, as delegate
ii unwrc-H. fjjorga (J Gannon was tho
-Mormon candidate nnl received the highest
number of votes, but bis opponent, Camp
hell. Med a paper protecting against the Is
mi of a certificate to him on the ground that
h is not a cltir.m of tho United SUtpg, mid
in a pohjgamist, Is not capable of becoming
niltizen In good faith, llelng Ineligible,
the votes cut fir hlui amount to notliing,
iind Campboll thorcfoic received tho high
est vote. The Ghvernortoik this view of It
nod gave Campbell the cert.fL'ato.
IJ y tbo time tliH paper reaches you some'
holy will havo been elected United States
Henator asfucccisor to William A. Wallace,
The election takes place on Thursday even
ing of this week. Oiluiha A. Orow started
in with the best chances, but ha did not Buit
the Camerons, and their Influence has been
thrown in favor 'of Oliver of Allegheny
county. Whether they feared that Grow
would not bo ruled by them, or that the
name of Oliver had peculiar attraction for
the elder Cameron is not known, but it is
crtain that they do not want Grow, and
this fact alono Is sufficient in the eyes of the
Mibservient republicans of this state to tie
feat him, A comb nation may be made
that will beat Oliver, but it is hardly prob
able. There are not enough republicans
jn the Legislature, who date to exercise
their own judgment, when Cameron wills
otherwise. Why not elect the old man
again, and keep the whole thing in the lam
ily ? That would save all further trouble.
Washington, D. ('.January lllli, 1SS1
Speaker Randall and other Representa.
tives yesterday called on Secretary Sherman
for consultation upon the subject of refund
log. There was so much diversity ofopia
ion among members of the House but still
so great a desire to dispose of the subject in
some form that the unusual course of call
ing on tho Secretary in this way was agreed
upon. The Secretary is fixed in his belief
that three and one-half per cent, interest
should be authorized, and suggested that
discretion be left with the department to
put it at that rato if a lesser ono appeared
impracticable. A week ago I should have
paid no such discretiou would be given the
Department. At that tlmo, too, I should
have said that Speaker Randall would not
heid a delegation in vIsitiDgSecretary Shcr
mm for information as to the duties of leg
islators. Now I am sure no ono can tell
what will be done. It is most likely the
House will put through some half finished
measure, and leave its completion to the
Representative Re1 gon says his inter-state
commerce bill will have a majority of fifty
in the House wheu a yote Is reached. lie
thinks too, that it will pass the Senate. Tho
better opinlou is that the bill will fail.
Senator Cox is again on duty, though not
fully restored to health. He says hisappor
tionment bill will probably provide fur
about 300 Representatives perhaps ono or
two mure, at d perhapit one or two less. The
uucortaiuty arises from lack of exact knowl
edge as to population. Full report on that
head wilt bo ready to morrow.
Yesterday the Indian appropriation bill
was diseased in the House. It will
be disposed of to-day, substantially as
reported. Indeed, so far not a material
amendment has been made to any appro
priation bill as reported by the committee.
This speaks well for the committee and
shows a determination on the part of Dem
ocrats to avoid all pretext lor an extra set
sion, for in two of the hills they have re
fused to debato subjects heretofore held to
be matters of principle aud of some im
portance to the party.
General Lovan yesterday introduced i
the Senate a bill authorizing the appoint
ment of Ex President Grant as General on
the. retired list, with the full pay ot Gener
at. This action is ttken becauso it is feared
the House will not act at this session on tho
similar bill sometime since introduced i
that body.
tienaror Blaine authorizes a denial of th
report that be has said he had been offered
and would accept the Secretaryship of State
in President! Garfield g administration
He does not deny the offer, or my that he
will not accept the office. No one here
doubts that the r lie r has b;eu made, and
very fow doubt that Ulalne will be the next
Secretary of State.
Subscription books have been opened fo
subscription to start n nail factory or car
shops in this place. The shares are of the
value of $50. The capital stock Is to bo
$30,000 to start with. Application will be
made at the February court for n charier,
incorporating the enterprise. Judge Shu-
man makes a very liberal proposition to the
citizens of Oatawiaia to further and accom
plish tbo object. He agrees to give about
four and a half acres of ground at tho same
price per aero that he paid for the entire
farm and take tbo amount in Mock, besides
he will guarantee to dispose of $10,000
worth of stork if the citizens will raise $20,
000. Hero is a goldeu opportunity for the
citizens of Gatawissa, aud ono of a life time,
and should be 'snapped up' without a mo
ments hesitation. All that is needed to have
the works in operation at the end of six or
eight months is a little enterprise, and we
believe our peoplo will not bo Blow to take
aJyautageof tbo opportunity. Hem,
Aud ret Illoouisburg, with far greater fac.
lilies and larger capital, remains passive and
allows lie golden opportunities to slip away,
A nail or axe fictory in thin tonrn would pay
Finclll, the famous cater of Philadelphia,
as rcllevtU rectntly of a $550 gold watch.
Xy u adroit thief in crowded WW car.
In his recent messago Governor Hoyt
speaks of the schools as follows !
The State is carrying on Its system of
public Instruction in three directions ; Pub
lic schools, normal schools, and the soldiers'
orphans' schools. The report of tho Super
intendent of Public Instruction, Dr. J, P.
Wickcrsham, will receive your careful atten
tion llli views and recommendations are
entitled to your consideration, by virtue of
his long, Intelligent and effectlvo service,
and his very extensive experience- with
public schools In our own Stale in other
States, and In the Old World. It Is most
gratifying that ho reports tho organization
of the common schools more complete than
ever before "In all departments character
iz;d h; a vigorous II lo and a tiroirresslve
plrl(." The whole number of graded schools
Is 7,037 the number of schools not graded,
11,018. Tho total number of pupils on the
roll) is 037,310, with an average attendance
of 77 per cent. The expenditures olall kinds
fur the year ending Juno,1880,nnt including
orphan or normal pchool4,were $7.4S2,677.7fi
Tho value of the school property of tho State
Is $25,107,007. The total indebtedness
of nil the school districts in tho State.
Including thoso in cltla and boroughs, is
only,fc!,G4S,4!)0,84,whIle there remain ic the
various treasuries of tho dist, lets, balances
amounting lo $1,125,213 10. Theso are satis
factory figures, and indicate the permanent
value which this agency of progress holds in
tho minds of the people.
The condition of the normal schools and of
their property will reel u ire, your notice.
Thero havo been twenty-nine hundred stu
dents in attendanco during the past year,
The value of their property is estimated at
The schools are ten In number. In their
establishment, there may be set down as
contributed by private subscriptions $100,000
The Stato has contributed for grounds, bull
dings and apparatus up to the year 1878,
$045,000. The debts of tho sehrols may be
put at $250,700. The appropriations by the
State to these schools has, for some years,
been $100,000 annually. By a mere arbitrary
mode of distribution, and no other seemed
feas ble, this sum has been parcelled out
equally $10,000 to each. For these sums
liens have been taken in favor of the State
They have been compelled to rise their np
proprlatlons in paying old floating debts, or
in keeping down interest on tho mortgages
und other Hens aeainst them. Resources
which should beexpended in the active con
duct of the schools are thus absorbed in the
reduction of debts which cripple them ; and
this reduction is not being accomplished in
the best and most economical manner lor the
Stale or the schools. D.sides,the annual ap
propria! ion has a tendency to induce tb
belief that it is to be a permanent relief, and
weakens tbo administration and efficiency oi
the system.
The correct policy for the State now to
adopt will be to pay off the entire endebt
edness of the normal schools; and so far as a
surrender!" the rights of shareholders and
contributions can be secured, place the own
ersbipof the several properties and all liens,
in tho State. Afier such provision in their
behalf, the schools ougbt to be self suppor
ting, aud doubtless will become so. No fur
ther aid from the State should thereafter be
expected by them.
Congressional Apportionments.
As a matter of timely interest at this date,
when the question of Congressional appor
tionment is the leading subject in political
circles, we give the number -of Representa
tives in Congress and the ratio of apportion
ments under each census, from the founda'
tlon of the government :
Whole No.
Reps. Ratio
1789 65 30,000
1793 105 33,000
1803 141 33.000
1813 181 35 000
1823 213 40,000
1833 240 47,700
1843 223 70,080
1853 237 93 423
1SG3 243 12G.381
1873 293 131,425
The question of party should not for a
moment be allowed to influence Congrcf
men, m this Is an exclusively mathematica
question. Should tho number remain the
same the ratio for a Congressman would he
168,161, and Pennsylvania would lose two
members. Tbo South would make a net
gain of one, and the North lose one. The
Pittsburg Post, in figuring upon the subject
goes on and states that if 300 Representa'
tives are allowed the ratio will be 164,233
Tbe Southern States would gain eight and
lose two a net gain of six, while Northern
States would paio ten and lose nlno a net
gain of one. Pennsylvania would lose one
If 325 Representatives is allowed the ra
I tlo will be 151,600, and the only States that
would lone members aro Maine, New Hamp'
shire and Vermont. The Southern States
would gr.ln 15 members and the Northern
17. Pennsylvania would gain one mem
After O.ingress fixes the number, tbe State
Legislatures are required to redistrict their
States so that the election for Congressmen
in 1882 will take place und.-r it. Williams
port Manner.
lluyt on tbe Prevention of Crime.
The Ring Governor of Pennsylvania sent
his messago last week lo tho Legislature,
He reminds his fellow citizens that "Penn
sylvania has, in many rerpects, realized the
best human anticipations of an ideal re
public," At the same time lie finds it nroess'
ary tndovote nearly nan ms message to a
dlscufslou of the best methods of diminish
ing the enormous amount of crime within
the State's borders.
Gov, Hoyt's theery seems to bo that great
latitude should be allowed to authorities in
preferring reformatory to punative meas
ures, "It Is not aoutitnentalism," says tbe
Ring Governor, "but sound policy and con
formity to the ordinary motives of human
conduct, wbiohkeepsa prisoner out of tbe
fixed classification with hardened criminals'
if possible; which gives bim hope, a chance
for tbe recovery of social Influence, and the
means of cultivating self-respect,"
It was on this principal, we suppose, that
Mr. Hoyt made haste to pardon the con
victed criminal William H. Kemble before
begot into the pcnitenliary. Ho was anx
lous to keep Kemblo out oi fixed classifica
tion with jailbird', and to give him a
chance for tbe recovery of social influence
That may be all very well; but the Inter
ests of the community are larger than tbe
interests of tbe Individual prisoner, and the
community's interests often require that
the adroit rascal shall be locked up, even
at tht sacrifice of bis social influence and
No, Mr, Hoyl; you are altogether too ten
der hearted to be Chief Magistrate of au
Ideal republic). Tbe best human anticipa
tions will never be realized In Pennsylvania
to long as Its governor aro too soljcitoua
for thefcoclcl influence and leif-reapect of its
xmrictd crtoluak-A', l. j
Suffrage In Ihf South.
To A. K. MeOlure of tho JPhlladolphla
Timet, b9longi the credit of bolng the first
sojourner at tbo South to discover that tbe
political solidity of the white peoplo of this
section is not only not dangerous to the
country at larg.i, but has heretofore proven
An effectual birrior to the real evils that
would havo resulted from tho bestowal of
tho right of suffrage upon an ignorant class
of voters, To tho people of the youth tho
permanent danger of the situation is ono of
tho cominiiiplaces of our politics si ob
vlous to everybody that itseomod hardly
worth discussing. The tono ofnstonishmout
with which Colonel McCluro deals with this
desperate side of Southern politics, however,
leads us to suspect that our newspapers have
not dwelt with sufficient emphasis upon (ho
real dangers contingent upon the breaking
up of the political solidity of the South
an event that is so devoutly prayed fur by
the unthinking partisans who havo control
of a majority ot the Republican papers of
tho North,
Tbcso local divisions mean nothing more
or less than political demoralization ol tho
most deplorable kind. We do not draw the
color (lino wheu speaking of tbo ignorant
voters of the South, Unchecked iguorance,
whether it be black or white, is demorali
zing, degrading and dangerous wherever its
Influence is felt. Armed with tho ballot,
this Ignorance becomes tenfold tnoro dan
gerous than before, for it then becomes au
Instrument most thoroughly fitted to the
bands of demagogue! who desire, through
the medium of political preferment, to prey
upon society. If Northern editors, wise or
superficial, could have the opportunity of
Witnessing nu election in the Sou h from
which party lines havo been eliminated tbey
would not dare to advlso eveu local division
the South, An intuitivo fear of the results
of such divisions has kept our people prac
tidily solid, and this solidity has operated
as an effectual barrier to the effects of ig
noraut suffrage, but it -will be an evil day
for the South and for the whole country
when .indiscriminate divisions headed by
unscrupulous demagogues shall make ignor
ance the balance of power in elections.
This Colonel McCluro very clearly perceives
and he warns tbo country against it. What
effect this will have upon tbo guperficials at
the North is immaterial, but it is a warning
that ought to address Itself to tbo apprchen
sion of every thotigbtlul southern man.
Atlanta Constitution.
Pennsylvania's Population.
The following statement of tbe population
of Pennsylvania, according to tho census of
1880, is luruifhed by (lie Ceiirus Ilureau at
Washington, The statement is still subject
to possible corrections, by reason of tho dis
covery of omissions or duplications of names
in tbe list of inhabitants returned.
32.45-1 Lancaster 139,413
350,759 Lawrence .'13,311
47,038 Lebanon 38,470
39.6H3 Lehigh G5,G69
34,932 Luzerni 133,000
122.699 Lycoming 57,482
52,761 MtKean 42,600
58,534 Mercer 60,102
08,654' Mifflin 19,677
52 530 -Monroe 20,176
46,824 Mont( m-ry 90,494
6 169 Montnur 16 466
31.922 Northampton 70,316
37,920 NorthumbTd 63,123
83 478 Perry 27,522
40,320 Philadelphia 846 984
43 423 Pike 9,661
20,278 P.dter 13,798
32,408 Schuvlklll 129,977
64 004 Snyder 17 797
45,978 8omersct 33 140
70,127 Sullivan 8,073
50,102 Su-nuehanna 40.351
12,h00Tiiiga 45,814
7;. 081 Union 10,905
05 U38 Venango 4J.U70
4.3.S3 Wnrreu 27 981
49 853 Washington 55,417
10 149 Wuvne 33.512
28,230 Westmoreland 78,018
33,iii uymnming 15,5'JH
40 553 York 87,839
18 227 Total, 4,282,738
oil liUS
Tho Hand-nine Nitkel I'latid New Home
Lamp being inln dund to Ibe luiblic ID'S sea
son, h tho won meritorious aiticlo ever offered
agents lo make money wi Ii, U fa'cr and more
convenitnt than the aluuent lamp, which lias
heretofore had iherenulation of beine tho m(.
est lamp mule, it has a clamp to attach it to
mo uewn g inscmne, piano, organ, uesk, etc,
The fear of tho ordinary lamp beinc accident.
ally upset or ibrown from tho table, is entirely
telrivtd by th simple clamp contrivance. It
can be adjusUd to lhro' the light just where it
is warned to suit the eves, and cjii be conven
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oi every one itlms been Inllv tested and edi
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There are three uaions why ajjenls should
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aos'dute ealely and great convenience, it
needed in every home scoad its low price
manes us saie immense mird It will be
great credit lo lnndle such an article. One
Houthern agent wrile, it Srllt fistt-r than Gtn.
t,ee s portrait anld right afier Ihe war, anoth'
er write', it bents the nalair dsvs of ihu new
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eral tetma purprise lid sgi nta. Address Home
Lamp U , Cincinnati. O., mentioning our na.
per and they will give you full particulars and
tAtianivc iurritury tu cauvaaa 111, nov.o-Jow
Prince Hannibal Brown died near War
. tr. .1. .,1 i , ,
re urn ii, ., ine omor my, agcu aoiut a
hundred years. Hannibal was stolen from
tbe cost of Africa in 1820 and brought in a
slave ship to this country. He always held
that tils father was au African king, Wheu
no was a ooy no nau several slaves as per
sonal attendants, Doing set free after his
arrival in this country fan learned the black
smith tradi and became a skilled workman.
Ue accumulated money enough to buy a
plantation and several shves, and he was
the only negro slaveholder In America, Dur
ring (he war be was devoted to tbe Confed
eracy, and was imprisoned at tbe old Cap!.
tol u Washington because be refused to
shoe tbe horses of Union troops.
It should be tbe aim of everv owner of make them as handsome
and tueiui as possible, 'lueUermau Horse
and Cow Powder helps to develop all the
powers of tbe animal. It improves its beau
ty and incrcass its usefulness. It makes
milk, niuclo and fat. By using it a horte
will do more work and a cow give more milk
and be in better condition with lea feed.
Bold only by weight at 16 cents a pound by
O. A. Klelm, Illoomsburg,
Drl2, 79-ly
A fatal collision took place at Stony Creek
on the Lehigh and Surejuehanna R.R. on tbe
8tb,whicb resulted in tbe fatal injury of five
men, and probably fatal result to two man.
'The collision took place between a frf lgM
train aim wild M tbgtue.
Tho conductors, baggage masters and
breakmen on the Lehigh Valley passenger
trains have been measured for new suits at
the expense of tho company,
Columbia County Agricultural Society
ttalnnco In bands ot Troasurcr from 187.
'llckcta soul, lsoei,,,.,,,,
llorso entries
103 70
Ml 00
It 18
Ampltlicalrc ,, ,,,,,,,,
Stand rents , ,,,,
Membership tickets
liny sold ,
P.ild on real estate ., 2,lonoo
(130 si
1 184
Frlollng, stationary and tickets
85 P0
89 11
184 0
100 00
3 60
Ml 00
75 00
Opera House forelccilon
Expense or ueiegalo tn Htato Collego. ...
Admission refunded Judges
I'oHch and assistants
Jicrciiandiso aim repairs on ground..,.,.
Kntrftnco fee refunded andexpciiss paid
vi iill-ool B. A, F I ILK . . . ,,,,
raid sundry persons dimaees..
President's salarr
Treasurer's salary
rw-un lary saainry ,
i ivo i ivnmuuut uuu jkAl'UMUtu 1 om ,
Total, s,m 19
Dnlanco In hands of Trcos. Jan., mi. SIM 44
fBxi), 11. IUmtmiv, B. j. MeIIKNUT,
Secretary. President.
"Mitlcc Is hereby given that tho following named
persons havo nicd wltlitlio clerk of the Quarter
hesslons nf tho I'eaconf ColumM county their pe
titions for license which will be presented to the
Nld court on Wednesday, tho othday of February
cort'ez ll.Itobblns Uloomsburg, Liquor Rtoro
Tubbs Chamberlain do Hotel
Frederick M. Ollmore do llostnurant
JonnH. Mnnn Centre, Hotel
Samuel llagenbucli orange, Hotel
Clerks onioo, W.M. KK1CKI1AUM,
llloomsburg, January, 18SI. clerk JJ. S.
Will be at IhO rcsldenoo tit Alexnnilor Krmr'a nn
Sntimlny. tho S91H day or January, IS'l, at 10
o'cloota m. A brldgo to bo erected over lilg Hun,
near Alexander Kr mer's In (irermvood township.
To be a wooden braco covered bridge, .n rt lnnir. in
feet v ido. 'Abutments to bo built, bv contractor
so as to admit of skowoack 3 feet from ton of wall
Plans and specifications can bo seen at thn(!,im
uilsslonern omce. The Commissioners tcscrve tho
ngli to let abutments and wood work separate. It
Commlisloners'OBlee, County Commissioners,
llloomsburg. Pa.. Jan, 8,
Attest: J, u. CissT, Cleric. Jan. ll-sw
Notice Is hereby given that application hasbeen
uiuuu iu iub luuri, uy uio "uioomDurg riro vcm
pany," for an amendment f Its Charter, bv chanir.
Ing Its name, style and tllloto "Krlendli'p Hre
Company No. 1, of uloomsburg" and the Court has
in ui.-nii mar upon puoiicaiioo or notico tnereor in
two papers of general circulation, published In Col
umbia County, for three weeks before tho tlrst Mon
day ot February next, a decree In accordance wlin
uiu Hipucaiiou win uo uiaao, uno valid Objection
secretary. President,
Jan U '81 j-t
All collectors aroherekmotined that. ih return
of seated land as well as unseated must bo made on
or before tho tlrst day ot February, l-st Land upon
which no property can bo found from which to make
taxes must oe returned and thoao who fall to make
iciurus u oiuu uuy will uo neia ior sucu loss.
. . A. II. IIKUH1NO,
Commissioners' ODlco, county Commissioners.
Illoomsburg- Pa Jan, 8, "81.
Attest: J. II. CissT, Clerk Jan. 14-3w
letters of Administration on the estate of Jacob
8. Kvans, lateot'Dloomsburg Columbia county. Pa.
deceased, havo been granted by the Iierlster of said
county to G. A. Herring, of Bloomsburg, adrnt. All
persons having claims against the estate of said de
cedent aro requested to present them f r settle
ment, and those Indebted to tho estate to make
payment to tho undersigned administrator, without
euro all diseases of the Stomach,Dowels,Blood,Llver
miiuuj nuu uriuurj urana, ervnusness.eieepiesB
nesB, and especially Female Complaints. Ask your
druggist for Hop Hitters and try them before you
sleep. Take no other. Bend for clicular.
Hop Bitters MTg Co., Rochester N. Y. and Toronto
Jan is '61 4-w rt
lu low n, Kansas, Ntbrnka nml .Ulnncnotn
FOR sale:
Ureal narfratno, 10 yeirs time on three fourths ot
Parties in
tending to go West,, send for lists.
HlJtfn tnrnlltvln
v uu u lauua cue ucoilCU,
j k.u. hukhwuuu, 115 Broadway.Mew York,
Jan 14 '61 4-w d
O P CL A XTQ30 to $l,ooos to sa stops, i uno
WlAjrilNn$iSMip. 1'aper Freo. Addro-s
uaniei tr. ueauy, wasnmgton, N, J.Jan. H'SI-lw d
For the Complete and authen
tic record ot tne achievements
The dovelopments by Hianloy In tho Dark Contl
nent, his remarKable discoveries and wonderful De
cent ot 2J0O miles ot tho I'onroltlver. Shootlne Han-
Ids, and Cataracts, amlds'. tho most dUrfuTt and
thrllllosr situations, liarlne Adventures with Wild
Hflfl fin lfbJ9 VVIIjl Uuvomxi hoa nn nn.llnl In
the annals ot explorations, ft in morn fnj in .ii
than ltomance contains over 70o pages, and many
Ol(.n.,U ItfUOllUMUUO.
Send for circular and terms and secure Territory
at once, for this, tho most popular and Interesting
boolc ot tho day,
Jan H '81 -w VM. FLINT, Philadelphia.
uy virtuo or sundry writs Issued out ot the
Court or Common 1'leas of Columbia county and
to me directed, will be exposed to public sale at tho
court House In Illoomsburg, at a p. in. on
MONDAY, l'EBKUAKY 7ih, 1881,
All that certain lot or piece of land situate tn Den
ver town&hlp, Columbia county and Stato of I'cnn.
sylvanla, bounded and described as follows, to-wlt:
Ueslnnlns; at an oak at publlo road, thence alone
buiu ruau norm eiguiy-su ana ono-fourth decrees
west twenty-nine rods to a stone, Uieneo by land of
Jacob Lonuenberger bouthtbreo and ono-fourth de
crees west eleven and one-tenth perches to a stone
wenw oy tho samo north seventy-two -ud a halt
decrees eatt slxty-ono and one-tenth perches to tho
place ot beclnnlnc, containing ono aero more or
less, on which are erected a ono story frame dwell-
log house-, stable an i out-buUdlngs,
Seized, taken tn execution at the suit of Tho Co
lumbia County Mutual Stvlnif Fund and Loan Asso
ciation against Charles Loncenbercerand to bo sold
as yie property of Charles Longenbercer.
LtiTLE & Miixkr, Attornois. Vend Ex.
All that cert tin lot or piece of land situate In Madison
township Columbia co., and state of Pennsylvania,
and bounded and described as follows, to-wlt; On
the north by land of Frank Kves.on the east by land
ot Samuel Lowry, landot William
Hartllne, and on tho west by land of rhUlo Uchard.
conl&tnlnr thirty acres more orless, onwhlcharo
erecea a ono and a half story.frame dwelling house
uarn, ana out-ouiiaings.
S.lzed, taken In execution at the suit of Thomas
J . Swisher against Joel Snyder and to be sold as tho
property ot Joel Snyder.
W. J, Iiuckalew, Attorney. fi, Ka,
All thaf real estate situate In Urlarcreek townshln
columblacounty, on road leading from Berwick to
Illoomsburg, bounded and described as follows to
wlt ; On tho north by land of Daniel I'utsel. on the
east by Und of Lydli Sponenberg, on the west by
landot Daniel Pursel and on the south by LydU
Sponenberg and Daniel Pursel.contalnlng two acres
more or leaa, on which are erected a two-story brick
dwelling, frame stable, spring house and out-bulld-logs,
good spring cf water and largo orchard on the
Belied, taken In execution a'J the suit of E. L
Adams, surviving partnor of Adams Son, against
Wary j, (Jansel, and to be sold as the property of
Mary J, (Jansel.
Jaexsox, Attorney. fi. Fa.
Tho following described real eBtate situate In
Centre township, Columbia county, beginning at
a gum tree In Uno of land of Georgo Kelchner and
others, mence Dy una or O.K. Hess Bouth twelve
degrees tact one hundred aadtwelv perches to a
stone, thence by tame and landof I, Brnwtne south
three degrees west ono hundred and nrty.flvd and
two-tenths perches to a stone, in line ot George
Mutny, taenco by same and Christum n& Muniy
south eighty-six and one-fourth, degrees east Mus
ty andnlue-tenths porches to a pine stump lu lino
ot Sarah bolinou and others, thence by aauo north
sight and tam-foortus dsgrooa wst $01 and
elgbt-Ubth perches to aatoas, thence north eight
ana Inree-Vouraa docrcea, ttt tvc&tB and
eUfct-UBtu tr P atoh. Uubo north Ua
VM4 W-fetdttteNtt Wttatttetr-feMrttlnl cttfct.
tenths perches to a stone In line of (leorgo Kelch
ner nve hundred and eighty-two and ono-fourth de
grees west scventy-elsht and eight tenths perches
to a gum treo, tho place of beginning, containing
ono hundred and twenty-tour acres and ono hun
dred and forty-six perches, strict measurc.on which
aro erected a largo frame two story dwelling with
klU lion attached, log stable with wsgon shed at
tached, trams pig pen and corn crib and out-bulld-tags.
Solzcd, taken In execution at the suit of Anna
H.Jtckson and O, il. Jackson, executors of M.K,
Jackson, deceased against (leorgo A, Hcamandto
be sold as tho property otdcorgo A. Iloam.
Terms cash on day of sale.
All that certain tract or plcco ot land situate tn
Main Townshlp,t'olumbla county nnd Stato of Fcnn
sjlranla bounded and described as follows to-wlt t
Beginning at a stone, thenco by land of said William
Mcnslngcr north seventy degrees sixty eight and
ono tenth perches to a stone, thenco by land lato ot
(leorgo Longonberger, rorth twenty Bcvcn nnd n
half degrees west eighty Blx and flvo tenth perches
to a stone, thence by tho aamo Bouth seventy and
threo quarter degrees west seven and three tcnihs
perches to n Stone, nnd thenco by land of tho said
Daniel Miller south fourteen degrees east eighty
seven and two tenths perches to tho place of begin
ning containing thirty ono acres and six pcrcnes of
land strict measure.
ono other tractor plcco of land sltuatoln said
Main Township, County and Stato aforesaid boun
ded and described as follows to wit I Beginning at
a stono a corner of land of James McAlarney south
sixty and a quarter degrees west titty three nnd
four tenth perches to a stone,thcnce by lands of said
VUllam Menslnger south twenty eight and ono
c'ghth degrees east thirty nlno and flvo tenth perch
es to a post, thenco by land ot Benjamin Nusa sixty
nlno and ono half degrees cast fifty threo and four
tenths perches to a stono In lino of land of Henry
Bowman, thenco by tho same north twenty nlno
nnd three fourth degrees west forty eight and flvo
tenth perches to tho place of beginning containing
tourtoen acres and eighty eight perches ot land
strlctttncasuro bo tho aamo more or less.
Ono other tract or piece of land sltualo In Main
Township County and stato atorcsild and bounded
and described as follows to-wlt; Beginning at a stone
cernerlntbo lino of land cf John niter and th:nce
north sixty-seven and a halt dfgrees cast one hun
dred and fifty-two perches along tho line cf Ji hn Pel-
f:r and Peter Bowman theneo north 31 degrets
west sixty perches to a stono corner. thenci south
nlxtysevcn and a halt degrees west ono hundred
nnd fifty two perches to a stono corner.thenco soulti
thirty one degrees cast sixty perches to tho place ot
beginning containing tllty threo acres and twenty
live perches moro or less.
8rd described :
Containing fifty threo acres and twenty flvo per
ches moro or loss on which are erected a two story
f ramo dwelling house, largo bank barn, wagon shed
and outbuildings.
Seized, taken In execution at the suit of Hiram
Shugars.admlnlstralorof Goorgo Ilollenback deceas
ed against Wm. Menslnyer, and to bo sold as tho
property of Wm.Monslngcr
Zrb Attorney, Au Vknp. Ex.
lots of ground situate In Locust Dalo Convngham
All thoso certain two nwnsutp, Columbia county
nnd Stato ot Pennsylvania, bounded and described
as follows, to-wlt ; Sltuatoon corner of Fifteenth
nnd Chestnut streets between Front and Market
street?; being lots No. Its and 110 and each let being
twenty flvo feet In width and ono hundred feet
more orlcsi la depth on which are erected a two
story framo dwelling house, with Bhlngle roof, nnd
a framo stableon rear end of lot.
Seized taken In execution nt tb) suit of Wll Ham
II. Bright agent, against Jacob Benncr nnd to be
sold as tho property of Jacob Benncr.
Mark, Attorney. Fi. Fa.
Tho following dcscjlted real rstatc, It being tho
lire estate ot George Cavaneo In thesame, slUiate
In Mount Pleasant Township, Columbia county and
Btatoof Pennsylvania bounded and described as fol
lows to-wlt : on tho north by lands of George Ixeler
and Andrew Ikeler, on tho east by lands of Daniel
Mccarty and Samuel Jacoby, on the northhy laids
ofE It. Ikeler nnd Jackson Ikeler, and on tho west
by lands of William Johnson and David Demotes
estate, containing ono hundred and twelve acres.
more or less on which aro erected a tn o and a half
story framo dwelling house, a largo bank barn,
straw shed, wagon houses and other out-bulldlngs,
also a good orchard etc.
Seized taken In execution at tho suit of First Na
tional Bank ot Bloomsburg, against Georgo Cavaneo
and to bo Bold ai tho property ot George Cavaneo.
E, II. Litti.h, Attorney. Vkno. E-f.
All that certain tract cf land situate tn Locust
township, Columbia county, Stato ot Pennsylvania.
Bound'd on tho cast by lands ot Ellas llelwlg, on
tbe west by lands ot Geo. Marks, en tho nortli by
lands of Abraham Wbltner, nnd on the Bouth'by
landB of Frederick I'fahler ond Georgo Bltner, con
talnlng thtity-flve acres more or less, whereon aro
erected two (two-story) framo dwelling
barn, and out-bulldlngs
Seized, taken In oxecutlon at tho suit ot J. II.
Vastlno against David S. llelwlg and to bo sold as
tho property of David S. llelwlg,
IIuawn, Attorney. AI. Vend. Ex.
AM that certain bouse and lot situate In tho town
of Catawlfsa, Columbia county and Stato ot Penn-
lvanla, bounded and described as follows to-wlt:
Beginning In Pino streetnt tho east side of an alley,
laid out for ne convenience of tho Lutheran church
situate In Pino street aforesaid ana running from
thenco by said alley and land ot Stephen Ilaldy
northeastwardly a course parallel t the street and
alley.of tho town ot Catawlssa two hundred anu ten
feet (VIO) then southeastward! n course parallel
to tho aforesaid Pino street fifty feet (3 ) to a cor
ner of lot ot Nelson P. John, thence by tho samo
southwestwnrdly two hundred and ten fect (210) to
tho aforesaid Pin" street, thenco by the samo north
westwardly fifty feet (M1) ti the place of beginning,
whereon Is erected a two-story framo dwtlllcg
house and out buildings.
Seized, taken In execution at tho suit of Columbia
County against Joseph Martz, and to be sold as the
property ot Joseph Martz.
Ikeler, Attorney. Vend. Ex.
All that certain tract or pleco ot land sltuato in
Benton township, Columbia county, and Stato of
Pennsylvania, bounded and described as follows, to-
wlt: Beginning at a stone, thence by land of Fred
erick Illlley south two degrees, wett forty perches
to a post, thence by land cf Balrhold Klerchoff
north eighty -eight and one-fourth degrees west one
hundred and sixty-seven and eight-tenths degrees
to ap03t, thenco by landot William McKelvy north
one and three-fourths degrees east forty perches to
a whlto oak, thence by land of said Georgo W
Poust south el, Uty-elght and three-fourth degrees,
oast one hundred, and sixty-eight perches to tho
place of beglnnlntr.contalnlng forty-two nerta.strlct
measuie, be tho samo moro or Ices, fifteen acres of
which Is cleared.
Seized, taken In execution at tho sup. ot John J,
Mcllenry against Georgo W, Poust und to be sold as
tho property of George W. Poust,
Littles, Attorneys. FI, Fa,
All that messuage and lot of ground sltuato tn the
village ot Hupert, Montour tow ushlp.Columbla coun
ty, Peunsylvanta.bounded and described ns follows:
Northwardly by lands of Arndt, castwardlyby
tho Main road leading from Bloomsburg to Catawls-
ea, southwardly and westwardly by tbo Main road
leading from Bloomsburg to Catawlssa and lands of
the Lackawanna and Bloomsburg Itallroad compa
ny. It being the samo property lately occupied by
Michael Dougherty for tho purpose of conducting n
hotel, known as old Butler Btand; containing about
oae-third of an acre moro (r less, whereon Is erect
ed a largo and commodious hotel stablo and shed
Ice house and outbuildings. A well ot water Is also
on the premises.
Seized, taken In execution at the suit ot Catharine
Butler ogalust Iteuben Koucb, and, to bo Bold as tno
property of Iteuben ltouch.
Littles, Attorneys. FI. Fa,
All that certain tractor piece ot land sltuato In
Brlarcreek township, Columbia county and State of
Ponns) lvanla and bouhdea and described as follows
to-wlt: Beginning at a stone In lino of lan1 ot Jchn
Yoat.thenco north eighty-one and a quarter degrees
east forty-six and a fourth perches to a stone to
land ot Jonas Wright, thence by the same and 8.
Sltler south thirteen degrees and twenty minutes
east two hundred and f woy-nlno and throo fourths
perches to land of David Shaffer, thenco by the
samo forty-eight degrees and titty minutes west
thlrty-ulno perches to Samuel Sltler, thence by the
same north fitteen degreos ana fifty minutes wost
two hundred and seventy-two porches to tho be
ginning, containing sixty-two arcs and seventy.
eight perches and allowance bo the samo moro or
lcaa.oa which are erected a two-story framo dwell
ing house, barn ana out-butldlogs.
All that other certain tractor ploco of land sltuato
la Brlarcreek township, Columblacounty, and State
ot Pennsylvania, bounded and described as follows,
to-wlt) Adjolulng lands of Jonas Wright on tho
north Btxty-soven degreos oast sixty ono 'perch
es tn a. post, thence north eleven and ono
half degrees west thirty-seven perches to a
stone adjoining land of William Walp, thence south
lorty-elgnt and one-halt degrees west sixty-eight
andslx-tonthiperchsito ayelhw pine, adjoining
land of Georgo Bower, south eight degrees east
rourieen ana seven-tenths perches,oontalnlug nlno
acres and ono hundred and five perches
seized, taken in execution at the suit of Joscnb
I anion against William Walp and to be sold as the
propsrtyot WlUtain Walp.
jieasojt, Auornv, it. p.
XI. iL NT.
Howell A Oo's. Advt's,
Dootor Against Quaolc ! I
A Leading London l'liysiclan Establishes
nn uiuce tn iscw lork lor tho cure
of Epileptic Fits.
JYomAm, Journal of Medicine.
Dr. Ab. Mowrolo. (lato of iLondonl. who nnkesa
spcctaltrof Kpllepsy.has without doubt treated an
cured moro cases than any other living phslclan
ins success uas simpiy neon asionisuing; wo uavo
heara of cases of over vo ) ears' standing, successful
lv cured bv htm. Ho hnA nubllrticd a valuable work
on this disease, which he sends with a large bottle
ot his wondciful cure treo to any sufferer who may
seiia mcir cxprrs? ana r. u.aauress. wonavisanny
ono wlthlne u cure to address Dr. All. MKSEHOLU.
so, John st New York. r Jan, 14-iw
rui iieuuiii iiius, lur Allliucur luuuuibiiiaiitui.
peranco flays, Drawlnir-room Plays, Fairy Plays,
Ethiopian Plays, uuido Books, speakers. Panto
mimes Tableaux I.lahm. Mairnraluin Llchts. Color
ed Fire? Burnt Cork. Thcatrioal Faco Preparations,
Jurley s Wax Works, Wlga, Beards and Moustaches
ai, rt'uuueu prut's, vosiuuics, pcenery, i;iiantuc3.
Now Catalogues sont freo containing tu'l descrip
tion and prices. SAMUEL KliKNCIl IC SON, S3 E.
ma street, now loric r an, n-w
A YEAH ana expenses to agents.
Augusta, Maine.
jan u-4w
AIVi:itTIKi:it.H by addressing GEO, P.ltOW
ELl, CO.. 10 Hnrilfn fifrnnf Wnw VnpV Nn
learn tho exact cost of any proposed lino of AD
vitliTisiNG In American nowspapcrs. r"loo
I'UKB I'nnilihlct x?3c. r Jon. 1WW
Eclectic Magazine
Foreign Literature, Science, and Art.
Tlio Eclectic Maiiazink renrmluces from forelim
periodicals all thoso nrtlclos which aro valuable lo
Amprli-an rniilers. It npl,t nf npifn.inn pmhrnps
nil tin leading Kirelgn Itevlcws, Magazines, and
Journals, nnd tho tastes cf nil classes nf readers aro
consulted tn tho artlcle presented Its plan includes
dwiuiiuu, iwjiijn, itu.iuws dkciciics, iravois,roeiry,
Novels, snort Stories, etc, etc.
With the number for January. 18SI. tlioKclectlo
.Magazlno will bo enlarged to such an extent as will
gtvH nuoui iwouunureu pages ot additional reading
matter d inng thu year.
This Increaso of spsco will afford tho opporninlly
not merelv for an Increased quantity but tor a much
ffieater varlotvof rendlna- muitpr, nnrl Hi mihtuii.
er coulldnllally promises that theopportunltv snail
bo so utilized that tho Kclcttlc will be moro valuable
moro readable, and moro aatlsfactorv than ever bp.
fore. Tho samo pains will bo taken as etlher to exclude-
articles which aro trivial In character, or of
inuiL-iy iruuHiemimercat; out larger spaca win oo
assigned to articles of a popular and entertaining
cast, and with ample materials of tho best quality at
v,iuiiuiiin,tiiu ruicciiu mil oo mauo inoiueui r ainii
The fallowing list of rnntrnhntara tn thn Tvr1nril.
cols from which tho Eclectic ts selected will give
some idea tf tho value ol its contents: nt, lion.
W. K Gladstone, Alfred Tennyson, Professor Hux
ley, Professor lyndall, itlehardA. Proctor, B. A..
J. Norman Lockyer, F. It. P., Dr. W. 11. Carpenter,
K 1). Taylor, Prof. Max Muller,Prof Oweu.Matthew
Arnold, K. A. Freeman, I), c. I, Jumcs Anthony
1 mil fin. 'I linmiD llMr.ll.10 A nllinn,, rtvnll nnn 11., I, Inn.
Black. Mrs. Ollphant, Turgenletf, Miss Thackciay.
VII.., CIA,,
SJ?Tlia KnMIh nprtrw1lpr.U nmthnmvnt. stnrp.
houso rromwiiich are drawn many of the best nnd
,11-bfc I'uiiiuur uuua.1 oiiuuume. Tnoisciccuc ro-
nrlntStlllS material fl-PRh t rnm I lin nlttlinfa hnnrla
and ata prlco far lower thanltcosts Inbookform.'
TBHWS: single conies. 45 cents: ono cony, one
year, W, tto copies, fan. Trial subscription for
threo months, ft The Kclectlc nnd any ft magazine
to ono address, $3. Postage treo to all subscribers.
K. It. FElYrojV, I'ubllNllcr
S3 Bond Street, New York.
Letters ot Administration cntheestato of Sarah
Tiobmhood, lateoiMiniln township Columbia coun
ty, Pennsylvania, deceased, havo been gnmtcd
by tho Heglster of said county to L. s.
W lntersteen. Of Bloomsburir. mlmV. All nontnna
having claims ngulnst the estate of said decc-
ueui. uru rcqucsicu 10 present mem ror settlement,
and thoso ludebted to tho estate to make payment
uuucipigugu vumiuiauiiiAr,miiiuui uoiuy.
Jon 7, f!0-w Bloomsburg, Pa,
Among the records and proceedings of the Court
of Common Pleas of Columbia county It Is Inter
Kobcrt M McBrlde) No. 110 Sept. Term, lsso.
vs. Divorce,
Mary C. Mcllrilo. )
Now Dec. fl. ISSO on rradlnir nf HhnMfT'a return
alias subpeona and application of llervey K. smith,
Att'y. for Hobert M. MoBrldo, tho court order pub-
Itnollnn l.i. (tin Uhn-lff 1
l.VMb.VU UJ WU IlllkllU,
Certified from tho records this fifteenth day
December, A. D., lsso.
WM. ltltlCKBAUM,
O. M. Quick, Proth'y,
To Mary C. Alcltrldo abovn named! Ynti nm tinrp.
by required to appear before tho Judges of said
tuuit ui, uiuuiuavur uii juonuuv, m3 tin nay
February, a. d l& nnswer the complaint
said ltobort M, McBrlde.
Jan. "tc
Tf The following appraisements of real and
personal property set apart to widows of decedents
hao been filed In tho office of the Iteglstcr of Col
umbia county, under the ltules of Court, and will be
uicaemi-ii luruusuiiuu couuruiuiion io tno urphans'
Court to bu held In UloomsburiMn and rorfialrt conn.
ty. on Monday, the Ith day ot Feb. 1831, nt two
ui.iui.iv ii. in., ui emu uuj uuii'hs exceptions to sucn
uuuiiiiuuiiuu iwu previously niea, or wnicn an per-
auuo iitiiivciiu tit oum uoutiv mil iti&u uuucu .
I. Widow of Wllllts II. Moyer, latu of Madison
township, deceased.
S. Widow of Ulram II. Broadt, late of Bloomsburg,
lteirlster's onico.
Bloomsburg, Jju. 'si.
lUSflr ir.
JL V Notico Is hereby encn to all legatees, credl
uirs ana other persons Interested In the estates of
iiu luafit-eute ueccueiiis uuu minora, iiiatme roi-
.-.-..ufcumuiiiiauiiuuil, C4CVUHII UUU UltrUlUll UC-
counts have been tiled In tho office of tho Heglster of
,, "iiiuoiiii'ociueu ior cuuurmauon ana
uuunuiicu iu mo urpuans'
Court to bn lipid In
uu jiioouuy, reo. i, issi, at v o clock,
p. in. on said day :
1. Till first and final account of A. P. Heller, guar-
uMituiiDuucim i urn-ii, miuur cnna oi marina
viuBMoy, mie or nne lownsnip, deceased.
v. 1 ho tlrst and final account of .lames Gulliver,
uuiuiuiaijuiui ui uuuu uiiiiiver, mit) oi uem-
lutvueuip, UCCUUbUU.
8, Tho first and final account nf n. Front Znrr a
mlnistraior ot Martin W. Nuss, lato of tho Town
ui jjiuuuisuurg, uecciiscu,
4. The account of Illchard Stiles, administrator of
.uuiuiu vuiiey, jam oi iieuion lownsnip, ao-
II. Tho second account of Jchn ItellAg nnrl A
Bellas, executors of Aaain Hellas, lato ot Fish-
11.11 l-i.ii. luwusuip, utceaseu.
0. The tlnal account ot Allen Mann, guardian of
. iiiuuciu iicuiuuKcr, uiuinr cunu vi iteuuen
iicuuiuger laie oi ueaver lownsnip, aeceased,
7. Thoj tlnal account of Allen Mann, guardian ot
-iiuuuin iiciiujuger, miuor cnuu or iteuueniten-
iuuKer,iuiu ii ueaver lownsnip, neceasea.
8, The first and final account of George A. Doty
administrator, do bonis non cum testamento
uuurAu, ui nenry tungsoury, late or ncnton
lUnUQIllUI, Ul'lCUbLLl.
9. The first and final account of John n. Hetler
and J. II, natter, administrators of Jacob liar.
iei, jr., mie oi .Minim lownsnip, deceased.
if). 1 ti. Kpcnnrl nr1 final nfimm, nr t.i,inM 11
Clark, trustee of juaiy Gorrell, lato of the bor-
uuiju ui vtuirui-a, ueieuscu.
, The account of William Hagenbuch, executor of
Isaac llagcnbucb, lale ot crange township, do-
H. The account of Jacob Hartman, administrator of
neiirv iiuninan, iai oi uemiocK township, ae-
13, Thh first and final account of Abraham I Lock-
uiuuiiu iiuuu n. LiK-aeru, mie aaminisiraiors
uiAieionuer ujcuaiu, lato or jinarcretk town
ruip, ucct ust'u.
H. The final arcount of Goorgo Moore, almlnls-
liuiui- ui r.uzttntiu jioocriu, law oi suganoai
vu nutuiii, ucctrtuieu.
19. l he Urn and final account of Miranda Lee, ad-
miuitirntrix or Nancy Connelly, late of tho bor
ough if Berwick, deceased.
16, Tho mat and partial account of B. Frank Zarr,
takvutu, Ullliutfcu oii,iaic A, i.iunioi3(i UIHU-
t-hlp, deceased.
IT, The flii-t and paitlal account of John Hartman,
uuiiuuiobiniui vi jtiituaei ijruucr, luio ui new-
iuva. iuvtuaiiip, uecetuy"i.
18. Tlio first and Partial account of Dtlllnirer Harrl.
nuu, Buiiiiiug cifcuicr ui isDnem Harrison,
taiv ui iuu iunii vi uiuuiusuuig.ueceaaeu.
1J. The first und final account of Hiram Whltmlrn
uuu luiMiaiur crparan Amwiue, late ot centre
luttueuip, uoeruacu.
!0. The flrn and final account of Andrew J. II pkl
admlulrtrator of Ulram Lunger.lato ot Sugarloaf
luniiimu, uuicucuu.
31, Tho account of David Iowenberg. administra
tor ot Georgo llelswlck, lato ot the Town of
uiuuiusuurg, ueceasea,
J, The second and final account 1 1 N, B, Creasy
nuu i,, i, c-iruBv, auuiiuisiraiura oi rjamuei
creasy, late of Mlftlln township, deceased.
S3. The first and final account tf Henry Hetler. ad-
uiiuiairaior oi.issao i.uiz, laie or Jiirainiowu-
btilp, Ui'ccaBeU.
l. Tbe Brtt aid (leal account cllsaao A.
lujuinLruiur uu uouu nun oi jouq nartuian, late
ot oraDKO township, deceased.
3 The nrat and final account ot Ellas diner, guar-
u,u ui naiui un ifuuuuiau, minor .uuu oi Lnurics
(Joodman, late ot Centra township, deceased.
8. The tlrat ond tlnal account ot Ellas Oljer, guar-
umu ui ainiKi-rri, uuouuiaii, minor cnua or
Charles Oocainao, late ol Centre township, de
ceased. ' The nrat and tlnal account ot William Mastellcr,
iiTuVihi A 'i!fu,D ""-w-f, laieomauisori
S. Tha account ot Chart g KesUer, administrator
Ceiled vt wuvfr ownBhip, aei
. The first and nartlal aroount of )ur,ir,,ir
i nlBlolrrraior ct WUllam II, Oraqra,
Utel( taUsaliVfHblp, OKfcU(l
John Wanamaker.
If you cannot
to us by postal
card for llOUSO-
keeper's Frico
Wo fill orders by letter from
every State nnd Territory at
same prices charged customers
who visit the store, and allow
samo privilege of return.
The stock includes Dress
Goods, Silks, Laces, Fancy
Goods, and general outfits.
Grand Depot,
Fluo IlrantllcH, WIiInIUcn, (.lux,
piuiiiiy uii ilium,
Lnndlorils thrnno'lioiil. Mm nnimtv will find it, fo tlinir iitlviinfiurn In
- - -
can nnu exannno my stcck uoiore
Main Street, 2nd
July o,"so-ly
OR. METTAOR'S HEADACHE PILLS cure mnf t wonderfully In a
tcry hort tlmo Willi SICK NERVOUS HEADACHE ; nml.nhllo
Ktinffunthc ncrToas rytni, relievo DYSPEPSIA In Ua word tome, clonm
Ing tno system ot excess ot bile, producing a regular healthy action ot tho bowel.
A full olzo box of thoso vnlunblo PILLS. wl'hfulldU
rcctlona lorn comploto euro, lnnilml tunny niluremon receipt ot
nlno 3-Cont Postaco Stamps. Foreaio by all Druggists.
sou! ntopiuiiTons,
nm i ih-ay a rmil r. !-,'. i-nt m
OCt. 15, '60-tf
Plumber, Gas Fitter, Tin and Sheet Iron Worker,
SLop in Opera House, 6tU door ptua.w-ir
bstet oK,a-nsrs,
lu the manufacture of Organs is resulting in tbe production and sale
of cheap goods, made from inferior materials. I refer particularly to
bogus Organs that are continually springing into existence, without
any merit whatever, except to be offered cheap, and then when purchas
ed found to be dear at any price. t Will you not then, reader,
If you Contemplate Buying an Organ
consider it your only safeguard to select an instrument bearing the
names of first class, wholly responsible makers. A good assortment of
styles of the celebrated Estey Organs can now be seen at the newroomn
of the Only Authorized A gent foi the Estey Organs in
Columbia County. A guarantee for five years from the manu
facturers accompanies every Estey Organ,
June sa.'so-u
In tbo matter of te rbtate of Aloxander Hesn, late
uyjuguiium iu,vutuii,oiiiiuuia co., ia., aeceas-
1 he undersigned Auditor appointed ty the Or
phans' Court of said county, lo make dibtiitutlon of
the balance In the hauda cf Iiacbel llem mid An
drew Laubach. atmttilsfrntrru nt tntii ,1. rt ,i0,,t tn
and amongst creditors, will meet all rartles Inter,
estedlnsuld dlstrlliullon at his onico In tno Town
of Uloomsburit In said eounty, on Tuesday, tbo ssth
day of January. A. I).. IkSl. at ten o'clock a. m.. of
said tlay. wbn and where all parties Interested In
said fund must at tnd or be forever debarred from
any share ot said fund.
dec. S4,18Mw Auditor.
State ot rennsylvanla, Columbia county, SS,
Amone the records and proccedlnes of tho (Jom,
mon I'leaa in and for said county 11 la Inter alia
In Uie matter of the Sheriff's sale of tbe real estato
Dec 10. lSSO.the writ In tliU rami hAln,. w,n ,..,. i
and the money paid into court, on motlou ot v . j,
lluckalow, W. ir. ALbott is appointed Auditor to dl.
'"" "id .uuu uuiuui; uie parties eutinea thereto,
Certified from the record this thirteenth day of Do.
Deputy. i-rotn.
in pursuance of the above appointment the un.
derslgned will meet the parties interested at hla of.
tlCe in llloomsiblirc. nn Hntnrri.v ihn ci.
fifiuary, A. D. 1B81. between the hours ot s a m.
"i. nuiui uuw una piace an persons
haTlnif c alms upon s, Id fund will appear and provo
their claims or be debarred from any share of said
dec, li 'so-lw
In S? ',nft'r ' 'J,'? e8tat0 0' l'ulln Hca.lste of Ku.
ctased H' "'""""s coumy, fenn'a., do.
The ULuerslfrneit Alldltnr innnlnlnn I... knA.
Pk"' I'ourt ul Mid rouiily to make distribution of
ir. t . ",,v" ,MP vi dames l eterman. ad
m ulstraior up Li riu tun , i , fS, ..Nyi ..'t,. r
?u',II!,?.U?,,"n,.",ia itLreMea ,u fU estate ni
bl ctucelu tbeTiwnot Iilocmsbuiif in laidooun
t . h 1 uuday. the tub day of Januaiy. A.u.,m
RS,'iiilfi!f47i5idi5ki,1 tk,,' uiust attend or be
toteur Ctbarrtd trota uy ikn uum lund,
A ui tor.
Tills is the particular season in
which to get nnd prepare House
keeping Dry Goods Sheetings,
Pillow Materials, Linens, Nap
kins, Towels, etc. Itisalsothe
season for Ladies' Underwear,
The Grand Depot contains tho
greatest variety of goods in one
establishment in
nnd exchanges
for things that
do not suit, upon
examination a t
Kiiiiim, mid till 111 mix of T"Iiich con-
j ..... . ,- - - -o-
purclinbiiig eisewliere.
Door below Iron.
.1.1 il il I ,. r rlTE
F 1
E '
P i
S i
R i
rV :
J. SELTZER, Agent,
Bloomsburg, F'a
TKllM 1M1,
llerwlck J It Adams.
Uloom W W lurrctt, Samuel U Hosier, William
liabb, Andrew Sollader,
Brlai creek ueorce Lurn,
fentre-S Fr'.
Klshlngcisek M W McUenry, George realer.Danlel
Oreenwood-Joseph Iiedllne.
larkson 1) s younf,
Hemlork-Ednaid Ivey, rieree Shoemaker, Levi
I ocustMaj berry Snyder, Jacob I Stlne,
Madison ihomas utngles.
Main Wm II Usher.
Montour-J It Ithoads.
oraoke tamuel Seybert.
Hoarlnircrei-k-Samuel Houck, D W Ilarli''.
I'lne Luther A Uerman.
neavcr reter Eckrote, James T Kox.nenry S Lebo.
Dent. s-Dver Moss,
llerwlck W 1' Snider.
Moo m-Chos K liousel, Kran Jones, H ONagle. Jas
OMernt-r, Henry Wolf.
Catawlssa J, hn Uabme. Nathan Creasy, rink,
Drumheller, Joseth Walter, llarry O John.
Centre John eLonp, Joseph Ulcer, John White.
Klslilnircrcek Uco J Fullmer,
Franklin Michael Mensch,
urreuuood M M Appleinin.
I.Mu8t Jacob neiuer. Solomon Mowry, ncnir
llelwlir, David llelwlg.
Maln-D fi Federorr.
Montour J (J liarkley.
Miniin-M 11 ,lietler, abram Masteller, Jr., Jacob
Mt, rieasant-Joseph Kline.
I'lne Amos Long
cott J U Ammerman, Itobe rt PurseL
Sugarloat-Davld Kocber, Oeo aett.
Ileaver-l'eter II FUher, Jacob Ilartzel, Chas U
itelchart, Daniel Clngley, sr.
Ueiiton-Tbcmas Hellas John H Kline, Ellas Mo-
llenry.Jabcb WellHer.
Uloom Jatob ii uomboy, I'eter Knapn, James ten-
non, Jas W Schuyler.
Ilrlarereek s.muel rmlth.
Catawi:sa-a W Clark, Jucob Fedo'otr, O O Sharp-
FUhlnecrcek John Crevellng,
Franklin Jonathan Ixihraan.
u netiKocd-lirLdikk Dange, t'bandlrr Kves, J
Mannlnir. II nlliiitllnp .m.iiiii,, ki.uHi,r
Jackson Augustus Everhart. II U Stevens,
i.utusi iuu iiintr. wonigtmery vecum"
Madison-Calvin Dtmctt, Kainuel Karnswoith,
Main ohn W tliiimun '
14 1. 1 ItattLU-iui irswtord. J,
Soott-Abrutn Cutter, Iteed lies.
8uffrtoat-oo Uess, SokuU Y Dess, U.