The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, December 03, 1880, Image 3

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n(H)HSIll'll(l, FltllHT, M.CKVIIKU 9, IsSO
IimHui Feltermin ami Aaron V. (Irnvcr,
mlist'alors of the olntc of Mleliacl Utoer,
A isel.w"' seu ml1 osiiiiu 1,11 ue premises ill
X(,,n town'Mip on ttiursoav, ttecemDcr inn.
IMI'lu II ll'gss and .Mill II. II. Kirk, mr-
tiring executors ol Charles II. Doebler, tie
. 1W,1, will val.niMo real cattle at the
( mfi House, llbonuljurif, on Monchy, Decent-W'-
Ht .1 Ijerlis'inonts,
?.tt (.''irislims.
Court commences next week.
(blerbriiiit a good price this season.
KoiirIi yourliorses ami prevaiit accidents.
It 1k unlawful to shoot ilcer ufcr December
15 til) next October.
The Adams-Keene combination ut up at
the Kxchange.
Who adlTer most this timo of jeir? Tur
key', of course.
John M II I2ta!ew was reglstercl nt the i'.x
change yestetilty.
Itanhn has challon?eil I.aycick to row
within .1 given spice of lime.
Miluti KijIk' Female Minstrels are booked
to anpctr In the Opera House on tbo 13lli.
Hig meeting lias commenced at the Metho
dic Church.
Conundrum What has become of MeKin
ney's ciprc office flirk?
An exchange fays nn empty coarh drove tip
to the theatre and Sarah liernlinrdl got out.
The theatricil troipothnt vUiteil Ibis place
week caused a great deil of "speculation."
The unexpected closing of iheciral caught
a great many boatmen aw ly from home.
Humor has it that a number of weddings nro
sal down for this winter
McKlnney'a Iirge ghs windows in his new
building arc very attractive.
Caiwo of so many staggering females on Sun
ihy last slippery paveinnts.
Stephen Kuhn is Imi'.diug a large and com
modious ice house on the lot back of his meat
Turkeys sold nt ten cents per pound lat
week, nnd there was a luge ilemind for them
at that rate.
A futile attempt was made in Srranton to In
crease the salaries of school teachers ten to
twtnly per cent.
Percolator! I'ercohtorl Saves 25 per cent
I V. McKelvy agent furjllloomsburg, Pa
Nov. 12-lw
Keep your chickens under lock and key. We
unders an I the b n-S'iitihera nave commencril
their vocation.
Ilibbits nre pltntv this season. The boys
are cuituring lots of them. Have not men any
in market yet.
There are 200,000 telephones now in use, al
thoiieh telephone have had an cxWtence f
nly five years.
An Academy of Music is being erected in
Shtnnndnali, w ich will be rindy fur oicupan
cy some time in January.
"Uelshiwir's (oast," on Saturday night, at
the Presbyterian church, was, as the sermon
deserved, well attended.
10,000 Ilushela of Lancaster and Zeller Vol
ley wheat wantid at Willow Grove, at$1.05
per bushel. Z. T. I'owlkh.
(tuy J.acoby gave much assis-anco in this is.
sue, He is alive to the occurring events, am
pictures tiie fads in a fine manner.
We noticed sevenl persons were taking time
by tho forelock aod tilling their ice houses last
week, The ice was 4 and 6 inches thick.
Prof. S. N. vValker.ofour town, will speak
at the Union Tenii crance meeting nt the M.
K. church next .Monday evenitg.
To butcher eight swine and one steer in a
diy is pretty good work. Dive Cuffinan says
he and Mtlea llelz did it yesterday.
We aro informed tlul there is being shipped
to New York frjin this dep)t nbjut ooe thous
and H)und of poultry a day.
rho mtny friend i of Hirry Ilirkinhine, the
Water Works contractor, are happy to hnke
him by tho hand. Harry's visit is one of
business with the Company.
Tlis Thanksgiving sermon prescbod by Uev.
Dr. Mitchell in ihe Lutheran church, was a
very able one, and is well spokin of by thot-e
who lie ml it.
The Derby hat worn by so many of our
young ladies, is not only janty, neat and nob
by, but so convenient. It cm be worn by ber
and her brother and no one will bo the wiser .
You are kindly invited to call at the Peo
ple's Drug ami Hook Store to ex imiue the lir
gest nnd finest assortment of Holiday Goods
ever brought to 111 lomsburg.
The "Pas-ion Play" will not be proluced, as
contemplated, in New York City. The strong
prtssnre of public opinion cuised the minager
to ab.ind.rn the idea of bringing it out.
The people do not take kindly to the lite
tuitbod of disposing of the deal. Only eight
bodies have, as yei.becn cremated. Tis a con
Jtbt between prejudice and reason.
Leap year is iieirly'run out Wo have not,
as yet, heard of any leap yeir alliances in this
action. (iirU, if you desire to claim your priv
lege, now is the lime to strike.
It is stated that Prei dent Hayes bad no
turkey oa Thanksgiving. We would tujgest
thai he start a neSaper, (or who over htard
of an editor failing lo havo a roaJt on a holi
day. The Now String Ilinl rendered some excel
lent music at llioSktting Kink list Saturday
evening The band is a good one and should
receive the patronage of all who detlre string
The skating nuk fever has lo.t in hold ev
erywhere. We hear very little about such
Institution any more. However, Mr. Fowhr
had a good turn out on his opening night, Sal
Parties bavin.' horses sill 'cH wilh epiioo
ty would do well to guard against gelling any
of the discharge In Ibeir eyes or on sires, as it
is of i most virulent nature, and Is quite sure
to cause mdammition.
The minalrel troupes have already produced
a burlesque on Sarah Bernhardi, entitled 'Sir.
ah Heartburn.' Poor wmnud Not content
with Ihe fun liny have had on account of her
attenuation of form, they now ridicule her
Kev S. O. Itedding, of Lewlsburg, will
preach in the llaptbt church on Sunday. Mr.
It. is highly spoken of as an abl and logical
divine and those desiring to hear a good ser
mon should not fail to her him. We uniler
'Und thai lie come heie on trial, as the H'plUt
chunh wilh to secure a justcr. '
Moytr Bros, ate pushing vigorously the rc- I
pairs and changes nece-arv f,,r ii.
oftho'Cily" hotel Into a drug store. Wln
completed It will be one of the finest .In..
........ !.. .1.1. ... ...
'"is pan oi tne male.
The American Union Telegraph Company
intend runnim; their ultra i.n.l,- . i
Philadelphia, If lids It done ll nut re.uli In on
the removal of those nnslchtly nnd ot-Jtcllona- 1,10
llie entertainment irlrcn hv the Pl,llnl-il.n deb
Literary Sociely, in N'ornnl Hall, on Thntik.. I 'nS
giving night, was excellent In every rc'pect, 10
and the atiendaace the largest that bas occu-
.i n, ii. r., i
,.v.,. ,llr ii,uB iime.
Weather pngno-ticators diK r greatly In
uisir pteuieinus lor this winter. Vennor, the, says wo will hivo a coll winter and
lots of snow. While a in llninn.
sack, Js. ., ci lilly as well notel as the da.
ndiaii,pru!lc!s a mil I season. Which is ttgln?
sr.... I . ... . I
I , . , . , ,'.'"llij I
iirrcnanrs wnn sin wt mm n j-.
I.n i... t. 1 ii . . . . I
I l.l'IrtUllf, OI.Il linilOU. Iir llll MflltStlo.. n,...
I ff. '
Ihe new M. 1, church at Stillwiter. will l,
tciticatcl on Sunday mornii g at ten oclock.
December 12. 1 he phco of wor-hip is a beau-1
tilul one the coiigrtgalion takingall necessary
pains to make ll attraclive. The M. 1;. choir
of lllo-imsburg Isexpeetcd to be present.
Wo h.avo much pleasure In recommending
Thcrmalino to our readers, as an absolute
euro for Malaria. Tbo manuf.ictnrers' n.amo
alone Is a guarantee of its merit. Itsellsat2."
ccnta per box. Tor particulars seo Adtt.
inly IM, 's0 Gin
The new i-.vangelical church on Fourth
street will be dedicitid by the liisbop, Itev.
1 homns llowman, at 10 o'clock in the morn
ing of Sunday, ihe 12lh of December. Tin
eminent pastor, Hev. S. U. Davis nnd congre
gation extend to al. a cordial invitilion to bo
present at the exercises,
Nearly all tho compositors of the Rending
linjle, who struck bic.iu.e a couple of females
were unplojtd, are bick at their posts work
ing along side of the girls. It is right, (lirh
should be permitted to do any kimt of work
they are able to do, hit they should not work
for lower wages than the buys, Fear of that,
we presume, wis the reaon ibe hands struck
Are you going to p tint? If so, send to the
Montour Paint Mills, llupert, P.t , for your
Pure Lend, Slate Colors, Pure Paints, Ac , nnd
save the wholesale and rt t sil profit. You can
mix your own colors with pure linseed oil for
8 "j cents to $1 20 per gallon. sep. 10 3m
According to the Pcliedutes returned to Ibe
census officers by the enumerators of the sever
al districts of Philadelphia, the following is the
population oi that city: Total number of in
habitants, 844,930. Number of m ties, 405.S99.
Number of females, 411.0M Number of na
live born, 012,018. Number of foreigners,
2011132 Number of white, 815,182. Numbtr
of cobnd, 31,798.
Tho medicines of Draois Dick it Co. aro
unexcelled for elegance, purity, and relia
bility. Their Seldlitino firldlitz Towders,
are as pleasant as Lemonade. Their Soft
Cniules nro world famous. See Adrt.
july 20, 'S0-0m
Quite a sensation lias been created in Wilkes'
barre,hv Ike appearance, al night, in the vicini
ty of I'rewery Hill, if a man chu in ghostly ap
parel, frightening (ho foul tics so bally tint
they will not venture out after night fall-
'Twould bo ngiod thing were his ghoslship
to give llloom-burg a vi'it Perhaps it would
stop a great deil of talk not very creditable to
the large number of girls tint run our streets at
Most of our merchants have already purcbas
ed their stock of holidty goods and have mtde
tasty displays of the s line. Judging from the
plei-ant nnd smiling countenances of the deal.
ers, they expect 617 sales, am! there is no rea
son why their expectations should not be real-
ited, as money is plenty, There certainly is
no need fir our citizens to go away to make
their purchases, when they cm get everything
at home just as cheap and good.
On neit Tuesday evening, December 7, the
people of llloonisburg and vicinity will have
Ihe rare opportunity of hearing thapl 1111 Jlc
Cttbe's great lecture on "The Iltight Side of
Life in Lihby Prtron." It will furnish lo all,
who embrace tho opportunity thus offered, an
rii . richest pleasure and profit. Lit Ihe
Opera House he filled to hear it. Tickets 2-"
pants. resrvei 1 eeats 35 cents: children lo
Dr. Meltaar'i lleiulwhe and Diwei'sia
Pilh, Price 25 ceuts, cureat once Head
ache, Dyspepsia, Uilhuusneas, ami
nation. nov. 19-tm
While we are friendly to Ihe small boy nnd
hketoseehim have plenty of sport and enoy
himself all he can, yet we must confess lhat
sometimes, if indulged too fir, he makes
something of a nuisance of hitnstlf. Hut would
it not he well when giving notice to the hoys
not to slido their eltds down the walks, m.ikin;
them slippery and dangerous, not to limit our
commands. One small boy wilh his slid will
make Ihe piveiuenls just as smooth aod trouble
some to foot-passengers as another small boy
sled will. Alaaya treat tho boysatf
Hlits will be here In a few weeks with his
dime exhibition. The Professor's world wide
reputation as a prestidigitator and ventriloquist
alone makes the auniuncmcnt of interest to
the public; at the sime time he promises new
acts, songs, daucti, .le., by new people
Watch (or the d He of the allow that only char
ges one dirno an I alwtys gives 01 tire satisfac
tion, All those Knowing themselves In leblul to us for
subscription will do us a grmt fivor bv c illiug
and paying up when ihey attend Court nexi week.
Those desiring lo lake a go id, reliibl 0 Demo
cratic paper, we advise to subscribe fir the
Columbian which they cin obtain fur Jl 50
per year id advance, or 52.00 if not paid in ad
vance. One of the principal changes now noticed in
weddln.'S is ihe absence of the proverbial mar
riage bell, and more recent horseshoe, fur what
seems a more imposing nwl comforlablo stjlo
was Ulily seen at a fashionable wedding in New
York. It wis a raised din or platform, on
which the bridil parly wasseiied lu receive
there 500 friends; ovtr and around thorn was
an arch or alcove of natural ll iwers. L'shers
standing on eilher side bund ice and keep
tick the crow I, No lids. The groom
is always attended by a gentle 11 in frieu I win,
alter the Lnglish fishlon, is called "a best
man." One wuuld suppose lhat the intended
husbnnl was the best man on such an occa-
A fireesoipe his been erected by the Tru.t
ees of the .Normal School on the tipper side of
the dtrmitory building. It is so arranged as to
afford an ample way of escape for all ihe south
endoflhe building. The stairs are so con
structed ss lo form a platform at eich tl ior and
thus open a way of escape to all. The outer
edge of tho tair has an iron railing o as no
accid'iit msy occur. There aro now fur modes
i.fe-cpe Oie slairnt ll.e north, two in the
centre, and thislast additional one al the south.
F.very advantage is being taltn by the Trust-e-s
lo make our school equal lo any in the
State. So far as a lueins of escape Is concern
ed, we ran bost of luving the lest arrange
mint of oy school building.
J II. Klnptrls has purchssed the propertr
ol drome I'en"ttrmachrr on Fourths reel,
Dlpht'.eria iir'ging In L-wUhnrir. Siitv
dentin luye incurred don It recontiv In that
The iiw mills, at Willlimsiurl liaveiloml
""oint of the cold weather which prevents
rim"'nK of logs.
j "it .uiumu 11-3 .menu i-ei.'iiu.;
- gites to the Firemen's Convention nt Head.
One of our ot'ganizadtns nt least ought
"presintcil in lhat meeting
Tl . , 7. "Z TT . , ,
.,, , ,t
.u ,ma rtuL-n iuino na ion in artu
" We Ine-d ,y evening to a fair 1 audience,
ino v.utnmy is not orthofir.t orJ.r, Imt the
iroii)o rcmiereil it about as will as the lay I I
woul I admit. Miss Sal le Adams.'m ber must.
cil 8iecinlit!es, was purlicul.atly gcod,
TitR C(lt.L'Mni4V I. Ihn mitv ofTir... In tlip
, t.... ... i t.t. t. ..i. :i.s. ...... .
J "in. "" '." ,VJU .UIS Ull vAlllUHIUII HI
r.l. f - I... .11 . . i ir iwii yeir . i is eviuenic
.mtnshaui.d to ,how our o,k
Wo have alreidy done some neat work fcr our
merchants for llio H didivs, You ran I idgo
for onrnlf when ymi s-e (lie work. Ciilt
,u,e I cirds.Nev Yoirs cuds and unurrdng
car.Is, printed at this i.lli.'e In the neilest man
nlr - " are practical, luvirg serve I n full
time at ihj tride an i overse; all our work be-
ore it leives the ollu-e. SUisf.iction always
given in price and style of work.
Xo recreation appears to give more life and
chceif lines than skatirg. villi thctcuiperati-re
losr cnnuith to make active m iveiuents mcessa'
r'. Thanksgiving nllbrded an excc'lcnt op
pLtrt'in ity fir ibis exerci-c. and was eiuhractd
by virv young Ameriinns as well a children
of a larger growth. The graceful movements
of tho etpert a'trtcted more attention and ad
nitration from lookers-on, p'rlnps, b it the lofty
tumbling of those t iking the initiatory lessons
produceil more expressive demonstrations. It
is surprising bow many fills it peron on skatis
can take without manifesting any pain or incon
venience. A fill on the head, a rcg liar broad
side or a back ste n .etn only lo ner)e the new
beginiur to ren.'wed t Hurts. Dtity Jljinncr.
Ceo. K. L'lwell was in Philadelphia the past
Senator tied, II. J. McIIenry, was in town
on Monday.
F, S. Hunt, of Derwick, was in town on
Tuesday afternoon,
Kohr McIIenry, 6f Ilen'.on, was in town on
J. 1). l)odin, of Mainville made Hloom a
flying visit on Thursday.
F. S, Simpson made us a friendly call on Sat-
urday last. "Sim" looks will and ajs insur
ance business is brisk.
W. O McICinney, tho popular boot and
dioe dealer, arrived home the 1 liter part of Issi
week, fiom bis extended western trip, great y
improved in health.
Hurt. Oordner hid one of hi
hands hurt on
last Frid ij- al tho car shops.
Geo. Margerum of Catawissa bad his band
badly hurt 1 ist week in ooe ol the cir t-hops at
Clark Shoemaker, ml emplnyeo in Lockard's
cir sho s, had the fingers of his right hand so
bidly liciriiid, one ilty la-t week, that it be
came necessary lo amputate three of them.
S. C. feldve nnt with a painful accident re
cently. He was cni-ni:ed in work nrouod
citler press and while in the act of driving a
stake, slipped and fell on a plough share,
breaking one of his ribs.
One diyla-t week, the clothes of n young
Iuan named liiumin, working at Lockard'i
werecioght in lite machinery and neirly torn
from bis body. The timely stoppage of ihe
machinery prevented an accident which might
have been fital, As it was be escaped with
sliithtty damaged hand.
On Monday, John Heclifel, while ngaced in
moublirirat Lockard's car ehops, liad one of
his feet severely burntd by the up'tihing of a
ladle containing red hot iron which run
into ids shoe. The shoe was instantly re
moved and sweel oil applied and to-day his
fool is rap ill ly healing
Stuiuel Hill, an employee of W.n Hart, en-
pa.-ed in mining hard ore at Armstrong's farm
met wilh a painful and serious acc dent on
Monday morning about 9 o'clrck He was iu
the act of tamping a blast, when from some un
known causo, a sudden i.xplosion occurred
His fice is baity burned and presents a woeful
picture Whether he will 1 ise the siyht of his
eyes cin not bo told, because of the swollen
and burnt condition of his face. This is tho
second accident that has occurred in ibis mine
w(,n n fhurt time,
On Mondiy, November 22, 18S0, the Sherilf
sold the following properties lo parlies below
Property of A. V, Cool to A. W. Kramer fur
Property of Win. Limon to Joseph Latnon
for $1,325,
Properly of Waller Billman lo Darius Yea-
ger for SCO.
Property of II. C. Preaa to .Mrs. S A. Kik
for $1,150.
Property of Ilobert Hryson lo Win. Hryson
for iH0.
Property of James Keeder and wife lo Mar
garet ltodine for $3?0.
Properties of Win, Menslngers three proper
lies to J. L. Mensinger for $2,9.10.
The pecularity of the A. S. T. Co. lllack Tip
ie.lhat it is independent of ibe upper.and simp
ly protects it from wear, without endangering
the upper from is the case with toe
caps seaed on to (he upper.
We would advise our public officers 10 ex
amine the pockets of Irsmps before furnishing
them with lodging for nothing, It seems some
of them are rilh men in disguise. The other
day the dead bady of a tramp was f und in a
coal bin in a village cilled NisKavuna in Sche
nectady county, New York. Upon examinalii n
ofliis persin iho Coroner fiund 19 one thous
and dollar government bonds, $750 In other
givernment bonds of smaller denominations,
and $239.72 in ra-li. besid.s a gold watch and
chain valued at $150 00 and 6 old silver spoons
tnarktd "J 11 O.," making In all $19,9S9 72,
besides the watii, chain and spoons above,
On Ihe morning of his death he entered a
house and asked fir something lo eat. He was
refused on account ol his squstid appearance,
hut the lady of the bouse gave him ten cents
Investigation of the matter has commenced,
and at present writing it is thought that the
identification of the man, us John K, Oiles,
fjrmerlv a minister of the Gospel, is sollilcent
ly well establl-lied, "His unclei and his cou
sins and bis aunts'' are springing up in count
less numbers, all claiming .hares of his estate;
hnt the parlhs prosiputing the search fur his
relatives seem to recognite Ihe claim of a cer
tain lady in Michigan, who savs she is the
wife of the deceased, and corroborates her
.latement by letters, Mr, Thompson, a law
yer engaged in the cas, slates lhat there are
o'her wives prior to her and lhat it will ho
hard to prove her right to the properly.
The only pad guaranteed to cure diabetes,
gravel, dropsy, Ilrlghl'a disease, nervous do
bili'y.and all diseases of the kidneys and bltder,
I Prof. Guilmelte'e French Kidney l'ad.
Wlitn vou alleid llouri next wtek l.rlnif I
your d.cds along with )ou nnd have Idem nil
placed on record.
1) lay- are sometime ll II
Mr. Harry lllrklnb r p-nnosi s t iktng shout
tweniy-fivo workmen f om I along with him
toliong Ilramh to nil in nalir pipes.
Tho Handome Nlekel Plnttd New Home
Lainn heini: Intruduced to the tmblic ttrs ret
son, is the most meritorious ntticlc ever olfertd
agents lo make money wpli, is safer nrul moio
n.ntoiilenl than IliP allidnnt lamti. wlilcli bus
l cL,?!o' tf,h" r.o
fWJ, nitcliine. td ino. ofean. dek. oic.
lie fear nt the orillnarv limp lielng nectomt-
ally ti set or thrown Irom tbo table, is entirely
trlrlvidhv the simple clump loiiltlvaiice. It
can be nd justid to thro" the light just whh-e ll
i. i ...t, .1 ..... i .,rn...
ed iiiio a handsome wall lamp It has t lie hcjl
argsnd burner, n filling indlcit r, and conveni
ent match box, and lis ptlicis within ihe readi
of evtrv one It Ims been fully tes'td nnd tdi-
tori Uy ei dorsid lie the II esfrrn ChrMum Ad
roenfr, Am- ChrMinn Hnirv, Herald nnd Pic
bytiTi Journal awl .lcsscuftv-, and ChrUtian Stan1
Mnl, the Itndiig rcl iiious tmiersof Cincin
nati, and ts ehdirsed ny the .layor nnd Post-
muster ol Lincinnnt . the aecnt of tlieAinerl.
can express compnny suit pesidonts of Insur-
mice companies, as hemg tliu satrsl, most com
venient ami b-'st lamp mailc.
.... .. . . . . . . i . .., ,
mere are i nrt-e r.oiis wnv nceois siinuni
pk ..,, r , rnnvu f ,Pf,, fr !t.
abs dute stfetv nnd creat convenience, it is
needed in every lionio sreoad its low price
makes its sale immen'e tbinl it will be t
great credit lo handle such an article. Oni
'Ulliern aicnl writes, it sells lister Iran Utn
Lee's nirtrait a. Id rich! afier Ihe war, itnoth
er wrne, it heats the palmy tlays of the sew-
itnr machine, i'.s ritml nil-, low once, anil lib-
oral terms suriTise 1 1 1 sg lit- Addrtps Hume
Lamp Co , Linr innnti, U., mentioning out pa-
pr an 1 they will give you full particulars and
exclusive tcrri'ory to cinv.iss in, nov,5-13w
lli-CKiion.v, Nov, 29, 1SS0,
Km. Columbian :
Oir schools are now open, and with ihe new
books, and the able corps of teichera we
msy expect good results.
The meiiib-rs of the M K. Church, hne
place 1 a carpet in their church, nnd now
have on tho way ,t Cliristnits Tree hntertam
ment for tho bent fit 'uf an orgin.
Mr. Dan Harris h is rcttirned from a long
visit at Hamburg.
William Ohl killed two hogs weight as fid
lows, one o2l and another 17ti unking in all
Itabhits never seemed so plenty, F.d. Hirt
man killeil eleven in two itiys. tint lljv
Savage is still aliein, lie having shot nnd
brought in a wild turkey.
Tliev IniM' iiccIimI ii iiioiititui'iit to Al
cxaiiiler ltniniltdii, the Mak'xiimn wIki
foiiiidoil tin1 iik'.'i of a t-fions; uovi-ni
incut, winch ii siiiidy n Iti'pttblinnn
fin in nt niotiau'liv !H it wi'iv, bill iiuIkmI
a -tiiil a woiil nliotil tloinsr tlio same
tliintr for Tlionias .lolTci'-on, tliu iiiiiiinr
tal :it I i t vlio-c idoa it was tliat til
ii'oilo sltotilil rule tliis jrnvi'iiiiiient.
IIkcol'K Kvks 0i Thur-ilay. Ncvem1
15th, nt tin' M. II iir-onnpe, III )inn"bur, bv
liev. K II. Yorum.Mr. t hrnl" C Ho.icock
of Uohi-ririurg, to Kl Icira 1! Kvcm, of Millvill
IloriEUT In H)hrburg on the U3nl of So
vemlior, of dinthert i, Kinily L, Ho 'trt. ayctl
12 years, ti inontlH Hnd 'J5 l.iyf. iNotices
'Walm-tI.kafIIaih ltBSTOKKK"ls entlrelv differ
ent fiom all others. It Is us clear as watcr.and 03
Us name Indicates, ts imperfect egelable Itatrlte
sturer and dots not in unv manner uITect ttie liealtli
whtcn s-mphur, Miear cr la-nil and Miruie or Miter
preparations hate done. It will linmedlait-li Ine
Ihe head rom all Ilanrtrun lfestoro llray llalr to Its color, nndrrcdu -e a new tirowin where 11
baa fallen 1 IT, It wlllchsiige light or faded hair 111
a tew dais to a beautiful L-uissy brow n. l:very bot
tle Is warranted. Ask jour druiruM for It. Tor
sale at Movkk linos., Illomnsburg, I'a. Multu, Kline
Co., Philadelphia, and Ilalli Huckell, .New Yolk,
Fine Table Linens, Towels, Napkins Ac
for l hri'-tnias present at Clark oi con a
Eureka! Eureka I I Eureka 1 1 1
The place to buy a good cheap Winter
Coat or suit of Clothes is at
Davlu Lowenberg s.
Dolls, Dolls, l)oll, the hundred
at I. W. llartnirns.
Mrs. J. It. Scott invius the attention of tli
public lo 1 er fine assortment of Christinas
lior ds(cutndsiingof This in grtat vnritly. plain
and fancy candies, at wholesale and retail, c.c.
More new Coats ami Dolmans for the L
dies at Lutz A bdoatie.
Hoots and Shoes cheap at McKi.inej'j.
Ladies, now is yoi'kumuto buy ihiess
r,onn, We ullcr you our tniiro stock cf
woolen and Wursltd Dress Goods at coal
blaok and colored Cashmere?, nndn lull line
ol other Drers liociK that haven t been
stuck sixty days. Our former selling price
is marked in plain figures, so that you can
see that ihev are at lowlt not lower than any
other merchant oilers the same quality of
goods at. The driss cond must Iw close
ou' 2 yu can rave iroui jire 10 iijietn miis
per yard by uuj'ine M US now. l'o-t
yourselves on prices, then fl" and
exa iilne our pnotls and prices and be con
vinced that we do what we say srlling al
coil. Clark A Sou.
Just, received all the latest and most Nob
by Styles of Hats for men and boys nt
David Lowen In rg's.
Chlldrens fine Toy Ho it will be one of
the attractions of I. W. Ilartmaus Christinas
The Largest stock of
Fancy Goods nt
Clark A; cons,
Harriet A. New kirk, of Salem, says: 1 a
cured of tetter in my band by three applica
tions of Camphor Milk. My husband was
cured of old running sores by using it. I'
cured my son of a sprnitud antle, Price 25
cents Sold by (J. A. Klcim, liloomsburg.
april 10, '
If you want a Good Overcoat cheap go lo
Grnss' N. Y'. store, Hlooni.
I. W. Hartmau's fine Queensivare, Vaces,
Toilet sets, Decoraled Cups ami Saucers
Lamps, Glass Seta etc., cannot be surpassed
in the comity, go and ee them.
HE!) linits-E POWDKII cures more uores. mules
and sheep than any other medicine. Pure eierj
time. oct Si, 'o-leow
Celluloid, liubber Ivory Diatiteand Flor
enue Toilet ,Sts, in Leather, Plush and Sa1
in Oases. A'l the newest designs very cheap
at Hemiersliutt'a Drug Store,
If vou want a Nice Pair nf Woman's Kid
Hoi Too llutlon Shoe go to C. K. Kesslers
IlPNM(Y7'.lMit)I.Ic klvk.
The ltesi hallo In tho world for t'lita, lirulses,
Sons, riccrs. saltlttieum Tttur. I'happtd Hands,
chilblains. Turns and all kinds cf s-Mu triiptluns
Heckles and pimples The a.lve Is guaraniet a to
irlt e pi rfect tatl.sfatllon lu eu-ry case or monct re
funded, lie sure to t-et Hi tirj's I'arbollc suite, as
an cithers nre but IujIUUIols.
Piteous cents, i'l
ban u) 1111 aruggisu,
oct ft, tsMyeow
Child Solar Tip Button Shoes J1.C0 at
Headquarters fur silk and tinea Handker
chiefs at Clart it Son's.
Hats and Capi
N. Y, etre.
iu g,reit. variety at Gross'
Kvcrv Town iu the County, Kverybody
iu the Tnwiis.Kvery Township in the County
and Kvety person In the Townships are In
vited to I. Hartmans ior Holiday
A V. rv liniu s'nrl mi nt nf J.'td Irs' Coat.
nii'.dy ni-iile anil Iritinmri In Silk, Satin
and Velvet of thf lattst styles nnd fisblnn
for site by nil is Ynlinp, l.lplil Nrtet,jtil
got In from Mipi iii inanol icllir-rs In j,rl c
from 9-1 tui. J I fill, id Ml. ii Ml, 7 Ml,
J8 M), J',i Ml, illl Ml, $1:! Mj, l."i Mi. -10 MJ
1S Ml.
let, Kim
l'hp Hurst assortment of Pocket Hooks in I
the intinty at I, W. Ilnrtiiians.
More Shawls nndjfklrls at Itlz & Blonti
The Largest Stock and the Lowest prices
nays ta be found nt dross' Clothing Store,
You will find Headquarter for Furs this
inter as Usual nt l.uiz ft Slonus,
All parties inlcrcslnl in buying good,
i. ub I fi'iil it to their interest to call at (lie
old reliable Clothing Store of
Liavlu l.owcnberg s,
Fine selection of Jewelry and Silverware
nt 1 llirnliaril s Uo'jils bought engraved
tree oi charge.
More Holiday tiooda coming at
Clark & Son's.
lllchest Cash Price nald for 1.000 flnml
Fat, Live VKAL OAM'rM Ibis Fall and
Winter. You can bring them rlcht nlnnir
now on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nf
eacn nnu every ween mis fall and Winter.
liring In your goml lat calves now and tret
yjtir cash for them. Bring them from the
rth, south east ntul west. Let them c ine
right along now to Silas Younir. Llcbt
ctrcci. oct. l-4tn
For f hristmns Toys and candies, go lo Mrs.
11. Scott a. You cannot help bung leased.
Hoots and Shoes below cost for 30 days at
flrns' N. Y. store, Illnoni,
Prettv Suits for children. Ulsters for little
hots, new, nice, and neat, call and seethe
iaii all les at
David Lnwcnberg .
Hubbcrs nt MclCinney's.
The very highest market mice paid for
nice arieii fitiei uiierries, unci) liaspber-
ries and Dritd ltlackberries. Hrintr Ihem
from the north, south, cat and west ly the!
pound, sack, ling, one nnd two horse load to
Silas iouug, Light Street. oct, l-2m
Admission free at MclCinney's,
i'k Linen and Oambric handkerchiefs bv
Ihe hundreds at I. W. Hartmans for the
H0I1 lats.
Fancy Ilat(ta. Kalo-meda ware at Clark
& Son's fur Christina presents,
Lulr. ,t Sloan have received Ibeir Holiday
sloe 01 1'iateil and fniici itoiti Jewelry,
, large stock of Suits and Overcoa's very
cheap at Urtss 1 . store.
Do not huv a Silk Handkerchief
you see Lutz it Sloans large Slock.
Hoot headquarters at McKinnev's.
Why not buy a Nice Dress al Clark it
Son's for a prin lit, I hey nre selling at cost.
llo anil see.
American Watches "f all kinds. Stem
Winders as low ns $S. Warranted at L.
Bernhardt s Jewelry Store.
Beautiful Ulsters,
l asliionable (Jvercoats.
Nobby Fall Suits,
Lowest prices at
David Jiwenberg's.
New llaisitis, Currents, Figs, Nuts.MincP-
Meat, Cranberries, French Peas, Cheese and
other seasonable goods at Heudershott's Tea
Call at d see the Chic.120 and Russia Kip
Tap Sole Hoots the best iu market at Kcss-
I. V. Hartman will open Christmas books
in a lew days, go ami see them.
1,000 pounds nice dried raspberries, 4,000
pounds nice driedpittrd cherries wanted thi
fall by Silas Young, Light ritrret.juy 2-Cni
Call at McKinney's for Shoes.
Hon. Georce N. Corson, Norrlsfown, save:
The Phojnix Pectoral is indispensable in my
lauiiiy, it acts liken cuurm 111 curing
coughs and colds with the 1 hildren.and 1
always ue it when addressing a jury. Price
20 cents. U.A. Klern, liloomsburg. aprlb-Jy
The people aro comingMaily to I, W.
Ilnrtmans to see those large Chromes for
Christmas presents,
It seems strnnce that any ono will suffer from the
many dt.innnam.-nts brought on bv an Impure con
dition of the blond, when t-COVll'.-, HLIiitl) nnd
MVr.ll t.IH"r restore perfict lieullh to the
phsstcut orffajjiation it Is tiifcdnstrenirthtnlnir
spiup, to late, anu nas proten liseir to ie
the best blood nurlllir eer dlseoured. enect-
tt illy curing scrofula, sjphllltlc diseases, Weakness I
01 tne muiicjs, an nervous uisorucrs arid iieLiiny, 1
It corrects ltidigesttou. It makes the old reel joung, I
and the lounu- feel cuy. and will 1 variably drlte i
out of the system the many tils that human llishls
helrto. A slntrle bottle wtllj rove to y..u its mer
its ns a health ri newer, for tr nets llko a
chatm, etpeiial y when the complaint tsoraiiex-hausti,-o
nature pailnga tendency to lessen the
naiurui vior oi ine i.ruiu nun neriuus sybicm,
oct 'ja.veij eow
Market was quiet and firm; superiors $i 75
tra U no (.4 4 su, Ohio and Indiana family
fiiilKufflM; l'ehlislv nl.l family al 13 2ri." 5u; Sf
(.outs fimliy at i5.'(cG so: Minnesota fmillt at
J5 25sf-ij5 patent and high grades, al f 5o.a T.SH.
biraiifii to u 't i ou.
iivk Ki.orit-f". a:.
N uk it- '1 1.0 unrket nrmer. fair Inoulr.v: No.
western red at tl 17',; Pennsylvania red il I6ji IIj
muuer ll nns n,.
I'oiiN -The Market was nrra and ieryqulet;steara
ernot ouoled: tcllotv at M,: mixed at 5.v.iAMie.
iiats Market was steady and fair demand: No.l.
white IbvjIJr; No, 4 dime; No. S, white 39,C(3.0c;
So. 'i. mix. u .: -l-
I'okk -.M-..S 0 d tits "Salt! ri do new t5 ?s,ii t.a.
IiKRf Hams at ill 60i- isoo: Indiana miss teef,
f sen
inms-Smnki-it shoulders, at akulilc: salt shoul
ders, &i4c; biuukcd hams li'Litec; plckleU hams
i.atin-ririn: city kettle 'ttAJ: tooso uuicnera.s mi
i--; prune s't-ani is,o.
HI'Ttrk i liolee t rtn and fairly octtio others dull:
en- unco extra, 32e; loeliolce.vy .3 c; lira 1
ford county and New Yorkclro at vivjue, west
ern res ne rxlra 22i4i!.e; wtstcrn reserto good
in Ice lSt.2te; tolls steady for clio'co pradt-s; fetui
sjlvanla extra 'W('j3c; western reserte extra Vb-i
mus-Frcsh scarce tlrru; rennsjlvaDlaSTi western
i'litKsK-riinlce Rteady, othertrrsdos weak: N. Y.
utl cream at 13r4iat., western. full cream at lo
i do fair to L-isjd,li(4 2c; do half skltn 9iv dttic.
mi KULKiJi ino muraei was uu t; r-uueu ixc-
OlsRSr. BschQ, Masdrsks. KtllllDitl &ndl
many other of the best medicines know n are sol
skillfully combines In I'auaKit'a Oisoxn Tome
Thi lint Health sad Strength litilorir
ttsr I'bed.
60 perfect U tho comio6ltlon of riRxxa'sl
Qinocb TONta that no disease can long exist
where it 1 usoa. ic you nave uyipspsia, nsaa-a
schs. Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Bowel, Kidntyl
oe l.lver Ulioraer, or ll jwi iit-eu u uiim biiui-i
ulant, or apjietlzur, tho Tonio fa just the med 1
iclae res- )ou, 03 it la mgmy curuuve. ana m-
rionuilli; out iiuvrr luiuii-uiiuKi
ll you nre siowiy wtuiinK
sumption or any alckncss. If yo
Cough orabaJ Cold, l'lnsta'i
wastlnt; awav with Con-i
u nave u rsmiuij
u-lll Eiin-lv tinln tn
rVor to the fiublo and aged, and la 0 cerUUs
ou. It gltea new lira and
cura ror Hbeumstllnt and Lholera inranlum.
It Uaa Eaveil ItondrrJi of Lliei It MJJ
sate loan. J
If you aro foellng miserable don't wait until!
Sou art) down sick, but uao tho Tomo to-day.1
,0 matter wliat your disease or syiuptoma may J
hn It will Hrn nmmrit relit f. I
Jtemember I PaaKxa'a (JiKotn Tokio la not
a rum drink out tne otii nut i-urcu remnyi
Medicine ever made, cotniioundeAl by a newl
procswft, and entlrt-fy dUTerent from Bitters. i
ginger preparailons and all other Tonics. Tr7
; ooe oollio. I our oruggisi can BUiipiy you.
Tbe Hcit and Bloat IODomlrsl Hair Prcialsf
uqu-ilely perfumed and perfectly harmleu.
Will llnaii lleitore (!ra or 'Jd llslr
lo lu oHnnal youthful erAor and pppearance, end U
vuraoted to stop iu taluoc, aiu.1 111 croulll aod
prevent baldneti
A few applirationi of the TIslfAU V1 toften the
hah-, cleans alt dandruff and cure itching and hu.
BBOunoTU.eeC4Jp. buiatyaucinipauaie.sorfi.
lit. I, 'eli-lt
Tlicre is a place in Phila
delphia where a stranger
may buy ins ciotncs, anu
fare as well as if he knew
the whole city by heart ; and
if he knows nothing about
the value of cloths, or ot
clothes, he is as well off, as
if he were a good judge of
The reason is that every
thing to be found there is
made there made and sold
under a system which rarely
allows mistakes to occur, and
which corrects them, if they
do occur.
Oak Mam. is the place;
and its practice may be
summed up in a few words.
If you get there what you
don't want to keep at the
price, you return it, and get
your money back.
This means a great deal
more than appears on the
surface. It means that you
are not going to get what
you will not want to keep at
the price, if the merchant can
help it. It means that the
clothes you get there will be
of honest cloths, honestly
made; and that they will
cost you less than as good
clothes can be got for else
where. It means that they
will be ever' way better
worth your money than you
can get elsewhere lor the
same money.
If it means anything less
than these tilings if it means
poor cloths, trimmings, cut
tine, sewing, or in any way dealing;
the return of his goods will
plague the merchant, injure
his credit, and dissipate his
If it means these things
if it means liberal and honor
able dealing, valuable and
trusty clothing, case and
safety in getting it, Oak Ham,
is the place lor you to go to,
or to send to ; and it is worth
your while to know how you
1 .-...-
can senu, u uis inconvenient
to jro.
Write ; say
what your
say what
occupation is ;
sort ot use you
intend to
make of the clothes you
want, whether for every-day
wear or otnerwise ; wnai
color you prefer, or what
color to avoid ; say about
what you want to pay ; say
everything that you think
may aid a stranger in
choosing for you. Vou
will tret in reply samples
of cloths and prices of what-
ever you want made from
those cloths. You will get
also the means of having
your measure taken by an
unskilful person,
There is only one diffi
culty left. Somebody has
got to take the risks of the
dealing ; for there are risks.
Send your money along
with your order. That
covers the risk as to your
good faith. We risk every
thing else ; the. fit, and
your satisfaction every way,
Our trade by mail
amounts to half a million
dollars a year; there's no
reason why it shouldn't
amount to five millions.
& Brown.
Oak I 1am.,
Sixth and Market streets,
Tho Largest and Host Family Paper
in tno worlu.
Sciul for SnmplG Copy Kj-ee.
voiiK oiisritvint,
:XT IMrli Uuw Xvw VoiU,
one of Ibe m ist d Hra IcrcMdti.ceslii mounts' un
"n the north iet C'lrnur or iiuit.-t m,i t-.n!
strc la formerly iaviiiled by w. i:. bterner. 'Iho
hou-e Is u lirtrn and Couient-nt
nlo ly turnl-hed. 'IheinisaUua
'Ihe nronertv will tsi sold on e,u.v i.tnu iv...
7? ii u.i ' J ,, ' . Particulars Inoulro
, iiiM.thJK. n ' Mvototbui,:, l u, or Hiram
? li''CvKm'
IIP VAt.l'AtlLr.
The iitulcMtffnt d executors if Samuel nharter, sr.,
litodftlie Townct nkHmuMiry, In ho county of
L'oltimU.., decenwd, wll npoto to public Rate upon
the pmnlfH's on
Tuiailiiy, December 21, 1880,
Declaiming at ten o'clock, a m , tho following
No.l, known as the IIOHESTKA1) rutM.a'tuato
tsi fCast llloomsburir, and hounded sni described
ns follows to-wlti Hounded on the north by Hah.
Intrcrcek-, oniho castbysntd Flslitngcreek, on the
south by other h'l ds cf said. Samuel MialTtr, deceas
ed, the r ce nf the ll'comshtirg Iron I'tmpany liclnc;
th" iIIvMiiir Hue, mid on the neat by aald KUhlLg
creek, tohtntt.lng
141 ACRES,
ar.dra irrches.
No 2, blluate In Knst lllooinsburg, bounded aid
described as follows, to-wl'! Hounded cn Hi noitli
by otner land, if llie tal 1 Sjliurt Mialler, deceased,
the race t the HIo( rr.stnri Iron t'crnparo bclnif (tie
ttu liflii line, on llie east hy rt-hlni-cicek and lands
of M itiUIn Piiarfs r. on the south bj lindsif JohnO.
Fieti;.. Ld on tl.tnvtst to lmbllr road l-adli g from
Hlooni jbui g to t'.t. t'leaaant, cjntaliiin
nnd I4T percUs.
'J hese tracts cf land aro Inn hlh ttatc of cuttlra
(ton and wbereen areertced hutists and liarns and
oiit-bulldltigs lu ftood reratr.
(Jr-iln tn ground reseried.
'Ihrne tracts Mill te fold MiJt to such re set v.v
ttonsand exctrtlotifi hnd biilitideb tin-lilooms
burg Iron Company itiileidto hainuel liarrer, de
reused And oa
WKDN'ltfLlAY, DPsfEMIlKl. 22, ISSll,
Rtcnep. m, at l'AIKKItft IIOIKI.. Mlt.I.VII.Lr,
aTracl of Land, r-ltuale In uteenvTis-d townsblp Ci
lumbl.i county, boundid and dcscilbcd as fotlowa,
to-" It: Hy public road liatli.g from Ulllrllle to Se
reno. by 1 tnds of Jam s MaMers an-il'arttn Erta,
by Is of falrmon aohn and by laiidsof William
Untblns, conlntliliiK 51 ACrtKS AND 1I I'EK'.'II.
Us- This tract Is ell tlmbtred.
C iNPlTIONS Of S.VLi:. Ten per cent cf one
fourth of the purchase myney to ts; paid at the strtw
Ingdotvn ot lit-! property, tbe one-fourth le-s the
ten per cent, upon the nrstit April, lssi,and one
half ot the reinalnlrtr three-foarttis ApMI lft, imj
anil the remaining - no-ha f of tbo remslnlng three
f virtlisAprll Ut, too, wilh Inturst from April lat,
ts-il pat able annualli. t'npald purchase mcney to
be secured tiy bond and mortgage. I'eeda and
m'irlg.ig s to be j at J f t by purc't isora. Possession
will be given April Ist, t'Sl.
ii. e. nsii is s,,
Nov. IS, 0-4t
Hy virtue cf fur.dry writs Issued out ot the
Court ot common Picas of Columbia county and
medlrected, will be exposed to public sale at the
Court House In liloomsburg at 1 p. m. on
MONDAY, nKfT.MIH.Il (!!, 1SS0,
All lha' certain lot of ground InCcBtralU borough
Columbia county, I' nnbjlinnla, lajundcd and d--scribed
ns fo lows, to vi It : tmtlin north by Inter
David llrotrn, on Ihe cast by Locust Avenue, and on
the south by 6trcet, on the west by an alio,
bilogiweiity-ilvefett front and one hundred nr.d
forty feet deep, on which are erected a two-story
rratno burning and otit-bulldlngs-
seized, taki n In ex. cut'on at tbe suit of'a
Mutual sivlng Fund Association against Sarah llaf-
administratrix of Kdward Hatty and to bo sold
the property of Mirah Hatly, administratrix ot
idw-srd llaffy., Attorney. vend Kx.
Tho following dcsTIbcd property situated In Ihe
town or liloomsburg, Columbia county. Pcnnsjlva
nla, bounded on th-south by sixth street, east b)
land of Mmon )utnn, north ty nn alley, west by
lot of Jacob Schuyler, being fort-five feet front, nnd
one hundred and fifty feet In depth, more or less, on
wnicu are erected a small one btory frame dw elllmr
house. There Is also a tine selection or fruit trees
on tho premises.
Seized, taken In execution at the suit of Cortez B.
Itobblus, administrator of D. W. Hobbles, deceased,
against Frederick Weimar and to be aold as the
property of Frederick Weimar.
Baattxr.Attorney. n. Fa.
Tho following described real estate situate In Or
angcvtlle, Columbia county and state of Pennsylva
nia, as the property of Henry C. Conner, bounded
and described as follows : Lot No. 1, bounded on the
north by land of A. Coleman, on tho east land of
Mrs. Conner, south by lot of D. K. Moan, and on the
west by Main street of said town, on which are
erected a three story fratno hotel and other out,
Lot No. !, bounded, on tne nor'U oy lot of William
Delong, east by Main afreet, south by lauds ot Moun
tain Lodge or Odd Fellows Hall AasocUtiou, and on
tho west by an alley, on which la irected a large
hotel stable.
Lot No. 3, Is bounded on the north by lot of M il
Ham Delong, on the east by an alley, south by land
of Mary s. Conner, and on tho west by Mill Street of
said town.
Seized, taken In execution nt the suit of I), K
Sloa,n against II c, Conner and to bo sold as the
property of II. c. Conner.
MllXEit, Attorney. rl.Fa.
All lhat certain lot of ground situate In tho town
of Cntnwlssa, Coliimblacounty, State ot Pennsjlva
nla, bounded and described as follows, to-wlt: He
glnntuif at a point on the north side of Pine street
attheluteifcctloiiotsccondsireet, thence by the
norm snio or i-ine street a course bearing south-
asiwardiy two hundred and ten (-210) feet to land if
- shuman thence northeastwardly by 1 mil of
said shuman one hundred nnd thlrty-tle
(185) feet more or less to land late of Catharine liit
Vtn, di ceased, thence northwesterly and by land
late ot Catharine tu tkln, dece.iied.nnd parallel with
t ine street ten (ir) feet to land ot William II. Or
ange's estate ; thenco southwesterly bv land cf said
nullum ll. orange's estate nnd parallel l hscconn
street elxtv (i'n)Ketj thenco northwesterly by land
of said William II. Orange', estate and par-Pel wph
line street two hundred (son) feet lo the east side of
second street; thence southwesterly by the eivsi
side or second street scveiity-tite (T3) feit more or
less to Ibe pluco cf beglnnl g, n hereon aro creeled
atwostorj frnine double dwelling house and out
kltihen, a train" wagon maker and carriage shop, a
frame baikiuttn thop, aLd a frame cartage or
warehouse now us-'d uaa dwelling, and other out
.-eizeu, uiKen in execution a- tho suit of flcorg
lltiihcs nnd . (I. Yetter, executor ot lewis Ytttei.
deceased, ta. neoi-go w. soult and lo be sold as tbe
property of (leorge S . soult.
lliuws, Attorney. Vend Cx.
All lhat certain piece or parcel cf land situate In
lienton township, Columbia county, Pennsylvania,
uoiinueu ami described as follows, to-witi Ilegln
nlijg at a white oak thence by land of Charles Ash
north eight and a halt d"grees east eighty-eight and
loiir-iinins perches to a stone, tbeue north furls
and a half diegees east twenty and elgut-tcnlbs
perches to a maple and alone thence by land ot
i nonius neiias north one a hall degitea west illte
and bit-tenths perch- a to a stone, tbence by land ot
Millam Apileruan north Mxty-two andahaifde
grctii wesi twenty -stien and three tenuis neicln
to a stone In the public road, thenco by other lands
formerly it John llantz south fltty-s"! and three
iiunitci- ingreiB west flftj tour und three-tenths
perches to a ton" In said rout, thence north twen
ty-elght and a half degnes west tuentt-fo u iiercli
t 1 1 a (heat t.ut south sevihty and tlirvc-truarU
degrtes west ttxtj uno and two-teiiiha perches u.
abiouesiutii tmrty-nme und tbrcv irurter di gree
east twcntj-slx pi relies to a stone on the east side
of iLe aboie ro d, thence along suld road south for.
ty-twu and one half degrees west thirty-four lorrln
loa bione on ine west side of said bi
land of Matthias Kline south HMj-rtie aula half
degiieseaal onihuudreil and thlrtv petchestolt
piaco cr beguuip g, containing sltty.seien aeres
lnuro or losa, on w bleb ure eret'tsj a two-etory frume
dwtl'lag, lurgu bunt, bard wagon shed and out-
S tzid, taken tn executlou at the fultcf John K.
Young In part assigned to Alfred Itantz against John
liautzand to be sold as the prolan v or John Itantz
C. It. Hrcsimw and K. It. Ukiin, Ally's Vend ex.
belzed, taken lu incut Ion al Ihe suit off. K. Krlrk.
bautn, Administrator as-alntt John llamz and to be
sold aa tbe property cf John HauU
W. J, Uuckalevr, Altoruey, v. Fa.
f. II. I;nt,
no,-, u ts.
HowoU & Co'h. Adve'rt.
istory oi' Political Pm tics am!
I'ols.NUL 'ImtiiTalUk rai.tiT ii.tu
TI8H.V Nsw lu de-lyu. comprihi usltc and eiiau-t
Ii.- mill tciiilliullj c.lored Matsj and Dlairraiub.
li'Malns all the I'lmiuriii. nt I'ldiih-iil l'rii.
iirii-iin. Minuiit in- in t ten iioum bind, Nlmul und
library, lssutd In but k birin al l.tahdaau Wall
(" art at . AtlKMS STi:i eiermbi-ie ui
once llln ,1'iY lillANUUII, DAVID d. I'll., 1'llt.a.,
.- - -.-.....-I- ..hum ni llie utl-!
iusi..niuitii,iiiu, r nor. ri-4
A VhAU ana exta-uses lo airents
outnt Free. Addruaa V. o. VIC'KKHV
AUk'Uata. Malu r nov U-Sv
f Hteeant Cliromo Oards, New- Miles 10 eta.
I yiS 'Vu,U.H. If JONES C.5.. KmiVu
1-Ott HOLIDAY l'lllKXT8
KOlt 1101.11) V V l'ltUSf.Nrs
Ar'SNYllltlfS (IAt.l.KIIV
nov 19 I in
Ni.ttre Isbi-retiv L'tvcn thalthP folIolMri account
luatiein f licit lu the Protlioliotart'etflli-oof t'olum
btiicoiiiily and will to pivt-eiiti-d lo tint I'onrt of
t'ominon Plena ofaild coulilvon 'I uesday, tin" 7th
day rr iiiceinner A. n, i.Ni, ana connimen Blur
ttie fottrlh tlsy of Hild term imlc.stt excefttoLH be
ll'ed itltliln tbatlime.
1. Th Ri.-!ond account of vatniiel Crettllmr. lom
ntltlee ot PhiiIUii Crctellng.
II. M. (Jt lCIf, I'rothonotarr.
j'l-jiiny. iui. o, eu-ti;
1 1.
i lie inaLtprof Iluiunti Prtlirtn'P. . fnr
benent ot ndltorK tf I iiciw rnurlurr, ot IK-ust
U I. Chip.
The iiiif1Tsli;nuI Ainlltnr opimtuVdltv tho Court
t l ommoii l't ah or nilum) a eonctr todi5tilbtito
the funds lu th h iihIh or the Aijronu' .HI meet
the piriien iit-nt"rt nt i H oriK-c tn Himmburtf on
Siturtta, lee mi-rrii atl'J ocUkIch. tn. at
wnleti H-ne iU'lpiic all ieruni .tiU'rst(.l must
iiilfiitJ or be Uc'buuvJ tn:u uny Miare ( fHahl tana,
nov. 9 no-4.v Auditor.
t-lti rs ti stementart on the estate of Henlimln
lciii nrv. late nt lienton townshln Columbia covn-
tr. rennsylr nil i, deceased, have been gra led
0 tlio Keglsirr of suld county to Alfred
M -Henry, 'f lienton. Htecutor. All persons
ha-lng i latins esluic of ssld dece
dent are reipiestpd to errst nt them for aettlcm.nt,
and iti'.se liii'ebted to the estate to mako pal ment
to theuaderaigned Lxtcuter.wltboul delav.
ALFItEI) Mclir.S'ltY.
oof. w sii-8w- Ivt.lou, Pa.
r tTATK ijr Kin LFH P ULH A , PECK A P.
l.rtii rs t( Mami'ntary mi th otuto of l-udolth
hmrnii, 1 tc ir M In Ut hth'.p, Columtu county
liut'tiM-tt, mw hi en trinitt' tl to i In l(KltUr r.( nald
o'tni v I" tli U' lit r-lin.1 it if cutorts. All ruT-
40 18 ti i.litg flulnis iik''i!vl th1 risiah uri rqucfettil
o lrc--ni 'in iu itir Miiemiiu anuiuotii' uita
o m ik tuuneni wIMim.t iu-H.
J. K. I.u(tKNUI'.IMIhIt(
op . 22, 'ft-fiw Mali rie, Pa.
The c'ninnion Health cf IVtitvhauia tn E'tz 1 f!it-
vvcil uM mv. ciiiilfH Ciuuill ClirMiiih Clf i etl.iar-
in .Tier, iiuunqu rim's, i.i'Utn-n viiunian, utinr
Ji in ail Itifiu tf coin HorliMtir. nil ot rolumbu
( u Lly ar U .Jen rotati noi'il nr NrwYoik lineal
Itlo-lnliUlU .1 K'l.t LUu'II. iIitPiiHf it. nrrt tn nil
KT-oiistnUP"-t('iir,n't-iir,v: Vou urv h n h lotted
iih Kiju iipjcarin.! -if i ne .juune cr our orpiians'
viup. mi nn uiiiinin itmn ituit'iu UL ll iniiiuu K
ll til" first Muii(la tl Di ocinhr Hfr.thpn flirt
there lo awept or leiusuti tuki the real estatis cr
aiujui-juMi'.H'ii ueivotn, at 111 arprai fii vjiu-
illun tint Ul)OIllt t i lm IikI.ipsL ilmv iiu'iKtHil hv
(ho said Court auu returmd ty tho Miirin. AlJ
hereof fatl iiov.
Witness the IlonrT.ibl W lilt im Hwoii, l'.c-sllf tit of
our saui fnurt a: ii:i.iiitiiir., tht twphtx-stM om!
day of stUfiiiber, .. li one tliuu and tight hun
dred and eighty.
(I. M. fVHK CI-!kO. C.
deputy. oet. w, M-tf
.1 .1 hmlth ts W A Kile.
Kredeilck MoH'er to ue ts II A. V U It Co.
William clirehtrly th Ktl7b'tli W udern.
KtiJ ill l.emon as .loM'ph n Madlon.
William .Ne.U, minhinf partner or McKetry & Keal
s iho l'enn'a Canul Uu.
i v i.urke 8 L'entralu ltoruuj;ti.
Ft ET liruzleton &U Y Uurdner.
s I) Itlnard Kt-rdlnand iall and wife,
o I) L Ko-tenbauder vs .1 It Knlttle.
1'eter Mvank's ue s Charles KettennanTi aomT.
Henry C liowman's use vs John Y lloninan, JllgU
Peter s noer Cataw Issa Township.
Henry MinTsl ICoih.
rtenj unin Kc& adra'r. s Thomas i?tackhouse.
.Martha E Creasy et al va J H Vandersllce et al.
Ilenrj- ltnoadnvs Ianlel Itoier.
.1 It Vandersllce vs,l M Mlley, adm'r.
Iram Derr vs Itonam (1
TruMees of tllUva(e Lodge Kof lth!as ts Oeo
Pennington et al.
Uas Ii Mojer vs John W ltoffman,
'acou Yeaiffr nV 1 Kyerly.
-John M MiiiHT s Ira It hutlin.
.1 W lllbb'sriecutor vs J C Heeder et ui,
U'aiHFryv Patterson & Kdwards.
E k Ikeler's uae ts lnrbira (ilger.
ttllbirt Kllnes William Hautuetster and Lydli
Udiry Milliner's use vs (lotlelb Ilartman.
Mapiriel Lord t .1 LOlrion.
Martha Adams vs Joseph Uenrle et al.
I K lirlm t ons vs Joseph Mephensou.
imtes. lieed A eolley s Joseph M-phenson,
('onjiiuham .t I'h1iihs J McMarney & wife.
Ilnxkaa) it Abbotts heu VandUiseh et al
Ii J WaPt-r s l'enn'a Canal Co.
CK li0ifrarti John Uoaton's adm'r.
TEliM 10,
Heaver Joseph siD'e).
HerHlek-'O'n.pli u ihurnpsm
IlentOIl-'llllel Albtrtsou.iieo W IIiuTtman.
ftluom Lald KtiAiirils. sr. Charlen. knhh. Thoa
Wei b.
Itrlarcr ek Mephen Delterlck.
Ceiitralla W 1( W-iLlei.saui.
Centre- li'imnuul Kelchner.
M htiiK-creik-J Ktk-r, l-aul (illbert.
(JneUHuud -Ihos 1 Pendrr.
llemlof kAHred llarttiun, Daniel Yocum.
l.K.'ut- C s
Madison lames Klnlln.
Main Hex Ureli.ii,
Mltilln Clurl-H creasy.
.Mt, l'leannt KlUs 11o.m1I, Jos Iteler.
ornpe M I, Kl ne.
IMnewO w i;ll( jUHt
Heaver (ieolirelsbich, v Loncenberirc-r.
II. riv. k-Mii (ilreril
bent a hjtnuel Apr.u-man, James c-onner.
liinoin-.loliti I'm UiiuoJt, sr, J II Main?, Ettas
Mi iidenhall, lli-urj oenslock, liar' bioan.
Hrlan-r -ek Han el I'urscil.
i uinisa-.ios nh lir.-lscii. Truckenmlllcr.
Ci-nll-i Amos timber, ltlllltictim Ituckte. Jesso
'nu i Kb im Jclm Mmroe.
rKlllm:-n-ek Mi. luel i.eKhllne. I. M rrpenlln ir-
U'ni lin aster, K It Uud-.-rbach, Mla Mcllenri . Jehu
i.r- enoo,i-,j,imes hverltt, Alfred Hajcocl:. wm
I'arker, A .M s.tclens.
ii Hiiock-ni l. i.uton.
Jatkson K.I sones.
Mad-sun- Krra Vnndlna.
vain .ijint-s Keirer.
Miniin-. r lion man, Steuben Creasy.
Montour Clmril-H Ki-k-. J iiiim (Inlet.- U'm lll.nftrts.
Mt Pleasant Michael Ilengle.
uranfe A l'atierson.
Ko.inuk-cr i k Wm n I.lnnvllto, Francis llelcharr,
rcolt It F Jonea. V Heleli.irt. r (' Tis-neh. 1 J
bufatloaf - m Finny. Aaron FrlU.
skcosn is KEX.
Haver Jacob I.lnii, Udard Mliel',
llernlrk-J II llo.. I. .1 ll JleAinul.
lienton Hiram utrltt
Hloom lohn i.lbbs, i' K Hushes. V
McMnell. V i Miirr, hlll.ll islilllt. Win Mciuaub,
lirlarerei k Mep en Klsmr, Ijiinou Marti.
iMianlsra-s-terlieii bailor, A t Humes, llatthlaa
I'entri. Francis w Ilcss
i ouink'ham Hatld lim-hanan.
KKiilUKcreik-A w liclshllne, rrauk M Iless.Jobn
W Kramer.
iireenwiaid llarvev llsyman,
llmil. k-N v Muore.
JaekHon 7 1' Butt.
Uh-iim luckson rnmtibell, Francis I.elby.
Madison -Jehu M Mullli, A K emltb.
Main-James w Jnim.
Mt. 1'leasniil-Jair.b (illbert.
oriinut-M s Hajlinrst. Jonathan roust, John W
i-iuarioaf .lohn oole, Sloctsomery llervey.
Hy Urine of power lu the wm, the sunlMnceiec
utois'f i h.trtes 11. lKsbler. deceased, w IP tell at
Public Date at tbe I'm UT mil In Itloomsbursr.on
MONMAV, nr.OKMliKIl li, 1SS0,
at one o-clock In the afternoon, a TltACT OF TIM
HKlt LAND, containing
Four Huudrad i5tcres.
more or Icsa, dt scribed and bounded as follow s,to-wlt:
I.J Ink-lu fntfarloat township, Columt la coutitr.
and bounded on tlio easi b) lands cf tbe hclraof
James lluckalew, on thesouili by lends cf the helm
of Milium Helens, on the wtsi bj lunds of J. Y.
I'haplii and James Huberts, and on Ihn north by
lamsoi ucss ami i-reu unit.
TKItMk In order lo close up the estate, the
tortus will Le one hundred dollars cash on strlklntr
donuihe pros..rty. and the remaluder In ten da s
whenadied will be dtlliertdaud posntslon Klieu
Kl.lhllA 11. llllll.S.
If. lUltHls.
Duninui; Hiecutora.
,OU -
Oct 15, VMS.
Printed at thin Oflice
t '