The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, July 16, 1880, Image 4

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I'OXUNt I'.H I'tMlM IIIIM' I'Mir..
Um. Tlio w rit vnU4tiii1,nint wntwrvrd
ou (iuiiirnl llmirock, wlm (lie
custody oT Mill' H. Siiiinlt.llic uiil mi
wliose lulinlf tlu wlit was olilnined. 'I'lio
writ iTiiiivt1 liim to Iiiim' the ImhIv of
Mrs. SuiTiitt, -illi tin1 i-JiiHi' of her ik'
tcntioii, lii-foiv this Cuuit tliU liiorninj;
nt ton oi-look; 1 to litis liouKvtfil to oln-y
flic orilir of tlio Com t iiikI tlio iUP"tioii
now ln'foie tlx Is, "wluit U the Com t to
lo uiiili r tlio i-iivnititnii'fs."
Tin-, in tlio only (niitinii ln'foii' tlio
(Vttit nt this lime. Any ilUi'iiion on
tliu liu'iils invoHi'd would now ho out
of ilaoo. The Court iifknoMlodos tlmt
its J towers nro imidoiiiiik' to moot tho
inilitai-y jiowi'i' wcm-h.'i1 hy (lonoinl
llmifook If tho Comt wolo to dooido
ill this liiiiinint thut (tononil lliiitcock
whs in ponloinjit tho only in-m-vsM which
It WOlllll IShUO WOllllI III' illl illtlll'lltllOllt
for tho d'lMii'ard of its authority, lint
why is no an attiiohiiiont iiiiainl tho
wholo inliitaiy jiowit of tho I'mliil
Kink's ' This Court nckliowloduvs that
tho laws aro s'lont, niiil that it is with
out power in tho momlM's, and tlioroloio
di'olilii's tn mako any order whatever.
If there be n disposition ou the part of the
military newer to respect tho authority of
th e civil courts they will lespect the writ
which has already been t-ervtil. If, on the
other hand, it Is their elelirniinatloti to treat
the authority of lids court with contempt In
this nutter, they have the power anil will
to treat with iqual contempt any other pro-
C84 which the court might oro'or. The
Court, therefore, must submit tn the su
premo physical force which now holds the
custody of tho petilioucr, and decline lo is
sue an attachment or to mako any other Ol
der in this case.
At Hi o'clock Otneral Hancock to whom
tho writ was addressed", catno into court ac
companied by Attorney-General Speed. The
trial .of JIUs Mary Harris, charged with
the murder of Mr. liurroughs, a clerk in the
Treasury Department, which was then pcnd
lug, iu Immediately suspended, when At
tornty General Speed addressed the Court as
f jllows:
May it please the Court: In regard to the
writ of habeas corpus directed to Generil
Hacc ick, I dealro to say, by way of spoloey
for his not sooner making a return, that the
process was not served upon him until about
breakfast time this morning, and that owing
to his having a great many persons to see,
a great many important matters requiring
Immediate atenlion, and this distance from
the court house, he was unable to get here
at an earlier hour,
I wish to assure the Court that no disre
spect was intended to it by tho delay to
which it has been unavoidably subjected
Tho Court declined to mako any order in
tho case. The Attorney General and General
Hancock, in obedience to tho writ, males
the following return:
Headquarters Middle Military Division,
Washington, D. C, July 7, ISC5. To Hon
Andrew Wyhe, Justice of the Supremo
0 urt of the District of Columbia: I hert
by acknowledge the service of the writ here-
t) attached and return the same, and re
spectfully say that tho body of Mary E. Sur
ntt is in my possession under and by virtue
of an order of Andrew Johnson, President of
the United States and Commander-in-Chief
of the Army and Navy, for the purposes in
said order expressed, a copy of which is
hereto attached and made part of this return;
and that I do not produce said body by rea
sou of the order of the President of the Unit
ed States, indorsed upon said writ, to which
reference is hereby respectfully made, dated
July 7, 1SC0.
WiSFini.D S. Hancock,
Maj. Gen. U. S. Vols. Com'd'g, Mid. Div.
the rnnsmnxT's indorsement.
Executive Office, July 7, lSGo, 10 n,
m. To Major General V. S. Hancock,
Commander. &c. I, Audrew Johnson, Pre'
ideut of tho United States, do hereby de
clare that tho writ of habeas corpus has
been heretofore suspended in such cases as
this, and I do hereby especially suspend this
writ, and direct that you proceed to execute
tho order heretofore given upon the judg
ment ot the Military Commission, and you
will give this order in return to the writ.
Andrew Johnson,
Tho Court. This Court finds itself power
loss to take any further action in the prun
ises, and therefore declinia to make orders
which would be yaln for any practical pur
pose. As regards the delay, it having beet
folly accouuted for, tho Court has no fauh
to attach to the respondent in that respect.
Attorney General Speed. It may not be
outol order forme to say here, that this
whole subject has, of course, had most ear
nest and anxious consideration of the Exccu
tlvc, and of the war making power of the
Every man upon reflection, and particu
larly every lawyer knows that war cannot
be fought by due process of law, andjarmiis
cannot be maintained by due process of
law. ibere must he armies. There must
be batlle; if war comes the law of war, and
usage permits battles to be fought, permit
human life to be taken without the judgment
of the court, act! without the process of the
ourt. It permits prisoners to bo taken, and
prisoners to be held, and your honor will
not uudertake to discharge them, although
the Constitution says that human life shall
not be taken, or man be deprived of his lib
erty or property witboutdue process of law
Conflict of necessity comes up when war
comes between the Executive and the Jueli
cial, if the war power or war does not tran
scend the civil. War Is made for the main
teaance of tho civil power, that is whin
peacocomes for the purpose of giving us the
benefit of the civil.
This country is now in tho midst of a great
war, and the Commander-in-Chief of the
armies of the United States was slaiu In tl e
dischargo of his duties, and if the annus
of tho United States cannot, under thx laws
of war protect their Commander-iu
Chief from assassinations and if tho lawsol
war cannot protcct,by military law.theConi
mander-in-Chlcf from assassination and
destruction, what has the Government come
The thing appears to me to be too plain
furiconsideralion, lint as your honor hta
disposed of the case, I only make these re
maiks for tho purpose of satisfying your
Honor that we have auxiously, and I tlunl
most maturely considered this mattcr.givlng
your Honor credit for having donewbatynu
regard to be yourduly in this matter, and are
very glad to hear that your Honor gives us
credit for having done what wo havo dem
and regarded to be our duty.
The Court The writ was applied fur,iud I
hid no authority to refuse lo grant It. It is a
writ dear and taerei! fo every lover of 111 erty
indlspensihlo to tin protecllon of citizens
and can only be constitutionally tct aside in
times of war and insurrection, when the
public safely requires it, and in regard to
offenses committed in connection to the army
or the inilirary when called Into active
With reference ro I lie merits of this cue,
which has to much occupied the atteullon of
the i ubllcaml In fet of the whole emitted
MoiltVifwould be out vt 1lac fot tu6 court
to express an opinion, The capo Is
not before it, Tbn Court can only
say that It has no doubt tho gentle
men connected with tho Government
who havo had the duty of conducting this
trial, aro truly convinced In their own
minds as to tho mniitiur In which they havei
performed thelrdullrs. I do not feel at libel
tj ! 1 could not; I dared nol refuse togrant the
Tl o return which has been inado tn the
writ, Is from the President of the United
S.ate?, and declares that tho writ of babens
cirpin Is lo hi) suspended In this casi as has
bjen In other and lmllar rafs. The Cnuit
has im further powrrln the case ; if tho Gov
ernment desires to carry out Us purpise In
regard to tho petitioner, the Court cannot
prevent It ; and I do nut know that It would
bo pusible, ever hereafter,, to bring the ca'c
fur argument in this Court, lor if the peti
tinner he executed this day, as designed, tho
body cannot be hrought.lnto Cotirt,and tr.erc
loro Is mi end to tlie case. The jurisdiction
of this Court yields to the stipcnslou of the
writ of habeas corpus from the President ol
tho United States.
General Hancock then naked leave tore
tire, which was granted,and he left in com
pany wilh Attorney-General Speed.
A loosIm; Juke.
A iivmninoiit nil vsii'i.'in of 1'illsliiiiL'li
said jokinj'iv to a Iwlv liatiolil who was
.,..!.' . r 1 "...! 1 !tt 1 ..1.1.
e'einiiiiaiiiiiiir oi nor comiuueii iii-iioaiin,
and of his inability to euro her, 'try 1 lop
Hitters!' The lady took it in earnest and
used tho Hitters iiom which she iilitiiin-
i'd itpunutii'iit health. She now laiifbs
at. the ilootor for bis Inke. but ho is not
so well pleased with it, as it cost linn :t
ood patient.
It isnoTsuprislng that every few years we
hear of the suffering of the famine stricken
people (d Egypt, when the small amount
of cultivated land compared with the pop
ulation is laken into consideration, TLo
country Is naturally bancn, but nillllonsof
acres of land are made fertile by the annual
overllow of the Nile. Notwithstanding the
country has a population of about 7,000,0(10
the entire land under cultivaton is said not
ti exceed the state of New Jertey in ex
tent. lie couched! he eoliudiod! His oven
ran: ho looked redder in tho faeo than a
'lobster. I!ut 'Seller!-' Cough Syrtiji"
cured him.
Hanlan has a widowed si-ter in Montreal
who has beaten him in a two-mile single
scull race, and can do it agiin.
Lydi.i K. I'inkhani's Vegetable Com
pound, tho great medicine tor tho euro of
all female complaints, is tlio greatest
stiengthener ot tho hack, stomach,
nerves, kidneys, miliary and genital
organs of man and woman ever known.
Send for circulars to Lydia K. I'inkliatn,
Lvnn, Muss.
An Illinois railroad conductor fays that
no conductor earning lessthau 5200 a month
can live a Christian life,
Constipation, sick headache, and bil
iousness cured by "Sellers' I.iver Pills.
Try them. !si cents per box.
The Syracuse Standard calls the fast ap
proaching Presidential contest a General
Ask your druggist for "Dr. LiiuUey's
Hlood Searcher." It will drive out bad
blood, give- you health and long life.
Flowers may be kept fresh In very moht
silver sand. The ends of the stems should
bj cut.
It is true economy to use tho best
means Hist; heneu when tlio baby is suf
fering with Colic, Diariluoa, etc. u-o at
onco J)r. Hull's Jiaby Syrup and observe
its romarkiibly piick and beneficial ef
fect. A man cannot be too careful of his repu
tatiou. Some day he may want to run for
Despondency, if allowed uneheek
ed, will oiten produce a morbid condi
tion, so that the least unsati-factory at
fair that happens will swell into terrify
ing proportions. The mind being warp
ed often impaits torpidity to tho body,
all of which more treipiently is the ef
fect of inaction of the liver than from
any other cause, and by resoiting to
Simmons.' I.iver ltegulator the mind will
often find relief with the bodv.
Monopolists havo got possession of the cork
trade, and have raised the price of corks im
tneusely. This is n terrible blow to luiustiel
A sure road is always the best. W ear
ing Day's Kidney Pad is the sure toad
to health.
Ambition often plays the wrestler's trick
ot raising a man up, merely to fling him
' (i 1
ill mi
PERRY DAVIS & SON, Providence, R. I.
, . t Proprietors.
Aprils, ly eow ntco
Perfectly purines the Blood, nrlohai th Blood, reddens the Blood, makes new
Blood, wonderfully Improves the Appetite, and changes the Constitution
suffering from Ceneral Debility, Into ono of vigorous health
Tlie beat proof uf Its wondermi olHcaty U to It obtained by A trial, and that
simple trial ktrongly caUtblUhea 1U reputatlun with all
0tflt Is tnovt atleiitlAcially and rlcerantly mmumli1 by i antbbr nnd sole
firopHHor, tV.CHAMIION imMKINA. M. I.. 1117 Arch Wrott, l'ldlatHlplda,
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Pf BOO. UOO. forXMe'by ttTo ?nptkt hd &T1 Drvtflsh M OtaUft tit tlttlik
Mtiov tucli or
For all Female Complaints.
ThliKopamUfti, Miti JilMd MutiUlm, cotisMa of
VrirubtUla l'i ojh.1 Uoj that aro l.annK mi to tlio inot-t del
It'iitolmnli.l. t-'iKiU'iiMlUltliolticrlU oftlila Coin
wlii'ii Ha In rontl-vtc'l, In li.t ty-ulno tost a In n hun.
dixit, nt" unaiK Unit. I itJT. 1 1 o.l, t. t!i umilidil will tort
ttf j. On it-11 Hint vt it rovi n met U It U tcwlny ro
romuuMhliHl and lin-BtriUd by tlio ImM i-hysliliuu la
tlio country.
It v 111 euro entirely llio ornl form of filllw?
of tho tiitrud, iAUcoirliifit, Irregular and (.ninful
Mcnntiua(loii,nllOnrtnnTriuliU'flt lurUimnntton mid
Ulceration, Hoosllnn;, nit M-iilacemcntit ami tt.o con
Bi'iuetil jjMtiul wtfiktiPMunnd Is tt-NctiUly odai trd t
t'luCltaniforf Ufo. Hwilldl8.lvo nttd cii I tumori
frotiitlioutcrujliinncirlyfitnro of divrlojimctit. Tito
tiinJonoy toranrcruujliumotitlioro U clwckod ury
t-lHtdily ItflUUMi.
Ia fat t H It- t frovrd to Ik) tlio (rpftt
i-ht and lif't lemuly tliat lifli t Vir !een dicocr
vA. It i-rrmmtt o iy iMirtion of tlto pyvti m, nml circa
liLWlifyandi'sor. Hum noaf tliitiit'u-.fUtuluicy, do
ftr yj ailcrrvinj for ttliiul.iiiti,aiid ulltMCJ i.akne9
of thO BtOlIlK h
It euros Hlontinjr, npidaclion, Nervous lYostration,
Gt'mralItljillt,, lt-frtWoii Ainl ludl
KChtKm. Tlmt f wi.ntf oflx'iiilii,? down, cnusinff fmln,
w 1 1 lit and toe k nt ho, U nUaid niinmntly tun d t y
1U mo. It 111 at all tltm.4, uid under tit eireunutan
fof pet lit hariooy uiththj law tbt coTcruj tho
For lCldm.'yCoiuilAinta of tlthtr net tliW eomiuund
Lydia Z, Pinkham's Vegetable Compound
1j repnrcd atSattd 2J5 Wcstt'in Avenue, I.ynn, M(Iki.
1'rlre tl OJ, Sjc bottled for Sent Ly luail In tho
foniiof vilU, aUi-itlwfoim cf Lozcnpea, ou iccvlit
of price, 1.00, iM?r bot, lot ilthir. Mrs. HNKtllM
fmljanittcratUlkltinuf lnqulty. Stud for iaui'
AJdreaaajalHiVo MntiuH this jxi;wr,
So ruullytlwuldUtwitliuut LYDIA U l'lNKIIAM
LIVEH TILLS. Tbcy cui-o Constipation, ltiliuuntv4
audTonidity of thoUnr, U lertajicr bos.
General Agents, Phila,, Pa.
Mlt.1) IVY
M0YEE BR0THSR3,, Blaorasburg, Pa
JUI1U 1,, i).
TphUmnribiU nrs rfcehfd eerv (lav hv tho nio-
piletoraor MMMONsUVKIt HKdl LA roiUioia per
sons of education und promlncnro lrom nil puriaot
the country ntreMlDc to iho womitirul curat ho
plOpCrilC OI litis KIlitL iilL'UlUlJI, .Ml Ulllt'l 'tfpill
atkm bur tlio HeKUlator has ever Uen 0Keoi'itU
that would elTectuallv cmo aiiU Its kin
dred ells, aMl K'Moic tho patient to a pfrfce'ly
healthy condition of bodv and mluJ. 'iho rapidly
lticieaMnjrdemainl for this mediclno and our iar?e
w leg in eousuiuenci', is lmki-d tuiIlclcLt cldoiice
m useitor us ;rcut pup'ti unj,
Perfectly Harmless.
It can be un-d any time wltnont fear by tha mo&t
dollcatepL'ron. No matu-r what the oiling, and
innv oe irncu 10 tmturcn nii iiunt'ii Muriy, ut uu
bad results Torow Its use, rtolntr lo pocslblo injury.
As a mild Ton U pcntli ljixatho and harmless In-
lcorant it Is lnnnltdy sun: rlor to any known reme
dy for
Malfirluus Feer, Uowd Complaints, Jaundice,
Colic. Kestlebsness, Mental lvpiess-lon, Mck llead-
acne, uoiiMHuii'in. AditM M, iJinouaness,
llnnd tho follow Iul' ntune of nt-Tsonn well and wlile-
ly known, who testify to the aluable properties ol
Mrcmons Liver uegmaior or .Mcoicitte.
lion. Alex. II. Siemens: John V. Heckwith. UishoD of
(ieoj pl.t; (ien. John Il.tlordon, U. s. .senator; lion.
John (illl shorter; let. ltev. Ulshon rieice; J. Bdgar
Thompson: Hon. 11. Hill; Hon John c. Hrt-ckinridc;
rrcf, i)aid Wills i. IM lllram Whilct, Chltf Jus
tlco ol (la,; LPwis Wunder, Assist. I', M. Phll.v, and
many others from whom we hau lelKrs cominent
imr upon this mt'illclne ai a mo-t aluable household
remedy. l'L'ICULY VEOiri'AHLK.
Its low price places it In the reach or all bo they
rlchor ruor. llycume sutTerlng and cannot iind
relief, procure nt once from your iiruH't,Tist a bottle or
H emulator, (he it a LUr trial and It will not only
nlToid relit f, but permanently cure jou. It is wllh
outaeiigle exception.
The Cheapest, Purest and Best Family Medicine In
the world.
Oriulnu and (rmiliir
.1. 11. iV coM
rlec f l.oo. Sold by all Druggists.
April ic. 'so-lj.
svrertu liiiiiiiftloii mi liNpii'
Hy ln iK'Oratliifc- a teetM coulllutloD, leuovjllnxa
debilitated phjslque, anJ eoilililut'n lliln and In
nutritious circulation with nosti-ttcr's Moniacli
Hitters, the tlncst, the mo t Highly uncttunoj, and
me most popular ionic anu pieMniio in e-Matenco.
Tor Balo by all drugguts and dealers severally,
octolier 3, 'lu-ly
1 0 Klebrated"
For Internal and External Use,
ll a SURE CURE for all the Diseases for which It Is recommended,
and Is ALWAYS PERFECTLY SAFE In tho hands of
even the most Inexperienced persons.
It Is a .urn mid nulck remedy for COt'CIIS MUIU
THROAT. ('III!I.4, and Binular troubltB, atlord. In.ratil rttttf
I. MOM malijnanl fonu ot IHl'llTII i:itl., and In llm keI
kuonii remedy lot ltHi:UJI.Tl3t and MMIIt.U.tllA.
It lifiB been imcd lili Mtirli underfill fciirrem u!
jxtre of (A vwUl for CJUA.IH, HOI.IlIt A, I H It It 1 HI LV,
JVM:Ti:itV, and ail HOWI'.I, CO.Ul'JUM'fs, that it it
eontidtrtJ an unj'uilinj cur for ( dwtat,
It Is ItKCO.nIK.MtU) by l,hr,hiini, Il.Hloiiurii-,
DIluUtcrMt Iiiiiuytr nt" lMaiiliilltMiN urU-sliii, uni
l'arlorU'! iiri-M hi IIop1iuIm la eliojt, by lcrbody
ttr where who haa net xim it a trial.
It bho'uM ftlwsys lie xiuviX for rain la tlio Hack and Side,
and Irlngt ipttdj awl jrid'.l rhtf ia nil tu-t of J!ruUct
CuU. Siiralnt M'Tito IluriiM, Sen I da. etc.
annually mvb many tlmti its cot ta dotWra' hU, and its pric-u
brinifs H within Uie rtacbof all. It Is sold at S3c. 50c. and Si, 00
a buttle, and ua bo obtained from all druftrlnta.
Tho CVltrfttt4 IrMon&tion cf
hi Cm3 sf tec rr n kvi vf.
Indian Blood
77 W.3d St., Nov York City
tars or jr.nsir cur,
fTnAcn MAnir.l
Dlstazts, rViTi'.C
flpuc, firirtiirt-
Is in, Mit'ojiiih
Iltitfl instate.
Biliousness, A'trt oug Itebillli.rtc,
Tho Best REMEDY SHOWN to Wan I
9.000,00 BottSes.
TIas Syrup Fosscs$C3 Varied Properties.
Tt fftlmalntra tlio rytynllno In in Hnllrn,
trlilrh convrrts tho Btnrrli nnd nenr nf thw
food Into eliicop. A ilpflclfncv In l,ytnllnr
milieu Wind nnd Pouring of tlm fod In ibo
Homnrli. If tliomi'illplno U hiUpii liiimli
ntely nit or cntlug tLo furmcutuiluu of fuotl Is
It arts upon llio T.Ircr.
Itnrts upon ilir l(lilnr9
It Krenlulpn the II aire 1 J
ItPitriflrs lliolllootl.
It Qutcis llio "Vervom System.
It PromniPi PlRpilftii.
It NourIilir, Mrrnc'litn" nml TnTlcorntr.
It cnrrlen nfTtlio Old Iltnoil mtl mnkrN iri
It apriiN llio pnrrN nf tlio ltiu uud IiiJucph
Ilcnliby lVrplrntIou.
It neutralizes tho hereditary taint, cr yolnon In th
blood, which cenrwtea &crotiila,lJy8lp'laB, and nil
manner of ektn dtseanca and Internal liumors.
Tboro are no spirits employed In lis raaimfacturo,
snAltcanbo taken by tlieinost Oolicalo babe, cr by
the aged and fooblo, tare cnlf lung reireJ in at
ttntion ia directions
of Persons who have been CURLD bytht
uie of th. BLOOD PURIFIER.
(.Al'I'lON 10 UlliKHIISTH.
11'w.iro or conntorriir Mcillclnc. I nnn'ov nu
nt'enta or luniuTt tosoildt tr.nlo from U iiiflsts.
Ilet Mtdicine liver U?tl.
Kilon, ft'ynmliiKCourity, I'.x. sir! T t)0fn trnultlftl Kir 11 lollir 1 1 nil'
Willi n IMln In iny Momacli, nml roittiil no it'llef
until I Di'srun un h jnur iijiinn iiiiku jrup. ninci
1L Hit' best, medicine In list', uutl I cun ri'cciiunpml II
in nil. oil nnd vouiil- It sines minv In
ilDctois' bills, nml on.- l.irjru botllo ilM inu moro touil
lli.m n e uonais worm oi oiner iiitiiiuuiL-.
Marljui libarr.
All AatonWiing Cure.
Monroi1. Wvonilnir county, l'.i
Dear sir: I hail bei-tinnilctcilnllli u I'oiuli, Loss
or Appetni' nml i)y&rcrsia lor ion jFur;. i couiu
not prp'-'iiy iiiit'iui iu iny u'isiucni, uii'i jn-.num m
J our Jii-11 coli'Iirolcd Indlin mood Mi up, I raulied
b) r It, which I Hid. nnd In a shoit tlmu was much
lmmoM'd. I now have a irood Abliftlte. and have
cnjoyid gtod Lcalth ever I commenced Its use.
riick Headache Curid.
How man's I'leok. Wjoinlns county, l'.i.
i.e. ll ; i nan .-iciv 1 1 imi j 1. 1 iv- uiivi uj . if -
your in nan in ooit j i u i iii nniii mttnu. .
reconiiueud nil to try Us alunolepionertlis.
The teinedy did mme than -ho Kxp'ckd.
Ne'.Ucrry, I.comlnfrcounti l'a.
Dear Mr: Tho li.dlan Hloud syrup ilia moie than
I expictcd It would and It has cured ino or Uvir
Complaint. I ue It nsa Medicine and would not be
without It.
.Mrs. Mary t'hannan.
Headache and Dlriine.
Wllll.nnsp'ort, I.ycomlni; county, l'a,
Dear sir: Vour Inolan lilouil s.Miip haseured me
or Headache, liUlncsand lo-,sot ApKilli',soIliat
1 am now able lo woik In my raciory. My wire He
rived more beuctlt llom Its use thau from nni oilier
Would uot bo Without it.
Wlhlainporr, Ia coming' ounty, l'a.
Hear sir : Tho Iud an Wood sjrup H Iho llest I
eer used and 1 would not be without It, It Is kooi!
Tor all complaints,
John Hutkhart.
DUeares of the Stomach.
Katon, Wyonilns: county, l'a.
Dear sir: This Is to ceillty that 1 had a Weak
Stomach and could eat no meat or any h'-arty lood
whateu'r. Hya lrleud's a-iv cu I uumnenced the
ii'o or Indian mood sprup, which altera shoit circctually i-illeieil mo and I can now eat
ainthlni; I Choose. Your s'jmp gUes uuiMTsal
Elizabeth Hadsall.
All that it is rccommeuded to be.
opera Ilou1-!', Columbia, l'a.
Dear sir: 1 havo used your excellent Indian ltlood
syrup and II has proen Justus repiescutod. 1 can
tecolnuicud It to all.
Win. llocliow,
Wholesalo Merchant, 3lh street.
Utianiinou.s Recommendation.
TLe following add their testimony ror tho Indian
lllood si nip:
II. i;. (irearr, cnt'lncvr I' It It.
.1. (I, snilih, at llaldnlns steel Work.-.
Mrs. snjder. or Cnluinbla.
Hrener, or Washlntonburgh.
John Kenjs, ol saro liarbor.
Would not be Without it.
Demon, Columbia com ly, l'a.
Dear Sir: I hao used jiur excellent imuan
inoon Smui' and lno leeelvedmuch liencilt thcre
tiom. I could not iretalout; without It.
Mis. Darber.
Never Fails to Cure.
nasi Lemon WjnmlncrC'o. l'a.
Tear sir I was sick tor three jems, and under treatment most cr the I lino without be-in-
iti'iii ilteil. At. Insr. 1 was li.iluciil In trv Mini'
1noun liuionsvHci-aiidiUicrushoillrlal, 1 found
in) sell in better healintiiau 1 had Deen ror six jeais.
Mis. Theioh Hall
Sure Curo for Jdver Complaint.
ltohr&buiv. Columbia Co. l'a
Dear sir :1 Ills Is lo eenliy Ilia' your Imihn
ri.oonsvHi"r lias been used hy hie, for I.her Com
plaint, which hail Lcen noubllnt: me lor a longtime
1 dcileU nioio benent rroni llio use or tho sjrup
than tl oin any other medicine. I lienitlly iccom
menillt, and advtsu all sullerers to irlo It u tilal.
L 1' smith
Loss- of Appetite.
Ilohrsburi,' Columbia county l'a.
Deir sir : 1 have usid your excelleni lsniAS'
linonii SvKfi' rov I oss or piH lite and Weakness or
iho sloinai'h. with erv beiallclalliaulth. 1 leltee
our medicine to bo Iho Kieatest blood purlllcr
known, and aJlso all who may besufTcilDirns j was
lo L'lu it a bpceuy iiiai.
Mrs. K Avery
Pains in Shoulder,
llrhrsburir. Columbia county, l'a.
Hear Mr i Tula la lo certify that jour Imhin
liiion s ni l1 has Rieatly ielleed me of I'alus In Hih
shoulder ami Chest, which I hart been ntlllcled with
tor years. 1 rccomineuu it i ery nii'iiiv,
Mrs. .Miry Welsh.
Kidney Complaint,
in ar can. Columbia count! . l'a.
tieir sir. lv rather has been tunc rlncr with
Kidney complaint for a Ions lime hud been uu
der doctors' ireiilmcnt, bui llio dnetois could net
elTectaeiiro I hao teen subject to a Niimbia&s
and weakness In in urtAiin, We obtained hiano
cf onr lina'uablo Isnus- Hioon r lit'in jour
Ajrenr, w tn, II. roller, nun u nas euieu iny iiiinei
.'ouii'l.'ti ly, anil my aim Is mnih belter, ll does not
tri'Ubie ine nair so inucu. lour uieuie-inuiseAcei
Jesla'.i Jjhn.
Female Complaints.
n.'urciin ccilunibla countv. l'a.
)."irslr:--ThlsHliiieilirylhat 1 purchased s me
of jour Imin moon svni'i' for my wife for
iiinMnii ani t'linale complaliil, and It has uucii her
re uer. , ,,
J K Ilcrncr
llest Mrdii'ine Kver Used.
near clan. Coluinbtacounlv. l'a.
Dear sir I My Utile son was tioubled with his
water passion iionihlm cnnstaully, day ami nlirht,
1 cm suited mod'H tois and irate him medicine, lull
ttliliout elTeet. I bought some of xiurcclebialcil
Imiiis 111.0011 SYKt'r, u fchoit trial of which, cured
Lamheri Camp,
nyspepsla aud Indigestion,
Niimtd.i. tolumtila Countv. l'a.
Dear sir --For many j ears my wlf'i was allllcted
With DVSpCp-l'l, Ullll WO spem coil-neruuio IIIOlll'J
wlihoui nci Mm; liencilt. Wo procured souie of
'our Iniuan iiijdoii mkit andslio beL-au lo Improve
In health from tho time blie comencul lis use.
Solomon J) Snyder
I.iyer Complaint.
Cenlralla, Columbia Co. l'a.
Dear Mr : This Is to certify that I was unwell and
could scarcely attend lo my work, 1 think my I.Ucr
was aflected. 1 niocuied somo of jour Iniuan linoaii
svuur and now, alter a fchoit trial, feul like anew
mau, I recommend Its usu to all.
Daniel (loodmau,
Dyspepsia and Neuralgia.
Hyde rark, I.U7erno Co., l'a.
Dear Sir : Your aluablo Isoian Hlooii syncr has
effected a permanent cure In mv case. 1 had bes'n
allllcted with llio Dyspepsia and M'Uralgla, but am
now entirely well. , , , .
Mrs. John Thornton.
liilious Stomach Cured,
II) do 1'arlr, l.urert.0 Co., r.
Dear Hlr : I have Leen troubled wllh lilllous
Complaint and by tho use of jour I shun linoon
sriltr liana I'lUiiumijr euivn i'io.
John N Williams.
Lyspepsia Cured,
Hjtlci Park, Luierno Co , l'a.
near sir i-Your valuable Indian mom Svacr lias
ciucamoot Djspepsla.
11. 1 D. MM IUU19
Liver Complaint.
Hyde I'atk, Luzerne Co. ,
near Kir have leu IroubleHl with Llv ri
nIMnt.but I wasnermaiicnllr cured byuslr-ty
mn.ur jiruuiuue.
U lsrwy w too
hni TJ, Mife ii: Mil 11
Bloomsburg, Columbia County, Pennsylvania.
Rov. D. J. WALLER, Jr., A. M., Principal.
ISKSffiaSWfiK wabonn.uUl,yorlu,re.Sc,t,
"'Vn'.'.f.n'in healthful ami e.wv of access. Tmchcrs expcrleneed, eniclent. nnd alive lo their woi k. DHcliilne, nr:n but kind, unirnnn nnd ll.orou ,n. lixpenser
in.ffemte. fifty 'rnA a wSX rteii let Ion to all evpcetlni to teach. MudeiiU admitted at any time. Ilooins reserved w hen iieslro.1.
courses ot stud) presci Ibed by the state :
I. Model School. II. Preparatory, lit. Klementary. IV, Classical.
Adiimct Courses : I Academic, ii. Commercial, ill. Course in Music. IV. Co.iim in Alt. V. Coiir-e in l'liysical C'ulllire.
tliell'.itl,ilntnen(s..sli:ne(l In rsof the llouMiif 1 '.". ,., ,i., ,..,!i,.
i uialnirup.niUlrP'iA the l'llnrlpal.
bi'pt. . 'Trt.
r'1lfiit Itimril
Some Reasons why these Suspciiders
a.2.e btittci' than others.
eft .
Sid. TBic corals s'sbbq ovoi o:EiilVN9
eiRaiBBB' ov wesBBIs94i' $Sukiefi oiil.
SBljEIStiiBB' SBB$MEB4!hka' I E3 (fo.V WOB'ltS.
' ElMbHtUi
1 13 lsl3' f
flStOnlsninRT UUrnciO tin wtmu&j n i; ir, u iuh iann i.aii mo Uhu.n Kcari ana ubus.
f'ajarea l'oAr, l).ir.tbilitv. &iiity, 'economy, end lUntily tut rily unVnown in ntbiT itiakis. Mcniti
I'tnvtT OullIU anil Meuiu-rtmer rimrnlni a "prcl.ilty. l'ujr of St puratora, irui-i
6n tn twtlvfs 1kix iouer; tlJo (mo M1( linpro a .tloiliitnl lloi'M I'nucrs.
Thirty-Two Years of Prosperous and Ccntlnuotio Business tla houi,o,utiiout cliango
ruirnnti-e tor pjpen&r cimkN nml llenorib'.o tleahns.
PAIITinfJT Tl" wni,"rii : Hi unl jN.-mlarltT f
UlAKt I lull our iwuTt imniiii-ry na arm n out
luiuiilufi lit Ltiu vtix'l , tiuticu t trlun n ui r re nuw utti nu
lnr to ImttJ will jialm off iuLrlar us n -rtl liulutlum
our rimoua cot an
If men cir-crinifntat kdI wcriLl--ij rnaolJarry If jon tuy
nt n h t tlie 'Mlrlirlnul" br! tbn "(tuuliu frutu u
Cj Vur hill iurlltu!ur cull cn our ilea! m, cr rlti)
to n tur Illuiirauil CtrouUrj, wLittt Vi utail frt AJJrL'ii
MICHOLS, SHEPAUD & CO., Battle Creek, Mich.
Aprils, is uw
1 UIMI.ll .V IlltO. 'I'm liul illi' I'iim to,.
"A tuMllsa on Chronic I)l-tist,"tmbraclris,' ( ,i
tanh, llmut, Luns, llcair, Muraacli, I Hi r. Kid
ni'ys. I'lliuri timl Fiiitalc lU-.t"isch ; alu r'l!i"; wnt
Hee to any mltlrcfs, Kveij t-nrferr r Ircm Ihthedls
easi-Hcan tn cured, send fur this bock to tho under
slgnt'd, a I'hjblclunof hrKef.ierk'Lee, cndoi v d h
Imudied ur leadll-ir cHizeiit wuo ttstllv to his tklU.
send stamp to nay po&tig-o toe. v. LUlntun, M
!., Mipetlor stiett, t'oledo, Ohio.
Thousand- suifciln-j fn-m Dwipp-i.i, Habltm
Cohitt,m,!'h. and Kldui'j co'tiplaltiib, sen fula
aud Mndri'datteaM s will lull wlihdt ljrlit ihlsnew
unit wondermi til,-'i.t'r .which i h a ni aiecnntiut r
or ami health lOhturer, lias not qua! in nu d'in med
lilne Thet.ivtit Mexlean llfinei nas tlrsi intio
duietl lulu Callfouita la isTD. uh it In a Uw inanilis
UffltCtedhO lain) wordtifiil eurea hsIh eteatea
iKiniDtl tor tlie int'illelLo fnja Mnlnc (u Horf 1 1. II
Mthi'onl) nu dlt'lut' In Iheuorid conipoundi d Xi out
tin' iutlo plaiita, iout.s and Lub-j ul Mexico It
curt-i itllHumois front iho worsi acuin
inon W"t h, plmpli', or 1 1 11 pt 1 u. while It clears ami
U'fuiniU'b tnt' uinih-lon Id cll.-i'.ses t r ih- loin
nch, Itlocd. llur and lvldiii' If ha nenntuentlv
ctnt'd thotiwHiul-iCf hot i It hi (list's wluie all othtr
Know icnietltPh had fallal, one Uue will euie any 1
iMw 1 1 si K Ih- idaihu. 'I wo dosfi, will bituk up
aiij oidtntuv I'tmh oi a Id It rsuns hulfciltiK with
lU'artburn, Uuieibih so u lum uhj-lllluirae-is,
i o-Mvi in1-.. lilts, l'id liatluii df th'- Heart, Low
spirits, audkimlral ullct-tiuns wfd hi.d lh- Mfxhun
rt-iaedy u wttt and suie ullei, 'ihe tfeiiulne la i
plauU bUuie tho pub!U','iaUr Iho lohuwli tf name j
Herbalino Bitters tlio Great Mox- j
icau Remedy, i
Call on iuur drul.-t md xvt a boitlu vt clu-
MoMcan liemeoy and eohWncu juiiut-UthaL UN the
liiM. Mt'dlclne In Ihu Wuild,
lhytrad3 hupplltjby li'hn, hr h'haio
Druifist, n, W. coimr cth and Wuhtut btreetR, Cla- j
rlnnail.o. !
Ceneral Agent tw tho L'nltnl States, (
npill i, isso-iy wJtco !
Highest llcial at Vienna and Philadelphia.
E. & H. T. ANTHONY & CO.,
591 roadway, New York.
Manufacturers, Jmporteia ic Dealers In
Velvet FramesiAburas,GraplioRcopes
Engravings, Chromos. Photographs.
And Iqtlrcil goods Celebrities, Actreases, etc.,
Woare lIiadituafieiturejvr)tUlD?mtlio way of
Stero:ptieonr and Magic Lanterns,
Each etlobelnir thi' Hstelllsclsssln tho market,
lieamlful I'holoirrap'ito Traiisporeuctts ot statu.
aryaiid Knirrayincs icitio window.
Convex ilzuz. Ataauucturera of Velvet frames
tor Jllulaiures and Con-ex (JK63 Pictures.
Oitaloeues cf latituns and ulldes. with dree.
Mum for UilDf, tent OuTecclpl ct leu ceiiis.
" , i " " una
of TnixUix.
hroshlng Wlachinory and Portatolo
and Tractjon Engines.
THE STANDARD fl xccllenca througltoui 0,
Cr" ).J.Vf.v It. .ri.
MATCHLESS foi Graln-Savinp.Timc-SaY.iur, Ti-r-le
t annimr. An 1 f ai ! 1 imrowh Work.
oi i'urt. ' V crUmanghiu, Xleoant 1 uiibh, r.n.l
Jltti 'lit MoJ"!.
MARVELOUS for v,uthj superior nnrk In all Ji (.
nf drain, nnu umrrrmlhi knoua an tho only Mipr'sful
' in I tax, Tuiiothv, Clotr, nml nil other Ki'h1j.
t. -
tt ,
CeiliiiiiMu, lliiiiiinir, nriliil nml I'lilini nullities.
I.IUV's -.l'U II'K
1.1 CI I IIKMi:i) ..11
mil illlni; cure fur
Seminal enknesn,
'peiiiialonlie.i, Im-
'i.ev anu iiiia! i-eiliience ef seir
4,.JTTE Memmy, I nleersnl
1 lis. ll ue. nln n
BEFORE TAKUB.tlw luelf. minuet AHM TAKINQ.
01 1sin11, Hieiri.ittire Id Ate, and inanv otiiiriie. nut leaiito iiisjnin or L'iniiiiipilun, inula
1 1. 111 11 nit' 1. ill... .1. r 1111 Mill iieuuis
Ull mirilCUl.ils In r.nrii i.,,.,
Plilei rree i mull toeiery
one. :-"lho s-iieclile Meillelne issoiil i.y all druir-
clstsut ji perpiek isi or Hxpatkinres tur l or will
l;e senl tlie l mti'l mi reeeil.tol I lie lilnnej by ml
ilrirsliw TIIH I.IIAV Ml:i)l IVB uii., Meelnlnles';, Detiuli.Miili. Sulil In I.loumsburs b c A,
K"ta' ea muyi.'st.iy
Tin: joiinsov nr,vi-viNi jiook.c.w:.
Mail) fif iron, bfaittifully orna
mcnipil. AiljtMul.lj k h u 1 v o s .
tlu-aii ami htruntf t'annut net
rut of tuilcr. IVmr sitM. kin-l
for complete cirL'titar ainl ulco
mt St'inl cents for fur now
lllusrratftl Catalniruu of Helmul
Mfrohanlfst, Ertry lUnnt r
JtuiW ihuultl have it.
Headqjarters for a'l School Supplies,
113 X 111 Mtt.ND SntKKT, T.VF YOUK.
Thli rcmarVftblo mrUU
dim wilt cure fcittiii.
plinttt'url). Calloui, ir ,
Uir uy t tilttrL-uiuLt, anil
'will .limit lh In.,, if
without blUUriuit nr taui.
it g a toif, Aj itimdy
tw t tli.ow r i) tquali it tuf
ciruitityul BitU'U iuiU'iu
J nlnz the liiiiinni nod re.
Mrnovlnir Ihe bunt It. 1'ricB f I m. hnul far lllu.
-trBU(lLlr(uUrxnIngiKliU rroof, tnl )uu
giitinntBEmt'odarni. If imIuII' Vi
Will l.'UI'tl ! Bultl llV llrinnrlkli.. t.r
JIOVKU llllO'l IlKUf. ItlronibLurir. l'a.
rLl.saiiil blulelies, leavlii.'iUeiUiii,ort, clear and
beuutiruli nlsolnstiuciloiis tur preUacliii: a luu.
rim a urow Ih of lialr ou a bald lieid or fcmSol h Zee
tl, S? t',"iSluy Dtf " cent bluuP' 1;' vn-Mt wT
March !, cia.
11 uv
llardnaro Trade, Country MortB, rutnn makers,
etc. e-ec that the pump you buy is uc iclled I c n
Iilatcbley .Manutacl uref. 'm M.rket street rail :
delnhU, l'a Aqueduct i'lno for Farias .Mines, '"'ui
idles, Ho, from I to 5 11 chesln bore, and turned
Mvrtli SiKto, ' 1 06""01" to order.
Weaver & Oo'a Acls
Vi t (tiiirrtntee It Id trtrj tnt, mttf ri not of fcnw tongr rUnd
li'tf ft Ii w di rflj rootrd, It f ftn InPlant relirr nnd iirfii tti
ni 't iirtmlt rn t tjj rnm nit to thru tkn Win ilnmlin i.
ul I rt hiiiiiiCi of to i(n nit!- inti tlimirt( Irtd,
till nt I a ItInI 1 ontli cllut It V II urvwli ll nil
"tlni tin in Utr fullid t-ul.l l) nil uutl In iitf tit. Inc. 0
wn I Itle .kmi he iiiriit)! f rti Ii
.IU"I. VLT,(iti.ri:itiit-iil Rrl .S an.M iiiu-'itx
iu i i iiiiililin s
ll.illlnioi.- M.l,
C7 .til Eiuulne bats triilomtrk mi ilgLkturt cr br J .
lit er rn f r
SCjt. :o, '79 ly.
rstablisheilln 172 for the euro
ot (Mtuer, 'llllnors, lllee'ts,
Seliilill.t. nnd Skill Iliseiises.
without tLo 1180 of knifo or loss of bltKiil mill littlo
lmln. 1'or iuformatUin, clrcuhira naul refeienceH,
wiart-64 IT. i', J.. I'umi, Aurora, Ivano Co , 111.
.sept. w.'W-ly.
.1 w .1- e d.
jjllu a rJ diffrln? from all nthm, la
In coUr, adajiU It If to all tKjIH..i'
of tho tMv. hll tba fit 11 in ih
RATI ll . mrr
.ilia ngut trauuto
la. llcrnis 1. ten mini a.r .is uiu.i. nu 1 . fl... . ,.
Eofjieslon Truss Co'Ehicaao, III.,
s.ept. 13, 't'J iy, ,1 w i Co.
Cured Painlessly.
Thf mefllrlne fenld for a small margin nliou'tlio
cot cf coinputinillii'. All caws tie.Uea by hprclal
1hi-!mjhuiuii. rur iim jut i iuumi h miiiiusiiiiL un
cocrcT, Dll S. Jt. COLLINS, or
Mrs s. ll. colllns, La I'oitc InU.
with fctarap MIUlCTiohtburjr, MJ.
a'U.c, wsco
sn:..(ii: mrr woxninin'i.i.v thui:.
When Dr. lirk'gs illi conscious pride,
Ami lamest .?al his niiinl ii.ilicil,
Tlii" science Jeep to open wiile,
Uf soothinjr, nml of Iicsil i tir.
lie took of in my Mibi-taiice.s known
Thut wouM henl nr -till hltouii,
And i-oon composts hy skill aloiio
His miraculous Bunion li.iltitin.
Tiiriiienlril with llunion, Com or lirui-c,
Thou-aiiils of mllerers htanl Ihe news,
The letneily that meets the iew.s
Is I)r, liripge' llunion liel-am.
tiolil by C. A. Kleim, l!loonisburi. l'.i.
i ir.,...; ii . . n. . . .
' . i I'll-- not- try nr. .lusiaii
iirit'gs uaiarrn .sptciicsoii In on nir cuml
tioii.-: We will pay 1011 for a caso tliev e i 1 1
not mil: J100 tur the ir uillal nsn enr. .-.(!
ni.jiiiini; peiisiiuijiis is leitinn in tlienimil
fi.uim ii in any re s-pect tnry arc ilillrrent
irnm repr(t,entation. solil by (J A. Kleim
lilooinsburi.', l'a. 1
I Jroin a Viltlrahd l'l,iikhm of JUriix
biinj, J'a. Dr. 'llrimr, Dear .--ii
home lour uionth.ssiiico a holy applied to ino
iui uiiiiii nig in relieve iiicpHin ot a trouble.,
some bunion am! a fe-tertil eorn, ami havini;
lieril Willi lli.riir.ti 1'il.n t..l.i.. . .
V , .......w. .,,-, mKuiy upe.ken
ol, I ilnecuil her to call on vour pyent ,1 J
, Jloher, and get a box. she "did m,, and mm'
iii!oniis me Ihocuio isc.nnplete, she haviiiL'
kllU'-rcil tin ,.n!n nl.n- tl.. I'.. . .. .
. " uurl nr'1 " 'plication.
iieileMne; llrlsci' Diinioii IkiNani of great
.' ul" i'niiu Miner iroiu corns, bun
ions, re.. 1 unht'sil.' .u,.,,0,i i, ...
ll. a ,...,..1 ..- ,!. , """' l
v i in "m ory. ftol.l by fj.
kl( "" I'loom-liiitj,', l'a
i Ottarrh that Itmthtome disease tint srniin.n
rif l,n m . nil l . !l 1 l,C0,lrre
' '"""'""'y. wl,,c" 'I"tMJ IlllU His of pet).
P'" "nuually. Is riueilily and radically nirnl
i w lib Dr. .losiah liri'4,' r,,,,,,rl. si.L. 0" '
Sri 1 i... o i in.:... l.l .
" v.. i. ivieuii, it'tiouitbuii;, l'a,
I , -'' ' 0 huilu,,, jV ,., ha,j,
I I wniiid pay 5-llHl for i n LoUlo ol Tainarnck
I.iver and Kidney U-nicdy, if I could not
get it without It haseured me 0 gravel
, and liilliuiinalloii ol i. pro.i,ato gland
I ''V; '?l'k c,,( fj' ''I'llity. .Sold by C'
A. Kleim, lili.omburg, J'.t '
lh-.Judah JiW ,',,, j:Hail, Ul
! climax or medical -deuce, the only ,lUcov.
1 prv nn nril. rl..., .. ill 11 . .11 1 . ",rvu
.... v..,.. ,,,. , rnnicaiiy ami perma
nently euro ihe.e IrouhlcMiine and painful
lormeiit, who-e throbhiug pains and nu'
sightly protrusions is asoureaof imi,, lnis.
sery. llunion also cures hard a id
on cor.,-, M,r iu.teps, siher Corn'
1 Master is n model ol excellence. Deoelori
hg hoot Lotion is a boon to sweaty feet
an. ,1,-spels the ellensivo odor Irnm then I
lUlioil cure for Ingiowing nails Is the won
der ot tho world. II blood and corruption
gushes Iron, the; sides r the too a. emy
step tho radlca curo fur ingrowing aji
gives instant rel ef, and the ca-es
are cured in ten days. Sold h)C. A. Klein,
liloomsbiiit. l'a.
Aict.erroutor JHUhus Jkcidache.-.VU-ons
suirer this most universal iittlictlon ol
the human nice; all classes aro troubled
Iho head never aches when tho various or
gans are working in harmony win, nature
I bere can be no headache ll tho human mt
ch nery is in a healthy condition Irp '
Allevanlor is reliable lor headache and
ralgia; never Jails. Sold hy 0. A. Kle ,n
Illoomshurg, l'a. jviciiii,
.SstiMeyw.HeraW the Udn!!8 0,
the glonous victory. The day or suirVrlng
rom Internal II ceding External and &
ng lies Is past. Dr. Josiah lirlggs1 Con .
hi na Ion file Itemedles are In every respect
reliable for the cur of hemorrhoidsfor p les
Soite.A'J fcXte, '
arlil 23, '80-ly "
rrmted at this Office
Varner's Safe Kidney anJ Liver Cure,'
!A vejretftblo preparntlon nnd the .mi. -..
r. iii. ilr in tio world for Itrlirt.l'l 'jjf
IllnlM l. .. mill Alii UlUn.'i, ""' I
lnftlie.nsl.itpnir.nt.. "
. iiiti csiiiiinnm sor ino nmrir'.r np. .
1 no l'or thnruroof Illnlu'lra, call for It-,,.
1 lirr- Slid. IHiilii Irs f 'urc " "r-
j lid'I'or the cure ft llrluhtu nnd tlmm
IdLrnses, .'.HI for lVnrucVs Mil,! iiiSmI
It Is the bent lllnnil 1'iirlllrr, nnd stlmuinf, ,
'fsViIXi'tt acuuii.'Zj
tlon nnd Dilates, lucludlutf Cautt i.
rvvm. find ot her I Sir.
i IMMpn. lVf'.l4.lirMnrtlllKnli.
rtMiIlpnllon, IlzrliifH,Jciui'ul liH.ii
lly, etc., re cured Uy the.Miili- Itlltcr-. Vu
uiieqiifiled m an nppcUzprniu rpniur tonl'
Qulcklv clvei llrnt nnd Mrni to tlicsuir. ,nr
riires ijitlarlif nnd rti-umlctn, iim lti
i;pllci. lie I'll, rttul rellevpaN'i ou'i-.;
Iriitluii brought ou by cxcpmIvb drink, ovtr.
work, mental sitockg, and other cituaci.
l'owerfnl nslt la to stop n nnd fiiolIie(ii.
turbpd Nerves, it nevt-r Injures the ijbUtu.
whether taken In ntn.iU or Iar,'Pdoe. '
Hot lies of twu Bitaa ; iricet, QOe. an t 81 .00
Are an Immediate nnd active stlinu'i f,.r
Torpid tlvtr, nnd ruru Coitlveneii, Dynp piu, j
iousnn, liutotsi DUr
tka&. Malaria, Ttvtt
and Ague, uud h 1
t.e tisvd hi'iitf t i
bowels do not -ji n 1
frwly nnd rt 1
AoMbpr I UN rpiinrp tuh
Bmntl rtiite fr tlmr .
oorh. Trim it, n I i,
rner'hfi- It nirillnnrfl
oliU.f llrtiirKMi KM, tl,ri
In Jledlrlnv furjwlii'if,
H. H.Warner SiCc,
C.'Srnrl f(ir Im, 1,
Oct. 31, lsTB.-lj- l'iliros.
On anil after Sunday, May .. lfsn, Hie tintns
on IlieriiPaaelplila .t Uilo lt,i lieiailDHlslonnlii ma
as follows :
Erie .Mall leaves l'lilladelplila n p m
" " llurrlbbuig 4'j.iiiM
" " William1 port s...,, ,.i
" " Jersey Mioru iHilau
" " Lock- Maun !i in a ,11
" " liehoo mi .1 ,u
" arrle at Urle 7 nr, p ta
Niagara lixpiess tones I'lillailclilila '. i in
" " ll.nilsbtiiir 1 j vii a ia
" air. at Mllt.iinspuit 11 13 p in
1 " Lock llaen 4 vn ii in
" " KenoMi .mhjiiii
Past Line leases I'lill ulelelila 11 .u n m
' " llm rlsOiirir 3 .1:1 p in
" arrlo at Willi. unspert I p m
" " S4iijnn
Paclllc Kxprcss leases Loek Haven ,1 I.'. a ta
" " Jersey M.oro 7 in a in
" willlamspoit 7.riiiitii
" aril.o at llarilsbni',' 114'Mitii
" " l'llll.Ulelplll.l H 15 i in
Day Express leacs llenuo '.irniun
" " Loek llaen 11 lnu ni
" " V lllliiinspint ll Slip ni
" arrive at lloiilsliiii-!; .i in p in
' " 1'lill.iilelplil.i i; 41 p in
liilu Slall leaves I!enoo sinpm
" " Loek- llacn Ji r-i i lie
" " Willi I'nspoit 11 lo pin
' airhesat llaiilsliii, 114111111
" " riillaOelplila 7 iu in
Fast Lino lenes Mlll.i,n.spoit Vr:.,'iiim
' arrives at llm 1 Isijurir a fii n m
" " l'lillneielplila 7 111 a in
Kilo Mall west anil i:press 1'asl make eloso
euniieellniis at Noilliuinljei In, nl Willi L. ,v 11. It, 11,
trains ror ul.U'.-l'.iue anil scrunton,
Kile Mall West, Madura I5pruss West, anil Past
Linn Wist, 111 tko close eoLiietilou at Wlllliansport
Willi N. o. II. W trains north.
N' i:,iess West and Day Expiefs Fast
mikeelo'-ecoiiiieetluii at Loek Uaieu wlllili. E.V
It. It. trains.
Erie .Mall east anil West connect at Erie Willi
trains ou L. s. it- M. s. 11. it. ; at L'oiry with i). e a;
. V. It. It. ; at Empulllllii Willi 11, N. V. X V 11. 11.
and nt lirlllwuod Willi A. V, 11. it.
I'arlor cats will 1 tin belwten l'lill.rieliihli and
Wlllainspui 1 on Ma-rara l.xpii'ss wesi,..tnil liny Ex
press Kast, isleeplni; cars 011 all night tinlns.
Wil. A. IN,
(leueial fenpt.
()u and arn r Nocinber -iutli. 1S73. trains win icnii
hunbury as follows :
Erie Slall 5.20 a. in., arrive Klinlra .... 11 r.
" Canandalsua 3.. .". p. ta
Itochestcr . . . 9,1s "
Nlagai a . . . a 411 "
llcnovo accommodation a, la. anUe iWUlmn-.
poitl2.Mp. m.
Elmlra .Mall 4.1S a.m., arrlto Elmlra KWOa. m.
Uutfalo Express 7.15 a. in. an lie liulTalo 9.1,0 a 111
llalTnlo Bxprera 2.511 a. m. arrlte Il.ui Islmre
" llalttmoic s.iu
Elmlra.Mall 11,15a.m., airlo llanUbtiii; i.r.
" Washington '.t 11
" llaltlmoiei,
" Waahlnijloii
Ilarrlsbiirtr aerommodallon
burn 10.50 p.m.
arrive Il.iltlmoro
' Waslilnutoii ,1.13
Erie Mall U.65 a. m. anHo Ilanlstiiiri; 3 ef. a. 111,
" lUlllraor) "
" WashluutonliUfi "
All dally oxcept hurnliy,
D. it. llOYD, Jr., (leneral rassenirer Asen
A. J. (JASSA'IT, (icnei al Jl.innti r
-May 11, 1S79.
For Now Yoik, Philadelphia, Heaillnsr, PottsMUs, o 11,41a. m
lorC'atawlssa, 11,45 a. m. 7,'rll and 7,"5 p, 111,
For Wllllainspoi t, c,ti 9,05 a, m. and 4, no p, m.
Iavo New York, 8,45 a. 111.
tave Philadelphia, 0,45 a. ni.
Lca-o He.idlnir, 11,55 a. m., l'ottsillle, I'i.ja p. ia
and Tamaqua, 1,35 p. tu,
ij?avot'atawl3sa,c,vos,5i) and 1,01) p. Ml. Wllll.imspoit,'j,,2,15p.m. and4, ia
ra-isengers lo and from New York aud Phiudcb
pul.i ku I hi'uus.i w Itho-it change ot cars.
e. o, Hancock. OuieraliManutrer
lieneral Ticket Agent.
Jan. 11, lsio tt.
J .wi.nir.llM UAlLltOAU.
Tlme-Tablo No. so, Takes effect at 4M0 A. M
-MONDAY, JUNF, 10, IsiS.
Mil Til.
p.m. p.m. a.m,
v 35 p.m
2 11, 11 5
210 0
2 24 I) 2.1
2 ul, 0 '
2 3S 0 4',
1 II C 4)
2 411 0 '0
'J 6J Ii 55
V Ml 4 l'i 0 40
. ..Kcranton
...'la loiMlle.,
.... l'lltstoo
West pulsion..
Malt by
V 'i.l
0 es
8 6S 3 51
8 51 3 40
S 40 3 41
13 41
0 37
9 45
,9 f3
9 .10
9 VI
9 19
9 14
ilO 07
U .0
C 59
7 in
7 "
7 15
7 .3
8 33
8 13
3 30
3 10
) 04
10 18
10 33
3 16
.1 15
3 HI
8 44
.. l'i; iiiuiuh. June.
8 23 3 VO 8 55
....I'll mouui....
,tllialOCk's Lreek.
10 2t 3 15
.1 21
3 12
3 04
2 SI
2 39
2 31
2 2S
8 47
8 39
S its!
10 31
10 42
3 20 7 44
3 3.1 S 04
3 50 8 2-1
4 llj 8 45
110 8 56
4 IS 9 m
41 sa 1 is
4 29 7 !!
8 04
7 61
7 3S
...shlekshlniiy., 66
...lllek's Kerry. ... II 07
8 17
8 12
8 00
7 "A
7 23
7 IS
...neacn iiaten.
Herwlck ..
....llrlar (Ti-ek
11 13
11 2J
7 It
7 10
7 02
6 50
0 50
C 45
C 2T
6 15
6 00
...Willow Drove,...
,umo itiage
4 3.1 7 30
11 39 4 4J 7 41
2 '4
1 67
1 61
1 49
1 27
7 44
7 8S
7 33
7 29
7 11
11 45 4 49 S 110
11 61 4 65 8 34
Oatawlssa llilde.
11 67
12 18
6 OU s D i
6 IS 9 21
9 IS 9 tl
u SO 9
D 45 9
.. . .uttu.iue
I 00 6 45
19 45
p.m. a.m.
p.m. p.m.
W. V. IlALilTKAD, bupt,
Bupjriatendent'a omce, Boranum, June 10. im
Dealers In
KICK, briCCS, U1CABB SODA, 10., 10.
.1 n, oorocr Socoafl and Areu streota,
tsminlera WU1 rooolvo prompt atoauon.