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0. E. ELW2LL, Editor.
Frlduy, Fob. 37. 1880.
Tho National Democratic Committee intt
th Wi.laril'a Hall, Washington, 1). 0., last
Monday to select a place and appoint a tlmo
fr holding thoNatlonal Democratic, Con
tlon. Tho lollowlng cities were, named :
Chicago, Ilalilmore, St. Louis, Cincinnati,
Philadelphia, Washington, 1). 0 and Ku-
gene City, Oregon. Cincinnati was chosen
as the place, and dune 22nd, the time for
holding tho convention. Tho committee
has Isjied the following :
Tho National Democratic committee me
in tho city of Washington on the 2"d
February, 18S0, and has appointed Tuesday
tho 22nd day of June next, as the lime, and
chosen the oily of Cincinnati as the place uf
holding the Natlonil Democratic Cornell'
tlon. Each State U entitled to a represent'
ntion therein equal to a double number uf
its Senators and Representatives in the Con
crs of the United States. All Democratic
conservative and other citizens uf tho Uul
td Stales, irrespective of past political nsso
ciations or dill'erences, who can initio with
us in an effort fur a pure, economical and
constitutional government, arc cordially in
Uted to join us in sending delegates to the
convention. At the Inst National Demo
cratic convention in 187C, tho following res
olution was adopted:
Jlcsohed, That the States be requested to
instruct their delegates to the National Dem
ocratic convention lo he held In 1880, wheth
er it be desirable to continue tho two-thirds
rule longer In force In tho National Conven
tion, and that tho National Committee in
sert such request in tho call for the next
WM. II. IiARNUM, (Cobtl.),
Frederick 0. I'tuncf., (Mass.),
Washington,. 1) C. Feb. 21th 1880.
The committee on civil servico relorm l
the House yesterday adopted and will booh
report one of tho most important bills ol
the session. The idea of the bill is to give
aDy one having or thinking he has a claim
against the government a chance to have iu
merits tested judicially. He may go with
it to the court of claims, and he or the gov
ernment may appeal to the Supremo Couri
of the United States. No amount claimed,
however, shall be paid, unless, after the ac
tion of the court, Congress shall approvi
that action. This bill, if made a law, will
protect the government, givo satisfaction to
the claimants, and settle one of tho vexed
questions of the day. As presented by Mr.
O'Connor, of South Carolina, the bill may
need amendment income particular, but
the principle is right and the bill will prob
ably, in due time, bo passed. It is of in
terest to hundreds of people from Maine to
California. No claims barred by the stat
ute of limitations can bo presented under
provisions of the bill.
The Democratic Committee did well yts
terday in selecting Cincinnati as its place of
meeting. ' It did not quite come up to th
requirements of the occasion iu the matWr
of time, as an earlier day in June would
have been, I think, to the advantage ol the
party. But that is a minor error. To se
lect a place was the important matter.
The city chosen is free from the objections
to be urged against New York, Washiugton.
St. Louis, or Chicago. As to candidates it
has absolutely no significance. It was not
chosen for tho benefit of Tildcn, Seymour,
Thurman, Hendricks, Hancock, Palmer or
any of the others whose claims are urged.
There will be reported tu tho House this
week a bill appropriating J300.000 for the
relief of people in Ireland who are suffering
for the want of food, It is probable that
tli 6 originators of tho measure meant well
in introducing it, and the committee iu
agreeing to it. I suppose the House will
pass it, but the Senate will probably take
the sensiblo view that the whole matter had
better be left to that inexhaustablo private
charity which lias already done so much in
the way of subscriptions,
Census supervisor nominations will be
disposed of in a few days, it is hoped, by
the Senate and I wish to put on record a be
lief, that the whole affair has been discredi
table to both tho administration and to the
Senate, The President made a mistake in
not appointing them impartially and the
Senate in making any fuss over decent nom
inations. Hilton.
The government is calling in its bonds
bearing over t per cent, interest, and issuing
now bonds at a lower irate. Many counties
and cities are doing the same thing. Colum
bia county has a large amount of outstand
ing bonds which bear C per cent, interest.
At the time when they were issued money
was scarce and it was difficult to put them
out at a lower rate. Now, that the hard times
are nearly over funds are plenty, and there
is no doubt that many people, having capital
to invest would be willing to take our bonds
at a lower rate. Government -1 per cents,
are at a premium, and many municipal
bonds are in demand at the same rate
Would it not be a wise thing for our coun
ty commissioners to call in the G per cents,
and issue new bonds at a lower rate ol
Edward Herrick, chief clerk iu the Au
ditor General's ollice, is named as a candi
date for nomination for Auditor General be
fore tho Democratic State Convention. He
is an able man, and has done good service
for the party. Should his name be present
ex!, it should receive due consideration. He
would make a stiong candidate.
A Terrible Crime.
Mrs. Clarke, a respectable married lady
living In the Garry neighborhood, at Jeller
sou, Texas, was brutally outraged and mur
dered ou the 22d inst. Three meu were ar
rested, and one of them, who confessed tho
crime, was horribly mutilated by a mob,
His clothing was saturated with coal oil
then Bet on fire. He was afterwards hanged.
Intense excitement prevailed .
A Murderer Makes a Confession.
Maucii Chunk, February 23, Joseph
Goldberg, iho jealout husband who lhat and
killed Edward Mulhearn at Welssport,
recently, has made a statement in which ho
admits the shootiug, but claims that it was
done in a frenzy, after finding Mulhearn at
his house. Goldberg will be tried at the
April teJm of Court, and his friends are now
raising money to pay his expenses. He will
be the eleventh inau tried for murder in this
county in four years. Seven of these were
convicted and hanged.
Mack on the Third Term.
THE 1-HOIIATIt.n EFFECT OP a violation ov
1MB u vt IlITTUN law or Till.
Where tho great Chief Mfcgistrato is vest
ed, as ours is, with crent noner liable to
gros abuse, If thero is no law or practlco
which forbids him to be re-elected, he ran
remain in office for llfo as easily as for n
term, He has tho appointment of all offi
cers, tho making of all public contracts, and
a vtto upon all legislation, besides the com
mand of the nrmy and navy, fly nn unscru
pulous use of these means lie can coerce not
only his hordo of Immediate dependents,
but ho ran control the corporations and be
come the master id' all the ring", put tho
business ol all classes under his feet, corrupt
tho venal, frighten tho timid, and check all
ambitions but his own. He can force the
elections of every State he desires to carry
by tho bayonets of his army. If that falls,
ho can order a false return and pay for it
out of tho public treasury. The people
would soon perceive opposition to be useless
aud accept the situation; elections would be
us mere a matter of form us they were in
Homo when Biich Couls asNcrjiuiil Doin
llian were elected every year under the su
pervision of the pretoiiau guards.
If tbeso were no more than remote possi
bilities, prudence should guard us against
them. Hut they are near probabilities; the
signs of the times warn us that the peril to
our Institutions is imminent; the danger is
already on tho wing. It is vain to remind
us that the President swears to preserve,
protect and defend the Constitution and seo
the laws faithfully executed. That Is true,
and it is also true that, if there be no perjury
In the case of the Constitution, laws and lib
erties of the country are safe. Hut the last
twenty years have given us ampleproof that
an oath is not much restraint upon a Presi
dent who is incited by ambition, rapacity
or strong party feeling to break it.
It is true that this presupposes a people
much degenerated and a magistrate animat
ed mainly by the vulgar love of power for
its sake; but exactly such a conjunction of
things has always becu feared with good rea
son, and hence comes the desire to put ev
ery check on that tendency to "strong gov
ernment" which is now manifesting itself in
many quarters.
What is the remedy ? How shall.wo avert
the diro calamities with which we are threat
ened? Tho answer comes from the graves of
our fathers : liy the frequent election ol
new men. Other help or hope for the sal
vation of free government there is none un
der heaven.
If history does not teach this, we have
read it all wrong. In the republics of an
cient and modern times the chief magistrate
was entrusted with only temporary power,
and always went out of ofllce at the end of
a short period, fixed and prescribed by law
or custom. It was this, indeed, which made
tho substantial distinction between them
and tho monarchies around them. An un
punished transgression of the customary
limitation was uniformly followed by de
struction. Everywhere and always it was
the fatal symptom of decay the sure fore
runner of ruin. When Cnssar refused to lay
down his consulship as his predecessors had
done, at the end ot a year, and was re-elect
ed time after time with the acquiescense of
the Senate and the people, all that was real
in Roman freedom ceased to exist. Two
republics In France were brought to an end
in tho samo way. Napoleon began by being
Consul for a term, then was elected for life,
and finally became Emperor, with the pow
ers of an absolute despot. The last Bona
parte was President for four years,, was re
elected lor ten, and ended, like his uncle, in
grasping the imperial crown.
".May this be washed in the Lethe and
forgotten?" iShall these lessons be lost?
Shall the lamp which guided our forefathers
bo extinguished? Shall the broad daylight
of all human experience be closed up in a
little daik lantern manufactured at Milwau
kee? I think this cannot be done; "the
eternal verities" are against it. The most
powerful tlilrd-termer may as well try to
blow out the sun, as he would a tallow can
dle with the breath of his mouth.
A third term for Grant does not mean a
third term only, but any number of terms
that he chooses to demand. The imperial
method of carrying all elections by corrup
tion or force, or declaring them to be
carried when they are not, is to be perma
nently substituted for the system of free,
popular choice.
The figuro of Grant standing with the
seal of primacy on the mountain top and
looking down on the inhabitants of the plain
below, gives a measure of tho elevation
which his sycophants flatter him with the
hopo of attaining. They urge the necessity
of a strong government almost in the very
words used by the adherents of Csesar
and the two Napoleons. Strong government,
in their sense, means weak laws and a strong
ruler; in other words, a substantial monar
chy, powerful in its scorn of all legal re
straints. JudyeJerc lllack in Xorth Ameri
can Jit view.
Savin; a Woman from the Gallon s.
There has been general interest through
out this state in the case of Mrs. Catharino
ell of Carlisle, sentenced to be hanged for
the alleged fatal poisoning of Mrs, Mary
Kiehl, 82 years old, who died last May iu a
little house iu the outskirts of Carlisle.
There was a dispute over a few hundred
dollars left by her, a man named Wyukoop
claiming that she had verbally willed it to
to him. It being lumored that she had
died from poison, the body was exhumed
and a post mortem made. Suspicion point'
ed to Mrs. ltecd, a near relative of the Dis
trict Attorney of tho county (Cumberland).
Mrs. ell and Wynkoop. The Coroner's lu
quest resulted in the arrest of tho two latter.
Mrs. Heed testified that three days before
Mrs. Kiehl died she and Mrs. ell break
fasted with her and drank some collie made
by Mrs. Zsll, and that after drinking tho
coffee the witness and Mrs, Kiehl were at
tacked with severe vomiting.
Tho physician who had made the post
mortem, although admitting that death
might have resvlted from one of many nat
ural causes, expressed the opinion as an ex
pert that if the analysis of the stomach
showed the existence of arsenic, there was
good ground for believing death to have re
sulted from arsenical poisoning, The anal
ysis had been made by a young druggist of
little experience who could not tell how
much or how little arsenic there was, but the
traces of the poison was undoubted,
Several highly respectable witnesses tes
tified that Mrs. lteeder's reputation for ve
racity was so bad that they would not be
lieve her under oath, The defenco showed
that the deceased woman had threatened to
tako her own life, aud that Mrs, ell could
not have been In complicity with Wynkoop,
because just after Mrs, Kiehl's death, she
gavo testimony in opposition to Wynkoop'
claim. It was also shown that Mrs. ell
could have had no motive for the deed.
Judge Herman, a young lawyer of ability,
but inexperienced In criminal cases, charged
the jury very briefly, leaving the case to
them. Tho defence had bceu so aura of ac
quittal that they took few exceptions.
When the appeal to the Supreme Court
was made, meetings of ladles and gentle
men were held In several cltlfs for
the purpose of giving active assistance to
Mrs. Zell's counsel. The latter, In arguing
before tho higher tribunal, declared that
Judge Herman had misled the jury by mis
quoting the testimony of several witnesses
In such a manner as to vitlato the whole
trial. It nasal'o alleged that tho foreman
of the jury had Used an unlawful In
fluence to bring about conviction, going so
far as to threaten to report to the court n
doubting juror, .Iii'tlco Turnkey rendered
tho opinion of the Supremo Tribunal, re
versing the judgment of tho lower court,aud
granting n new trial.
Democratic St;itesm;i usli .
it Is a fact which not even Republican
journals will have the hardihood to dispute
that the Democratic party since It has had
control of Congress has relieved the country
of a large portion of its burden iu the shape
of interest on the bonded debt. While the
Republicans were In tho majority In the two
Houses of Cnugtess, the rate ol Interest paid
by tho government was uniformly six per
cent, No effort was made lo refund the
U, S, bonds at a lower rato until the Dem
ocrats obtained c intrul of the Hoii"e of Rep
resentatives. No preparation for a reduc
tion of the rate of interest was made by the
republicans. It remained for the Democrats
to take the initiative iu the matter, to pro
pose, mature, and carry through Congress
the measures which linvo resulted iu saving
to the government annually millions of dol
lars. To this work of reducing the rale of
Interest on tho bonded indebtedness of the
Unhid States Democratic statesiiianshl)
addressed itself with a patriotic zeal which
must command the applause of men uf all
parties. Hut there is yet more to b tc-
compllshed in this regard. The Represent
atives of the Democratic party iu Congress
believe that a portion of the bonded debt can
be placed at a still lower rato of interest
than th lowest now paid by the Jgoverrt-
ment. Hence it is proposed that the bonds
next to be refuuded shall bear !i per cent.
interest. It is confidently believed that a
bond bearing this low rate of Interest can be
sold at par. This Democratic effort to rt
duco the rale of interest on government
bonds is simply a fulfillment of tho pledge
made to the people in the Democratic plat
form ot 1S7II Another feature of the finan
cial policy of the Democratic party is tcon
oiny in uppinpriations uf the public moneys.
This was also promised by the Democracy
in their last National platform. At least
hundred millions of dollars have been saved
by the threo Democratic Congresses since
1870, as is shown by a comparison of tho or
diuary expenses of the Government during
tho last fin r years with the same during the
four years next preceding the recovery if
the House of Representatives by .the Demo
crats. Tim great service rendered the couii'
try by the Democratic party since its resto
ration to power in Congress is thus made
manifest. The grievous load of taxation
which so long oppressed tho life of the peo
pie has been gradually but surely alleviated.
Labor takes heat t again and cipital seeks
new employments. Prosperity smiles where
but lately the voice oi want uttered the cry
of 'despair. This glad change has come
with the advent of Democratic power in
the tio Houses of Congress. It did not
come whilu the shadow of radicalism yet
overhung the halls of the Federal Legisla
lure. lUriol.
JTcvs from all Around.
The. New York Herald relief fund has
reached $200,0112,50.
Senator Lamar is again iu Washington
but is obliged lo use crutches.
Chester county sends $1,-100 to theJftr-
am famine lunil.
Illower llrown won the six days walk
ing match at Loudon, walking r53 miles.
Tlie population of Schuylkill county will
reach J2.j,uuu.
Match mules bring from $300 to $275
iu lierks county.
The Governor of New York signed the
bill admitting women to vole lor school ol
llcers. Grant's unpaid hotel bills are now troub
ling some ot the cities where he had the big
The West Chester and Philadelphia
Railroad company is putting down steel
Erie and Williams-port telephone each
other over telegraph wire two hundred and
fifty miles long.
The bills (introduced into Cone ress for
appropriations lor new public buildings now
amount tu $12,770,000, with six Slates to
hear from,
The experiment of heating railroad
cars with steam is a success, A third train
arranged lor llii purpose, lias been turned
out of the shops at Altoona.
Morrison, Hare & Cas will shortly
erect, at Tyrone, a paper mill at a cost of
$180,000, upon live acres of ground given
by the people of that place.
The .Millers' Hospital Commission have
received deeds for thu ground donated them
near Ashland, aud upon which, the hospital
will be erected.
A furnace at I'ort Carbon upon which
experiments have been tried is chilling
rapidly, and the work of a year will be
It is said that a contract has been signed
between Meters, Vanderbllt and
which the Erie Reilway I to receive 00 per
ceut of the New England trallic.
Tho Democratic State Committee of
Indiana believe that the slate will go dem
ocratic this from 10,000 to 20,000 ma
jority. Tlio newspaper proprietors are petitioning
Congress to reduce materially or remove the
duty on printing paper aud chemicals used
in paper manufacture.
lllaiue has evidently made up his mind
that if he cannot carry the Chicago conven
tion he will kick up the biggest kind of a
row in trying to do it,
"Stony Hatter," the little log houso
near Wercersburg, Franklin county, where
President Huchanan was born, is still stand
ing. llessie Turner, remembered In connec
tion with the Heecher-Tilton case, is said to
have married Chailea Walgram, stage car
penter of llerry's Hroadway Theatre, llrook
ly ii.
Mr. Peter Spraguo, of Hostou is said
to be the oldest member of Congress now
living. He wasn Representative from Maine
from 1821 too 1420, when he was chosen
Senator aud acted iu that capacity until
Scranton leads Reading by a few hun
dred Inhabitants in its census enumeration
for 1870 but it is thought that the coming
census will make Reading more than
A call for a National Convention of
Starch Manufacturers has been Issued, to
meet at Cincinnati ou March !!. It will bo
attended by all tho principal starch manu
facturers in tho United Slate.H representing
a capital of $100,000,000.
Melcholr Lerch, residing on the farm
of his lather in-law, Valentino Filler, are
tired farmer in Fo.ks township, Northamp
ton co., committed sulchlo on tho 21st by
bauirlnu. He was about fifty and well to
do. He leaves a wife and three children.
The returns bv counties from Ireland
show 312,370 persons are slowly starvlns.and
the outlook lor the coming months Is gloom
ier than predictions haveyet painted, Local
effort" are becoming feeble, and the people
look to the world for succor.
It has been discovered that to work the
Port Carbon. Schuylkill county, furnaces
night and day will ruin them, and tt has
Ixen derided to work them on day turn only.
'1 his will lessen the capacity of the furnaces
by oiK-half, and will throw n number of men
out of work.
Miss Fannie IUuk was married recently
to Mr. William Mcllinness, of Rock ford
llllnios The Itoston 1'osl gets this infor
mation from the lady's brother and the Im
portance of tho liens Is altogether In the
fact that Miss Ranck Is tho young lady who
was a lew davs ago reported as about to
marry Samuel J. Tildcn.
Robert Carson a lumberman on Little
Pine Creek, Lycoming county, caught n
catamount in a steel trap, the other day,
Carson tried to dispatch the animal with a
stone, but the creature drove him back. As
the cat was encumbered with the trap, the
lumberman at last stunned him and then
easily pounded him todeath.
Threo now steel boilers for tho Edgar
Thomson furnaces, nt l'essemer Station, on
on the llaltlmore and Ohio road, are being
built at the Pittsburg L comotivel Works.
Tliev are the lamest ever manufactured, be
ing sixty five feet in length, and tho heaters
Djlng lorty-nve leet in length.
Peter N. Fredricks, farmer, near Lans'
dale, Montgomery county, had to kill one of
his cons, she having been declared Incura
ble from cattle dl-easc. Jacob D. Mishler
farmer, in Worcester townshln also killed
one of lils for the samo reason on the same
dav. Three more of his cows are infected.
John 0, Knapp, near Sklppackville, killed
one on the 7th tho iulcctiou seems to be
John -Murphy, while walking near
Thomaston, Schuylkill county, on Thursday
night, was struck with a stone and killed,
James llrennau and James DeloHK were ar
lested, and tho latter released .or want ol
evidence,whilo Ilrennan partially admits the
deed, and says it was done iu a fight. The
d ctaed leaves a wife and nine children.
The board of poor directors of lierks
county ai a meeting passed a resolution tor
bidding the use of smokiui; tobacco in any
lorni by the inmates of tho Door house.
This action was taken because several fires
took place in the hospital in the Inst two
years, the origin of which was traced to
sparks falling from pipes. The action ofthe
lierks poor directors is worthy of imitation
throughout the state.
At llainbridire I'a.. Charles Lain
twenty four years old, murdered his wife
and two children one a girl of six years
and tho other an infant three months old
and then took his own life by poison, When
discovered, the victims were lying on their
beds, and the third child, a boy of three
years, was found with his feet badlv frozen,
so that his recovery is doubtful. The fam
ily was in destitute circustancea at the time
oi the tragedy.
At the session of the State Temperance
convention on the li'th inat., Gov. Davis de
livered an address. The resolutions declared
that no political party should receive sup
port which iloes not recognize the iniquity
of the liquor trallic and demand its destruc
tion. They also urge that parties and offi
cers be held responsible for the enforce
ment of the anti-liquor laws, mid call upon
the Legi-lature to provide such enactments
as shall absolutely prohibit the 'sale of cider
tor tippling purpose. the resolutions ah
so recommend the introduction of temper
ance text books in common schools. The
session lias been one of the most cnthusias
tic ever held by the Maine Temperance con'
It should be the aim of everv owner of
Horses, Cows,itc, to make thcin as handsome
and useful as possible. The German Horse
and Cow Powder helps to develop all the
powers of the animal. It improves its beau
ty and increass its usefulness. It makes
milk, mucle and fat. By using it a horse
will do more work and a cow give more milk
and bo in better condition with less feed
Sold only by weight at 1G cents a pound by
C. A. Kleim, llloomsburg.
Dec 12, '7'J-ly
The Coming Comet'
The Astronomer Royal of Eugland in
forms the Washington astronomers that a
comet ha been seen from the observatory
at Capetown, South Africa. The question
naturally arises whether this is the great
comet whose appearance was announced by
Dr. Gould of the Cordoba observatory in
South America about a week ago. The fact
that Cordoba and Capetown are both iu the
Southern hemisphere and in nearly the
same latitude, is an argument in favor of
that supposition ; but, on the other hand,
there seems to be an irreconcilable variance
iu the accounts of tho comet's motions,
Dr. Gould described his comet as moving
northward, while Gill, the South African
observer, reports that the comet he sees is
moving southward. Neither of thee com
et, if there ba two, has yet been seen from
any of our observatories. Wo are yet ig
norant whether the coming comet is merely
telescopic, like that of last year, or one of
thoe stupendous naked-eye fellows that iu
the ages of superstition was dreaded as por
tending great wars. This belief in the bel
licose significance of comets is not yet ex
tinguished. Probably the majority of un
educated persons regarded the comet of 1S11
as a forerunner of the war of 1812 in this
country, and of tne thre tremendous dos
ing struggles by which Europe finally shook
off the grip of Napoleon. Tho great comet
of 1 S 13 was near enough to the Mexican
war to be regarded by the superstitious as
a celestial prognostication; and who does
not remember how direful appeaiod tho un
paralleled comet of 1S5S, in the days when
the po-sibilily of civil war wai on tviry
tongui? Thecometof 1801, nearly as huge
as its predecessor, seemed, to the supersti
tious, a second sign of the great Iratricidal
struggle. So the comet of 1875 did not fail
to find believers who connected with it the
rumblings of coming war in the East, and
when, two or three years later, Russia's
army marched upon Constantinople, such
believers were assured that tho prophecy of
the comet had come true. This superstition
will probably always linger In the human
mind, and should the comet that is now vis
ible in the southern heavens sweep Into its
perihelion passage around the sun with a
train of light stretching halfway across the
sky, there will not be persons wanting to
point at the now augmenting armaments of
the great powers of Europe, and to predict
a Bpeedy clash of arms. In this they will
have the support of the astrologers. In an
astrological almanac published in London,
and of great authority among its patrons,
there is a pictorial prophecy for the year
1880, in which a helmeted woman armed
with a sword, domiuate over a field filled
with tramping armies. The publisher pru
dently postpones tho letterpress explanation
of this formidable picture to next year's
In the mean time those of us whoars not
superstitious may expect the comet with
equanimity, and fearlessly hope that it be
longs to the largest aud most brilliant spe
cies. Sun,
Wo have a speedy anil positlie cure, for catarrh
dlptherla, canker mouth, ami head uthe. In Milloh's
futarrh remedy. A nasal Injector rree with each
liotllo. l ult II you desire health, andsueet breath,
l'rlcu 60 cents. Hold by J, II. Kloports.
A Strange l'eoi e.
no sou know that thero are struute people In our
community, we say strange they seem lo
prefer i o suiter audpass their days miserably, mado
bo bv dls epsla, and Liver complaint, ludlgchtlou,
constipation, and general debility, whcD Sulloh's
vitamer 1 guaranteed to euro them, hold by J, II.
Five Hundred Thousand Strong,
In tho past few months there has been more than
mki.ihhi bullies of hhlloh'u cure. sold. Out of tho vast
number of people who have used It, inoro thau !,
cases of consumption hae been cured. All coughs,
croup, asthma, mid broiicnitts, leld at once, heuco
It Is that everybody speaks lu lis praise. To those,
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or your child the croup and )uu value llfo don't full
to try It. t'or lainu buck, side or chest,
use htiUoh'a porous plaster, bold by J. II. KUi-purui.
Wheat per bushel '.&
llye .60
(Vim. .50
(Hits, ' 40
Fiourpcr uarrci . -vw
Cloverseed Con
Kiri? .... IS
Tallow ,, 07
Dried Apples .
Mams US
side A Shoulders si
chickens 0
Torke's H f'
iira per pouna '.
Haypcrton ICoo
Ueeswax t'
No. 4 on Wharf t perfot,
Vn. R S ft
No. e " " i.-s "
Blacksmith's Lump on Wharf
uiiuminooa '
. I 4.(0
WwktaU prices at the cloic of trade on I'uct
dati. Iluckwheat Oour per cwt tt no tot oo
Wheat flour ' 0 Wi " 7 cm
Wheat per bushel 1 40 " 1 SO
Corn cj " us
oats 47 ' rsi
Hjo " " ss oo
lurley ' " "o " w
luesscd hogs, per pound S, " cs,
Butter " " ncconllnz to
quality Vi " 23
I'ints per iben 15
Poultry, live chickens " 0
Chickens dressed 11 " U
Turkejs 0 " 10
Turkey dressed lo " 11
commit Cocstv S si
In the matter of exceptions to the account of tho
executors of Joshua savage, deceased.
Amontrtho Itecords and procu-dlntrs or the Or
phans' Court of said county fnter alii It Is thus con
alow), And now February 4. 10. on motion of W. J.
Iluckalcw. Attorney for exceptants L. Winter-
steeu appointed auditor on exceptions.
Certified from tho records this solh day ot Feb.,
A. D., lsso.
WM. KHICKIlAfll, Clerk.
The auditor In nursuanco of the forrirotDtr ap
pointment will attend to the duties thereof ul the
oniee ot col. s. Knorr In llloomsburg, on Saturday,
the v7th d .y of March, A. U. l, at 10 o'clock a, in..
wnen and where all parties Interested will appear
or bo debarred from coming In on said estate.
1.. S. W.MLI11.U,
fcb. aT ta.
letters testamentary on tho cstat0 of frally
Ann Yoiit.', late or Minim township, columci
county. IViinsjlvanla, deceased, have been gtfltjted
by the Jtegl-sterof said county to J, s. Yoae, Mlf
lllntllle, Executor. All penms ha vlnjf claims asralnst
the estate ot thu deceased urn requeued to present
them for settlement, und those Indebted to the es
tate to make payment to the undersigned lthout
J.S. Y011E.
Executor, MiminWlle.
feb 27, 6w.
The undersigned Auditor appointed bv theOr-nhans-
Court ot Columbia county to mako distri
bution- to and nmong the parties entitled to tho
brtianceln the Administrator's hands will sit at his
onice In liloomsburt; on Friday, t jc 9th day of April,
1,mi, at ten o'clock in the forenoon fortbe purposes
c.f iis aDDointinent. ut which' time and nlace all
ptrtu8 inRTested muit appear and present their
feb. SO-4W Auditor,
Notice Is hereby (rltcn lhat tho undersigned ap
pointed by the Orpoans' Court or Columbia county
to distribute the fond In the hands ot lllram l'ealer
adm. of Daniel I'ealer as ndm. de bonis non of Ira
l'ealer, and of money In his own hands as ndm. do
bonis Don of said Ira l'ealer. deceased, to and
amonrtho parties entitled thereto ; will attend at
iiisumcein muuiieiuurK, ou c-aimuaj, .miiv.ii ...,
isao at 0 o'clock In tho forenoon ; w hen and where
all persons having claims upon tho said fund are i e
qulred to present them or be foreier debarred from
cumins iu lur u suare. vi sam iiuai.
feb S7,-iw. Auditor.
A first class Life Insurance Company In New York
wantsSPECIAMiENKltALnnd LOCAL AllEN'ls, In
unoccupied territory in me state oi j-eanajivauia.
Address MANAliElt 01' AUENC1ES, llox !oo, New
York Post onice.
feb 27,-1 m. r
Dauchy & Oo's. Advt's.
nr i irrifi stool. Luterand Hook only f!43to253
r I A IMMa OIUIANS 13 Stops, 3 set lteeds, a Kllio
A ACLHUUi,eits,s,tooi, Hook, only jus:llollday
Nettapaper Free. Address DANIEL 1 1ICATTY,
W'oshW'ton, N. J. d feb 13 4iv
CVl 910.000 w'tl t rM trt nr prntm
l-V wim tXPiOOf 4 lAVI'tHlrA with
I U Iwlfrc-frtrSiclP. Fmirrorll.
I ,irfnt Vfc'Nntril. Mats or Fvmftli.
i ItionnivTOM, N V.
I SLi00M, 13 WkT bjuwt, V Y,
35 Cts
feb 13, 4w.
Wo w ant an Aijcnt In this Countvtowhoni wo will
pa a salary of lumper month and evpetises to sell
ourwomlerful Invention. SAMPLE FItEK Addicts
at onco miEit.MAN & CO., jiahsiiall, .miuhiuan,
feb H7-4W d
Wt will send our Klectro-Volt ale llelts and other
Electric Appliances upon trial for so dajs totho-so
sufferlntf from Nenous Debility, itheumatKm, I'ar
alj sis or any diseases of tho Uur or Kldu-jys.ftnd
many other diseases. A sure uuie guaranteed or no
pay. .uureai aiu new lu,, .nuraiiun, .nicii.
feb 2T-4W d
Letters of Administration on the estate 'of E.J.
Thornton, lato of Town ot liloomsburt' Columbia co,
deceased. hao been eranted by the lietrlsteror sale!
county to underMjjued Administrators. All persons
having claims against, the estate are requested tc
present mem ior bcuicineui anu inose inaeoito
iu matte prompt puymeui.
C. It. & J. Kt'CKALEW, L. II. ltUl'EItT,
Attornejs lor estate. ELI U-urruN,
Jan. Id, 'so-cw. Administrators.
Notice l hereby fivcn that Iho undersigned, ap
pointed an Auditor by the orphans' court or Colum
biacounty. to make distribution of tho fund In iho
hands ot I nomas nutter, administrator de bonis
non, cum lesiamenio annexo or gnaoeiu .Murray,
laiool Kerry townshln. now in Montour eonntv.
deceased; will attend at his ofllce In llluomsburf. In
Columbia county, l'enn'a, on Wednesday tho vith
day of .March, A. Ii Isni, nto o'clock In the forenoon,
to iierform tho duties ot his appointment; at which
time and place all peisous liatlni; Calms upon said
fund are lequlred lo present iliein, or be loreur
ueoarreu iroiu coiuiug in tor a suaru or said fund,
feb HVMt JOHN II. FHEEZE, Auditor.
Letters Testamentary on the estate of Vashtl
Pancoast late of the town of Ilieomsburir, Columbia
couity, I'enoa, deceased, haie been granted by tho
Kogtstcr or said county to.M.C. Moan. All persons
hauni; claims against th testate of the decedent
ore requested tu presen' them for settlement, and
those Indebted to tho estate to makH pa-meat to
tho undersigned Executor without delay.
M, C. h-LOAN,
teb20,'MiA'. Executor.
Not Ice U la-uby k'lven tin t the undersigned, ap
pointed an Auditor by the orphans' Court of Colum
Llarounty, to diMrlbute thu mmey remaiiilnir in
the hands of Lew is Yeller, now deceased, AdmTnls.
trator of Andiew Uihritiiu, aud heretofuru distribu
ted to the helra of tieotvu Lohrman and the heirs of
Stephen Ixibrmau. by the Auditor's report to .May
Term, Win; tu and umontf such persona as may be
luwiully entitled theielu; will attend at liU onicoln
Itloomsbuii,', on 'Jhursday, March VMh, is-hi, ut 0
o'cloekiu thifuro-'OontojuTfurm tho duties of hi.s
anpuliilmeiit when und w lit re all irtsous bavin;
cLlniiuu bild fanduru reipiired to present thtm, or
be iiir-'W-r dt burred from cumin; In for u share of
such fund.
fvb uo.'s -it JOHN' (1. 1'llEEZE, Auiltor
Letters Testamentary on tho estuto u Samuel
Isaiarm, late of .Montour two., Columbia ctuntv,
Pennsylvania, deceased, ha o been granted bj the
lteglster ot bjUI county to the undersigned Exec,
mora All persons ha' lug claims against the
estate of tho decedent aio requested to present
them for settlement and tuosu Indebted to tho es
tate to make pa incut to tho undersigned isxeot'tors
without delay,
Til M.I.I. (Il'll M.MT .0. h M.HIMi.StUIIIM:
In lhls town and vicinity. An active man can securo
liberal terms. Apply, stating experience as a sales
man, and gulag list ot references, to
WM Chestnut blm-t l'hiladelphla.
fob 13, iw (lis
ESTATu or Euan m.Hiii, hick' sun.
tetters testamentary nn the estate ot KltJ.ih Kill
hit, late ot Pino township, Columbia county,, i'a..
deceased have tioenirranfed or the Itegisteror said
county to me undersliined Kvecutors. Alt persons
ha1ni; claims Against ttio estate or tho decedent are
requested to present them lor settlement, and those
ndntitcil to the eslato to make payment to tho un
dersigned Executors without delay.
.mux V. DKIilt. lierr's 1' O Colfo.
IIRNHV J. KUllUI.NS.MIllvtllcCll Co.
Jan M, 'so-w Ueeutors.
To tho heirs and legal representatives ot 11 J.
Thornton lato ofthe town ot llloomsburg, Columbia
county, Pennsylvania, deceased, to-wltt .Matilda
Lararns, Audemled, Carbon county I'a., Miles (1.
Smith, Iloboken, New Jersey j James Smith, Wells
llto Ohio i Cmallno Lulu, Ilangor, l'a Utile llorr,
Uavcnna, Ohio j Cora Bearl, Itavcnna,Ohlo; liarton
oreen and Win. tireen, Plymouth, llockland county,
Ohio ; Emily Zultck, Lrbanna, Ohio I KlUla Ijince,
shelly, Ohio j W. II. Thornton, Saint Loul Mo.i
lllram W.Thornton, Danville, Pa.i itoxanna Edgar,
San Francisco, California; samautha Klcfer, Toulon,
Illinois; Wm. W. l'Minan, .Magwan, Knox county,
Illinois ; Wm. Thornton, Mauch Chunk ; Valentine
poit.l'a.; KltraueUi Charlei, Lock-port, New York;
Charles Armstrong, Lockport.Nligara county.New
Yoik; lllram W, Thornton, .Mlllcrsburg, .Mercer
county Illinois I Sarah l.lrj, Mount Pleasant, Iowa ;
ljivlna llagcnbuch. .Mount Pleasant, Iowa ; Jackson
Thornton, Mlllcrsburg, Mercer county, lllnols;
Itachel Wllllts Mo'int Pleasant, Iowai Mary
Kline, Michigan; L'tnlly Hay, Alede, .Mercer
couniy, Illinois; lieorgo lioone, A!lo, Mercer
county, Illinois ; Marybmlth, A ledo, Mercer county
Illinois; Amanda Oreenley, Wnchata Kansas; M.
Janetto Hjon, Fremont, Dodgo county, Nebraska
Washington Hoodc Aledo, Mercer county, Illinois.
Whekeas at an Orphans' Court held at lllooms
burg, in and lor tho county of Columbia, the second
day of February A. l. Usu, before thu Judges of the
said court, tho petition of M, C, Moan and others was
presented, setting forth that tho said E. J, Thornton
died on tho 4th day of January l$si, lntestate.selzed
In his demesne as of fee ot certain tracts ot
Whereupon the Court awarded nn inquest to make
partition of the said real etato to and among the
parties entitled threto.
In accordance with the abovo named writ I will
holj an Inquest on the premises above described on
S-'aturJiiy, February 28th, 18S0.
at ten o'clock In the forenoon of said day, when and
w here you may attend It ou think proper.
u. ii. i:nt,
ftb. c.-lw. feherirr.
Hy virtue of a writ ot Fl. Fa. issued out ot tho
Court ot Common Pleas ot Columbia county and to
me directed, will bo exposed to public ealo nt
tho court House, llloomsburg, ra., at 10 o'clock, n.
m., ou
Saturday, February 28th, 1880.
All that certain real estate sltuato InGiecnwood
township, Columbia county, Mate of Pennsylvania,
bounded ond described ns follows,to wit: Iicittonlng
nt a stone In line of land of Ilarnabas Watts, noith
Iltty-threo and one-half degrees, east enc hundred
seven perches and nine tenths to a stone, thenco
south four degreecs west llfty-seven perches and
nve-tcnthstoastone, thenco south seventy-seven
and one-fourth degrees west elghty-thrco perches
and two and one-tenth In line or land ot HavldAl
bertson.thenco by the same north thirteen and threo
fourths degrees went fifteen perches to astone, tho
placo of beginning, containing nineteen acres and
four perches,
one other piece or tract of land sltuato Indreen
wood lownshlp, Columbia couniy, Mateof Pennsjl-
vanl.i, bounded and described ns follows: on tho
nort h by Theo. Lamon, ou the east by Dav Id Drlble-
plecc, on the south by J. (I. (ilrton, on tho west by
lands of David Albcrtson nnd Hugh S. Falrman,
containing clghty-ono acres and ono hundred and
Hve perches, on which Is erode a frame Dwelling
House, nam ana out-nuiidings,
Selred, taken In execution at the suit of Jesso
Ilrumstetler ngalnst A. J, Albcrtson and to bosold
as tho property of A. J. Albcrtson,
1HTKAI.EW, Attorney.
Terms cash on day of sale.
I). II. ENT,
feb. C, IssO-ts
op TUB
from January cth, 1ST9 to January 1st, ISso.
Matcmcnt showing taxes assessed and oalanco
still due.
si I i g
? f ?
TM'l SSOO 440 11103 ssm
101 104 til 00 710 T3S14 Mm
H'J$3S 37 0lll WIHI is$72 37 00
4112317 7U 00 143 (13 MM f4 119 (Ml
1353 mi 73 00 li40 575 24 5i 50
ills 17 75 50 01 35 577 IS 43 611
SOIVS SMI 5 SI CS1 75 5 (Ml
WW 0.1 SO 50 43 10 1011 71 80 50
2001 (10 4 511 lsS'JO 4 511
ViWit '.''.'.'"I C,') 015 05 7'2s
059 49 SC. Wl 13 50 3s7 SO 30 00
1412 03 VOM) 10 24 047 74 65 50
1201 3s 6110 1 S 03 SI2S9 10 (10
a id im; 45 00 it oo 1274 4S00
l4(Vli4 113 50 SKI 70s 112 113 511
t'13 43 711 l 79 15 333 s; Ss 50
".'..'133 42(10 17 OO 1(14 52 22 0(1
1103 10 72 50123 15 S(i5 43 5! 1 50
1U44 15 51 I H I 111 7o 40 51 (HI
132!0 69 Oil 1140 .1112 03 39 (HI
1IM7 05i 4s 5H 21 so ;57 03 2s 50
404 51 57 60 3 35 ls3 30 5750
627011 4100 21 7(1 154 1 3 20 do
l(Ul!!3j CO 60 30 (s 552 S2 40 6)1
453 011 OIOO 8 75 405 7s 0100
ltrtareieek, .
(..tawisa .
Cent in
Con) iigUam. .
rsiilnirereek. .
fU'tuluck . .
Madlsun . . .
Ml. Pleasant ,
S2i21 53 1519 60 539 97 11403 SI 1199 3s
AMOl'ST Dl'E 10U YBAKS 1'ltEVlOl'S TO lSt9.
Henton Is7i, 109 6 7 S9 60
lierwick is7s, 11910 2550
Hrlarcieek, isls 009
Centralla is:s, 12001 ....
Couynghara lsts, 134 4t 251)
(ireenwood is7s, 411.130 42 ec
Hemlock isjs, 3M34 17 00
Madison isls, 79 no 1400
Migarloat iS7s, 2 7 ai 020
Conjnglum. i77, 30050 sih)
Catawlssa isfu, oil 43 35 60
Conyngham istc, s5 41 900
Migarloar, is7c, 9271 ....
Catawlssa is73, 49400 14 60
conyngham 1S75, H30 30 900
(12 JO 63 ( 202 4 5
II. A. hU'EPPENHEIsElt, Tieasurcr ot Columbia
County, In account with said conuty on county funds
Jan. cth, 1S79, To am't uncollected prior
tolsfo ....
To am't on hand at lxst settlement
' county tax nasessed'ln ls79
" tax on Heglstry of voters
' " added to Heaver duplicate ,79
" Heulien Davis. Henton poor overseers
for collies
To J. Caldw ell for stove
John savage, for old bridge
' am't paid by K'Uuylklll county,
" Mary riarton, foe lamp
' Win. L. Cole, Henton twor ou'rsecr
for collies
To (ico. Hrelsch for store
" A. E (Ilrton for John Johnson ex-tax.
" II. V. Kahler for fence
Wm. Knckbaum Jury fees, Ac
" am't collected on unseated laud
' ." " ou seated laud
" Assessors managing ic. ot dog fund,.
" Plane Jones lent for old Jail
" D. and C, U. Jlcllenry redemption
To coats paid J. J, Coughlla
fts.CW 23
Is 23
S2,S21 55
51 44
1 CO
2 00
4 00
40 CO
2 00
60 00
2 00
1 22
2 (Hi
53 50
55 40
109 20
1 111 00
5 00
12 65
132,070 52
Hy Commission and exonerations ond returns al
lowed collectors for IS7s.
pistkicts, coir, x. pisTKicrs.
I leaver 1-noo 20 to Locust....
Hloom,-.... 251 17 124 54 Main
tU 40
37 SO
69 60
63 S2
24 Oil
S2 57
(32 4'l
2 02
3 CO
lirlarcreek, cs 17 1 9S Mimin,.
1 atau issa, lot os
Centre 09 32
KUhVcreek en 13
Franklin, S3 17
JackKin, . jo 00
19 u) Montour,.,
12 20 MU'leVt.
61 43 orange,.
2S4 l'lno
101 hcott,
60 2) KOll,... .
17 5:
32 39
11 00
Henton,.. . r.l i-i
.Main 45 2s
05 90 47 50
Conyngham ti'joo 11914
(1,401 12 (.'.91 20
I 1,401 12
691 20
liy total commission,
" county orders redetmed
" duo from collectors,
" Am't to meet sum paid Malo tor ttuota
charged ou coupons...
Hy commission to treasurer,. '..
" balanco In hands of treasurer.
13,(OU 34
(52,070 52
11. A, sWEl'PENHISEIt, Treasurer, In account
with dog fund.
Jan C, 1S79. To am't due at last settlement, ( 033 20
I U amount nsstosed In 1S7J 1 519 60
vu uouo out peuiemem, 707
I2.4S2 43
Hy Commission and exonerations on duplicate
settled lor Isfs,
cou. EX.
4 23
a ut
8 S3
.... - oo boo
nwu Allium, .... 353
100 Moutourf.. 270
1 60 Mt l'leasa't 3 10
4. Orange,,.., 2 71
1 l'lno, , 211,
. Motf, SJ5
3 50 Main 8 37
13 00
2 00
3 50
3 60
5 00
S .
12 60
Klshtngcr'k, 4 40
Franklin... 1 77
Jackson ,. 2 15
Henton ii 41
Cosynybam, 1 81
Will 1152 00
l)y commission lo collectors
" exonerations allowed collectors. ...
I 0171
152 00
80 60
44 75
433 CO
150 00
1,401 S3
orders paid ot l77
" " Is7s
" 11 " 179...
am't mid to county lor nss -ssing. to
Hy commission to Treasurer
nm 1 nu'. irnni ruoeciorB,
balance Iu handset Treasurer
(1 442 43
for which orders were Issued on Iho Treasurer.
raid v. ll.Jneoby, Itecordlmr Treasurers
nnu commissioners oonos
W. II. Jaeoby recording llrlght lnort-
gage and deed w)
Paul E. Wirt, auditing public nccts,. Sjoo
A. 11 Mewnrt, redemption money.... 701
A L.Frlt2. et nl Commissioners to
dHldo scott township 43 15
W in Krlckbaum recording names ot
township omccrs ssoo
K. p Curtis insurance on old Jail
aid stable 81 0
Isilah Power Com. to dlvldo Fishing.
creek township, oO
MniljunonCoin. to divide Fishing-
rrerk township 0
Samuel 4. Penler, smrvo or, 9 60
WmC. Vch'inney, Express, loo
Moer Pro's Express 193
II. (I. ort et. hauling safe and
freight on same 23 83
John llrofeo et. al reward and expen
ses apprehending horse Ihlef....... 8221
John v. HoiTmau costs 011 salo ot
Mary Hrlght lot.... S3 00
Wmsnyd r bill lor teachers Instltuto 174 10
Wm. Krlckbaum s prothonotary bill, 119 55
John tl. Freeze, costs Columbia eoun
tyvs Coughltn 000
1 John W. 1 ion man taking icrwi
to l'hiladelphla Tl 15
John . Ilonman 0110 person lo Phil
adelphia W 50
John W. Hoffman taking l II Milton
to lumllle Asilum 1000
John W. Hoffman serving wilts.Ao II to
1737 05
IID1 lltXS.
Orand Jurors during j ear t C9SC3
Traverse Jurors during jear a,oioii
constable returns during jear 2si 01
Court during jear 125 00
Tipstaves during 5 ear 19')
rs .-s. talker Menoffrapoer at nu iier u.ij,.
s. N, Walker, Wm scneehtcrly vs. soudcr, S" 91
s. V. Walker Com. vs Vandlke.... 7 21
s. .V, Walker, (loodman vs Sanger a en
s. N. Walker. Hrooks vs Danville borough, 24 00
lohn W. Hoffman serving Jury notices,.. lainn
Ell Hobblns Jury commissioner 29 33
Tfeo. . sml'h Jury commissioner 29 73
John 11. Casey, Clerk to same 15 00
(1,970 29
COLSI1 11M.A.MK 1.1.VIU.U.
Justices, Con-tables nnd witnesses, (1,022 02
II. 1L I title District Attorney 151 on
Win KHckbaum.cterkatCouit 91
John W Hoffman bill of costs (.2 00
t',330 3
sundry persons as viewers
Ml30u Thomas damage tiiecnwood
(I. W. I damage Mt Pleasant
Frank I.. Hess d image Jackson
John McMlcluel damage (Ireenwood.
John Fritz dam igo Jackson
IcobtH Mussel damage Hemlock
Joseph llfllnesdainage Madison
Perr Knouse damage Jncsson
Jackson Itobblns damage (iicenwood
(leorge caianee damage Mt Pleasant
W, K. Johnson damage Mt Pleasant
Hlooiusbutg lion Company d linage scott
and Hloom ,.
Philip Kline damage Mt l'ieaanr
Alexander Knouse damage Jaeksuli
aoseph ltedllne damage (iteenwood
Ilemy Yosi damage iiloom
1 lieo. W, smith, damage Jackson
John WanlLh, damage .Mt Pleasant
Abrani Manning damage Jackson
Mar ltlngiose damage Centre
Henry llolllngshead damage Catawlssa...
J. II, .leveling damage
(171 11
20 (i
10 .
loo .
87 .
Cll .
Ill .
60 .
20 .
(1,100 32
( 1" .
12 .
14 .
1 .
9 .
John llerner Commissioner.
s. W. Mcllenry commissioner
Joseph E, sands commissioner
c. H. sesholtz, Auditor
Samuel E. smith, Auditor
W. L. Manning. Auditor
Wm Krlckbaum statlngace'tslsfs
Harv ey Jots hat racks Tor Court House, .
Heulien II... K bill rendered
Isaiah llage, ouch 2 stoves c. lloom
EUJonts, lepalrs
Hloom (las Company for (las
Thomas ( lorry rep lira I'rot hono'j olllee.
M. E. cox e caning court house lending
town clock tic
H. I.. Thomas, 2 gross peus
C. s. Fiirman straps for l'rothonotarj 's
Samuel II Jacoby, repilrs
C. w. Jones et. al. bill for work at onice,.
J, R. Elchholtz pimplilet lawon costs,....
Holllns & Holmes repairs com. onice
Ilarman.tllas.sert tepa'rlng gate
Peter Jones, repairs l'rot honoiari's ofllce,
PhebeCox cleaning coon House
Lavton Hun on A Co. bill lendered
nias Mendenhall, Agent, hill rendered. . . .
.1 II. Maize, bill rendered
Wm Hitter bill rendered
Jacob Dieffenbath. brooms... .
Freas Icown, Insurane on court House
J.o. Fieeze, lepili leg lock and key
Lewis lieiiihard lepaiilng town clock
Peter Hlllnieser, bill rendered
Jacob Metz, plpo for stovo lu lteglster and
Heco.'der's ollice
O. A. Jacobv, cial bill
Stephen I'ohc, commlsslone1
Charles Hh hart, Commlssiorer
A. 11. Herring, commissioner
E. H. I keler, Attorney
John U. Casey, Clei k
1 30
a: os
22 75
57 50
14 50
1 00
1 4
22 01)
0 60
12 I II
7 US
3 64
3 .
121 .
1 .
2 (HI
76 71
(22S9 10
J. E. Sands lining bed ticks (ls7s) ..
John Alston shaving prisoners
Hloom Gas company for (las
(iross and Urothers bills clothing
A. J. Evans bill clothing....
Uml'ut sell for wood
lacob Delffenbach for brooms
E. A. Hawltngs tallow
A. s. Lrosles repairing
(leo Zimmerman bill rendered
Henry lost half doen chairs
E. P. Curtis tnsuiance on stab'e
Jero Hide bill lendeied
Rollins s Holmes repairs
Thomas (lorry repairs
J. s. Nejhart, hauling trees lor Jail lot, .tc.
0. 1". Learn bin trees
Joseph It. Polio ttlllng bed ticks
( Herring lumber for boxlug trees
Wm Hitler painting icnee Ac
Wm w 11.11 rett u oik at and about ncwyall
Jacob Waulch building force xc
John Nlcholls cementing walls
c. M. Drinker repairing key
Ilarman iiassiri bills 1 eudered
Ell Jones building smoko house
0. M. at J. K. Lockard coal bills...,
Lllas Mendenhall agent, bills lumber
s. M, Hess, hitching posts
Dav id Jones ism teet pavement, atone, Ac...
c. A. Klelm bill for medicine
John Heagie for wood
c. A, Knorr bill for work at coal houso
James Micormto cleaning well
La.uon ltunvanA- Co. bill rendered
oallgnan A: Lenan tepalrs on roof
J. H.-Malzo bill tendered
IS. F. (lardner bill lending pi Itoner
1. W. JlcKelvy, bill rendered
Charles Krug, bill moulding
Peter nillineier, bill rendeied
II. W. Mcitejnolds, bill tending pilsoncrs,
Edward searls painting roof, ix
c. K. Hughes, bill rendered
David Low enberg, clothing
(). A. Jacoby. coal bill
John W. Hoffman, boarding prisoners
John W, Hoffman, washing, Ac
John W. lloilman, Turnkey tees
m digger bill rendered
Hroekway ,t Klweil, court ploclauiation...
Hrockway Elwell blanks
" " Count statement
, " " Advertising
C. J.I. anderstlce Co. statement
" " blanks
" " advertising
" " court proclamation....
, ' " election "
J. C. llrown county statement
' el-ctlon pioclamatlon
tlwell A Blttenbciider election proclama
tion ElaellA-IllttcnbenderblanKs
". . " advertising
o. A. Potter court calande'
Oldon l)crs county stateme'it.....
,, " " court calendar
II. V. Kahler blanks
: 11. suwler, advertising
W. t hisel A" Hro statlomry for office
and coui t
(leo. A. Clark stationery for office a court!
F. I.. llutler election blanks
I), A, Hockley, postage aud box rent
( 1 SO
1 45
32 Os
US 10
6 70
4 no
1 12
32 9'
6 37
3 2:
4 5'
15 14
131 40
11 23
4 M
29 20
43 1
1117 111
lit 03
7 (H
2 14 96
111 SO
... ..... (575 42
sundry persons for luuuests 55 32
Wm. Hitter, Davis iron bridge
( 1000
Samuel Appleman, Karnsbrldgo (ls7)
J. J. Karus and 1). II. Earns bridge ,
6 00
51 49
15 00
1 5(1
James Conner, Eir.leiidenhalltrldg'o-.'.""'.
T. s. Christian, contract.
T. s. Christian. " extra " "
Hussell Karus, lower west creek brldgo.
C. o. Hrehi, Earns bridge
219 75
35 SO
1 25
2 26
Ellis Eves A; Hro. Plank rock brldgo
9 SS
19 Cll
m. i.iwger. hock oriugo
W 111. (Hirer. It.irtnn l.rl.liw,
John I eggatt, flank Shaffer bridge
J. II. Kesly, Unpen bridge
Ellas Meudenhall, Shaffer brldgo
I. W. Eck, Eck brldgo
A. II Stnirnpt 1'IotiI- M0I.-..1. ..I.-,,,
John btrouso, "
10 CO
5s 30
19 SO
62 93
24 60
109 59
79 00
0 00
9 05
4 S3
3 52
2 72
Dai Id Illttenbcnder Centrev Ulo brldgo. . ..
J, U. Stoker, Zaner brldgo .
Isaao Labor, Hess bridge
Jones, Jones A; Evelaud, Jones bridge... '
Cyrus Itobblns etal. Amtnerman brldgo .
C) rus Itobblns et ul. p Kelley
V A Hull A.,,.,flr.nn t..,.i..r. 1
(1 W Raberetul. Mcllenry'rnlii'V".'.'.'.'.'.'.'
Charles Kelchner, Pat Kelly bridge
WW..U . v.w, miuvi loiuyu,,,,,, ,
Villa Plea lli-r. Mil -iii. ,.-t.
JohnU'ggutt, Mllvllle bridge
John lavgatt, lola bridge..., ..,.....
u r jicuuuo, Konrsourg brldgo
W in digger, l'ursel brldgo
10 6s
21 (HI
10 30
7 u
40 59
Win (Jigger, liarton bridge.. ....J1......7
John W Kile, Elk run brldgo...!.... ... " .
Ezra Stephens, plank Elk Hun brldgo is!..
Ezra Stephens Elk Hun bridge-..! . !
Joseph 1-arUh, Elk Hun bridge .!!...
Wm A Kile, Elk Hun brldgo ....
Jacob Christian, Jacob Christian brldgo!!
Jolmlltrner, Blabtown bridge.
Wm Hitter. I'alnltnt-Iron hrlrim
Charles Relchart. plank iron brldco...!!'."'
John Miss, Iron bridge... ....!!..!"
T J Vanilerslice, Vandersllco bridge
1 Ml
25 IB
.in. .anas i.miui. .mil imiintlim '(S .
losrpn ivnne, neatrio nridsu
nioti .iiniei, iicuoi'll v lison bridge -
Jacob snvder. Iron brhlzn
15 1. Snyder. Iron brldgo
I, Run-on k Co., Iron bridge !.!!
Joseph'k Shoemaker brldgo
W p W hltc, Light Street bridge
471 sj
11 r Peterman, Coles bi l?go
support of Mrs. Milton, Dacuilo
Suppoit ot David shea, Danvlllu .. ,
couvlclsln Eastern Ntato Penitentiary for
Annual Tllennlal Locust
(21 on I.
24 V, .
14 21 :
Ilenvcr (24 75 (27 75 Madison
Henton 12 2) 29 25 .Main
lierwick W 70 23 23 Mitiiin
19 Pll
nioom 23 73 loo (hi Montour in on
VI i
Catawlssa..,, 22 73 29 23 orange 13 7s 1
Ceniralla,... 24 25 ss 23 Pine 179,
Centro 17 87 S3 73 Roarlngcre'k 10 7-. ,,
t'onvnghani. 21 2V 33 73 scott 22 73
onarcrecK ... xi i 29 25 ,vn rieasant. li r.n .,
risiungcrecK vi 23 ra 73 suganoaf.,.. 13 on m
Franklin . 13 23 174,1 Assessors for
(ireenwood.. 20 60 41 V5 fall registry
Hemlock 19 75 82 21 rorvnt'is. iit
Jackson 11 12 13 73.
(579 0) 77s
Paid sundry persons
lr t
Paid spring election oncers
ian election omccrs.....
" fall e'ecllon room rent....
" spring election "
" constables udvcrtlsiog and attend
ing spring election
" Krlckbaum et ol counting fall ot
111. .
Amount township taxes refunded
Win Mann 2,docketstI'rothonotary'.s ofllce
" 0110 Index frothonotary's ofllce
" " deed book R ollice.
" 172 assess books
P. L. llutler, si registry books
" two dockets Frothonotary's office
Amount couniy bonds redeemed
" coupons on sumo paid
Interest paid on ov erduo county bonds
421 f4
9 '2 'Ji
(I09SH 2j
Miscellaneous expenses
com ts Jurors pay, constables returns, Ac
costs tu commonwealth cases
Road and bridge v le w ers and road damages
Commissioners oillco and couit house
County Jail
Printing, stationery ond Postage
lirldges. building and repairs
Penitentiary and Asylum
Assessors pay
Fox and wild cnt scalps
Election expenses
Taxes refunded
Hlank books
County bonds, coupons nnd Interest paid
on ovcrduo county bonds
( : ;ci
49711 z
2:- Ii
i-i j;
From amount of orders Issued deduct $121 CI (um j
rciunoeo. nno k m reoemri ion money and old 1.111
ior is, s ti,s in, nnu i'ir.i.m x,i nonus, coupons, ano a.
t crest on overdue lionds paid, leaves (17707 73, wi,Mi
is me actual oioinary exjienses ror too year A 11 M'j
Henton 5 73 Tteust mi
lirlaiereck -11. Madison r -'
Centre 9 60 Mtl'lecsant w
Flsliliigeieek s4 02 orange t,
(Ireenwood 30 .. Pine 11
Hemlock V3.. Sugarloaf, . 1,1;
Jackson, 25 50
Orders unpaid of lkfi7 ,.,
" " ' 1s7o -I.
" " " 1S77 TH
" ' " 1S79 41 .
So. mi I
wog tax 11110 irom collectors (hoi S3
Probable commission and exonera
tions off 223 00 117i;-" I
Aim amount, in Treasurer's hands... i
(liecs total assets (1 ".- 43 1
Tho Indebtedness Is (3 00. H10 difference In favor j
ot saiaiunuis (129343.
Tax In hands of collectors dunlleatji 4ls,',in ,4 1
Probablo commission and exonerations off .Mm mi
icini 14 !
.von amount in hands of Treasurer 112
Add valuo of old Jail property 'm
Balance due ou Cera Rower note lJ'"
Amount duo from Montourcounty it "
Amount due from Henton twp tor Colley'a '' '
. 111 cu uuuum nut, Ul llst-ss OUOKS, -I'
Add valuo of Mary Hrlght prop'ty Flsh'g'k, 15" '
tsiwn '
Costs due on books In commonwealth cases $ 4.
Amouut taxes duo tho several districts . ii."
Amf. road nnd brldgo viewers due on hooks 1-" -i'
Amountcountyprlsonbondsunpald 31 hi
Amt. of county pnson coupons unpaid ' 0
Atut. ot road damage assessed and unpaid
esirmated as nearly as can bo r.:.isi i"
(41 .J
21..1 1
Actual Indebtedness of tho county -
January 1st, Isao (liis.-
We tho undersigned. Commissioners of CoIuini'U
county do hereby certify that tho foregoing Is a . 1
rect statement of accounts of said county for tlie
jear A. D. 1S79.
STEPHEN P01IE, l Commlssloneis
A. II. HEHItlNO, !- ot
CIIAS. REICHARTj Columbia counij.
Attest: J. H. Casev, Clerk.
We, tho undersigned Auditors of Columbia cmui
ty having been duly elected to adjust ond settle Hi
acroun h of tho Treasurer nnd Commissioners t
Columbia county, do herehy certify lhat we mei '
Itiootileoot the Treasurer and commissioners i.
llloomsburg and eaiefully examined tho aecnun -and
vouchers ot the samo from tho cth nay ot Jan 1
ary, A. I). Is79, to tho 1st day or January ls-u uul
found them correct as abovo stated, and wo nnd
balance duo Columbia county on county ru.ih i
eleven hundred twenty-two dollars and thirty rent
1(1122 30) from II. A. sweppenhelser, Treivsurei 1
Columbia county. And wo llnd a balanco ot 011
bundled nnd elghty-ono dollars and sixty ceuis
(fisi 00) 011 dog Hind found In tho hands ot II.
sweppenhelser, Treasurer.
dUen under our h, nds and seals this tenth 1I.0 1
January, A. D. lssu.
s.vju r.l. E. SMITH,
Feb. (1,'so. iw
Hyvlrttioot on alias order of tho Orphans' C.e.r'
of Columbia county, tho undersigned admlnlstrai i
of lllram Lunger, deceased, will expose to pul'll
sale ou tho premises In sugarloaf townsh'p, Colum
bia couniy, Pa., on
Saturday, February 28tli 18SU.J
. imuuiutt iu mo jorenoon, ino undivided on
halt Interest In certain real estate sltuato In sugar-!
luaf township In said county.bounded and descitl" i 1
as follows: lleglnnlng at a white oakv comer . ' i
Hesters' land, thenco by other land of Joshua Urlu, j
north so degrees west 112,14 perches to a post, fheu ,
by said land north 36 degrees, wt st 63 perches tn
chestnut tree, thence norm co degrees west
perches lo a post, thenco by land ot Slontgoincr
Colo south 24 degrees west 62 perches to a posi
thenco by land of said Joshua llrlnk south 43 0
grees, east 41 perches to a post, thenco by said lanx
south 24 degiees, west 89 perches ton post, tht't
by said land eoullMS' degrees, east 01 perches to 1
post bv a publico road, thenco south 70 degrees east
C3j(, perches to a post, thenco by land of tin
estate ot William MCKelvy north 01",' degre.s
east, 32 perches to tho placo of beginning, contain
fiifiWve Acres AND 65 Perclies,
on w hich is erected a
barn, and out buildings, good orchard and good a-
Teums and Conditions ok bai e. Ten per cent, ei
tho one-fourth of tho purchase bo paid .0
the striking down of the property, Tho one-loortii
less ten per cent, at connrtnallon absolute, and n.'
remaining three-fourths In ono year thereafter who
Interest from confirmation nisi.
Feb. c-ts Central P. o.
letters Of administration on tlm eslnlH of M. w.
Niss, lato of IhoTowuot Htoomsburg.Columbla C"
deceased, have been granted by tho Register ot sal 1
county Ui tho utiderslgued Administrator. AH 11
sous having claims against tho estate are requesli l
to present them for isetllement and those lndetib i
10 muKv jia-uicin wiiuout 0.1 lay.
, , , 11. FRANK ZARR,
Jan. 10, 'so-ow' Administrator
Letters of Administration on thnostntn n, Samuel
C. Mcllenry. lato of Henton twn., Columbia eo 11
ij, ouccu&cu, uau ocen grantea ny tuo iiegisier 1 1
said county to tho undersigned administrator, Ah
persons havlnir claims aealnst tmi rstnto are r.
quested to present them for settlement and ti'0-u
luueouxt 10 inaKu payment wttnout delay.
JHU3E.B .Vll-!ll..-l(li
feb 13, lsso-Ow
Stlllwarer, 1
per CoMMONlui'EO
lilree. Illustrated 1"
'per CoMMONlupEOPLE. A jear,
AllEN'i'M WANTED. 11. I.. IUwtisos 4T Cornhtil
Hostou, Mass,
ion is, m. vv&o