The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, January 16, 1880, Image 3

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iii.oonsnunn. nuim, mtunv lit, uso
Rail Itoail Time Table.
Accommodation Train....... 7 80A.M.
Mall Train '.33 A.M 4.MP.M
Fst Train H.oo M. 1U3A.M
Eipress Train l'.M.
Acoommodallon Train A.M. 1,86 r. M.
Itoxnlar Rxprcsa 4.M 1 M. 11,45 A. M.
TuronBh cars on KxprcsstraluclllicrloNcw York
orPWIadclplilt. Accommodation train runs between
Cituwissa and Wllllamsport.
IXivid Lowcnlierg, Aelminietrator of George
Ki'ewlck, dcceaKcil, will tell renl ct.ilo on tlie
iremUes, In UlocrmburK, on January 17, at
one o'clock, i. in.
Tlie Administrator of John BeWilInc, ilc
caaseil, will null real eslnte in Benton townrhlp
on Saturday Jnnuiry 31st at one o'clock ) nv
The Adiiiinitraloof Oolleib Guutlier wll
eell real estate In C.ittwlfsa township on tlio
eamo ilav it one o'clock p, m.
The Admlnilrator of 1'eler Knt will fell real
MM to In Ho.iringcreek towtirlitp on Saturday
January 31t at two o'ebek p, m., and In Scott
t jwnlil o" Friday, February Gth at 10 o clock
a. ra.
The AdminiilrJtor of Itebccca Smith wil'
tell real eslnte In Mrillron township on Satur
day, January 31sl at 10 o'clock a. ra.
JS2SScc Advertisement in another column.
The, band was out jerenndlng on Saturday
night, and male pome irood music.
Judge Elwell will bold cout In Sunbury
next wek .
I,. Winterstcen, Kq,, la acting Deputy 1'ro
tbonotary. Mr. Hudson Oncn, of Berwick, made inn
pleisnnl call ono day last week. He will plcat-e
accept our llmnles for favor received.
After threatening to rain on Monehy the
storm gradually changed to snow, and about
four inches fell during the night.
Rev. Ij. timer went to Delaware on Mon
day. Kev. Mr Hockwell, of lienton,will preaih
at the Episcopal church nextSunday.
Four arrests were made by the police for
drunkennefR and disorderly conduct duriig
the month of December.
A true bill has been found against Spcar.imn
for murder in Sullivan county. He w!ll be
tried at February courl.
Geo. O. Kryitinjrer and W. L. Dewart, jr ,
have become partners of J. E. Kichhollz in the
Sunbury Democrat.
A. II. Sharpies, of Catawia received first
premium for Dark Brahmas at the 1'olUville
poultry show last week.
Curley is reported as sayinr but Utile. Tlie
rumors that bo intends to 'squeal' may not be
founded on fact. He has sene tnougli, at all
events, to keep bis own counsel.
The City Hotel at Danville Is n pie fan!
place to stop. It U neat and orderly and the
proprietor, Ada a Geringer, understand! his
Answers to puzzler on the first page are in
vited. We will print the names of those who
send in the corrcct'answera by Wednesday fol
lowing each issue.
A chinge in the Henther occurred on Tues
day night, the thermometer falling lo a low
point. Ice dealeis are beginning lo fctl en
couraged. A grind Milittry Bill is lo be held at Dan
ville in the Open House on the evening of
February 5th. It will ba given by Co. F.and
the 12th Hegt. Bind, both of that place.
The rMic Leilger Almanac for 1SS0 comes
to us this year handsomely printed and con
taining a large amount of political, religious,
and every day information. It is presented to
every subscriber uf the Ledger.
The person who on the 30th of December
got n watch in mislnke.which h is a photograph
on dial and Masonic maiksand name on cn-e,
will piea e return same nt once to llio i-hop
where he got it nnd saye exposure.
A meeting of the Executive Committee cf
the Agricultural Society will be held on Satur
day, January 17th, 1880, at 1 o'clock p. m, at
the Exchange Hotel, Iiloomsburg, lo take
action in regard to tho vacant K'cretaryhp
and pass a suitable tribute of respect lo ihc
dead .Secretary,
Van fil,", I. O. of O. F. celebrated
their thirty -ill ir 1 Anuiversiry in their hall al
this place on listSilurday evening, Kohert
Culhbert, (he only "iiryiving charter number,
now firailvanced in years was present. There
was also a number present who e omposed a
put of its membership during the first yean of
its existence.
On Tuesday of last week, two young men
by the name of Hhomack, of Centre township,
were airc-ted by Constable Miller, of Berwick,
for disturbing a religious meeting at Whit
mire's school houso on tho previous Saturday.
They were taken to Berwick and committed to
jail by the Justice in default of bail. A man
by the name of Lynn is wanted for the same
Elizabeth Volverton, the girl that has 1C"
a subject of comment no former occasions, vens
lodged in jail last week for breaking windows
In Catawusa. She was violently imanc and
smashed up some furniture at the jail. She has
been taken on an order of removal to Bush
township, Xorlhumbrrlaiid county where she
Is supposed to belong and placed in iheAsy.
lum at Danville by Ihat District.
The success of recent numbers of Siribner
have be;n so marked that tlie edition of the
February number has been placed at 125,000,
This number will contain the first part of
Eugene Schuyler's illustrated life of Peter the
Urett, which is said to be graphic and Inter
esting lo an unusual degree; alsoMrs, Burnett's
new story ' Louisiana,' which will prisent some
strong contrasts ol character; a rolicking paper
on Bicycling en li lied 'A Wheel Around the
Hub,' and features.
A paper on 'The DUadvaniages of City
Boys,' by Itev. Washington Gladden, of Spring'
fitld, Massachusetts, is announced for an early
number of St Xichotai, The article is said lo
bo based entirely on per-onal statistics gathered
from a hundred prominent business men con
cerning their surroundings, habits of life, etc.,
during boyhood The statements thus cc llrcted,
will, i Is announced, exhibit a remarkable
showingof Ihe 'Disadvantages of City Buys,'
and en force strongly the author's bints toward a
successful life, The paper, ruorooyer, is ad
dressed to Ihe boy themselves.
Greit Improvements have been mado at the
Central Hotel, by Geo. H. Brown, Now slep
Utl. I.n.. ...III,,., i - , ...
.... ..UK ismirii iiH,r ureii piaceti ai i lie en
trance to the office. The in terior Iub be en pa
pered and painted, and a wash room filled up In
llio basement. Tlie mulin,. mom I..- i,.
newly carpeted and new furniture, placed in il,
,.. ii is u very cosy, iiome-llke room, Mr.
Brown Is well known us a first rim. l.n,llnr,i
ami will spare no expepfo or trouble to make
,., uuu-c pupmar resort, 't he table, under
II, .If .1 - f- T. . .. . .
iue um mat me market ailbrdi.
Seven companies of the Ninth
N G. of Pa., have signified their willingness
lo participate In a parade at Wllkes-Barre on
Washington's DlrlhiUy, February !22d,1880.
William DeUeamcr, formetly of (his town,
Is now living at Jloonsboro, Missouri, In tho
employ of Osborn & Chapman, dealers to rail,
road lies and limber.
This Is tho Presidenlinl year. Every lnt.1
llgent man should take a county paper to keep
himself Informed nf events at home as well
as nbrniid, Subscribe for the Columbian.
Gen E, Elwell has rentid llio office recently
occupied by C. B. Uroekwny as n Uw office.
The room has been enlsrged and Improre 1,
Cipl. I rockway's ollbc Ins been moved t3 Ihc
opposite side of the lull.
The Counly Commissioners of Bradford
counly hive purchased a farm in West Burling
ton lownhlp, for poor hou-e purposes, There
are 20 1 acres, and the price ald was $10 n
Twelve additional jurors for Ihe Oyer and
Terminer wc j dlnwn on Tuesday, tnak'ng for
tvelfjhl in nil, c'raw.i for February contt,
This was done In orJer (o make the panel suf
ficiently large In cae there should bo a homo-
cide trial,
We call thcaltenlion to tho new advertise
mentof White eV Conner, This is a new firm
b it the reputation of Mr. C. B. White, nnd the
qualifications of Mr. Conter bring to it a Iirge
trade, and wo have no doubt they will prove
Mr. J, K. B'ltenbender, Ihe publisher of
this paper, left home on .Monday with the pur
pose of spending a few days In Ihe upper town
ships of thecounly in calling upon those who
are not already subscribers to afford them an
opportunity of subscribing for th" largest, best
and cheapest paper, and leading Democratic
juirnal published here. Wo have been so en
couraged by Hie large number of names that
have lately been added lo our list without so
licilation, that we feel confident many hundreds
can be obtained by u personal canvass which
we now propose to nmke. The terms are only
$1.50 a year, and we hope to place ihe paper
m the h.iude of overy Democrat in the counly
Miss Buckalew was one of the bride?'
miiils at the marriage of Miss Carrie Tubbs
and Mr. Geo. Mnrklu at Kingston on Wednes-
d ly.
Miss May Brower is visiting Miss Powell,
in INew lork city.
Miss Lilian Funston is visiting at Albany,
sNcw lork.
Miss Anna Rupert is slill in a very critical
N. U. Funk, Esq., spent a few days at
i llliamsport this week.
Hon. C. It. Buckalew is engaged in Court
in il llkes-Birre this week.
M. C.Woodward lias been nppointed an agent
of the Society for the prevention of cruelly lo
animals, and we are informed that he intends to
see Ihat the laws on that subject nre strictly en
forced. There are many men who have so little
care for Ihc comfort of the brutes that earn
their living; that the animals arc oltcn made
to sufler. Horses and mules with sore necks
nre made to draw heivy burdens with the col-
lus pressing upon tlinr wounds, nnd they are
als ) lefi standing for many hours, and we have
noticed ihcm for a whole day, without food or
drink, while their owners nre sitting in com
tirtable qnarters pouring in tho liquid tint
m ikes brutes of them. The law forbids ouch
tieafment of dumb brutes and we are glad lo
know that an active agent has been appointed
for this section. Thoso who lake no heed will
meet with speeely punishment.
Juibe ICoulictMler, in his charge to Ihe
grand jury at Sunbury last week, congratulated
the county on the small number of bills of in
dictment presented. At tho opening of the
Court there were but seven bills presented, ami
they weroof a trivial character, whereas al
terms some years ago the list numbered from
seventy up to as high as one hundred nnd
twenty. The abatement of crime in the county
he attributed first, to Ihe return of general
prosperity. Peoplo had employment and that
great instigator of crime, idleness, was tho ex.
ccptioii now instead of Ihc rule. Another rea
son assigned 'for tho meagre business in Ihe
Criminal Courts was Ihe fact that not as many
licenses had bien granted, o'pechlly in the
coal region. This he believed had much to do
wilh'lhe lessening of the criminal business in
that quarter.
The meetings are still held at the Methodist
church. Kev. Mr. Bice preached on Monday
There is talk of building n Methodist church
nt the McIIenry school house.
The students of the Academy are busy pro1
paring for tho exhibition which ccmesoiron
the 23d. The band nro preparing a new piece
tor the occasion.
Prof. Harrison, of New Columbus spent
last Sabbath in Orangoville.
Everybody is comphining of the bad roads
and that willi mud and snow the going is
Schuyler Kramerdrovo to school on Tuesday
from Kohrsburg, but the roads were so very
lad that he left his wagon and went back on
Henry Conner having returned Irom the
West proposes to slay in Ornngeville a while.
Yours truly, S. Gam.'.
One of Ihe most diabolical outrages lint can
be perpetrated was committee! at Pillslon on
Saturday, a young lady nf about IS years of
age being Ihe victim. When llio fads became
known, the most intense excitement pieyailed,
and if the guilty parlies could have been u
prehended Ihey oiild havo been lynched in
siamly. The circumstances aie as folluus:
Two tramps, ono an old mar of perhaps 50
years of age, wearing a slouch hat, and ihe
oilier of youthful appearance, entereil ihe house
where Miss Hopkins was alone, engaged in her
household duties. They aked for something
lo eat, ami boing alarmed at their pre-ence
mid fearful of violence should she refuse ihelr
demuul she set to work lo comply. Her come
ly appearance and l.'harmiiig physique aioin-eu
Ihe passions of the brutes, mid she says that
while her back was turned to them one of ihe
scoundrels grasped her and pinioned her iirnn,
while the other covered her mouth and i-moth
ered her cries. Having bound her hands Ihey
gagged her and threw her upon Ihe flour and
accomplish d Iheir purpose. She became un
conscious and is scarcely able to give any de
scription of her Wuri-o than murderers, The
police force were notified of Ihe affair. De
tectives have been assiduously at work ever
since Ihe commission of llio criuio In their
efforts to apprehend the vlllians.
It should be Ihe nim of every owner o
Hoiees, Cows, lo make lliem as handome nnd
U'elulns lKissible. Tlie German Horse and
Cow Powder helps to develop nil the powers
of the animal. It Improves its be-auly and
increases lis usefulness It makes milk, muscle
and fat. By using it a horse w 111 do more work
and a cow give more milk and be in better con
ditiou wilh less lecd. Sold nlv y weight at
15 ceuU a pound by U, A, Kltiiu, Bloomtburg
Deo 12, '7 B-ly
Bloombiirg, Jannsry 7, 18S0, regular month
ly mestlng of Council. Present I.S. Knhn,
President and Mesrs, Evans, llabb, Holmos
and Sharpie's members, Minutes of last
meellng read and approved,. On motion of
Mc-srs. Holmes and Evans, Ihe following bills
tcre approved and the Secretary authorized lo
lraw orders in piymenlof the same;
Bill of Illonnasbuig Gas Compmy for
December $72 00
Win, II, Ollmore, reel of Firo
Company room 30 00
M. C. Woodward, services as Con
stable 10 33
Jos. Sharpies! & Sin, grato Ac. for
lOCK-lip l .'o
Shsrpless h I.nycock, two Is nip osls 18 00
O. A. Jscohyj stone 10 110
Hirect Cymtuissioner, work and labor 9 70
Secretary's salary 15 00
Total, S174 24
On motion of Messrs. Holmes and Evans II
was resolved ihat the Commissioner of High
ways notify all parlies In the town where pave
ments a-e not I eid or in proper cunditloli on
streets hating side walks that the repairs shall
be made within ten days from the date of notice
or the repairs will ba made by llio corporate
officers and the costs thereof with tw;nty per
centum advance chargnl and entered agiint
the properties nnd collected as authorized by
law. Mr. Uabb reports that Mr. E. B. Bidlc
man will mako the hooks for Ihe use of the
Hook A Ladder Company, out of iron lor S5
per pair or out of sleel lor ?fi per pair. On
motion of Mr. Holme' it was ordered that Mr.
Beidlcman in-ke the c -pilled hooks from sleel
nt $0. Mr. Kabb move I and Sharpless sec
onded that six suitable lanterns be purchased
at the lowest price for Ihe Hook h Ladder
Company, Cained.
On motion of Messrs. Evans and Sharpless a
building permit for a bii'Ming on Second street
was granted Ikrry W. Sloan,
Mr. Berkley, ihe Town Sullci'or being presi
cnt, reads an ordinance prepared in accorehnce
with n resolution passed at list nics'ing in re
Inticn to opening and extending Second street
ea-twnrdly from tho Normal School. Mr N.
U. Feink being present savs he rep' -s?uis and
is attorney for Miss A'ice Snyder who letiy
sold ihe land over which thes-tid Second st. eet
is lobe extended, to Lloyd Dillon and that
Mr. Dillon received a eleed fro u MissSnyeler
for the same which was recordeil and that Mr,
Dillon had no notice of Ihe rcleue executed in
favor of the town by Miss Snyder for the laud
over which the street is to ho extended, there
fore the release Is invalid, Ac, Mr. Dillon also
being present ubjcis to tlie opening and ex
tending of the street, holding that tlie release
from Miss Snyder is inoperative as against him
for want of notice. Mr.Barkley expressed the
opinion that the release wos a good one and
that the same would hold. It was ordered upon
motion of Messrs. Holmes an l Sharpless that
the propo-ed ordinance be laid over for con
sideration at next meeting. On motion ad
journed. Mr. A- Neigcr, Tnylorville, P.t., writes: My
mother, -in old lady of CO years, suffered for
thirty years willi rheiimetism to such an extent
that she was entirely lame. We procured from
Messrs, Ludwig Bros., druggists, in Scranlon,
Pa , n bottle of St Jacob's Oil, n-e'd it accord
ing to directions, and saw our cfl'urls crowned
wilh perfect success. Mother was relieveel.
We acknowledge the receipt from Dr. J.C
Aycr & Co., of Lowell, Massachusetts, of co
les ot AVer's well known Almanac lor ISsll in
English, French, German, Dutch, Norwegia
Swedish, Spanish and Portuguese, the whole
forming a corection well worth preservation
The publication of these carefully prepared and
reallv valuable books at ihe rnio of ten
million copies per annum, all for gratuitous cir
dilation in all quarters of the globe, is one of
tlie marvels of this marvelous age. It takes
eight months lo print them nt the rale of fifty
thnns-ind per day and production of them con
sumes nearly five hundred ions of paper.
The little annual is a welcome vlsitoratevery
fireside an 1 it has, like the stamlinl medicines
prepared by its publishers, Ihe deserved confls
dence of the entire public.
Hoiinsnuitu news.
Surprise parties are becoming quite frequent
in the vicinity ol ltohrsburg.
Our friend J. P. Dewitt on tho night of bis
birthday, January Cth, was agreeably surprised
by a parly of friends. -Mr. I. F. Black, wife
ami daughter, .Mr. H. It. Albertson, wife am
daughter, Mr, Geo. Cole nnd wife, James
elsh and wile, Mr. T. J . iteese and wife. and
several gents without partners, and some one
of the party bringing a line, turkey. After
supper was served, the parties mdulzed in
lively hop until near three o'clock in tho
morning. Tho doctor ssys they had a splendid
time. His wire not engaging in
though invited, did nut attend. This however
was rather unfortunate, ns all enjoyed them
selves greatly. -More of the eame sort nre in
On Saturday cioning, tho 12th inst.. Mr.
Charles Dildine, of Mt. Plea-ant and .Miss
Almeda Hogart, of Iiohrburg set sail in the
ship matiimonial.
The following is a meteorological summary
or record of the weather at Catawirsa
luring die month of December, 1S79, compiled
by W, G, Yetler from observations by William
Biromelric pressure corrected for tempera
ture and elevation Highest pres-ure on the
13lh, 30GS7 inches; lowetton (he Oih, 29,030
inches; monthly ranges 1.057 inches.
Tempera ure of the air Highest tempera
ture on Ihe Cth, 095; lowest on tlie 27th, 3';
average temperature fur the month 3o.C; av
erage of same month during provious year
(1878) 30 2; raonlhly range, 27.5 on ihe 1st
and the len-t daily range on the 21sl 7.5.
Moisture Number of dajs on which rain
or mow fell 10; total amount of rainfall and
melted snow 4.00 enchea. Amount of snow
which fell during the month 0,45 inches. Bain
fall duiing the same moil lb in previous year
1 25 indies.
Wind The highest hourly velocity of tlie
wind during tlie inotuh was 31 miles from (lie
west on the 15ih lust.
.llt'Mulliu Indicted.
The grand jury at Philade lphia, returned
u true bill against ex Alderman McMullen
Inst -Monday charging him with riut, carry
ing a concealed eleailly weapon, anel assault
nuil buttery upon .Michael C, Lyons with
intent to kill.
Tne charges grow out nf the row at the
Fifth ward democratic coin cnl ion recently,
which resulted in the murder ot Bernard
The particulars of the case will be well
remembered. The riot took place at Hart
man's saloou.on Fiflli,Blreet,near Locust.nnel
during Ihe fight which grew out of thectlorls
of tho Fourth ward politician? to pack the
elemocr.itie convention with delegates in the
Itarjdnll interest to the stale delegate con
vention" which wan held at tho Assembly
Now that the Grand Jury has done its
duty it is to be hoped that this bully will
receive lifa just deserts. The nuoner the
Democracy of Philadelphia shake off su h
men a-i Bill McMullln anil his gang the bet
ter it will be for them and the country ,
Cl. ...... a., X, fv SI 1. -11 r!-i. .
.iiiut.i.a,. w.. , ...aiPMuii, .uieu, sunt sn
iUK-iu in .., i""7 h, uuyc, hi u .tinry eu siuu
per mouth and expenses j, yut fUj p,ttjc.
ulan address M above, Nov. 21-lr,
Editors or TtiF. C'oLUMiiiak: As thovenr
of 1879 has rlo'eil upon us, through ihe lender
mercies of God I havo again been spared In
transmit lo your many readers, my annual rci
xirt. It Ins been an evenlliil year. 1'rospority
a once more clnwiiine unon us as a nation nnd a
people, The indusirv of our nation has been
dally reviving, nnd specie piyments have been
resumed, i be Lnru Ins l lesseil tlie husbandmen
with a bountiful crop. Aecoreling to Prof. E.
11, Walker, of the New York Produce Ex
change, the wheat crop, of the United States,
was dsa.uuu.uuu oi i ui-ii c is, which excepting
last yenr, Is by lar the I ergo-l crop ever grown
In this country. Thus we have enough nnd to
spare, to meet llicwaulsof our neighborsncross
the Atlantic, Our exiort fir e xceed our Im.
polls, hence gold and silver l flowing into the
country hv millions upon millions, We nl'o
find Ihat labor Is in demand, which will natu
rally Increase the wage's of the Ireehnnlc nnd
laborer. Our tgwn wa vi-lted by a fire on tho
morning of the 12lh of August, It proved to
he me ear works ot our eruerprising iriends, u.
M. Si J. K. Ijoekare1,m d In less than two bouts,
wascnilrely con-ninnl, with all lis michineiy,
a "serious los to tho owners nnd lo our town.
But through (heir entvi.y mid perseverance,
tbne 1 irge buildings have att-cn, Plievnlx like,
from the ahes of the old one. and by the 12lh
of November, just three mouths, was in full
blast ngaln, wilh intile new machinery, all
being constructed for convenience nnd dura
bility. To such men, eur town is largely in
debteil, fjr their iinliiiiitablc ei ergy nnd perse
verance, nnd may they long live to receive the
pntiotinge of agenerous public. We have, as a
people mid a union, been greatly ble-sed with
an abundant harveet. nnd 'iu prosperily of bu
siness interests of nil kinds, nnd icacc at home
and iibrmd. While olher nations have been
sjourged with plague nnd famine, we have
been spared t'flese trials Tl.eie Is no nation on
God'- footstool whicl. has greater caue for
thankfulness and prabc than the United Stales,
fir (lie mercies tint have ciowneel Ihe year
1879 Now, my fellow travelers, we are enter
ing ution tho threshold of a new year. It
would be proper for lis 10 stand anil paii'o, and
lake a serious view of the many occurrences
that may happen to us this year, Ih it we may
be prepared to meet them. The future is in
deed, unknown to im, nnd there nre events
which we knoev tie before us, an 1 wet aio sure
they will occur. Hut nt what particular time
they will happen, whether this year or next
year, whether tills day or to-nmirow, is to us an
uncertainly, the close of Hie present l:fe, and
our entrance into eternity. That wo luii-t uie.
is ns certain as we now lire, but tho hour en
year when, is kindly and wisely concealed from
us, ihat wo may bo ready nt Ihe Master's call.
My readers, I think it possible that some of us
may die this ycai; you would think it a very
uncommon thing, ihat not one should elie this
year in Iiloomsburg. Ye-, my friend', many
nave died the past year, whomadoa pirt of our
assembly in the past. I woul 1 exhort you, my
fellow Iravele-s lo the bar of God, to stop and
think nnd reflect, nnd come to Jesus, as Lvilia
of old did, and be bo'll a child nf God anel an.
, t ..i ... ,i ; ., . . ,
lieir oi Kiory ami iiiippuicT.a which wie revoill'
(ion of years shall never terminate. In fact,
nil tho blessings that are. needed to lift man up
into the favor of Goel, and keep him there lor
ever, nre stored up in tho person of Jesus, in
whom God's love hath displayed il'tlf to the
fullest tlfgree. Jesus is the sum and substance,
crown anel glory of the Go-pcl.
The temperature of 1S79, on an average liaB
beenn mild one, no great exlremes ol either
cold or heat. January was the coldest month
of tho year. January 3d 1 below zero and the
17th was 4 below zero, the coldest uf the year.
Thermometer fur February, highest point 44,
lowest poi' 1 1 below z-ro Thermometer for
March, highest point 38, and lowest point 1UJ
nbovezero TLeimomeler for April, bighei-t
point 7& and lowest 21 above zero. Ther
mometer for May, highest point 90 and lowest
44 above zero Thermometer for June, high
est point 91 and lowest point 50 nb ,ve zero.
Thermometer for Julv, morning of tho loth 74
at 10 o'eloek a. in v S2 at 11 o'clock, 92a at 12
o'clock, 93 at 3 o'clock p. m.,lUOal5o'cloik,
90 nt 0 o'clock; 90 in tlie shade on the morn
ing of July 16th, 7(5' at 10 o'clock a. m.,Sl
al 11 o'clock, 9G at noon, 9S at 2 o'clock, 100
al 4 o'clock, 100 at 5 o'clock, 90" at 8 o'clock,
89 in tho shade. The most exces-ive heat was
on July 16th, hottest elay of the year, Then
mometer for August, highest point 92 and low
est point 51 ih tlie shade. Thermometer for
September, highest point SO' and lowest point
30, Thermometer for October, highest point
02 an.) lowuit point 2.1. 1'roiii the 1st to the
17th of October was the warmest weather for
that month that I ever knew in my recollec
tion. Thermometer for November, highe-t
punt 72 and bwest point 15 above i ro.
Thermometer f,r December, highest point 60
nnd lowest point 6 above zero.
During the year 1879 there were clear ehys,
179, some of them pirlially, cloudy days. 128
rainy elays,3S including nights: snowy, 2(1 eiays,
including nights. Thero were thunder showeis
the first on March Mh, in April 2, in May,
2, in June 13, in July 10, in August 0, in Sep
tember 2, in October 1, making 37 for the en
tire year. Whole depth of snow from Janu
ary lt, 1S79 to January 1st, 18S0, was 4 leel
101 inches,
Tlie mortality within the borough limits of
Lltooinsburg elunng the year J8i9, was as
follows: rrotn I'ighly to ninety, 4;
from seventy to eigly 4 ; Jrom " sixtv
to 70, 7" from fifty In sixty, 2; from forty lo
fifty, 1; from thirty to forty, 2; from twenty lo
thirly. 4; fn m len lo twenty years, 2; Irom the
craeiieii iniant up to Mi eirs, lo, making in
all 41 within tho borough limits of lilomn..
burg, a filling off of 51 Irom 1878. The aeer-
age mortality within Ih- borough Mm t- of
uloomstjurg lor llio last Ine years is 71) per
jrui. mv leiucrs, mm is ine ursi week
of January, 1880. I wi-h vou nil a biiiiov vear.
as many of us will pis- nwny lo the spirit
1 m l ere this year doses. I would exhort all
out of Christ to Ihe grle of iifuge. Il is cq en,
ye-s, wide open. The eternal spirit of God with
Hying leel, will bear thee within, if thou wilt
accept ll.e terms. Let not the bells ol eternity
ton ine iiearu i,nen oi my sunt, r.t-cnpe lor thy
life, le-t thou lie consumed.
All of which is ii-spectfully submit'ed l,y
your friend and well wi-hir,
See a woman on horseback in another cc's
u.nn, riding near Speer's Vineyards, with a
bunch of Grapes from which Sneer's Port Grape
Wine is made, tint is so highly esteemed by
le medical profej-su n for the use ol ', val J
weakly persons and the ngeel.
Sold by Druggists.
June 27 1-v.
Business -Notice:-
iY lot nf Chestnuts for salo bv Silas Y'ountT
at Light Street.
December, 19. uw.
Lutz ef-Sloan aro selling Drv Goods veiv
cheap to reduce stock before they move.
See tho display of ladies' Muslin under
garments in I, W. ILirtmaii's window.
, - - - Sm . -i. i !
liubbers atJIcKiniiey's,
200 nice thrifty white' sliotes that weigh
35, 40, CO, and CO lh. ; wanted at Liht
Street by fjilas Young.
jNnv, 21. 2-m.
A few Ladies' Coats tit I. W. llartman's
cheap for cash or produce.
Hoot headquarters at McKintiey's.
Wanted 200(1 IbTof 'nice dried Itasnber-
rles, at 25 ce'pts per pound.- 'And 2000 lbs
of nice drift! ji.ltcd 'cherries fur which 1 will
pay the very highest market price. Youkc
July lS-Cm
Admission free at McKinney's,
A few ladies' Coats and childrens' and la-
diet' Fur very cheap at Lutz c'cj'jloan's,
I. W. Hartman opens this, week a nice
Hue of New Calicoes.
4,000 pounds of nice ilried apples) wanted
nt Silas Youngs store Light Street for which
l nut pay me Highest, market prices.
December, lo, 2-m,
T. W. Hartmnn's ilmililn KtnrA line tnanv
attractions which were not in the tingle
Hoots and Shoes cheap at McKionej'c.
000 fleef hides wanleel by Silas Young
Light Street for which I will pay the high
est cash market price. '
December, 19, 2-m.
I. W. llaitmati's New Grocery has many
advantages over the old,
1 will nay 0 cents per pound cash for 200
good veal calves that weigh Irom 125, 130,
110, 150, to 100, lbs. and upwards. You can
bring them on Monday Tuesday and Wed
nenlay of any week
Noieniber,2I, 2-ni Silas Young.
Oa.ll at MoKiuuey'H for Etioes..
or valimhu:
TllO tindfr1i7nrir1 Artminlntrnt Ar nf J Mm lliUtiHnn
lute of Ucnton township, deceased, will oxpoao to
ruuiiu stuu uii uig premises on
Suttirday, Jnnuiiry 31, 1880,
at 1 o'clock p. in., tho following
In Henton township, boundeit on the north by lanJs
ot Joseph Ash, Samuel Yost, ami Daniel hhultz, on
tho east by lands ot William Iplier, on llio south by
lands ot Jonas Doty, Hiram Depooond John Knrns,
on tho west by lands ot liussell Min t, containing
104 ACRES,
moro or less, on which Is erected
barn and other out-buildlngs.
Sold subject to I ho pajment annually of tlio Inter,
est on tho dower to the widow of John llelslillnc.aid
at her death to t he payment to the heirs.
ii.ii.Msui- ssLit-ien percent, ot one-fourth of
f tin nil.-elliso mnnnv In Im nnM nt ,tm tf.ii inn
of tho property, the one-fourth less tho ten per cent.
ui. um vuiiunniiciuu oi rsaie, anu i lie remaining three
fourths In one vear tlierenrier win, i,,tr.rot tmm
contlrmatlon nisi.
W.J. IircKALUW, Attorney for estate.
Jan 0 'siMs
Pursuant to an order of tho Orphans' Court of
Columbia county, Pcnnsjivanl , wtlt ho sold at pub
llo sale, on tho premises, In Cauwlssa township, In
said county, on
Saturday, January 31, 1880,
tho follow Ine tl- crlbi-d real estate, late of Ooltlob
(lunther, elece se-d, to-wlt I
TIlUTNo 1. All that certain lt, pleci or parcel
or land, situ itc In Caiawlssa township, county ot
Columbia, state of cnnsvlvanl.i, bounded and de
scribed as follows : em the east tij puMlo ro.H aud
s. II. Jt W. II., II., on the west by land cf ejeorge
Zirr's estate, on Hie north by land ot Henry Hol
IhiKMiead and on the south by land ot eieort'a Zarr's
estate, cjutalrilnj
Ono and One-fourth Acres,
The Improvements nro a
Larga 2 Story Franc Dwelling Houso,
and basement. Thednelltnff has a piazza nronnd
two Mites nnd a flue lawn Intront. There Is a frame
A Large Bank Barn
of tho most substantial character. Also a large
Butcher Shop, Ice House
and other out-bulldlnirs. All being well calculated
and haling been used for tho purpose of cirrjlog on
the butchering business.
TltACTNo. a. All that cerium pie, pireel or
tract ot land situate In CatawUs.i township, ;county
and state aforesaid, bounded and described as fol
lows: On the north b) laids or Joseph llrelsch, on
the cist by land of .Joseph Oonimer ami Charles
liommcr, on south by lands ot James Iteeelor aud on
the w est by land of Daniel Ilelwlg, containing
all cleared land with a stream ot running water,
l'ersoiisdeslrlngtoilewtliepreinlses'- will please
call on the administrators,
salo to cojnmeuco at 1 o'clock, p. m.
Tkhms ASn Coviutiovsofai.e, Ten per cent, of
the one-fourth of Ihe purchase money to bo paid at
the striking down ot the property. Tho one-lourth
less ten per cent, nt contlrmatlon absolute, and the
remaining three-fourths In one year thereafter with
Interest from contlrmatlon nisi.
liiuw-N, Att'y for estate.
Jan s-ts
lly virtue of nn order c f the Orphans' Court, of Co
lumbia county, tho undersigned administrator de-
bontsnon of tho estate of Peter Knt, late cf r-cott
township, Columbia county, deceased, will cxikjm;
to public sale, on the premises. In Itoarlngcreek
township, on
Saturday, January 31, 18S0,
at twoo.elock In the afternoon, tho following describ
ed real ct ito, situate In Koirlngcreek townshlp.Co-
liunui i county, bound-M and ilescrliied as follows.
to-wll: AeljDlnlng hind cf th heirs of Tench cox.
deceased, lauds ot luntel Itarlg and the Columbia
nnd ischujlktll count) line, con ulnlng
420 Acres and 75 Porches
more or less, whereon aro eiectod a
Saw Mill, Dwelliuglloiisfi and Fan
About 33 acres are cleared. There Is a large amount
on iho land.
on tho premises In Light street on
Friday, Fcljiiniry Gtli, 1880,
at lo o'clock. a. in . will be exposed to public sale,
the lotluwtng ele- bed I t cf bounded ly
Walimtstrett m lie nor'h.Maln street on the west,
nuul!e, onth, eaM t,iuiut of W. II. nut, deceas
ed on tho nolo., , t-reen nro erected a Iwd siory
Fr.ame Sbiv- and Dwelling House
fr.uuo stable .11 d oilier
I tllM.s or r..l.K-ieii per cent of onc-fouilli of
Iho puichase money to 1m paid al the Milking down
of the piupcrty, tho one-foiuth less tho ten per cent
at the confirm ulon of sale, and rho remaining three
fourths In one year thereafter with Interest from
couilruullon nut.
v.i. 11. i:xt,
Jan o-ts
The undersigned administrator cf Hebccca smith,
lato of the township of Madison lu tho county of Co
lumbia, deceased, will esposo to publlo tale by vlr-
tuoof an orelerof tho Orphans' Court of said count
lu proceedings In partition, on tho premises In said
towLisntp of .Mautson 011
Saturday, January ol, 18S0,
at ten o'clock in thu forenoon, tlm follow Pg de.
aerlbeil real estate late tho estate of said decedent.
No 1. A certain tract ot land bltu.Ho In tho said
tow nshlp of Madison, bounded by lands of Abrah uu
tiroadt, deceased, Conrad Kreamer, William Miultz,
A. K. hmlth, tho land below described as No. v. and
loud of tlie he'rs ot laisha 11, Hinltli, dece sed, con-
and fourteen perches, more or less, situated on the
publlo road leading from Eyers' (Iroie to White Hall,
nearly all cleared and under cultivation, on w hlch Is
FRAMJ!. dwelling house,
fruma h.irn finrl
J.JPJPTj'E orchard
No. S. The undivided nne-lmlr ,,irt nr ,Mn,. nt
oertatn lot of land situate In kald Meiiunn mu nssin
of which the said decedent was seized as tenant la
common Willi A. K. Mnlth, bounded by tho aboio
mentioned iractNo,, aud theeald puMlo road and
one. 01 ivuiiam miuhz, containing
raoro or less, cleared land ln good cultivation, 0
which Is a
Frame Dwelling House
out-bulldlurs, a good well of waterand fruit trees,
TKUMS OF SALE.-Teu per cent, ot theone-tourth
of the pu-ehase money 10 be paid at the striking
flown of the propeity, the one-fourth less the ten
per cent, at tho confirmation of sale and the remain
Ing three-fourths In ono jcar thereafter Willi inter
est from contlrmatlon nUJ.
Deed to bo paid for by Iho purchaser.
June) town, pa,
Jan 9 ts.
J Oil l'HINTUMi '
Neatly and cheaply executed at the
CoLVMiiiM Office,
Ol' ' I M I t
1' 1,1' 'etifrn fi-lr rt i, it,- 1 u rofco-
' ' M ' r of
1 1 ' "II ' ' ' ' I II '',.'' , I., I
' e , el VI I , ' ' i 1 ,1 j O h 1 e e 11 ' I.D
1 in . In I uolii 11 . e 1 ' ,e ,' , O'i
t-'iilurday, .limitary 17, jVSSO,
rl oi i o' K. n. in .
'" ' 'ii 1 1 ' ils Miei n ill-Town
C ' um ' l 1 1' i I .- I i, il .,l an I
i .i r i vmo w't t e.ii i.h- i . i i, i r-t
,f i .1 , n , e r , ii, u , , , ,, . j.(
i ' I ' A i d e ! n , -' i, ,'ii
' ' i ' 1 1 1 1 ,e , , i, mi. i . d
ii e . piti. i,i r on are
wot )
.une Dwelling House
ii-1 lichen.
t I
LrplivryStalila, Cam'aieHora
- i n ii llO'li , i' r, , nMl other mi' build
i-i ndw ;i-f i i r at llio Mublo nuda
i u i t l,o I ui i 'ig jiun-e.
i ms up su.r.-'icn per cent, of no on--
ii of lit" pu i-li.i-e moiii-y to be p, I nt llio
i.-il iimr im- i inp i i, ihe one ruin 1 1 ss
I'' i a' lb linn iiion ,,f s ml iho
: "i 1 i" i ' . ' i . .r then i-.r Willi
ii, i , ., , , , i.
d lob - p.i d I ji- b. i.i pneliisrr,
IiyVi ) i.'iivrvnr in.
f- I'
dec!', ts Aeliiilnl,,! , nr.
ilvsrwaro. Watehcs.Jovolry.C!ocks.!c5
ltelnoeeil to the I'nsi nm,.., i.nti.itr... ,,..-.,,..-.-
above the K.ihangc Hotel.
All kinds of Watches, docks and Jewelry neat
ly repaired and warranted.
ma)- 11, -,3-11
Farm Accounts!
ll fry rarniiT i-houl.l know ltnvr to kefp them. An
c-iittri iVitrwRTi'lcimii.Moetrm Ju trie tin ). Heini
lxintjlforfnol lriuUrrttntni(itANT & Stihtios
Xlffii-VEftiJ UoLLtufc.. 103 H. Tenth fot,rkij..UUrUia.
oct. ir, law a 8
Atl,-r(lsln 'inn 11 Mr ,-l ul-r,' n.l,-r
tlalng iimut-tur 11 I.N NhlV VOItlv,
feb. u, '71 If r
l'cb.7, 7a-ly
Dauchy & Co's. Advt'a.
TIT 1 ITDi'l Mool. Cnrernnd Hook onlj fu.i to tS5
r A tJl "I-1' 'Nf- - t l.'i eils. Knee
ln" 1 s II-,-' ' lliuu, nlv J9-;llolld.iy
.N. n-ii, i- l-'p'u. ddres llANIKI. 1'. 111. TTV.
e, asuu.ii'on, .1, ei jinuisw
i (ii'AT- WiNTIlli-Vor thebesr and fastest
A s'liintr rti't" Hooks and lllMes. Prices re
cTiic dr pen -nt. NenosAi, I'viimmiini, Co. Phil
adelphia, I'a d J in in. 'su-lw
$10,000 I0X LI FK AM) l'iiOl'Ki.TY
I' will tc
p.t lil to ntr p"-r-nn w ho
1- l. MI inn-1 wan
I V.'fiME i. M lli 1
'inn .
t UaO'J .
ft !'... i our for f t. cunts
rou i
k t fc.ii. Mat' or JVin ut'.
!) I 1 rt. ' Sjlcsro'im 13 Wsi ItroudWHy, n. Y,
ritP.H A hinii1r PKPtnlilp rt'innly?
fnr th.s 1 1 efeirlliil ir, n r,l rir, lit I I , IIULC
Itlon.HroULlut 4,1 atorrli htliuialit'u.3Aro.ifg;
an-t tut.? Agtn nn$. Al ) Il JMltimp flirrtl
rndlrnl rurp for I,tr.-ui-i jTclniny ami )IE(
sSttVOUi C lul'lalnta, i At h hm ltn tt teti n
(in (icruiaiit 1-rincb, r nt-ht-h) inr i niar-C
.liiifitn'lur-tiin'.n'iit l i i lrro ui plmiKon
i u ii .in : ut In nil-, i H-inie I" v liom w c will
pa a - 'I ol f '" p I In i l'i ..lid i v . ijm-- t. s II
our -,. nt mil I'.u ml... i w i-Li: fill.',.sv
ntuli MW.vl ' , M Mt-II M.I., Mil i Ii. AN.
nn --sw d
ft C"'i!) FLA'J.
5(TS C iT4 I'oi a '--'' "f e ,1 eiii. i , ,,
I 35 86 S .-.M-Il.liA lint AHAi: ei , ,
..jP.H EOT A -1U I.-AL.--A ul
111 UUl ( IHH !
H. ItUliJ ,.M I i
ml Ur.ili il
o tint the it ,ni" i r r.
i lil t n In ihu ulu t.l in.- huttl '.
pl. i y i.t . t . (.OOli.1. I.S v i o.. P.. -loi
Wi -vv ill -en, l r
I l. ilro-V,il.ili I'.. I'-. ,i
s it inn if il lot ;u ii.i
Kilts It lit 1 1 1 . i.h. Ulll i -I
Clp llll.- API lint
hllll -1 It - II
111 M'
- or iiw t ti, i- or I. Id
in tiiv uiiii-i ill-, um s. a Kin,1 1 mo ninei ui'.
p.iv. Aililr, ss VDI.TAR-IIKI.TC'O.. Jlltlslt.
itien iu ii
lu tho maltf r of tin estatr of Thomas l!'tif.
Ih thu Court of Coin mot i Pleas uf Coluinltla coun
Knuir. I'ourt tippotiil T. .1 ViiiiUvt (slice, mntlti.r lu
(llstrluuU1 lutiJ-i la the haudh ut Ihc AKIuhte
in i in; i in it r.
The Amlltor In Tmruancc of the toti'irolnL' n-
nnitiimcnt. ulll titttud In the iltutifH iliiiinf nt iiu
dtllci' lu IHiKJinshurir en Saluidnv the t;th tltynt
.lUlltl(ll, 1,U1 '.MM 1 JIJHU III , MlIL'll UIIU Wllt'lt1 un
iMitli h IniiTi-Mfil ulll iient their L-luhnscr he
(Iv-'L'.irmHitJiacoinlns liu-ii said fuiitls.
1, J, VA.nDUUSI If k,
tlto 19.-4W
In ncM itfl nr SimiHl AlNrt-ion, di-ren"-.!.
In the t'ili ui'" nnm ot t 'ilumliU i-utint .
Nuw liciiMiiinril. ) ii ml iniitlnii i if P. ll I it tin
Esq , "t h Jinns t. VniiderKliC"'. Is annjlnteii nuillii r t.
s'. in- tin ut i-.iiiiit fur v.. V. uftmlnl.sii.tttir ilc
lifitit-4 hoii (ti Nimiiel MlH'itscn, Ji,it'ii-el.s.ittl om?
hiiutiUici t hh'an tuTuttiit in (lU-illeuce tu ihi
Cltnllt-ii ml I.N llitl.ixit iiHK-et'dliij.'M.t! h tlil
eltiithni. mid il I nnls IniMiii; lift the lui l-dh tloii
Of thNi Mint Ins reshh-liee U'lUtf iinkiuiuu.
Notlrt Is lierehv trl rn that Hie utiiieikiirnn win
attentl to the tlutlejuf hi apH)liitiui.'iit st hlsotlUv
la lUoomhburir (-a Frld iv Januarv ihe icih. 1 m
tfo'cl'j'ku in. len und hcro all purtlebliileribt
(1-P .Mnlllor.
I'uiuiKf) .Nunci:.
fill I Ml ' 4 r. I V V h I
in J in i i itN imu prfiried'i'L'K ft thu nr.
p'l.'h tilt ut h i.-l i lUiU UiUTtllU ll 1 tUU U 11
1.1 i v t,
Aii I nt w ViO. 1. 1T9. on mniti.n,f f 11 iiifitw
J. m i i. in-, mn i'H ttti i.i -r I t(l (Mm .
I -Ht Tt- h.t. I. I Ui .Wlw i. MUit-.t, 4ii(,i
(I- I' I ill f llif lllelcr 111 Ull'Cll liiliit,' i,tt . i, , i
loifiu I 1 i'M tin-1' lUulliiU Mtlo ul s lir.,.1
TV THK't"l"'T
cm i"! It -in Ui- ittuonh tli!- i i i. ii.i ut l. -
(tin" v i :kv,
M Kllll rl ,
1 1, (II
'Iho A urt'tof In pnfsy'ij( n pf.f ' 1 i,.,, . if t
111 h' w " 1 ' ht it I I lit' at lit I IU l.-u. ,u IimiIi if
I I ill ' I , ( U I I lit ,IMI. ",,l .(! ,Vt
0 ' " t, . I -( h h Oiiii wi i ii ,i it U 1 1' u i
1 j.i- . ttl ih 1 ' i tluit Ol bed t t
l'1 i t . ;ia alvi lu. di.
" Au.uwr
Notic. uii. ivh ifivi'u t int thu uiul. rlww aiw
puinti-.i hv thi' (irpiiims .iiirt ut n lumhia fount v
tu Iiuik ilMiihinhiii it ni, inom-j in tUi-lm iuCi
.... .. MM-.. ...II KMIIKI till' III ,r Ml" V'H'HS t'llll-
1 1 ll I 1 I T t 111 i,Mt !i l 1 .1,, U'.t . ,t ,J i.n.mlul.
un'iit ih im. ill Ii J i. ks lt. I in i 1 1 w li k
uit nut 1 1 , ii. i) ii 1 1 i lit i (, iti, ,ii n. i t h i
IlllJ.I M UM II. .it Wh I ll t ,1.1. iillet 1,1 nil t.i.IIi.i
juh n hmi inn' i i p. i it miii ihiiriUiui'.or
uv V U4IIVU MVUl u 11U.1 11 IHIIUII
i.kuo t. 'in ni pu iv
I deolMu Auditor.
That the I uhlic nny ho prolec eel ncalint Imilati iri" ntul Krotnl wo specially caution til pur
lo see thai the worel CAI'e. on each plaster is spilliel correctly. Do not allow some other
pla-lcr lo hu pnlmeil oH'undcr similar sonnellng mines, wi h the nssurntice that It Is Iho same
lliini; or asi'imil, Hour m minel that the ohject such venilor can hnvo is Ihe fact that they
can huy iinTlu iiiiK at half the prico of tho geiiuii e, mil they he pe hy this substitution to gain
a small innai jirolii.
HI) HLItY .1 JOILS'SON', lM1nri11actutlc.1l chemists, New York, el jan2-4w
Corner Main and Mtirkct Streets
The undersigned liktlng been In tho W 1 1 (I I.I A iiii Id business for the past eleven years would
call tho attention ot the publlo irenerally, and CUI'NIHY niSAi.mtS lu particular, to
their lariru and varied slock,
M consists; of
Paints, Oils, Glass, Putty, Patent Medicines,
Spices, &c.
TOO I II Ullt'SllEH,
IIAIK l!ItL'Slli:s,
and in fUct every thing that should be kept in a complete and well
regulated Drug Store.
They are the sole Matuii'aciuiea ol" tho Celebrated
Also tho Manufacturers
Dlt. W. Al. BICKLEY'S Celebrated and
Conniound Aromatic
Iron. Improved Cream
ling Agent, Improved Hose Pectoral.
The Beset Remedies Made.
Highly Recommended br Physicians
imrm mmwms,
Oct IT .'J.-'v,
bust nes
nnd when
person, when
tako thorn back.
clerks, who nro able to
wo nro ennblod to glvo
innrr i mniir
Bratfivivwii' wi fppr
customers ic40 Xmto tha chotco to its. With n reputation of
twenty yeura nt retailing, wo cannot nfford, to loso our good
namo by lank of proper service to absent customers. Wrlto
plainly, nnd describe fully what is wanted, nnd. about tho
prico desired,
John Wanamaker,
l n.nnt n... n..,i.
ts.UIJIDOl.Uljr uuuua uuusu,
Cvu, ' ,
v oliis,
TlcLUucfir Urjiiifc-uf ihu
Tli rou t
horii Tliroittt
Cola In Iho Head,
t'ohl Iu tlio llmvel-i,
A-lhiiiatlo t'ouslm,
mjJ rtlU't'uf t'uuituuiiitltip,
W, (,IIAn,IOVIH:orMNti,.il.l..
TO'! le
Mill, . I .
p I 'p ll 11 - I 111, f',IP(iM(,.' ,
ll it 1 p I I
IiiiuI-i.p e . i
1 1 e . i
I.t p
pi., lu, ,.-
e hoi t. Ll 111' el ettipi.l, I,
t Hue.,
1 ppp mil I.t V I IHun 1 1 wren. Tl li'lw BlllHi'l'li'll
nt Hi, nn il Ip. qu. t,t ,i in ,iliu K. 1 e'Vele-i- iu li.r.u-C1te-k
It-ee l.-lili I nor l'1-ll i, . .
s it p'l i.h. itvi. i- .n unit I.. J'.. Nuiier, A.
tt-'lll L- , I I . 1 III 111 I ,
h . . ui.i p i .i . ii i.. i . h, i iinuiiiii i ii tiLi.
be-ill i pp p u.
1. 'I Ii. , . hi t f .1 in, Mi Hi. ui-el I in i ,
Hie-ftUitr e.,uiu.llti p. el M.,tv'.tt, 1 1 imii, nii,aiu-.
M. Kli.l Mi.M il,
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and Sole Proprietors
Wine of Gentian and
Camphor, Worm Kil
Out of town
peoplo who can
not conveniently
travel, mnyhovo wim
ples sent thorn of Dry
Goods nnd all other goods
thntwo bell, if they will write
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if not suited. Wo mako it n
to rtttend to such lettera quickly;
orders coma wo send tho exact
nrtlclo wanted, and at exactly samo price
na other customers pny when hero buying in
goods nro not na ordered, wo
Having trained and responsible
uso discretion In filling orders,
groat satisfaction to tho many
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JauK.'w-iu O. O. HAHKLEV, Auflltor