The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, January 16, 1880, Image 2

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m iMiiiitBiatt.
0. E. SWELL, Elltsr.
Friday. Jim. 10.1880.
It appears to have been tlis pracllco of the
County Cotnirilsl(ii)crs for some years back
to give Instructions to the assessors who
make the triennial assessment, directing
them In assess property at a certain percen
tngo of its value, instead of Its actual
value. While real estato was taxable for
state purposes there may have been an
object in this, but now that slate tax is
removed from real estate there is no
occasion lor It. It is not Intact a com
pliance with the law. The act of Assembly
requires the assessors to make return of "all
property taxable by law, together with n
jutl valuation of the same." The oath which
they are required to take compels assessors
to justly and honestly, to the best of their
judgment, assess and value every separate
lot, piece or tract of land,wlth the improve
ments thereon Ac, at the rate or price which
they shall, after due examination and con
siileiatlon, believe the same would sell for,
if sold singly and separately at a bona fide
sale, aflcr lull public notice." The statutes
on the subject contain no clause that can
possibly bo construed into n permission to
the commissioners to fix the percentage of
value to bo placed on real estate, and no
assessment is in compliance with the law un
lets it puts tho actual telling value upon tho
property. It may be said that it makes no
dilUrence whether we are taxed eight mills
on a thousand dollars, or four mills on two
thousand dollars, the tax will be the same.
This is correct mathematically speakine;,biit
because it makes no difference is no reason
why the law should not U3 followed. If
this were a good excuse there are many laws
iu thejbooks that might be avoided in the
same way. Iiut it dees make a very material
difference in many respects, which we shall
not specify at present.
We understand that the assessors through
out the county have returned property at AO
percent, of its actual value, under Instruc
tions from the commissioners. The matter
cm easily be remedied by tho commissioners
by simply doubling the assessed valuation,
aud thus make the returns according to the
law. In instructing the assessors to assess
property at fifty per cent, of its actual value
this year, the commissioners have only fol
lowed a precedent that has existed for many
years, and aro not blameable, but now that
their attention has been called to the matter
it is a good time to start in right, and sic
that the laws relating to assessments aro
properly carried out..
On Friday last Governor Hoyt appointed
Col. Stanley Woodward additional law
Judge of Luzerne county. Mr. Woodward
is a Democrat and the appointment has called
forth bitter denunciation of tho Governor by
the republicans of that county. Ex-Senator
H, B. I'ayno was their choice, and
evry influence was brought to bear to se
cure his appointment. Col. Woodward was
an outjjioken supporter of Hoyt on personal
grounds, and made himself so unpopular
with his own party by his action, that he
was defeated in the nominating convention
for candidate as Judge. He has now accepted
tne appointment Irom a republican governor
which lasts for a year, and it is likely th
when the time comes to elect a Judge, that
tho Democrats of Luzerne will refuse to sup
port him. Judge Rice who was elected fo
ten years as additional law judge has accept
ed the appointment of the Governor as Pres
ident judge, and there will bo two judges to
be elected next fall in that county, llico
must be pretty certain of an election to give
up an office which lasts ten years for an ap
pointment ot only one year.
Mil. Euitoii : Tho Philadelphia Tim
of Tuesday quotes you for Bayard as ou
next nominee for President. I firmly be
lieve that the mass of our voters are fu
Gen. Hancock. As a soldier he had
superior. Uis statesmanship is unexcelled
as was demonstrated by his administration o
affairs iu the South during the reconstruc
tion era. His nomination would mean
"solid South" and an almost solid North.
C. B. B.
We have no doubt that the nomination of
Gen, Hancock would be satisfactory to th
voters of this county, but we are equally
certain that Bayard would suit them just as
well. While IlayarJ is our personal choice
we are in favor of anybody to beat Grant,
Mr. Parke Godwin, in the Philadelphia
I'rest, says : "I am out of politics and hav
been some time. There is no discussin
Urant s character as a soldier or as a man
at this time. It is nut in dispute. But hi
character as a statesman is seriously in dis
pute, and till be more so should he consent
to be a candidate for re-election to the I'reS'
idency, I am opposed to him as a candidate
and shall be. My opposition arises from the
love of my country. Grant made a bad I'reS
ident during hit first term, lie made a worse
one during his eecond term. There i'i no tea
ton why he would not prove tlill worse, " that
were possible, should he get to be President a
third time. Grant was never chosen by the
nominating conventions because he was uui
versaliy qualified for the office ; not at all,
He was not chosen because he bad proven
himself to be a great soldier oven ; not at
all. The machine nominated him because
he was regarded as "available."
A committee consisting of Senators Voor-
hecs, "Vance, Pendleton, Windom and Blair
was appointed by the Senate last week to
investigate the causes of the exodus of col
orcdi people from Southern to Northern
Frank Leslie, the great publisher of New
York Is dead. He died last Saturday eve-
nine after a brief illness, ills real name
was Henry Carter. His best known publi
cation was the "Illustrated Weekly."
The Schuylkill county republicans have
endorsed J. A. M, Passmore as candidate
for Auditor General, and instructed their
delegates In the State Convention to demand
his nomination,
It is rumored that Hon. It. A. Lamber-
top ot HarrUburg has been tendered the
presidency of Lehigh University in place
of Iter. Dr. Leavitt, resigned,
Maine Is well supplied with Legislatures
just now, On Monday night the republicans
14 of
' H
met anu organized a little one of tbei
i.i:aisi,ATUiu: by lmtnnr.Y.
Governor Garcelon's term expired last
week Wednesday at mid-night. No ono had
been selected to fill his place, on nceount of
the cordltlon of affairs in the Legislature.
andGcneral ICbamberlain therefore issued
an order stating that he would assume con
trol of the state until a Governor could be
elected. Tho police force at the State House
was changed. At the session of the Legis
lature on the Oth, Thomas II. Swan, of Jlin
ot, rose and reai).i statement that $1,000 hud
teen paid him not t appear at the organiza
tion of tho Legislature. Ho stated that tho
money had been paid him by Wnllace It.
White, ul Wlnlhrop, and that he (Swan)
should not claim It. Mr. Harriman, of Ken-
nebunk,testlfied that the same offer had been
mado him by Mr. White. lie displayed the
roll of bills he had received. The following
Is swan's slate menl :
The press of the Republican party makes
charges against me, reflecting upon my hon
or and Integrity in relation to matters con
nected with my position as a member of this
House. I refer to the attempt to brlbo me
by an agent of the Republican party. I will
briefly state tho main facts connected will
this affair, I camo from my houso to this
city on Saturday, January 3 On the Jinn
day following rumors were afloat that men
had been offered money toabsent themselves
from the House of Representatlv es, so that
no quorum would be present on the first
ednesday of January. Late in the even
ing of Januarys a reliable person, who in
now a member of this House, informed me
that Wallace It. White, of Winthrop, had
called upon him and offered him $1,000 In
cash to deliver up his cerlificate and re
sign as a member of the House, which he
had refused to accept, and that said White
Informed him that he wanted thrco more
men to resign, and requested him to see
Upon this information I went at once to
Augusta House and found Hon. K. IT. Gove,
Secretary of State, and told him what I
knew about the matter. Mr. Gove and
myself then vent out and found Hon. Solon
Chase. In their presence I hastily drew and
signed an affidavit embodying my statement
ot the bribery. His affidavit was sent on
Tuesday night. I then went and requested
the gentleman who had been ofTered the SI,-
000 to see Mr. White in the morning and
informed him that I would resign for tl,
000. He saw Mr. White the next morning.
Mr. White sent back a request for me to
meet him at the Court House at 10:30 a. in.
1 went there at about that time and met
White, who took me up stairs into a corner
room. He then showed me a statement, as
follows :
Augusta, Jan. G, 18S0.
To the Chairman of the Democratic aud
Greenback Committee.
After mature deliberation I have conclud
ed that it is my duty as a citizen to obey the
laws as they are construed and decided by
the Supreme Judicial Court. I cannot there
fore lend my aid to keeping out of their seals
the Republican Representatives-elect whom
the Supreme Court has declared entitled
thereto. I therefore give public notice that
I will not participate in the organization of
the llouse.being fairly and fully determined
to obey the mandate of the Court. To re
sist that mandate is revolution, destructive
both to my party and the great interests, of
the State.
Thomas B. Swan.
He informed me that I should have to
write a statement like it and sign the same;
also, sign a resignation and deliver up my
certificate to him. He said they should not
want to use the resignation, but wanted it
to show that I acted In good faith, and that
after the House was organized I could take
my seat and the Republicans would nut me
.."uiiuuituuiinuiees. 1 iniorraeu Him
that I would sign the papers and he said that
no hail to go and get the money, as he did
not uring it. He left the room and returned
in about twenty minutes and said it was all
right. He then read to me and I conied in
my own hand lefters to the chairman of the
democratic and Greenback committees. He
also read a resignation, which I copied. I
then put said papers, without my signature,
into my pocket. We then counted the mon
ey and found it correct. I then signed the
papers and took the money. He said he
wanted some moro men and wanted to know
of any he could get. I told him I thought
ne couiu get llvrinian, of Kennebunk.
He told me to Bee him and come with him
at half-past one o'clock. I then left and
called into the Augusta House to see if 1
could find Harriman, but did nut find him.
I went directly totheStatellouse and found
E. H. Gove and made the following state
ment :
J, inonias B. Swan, in the presence of
unn. soion Uhase and Hon. E. II. Gove,
make the following statement : I have this
day been approached by an agent of the
Republican party to resign as a Represen
tative, for money. I am going to take the
money to morrow and thus show to the peo
ple the fraud and corruption of the Repub
lican party. I expect to have another nartv
also take money for the same purpose.
I went to the House and found Harriman.
I told him what had taken place and he
agreed to go with me at 1:30 and take tho
money and expose the fraud. I went to mv
dinner and then returned to tho Augusta
uouse, where 1 again found Harriman. and
not far from two o'clock we went towa'd the
Court House. Before we reached it I showed
him White standing upon the platform,
wniie went into the building and so did
Harriam. As I passed by tho Court House
White stuck his head out of tho window of
the same corner room and motioned to me. I
answered the motion with a nod of mv
head. I then went to the Granile National
Bank, taking the money which White had
paid me, and bought a draft on Boston. I
do not claim this money and it is subject to
tne order ot the person who furnished it.
At one timo the Republicans had tho ad
vantage, the Supremo Court having decided
n their lavor, but In attempting to control
the legislature by means of their favorite
methods, fraud and bribery, they have for
feilcd all sympathy, and have acknowledged
the correctness of the action of Governor
Garcelon and the council in maklni: up the
returns. J he i-usiouists may have been
wrong in the first plac9, but the action of
the Republican leaders has put them right
I'eter llerdic Found (iuilly.
Last Saturday morning at Williamsport tho
jury Iu the case againstPeterllerdic and Hor
ace 13. Taylor brought in a verdict of guilty,
The charge was conspiracy todefraud creditors
in connection with the operations of the
banking house of II, E. Taylor & Co.,wh!ch
suspended a couple of years ago. Motion
as made for a new trial, bail given and the
hearing on tho motion put down for March,
Judge Mayor, of Clinton county, presided
t the trial, which continued several days
and attracted a great deal of attention.
Mark Acheson has been appointed Judge
of the United Slates District Court by
ayes to till the vacancy caused by the
death of Judge Ketcham.
Philadelphia gavo a reception to Parnell
and Dillon, the Irish Patriot, last Satur
day, at the Academy of Music.
Mr. lartifll, on being Introduced, said ho
wr i Indebted for the kind and spontaneous
reception accorded him in behalf ol his
country, tho land ol suffering and sorrow.
One of the prlncipa' objects of his visit, he
said, was to ohatno the Hrillsh government
Into doing its duty, and to expose tho sys
tem maintained by that government In Ire
land. After referring to the widespread
famine over six of the largest counties in
Ireland and tho distress consequent there
upon, Mr Parnell said that wlillu the aid
otlered was timely and very acceptable, it
would not be cnl'relv adequate. Iu ills
speech In New York he had showu tills,
and lie had shown also that it was the Brlti
Ijh government only that could copo with
the trouble. It was now proposed bv the
British government to appropriate a quarter
of n million pounds sterling fur relief,
showing that It was being shamed into
doljn what it had refused to do up to yes
terday, even to admitting that there was any
distress. It was not until public opinion
was directed to the subject In this country
that the British government felt constrained
to take some nolo of tho matter. Tho step
proposed to bo taken, although Indlcitlng a
great change, must be to a very great extent
inadequate. Parliament meets on the bth
of February, and the appropriation cannot
pas through both houses iu less than a
week. There will be a long dis'UJslon, and
finally the consent of the Queen must be
obtained. Thereroro fully n month will
consequently elapso before the cumbersome
machinery can he put in motion. Mr. Par
nell meutimied this in order that tho Amer
ican people might not slacken their efforts
Inallevlallnir tho condition of thedhtresseil,
.Mr. Parnell then went into a history of the
Irish laud system, or land tenure, which he
said has ben so badly woiked. He referred
toits abolition In Franco and Prussia, and
said that in Irclaud its evils weie ono hun
dred fold intensified. What was wanted iu
Ireland, he, said, was to give the people a
chance to own the land they till, The strug
gle was between the landlord and tho ten
ant as to who shall go. There was one
trouble about sending away the landlords,
nobody will have theui. They value them
selves at nidi a high prico it will take
if 250,000 000 to buy them out. As to this,
the speaker said, we will see aller a while
how fiat will be. Wo propose to change
the system. (A cry from the audience,
"By revolution I"l Uoutinuing, Mr. Parnell
said ho was surprised to find one or two of
the New YorK papers expressing tho opin
ion that the question was not one for the
American people to consider. He had some
American blood In his veins, and he was to
learn that the American people were afraid
to discuss any question of interest to them
or iu advocacy of any distressed country.
He uad every reason to believe that the
preponderance of public opinion in this
country was ou his side. After referring to
Ireland's representation to tho House of
Commons, Mr. Parnell concluded amid
great applause.
Wasliinglond). U. Jan 13 Hi 1S8U-
The Democrats last year removed tho duly
from quinlue.and the price is now only a lit
tle more than one halt" what it was before.
Yesterday a hundred Democrats and a few
Republicans voted to remove the duty Irom
salt and so reduce its price, but a hundred
Republicans and a very lew democrats voted
agaiusi uiecnauge.
mere are lo-uay two legislatures in
Maiue that is, one that met with a quorum
iu uuiu nouses oi memuers wuo uad certlti
cate of election from the Governor, and one
composed ot less than a quorum of such
men, and a sprinkling of men who have read
in the newspapers that they were elected.
Tho latter body, which organized last
night in tbe dark will ask ihu Sunremo
Court to pass upo i the question of its le
gality. That is it will ask for the opinion of
me memoers 01 tue uourt.tor no proper case
can be brought before Court under the pres.
ent circumstances. An opinion given by
individual judges on a statement of facts
made by a radical crowd tclaiminir to be n
Legislature but having no ollicial proof of
mi ueiu:, niu cjuimunu neuner ooedience
nor respect from the people of Maine or ol
the country.
Such an opinio:! may possibly be en
forced by the military for a time, and the
military is under command of u Renublican
but it will not be permanently recognized.
It is not, however, lo be assumed that the
judges though all but one of them are Re
publicans, will hold that the citizem who
last night resolved themselves into a Legis'
lature are really a Legislature.
Yesterday there was a conference of Dem
ocratic members ol the House and Senate
Appropriation Committees on the subject of
raeuuiii 111:111111 on uie appropriation
bills, and to consider the course to lie taken
on several of them which werethe subject of
party discu-siim durinirthe last Inn
No definite coiiclu-ion was reached, hut the
prevailing wish seemed to be that, sofaras
disputed questions so fur as marshals were
ooncerned.the bills should read as before, viz
that none of the money appropriated should
be Used for the payment of marshals for the
perlormance ot duties at elections. The first
ot June was named as n tune at wn i-h ml
journment might properly take place. All
me unreporieu appropriation bills were said
to be in nood state of forward
Yesterday a resolution was adopted in the
nuusu musing 10 an investigation of the
manner ni unowifg anil paying pensions,
A special committee will be appointed to
day fir the purpose. Tho thirty odd mil
lions paid annually as pension money, and a
ceriaiuty tnat the amount will be increased
hereafter, nukes inquiry eminently prop
er. Fernando Woods long announced refund
ing hill was introduced yesterday. It pro
vide. as is known, for a Si iw wni. Imn.l
for the redemption of five and six per cent,
bonds won redeemable. It is believed that
the bill will meet with general approba
tion. Hilton.
The Philadelphia Timts of Tuesday nub-
lished a list of returns from democratic pa
pers through tne State.giviiig the sentiments
on the Presidency, with the following re
sult :
For Thomas F, Bayard 13
For Samuel J. Tildeu 15
For Winfield S. Hancock ji
For Horatio Seymour 9
For the Field 4
For the Nominee 5
For Auybody jj
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Ulptherla, career moulh, and head actio, tn hhlloh a
catarrh remedy. A uiml injector rrea with each
bottle ym It It you deslro health, indlweet breath.
1TICH50 cents. Bold by J.u. Klnports. u'l"lu-
A Strange I'eop e.
imlffill11 H'l1!?."0 ftr6 "ranee people In our
community, we say strancu because ihi vsppm iA
prefer 10 suffer and pass their da) s miserably, nwdo
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Five Huudred Thousand Strong.
In the past few months there has been more than
wo,ooo buttles nt smioh's cure sold? om 0? the vat
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m,o shtloh's porous plater. Bold by j, 11, Kta-
A dispatch from Jackson, Mississippi,
says that Senator Lamar was stricken with
paralysis last Sunday night, Tho doctors
think he will recover.
For Ihe use of Huden Is and others our cov
ered newHpaper pads aro the he'st. They con
tain one hundred sheets of paper, making two
hundred pagei". Prices, ten and twenl p.i.
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ure strengthened.
ror iiosieiier s almanao for 18S0 apply to Drug.
Valuation of Real E3tato and PMoonal Properly of Colwnbia coun
tyat triennial valuation h 1879.
ileal cr
Iterw 'ck
Cent, "i.
Hemlock,. H
I.OCt'St ,H ,
Mt' -on
Montour. ...
Mt. I1 e.,Sai t
Mil 1
Ml p
131 40'
ml n
vi mis
St 5733
017 8
1S3 Sill
... ISO
1SI 120
l V07
191 159
1J 49
S03 811
IC.ll M
SS 75
SI'l; 191
ir.i 103
14T ion
1 1 3 T
09 1 69
1IH 10'
91 5S
123 149
141 10'J
Total 3043 3217
i ne above statement shows the amount of
vi, uisuitn ni uuiiimuin wioiiiy
Notlco Is hereby civen that tha County
will attend, at their office, in Blonmsburg, for the purpose of finally determining whether
any of the valuations of assessors have been made below a just rote, according to the in
tent and meaning of the Act of July 27th, 1812, and to raise, reduce and equalize the
iiokihoiiuB iu uiwi unuuarv, monuay uie zuin, mr an districts on the south side ol
the river, Tuesday, the 27,for all districts west of Big Fisilng"rcek,and Wednesday, the 2S,
for balance of district", being those through which said creek passes and those wholly on
the east side; at which time and place all persons, for themselves and districts, dirlnir
to ue nearo, can attend, ihe returns will
Attest : John B.
Commissioners' Office,
Bloomsburg, January 12, 1880,
Wheat per bushel i.s5
KJO ' 30
Corn, " , .no
Oats, ' ' ft 40
Flour per barrel 8.oo
Cloverseed 6.00
Urea ,
Dried Apples ,
sides Shoulders ,
Hay per ton loisi
Ueeswax 25
No. 4 oa Wharf t 3.00 per Tor
No. 5 " " I 3.S5 "
No. 6 ' " f 1.75
lllacksmtlh'R Lutup on Wharf t 3.10 "
" Bituminous " . t . "
Wholesale prices at the close of trade on Tues
day. lluckwheat flour p?r cwt
Whpatilour "
n't,,, .r rr biislinl
(2 IS to (2 25
0 75 " 7 00
1 4S " 1 50
63 " 00
47 " 51)
00 03
70 " 90
5X " 0
27 " SO
IS 19
7 " S
1 " 9
n " 10
II 12
oorn '
u,a " '
Hyo "
Hurley " "
Iiressed hogs, per pound
Ilutter " according to
Kifus per dozen
l'oultry.llve chickens
Chickens dressed
Turkej s
Turkey dressed
The well known C. n. WIIITK, Proprietor of tho
has sol 1 a half Interest In tho same to J. V. Conner.
The company have lepalred tho works, and aro pre
pared lo accommodate all who want anything In tho
lino of Arlcultural Implements. They ha.e Just
completed a new left hand White plow.whlchir po.
slble, will beat tho right hand. Afso surface pluws
or Jointers for tho same. A new Thresher and Clean
er with centre thake or riddle shoe, called the
White Tlircxlier and Cleaner,
with bolts, lever and lallway powers o a preatlv
Improved plan. We manufacture LAND Itoi.LEUH
with cast iron he.Us. Cjrn P.ows, do ible and .single
Cultivators sldo hill 1'ions, .Mill Castings. Turning
ot uery description douo wlln promptness. u
keep constantly on hand a law assortment of Plow
shares for our own and many other plows thai are
used luthe country. We will not be undersold In
work or material of the same quality. U! our work
Is warranted to give satisfaction, or tho money re
funded. WK liBb'V COMI'KiIl'IuN. Farmers, and
thHpuoll'i in general are lequesiedto call and ex
amine before purchasing eisewhjre.
Jai. 10, -0-ly OUANdEVILLK, I'A.
JL roit i'i
tieorgo Strieker vs. l'hlllp Huntilnger ct ux.
Jacob Fisher etal vs. .loan Fisher et ul.
c. 11. llrockivuy vs. First National Uajk, Ilorwlck.
II. A. Weldensaul vs A. W. Cream-'r,
James Moirl.son vs. Pa. M. Fire I us. Co.
c 11. Foivler Atft. s Samuel Williams.
iianlei Morris vs. William Torrey.
J. vr EcKciux. a. Mary. Ilrliuln ct al.
Charles Krug vs. .1. . c. Hank et ux.
Samuel .Miller vb. W, II. Ilelnbuld.
David Tjson vs. Thomas (ieraghty.
J. W. sankej"s uso is. M. 11. and s. F. Association
of liloomsburg.
.Michael tinner's Adm's. vs. atarla Wolf's Ailm. et
J. H. Hotler vs. D. L. W H. It. Co.
William V. Hess vs. 1 llnton Co e.
WlL'lam Shnrrer pr. Al. rntlinrlnn MpAnnll 1.,
oranipnllle M. A F. Academy vs. Hiram C Hcs.
Joshua Savage's Admr. vs. Samuel Applemau.
Henry noak s. (ildcon vuchael.
John C. Christian vs. 1'a. .M. F. Ins. Co.
eieorge Master's Admr. vs. John F. Chopin.
comiuonealthtousds. John W. Hollman etal.
Cathar ne Ilutter vs. Itetiben Houcn.
John A Jackson et al. vs. Kll stoctzell.
1:1149 iilger vs. Barbara (llger.
. D. luuard vs. Ferdinand Haul et ux.
Henry llouck vs. John W. Hoffman.
1). F. Sej bert use vs. '1 homas Ueraghty.
o. 1). I. Kostenbauder vs. Joseph It. Knlttle.
Ludivlg Thlelo a Admr. a. Daniel Morris.
1'enna. Canal Co. vs. N. h. Campbell,
Kmanui'l Strauss vs. Martha Jouison.
James Union's Admr- vs William tamon.
Peter Swank.s uso vs. Charles retterman's Admr.
Samuel S. KreilerleK vs. Nnlnrnnn Vvllprmnn',
peters. Ilower vs. I'utawlasa township,
Jacob Slice's Admrs. vs.cmrles Ktug.
William Lamon, Trustee vs. Juhn W. Hoffman.
A VAU'AIILK FARM situate In .Madison town-
ship, Columbia co. near New Columbia, containing
187 Acres of Land.
There is a
A Spring and Good Well of Water, a LAItGE NEW
and ether Fruit Tines on tie premises.
For terms and particulars apply to
Jan. I,'b0.3m liuck norn, ra.
Which is tho Bamo thing
Imp 110 S'ulviiitiii 01 lll-Cnili Smln,
(wliii I4 UtlienunitMhluuiUurit Mlluht-.
lyilUl m iittr rului . l miiyum.rar
ithllc, fin 111 In (I I, j' If ell', hut a
CilMPAUlsOV Willi CIlDUCfl A
Will klimv Ihu Offl'ii mr
Ntr thiil your SuN intiii nn-1 Palt
IlifC huilu U thlte unit IMtl, urj
HhuuM he AM, SI3III,:i bU5VlA.
C 4-1 imut lor,
AiiniilelutfceYeroteat of llo rouivtratiTo
vilue 0! dlQrrmt Lrm.dii if hoiU cr ' alerMiu U
to dUsj ilvo a dowr t nxmiul vt i a-U Lln-l w uli
tboutajilut ii(4irr (hot iirwierrwi) tit tUu?
jJas.eH.itlrrliittumllHllUth. p'UvLly ttolved
'iL e Uoleteriou li.olul lo n.attcr Id ihe iufiricr
bod 1 ttlULe!iow 1 ariirKttllii .trua twvutf
laloutes or tu uxor, hy the milky aiit!Hraiu-u of
the nolutioa ami tho quantity ut& atluj fl cl
matter according to quaUty,
Xia aure and n-tk for Church t: Oo.'i f!oJnoi
Baler at aud aue that thir Uaiuo 1 cu tho
l'ackageand you will yet the jiuruttt aud nhlteib
utado, Theuott thlawttbaouruitU.tu prefer
eoea to taking l'owdcr, iavta twenty time iu
1 bee ono pouud package for valuaLlQ loforma
a ud rvad cut fully, t
January it, tm.
15 no
3000 i
10 800
131 K)
20271)' I
102S' 1
S434 I
8171 '
mi 3
SCI) l
4100 1
300 ,
13700, ,
S30U ,
1U.1J14I mnltS334S t32O33'2S330,39l237IS2S,Sl1'
each kind or class of taxable property in each
as reiurneu oy tne assessors of 1S7U.
fl iminl.lnntru tinn ni .r ii..i.i,.
be open for inspection uutil said revision is
Sti'-phkn Poitn, )
uiiAiti.ra jtnicilART, Uommissiouers,
a ii. lli:uitiN(i. I
Casey, Clerk.
Uy virtue of su udry vv rlts Issued out of tho Court
ot Common Pleas ot Columbia County, aid to me
uirecicu will bo exposed to public solo at the Court
Ilouso In the Town of liloomsburg, Columbia county
ra. at 1 0 clock, p. m., on
Saturday, February 7th, 1880.
All that certain real estto situate In tho town of
liloomsburg, In tho county ot Columbia and state of
Pennsylvania, bounded and described as follows, to
wit : on the north by lttdgo alley, on tho cast by lot
of Lloyd iiharplcss, on the south by Main or Second
street, and on tho west by Centre street, being
twenty-four feet four inches In width on Second
street, and two hundred and fourteen feet six Inches
In depth along Centre street, on which aro erected
a two btory frame store roum and dwelling, a good
iramo stable ana outbuildings.
fcelrcd taken Into execution nt tho suit ot Joseph
it. vanuersucu now for uso of (leoriro Hughes.
against II. C. Hovver and George Cavanoe and to bo
sold as me property ot II. c. Ilower.
inner, Attorney. fl Fa.
All th at certain pleco or parcel of land situate In
tue town of liloumsburg In tho county ot Columbia
and state of rennsjlvanla bclag designated as lots
no. fifteen (15) and slxtcen(lC)bounded and described
as follow s to-vs It : Iieglnnlng at the north east cor.
neror nrthnndCentiebtreets and extending east
wnrdly along tho north side of Fifth street ono hun
dred feet to a corner, thence along the lino of .Mrs,
11. -vi. Andrews ono hundred and eighty feet to
Iiruglar's alley ; thenco along said alley ono hundred
teei to the east line of Centre street: thence south
wardly one hundred and eighty feet to the place of
lA'K'.nuiDg, on which are erected a large two story
unciuu uouse ana outDulIdlngs.
helzed taken In execution at the suit of Henry J,
1.1am tor the uso ot S. C. Javne against Henry L.
uienenoacn and to bo sold as tho property of Henry
u. liiuucuuaeu.
Ihompson, Attorney. Lv. Fa.
All that certain tract of laud situate In Hemlock
township, bounded by lands formerly or now of
Zcbulon ltobblns, Dav Id Wagner and Isaac Letoy
containing about tvveuty-slx acres, whereon arc
erected a Iramo dwelling houso barn and outbuild
ings, mo abovo bald tiact being the samo that was
sold to Henry WUllam Wagner under an order of tho
orphans' Court ot Columbia County by tho admin
istrators 01 iiideon Meeker, deceased, granted Ue
cember lath, lsos nnd conllrmed February 7, 1S72.
also. AU tnat other certain tract of laud situate
In Hemlock township Columbia county, beginning
at a white oak corner by land formerly or now of
ueorgo nartman, thence by tho Bamo north elghtv
boven degrees, west tltty-tivo and blx tenth porches
to a stone j thence by same north, threo fourths of a
degree w ebt, thirty uud rlvo tenth pjrehes to a btako
thenco north eight -nine and threo quarter degrees
west, about twenty perches to a stake to lino ot
land formerly or now of Joslah bicker; thenco nonh
by the same nine aud ono halt degrees weat. slxtr-
slxand four tenth perches tn a stako thenco by
land 01 heirs of .Michael Hock, soulh eluiiir-vhcut
degrees east, nlnety-nlno und eight tenth perches to
astono ; thence by laud formerly or now ZeUulon
ltobblns aud Isaac l.eldy, south four degrees west
ntuety-Rlx perches to place of beginning, containing
torty-two acres und out, hundred aud su pi-rehes.
belzed taken In execution at tho suit of William
Clark ltlchart assigned to John A. Fun ston against
Henry William Wojner, aud to be sold as tho prop
erty ot Henry William Wagner.
Wirt, Attorney. Fl. Fa.
All that certain lot ot grouod sltuatj In lloiver
township, Columbia county, I'ennsjlrunla, d-crlt-cd
as follows, to-wlt: bounded on tho north by
land ot John Miumuu's heirs, ou the east by land of
Joseph Lahr, on tho south by land ot l'hlllp .Mummy,
ou the west by land ot I'eter Fisher, coutaiulug
elghty-threo acres, on which are erected two dwell
ing houses, barn und out-buildlngs.
All that certain lot of mountain land sltuato
lu Heaver township, Columbia count)', I'ennsylia
nla, described as follows, to-wlt: Hounded on tho
north by Catawlssa Creek, on the cast by land of C.
11. lirockvvay, on tho south by land of Cox. on
tho west by land of Charles ltelchart, containing
ninety acres.
Seized, taken la execution at tho suit ot Columbia
County JIutual Saving Fund and Loan Association
against l'hlllp .Mummy and Jacob Fry. tene tiuant
and to bo sold as the property of l'hlllp Mummy and
dacou i ry tcrre tenant.
iliu.HK, Alt'y. vend Ex.
All that certain messuago and tract ot laud situ.
ate In Orango townshlp.Columbt 1 county, and state
ui i tuusjivania, oounueu and described as follow.
to-wlt: Iieglnnlng at a stone corner of Jesso Cole.
man's land, thence by tho samo north eighteen and
u nan aegrees east ntty-two perches and seven
tenth to stones, thencu by land3 of John Megargle
and Isaac llagenbuch, soulh sixty-seven and a half
uegrees wear nity-tlvo perches to a stono thenco
by land ot tin estato of Conrad Adams north six
anu tiiree-tourlh degrees west sixty seven perches,
thenco by land of thu estato of Samuel Conner cast
uve perches and two-tenths to a pine, thence, by tho
samenorln elghty-threo degrees east thirty-seven
perches to tho plaeo of beginning, containing sev
enteen acres and ono hundred and twenty-one
pemies sirict measure.
; Seized, taken In execution at Uio suit of tho Or.
angcvllte Mutual Saving Fund and Loan Assocla
tlon ngalnM Joseph llenrlo and to ba sold aa the
property ot Joseph llenrlo.
.M11.LSK, Att'y. Vend Ex.
llthatc-rtaln real estate sltuato m the Town of
liloomsburg, In tin county of Columbia and stato
ot I'ennsylvaida, bounded and described as follows
to-vv It: iiu tho north by ltldgo Alley, on the east br
101 ot uoju i-uarp ess, on the south by Main or SoC'
onu street abden tha westby Centre street, being
iweniy-iour reel lour inches In width ou Second
Btreet.utid two huudred and fourteen feet six Inches
la depth along Centre street, on which aro erected a
two-biory frame btora room und dwelling, a good
frame stable and ouubutltdngs.
Seized, takca lu execution at tho suit of E. 11.
Ikeler now assigned to tho Mutual llullding and
saving Fund Asioctatlon ot liloomsburg agathst II.
C. Ilower aud to bo sold as the property of II, c,
Hobixon Attorney, pi. Fa
Terms lasn ou day of sale,
Letters of Administration on tho estato lot E.J,
Thornton, late ot Tow n of liloomsburg Columbia co.
deceased, have been granted by the lleglster of Bali
county to undersigned Administrators. All persons
having claims against tho estato are requested to
fi,...... iuiw .ui ociueiucui. uuu vuose inoeuteo
1 make prompt payment.
U 11. llUI'EItT,
ELI lUltTllN,
Jan. 16, 'bC-6w,
letters of administration on tho estato of M, W.
N lbs, lite ot the Town ot Uloomsburg.Columbla co.
det't'asi'd, have been granted by the Register of said
counly to the undersigned Administrator, All per
sons having claims against the estate are requested
to pre.ent (hem for Settlement and those Indebted
10 make pajment without delay.
. . . 11, FRANK ZAUB,
Jan, II, "M-tw" Administrator,
Hy virtue ot sundry writs Issued ost ot the
Court ot Common l'lcas ot Columbia county and to
mo directed, will bo exposed to publio sale at
tho Court House, liloomsburg, 1'a., at 1 o'clock, p.
m., on
Monday, February 2d, 1880.
All that certain lot ot land sltuato In Catawlssa,
Columbia county, state ot Pennsylvania, bounded
on the vvost by land of WUllam Ferry on tho cast
by V ft It It It, on tho south by ptlbllo road and on
tho north by land ot .Mary and Emtly McNtnch,
whereon Is erected a two stor framo dwelling
houso and out-bulldlngs.
Seized, taken Into execution at tho suit of John
Tonkin, administrator of Charles Wolfrun against
Alfred Eck, and to bo sold as tho property ot Alfred
Wirt, Attorney Vend Ex
All that certain tract ot land Mtttato in orango
township, Columbia countv and stato of l'cnnsyl
vanla, bounded and describe! as follows, to-wlt1
On tho north by Ian Is of Henry Dclong and Moses
Everett's estate, on tho east by land ot Jonathan
If oust, on tho south by land ot Thomas Mo Henry
and on tho west by lan 1 of Thomas .Mcllenry and
Henry Delong, containing ntty-two acres, more or
less, on which aro .erected a dwelling house, barn
and out-bulldlngs.
Seized, taken Into execution at the s'llt of orange
vlllo Mutual Saving Fund and Loan Association
against tieorgo V Ferguson aud to bo sold as tho
property et Ueorgo V I'erguaon.
Miller, Attorney. Fl Fa
All thattertaln messuage and tract of land sltuato
In tho township of Locust, In tho county of Colum
bia !'a., bounded and dosctlbcd as follows, to-wlt:
Iieglonlnga'.astone, corner of landot Jacob stein;
thence soutn eighty degrees west ono hundred and
slxty-ilvc perches nnd arc-tent hs to a maple, corner
of landot Iianlei Kostenbauder; south six
teen and a quarter degrees cast elghty-ono and
two-tenths perches to a white oak; thenco by lands
of Au?ust liarnhartond Leonard Itoup, south eighty
nine and three-quarter degrees west ono hundred
and twenty psrehea and seven-tenths to a post;
thence by land of Jonas Tahrlngcr north ten nnd a
q'l.irtcr degrees cast slxty.ilvc perches to a post;
theuco south soventy-ono degrees cast, sixteen and
eight-tenth perches to a post; thenco north fourteen
d'-greescastblxty-slxand nlno-tcnth perches to a
stone; thenco by land now ot Elijah Cleaver, north
seventy-two and a quarter degrees cast, two hun
dred nnd threo perch's nnd stx-tenths to a post;
thence by land ot Jacob Stlne south seventeen and a
qua rtcr degrees east seventy-nlno perches and ;tvvo.
tenths to a stone, the place ot beginning, contain
ing one hundred and thlrty-ono acres, moro or less,
together with tho appurtenances, on which arc
creetod a dwelling houso, barn and outbuildings.
Seized, taken Into execution at the suit ot Jesso
Haines, Executor of Joseph W Illbbs, dee d, against
Clark 11. Stewart and C C Stewart, terro tenant, ami
to bo sold as the property of Clark B Stewart.
Ikeler, Attorney, Lev Fa
All that certain piece or parcel of land situate In
Herwlck, Columbia county, and stato of rennsylvn
nla, bouuded and described as follows, to-wlt: situ
ate on Vino street In said borough, bounded on tho
east by vine street, on the north by land ot Jackson
Woodln's Manufactory Co., on tho west by an
alley aud on tho south by lot of John Withers, the
snme being 4S feet moro or less In width and ono
hundred and forty feet moro or less In depth
Seized, taken Into execution at the suit ot Stephen
Iloffnaglo against A, Miller, and to be sold as the
property of A. Miller.
Jackson, Attorney. Fl Fa
All that certain tract or pleco of land sltuato In
Greenwood township, Columbia county, Tenna,
bounded and descrlb 'das follows, to-wlt: On tho
norm Dy land ot Nicholas Kindt, on tho cast by land
ot Oeorgo Mordan; on tho south by land ot George
utt, ana vv m M Jlusgrave and on tho w est by land
of Win M Musgrave, containing ono hundred and
four acres, moro or less, on which aro erected a
ewclllDg house, bank barn, and out-buildlngs; also a
good apple archard and fruit trees on tho premises.
also, su Luatccrtain piece or parcel ot timber land
sltuato In Orango township, Columbia county, Penn
sylvania, bounded and described as follows, to-wlt:
Onthonorlhandcastby land of Ellsha Evans; on
tho south by land ot Mathew Patterson; and on tho
west by land ot Mary Ann Kausey and others, con
taining nfty-four acres of land, moro or less, well
Seized, taken In execution at tho suit of Green
wood School District against Jacobs Evans, Thom
as Uccco and Alexander Kreamer, and to bo sold as
tho property of Jacob s Evans.
Ikeler, Attorney Vend Ex
All that certain tenement, messuaeo and tract of
land sltuato In Locust township, Columbia county,
Pennsylvania, bounded and described as follows.
to-wlt: beginning at a stone, a corner ot land ot
John Johnson south beventy-two aud one-half de
grees west one hundred and blxly perches to a stone;
tuenco oy lands of WUllam Itaub; south seventeen
and one-quarter degrees cast ntty-two and threo
teniii perches to a stone; thenco by land of Leonard
Deurlng seventy-threo and three-quarter degrocs
east one hundred and sixty perches to a stone;thence
by laud ot Christian small north seventeen and ono-
luarter degrees west tit ty-nlno perches to the place
ot beginning, containing Ilfty-tlvo acres and ninety
six iwrches ot land, strict measure; being farm and
Selzi d, taken In execution at Iho suit of I'eter It.
Haldy, et ol, against Adam Marks and to bo sold
us tho property ot Adam Marks.
I reezc, Attorney Lev Fa
All that certain pleco or parcel of land situate in
Madison township, Columbia county, and Stto of
iciinsjivania, bounded and described as follows.
to-wlt: Hounded by land of Joslah .Maust. land nr
he heirs et John Heller, land of Jacob ZeLslott. land
of Joho stouter, land of Jacob (luj ser, land ot Jacob I
liechlel, land of Lewis Christopher, land of Ebtha
nartman and landot Ain Young, being tho samo
premises eonvejed to tho within named defendant,
John G, Nevlus by John tl. Mooro and Catharlno his
wife, and Holster Ann Mooro by deed dated March
si)th,is,2, (less two pieces sold by tho said defend
ant, nomelj: About eight acres to hllsha II. Hort-
inaa and about two and a half acres to Lewis Chris
topher) containing ono hundred and thlrteon ucres
and thirty-six perches ana allowanco bo tho same
mire or less, on which area ono and a halt story
trame dwelling a framo barn, nearly new, a black'
smith shop, and other out-bulldlngs, a good spring
or water, a spring house, an apple orchard and oth'
cr fruit trees. Tho greater portion of the land Is
cleared, and In a good state ot cultivation and a por
tion nas good timber.
Seized, taken In execution at tho suit ot Cyrus
iwicnaru against John G. Nevlus and to be sold as
tho property of John G. Nevlus.
liARELEV, Attorney, Fl. 1'a.
Terms cash on day ot sale.
Jan.9,l630-ts ' "sheriff,
uy virtuo of sundry writs Issued out ot
tho court of common Ileas ot Columbia county, and
to mo directed, will be ex posed 'to public salo at the
Court Ilouso In the Town of liloomsburg, Columbia
county, ra., at 1 o'clock, p, m on
Friday, January 30, 1880.
All that certain messuage and lot of land situate
in Beaton township, In tho county ot Columbia,
Dounued and described as follows, to-wlt: On tho
north by land of Thomas Siegfried, on tho east iv
land of Alexander Kramer, on the south by lands of
vv imam A, Coleman and J, II. Dlldlno and on tho
west by tho public road leading from Stillwater to
neatoo, whereon aro elected a two-story frame
uweuinu nouso and a framo DHcksmlth shoo.
Seized, taken In execution at the suit of tho Ilen
ton .Mutual Saving Fund and Loan Association
against Jeremiah Stiles, llenlamln Y. Karns. and
Caleb O'Hrlan, and to bo sold as the nrooertv of
oeremiau mues, one or iho defendants.
LiTft-i!, Attorney, fj ya
All thatcertatn messuaro and lot' 'rifbrnnnrt Bin,.
atoln the town of' Bloomsb'urs In the county of
uuumonv Dounuea and described as follows; to-wlt:
un tuo souui uy sixth street, on tho west by an nllev
on the north by sterner'a alley and on the east by a'
ioi oi ground now or formerly tho property of J,
bharpless 4: Son, containing atty feet la front, more
or less, and one hundred and ninety-eight feet In
depth, more or less, whereon la erected a two story
framo dwelling houso with a ono story kitchen
Seized, taken In execution at tho suit ol the Iron
liuUdlogi; Loan Association of liloomsburg airalnst
John AUstatt and to bo sold as the property ot John
Limns, Attorneys. n. Fa.
Terms cash on day of sale.
U. II. KNT, Sheriff.
Jan 9-ts.
Letters of administration on ihn.,rt.n,nu
llollenbach. late ot Main 'l'wn.. Columbia en .
ceased. have been trranted bv Ihn ltpfrimj,,- rr nni.i
county to the undersigned Administrator, to whom
all persons indebted aro requested to make Iru me
diate payment and those having claims or demands
against the estate w tu make them known to the Ad
mlnlstrator without delay.
catawlssa .
. ----- ,
Notlco Is hereby given that Iho following named
esons hsvo filed with tho Clerk 0 tmiCnurtpt
pesons have filed
arter Sessions ot the 1'eaco of Columbia county
thptr notttinnt for iiepnsp which will lie presented
to tho Court on Wednesday, tho Fourth day ot Feb
ruary next,
Frederick M. Ollmore, Bloomsburg, He laurant
Tuobsftt'hamberlln, " Until
Johns. Mann, Centre, Tavern
s. 11, llagenbuch, Orange, Tavern.
iVIUlam Williams, Derwlcr, TnTern.
WILLIAM KltlCKIUUM, Clerk tj- 8.
Cor. Centra and Hall Hoad sts., near L. U. Depot.
Lowest Prices will net b3 undersold.
Manufacturers of MINE CAIt WHEELS, Coal Ilro ak
erandlirldge Castings, Water I'lpes, stoves, Tin
ware, Flows, I HON FENCE, and all kinds of Iron and
Brass Castings.
Tho original Montrose, Iron beam, right hand"
lctt hand, and side hill Hows, tuobest In the mark
et, and all kinds ot plow repairs.
Cook stoves, lloom Stoves, nnd stoves for heating
stores, rchool houses, churches, sc. Also tho larg
est stock ot repairs for city stoves, wholesalo and
retail, such as Fire Iirlck.Grates, cross l'leces, LldsJ
to. Ac, stovo Pipe, Cook Hollers, Skllllts, Cako
I'lates, large Iron Kettles, (20 gallons to 1; barrels)
Farm Hells, sl:d Soles, Wagon lloxes,
"Allentown Boiie Manure"
Jan 9, 'so-ly
Highest UelaratViesna and PhiTaielFa!'
E. & H. T. ANTHONY & CO.,
501 Broadway, Neiv York.
Manufacturers, Importers Dealers In
Velvet Frames, Alburas,Grapuoscopesi
En ravings. Chromos, Photographs,
And kindred goods Celebrities, Actresses, etc.,
Wo aro Headquarters for everj thing In tho way of
Stereoptieons and Magi: Lanterns,
Each style being tho best or Us diss In the m.iiket,
ileuuilful Photographic Transpirenclcs or Slum
ary and Kngrar.nirs for Hie window.
Convex Glass. Manufacturers ot Vilvit Frames
tor .uiniaiures anu uou.ex miss Pictures,
Catalogues of Lanterns old slides, with direc
tions tor using, Bent on receipt of ten cents.
Jan ,'8'My
Rowell & Oo'b. Advc'b.
AfirntK ran now Ft Trrrliory for
Mark Twain's New Book,
Mark's acn tint of his famous, wide-awake, tfo-as-you
please tr.imp over Kuropn w.thotit competition,
nnd out-fclllng anv book published. For fl-reney, nd
dreos V, C- KUbs & CO-, cwark, N, J.
$10 tO $1000;!
ilm ested in Wall St., .stocks makes
fortunes every month. Hook bent
irp PYnminmr nvpriniinff am.
dress HXXTKlt & CO , Hankers, 7 Wall St., . Y.
Jan. o,-iw r
77a Month and guarantied to Airents
Outrttfrec. Siuw&co. ArotisTA, Miink.
S5777A WiAllana pxpensi'si 10 iigenUs,
" riff, vuui
U. 1LKC.KV, Augusta,
Jan 9 aw.
rpo ADVKitTlSKHS -lowest, rates for advcrt'slnc
1 In 97u pood newsptperH Hent free. Addie&s
ur.u. i. uuii tLitu & l;u.. iu spruce sc., n. v.
J.iu-4.v r
Cover, Stool and Hock, only $140
toj4'i iirgans, 13 stops, 3 sjts
ueeus, unoo hffe '. filool nnd
Hook, onlv ts:.5u. ffT"HSLr,n or
gan, .stool. Hook, only fos.'a. cireu'ar ;nt flee.
Address, UUNNKLL & Al ILL Kit. Lewlstovvn, l'o. UM
Jan 9 3m wac
procured for soldiers disabled In V. S. service from
any cause, also ror Heirs of deceased foldlers. All
pensions date back lo day of discharge, and lo dato
of the deatn of tho soldier.
Tensions Increased. Addrcsswllh fitamp,
Nn. 013 E St. X. W. Washington, 1). (J.
Jan P-4w vvito
5000 Agents wanted at once.
Wo havo tho very liest thing for Agents, nnd oner
such lu lucements that any on can mako from so
els. to $'i.o i every evening, and J3 ouu a jear If ou
work all tha time. &cnd 10 cts. tor sample and se
cure jour territory.
Address, .Messenger Publishing Co.
I'. O. llox at, Milton, Penn'a.
Jan 9-4w w&c
The follow tag appraisements of real and
personal property set apart to widows of decedents
have keen tiled In the onire of tha Iieo-inpr or roi-
umbla county, under th, ltules of Court, and w 111 be
presenled for absolute continuation to tho Orphans
court to bo held lu liloomsburg.ln and forsald coun
ty, on .Monday, February 'znd, Issu, at two
o'clock p. m., ot said day unless exceptions to such
vuuiKiim.iuu UIU piCtlUUSiy UU'U, Ol WUlCll till pCT-
sons Interested In takl estato will take notice :
1. widow of John Laycock, late ot tho Town of
liloomsburg, deceased.
5. Widow ot (leorge llreeco, late ot Madison town
ship, deceased,
J. Widow ot William II. Orange, lata ot Catawlssa
ivnuau,. ueeeascu.
Kedsttr's omce. ) W. II. JAroilY
liloomsburir. Jan. 2, 'so.r ltegl.-ter.
Jan. 2, 'so-tc.
I, Notice Is hei
tors and other pen
hcrfibv L-lien tn nil t-.ifnB ra.
and oilier nernn iiitprtl.,! In (Via iLr,i,..u ,
tho respective decedents and minors, that the fol
lowing administration and guardian accounts have
been tiled In tho onice of tho HeiMster or rniumhin
county, nnd vv 111 be presented for connrmatlon and
allowanco In the Orphans' court to be held In
liloomsburg, on Monday, February 2nd, lsso,
at 2 o'clock, p. m. on said day :
1. Tho account of John Horn, administrator of
l'hlllp Hess, lato ot Sugarloaf township, de
ceased. 2. First and final account of Henry W. f Aul, execu
tor ot Catharine Aul, lato of liloomsburg, de
ceased. 3. Tho account of Allen Mann, administrator of
William Hughes, late of Heaver township, de
ceased. t. Final account of William Neal, executor of Alfred
-Mcclure, lato et liloomsburg, deceased.
5. The Ilrst tand Anal nceoun1 of Henry Vohe, ad
mlnlstraorof Lydla Voho lateot Mintlutowu
hhlp, deceased.
6. The first and partial account ot John Hellas and
A. J. IMIas, executors ot Adam Hellas, lato or i
Flshlngcrtek township, deceased. 1
7. The tlrst and final account of E. A Haw lings ad-
miuuuaw, v. Miuiaut.taiitsuii, lavuoi lilooms
burg, deceased.
8. First and partial account of Jacob F. Ilroadt.and
lllrani II. lnoadt. executoisot Abraham Ilroadi,
late of Madison township, deceased.
5. First and partial account of Theodore W, smith
guardian of Luther A. liermau, minor ihlldof
John E. Herman, late ot 1'lne township, de
ceased. 10. Tho first anil Una! account of D. rt. Marlz, ad
mlnlstrator of Mary .Miller, lato ot llrlarcreek
luniisutp, uetutseu.
11. First and nnal account of Isaao K, Krickbaum
nnd Charles Ash. administrators of cnristlan
.nu, lawui itciauu lumouip, ueceaveu,
U. First and flualaccouit of Aaron Vod'r.admln
lairator of Abraham Voder, lato of Locutt towii'
ship, deceased.
13. First account cf Nathan Miller and Daniel Mll-
ici cAu-uioiioi ueorgo -inner, laio ot Allium
township, deceased,
14. First aud Itnal account of Jesso John and Noah
S Crltes. administrators of David V, Crlles, lato
of Fiaukllu township, deceased.
15. The account of Jacob S. Evans, guardian of
Itachel Kniin.i, mzy.I. and Harriet .M. vvtilW
nlght, minor children of Joseph Whltenlght.lato
of Columbia county, deceased.
10. Tho tlrst and anal ai count of o. M. and Charles
(ilbbons, executors ot 'I nomas Gibbons, lato of
Ilentou township, deceased.
IT, First and tlnal account of C. W. Miller guardian
ot Jennet Mason a minor child of Itobert Mason
lato or liloomsburg, deceased.
18. Ihe tlrst and partial account of John Appleman
administrator of John uruber, lato ot Hemlock
township, deceased.
1. The llrst and partial recount of llenjamln F. Say.
tiw .xuBea nutate, Clt'euiors Ul JOSUUa SaV-
age, lato of Jackson township, deceased.
SO. Tho nrst and final account of Daniel Cotner. ad-
v, v,i.wu, I.W VI Aiuuiour
township, deceased.
21, Tho tlrst and nnal account oi Elijah C. Cleaver
guardian of Wilson Thomas, minor child ot Jo-
bian i nomas, laio or uoanngcreek towushlD. de.
2J. Tho rirst and nnal account of Itohr Mcllenry.
firpputnrnf .Inhn Nrtvnm, lata nf innt.unn ....i'
ship, deceased.
23. The Ilrst and tlnal account ot Stephen II. Miller.
admlnlslratorot Ueorgo M, lleagle, lata o Hem
lock township, deceased-
Iteglster's omce. t
Bloomsburg Jan. 2, t.
Jan 2-to
W, II, Jacoby,
llillliuuiuru isitoJ
Pensions, Increase of Pensions,
andall other classes of Claims for Soldiers and Sol
diers' Heirs, prosecuted.
Address with stamp,
01LM0HE & CO.,
deoi-U Waihlngttm, D, C
'21tu:?' a wrlt ' FI'Ftt' i"l out of the ceW
nmmon I'leasotcolumblaeonn.v ..,.'?1
ommon i'ieasotcoiiimH... .IV." vln
pd, will bo exposed to puuio Salo nt tho n'l
so In tho town of liinnm.i,.n pi... , Ooi"t
vy,,,.,,, .,,,' ,"" . " ' "'i'""i county,
Klity. Jninmrv 2Snl. issn
, w vv.uvn 1,. ,r,.. nn
"e right lltleand Interest of Ella, Mendcnliall
1 'hot cert.ln tract of land n u . . ..lm
IP. Co ombla county, fa., contalnhTg
Uo. I 1 on the cast 1.v landot Henri S, '
MM' IiiIT ii'' ,n,,1'l,lul1' t''Ve by
Ifl. Jal. 1 ol , ,,,,,,,, 0,lMlt.ll0rl1lb ylui(12
d g ho isc, ,.,,, a steam saw mil ,
i AMornt'v.
Ttavh on day of salo.
joii.v w,
Hy of sundry writs ,..,
SirS?;!!'!"" 0t t'olumtla county, nnd tome
,,?,. 0 c,l,0,'1 public salo at tho Court
, . ! u 01 "100'nsburg, Columbia county
1' ck, p.m., on
, Jiimiarv 23, 1880.
vt.lalnlraot01' plt,co ' lantl Mtuatotn
.Mala toip, Columbia county anil stato ot i'enn
ailyanlMcil and described as follows, n wit:
?Xy,11'1'1 01 ''acob I,rown "n " f"
by ando-.iirown.on tho Bou'h by Public road
on the w.y land of Jacob I'.rown containing
tvvcnty-tlvcsmore or less, wherein are erected
a dwelllngie, bank barn, wagon Bhed, uraw
shed andojutbulldlngs.
seized tn,n execution at Ihe suit of Margaret
lirown agtN. n. w. I!rolvn Mia t0 b h,
thcpropeav.ii.w. !ro-n,
lkcler,'At,y Alias I'I. Fa.
All that cu tract ot land sltuato In Locust
township, Coii county nnd stale et Pcnnsvlra
nla, bounded Jearrlbeil as follovf to wit: on
the north by ot Iianlei Stlne, on tho cast by
landot Charlhrlnger. on Iho touth by landot
.Michael Stlnelnnds ot Kaub ,- Kulp, nnd on the
west by land aao l'lsher containing seventy
acres more,or ,n which arc erectul a dwelling
house, barn,bmlth fhopnnd outbuildings.
seized taKen:Ccutlon at tho suit ot A. K.TVnl
tcr against ac Ktrschner nnd to be sold as the
property of Jac Kerschner.
llhawn, Atto. vend. Ex.
Allthatcertalceor pa'cel ot land sltuato In
Franklin townslolumblacounty.I'a, bounded on
Ihe north by lan iicnjamln Ford nnd John Art
ley, on the east t d ot Valentino Vother, on the
south by land ot un 1 eeplo nnd on tho westby
landot lleuben llei containing seventy eight
acres more or lesihlch ara erected a dwelling
hou-c, barn nnd tdidings.
also, A II that cn lot or pleco ot land bounded
on the north and by land of Joseph Itecdcr, on
tho east by land oinuton Clark nnd on tho south
by land of I'eter contalnlng ono acre moro or
less, on which are ua a dwelling house and out
bulldlngs. Seized taken In c 0n nt tho suit ot William L.
Ejcrly, ntlorneyln tor ltebecca Edgcrlon, lieu
ben Xagle, W in. Naianlel Nagh'.tleo. Naglo and
Sarah Petty agalns'inam Watls and Charles
Nagle nnd to be sold property ot William Watts
and Charles Nagle.
Kv erly, Attorney vend. Ex. O. C.
Terms cash.
dec. 28, '79-U
Uy virtue of a writ o,ries Fl. Fa. Issued out of
Iho Court of common 1 ot Columbia county and
to me directed, will bo i,(-d to public salo on tho
premises In the townsbi nrlarcreek, Columbia
county, I'a., at2 o'clockj., 0n
Tuesday, Jan-y 20, 1880.
All that tract of land -l0 in thn township et
Ilrlarcreck, Columbia co pa., bounded on the
north by land heretofore ,hn Van I'elt nowM.
E. Jackson's heirs and lt,t John Ilcnvener, on
tho w est bi lands ot said Heavcner
Adam Ueltrlch, and Krancians, on tho soulh by
land In r toforu owned by , -jraush nowl'etllt
and others, containing twi1(lrcd nim twenty-live
acres more or less on whlc,0 delendnnt Wlllla
IjimonnowreMdes. On w aro erected a framo
tunkbarii.n frame ilwelllrtsonml out buildings, -al.oawood
tenant liouse.iyaio on the premises"
ahonn excellent npp!etiira and other fruit
S-leil taken In execut.'nt the suit ot Susanna
Hunt.,nst WUllam Ln, ana 10 bo bold ns tho
prop'rtyof vvilllamLam
Knorr, Attorney
Terms Cash, Sheilff.
dec 20, ism ts
o,n.'J,e,r. laJeor J"'aL8l'Vp.,columbl.ic;iint.v,
reiitisjivanla. deceased, hieen eranted In 'ho
lleglster ot said countv lo I ,h i-..:
,,nnr;n ,A!L DTon3 n.aT"Walms Sgalnsi the
estato of the decedent ar-nuested to present
,tL'fI,li0.r1;ttleratnt''.nd 'bCndebted to tho es
wiihSir .ffi J5 mcnt 10 '"sdcrslgned Exe-etor
I' f. rnrnm, WILm -MEHICLR,
1 . o. nuckhorn, Fxecutor
dec 20-Cw. i-xecuior,
Columbia cocntv, bs.
Among tho records and pridlnes of tho Or
cinTaTneT" 0t M COUOt' "
In tho matter of tho estato than nartman, lato
ot Orango township, deceased.
On motion of C W Miller, Atw for the heirs
and legatees and Charles tl'. Ila'v. Attorney tor
legal representatives, heirs andateea it la order.
fm,, :,ati'hi",1MrtVia,r,kb,0 v,m? -auditor ttTdla
trlbtito tho fund In the hands of ules Mover
Admlntsira'orof Jhn It. Moyer.-eased late ex
ecutor of Iho said John llartmt deceased. Mar
shall assets and settle and adjus,0 said estato ct
John llarlmsn, deceased.
Cerlined from tho records hlSh'onSem
bcr, A,D. 6,9. m. Kkioijm, clerk o. c.
The nudllor In pursuance ot , forecolnir an-
ffi ,,"lKU,u',,d ,0J" rt' tliereSt. at his
oltlee in liloomsburg. on Friday, 4, iry soih. l'so.
at 1 a. in., when and where alli-ties Interested
will present their claims or bo duted from com
ing In on said estate, x
Jan. 2,'so-it JOHN M.CltK, Auditor.
UDIlOlfS NO'lUh.
Tl," ,lnil'i.L',iul nilllltoi' llonnlnl 1... ,l,.rn,rf
tow ii,,'iiiMl.ijui said I'M.iie nva-u'eitiilu Uio
am ." 1 1--ai I. , n. i, ' .... , , . .
ot s ,', ,1, i , ,l, i.w III I I n m.illi fn. ., , ,i;,. r
los i,,s,i 1,-1,1 111 Ills on,. I'll, 111 ,l,u''. OIl
iii,l ,.v ie siuiil.ij or .I.IIHI.II .. in.,, I," i o'clock
P. III. IMU'll Ril uhi-ri, fill i,.ti i,m.,i. ...c n...
l ii i til rllt,v-ui uieir i'miuis joo forevirde-
j'ir-i r i s Aud!!or.
letters of Admlntstrallon on tholtato of Sarah
u siiultz, late i of Centre township, tumbla covn
t, deceased, have been granted byte lleglster cf
said county to the undersigned adtilstraTor All
luesti'd to present them for settletnt and tioso
Indebted to mako payment wlthouviay.
ou j, issu-ovv .vntre lw-
I-ellrrs Tl'Stlllnentflrv ti.u
im,-r I,.,.. .., ;. .. . '.'.."'". .'."" y.v.
Hojer late ol l.i,in-,t lownship, couibl.i coimiy.
!'.?.'K,1,ll','1l,'!,T,',',,' at'' tovn ianuil by I l.o
lleglster ot salil louuty lo Siinoi, ln h. ,u,d Ji ie.
K iWTi . I'1""18 hnlm: e'als against too
estate or the Uei-eilent are nquesli id ores, t
them for siillinii nt. and those Indued to Iho
Kfl.'hourdffaT11' l """M1-'"1'11 I;"CU
J-" "."so-siv,' iKxecutors,
u tters ii'Siameniaryoa lh estato
im II. lalOOt Malll tOUIiRlilr. l'nl,,,nhln
(Anna Shu
lounty. I'a.,
els erof said
ileceasi ii, have lu eu graiiicd by l he itei
,,j ,,, wiu iue,s,Klieii r.xt-clllors p. rstlllS
h.ivlni' i l.ilins r-galnst tlio esiaie ot tn d,,i-deiit
aieri'ipii'siidlopri'seui ihem for K'lll(uent. and
thosii Inilfbtnl lo thu estaio to mako pay a'nt to tlio
uudirslgued Executors without ileliy. T
r.t, i.ueill
HA VIII siium.,
VV'ni. IV wimtvi .
Dec 20, 1S7J-CW , Exec
HUH .',,
Letters testamentary on the estato of1 Jonaa
Fetterman, lato or locust township, columou
county, l'ennsjlvanla, deceased, have been granted
by tho itetlsterot Bald county lo Wra. Fetterman.
Itupert, tiecmor. All persons having tialmsagalust
Jho estato ol tho deceased are requested to t fisieut
them for netUement, and those Indebted to the es.
SawZoTdefayf ' the undera,eM(1 """l
w. i kverly, Att j. ,or ZilTQr' 1,U1H!r, '
Jan. , 1SSO-6W
(PKIlA made In 81 days, to paga cataiogu
CUiclnnatl. Ohio.
v M u i "I the suit o( il,n i rs,
-V 1 ,l,f is,,,,,,,,, , lls,)lillld t(j ''nt
l u v Ml'"""''ll Wl Mi'h.lcn
1" s ,. '..), i ,,,.;, ,., 1(,llU
B0lt) prop. y of Kll . M...M, ,,l,.i, g uo
NOT, T.-tai