The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, June 27, 1879, Image 3

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in. o o s n u it (i. n i a r, jun: m, iuo
llnll fiomt Time TaMe.
' NORTH. Boctn
Accommodation Train,.
Mall Train
Kxpre.ii Trnln .
...( A.M.
, t.SW A. M
,. UT 1'. M.
...ommmlatlon Train MS A. M. Express .
4.49 I'. M
11.45 A, M
T,8 P. M,
11,41 A, M,
, 4.04 P. M.
Thrown cars on Express train cither to New York
or I'liiladoipiur. muiu.iiu ....... . .,,., .i..i
UutavUssa and Williamsport.
Tliere will be n Temperance meotlng at the
Melhodlst church on Tuosday evening next.
On Wednesday morning tho young son of
Mnry Lewis, on Iron street, fill from llio liny
mow of Michael Casey's stable and broke his
The people In and about Cenlralia who own
goals are mueli ahrmed about their destruction.
They are found dead In iLo hu.hes, with a
flight wound In the throat. Seven were
found dead In one spot. Some of the cople
say the killer l a wolf.
Wo are Informed that Attorney-General
Palmer will attend Court here on Saturday to
nrguo n case.
, luititt jni tliJ)nnimu. IiCalo 1'ambra Monday,
u"dnclav ana Friday al. fcnun. m nriheot
tiiiMiiistntrjr by ll!'11". '" Lcao Mosmsburg on
iame ll ai rival of Philadelphia malC
!nAunnui and LAiniwiu... lao lAlnlsvlllo
1 iiiHi l'ly Thursday anil Saturday at 1:30 a. m.,
irriuns at llioomsburg by u in. Iavo blooms
i, ire on same) dais atler arrival ot Pnrladelphla
mall The stage n0 terminates at Mlllvllle.
n nton and nioomsburg.-A dally stage lino leaving
iienion in the morning and returning In the co
mug ol 1110 Bamo Ua''
Clin ItALI. AND lltaOMSBl'llll.-LralO WhIU) Hall
-iwidny. Thursday and Saturday at C:M a. m.,
arrivlnir at llioomsburg by in a. m. uvo lilooms
i, ,Vff onsamodajs atler arrival ot Philadelphia
mall. 10 "Pete." Wo are sorry to be obliged to
SSSSfWm "ject your communlctlon, but must do so
H uomiuuij, it v- ." ' is min hi iti-uu uiai jmi iuvb noi given
A iv Tnursaay and Saturday at s a. m.t arriving . t,, , "
gtfentonatip. m. us your correct name. Il Is a well known rule
. " ; that no articles will be published IW ne.n.
A new pavement has been laid In front ol the pers unles-i accompanied by the retlaatne of the
The Governor has signe.1 Ihe bill appropriat
ing $GO,000 lo build a miner's hospital. Ily the
terms of the act the Governor Is In nimnlni .tr
commissioners, two from Fchiiylklll one from
each or Tour oilier counlies, vl! Columbia,
Northumberland, Carbon and Dauphin, who
are to select a she within CO days.
I)ill4 representing nearly a thousand dollars
have been sent out from this oflice on book ac
counts, during Ihe past two months. About
enough has been' received to pay for the poitag0
stamps used. Persons who have received no
tico s and paid no attention to them must not be
surprised if we get out of patience one of these
jail lot.
Miss Mattte 'Wells' new porch adds greatly lo
the appearance of her residence.
Mls Anna Sloan left Thursday for Canada
where she will spend the summer with friends.
Prof. Wilber preached at the A. M. E. church
SunJay evening.
The Young Mens' Christian Association hold
a festival In the Opera House this Friday and
Saturday cvenlngj
The Hand went to Catawlssa last Saturday
night, where they entertained the people with
seme excellent music.
writer. If you will tell us who you are we
shall be glad to hear from you again, and will
publish your letters.
M. C. Sloan&llro. are doinga rushing business,
During Ihe past ten days they have turned out
the following work: W. M. Monroe, a family
carriage ; John A. Funston a family carriage,
one Dexter top wagon toltenshaw at Plymouth-
They have twin buggies for twin sons of Ste
phen Fain, one of our County Commissioner
which will be delivered on Saturday.
We are gratified to learn that the Iron works
in our sister town of Danville are being put In
operation. This will give employment to
large number of people, and of course cause the
disbursement of a large quantity of money there
and in the vicinity, it will also give a mark
Piirsuanllo adjournment Ihe citizen met In
the Opera House, Monday evening, June 23
1870. Meeting wa4 called to order by Hon,
Win. L'lwell, president. The citizens commit'
lee, through Mr. Iiowcnberg, chairman, mado a
general report of progress and submitted the
action taken by Town Council to wltt
BiooMsnona, June !20 1878. Special meet
ing of Council at call of President. Present, I,
8. Kuhn and all Ihe members. The meeting
being called pursuant lo a request of a commit,
tee chosen by the cltltens of llie town ofllloomv
burg to discuss the matter of Ihe erection of
water works in the town of Illoomsbiirg, and
take such action in the premie as they deem
meet, Ac, whereupon Ihe following resolution
was uuereu oy ur uoimcs :
Remind) That In the event of the erection of
water works lo sntinlv I he Town of II nmi.
burg with water, the said town will require for
present use for protection against fire, .to., forty
lire-plugs, and that Ihe Secretary of Ihe Town
Council be Instructed lo corresnond wllh nar.
ties protioslni! to erect the sa d water work.
with the view of ascertaining the amount that
will be charged for each of the slid fire-plugs
and rejiort at the next meeting of Ihe Town
Seconded hv Mr. Kabb. and carried unant
mousiy. Uu niollon adjourned.
Paul K. Wim, Secretary,
On motion of C. 0. Buklcv, En , It was un
Jieaolied. that this meet inc affirm the action
of the Town'CnuncIl as being judicious and (hat
wo request their further action, as nromnt v as
may be reasonable, lo encourage t and advance
me construction ol water works, ami that in
view liiereol our commiltee request the Council
to employ some competent engineer to advl
On motion of John G, Freeze, Kq., the clti1
xens committee was continued, to make further
reKrt at a meeting lo he called by the chair
man of said committee.
On motion of C, 0. Hartley. Esq., the follow
Ing was unanimously pa&red :
The Sterlino Hook Coven. Wo have
purchased tho right to uso llicso covers in this
county, nnd have on hand an assortment of
sizes. Tlicy make the neatest and most con
venient form for doing tip noto heads, letter
heads, bill heads, notes, checks, tic , and n
cover will bo given nwny with every order o
1000. iryit onro and you will not do with
out It. It Is tho best thing of the kind ever
Invented, Call nnd examine.
Commencement exercise at Lafayette Col
!.. will take idace on Wednesday July 2nd at et to the farmers of that county and many in
,. tiocv n m. Itils. Wo trust that the resumption may be
pcrnianen t.
The real estate of David S. Hower was sold
on Friday last by Sheriff lloflmati to Jacob
Yeager for S2'J,00
As many are aware, General William Ilrln-
dle was sued some time ago in the United Sla
tes court, Philadelphia, as a defaulter on his
bonds as receiver of public moneys at I.ecomp
ton, Kansas, from 18.17 to 1801. When suit
was brought the general got congress to pass an
act permitting him lo put in his set-ofTand set
tle all dlderence between him and ttie govern.
ment, and on List Friday, upon the termination
of llie suit, the Jury rendered a verdict In his
favor for $51,000 Gazette A liaUdin.
It has heretofore been held by the pension
office that in cases of minor children the limita
tion began when the child reaches Ihe age of
sixteen years, and that no claim on account of
minor, could be entertained that was not fill
ed prior to the date on which the child became
twenty-one. Tho new arrears law wipes out all
limitation , and any child now over Iwenlytwo
years of age who would have been entitled to
pension, and failed to apply before reaching
majority, can file a claim and prosecute It suc
cessfully. Claims In this class, rejected under
(lie rulings of the oflice, can be re-opened and
(From tho Public ledger.)
Mr, Emtoitt Will you Iw kind enough In
your next Issue to give to Ihe public that por
tlon of the game laws relating In birds, slaught
ering birds at this time of tho year, and oblige
an old subscriber,
C. II. E.
The game Itws of I'innsylvanla provide that
wild ducks and geese may Ims killed only wllh
"such guns as'art habitually raised at an arm's
length and fired from the shoulder,'' and for
bids the use of a swivel or punt guns. Wild
turkeys may not be killed between January 1
and August 1 j Woodcock between January 1
and July -1; cjunll or Virginia pirlrldge between
January 1 anil -November 1 ; milled grouse or
pheasant and pinnated grouso or prairie chick
en between January 1 and September 1 J rait
and reed birds may only be killed in Ihe months
of September October and November.
The killing of all insectivorous birds, such as
sparrows, larks, thrushes, (Inches, robins, wood
peckers, is absolutely prohibited at all
time', unless the birds are killed " for the pur
pose of scientific Investigation or having the
samo stuffed and set up as a specimen." The
robbing of birds' nests, "save only those of
such predatory birds a are destructive of game
and Insectivorous birds," the killing o.- ill
turbing of wild pigeons on their nesting or roost"
ing grounds, and llie taking of birds by "any
blind, trap, snare, net or device whatever," are
also forbidden. The penalties fjr violation ol
the law vary from $5 to S10 for each bird llie
gaily kilted, and the exposing for sale or having
in possession of game birds killed out of season
Is punishable by the samo penalities. Shoot
lug or hunting on Sunday Is al-o prohibited
under n penalty of not more than $25 or less
than $10.1
The llmbandmnn, an agricultural Journal of
high character, asys of the Perfected Color of
Wtlls, Itlcbsrdson A Co., of llurllngton, Vt.t
All report whirli we have received from Ihe
life of llil 4 article give it high pral-e." Jtr. A
W. Cheever, of the AVtr England lnntr con.
urs In Ihe commendation.
Jlcsohcd, That we request tho'e persons, who
navo been active in llie matter of getting
water works, if they cannot succeed in their
forts to obtain sufficient capital at home, to cor
respond with other parties and engage foreign
capital in Ihe work of obtaining a suppiy of
water for our Town .
On motion adjourned.
Frank P. Hillmeyer, Secretary.
Doctor Krebs of Light Street extracted
Cherrystone from the ear of William Muflley's
Utile daughter that had accidentally been forced
The lVumouth Herald, a bright little weekly In five years ago. The foreign body apparently
published nt Plymouth, Luzerne county, by doing litlleniischief until lately inflammation set
Frank H Snyder, is for Bale. in threatening disease ol the brain. It was
mule it relief to bolli parents and child when
Kev, Dr. Mitchell delivered an interesting (,e atone was removed.
sermon to women on Sunday. The subject will
be continued next Sunday.
is very
and give
W. II. Abbolt Esq., has removed his office
from Catawisaa to the Ent Building in llie office
formerly occupied by John M. Clark E-q.
Dr. E. Rutter of Calawissa proves to re
move to lierwlck. He is safe and sound
physician, and deserves success.
The Record of the. Times of June 20th says :
During the shower yesterday afternoon small
Hakes of snow fell for a few moments. This ex
traordinary occurrence was noted on Xorthomp:
ton street, and we are informed that the flakes
were plainly visible. Weather prophets, take
noticeof lliis fact, and note it in your diaries
for 1870.
Died. Mrs. Hannah Applcman died at her
residence on East street on last Sunday morn
inc at the advanced age of 83ycars. She was the
motlier'of John,!!. D.,and It. Appleman.and of
llie wives of Issacher. Dr. J. K. and A. J.
George Tustin, son of Kev. J. P. Tustin, is at Evans. She was an estimable lady, respected
home spending Ihe summer vacation. He is n by all who knew her- She was buried in
student at ISrown University, Providence, Kosemont Cemetery on Tuesday afternoon, and
Do not forget that the Town Ordinance pro
hibits tho uso of any kind of lire-works within
llie Town limits on tho Fourth of July and at
nil other times.
It has been decided that a promise to pay the
debt of aolher will not suppcrt an action unless
the promise he founded on a precedent liability
or a new consideration. Hut if, by tho arrange
ment between the promisor and creditor, the
orignal debtor is discharged and a new debt
created binding on the promissr alone, Ihe
promise whether vctbal or written, is supported
by a valuable confideration the detriment to
the promisee in the extinguishment of the orig
inal debt and is vnudhough no consideration
passed from the original debtor to the promisor,
and there was no privity helwecu them. Led-gtv.
t'liew Jackson's HESTMwprt Nuvy Tobnrco.
Ithode Island.
Kev. J. F. Diener will bo installed at the
Lutheran church in Catawissa next Sundiy
morning. Kev. Mr, Marclay will deliver Ihe
charge lo the congregation.
John Lnvcock. Proprietor ol the central
Hotel, has last returned from Kelvidcrc, New
.Jersey, where ho was tending tho funeral of
Isaac Lnycock, his brother.
Communications from all parts of the countv
are solicited. The true name of the writer
must in nil cases accompany letters for publica
tion. In such letters personal hits are not de
sirable. Send in llie news.
C. G. Murphy and wife of Centralia, sailed
for Europe on Wednesday. They will visit
Ireland during their absence where Mr. Mur
phy's parents reside. We wish them a sale and
pleasant journey.
A match game of llaso Hall will be played on
the Fair ground on July 4th, in the afternoon
between the Nanlicoke Base Ball club and a
"picked nine" ofthis place. Priceof admission
to the ground 10 cents.
You can get a genuine American watcli in
coin silver or gold open or hunting case fully
warranted, at about one half of former price.
Call at L. Bernard's Jewelry store and be con
vinced, W. J. Knorr Esq. is our Berwick collector
Persons knowing themselves to be indebted on
subscription can settle with him, and those who
do not call upon him will be called upon by
him and requested to pay.
The first patent ever granted to a negro
in th's country was taken out May 18, 1878,
by a colored man raised in Virgins, His in
vention was a fire escape, which has been very
favorably spoken of by those qualified to
The annual meeting o I the Alumni Associa
tion of llie Normal School will be held in Nor
mal Hall, Thursday July 3d at 2 o'clock p. m.
John M. Garman is tho oralor and Miss E. C.
Kogers, essayist, The Alumni dinner will be
eaten at 3 o'clock.
was foil wed to the grave
of relatives and friends.
by a large number
C'ol.t.ECTon's Warrants. We have prepar,
ed a form, and have on hand a large quantity of
blai.k ''Collector's Sales," which have been ap
proved by tho highest leeal authority in the
Com is of this county. At Tucnty Cents per doz
en mail any number to the Collector order
ing them. A Collector, when compelled to ad
vertise property, must post up not less than
three notices in the most public places in his
borough or township.
The folly of a town council cm best bo illus
trated in buying ground at an extortionatejpricv
for a public park, and then (arming it out year ab-ise our pitienco ?
after year for nothing. Not a tree has been
planted on it, and not even a decent fence sur
rounds it.
The President of llie Pennsylvania Keserve
Association, Hon- Andrew G. Cuilin, has noti
fied Major Chill. W. Hazz.ird, Ihe correspond
ing secretary, officially, that the board of con
trol has determined to hold the usual annual
reunion this autumn at the time and place here
after to be announced. He desires thesecrctary
to give the matter publicity, thus early, in or
der that the veterans of the Old Guard may an
ticipate a re-assembling of the association
an occasion which in other years proved a
source of so much pleasure.
Last week, when Gen. Davis nnd his compan.
ion were tramping through this County they
stopped justaboveSlill water to inquire the road
of a Utile girl. After giving necessary informa
tion, sho remarked that in coming from Sun-
daySchool she had lost a garter ; that it was
red, blue, and speckled all over, and if Ihey
found it to love it wilh some neighbor, The
nau ete of the gi'l so charmed the general that
he determined to get her a pair of
new ones. We received tnem aaturuayi
and immediately forwarded them to their own
er, who undoubtedly will wear them next Sun
day ,
Our citi zens have been waiting for some lime
very patiently to hear that Ihe Town Council
has taken steps to rid the streets of lhat common
nuisance, cattle at large. They have wailed in
vain, and are beginning to ask.why is this thus?
Last year when it took Ihe council two months
lo let the cows out, they were laughed ot for
their bungling. It is now time months since
the present council wuit into office, wllh a ma
jority in favor of shutting up the cows, and yet
nothing has been done beyond giving notice
that un ordinance would be presented, lias the
Council forgotten Its duty, or is it afraid to per'
form it? How lMigO City t'.uliers, will ye
Hereafter, by reason of a recent law Sherifl's
Inquests on tho sale of real estate, and in pro
ceedings in partition, !cc the jury will consist
of six men instead of twelve. We regard ibis as
a good measure, It saves expense and incon
venience, and the duty can bo performed by the
Uss number as well as by the greater.
After spending $13,000 of the public money,
advertising for proposals to furnish stationery
for the state government, the state officials got
thee hi Iders, and the contract was awarded at
about llie prices that any retail store would
supply the arliclea asked for.
An Imnorlant act has ben passed by the Leg
Mature allowing the Courts of Common Pleas ing the same,
to fix monthly return days, This will enable
parties to make collections more promptly and
Jivold many arbitrations. Besides, litigants will
be less likely to go before Justices In cases in'
volvlng between $100 00 and $300,
By an act approved May 19th last, it is pro
vided thai Ihe lees received by justices of the
peace and constables of the several counlies of
llie commonwealth shall be as follows . The
sum received by justices of Ihe peace for oil
acls in or about tho commitments of vagrants
shall be twenty five cents for each vagrant as
committed, and the fees received by constab es
for every act in or about the arresl or commit,
ment of vairrants shall be lwent-five cents for
each vagrant so arresttd and so committed and
mileage as now allowed by law for the same
service! Provided, That the provisions ofthis
act shall not apply to counties containing over
live hundred thousand inhabitant; and provid
ed further, That this act shall not apply to
counties liavlng a local or special law regulat-
Messrs Editors: Local news
scarce, but I will do the best I can,
you all that I can glean.
ihe weather in this vicinity nppcars to set
hard on those who are subjected lo rheuma
tism, There nro several persons in this vincily
who nre sull'ering wonderlully with this dis
tressing disease.
Mr. Charles Fullmer, one of our enterpris
ing townsmen bus erected a beautiful portico
in front of his dwelling house. Mr. Fullmer
knows how things ought to b, and he will havo
them that way, regardless of the pnnicy times.
Our townsmen, who compose tho Benton
Cornet Band, appear to have a great deal of
difficulty in all meeting together evenings to
practice. All should be punctual in regard to
it, ns it is aggravating to the Captain to go to
the trouble to notify them nil, and then not
not more than half be present at the time tip
Benton will have a daily mail to Bloomsburg
instead of a tri.weckly, which goes into effect
tlio first of July. It is to leave Benton at 5
o'clock in the morning and arrive nt Blooms.
burg at 12 o'clock; leave Bloomsburg nt 2
o'clock in the afternoon and arrivo at Beir
ton at 7 o'clock in the evening. Our bus
iness men leel good over it, and it w ill, undoubt
edly, bo more comcnieut for them than heretofore.
Your correspondent has overheard several
compliments passed on those hills printed at
ihe CoLUsiuiAX office, for the Fourth of July
Celebration, to be held in Matter's Grove near
Benton, ai a very neat and attractito job. It
is evidence of a well stocked ollico and a prac
tical printer's work.
Our town is well supplied with lame dogs
If some of those who indulge in such tnhum
conduct, were the victims themselves, it might
bo that they would learn to get nt some other
business instead of abusing dumb brutes. The
best thing that they can do is to keep it quiet
or they may ho afflicted with sore heads, as the
owners of theso dumb animals aro very indig
nant about it, Look a little out I You who
nre guilty of tho liendi-h act I !
Mr. Edward Musgravo met with a piiuful
accident on the 18th iust-, nt Albertson's steam
saw mill, in Mr. Eli Mendenlinll's woods, about
ono and one half miles from this place. There
were several men carrying a largo stick of
square timber, about eight by ten, nnd twenty
feet long. Mr- Musgrave by some means slip
ped or caught his foot and fell, tho stick of
timber fulling on three lingers of his right
hand, and masking them almost off, the third
finger just-hung by a small bit of skin. His
lingers were badly mangled, nnd it very likely
will bo quite n time before he will be able to
to do anything with tho hand. Dr' I. E. Pat
tcrsou was summoned to dress the wound,
When last heard from, Mr. Mufgruve was get
ting along as well as could be expected under
the circumstances.
The Benton Cornet Bind have received, and
accepted with pleasure, an invitation to bo at
Orangevllle on next Friday, to help enliven the
enjoyments anticipated thero on that day.
The Orangeville Cornet Band nro going to
havo an Ice cream Festival in tho afternoon
and evening, in Low's Hnll, the proceeds of
which are for the Orangevillo Band,
Mr. ltussell Kami is going to havo a dance
in this place, on tho evening of the Fourth.
The Fourtli of July Celebration to be given
in this place is prospering toward having a
lively time, and no doubt ono that will long bo
remembered by the citizens of Benton and vi
Icinity. Tliere nre to be three Cornet bands
present, instead of two tlio Orangevillo Cor
net Band is to be added to the Picture Kock
and Benton Bands Tho.-e who fail lo attend
will undoubtedly miss a grand day of enjoyment.
Mr. John Heacock our cheap confectionery
and assistant Post Master, intends building a
porch in front of his already cozy hou.-e. He has
the iron ready for that purpose, and also, part of
the lumber. It will add to the nppeirnnco of
his house much, besides being more conven
ient for tho&o who don't like to bo in hot sun
to sit down in tho shade. Wo have quite a
number of such men in our town.
The Mail horse gavo out yesterday on the
way from Bloomsburg to this place, which
caused the mail to be later than usual, Tin
horse when last heard from was in quite a crit
ical condition,
Yours Ac,
ohanqeville items.
The chief topic of conversation hero nt prcs
cut is the Anniversary of tlio Academy which
takes place Thursday and ! riday of this week
Tlio Anniversary dinner on Friday appears to
trouble tlio ladies considerably. Preparations
are being msde to feud a large number and if
c pleasant weather continues, we have
doubt but what a largo crowd will bo here to
bo fed. But they may all come for the "Ladies
f Orangeville" are cquul to any emergency.
The cherries are ripening fast. A lew have
nlready been brought into town for sale.
The crops are looking well. The farmers ex
pect good wheat crops.
Mr. L. K. Fowler ol Dunmore, 'ngent for A
S. Barnes k Co , of N- Y., in company witli
Mr. Beckley of the I!?publican was in Orange
ville on Monday.
Misses Ella Block and Gertie Harder
tliorsburg had a runaway last week as they
were returning home from school. Tho shaft
of the wagon breaking frightened the horse
and he became nnmanageablc. Fortunately
some men stopped him before tho girls were
injured moro than a few bruises.
Very truly yours,
Allow a cold to advance In your system and
thus encourage mote serious maladies, such as
neumonia, Hemorrhages and Lung troubles
when an Immediate relief can be so readily at'
tatned. lloichee's Gcrmah Syrup has gained 111
largest sale In the world for the cure of Coughs
Colds and the severest Lung Diseases. It 1
Dr. Boschee's faraousGermaiijprcscripthnjand is
prepared wilh the greatest care,and no fear need
be entertained in administering it to the young
est chil l, as per directions. The sale of ihii
medicine is unprecedented. Since first intro
duced there has been a constant increasing de
mand and without a single report of a failure to
do its work in any case. Ask your druggist as
lo the truth of theso remarks. Large size
cents. Try it and be convinced, aug 30, '78-tf
Hook Notices.
See A woman on horseback In another col
unin, riding near Speer's Vineyards, with a
lunch ofOrapes from which Hpeer a Port Gripe
Wine is made, that Is so highly esteemed by
the medical profession for the use of invalids,
weakly persons and the aged.
Sjld by Druggists.
June 27 1-y.
SuiciDK. One of the patients at the Asv
urn committed suicide, last Friday morning.
He was among a gang ol men from that Institu
tion who were engaged In fencing In llie lot of
ground above town which was reclaimed from
swampiness by under-draining. He wandered
away, but was missed In a few minutes, nnd
search for him was instituted. His hat was
discovered floating down the canal, but this a.
first was considered as a ruse lo favor his escape.
It was not till some hours after that his body
was found in the canal. The name of the
leceased was Clem. Moore. He was sent lo the
nstilutlon from Susquehanna county. His form
of Insanity had been manifested by a desire to
set fire to buildings. Danville Intclligeneer of
last vreck.
By virtue of a writ of Fieri Facias issued out of
nn rvwi-t nf fVimmi'in 1'Ipiw of Columbia count
in1 tanar Uaifll IfiTa II nnnaartnif tl Mm COUft I ..j um n nnhilr) ajnlA At
'" " "i '- ;v ':" I ana lo lire uin.w:u nni w t iwnru n mim ""'
l u1j3UA, .iuli ein,iaiy.
am tlmf rv-rluln ribf. nr nnrnel nf tnni situate OD
'nnner. and (Itipcti thatnotlre of this decrco shall I .,. ....... ... ti-rnl t.tonr itiilherrv
be published In the hoixmsuk. weekly newapop" , ,h tU,,h nr iwrwifL- bound-
rubllshed at liloomsburir, fir four succeeding weevs. and tine MreetMn the borough or iterwick, oouna-
ii-.iijis . .-a - I -.&-.. . ......II. tr.t r t A nt rn tar Vnttlrf ftilAl .
Tn tho matter of the petition ot Uizlo Plsher,
presented to the Court In open session, February
the prayer ot tho petition Bhould be granted, the
IVilii-t. hortiv tnnL-f... ilix-ron thAf. t.tin natne Of tllfl
petitioner bo changed from Llzilo Klalier to Llztlo
f-orMMnil fmtn thn Itm-md.
Juno 6, Hill, VI m. KIllCKllAtl.M
J 1S-4W
Tho undersigned auditor appointed by tho Court
ot Columbia Co., to make distribution of the balance
In the hands of the Administrators, to and among
the parties entitled thereto, will sit at his onice, lu
Illoomsbiirg, on Saturday, Juno s, into, at ten
o'clock n. in., for tlio purpose of his appointment
when and where all persons Interested suatl appear
ond prove their claims or bo debarred from coming
In fora share of said fund.
May 9J-ta Auditor.
Lutz, late of Mimin township, Columbia county, de
cfAMil. hafl bfen trraiitcd bv ihe lteirlster of said
county to tho undersigned Administrator to whom
For the informs tion of the numismatics the
Journal of Commerce publishes a list of the dates
by years of the issue of the different denomlna.
lions of silver coins, Includlrg one and Iwo cent KtetesWdrUesI
pieces : Pattern cents called the "Washington I
cents," were irsued In 1791 and 1792, and a
few other pattern crnts bearing a diflerent le
gend about Ihesametlme, A few silver "Disme"
and "Half Disme," as patterns, were coined in
li92. The first regular copper cent was coined
In 1793,and thence yearly except in 1815, when
none were struck. In 1791 a dollar, half dol
lar and half dime were struck , and thence year
nil fw.rttnn. ltiilpht-i! nro ri-mipatwl to make ItCmc
dlalo pavment and those hating claims or demands
analnstllho estate will make them known to the Ad
ministrator without delay,
May so, "79 Cw. Administrator.
lutho matter of tho distribution of the funds In
Court Irom tho salo of tho property of Mooro Crcve-llng.
UINRT J. MCKWIX, 1 No ,M May nrT?, 18J0.
i-iur. j-i. iu.
Now, May 18th, 1879, tho Court appoint Geo. E.
Elwell auditor to distribute tho funds In couit arls-
trom sale or real esiaic, Dy agrecineni. 01 couu-
I'urauant lo the abmo annolntment tho under
signed wilt Bit at bis onico In llioomsburg on satur-
Husqmhnmia rbcron the loutli, ami lot of llapllst
Church west, ono hundred anil scum feel, more or
less, In Iront, and thrco hundred feet, moro or lesa.
In depth. Itoservlng and excepting the right of way
In and over tho sumo occupied by tlio Delaware,
Lackawanna & Western It, It., and Pennsylvania
Canal Company.
Stled, taken in necutlonatlhe stilt of Andrew
Fow Icr, against Oiorgo A. licam, and to bu told as
the property of tleorgo A. Ileum.
Thompson, Attorney.
Terms cash on day of salo.
Juno 13 'ISMS sheriff.
Py Mrtuo of a writ Alias Vendex Issued out of the
Court of Common picas ot Columbia county and to
me directed, will be exposed to public aalo nr the
Court House In the town ot llioomsburg coluinbl
county, l'cunsylvanla, at two o'clock p. m., on
FKIDAY, JULY lltli, 1870.
All that certain lot or piece of ground, sltuato In
the town of Catawlssa, county ot Columb'a, and
htato of Pennsylvania, bounded and described as
follows I Beginning at a post set for a corner for
said lot at tho Intersection of the two publlo
roads leading from tho town of Cataw lasa, respect
Ucly to llolilngshead and McKclvy mills, and run
ning from thence by tho north sido or said roaa
leadlBir from McKelvy'a mill south eighteen and
one-halt degrees east ono hundred and forty-five
feet six Inches to a Dost . thence by land of J. 11.
Knlttlo north ntty and ono fourth degrees, east one
hundred and five feet to a post north side of afore
said road leading from Catawlssa to llolllDgshcad's
mill, thenco by tlio samo i ortli sixty-four degrees,
west ono hundred and fort -four leet lo place of
beginning, whereon Is o lected a thrco story brick
aoy, Juiy m u u hTM, lhn , ,nr , . ,.,.h ,.,,, , inrn
aDU wneu nil licrnuiia uiiemicu iuu icnuuvu
to present their claims before said auditor or be de
barred rrom coming in tor a snuru vi uiu muu.
JunolJ-4w Auditor.
Th iinrirrRlo-npii. 1 refiRurcr of tho town of
The first quarter and first dime appeared JS3lt$S3ZXS& w!f? "J"'
rooms, ono occupied by a dry goods and grocery
merchant and tho other vacant, second story ny
public hall, and third story by. Masonic Lodgo and
Chapter i also, a one story frame, ware house, being
tho ground upon which said buildings, sc., are
erected, bonndoj by tho roads before mentioned,
and tn tho rear by property now or late ot Uio Cata-
Stamping done by Miss Annie Kupert, Mark
et utreel. A large number of new and elegant
patterns just received
June ?0 4'W.
Klkctic MaiMim:. The July number
of tho Elect ic, just isunl, begins a uew vol
utnc, aud is n good ono with which to com
menco cither a yearly or a half-yearly fuh
fcriptiou. The engraving this month is a
finely expressive likeness of General Albert
J. iMyer, the 'Old Probabilities' of the
Weather Bureau at Washington. The con
tents of tho number arc as follows : 'On the
Study of Natural History,' by Professor St.
George Mivart ; "A Speech at Eton,' by
Matthew Atnold ; 'Tho History of Games,'
by K. B. Tylor, L. L. D. ; 'John Brown : A
True Story ;' 'Sydney Dobell ; A Personal
Sketch,' by Robert Buchanan j 'On Chinese
Fans ;' 'Mr. Browning's Dramatic Idylls ;
A problem in Human Evolution,' by Profes
sor Grant Alien ; 'Madeuioiscllo do Mersac,'
a novel, chapters X. to XII. ; 'Spring's
Gifts,' a poem ; 'Two Impostors of the
Eighteenth Century ;' 'Peter the Great ;"
'Literature and Medicine ;' 'Flowers and
their Unbiddcu Guests ;' 'The Melancholy
of Educated Englishmen ,' 'A Coquette ;'
and a biographical fcketch of General Albert
J. Myer, to accompany the portrait. Be
sides these thero aro tho usual editorial de
partments of Literary Notices, Foreign Lit
ary Notes, Science acd Art, and Varieties.
Published by E. It. Pelton, 25 Bond Street,
New York. Terms, $5 per year ; single
number, 15 cents ; Trial subscription for three
months, $1.
in 1S9C, and thence annually. Three cent
pieces of silver were coined in 1851, and chang
ed again in 18o3. The nickel cent was intro
duced in 1830. The twenty cent piece was au
thorized by act of March 1, 1875, aod its fur
ther coinage prohibited by act of May 2, 187S.
The two cen t copper coin was authorized 22d
April 1,864, the three cent copper and nickel
piece March 3rd 186-3, and Ihe five
cent copper and nickel May 16, 1866,
of all discriptions are relieved, at' once, and
sfecdily cured by Kidney-Wort. It seems in
tended by nature for the cure of all diseases
of the kidneys caused by weakness and debility.
Its great tonic powers are especially directed to
removalof this (Uss of diseases.
Cor.s Christian. Arthur Cole of Green
wood township to Miss M. L. Christain ol Pine
at lierwlck by Kev. W. Cattell June 19th
Savitts Lono. On the 21t Inst., by Kev.
W. E, Krebs.Mr. Benjamin F. Savitts to Miss
Mary A. Long, both of this place.
and ascertained for the tear 18T9, on and after Hat
urday June 21st, 1979, at his onico on Main Btrcet
tltedoorB above Centra street. In said townt and
ail lax-payers aro nereoy renuirea us pay uhj saini-.
Any tax unpaid at the expiration ot thirty days
fiom the said 31st ot June shall be paid wllh nve
per centum penalty upon tho amount, added there-
Town Treasurer,
llioomsburg, June 1, 1S79. Juno no, 6w.
In the matter of tho estato of I. Johns Son, as
signed to J. M. smith, for benent of creditors.
Now, June 5, 1S79, on motion ot Messrs. Freeze
and Knorr, C. (1. Iiarklcy, Esq., Is appointed auditor
lo uisiriDuie mnus in uanas oi u. . biuiui,u,9ikui:i--,
as found by Auditor's lteporl of C. o. Hartley,
among tho creditors.
IlTTOI! corKT.
l'ursuantto tha aboe appointment the under
signed will nt al his onico In llioomsburg on .Mon
day, July S'st. 1879, at o'clock, in tho forenoon,
nlii-rn nntl whtn nil nprsotm Intirnsti-d art! rcUUired
to present their claims before Bald auditor or bo de
burred from coming 1H tor a share of said fund.
lunemMw Auditor,
Letters of administration on the estate ot Anthony
Snjder, late of Mifflin township, Columbia Co., de
ceased, hao been granted by the Itegtstcr of said
county to the undersigned Administrator to whom
nil persons lnoeuieu aro reuuesu.-u w um.w luimc
dhLlH nui-mcnt nnd those havlnir claims or demands
ngatnst tho estate will make them known to the Ad
ministrator without delay.
June 90, "79-ew llioomsburg.
Seized, lakt u Into execution and lo bo sold as the
property ot the Catawlssa Masonic Association,
W.H, Hiiawn, Att'y.
Terms cash. . ...
John w. norr.w ais.
Juno no, '79-ls
Business Notices
Call at McKinney's for Shoes.
Spring Styles Spring Goods Spring Styles.
Call ana see
The New Goods. Tho New Styles at the
New Price.
Cheaper than ever.
Must be seen to be believed, better goods at
lewer prices
at u. ixjwen berg's.
Rubbers at McKinney's.
Want Wool at Light Street.
June 20 2-w.
Pugarloat township ot supervisors ot roads fo
the year ending April Hlh, 1S79.
Andrew Hess and John Lcwts, supen Isors.
Dr. Cr.
TO amount of duplicate of road tax
in Andrew Hess' hands for the
ear or 1873 $W 3
To amount of unseated land tax.... ns C'l
Uy work done on road
Itv time as HUDervlsor
Hy receipt and others redeemed...
Hy exonerations
Hy orders redeemed
To order 57
4S6 67
4S 70
113 SS
1 911
4 1)6
J195 SI
I To amount of duplicate of road tax
in donn uevtiii nanus lur uio
earotlS7S 301 O)
Ily work dono on road
Hy time as supervisor
Hv cxhoneratlons
rrt rtan 111,,, tUa I. ah, rvtalra nf I fi,. T"0 OTderS S 39
33S 3
89 37
3 30
12 cents per yard at Clark & Son's.
f 920 83 1920 S3
All wool Buntings at Philadelphia prices Work $34528
at Lutz & Sloan's.
In Blackwood's Magazine for Juno, repub
lished by tho Leonard Scott Publishing Co.,
11 Barclay Street, New York, we havo the
conclusion of the serial, 'John Caldigate,'
Mr. W. C. Montgomery, of McEwensville,
an estimable gentleman, made a narrow escape
from sustaining a serious financial loss on Sat
urday, lie had been making a visit to Jersey,
town, Columbia county, having on his person
about $1,700 in cash, which had just been paid
to him before starting, and which he had not
time to deiKwit. While resting himself uiion
a lounge, with his coat which conlaiaed the and a spirited continuation of the now
money thrown across him, the contents 'Hcata ; or, hat s in a Name.
of the pockets slipped to llie floor. Mr. Mont- The chapter on "Contemporary Literature'
gomery left in the evening without discovering takes up I'rcnch novels, to which it devotes
ins ios,an.i iiauproceeueua,.iar as r-xenauge, twcmy.Six pages, inscribes ihcin as cliarac- Canned Peas 10 cents per can or three
wueu iie reai ueu mai ui luuurj- nau uiniquicai- terizcu oy an intensity 01 realism, ami gives cans lor 25 cents at llartraan liros,
ed. His first impression was that he had lost a ruunini: coiniuentarv on the iiroductions of
the money as he drove along, he having been tll0 mojcrn jrcl,cll M100i from Victor IIuko, . ",D,reAl V. ' . e
irnimr at a lively triit. He retraced his Hens n n n c.' .i ..., a... j ' su. . i"" .
" D ' I iJiiiix.;. uiiuiua, vjuu.iiu uauui uuu uut uunn
over a good part of the dUlance, making a t0 Hubert , Helot, Sandeau, Clarctie .Daudet,
i-.i uful In? iliu 11.fl r f a Ifinrprti I 1 1 .1 1
rk...v.., , iiud jO a. llie la-st-iminiHl author hcintr urn l n..- r t n,i:..t ni.i iu
he happened .0 remember about lying on Ihe 1, tf "K
French novelets. by the best makers at u. liernhard s Jewel
The other articles arc 'Tho Destruction of r? tore'
zegedin,' from the notes of a member of a Boots aud Shoes cheap at McKinney's.
l:i-. ..!...- ...i-i. r 1 -
,u ,""7 ""'"" '"B -"'!' " s organ.- gpt,ng Qvercoats-Spring Overcojts,
.V.W UMV4 UUl 1.UU4 WUUrt-.WIII WII IUU I 'f. pfln . , ,M f fl m B. PSI fttl ll P. W
The above is the Indebtedness for tho year 1S78.
We, tho Auditors of Kugarloaf township have cx-
Siaal Hay Rope lOcts per pound for cash, amlncd tlio supervisor's accounts and ilnd It as
.Manil a Mav Itnnn -'Acta npr nnllnil Inr 1 s"3 su,ltu.
cash. Over four loot to pound at Light
Silas Youno.
june 20 2-w
Beautiful Silk Hats New Soft Hats,
Wool Hats, Fur Hats,
For Men for Boys and Children
At the Popular store of
D. Lowenberg.
Silk Umbrellas suitable for sun or rain
Admission free at McKinney's.
Ily order ot Auditors,
AAKON KltlTZ, J-Auditors.
Attest, ANDREW LAUUAC1I, Clerk.
June Is dw
JACOB TEltWILLIClKIt, Treasurer,
Hy cash pd. S. W. Edgar,tachcr,5mo.$t40 o
" John CrevelliiR, " 110 uo
Ily virtue of sundry writs issued out of tlio
Court ot common I'leas of Columbia county and
to mo directed, will bo exposed to public sale at Uio
Court House In tho town or llioomsburg Columbia
county, 1'ennsj lvanla, at two o'clock p. m., on
MONDAY, JULY 7ih, 1879.
All that certain lot ot ground situate In the town
ot Catawlssa, In the county ot Columbia, Btte of
I'entisylMinla, liounded and descrlii'd as follows,
to-lt! Ilc'Elnnlngat a post 8"t for u corner for said
lot ut tho Intersection ot Mil two public roads
leadlnc from Uu' town ot Catawlssa i-vspectluly lo and McKcKys Mills, suutli elirhtcen and
a halt dtktei'b, o.v-t ouo hundred aud lorty-ouo foot
six Inches to a post, thenco by 1 inds ot Joseph B.
Knlttlo, north ntty and a quarter decrees, cost, one
hundred and live feet to a post on tlio south side of
the afuretoiM road leading froin Catawlssa to
McNlnch's .Mill, thenco by I hu samo north sixty-lour
degrees, west one hundred and forly-four feet lo the
placo of boglnnlni:: on which aro erected a three
story, brick building, store room, public hall and
masonic hall.
seized, taken In execution nt tho suit of C. II.
nrockway against Kobert llorrell with notice to
Catawlssa Masonic Association, garnishee, and to bo
sold as tho property ot Catawtss.i Mosonlo Asso
ciation. I'lur. Vend. Ex.
Vkock -av. Attorney.
All that trad of I.uid situate In thu town ot
Bloomsburg, viz : Lota 10 and 11, bounded on the
nortli by land of Shaffer and Hoffman, on the cast
by East btrcet, on the south by lot ct wiutam
Olgga', aod on tlio west by strawberry alley,
containing one hundred feet front by one hundred
and nlnety-olght feet In depth, being two full lots, on
which are erected a two story rrame dwelling house,
stable aud other out-bulldlnss.
ono other lot on Itallroad Btrcet, West llioomsburg,
bounded on tho north by an alley on tho east by tho
lrondalo railroad, on the south by lot of Henry
Hartmau, and on the west by an alley, containing
Wty feet front and ono hundred and sixty-six feet
deep, more or less, on which are erected a double
frame house, two largo btables nnd other outbuildings.
seized, taken In execution at tlio suit ot M. o.
Hughes, assigned to C. 11, I'axton, against Casper
I. Thomas, and to be sold as tho property of Casper
J. Thomas,
W. J. Hccxaiew, Attorney. Alias II. Fa.
Teims cash on day of sale.
JOHN w. norFMAN,
Juno I3-79-ts sherin.
Sarah O Snvder.
S. A. Worman, store bill,
V. H. Kob'nson
K. II. l'ursel, fixtures
li. W. Anl, coal.
P, E. Ilomboy & sou, repairs,
s. A. Wormun. glass, etc. . . .
W. K. Dletbsrlch
llarinan liassert
E. II. l'ursel, repairs
110 IM
5 47
5 SO
10 U
9 37
I 5
II 51
1 77
1 00
3 41
- I07 03
The colieries in and about Centralia are work
Ployment. We liot.e this slate of affairs wiU graduates cont m ed,
not be marred by any foolish strikes. It Is
belter to have steadv eiun ovment at low wages
than to lie idle half the time for want of high
er rales.
Com.mkxcemknt Wkeic The following is
iho nroerammo of exercises for next week nt
tlio Slate Normal School:
Sunday, Juno 20th 7 0 p. M. Sermon by
the Principal, to the graduating class, Luther,
uu Church.
Monday, Juno 30th. Kxaminatton of under
Tuesday, July 1st, Examination ol under-
graduates concluded ; 8 p. M, Annual address
beforo Iho Literary Societies, llev. W. ft. .Mon
roe. I). 1). Opera House.
UVilnedav.Julv-3dU.SlJ A.M. I'llial All
" ... .
Jacob L.GIrion. lwleior of the Citv Hotel i 1 l'. M. Llass.lay exercises, ui.i
has secured the services of Mr. Frank Smith, as. pus : 7.30 1'. M. re-u.uou.
rU,b ..... r. i.. r um..itA,rH Thursday. July 3d, 'J.30 A. M. Comme
-..-.., ,,, - -..,. f,,, Sn.'.tv
where he was conneclid with one of the lust ment excrcw , - - .7 .
i,.i. r. c i..M.i..t .t.i nntlp. of the Alumni in Uinpeij J i. w, .iiuuuu
t.,4n ..l 1 i . . M llinncr. ftcUOOl AUUIli: Aimi.o, ju
".M nun Knows now iu caier iw uio nui.. vi , ... .
the public. 1 Keceptiou, hcliool rariors.
ounge. lie proceeded in great haste to the
hotel in Jerseytown and had the gooif fortune
to recover his cash just where it had fallen from
his pocket. He was, of course, very much
gratified at his good lortane. Those who know
Mr. Montgomery will also rejoice to know that
he escaped locitig such a snug sum of money,
as ho fully deserves his good luck, Gazette iC'
As the little leaven hid in the measure of
eal, made all leaven, so truth gradually over
comes all doubt and uisbeliet. When Ur.
Pierce, of Bufl'alo N. Y,, announced that his
Favorite Prescription would positively cure llie
many diseases and weaknesses peculiar tu wo
men, some doubted, and continued to emloy
the harsh and c untie local treatment. 11, it the
mighty truth gradually became acknowledged
Thousand-of ladies who had uselessly under
gone untold torture.-) at the hands of diflerent
physicians, emi loved the Favorite Prescription
and were speedily cured, Many physicians now
prescribe it in their practice. So sanguine is
Dr. Pierce of lis power lo cure, that he now sells
it through druggists under a positive guaran
I). Lowenbergs.
F.xecutive committee met at Ihe Exchange
Hotel, liloonuburg, June 21st 1879,
Members present: A. P. ioung: 1'.. J
Mcllenry, M. O, Hughes Freas Fowler
Chau.llee lives, l'. II Km, N. II. W. Brown,
Peter A, Kvans, Wm. Shall'er and M. W, Nuss,
Meeting was called to order by A. P. Young,
Chairman. Minutes were read and approved,
On motion of Nuss and Mcllenry, the dial
apiwinled Nuss, Mcllenry and lives a commit
tee to revise Ihe premium liat and report to the
Executive Commiltee at ils next meeting.
On motion duly seconded, Hughes, Ent and
Youngwereelected Delegates to thetate College
lo elect Trustees, On motion it was agreed that
the hay on the "Fair Ground" be awarded to
Ellas Olgger to be made for the half. Adjouri
ed to meet July 25th 187U.
first uews of serious danger ; 'Bank Failures Just received at
...i . i,.,;. 1).,.., ,!:.. ...- (-.,. c i:,:,.,i
ttllU M.VII iH.Ull.Ult,-, OUIUB IUIIU U HUllltU I . , o f TT - Tl
,. , .... , . , , . ..... I rarmers aueuuuu i o. u. jiess, mooms
liability OCing HlggcstCU , ami a Sliort critl- lllir now nfr.rsMiean for cash or ,-ratn
... .,. - !..t- . P t II, 1 ,. I - I .. C. .'....'.
asm on me auko oi Argyll's late speccn on all kinds ot larming implements
the haatern policy ot tbe Uovcrnment.
Hy c. M.Terwllliger, teacher, i mo.. 140 ti
" Wm McDowell 110 lo
" I'hcebe Snyder 110 no
" J.Tcrw linger, coal, brooms, cto. . 43 70
Hy Douglas White, teacher, 5 mo 14010
W. w. Moorhead, ,! 110 00
" A. .11000, plastering, eie iu iw
" (leo. W. Creiel.nir. cual. etc 17 DO
" A. Mood, blackboard 19 23
By A. IT. Vanderellce, teacher, s mo.
I 4U3 ;c
tm is
Tho periodicals reprinted by the Leonard
Scott l'ubli-hing Co. (41 Barclay Street, N.
.)arsas follows: The London Quarterly,
Edinburgh, Wat minster and Ilritish Quarter
ly Reviews, and Jllactwood's Magazine, Price,
$1 a year for any one, or only J15 for all, and
the postago n prepaid by the Publishers.
Wide Awake for July, 1S79.
The July Wide Awake, which, by the
way, is a thick number,' having a sixteen
page Natural History Supplement, cele
brates tbe national holiday with a frontis
piece full of battle-smoke, and two capital
patriotic stories, Bunker Hill Revived,' by
J. H. Woodbury, and 'General Washington
aud the ltagamutBiis,' by Annie E. Preston
'The Children's Hour at tho Old South,' by
l'.mina L. Brown, is also full ot patriotic
reminiscences, nnd is illustrated with thir
teen fine drawings by Miss Humphrey
Then there is also a humorous Fourth of
July poem, 'The Fire Cracker and Torpedo,'
by Clara M. llurnham, illustrated hy 'Boz,'
A verv Iarce assortment of Parasols chean
at l.utz ot Sloan s.
' David Jones, coal, noorlng, et:,
' J.Terw linger, ccal, etc
140 00
35 3S
3 V9
- 1179 47
A large assortment of New Shoes just re
ceived from New York which I will sell at
low prices, A stock of from $1500 to $1800
worth of boots and shoes to select trom.
Children's Misses' and Ladies' Slippers,
Gaiters, Morocco and Kid Shoes, lace and
button. Ladies' Slippers for CO cents, G!i cts,
75 cts., 90 cts. $1 00, $1,25 to 1.40.
Children sand Slisses Shoes, 30 cents.
40 cents, 50 cents, t!0 cents,75 cents, 90
cents, S1.0CLS1.25, $1.40, $1.50, il.GO, $1.75.
Ladles' ualters and nones lor 70 cents, w
ients,$l 00. $1.10. $1.2.r. $1,40. $1 50.S1.6O.
$1 75,$1.90, $2.00, $2.25, $2.50, $2.G0, $2.75.
Youths' lioys" and Jlens" Shoes, ou cents,
90 cents, $1.00, $1.10, $1.20, $1.25, $1.40,
$1 50, $l.G0, $1.75, $1,90, $2.00, $2.25, $2.40,
$2.60, $2.75 at Light Street by
juneb-iw BlhAS YUUNU.
Having obtained the agency of this
CnLnnrtATL-n Soap
for Bloomsburg and viciuitv. I append the
opinion of some of our best people as to its
Ily dupllcato to E. II. l'ursel
" 6 copies school Journal
" school books, 1. w. Hartman,
" salary Secretary, E. U. l'ursel
-- Auuiioru..
5 35
7 en
It 70
3-J in)
3 U)
1 nrlntlnsr this renrrt a 01)
1 cominlislon to Treasurer, So 97
(95 OS
14S 6S
11591 11
Juno 23, IS7S, cash from Henry C
Kelchner, lato treasurer
June ,"79 cash receued trom collec
tor UN White, during j ear. . . .
3S4 CI
1139 M
11594 II
131 4S
(51 11
Ilalance In bands of treasurer
Amount In bunds 1 f collector
Amount of exonerations
Juno 1S-3W
Hy vlrtuo of a writ of Klerl Facias Issued out ot
tho Court ot Common pleas of Columbia county
and to me directed, wilt bo exposed to public salo at
tho storehouse, on tlio first described property In
Centre township, Columbia county, Pennsylvania,
at ten o'clock a, m. on
THURSDAY, JULY 10th, 1879,
All Ihoso pieces and parcels ot land with tho ap
purtenances, bounded and described as follows: ono
piece situate In Centre township, Columbia county,
bounded on the north by a public road leading trom
Whltmjer's storo to EvansvlUo, eastwardly by
George K. lle&s and Jesse Freas, south by M. W.
Jackson, Paul zahner and John Hirer, and on tha
w est by a public road, by Aaron Kelchner and Ellis
ltlngroe, containing one hundred and flfty-four
acres more or less, all improved land, on which aro
erected ouo storehouse, two small frame dwelling
houstH, two largo bank barns, ono stablo and ft
wagon shed, on which Is a good apple orchard, being
the same premises purchased by defendant at Or
phans' court sale as tho property ut Gilbert It. Fow
1 er, deceased.
Tho right, title and interest ot defendant In
all that tract of land situate In township ot llrlar
creck in said county on which the defendant now
resides, bounded on the north by land heretofore of
John Vanpelt, now M F Jacksou and ot John
lleavener, on iho west by said Heavener, now Adam
Dleterlch and Francis Evans, on the south by land
heretofore owned by P. M.Traugh and now owned
by rettlo and on tne east by tho Ball Fettle
and others, containing two hundred and twenty
tuo acres, more or less, about ono bundled and
titty acres ot which aro cleared on which aro erected
framo bank barn, frame dwelling house, with other
outbuildings, on which Is an excellent npplo orchard
and other trull.
ono other tract ot land sltuato tn said town,
ship of Ilrlarcreck, bounded on the cast by land of
Hannah Slticr, south by land of Isaao Hower, on tho
west by William hitler, and on tho north by Yost's
esuto, containing forty-seien acres, moro or less,
ull itnprou-d, with an orchard thereon.
seized, taken In execution at the suit ot Susan ah
Hunt against William Uunon, and to bo sold as Ihe
propertyof William l.ainon.
Jackson son, Attorneys.
Terms cash ou day ot sale.
Juno IS, "79-ls Micrlt
$311 la
W.ARTTEPS & students
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Among llie judgments entered in Ihe
premc court 011 .Monday were tho lollomng
lining to Ibis section :
Tho proceedings of Columbia county court
requiring city councils of Williamsport to pay
ntcrestdue bondholders aro alhrmcd. Ihe
upreme Court says : "We regret to seo a dis-
osition only too uparcot upon tho faco of these poem, A Had 1'iJt.' Palmer Cox has a
records to evade our decree of October 4th humorous picture of tho advance-guard of
1877. No man or corporation in Pennsylvania I summer Insects, entitled 'Coming I' He al
is strong enough to resist tho decree of this so has some excellent crayons for his own
court. From the date of our decree to tbe I poem of 'The liens' Adventure.' Clara
present time tho city of Williamsport has not, Doty Bates also has an illustrated poem, 80 luat they may know just how good the
to our knowlcUco. voluntarily paid a dollar of 'Choos ne a Kitten. 'Prv 111? Lizzie.' hv l "' luD ""cu
interest to lis bondholders. 'Ihe payment oi D. G. McDonald, is a capital storv for in
this indebtedness is resisted on tho ground that cpjisitive little girls. 'Archery for Boys' is
the amcunt ot bonds issued was in excess 01 ai0 very seasonable,
the constitutional limit, which the supremo The two aitlclea of nennanent value. lmw
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tists' series, relative to J, J. Etinekiup, with
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d Junet-lw
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...uu, u juneMw
july 12, '78-1 y
Hoot headquarters at McKinney's.
court two years ago decided did not justify the
city of Williamsport in repudiating its obliga
tions." Chief Justice Agnew and Judge
Woodward dissented- But the opinion filed
Monday sets forth that "tho court is a unit in I
tho enforcement of our decree, This record is
entirely barren of error, and tho proceedings
are alhrmcd upon each writ. It will be Iho
duty of tho court below to compel prompt
obedience to its order,
(loodman vs- Sanger, Columbia,
ment reversed and new trial awarded 1
Burns vs, Lycoming Ins. Co, lirror to C. P.
Montour Co, Affirmed,
Kipp's Kxr's 11, Hunter. Krror to C. P
Montour Co. Afliruicd.
Woidonhammer vs. Murray, Error to C. P.,
Montour Co. Affirmed,
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