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nLooJtsniriMi, rli! n at, jd.ik 20, ts;o
IUI1 lloail Tlmp Tahlp.
Accommodation Train M A.M.
Mall Train A'M
Kinross Train 1." 1'. M.
Accommodation Train MS A.M.
.... p.nmDi ... 4.06 1. M.
4.49 P. M
11.43 A. M
1.86 ! M.
11.45 A.M.
rir.oiin.r r.M',v -- ----- --,
Thronghcarson Express train cither to New York
or riiliartelphtf. Accommodation train runs between
Catawissa and Wllllamsport.
!iunn! ink llbooimrRn. leavo Cambra Monday,
w.iliiesilar and Friday at :)n.m., arrlvoat
-V. h tj.uvn l..nintt.i.irtj nti
simudiys nit" arrival or l'liiladelplila mall" and t.Aiunsvii.t.K, Leave Lnlrdsvlllo
Tii.'sdsy, Thursday una Saturday at 7:3ii a. m.,
ilrrlvluir at Uloomsburg by U in. Leavo blooms
ii lira on name dais alter arrival or l'nrladclplila
in'ill Tho stage lino terminates at.Mlllvllle.
i.tnn mi l liloomsbiirg.-A dally stage I'no leaving
i.'nton In tlic morning and returning In tliu eve
ning ct thosaino daj.
I HITS HAI.L AND Hl.OOM8BCBrt, I,caVO White Hall
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 6:30 a, in.,
irrlimgnt Uloomsburg by 10 a. in. Lenve Illooms
burg onsamoilajs alter arrival ot rhlladelphla
iiistos and lltooMSDcna. Leaves Hr-nton Monday,
Wednesday and Friday at 8 a. m., arriving at
Illoomsuurg ne p. in. ia-,icb niwiusuurx: lues
day, Tnursday and Saturday at 9 n. in., arriving
atilintonat J p. m.
I, K. Krlckbaum, executor of Andrew Eel
Ions, (Iterance!, will Fell at public sale in Hunt
ington township, Luzerne county, Thursday,
June 2fltli 1879, n valuable farm of 35 acres.
Also, several tons of bay, and a Valley Chief
mover, Ac.
" The Senior examination closed yesterday,
Mrs. W. II. Koons, of Wilkes. Barre Is visiting
friends in town.
Judge Elwell heM court at Scranton last week,
Mr. and Mrs. William Neal mid sonio friends
spent a few elays up the creek this week.
On Friday night, of last week the lllooins
Imrg Cornet.llanil were out giving a few noc
turnal serenades.
Mrs. Sarah Conner is laying a new flagstone
pavement in front of her residence on Eat
On last Thursday tho littio son of William
Giger, while nt play, fell from the pump porch
and broke its leg.
The Sanitarium is fast npproaching completion-
When finished we will give a complete
description of the establishment,
llev. Dr. I). S. Monroe, of Lewisburg, will
deliver an address before the Normal School
Literary .Societies on Tuesday evening, July
Two men were bound over by Ksq. Brower on
Tuesday, to npf car at Court, on a charge of
disturbing tho peace. The affair occurred in
Hodney A. Mercur Ksij. Kegister in Bank
ruptv, and will known here, was married on
the 12th inst. to Miss Mary, daughter of James
Waid, of Towanda.
About tho finest strawberries we have seen
this season camo from the garden of Dr. J. C,
Kutter. They were immense in size and
excellent in flavor.
The proprietors of the Exchange Hotel have
necureel Ihe services of Chas W. Snyder, as
clerk. Clias. will leave nothing undone that
will add to the comfort of the guests.
Our Mifllinvillo coiresponelence was received
too late for publication la-t week. As we go lo
press on Thursday afternoon, all communica
tions should be sent in not later than Wednes
day. One day last week, Laura, a six year old
daughter of Capt. llrockway, attempted to open
a heavy barn door on bis premises. For some
reason Ihe hinges gave way, and the door fell
upon her. She manages! to extricate herself, the
only injury being a severe cut in one of her legs.
Miss Belle II, Lamon, formerly of Towanda
and who has many acquaintances in ibis county
was married In Dr. Alvin Kyer on the lSih
inst, at St. Paul's church, Plymouth, Wiscon
sin. Miss Lamun s a neice of Mr. William
L-imon of Ilriarcreek. We wish the Doctor
and his bride a life of happiness.
Henry W. McKelvy met wilh a serious acci
dent on Sunday morning, He was currying
one of his father s horses when the animal kick
ed Mm in the hip, knocking him clear across
the alley. He was carried into the house in an
insensible condition but soon recovered, No
bones were broken, and he is able to lie out.
Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Kustenbauder returned
home last Saturday evening from their visit to
friends in York State. George and his father
imlaw, Mr. Stanley, in one day caught 10
pounds of bass in Sodas Bay, and it wasn poor
day for fishing, loo, else George 6nys they
might have caught 100 pounds as readily as
what they did, item.
Runaway. On last Friday evening whilst
Mr. Caldwell's boy was delivering bread at
Senator Bucknlew's residence, tho dogs rushed
out and so frightened the horse that ho ran
.away. Fortunately the harness gave way, and
the only damage done was a broken shaft and
f he dragging of tho boy over the dash-board-The
horse came tearing through town, but did
no damage.
Dr J Schujler has mi ingeniously contrived
water elevator in his well. It consists of a
wide bund ot heavy canvass, passing over a
roller at the top of the curb, and on this band,
at intervals of two feet, are tin buckets, holding
a tjiiart each. As tho crank is turned the
buckets are carried down under tho water and
filled, and come up on the other side, dumping
the water into the spout ns they pass over the
roller. It works easily and cannot get out of
order except by tho rotting of tho canvass,
wliich can be replaced without difficulty.
Ens. Columbian:
Beuben Bredbender of Beaver Valley, one
of the hands employed by tho P, & It, Company
in repairing tho high trestling bridge's on the
Catawissa Bailroad, on Tuesday morning, (Juno
l'l, was thrown from Fisher's bridge, (near
Ma'uivilleJ, a distnnco of ouo hundred mid
eight feet, by a fulling piece of timber, mid
was instantly killed, William Mensinger a
companion of Bredbender narroly escaped n
similar fate. This sad accident throws a cloud
of gloom oi cr the usual uierry spirits of the
seventeen men who hourly risk their lives in
repairing these treatlings, xi, k. d.
Some men appear to misunderstand tho
proposed erection of water works, nud claim
thai the nuthoiities ougl't not to allow a tax to
bo imposed for tho supply to the town, If a
tax should bo imposed it would be so small
that no one would feel it much, whilo the
advantages to those who object to tho expeuse
would bo greater than to nny one else. It
would bring a largo amount of capital here
which would be used In paying laborurs to ho
employed In the town, It would reduce
insurauco.nnd give tho poor man who can not
afford to pay iusurancc, facilities fur preserving
bis property from fire, which might otherwise
eep away all he owns, In nuy aspect water
works will prove a blessing.
KlniY u'Aty". MiJ Robert
' 'l'"""nlnd political enemies, hy 'hU uV
si" "en , hT:T T' '"el""'" W ' n
" ' "?' ""el worker amt ao persist.
.ales I b "ll l"lt.ll0"fC0,m,ll'h ",,st 1,8 ""'
Ihe soldiers will me reason to be thankful
o I, in fo, the manner In which he I a, bVtn
looking after Ihelr InteresU.-JW iw
Just for fun let ua know what be has accom
pushed beyond drawing Ms salary.
ii V,t !""? receiveJ R n'Ml "'Ii' iwmplet pub
lished In the Interest of the new Sanitarium. It
contains an article from the ChrUlaln Staltman
ii which Ihe advantages to be found at Blooms
buru by the seeker after bealll. are glowingly
described, though not exaggerated. The wrll
"says "we f,nd a hospitality nd Intelligence
at Bloomsbiirg which makes It n good place
for a long ns well as a short stay." There Is no
doubt that our town can be made, bv proper ef-fort-Ja
popular resorl.nolonly for Invalids who,
desire pure air and lovely scenery an 1 skillful
treatment, but for people of wealth and leisure
who are looking for a pleasant place to spend
he summer.
Tiik "Postage Due" Stamp. The "Postage
Due" stamp will be the next innovation in
our postal system. A recent act of Congress
makes u the duty of postmislers to aflix lo all
mall matter that has rear-heri Its destination
wilhout full payment of postage an amount of
stamps equal to the postage due. Heretofore
the amount has been mntked upon the letter or
package with stencil or pen. This regulation
will go Intoellecton the 1st of July next and
Ihe new stamps for this purpose arc being pre
pared, and issued, The denominations of Ihese
stamps nto one, two, three and five cents. They
arc of a unifotm reddili-brown color. On the
npper border the words "Postage Due" are
printed in while letters, and on the lower bor
der appears the demonlnation in letters of Ihe
same. By this system ihe department will
save n great deal of money now lost in small
post offices on underpaid mail matter.
The Commissioners of Columbia county
have appointed tho following persons tax
collectors in the different townships, which we
give below!
Jlemer Ttnrnihip Frank Ithonds.
Iknton tmintliipV. S. Smith.
Jlcnciclc borough James Jacoby.
Jlloomitburg A. L. Fril..
Jlriarcreck township John F. Miller.
Oitaiiwi (ohtisn;) Isaiah Jobn.
CcntraHa tmcmhip Thomas Ghcraty.
Centre towwhip Joseph Weiss.
Qtnyngham twinship John Monroe.
FiiltinncreeL towmhip Eli Bobbins.
Franklin toitnship Moses Hower.
Grecnmod toivmhip Clark Merrell.
Hemlock tomuhipW'm, F. Foust.
Jurhon township W'm, L. Parks.
Jjocud townnhip Adam Johnson.
Madimn tomiihip O. P. Christian.
-1dm towtiship Hnrtnan G. John.
Mijiin township Jncob Groover.
Montour township Wm. II. Weaver.
ML Pleasant township John Mordon.
Orange township Michel Keller.
Pint township Jacob Long.
lloaringcreek township 1) W. Harig.
Scott township Geo. Kclchner.
SugarloaJ township Wm. A. Kile.
The steamship Zeal, which arrived at this
port last Sunday, brought three thousand mig
ratory quail consigned to Mr. Horace P. Tobey,
of Boston j Mass. The birds nre shipped by
the American consul at Messina, and will be
distributed among sportsmen's dubs, in Cana
da, Maine, Massachusetts, New York, New Jir
sey, Pennsylvania and Maryland, Of the three
thousand odd about one hundred were lost on
the voyage. The successful acclimatization of
this bird has been accomplished, and American
sportsmen by their enterprise in the matter have
matr'ially added to the sport of the country,
Phila, Inquirer,
One hundred of the number had been ordered
by Mr. B. It. Gearbart and bis sporting friends
They arrived here last Wednesday, and have
been scattered throughout the county. We hope
Ibal this act of the sportsmen will be reciproca
ted by the farmers in kindly welcoming and
cariigfor the litlle strangers, whose adven"
must certainly prevent a loo rapid disappears
aiiceofourown "Bob While." The bird I'
not as lsrgj by one-third as our native, nor is
its plumage so rich, The distinctive marks of
male and female are not so elearly defined , and
the note is quite different. The rigor of our
winters is evaded by iheni in going to the Soulh
but with ihe spring they return to their old
haunts, and ihey have some very interesting
habits which they will make known on heller
acquain lance. Damille Intelligencer.
Two distinguished tramps arrived at ihe Ho
tel on Sunday evening. Seeing that they had
knapsacks, and were voucheil for by senator
Buckalew , they were allowed to regbter at the
Exchange Hotel,
The one proved to be Gen. W. W. II. Davis,
Editor of Ihe Uoyleitown Democrat, one of the
best papers in the State. He served with dis
tinction in the war with Mexico, was Governor
we believe of New Mexico, was Colonel of the
143d Pa , Vols, and some years ago was Demo
cratic candidate for Auditor General. His com
panion was II. C Michener Esq., of Doylestown'
a leading member of the Bucks County Bar, The
two had been visiting Towanda, Mrs, Judge
Mercur being a sister of Gen. Davis. Oa last
Friday morning Ihey decided lo walk to Doy
lestown, a distance of about 2Aj miles. Their
first days journey took iheni to Dushore. Sat'
urday found them croi-sing Nortli Mountain,
and after a few hours rest at Genoga Lake, they
resumed their tramp, and halted for Ihe night
at the old Kaiser place at the base of the North
Mountain. From there Ihey inarched down the
Fi'bingcreek Valley to Blootnfburg on Sunday
They were enlhuasislic as to the beauty and fer
tility of ihe country through which they passed,
as well as tho courtesy of our people. On Mon'
day morning they started fo.- Shamokin via
Catawissa and Elytown, and ere this we pre
sume have safely reached their destination,
Opera House, Monday evening June 10:h
1 S7'J- Pullic meeting of the citizens. Meet
ing organized by the appointment of Hon, Wm.
Elwell as. President and r rank P, Billmyer as
Secretary, The President staled that the obect
of the meeting was for the purpose of discussing
and giving expression to Ihe view f the Citi
zens in reference to obtaining n supply of fresh
water fir our town fur domestic use and fre pur,
poses. Un motion oi iJavni lvjwenberg, the
meeting authorized the President to appoint ,a
committee of not less than seven, to interview
Ihe citizens lo consult with the members of the
Town Council and ascertain how many fire
plugs would be necessary and how many should
be provideil for, by the town. Whereupon the
President appointed as members of the CilizenB
Committee, Divid Lonenberg L. N. Moyer
C. W. Miller, Wm. Neal, T.J. Vundertlice
E. K. Rollins, Stephen Knorr, and Eli JoneB
Upon motion of C. B. llrockway, seconded
by C, G. Barkley Knj , the following was un
animously parsed,
Resolved, That In our opinion it is advisable
tn procure our supply of water from Ihe fprings
beyond Mainville, and that it is preferable to
have the work done by any corporation or In
dividual, that will perform the wurk satlsfictor
lly without expense lo the town as a Coriora-
tion, except ns to bre-ploge. On motion of Dr,
W. M. lleber it was further resolved, that we
request the Town Council lo make such terms
concerning fire plug', with the Company now
proposing to build water works as to induce
them to complete Iho works. On motion the
Secretary was directed to furnish iheTonnCoun'
cil wilh the proceedings of this meeting On mo
t'on of Geo.E. Klwell it was resolved, That when
ihls meeting adjourns il adjourn to meet in the
Opera. House Monday evening next the 231
inst at7"p'm,, to bear Ihe report of Ihe Cill
zeus Comiultletj, On motion adjourned,
Fhank P. Billmveii,
Faux the Wauust.-TIio Ilirdsboro' cor
respondent of tho Bending ICagle writes to that
paper, under dalo of Juno 10, ns follows i
"Harry Faux and Miss Nellie Boss gnvo a
public exhibition of their pedcslrlnn powers on
Saturdny evening In front of tho Blidsboro'
bouse. After walking for nearly an hour they
passed around the hat, but did not receive very
liberal patronage. Faux depnrted early on
Sunday morning, leaving n board bill and n
note for Miss Boss, slating that he had gone,
never to see her more.
W'e Invite comparison cf The Columbian
with any of tho other papers published In this
county, in mechanical appearance. In any ot
tho other papers from ono to threo columns of
dead matter, that is, advertising that docs not
pay, hut is simply left in lo fill up space, may
bo found every week, whilo thcro is not an inch
of such matter in this paper. When wo can
not fill our spaco with llvo advertisements, wo
put in reading matter of interest in its nlaro.
In the job department wo are crowded, con.
stantly receiving orders faster than wo can fill
them. This Is because everybody knows that
wo nro eloing tho Lest kind of work nt the very
lowest rates. Wo are constantly adding now
We Orangevllle people are a very sober and
sedate sot generally, but of late there senus lo
have been quite a number of plcnlis and the
A short lime since the Grangers of Orange
vllle and vicinity held a picnlo in Megargell's
grove. It was well attended and all passed off
pleasantly. Addresses were made by Rev
Mr. Th omas of Hloomsburg , Ilevs, Clees and
CanfieW of OranReville.
This was followed in a few days by a picnic
consisting of ihe Students and young people of
UrangoviMe, They had a very enjoyable
On Thursday evening of last week we li
the pleasure of attending a Reception given by
the Principal of ihe Academy to the Students.
Lvcry one seemed to enjoy it very much.
The daughter of Jonathan Poust of this place
lies dangerously sick wilh brain disease.
On Thnriday and Friday June 2t!lh and 27th
the Anniversary Exercises are to be obgerved
Preparations are now going on. Many look
forward to a pleasant re-union on that occas'
As ever,
To the Editors of TnE Columbian :
At eight o'clock on Ihe evening of June 12th,
a reception was tendered the students by llev,
Charles K, Caufield, Principal of the Orange
vllle Academy, Ihe rooms were well filled,
there being over one hundred persons present.
The Orangevllle band was in attendance and
provided us with excellent music. The even
ing ,wa very pleasantly spent. Numerous
games were played, in which our genial host
and hostess assisted. About 9.30 p. m. all were
invited to partake of the refreshments provided
for them. A slight shower caused the band to
eave (sooner than was otherwise intended
The students remained unlil 11 o'clock, when
they departed very well satisfied with ihe pleas-
urea of the evening.
We, the students of the Orangevllle Academy,
relurn our heart-felt thanks to Prof. Canfitld
for the zeal be has shown in working for our
good, and the interest he has manifested in our
L. A. M.
It has been unusually dull in Benton, for the
past week, in regnrd to business, etc. Our
merchants and mechanics are not kept very
busy now, as it is about the dullest time of tho
year for them.
Do not fail to attend the Union Sunday-
School Celebration during tho day, and a
Festival in the evening, bold in Mnster's Grove,
near Benton, on the Fourth ol July.
Tho eel campaign has revived, in this place,
and is in full blast at present.
Quoit pitching has resumed in Benton again.
For tho past two or three years there has not
been much ol it done hero; but of late you can
hear them conversing: "My one; no it 'taint;
its our one; you lie, etc ," nt any time through
the day, when inside tho limits of a quarter of
a mile from the pitching ground, more or less.
Dr. T. C. McIIenry, of this place, met with
un accident, ono day last week. He was going
down the creek, and just us be got through the
Stillwater bridge his borso became frightened
and jumped to ono side of tho road down over
the abutment of the bridge, against the fence
Doctor, hor.'e, buggy and all went over
board. In the horse's desperate efforts to get
out of that unpleasant position, the harness
gave way and the animal got loose from the
vehicle, and started for Benton at a rapid gait,
but in passing several teams got somewhat
checked nnd was caught. The buggy dah was
warped a little, that was tho only injury done.
An npplausibie scene occurred here, one day
last week, in Frank McIIcnry's trying to plough
a small garden patch with one horse. When
be would get to tho end and go to turn round
the animal appeared to be rather light behind;
&o he secured a good sized boy lo ride the
horso. But that did not better it at nil, and
whenever ho would go to turn, you could see
a couple of horse shoes shining pretty well up
from the ground, for about two minutes, nnd
during that ceremony there were about four
ncbes of daylight visible, ns near as I could
judge, between the boy and horse's back. It
raised quite an applause among the eye-witnesses
to the affair.
Mr. Jacob Dildine, who resides about two
miles from this place, while at Light Street
last week, tied his horse and went ill a house,
anil whilo in the house, his horse became
frightened, broke loote, turned quickly around
and upset the buggy in tho street. The horse
was caught belore having a chance to do much
lamago. The buggy dash was entirely de
molished and one spring broken.
A small party of ladies from Stillwater,
passed through this place, on Saturday last,
enroute for the mountain to partake of a trout
dinner. Rev, D. M. K inter, who went over
in advance of tho party, was authorized to
catch tho trout, He caught ono hundred and
eighteen, and they hnd more than was necessary
for the crowd, aid enjoyed themselves to their
entire sitisfaction, Ihey made a good
selection when they chose Mr, Kinter for
their fisherman, ns he fully understands how to
secure them. On their return they hnd their
conveyance beautifully decorated.
Mr. Theodore Christy, whoso abode is in
Jackson, while coming up tho creek last week,
this side ot Oranguville, at a watering place,
thought that ho would water his horse; and
thinking it moro convenient for tho animal to
drink with the bridle ot', got out and took il ell'.
He no more than accomplished his design,
unlil away went the horse, up toward Jackson,
and in passing some teams the horse reenved
several blows over tho bead, but it was all in
vain. It is said that the buggy was badly
Tho leading citizens of Benton bavo all
taken an active part in our Fourth of July
Celebration, and are doing all in their power
to mnke it a success, They have been holding
meetings and always have large attendance,
which evidently shows that they are willing to
do nil they can to aid, Theio will boappropri
ate addresses to tho Sunday Schools. From
present indications there will be (should it bo
a fair day) a large concourso of people here
They cannot go to a better place to bayo a day
of enjoyment.
Yours ic,
There will be an excursion and bssket picnic
under the ansplccs ol ihe Young Men 'a Christ,
lan Association at Shlckshlriny on the 21th
The associallons at til points bclwce'i Hrrsn
(on and Northumberland will run spech.l cars
to accomodate themselves anil friends. It is
Intended as a grand excursion of all associa
tions nlong Ihe river. Slate Secretary Taggar1
will be present.
The laws regulating the publication of bon
ough and township accounts and the penalties
for not publishing the same, seem lo be illy
understood. The act of 21th of April, A. D.
1871, Pamphlet laws of that year, page 112,
covers the. whole ground. But In 1870 an act
was pa-sed, found on psgeOl of the Pamphlet
laws of that year,whlch relates wholly to school
accounts, and reads as fellows i
An act lo regulate Ihe publication of the ac
counts and financial statements ofschoul boards.
Section- 1. He it enacted, Ae, That Itshall be
the duty of each hoard of school directors, in
Ihe several schod districts of this Common
wealth, annually, at ihe (lose of Ihe school year
to lice in the hands of the proper auditors a
full certified statement, ITEMIZED, of their
rce!pts and expendiluies for the past year, In
cluding the assets and liabilities of the district
of nil kinds, wilh all linoks, papers' and vouch
ers relating to the same, to lie by said auditors
examined and if A und to be correct approved ;
such statement to bo spread Uion the minutes
of that board of directors, and in a condensed
but lully classified form published by such
board in not !c than ten written or printed
handbills to be put in the most public places in
the district, or if deemed p?rferable in the two
newspapers of the counlv in which the district
is situated having the LARGEST CIRCULA
TION among the citizens inlereated ; enjoimd
by this act, the officers therein shall he consid
ered guilty of mlsJemeanor, punishable bv a fine
not exceeding three hundred dollars, to be paid
into Ihe school fund of Ihe district in which the
ollene shall have been committed,
Section 2. That Ihe publication of the ac,
counts of school lnards herein provided for
shall be In lieu of all other publication of said
accounts now required by law; and all acts or
inrls of acts inconsistent herewith be and are
hereby repealed! Prodded. That the tirnvis.
ions of Ibis act shall not extend lo Ihe cities of
the hrst class.
Aitoved The 1st day of May, A. I). 1870.
J. i. Habtbanft.
It will be observed that the duties and pen
alities are very plain, Borough .and township
officers should make out their school accounts
separate from the roael, borough and poor ac
counts. Ai J , Ditnian, the enterprising Druggist, cor
ner of Barclay slreet and Broadway., N. V.
manufacturer and proprietor of "Ditman's Sea
Salt" says:
I sell large quantities of Giles' Liniment Am
monia. It is the best preparation I have seen
in an experience of many years, and do not hes
itate to recommend it before any thing of the
kind I know of.
Sold by all druggists. Send for pamphlet.
Dr. Giles.
120 West Broadway, N, Y.
Trial size 25 cents
A Sell. Arrangements were made lat week
by a party from Catawissa to come to Milton on
Monday evening and from here to proceed to
Eyster island to try their luck for black bass
They were lo be accompanied by a party from
Milton who were fimihr with the ground. On
Monday morning the Catawissians sent forward
their traps among which was a keg of beer
to one of the Milton party who was to con
vey tliem to the ground. Unfortunately he
tested ihe beer or otSer condiments so effectu
ally that he failed lo perform bis part of the
agreement and when the Catawissians came
over they found things in such a demoralized
condition that they concluded to return home
nnd adjourn the fish to a more convenient sea.
son. That is one side of the story. The other
a that the balance of the Milton party backed
out and the Catawistians went to Wllllamsport
leaving Jobn to do all the work, which he was
not inclined to do. Millonian.
At Neiv Philadelphia you cannot fail lo
enjoy a few days of rest and recreation. The
boarding bouse lias a beautiful mountain view
location ; lias been neatly furnished for the sea
son and is at present a very enticing resoit.
We left Centre Wednesday morning June 11
1S71. There was six of us in company, Mr.
George Fleckenstine and lady joining our party
nt Orangevllle.
That the drive might not become tiresome we
bail arranged for a picnic dinner which we en
joyed in a pleasant little grove near Cole's
Creek, After a few hours rest the sun slsone
with less intensity and we resumed our drive.
The road, which winds around the foot of the
mountain ridges following the course of the
creek, is surrounded by beautiful anil romanlic
Bcenery, and as we drove on slowly we were de
lighted at every turn by some new scene some
freak of nature till we reached our destination
about 5 o'clock in the evening.
We were very hospitality received by the
sociable and pleasant manager of the Boarding
Hobse (Mr. William Cole) and shown to our
cool commodious apartments. After a refreshing
bath in the "clear cold water" for which this
place is noleable, and after a few momenta rest
we were summoned lo the front veranda to fea't
our eyeson that ever.lo be-remembered sunset
which can only be appreciated by being seen and
can nowhere ha seen to a better advantage than
from this point. After viewing Iho last linger
ing rays on the mountain tops we turned to the
dining room to feast on Mrs, Cole's goodies
On these we shall not attempt to comment ex'
cept the fresh Trout and Maple Syrup which
ma de a feast of them-elves-
The evening was beautiful and the night cool.
Our party enjoyed both to excess during our
short stay.
A part of the time was spent in Trout Fish
ing along the hard waters of Fishing creek and
the numerous trout runs coming in from the
mountain gorges,
Croquet and other games atfordeel amuse
ment evenings and ulien not in the woods.
Friday was spent in a visit to Loi'g Pond or
Gannga Lake ,
The Irip was pleasant (in every respect. The
waters clear and cool, Ihe rocks and path dry,
and the scenery romantic and splendid. Among
the principal objects of interest were "Big Falls"
ori Fishing creek, "Vigeore Falls" on "Pros.
pect Rock," and to crown all "Fair View" a
rocky eminence commanding a "fair view" of
all the mountains and country for miles around.
'Ihe air on the lop of the mountain was ex
tremely culd, but ileasant after our long tramp.
We found "Long Pond" and lis managers all
that is claimed for them. The building is en
ticing, commodious and comfortable. Situated
as it is iu ailearing on the top of the mountain
it commanels a splendid view. The lake which
lies a few rods northeast ot the llottl is a pen
fret picture. It Is about 1 mile in length j of
a mile wide. Ihe water was "as clear as crys
tal," Ihe surface in mauy places .being covered
with white caps looking like iearlson the watei.
The managers (Messrs, Rickelta and Conner)
were very sociable and pleasant, making our
short stay vt-ry enjoyable. After dinner (whieh
was relished by all), and a ride onthe lake we
returned to our boarding place, The trip
down Ihe fclen was no less pleasant than the as-c.-nt
In the morning. After spending a very
eijojuble evening and night wo started lor
home on Saturday morning, A last look at the
pleasant place we were leaving reminded us
that we had spent a very pleasant time indeed
Our Irip home was a continuation of enjoyment.
Slopping at Benlon we were recelvesl by Mr.
and Mrs. Hess in Ihelr usual kind and welcome
All reached houie in safety, feeling perfectly
satislitel wilh Ihe trip,
'To enjoy life la mau'a greatest blessing."
Okk or the 1'abtv,
The Perfected Butter Color of Wells, Rich,
ardson iV Co., Burlington, Vl,, was the result
ol a long careful chcmlcsl experiment. It Im
parls to Butler, Ihe delicate, particular shsde
given by line meadow psitiitsge In enily sum
mer, and Is free from every oblrrllonalile matter
It gives no dull red color.
The State Agricultural Hoard has Issued lis
edict prohibiting county agricultural societies
that receive the annual $100 Stale appropria
tion, from ofierlng premiums for horse racing.
There can be trials of speeel but no premiums
can be offcreel without losing the $100
appropriation. Under this slate ol affairs Ihe
Norlhumbethnd County Agricultural Society
will not offer any such premiums at Ihe fair
Ihey will bold at this lace next fall, but we
understand that a horse fair will be held Im
mediately by the soclely that will succeed the
defunct Union Park Association, at which
premiums will be ofiered for trials of speed.
Northumberland Democrat,
Wbnt n truly beautiful world we live in! Na
ture gives us grandeur of mountains, glens and
oceans, and thousands of means of enjojraent.
Wc can desiro no better when in perfect health
but how often do the majority of peoplo feel
like giiing it up disheartened, discouraged nnd
worried out with disease, when there Is no
occasion for this feeling, ns every sufferer
can easily obtain satisfactory proof that Green's
August .Flower will mnko them ns free from
disease as when born. Dyspepsia and Liver
Complaint is the direct canseof seventy-five
per cent, of such maladies as Billiousness, In
digestion, Sick Headache, Costivcncss, Nervous
Prostration, Dizziness ofthellead, Palpitation
of tho Heart, nnd other distressing symptoms.
Three doses of August Flower will prove its
wonderful effect, Sample bottles 10 cts. Try it.
nug. 30, '"8-tf jl
C'hesv JicISON's I1ESI Nnrrl Nie jr Tobnrro.
On Monday last Sheriff Hoflman made the
following sales at the Court House :
Real estate of William Roach to Daniel
Roach, Mary Beaman, Ellen George, Elizabeth
Moser, Christain Bjse, Harriet Roach and
Margeret Roach for $25.00
Tract No. 1 of the real estate of Joseph Gel
ger to George W. Shuman for $25.00 ; Tract
No. 2 to Reuben Shuman for $300. ; Tract No.
3 to Frar kiln Shuman for $1800 ; Tract No
t to Reuben Shuman for $000; Tract No 6
to Reuben Shuman for $1135 ; Tract No. 0 to
Wm. Krlckbaum for $300.
Real Estate of U. J. Campbell as follows :
Tract No. 1 to George Shuman for $200 ;
Tract No. 2 to D. H. Montgomery for 100!
Tract No. 3 to George Shuman for 225.
Real E-tale of W. E. John to Philip H. Mil
ler for $751.
Real Estate of William Mensinger lo John
Waltz, guardian of Benj , Aaron and Amanda
Nuss for $875.
By the 10th section of the general revenue
act which passed In the legislature in the last
hours and, we believe, has become a law by the
governor's signature, the office of bank tax as
scssor is abolished. The auditor general wdj
hereafter assess bank shares. Tho president
or cashier ofeach bank will hereafter be requir
ed, on or before March 1st of each year, to re
port under oath to the auditor general slating
specifically Ihe.amount of capital stock, and the
amount paid in full, a complete list of shares
holders with their residence and the number and
par value of shares and local market value. A
duplicate of each hank's report must be filed
with the county commissioners. The auditor
general will then assess the shares by inquiring
into ihe value of the stock, and either abate or
increase the value of the same as may bejustjas
proper. In n case of neglect or refusal of any
bank officer to make report as above slated ten
per cenluru is added to the tax of his bank. It
is estimated that about $25,000 will be annually
saved to the stale, now that the office of asses
sor has been abolished.
Stampirg done by Miss Annie Rupert, Mark
et street. A large number of new and elegant
patterns just received
June?0 4-w.
Since the creation, il is estimated that 27,
000,000,000,000,000 have lived on ihe earlh.
This sum divided by 27 ,Sfl 1,000 the number of
the square miles, gives 1,31-4,522,080 to n
square rod, and 5 to a square foot. Suppose a
srpu e ro,l he divided into 11 gravea,e.ich grave
would contain 100 persons. But this is specu
htion, and ofno benefit lo the 1,000,000,000
mat now exist, ouu.uuu.uoo ol whom are inva
lids, 33,000,000, dyirg each year. What they
most want are the facts concerning Dr. Pierce's
Family Meelicinea. For years his Golden Dis'
covery has been tho standard remedy for the
cure of all scrofuloii-, throat and lung diseases
(Mule for over a quarter of a century, Dr
Sage's Catarrh Remedy has been unrivaled as a
positive cure for catarrh, The testimony
of thousands of ladies has been published, cer
tifying that Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
positively cures the diseases and weaknesses
peculiar to women. For full infoimation, e-ce
the People's Common Sense Medical AdviseT,
an illustrated work of over 000 pages, price
(post-paid), $1 50. Over 100,000 copies sold.
Address ihe aulhor, R. V. Pierce, M. D., Buf
falo, N. Y.
A. W. Fry is adding to the comfort of
the public by laying a neat brick pavement in
front of his residence on Third Street.
When your syslem gels out of tune and you
feel completely layetl out, it is pretly certain
that you need a medicine to act on both the
Kidneys and liver for these iniorlant organs
work together iu freeing the system of its wate,
and keeping up the lone. Then take Kidney-
Wort, for this is just what it does,'for it is both
diuretic and cathartic.
Business .Notices
Call at McICinncy's for Shoes.
Spring Styles Spring Goods Spring Styles.
Call and sou
The New Goods. Tho New Styles at the
New Price.
Cheaper than ever.
Must be seen to be believed, better goods at
lener prices
nt I), Lowenberg's.
Rubbers at McKinney's,
Want Wool at Light Street.
Silas Youno.
June 20 2-w,
I. W. Iliutiuau'sO cent counter advertises
itsen. uo una see.
For Parasols or Funs go lo Lutz & Sloan's,
Sisal Hoy Rope lOcts per pound for cash,
Manilla Hay Kopo 12jcta per pouud for
cash, Over lour toot to pound at Light
Silas Youno.
june 20 2-w
Beautiful Silk Hats New Soft Hats,
Wool Hats, Kur Hats,
For Men for Boys and Children
At the Popular store of
I). Loweiibcrg.
Canned Peas 10 cents per can or three
cans tor -') cents at llnrtman Bros.
Wanted, Good rys! cts-per dozen
liiiod calves tliat weigh Irom 120, 125, 130.
140, 100 to 100 pouuds and up. Lambs,
i n i oiieep uuu oiiuais ill i.igui ntreel !y
Silas Yoitnq,
Juno 13 2-w
Attention Farmers I Attention Mechanics
Attention nllll Now Is yntir lime to aecuro
Bargains In Clothing, Hats A Unp Boots
nud Shoes nt Gross fc llro'a popular Now
York Clothing Store. Be stile- ami rIvc them
a cnll.
All colors of plain and figured Lawns ot
Lutz b Sloan's.
. 'J'1,11'' wet for cheap fans and parasols At
I. W. Harlman's.
Admission free at McKlnney'a.
Hard tlmes,hard times Is the cry. In con
afnuence, the New York Clothing Store has
reduced the prices of good Boots & Shoes,
60 per cent, cheaper than any other store In
1000 articles to arrive" at I. W. llart
man's this week.
Tho price of Lawin is 10 els, 12 and 1C
cents nyard at Lutz & Sloan's.
A fine selection of Ladles' Gold Watches
nud Chains, both American nnd Imported
by the best makers at L. llernhnrd's Jewel
ry Store.
Parasols and Fancy goods cheap nt Clark
it Son's.
Lutz cV Sloan have tho largest stock of
Lawns in town.
25 persons is not an Immense number lo be
seen in I. V, Hartman's storo atone time In
th e evening-
A new lot of Lawns at Clark & Son's nt
reduced rates.
Boots nnd Shoes cheap nt McKinney's.
Spring Overcoats Spring Overcoat",
Cheap, Durable, Neat nnd New
Just received at 11. Lowcnbergs.
A Sugar 10 cents, extra Yellow, 9 cents,
Yellow, 8 cents nt I. W, Hartman's.
Now is tho time to buy dress goods of
Clark A Son, prices gtcatly reduced.
Farmers nttention 1 S. M. Hess, Illooms
burp, Pa., now oilers cheap for cash or grain
all kinds of farming implements,
A large assortment cf New Shoes just re
ceived from New York which I will sell at
low prices. A stock of from $1000 to $1800
worth of boots nnd shoes to select trom.
Children's Misses' nnd Ladies' Slippers,
Gaiters, Morocco nnd Kid Shoes, lace and
button. Ladies' Slippers for 50 cents, 0.1 cts,
75 cts., 90 cts, tl 00, $1.25 tn $1.40.
Children'sand Misses' Shoes, 30 cents,
40 cents, CO cents, 00 oents,75 cents, 90
cents, $1.00,$1.25, $1,10, $1.50, $1.00, $1.75.
Ladies' Gaiters and Shoes for 75 cents, 90
cent9,$1.00,$1.10, $1.2,-, $1.10, $1.50,$1.00,
fl.75,$1.90, $2.00, $2 25, $2.00, $2.00, $2.75.
Youths' Boys' nnd Mens' Shoes, SO cents,
90 cents, $1.00, $1.10, $1.20, $1.25, $1.-10,
$1.00, $I.C0, $1.70, $1.90, $2.00, $2.25, $2.40,
$2.50, $2.75 at Light Street by
june0-4w SILAS YOUNO.
25 cents will buy 2 pounds Roasted cof
fee at I. W. Hartman's.
Ilavirjg obtained the agency of this
Celebrated Soap
for Bloomsburg nnd vicinity, I append the
opinion of some of our best people as to its
"I have ued Dobbin's Electric Soap made
by I, L. Cragin & Co., Philadelphia, Pa.,
for washing about ten years, and think It
superior to any other. Mrs. O. G. Barkley."
"We have used Dobbin's Electric Soap and
find it superior to any other or all others.
Mrs. W. 11. Jacoby,
Mrs. U. II. Stohner.
I desire all my friends and customers to
Give this Soap one Trial,
so that they may know just how good the
Best Soap In the United States is.
J. U. Maize.
july 12, '78-ly Bloomsburg, l'a.
Boot headquarters at McKinney's,
For a Fine Suit of Clothing go to the
New York Clothing Store, also nice Suits
from 3 to 5 dollars.
For the cheapest and finest patterns of
Iron Fence go to S. M. Hess, Bloomsburg,
Shoe Store below Court
Tbe undersigned, Auiltor appointed by the Or
phan's Court ol Columbia, County to distribute
:tie balance tn tbe hands of John W. llonman,
Trustee to sell leal estate, will attend
to the duties ot his appointment at his onice
In Hloomsburg, on baturduy tbe 21st day o( Junu
17!) at ten oi;loclc a. m at which time and place
all parties Interested may attend If they think
proper, or bo debarred Irom a share of said fund.
L, l,l,r.ll,
May !3, 'i'J-lw Auditor.
The underslL-nel auditor annotated bvtheCourt
of Columbia Co., to make distribution ot the balance
In the bands of tho Administrators, to end among
mo pariies eniuieaiiiereto, will bit at ma omto in
Hloomsbimr. on (Saturday, June us. lsis. at ten
o'clock a. in., for the purpose of his appointment
w hen and w here all persons Interested snail appear
and prove their c-lalu,s or be de-barred Iroiacomtng
m mra buaru oi said una.
U. U. ll.MIKLEV,
MayKMa Auditor.
tetters of administration on tho estato of Isaac
Lutz. lato of MIlHIu townsulD. Columbia county, de
ceased, hae been granted by iho Heglster ol said
county to the undersigned Administrator to whom
all iiersons Indebted are requested to make pLine
dlato pae ment and those lm ing claims or demands
aitalnst;tbe estate will make tbem know n to tbe Ad
ministrator without delay.
iir..m ui,,L.r,ii,
.May SO, '79-cw, Administrator.
Letters of Administration on the estato of David V.
e'rltes late of Frankllu toe nsblp, Columbia county,
deceased, have been eranted bv the Heclster of said
county to Jesst, John and Noah K. l'l lies.Ciuau issa.
Ail persons uaving claims against uie estate are re.
quested to present them lor settlement and those
Indebted to make payment without delay.
(1. W. Ml li m, Alt'y. Administrators,
May 9, 'I-w Catawissa, l'a.
tbe matter of the distribution of tho funds la
Court Irom tho aalo of tho nronertv of -Monro l-revo.
1IENHV J. MCEWES, jj0 1M Jay Tcrmi 1S.0
Now, May lsth, 1S79, tho Court appoint (Jeo. E
Elwell auditor lo distribute the funds In Com t aris
ing irom sale of real estate, by consent of counse 1,
Pursuant to Ihe above nnnolntmciit iLe under
signed will sltat tils oDlco In bloomsburg on Matur
day, July lltli, lt79, at ten o'clock In tho forenoon,
where and when all persons Interested suoull
iii.u, t. r.LW l-.i.i,
Junel3-4w Auditor.
Notice Is hsrebv elven that flnnlleatinn will Iwi
made under the Act ot Assembly of ATll S91h 1874,
it, uuluiu a eiiarier iueurK)ruiing a MC lei.M
PANY. Ihe object of w blc-h shall Is, lo mpply puie
water to Ihe nubile at the Town of mooinsburir. in
Columbia county, l enn'a, aim nu ll other di-arlcts
in me vicinny inereoi as may no deemed auelsabie,
wuit'ii ine-urporauoD suao naee an tuo priwicges
Hicldeut to lucorporated Water companfe-s under
mo pruwsioua ot uieiawsor tms eiominonweatih.
David mhoii-, I.W.McKelvv,
ror tho Company.
Hloomsburg, To., June 0, 1879-Sw,
UyMrtueoI a writ of Fieri 1'uclos Issued out of
the court of Common Pleas of Columbia couuly
and to me directed 111 bo exposed to puolle sale at
Williams' Ilutel, Uerwlck, l'a., at lo o'clock, a, a., on
TUESDAY, JULY 8th, 1S79.
A'l lhat certalu piece or parcel of land situate on
tho south essterlysldo of Front, between Mutberry
and t Ino streets, lo the borough ot Uerwlck, bound-
id by Front street noith, lot ot Andrew Kuwlereast
Misnuebunua river on the louth, und lot ot lljpllst
church west, one hundred and scu-n feet, more or
less, iu iront, and three hundred feel, moro or less,
In depth, Hebrrvluz and excepting tie rlfjhtof way
In nnd over the bauio occupied by tho Delaware,
lackawanna x Western It, 11., and Pennsylvania
Canal Company,
Seized, taken In execution at tho suit ol Andrew
Fowler, against Georgo A. lleam, and to be sold as
the property ot tleorge A, Ueam.
luom-saN, tttorney.
Terms cash on day of sale,
Juno 13 'i u Miertir.
Wheat per bushel
Corn, new, , ,
OatK, "
Flour per barrel ,
Cloverseed ...
Flaxseed .
llutter , ,
Potatoes , ,
Dried Apples ..
Hams , ,
sides Hhoulders ,
Lard per pound ,,,,,
Hay per ton .
. T
Timothy Seed
No. 4 on Wharf ,no per 1
SfUUl ATIUaH run ejUAI,.
iu.n , ,, y
NO. " " J.IIO
Lilncksmllh'aLuttinon wharf I8.'l
uituminous " H co
Sllcrarloaf lownstiln nf sunervlAsra or rrtml-t tn
the ) ear ending April I4th, 1579.
Andrew Hess and John Lewis, Supervisors.
Ilr. I'p.
To amount of dupltcateof road tax
in inurcw iil'ss nanus or euo
ear of 1S79 r,4 M
To amount of unseated land tax.... 13S ci
Hy work done on road
Hy lime as Mipervlsor
lly receipts and others redeemed. . .
lly ' csonerat ions
Hi-orders redeemed
To order J 67
19.1 sa tJQS til
To amount of duplicate of road tax
iu .loiiu Lew is nanus ror tho
ernr of 1S7S. nrt-l il
lly work done on road..,., 83S SJ
ny time as riupervisor 89 H7
Hv cxhnncratluns - a so
To orders C3 li
till) 83 19211 S3
To amount of orders Issued on over
"Ur 1349 :s
Tho above Is tho Indebtedness for tho year 1S7S.
We. Iho Auditors of Sutrnrinaf tnwnshln hfevi, p.
amtned the supervisor's accounts and llnd It as
above staled.
Hy order or Auditors,
AAHON Fltnz, S-Audltora.
J. 11. DAVIS, J
Attest, ANHIIEW LAl'lIACH, Clerk.
June is sw
APRIL 14, 1879.
To Ilorough Duplicate ci
o inuis iour, f r.45 S3
da do fin 1 mill Rnprlnt. t 110 na
To township Duplicate 3
in uims ruur, o.osu 03
do do is 3 mills Special, j,mo S3
2, CM r-9'l 4S
Hy runts, returned to Commissioners on Dorough
Poor. Sneelal.
Daniel Dixon t as is
Phillip IK-rtron 1 n a
riary .Mcurearry 1 eio 2a
Richard I-urcell 1 110 vo
4 13
t C3
4 13
Wm. llrown
Jao') licnner
22 SO
14 SS
1 IS)
3 31
3 2.1
1 IK)
4 00
2 Oil
3 no
12 00
Andrew Hint
Hernard HresllQ
Nathaniel llrown. ...
45 (HI
a is
1 IK,
2 10
a si
s 00
a no
1 75
10 11
4 l
t 00
c 00
1 21
21 10
ilosuua lleam
.Ino. A D. costrroeo..
Terrenco Cain
Danl. Callaban
Catharine cook
liaiid e 00k
David DaUdson
Cornelius Donahoe..
Ann Kvans
1hos. Hennessey
Jno. Houston
J'eter Kline
A. W. Kreamer
J as. Moriisson
Terrenco Mceiulro. .
reter .Mcvaniman .
Felix MoManlman...
ihos. Mellon
Marr Kendlir
II. s. Man-
Marv Hushton
Taos. Hushton
Iewls Hrlesbach... .
Jacob Trlon
Jacob Trlon
Frank Yocum
Henry Yarllnir
Jno. Young
15$ 03
79 03
Py amt. of exonerations on Borough Duplicate
1 00
2 to
1 lid
2 73
1 SO
1 so
Elizabeth Cleary
Mrs. Thos. hangon....
.ino. Mooouon.,...
Thos. Mofiohon...
Jno. Dai Is
Jas. McManlmun..
Con. Lenlhon
Mary dunning
Exonerations on township duplicate.
Widow Caulcy
A nlhnn v f 'n.trivM-H
2 on
1 00
4 29
Idow eJeri'iility....' .
widow conrey
Henry Law-lie
Ve'lrimv Itiii.lw.u
I'atilck Conrey '.'...'..'..
l,W t-il , UL.IKUI1
Hryan Monohou
Ilrtnn KML-s Naughtoi. . ...
Hy collector's commission on $3,414 65,
s per cent, regular tax,
lly amount paid to Treasurer,
272 23
5,172 41
Total credits.
S,C2li 4
lly exoneratlors on special tax llor. duplicate, 2 22
" Twp. ' 4 2s
"am'tret'dtocomml-slonerson Twp " 79 os
' Hor. ' si
Collector's commission on 12, Mi 20 s
ner 1'eut..
12s 21 99
Hy um't special tax paid Treasurer,
2,0:0 59
W'e. tho Auditors of Commrham te,wnshln anil
CentratU poor district, have examined tho Collect
or's account and tlnd It as above staled.
IIKO. W. DAVIS, Jr , -Twp. Auditors.
WM. II. I'HICE, secy.)
THOMAS cssKY. (-Dor. Audltois.
Centralla, April 19, 1S79.
5,112 45
To am t of poor tax ree'd ot Collector,
rev u irom uouuiiissiuueni uiiseaiea
Und tax 293 94
5,471 39
Hy orders redeemed us follows, viz :
2. rto. 2", ism, is. 1 eager meat suoats, 105 30
17, i-ept. 29, 1877, .las. Dewey LceplngMrs.
IHt-ason, is 00
43. Dec 31, 177. Thos. Gallagher as dlre-ctor, t'j ii
44. Mar. 20, ls7a, Ed. eierrahty fur furniture 83 8.1
4.1. Dec SI. 1s77, 'Ihos Chapman as director, 99 in)
4ft H. M, Iishell m'dlcal sen Ice, 23 in)
47. Jan. 29, 1878, casp. ttbawn clothlDg, "l 00
4s. ' " m 00
M. Apr. 9, " Mrs. Ed. Gcrrahty, as matron, Ins 34
r-2. ' 9, Henry Gerrahty, as hired man, vJ) no
M. " !, Miss Ann Gerrahtv, as girl. so no
55. ii, 1878, Chas. McGulre.audtlng 187T, 25 uo
dc. .-nan. rianagan
B7, ' " " .las. Mouohou, "
2.1 IK)
25 INI
25 O)
25 10
25 (10
15 00
35 no
40 SO
8 S3
11. w. Davis. Jr., " "
Ihos. Murphy,
W in II. Pr
CI. " " " Wm H. Price, trnnserlbtnir
auditor's report Ac.
3, Apr. 22, 1878, D. F.Curry, room rent,
01. " 27, 1978, Thos Gerrahty, bal. serv.
Ing as director,
C9. Apr. 2V 78, Thos. Chapman, sen te-es,
07, Apr. 27, '"7s, Thos. Gerrahty attending
audits of '71 and 7s,
C8. Apr. 27, 1878, Jno. Sdj der smith work,
79. Apr. 27, Isis, Thos. chapman attending
audits of tl and -78,
73. Apr. 27, 187', Jos. G. Smith, smith work,
71 Apr 27, 878, Thos. Gerrahty team on
farm In 77 and 78,
75. 77 and '78, Thos. Gerrahty coal for out
door paupers,
74. .May 4. l7s, llurk Hros. 4 small coffins,
7'. Wm. Uryson legal ser.lces,
78. ' " " Mary o'Hoylo for attending
Authonv Douyherty
62. May 4, 1878, P. E. Huck hardware and
85. Julys, I87S, A. E. Iluck, hardware 4;
86. luly , 1879, M. T. Donahue wall paper,
87. July 8, 179, H. M. Lashell medical ser
vice's, 89. July 8, 1979, Hurk Hros, furniture,
VI. " " " G. W, Dims medicine.
91. Sept. 9. 1S78. Jas Di ke meat.
21 Isl
13 30
24 00
15 10
125 00
33 SO
33 no
20 no
12 00
14 CO
II 4s
3 esi
19 75
12 75
70 33
85. ' Jas Dike meal and cloverseed, 24 52
M, " -riios Kearns digging graves, 4
int. uir, 2C, 1S76. Midr'w He-aver work on rarm II 0
91. July8,i9.8.joanoaOComier horso hire, eo so
99. sept. 9, lI,llurk Hros. coffin f rl). James 20 (ki
99. " ' A, 11. Former tinware Ac., 17 is
100. " " " p. iluck hardware and
phosphate, sg
101. sept. 9, ls78, Yeager & Ilrn. iljnetK, sin
10,1. ' ' Long s Co. pulling stumps, 12510
io', Jno, snyder smutting, vo 90
jira, iivuy aneuamg to
eieorgo Rogers hurt, jn iu
110. oct. 4, 187s, llurk Hros.conins. 4s mi
114. " 15, A. H. Former stuvethaidware 2J 32
111, Aug, 20, 181C, Ihos. Genahty, as director so -o
121, Nuv.w, 1978, .Miles McNally.iorcow, ss 00
122. ' II. L. Guldln, horse harness, 15 10
121. ' " " Sand. Keller, services as
steward, on ai-couot. Ji 0 1 0
126. Dee. 7, 187s, o. O. .Murphy, merchandise, tsi 19
l.u. Nov. 2s, ls7, K. I). Kurtz, smithing, 3 mi
111. Dec, s, isis, Killtllo Abbott, lime, 6s 2U
151, Jan. 13, Is77, Itlilunt Pro-uor, attend.
HicWm Hre-nnan. hurt. ft ,,n
W9. Jan. I t, 1877, 11. F. Cuny, keeping vag'nts, 15 ini
lei. .Inn. 13, 1877, Hrhtget Duds, servant girl. 20 eo
111. Jan 21, 1817, o. II. Millard, groet-rle's.
out door relief, 13,. 4
172, Jan. 27, ls77, Juo. Crane, s director, s.i 11
iso. Feb, 24, 1811, Wm. 1 hapmau, liors-- cart. 25 m
19. Mar, 31, 1 sit, ii. F. Curry, keeping vug'ts. 10 esi
209. Apr 8, Isl 7, Thus Chapman horse, hire
K taking Ren 1'elRei tothoasilum, lc i
2'6, June 0, 187s, s, P, Levan for huy. ;u u,
xz. ,iuuu 0, 19,0, rui 1-1 nu, work ut roor
House, j
m. Apr, vs. isii, e. 11. Kuris, tor smithing. 4995
lis. May 26. 1877, 11. II. MllUrd, for -Mdse., 69s wi
23v, juiy 11, 1S7I, vs m. Chapman, for horse. 95 10
S39. Jieu. 15, 876, West, perry, hay 4 grain, 25 75
114.' 27.1SV,F.dJames,matlngUixior
Wm Hrennau's brukt-n le-g, 3 no
291, Nov, 27, ls73, Jno, Luttou, work onfuiin. si ei
312. Julys, " Ellas hnjUer, lor flour, ' 1144
co, Mar, II, IS7, J. J, Yocum, medical ser
vices and cost, 67 03
3a. Nov. . 1S77. Alfred ttancroft for Mdse.. M is
154. Apr 17, 1S79, Kami. Keller.aect, of serves., 01 e
David Walsh, " as director, so em
" " " Th. Gallagher," as " w ou
" " " l. F. Hulk, "as clerk, toon
Th. Chapman, " as director, loo 00
" " " Kami. Keller. " as Hlewlrd. lnfi 00
I. IS.
neci or msiks .Mceiratn, .vr. iw is no oraer, i
' for prnt'g auditors rep't In 1818, no oreler, M 00
Judgment of Danvllln Insane Asylum, No.
ski. May term, In lilt, no order, tvn K
Danville Asylum, keeping II, 11-lffer, no order, 9 so
.. .. ., JJ gg-
Total amount redeemed", 4.WS n
Hy Treas. comra on tj.VM 7. at I per cent. n M
lialanco duo by tho Treasurer, 114 4
471 SJ
To amt. of special tax reo'd of Collector, ,43B
By comm. on 11,4 v 93 at per rent. 4 Ti
" Pidgnient ot K Urysno fc i'o., uo
of D. U. MailCHT, Nn, , Feb. Itlbl
Isls, In full ot Judgment. s? 41
On Judgment of same In use ot Mme,
Nn.avi.Hept. term, isia. 2tA M
Costson li4it k A Hros. judgment, No.
Hi, Mar term, 1S7H, 12 li
Je-irintah Hhnads, jt dgment, No, rsi,
Feb. le rm ism, 111 cs
C. 0. Murphy, Judgme lit No. 2.1, Fe b.
term, i7, 140 83
O. II Millard, Judgment No. 13, Feb.
term. WC, on account, 800 00
o. 11, Millard, Judgment, Dec. term,
on account, CIS 93
2,218 3-1
lialanco ot special tax In hand ot Treas., 231 61
2,433 99
We, the Auditors of Conyngham township and
Centralla I'oor l.lstrici, haee examined Hie accounts
and vouchers of the Treas, and nnd them as above
OK j. W. DAVis. Jr., y Hor. Audltorst
WM. II. I'HICK, Se-cy.)
Tllos.CASKY, V Twp. Auditors.
CentralU, April 19th, 1879.
The following orders were credited on James Dat-le-y's
balance duo tho district 1
139. Jan. 2', 1979, Wm. Harrett, attending
M. (illlooley. 20 00
ISO. Mar. 25, 1-19. Mary Tadden, nursing
Mrs. Wm. Hrennln, 8 00
11". oct.1.1, 1S7S, ('has. Slrausscr, carpentering, CO
91). July 8, Is7s, .Mrs. Cumin, nursing, 1.1 00
54., :s7s, Thos. Gcnahty, director. 120 00
129. in c. 7, 1S7S, Wm. Harrett, attending ,M,
(illlooley, 10 00
94. July 2, ts7, s. P. Leian, for meat, e eu
131. Due. 2s, l7s, Jos. Dyke, for meat, 20 61
02. Apr, 2, ls7s, Mrs. Lnllcy.keepingThos.
McN'ellusand ramily, T so
14H. Jan. 23, Is79, C. G. Murphy, for Mdse., c ro
2JU. Order In favor of Mchl. Sullivan, lost, 100 00
$323 10
Orders Issued during the c,ir and not redeemed 1
Ci. Apr. 27, 1S7S, .1, j. llerner, cortln for J.
Knlttle's wife, 30 CO
03. Anr. 27, 197S, J. J. llerner, cjftln for J,
Knltlle, sr., 23 00
71. Apr. 27, ls7s. Thos GallegUer sen Ices
as director,
72, Apr. 27 1879, Thos. (lal'egher. attend
s 34
ing audltsln 1877 anil l7s, 24 00
79. May 4, 187s, Kd Foy, attending Hryan
Kllker, hurt, is 00
fo .May4,ls!,o.ll,Mlllaid,forMdse C9S 4
81. May 4, 1S7S, 11. 11 Millard, out door relief, sou so
83. July s, 1S7S, 11. II MllUrd, - .. 47000
84. July 9, lsis, o. 11. Millard, for mdse , 450 IJ
9. July s, ;&7s, Win. 1 liter keeping vagrants, 21 76
93 Sept. 11, Isis, H. M Ijisheli, modi sere tecs, 20 70
102. septs s7s. K. 1). Curtz, for Bmlthlng s on
nil. Sept. 9. Is7s, ltcuben Falirlnger, legal
M-mcesl 1 1870, 17 00
105. sept 9, IS7S. Iteuls-n Fahnnger, legal
senlces In Is7s, 47 00
H'1. N.-pu 9, IS7S, G. w. Davis, medicine, 23 J
los. Sept. 9, 1878, Thos. Galleghcr, senlces
as director. 48 00
111. Oct. 4, i87s, te ll'iel, for phnsohate, 4O0O
112. Oct 4, ls7s, s. ! u-Min, Dal. duo ouor-dt-rais,
jn. 1, i7a. 13 ci
113. oct. 13, isis Jno. llerner, rough-box
and hearse, 4 00
115. Oct 13, 1878, .Mrs. Sweeny, making
shroud ror Jos. Kane, s 00
t'C. Oct. 1.1. Is7s, wm l-HTer.keeplng vagrants, 13 IB
us. ;suv. . is.s. ,,. . it.ixia men rane.
23 03
119. ' ' " D.F.Curry, horso hire and
keeping vagrants,
123. Nov 12, 1S78, r.F. liiiike. rocmrcnt to
April 10. 1S78.
11 60
45 83
300 00
4 14
161 OS
24 37
6(1 25
7 SO
19 2
125. Dec. 7, 1878, ' -. o. Murphy, for mdse.,
1'. 11. Htick. hardwnre.
(i H. Millard, for mdse.,
Wm. Cleaver, lumb-r,
H. M. Loshcll, medical serv.
1'. M. Heaver, potAtoes,
John Snjder, smithing,
Chas. Chamberlaln.servlccs
2 21
136. Dec. 28, 1879, Wm. 1 barman, horso hire, ICO or)
137. Jan. 2, 1879, Sainl. KeUcr, acct, ot ser-
Mcea as stownrd.
60 OO
13S Jan. 2.1, 1879, G W. D.ivls, medicine,
111. 2.1, Walter Hlllman, repairing
142. Feb. -is, " Casper lthawn, clothing,
143, " " Owen catagan, nursing
Ld. McAndrew.
31 U
13 03
7 (0
144. Feb. 29, 1879, Hurke Hro. coffin & hearse, 67 J
141. Heneval Ithoads. lime, 12 so
1411. el. W. Davis, inedicloc, as 81
147- ' " Geo. Hjjer, repairing reapor, a OO
149. Mar. " Mrs. Donlan, services read. 11 eo
149. ' ' " Locust school Hist- s
mos. tuition for paupers.
151. .Mar. 29, 1879, It. M. Lashell, med. serv'es.
152. ' " Thunias Keurns, attend-
15 0O
60 CO
iih; limine ,
m no
1S3. Mar. 23, 1879, Wm. Pcifcr, k-plng vag'nta, 11 4)
8,611 U
Amt- ot this year's Issue red'd as per list, 2,8l os
Total Issuo for tho year. Including rec'ts
lor s9 so tor which no orders were
drawn, 6,490 n
Amount of outdoor relict orders Issued dur
ing tho ear, t;tn CO
72 bus. Wheat,
223 bus. Potatoes,
11 tons Hay.
130 heads cf Cabbage,
7 loads Corn Fodder,
so lbs . Veal,
100 bushels Oats,
73 bus. Rye,
so bus. Huckwhcat,
325 bus. Corn In ears,
4 bushels Onions,
I6110 lbs. Pork,
372 lbs. licet,
5 tons straw.
72 acres of land, Hachman tract $4 600 00
ei " Wm. Miller tract. 24000
1 dwelling house, 1 barn. 1 wagon shed. 1
corn erio I pig is-ii on Hachman tract.
Addition to Poor House & repulrlDg barn, 2,543 43
Farming Utensils.
I Threshing .Machine $ co 00
1 wind Mill 1010
1 Cutting Itox sou
1 2-lloroo Sni log Wagon 5000
I 2-IIorse Waguu 30 00
1 Carriage cooo
2 sets Harness so 00
2 ' 2000
1 r 1100 sieas 610
1 Flow .
1 so
1 Hoc Harrow
1 Corn Plough
2 scylhos
.1 Hand Hakes
1 Grain Drill
1 Si-t Carriage Harness
1 Wheeibarruw
1 cultivator
1 2-Horsu sleigh
ino no
s on
3 Horses
4 Cows
. 12000
. sow
10 Beds and Bedding on upper noor, 1111 )
7 second 70 (N
4 ' " In 2 rooms, co iki
a cook stoves 21m
2 Heating stoves son
1 1mnge
uuunu , laumg.icai 'l aoic a (H)
1 Willing Desk with Hook i:an....
12 Ml
2 Oil
9 IN)
4 00
4 (10
1 SO
12 00
22 00
1 doz Common Chairs
v eioz. e;aue iioiiomea t uairs
1 cupboard
1 sink
3 Hedroom stands..
' iwu-ncn tames
1 Falling leaf table
2 Looking glasses
1 New heating stove.
30 Yards legrain carpet
250 lbs. pork-
isn Hour
so bushels iiotatoes.
7 ' wheat
20 " enrn In ears. . . .
20 00
3 CA
37 Ml
8 40
1 SO
9 no
" oats
3 tonsof hay
1 ion corn loader
1 ton straw ,
Hall, duo by Jas. Dalley, Treas. for
1S77 gj
Hall, due by Pat, A. Hurke Treasure
lur ts.d, ass 23
Hall, due by Thos. Gerrlty for Ed.
Curley lor ls73. 190 23
Hall due by Nell Lenlhan, Collector
torlsll. 95T4J
Hall, duo bv Thos. Chapman, Treas.
ur isis, ixxir wi 49, special
233 07, COT 15
1.426 41
Total amt. of assets $10,117 os
... ...hHnUla urue-m oi rormer
Issues still outstanding w as not ascertained.
Number In Pevir llous January 2nd 1S"9. ST.
Admitted during the quarter, a.
Ult " 3.
Remaining April 12th, ls79, 39,
,.w?' the Auditors of Comnsham township and
Central! Poor District, certify that the foregoing
statement Is correet and Hue t the best of our
We tufther ngri-e by resolution that the pay of
day necessarlli spent as director. Iho number of
1, . -V. , - bush uoi exceea
.-.I - iuuui, iuui v, nuieu Hre 10 De neia
quarterly at Ills Poor House of said district, also trial
tuo number nf smi'lal mtls.,. cn-n J, ........
is, ii, . , pm .V.'Vk "v"
shall be Iho highest dally pay for home hire : four
doliaiBfur" single and tlx dollars fur a double team.
Also that no orders shall bo draw u by the directors
lor (heir time uutlt the same has been submitted 10
the auditors lor their upproiaL -uru iu
J!! .'!.0-.,.'i?,V-lL. r-TwP- Auditors.
'IHO.M4S MI'xpilY.l
(iko. w. D.wis Jr.VHoro. Auditors
WM. II, PHIt B,soy J "uu'ura-
ill! w.i n. I:, ' '
Centralis, Api 11 2iiih,' ls;9,
May so, if
fs sents In stamps or curren-
treats Ol Ull diseases. hllHSS tlnn Sllrrnrlnna-thnirlr.
U ITS HUH- 10-1IK. If
patulous assume b slek horse-s, a tubiu 01 doses.
ttf 10 Is.' lTfS ,Vt"ot VALUAHI K REC
111 M ll H'LS, roles for lelllug the age of a
horsi'.wllh an engraMng showing lei-lh of each year
andulsrgo amount of vuluublo horse lnlormai Ion
nr. w 10. II. Hall 111)8, "I bae taught bocks thai 1
paid $ and $10 tor whlth I do uot like as weU as 1
dolours. ' sxsdiob ACisefUK. Agents Wanted.
11.3. Kendall, M. JJ Enoslurgh FallsTM.
May9,'I9-ly 1 1.