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P v i a ty. AprTfah, 1870.
There U no more Jit or cqoitnble manner
of raising revenue than by taxing money ut
Interct, It is n sneciea nf roperty that is
generally secure, and yields its owner an am
ple return, wi'li butlittlo or no labor on his part.
It cams lmn an income, week day and holt1
day, in rain or shine. The lender is gcticr
ally well to do, and tho liorrower in straitened
ciicuuistanccs To cvailo this tax is as liu
moral as the failure to e imply with any oth
f r law, and this year our assessors should see
that their whole duty is performed. As
guide to theui, ami for the information of all
interested, wo print the following opinion of
Judgo Klwcll in a cao recently submitted to
It is a well settled rule that in declaring
for offences againt penal statutes (where no
form is expressly given) tlio plaintiff is bound
to i-ct forth f p- cilically the fact on which
he relies to constitute tho offence. Uigelow
vs. .lolni'ou Vt John Hep. 428. All tho cir
cumslan.-e.i necessary to support tho action
imit be alleged. 1 Chitty I'l. 371.
The rtiod section of the net of 29 April
1814 1'amph. L. 497, merely declares what
property real and crsonal as well as what
chases in action shall bo subject to taxation.
The 3rd section of tho act of 22nd April
184G, Digest 1386, makes it tho duty of an as
sensor at tho timo of making an assessment to
rctiuiro of every jicrson.cvcry firm ive,so sub'
ject to taxation to deliver to him n statement
in writing or partly printed and partly writ'
ten showing tho aggregate amount of money
duo such person from solvent debtors, and al
no tho amount of all sharci of stock held by
The fourth section makes it the duty of
such person,firm &c , to make out and deliv
er to the assessor the statement required by
the 3d section within fifteen days after bolng
o required. In default thereof tho assessor
authorized to make out a statement of tli
amount upon which a tax should bo assessed
against such delinquent from tho b;st means
he may bo ablo to obtain.
Tha fifth section provides that if tho person
from whom such statement may be required
shall not exhibit and set forth in any htate
tnent made in pursuance of tho act the ful
and aggregato amount of his money and stock
he shall forfeit and pay tho sum of one hun
dred dollars.
Tho statute docs not require a statement of
all the personal property ot tha tax payer
No penalty is given for not rendering to tho
assessor a statement of the items or amount
thereof. The declaration in this case sets
forth that by reason of not giving to the ai
lessor a statement ot his personal property
and money loaned tho defendant incurred
penalty of one hundred dollars. In this TO'
spect tho declaration is fatally defective,
judgment should be given for the penalty
could not be known whether it was for
furnishing a statement of tho persoual prop
erty or of debts duo.
By tho statute the person from whom a
statement is required by the assessor has fif
teen days in which to render it before any ac
tion can bo taktn by tho assessor. The dec
laration in this case sets forth that tho defen
dant did not render a statement as he was
bound and required to do. It is not directly
averred that he was required by tho assessor
to render a statement. No timo is set forth
when ho was so required no length of timo
before bringing tho action is mentioned- the
allegation that alter being requested ho neg
lected to turoish tho statement as was his
duty to do.
Under tho rule of pleading upon penal
statutes this is not such a statement of the
facts and circumstances as will entitle tho
plaintiff to judgment.
Iu the view which I tako of the case it is
not necessary to decide whether a penalty is
incurred by not making a statement. 1 in
cline to the opinion that tho penalty for not
doing that is the risk which is run by the as
sessor making the statement too large and
that given by the 5th section is for an untrue
statement. I am of opinion that whether the
one view or the other be taken upon this sub
ject, there is no cause of action set forth in
the manner required by law. As the demur
rer is general and is sustained the defendant
is entitled to judgment.
And now March 31, 1879 judgment for tho
Defendant on the demurrer.
Br the Court.
What they Sought to Repeal.
The law which the Democrats in Congress
sought to repeal, and which the Republicans
held should not bo repealed, and thus made
an extra session necessary, is rather an ex
pensive luxury. Tho report of tho Attorney
General gives those figures for 1870 :
"There wcro 4,803 supervisors, at a cost of
16,410, and 11,010 deputy marshals, at a
cost of II 11, 01 2. Total cost, including cer
tain fees, in 1876, 275,29G. This money
was expended in tho following States :
New York flGfl 020
Pennsylvania 23 f)90
California 10 208
Illinois. 0 735
New Jersey 11 870
Massachusetts 2 083
It will be seen that out of $275,000 spent
in 187C, all but MC.000 was spent in cities of
the North.
And what did the people get in return ?
Not anything. Tho elections were no more
honest no more fair no more just, and no
better managed than under the existing State
laws. Sr.
General Dlx died last Monday night in
New York, At the age of 32 be was made
Adjutant General of the state of New York
by the Democrats, and three years later was
Secretary of State. In 1842 be was elected
to the Legislature, In 1845 United States
Senator, Secretary of the Treasury under
Buchanan, Minister to France from 1806 to
1809, and iu 1872 Governor of New York.
.He wrote several books, and his war record
was an unviable one. lie was born lu New
Hampshire la 1798.
Meeting of the Riot Losses Investigating
The committee to investigate the charges
of bribery and corruption made by Mr.
Wolf iu connection with the riot losses bill
met Tuesday morning, and decided to bold
sessions with open doors, to examine every
member of the House and the leading lob
byists under oath und to make thorough
work of tho matter. The first session for
the taking of testimony was held on Thurs
day evening.
A Baltimore man recently wrote to Her
bert Spencer for an explanation of tho para
doxical customs of tho Japanese, citing ex
amples as follows : "A picco of cord is twist-
I from left to right in tho process of manu
facture. A piano is drawn toward tho per
son using it. Tho teeth of a saw aro so 'set'
that it Is the upward pull which cuts. Their
books conimcnoo at what wo would call the,
end, turning tho loaves from left to right,
hue the lines ruo up mm down tho page,
instead of acroM, und the pages aie number
ed at the font. The faco of their clock moves
and tho hands are stationary. They say 'It
4 o clock, morning that it lacks four hours
of bring noon, while with in it i nlways so
much past the startim? point." Mr. Spencer
replied that tho question involves "n wider
raugo than at first sight appears," but declin
cd to express his viows, on tho plea of lack
of timo.
Jndge the Future by the Past.
What substantial argument can bo offered
for tho election of Gen. Grant to a third
term ? Will ho give tho country n better ad'
ministration than any other man who can bo
chosen ? What ground is there for such ex
pectation ?
Gen. Grant has served two terms. What
was tho character of his administration ?
Notoriously the most corrupt there lias
ever been in time of peace.
Wcro ho elected a third term, thcro
every reason to think wo snouiu nave inc.
oamo thing over again, only worse.
Some of his cnthusiatio supporters say
'Oh, what you say of the past is true, but
ho has learnt tho ropes now, and will novcr
bo so imposed upon again.'
Dut Ocu. Grant never showed any indis
iiosition to let corrupt persons have their way
with him. Thcro is the most painful reason
for doubting tho sincerity of his affected in
dignation when his bosom friends, liko llab
cock, were detected in shameless frauds.
Gen. Oraut, for a little while, pretended to
bo indignant, and greatly incensed -just as ho
did toward his brother-in law, Corbin, for his
intrigue with Fiak and Gould. But how
long was it beforo ho was staying at M:
Corbiu's house again ?
No : there would bo no reform under
Grant. It would bo a renewal of tho same
old spendthrift and corrupt administration
Is it such that tho country wants I A.
Tho '"nine million steal," which was cn
ginccred through the Pennsylvania Legist
ture in Gov. Geary's time, and was designed
to rob the sinking fund of the State of s9,
000,000 in securities for the benefit of the
Pennsylvania Railroad, fell at last under an
unexpected veto. Tho "four million steal,
engineered by tho samo power, intended
saddle the State witli the "Pittsburg losses,'
incurred during tho labor riots of 1877, has
failed in tho Ilouso in which it originated.
This marks a vast moial improvement in thi
politics of Pennsylvania. Tho Democratic
Stato Convention of 1877 declared that, un
til tho railroad companies "accepted tho Con
stitution of 1873 in good faith, they should
remain objects of tho utmost jealousy and
vigilanco to both Legislature and people,
and tho precept seems to have had some prac
tical value. It is monstrous that, whilo th
great corporation defies tho organic law, and
discriminates against tho business of tl
State to tho point of destruction in many
branches of industry, it should wear th
front ot brass, and offer to push through the
Legislature a bill providing a gift to it of
$4,000,000 from a treasury which cannot meet
tho demands of the public schools. Tho bill
is said to have been supported by one of the
most numerous and impudent lobbies ever
assembled by tho company. All the chiefs
and notables of the Treasury Ring, from
Kemblo and Magee down, were on the ground
to promoto tho steal, and even Senator Cam
eron abandoned his seat to go homo and help
on tho raid. It is something to be able to
say that for onco a Republican Pennsylvania
Legislature has stood firm against tho pres
suro of the combined forces of tho railroad
and tho Ring. Sun.
A bit of secret history illustrative
Gram's respect for civil authorities was giv
en in the close ot Senator Randolph's speech
In the Senate on tha 18th inst. After speak
ing of the bad uses to which an army can
be put when it is controlled by an ambitious
man, so trained is the army to obey orders,
Randolph gaye the following illustration
"Can ours be un idle warning to a free peo
pie that has seen and felt the usurping pow
er ? Will it bo said, sir, that no Presiden
of a republic will dare to long misuse tbi:
power ? I know to the contrary. I had tli
honor to deliver a message in 1870 from
Gov. Hampton to the President of the Uni
ted States, requesting him to withdraw the
troops from the State House of South Caro
lina, in deference to a decision of the Su
preme and highest court of tbat State. I
urged the importance of it with all the force
of language at my command. I told the
President that In the judgment of eminent
lawyers, the Governor then out of office by
the expiration of his term had not lawfully
invoked the assistance of Federal power, .in
asmuch as be bad mado no effort to convoke
his Legislature, though easily done, and ob
tain their action on a matter so vital ; that
the newly elected Governor desired the at
tendance of representatives of the people in
their State House, from which Federal bay
onets, as I myself saw, kept them; and
finally, tbat the conte-t being of purely
State concern, regaiding only the claim of
State officers, and these having been defi
nitely settled by the highest legal tribunal
that could ever take cognizance of the case,
the Supreme Court of South Carolina, I
hoped tho Federal forces would be promptly
withdrawn from the State capital. You
may imagine, sir, my astonishment and in
dignation when,in an angry tone and an un
civil manner, the President replied : "I
won't withdraw the troops. I don't care
that for the decision of the Supreme Court
and if I had any message to send to Gen.
Hampton it would be that his message to
me is an Impertinence."
"An impertinence, sir! for the Oovernor
of a State to communicate bis wishes, not
demand his rights as he might properly have
done, to the President of the United States!
An impertinence, Indeed I "Upon what
meat does this our CuMar feed that he hath
grown so great 1'
"No, Mr. President, we cannot make too
much baste to guard the liberties of freemen
everywhere in this broad land from chance
of blotting the pages of our history with a
repetition of the usurping act of a Presi
dent less than three years ago."
Oi.n Bonnets. A lady, with Lcamon's
Dyes made by Wells, Richardson (c Co.,
llurlingtou, Yt.i can so change tho color and
character of her old ribbons and bonnets that
they will be a marvel of frcshucss and beauty.
Not much labor required either.
WashlnRlon, I). C, April 22, IS79.
an avalanche or mixs-fitty nirrr.n
TEH ON BOUTlir.rtN CLAIMS lll'.V- in: i.a matvr'b ten
The week In Congress has been Intro-
I need with a lesumptlnn of the nrmy bill
lebato In the- Penate, In which Senators
Bayard, of Delaware- and Maxey, of Texa,
took principal part on Monday J anil with
the mtnductinn of an nvalancho of bills in
tlio lionet, Uete'nlnir their tactics ot n
week ago tile Republicans made no nppo
Ition to the Intro Jnctlon of bills and nearly
all the old bills uf the previous session have
been presented. As many as fifty different
financial clietnes are offered. If only ten
per cent, of the bills introduced should be
considered they will furnish work lor two
sessions of Congress. Most of thoe offered
by Republicans were for pensions. cry
few In tlio uaturj of war claims wero offered
and from the rough treatment that bills of
this character have recently received It Is
thought they will all soou become extinct.
Jlr. Joyce, of Vermont, offered a bill look
ing to an additional amendment to the con.
stitution forever prohibiting the payment to
disloyal persons of any mouey for property
destroyed in the late war.
Representative Da La Matyr filed in the
House a petition embodying a bill to issue
ten bundled millions (a French billion) of
greenbacks, and to authorize the Secr.tary
of the Treasury to loan to the James River
and Kanawha Canal Company $00,000,000,
Atlantic and Great Western Canal $50,000,
000, Florida Coast Canal $12,000,000, Fort
St. Philip Canal $10,000,000, Rock Island
and Hennepin Canal $25,000,000, Lexington
and Big Sandy Railroad $5,000,000, Niagara
Ship Canal $14,000,000, Mississippi with
tho Pacific coast an amount not yet deter
mined. The loans aro to bo made on bonds
of the several companies, payable in fifty
years, without interest for five years, and at
the rate of three per cent, per annum af
There is just now much political presiden
tlal talk nnd prognostication at Ibis secth
Ing centre, which, to hear, would give the
impression that the nomination of Gen
Grant as the Republican candidate was
foregone conclusion. Secretary Sherman is
talked of and written about, but his follow
ing is without enthusiasm or coherence
Ucn, Grant H n a ting a summer lino to
wards the Golden Gale. The Department
of State has lato intelligence from liini
Siam. Mr Sickles, U. S Consul at Bang
kok, sends a dispatch describing the gor
geous oriental style in which the letter from
tho Supreme King of Siam to the ex-Presi
dent was presented. It contained an (invi
tation from his Majesty to General Grant to
visit the kingdom as a guest of the govern
mcnt. The letter was encased in Royal
purplo satin. The ennsu1 further announ
ces that the project of sending an embassy
from Siam to the United Sta'ei has been
agreeii upon. This will make the number
of oriental legations at Washington three.
The Chinese, Japanese, and Siamees The
Turkish legation has been, or will soon
be, discontinued. Why these countries
should send legations to Washington, or
we should send legations to these or any
other countries cannot be explained from
practical or economical standpoint. Our re
lations with foreign countries are commer
cial, and not diiilom ui-:. We need at a few
foreign capitals and laa'o cities uble com
merclal agents, but foreign nubas-ys are
useltss and semi barbaric appendage, Our
Minister to Turkey, is now in Tennessee,
our Rusiiiu Minister is in Italy and all
our foreign representation as far as their
utility is concerned, might as well be at
homo with their sisters, and cousin, aunts
and mothers-in-law. General intelligence,
the press and the cable, have taken the man
agement of International sfiuirs out of the
hands of a few accomplished individual!
and modern diplomacy consists solely iu so
cial civilities and etiquette in which our
provincial, unaccomplished, self-made rep
resentatives make a deplorable bungling dis
play. Kurnpeau countries, as a rule, send
to Washington their least attractive and
least accomplished diplomatists. They
know that they will have nothing to do,
and to be assigned to the U, S. legation
regarded by the average European gentle
man as a kind of banishment from the cen
tre of civilization to tho frontier or barbar
ism. They make little distinction between
the United States, South America, aud
Mexico, and would rather have "a year
Europe than a cycle in Cathay." Of course
tho average European view of the United
States is not the correct one, aud they are
gradually learning something about us on
the other side of the water, but their educa
tion would be much facilitated if insterd of
the useless embasador we should have only
able commercial agents or consuls.
Mr. Wilson, the United States consul at
Brussels, iu a dispatch to the Deparlmeut of
State, reports the meeting of the Belgian
Society of political economists, at which the
commercial policy of tho United States was
ireely Ulscus-'eu. More or less desire was
manifested to return in Europe to the pro
tective policy. The significant problem
that formed the staple of discussion was how
to overcome the almost boundless resources,
agricultural and mineral, of the United
States. It is not deemed practicable to affix
a high tariff on American products. Tho
large increase of exports from tho United
Slates can hardly be c.ecked by any restrict
ive measures. A reduction ut wages seems
the last resort.
C. A. S.
J. Milton Turner, the colored ex-Minister
to Liberia, tells a St. Louis reporter that his
lawyer is now drawing up papers for a col
onization scheme. The idea is to obtain
largo tract of land in New Mexico and to
give every negro a four-acre lot within the
tract. Turner thinks when tho negro can
make a living in the South ho had better stay
thcro, as a ho is better cotton-pickor than tho
wluto laborer. On Friday tho St. Ijou'is fi
nance committee had received $1,700 for tho
benefit of tho migrating crowds and had ex
pended $1,407. Thrco thousmd thrco hun
drcd colored people havo made their way to
Kansas since the rush began.
Hourbonism in France. It was said
the Bourbons that they nevcrlcarned or for
got anything. They are like clironia sufferers
from kidney or liver distress who will not by
experience learn that Kidney-Wort will euro
them. It is tho best remedy known for piles.
Judqe Ulack's New Wio. Judge Jere,
Black has long worn a black wig. Having
lately donned a new one, which looked still
darker, and meeting Senator Bayard,
Delaware, tho latter accosted him with
"Why, Black, how young you look; you are
not so gray as I am, and you must be twenty
years older " "Humph," said the judgi
'good reason ; your hair cornea by descent,
and I get mine by purchase."
Common Sense In Tf mpe rante.
Perhaps there are no more conscientious
reformers than tho temperanco men who
reach the doctrine of total abstinence from
tlmulatlng beverages. Most nf them talk
well and work hard. Tho efforts of many nf
them are followed by the signing of tern-
eranco pledges by thousands of persons
ho wcro habitual Inebriates. It would be
delightful to hopo that all these signers
would keen the promise they make. Un-
ileasant facts show, however, that a great
many who sln lack the strength to make
their proml-es good, Perhaps one of the
lllliciiltles Is that they promise too much
It seems almost contrary to nature that a
thoroughly rum-soaked sinner should, on
tearing a temperanco speech, suddenly
acaulro such a mastery over the habits
which have for years mastered him as to be
come n total abstainer, The poor fellow Is
constrained by the eloquence nf tho temper
ance orator to experieiico a seme of utter
wrelchcdne-s. He files for relief to tho only
refuge the timperance man offers him, which
s the signing of the abstinence pledge. He
expects tho act ofs'gnlng to work a miracle,
and is disappointed becatie it does not.
Then remorse takes possession of his soul.
Somebody offers to treat htm to a drink. He
accepts the civility, and is more remorseful
and more wretched than ever. Much of the
trouble lies in tho prevalent tutom of
treating." It is against tills time-honored
custom that tho new temperance movement
llrects one of Its heaviest batteries. It does
not ask a man to do Impossibilities, but it
presents to lilm the absurdity of drinking
intoxicating beverages just becaii'o some
inconsiderate person who has noclaimson
his friendship, asks him to. This 'treating'
is at best queer business. In some circles to
refuse an offered drink is regarded as an in
suit to him who offers It. No matter how
full of drinks the drinker may be, he is ex
pected to take another drink which he does
not want and for which he has no roo n. In
somp parts nf the country to refuse a prof
fered drink is to risk one s life.
Tho new movement is started in New
York by eminently respectable people who
know what they are about and who have the
indorsement of some of the wisest head;
and warmest hearts in the community. The
great meeting at Chickering Hall showed
what they meant to do. Other meetings
aro following in tha principal cities. The new
plan is not founded on whims or mere en
thusiasm, but on an intimate acquaintance
with human nature. Extremists may de
nouuee it as partial and incomplete, but it
is none the less worth a fair trial. Old plans
have been tried sufficiently to show that
theories which are in themselves unobjec
tionable do not always work well when put
In practice. Let the new plan have at least
a chance and seo what will come of it.
E. F. Kunkel's Hitter Wine of Iron.
Has never been known to rail ia the euro or weak
ness, attended with symptoms, tndtposltlon to ex
ertion, loss of merairy, difficulty of breatbtn g gen
eral weakness, horror of disease, weak, nervous
trembling, dreadful horror ot death, nlghtsn eats,
cold feet, weakness, dimness of vision, languor,
universal lassitude of the muscuur system, eronl
ous appetite, with dyspeptic system, hot lands,
Hushing ot tho body, dryness of the skin, pallid
countenance and erurtlons on the race, purifying
tbo blood, pain In the back, hea( lness ot the eyelids,
frequent black spots flying beforo tho eyes with
temporary suffusion nnd loss of sight ; want of at
tention, etc. These symptoms all arise from
weakness, and to remedy that, use K. F. Kunkcl
Bitter Wine o( Iron. It never fslls. Thousands are
now enjoying health who hava used It. net the
genuine. Sold In 11 bottles. Take only E. F. Kunk
Ask for Kunkel's Bitter Wine ot Iron. This truly
valuablo tonic has been so thoroughly tested by all
classes of Die community lint It Is now deemed In
dlspenslbloa-atonlc mcatclno It costs but little
and purifies tho blood, and gives tone to tho stom
ach, renovates the system and prolongs life.
I now only ask a trial of this valuable tontc. Price
tl per bottle. E. F. KUNKEI., Polo ProprletLr. Ni
si forth Ninth S'., below Vine, Philadelphia V
A k for Kunksl s Hitter Wine of Iron, and take no
oihtr. A photogrph ot tho proprietor on each
wraprx r, HI others are counterfeit.
Beware of counterfo t . Do not let your druggist
sell you any but Kunkel's which Is put up only as
above represented. You can get six bottles for$3.
All I usk is one simple trial.
Tape Worms Removed Alive,
Head and all complete In two hours. Nofeotul
head passes. Seat, l'ln and Momach Worms re
in oved by Dr. Kunkel, S59 Ncrth Ninth St. Advice
free. No fee untllhead and alt passes lnone,and
aMve. Dr. Kunkel Is tho only successful physician
In this country for the removal of Worms, and his
Worm up Is pleasant and safe for children
grown persons, send for circular or ask tor a bottle,
of Kunkel's Wo m Syrup, l'rlcel.O0a bottle. Get
ltot our druggist. It never Mi's.
By virtue of sundry writs Issued out of tho
Court ot Common I'leas ot Columbia county and
me directed, will bo exposed to public salo at tho
Court Ilouso in the town ot Bloomsburg Columbia
county, 1'tnnsylvanla, at one o'clock p. m , on
1 MONDAY, MAY flth, 1879.
All that certain piece nt landltuate In Mlfllln
tow nshlp, Columbia county,, I'enna., bounded and
described as follows, towlt: On the north by land of
John Aten, cast by II. Schweppenheiscr, south by
land of Thomas Aten and on tho west by land of
CliHrles Kllngaman, containing ono hundred and
ten acres, more or less, on which aro erected
framo dwelling house, barn and out bullllngs,
one tract of land situate In said township of Mlf
llln, bounded on the Lorth and ea.t by land ot
Thomas Aten, on tho boutli by land at M ichael G rov
er's heirs, on tho wist by land of William Parr, con
taining tweuty.fouracres, moreor less, on which
aro erected a frame house and out buildings.
One tract In sold ,townshlp of Mifflin, bounded on
the north by land of I. K. behweppenbelser and
Samuel Snyder, on the east by Lawrencu Waters, on
tbo soutli by Abraham schweppennclser and on
tbo west by John AU-n, containing thirty tour acres,
more or less, on which aro erected a tramo house
barn, and out buildings.
One tract, of land situate In said township
Minim, bounded on tho north by land of Stephen
cearhart and others, on.the east by land of I K
Schweppenheiscr, on thesouth by lani ot John Aten
and on the west by land ot Joseph (learhurt, con
talnlng one hundred acres, mote or less, on which
are erected a frame house, burn, and out buildings.
One lot of ground situate. In tbo town ot Main
vllle, Columbia county, 1'enn'a., bounded and de
scribed as follows, to- It: on tho north by public
road, on the east and south by land of J. K. Longen-
bergtr and on the west by a public rood, on which
is trccted a two story brick store;houso.
Selied, taken InexecutlOL, and to bo sold as the
property ot I. K, Schweppenheiscr at the suit of
Esther ilearbart against I. K.schweppenhetser.
c. W. li ixkb, Attorney, Venj.Kx.
AU that tractor laud tltuate in the township cf
Beaver, County of Columbia and stato of l'ennsylv
nla, described as follows, to-wlt. Bounded on the
north by lands of Kekroat and Bennlnger, ou the
east by lands ot Wellington Case, oa tlio west by
lands of Jacob llenlnger and on the south by public
road, containing forty-nine acres more or less on
which are erected a frame house, barn aud out-
Selied, taken In execution at tho suit ot the Co
lumbia County Mutual saving Fund andI.oan A&so.
elation against Samuel Fisher and to bo sold as tho
property of Samuel Fisher.
Urn-? & Miu.m, Attorneys, PL Ft Fa.
Terms cash.
All that certain lot or piece ot landsltuato In Fish-
Ingcreek township, County of Columbia and stato of
Pennsylvania, bounded and described as follows.
wit i oa the north by land of J. I), Fullmer, on the
eoBtbylandof John Hide, on the south by land of
Eltord Preston, aud on tlio west by land ot Philip
Appleman, Sr., containing ono hundred and twenty
six acres mors or less, on which aro erected a plank
nouse, barn and out buildings,
Seized, taken In execution at the suit ot Jacob Far
1 er lor use ot J. I. Fullmer against Oeorge Cadwal-
lader and to be sold as the property ot (leorgo Cad-
Wikt, Attorney. Ft. Fa
All that certain real estate situate la Main town-
ship, Columbia county, Pennsylvania, bounded and
described as follows to wit ; On tho north by lands
of John tieaxbart, on Uie east by land ot Joseph del-
Ker,on,thowe8tby luidot nnd on tho south
by a public road, containing nfty-slx acres more or
Seiiod, taken In execution at tho suit ot the Co
lumbia County Mutual Saving Fund and boan Asso
ciation against If. J. Campbell and M. V, II. Koslen
bauder.and to bo sol.l as the property ot V. J. Camp
bell and M. V, 11. Kostenbauder.
Lima Mi, Attorneys. Fl. Fa,
All that certain lot and parcel of grou nd situate In
the township ot Main aforesaid, bounded and de
scribed as follows, to wit i Beginning at a steno In
ths public road leading from Malnvlllo to Eipy In a
line of land no or late of Isaac Vettcr and running
from thence by said lino north seventy-four and a
luartrr degrees east twenty perches to a post, thence
by land ot John J (learhart north ten and a half de
grees cast twenty and a bait perches to n post,thence
by tho samo south seventy-four and a quarter de.
grees west t cnty perches to a stone in tho aforesaid
publlo road, thence by said road south tlio degrees
west thtrteen perches to a point In said road, thenco
by the samo south fourteen and a quarter degrees
westnlno an 1 three tenths perches to tho placo of
beginning, containing two nnd a hilt acres strict
measuro, on which aro erected n framo dwelling
liousj and out buildings.
Seized, taken lu execution at tho suit of tho Co
lumbia County Mutual Saving Fund and Iran As
sociation against M. V, II. Kostenbauder , nnd to bn
sold as the property of M, V, 11. Kostenbauder.
LITTI.K t Miu.kk, Attorneys.
10 ALSO,
All that certain farm situate In Scott township,
Columbia county Pennsylvania, containing ono hun
dred and thlrty-even acres more or less, aljol nlng
lands ot Wm. Crovellng on tho north, on tho east by-
land ot (leorge Keller, onluo west by lands ot nco
Kressler, and on tlio south by land of K. It. lkelers,
whereon Is erected a two story dwelling house, bank
barn and out buildings, nearly all cleared land.
11 ALSO,
All that certain piece or parcel ot land situate In
tbo township nnd county aforesaid, adjoining lands
of Jacob Melllck on tno north, lauds ot Reuben Culp
on tlio southlands of Mrs. J. W. Sankcyon the west,
and on tho east by lands ot Samuel Hutchison, con
taining ten acres more or less, all Improved.
12 A LSO,
All that certain piece or parcel of land, situate In
the townshlpand county aforesaid, auJolnlng lands
of Jacob Melllck on the north, lands of Jacob Melllck
on the east, tho public road leading to Espytown on
the south, and public road leading to Bloomsburg on
tho west, containing ono acre moro or less, whereon
Is erected a steam tannery with vats, &c.
13 ALSO,
All that certain lot of ground, situate In tho town
ship nnd county aforesaid, fronting on the public
road leading to Bloomsburg on tho est, an alley on
the south, another lot of said J. W. Sankcy, on tbo
west, nnd Mill street on the north, containing ono
aero moro or less, whereon is erected a largo two
story framo dwelling house, an office, a largo two
story frame room and a doublo two story dwelling
house, barn and stable and other buildings.
i4 Aim
All that certain lot of ground situate in the town
ship and county aforesaid, fronting on Mill Street
on the north, a lot Francis Frances on the cost, an
nllev on the south, a public road on the west, where
on are erected a two-story frame dwelling house and
out buildings.
seized, taken In execution at the suit of 1. s. Kuhn
against J. W. Sankey, nud to jbe bold as the property
of J. W. Sankey.
Mat ek, Attorney. Fl. Fa
15 ALSO,
All that certain lot or piece ot ground situate In
sugarloaf township, Coturablacounty, Pennsylvania,
described as follows, to w!t . Bounded on the nortii
by land of Mary l'cterman, on tho east by Andrew
Hess, on the south and west by land ot Elijah Pe-
terman.contalnlng nfty acres more or less, on which
are erected a house, bat n and out buildings.
Seized, taken in execution at tho suit of B. D. Colo
agatnst Wm. B. l'cterman and tobesoidaslho prop
erty of Wm. B. I'etennon.
Miller, Attorney. Vend, Ex.
10 ALSO,
A certain tract ot land (situate In Flshlngcreck
township, Columbia county, being the eastern dlvls-
Ion ot the homestead farm of John Lazarus, deceas
ed, and bounded and described as follows, to wli
Beginning at a stono In the line of land ot Philip
UnangsWhcnco by tho same south seventy and
one quarter degrees west ntty-two and nine-tenth
perches to a stone, thenco by lot No. 3 ot tha Bamo
tract south nineteen and threo quarter degrees east
ntty-tlght and eight-tenths perches to a stone.thcnco
due cast forty-nlno perches to a stone, south
twelve and one-fourth degrees cost one hundred and
nfty-two and ntnc-lcuths perches to a stone, thenco
north clghty-ono and a halt degrees cast four perch
es to a stone, thence south sixteen cast nit
two and two-tenths perches to a stono, thenco b
land ot Matthew McDowell norUi eighty-two and
half degrees east forty-six and eight-tenths perches
to a stone, thence by land of Daniel Merkle nortii
sixteen degrees west fltty-threo and four-tenths
perches to a post, and north fourteen degrees west
elght-nfne and one tenth perches to a stone, thance
by land ot Bernard A mmermau west eight perch
es and north fourteen degrees west fifty-four perch
es to a stone, thenco wcsttwenty-tlve perches to
w bite oak grub, thence by land ot Thomas J. Hutch
inson north thirty-two and three-quarter degrees
west nlnety.elght and five-tenths perches to tho
place of beglnnlng.contalnlng one hundredand eight
acres aid ulnety-nlue and two-thirds perches strict
measure, on which aro.crcctcd a frame houac, bank
barn and out buildings.
Seized, taken in execution at tho suit of Sanderson
Lazarus, Administrator of WllUam Lazarus, deceas
ed against (leorge Lazarus (by his Guardian Illram
It. Kline) with notlco to John V. Creasy terro tenant
and to be sold as the property of Oeorge Lazarus (by
his Guardian Illram It. Kline) w 1th notice to John 1'
Creasy terro tenant.
Mark, Attorney. Lciarl Facias.
17 ALSO,
All that certain lot or piece ot Ian d situate In Mlf
111a township, ttColumbla county, I'ennajlvanla
bounded and described as follows, to wit : On tho
north by Abraham Schweppenhelser, on tho east by
Peter Mlchaal, on tho south and west by Horace
Schweppehelscr, containing eighty acres moro or
less, on which aro erected a two-story framo house,
bank born, a large frame grist mUl, mtu house and
all necessary out-bulldlngs.
Seized, taken In execution at tho suit of J. II. Het
cr assigned to F. Jordan Sons against George Nun
gesser and to bo sold as tho property of Georgo Nun-
Bxockwav Elweli, Attorneys. Fl. Fa,
18 ALSO,
All that certain lot and pleco ot land situate In
Beaver township, Columbia county and Stato of
Pennsylvania, bounded and described as follows
Beginning' at a pine, thenco by land of Jacob Harri
er, north elghty-ono degrees, east fifty-two perches
to a pine, thenco by same south clghty-etght and
one-fourth degrees east one hundred and thtrty-tw
perches to a pine, thenco by land of William Michael
south two and three-fourths degrees west fifteen
perches to a stone at Catawlssa Creek, thence down
said creek south elghty-scen degrees west eighteen
perches to a btone.thenco down said creek Its various
courbts,one hundred and srxty-threo and nvo -tenths
perches to a stone, thence by land ot Daniel Slngley
Sr., north nine degrees west forty-seven and five
tenths perches to the place of beginning, containing
thtrty-livo acres and one hundred and tw elvo perches
strict measure,
Seized, taken In execution nt tho suit of Abraham
IUco to use ot Moses Itlco against Elizabeth Miller,
Administratrix ot Daniel Miller with notlco to terro
tenants, and to be sold as tho property of Elizabeth
MUler, Administratrix ot Daniel Miller, with .notice
to terro tenants.
Knokk, Attorney. Levari Facias.
19 A LSO,
All that certain lot or piece of ground situate In
Benton, Columbia county, Pennsylvania, described
as follows, to-wlt : Bounded on the north by lands
of Benjamin Mcllenry, on tbe east by public road
on tho south by an alley, on the west by land of Ill
ram Everltt and Benjamin Mcllenry, containing
three-fourths of an acre on which are erected a two
story frame dwelling bouse, store house, shop and
8tableamt outbuildings.
Seized, taken In execution at the sultof The Co
lumbia county Mutual saving Fund and Loan Asso
tlon against Samuel Heacock and to be sold as the
property ot Samuel Heacock.
Lima MuxtH, Attorneys. Al. Fl. Fa.
20 ALSO,
All that certain lot or piece ot ground situate In
Centralla borough, Columbia county, Pennsylvania,
described as follows, to-w it i Bounded on the north
byanalUy, on tbe south by Itallroad street, east
by land ot lllcbard Flnnel and on the w est by Paxton
street, containing twenty-tlvo feet front and one
hundred and forty reet In depth on which aro erect
ed a dwelling house and out buildings.
Seized, taken In execution at tie suit ot tho Cen
tralla Mutual Bavlng Fund Association against Pat
rick Fogarty and to be sold as the property ot Pat
rick Fogarty.
BiKH-tr, Attorney, Vend Ex,
21 ALSO,
All that certain lot or piece ot land situate in
Bloomsburg, Columbia county, Pennsylvania, boun
ded and described as follows, to wit: On tbe north
by an alley, ou the east by an alley, on tho south by
Main street, on the west by Iiobert Cadman, on
which are erected a frame house, stable and out
S4lzcd, taken In execution at the suit ot layton
Itunyan Co., agatnst William II, Oarson and J, II,
btrlcker and to be sold us .the property of William
II, (larson.
Uxuk, Attorney, Ft. Fa.
22 ALSO,
Tho undivided one-eighth part ot aU that certain
lotorplocoof ground situate Iu Centro township,
County of Columbia and State ot Pennsylvania,
bounded and descrlbod as follows, to-wlt i Begin
ning at a stone corner near tno head race, thenco by
lands ot Jesso II. Freas i nd William Lamon north
! twenty degrees east one hundred and eight and five-
tenths perches to a stone, thenco by land ot Emma
Pelttcrlck south seventy-eight degrees cost tw cnty
and nine-tenths perches to a stone, thence by land
of Wesley B. Frea-s south twelve degrees west forty
seven and flte-tenths perches to a stone, north seventy-eight
dogroes, west five-tenths perches to a
stone, thence by Bamo aud land of OeorgcK, Hess
south twelve degrees west ntty-nlno perches to a
stone, land thence by land ot Jesso II. t'reas north
soventy.clght degrees west twclvo nud four-tenths
perches to the placo of beginning, containing four
teen acros moro or Uas.on which aro erected a frame
houso, stables and out-buUdlngs I also, ono frame
grist nnd nourlngmlll, together with the water
power, nxtures and appurtenances thereunto bo-longtng.
Seized, taken In execution at tbe suit of 7.acharlah
'. Fowler against llobert F. Watts and to bo sold as
tho property ot Hobert F. Watts,
xsLin. Attorney, Alias
The undivided one-eighth part of all that certain
lot or piece or land situate In Centre townshlp.Coun
tyot Columbia and state of Pennsylvania, bounded
and described as follows, to-wlt i Beginning at a
stone corner near the head race, thence by lands ot
csso II. Freas and William Lamon, north twenty
legrces east ono hundred and ctght and nve-tcnths
perches to a atone, thence by land of Kmma Deltter-
Ick south 8ccnty.elght degrees, east twenty and
nine-tenths perches to a stone, thenco by land of
Wesley B. Freas, south twclvo degrees west forty.
seven and five-tenths perches to (a stono north bov-cnty-elght
degrees west live-tenths perches to a
stone, thence .by s uno and land ot Georgo K. Hess,
south twelve degrees, wcstnfty-ntno perches ton
stone, nnd thenco byjind ot Jesso H. Freas, north
soventy-elght degrees wett twclva and four-tenths
perches to tho placo ot beginning, containing four
teen acres moro or less, on which are erected a frame
house, stables and outbuildings ; nlso, ono framo
grist nnd nourlng mill together with tho wator-now-
er, fixtures, and appurtenances thereunto belong
Seized, taken in execution nt tho suit ot z. T. Fow
ler against M. A.' Watts and to be sold as tho prop
erty ot M. A. Watts.
Ikilxk, Attorney. Alias Fl. Fa.
21 ALSO,
Two lots ot ground situate In tho Borough ot Cen
tralla, Columbia county, Pennsylvania, being nfty
feet In width and ono hundred nnd forty feet In
depth whereon aro erected two two-story f i ame uw el
ling houses, said lots belng.boundcl and described
as follows I North by Park street cast by
street, south by vacant lots and west by lots ot.M,
A lot ot ground situate lu tho borough, county nnd
Stato aforesaid, bounded and described as follows:
Number one (No. 1) Block ono hundred and t Ightccn
(118) north by Park street, cast by an alley, south by
lot lately owned by William Torrcy, and west by
Locust Avenue, whereon is erected a two-story
frame house.
All the right, title and Interest of said Itottcrt nor-
rell In tho estate of Mary Oorrell, deceased, Bald es
tate consisting of a certain messuage and lot or pte-o
of ground Bltuato In tho borough of Centralla in tho
County ot Columbia and Stato ot Pennsylvania, con
Blsttng ot the lots numbered eight, (S), nine (9), te n
(10), eleven (11), and twelve (I!), In block numbered
ntnety-slx (9$) oi the general map or plan of said
borough, each of said lots being twenty-nve (23) feet
In width and together ono hundred and twenty-lite
(125) feet In width and extending of that width In
depth one hundred atd forty (1JU) feet, wlththe ap
purtenances, consisting ot a two-story framo dwel
ling house, and one-story frame ortlcc. Also,
A certain other messuage and tot or pleco of ground
Bltuato In said borough of Centralla, and consisting
of tho lots numbered ono (1), and two (i) In block
number ninety-six (96) on said general map ot the
borough of Centralla ; each of said lota of ground
beini twnnty-tlve (25) feet in width and together Utty
(5i) feet in width and extending of that width In
depth ono huudred and forty (U0) feet w 1th the ap-
purteuanccs, consisting of a two-story frame dwcl
ling house and a one-story frame dwelling house.
A cert aln other messuage and lot of ground situate
In said borough ot Centralla aid numbered on the
general map or plan ot said borough one (1) In block
number (97) being twenty-llNe (25) feet In width and
extending ot that wltithln depth one hundred and
forty (H0) feet. Also,
A certain other messuage and lot of gi ound situ
ate In said borough of Centralla, and numbered one
(I) In block number ono hundred nnd four (101) on
the general map or plan ot said boron? h being twen-
ty-tle (25) feet In width and extending ot that width
In depth ono hundred and forty (1 10) feet with the ap
purtenances, consisting of a ono aud-a-halt story
plank stable and ware house.
Seized, taken In execution at tho suit of the First
National Bank ot Ashland against Hobert Gorrcll
and to bo sold as tho property of Hobert Gorrcll,
Fkeezb, Attorney. I'L Vend. Ex.
27 ALSO,
All that certain lot or piece of land situate on the
north.west side ot Seventh Street In the Borough of
Berwick, County of Columbia and state ot Pennsyl
vania, bounded and described as follows,to-wit : Be
ginning at tho corner of Se enth street and lot num
ber S2,thenco along lot number 32 one hundred eigh
ty-one and a half feet to Eighth street, thenco along
Eighth Street forty-nine and a half feet to lot num
ber M.thenco along lot number 31 ono hundred clgh
ty-ono and a half feet to Seventh Street, thence along
Seventh street forty-nine nnd a half feet to tho placo
of beglnnlng.belng lot number 33 of M. W . Jackson'
addition to Berwick.
Seized, taken lu execution at tho suit ottho Mu
tual Building Loan and Saving Fund Association of
Berwick against Wllltam 11. Clewell and Nathan
Martz, and to bo sold as tho property of Wflllatn II.
TnonrsoN, Attorney. FI. Fa.
28 ALSO,
All the undivided halt of tbat certain piece or par
eel of land situate in Centre twp., Columbla,county,
bounded and described as follows, to wit: Begin
nlng at a stone corner near tlio head race, thenco by
land of J, B. Freas and Elwood Hushes north twelve
degrees cist ono hundred nnd eight and halt
perches to a s'onc cornel, thenco by tho same south
seventy-eight degrees east twenty and nine-tenths
perches to a stono corner, thence by tho samo south
twelve degrees west forty-seven and one-halt perch
es to a stone, thence by the same north seventy-
eight degrees, west oao half peroh to a stone, thenco
by tho samo and lot ot II. W. and J. II. Ilomboy
south twelve degrees west forty-ntno perches to
sto ic corner, thence by landot J. B. Freas north
seventy-eight degrees west twenty nnd four-
tenths perches to the placo ot beginning, containing
fourteen acres strict measure, on which aro erected
a frame house, stables and out-buUdlngs ; also one
frame grist nnd ilourlng mill, together with tho
water-power, nxtures and appurtenances thereunto
Seized, taken In execution at tho suit ot Oliver
Watts, Administrator ot Hobert Watts, deceased
against Hobert F, Watts and to bo sold as tho prop
erty of Hobert F. Watu ,
Jicxson Son, Attorneys. Levari Facias.
2 0 ALSO,
AU that tract ot land situate In Locust township,
Columbia county, Pennsylvania, bounedd and de
scribed as follows, to-wlt : On the north by lands of
William Erwlne.on the east by lands ot Henry Ilea
vcr, on the south by lands ot s. U-van and John
Snyder.on the west by lands of Peter Kline, contain
ing one hundred acres moro or less, on which are
erected a good frame house, large bank bars and
oUtbullillng), excellent spring of water and good ap
ple orchard on the premises.
Seized, taken in execution at tho suit of William J,
Ilelw'lg Trustee for Catharine. Helwlg against Henry
jieiwig ana to bo sou as tne proiiertr of Henry Hel
IttLEB, Attorney. Alias Fl. Fa.
30 ALSO,
All thoso three pieces of land situate In Locust
township, Co lumbla county, Pennsylvania, bounded
and described as follows; that Is to say tha oue pleco
beginning at a stone In tbe public road leading from
Mabtown to Kerntown.and by land of Henry Ithoads,
south ntty and one-fourth degrees west ninety-one
ana two tenths perches to a stone, thenco by land
ot John Kelnbold south forty-seven and one-half de
green fifty-six and two-tenths perches t3 a stone,
thenco by land ot reter Ithoads north ntty and
three fourth degrees, east seventy and live-tenths
perches to a stone, thence by land of WlUiam II.
Itelnbold north twenty-four and one-half degrees
east tuirty.inree perches to a stone, the placo of le
ginning, containing twenty-tight teres and seventy-two
perches blrlct miature. The second begin
ning at a stone In the public road leading from Cat
awlssa to Kerntown at a stono ond by land of W .
ii, iicinooid north fltty-Ux degrees, east thirteen
and thlrty-mo one hundredth perchos to a stone In
street, thencu by Bald street south twenty-four de
grees east, thenco by landot Peter BleberorMary
Bleber south degrees, west thirteen and
thlrty-flve one-hundredths perches to a stone, thence
by land of said Peter Ithoads and tho public road
south thtrtj-four degrees east twenty.four perches
to the placo of beginning, containing thirteen acres
strict measure. The third piece situate at the foot
of the Llttlo Mountain, bounded and described as
follows t Begin utng at a post in line ot land ot Lew
Is Bush running thence by land of the samo south
sevcnly.two and a half west twelve perches and
two-tenths to a post, thence by laud of William Mil
lard Bouth twelve and a hslf degrees, east scienty
Blx perches to a post, thence by land of tho same
north elghty-oue and one-fourth degrees, east twelve
and ono-halt perches to a post, thence north t elvo
and one-half degreea west fceventy-seven and one
half perches to the place of beginning containing
five acres and ono hundred and twenty-nve percocs
Btrlct measure, on which are erected a frame houso
bank tarn and outbuildings.
Seized, taken In execution at the suit of Benja
min Behm, Asdgneo cf Peter Ithoads against George
Boyer, with notice to Harris Krelscher, terro tenant
and to be sold as tbe property of Georgo Bojcr, with
notice lb Harris Krelscher, terro tcnent.
lktLiB, Attorney, Levari Facias,
AprtH, IS-ta sheriff.
s nnw fiillv under wnVi nnd the inducements olTcred are of a elitiroo
ter that cannot fail to be highly attractive to every buyer within reach
of Philadelphia.
Wo have an immense mock in uvurv uuu ui um
AKTMENTS, reaching iu the two departments of SILKS and
DRESS GOODS alone to
he latest bargains in the
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SikawlbridgiB 4 MMbf9
Iff. W. Cor, Eighth and Market Streets,
MOsES hCHLIcilElt, overseerot I'oor torjear.
To amount received from all sources for
year . .
By amount of expenses for year, A:
Italance due township.
I 0'i
173 76
W 16
JAMBS T. RX, J Auditors.
A prll 18, 1S7S.
ISAAC KLINOAM AN, In account with llenver tow n-
sblp as itoad supervisor.
To amount of receipts from nil sources for
year jsao 10
By cash paid expenses for year, (Material,
labor, tc), J611 37
Balance duo I. Kllngaman 1 S7
ItRIIDBN IIONSE, In account with Ileal er township
for 1S78.
To amount of receipts from all sources for
year 61S TO
By cosh paid expenses for year (material,
labor, Ac.) . . cio 76
Balance due It. Uonse 12 06
JAS. T. FOX, I Auditors.
In pursuance of an order of the Orphans' Court of
Columbia count , tho undersigned, administrator of
Maria Biggs, lateot tho town of Bloomsburg. Co
lumbla county, l'a., will cxposo to public salo In
Bloomsburg, l'a , ou
SATURDAY, MAY 10th, 187U,
at teu o'clock a. in., a
situate In then own of liloomsburg, In said county,
fronting on Second street ot tall town, on the north
side of said street, bounded and described as fol.
lows: Beginning at the line of lot uf UT.Miarpless,
hence by tlm Hue of fecund street custwardly lilty.
two feet, more or less, to line of lot or N, J, Ilendcr
shot, thencu by line ot lot of N. J, Hendershol
northwardly Uo hundred and fourteen feet ktx
Inches to Itldgo alley, thenco along the line ot hldge
alley westwurdly ntty-two foet, moro or less, to line
ot lot of I.. T. bharplcHs, thenco along the II no of lot
of I. T. tharpless southwardly two hundred aim
fourteen feet six Inches to tho line ot Se:ond street,
tho place uf beglnntn;, whereon Is erected a
Tebms ok Sale : Ten per cent, ot one-fourth cf
tho purchaso mouey to bo paid ut tho striking down
of the property, tho one-fourth less tho lea per cent.
at continuation absolute, and tho remaining three
fourths In one year thereafter, with Interest from
confirmation nisi.
HAltltV W. SLOAN, Administrator,
liloomsburg, April 23, ls7.
S Oaf 1 returns In SO da) sou si 1)0 Invested. Of.
ivllU ttclal reports and Information KUKE.
Like pronta weekly on stock options ot 110 total
Address T. 1'ottbb Wiuutsco., Uankhiw, as vtuli
su.N.i. d a prll ts, "711-4 w
,"1.rV" " l'"rnaiUc I'l 1 1- wake New inch Blood
and will completely change the blood la tho entire
sjstem In three months. Any person who will lake 1
pill each night from 1 to 18 wicks may tw restored
to sound health If such a thing be possible. Sent by
mall for 8 letter stamps. '
I. H, JuliiiNuu & Co, Iluiigor.Mnluu
April 85, thw I d
A copy of llroWnfiiMioii. Illuslrulrd hlmkri.
,'.'t.'.'".,,,A,i;,""".n "r 1B70, together with a copy
of his Illustrated paper, the olowiso World, wm to
tent free to anv oue who will send their address on a
one cent postal card. AddreBs, J.OIllsON IIUOWN.
81 urand blreet, Jersey city, New Jersey,
d. Apruus.lija. w
r ... rniTFifPv -nw
si inches wldo,
Mado by
s.womnrciK i.vons,
This Is undoubtedly the best one Dollar Black Silk
ever placed on any counter In America.
and Colors are displayed in un
prices in proportion to quality. In
ouur uw j;icitiut uuv-juiu inunc
this department arc :
bewildering and includes all the
and American Looms.
department are :
Tho prices benln at 87,' cents aud aclvanco regu
larly Uk cts., viz :
SfC. fl.OO, $I.Utf,, 1.37, J1.M, f l.Mtt,'l.?3.
fl.sftfand ttM
We Imported these goods largely, having had them
mndo to our own direct order, us usual, but never
before have they come to uo so nearly perfect In
quality, color, and general appearance, as tho pres
ent season,
attractive stock of
and Grenadines
at wholesale or at retail, are at the
department for
of carefully made
goods ever offered at the prices :
Notice is hereby given that C. 11. Jnckson.Commlt
teo or Stephen Thomas, a lunatlclias nied his wcond
and final account In tho omco of tho ITothonota
ry of Columbia county, which will ho presented to
the Court of common Pleas of bald county on ihe oth
day of May next und will be confirmed after lour
dj)B unless exceptions he mednllhlu that time,
l'rothonotary's omce, I'roUi'y.
Illoonisuuiv, April j, "79-to
Ixtters of Administration with the will annexed
on tho estate of baruh Arnwlne, lato of Centre tw p .
Columbia couniy.I'ennsylvanla, deceased, hao bten
granted by tho Register of said county to the un
dersigned Administrator. All persons having claims
against the estate ot the decedent are requested to
present them for settlement and thoso Indebted to
make paj tnent to the undersigned without delay.
. .. Administrator,
April 16, l79-ew Whltmlro, Columbia co., l'a.
Letters of administration on tho estate of David W,
locum, lato of Benton township, Columbia Co., de
ceasid, havo been granted by tho Iteglster of said
county to the undersigned Administrators, to whom
all persons Indebted aro requested to make Imme
diate paj uient and those having claims or demands
against the estate will make them known to the Ad
ministrators without delay,
, ,, Administrator,
April 11, Vj-Sw i', o. lientou.
th tho matter ottho estate ot William Mull, late cf
Brlarcreek township, deceased.
Tho undersigned Auditor appointed by.tho Court
by consent ottho partus Inteiestedtoinako distri
bution ot tho funds In tho hands of tho Executor of
said estate, wi sit at theofllce of M, E. Jackson S
Son In Berwick on Saturday .May 3d, 187U, ut nine
0 clock In Ihe forenoon ot Bold day, at which time
aud placo all jiersons having claims on saldtfunJ
must attend, or ho debuned from any share of said
fund. '
April 4. ';-iw
The Old Reliable
For Wells 10 to 75 feotDeep
New Price LisFjan. 1, 1819.
April 11, isi9-m
Wheat per bushel l.j
' -
Corn, new, "
oais, ,
Flour per barrel
Dried Apples
Lard per pound , !,
uuypcriuu ., ,, ,,.
Beeswax ,
Timothy Seed
No. 4 on Wharf i s.oo per Tea
No.a ,,; ;;..,,..,,., i a.75
N0.6" ' .........".."!, I 8,00
ttluckumlth'a Lutup on Wharf
" Utturalnoua ' , H W