The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, February 28, 1879, Image 3

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iitoosisnuiui. rniiUT, run. as, is
c:i-r.Mt-u van 1870.
T7J"T TV..U Jul.,. sf "i
Jll.. , (, 7 i (J n 1 1 ' i J f i l i
12 i:i II l.i l'i li H U II IJ li i; l: I''
ri :o ii a u a n ' :i a w
40 '?' ii . x ii
r,i i Aug i j
2 :, i t, c 7 f ." f i ; f Ii
1' in ii u I.'. II l. I' II I. II II i; in
II 11 h II. 20 J I 22 Ii I" l''20'21 22 21
2.1 21 i. .1 27 2- . 21 25 2C 27 2' 2' 10
S"'" j li i f, i ; ' P. it.. " "i t "t "t "f. "ii
ii in n a n in-) 7 s i ion iv ii
i; 17 h n-n it a I! li II 17 I I" 20
2.1 21 ii 2li 27 21 20 21 2 i! 21 25 21 27
. I" II . , ,
April. . i : u Cct i v r, i
' 1.7 f 0 I" II 12 Hit I' in II
nn u io. i? h n 12 n u is it. 17 h
211 21 22 2.1 21 2.'. 2:1 11 Jfl 31 22 2.1 21 25
J7 i- 29 10 . . . . 2(12? 2!-20 .10 3 1 .
lit 15 3 Sir... 1
' I f, d 7 ! 10 5 II I t 7 t
II 12 11 II l'i r, 17 I Kill 12 13 II 1.1
I- P 202I 22 2 1 21 Hi 17 If 10 2021 22
2.1 20 27 ! 20 10 II 21 2 1 25 20 li 2S 20
hit. i i .i "i f 1 7 fee.-... "i "i 3 ' 7, V.
I 11 III II 12 I I II 7 ( ! 10 II 12 II
15 in 17 l 10 20 21 II li I'l 17 l 10 20
22 1 1 II i"i 211 27 21 21 22 2121 41 2r, 27
20.10..,!...! 2fao,:m,itl
Rail Komi Time ruble.
Accommodation Train 6.10 A.M. 8.00A. It.
Mail Train 7.39 A. M 4.4J 1'. M
Express Tra.n l.tll'.)l, 11.45 A. .M
north, sotrn
Accommodation Train 6,ss A. M. 7, re r. M.
Itegulai frcprcsi 4.0s r. M. 11,43 A.M.
Thront'h cars on impress train cither to New York
or riilladolpnlr. Accommodation train runs between
Uatuwl3Sa and Wllliuinsport.
CAMime and nuosiincnn. Lcavo Cnmbra Monday,
W-diicnlny anil Friday at 0:30 a.m., nrrlie it
inoomxDunr uy nmoa. m. t.cavo nioomsourg ou
samo mjs niicr arrival oi rmiaaeipnia roan.
lILOOMsrtraa and 1 airdsvillb, Leave I,alrcUvlllo
TU"su.y Timrstiiv ana Haturuav at r:30 a
arrlvlntr at Kloomstmrz bv 12 m I-eavo M'i.
burir on same l.iss after arrival of rnrlanViuula
man i no suige lino terminates ill. .miuiiuc.
Benton and llloomvburp. A dally stone line leaving
uenion in me morning ana returning in tue eve.
nlng of the same day,
Viiitb HAM, and in ooshbcro. Leavo Whlto Hall
Tuesday. Thursrtaj- and Saturday at 0:3oa. in..
arriving at IlloomHOnrB by 10 a. m. Leavo Monms
burg on same da s arter arrival ol 1'hlladclphla
Bbntom and IIi.ooiisbcro. leaves lit r. ton Monday,
Wednesday and Friday at 8 a. tn., arriving at
ltloomsbure at 2 p. m. Leaves nioomsburs Tues
day, Tniirsilay and Saturday at 8 a. in., arriving
at H2ntonat2p. in.
The ilnte on tlie printed slip pntel on your
paper shows to what time the paper is paid fur.
These names and dates are printed on long
sheets, and cutoff and pasted on with a mail
ing machine, eacii week. As each subscriber
pays, the dalo is changed on the slip in pencil,
and the corrections made monthly. It jme
times happens therefore that the change does
not appear on the paper for two or three weeks
after payment, and we are often notified by sub
scribers who think the omission to change at
once is a mistake. This explanation is made
so that all may understand why the change does
not appear immediately. It is n good deal of
trouble to make the changes and much more
convenient to make all tho changes for the
month at one time, than to make each one as
they occur. tf
M. A, Ammermo'i, Administrator of John
Eveland will sell real estate on the premises in
Fisliingcreek township on Saturday March 15th
at two'o'clock p. m.
John Kliugaman, Kxecutor of John Shuinan,
uf Heaver township, will sell real estate on the
premises on Saturday March, 8th at ,10 o'clock
a. in.
Andrew Laubach and liachil A. Hess, Ad
ministrators of Alexander lies will oiler three
valuable tracts of land for sale in Sugarloof
township nn Saturday March 2ind at ten o'clock
a. m. on the premises.
J. M. Hcisliline.AdministratorofJohnllei-h
line late of Deutou townliip, will sell realestale
ou the premises on Thursday March 20th 1S79
at 10 o'clock a.m.
Court in D.invillo this week.
J. A. Mercur Esq., of To i di, register in
bankruptcy, spent Wednesday night in town.
Chew Jackson's IlKST.swtct Nm Tobacco.
P. 1'. Uillinvcr V.'i. has moved into the Con
ner house o.i Fiftli street.
E. P, Lutz has put a new roof on his store
Mr. Lee's Rink nt Milton closed last Satur
day night witli a masquerade.
Drs. Turner & Holier have" removed their of
fice to Market street above Fifth, cast side.
Wantiid. 200 tons of good Hemlock Bark
ly Silas Young, Light Street. Feb. 21 A-w
A drizzling disagreeable rain fell all 'ay
Wednesday, much to tho damago of tho sleigh
infe'. Thero will be n socinblo in tho basement of
tho Lutheran church on Saturday evening. Oys
ters and other refreshments will ho served.
The ilciting rink wa well attended on Fri
day night. The band furnished enlivening mmic
for the occasion.
District Attorney Mowrer of Danville, was
voted a gold headed cane at a loir in that place
Henry W Palmer of Wilkesbarrc, has been
appointed and confirmed as Attorney General
in place of George II, Lear. His selection is a
creditable one.
The Annual ball of the Friendship Fire Com.
pany was held in llrower's Hall last Sat. inlay
night. It was hrgtly attended, and will enjoy.
An evidence that the iron trade Is improving
is given in the fact that the iron manufacturers
uf Western Pennsylvania are preparing thir
machinery to be pushed to its utmost capacity
in the next few years,
Hecent legal decisions hi Wisconsin nnd Ill
inois hold that when tho views of a parent nnd
a teacher in a public school differ as to tho
studies of n pupil, tho decision of tho parent
must prevail,
M, C. Sloan & llro., purchased a handsome
carriage in Philadelphia for Col. C. G. Jnck
ion of Ilcrwitk. Tho workmanship is no bet
ter than the Sloans can do, but tho carriage is
a different st)le from their mako.
On Tuesdnv hist. W. II. Slnntnn risiined
his position as Associato Law Judgoof Luz. Ho
never should have bi en elected. His resignation
ai probably forced by a threat of impeach
ment. His action will probably solve the
Judgeship muddlo in Luzerne and Lackawanna
The Ilew Tlr '..i, r v W.l, lf,l.
. , . .v.i v vi mil .kit auia .n vim
oJU Publishing house, died in that city last
week Thursday, of parolyni?, and wa buried at
KinpAtfin Pa ln-t Mn.1JW n- v ,i
D - I'lVUMUj i J I , A irvil n ao
wtnerty Principal of the Wvomlng Seminary
nn.l .n , . . . . I
n vii Known to many ul our citizen".
He was expected to attend the Conference to be
kiu uere next month. IIU urath Is a great
loss to the church In which lie labored carncsily
for many years.
Iter. T II, Cullcn. fnrmirlr nolnt r Hi
I'anl's Episcopal now located nt Free
hold, New Jersey. The church Ik now ore,
ono hundred and forty yearn old, and has re
cenlly been renovated and enlarged under Mr.
Cullcm direction.
Old and young, rich and poor, all unlto in
testifying to the merit of Dr. Hall's Cough Sy
rup. For over n quarter of a century it has
proven itself a true, tried and trusted friend
l'rice 25 tints,
For. Cnotir. In tho far West they have
what they consider a sposifie for croup. It is
very simple. Tnko a piece of lnrd as big as n
butternut, rub It full of sugar, divido into thrco
parts, and give at tho intervals of twenty min
utes ; tho croup will disappear gradually, but
Scene in a countrv Post Office Enter
citizen who inquires for n letter, Clerk liand9
him an unsealed letter with ono cent stamp on
it. Clerk. "Vou will have to pay fivo cents
more on this letter." Citizen. "Just send it
back to tho man who mailed it, and ask htm
for tho five cents" Clerk. 'Hut it is n very
important letter." Citizen Indignantly. "How
do you know ?" Clerk, innocently. "Uccanso
I rend it." Citizen, mora indignant. "Then
beep it."
In Franco and Germany when two or more
persons enter n restaurant and ctll for a drink
or food, Invariably each pays his own bill, and
as a consequence the beastly method of every
one drinking until he has drnnk for nil around
Is avoided. Tho latter is the American system
nnd is a disgrace to our civilization, It makes
more drunkards thin all the other customs put
together. Kichangt.
Paying Wades With Scmrv-It is siid
that the Philadelphia and Heading railroad
company will begin paying their employes their
January wages in a scrip of new issue. It was
suppose that the list issue of script by this
company would close the business, but such is
nit the case. The new issue will be of the de
noi 'nations of $5 and $10, payable in six
months. Whether or not h m ' h will
ing to accept the sen;, ' 1 i r rn 1- ig a
question that cam i b. , a is paid
out and finds its w,tj into the market.
The Lidics' Aid Society has relieved the im
mediate wants of many families during the win
ter. The supplies are now exhausted and nn
appeal is made for contributions. There are
still many poor people who need and deserve
help, and calls are made on tho society which
they are unable to supply because they have
nothing to do it with. Last year a largo num
ber of ladies were interested in this good work,
Now, the number has diwindled down to about
six who are active in the matter. More inter
est .should be manifested in the sutTering of
the sick and needy. Contributions of food and
tlothing can be sent to Mrs. I. W. Ilartman'e.
Now that the time is approaching for spring
work to begin, there are many persons who
-.rill have odd jobs to be done about their prem
ises, and others who will have, more or less to
be done alt through the spring and summer.
There are two classes in every community :
those who want work done, and those who want
to do it. While there are many men in the
town who are ready and anxious to labor, they
are often unemployed because it is not generally
known that their services can be engaged, or
where they can be found. For the next four
weeks we will print gratuitously a list of labor
ing men who are ready to do gardening or any
kind of work by the day. Hand in your namti
and place of residence.
The hearing of the argument on the rule to
show cause why nn attachment should not issue
against the Councils and Treasurer of Williams
port for non-compliance with the decree of the
court took pi ice last week Thursday, This
case was removed here from Lycoming county.
A committee was present with several attor
neys on each side. Messrs. ll;ntly, Parker and
IJeeber argued for the bondholders, and Wat
eon and McCormick for the councils.
At he close of the argument the Court granted
the attachment, but gave the councils ten days
in which to purge themselves of contempt. If
they do nothing in that time, Sheriff I oilman
will be liktly to furnish entertainment for them
for a time.
Uaiiton'. At Mackinaw Tazewell county Illi
nois, Eli'lia U.irton aged, 70 rears.
The deceased was a native of lilooranburg; his
father Elisha Barton and his grandfather Elisha
liarlon having lived and died here. His grand
father was one of the earliest settlers of this
county, founder of what is known as the lied
Mill in Hemlock township and the father of the
large Barton connection of this neighborhood.
hluha'rt mother after his father's death, was
married to Peter X'urstll and moved to Suubury
whtre she died a few years ago at an advanced
age, Elisha together with his brother Clark
and his sister Mary ami. her husband, Dr. Wm.
Maus moved toTazewell county, Illinois, about
forty-five years ago and has resided there ever
since a prominent and respected citizen Many
D,' our oldest citizens will hear with regret his
di.i.u. His list visit to Bloomsburg was in
Only call at tho door, unless you are suro
your friend is able to see you without barm,
Enter and leave the houso and move about
the room quietly,
Cnrry a cheerful face nnd sneak cheerlul
Iu order to cheer you need tell no lies.
If your friend is very sick do not fall into
gay nnd careless talk in tho attempt to bo
Don't ask questions and thus oblige your
friend to talk.
Talk about something outside, and not about
tho disease and circumstances of the patient.
Tell the news, but not tho list of the sick and
the dying.
If possible carry something witli you to
pleaso tho eye nnd relieve the monotony of tho
fcick room a tlower, or even a picture, which
you can loan for a few days.
If desirable, some littlo delicacy to tempt
the appetite will bo well bestowed.
The perfume ot soma llowers is poisonous
and they should never bo carried into tho sick
room. Especially is this true of the tube rose,
oleander, heliotrope, hyacinth, oraugo and
Stay only n moment or a few minutes at the
longest unless you can he of eomo help.
William ltingrose was brought b?foro Jus
tice Morris last Monday afternoon on a warrant
issued at the instance of George Kramer, in
which Itlngroso was charged with setting fire to
his own house in September 1877 There was
a large number of witnesses and fpectators pre
sent. After hearing the evidence, the jestice
discharged Itlngrose, there being nothing in it
which was calculated to cast the slightest suspi
cion on the accused.
A Novel Way ofCatchiso IUts. An ex
change Is responsible for the P Ibwing rat and
clam story, It savs a New Beriiuer bought two
dozen clams some time ago, took them home
and spread meal oyer them for 'the purpose of
preservation, The next morning he found that
thirty-two rats, in ncirch of meal had been
caught by their tails and toes by twenty-three
clams. The unoccupied clam must hove bossed
he Job. Ooo clim had three rats What ef
eel this story will have on the dam market
he coming season, remains to bo seel,
The following persons were chosen nj officers
in the various townships nt tho .ate election,
Jtemvr Constnble,JJoscph Klingerinan Su
pervisors, Peter Scbllcher and Peter Eckrolh
Poor Overseers, Moses Scllchtr and II 1 1 inter
liter i School Directors, II l.cbu and Wash
Longcnbcrgcr ) Assessor, A W Mann; Assist
nnt Assessors, Franklin Hlioads and Nathan
llrcdbenncr, jr j Judge of Elections, John Pat
terson Inspectors, J E Bishop, J P Frcy and
Simon Hittenhouse, tie j Auditor, Allen Mnnn.
lltnton Constable, II Q Kase Supervisors,
Alfred Gibbons and G M Gibbons j Overseers,
M li Colo and Aaron Smith j School Directors,
S L Davis and Lafuyctto Kccler j Assessor,
JohnSKlinoj Assistants, Ira J Thomas and
J 0 W'cnncr Judgo of Elections, W 11 Gib
bons j Inspoetors, 0 L Davis and C K Albert
son Auditor, A 11 Stino J Town Clerk, Cbns
Jlrinr Creek Justice ol the Pence, Georgo
ltuckel I Constable, John Miller j Supervisors,
Lnmon Maitz nnd Natbnn Sitlcrj Overseers, It
II Sitler nnd Enoch Itittcnhouse ! School Di
rectors, 1) W Mnrtz and Adam Suit 0 years, Jo
seph Tinsley 2 years nnd Samuel Houck 1 year;
Assessor, G W Miller ; Assistants, Frank
EtnnsnndS S Siller ; Judgeof Elections, I)
Doner J Inspectors, M H Itittcnhouse nnd J
W Smith ; Auditor, Emmor Dlctterick j Town
Clerk, M 1 Housknccht.
Cmtralia Justico of Peace, Reuben 1'nh
ringcr i Chief Burgess, Jnmes ColiLnn ; Town
Council, L S Baldwin, William Grant, Itobcrt
Walsh, Morris Lewis, Hobcrt White and Wm
Peifier; ; High Constable, Jnmes McBrcnrty j
School Directors, C G Murphy nnd Michael
Barrett 3 years, Itobcrt Farrcl 1 ) car j Judge
of Elections, Henry Coddington j Inspectors,
Wm Dnvisnnd AdamMcnscb j Assessor, John
I' Jones j AssisLmts, Wm Darrali nnd Miles
McNnlly j Auditor, G W Davis, jr.
Conynghnm Constable, John Vonroo j Su
pervisors, l;ogcr Dixon nnd John Purcell ;
Poor Director, Thomas Chapman j School Di
rectors, Peter McDonald and Andy Donohoo i
Assessor, Chas Winccker ; Assistants, Thomas
Burke nnd Bernard F Kelly ; Judge of Elec
tions, Wm 0 Troutman ; North, N Pat Burke
South j Inspectors, Frank Woods nnd Thomas
Ennis, North, Pat Healcy and Jnmes Flanigan,
South, Auditor, Thomas Casey j Town Clerk,
Martin Flanagan.
Centre Justice of Peace, Samuel Ilidley ;
Constable, Joseph Weiss j Supervisors, Isaac
Erwin and Joseph Giger ; Overseers, Joseph
Hess nnd Jas Kocher j School Directors, D
I! Whitmiro nnd Ellis ltingrose j Assessor, J
II Aikman, Assistants, John White nnd Thom
as Hngcnbuch ; Judge of Elections, Edward
Hartman j Inspectors, Jacob Hess and J M
Bower j Auditor, Samuel Kclchner; Town
Clerk, T F Conner.
FMingereek Constable, Elliot L. Lemons ;
Supervisors, Daniel Yost and John Dreschcr ;
Overseers, Peter J. Weaver nnd J D McIIenry;
School Directors, Stott McIIenry nnd John
McMiehacl j Assessor Chas J Creamer ; As
sistants, Levi Ilcishline and Chas Ash ; Judge
of Elections, John Zanor , Inspectors, N W
lies nnd W E Eveland ; Auditor, Amos Hart
man ; Town Clerk W N Ho sler ; Treasurer, J
M Buckalew.
Franklin Justice of tho Peace, Jese John ;
Constable, O D L Kostenborder j Supervisors,
Wellington Clark and Wm George ; Overseers,
Andrew Loreman and Moses Hower ; School
Directors, Jonathan Lcreman and Samuel Ito
dnrmel ; Assessor, O D L Kostenborder ; As
sistants, C L Artly and Philip Mnnhart ; Judge
of Elections, Jackson Cleaver ; Inspectors.Ja
cob Artlcy and Amos Ilile ; Auditor, Heubcn
Greenwood Const able, A II Parker ; Super
visors, Aaron l'eese and 11 F Battiii ; School
Directors, Alfred Heacock and John II Shultz;
Assessor, Isaac D Patton; Assistant5,J B Eves,
II L Kich; Judgo of Elections, Adam Utt ; In
spectors, J B Ikeler and Clinton Dewitt ; Au
ditor, II II Bangs.
Hemlock Justico of the Peace, N P Moore j
Constable, Win F Faust ; Supervisors, T W
Purcell and Daniel Yocum i Overseers Perci
vnl Folk nnd Seth Shoemaker ; School Direc
tors, Philip Stroup and IVrcivnl Folk i Asses
sor, Wm P Leidy ; As-istnnts, Simon Ilich
ard and Lewis Girton; Judge of Elections, Pe
ter Brugler ; Inspectors, Eli Old and Wm
Dent j Auditor, John Appleman.
Jackson Constable, Wm P Bobbins : Super
visors, Alex Krause, I) L Everhart; Overseers,
Moses Savage and W Brink; School Directors,
Frank Trivelpiece and Jamei Shultz ; Asses
sor Frank Young; Assi-tants, Irain Derr and
Ezckiel Cole ; Judge of Elections, J 11 Fritz ;
Inspectors, Joshua Savage and Jefferson Fritz;
Auditor, Geo W Farver ; Town Clerk, Wm L
Itocust. Constable.A S Knittle; Supervisor
Solomon Strausser and George Bitner ; Over
seers, Cnas Heaver and Christian Small ; School
Directors, Adam Demie and William Itoads;
Assessor, C S Hower; Assistants, Aaron Yoder
and Christian Small ; Judge of Elections, David
Helwig ; Inspectors, C S W Fox and Darius
Yiager; Auditor, John II Helwig.
Madison Justice of the Peace, Samuel Funis
worth ; Constable, Wealy Smith; Supervisors,
Silas Williver and George Old; Overseer, Con
rad Creamer; School Directors, A DShultzand
W M Demott ; Assessor, J M Smith ; Assist
ants, Wm M Shultz and Geo W Supplee; Judge
of Election, Gyrus Demott ; Inspectors, Miles
Smith and Morris Masters ; Auditor, Wm J
Maine Constable, Isaac Yetter ; Supervisors,
John M Nuss and Jacob Fenstermacher; Over
seers, F M Klinger, N II W Brown ; School
Directors, George Breish ard J D Bodine ; As
sessor, D B Federolf; Assistants, D S Brown
and Joseph Giger ; Judge of Election, George
Hollenbach ; Inspectors, W K Shuinan and
Blchard II Aten ; Auditor, Wm T- Shuman
Town Clerk, J B Nuss and Marion Kichard
ilijUin Conntable, Stephen Wolf; Supervis
ors, Lewis Creasy and Stephen Grover ; Over
seers, WC Hartztl and Jo.ias Hartztl ; School
Directors, Samuel Nuss and Charles Harraan ;
Assessor, Alfred W Hess ; Assistants, John II
Hetler and Samuel Snyder ; Judge of Elections,
Charles Kllngaman ; Inspector; Michael Hel
ler and Charles Gearhart ; Auditor, C W Hess;
Town Clerk, Jacob A Peifer.
Montour Constable, John McClusky ; Super
visors, Euianutl Lizarusand P S Karshner ;
Overseers, J G Quick and H IS Aldrich; School
Directors, W J IlidUraan and I E Yost ; As
sessor. John Q Barkley ; Assistants, Peter A
Evans and J II Harmau ; Judge of Elections,
Peter Heinbach ; Inspectors, W P Blackwtll
and David Mauser ; Auditor, J A Itoberts.
Ml, Pual Justice of Peace, Simuel Nek
ton ; Constable, David Stroup ; Supervisors,
SjiuuiI Hartzel! and A J lkcler ; Overseers,
Eliaa Howell and I K Appleman ; School
Directors, John Wolf anil llobert Howell ; As
sessor, John Vance ; Assistants, Joshua Hartz
ell and Ell Ikeler ; Judge of Elections, Jo'eph
Ikeler J Inspectors, Joseph Kline and Levi
Thomas ; Auditor W T Vance.
Orange Constable, M C Keller ; Supervis
ors, C II Fisher and John Neyhard sr ; Over
seers, John Stiner and Iteuben Siller; School
Directors, A W O Ktlle- and Charles Jones i
Assessor, K L Snyder ; A-slstints, M A Wil
liams and U II Ent j Judge of Elections, Hen
ry DLng ; Inspectors, W A Ilobhlns and I K
Dildlne; Auditor, M S Hayhurs ;Town Clerk
Bascom Keller.
Vine Justice of the Peace, h A German ;
tyonsiauie, o ii uorneiieun: supervisors, jjmes
Masters and J V Tvlrinv Ovprspi-rs A Han
nit and Urn Lore ; School Directors, E Eves
and O II Oorduer ; Assessor, Wm Harlan ; As
lUsUnU J Lone and II Itltchle j Judge of Ejec1
lions, I. W. Sones j Inspectors, J A Howard
and llobert Poltcr Auditor, E II Cornell'on,
lloiring Oe Jusilc! of Peace, Wm Km di',
Conslabl', John Hampton J Supervisors, George
r Lrnlg anil Jus Lcvan j Overseers, Ahram
Whltner and Wm Zner; Stliool Dim-tors,
Peter Hower and Jminh Crnlir Aumnr. Dir.
i i , .
Id Long ; Assistants, Wm Y'cager and Henry
lioinnan ; Judge oiKlcctlont, ;Chas, Mensch
Inspectors, Wchard It Unrig and Phineas Cool '
Auditor, O W Cherrington. '
SitijDlmJ Constable, J M Shnliz j Superrin.
qts, Aaron Parks nnd Gibbons Hesi j Schoo'
Directors, J N Pennington nnd J A Kline A
feasor, H C Hesi ; Asdlints, J II Fritz and E
JAlberlsoii! J idgo of Elections, Nor Cole; In
spectors, B F lVterniin and Geo Hem; Auditor,
J B Davis.
6eoll Julce of Peace, Jacob Tcrwllllger ;
Constnbb, H N While; Supervisors, Wesley
Itutkel nnd Heuben Culp ; School Directors,
Geo Grimes nnd W E Diettcrlck ; Auditor,
Clark Cresler ; Wcssor, J O Crcvellng ; As
sistants, Thos Crevellng nnd A B Whlto
Judge of Elections, J V Logan ; In'psclors
Stephen Pellit and II E Haycock ;
The vote stool 159 fur division of the Elec
tion district to 74 sgilnst.
Hook Notices.
The March number of the Eclectic is at linnd
and presents the usual valuable selections from
the leading foreign periodical. It has a very
fine steel engraving of Prof. Edison nnd his
Phonograph, nnd those who have not seen the
wonderful talking nuchino can get a very good
idea of its app arance from the engraving) as
well as a giod likeness of the Inventor, The
leading articles are as follows: "Novel Head
ing," by Anthony Tmllope; "Historical As
pect of the Un'led Slates," by Dean Stanly;
"Count Ferscn ;" "About Lomotils;" "Trafal
gar," hy F, T. Palgruvo, "Supposed Changes in
the Moon," by Proctor ; "Ancient Egypt," by
15. S. Poole; "America Hcdiviva," by J. W.
Cro's ; 1 Opinion of Experts on Use of Alco
hol ;" "Ostriches on a Cape Farm," hy Lidy
Vcrncv ; Francises da Hlmini," hy D. O l!os
etti ; "Edison the Inventor," and other light ar
ticle. It aho contains the opening chapters of
a charming new story entitled Mailcmoistlle de
Mersac, taken from the Cornhill Magvine which
is celebrated fur Its good serials The Editor
ial departments are also full and valuable.
Published hy E, I'tlton, !!5 Bund street, New
York. Terms, S3 per year; single number,
43 cents; Trial subscription for three months,
The Library Magazine Is what , r ;' n y o '
literary taste have long been um,ii,ig l'ue
neatest and handiest in form of all the month
lies, nnd very much the cheapest, it gives from
the pens of the ablest living writers a choice
variety of articles, both timely and entertaining.
Number 2jiist ready, contains articles by Glad
stone, It. A, Proctor, Prof. Blaikie, Bivne
Julia Knv.magh, M. Monod, Canon Cunies
and other writers less f.imous,but hardly le-s in'
teresiing. There are 128 piges, and the price
is 10 cents a number or SI a year. ''American
Book Exchange," Ptiblishers,53 Benkinan stree'i
New York,
J 7 for 03 cents ; a special offer to the resders
of this paper. The American Diamond Dic
tionary, containing 30,000 words, orthography,
pronunciition and definitions, according to the
best English and American Lexicographers, il
lustrated with neatly 200 engravings; satisfies
the wants of the scholar and at the same lime
is ju-t what a plain learned person needs. It is
decidedly the best dictionary ever printed, Con
tains 700 double column pages. Superbly
bound in cloth and gilt. Type clear and hand
some. Sent free t any reader of this paper up
on receipt of 03 cents to pay actual postage aiiU
packing charge. This great otT.-r ,'n good fo
60 days ouly, and is made solely for the pur.
pose of introduction. But two dictionaries wil I
be sent to one address. This appears but once
Order now, Send silver, currency or 1 cent
postage stamps. Address at once, "National
Book Company," Rockland Mass.
Parlor scene : Mrs. Brown, who lias spent the
summer among the White Mountains in search
of health, and who seems to have searched the
whole mountain side without being able to find
a pair of blooming cheeks or an inch ol health
ful skin: Mrs. White, who has remained at
home because her husband could not afford to
go, but who-e fresh complexion and bright eyes
seem to have caught their bloom from mountain"
Mrs, B. Dear me, Mrs. While, how well
you are looking I If you will not think mo im
pertinent, let me ask how you can keep so heal,
ihy in this dreadful city ? I have been to the
White Mountains, go there every Bummer, in
fact, and I can't keep oil' the doctor's list a
that. 1
Mrs. W. miling).-I ll tell you the wl.ol
secret, Mrs. Brown. You remember how poor
ly I was last spring, and some days even being
confined to my bed. Dr. told Mr. White
to send me to .the mountains, but I knew lie
couldn't afford it, and I tried Dr. Pierce's Fav
orite Prescription. Its eli'ects were so marvel
ous that I al-0 tried his Golden Medical Dii"
covery, to cleanse my system. In my opinion
one bottle of the Prescription and the Discovery
is belter than six weeks of the White Muuntains
for a sick woman. I have only been out of the
city a week during the whole summer; then
my husband und I went to Buffalo and stopped
at Dr. Pierce's Invalids' and Tourists' Hotel,
The baths and mechanical apparatus for treat
ing patients were alone worth going to see. Be
sides, our accommodations were better than we
had at Long Branch last year, and the drives
and scenery are superb. Let me a 1 , . 1
use Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescr d r
the Invalids' and Tourists' Hotel next s uuiiuer
instead of the White Mountains.
W. J Powell will sell personul property at
the Sterner Building, Main street below Mnrk-
et, on Saturday, March 1st at two o'clock p.
I avail myself of the opportunity of recording
my gratitude fur the great and wonderful re
suits produced by Gilts' Liniment Iodide Am
in on in in removing a Itingbone from n valuable,
horse without blemishing or removing the hair.
Geouue N. Payne,
35 and 37 West 20th St., N. Y.
Sold by all druggists. Send for pamphlet.
On. Giles.
120 West Broadway, N, Y.
Trial size 23 cents.
Love and CtUgh cannot be hidden love re.
quires a reciprocation, and a cough the prompt
use of Dr. Haas Expectorant. Get it of your
druggi st. 25 and 50 cents a bottle.
The Quo warrauto caso ogalnst Willi i
Krickbaum is held under advisement by the
Attorney General .
Whatever tends to demlnlib strength should
be removetl from the system. For those weak
ening diseases of babyhood wollc, Diarrhaw,
&c, use Dr. Bull's Baby Syrup which always
cures. 25 cents.
liiown forth cure nf VoMjk$. CqI-U, JJw f
lsl ia.iin.1 .,1 I
iniiwirii ( tmw inrwi unit (-rr,
AkthinntWaQilg AtwgA.anil til 4iw t?ml-1
till to J'MjMoaarv Vif4(t)i TDV IT I
JUiUnikU4oertwfiitT3,ir. Ini III
LoNdENiiitiiOEn, Tkca'. At Citawlssi,l''eb.
Slid 1879, by ltuv, G. II, D,-chanl, Mr. Simuel
L-mgenbergi-r to Miss Margaret E. Troy, both
of Beaver town-hip Columbia cuinly, Pennsyl
vania, GKAnitAnT Dnu.M, At Cherry Hill on Eeb.
20lh 1S73 hy J, 11. Jameson Eq Danltl Gear
hart to Miss Mary C. Drum both ofMsIn Town
ship Columbia county l'enyyania.
Kitchen. In Ml. Pleasant Feb. 18th 1870
Mrs. Ephemla wife of John Kitchen nged 35
years 1 months ond 20 days,
EDtiAn. In Orniigcvllle Feb. 20th ,1879 Mr.
Jonn Edgar of M chigan H'ed about 70.
ZlMMKitMAN. In Orangevllle Feb. 23d Mrs.
Samuel Zimmerman.
xiT"VIrV'iVT IlsVo ve'ry.',rl"
E. P. Kunkel'a Hitter Wine of Iron. Kor the
cure vi k steuoetb, general ocblllty, Indigestion,
also c,t tin-ne nous sjttem. constipation, acidity
of Hi ttoin.icii anJ all ca sts requiring a tonic.
The Vt too lLcliiiies the most ngn cable ami efficient
Salt of Iron wo possess, curate of Magnetic uxlde,
combined with the most energetic of Mgttablo ton
icsYellow Permian Hark.
Tho enect In many cases of debility, loss t f appe
tite, and general prostration, of an cniclentsaltof
Iron combined with valuable Serve tonto Is most
happy. It augments tho appetite, raises the pulse,
tikes on muscular Ilablness,icmoves tho pallor ot
debility, and gives a llorld Mgor to tho countenance.
1)0 Jou want something tostrengtcn you t Dojou
want a good appetite 7 Do ou want to build up j our
constitution! I)o jou wnntto feci will: Do jou
want to get rid of nervousness ? Do j ou wont ener
gy' Dojouwant tosleep well? Do you want brisk
and vigorous feelings It you do. try trunkel's Wlno
ot Iron,
This truly valuable toulc lias K.n throughly test
ed by nil classes ot tho community, that It Is no v
Indlspensibloosatonto medicine. It costs but IP
tie, purines tho blood and gives tone to the stomach,
renovates tho Bj'fctera and prolongs life.
I now only ask a trial ot this valuablo tontc. Price
l pur bottle, li. V. KunM Solo proprietor, I'hlla
dclphli, I'a. Ask our Druggist for Kunkcl's Hitter
Wine ot Iron and tako no other mako. Sold only In
l bottles. All others aro counterfeit so bewaro of
them, liet tlx bottles for f 3.
E.P. Kunkcl's Worm Syrup never falls to destroy
nn, scat, ana siomacn worms. Dr. the
only successful physician In this country for tho re
moval of worms. Ho re moves Tape Worm tilth
bead, and all complete, alive In two hours,nnd no fee
until removed, send for a circular or call on your
druggist and get a bottle ot Kunkcl's WormSjrup,
price ti. it never falls.
There is no medicine prescribed by physi
cians, or sold by Druggists, that carries such
evidence of its success and superior virtue as
Boschce's German Syrup for severe Coughs,
Colds settled on the breast, Consumption, or
any disease of the Throat and Lungs, A proof
of that net is that any person afflicted, can get
aS I . .' 10 cents and try its super
lo ft r ' ' ,i the regular size at 75
ants, li has lately been introduced in tlii
country from Germany, and its wonderful cures
are astonishing every one that use it. Three
doses will relieve any case. Try it. Sold by
nil druggists. aug 30, '78-tf
Conferred upon tens ot thousands of sufferers could
originate nnd maintain the reputation which Ajer's
Sarsararlllacnjojs. It Is a compound ot the best
vegetable nltcratltes, with the Iodides of Potassium
and Iron, nnd Is tho most effectual of all remedies
for Scrofulous,, or blood disorders. Uni
formly successful and certain In Its remedial ctrecLs,
It produces rapid and complete cures ot scrofula,
Sores, Uolls, Humors, Pimples, Eruptions, Skin Dis
eases and all disorders arising fiom Impurity ot the
blood. Hy Its tnt lgoratlng effects It alwaj s rellet es
and often cures Liver Complaints, Female Weak
nesscsitnd Irregularities, and Is a potent renener ot
vitality. Forpurlfjtng tho blood It has no equal.
It tones up tho system, restores and presenes tho
health, and Imparts vigor and energy. For forty
iears It has been In extensive use, and Is to-day the
available medicine for tho sutTering kick, anywhere.
For Balk bt all Dealers.
Business .Notices
The highest CASH PRICE i 'id for Itiitv
Furo, Skunk.Fox,, Bnccoon, fee ,at
1). Lowenl erg's.
Clearing out at COST the surplus stock of
Winter Clothing, Caps, &c. Call and see
for yourselves at the old and reliable store
of I). Lowenbcrj;,
Hoot headquarters at McKinney's.
A Sawyer wanted lor a saw mill. Inquire
of J. Schuyler,
McKinneys Shoe Store below Court
Another lot of Knickerbocker Dress Goods
for 7 cents a yard and Brocades for 121 cents
at Lutz eiSloan's.
Call at McKinney's t"
A large line of New u. . i.ngbam;
Shirtings, and Lutz & Sloan's.
Rubbers at McKinney's.
A fine selection of Ladles' Gold Watches
and Chains, both American and imported
by the best makers nt L. llernliard's Jewel
ry Store,
Lutz it Sloan aro selling Double Shawls
very cheap to close out stock. Prico $2.75
and upwirh
Boots and Shoes cheap at McKinney's.
Having obtained the agency of this
Celf.hkated Soap
for Bloomsburg and vicinity, I nppend the
opinion of some of our best'people as to its
"I have used Dobbin's Electric Soap made
by I, L. Cragln & Co., Philadelphia, Pa.,
for washing about ten years, and think it
superior to any other. Mrs. O, G. Barkley."
"We have used Dobbin's ElectrioSnap and
find it superior to auy other or all others.
film. W. 11. Jacoby,
Mrs. 11. II. Stolmer.
I desire all my friends and customers to
Soap one Trial,
si h' ' ti I. now just how good the
Best Coup in uiu uuitcd States is,
J. H. Maize,
July 12, "78-ly Bloomsburg, Pa.
Admission free at McKinney's,
atone bait Fokuilk Pkices.
(ioon HacssELS t'AKPKTS, T5c per yard. iNoniiss,
VELVETS, llOllV-Illtl'SiSELS.andTHKEK l'I.Yl'Alt:
PETS at equally low prices. OIL CLOTHS all wltlhs
from 850. per yard.
LACE curtain's, n.oo per pair, to Iheunest HEAL
LACK Imported, at
189' and 191 Sixth Avenue,
Corner 13lh street, NEW YOHK,
nov, 2i, 78-flm aico
I will mall (Free) the receipt) for aslmplo Veokta.
bis Haim that v 111 remote Tan, FltKCKLKS, l'IM.
I'LKS and Illotehes leaving tho skin sort, clear nud
beautilul: alio Instructions for producing a luxuri
ant irrowtu of hair on a bald head ni-smiuith
Address, Inclosing 80 sta-np, lien Vandt lt Co., ao
" Ml O... , A, U&IU UUV. VI, 'iS-Ul
Tho advert Iser hat Ing been permanently cured of
that dread dlseako. Cousumpllr-n, by a simple moo
dy Is. anxious to make ki.own tn I s tellott bunvr.
ers t h means of cure. '1'n nil u im it i...
will bend a cony tif tho prescription used, (frto of
charge ) tilth directions for pi i paring una usliu; tho
baiuo. tvnicn tuey twunnu asure cure for I'osbCMf-
lli'n, ru ia iiiuui uuis, ar,
lMrtlm wl-lmir the l-ri'scrlpllon.wlU plea e ad
dress K. A. WIUjUN, mi J'tnn bt., WlUUmsb N,
V, aAco nov, .', 'is-o.u
AnKNTLKMAN Ytbusuuvrnl for Jcorb from Ntrtoiis
DKUIL1TV I'llKMAimiE Dlcav. and ul ( hi,
cl youthful Indiscretion, ttltl lor tho Bute of buCer
lOL' buiuaulty, send fit o to all who need It, I ho ri cl.
pe and ulrcctlon for inaklnirlho bl'nplo remi tly by
which hHttuscund. burft'iers Isbluir to mo'n by
the adi crt Iw-i 'a oxerlenj can do bo by addrebsln
In m rfoot conndenee. "
JOHN It. oudl-.N, Cedar bU, New York.
CSV, 81, tS-tot IU.-CO
PI I ICQ I Sr. Ivor's Colobrated
rlLLo! Painless Remedy io tho
Ivst eter known for ot every kind (Hleedlnir,
1 chins, Mind, Inward, tr nnd all diseases of tliu
It ictiw, whether ten ntorlocif Mandlnir. Itklves
Instant ri Hi f nnd cITcits n ludlial nnd vrroani-rit
cure. II laprcwrlbod bynll ih.tsii l u.i whonronc
nuaintid ttltli ir chtonlcincs r ndlly . tctd to It.
r.osurylcal oisrallr.ii rcqtiliel. "ri It and relievo
ourMineilni.s. to centm t a Laikh I'acit.
Ann. Si lit by mall em rrtflptof price, lorsalotiy
nil Drtiiwsis. Dn. J, FA UK It cel., si Ann bL,N. y.
nov. si, ';s-tm aAco
X5auchy Sc Oo'a. Advt'fi.
SUli 'I'H QlfWWi Invested In WallSt. Stocks
Vl I U pi WWUmakfs fortunes every
month. Mook sent tree explaltilntr evert thlntr. aci
dress iiAXTFn a Co., Hankers, u. all btrecLN. Y.
feb. II, '78-iw d
PIlOTItl'IMM. TOi:..
l'AitKSTS, you neeit no loim r iWntv nny your
CimtniKN's tmorn be-foro they nro lutr worn, on
account of IIolks tiioiiiii tho Toes. Hither tho
Will Prevent Thin.
Ask con iitisif shoes whin Umbo.
ftb.U, 'T9-4W d
d HmrnlahnSM.l.i .h.,,, ,,, . , ,
tyeif tblsartlcle oter common porous plasters
and uUer rxlciiial remedies, mich ns liniments,
electrical applttnces, ao. Ak plitslclnns In your
onii loeiUliy about It. It Is wonderful
.i .fl'dhyalldri'iorlsu. l'rlco lis cents.
fCb. 14, 'iS-4w
V Af k'.nil, laH..II1n Ilnn.
ivou, amireM itoa ctuniiiiioner, ssiids, &IQIU.
feb. II. '7S-4W d
n a v a n 1 1 ta vi m "'. thavk,.,
mi i oiin i n i uv ll ami i.i
Mtvrary career
AHKNT8 WANTED. Secure territory at once.
iJCAKKiiCm- Pia, IIocse, 72J Sansom St., l'hlia.
leb. si, 'la-itv d
Tbts Oreat sum euro Is WAltHAVTKI) to euro
Solt:ilheum, scald IIuli, Dinarun, rimplcs and
Comedones, hold ete yiviiere. sent on reeelpr of
price, small boxes so tents, ljrrcjl. Prepared by
Weeks it I'orier, Hoston. tend to bx 350 tor circu
lar and testimonials, d feb. 2s, 7'j.4w
Jolm-on'M Anoibne l.iiilmciil will positively
prevent this terrible disease, nnd will positively
euro nlrc cases In ten. mrurmitlon that nit! savo
many lltes s-nt rreo by mall. Don't delay moment.
I'retcnilon Is better than cure. Sold everywhere.
I. .. Johnson & c'o. EtutigoivUstfi.e
feb H '79-iw d
estate op avocstcs masok, pcckashp.
Letters of Adtr lnlstratlon on the estate of AusuMna
.Mason, late ot the Tonn of liloomsburir.Coliimblj co.
decea-eit. have bi'en cranlcd by the Kculstcror Fnid
county to tin- undorslirned Administrator to whom
nil persons Indebted are requested to make Imm -elate
pat ment, and those hating clatmsor demnncs
atralnst the estate will make th.-m known to tho a 1
mlnlitrator without delay.
. . . Administrator,
feb. 21, 1S79-W Illoomsburf, I'a.
lu the matter of the sale of tho real estate oflY-ter
J. llachman by the Sheriff, at the suit f .1. I'.
( 'onner.
Tho underslcnrd Auditor appointed bv tho off' ce
ment or part es Interested o elblrlbiltc the proceeds
of the said sale it 111 sit at his omceln Itloomsburff
on Saturday, .March 2M. 1S7D at ten oclotk m the
forenoon tor tho purnosoot his appointment nhen
and hero all pi rsons h.nina lieu ou said fund can
attend If they see proper,
feb.!l, '79-4W i nor.
In pursuance of an order ot tho Orphans' Court ot
Columbia county, the undersigned Executor of the
last will and testament ot John Shuman, late ot Hea
ver tuwnshlp.Co'iumbla county.deceascd, tt 111 e.xpo;o
to public sale on tie piemlses on
Saturday March 8th, A. D., 1879,
at ten o'clock a. m., tho following valuable real es
tate, to-tvlt :
The undivided one-half Interest ot said John shu
man, deceased In all that certain mestuase and
situate la Heaver township aforesaid bounded nnd
dscrlU'dasfollows.towlt: Northwardly by land
ot Christian Shuman, eastward!)- by land of Mis.
Caroline Mann and land ot Charles Michael, south
wardly by land ot John Hoal-s and Jacob Fry and
westward by land ot Peter I'lsher, containing
17 0 ACRES
moro or less.
ALSO, all that certain misjuajo and T11.YCT OF
LAND situate In tho township of Heaver aforesaid
bounded and djcrlbod .is follows, vk : llet'iunln;
at a black oak, corner, thence by l,m 1 of Charles
Michael south thirty-three anl a nxirtcr degrees,
west thtrty-ilvo perches to a stono heap, thence hy
lands of John HoiU dae e i-r,oue hundred and ltfty
slx perches to a stono heap, thenco by ot tho
West Huck Mountain Coal aud Iron Company nortli
thtrty-threo and a quirter d -greos oast perch
es to btoucs, theeco by land! of Thoiun Shoirm tn's
heirs nortli cljhty-oao d jgrees west 30 perches tj a
stono heap, thenco by bald Shearmtn's hers duo
north 32 perches to a stono heap formerly a black
ok, thence by lands ot Charles. .Michael sjuthcljh
tjxrao d.'grccs west one hundred and twcaty-iLrut
porches to tho placo of beginning, containing
strict measure.
TEHMSJ Of SALE. Ten per cent, of one-fourth of
tho purcluso money to bo paid at tho strtklur
of tho property ! the one-fourth less tho ten per cent
at tho continuation of sile, and the remalulug three,
fourths In one jear thereafter, with Interest from
contlrmatton slat.
AL-0, at tho samo tlmo and pi. .co will bo sou by
ElUaba'h Shuman the Cher undivided halt Interest
of the ilrst above descrlued pleco ot land, upon tho
samo terms as above btated.
feb. 2U15TS-13
The unrtfTsiirnEii ichspn . r rim Hsnv i'1.nino- tm
Is prepared to do all UluiU til uiu wtrk, '
Doors, Frames, Sash, BlMs, Etc.
made to order on short notice. Satisfaction guar,
an teed.
Hloenisijurg, 1 a.
Important to Lawyers.
.TusM...ri nf llio fin.isrt PnnetnS.Ino luni..
m'.nlstr.itors, l.u.mll.ui, Township olllcers, and bubl
nesb mt'U generally.
We have on hand a l.iriro nss.srrmpnt r.r im-ii
blai.ks for the uso of ltorajys, Jti stk-es and Con
stable's blanks of all kinds, Nolo and lleccliit bDoks
for Adialnlbtrators He.
r It I U E LIST,
Precipe for summons.
" ri. ra,
" ' Ituleto take Depoiltlons,
" 14 ' Choose Arbitrator.
2 cents apiece, or 1.75 rer hundred.
retltlon for Appointment of Guardian.
" " Citation
Itule to take Deimsltlons.
Nair In Debt, with Confession,
Jlecliantcs LU'n.
4 ci ran each or 3.iw per hundred.
1'ctltlou for sale of Ileal Estate 8 cents each.
Bubnanas, summons, Warrants, Executions, to fo
2ft tenia each.
Kit"!! - - 5 cfbt3 each
iduu Heeds , q .
I'arcliment Heeds 15
Airri-eituiits b . ..
Orphan u Coui t sales so for 11 51
Constable's sales 3 ce nta each
Mortgaxo ondliond ii
All knids of Nolb , i
Hew ipts. Notes, school orders, i'eior Ordei s, store
pi del a, neatly bouud, constantly on hand, or made
tocrdiroubhurtiiotlee. 1
Weuie do neater iobv.crl;thannj
other oulce In this county. '
UiOJiCV V Jt EI.B'.L ,
EdltorB and 1 roorletors
of the Coit'tiRiiv,
Hloouisbrrg. Pa
1 IiflVITI ITilliv vivriii...
u v'lSfS '' ,J't"not''-'on c.u tboest ni tomue!
I), ililte, late of Hbhluifoiutk Htp.i'.ii.. uecd.
I. it Iilai 1 irr.l ......I 1. 1 tl... 1... ,. ... . ..
, l'i ' -rlirrn-d Adiiiiidbir.iu.r.lo ttl.oiniiU noiii.i.s
1 M 111 .ho luttu' 1 U-buB or d jhuimU u.iulibt the es
itVihniil rtVi'f8 iU-m "' lo th odmjUbtiator
jan,.1Scw. orongeviue, Pa.
Ntatly antl ch.aply creoutttl at tie
nLooMsnuiia makket.
W'heat per bushel,.,,. , .
ltJ-0 ! ",....L.
Corn, new, "
oats, 'i
Hour per barrel "
cloverseod , ,
lmtter !!!!!!! ! !.!'.'!'"'
Eirgs i. .!.'..!'.
Tallow , ,
Potatoes 1
Dried Apples
sides Shoulders .....!!,.!.!'..!
Lard per pound ,,,,,,
Hoy per ton ,
Heeswax ,
Timothy seed '
f. n.4 on Wharf it.onrer
r-n.O ' M
r-o." " stio
Blacksmith's. Lutun on Wharf 1 1 1J0
" Ritumlnous " u 60
.1 7
s 1
Hyvlrtueof sundrv ttritsUsiinii nuts. ih.i'm.,i
otCommo . I'leas of Columbia cou ty, aud to mo
umoie-u, win uo eiposeu 10 puhllc sale or out cry,
i iuc v.0.0 1 ii u.oomsnurg alouo o'clo;k, p,
SATUI'.DAY.JIAItOII 8tli, 1879,
All that ctrtaln iotef ground situate In Locust
to nslilp, Columbia county.rennsylvar.ta, described
as follows, to wit , Hounded on the north by land
01 jacoo sune, on tno south by land of Jacob Sttnc,
on tho cost by public road, and 011 the west by land
ot Joseph Carl, containing ono liundi od and sixteen
acres moro or less, on which aro crectad a frame
house, barn and out-butldlrgs.
Scliel taken Into cxecntlon at the suit of Wm.
V. I'fahler and Daniel Stlnc, Administrator ot Jacob
Stlne, deeeasid against Solomon Yeager nnd to bo
sold as tho property ot Solomon Yeager.
Eyeklv, Attorney. Vend. Ex
Alt that certain lot soventy-ono situate In tho
borough of Herwlck, bounded and described nn
follows 1 Heglnnlng at a corner of Mrs. Nlcffy's
lot on Tront street running along said Front
streetforty-nlno feet six Inches to corner of lot be
longing to John Martz, thenco 'along sild Marti's to
Second street ono hundred and eighty-one and a
halt feet thenco along Second street aforesaid foity
nlno ond a hilf feet to tho corner of lot of Mrs. P
Nicely ofori'sald.tlienco along the samooiic hundred
and eighty-one and ahalf feet to tho place of begin
ning, on which arj erected a two-story frame duel
ling, frame ata'.lo andout-bulldlngs.
Seized, taken In execution at the cult ot usan
Itambach, Executrix of Daniel Itambach for use of
tt'. .1. Knorr ogalnst Hhlltp.M. Senderllng tilth no
tice to (leorgo Waller and Henrietta his wife and to
be sold as the property of Philip M. Senderllngwtth
notice to Oconto Waller and Henrletta hU wile.
Jaceson & Sox, At Prnpy,. levari Facias.
All that certain real estate situate tn tho 'lonn
ot llioomsbur,,', Columbia county, Fentisyltauu:
bounded uu tho north by public road .ending to Es
py, east by lot ot M.c. Woodward, bouth by an al
ley and west by 1'opUr btrtet, tthorcon aro elected
a log house, u bhop, and other out-bulldlng.
Seized, taken In exccutljn at tho suit of William
Krickbaum agahiat I'eUr Jones and to bo sold as the
properly of l i ter Jones.
Fritz, Attorney. Al. n. Fa.
All that certain tract ot landiltuato lnltoarlng.
creek township, bounded a? follows, to-wlt : Hegln
nlng nt a post a corner ot lanl belonging to the es
tate ct W m. Yocum, deceotid; lu line ot land of Ell
Juh Horn and running from thence by land ot tald
Elijah Horn, bouth tttcnt)-one degrees, west ono
hundred aud blxty-set en nnd one-halt perches to
a stone at tho public road called tho old Heading
roaa thence by satd road by land of Thomas Itoach,
north Iltty-four degrees west eighty-two ondtwo
tenths perches to a stono In the aforesaid road
thence by said road north clghty-onc and a halt de
grees wckt threo and one-fourth perches, thenco
north three and three-fourths degrees east three
and six-tenths perchc3 to a stone In a held ot
Michael Federolf, and running by land belongtn to
the estate of Michael Mowrer north eighty degrees
west t.vcnty-four and six-tenths iperches to an oak
tuinp lu tho public road noar by and at tho house
o' John Wltchy thence by tho public road called the
" 10 (lap road ru-inlng by other land of said Michael
Federoll north eight and one-half degrees west six
ty perches to a stono In said road, thence by the
same nortli fortj'-ono and a quarter degrees east for.
ty nlno perches tot post, thenco by the samo north
thlrtj-slx and three-fourths degrees casttwenty
nlno and six-tenths perches to a stone tn said road
thenco diverging from tho nroresald road and run
ning by laud of said Michael Federolf south blxty
nlne and ono-lult degrees east twenty-four nnd one
halt perches to a stone, thenco by tho samo north
twenty-one degrees east twenty-two and eight
tentha perches to a stono In lino ot land belonging tD
the estate of William Yocura, aforesaid, thence by
said lino south slxtj -nlno anda halt degrees, east
eighty-seven perches to tho placo of b-glnntng, con
taining lt2f acres neat measure bo tho samo moro
or less, on which aro erected a dwelling house,
barn and other out-bulldlngs.
Seized, taken execution at tho suit of Wllllim
I'fahler and DanlelStlnc, Administrators of Jacob
stlne, deceased who tt-aa Assignee of John ILJones
ogtlnst Wllllim Swisher and to be sold as tho prop
erty of Wm. Sw Sher.
Eveui.y, Attorney. Levari Taclis.
ALSO, certain tract ot unseated mountain Hid
situate In Mlnlln township, Columbia county, l'tnn.
sjlvanla, bounded by land ot Daniel Nungesser,
Abram S'htveprenhelsor and others, containing two
hundred acres more or less.
One lot of ground situate In the town ofMltllln-
vllle, Columbia county, Pennsylvania, bounded on
the north by Second street, east by lot of Joseph
Mastcller, south by Third or Main street, west by
lototA. .1. Uucfcalew, whereon are ertcted a frame
dwelling house, barn and other out-bulldlngs.
One lot ot ground situate In tho town ot Mlfflln-
vllle, Columbia county, Fen-sjlvanla, bounded on
tho north by Second street, on the cast by street
on the southby Thlrdor Mala street, and on the
west uy lot or .loan Keller, being slxty-slx feet front
hy two hundred and thirty f cct deep.
All tho defendant's title tn one lot of ground situate
la the town of Mtminvllte, Columbia county, penn
sjlvanla, bounded or. the north by Second street, on
the east by lot of John Keller on the south by Third
or Main street, and on tho west by lot of Theodore
All the dofea dant's title In four lots of cround situ.
ato In the town of MtflllnUUo, Columbia county,
Pennsylvania, bounded on tho north by Thlrdor
Main street, east hy streit, south by Fourth
street and west by lot of Michael Knittle containing
ono and a halt acres moro or less.
Seized, taken Into execution at tho bult ot A. W.
Creameragatnst John Ke'ler and to bo soldas tho
property ot John Keller.
LITTLES, Attorneys. vend. Ex.
All that certain lot or piece of ground situate In
Locust township, Columbia county, Stato ot Pcnn
s; Ivanla, bounded ond described as follows :
I ract No. 1, Heglnnlng at a stone In line of land
of Kolb and ltaub, running thence by land of Kolb
and ltaub, south yt degrees, east 78 perches to a
btene, thence ny the same south x degrees west
40 ?-io perches to a stone thence by land of said Is
aac Lewis north 7tf degrees, west l&a perches to a
post thenco by land of William shultz north W14 de
grees east 41 3-10 perches to thoplaco cf beginning,
coritalnllng20 acres and 143 perches.
1 raet NO. 2.-snuate In Locust townshln.columbla
county, stale of Pennsylvania, bounded as follows t
Adjoining other lands ot William Slmtz tho exeen.
Hon defendant and Henry Fisher and Iteuben Culp
and others, containing 10 acres more er less, where
on U erected a frame dwelling house, baru and othr
out buildings.
Seized, taken Into execution and to bo sold as tho
property ol WlilUm Shultz.
Abbott HiiAWN, Attorneys. Vend. Ex.
All that cerLlln In nr sImu nf iwinr. ..i, ....... ...
tho town ot catawlsaa, county ot Columbia aud State
ot I'ennsyluauta, bounded nnd described as follows r
On tho east by an alley running parallel with Fourth
street In bald town ot Catawla,on the west by
Fourth bt. tn satd toivn.on the north bj house nnd lot
ofi'lwen Kostenbauder, on the 60utu by land ot Ceo.
..., ,.,.wcv. titvicuiiirami) uwemnghouse
and other out-bulldlngs, also awell ot water not In
condition to be used.
seized, takcnln execution and to be sold as the
property ot W. v.. John.
AsuoTTi ltiuwN, Attorneys, VendEx.
All tint certain piece or tnct ot land situate rt
ly In Catawlsaa andpurtlyln Locust lownkbln. Co
lumbia county, Pcnnsjltanla, bounded by lauds of
joi.1i rageiey, ininp iianbardt, John Yeager and
lUlam Hughes' estate containing 1! acres and It
perches, whereon Is erected a good saw mill, frame
uweiuug house, horn and other out-buHdlnis.
tt lzeJ, taken Into execution and to be sold as the
property of Pat Id 8. How er,
ABBotri ItuAWN, Attcrntys. Ft Fa,
Terms cash on tho day of sale.
fsb.I4.-7.-U b"er"r-
From Feb. Olli, ISTS I Fk. 4lk, 11TB,
WM. KIlKAMBK, Tmunu roR District.
To cash received from Sugarloaf du
pllcite 179 .. tt M
"cash received from Bloom dupli
cate 1S77 12 N
"cash received from Scott dupli
cate isif , soon
"cash received from (Jreenwood
duplicate IsII tsl 04
" cwh received from flngarloaf du
plicate H7T , NH
" cash received from Hloom dupll
catn 1S7 istT 04
" cash received from Scott dupli
cate 1S78 ., 539 41
"cash received from Orcciwotd
durllcsle 1S78 103 00
" caih received from Sugarloaf da
cati IS79 .. t; is
"isli received from product of
farm I87S 84 JT
" cash received from llozleton I'oor
District IS7S 11 00
" cosh rei-elvel from Commission
ers' onice, unseated lands M TO
Am't nf or tors redeeme 1 UTS . . . . W.495 M
or commission on samo 1S7S....
duo 1 reasurer from lost settle
ment In Treasurer's hands Feb. 4tb,
is; ;
8,IU M
Directors of the Poor In account with
luooin, Moon, i.roi-uwood and su
garloaf township).
Am't of orders outstanding 1971 877 59
1S1UCU ts.s. ......... ,V IX SI
ti,80 01
Am't of orders redeemed 1S78 1,493 89
ousianatng rto. 4U1
1879 C94 19
S90 (1
Examined bv us at the rentiest of the Directors and
found correct
11.0. IIAHTMA", 1
C. M. VANDEItsLICE, Auditor.
To orders outstanding 1S79 . 194 11
neceived rrom auganoal dupllcale
1S70 C9 80
ttecelved from Hloom duplicate 87T IM 84
Kecelvcd from Scott duplicate 1971 SiO S3
Kecetved from Oreenwood dupll- lsI7 891 C4
Itec Itedfrcm Sugarloaf dupUcato
. if (H II
Am t ot Illoom duplicate 178 S,(u3 10
ui oeote 111 1 1 lie ate 1 S19. . ,, .... MI va
or (Inenwood duplicate 1578.. 778 14
sugirloaf dupllcuie ls78 S37 so
reeelt ed from products of farm
received from Ilazlcten l'oor
District 1S7S ij 00
rt-celled from Comml-slnni-m
ottlcu Ux uusi-ated lands 68 70
Am't of outstandlog orders redeem-
prl fmrn lut nm.-.i ,.,
Commlssiou und exoiifratlonon Su
gars if duplicators 84 51
Co. omission ana exoneration on
11100111 aupucaio isn 189 83
Commission and exoneration ou
Scott dttcllcilrt 18IT 1111
CommUsiou nl exoneration on
urienwojaoupncjto isn 41 j
Commission nnd exoneration on bu-
gar oar duplicate 177 je 03
Treasurer's 1 ommlsblou 1378 87 89
lu Treasurers hands Feb. 4, 1879... 107 07
Am't due on Hloom duplicate less
exoneration androiomlss'nlsts 610 10
due on scottduplicaieless ex
oneration and commiss'n 1ST8 809 A4
duo ou (Jreenwood d ipllcate
less exon, and commiss'n 1879 .73 It
due on sugarloaf duplicate less
t'.XOl and comlnl.'n IkTA In ik
Am't paid for outdoor relict 1 sis.... 1110 63
' coal 197s. iu !9
roor House coil lsis,. 8
audltlni; ls79 a 00
tax on farm 1973 1943
Attorney tees 1S78. ... loyj
lumber for farm 1S73 . 17 74
blacksmlthlng 1S73 .,, 3409
mercnanta billslsis... 4is,i0
drugs, medicines and
liquors.. 68 09
making du.-l'cate 1878 losoo
doctorljllla tor poor h.
and out door rellet 18 1393
ivpalrs for IS78 its 49
orders rell;f Issu'd '78 40 DO
state Hospital at Dan-
vllielsti 100 su
llmi'879 44 cs
manure 19H 14 io
Insurance 1378 3'j 00
coflius 18,8 so 50
printing is78 45 00
em steward's salary is: 223 00
Directors and Secreta-
rj'ssalary , 200 00
miscellaneous, beef.
bhoo & harness mendg 94 76
$9n et
Examined and certified,
Hloom, Am't of orders given sundry
aVg 15
Hloom, am t glten sundry persons
for cool 1C9 S3
Dloom, am't paid Dr. J. B. McKclvy 13 00
- IS3 41
occte, am i paid ur, w. A. Case S3 CO
nr. u. t. Krens.... 10 M
" eonin 11.11. Angel., iu 00
" state hospital for O.
W. FOX 160 85
sundry pers ins 84 sj
Greenwood, am't raid Dr. H. tt'.Mc-
rejnoldi ...... . s,'t pd sundry persons ii 00
1138 IT
137 78
Value of roil estate and personal property
111 1, .ii 'WL1it.i' uy larm anu
Hy Catharine Long liropefty.Yliobm.'.V.V'. 'cue uu
juut,mi.-u.. on .iuuii-9 ifeuoisnroo y jiioom ino 00
amount in Treasurer's hands jot 61
" duo on Illoom duplicate less ex
oneration and commission do 10
' due un scott duplicate less exon
eration and ce.mmlsslon..., 303 64
" die on i-reenw ood duplicate less
exoneration and commission.... CIS 14
" duouu sugiirlouf duplicate less
exoneration and commission .. K8 48
18 acres wheat and ne In ground(flo
per acre no o
wheat, rye, oats, corn, buckwheat, clo-
tcreecd aud timothy 7 3 50
potatoes, beans, rutabagas and cabbage lit
hay, straw and cornrodder .. 139 84
bi-ef, pork, lard, butter, apples ami cider sw 00
horses, cattle, hogs and chlcicm . ... 6-s 7
all farming implements Used on farm... ISO w
oil household furniture la steward's
houo 93 n
allhiuseholdturnlturolhrioorhouse,... 180 CO
0 tons coat 15 00
Tho abovo Is a correct Invoice ot the person- '
lfi I1B A
. ... . . . j .1 U I'VU. 101,191,,
Toa'mt of orders outstanainff tni
- m mvurui mu auirici 13,295 l)
IM bushela wheat a Jl oo uim
w bushels Tie 60, ji
itu bushels buckwheat 4 60 io w
"in uu-siiemcorn fiirso us 3 a 6
J'jshelsoaUt'ii.s,,., 51
i bu-ilieJs notatoea (i CO
5 b.ishela oiiion8(iiry g
tf bushels clou-rseeii (i $1 iu MO
i)i buslielsbi-ansy $iou 5 to
5 bUtUt l ruubajjai 20 194
1 busU'ls beets (A M
is uumei3 Mnier uppies 5U to
IT tons hay s is it a a
21HU corn roader 3 79 w
Til buriillesryubtrawa w 111
8760 ihs. jork 5 , UT 6
N-vl lbs. beef (tj , jj3 n
4ii IU(. UUlltT (ft is t t T5 ii
'.o heads cabbag: s 3 " si M
8 barrels elder f " j M
JT head shoats """ ha r.m
ahead Ctihesan ' ' ism
6 head chlekeiis C4 25 15 to
uuieu et'js y 19 ... ti M
ll.MT 41
NUCDber Of Paurw-rs ri-rnnintntr at laet t-ATsrs- ii
" discharifi'd durtug jear U
" died durtnt jear
remaining in the roor
Foir houso
Al.KUKAMKlU Directors.
ihus;(E&ck, v ot the Poor.
It. S. ENT, J
Alb kkt IIihtuin'
Spices of all kinds, Glass tS; Qucecswsrs
Foreign and Doraestio Fruitsf
Family Provisions
4th door lielow Market street, Iilcomburf, lx
tf ooods cleiucrccl to elt tsitstf tletovu