The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, November 01, 1878, Image 1

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Uitioil wookly, every Friday morning, at
at two not.Ltns per year, no cents discount allowed
wnen nilil In adrance, After the oxptrntlon of tho
year l.M will bo chariroil. To subscribers out ot tho
wounty tun terms nro t per year,-.lrlclly In ntlvance.
No p iper tllscoittltiucil, except at the, uptton or the
pulilluliorj, until all arrearages nro paid, but long
continued croillts ntlcr the expiration ot the first
year will not bo riven.
All papers sent out of thowtato or to distant post
onices mint bo paid for In ndTancn, unless a respon
sible, person In Columbia county assumes to pay the
subscription duo on demand.
PCMTAo li Is no longer exacted from subscribers In
t!io county,
JOB 3?HI3SrTIlSrG3-.
Tne fobbing liepartment of tho Coi-raniAN Is very
eimnlctc, and our. I l Printing wlllcomparo favora
blv with thntot the largo cities. All w ork done on
1)1, IH. . .
,$S.C0 llt-0 J.U1 tsoo
, i.uo 4.(o s.oo
.. 4.IU 4.W T 00 1J.00
Two inches
iliree inetim
rour inches
'limner coliiinn,,.,., (I.eo .oo In.tO U.OB
naif column 1o.oo in.iro is.eo ts.e
0110 column JS.oo M.00 (o.os
Ypariv ndvrrtispmentn navflble nuartrrir.
except, wnere panics nave accuuuio.
in.nrt im. nn. .r iiiflc r.ra rnr .Rauiun.iiDiFT
wiinoui rcierexito 10 itugiu.
nut e nullum. miMi, unitmuiur wuvu iii-rrivu.
'. E. ELwIS'' E41tortaniProp rioters.
regular ttuTci tweiiiamii iibii rows,
1 IirjilAjU.MItl4.. VIII,. -Ml. ,ll. 41 rMi n ttin MTltialnaea Tlt.rts,f-v" r.Mnmi
demand, tieativ ami nt inoucrnio pricen.
vuuupidia iir..nui-i-il iuuauui, piu, ti j aoHar per year lor eacaune.
QCttOOL ORDERS, lilatilc, ,ut printed nnd
. j neatly nonno in small hooks, uu mum
tor s.ilo nt tho Columbian linicc.
rI,AN"K DHKIlH, on Parchment and Linen
) I'imht, cnmninn and for Admlnlsi rntors, Etccii
1 tint trustees, fur salu cheap at tho Columbian
nnd fur sale at tlm Columbian tifllcc. Mints
i r,nf Hie tnnpl and .IusIIcps should supply them
tolvcs with these nccissury articles.
TUSTICEHnnd Constables' Fee,-Hills for sale
f) it the Cni.UMRUN nmre. They contain the cor
rcc; 'd feesasestablWiedbytbo last Act of tho lg
lil ironixm the subject, Krery Jutlee and oon
1 ib'osnonldhavoone.
a-1 Hi e s'
VENDUE NOTES ut printed and for sale
cheap at tho Columbian otllce.
I'llOFHSSlONAt, I'AlllW.
(I. ItAKICLEY, Atlorney-nt-Law. Office
In Ilrowcr's building, 2nd story, llootns 4 4 6
It. WM. M,
olen. onicis.
UEIIEK, Surgeon nnd I'liypl-
1:. corner hock aim .11111 mil
It. KVANH, SI. !., Surgeon mid I'liysi
clan, (oaico and Itesi'iencu on Third street,
li. illClvi'.li 1, .11. I'., reurntun im "j-
. Biclan, north side Main ttrect, below Market.
II. KOlSISON, Altorney-al-Law.
In Hnrtman's building, Vain strict.
OAMUKI. KKOUH. Attorney at Iiw,Office
KJ In llartmaira uuliuiug, .Main sireei.
KOSKNSTOCK, I'liotoRniplier,
, k ft Wolf's Store, Main street.
AVID I.OW'KN'IiEHO, Merchant Tailor
aln St., aboie Central Hotel.
S. KUIIN', dealer in Meat, Tallow, etc.,
, Centre street, 1 etwecn wcona ana 1 nira.
i:. WAIil.KK,
lEca:s cf Fcnslcn: eltalsed, Coilcttitns made,
Ofllce, Fecotid duorfium 1st ntlonal IJank.
HLOOMSllUItn, l'A.
Jan. 11, 1SI8
II. .1. O. KUTTEK,
VHYhlCIAN tsoi:nE)N,
oalce, North Market street,
Uloomsburg, Ta.
Artoi ncy-nt-Lnw,
Ineieas-o of Pensions Obtained, Collections
Select Story.
Ciii'cn nil I'.iln In .tliin mill HcsiNt
Prolapsus UxKHitKalllnir of tho Womb.J A Won.
denul cure. Mne j ears my wife surterrd 'with this
terrible complaint. rhe hiw ai tended bv dwtor af
ter uuecur, weiii in me uiiiercni nuHiiiiui wuere 113
tnaii'Siiie tie.iied J tried them all J woto bandages
and pes-uutei with only temporary rein f. Her Ufo
wai. iiiterable. Sh applied Dr. (lies' Liniment.
Her roller was Immediate, sbo Is now well.
11. .MCHMiMorr,
40 West 13th street, New York,
had tweUo strokes ot Parausls. My leg, arm
and t.'liguo were Uielens ; was obliged to use a cath
eter eury day. Iiottor lilies' liniment Iodldeof
Ammonia 11 is cureu e. u in answer any iuiuirics
bu thai all alllle'ed may know of It.
.ions Arm., .n in nranioru, v;onn.
CheMliut Hill, 1'lilhidelphhi, April it, 1A.
M. Illh-s. Eii.. Iii-ar MrI iund uur loillde of
Ammonia l.lnliiit nt 011 PlotaTc nhlc's liliidnasiern
lolnt. Miu had biiMi nullo lame: the effect was
wouiifuui ; sue w iiks low ijuiiu wen. eri,re
A. Wei m.
I. S. I am now uslntr It on Littleton's rlzht toro
a large shoo boll on a valuablo joung horso was
rcinocu uy uias' i.iniin&nt ioumo or Aiiimonia.
. UIR'Ln. I t.CI iv.f., tiw 10m.
Asthm 11 hi torturuH and titronles I endured for
six jeari, n' no out, inose wuu iiavi" suneieii 11111
IbU It'irllile can know. Mv life was infera
ble. In desi cr.itlon 1 tried lilies' Liniment lonlde of
Ainmoiua. 11 gain inn insiauu lenei. uKuibiu
UrtidUy as well as externally
12T west STIli street. New ork.
I wns In a dreadful condition. Joints snollcn,
fialn Intense. Injections of morphine Into tny elns
iillid to lelleve me. lilies' Iodide of Ammonia took
nwav tho deposits from my Joints. IwantcHTy
one wno suittrs to Know wnac win cute niein.
r onnvuK lxiTiiBor,
North Hi do Park. Uimmolliuco. Vt.
Another sufferer cured. llUcliarired from tho
Massachusetts lieneral Hospital as Incurable, with
lutljuimnlury rbiMimallsin In in bhoulders, lingers
and feet i suffered real fully for thren je.irs, tried
everj iiiuig ; mat, an nope, ur, uues ..mniicui, iou-
ldo ot Amuionla enecteu a coinpicto cure.
No. 72 l'rano street. Fall Hirer. Mass,
SDratns. snllnts. bruises. Lumenes3 In horses.
niles' Llhlmi-nt Iodldeof Ammonia Is a perfect ape.
due. No persou w ho owns a hor&e tbould be with'
M. Honrxs,
Ws seventh nvenuo, New York,
In my family, and for I he stock, f have used (ille'c
t.l 11 1 in.. ti r iodide 1 f Anniionla. It Is unsurpassed,
and I am surpibed at tho many different maladies
111 which lb isuppiicaoic. II. BllCOlllOmiUHOiailw
superintendent Eastern Pennsylvania Experimen
tal Farm.
M) c. and tl : and In quarts at 2.&0, In which there.
Is a great saving.
N. .1. lir.Mll.ltMHITT, Agt. lor llloiiulsburg.
may 41, '19-
I loved her, nnd to find out tho trutli con
cerning lier regard for me.
I win destined to find It out In n much more
nbrupt nnd dlsiRrccnbln manner, I then
nsked after tno boyi. Their mother told mo
they had taken tho bows I had mado for them
nnd gono up to tho mountain to shoot
Biimo small game
About n quarter of a mllo from tho housi
wns n very lieitutllul wrttcrl.ill, cnllotl
Sylvan Olado Cntnrnct, nnd by this limpid
stream was tho iiinrcst path up tho mount.
It was approached by n narrow path, nud
You nsV me to tell you about it children,
nnd I will ; I only warn you to let It be n
lesson to you In futuro years not to glvo
way to passion or mnllcc.
You would hardly imngine Mich n lough
old graybeard as your Undo N'ed Is now was wiH surrounded by 11 thick mass of under
ever n slenuer, siripntig youi", wno-e iuiiui prowlli, nnil tree, o tnat you would not
wns filled with romnnct, anil whose suit, jmngino Its proximity until q'itotlpon It
woraanlsli Heart seemed 10 uo Dealing omy j trotlo up tho path, vexed that I did not
Hoy nnil Girl,
onico In Ent's UrnniKO.
I. L. ItAHIl,
MalnSliett, opposite Episcopal Churth, Ulooms
burg, Pa. 1
iv- Teeth 1. bout pain.
A T TO li N E Y S-A T-L A W,
COLUiiriAN llvu.niNO, Uloomsburg, Pa.
Mecliera of the Vnlled Matis Ijiw Assoi'latlon,
Collections made In nuy 1 art cf Au.11 lea or Europe
r It. & W. J. HUCKAIiEW,
llloomsbitrg, Ph.
OPleo on Main street, first door below Courtllouse
Jl. fortll JJINllAHU'J .rlrinn frOLl . ilpr.n-ol wnil
lloncftlin lll.OHII. I.IVL'll, SUtllJi !
,c J. M.CIiAItK,
Uloomsburg, Pa.
Oflloe In Ent a Eulldlng.
In linrn.nn's Iiulldlng, Main e treet,
illoonibburg. Pa.
Uloomsburg, Pa.
fRADC mark is esncelally recom-TBADE MARK,
rr&K laenueu as 1111 un
ft A 'Blllne cuieforsein.
jf-r A lual wfakiiessiier.
'-Vt 7 tr imiiorrhrii, Impo-
ri iv int lie iy.
Zi2LrtV;l. l-issltilile. rum In
1" Tii mo liu'k, Dimness
JJCtora ratinp'OI mIuii, rrema-,ft rn.v,.
a 11110 oui Age, aud&tter laKinj,
timm. oiiwr isoiisi's that lend to liisaiiltv.Consump.
iimi .mil 11 PtiMnntuio (irnu'.utl of wbleli asa rule
urn ilrst caused by deMatlng from the iiaihot nature
aiidiivtr lndi.lgeiee. 'Ibo Spicule .Medicine Is Ihu
reKUlt of a lite siudy and inanyjeuraot exierlecu
Full imiilculirs In our puinpblels.whlch wo deslro
to send free ny man 10 eerj uu,
teney, mid nlldlsna-
ses, biiehus Loss of
iiani'iy, 1 iiHerpai
n i, si.-cinc u iitcliie Is bold bv all HrueirlMs at II
per pack ige, or slv packages for V, or w 111 bo bent
iy mail on ui-Upt ot tho money bj addressing
No. 10, MichJhlo'b- mock", Petrolt, JlUh.
sold In lilounibburg by C. A. Klelm, and by all
DrugglsiH everjwueie.
Hauls Ewing, ttlio'.csole Agents, lutsburg.
bept. c, 'ib-tl
nvtO"3rE5iS' BLOCK.
Spices of all kSndc, Glass & Quoensw;
Foreign and DomestioFruitSi
Family Provisions
(lb doer Xielow Maiket btreet, Uloomsburg, Pa.
I if (ioods ddlMiid to all purls of tl.o town
AprlUT, IMt
Tho Bsst Family Medicino on Earth.
la nT Mrtoo afllcled with a dlM-inn thit lllIOIttSE wUl
not nlmir cor, pioilJlns tlw tnm or orcam ro Dot
wilted beTond polotof rfpftlr.
V-ar it.jKw 1 n n ft 1 mi'
li iclentltlcal y romponn.itM imiu .iiim., ,
l"milo" nd la Ciillllnil i an.l tin I ndlo.. combluliis
Tonic, Ciithiirtlr, AlterMlTe, lllurftlc nd budorlflo.
lit lnimtsiuta effoi-t upon thn dk'wttlro orptni.wbetliei
Imoaliod bT ill""" or f xtiulM from any cau-o, Is to In.
troiio tholt pofr of aMtinllmlon and untrltloa. U In.
' tM IpVtln, lala dljimum. 1 (3M SranfM
and ton to llto muwulur and t ire ulatlni lyEtera. It lUm.
nUtca the Tltal proceiHoi to ronwp l a-ihlty, altors, Jor.
recti and pnrlfl'i tlio Ouldi, touol tlio orfiM ud ro-mub.
llauca tliolr bcaltby fuuclluus.
fit ll USClOM toeipStlalaillMB thO tlltBltf tllll il.tll ' tl
tninm. If you are mfft-r nir frora Bll lot H A rTIII.H,
I ISl'l I-SI l. "r I "ill SI I". I'" tlM !. ''II " " "
i iuiV T uwr i-tii nt hum -' M '" msttsi s,
pi ."y disorder "rl. nu from lull lir liuioli. ret n tot li
It "Hllll J I and lawolt ai Per Ulrfftlosj tpou mcJ i bnttl.,
in rn-llih. German, HpiiTitsfi pnd French Ouo lioltoll
Sltcrconvlnco jouol Its lilirlu lUmo.umo. cii.ressod u
A IriTl if one bcttla lnnres itudopllon In OTOrr fatnUy
on?lck : It Or.t iloani t J f-tem, then repair", thn
K5u,.n.i ,;iurliiidl.oasoan.iHUt:niitaI tiaaucm
for love, but such I was at two-find
Many is tho maiden T had kissed under
tho mistletoe and beaucd home from sinning
school, but, up tn the summer mention, I
never met olio that stirred more than n pas.
sing fancy. That summer my father told mo
he wns point; to send mo on .1 journey to
New Ilninpshirp, to finish snnits business he
had begun by letter with his old fried Owen
I was glad to undertake the mission, for
In thoie days when railroids were as scarce
ns hen's teeth, youni! men got very little
chance to'p;o nvvay from hotne,o one Monday
mfirtiinp; 1 clambered on top of the old stae
coach and stnrted off, feeling almost for the
first timo a senso of my inilepcndencoj.ind
At tho stago lumbered past the old farm
house I saw my darling mother and my only
sister waving their handkerchiefs nnd kiss
ing their hands to me, nnd tho tears started
unbidden down my boyish cheeks, and my
throat swelled with an emotion I tried in
vain to suppress,
My journey was uneventful until we arriv
ed nt Concord, find stopped nt the old Eagle
Hotel to bait the horses and allow the pas
sengers to dine. Hero I picked up my first
acquaintance, as travelers so frequently do.
and was surprised to find thnt he was going
011 the coach with 1110.
He wns a young man of perhaps twenty
ty-ftve, light hair, blue eyes, a bright, inge
nious expression to as frank a mouth as I
ever saw. I was immediately attracted to
him. He clambered up on top of tho coach
ns I did, nnd drawing trom Ins pocket a
leather cigar case, offered me one.
I had never smoked a cigar, but felt a kind
of shame to refuse, so I took one nnd lijiht
ed it with as muchor perhaps much moro
importance than an old smoker. Wo glided
into conversation.
Where did vou say you were going ?' I
To DaltonviUe 1
To DaltonviUe ?'
'Yes. Is there nrything strange in that?1
'No : but I was sdipri-ed. I am going
there, ton,'
Well, I know'1 most of tho families about
there,' he returned, pulling his cigar, 'Whom
do you visit V
'The D.iltons 1'
The Daltons V
'Yes. Is there anything strange in thai?'
I asked, as I laughingly repeated his very
words, in the meantime wau-bibg the smoke
as it curled from my cigar.
Niyu.thing strange, except that we bi.uhl
seo Anna while tho mood was on mo to tell
her all.
I approached the cataract nnd heard voi
ces, hut kept steadily on parting the hushes
only to see "my Anna," as I hid coino to
term her, in tho arms of Albert Warville,
while he pressed kiss after kis upon her
lips, which maddened while It calmed inc.
I stepped into tho enclosure and Albert
released tho girl as I tupped him ruiighly
on the arm,
Oomo with me, Albert Wnrvillo I1 1
My tone was so authoritative that he had
followed me without n word until we had
put a dozen paces between ourselves and
'Now, Albert Warville, what right have
yDU to the enreses of that girl ?' I hissed
my heart beating fiercely while my faco
must liavo been drawn and hard.
Tho right of my nlfianced wife, Ned Ua
ker, and I thought vou too much of a gen
gentleman to sec!: to interrupt such a rela
reeled and stngg- d as though I had
Our readcrs'who nro of an'observlng sort
may take their placesj'nny morning where
they can seo n"stream of people pursuing
their way to business clerks, shop girls,
teachers, editor", lawyers, merchants, mar
ketersand they will, soon take notice of a
peculiar fact, which is that every nine men
out of ten go with n careless air, Indifferent
not absorbed, slouching, shuffling, head
lown or nwry, shoulders bent, hands In
pncket,'and,legs moving any waj to cover
tlio distance; and that every nine women
In ten walk erectly, shoulders hack, chest
lull with measured movement nnd more or
less gliding gait, never forgetting a proper
bearing, ntthough often apparently an ab
sorbed nnd lost in thought as he who pre
cedes or who comes after her.
Now this is a curious circumstance, and in
realizing the truth of one's observation one
looks about for the reasons why tho greater
number ot our women walk so well, while
the men pay so little attention to gait and
lemeanor, except under particular stress,
and then relapsing into ordinary habit when
the necessity of the moment Is removed.
And the more one thinks of It the more one
is convincedj that the reason lies with the
mothers of these men and women.
From the moment that the littlo girl can
go alone, her mother, her nurse, her guardian
of the moment, whoever it may be, is per
petually counseling her to holdup her head,
to sit straight, to fill her lungs, to throw
back her shoulders, to turn out her toes, and
in extreme caes bracts nre put upon the
tender shoulders, tho feet are obliged to
walk a lino while a book is balanced on the
head, or tho little wretch is even laced to a
peculiar chair for a certain length of time
:Napolcon'sltJld Soldier." Dead.
niM rnoM'.tn.M to WATr.nt.oo,
daily, to enforce the carriage of tho body in
ion struck n blow, whil he quietly wen nearly a straight line from the base of the
back to Anna, nnd together tiny started I spino to the top of the head, or, if thespine
down tho mountain. Then I Firmed tn be bent, to Ho on an inclined plane, held
awake to my condition and bent my breast there by a cap of leather or steel, if the latter
and toro my hair in a maniacal fa'hton, has not, by this, gone out of use. When
which I look hack on now with amusement, she walks her gait Is marked and cultivated?
altlioiiirh at that time it was sternest reality, she is told not to wag her shoulders, not to
I watched them cltnr down the mountain swing her body, not to look behind her, not
, I'M up iSlarsa bottloa, and is Woartnt to Uko.
' tali hi brwalit.towrally. Vrl.c, l.00 per BollU.
IValkcr A; Itadger 3Ifg. Co., l'rop'rs,
!OJti blrvel, Nrwl.rl.
SUFPi:niM 30 YttAUS.
Jertwj city, fcplpmber Id, 1ITI.
Notontmo mi tell what I Imvo mHond lor llm I'ttat IJ
jtar ffum ilIIWM nt)i), t.l sii 1.1 1 1 HI u I II 1 It,
i.t tluii Hi bit 1 tl.ut I ruuM n t titun.i vpn my r.-t. I
coulJ rut Mlk h.lf n mi'u ultn.jj (tttUurloj Inunio
Hony bh'li votiUl i( 111 ! 1 let we IHiium.
A bit ut ond ye r n ' 1 v tmiu'int lu try a txittle of
Jour ui.njuSl- niklnMcUt ( HuttHiat attvr Uklnir
jut bnttlea I ui entire) 10 rod ct loiti dlHao ami
am nnw ennvng cxcuWr tit linlth un I utreutti. I ad
TUaaUilinllutly atUlcti-a lotrv Hf ft ti,
ilka. Q. V. lUtltld, 131 Suntex St.
Ai a reiralAtlnp mcdltlna I ca cmSJnfly rwrampnil
Mi.u.tlM 1 b Lr4 It In f.iy Uiiiltj trnrt kuow
Lthor who have trl. .Una i I piomuLm Itnland
n It tble. It don't )io f toiln a'ounJ an1 ClwpiMitnt jot
by iiiaklixc no uf.t lt It w'tcwU 10 tu.inM ana ao
il, II. 17 V ALL, Illverbead, L I.
Inwlnnobottla rM t! 0PF urnl fan trathfally MJ it has 1'ireJ mo of Hsctl almi-a ulU').Bta (if
3, C, JIOC, U.n , Lebaum, K, J
For Sale at H. J.
who Is autliorl?ol to suaranteo VIOOI1ENE to nroTO
as represenieu. n-iy.
meet. I am diftnntly related to tho family,
unit am going there to spend n cup1o of
months. n,i yoit khow Anna V
'Anna f 1 asked. Is theff a young lady
there ?'
'Yes, my boy, a young and haniNome la
dy one you can't help liking.
'Oh, very well then. I'll Driver
are you wobbling over the. road fur ?'
'Shtire, sur, an' I think the only wobblo
as you call it, li in tiat -egir yer a smoking.
Sure enough, I felt my head whirling, and
I should have fallen rir the vehicle had it
not been for the assistance of my iiew futiiid
friend, who took my arm.
.1 feel sick so-sick,' I mnrnuirril
'I guess you nre not usq t" s'ro'ig i,;gars I
Driver stop until I get the ytiii n u an in
side of the stage '
I scarcely rcinembf red what happened at'
terward except that I n an awful sick
mm ; but gradifally I began to feel better,
and by the time we l ad tipp d for tho night
I had almost recovered.
Albert Warville nnd tiiyi-tlfhiul become
the best of friends. He had cared for inn
during my illness nnd not one word did ho
say of my weakness,
That night tho driver approached me nnd
sotto voce, 'Ilegorra sur, if tlio first part of
tint cigar was ns voile as the Inst, I don't
blame ye fur gettln' sick,' but I had nnrtock
in what lie said, for I should not have known
whether it was good or bail.
Well, we nrrived alter a few .hijs' travel
at DaltonviUe, This little village neMled in
valley near one of the most precipitous)
mountains of the Francotiia range. It wns
place uf romance, and I built future hopes
side and 'aw Anna cro-s thu phiteau alone.
Was ho coming back to me ? Oh no, I
could not meet him ; my brain seemed on
lire and was filled with wicked murderous
Desperately T plunged on through tho
wood, not knowing or caring whither my
steps led me.
t last I paused, for there, standing right
ahead of me, was the form of Albert War
ville. He was standing near the edge of
"the cliff," as it was called a rocky prnjec
Hon witli a sheer descent of some forty-live
feet, and appeared to bo meditating and
looking olf,while I noticed Anna's light blue
scarf around his neck.
Instinctively I raised my gun to fire at
him, when, on second thought, I lowered it ;
1 remi'uibercil mat Anna s brothers were 111
me wnniis somewhere, hut my lirain was
maddened and whirling, and for the time
being I was carried away with passion at
what I termed his villaiuv. I was crnml
and frenzied to see Anna's blue r-carf encir
cling bis neck, I bent to the ground nnd
seized a large stone; casting it with a y
cision long practice had taught me, I heard
it strike him with a, dull thud. I saw him
topple and fall, and waited to hear his death
scream, but there was no onnd. All was as
till as death. As still ns death? My God!
that was an awful thought; that was the
thought which made me snno ngain. I fell
to tho ground, utterly incapablo of motion.
The few moments I lay there seemed like
dreadful hours to me; then, as consciousness
to shullle, not to bend or lift tho knee, anil
made to give .1 goodly share of attention to
the effort of getting over ground in a right
line without the visible lifting of tho foot
nnd jerking of the frame and tossing of tho
head. Thus early taught that walking is an
art, siio practices it till it becomes nature.
On the other hand, the boy'receives no
such instruction ; a general impression, but
perhaps not an entirely conscious one, pre1
vails that such a course would make him
vain and effeminate, and therefore he is
never, subjected to it except in military
schools. Great care being taken in his
inlancy that the chubby little legs shall not
become bandied, and an occasional word
being thrown in in advancing years as to
holding up his head, responsibility concern
iug his carriage ceases and is dismissed, it
being taken for granted either that good
walking does not matter so much for a man,
or that, being a man, he is sure to do every.
thing in the right way. Moreover, a boy
seldom walks; he runs and skips and jumps
and saunters, and the opportunity of im
pressing the future importance of hi9 bearing
upon him is much more infrequent than it is
with girls girls who nro apt to be older
for their years than boys, and who early de
velop tve love of praise and the desire to
p!eae, and who, in superficial things, imi
tate their elders moro quickly than boys do,
having also the hourly sight of the graceful
and gentle movements of mothera and aunts
and teachers nnd elder sisters before them
for, perhaps, if they saw their mothera sit-
camo hack-, it appeared to bo a hideous ting with their leet higher than their head.
dnnni, and I dragged myself to the edgo of or with their knees crossed In the cars
At Private Sale,
1 O 9 ACRES,
mostly cleared, anil whereon are ereclea a
aKrnine Hank Horn, WoRon Hieil.ann ether out-HilldUit's-ii
( ll nt Ml wilier ill Hie house, and one
atlliularn. 'iiu-iv ureai.Mia iart" nuiuutr m ny
pie, 1'eucli and t heir) 'I lies end u food
MuS-sTuM: MONK (JUAltllV.
nt ihH corner of 'I hlrd anil IVotre Mrt't'ts. U int.' on
liuudrtu uim iLimMWu itt'i uu iuuti Mreinui-i twu
ItuudittUiiU fuuitt'fit uiiil diic-HuU Iftt un Centre
wluTuuit aro ervcU-U a
Lingo ItrU'U mvctlluff lloiifcti,
uiih ktkiu Kkatimi Ari'AiiATry. oiid In thnroiiL'h
repair, iiawutf u wvu, nut rn, iu'-jiouw;. luuiluk
Houht and all tunvt ult net b,
Uuib t-ltuuttt w H hiu llm llinltH uf thu lown ot
Ukruuisimiu', ana ciu-iea to iu bum un tuy uuu rt-u-
BOIlUUlC It'llUd
JCJII.N (1. 1'IIKl'ZB,
lll.OOUi.llCr II,
aug. 53d, 'is-sin
Aciorillnglo tho recommendation cf Iho (Irand
Jury, e will f fler llu nlu Jail I'loeeU) lor sale on
1 inlay, Mi 1 ml 11 s, IMS at ttn o'clock a, in., ul lue
court lloiue In iHnikLiiig.
Conditions can Lu sts.11 nt the ofllce,
MI.AHW Ml'lli:SRV,
John iii:iini:ii, Coin's,
Ccinmlrstr ners' flu e.lnt omsluriM'B.,
Otl.lk14 Atlestt Vll.. hltlLhllAlil.CUrk.
1 KG All I I ANhts O 1 ALL KINDS
can 11 ate iioiiei lusliriil vciHicrnnnmnai
nut lliliu tike 1 opnui uui milium; u win
titri ,.ii. lv ift-r ila ut lit 1110 Uiude bl the
liiduslrloiis. Men. women, hoia und irlrU
wauled utriwltre 1 woik ur ut. Now lallio
thuo 11111 ouim and Uruis tree. Addriha'IBifc
i 10,, AoiiUata, Mutue, JlttrtU t, la-lj
a week In sour own to n. tit outnt tree
sorb, If 1 ou wuntauublLt-hs
ul wnit 11 1 1 1. one ii enne box tiiu 11 uae
treut lias ulll 0 tluio lliey woik, write
fur tl.irt lllll'ir.' if 11. liai-.a, a. vv., , vi vinim. diniuv,
1 U1UI1U , l I)
' f M. DltlNKLH, GL'N and LOCKKSI1T1I
1 hc'luf Machines und llachlnery cf all kinds lu-
)lfcd. Orcui lloibii uuuiunir, luoouikbuiir, pa.
thn clilTand looked over. Thero he lay, all
curlel up in a heap. Oh, merciful Heaven;
was I to go through life with tlio stain of a
murderer on my hand I
Hut I must arouse myself I must act-
am! the first thing was to dispoc of the
body ; so I started on a roundabout pith
tho only way to reach tlio bottom of the
1 i 11. As I neared tho spot, I was sure T
heard voices, and, gazing through the tree",
I saw lltllo Ilenrv nnd Willie I'dllon stand.
ing by the body.
I turned in terror to lly, wild with my
agonizing thoughts, but I was seen, and the
two boys started me, crying lustily:
'Cou.-iu Ned ! Cou-in Ned 1'
I turned and met them.
'Was it you, Cousin Xrd, that knocked
him oil"?' asked Willie.
I gave up all for lost, and, falling ou my
face, I cried out:
'May God forgive me, it was II'
The two boys sprang to my bide and lifted
me up,
Said Willie i
'What's the matter, Cousin Ned' There's
no great harm done.'
While Heury cried out :
'We were going to shoot at him, but no
can set him upjut as well down hero.'
I started to my feet. I sprang to tho ob-
of the beauties ot the riirroundlng scenery, hecti t waa a dummy tar(;et filled with
straw, The boys had used some old clothes
of Albert's, his hat, and their sister's scarf.
I laughed wildly, then hysterically, and
at last somewhat naturally, as I said, with
1111 etlort;
How's that for theatricals, boys? I
fooled you, didn't IV
'es, you dd, Cousin Ned' returned
Willie. 'Vou acted m though you were
frightened nearly In death,'
Now, children, you have the story. That
for I was fond of hunting, nnd fihitig, and
had had quite a good ileal of 1 xperhnce.
We were cordially welcomed at the Hal.
ton House, where I found my friend was
hailed as Cousin Albert. I did not see An
na Dalton until the supper hour, ittliough I
don't doubt Albert did, us he made himelf
nt home, leaving mo with the two bins of
the house, Henry and Willie,
During the afternoon I gained Ihiir
youthful hearts by promising tu inline thtin
each an Indian bow, When I saw Anna cured my first case of lovo ami my terrible
Dalton I was not rurprlxd that Albert call
ed her handsome j 1 should have ailed her
lit nu 1 1 fill , for
"A f ilrcr fair vision ne'er sreeted my sight
It was but the work of a few hours for me
to fall tlespernlely, madly, boyUhly in love
with her.
Two weeks glided by, I had begun to
pay dlrtct attention to the beautiful Anna,
Although I could not tell wbttbtr she was
pa-slmis forever. I stood up at the marriage
of Albert Warville and Cousin Anna, ns I
got to calling her, nnil no one has ever heard
before the story of how I committed 'Almost
it Crime.' Chkayo Saturday lltrttld.
and tho soles of their shoes wiping every one
who brushes by, or witli their two hands in
their pockets in the street, they also would
he inclined tn do ns these mothers do.
Whether in so many words or not, tho girl
is taught, from her earliest lesson, to make
herelf attractive; that she learns is one of
her chief duties in life. If It has some de
basing and belittling effects if even while
it teaches slavish humility in the one light,
it gives birth to vanity and coquetry in the
other, and destroys some portion of womanly
grace and refinement it nevertheless helps
largely in the work of civilizing tho race,
and rather than repress tho custom of in
structioii and correction in this regard, wo
would enlarge it and apply it to boys, that
they might, when older, from force of habit
rather than from constant consciousness,
carry themselves as becomes the lords of cre
ation, modifying, however, some of the pres
ent manner of giving tlio instruction, which
really produces in tlio end the debasement
and coquetry, and compelling proper de
meanor as lit reverence for tho powers of the
body and its Creator,
Tho fact that, in the natural life of the
savage, this difference in the carriage of men
and women fails to be found, only serves to
convince us that it is more a matter of art
and maxim than of nature, for, under the
necessities of savage life, tho Indian man
and woman will bo observed to have the
same erect hearing and elastic tread, it being
admitted Unit their defects are common ta
both ; and it seems a pity that whilo any
portion ol tho race is becoming more civil
ized, beings should become less perfect ani
mals, When occasion arises, indeed, there
is no one who has a more magnificent bear
ing than our brothers and husbands; but we
think that if mothers would consider it best
somewhat to impress upon boys the art 0
pleasing and the fitness of a dignified tar'
ring", it would not be only on occasion that
the average man equals the exceptional gen.
1 1-iiiD 11 and walks luudnri a laudato viro,
llarper'n Hazar.
Major August IlullmaD, one of "tho old
soldiers of Napoleon I, whom ho followed
through all his Eulopean campaigns sub
sequent. to 1805, beEiiinlng'nt'ilbetUltn ;and
endlng at Waterloo, died IntNewark on
faunday, In his 97th year., Major Uullman
who was born at Erfurt In. 1781. came to
this country in 1831. His son, Frederick
Uullmankeeps the theatre. ticket office at
111 llroadway. Major Hullman received a
military education, and began active service
In tho Chasseurs-a-Cheval in 1805. The
story of his military life Is like a romance.
Few men have fought In bo many battles as
he and survived. He wns at Ansterlitz,
Auerstadt, Jena, and Erfurt. He went
safe through thn awful slaughter at Eylati.
He fought at Friedland, SjinolerM, Itttls
bon, Essllng, Aspern, and Wagram. He
followed the great emperor, whom h al
most idolized, in tho terrible Invasion of
Russia, and was decorated with the crons
of the legion of honor for hla bravery In
capturing a ltussian cannon and howitzer
in the fight at Witepski. He was in all the
hard-fought battles that opened tho way to
Moscow, and he suffered the agonies of
cold, hunger, fatigue, and desperation that
beset tho rrench army in Its famous retreat,
Ha escaped through the horrors of the pas
sage of the llerecina, and again followed his
emperor in the terrible campaigns of 1813
and 1814.
On the return of Napoleon from Elba
Major Hullman was ono of the first to en
roll himself in the army that tho Emperor
collected with such marvelous rapidity for
his Inst campaign. Uo shared in the glory
of Napoleon a last victories at Charleioi
and Quatre-Ilras, and fought on the field of
Waterloo. That ended his military career,
When Napoleon abdicated, Major Itullman
rotired to civil life in Germany.' Nothing,
lie said, could persuade him to serve' under
Louis XVIII.
Major Rullman'a description of how he
escaped through the River Uerc-ina, 011 tho
retreat from Moscow, seemed almost incred
able. He succeeded, in the rout and confu
sion, in obtaining a horse, and then, hurried
resistle&sly on by the pressure of tho eager
thousands behind, he and his horso were
pushed over the ice-wall into the freezing
water. The river was choked witli drowning
men and horses, and jagged pieces ot float
ing ice. It was a battle for life not only
with the water, but with hundreds of strug
gling men who were madly clutching every
object that might savo them, Major Rull
man'a strong horse bore him safely through
this terrible stream, but the opposite bank
waa piled from four to six feet high witli
broken ice, rendered moro slippery by tho
paaago of drifting thousands. Over this
barrier his horse could not climb. At every
attempt he fell back into tho ico-cold water.
Then Major Rullman bothought him of a
small truuk that was strapped to his saddle,
and which contained a quantity of rich wo
man's apparel, lie obtained a footing for
bis horse, and wrapped some of these gar
ment around the horse'a fset. This enabled
the animal to clamber over tho icy barrier,
carrying his rider safely to firm land. Of
this terrible passage Major Rullman used to
Bay, "There is no pen, pencil, language, or
any mode of explanation that can describe
it." At Wilna, where he arrived in a pitia
ble plight, Major Rullman was kindly
treated by two Polish Jews, who furnished
him with food and clothing, and who after
ward, when news was received that Ru-ians
were approaching, took him in a sleigh and
drove all night, never leaving him until
they had placed him in safety across the
Niemen. Major Rullman always spoke ol
these generous strangers with the most af
fectionate regard.
MtMTAiiY r.nconii.
931 Jlfjhnmt,'Y If.
Recruited In Montour county.
Joseph F Ramay. resigned, October 21,
Charles W Eckmaii, September 25, 1801,
wounded nt wilderness May 0, and at
Cedar Creek, Vlrginia.October 1'J.lMil,
prnmo'cd from 2d to lt lieutenant July
2.1, to Captain Ortober 21,1802, to Lieu
tenant Colonel November 27, lst!l to
Colonel .Innniry SI, ISO", mustered out
with regiment June 27, 18H5.
Joseph 11 Cate, Oatober 21, 1801, pro
moted from corporal to Sergeant Onto,
her 1, 1MJ2, to I t Serjeant .U-.'i.nv I,
1S03, to 21 Li Mitenant Mar 1, ISO:!, to
1st Lieutenant Angut 1, 1M01, to Cip
tain Novemlw-r 28, 1-Ot, mustered oui
with company June 27, 18115.
Lefferd II Holnison, Octobtr21, 1801, resign
ed July 20, 1S02,
Max It Goodrich, October 21, 1801, pr ni'i-
ted lr.1111 1st .S Tctnt to 2 1 li'.eiiteuau'
July 25, to 1st LinuttMiiut Q:iobr 21
1S02, died June 11, of wotinls roceivd
at ildtrne-s. Virginia, .May 5, 1S03.
Oscar Sharp!", October 21, 1801, proniKi.l to Sergeant Janiu'. 1,
1803, to 1st Sergeant May 1, 1803, to 1
Lieutenant Nmrmher 30, 1S01 to bre
vet C'nptnin April 2, 1803, woundwl s.t
Spotlsylvani.t Court House Vnrii'u
May 12, IdOl, mustered out with com
pany June 27, It 03.
oetii u i reeze, proumleil in.ra fccrpnoi' t
21 lieutenant, Novcimi. r 1, lSo.', 10
signed Mulch 12, 1803:
Jared Uutiyan, promoted to corporal Me.n l
IS. 1803, to sergtant July 1, 1804, to
lstsergcrnt Nov. 30th 1SCI, tn 2d lieu
tenant January 1, 1S05, wound. I
Petersburg, Virginia, April 2, lSiio.dis
charged on surgiou'a certificate May 15
1805, veteran.
Frederick Laubauh, October 21, 1801, pr - I
noted trom corporal to sergeant Janu
ary 1, 1803, t' 1st sergeant Jainmr. 1,
1805, commissioned 2d lieutenant, .l.t
15, ISO"), not mustered, prisoner Ma 3 1
to October 31, 1803, mustertd out wi;!i
company June 27, 1S03, veteran.
Clark Guinn, promoted to corporal July 1,
1S01, to sergeant September 9, 1801,
wounded at Wilderness May 5, IS II and
nt 1'eter-burg. Virginia, March 25,1805,
absent at muter out, vt
William Miller, October 21, l0l. promoted
to corporal October 1, lWil, to sergeant
December 1, ISGh.wounded at Wilder
ness May 0, 1801; and at Petersburg
March 25, J805, absent at muster nut
Cliarks W Sholes, October 21, 1801, promo
ted to corporal November CO, 1801, to
sergeant January 1, 1S0G, wounded a'.
Wilderness, Virginia, May 5, 1801, ab
sent on furlough at imt'ter out, veteran.
John T Howe. Octobir 3, 1801, deaerttd, re
turmd, prom iti d to corporal Septem
ber 1, 1S01, to sergeant April 3,1805,
mustered out with company Jane 27
.1 11
A Startling Ailventnr.
now Arrr.AiiAN-cn-i Ann NF.vr.rt cehtaih
,u iiu?. tvuiaia.uio iiiniuuvrj ui atu
l.-l , 1 .
l'rasea Lcnpowiofi, the heroic Russian
who traveled on foot from Siberia to'St.
tersburir. for (lin nnrnosn nf snltrlttntr
I'niiHjn 111 iitrr CAiiuti uureiim irom liib ilia
a daughter's lovo the tale of "Elizabeth :
the Exl es of Siberia." is founded.
She chanced to arrive nfter nightfall' in
town the name of which she could ne'
learn exactly, and, knocking at the door 'of
tho first houso she came to, it was opened by
mi old man of a most forbidding coint
nance. H rudely inquired what she wintad,
nnd, when she asked for a night's lddglntf.
shut the door in her faco. An Irstanf aft'.
in 11 snp nieaseu. l'rasea felt raiuer'ao
,.' h'.i'i inn" n unu .iiti.v .a w.uu,
mill tlin Miirlit nf 1,1. mil, nn nlfl WO m fin
even tin rj unplea-ant-looklng than himself,
lid not make her in iro comfortable. Tbi
room they wern sitting in was large
mi lnsr stronc v ol turpentine, llieso
met into the wall In seieral placed,
win iiiiii'i 111 1 rii'in. nnu roiiieiuiukr i
tiliinit her ns to wher 1ia was fmnrrtn.
,at motii-y she had for her journey ."l.
'1 Vi'o t-iji'itv ttniss kopeks
'at w, r' v.-n me at Iv.iinonlfihiefl.
. . -..1. .
would -.I,-, have glvm the whole sum to
nut of t'ic'r 'lands.
Eighty kopeks to go fiom Siberia to
i'eter-tiurg I 1 ou must have gold ot not
"In-lcJ, I tell you tho truth," said, th
, 001 girl ; ''and, it you please, you rajy
iny purse." ,
Upon this they guvn her a few potatoes,
.tod told her to lid down in her clothe ori
sort of platform over the stove, wbereiiBM
..t . . . .. 1 . . i,m
b;sr on the flinr, that it might be sefiH 1
.1 1 1. 11 liar !' being searched. She- cotfld
not sleep, but lay still, listening to what Wiv
: 'ii'g forward. Til her extreme terrtHy ah
- ,,,, niiiuaii i.niciuuj' uuib ita
il ir md V n the bars of thu window shul
Ur ; 'hen her husband said in a whisper :
' No ono saw her como in we can. 'da
what we pleasi
Alter a few minutes, during .wblcla'
concluded they werA examining the-1
it her bair, lie again said :
'ThU i all nonsense. Shei
.money. Did you not see un oils!
round tier neck 7 ,,
llm side of the stove, and Pra-ca MtW,'
dreadful eyes peering at her as sbj i
IiVirixtr tl i.v 1.011I1I milril-r Iw.r it, W VrfW
tor mercy, and showed tho little pui
tho kopeks nud passport, entreating thenfto
leave the passport only, nnd take all tO
rest. To this the old woman made' ibo an
swtr, but felt in bcr pockets, pulleduofT her
hoots, examined her dress from head. to foot,
,m.i ... i.,-i ,.,., !.. ,..:n,,,i l,(..,t-
... r. ,,., H.U ,.Umv llUltlUg
her, Frasca heard nothing more till, some
time after, the deep breathing of -her host
and hostess iis-ured her they were both
I tat
m f
Alfred It Patton. Oetnlitr R 1801 ducliarir. tislern. and. overcome bv fnticue. she fell!
1 . .... . . j. -n
One Way to Get Married.
Judge Richardson docs not pretend
to be a parson and therefore isn't as well up
in the marriage ceremony as the slimy sup
porters of a dying hierachy. The young
couple stood up before him ono evening and
the Judge inquired 111 a cross questioning
tone of the groom :
'Are you a citizen of tho United States
The groom took hold the waistband of
his trousers and shrugged, saying :
'I voted for Tilden, Judge.'
'Why James ' faintly exclaimed the
blushing creature by his side.
'It's a fact Emmer,' protested James rath
er iudlgiinntiy, and glaring at the Judge.
Ills Honor coughed and demanded severe
'Do you, sir, as a citUtm of Nevada and a
lawful voter of Iteno, solemnly declare that
you will forsake all other evils and cleave
to this one ? ,'
'I've money to bet on it, responded the
groom, growing pale, but placing Ills
arm around the waist of the shrinking bride.
Then,' orled the Judge, bringing his fist
down ou his desk, 'God has joined you to
gether and the man puts you aiunder.
i'he fee Is just what you like to give young
It was pretty liberal and the court set
them up and kissed the uew wife several
times besides,
Tne (Icean il'lour.
Tho young man was evidently honest in his
intentions, but thrco years of constant courting
had failed to overcomi his oxcessivo bashful-
ncss. They wero setting in chairs at a respect-
playing with me, or was In earnest. She lul distance apart. Said theyoiuiu unin, have
received my addresses as a queen might tliu iug spent f(vo uiinntos, in, tqa,ich of a subject:
homage of her subjects ; then just as was "Uoy do yQu get along with your cook
on the point of telling her my feelings she :ng?"
would begin to trill some melody and danco "Cicely," replied, thoyovmg miss ; "I'm im-
out of the room,. proving wonderfully. I can uvtko a splen-
I was getting Irantic, 1 felt that I must
"gush" or the pent-up waters of my soul
would hurst through all retraliils. Hut, no!
Anna's manners precludtd tho possibility
ilid oiko How."
l'0an you V" f-aid tho young man in a pleas'
ant nuuner : "what kin 1 ib you like bust r
I liku the ouo uiadu with flour and sugar
of any "gush" on my part. In di'palr, some auJ citron aud raisins ami currents, ami lots?
days, I d don my hunting suit and shoulder of llioso things, and beautiful frostingon lop
my gun and upend an afternoon in Iho wtods responded tho young miss.
sometimes wiih Albert, oflener without him, "Whv thit s a wed ling ciko," cxMuinicd
for, truth to tel1, I wa hi ruining madly leal- 1 the young man nervously
iiusnfhlui and cf bis qutit, authorl alive "I meant wedding.'' said tho young uihs
ways. One day I hail huiitdl the house I thyly-
over lor Anna, resolved to tell her how much I They aro published.
Lung Words.
"Hob, which is the mott danceromword in
Iho litiglisli language to prououuee?' eaul Tom
"iyu t kuow unless it isa swearing word,"
replied liou.
"Pooh it is ttuuibled ; you aro ture
to got a tu mblo between tho flrt.t and last let
tor," said Tom,
"Hal now I havo ono for you. I found
it or.o ihy in icaJing tho paper. Which ii
the loug'st word in tho English language?'
rcplud U;u.
'Valetudinarianism,' ausworedToiu, prompt
"No, bir, it is tmilcs; liecauso there is
wholo mile betweu the firtt and last letter."
"llo that's nothing; I know a word that
has over Ihreo miles between its beginuing
and ending," cried I oui.
"And what's that?'' faid Rob, faiutly.
"Heleaguorcd," exclaimed Tom, triuui
Hero is an end of all romaneo'about hidden
ocean depths. We can speculate no lunger
about 1 oris in chambers ol pearl, or mermaid.-,
or heaped treasures and dead men' bones
whitening 111 com! cares. Ihc wholo ocean
ftjqr i WW mapped out Cur us. Thu lcport of
a,u, expedition sent out irom Loudon m Her
Majesty s ship Challenge has rooently been
jmblUhed. Nearly lour ) cars wero given to
tlio exauiatiou ol tho currents and Hons, of
tho four great oceans of tht world. Tho At
lant'm wo aro told, if diailifd would bo a at
plain, with mountain ridge in the middle
runuiug paralled with our coast. Auothcr
tango crosses it from Newfoundland to Ireland,
ou tho top of which lies n submarine caMi.
'1 ho ocean is thus divided into three great
baslus, uo longer "unfathouicd depths." The
tops of theso sea mountain aro two mile lie.
low a sailing ship, and thu basins, according
to llecius, 15 miles, which is deep enough
lor drowning, il not for nijsctry, 1 he mount
ains are whitened for thousands of miles by u
tiny, creamy 'hell, The depths are in red in
coior, ucupeu wiiu voicauie mosses, inruugii
1110 muck, uiotiouiess water ot these ui u-cs
uiovo gigautio abnormal creuturcs, which ncv
or nee to tho upper currents.
t'd on
William Vi'tii'ir, 0.:'..lir 3, ISol, wounded
nt Fair Oik-, Virginia, M ,y 31, 1mJ2,
disfhareed on ugeon's c.t riitUute Sep.
teinh-r 22, 1802,
Ditid U r.c'kin.111, won, .ded at Wilderness,
Virginia, May 0, 1SIM, promoted to c ir
p ir.u Ojtub r 1, 1802, loerg"ai,t Janu
ury 1, Wid, tn nnir""f mut-r nereun'
January 1, 1805, absent ou furloiig'i at
nius'er out.
J A lVn-termacher, Octobei !!, 1S01, promo
ted to -ergeant October I, 18112. wound
ed at Wilderne-H May fl, 180-1, killed at
Opequa, Virginia, September 19,1801,
Hiram Layland, October ", ISC', promoted
to corp.iral Nowmbor 30, 1S0J, to ser
gea"t Jnnuiry 1, 1805, n nled al
Wi'derne-s Mi.v 5, 1M1J, killed at Pe
tersburg, April 2, 1805, burlt-1 in Pup
lar Grove Nuii iunl IVmetery, ilit Uiot
E, Siriion E, grave 90, veiertiii.
George A Garr'.w, October 12, 1601, pro
mntidio corporal November 30, U01,
mustered out with company June
1805, veteran.
Wesley G Miller March 17, 1801, wounded
at Wilderness May fi, 18(11, promoted
to corporal November 30, 1801, inns
terrd nut with cumpany June 27, 1805,
Gideon Mellon, February 25, 1801, wounded
at ilderoess May 5, 1801, promoted
to corporal November 30, 1801, muster
ed out with company June 27, 1805,
Amos Oas, October 21, 1S01, promoted to
corporal January!, 1805, wounded nt
Petersburg, Virginia, March 25, 1S05
absent in hospital at tnll-ter out.vcteran
John Fllroadt, October 21, 1801, promoted
to corporal January 1, 1805, muttered
out with company Junn 27, 1S05, vet
Charles Kin ililtr, October 21. 1801, promo
led to corporal April 8, lMii, wounded
at 1'iir O.k May 81, Hi2 and at IV
terburg, Virginia, March 25, 1850, ah
sent t muster out
jtmiel (Julim, Ociohir21, 1801, promoted
to onrpoial Marih 1, IhdS, tu'iatered nui
whh company Juno 27, 1805, wit ran.
John tl 11 iwi-r, O. o ier 21, lMii, promote
( 1 t: irp 1r.1l Janunry 1, Lxrt'i,,!
nt I'tters'ierg, Virginia April 2, ls05,
ab.ent at imi.ter out, vttnan.
Otvllle 1) Harder, October 8,1601, di.cliarg
I, f
lavlight, and the old woman was u
c ;ikinir ; and the first words she he;
1,1 bid her como and have some ttch
is si rt of soup made of salt meat sj
earning1, on wtucn ine itussian
live hliiii s.t entirely.
The old man brought n jug of
bei r made from the grain of rye, oiJ
liar, and ihey both pressed her to si
wiih them in breakfast. The terrors
night appeared like a dream till the ol
man hi r-elf alluded to what had happl
I wanted to find out," she said, "wh
you were an honest girl, or whether you
Oct 11 telling us lies. e are satisfied al
you now."
l isiimol the change In their benav
l'ni-i a lelt uo n gret in quitting their hi
he got out as quicklv as she could,
nfier some time, she sat down under a
and Lad the curiosity to count tho m
in her bag. vl lint was her surprise w
n-tead ol SO kopeks, sdie found 120!
s.range couple had added 40 morel
Cliiiate's Criminal Clients.
Iu his arguments for, persons who hod
como complicated iu seemingly criminal act
ot which they were, at least, not so guiltytu
they ware ncjuiod of being, his masterly y
of putting imagination in the blaoo
of his clients, and exhibiting all tho pathos
that could bu elicited from their embarrcs-
incuts and sttuggles, often drenched Jiu cli
ents themselves in irrepressible tears. They
hardly knew before what heroes and martyr
they wcic. '1 hey wept at tho eloquent reca
pitulation of what they suffered and, dons ;
they k'cauie poetic personages, worthy.of tha
pi n of .Soot 1 or Dickens j they were soaffecteil
they obsidered LiwyorChoato thould.charg
littlo for presenting them before the ootmnUD
tty iu thoir truo light, and therefore often for
got or negleetfl to pay him auything. Ilia
irainatie mwer in exhibiting tho interior
t'enlings ot llm hilf guilty, tho quarter guilty,
m l tho guilty who are K)rfectly innocent in
their own conceit aud hereforo regard a pro-
ceution as a persecution, was oi vouderful
lint liinnv uf the persons who aro acquitted
throu'.'h hi exertions never paidhiui what they
would havo paid au advocate who Jess iden
tified himself with (heir interests and charac
ters. Indeed, after his work was done ho ap
peared hiui-clf tu set a modest catiinatc on its
valuo. Tho occasions when ho obtained largo
IVms w ere duo to his partner, who made tho
1 nu nirgeon'K wrtilicato l)le,Hl)t,t contracts beforchaud ; for Mr. Choato geueral-
22, 1802.
Charles W Wiaver, October 3, ISfll, ili.
charged ou iurgou'a crlilkaie Jauna-
rv 27, 1S03.
Grtirgn S Walktr, Oct" he r 21, Ifcfil, dl-
charged 011 suigtuu s wrlificttte April
1 1, 1803.
John llyetly, Oelober 21.UC1, iliscliarsei'
liec-muer 1 i , i&ut 10 unto expiration id
ol It nu.
Lewis Mid r, Ori b, r 21, 1k01, i,ut d
ly oousidcicd the obstacles in tho way of get
ting a odict for his clients foimidablu until
the caso was ill ill d, and was indifferent tut ho
amount of the feo only after he had succeed-
id J.duin 7'. Mhiiade, in Jlarptfi Mao
lizluc fur A'oifwiirr.
Careful houscwilti (lilting a shoe from tho
atntm tiiiec 11 1 : " whoil u llinupht hni.v'ta
- u.e lieu il tin 11 un in tha soun lint
' w 11 wusn i iosi. i never ioso niiyiiiing
a' Wilde
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