The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, October 11, 1878, Image 1

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ImuoiI woekly, every Friday morning, nt
i.T.w.,?.??!'l'tK1 tor 'cnr. 6 conn iltf,conr.t ntlo p.l
'.'i'?'.!'."1 charged, Tosubscrlbcrsoutof t o
tiillitl 1.frS i inn? in 111' "ut'''1 at 11,0 oriUon ''
rM-..uf'"n!.l.ll,ll.,irro"r,,1' ro paid, but long
".V SSS'nSPSJ Wr 11,0 "xplni,lou ' lU0
nmiU'W'SI??01!.1 0',lt.0,,"" ?""n " 10 distant post
onicea mint bo paid for In advance, unless a rcspon
l ble person In uoliimbla county assumes to pay llio
subscription duo on demand.
I'osrAOE Is no longer exacted from subscribers In
tho county.
job itiisrTinsra-.
Tiie.Inhhlr.i Depirtinont of thoCot.rMBiAtlsrcry
complete, ami our .1 I) I'i Inline will compare favora
bly wllii lb it of tholargu cities. All work done on
il.umn.l, neatly nml at moderate prices.
lv. Jst, im. ex. ls.60 U.oi
B.liO 4. (i cm s.w
II 4 00 7.1 0 U.00
. M4) Mid la.'
One Inch ,
mrce ineiien
Four Inches.
Ouarter rnlnmti C.ihi
II a
H.f0 HMKI 15.11
Half column 1 h.o-i
M.HO 18.1X1 W
Ml Ml
One column 20,00 ts.oo to.oo sn.oo H
Yearly Advertisements pajable quarterly. Trsii
Blent advertisements must be paid torbetorelnscrteo
except where parties havo accounts.
Legal adt ertlscrr cnts two dollars per Inch for three
Insertions, ami at tlialrstclor addltloLallnscrilOD
wimonirciercnce to length.
Executor's, Amtnlttrator's and Auditor's notices
three dollars. Must be paid tor when Inserted.
Transient or Local notices, twenty cents a lino
regular advertisements half rates,
cards In the "liuslness Directory" column, one
doUar per year for each line.
Columbia County Official Directory.
1'rcsldcnt Judgo-Wlllinm Klwcll.
Asuoclnlu Judges-1. K. Krlikbnum, p. L. fchtiman.
rrntnoiiotnri', sc. II. Krnnk Znrr.
Uourt (Stenographer s, n. Walker.
n1ler Iteeorder-Wllllamson II. Jacoby.
DlstrlctAttornej-Hiilicitlt. uttlc.
MierllT .lohn vs. HotTman.
nurvoforsninuet Nosh ird.
Treasurer Dr II. W. Mclteynolds.
c j nuiHsluiiers-iohn lleruor, 8. W. Mcllcnry,
Joseph sand.
Ooiiiinissioners'clerk William Krlckbaum.
Audltors-l. V. II. Kline, J. II. Casey, K. 11. Ilrown.
Coroner lsul ih Yejger.
.turv Commissioners Ell Ilotblns, Tlicodoro V.
o juntv Superintendent William II. Snyder.
l!loo n Poor l)lstrlct-Ulroclors-lt. H. lint, Scolt,
Wm. Krnmer, Illoomsburg nnd Thomas Hoecc,
lco,t, secretary.
ortlco In A. .1. Ktan's New Iicii.immi,
HLOoMslltTlHl, VA.
Memlier of Comineiciul Ijiw nnd Hank Collect ton As
sociation. Oct. 14, 'TT-tf
omcoln Hrowcr'8buIldlng,8ccnnrt noor,roora No.
1 Illoomsburg, I'a.
The Seaside, Library.
Choice l ooks no longi r for the few only. Tho best
stnmlniil timid within tho roach of every one.
Hooks ustin v so il from ti to fi irivcn (uncimnceti
uinl uniiluKlRed) lor 10 and ju cents.
lni. AN bio Lite, by .Miss. Mnlock Hio
US, Hard 'limes by Charles lilrki hs liv
lo.i. a lirno tjiiiy, by Miss Mtilock tt'c
1114. liM-pir Hay, by lohn liatilm loo
AT. Til (I Ml "II HI II1H P.11VIT I l.imill. 11V II 1.
nirloon luo
U0.'ilio master if the (irej lands, by .Mrs Henry
Select Story.
In Ovcrlimd Monthly,
I nm a widnw wltli one son anil onoilaiicli
tcr. Hnllvooii tilts Northwestern const of
Bloomsburg Official Directory.
President of Town Council (1. A. Herring.
I'loik-Paul K. WTTt.
Chief of Poll e-.las. C. sterner.
I'rosldf nt of lias Comp my s, Knorr,
Secretary 0. V. .Miller.
liioiiiiisuurff llanklmr company .lohn . Kunslon,
I'nMdeiil, II. II. Iln)i7, Cashier, Johu Peacock, Tel-
I'lN- Hank-Charles II. ration, ''resident
J. P. Tusttn, Cashier.
Colurubla County Mu'ual Sarins fund nnd Loan
Ass'iclvlon-i:. II. I.ltile, President, C. W. .Miller,
"eireury. , ,
ItlooinsiiiirL' Hulldlns and Savins; I'lind Association
Wm. Peacock, President,.!. 11. Itubtson, Secretary.
Illoomsburi; Mutual Savlna Kunct Assoelai Ion J.
I Hrowcr, Pi-esldcni, I". II. Wirt, fcecremry.
llw. .T. p. Tuslln, (Supply.)
s in lay Serv lees -lutf u. m. and flf p. m.
Suud iv School 9 a. in. , ,
Praj er Meetlns Every Wednesday evening nt ox
soais rreo. Tho public nro Invited to al tend.
Mlnls'er-llcv.o. I). S. Marelay.
Sunday Servlccs-loj n. in. and 7Xp. m.
Sunday school-On. in. ,,
Vraver JIco lns-Kvery Wednesday evening at 1
Se'atsfrco. No pews rented. All nro welcome.
Minister llcv. Slunrt Jllichell.
Sunday Services-lux "1I1 V-m-Sunday
Sohool-9 n. m. ...,.
Praver Meeilnff Ku-ry Wednesday evening at n.v;
seii'Sfree. No pews rented. Strunscrs welcome.
MBTiiontsT KrtscorAi. cunicti.
Presiding Kldcr Hev. W. Kvnns.
Minister llev. JI. I.. Siniser.
Sunday Services lux ""d X !" m.
Klllldav SCllOOl l p. 111. . rtolnrV
Hlble Class-Kvcrv Mond iy oycnlngal ejf o clwk.
fining .Men's I'mver .Meo.ilng-Kvery Tuesday
7 o'clock.
Corner of Third and Iron streets.
Sunday Henloea lox a. in. nnd 7 p. m.
Siindav school!) a. m.
prayer Meeting Saturday, 7 p. m.
All aro lnv lied There Is always room.
8T. PAUL'S ciiriicn.
!tectnr-HcvU Ztthmr.
Sunday Service lox a. m., 7X P- m.
Services-preparatory to Communion on ITldav
evening bcloro tho st Sunday In each month.
Pewsrcnted! butoverjbodv welcome.
Presiding Plder-ltev. A. I., lleeser.
Pr" ; ?r Meetlng-lery Sabbath at 2 p. m.
All nro invited. All are welcome.
Meets In "tho llttlo Hrlck Church on the hill, -known
tw the I Welsh llaptlst ChurcU-on Hock street
C"uegiVar0mectlng for worslilp, every Lord's day at
tCs?atnst?"ndU.o public aro cordially Invited to
attend .
--.nrvrit nl!fv1."IIQ t.lnnlr illst nrlllteil mill
S ,.,,iu. limine! In small books, on band and
for salo at tho Columbian office.
. . k
TiftAN'K DEEDS, mi 1'arcliniv-nt anil I.inen
13 Paper, common and for Administrators . ..sei'u
tjfs an.l trustees, for salo cheap ut the (.olimbiak
rAllUlAdE (HCHTI KI CATES jii.t printed
IV! "". .il. thnf'ni.runiAN Office. Minis-
or of "ho liospel and Justices should supply them
selves wmi IUCSO nutoaaai j m
T USTICES ami Constables' I'ee-ltills for sale
f) ntllioCoi.UMBiAM onion. They contain tho cor
r" ted tecs as established by tho last Act of tho Leg.
lat um upon tho subject, livery Justice nnd con
alnblo should havo one.
D 13 N TI S T.
onice In llnrtmati's lllock, second floor, corner
Main and -Market Miccts,
.May M-ly.
M'wlng JlnclilLcsnnd Machinery of all kinds re
palli d. OrEHA llouss llulldlng, Illoomsbuig, Pa.
over Mai.b's Stork, l'.loomsbuig, Pa.
apru Hi, isjs.
The asi-Lls of tlieso old CLrtrfiratlons are nil In
vested In SOLID shfl'lllTlrs nndnie liable totlio
liiraid 1 1 l'lre oiilj.
Mmleratolliics on I bo lest rlfkssre alone (ci pled.
1 OVSfS I ROMIH V lllill 1IOMI-TI.V luljusud and paid
OBMILIItiS Olieilllllitll U l II LIST I AN I' . IVN Al I , pc
rlal Ac, tit null Ailllll r. H'odlnf Inn tr. I'onn'a.
'ILt iltln suf tiHimllacouiit) should patronize
tliongti.ej where lobt-es, If any, am adjusted nnd
pain uy oiin or u.iu onu cuueus. uov.iu, - ,-i j
1('7. IHade o'-tlrnss by 11 1. 1'nrleon
loi. -i no se i Ki ll?, iiv t'liMain uirrjni
H9. Kieaiior's Wdory. bvMlss M KHraddon v(o
Ilo. 'I he tmistf retenlinin, y PloreneoM.irryntliio
111. A Tour of li.e worm in I iginy najs, uy
.in is veriio
Mind t nsh. bv Clinrlcs Hondo
lis. ooldeii i. mln, by II I. Karjenn
111. Iiairell Mnrkhain, by Mi's M K I'.rnddon
II . 111,111 the .Mn.e, by .Mis II Wood
llii. Pauline, by l.H Wslfurd
in, i no rimaie .vnnsier. uy iv i ies
lis. tireat KtiH'Ctutlons, by c lilikens
lit), runnel, uy m reini' .mhiori.
lsu. ltimuiieeof a Poor Yourg .vmn, by O l'cu
met 121. A life fnr al Ifo, by Miss Mnlnck
Vll 'I lit- rrliat tnptiiln lorryat
lz:i. Irlii LeKeiiiis, tiy samuei Uivcr
124. npilie I mljn s Heir, by Mts II Wood
121 .Mary nation, by Mrs (inskcll
I'M. Li einai or my l'uther'Mn,by It I) marti
ni 5m
127. .Mv lady Ludlow, by Mrs Haskell
W I' Ml.lltlnu. In MraM.fclill
129. Iho Wnndeilnir Jew. list halt) by rjuieno
run xikj
121). ho Wandering Jew (2d half) by Eiigcnn suo 2o
lilt', sermons oiil ui i iiureu. nv .vns .viu uck iu':
CY, Ktchanso Hold, llloomsburg, l'a.
i:tna,lnsCo.,oriIaitford, Connecticut...
l.lierpisil, London nnd illobe S0,w n.ii'io
lloiulot Llierpoot 1.1 fsi,iinu
l.ancnnshlie 1i),(hi, no
l'lre Association, l'hlladelphla 3,1ihi,ooii
Farmers .Mutual of Danville i.uoo.hih)
Dunvlllo. Mutual is.oou
Home, New Y'ork 5,6ik),oi)
As tho ngonelos nro rllreet, policies nro w rltten for
t ho Insured w II nout any di la) In the onice at lllooms-
.March 2,'77-y
Ijcfuntngof l'rr.rtpylv.snuu
r orth Ann rlcun of Vhlladeltihla, I'a
rtinklln, of ' "
1 chiiS)hntita of "
I ariners of Y'ork, Pa.
Hanover of New Y'ork.
Manhattan of
omco on Market street No. 0, Illoomsburg, Pa.
oct. U, '77-ly.
Til. L. EYEliLY,
Catawlssa, Pa.
1BI. .M'thai I MrocolT, by Jules Virno
iirj. .iiyh iiinion, uy v naries i ever
itis, i no iniuicbs oi itosiniary Lime, oy 111.1 ar
Ji'Oll 131. .ly mother's Ifo, by Amelia 11 ndwards
lav. Agatha's Husband, by Miss Mtilock
110. Katlu siewart, by Mrsollrhant
U7. A Hetit In a cloud, by Lever
1 s. Uhai lie com Her, by James Piijiio
139. LnmUm's Heart, by II I. PiirJi'OH
mil 1 no i,ioiy i.imc. o Mhs .11 1. i.iaouon
141. Ma.steriPiin Heaily, bv Cnptnln Mnrrjnt
142. 'Hie Hi ad of the l'nmllv. bv Miss Mlilr.ek
I4.1. The Haunted Tower, bv Mrs Henry Wood
144. Tho TMti I leuleiiants, by Aletiinder Dumas lee
113. Half a 11 1 1 1 II 011 of money, by Amelia II, Ed-
,140. Charles o'Mnlley, the Irls'.i Dragoon, by
IJer, (Trlp'e No)
147. Itatt In, the Heeler, by Captain Mnrryat
14s. iilue si king, by Annie I dnnids
149. Joshua Varvel, by 11 L I'lirjoon
ir.u. .Mlilsiitprnun t-asv , by Captain Mnrryat,
151. Thu Kusslin tivpsv, oy Alex Dumas
152. Arthur o'Lenry. by Charles Ixver
15.1. Ward of Wire 7
154. a point or Honor, oy Anne ciiwaras The Count of .Monte-CiMo, Alex Dumas
150. The King's own, by cnpt. Mnrryat
157. Hand nnd move, by Aim Ha 11. Kdwards
15s. 'Ireasure Troie. b Samuel l.oer
159. The riiimtnin -hip, in cnptnln Jinrryat
ion. The lilaik Tulip, by Alexnhder Dumas
101, Hie woild Weil lost, 1:, i.jiiii Linton
1112. sniriey. 1 inriono nroniM
liu. Frank Mlidmu.i. b uipt.ilii Marrint
li'4. a Noting A He's Morv, Harriet HoMrn
105. a Modern v InlsH r tvol. 1.) cheul) Novi 1
loo. 1 he 1 u-J I1IH11, bv iieorgo -and
107. 1 bo (Jue-'ltS M'fklaee, by -.let Dumas
His. con Crogtin, by 1 hailes I over
109. st. I'ntr.ek's Kve, by chnrlos I ever
ITii. Newt -n Lursti r, by cnptnln .Mturvnt
171. lloslii.T In I'olllll.e, b. MIs P.niddon
172. 1'hev.illi r lie MnUon Hollire. bv Dumas
173..1aplnt In Starch of 11 Filher by Captain
. -viairjai vnc
174. Halo i I'Dunnpliuc, by Charles lever 2"c
175. The Picha 01 Mnnv l'nlos. t'anialn Mnrryat luc
170. 1'eixlval K'eene by Captain 10c
117, (ieoree Canterbury's Will, by Mrs. Ilcnrv
Wood 200
17S. Huioilr.oil Luck, bv It. n. rramilllon ldc
178. 'J be Ills' ory or a ( lime. iv victor lingo 1110
Iso, Al miitiide, by WHMu Collins vio
Isl. 1 ho countess de Charny, Alex Dumas inc
20 Scnllntnljln :i tpncioiM lioile, built 101) years
ngo liy one ol our niiteslors, 1 liave hennl
tlmt lie was a naval nll'icer In llio llrilti-h
service, nml liml liveil iimler llio l'nulisli
I!:i2, 'ivlierevertlielirerze ciulil bear or wean
fiium.' null', weary willi rrmminj;, 1m snilglil
(his wrirM-fDrurltlni; spot, inai.ifeslini' Ills
me eni'iirliii; 1'ivo for tlio ticpan liy seltllnp; with
in tlieFoiitiil of the sirens voice, yet nfe
from lirr (mliiaoe. 'I lie mniisinn wliicli lie
built mut lie nil emblem of himself lialf
ft mini, halt moilern flinging to pracefiil
traililloii, jrtmlmlfnl of living facts. Every
thing in ami nrntiml the ilwelling nml the
placo siifiieits to me tho symptoms of family
Iralts ; the wild shore, uninvested save by
tho heaving ocean ; the dark forest In one
direction, looking ns though its recesses
we might be the abiding places of bogles or of
beautiful fairies j while, 011 tho other hand,
lay the desolate yellow hills.crowiied by gray
clouds that seemed ever unwilling to yield
to sunshine,
Tho house itself suggested refined comfort.
It was spacious and stilMntitial. Every part
of It was moulded with symmetry Hint lent
grace to its strength, nnd clearly bespoke- a
natum cultivated and proud, secure of his
own claims and confident ol its own tate ;
but the lofly vestibule, tho wide stairway,
and the spacious halls were imbued with a
gloom that 110 fancy decoration, nor music,
nor laualiter, nor tho intoxication of wine
could unbend, for there was an lnvliblopre
siding Influence that seemed to peni lrato the
liollowiie-s of mirth and to prnliet the litief-
ness of joy. From long seclusion in such
gof, a hnutit.niy own mind has h 1110 iis-imila
ted to the nttnospl'prt', and when I nttempt
irnvptv il is in the stilnlmd firm which ex-
prees u dit- revi'reiu'H for llio stately gloom
ol siirrnuiidiiig 11-srcialioiis
It was a gloomy night, the rain poured
heavily, but the winds lay Mill as if specta
tors of the performance of tho pitiless
flood a slow heaving of the tide that was
coming in full from thosea. The fire run red
and crackled as if trying to hilarious in
spite of the sullen gloom w ithout. Cousin
William, my childien and myself sat around
1 c
Collections pron.ptly made and remitted. Office
onposlto Catawlssa Deroslt Hank. 6m-3s
1S2 Juliets, bj Mis. Cameron
ls3. Kmllwortli. by nr Walter scott
1S4. The Llttlo savage, by Captain Mnrryat
loo the broad hearth, and a sympathetic silence
1110 seemed to lall upon us all. I tried in vain
W. II. Abbott. W. 11. Hiian.
Pensions obtained.
dec 21, '77-ly
Is.-,. "i.ood-Hje swcotiienrt." by lthoda Hiougton luc , ,i,!.,i. r ., i,i ..u-jn,,, ol,orf,,l
1 naues iniKcns 2i'c " e, i--- -
. KAt'B.
UNDUE NOTES just printed nml for sale
cheap at 1110 Columbian own. .
(i. ItAHKEEY, Altoniey-at-I.nw. Ofiice
In burner's building, 2nd stor)', llooms 4 & C
TMl. WM. M. ItEIIEH. Surgeon and l'liysi-
I elan, onicu ti. U. corner lloi.k and Market
an eels.
list ul, I'rj 111 1 I- &. i:d lvn r!s,
(Successors to Henedlct Horsey sons, 923 Market
Importers and dealers In
923 Market Street, Philadelphia.
Constant!) en bawl original andAssorted Packages
June 29, '77-ly
H. EVANS, il. I)., Surgeon and riiysi
. clan, (Ofllco and ltcsldeueu on Third street,
II. McKELVY, M. D., Surgeon nml I'hy
slclan, north bldo Main street, below Market.
II. UOI1ISON, Altorney-nt-I,aw. Office
In Hartman'sbulldlng.Maln street.
O b
KNORR. Attnrnev-al.Law.Oflice
In Hortman's llulldlng, Slain street.
ROSENSTOCK, riiotogrnpher, ov
, Clark t Woll's btore, Main street.
r.,-,.i,n.,, Tiin-
V 1 If liOII Ulllll.lliii jTH.ui.ui. .iiiiwi
Main St., above Central Hotel.
S. KUI1N, dealer il. Meat, Tallow, etc.,
centre street, uciw ecu pecuuu aim 1 uu u.
Increase cf Penticns cUalnea, Ccllecticw nadc.
onice, becond door from 1st Natlounl Jiank.
itmoMsuuita, PA.
Jan. 11, 1ST8
1ml Dftvltl t'liMit'tlU III. bv
I4!. Nauori, li AIo-xhihUtDuniuh
lS. -lliUMMM KiilllUy KOltllisOU
iv.t. iii nrj liunlui, h MNs itrmMnn
1 in). Mcmoiis iif a riijslol.m, by Alox Dumns
11)1. lit' 'J hree Cutlers, by Captain Marrjat
VJ2. 'Mo Cohs-i Irators, l.y Aiuxninitr immaa
10.1. llfiirtrr MWlolliUii.MrWnlicrswtt
H4. 7s o Intt'hlluiis. liv riorcnt'c Mamatl
li.. I hal if I of luiuula, v .1(mw)i1(t Dumas
VM. Mcn-las N eklctiv. by niarloalJickL-ii'i
19J. Nancj liy IMiorta r.r.inhtnn
1li. Set tit r lnCanitda, l I'anlaln Mnrrjaf
ivy. 101SHTK nun i ne iicanu, uy tuns, i;eno
iiMi. TI10 Mciik, o Mull hew (i. I.cl3, j, r.
(Mor.k l,eisr.
Jul. I'HthuMn Ititnn tty Mo
( lotMcr aiid t lie lU-arlb, 1 rhas i rado
L'i'i. 1 lie 1 .itniir i.iiinni, w . 11. t. iintrioii
2i$. 'I lie iiijMcilis uf I'arls, list half) by ilusene
S'.IO '2DC
iK. Tiiu mintrles or raris, ota iiain by tiiitrc no
Viifi. rrKou of AFpH. by I Varrjat loc
iiuT. I lie chlldH-n or thu New l oi eat by Cart
.ui in hi vus
Stw. N-ith and Scutii, bj Mrs.(;ask(11
wy. A .(t we or a (ilrl lac
Jli). Yountf .Mii'i.e.nv .Mr1, fMipnatit n't;
ill. Ittiiidolrn ttouHPii. by oithir w
-ivi. itiitrudler rrt'dciUk. h lltekiaacn-Chatrlan ltio
13. iuniiib. HiKiire. by elms nickt'iis wm
H Utnstnwi', by Mrw. It'll li Adatiw luc
21s li rdsor rip. ny u u.uidoii
21 ti. 1 tjccii'is f Die lilatk nttii, by .If mes flranttoi
217. Tlio Niu ruriuiKbtr m, Amos barton, ui
CeorL'e ijiot
211. Iftnbei and won, by cliniles IMrUens
2'y. My own I'liU'i, uy i ic iener Mitnyat
20, ui dipe 1 unieruurj h mjj, vy Mit utnry
22t. Poor Zepli. bv V, W, li'blnsnn
til. I.utdi tin' Moldems b .1 P. Cooper
t't 'l 1 K. Mm 1 1.i"n nt U f m Itnirnw
2'f. 1 lie l ain I lii'H'i. t'. r..i.ii'u or
'111. lliiini.ili, b- Vl-s Mnt'H-k
li, 'l he l.'cKfi.C.-i I'autj'lilc r, by immas
22.t. 'Hie Pioneers, bv .1. IVn.more Cimper
i!3i MttlH (iraiid and tl.o Murihtunftf, by
231, The i'ralrle. bv J. Fenlmore C er
nark N'Kdit's Woik, by Mr, (iaikell
23:t. The Pilot. b J. renlinnre C( utin r
234. 'lli Tender Heeollc ctions of Jr(fne Macgili-
i 21.1. v i) open Veidlct. bv Mhs UraVKn
23. Slieplu nls all and lnatdens Fair, by Wultcr
a aiji .mines nieo
m. Wandering Ib-lr, by Chaib-H Ifcado
m lte.itrice, by .lulla Kn.uiairii
2. vi No'iiifiroiijfhfaie, by t haiies Ukkiuaand
iihie it l'ins
24a, 'I he I in 1 1. 'I liu-li by Mhs MuIh k
ut. I r eoir n. hv "iiii tU"
mo 1 tin 'I lirr-n I o .Hi, Iiv W'lltl.oin l.tnrlr
j 2-i.ll D.iisv Uidy ilnrdv
24. 1 no 1 niee unaiusini n. ny nuin-w
24i. .lack Manly. ly .Pnnn-s drant
24i, I'eir oninjr'on, bycharhs Keado
247. Maitln Uiiulewit b Mi'kfus
24. Itread ai.d Ci.tebo and Kiafais, by IJ. I Par-
j' on
sio Cetiiriillemalne'fi'flnj;". by "OuidV
aw. No nine. bv ilklo Citlllns
2ft I. Lady Au -leys e it 1, j Mbs M i:raduon hkj
ruvsiciAN ssuhoeon,
uoice, North Market street,
Illoomsburg, I'a.
T U. l'UNK,
A t tor noy-al -I.nw,
Increase, of Pensions Obtumcd, Collections
(inico in nut's lli npisu.
TR. I. I.. KAllIS,
Main street, oppoblto KplM'Opal CUuicU, LUivcins
burg. To.
tr- Tec tli extracted vsltbout rain.
nug n, '17-ij'.
A T TO R N E Y S-A T -I. A W,
CoLViirux 111'ii.viKu, Illoomsburg, I'a,
Members ol tho Vnlted btatcs law Association,
Collections ruado in any pan o! Auiertca or Kurerje
Tim attention or tho travelling public Is respect
run 1- tmiicil to some or tlio met Its of this ereat)iti;b
way. In tho comment assertion and belle! that no
other lino enn oner eipial Inducements as a routo ot
uirougn iruiei. in
Construction and Equipment
stands eonfessedlv nt tho head of American railways.
The track Is doiitilo thoentlielenglli ot the lln", of
steel rallslnlil onhenvy oak lies, which nio eiiibed-
ileil in 11 rouniiaiioii in hick iituuihi eik'nieen iin nt-i
Indi'plh. All bridges nre ot Iron or stone, and built
upoh tho most approved plans. Its passenger ears,
whllu eminently s.itu nnd substantial, nio at the
bamo tlmo models or coinrort ami elegance.
In use on this linn well UluMrnto the far-seeing and
liberal policy ot Its management ,ln occordanco m 1th
which the utility only ot an Improvement nnd not
lis cost lias I.CCI1 Hie ipienuuu ui vuuaiui;iiiuii.
Among many may bo noticed
rnrmiiii-in eoniutietlon with a oerfect double track
and road-lied n combination of safeguards agatnst
aeeldents which havo rcuaerta teem prauii-uuy im-
Pullman Pal.icc Cars
aro run on all Express Trains
1'roni Nc Vorh, Plilliiili lldilii, lliillliniire nml
IV iimiiiiikiuii,
To Cliirnm,, C'lnrliiliiilt, l.ouUtllle, InillnlinpolU
unit M. 1.011IM,
nnd to nil principal points In llio far West nnd Routu
Willi nm fine ciimiira ui ettm. v uiiuetuiiii" nm tiiuutj
ln Union Hepots, and aro assured to all Important
op Tins
Is admitted to tie unsurpassed In tho world for gran iK'iiutv nnil vnrlelv MiiH-rlor refreshment fa-
riiuleH urn orovlfleii. Kmnloi et a are count ous nod
al lent lie, aim li is an inev.ini'ie resiui umi u iripoj
the Pennsylvania uauroau mutt loim
2J Hunt to (.'eorplamia M. cralk
213. a 'line sinn, ny i u Mining
21. Hie IK-Ioroou, hv -MNs itrauiion
vm. lj.lli-.ilr. by liluht lion. II. I liiaell
1. 'iC. 1 mil oakburu's liaugliUrs, I j .Mrs. Henry
2. i7. 'I lini r.oy of N'orcott's, by Lever
25S. I'lljllis, ' he Imulll'sK
iM). Valentine Vo,(ist h.ilDl j' llinry roeklon
vru, Vnleiitlim Vox, (2d half) bv llei.iy Cm'ktoii
sco. charlotte's lulirilluue. by -Mlis II. 11.
Iiramif u
2C1. tl-eral Ies I antlne, by Hugo
2ii2. 1.cs v. iserables coseite. ty Hugo
ws. i es Aii-,eraiiieb jiaiitiH. ii i u -u
2iU. I.c.1 Jlherables-M lleimli, by Hugo
los.i iseraMes .lear. ni ean. hv lluiro
21'nl. .lueoli ralthfnl. bv Cai lain Maiilnt
2ii7. 'I he Ijist ot Ibo HaddotiK, hi Mr, Newman
2iw. I'Dity-llie (, by liunus
vim, ei-ii nsii hum, is Mie, ny unoua lirougliion
21ii. The Jilt. Lv elms Keudij
211. 'Ibo Diary of a 1'hj hkl.m, (ut hall) by sa.nucl
warren tee
271. I be Plan of n notl-iau (2d hall) by Kunuil
Win nil 20c
272.'ihecncktt oniiie iiinrin, uy cnanes nuk'
273. Hniilvjow, byCnpr. Mnrrjnt
214. 1 1 n Tuour-uiiti u ii'ar.iisi uaiii oy i-mimei
warren 2ec
274. T. n 'ihousanii a year (2U linn) ny (amuc
warren enn
275, A Miauow on the Threshold, uy .Mury Cecil
270. 'I lie Pago cflholiuko cfHavoy, by Alox.
277. Iirniher .Taeoh. hy (lerrge Kllot
21-.. mi lours l nit r. ova ex. iiiiuuh
27'.'. A 1 1 nf In Urn siorio, by "Outd i"
twi 'I be H reck of tho ' (irosvenor"
2l. Ijidv -Marabout's Troubles, by "(lulda"
22. i-oor-iaeic. uy i apiain -narryai
2--3 Twenty lears .Mier, uy iininas
sm. oilier Twist, by 1 buries lilckens
2i. Cometli t'pasa I'ltmer, bv lihodallroughtonluc
jS to n)' Ij'i.t as each idea jire-eiited itself I
i"c loiinil some Inn t with it. lis licinir too lignt
. i . ' I ... 1 ......i
Vc 1 loo soinure, nr loo coiiiiiiiiiipiuce in uu vuiu
llio nllomnnn
At lenlli, Ciitnin William more in
tone, however, ol' soliloquy than of eonver
ation aid
'Yes ! just thirty years to-night since he
Anything was a relief to the long silence.
and we all eagerly caught nt the opportuni
Siiico who died ?' 'Whom do you mean
Couin William ?' 'How straugo that ymi
should reniemher so well anything that
transpired so lone ago I' Who ai it that
'Anyone in whom we arc interested V
'Only a kiinnian,' hn said, 'and one of
whom yon liavosoinetimcs heard our cousin
Sir Hugh, who was nnee iosesed of thee
domains; one who enjoyed the poiition
nnd advantage! which wealth and title gave
ouc who had a brilliant career, who shouh
have had a happy life, hut whoe death was
strange ai d sad.'
'Do tell uj,' I said, 'something about him
I have always Celt a curiosity about liini, lor
all tho intimations I have had about him
inve been faint, indistinct glimmer unlit
n,o iug plain and explicit like thedetails of our
other dead kinsmen : and I am ju-t in the
mood to-niglit to enjoy a rummage into the
secret drawers ami hidden passages of tli
past ; so, Cousin William, if you will lay
n-ida your cigar nnd drink this glass of wine
I know that you can make yourself no en
tcrtaluiug that the beating rain ami mom
iug sea will be forgotten, I will even volun
teer to placo you on the train of the funtik
en past by asking you if our cousin, Sir
Hugh, was not a very eccentric sort of per
son ?'
'Uather strange, I might say,' replied
Cou-iii William, 'because his iinlikcncM to
others mil not show lUelt in overt actions, ns
do the whims of eccentric men. Society re
cognized him as one conforming to the rules
and welcomed him ns a leader who could dic
tate its opinions or grace his pleasures. His
liio strangeness was known to those who mingled
in his daily life, and who, liko myself, look
ed up to him, and, by chance, looked into
him. lie had the faculty of obtaining the
entire confidence of his associates without
yielding anything in return, and, while
seeming to open his mind to you, he was only
penetrating your thoughts j so that, on com
paring your revelations with what you had
Po heard, you were made to know that you had
I"1 ..I nil ...! .. I.I....
lun mi iiiui iriritL-ii lli'lllllii.'.
'Was ho handsome ?' asked my daugh
ter.' 'That was always n mooted point,' said
Cousin William; 'ihnsj who had only a pas
sing v lew prunouncjil him almost homely,
while thiiM! who knew him well considered
luc i in ineoinourab v lililnl.-onie. tlio Inlluenci;
in,, 1 ' '
2i of his voh'o and manner being Irre.-iMi
mo i,i i
1 11. A W.J. 11UCKALEW,
Illoomsburg, I'a.
(imceon Main Street, first door bclon t'ourtllouso
Tickets for Mln nt llio lowist rales at the Ticket
Onicesof the Compaii) In all Important elllea and
low ns.
T F..t J.M.CLAltK,
llencral Mul.fgir,
(lei Passenger Agent.
Illoomsburg, I'a.
Ofllco In Ent's llulldlng.
HI tier- In Herman's I'ulldliig, Main Hrert,
Illoomsburg, I'a.
1, 14TTI , KOB T, K. L1TTLI.
s u x ii ii T.rrrr.K.
r '
' " k nvrHlWPl'B 1 W
Hloonibbure, I'a.
1 Afi'K Clr.'IHll nLloniptlot
tor la t im (TLrNu ouws
,r. k. Pass. Acent Middle Dlst..
12 Ntrlli Third rtrcet, llarrUburg, I'a.
ten. 1, 78-iy,
main street, urangcvinc, tra.
ivaler In
Fine Toilet Soaps, Bruehcs.Conibso,
t)vit nmrini J'llratU. Vnfmnrry nnd J-'micy
Imht Aiticlit in J.uUlrn 1 nay.
Also a Klne assorlinentct
Iiy! MoiiiIn nml lljti MiiIIn,
Sicilcg and Chewing Tcttcccs.CIg. rt,Cnnff,&c.
PhyBioiniiR Prcpoj'iptionB
arrurntelr cnmpouuijtd. A fbare of pulllo patron-
bgti IS KOiieiiu.
JIUO, l -u.
IN). Alter Hark by Wllklo Collins
Vs7. leighton (irdiige
2s. 'Ihei hariilugs, hy Mrs Henry Wocd
sii. a Chrlstin is enrol, u c. Phkens
2ii, link H(Kli.e), by .lames Urant
m, Olive, hy Miss .Mulock
2U2. "'Ho cumeiii .oi, Mio ala,' uy auiiio
203. 1 inn i roM' K4IHUI 1 Lou r
2.0, I OH llglllieS, HV .1I1SS JIIUIM'K
2!is. Ijt lor I nm. by Miss lir-ddon
i'o, i em nurku oi 'ours," (ikt hull) uy cnarics
290, 'loin Huike of "Ours," (2d half) by Charles
207. 'Hie Hnunlcd Man, by ( limits Dickens
2s. cautal i I'liul. by Alex. Hmuas
21'J. Py Proxj, by James Pajn
3.o. Hv Ceilas Aitor. Iv Jaints l'csantand Wat
icr u ico "i
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sent postage prepaid, ou ruclpt ot price.
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aug s. n-tui
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SI, !J and 23, Vandewater St., N. V,
rSTATK OF OEOBCK 1111 1 k, ntc'i.
letters tisimuriitary on ll.e estaie of lieorge
Mill, r. lulu (f Mlll'ln teuiishlo. ColllliiLlii eo..
I'a.. bae been grunied by the HcglMcr of co
liiinbln county, to the undirslgned lxecu1ors
of Main twp., to whern all rcrsoiiu iLdebted, are
rciiuisiedto make tniineillafn pavirent and Ihoso
l.avliigelulinsor demands against the raid rotate
will uiaso inem Kiionn too uuti;it.' iixccu
toiB without delay, ,
lJANUX ill 1.1. til,
eepUD.ns-tw Mala lowLsLlp.
joo 'I can understand exactly how it was,'aid
2'0 r 'even fit lliU ,1 i.l'i lini I l-nnii- Ihut 111 it
Ilk' ' ' "'
K'c ciiiisiii of ours and feel his power. I believe
I can even tell you what portion of this
liim.-u he built, for I enn soe it has some
tout lie greatly dill'ering from others. I be
lievo that he built tho-,o two toiven on tho
Weft side, that look like far seeing eyes.try
ir.g to calch visions of sometliiug longed for
whicn never came and never was to come for
him. I feel as though his heart longed al
ways for the taste of somo joy it could nev
er reach, or was embittered by the thought of
something foolishly thrown away,'
'You aro romantic,' said Cousin Wil
liam. 'Not romantic, if you please,' said I, 'only
very Impossible ; for although, as you ab
ready know, I am a widow, possessed of a
stout hoy and budding daughter, I tun not
one of those dutiful dames who confer all
their bloom upon llulr daughters and all
their Leu it upon (heir sous, I still can boast
roses on my own cheek nnd acknowledge
some luthiiig9 of the heartwheii either deud
or living hi rocs are I lie tuljcct of couvtrsu
tion. 'No,' I reiterated, 'I am not romantic,
hut I can enter into some people's natures,
though their possessors have been long dead,
nnd I cm gather them close to my heart,nnd
stiller the longings that tnadi! thnu sick nnd
mourn for the faults that midethein forlorn.
wlh I had lived when lie lived, and had
been his sister, nr '
'Or perhaps his sweetheart ?' contlnu'd
Coii.ln William.
'Did ho have a sweetheart ?' eagerly in
quired my liltlp on. 'Did he not love any
of the pretty Indies ?'
'lie was married, I siid, anticipating
Cousin llllnin s reply.
'Ho wn,' said Cousin William, 'but mv
fortunately ni'irryiii'.' and loving do not nb
wnvs go hatid ln-hand, and his was one in
stance in which, I think, they walked very
far asunder.'
'And yet,' I said, 'from all you tell me,
I imagine ho might have chosen and betn
His success villi women,' replied Cousin
William, "was without parallel. His slight
est attention seemed to hnvfl tnoro weiiht
than tho earnest devotion of oilier men. I
might oven say he was sought of women.
talth, family position, personal fascina
tion, all tended to make him the marked
ideal of the female sex ; but I fear that Ills
choieo fell in what he considered an nnpro-
ilious spot, and in this fact lay the secrei cf
his slrangenes". It was during the summer
prececding Ids death that I became acquaint
ed willi incidents which opened many mys
teries tome. He and I were affectionate
companions, I being the younger of the two;
nn,l, as I have said, during the summer pre
ceding his death ho proposed that, we should
prosecute together a pleasure tour among
the Highlands ; so we set oil' provided with
hunting and fishing implements nnd for
many days pursued our sports with much
avidity at least, I did, but I could after
ward, in thinking of this expedition, recall
the restless desiro which Sir Hugh seemed to
repress, while he exhibited an unconscious
anxiety about sometliiug not present.
"We had piirui'd our sports for the spaco
of ten d iys, when on the aflernn'in ot the
eleventh, we Miililcnlv, and without any
warning, arrived at a cottage situated snug
ly in the cleft of the mountain, looking like
tho nest ot'a bird. I was startled by tho
cultivated beauty of its surroundings, just
in the midst of the mountain wilds, remind
ing me of some rare (lower borne by the
winds from a foreign shore, with no kind
red blossom to bear it companionship. The
welcome accorded us by the head of tho
iauiily proved that Sir Hugh was a valued
if not a frequent guest. A look of inquiry
showed me that all the iiiiial family were
not there; but tho rustling of n dress, tho
sound of a light footstep, and in the dour
stood u young woman whose presence cer
tainly answered to Sir Hugh's ituultcred
question. '.Mis E-tlier Jloutrose, allow me
to make you acquainted with my coiniu ;
and I felt :i solt hand for a moment within
ray own, a frank pressure, as though the in
triulucer were a guarantee for any one, and
in a few moments I was feeling myself un
accountably at my e.le among total strang
ers. The l.illier anil mother, inougii ineir
f ices reminded one of llio old Cjvenanteis,
were plain and kindly in llieir m inner; and
the daughter had that sweet,
that dignity of innocence, that no fashion i
blo training can ever confer, but which al
ways accompanies .1 tender heart and a re
fined imagination. Tho hours passed un
heard ; and llio days grew into weeks al
most unheeded by either of sis. 1 think,
for tho only time in my life, I saw Sir Hugh
seem quietly happy.
"I cannot recall any of our conversation,
but my memory of her is like the ell'ect of
any autumn day, and her beauty seem ti
havo been m ule of the tints of tho se.i-slicll'
tlio odor of jasmine and the fettered rays of
sunshine. 1 watched Sir Hugh closely, and
he did not foiget his usual caution. His
bearing toward her as-umed a high tone of
gallantry, mingled with sternness which 1
knew was effected ; for several time when
ho thought hini.elf unobserved, I lead in
his glance a passionate devotion which made
me know that there was the talisman which
In society shielded him from all tho charms
and wiles spread before him by courtly
'I havo slid that hours became wce'ks, in
this dream iifhiipplucs, when at last I an
nounecd that I must hi turning my f.ioa
homeward. Sir Hugh immediately sane
tinned the movement, and it was agreed that
two days moro should ronclude our visit.
Esther was not irecnt when wo spoke of
our intention to leave, nor do I know how
she became informed of it. I only remein
her Mint when it was alluded to the seemed
not at all surprised.
Tho last evening of our stay was unusual
ly beautiful. Tho clear orange bunset was
kivm suiliiscil with uie silvery ncains oi mo
full moon. Tea was served in tho arbor,
where juusic, song and subdued tones of con
ver-alinu beguiUd the tlmo until midnight.
I know I reproached myself at tho time for
Intruding on the parting hours of those
whom I felt were lovers. I think they watch
ed tho night out together, and, without any
endeavor on my part, I h.ird so much of
their conver-atioii a served for a l-ey to his
past and his fuluro life.
'Are you in earnest about not returnihg
here ?' I heard lit r say.
I said I would not return until t brought
my bride.'
'Ytiur bridal she said. 'Is she already
selected and how long havo you loved
That I a question,' he said, affecting to
laugh, 'hard to answer. I have known her
these two years, As to loving, you nre the
only person nuthoriz'sl to speak on that
ter. Surely you know that no living worn
an except yourself has ever caused my heart
ti throb,'
You lovo me, and yet you do not lovo me!
Strange contradiction,' she said. I tut it
shows nio that what bus been my entire life
ha been with you only u passing episode.'
'If your design 1 to he severe,' ho said,
you' certainly have driven homo the weap
on this time, and given mo nil umluservod
thrust. I am glad to say that you havo done
mo Miogrea'ist injustice.'
'I judge you only by your o-vn actions,'
she said. 'SuriiV no man should demur to
such a,'
'You furgct,' he answered, that I nm not
my own master. Position has Its demands!'
'None,'1 she said, 'but such as n strong
mm could control without any detriment to
Ills manhood,'
'You mistake,' ho siid. 'You do not know
the world nod its dictate how it sets aside
feeling when It cotillict with ciuUiu and
publia opinion.'
'I confess that I klow llttlo of tho world. ! 'I f ,un,l It m..L , i,t.t, ,.,,,,
atillivl.hlknsiv.till ls4 f Institutions apprehension of gloom that would fix It-
nm,, uiiriuo. miseuoou mine holiest lies of se f ntimi mv mln.l nml T .1. -mM,.
life ; but I do not know that the world, nor ed the road miny time,, t catch, if possl
lllp, nor uVath should sivervn me from that ble, the fir-t glimpse of the comer.
leu iy i ii ion suouiu oq givemed hy Higher 'It was ou the afternoon of tho ninth day
laws than man ever enacts.' that I had il, nf .ln lmr,.
'Von should know Mint rank pays heavy "i'i approach the house, who, upon a near
penalties for Its privileges, and the liuvl-t er view proved to be Sir Hugh ; and having
penalty is tho one which concedes the choice sumnvined Esdy Louisa to ascertain if mv
of wive and husbnids to llm diel.uimi of conviction were col red, wo both watched
our peers. As a prince se.-k a princes', him for sume time, and were quite utiable to
s must an earl seek a countos. comprehend why he should return bearing a
'Can I ever forget how my chivalry fired v,ilt''' 3 behind him, fur we could distill-
nt this expression I Sir Itu 'h was mv kins. K"''1'1 ,icr ,vita sutliclent clearness to see the
mm, yet I how I longed to stand heforo him t,)"t '" v"il lloniin injthe breeze. Wo
a her companion, and tell him that the c,"i-(:tu'cd in vain as to who It might b,
wealth nf heart was rithrr than the rubles of w,"!l,i lo ",lr nnizment, a he rode to the
tho bridal gifts, and her brow a thiono be- 01 l"e lcl"i th3 lMw WM 110 longer
fore which coronets might kneel.
'I heard but little more of the conversa
tion. I thought I heard a sob, and then lie
eemed to lo pleading earnitly nnd tender
ly for some token of privilege. Her la-t
words were these :
'Promise mo that, whatever betide, you
will come to my numinous,'
I promise,' replied he. I heard no
'Early the next morning wo set off. Es
ther plovled indisposition as an excitsa for
not appearing, and through hr mother sent
her farewell and kind wishes for our jour
'Our journey homo was anything but
pleasant. Sir Hugh was moody beyond
power lo bo roused. Hull known less of
to ho seen
'Almot before we had greeted him we
exclaimed :
' 'Itut t!.e lady I What have you done
with her V
''What indy?' ho said. 'I am sure I
saw uo indy during my ride to-day, except
ing the wife of the landlord at tho Inn,
twenty mile distant.'
' lint we both saw tho lady mounted lie
hind you a lady wearing a long veil and
she did not leave you until vou were mitii
cieutly near form to distinguish her hand,
as sho held it about your waist
'Sir Hugh was so much annoyed, and said
he was so weary and hungry he could relih
rest and refreshment much more than mi an
ingles jokes.
This remark ended'all our badinage, and I
hi secret, I might havo rallied him on the think the strange circumstance was never
subject of his pretty Ireasure, but I knew rclcrred to again.
tin well where the forbidden ground lay to 'Sir Hugh volunteered nothing to any one
dare place my foot upon anything concern- on tho subject of his trip, and hi evident
iug her. To mo sho seemed so holy, so far reserve prevented my intruding nny q ie
above the ordinary level of bsdinage, that tion or remark bearing on tho point. I
for her sake, even more than for hi, I re- could not, however, hut ho impressed with
Pained from all reference to tho subject. his extreme sadness, .
'Wo had returned from our excursion on- 'It may bo fortunste, in the general ui-
ly abouu ono month, when Sir Hugh made rangement nf Povidone,", tli it the future i
known the fact that ere long Enly Eoui-a concealed fro-n us, hut I do think that pre
Page would bo the mistress of Darkwood teriiattitnl vision would at ei r'aiu tuuii be
Sly grandfather's clock was too largo for tho shell
so It stood ninety yearn on tho floor !
1 1 w as tiller by halt than tlio old man himself,
Though It weighed not a pennyweight mure,
it was bought cn the morn of the day ha es born.
And w as always his treasure and prldo i
Hut It stopped short never to go again
When tho old man died.
( nones,
Nicety years, without slumbering (tick, tick,
tick tick),
Ills ute-secouds numbering, (tiok, lick, tick, tick)
It stopped short never to go again
When tlw old man died.
In watching Its ptndulum swing to and fro,
-Many Hours nan no spent while n lew :
And in childhood and manhood the clock seemed to
And hi share both Ids grit I and his lov.
l'orlt slruck tWCtltS four whon ho enteral nt .iha
With n blooming nnd beautiful brlds:
Hut P- stoi'ped sliort neier to go again
When tho old mm itlsd.
Chokcs Ninety years, etc.
Mi grandfather said ot Uiolo lej could hire,
Not u servant so faithful he found i
For It 'vasteil no thnft, mid had bat ono desiro
u Hie close of ouch wet k to bo w ound.
And It kept In Its pi ie"-not a frown upon Its face,
And Us n mm never hung by It side :
llut It, stopped short never to go again
When llio old inia died
CiiOKCs Ninety years, etc.
It rang an alarm In llio dad of the night
au hi irm mr years hid been dumb ;
And we kneiv tuit his spirit a plunging tor flight
'iliAl 1.1s hour of'me had come,
still th! clock kept tho lime, with a soft and mutlled
As we sl'ently blood by Lis side ;
nil' It stopped short never to gi n;da
VVUih llivol 1 mail dk'd.
CnoRi-s Nluf ty jears, etc.
MlMl .UTEll.
place. I had never seen tho lady, but ru
mors of her beauty, high birth and fashion
able prestige had reached me, and I felt no
little curiosity to see the future bride.
The day of her arrival was exceedingly
sunny, and with the bustlo of arrival, the re
ception of strangers, the supper, tho loud
music and merry laughter, tho old house
seemed for a time completely transformed,
and I almost wondered if all my former life
had not been a concatenation of dre.ims,and
if this were not my first awakening to ac
tual life. Nothing had before ever worn
such a look of reality. The bride was a
stately beauty, her personal charm being
such a wero grasped ut a glance, consisting
of regular feature, fino eyes and noble car
ri ige.
Some of the guests remained several weeks;
fir Sir Hugh was a graceful and graciou
host; but I could see how little his heart
was in all these gay manilestation. At
ngth all the visitors departed, and tiling
resumed llieir usual routine.
'Lady J,iiiia was a woman very fortunate
iu her composition which rendered her near
ly, if not entirely independent of the senti
ment of daily lite. If conventionalities wero
to bo observed she never troubled herself
about tho motives by which they were actu
ated, and if tonus wero obtained she was
nevei affected by tho expression. She val
ued what the world valued, and il not dis
appointed in tho fact that life yielded her,
ho sought neither pleasure nor pain iu fan
cied interpretation of material thing ;
therefore if her lord dispensed the hospi
talities ot his mansion with fashionable
grace, it mattered not if the smile he wore
reached uo farther tbauthoWp. If he sus
tained hi sharo in tho conversation, she
cared not, though his eye and hi thoughts
might be wandering far away from the
It was not long before everything as
sumed the moody look that again rented on
Sir Hugh, for I verily bclievo thu master spir
it In a household does endow mute siirroun-
ling witli it own color. I.idy Louisa
was we.ilt'-'y and possessed a physlcil vivac
ity that was able to triumph unconsciously
over it all. I know that I felt grateful to
her for giving a wholesome) air lo tho daily
occurrence of our establishment. I wa that sho had the faculty of always be
ing able to talk and laugh about common
place thing i in a commonplace manner, and
I found that tho tact of my finding reliel in
this daily chat ma le me very companionable
to her, and rulliced for much negligence on
the part of Sir Hugh, who nivir made, or
seemed to make, any effort to adapt him-elf
to ,her society. Thing wore on this way
until ibe approach. ol autumn; n season
welcome to me and to liiin, beeuiso it fur
nished u with outdoor sport; a teasou wel
come to I.ady Lnuiaa.bccuuso it wa the pre
cursor of a London season, a period which
summed up for her all tho vivid enjoyments
of existence.
' 'This i actually tho fifth of September,'
I said wiie morning; at breakfast, 'The air
is keen enough to make hunting very en
joyable.' ' 'You could not havo hit my mood more
exactly,' siid Sir Hugh ; 'and let us start
before the edge is taken oil' the air. I lovo
to feel my cheeks tingle with the cold
while I am pursuing my game.'
'The day could not have beei better suit
ed to the purpo.e, The gray clouds admit
ted a level light, rendering distant objects
more distinct than even u bright sun-liliie
would have done, We hail n long tramp
and toward the cloo of the day returned,
bearing ample evidence of our aiiceec, and
we hiund the fire at home and the linril'
souioly served dinner very welcome creature
Does ku remumber that fair evtntng plucked
Outot the very hgort of gr.i.luus June,
We Kalknltliroinrli-! Is ties nnd meadows bathed
In lot iv.ilto gioiy ot tue summer moon?
better for us all. (I, lur instance, what .".a
to transpire in our household at that lime
could have been reveakd lo me, I imagine
that much suffering might have been avert
ed. An im ruurdened henri, like a bsitery
overchargtd, deals thstruclive shocks upon
the human sjslein, and sympathy is a great
and safe c inductor of those tremendous
thrill which otherwise tear and reuj ihu
human vitality. I am trying to sty that
had 1 iuduccd Sir Hugh to confide his secret
to me, such an outlet would have hem lined
hi mental condition. A pent-up sorrow.
like fixed air, stilles him who breathes u.
'Hut it is useless to speak of what I might
have done, or its probable results. Suffice it
to say that within a few weeks alter hi re
turn Sir Hugh sickeued though all was done
that science or the closest at t en tion could
do, it had no visible effect. He said but
little during hi illness About hi situation.
He was apparently calm, and alluding lo
hi state always spoke' of hi recovery as a
thing not to bo expected.
'Several time wo thought him delirious
because he wa evidently talking to some one
who wo thought was not present, llut a few
days lit lore hi death his attendants insisted
that on several occasions they saw a female
figure near him which wa closely veiled. I,
lor one, can testify to tho fact that there cer
tainly was a palpable, visible, iutangiblo
presence, more di-iiuct in a faint light than
in a lull light ; and lliij, I suppose, was tho
reason why Sir Hugh cried so earnestly,
'Light mule light I'
'The nearer he approached dissolution tho
more distinct the imago became, until we all
fella though arranger was present.of who-o
home ot inline none of us knew aught. Al
ter many pangs, Sir Hugh breathed his last.
Thu night was ilo-e and sullen, and the still
ness ol dcnili pervaded everything, when a
deep n.o'iii penetrated every portion ol the
house, fcui room to room and through
stairway and hall, then paed into tho wide
air, and with it went the evelasting soul of
him who, but u few days before had bten
the foiiuiinto ioesor of all that makes lifo
grand and sweet.
'There hu always hern a superstition,'
continued Con-in William, 'that on tho au
niversaiy ol hi death, the same .strangemouu
permeattn the air.'
'I'o yen believj it ?' I asked.
'I can't say I believe it,' he replied ; 'yet
there arc straugo coincidences iu the case.
I was not ihiukiiu id this being the anni
versary, until my cars were arrested by a
singular moan.'
'I heard it,' said I, 'but I thought it wa
the sudden swelling of the wind,"
'And so did I I' exclaimed both my son
and d.iughtt r.
'11 it wa the w ind,' said Cousin William,
'it i the only blast we have had to-night.'
'What became of hi wife?' I asked.
'She returned to her family ?'
'And the fair woman of tho mountclns ?'
'I afterward ascertained that she died in
the arms of Sir Hugh. It was her summon
that called him away on that memorable
dav. Orief for ! his desertion killed her.
Her last word were, 'Meet me soon.' These
words were but too faithfully obeyed.
Th" cottage, half In shadow, where tho scent
or hotie suckle gre v so subtly sweet.
Auu hj he ,ia.tii-iog hajed nnd suddenly
Tho crickets loudly Lhlrin.d beneath our feet?
Just where tho little trembling stream
splitliud its while I-iiiiTs o'er tho rockyledge,
Uj ttou.ioii to pull me rusts, ntld and sweet,
Trailing In thorny garland t-om tho hedie.
And them vrn put tlin ipiiet evening's peace,
nil X'lgo oje averted iioinnwurd camo i
Yet tliuugu I was so troubled, did ho know
I closely clasped his roses all the bime ?
.slid U"u ii'ir ih) l-nlglit c.i no I could not bear
In imIi unkiu I dlspletuuro thus to p,rt ;
An . i n g ig s i.ji (face, I nearer drew
And 1 my drooling lloivers upon his heart.
And us thoso roses ntlut summreve
Told what my lip could uaver, njver sy,
Forth from tl,e silence and tne pain of years
wj heal t goo out and claims his heart to-d ly.
fVouif HW
Hot in Horses.
On this subject . N. llerkley writes to
tho UouHum Lire Stock Journal, of Missis
ippi : "1 have had ina.iy horses and mule
openisljsfier death,iuot of whom were treat
ed for hot, and yet have to see the first cae
where they done injury, A majority of
Ihecasesilled from inllatumation of the bow
ds, ciu-cnl by dratic and ridiculous remtdiea
administered. I have known the entrails of
a chicken forced down the throat of a nlua
ble aiiitnal a a remody. Upon another oc
casion a portion of llie horse's inane ami lall
chopped up and administered iu urine, This
loan animal owned by a profesjor ofchemls
'It was a wo were slowly sipping our try, liy the way.'
wine that wu heard the olutter of u horse'x A horse has the colic, which is at once pro
hoof in the yard, and, aflcr a lapse of a few nounced a case of hots, and tho reuiedie
minutes, a servant handi d Sir Hugh a nuie. und killed horses. Iu one jm moitcm,
Thi win nothing lo'iiaikahlo for social oc- which all the experts pronouncul botsbtfme
cislons, a well as .buslnoM riqulrements the dealh of tho animal, we found that tho
brought such missives, but thu hlacknom. horse died from congestion of the lungs,
that fell up hi his face wa singular as he The but is incapable ofpenetratiug theetnm
real this note, an 1 crumpling it in 'hi hand ac,h. a much so as a fl.liliig worm Is of going
ordered his lmrx) to he made ready without through u granite wall, llut granting Mint
delay, ssying that important hasiiie de- helms the (acuity of so doing, the tdnimuli
nianded hi Instant departure for llie North. I being punctured, the caso would be hopeless
We In gged lilm not to leave until the morn- In nine c.i-es in ten,
lug, it was now lute, and there wa every "If the hot had power iu eating a hole iu
iudicstl'iu of a snow storm, lo all of our I the horse s stomach, the animal would have,
lai;iiir:uuities ha paid im heed, but a quick- diappearil from this part of the world lone
ly a portmanteau and steed could be. male ago. Hut a prevention is bettor than cure
riwdy he bade a haty inllni and left, baying any one may avoid the hots by passing
that he might bo absent three dajs, perhaps I greased rug over the eggs nf the bot l'y.
hU absence might riueh tho length of two which she altachisto the hairofthe legsanu
weeks. ' oiber parts of the body,"
The population of Japan is 31,338,504,
an lucreaso of 12(3,391 since 1S75.
E. iirircu now living at Caslleton, Vt.,
have had between them twenty wives.
England is likely to have a war on her
hands after all, despite the shrewd diplomacy
of lteaconstield,
The Ohio -Methodist Conference is con
sidering the conduct of the liev. Mr. Spen
cer of Athens, who frankly confesses that
seeing Mis Mamie Welsh asleep, ho kissed
her until she awoke and screamed.
One Chinaman out in Gold Hill has al
ready taken Kearney's advice to go. Ho
bought 000 share of Ilodie stock at forty
cent, and wht n it was booming along tip
Mild it for $03, and bought Nevada at $9.
This ho unloaded after it had reached $190,
unl putting the proceeds in U. S. bond",
started for China.
I'lie Levant lkrnld savs that the word
Pasha iiifiuis "the leet of tho Shah," and
that the application of it to officials is as old
the time of Cyrus. Ho called his judges
hi "tongues," his police ngeuts his "ears,"
his tax-gatherer his "hand," hi officers
charged with tho administration ofiuternal
all'air hi "eyes," anH hi warrior-chiefs hi)
iV New Jersey physician, heavily loaded
itu town lot, for which he had paid only
in part, hastily prescribed a box of pills for
patient and allowed hi mind to wander
back to his real estate. The patient asked
how the pill were to be taken. The doctor
replied, "One-third down, tho balance in six
and twelve months, with interest."
It is said by tho Chicago iter Ocean that
Senator Jones of Nevada, when he Btarted
for the West in August, was, in his own es
timation, broken in fortune, although five
year ago he wa worth tivo millions. Ex
travagant living and reckless giving, accord
ing to the 7nffr Octan, had reduced him un
til he did not know where his champagne and
cigars were to como from. The recent lift
iu mining stocks hiu, however, brought him
In a million and a half,
In a flood in Austin, Texas, a man found
himself lelt on a snifily dissolving bank.
He called lo hisson.Hho wan high ground
above, to throw a rope. The boy did so, and
the old man, as l.o took ono end of tho line
in his hand, said : "Now listen to me, and
do a 1 tell Mm If you find you can't hold
on when 1 commence to climb, let go. It'ri
uo use fur both don't let me pull
you down. If jou find you can't hold tho
rope, drop it, run down in the ll.xt, aud grab
for me as I float, by." The boy braced, and
the father was avd.
Vesuvius is at it again, after quietude for
six ytiirs. Outbreaks are few and far he
tweenj that next preceding 1S75 was iu 1S55
which overwhelmed tho village ol Cercolo,
the .tream of lava (lowing leu miles. Be
tween 79 and 1S50 only forty-nine serious
eruptions ure helievid to have occurred, and
during the early part of this century the
crater had been so long Inactive as to justify
Sir Charles Coldstream' remark : "There's
nothing iu It." The summit had become In
appearan 'e a rocky surface, pietctd by (is
jr.'s, vli. nc- i.ipots escape ). I u October,
IsJ, a viuluut i rupll ni carried away more
than MX) npntre feet leaving a vast chasm,
miles in circumference. The trupiion that
overwhelimd Pompeii in iu79. Tho amount
of uiHlter eructed is enormous, that sent lorlh
in 1737 biliiK over 33,6b0,000 cuUc feet.