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M.OOHSBUBO, F R I PA T( REM. 7, 1878
Ball Itoad Tims TaMe.
Accommodation Train, t.M A.M. b.wia. M.
Mull Train 7.8S A. M 4.49 P. M
gipress Train l.MlM. 11.45 A. M
Accommodation Train .ss A.M. :,M p. M.
IteKtilar KxpreM 4.06 P.M. 11.4J A. M.
Throngs cars on Ktprens t rain either to New York
or rhtladclphta. Accommodation train runs between
t'atiiwma and Wlltlamsport.
11 1'. Yannatla t our authorized collector
ami 'ollcilor, lie Is vlaltlng neighboring vil
lage now, and calling on rubcfibern who are
In uriea'rs for a year or more. Uli receipts are
binding on the proprietors. We hope our
friends will be prepared lo settle when he calls.
Subscriptions can be paid hero In produce. Our
collector will take cash only. If
The FalrbinltV manufacture over 60,000
sciles a year. Where do they all go?
John Kintt of Jackson ha
nuiBiaclio half an Inch long.
a horso with a
Hon. Geo. D. Jackson of Duhore was in
I jwn on Wednesday,
A large delegation from this town attended
liar mini's show at Danville last week.
Trade dollars, though taken at the banks for
00 cents, are worlh a dollar, and will be taken
at the Columbian office for that.
The Northumberland Itaplist Association is
now in session at this place, and the different
churches are well represented.
Only fifty cents are required to pay your poll
Ui, and the time when that duly can be per
formed expires on Saturday, October 5,
Mr. Wolf of the firm of Clark t Wolf Is In
New York purchasing a fine stock of Fall goods
which will arrive in a few days,
Hon. A. H. Dill, our next governor, address
ed n largo and enthusiastic meeting nt Muncy,
last Monday evening.
As we go to press we learn that George Long
was found dead In Barton's fields on Tliursday
morning, The cause of his death is not known
but supposed to be from age and exhaustion.
All that have once used It pronounce Dr
Bull's Baby Syrup the best medicine known for
the complaints of early childhood. 25 cents a
WANTKP.-Chlckens, potatoes, flour. n.i.
any kind of farmers' produce taken on subscrlp
"on at highest market prices. We make this
oiler to take pay In produce for the accommoda
lion of our subscribers. We prefer cash. tf
Matlewood BnEEhiKa Avn
, , TllAININO Pahm,
ocjerson, u.t Dec. 17, 1877,
ur, William Uius,
451 Sixth tmur, jVrto York ;
Dear 8m l'lease send me two quart bolllcs
of your Liniment Iodide -Immonio, (for horses).
During Iho past two years I have used It In my
stable to the exclusion of nil other liniments.
It Is the best thing 1 have ever seen for either
man or bca(. 1 rould not do without It.
Unclosed, find draft for $3.
Very truly yours,
H.I'. Wade.
The library of the Young Men's Christian
Association has been rendered much more val
uable and Interesting by contributions from Miss
II. KharpUss, Mrs, Wm.Neal and Stuart Mitch
ell, D. D., who will please accept the thanks of
the Association,
J. 8. Wilson, ) Publication
K. II. Witman,
K. H. Bowman, J Committee.
The monthly meeting of the Gospel Temper
ance Union of Bloomsburg, will be held on next
Tuesday evening October 1st, in the Lutheran
Church. Alem B. Tate editor of the ' Star of
Hope," Wllllanisport, will address the meeting
Lei all the old friends and acquaintances ol Mr.
Tate come out and hear him on the great ques
tion of temperance.
Ab the County Fair will begin in a few weeks
it is to tho interest of every business man to
advertise in tho Coi.uuniAN. The people will
then know )vhcre and, what to purchase.
The Senior Class of the Normal School al
ready numbers twenty-five ; the largest we be
lieve, In the history of the school, at this sea
son of the year.
Yesterday I had such n bad cold that I could
not speak I used Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup, and
to day I am as well as ever.' It only costs '25
Gov. Ilartranft has commissioned Thomas
Beaver, Esq., of Danville, a member of the
Board of Public Charities, to fill the vacancy
caused by the death of Hon. G. Dawson Cole
5kn- ,
Persons who have dyeing to do, will do well
lo send their goods to William A. Davis, Lew
isburg, Pa. Miss M. Derrickson is his agent
for this place. Bead bis advertisement In
other column.
We have received n, copy of the Sunday Kdi
tiou of the Times. The publishers state that
they intend to furnish n First-Class Sunday
Newspaper, complete in nil the departments of
iH'ws, Literature, Politics, Onginnl Correspon
dence, nnd Criticism on nil subjects of popu
lar interest, nnd it will rigorously exclude
from both its rending and rdvertising columns
anything that could offend the family circle,nd
we liavo no doubt they will enrry out their pur
pose. o wish them abundant success.
''They are not a beverage, but a medicine,
with curative properties of the highest degree,
containing no iioisonous drugs. They do not
tear down an already debilitated system, but
build it up. One barrel contains more hops,
that is, more real hop strength, than n barrel of
ordinary beer. Kvery druggist in Rochester
sells them, and the physicians prescribe them."
Rochester Evening Express on Hop Bitters.
Only Prayers," was what a sexton said
standing at the door of a fashionable church
In response to a passing lady, who asked what
was going on Inside. It was one of the church
es where a dally service is held, without per
nion, and the sexton's answer, together with li
manner of giving it, showed the limited esteem
in which the service was held by people genrr
ally. While it is hard to tell why such servi
ces should not be numerously attended by those
who have leisure hours to bestow on them, the
fact is beyond controversy that the number of
worshipers is generally painfully small.
Phantom Footsteps is the name of the latest
successful Song and Chorus by Henry C. Work
author of "Orand-father's-Clock," nnd other
popular songs. Wc consider "Phantom Foot'
steps," tho ileal song Work has written, and do
not wonder at its immense popularity. It has
n beautiful melody and tho chorus is unusually
effective. If you want the prettiest song pub'
lished in yeurs scud to nny music dealer for
"Phantom Footsteps," or on receipt of 25
cents it will be mniled post-paid to any address,
by tho publishers. S. Brainakd's Sons, Cleve
land, O.
J. II. James Esq., of Ashland appeared in
the play of Hip Van Winkle as "Old Rip" in
a performance given at that plsce on the 24tl;
inL,for the benefit of the yellow fever suf
The Hartford Oourant remarks : "They are
quoting Scripture in Massachusetts now and
this is the favorite passage: "He that entereth
not by the door into the sheepfold, butclimbeth
up some other way, the same is a thief
and a robber."
The Moravian Female Seminary, at Bethle
hem, is in its 129lh year of successful operation
It has been under the charge of this Society the
entire time, and is the most venerable institu
tion of learning in this country.
A good deal of discussion Is irolnir on In rA
gsrd to the publication of the accounts of bor
oughs and townships. We have heretofore pub
lished the several laws in relation to this ques
tlon, snd therefore deem it unnecessary In do so
again. The law plainly nqulres the AuJIlors
of the several boroughs and townihlps to pub
lish a statement of their accounts respectively
at the close of each fiscal year, which previous
lo 1870 was In June. We so stated In previous
years, but there were persons, anil lawyers too,
who had not given the subject a mlnute.s atten
tion, who argued that the law did not require
ny publicition other than a wrillen statement
posted up in the borough or township. A case
was tried in Northumberland county. Involving
neglect of Auditors to publish In the papers,
and after a thorough examination, the Court de-
ued against the Auditors, and fined lhem$20
each. In Allegheny county a like case was
tried, and with a like result. It was all along
ear lo in lhat publication in tho papers was
necessary. The reason why people thought a
ublication by written or printed statement put
up in the borough or township was a tufuclen
compliance with the law, was became the act
of 1874 so stated, but the proviso to the act says
as follows i
Nothing In this act shall be construed to In
terfere with the present law, which requires an
rial statements of the receipts and cxienditurcs
ot the Borough Councils, Road Commissioners,
Supervisors, Overseers of the Poor and School
Directors to be advertised in the weekly paers
of the county.
From this it is clear that the written or prin
ted statement to put up in the borough or town
ship Is a publication in addition to the publi
cation In the newspapers, for were it not so the
act Itself would be practically af no effect, Sev
crol laws have been passed bearing upon this
subject since 1874, and the whole of them sum
up thus:
First The Auditors are required In eacl
borough and township to settle accounts there
of, and publish the same not only in newepa-
pers, but also, by written or printed statements
put up In the most public places in the boroughs
and townships, as soon after the close of the fis
cat year, which is on the first Monday In April
as possible.
Second If the borough or township is in debt
has a funded or floating debt, it must be inclu
ded in tho statement, together with the valua
tion of property, Ac , and published in at least
tw newspapers, and embraced in the written or
printed statement also.
It is nscessary that the auditors of the respec.
tlvc boroughs and townships should go to work
at once and settle the accounts as they are ii
duty bound to do, and have them published aa
the law directs. When the borough or town-
ship has no indebtedness, neglect to publish in
curs a fine of twenty dollars, but if the borough
or township is in debt, the neglect incurs a fin
of one thousand dollars. We would advise tho-ie
who read this article to cut it out and preserve
it, so that it nny bo had for reference, Sus'yW
Aanna Hejtublican.
The reporter of the J'lain Dealer lias Inter
viewed Major Hancock, Klwln Bhorli, Dr,
Trimmer, and Harry Liycoek, on the political
situation. Hancock Is "a lloyl man from stem
to stern, because he represents the hone-t finan
cial views of sound government the bjit prin-
:ipels. He says the Democratic party lin not
been honest for tho last fifteen years. We don't
want inflation and a return to those days of bin
ned depression. He don t take any stock in
Col. Wright. Wouldn't vote for him for any-
Bhorli thinks Trimmer will receive the nom-
nation fur Congress in the Eleventh District ;
says the Labor party In White Haven is not
very strong ; believes that in certain contingeir
ces, a combination wllh the Greenback-Labor
:arty advisable; believes the endorsement of
el. Wright would ben display of wisdom on
the part of the Democracy ; is In favor of main
A largo proportion of tho American poopte
Mo to-day dying from the effect" of Dyspepsia
or disordered liver. The result of theso diseas
es upon tho masses of Intelligent and valuable
people1 Is most alarming, making life actually a
burden instead of n pleasant existence of enjoy
ment nnd usefulness as Ittughttobo. There
is no good reason for thls,lf you will only throw
aside prejudice and skepticism, take tho advice
of Druggists and your friends, and nnd try one
bottle of Green's August Flower. Your speedy
relief is certain Millions of bottles of this med
Icino hnvo been given nwny to try Its virtues,
with satisfactory lcsults In overy.casc. You can
buyn snmplo bottle for ten cents to try. lhrco
doses will relico the worst ense. Positively
sold by nil druggists on tho Western Continent,
nug. 30,'78-tf jl
Avkr's Cathartic I'ius aro the best ot all purga
tives tor family use. They aro the product of long,
tabling distinctive county organization, and t.ot I laborious, and successful chemical InTestlgatlon.and
abandon It because we happen to be temporarily lhc'r "'f1',?, UP' I!""" thf'r V""-
11 1 ' I Anil hv Ml rlvl ItM natinrm. nmtn thorn hn tt. nnrl
in me imiiuiuj, mosteiTcctua. Mil that medical Bcietica can devise.
irirumer lutnks he hai as good imow fur Con
gress as any of 'em ; Klotz Is always a candi
date; he has a fight on his hands at home, and
may not secure his own delegates. (Doctor's
prognostications are false, as Klotz has carried
his county.) Ocvis Is a chronic oflice seeker
nnd is not a strong man. Trimmer lias decided
soft money views. Believes it easier to pay a
debt without Interest, than to pay It with Inter
est. (He ought to get out a patent on that. )
The Democracy are for hard money, and we
don t hold that greenbacks should be Irredeem
able. The rank and file of the Democracy are
in favor of adopting Kearney for Register. He
is a young man of fair ability and strong Dem
ocratic antecedents. The probabilities are that
straight nominations will be made for the bal
ance of the ticket. The party should endorse
Col. Wright also. The propect of Dill's elec
tion are very fair. The Maine election has
given Hoyt a black epe. He won't poll near
the average of his vote In this county ; knows
of many republicans who will not vote for him
on personal grounds.
Harry Laycock, of Wilkes-Ilarre, was inter
viewed. He says the Republicans are going to
elect Griffiths for Treasurer and Darte for Com
missioner. The other fellows meaning the
Democrats and Labor-Reformers can have the
rest. That's Wilkes-Barre for you. We mere
ly nolo it as a a lit for tho lower end lo crack.
Uclng purely vegetable no harm can arise from their
use. In Intrinsic value and curative, powers no oth
er plus can bo compared with them, and every per
son, knowing their virtues, will employ them when
needed. They keep tho system In perfect order,
and maintain In healthy ctlon the whole machin
ery of life. Mild, searching and effectual, they are
specially adapted to the needs ot the digestive ap
paratus, derangements of which they prevent and
cure, it timely taken. The)' arc the bi stand safest
phjslo to employ for weakened constitutions, where
a mild, but effectual cathartic is required.
no 4
Bloomsburg, Columbia County, Pennsylvania.
Rev. D. J. WALLER, Jr., A. M., Principal.
Til Is SCHOOL, as at present constituted, ocers the very best facilities tor Professional and Classical learnlm
lmnaings spacious, ln lung ana commodious ; completely Heated by steam, well ventilated, lighted by gas, am
spring water.
furnished with a bountiful supply ot purc,soft
Discipline, Arm but kind, uniform and thorough. Expenses
Ill DL.KM AN AM KltM AN. At tho residence of
the bride's parents In Montour county, Pa., on the
31th Inst., byltev.M.I. Smyser, V. Aug, llldleman,
ot liloomsburg, l'a., and Miss Alverretta, daughter
of lion, Jesse Amerman.
CALHOUN-WILSON.-On the 17th ult.atthe res-
Idenceof the bride's Kev.j. Marsh, Mr.
Stuart W. Calhoun, of Kearney, Nebraska, to Miss
Jennie, Wilson ot areenwood, Columbia .county, l'a.
fvntlnn honllliful. nn.i fnqv nf nvraq. Ttiftrlir.ra 0TrM.rlArirnr1. pftlMi.nt .nil aH?a In thnl. wn.l.
moderate. Kitty cents n week deduction to all expecting to teach, students admitted at any time, lsooms reserved when desired
uiursea or siuay prescriuca uy me suue t
I. Model School. II. Preparatory. III. Elementary. IV, Classical.
Adjunct Courses : I. Academic. II. Commercial. III. Coure in Music IV. Course In Art. V. Course in Physical Culture.
Tho Klementary. Scientific and Classical Courses aro I'ltOFKssIONAL. and Htudentji trraritmtnt? thprMn. mrM kmi nininm,. mnrnrriitn nirtfniinuin
corresponding Degrees i Master ot the Elements: Master of rtho sciences; Master ot Ihe Classics. Graduates In the otner Courses recelvo Normal certincates
uieir uiuuuuieuis,, Rignuu uv iui uiucern oi inu noaru oi i usict -.
i no course or muu orescmieu oy uio maie is iiurrui, ana me- cienunc ana Classical courses are not Inferior to Ihoso ot our best Colleges.
ThO Stati-reflUlresa Ulirher Order Ot CltlZCnShln. TUB times rteliandU. It IS Onn nf t.hH nrlmo nhWtJi nf tl,l Krbnnl In Imln In e..nitr.Tf furnHlilnr-lrttr.HI.
gent, and efficient Teachers for her schools. Tothlseudlt solicits young persons ot good abilities and good purposes.-those who desire tolmproie their tlmo
and their talents, as Mudenls. To all such It promises aid In developing their powers, and abundant opportunities for ell paid labor alter leuv Ing School. 1'or
Catalogue. nddrrsA thu rrlnclnah 1 a
HON. YVII.I.IA.ll KI.YVl'l.l
Sept. 8, ..-
l'rmlilent Hoard or Trustees
Charhs Hallock, editor of the Forest ami
Stream, has a very humane and thoughtful ar
ticle on this subject. Not only because it is hu
mane, but lfecause it improves the quality and
llavor of the fish, he urges upon all anglers the
duty ol killing their fih as tley catch them.
Many anglers do this habitually, but all do not.
We subjoin an extract from Mr. Hallock's ar
ticle: As boys, we were taught that fish had no feel
ing, and we believed that what might be cruel
The White Sewing Machine was awarded the
diploma for the best sewing machine at the
Ringtown fair September 20, 1S78, over the
Singer and Weed. Call and examine the White
before purchasing. J, Sallzer, general agent ;
office at J. K, Eyers store, Main street Blooms
burg, P.
Sept 27, '78-2w.
According to law the tenant's personal prop
erty is liable for the tnxes of the prenises up
on which he may reside. His only remedy is
to pay tho tax and deduct the nmount finm his
rent, or sue tho landlord and recover it ns in
ordinary debts. Kxclumge,
Washington, I). C, Sept. 24, 1878.
HtlNTEH. At Stockton, Luzerne county. ra.,Mrs.
Elizabeth Hunter, v Ifo ot O, H. Hunter, formerly of
this county, aged 33 years, 6 months, and 23 days.
HOHHINs. Or. the 18th Inst., Amanda ltobbtns,
aged !.i years, 8 months and 20 days.
l'KALEK, On the 21st Inst., Mrs Mary Catharine
Tealer, aged 23 seats, 2 months and IS days.
PEA EH.-On tho 22d Inst., SavlIIa Pcaler, Bgod IS
years, 8 months and 9 days.
All three dtol of tho samo fover, and wero ot tho
same family connection.
Business Notices
A Trade Dollar will still buy n dollar's
worth ol Ulotlilng at U. Lowenoerg a.
Parties w anting to get clear ol Trade Dol
lars can get full value in clothing for them
at I). Lowenberg's.
Parties going West will find it to their
advantage to purchase uieir omnia oi dom
ing, trunks, bags and satchels cheaper than
ever at 1). Lowenberg s.
Fall stvles of Worsted Coating-English
baitings just received at 1). L.owerilerg s.
The latest Novelty in Hats. Call and
ee The Russian Hat just received at u.
koweuberg a.
Turaufltit to ftti order of tho Court ot Common
I Pleas ot Columbia county will to soli on
at 10 o'clock a. m.,byM.O Hughes, assignee In trust
for tho btneflt of tho creditors of alio Brothers
(Amos Hlltj nnd M Inner lllle).tue follow lnff described.
rcai fmaie, taiuaie in mo Town oi uaiawissa, on
South btreet, bounded as follows: on tho cast by
landiof John () lifer, west by lands of Mrs. E. Clark,
on tho north by mods of lr. J. Hobblns, and on tho
south by south street, whereon la erected a
Tho said Dronerty is located In a very desirable-
part of Catawlssa, tho houso Is laruo and convenient,
'rtiora o rn a rlutitrn anil nthnr rntironlnnfiiu nn ftiu
lot, together with all neccaaary outbuildings. The
buildlnc Is new.
TKUM9 Of SALE. Ten tier cent, of one-fourth of
I tho nurchaso money to bo paid at the striking down
I of the ttronerty : tho one-fourth less tho ten ber cent
at the confirmation oi sale, and the remaining inree
' fourths In oue 3 ear thereafter, with Interest from
. confirmation nisi.
Abdott & huawm, AaslgLeo of H lie liro3.
Wheat per bushel,
(Jorn. new,
Oats. '
Flour per barrel
Dried Apples
Hides fi Shoulders
Lard per pound ...
Hay per ton
Timothy Seed 2.1 n
ji;orATiossroii uoau
No. on Vharl f j,oo per 1 01
l.u.u 1 Y.IO
NO. 6 " " $
Blacksmith's Lutup on Wharf............ 8,w
uuuminous " M m
" .'.'..V.'.'.'.'.".'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.".'.!'."'. 'm I
9'. 1
arret 6.00
Dauchy & Co's. Advt's.
Silverware, Watches, Jewelry .Clocks, &c.
FALL HATS iust received (or
Hoys and Children at LowetibergV
Matalasc and Beaver Clotlis1.40 to $3.75
per yard at I. W, Hartmoti a.
for 100 cents at
The Rose of death. Do not wait until the
hectic flush which indicates advanced consump
tion, appears on the cheek. Check Iho hard
ooui(h and heal the irritated lungs with Hale's
lTmey of Ihreknmd and Tar, before Ihe crises
comes, lie in lime. Sold by all Druggists.
Pike's Toothache Drops cure In 1 minute.
Bills for subscription will be found in
pspers for dlflerent offices as fast as we can make
them out from now until October 1st. Do not
mistake them for receipts. They mean that
the person to whom addressed owes us that
amount, and Ihe bill Is sent because ve want the
The Mauch Chunk Democrat prints tle name
of Robert M. Kiott as candidate for Congress
in Carbon county, and then fills up large
amount of space to show how unfit he is lor the
office. According to the Democrat Klotz's nom
ination Is by 110 means desired by Ihe Democ
racy of Carbon.
A horse belonging to J. A. Funston Esq.,
died suddenly on Friday last. Mr. Funston
was out riding with his mother and when near
the furnacu of Vm. Neal & Sons, the horse
staggered. Mr, F. had time lo get out of Ihe
carriage and take the horse by the head when
It fell on him pinning his leg under it. o in
jury was d one. The horse died instonlly.
. Mahlon Chance In.. who addressed a Re
publican meeting in the Opera House on Frl
day last, was announced in the bills as a resl
dent of New York, He placed his residence
on the register at the Exchange Hotel as being
Fremont, Ohio. Persons present fay that mucn
of his address was in subUance the same as the
speech of R. 11. Hayes published In last Friday s
Philadelphia 3tme
The following wo find floating around among
our exebanecs : "When a man s license as
liquor dealer erases ho must take down his
aignifho had one up. A dealer in Mnuch
Chunk, whu went out of business eighteen
years nco, failed to do this, and has only receu
Uy been arrested for the offense. The penalty
both fine and imprisonment."
Mr. II. R. Russell, who dwells near Ironton,
Mo., ploughed up an unexploded percussion
shell, and wishing to preserve it as a memen
to ofwar,put it into a barrel of water and let it
remain for about six weeks. On Thursday he
tried to take out its contents, using for that
purpo-e a hammer and a coldchixel. He held
the shell between his knee, and after some
strokes it exploded, scattering its fragments far
and wide, some of them being heard whizzing
through theair half a mile distant. Mr. RuBelI
was wounded. The mis"ile was fired from one of
Price's guns in September, 1804.
The stay law, which has had a useless exis
tence on the statute books since the 'JJil of
March, 1877, expired on the 23d of the present
month. The main object of this law was lo
prevent tne sale 01 real or personal properly
on execution, unless it brought two thirds of
the appraised value, provided interest was paid
and other reuuirementii were carried out. Like
the generality of tinkering laws passed to meet
pecial or exceptional casts, this ono afforded
no benefit to debtors. The very few who took
advantage of its provisions found that the re
lief it gave them was more imaginary lhan real.
and the unusual costs attending it were a direct
loss to an honest creditor.
Tun Republican Mass Meeting. On last
Friday evening the Republicans had a "grand
ally' at the Opera House. There was a fair
udience, nnd Ihe speaker Hon. Jlahlon
Chance was listened to attentively. He is a
graceful speaker, but his arguments were stale
anil thread bare. New issues have arisen of
liich he did not seem cognizant. The late
it should be remembered, ended U urteen
ears sgo, and other living and vital issues are
at stake, Ik other words 111 this campaign Ihe
l.lnoilv shirt" wont wave woith a cent. The
neaker was pleasant in manner, and was
fair as a Radical Republican can be.
Wo have before us a small volume, nn
Abridged Digest of the Election Laws of Pcnn
svlvania, published by Messrs. Jones & Jl'Mur
ray, nt Harrisburg, being nn extract from tho
l'cnnsvlfania Statu Hook." now in courso ol
publication, which embraces n concise digest
of all the laws relative to the duties of officers
of elections and tho requirements of voters
arranged in a convenient form and easy of re
ference. It also contains tho recent game law,
n very valuable matter just now, nnd nllogeth
er is such a work as should bo lounn 111 tn
hands of every person interested in the prop
er conduct of our elections, nnd especially those
of election officers, and wo would suggest to
our county commissioners tho wisdom and
propriety of pluclng at least t no copy ol u
book in ihe hands ol every election Hoard 1
tho county. It can bo procured by mail, by
sending 25 cents to the publishers, Hnrrisburg,
The fact that many non-partizan people
are looking to Senator David Davis ns n fu
ture leader, is an indication nf jjood sense
on their part. It cannot be said that there
is a "movement" in his favor, but in this
city the better class of non-party men, fear
ty to a dog was hsrmless pastime as respects ing H'o selection of somo more objectionable
belief an error, and we discover that contortions parties, are doing what they can to induce
and gaspings are evidences of pain and distress, tho Senator to define his position. They
though we assume lhat their nurvous system is I think it will give strength to the 'new party'
comparatively ol a low order. That fishes have I inasmuch ns many are unwilling to train un
intelligence and can be tatieht; that they have der Butler or any other leader yet named. I Hardware, Glass, Paints, &c, lower than
memory, ihst they have discrimination and dis- It is to be hoped, for the Senators sake, that I evet at J. fccuuyler a con s
cernment, and lhat they possess the five senses, ho will not. at the coming interview with
eacli to a great or small degree j that they are Butler, give countenance to that crafty poll
tician, unless Butler will give bonds (or fu
lure good behavior. We know how much
Butler needs the support of men of character
like Davis, but disinterested people cannot
see what Butler can do to pay for such sup
The undcrslsned, appointed Assignee for tho ben
efit of the creditors ot iVm. Schujlcr, will sell nt pub
lic sale on the premises, on
Saturday, October 19th, 1878,
at to o'clock a. m., all that certain
situate In tho town ot Orangevllle, county of Colum
bia, and State ot rennsjlvanla.bouuded on the north
by lot of Low and Savage, south by D. K. Sloan, on
the cast by Mill street, and on tho west by David
Herring, containing one-fourth of an acre, more or
loss, whereon Is erected a two story
and other out-butldlngs. There Is an excellent well
to a limited extent sentient and reasoning emit
res all these hate become evident. If it is
rdained to us that we are lo derive s orl from
the prolonged apprehensions of the fish while
looked (not from'lus bodily pain, for the mete
rick of the hook givis him little, and often
none at all), then lit us handle him merciful
London, Sept., 17 A despatch to the Times
from Pari says s The Superior of the Order o
Trappists at Sept-Foncs, in tho Department oi
AUUr, baa purchased lands in Pennsylvania
for 200 monks from Sept-Fonds, Mt. Miliary,
Ireland, nnd Mariastein, The monks will erect
the monastery and other buildings themselves,
The Columbia county Fair will be Octobe
0, 10, U and 12. The raansgera have mad
the most complete arrangements and have pro
vlded a very liberal premium lis'. They h
Vimerous asurancea that this will be the most
jcwrwful fair ever held In this coiinly, 1 1
Keyktone Tournament of Djnrllle will give one
f their matchless exhibitions on Thursdsy and
die programme for Friday and Saturday can
not fail to please.
M. W. Nuas,
If he is small, take him around the body and
considerately rap the lip of his head upon a
stone or the thwart of the boat ; if large, nip his
ead with a heavy stick J or, wind is more gen
teef and to Ihe oint, pierce the cervical column
at the baie of Ihe lira i a with a sharp knife.
This produces paralysis and ulinn-l immediate
eath. It leaves the corpse in a shapely and
seemly conditicn, Admiration of its imlialter-
ed beauty is added to the pleasure of capture,
and your fili remains a proper euhject fur the
market or studio. Brother angltrsl learn to
he humane.
The Right Worthy (irand Lodge, I. O. O, F:,
f the United States, began its annual session in
Baltimore on Monday morning. The annual
report of Ihe Grand Stcretary shows that there
re now under the jurisdiction of the Grand
Lodge of the United Stales 43 Grand, 0,877 sub
ordinate and 090 Rebekuh Degree Lodges and
1,8.10 Encampments, 1 tie uiilialluns dunug
Another fire-brand has made Ida appearance
in Washington. Ono Cohen, for some time
past a tramp, has been holding and ad
dressing crowds of men of Ihe lowest class,
adontlnrr Kearney's ftyle of language. Uo
Tuesday Ihe man had the holdnesa and itupu
deuce to rolUcl a force of R00 men, and, after
parading Ihe streets in a noisy and lioisterous
manner, Intrudtd himself upon Ihe offices of
the various heads of departments, where his In
science was almost unbearable, lie escaped
notice until he pushed himself Into the presence
of Commls-ioiier I Due, of Ihe Agricultural
Department, where he was repulsed after he
had made ue of profanity and low language,
The Commissioner afterwards hail the soon
drel aireded and Mgrd in jail, where he now
rt mains. Il it to be lioptd Ihst Ihe Washing,
ton aull oriltio will put IhU msn through
course of lirBlmml which will be a warning
all others of his claw. This Is but a result
Ihe example which Kearney has been setting a
oyer tin country, Jr.
A lflrr-n rmnrtmont nf Pashmf-res And nth
But autopsy and science have proved our 1 man by those dissatistied with the two old I er Dress Uoods with trimming silk and satin I " u" "."""v..
iu milieu Bl J.uit . uumii a. .... o c .
lll.'l' u( Oflnn. l-iuij-u' nut. iv. w
paid at iho striking down ot property s iwenty-me
per cent, January 1st, 1S79, and the balance April
1st, is"9, when deed wlU bo delivered and possess
Ion will bo given.
Assignee ot Win. Schuyler.
Sept. 20, 7S-tS.
Trade dollata taken
W. C. McKinney's.
You can ceteood dark Calicoes, fast col
ors, at Lutz & Sloan's for 0 cents or the best
in the market for 7 cents a yard.
Boot headquarters at McKinney's.
All wool Cashmere CO
cents at I, W.
The Chairman of the Republican Con
ner he is withdrawn from his native element. re(ujoriai Committee, Hon. Eugene Hule,
n. . !. II I .1... 1.. .1.. lln . .. .. . . .
has returned after his defeat in tho Fifth
District of Maine. He will henceforth run
it in the exclusively hard money growl. He
says that was what killed him, but he be
lieves the Radical party is safer that way
than in attempting now to commence the
campaign over again in auy other way.
Call at McKinney's foShoes.
Having obtained tho agency of this
for Bloomsburg and vicinity, I append the
opinion of some of our hrst people as to its
"I have ued Dobbin's Electric Soap made
by I. L. Cragin & Co., Philadelphia, Pa.,
lor washing about ten years, and tninic ii
WM. DAVIS, Proprietor.
Miss. M. Derrickson, Notion and Fancy store,
Bloomsbur?, t gent.
kid iii.ori: ci.i:anm:i.
Feathers Djed and Curled in a splendid manner.
Special attention to wholessle goods.
Prices reduced to suit tne times.
Sept. 20, '7 j-2m.
Secretary Sherman, after a great deal of superior to any other. Mrs. O. G. Barkley.'
wavering, of late, seems to have considered "We have used Dobbiu'sElectricSoapand
this the wisest policy, also, and ao fur as the nnd it superior to any other or all others,
Republican managers here can cotitrot
events, the Republican party will stand or
fall, iu October aud November, upon the
hardest of hard money platforms.
Two views aro taken of the Maine elec
tion, aa to its effect upon Grant's chances
for the Republican nomination in 18S0. The
New York Sun holds that the defeat of
Blaine and his friends la practically tho de
feat of Grant. This is not a safe way of
dealing wl'h the subject. Blaine was not,
until very lately, a 'Grant man;' aud became
Ihe year numbered 30.0S7, making ihe ,oU bucii only uecause ue wisneu, in tne event,
membership 447,180, and Ihe Encampment 01 uram 8 IHUUe-IO seuure ura"1 8 "B'
members number 84,787, The revenue of the " i"i"iiiauiiB vuuvenuuu
Lodges and hncampments during the year
amounted lo $4,393,472, while the relief grunt.
ed to members during the same period reached
the sum of $1,CU9,7:,4. Since lb30, 1,059,802
members have been Initiated, 81G,15pi members
and 100,90.1 widowed families have been re
lieved, to whom $25,701,885 have been grant
During the year warrants have been isued
for new lodges in Australasia, Deuuiaik, Neth.
erlaiids, the Providence of tnehec, Canida, the
Indian Territory, and various other oints In
the United States. The Intercourse with the
Order In foreign countries continues to lie
lirely harmonious and friendly.
Excavations at Pumped prove the city to
Iliaine was
not rebuked in Maine because rf anything
ho had said In favor of Grant for the simple
reason that he had declared himself for Grant
only n frw days before election, and
the people who voted against Repub
licanism and Rlaiuism were In the rural
districts and had not knowuof this new de
parture. What ever else the Maine election
may show, it does not show that Blaine was
condemned for supporting Grant.
The close attention given by the people
everywhere, from Maine to California,
to questions ol finance and to purely local
questions, shows that they, in advance of
their leaders, have determined to have no
more sectionalism in their politics. The
time for 'bloody shirt' campaigns is patt.
Mrs. V. H. Jacoby,
Mrs. B. II. Stohner.
I desire all my friends and customers to
Gti'e this Soap one Trial,
so that they may know just how good the
Best Soap in the United States is.
.1. H. Maize,
july 12, '78-ly Bloomsburg, Pa.
. . -.
Boots and Shoes cheap at McKinney's.
Lutr. & Sloan aro selling all wool Black
Cashmere yard wide for 48 cents a yard.
Fall Goods coming in every day nt I. W
Onnfl AfiKNTS WANTIlli. Only those
tUUVI who mean business and desire to
make from to si." per day need apply, .send 1
cent slamp for particulars
ill.) r. i . lilt it.
Milton, Nortbumberland Co., Fa,
nranintnn's Palm Soan is the best latin
drv (.nan in this or anv other market. For
sale by Jacob II. Maize. mav 18-3w
McKinnevs Shoe Store below Court
Yon can tret bleached or unbleached Mu
lin yard wide at Lutz fc Sloan's for 0 cents
a yard.
Ladles', Gents' and Children's underwerr
at I, w, Ilartman s.
Trv it
Palm Palm
At Jacob H, Maize's-
may 3-18w
ItubbtTH at McKinney's.
Buy it
-Palm Soap
at Jacob 11. Maize's,
Lntz & Sloan have received their New
The Republican Congressional Committee. Stock of Goods and are selling them cheap
have hern one of the most fah!onsble and of which the Into Eugene Hale is Chairman I cr than ever.
beautiful of Roman summer report-, and but for understands this, aud he says that all the
the eruption it might have remained so to llii" speakers to be sent out by that Committee
day. As with l'oiiinll, so with thousands or will speak on the financial question
nwjple who have beauly of form and feature only,
They might always be ad mi ml but for the eru- The sum of .'10,000 has been contributed
linn, that makes the face undghtly, and betrays here fur the yellow fever mH'erers, nnd 1 lie
the presence of Kcrofuln, virulent biood pois- entertainments and other means of raising
money for tho present week promise a fur
ther large amount. This is exclusive of
contributions of provisions, Seminoi.i:.
Crampton Brother's Palm wiap at Jacob
II. Maize's, it is itie wti, try it.
may 3-18w
Admission free nt McKtnnev's.
ons, or general debility. There is but one rem
edy that onitlvely curts thene afialioiis, anil
that remedy Is Dr, Pierces (loldeii Mtdical
Discovery, It is the best known tonic, altera-
live, and resolvent. It (eed!ly cures pimples,
blotches, liver spots, and all diseases arising
from Impoverished or impure blood. It also
cures dyspepsia, und regulates the liver and
bowels. Sold by all druggists.
At Private Sale,
1 O 9 -A CKES,
mostly cleared, and whereon ore erected a
V-....... tln.,L- II.M ,'nnr.n Lh.H a.,.. Ml,., (-..if-
The remarkable monstrosity nt Lakeporl, I buildlnits-awrllof hVft water nt the house und one
Ut llltl Uillll. Jlll'lll uir HIBUU I.IIKt- UUU.A'I VI l"
The following announcements of democratic
meetings and speakers are made by David Iiw.
enberg, Chairman of the Democratic County
Buck horn, Tuesday evening October 1,
iieakers, E, R. Ikeler and C, I), Brockway,
Ruiiert, Monday evening September 30lh(
speakers, I rene and Ilrrxkway,
Mt. Pleasant, W ednesday evening October 2,
upeakers, Freeze and ander.llee.
Eyers drove, Thurtday evening Octobers-
speakers, Ikeler and Little,
Mslnvllle, Friday evening October 4, nak.
ers, llrockway and Krickbaum,
Light Slrtel, Saturday October 5, caker,
W. J, Buckalew and l'retze.
pie, and Cherry Trees and a good
at tho corner of Third and Centre) streets, being one
a iu
N, Y., is Georgo Albert Page, a boy of 13
years, with a big Ik ad on lilm. It was w
heavy that ho could not walk until he was
G years old, aud now, though he weighs but
twenty-eight pounds, his head is twice as
lurirt hm tlin fivprncA uii iiieukiirprt t wpntv. I hundred and Ihlrlv.two feet on Third street an,
7. , , , . , , , hundnd and fourteen aud one-half tut ou Centre.
eigiir, mciies in circumierence, aim is sun t whereon are erected a
growing. The boy's eyes are inverted to'KO llrlck llivulllliK lloilhc,
that he can only look up. This has prevent
ed him from learning his letters, but other
wise he Is apt enough und is perfectly
wllh Mmw IIhtimi AiTiKiTis, and In thorough
repair, IliiWng a Well, Clsuiu,, cooling
House and ill tunvenlen&a.
li uth Hluate ulibtu tlin limits of the Town ot
llloouibburg, und oflcred to bu bold on eusy and reo-
buuuoie it i his.
PUICMriil'l II,
U !! .MIM lll4 IttMrdf "i IM Ml' .
lid all HliMMldi-aa llfldtuUt woutl.l
ful puwrri. Iuiv IIIimmI Ulba"KrBiir
wihih. mm. - ,i iiim my ioy r-ai
y I JT Jlrwoli, ynlNMMU. a -Il tti'4
i, mill Ol fcr,iiitt.".-n K lMlw,Ur
.., rriciti. K.i'iLi.i.iriiiu,
riob't, riiiiburifc. rt. Has ty Imtffiiu nJ
Mr 1. NS-ly'
aug, d, 19-Sin
Pel h'i.
Sure Reward,
o ti:aiii to r.u t'Oit a i'arih.
tlcc-cli mitl Jin lo I.aiul In Allchl
ftim In the kIIIHiiii Acre (-runt
ol'tliL' (iiiiiil Itali1x mill In
diana Ctallroail ( (inipuii),
Strong noil sure :i opn iiient j of
Ilmlicr-iio lt oiikIiI-iio clilucli
Imikn nn hop pit"."
Sflil lor pniiiplilH,H.7i77i or German
AddlCM v. o. lirtiliAKT,
Land comuissioneb,
nprll 1J, l'Ts sjvt d
o,- KSCV UAItns with niimf. lie., Plain or Gold.
ZO its) at) lee, AKt'souillt lue. Mull & Co., Hudson,
N. V. d sept, 13, 'is 4W
tftCuiiU wrfi-et beauties) with name,
Mitli. !i i'CKNKK CAitt) (.o. shland,
a hept. 13, 'S-4W
.on ;!
1 iiuSA
"Ear KMsei&ses
I 1K. U, K. MlOKM AKhH'rt HunKON UE.U NKH-UUill DIS-
f.aib n the Kak, aud their irui'tr lu-Qtin'-nt-ccpe-cUllv
Kunuinif tar HOrv to nei itntuutiuta reflet
from Mi 'imhmk -iitiK'ss uf tliti disease, and aper
iut ii. r ilc n nii l ivi timn til cure. A book every
fjialh An t li'l li iv"i). -eul Uv l-ul', A1dret4 br.U,
E HIIOKM AKhlt, Aural hutKi'on, iwadiug. Fa.
Bcpt I ,TS-tw d
I" Itemoi ed to thu I'obt Ollleu butldlne, tlrsT duir
aboc the Kxhange Hotel.
All kinds of Watches, clocks and Jewelry ieat
ly repaired and warranted.
maylT, Ss-tf
Williampt MIMe Boots,
. E. DAYTON & CO.,
N. B. All 'joods of their mnko
are stamped on the bottom.
Rept !, 1)-Sm
Thomas I). Haktman. albsbt IlAlA
Spices cf all kinds, Glass & Qnocnsware,
Foroign and Domestio Fruits,
Family Provisions
4tU door below Market street, Bloomsburg, Pa.
tr Goods delivered to ali parts ot the town
April ill, TT-tf
I'firooitN I'm kiii I rill make New Hl-'.i UlOOd,
nrnlwin ci'!nti''tiv cliiinife tin.-bto-jtl In tt-c enttr
uth in Iu thr n mui.tus. Any turnou whu will take
I'nlsl phoii nU'ht rroni l to i'i wct'ka may be restored
ta in -uiii.a ii in, 11 Micu :
by mull lorh Uttu slumps
liaugor Me.
Mi. It Mich a ihliig be nosbtble. hend
i, n. JUH.SU 6s. J.t
bCpt. 13, 7!v-4W
Awnrrtfd kx.jhat prut at Ontmuii Ei position for
fine ekwsg jutdilvt ml tx''.le and latng for
irter rwtttmmq mt finmne, T'.t t tobtcoo
r rnivl. At out blur atrip I rude la uk ! clone ly
tmitnifd on litfrrtor aotvli, Ihm J irJUon'i bttl u
niiptaryplaf. Fsldby 11 JtnUn. t-n I tor ftinli,
iTte, id C. A. Jicroi Si Co., Mfr., I eUnturg, -
(J. 1', WAItm.i:, (icncriil AKt.t riillittU'lphtK,
acpt. IS, T8 4W d
4)V ItlMIIV ! '111K OKAM) Achikvembnts of
By Hon. J, T, llBiDLBV, the Prince ot descriptive
authors. A full History ot hl3 explorations
In Africa and tuarvellou.H journey down the Congo.
A now KxciTtNo book. Bkistino with wild aden-
TCBKfl and TIIKILMNO fCKNb8 Of EAM(!KK, 18 prufUe-
lyJUustnted ihe public kaukkly await U. it is
HelllDfr wonderfully.
P A TTTTf iMBfware ot ratshtatemenU of lnlerest
vU lXVlitj parties, but wnd Tor piioofot tfen
ulneness and full description of this work, ulso terms,
full. ll bcpt. 13, '73 4W
lletall price l(MM onlyftSTA.
ruriur riuii,, price jhu omy
I'uper free. IhniU I 1. lti'iiti)
Wiuhlnston, N. J. U farp. S7,4w
Send for Delaware. Kaioi Catalogue and Maps J,
t AUncha, Dover, Del. d sep. 2T 7S-lw
W A" K.
fRADI MARK Is I'sneclalUr n-com-TRADI
luruui'u ua uu uit
tulimir cure for wui
Inal wt'akness.Kptr
matorrlira, Impo.
ttticy, and all atva
M'd, bucliau I,(lb.S o,'
memory, UnUi-riial
)jivltuJp, l'atu In
ttm luirk. Dlninetui
Before TaHngotrVu.oan. -na-
many other CHeases thatlead to Insantty.Consiimn
tlonaiirla Premature liruif, all ot w hltU aa a rule
arn itrat CJUkPd b iltlatlng Irum ttie y&lh ot uatur
and uver ludulfenco. 'llio hpectllu Medicine Is thu
resuliot a lite study and many jears ot e.rlencs
In treatlnir ttieso iilal dloeruen.
Pull parllcul.irfi In our pamplilctn.whlch c desire
to wild trie Oy mall to every one.
'I lid KiKtlllc Medicine Is told 0y all DruccMs at f 1
ncrrnckise.orUx paiHures for U or Mill be bent
Ly inall on ri'rilpt ot the money ty addresMnc
Till! (IliAY.MKIIIl'lNKCO.,
No. 10, JHtclmnlc'H llluck, l'etrtlt, MUh.
Kold In Hliin(.buri by V, A. Klelw, aijd t y all
PruzitUtH enrjlierf.
llairla KIHK, Wuoltfcalc ApMn, lllttbun,'.
hept. f, ib-tt
Important to Lawyers.
Juslleisof tliu I'eace, 1'oiit.tablcs, Gxeculorv. Ad
intiilstratoia, liuardlau, Township tmcers, aud busl
tiess men generally.
We have on hand a lame assortment of 1,-iml
blanks fur the use of llor neys Ju-thes and Con
stable's tilanks ut all kinds, Nolo aud Ueeelpt bjuks
tor Admlulsirat'irs rrc,
r-ltlt'K LIST.
I'reclpo for summons.
" I I. la.
" ' Hule to take Depositions,
it chouse Arbliralors.
1 cents apiece, or f I.T5 ln-r hundred.
retlllon for Appointment of Guardian.
" rliallon
Ituletotake lu-pnslllons.
Nair In lull. lili Contesslon,
Metnanlra IJ.'U.
4 cents each or V3.&0 per hundred.
1'etlltoa lor kale of Ileal Estate s cents each.
Jinuucn ii,
"1 ho Itlche at mood, Sweetest Breatli and Fair.
est bKin in nop tniiirs."
" little Hop miters eates tlf doctor bills and
"Tliat Invalid wife, mother, sister or child can
bo made the picture ot health u lUi Hop Hitlers."
' When orn down and ready to take your bed
Hop liltteiB is what you need."
"Don't ph j sic and phytic, for It weakens and (In
f.troj B, but lake Hop Hitters, that build up contin
ually," "Physicians or all schools use and recommend
Hop bitters. '1 est them."
"Health li beauty andoy Hop Hitters gives
heultn and beauty.''
"Thero are more cures made with Hop Hitters
than all othei medium's."
"When thebraln Is wearied, the nene4wstrung
the muscles weak, use Hop Hitters."
"That low, nervous fever, want of sleep and
vi eakness, calls fur llcp Hitters,"
lll t'liiifiti Cure mill I'nln ltellef lilrasauli
mire ami clienli.
tOHSAtK nr uovkuuuoTimis.
Hulipanas, butninons, Wariants, Kircutloiis, su to
w ceni4 e
6 cents each
lo "
lo "
vo for 11 M
3 ceuu each
U "
this I'Arru is on mi.k wiih
. Advertising Agents,
lilutt Iteds u
l'urchmcut iH-edn,
Aifrtftnt'tiU -
orpltan'b Court salt
CoUbtablu'H hult ,
MoriuuK0 aI,tl Dond.,.HH
All kiiuUof Notes
Itmlptfc, NttiH, K'houl t)iders, i'oor (trdtTs. Store
OrtU iH, ueutiy louud. t'oubiuntl on baud, or wade
to ordt r on short nutlcv.
Wi'Mif prt'iuit'dlu Uotituttr Job work than an)
other oniiu lu ilil cuunty.
Kdltoru and rroprh'tora
Ut UlO t'OLl'MBUN,
jilooiubbury, l'a
LAhK OTtb,lltL OfKiUiibcitmpMo,
tor ua at Uu) U jickiia. offis.
tV-l Benson"8 Cam
' Iur larnencR'
C back, Hlieumatl
s or weakness of the!
m ana au local acuor
t pains, tho best remedy known. It was Invent-
Ml to overcomo tho slow action of tho ordinary
Porous I'LisUTrt It rellecs ruin ut once, and
cures urioiJtT piasters win not even relieve.
iold ever where by Drulsis. l'rlco 23 cents.
I bep. 'T, iw d
CIDER Are kept sweet by PRESERVES
& Co., 17J William bttreet, New
d sop. ill, s-lv
Tte Antlieto to ALCOHOL ?izzi at Li3 .
Tho Father Matthew Remedy
Is a certain and speed cure for Intemperance. It
dealroysall appellee for alt oliollc liquors aud builds
up the nervous syrteia, Aller 11 ilebuiieh, or any
luli'iiiiierale liiiliiluenre, a sisulk TEASI-ciOMrL
williemcvr all mental and ph.v slcal deri ebston. U
also cures -very kind nf Kkvi-a, DrtH'ErsiAandTOR
riniTT ol the I.iVkK hold by all rirufTKlsts. iTlcevl
per boltje. l'auihlet on Alcohol, us Effects, and
Inteiiiperrtnce as a disease," senl rreoon wrltlnpto
Co., u bond btreet, , Y, d bep. ar, ts-iw
733 Sinsom St,, PHILADELPHIA,
Who are our uulhorUed nweut., and ttll
receive AilvertUement. at our
tor lilt MAttnrs
m:vv iiikik :
PTtO ryf
In Hits nt w volume the l'opulur Author of Sioiit
Kcbms iNTimliiaiii portrays with vivid and thrlll
liiir force and eloituemo the eventsot s-acred Truiti,
and adls t.esh testimony to the beauty, atlios and
KUbllmtlyot the Mtnlesnf the lllble. Airents will
find thl- Book wltli its spiirkiliiiitliouirhtn. clowta
t)le, u-autltui Knirrav ln, and rich tundlnirs. the
U'st In in- market. Takiii Liiukal cibcilaks
FKkK. Adlrvsa, J. C. JUtTltllY. CO.,
bkiruiA, la d bep. SI. 1-iw
Notice Is hereby Liven that MlDner lllle anil Amos
Hlleof Catawlssa, Culutnbla county, MaU, of 1'enn
Hlvaila. formerly trading under the mm numeul
lille x lirother, merchants, by ded ofvoluntary
asslcnnunt have assigned all tho estate, real, ier
sonal aud mixed of tliesald Hlte liruther to M. .
Hughes lu trust for Ihe benent or;the creditors (un
divided and parlnirshlp) ot the said Mlcner ard
Amos idle. All persons tlierefoie Indebted to the
said HPe rV llroiber win make pavinent to tho said
Asslrme und all persons having claims or demands
will make I lown the same without delay.
M.O. Ht'OHKf,
Assignee of lllle & Dro.
Abbott & Hiiavvx, Attorneys tor AtsU-ntc.
Aug, Hi, Iimiw
PARIS. 1878 1
Two Hold Medals. '
Swodtn, 1078
Fhilada, 1876
antlago, '78 .
Vienna, 1S731
Pat in, 1667
WO in D'S
Highest Honors
Have hrcu awarded tho
letters testamtntary on Ihe estate of Crorse
Miller, late '1 Minim lownslUp, Columbia Co.,
l'a., have Uen t run led by the lieKlster of Co
lumbia county, to the undersigned hiecutors
ot Main twp., lo whom all penon Indebted, are
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