The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, June 14, 1878, Image 3

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ni.ooiiHBUKii, rniPAT, junk 11, uss
Rail Itdarl Time Table.
Accommodation Train, a.4.i A.M.
Mall TrivlD.., , 7.S9 A.M
Bipross Train 1. M.
V " .M r. M.
Accommodation Train e,S9 A, M.
Itcgular Knprcsi 4.M P.M.
T.6J A.M.
4.111 V. N
11.61 A. M
:,so p. m.
11,43 A.M.
Thron gh cars on Kiprcss train either to New York
or Philadelphia. Accommodation train runs between
Catawlssa and Wllllamsport.
We offer a special discount of 10 per cent to
old and new subscribers who pay In advance.
$1.80 will pay for ttia CoLUNMAN for one year
after this date until further notice. This docs
not apply to subscription now due. Our sub
scribers wilt do us a favor by calling their
neighbors attention to the fact that the CoLUM
MAM can bo had for $1.80 In advance, the only
$200 paper In the county malting the offer.
Picnic reason Is approaching.
The new jail will noon be ready for occupan
Candidates now aro on the wing,
mer will bo a lively one.
The sum-
The case of Ilnrman A. Kramer was argued
In the Supreme Court last Wednesday.
Pine township reports only one Greenbacker,
and lie is going to vole the Kepublican ticket.
The Treasurer's sale of lauds for taxes on
Monday was pretty largely attended.
Jo'lma Fetterman's name is announced as n
Republican candidate for eoiintv commissioner,
A valuable mule belonging to tho lllonms
burg Iron Company was killed oi their rail
road on last "Wednesday.
Simon 1 Wolvertnn is lo be nominated by
the Democrats of Union county, to Bucceed Dill
In the senate.
A two story frame house in Willlamsport
has just been moved a mile and u half on rol
lers. The festival at Rupert was postponed on ac
count of the weather until Saturday afternoon
and night of this week.
No impurities of the blood, no matter hnw
long in the system, can resist the healing influ
ences of Dr. Hull's Wood Mixture.
A festival will be held at M. E. Church at
lluckhorn Saturday afternoon and evening.
Proceeds for the benefit of the church.
John A. Smull has our thanks for a list of
Villi. ....1 T?..t..:nn.. ......a.! l. I,a T Un!dlalllr.i
during the session of 1878.
Prof. Hoffman has accepted the position of
organist at St. Paul's church, and presided at
the organ on Sunday for the first time.
Heavy rains fell on Saturday and Monday,
and the temperature was so low that fires were
almost a necessity.
A railroad ticket to Chicago and back for
sale at this otlico very cheap. Good until De
cember 81st 1878. tf
Fillmore Hedden, w ho has been the Reading
It. It., agent at Catawlssa for several years pat
has been transfered to Mabonoy Junction.
A Festival. A Festival will be held to
night (Friday) and to morrow night in Mrs.
Knt's building for the benefit of the Reformed
For Sale A stationery Steam Engine an 1
boiler, twenty-five liorso power. Will sell at a
sacrifice. Enquire of E. Jacoby, Woomsburg,
or Dr. J. P. Chapin, Benton, june 14-lw
Johnson H. Ikeler. Esq., of Greenwood, pur
chased tho farm and mill property of Thomas
Reece, near Rohrsburg at Assignee's Bale for
The survey of the North & West Branch rail
road from Nanticoko to Calawisaa has been
completed. J. C. Brown E. Jacoby and M.
Shafter weio engaged on the corps.
The grass on the fair ground will be sold
next Saturday the 15th at live o'clock p. in.
M. W. Nuss,
An appeal will be held at the Court House
on Saturday, June 2!M at ten o'clock in the
mornlog, to make coriectlons, If any to be made,
In the Mercantile Appraisement, published la
another column.
Is it true that the street commissicner gives
store orders on merchants who rent of him, to
poor men for work on the roads, and then draws
the money on their town orders, and applies it
to rent?
Michael Landy, the defaulting tax colleclor
of Mahanoy City, and a leader of ttie Knights
of Labor in Schuylkill county, who left his
home early last week, was arrested In Phlladel
)hla on Saturday night.
The town Treasurer, T. J. Vanderslice, an,
nounces that he Is ready to receive taxes. At
the expiration of thirty days when the dupli
cate Is put in tno collector's bands, an uddi
ttonal five percent, will be charged.
Tbero will be a grand opening of the Rupert
Hotel, under the management of Reuben Rouch
'the new proprietor, on Thursday evening, June
20th. All are invited. Tickets to admit
lady and gentleman? $1,75, can be procured of
.the proprietor.
A the perfection of entirety depends upon
the perfection of minutiie, so no one can hope
for robust health of the entire system, if the
lileod should become, In the least Impure. Its
standard of purity is beBt maintained by the
use of Dr. Bull's Blood Mixture.
In looking for leaks along the gas pipes the
searcher carelessly threw the loose sell back in
to the holes, and the rain softened the earth so
that a number of horses and wagons were
caught in the traps. The ground should be
packed solid when these holes are filled up.
M, a, Hughes, assignee of Wesley Perry will
sell real estate In Locust township on June 15lh
.at 11 o'clock a, m.
Casper Rhawn, assignee of John II. Kllnger
will sell real estate in Roarlngcreek township
.on June 22d at 11 o'clock a. m. See advertise-
A ten year old son of O. K. Hughes met will:
.quite a severe accident last week Thursday. He
was playing with a scythe and In swinging It
around struck his knee making an ugly gash,
Dr, Rutter was called In, and found that an ar
lery hail been severed. He dressed the wound
assisted by Ins student D, W, Conner and th
.child is now doing very well. The moral
of this is, Boys, don't play with edged tout
Cunt: for Crow. A uudlcal journal say
croup can be cured In one minute, and the rem
cdy Is simply alum and sugar, The way to ac-
oouipllsh die deed Is to lake a knife or giutcr,
and Hiavu oil In small particles about u teas-
poonful of alum, then mix il with twice its
quantity of sugar, to make It palatable, and ad'
minister as quickly as possible. Almost in
etantantvUi relief will follow.
A Mrs, Qelstlicli and her two children, aged
nine and eleven yearn, were found ddad Id their
bed In Philadelphia last Saturday .with a strong
smell of chloroform n the air. Tho aelghbors
not seeing them for several days, brbke Into the
house with the above result. As tUe father la
missing It is supposed that he oorArattted the
fearful deed, I
Commitments. Amandua LaVii and John
Martin were lodged In jsll on Monday on the
cliargo of steillng flour from DaAlel Beybcrt,
One bag Waring Seybert's name wjai found In a
field and led to tracing the men to a piece of
woods nheA seven barrels were found In a cave.
On Friday of last week WlllianJ Fisher was
committed to jail by Km. TJrower
of placing obstructions on the CUawlssa rail
road In Heaver township.
Last Sunday being WhtUunilavj appropriate
services were held In the Episcopal church.
The chancel was decorated wltlk flowers. At
the Methodist church unusual tltmonttrations
were made. The church was beautifully trimm
ed with flowers, boqueta In profusion, crosses,
anchors and hanging baskets. The Sunday
school children were dressed In hlte, and very
pleasant services were held both morning and
A party consisting of one woman and two
men were ntrestett on Sunday nlulit about elev
en o'clock and put in the lockup. This party
had been staying in a shell below town for sev
eral days, and getting a little short of the nec
essaries of life they became bold and made dc
mands for supplies along the highway. Chief
Sterner kept them over night anp on their pay
ing coils, and promising to leiive the county
they were liberated on Monday
During the summer monthi) instead of the
weekly Temperance meetings A meeting is to
bo held on tho first Tuesday of each month ;
July in the Methodist church ; August in the
llaptlst church and September in the Presbyte
rian church, resuming weekly Meetings on the
lirst Tuesd.iy of October in the Lutheran church,
A Children's Temperance Me sling is proposed,
fur the Fourth o July, and Temperance ser
mons on Sabbath September 2. nd.
l);nnis Donnelly was hangeii at Pottsville on
Tuesday for the murder of Thlomas Sanger on
September 1, 1875. Donnelly
participate in (lie murder, but
did not actually
it was shown on
the trial that he had planned i
, because Ssnger
ad discharged Irishmen and
but Englishmen
their lilaces. Donnellv mada no remarks. and
ed from strangulation. It looks now as though
Jack Kejioe convicted of murdier, now In Potts-
lie jail would not be executeil, by the failure
of the.Governor lo sign the death warrant.
E. E. Orvis. the comine man for Congress in
the 'lUth'dUtrict, among the Nationals, will vU-
the townships In this county belonefne to his
istrict'in a few weeks to orgsnite for the con
ing campaign, Echo.
That is somo of the milk In this cocoa-nut.
Defeated men in other organizations, are seeking
uunci up a new party lor uieir own aggran-
lizement, and the leaders are! not recognized as
men who have ever sacrificed anything for the
goodjof "the dear people." But liryion mustjnow
look to his laurels in Luzermi.
Wallack'b Orchestra -f The orchestra of
Wallack's Theatre, New York, ii famous for its
extraordinary precision. This is dne entirely
to Thomas Baker, an Englishman, who has
conducted It for years. Mjr. Jlaker used to
su cr terribly from rheumatism, but now is as
supple arid nimble as a scliool boy. He as
cribes his freedom, as lie ought, to Qile's Llnl
ment Iodide Ammonia. ;
Sold by all druggists. S.nd for pamphlet.
' Dr. Giles,
451 Slx,'tli Avenue, N. Y.
Trial size 25 cents.
According to the Quarterly Journal of Inebrie
ty, statistics Indicate that most of the suicides
following inebriety occur among beer .drinkers,
t says that the ultimate effect of lager beer in
many cases is melancholy, with a tendency to
suicide. I', is held that beer baa a peculiar
aycliological action, developing a low grade of
depression in all cases. Hut Is not a man just
as likely to commit suicide under the terrible
epression following a whisky debauch as the
uzzlii.g of loo mucli been? There can hardly
he n doubt of it. In fact, he will generally
reach destruction far morel rapidly by whisky
lan by beer. If traveling thai way at all, bet
ter go it very slowly as to either.
Wilson Ager has sued his wife, Emma W.
Agcr, for divorce. They were married in May,
ISO!, and separated June 20, 1874. He alleges
ist she kept a house of bad repute In Wa-li
ington. She denies the charge, and accuses
im of illicit relations in St. Louis. The case
came up before Judge Lawrence on a motion by
the njainliitlo issue a commission to take testi
mony in Washington. Judge Lawrence inti
mated that the commission asked for was too
vague as to the persons to be examined, but re
served his decision. 1'ribune.
We had expected to receive an official account
f the recent pic nic of the Grangers at Rupert.
Whether it was 'through neglect, or because
they did not desire publicity, we are unable to
state. 1 here was a fair attendance, and a pleas
ant social reunion. The renTarka of Elder Hot
ton were plain, practical and Interesting. The
essay of Miss Msry V, Bowman of Berwick
bowed study and culture. It was delivered in
a clear distinct voice, and won for the author
ess golden opinions. We dn not know whether
or not there were other exercises, u we were on
the ground' but a short time.
At a recent session of the Grand Masonic
lodge the following resolution was. adopted
"JfcaoiW, Tnat we refuse to recognize as a Free
mason any person initiated, passed or raised in
a body where the existence of a Supreme Being
is denied or Ignored." The resolution Is all
right; but wo bad always supposed that to be
Masonic doctrine, at least it has been in I'enn
sylvanla. As a matter of fact we do not be
lieve there is an atheist (in this Stata who be
longs to the order. Its corner stone la the Bl
The street commissioners bill for part of
April and all of May amounted to $855.04.
Among the Items are the following;
William Rabb, $29.20.
M. C, Shire team, $42.00.
Another team said to belong to a number of
the council drew 13.C0. Jlaa this get any
thing to do with the fact that the street pom mi
sioner is obliged to pay two dollars a day foi
horse and man. when the same could be obtain
ed last year for a dollar and a half? We do
not think two dollars too much, but it does not
look well for councilmen to insist on the ad'
yance for theirown benefit.
An alarm of fire was started last Tuesday
morning about ten o'clock when a stream of
smoke was discovered Issuing from the roof of
the kitchen of the old jail. A large crewd soon
gathered and took possession of the house.
Beds, bed clothes, furniture, and every thing I
the sheriffs bouse, were tumbled eut of thi
windows, and then the fire was attacked with
buckets of water, and In a short lime by hard
work, was got under control. The fire started
in the bake oven, set fire to the wood work
around the chliuoey, gqt under the roof au
followed the rafter up to the top. For a time
It looked as though the Sheriff would move imp
the new jail sooner than he had intended. Con
elderabln dsmsge was done to the roof, and I h
alU were saturated with water.
The Muncy lAminarv of tho 7lh Inst snvs
that Rev. Geo. O. Drako was stricken, recently
with something like vertigo, ami fell over. Wo
are glad to say that at present writing Mr. D,
Is much better.
Hev. Mr. Drako was formerly a nf
Bloomsburg, and has many friends here.
Indorsed by the Medical Fraternity, nonular
In every circle, found everywhere, Glenn's Sul
phur Soap Is undoubtedly the most popular
purluer, remedy for tkln diseases and In urles.
and complexions! beautlfier In America. Sold
by all Druggists.
HUl'a Hair & Whisker Dye, lllatk or Drown
' May 17 1-w.
A public meeting of Soldiers of this County
ws recently called lo meet nt the Court House.
n this place. In pursuance of said call n lariro
number of the survivors of the laic war met
here, and formed an organization. Among tho
proceedings, heretofore published, np cars the
The following committee was named with in
structions to elect their own chairman, viz:
Capt. W. J. Allen, Priy. O. W. lteifrnyder.
Col. C. G. Jackson, Serg't G. W. Miars, Col.
, B. Rickttls, Col. S. Knorr, Lt. W. II. Utt.
On motion of C. 1). Brockway, seconded by
Priv, John W. Kreamer, It was ordered that a
committee of three be npio!ntcil to draft n cir
cular stating more specifically tho object of the
association, and the benefits lo lie obtained by
The Chair aptminted C, II. Brockway,
apu iu. m. jirouii, anu L,unt. 1!. rj. j;nt, as
In pursuance of said resolution the committ
ee therein named desire to slate htiellv to their
comrades the aim of the association,
l'irtt. Business and social reunions to the
nd that wo may help ench olhir in lime of
netil, and keep alive the fast fading memories
f the past.
Second. To collect and preserve the name",
residence and military of each soldier from our
county and vicinity at some central point.
Hard. In collect and preserve such milita
ry and official records as may beaccissiblo.ion-
slsting of morning reports, unrter rolls, official
orders, &c.
The importance of such an organization
should be. recognized at once, Many of our
comrades have gone to their last bivouac. Manv
have become scattered and even their residences
are unknown. Many, or their families, are en
titled to Pensions, Bounties, Lands or Back
'ay, and do not know-wbom lo address for evi-
ence, even if entitled lo aid. Increasing yearn
Increase tho difficulties and even if nothing is
ue at present it is well to picparu for the fu
For all these reasons we think there should
be a thorough union o I our soldiers and sailois,
complete record of the living ones and dead,
nd a central collection of all military docu
menu and records that are accessible.
We may add that the association is neither
political nor secret, nor are there cots except
for postsge, record books, &c All who have
been honorably discharged are rcqucstul,rlicth
er they enlisted from this counly,or nro now resi
dent therein to join the Assucisuofi, wliUlnhey
can do in person or by letter to the Secretary
(C. B. Brockway); and (be friends of deceased
soldiers aforesaid arc requested to give us such
information as they may pu.sscs..s about our dt-
larted comrades.
O. II. BiocUway,
Messrs Kiiitous:
I observe that the Town Council propose (o
light the streets of Bloomsburg. It Is a good
thing It ought to be done The moon and the
tars ought to have some little assistance, they
dont need much, but what little they do need
they ought to have. No doubt it is a waste of
the raw material to help them nut with the
brilliant gas now used for that purpose, and
therefore the move in the direction of economy,
to put in coal oil lamps with nice chimneys in
place of gas. Now certainly we dont need any
thing so expensive as coal oil, Would not a
tallow dip, which could be got for a penny, be a
great deal cheaper, and much more beautiful
A picturesque, especially 111 a dark night
than the glare of a gas light? B?ides all lint,
f you see a young lady home, you cant tiivo
lier a good night kiss at the gate, v. il hunt 1 liv
ing every body on the street looking on, which
is very disagreeable, and spoil the fleet.
Wtierefore I say down with the gas and up
illi the tallow dip. Of course 1 need lint lei'
the Town Council, bow these gn light on
every corner of the strtets, interfere wild (he
freedom of street comer loafer, and tho Hill
jokes of stealing chickens, breaking into nut
houses &e. The general liberty of the citi.-n
is not to bl Intel fered with in lids nay, In a fre
country. Tallow dips will give all the light
we want, and I hope ibis grcst iifonn of tlr
great reform Town Council will bo carried out
It l curious if nobodv is to have lib ity bid the
cons let it be divided round, and they will
have the thanks of
A ltoviNU 1'i.aiii:.
On Thursday evening last the editor of this
journal was the recipient of tho following cow
ardly missive, per mail, from Heading, whit)
we give to our readers, word for word, and
without alteration of piiiutiiatiou as received
and stlll'lu our possession;
Keadind June, Gth 187S
To the Editor of tho
Birdsboro Trihuuo,
JJear !ir ."ilr. Ilium
I warn you to be careful fo.- I'litili-li.
Ing an article In your paper in Biennis to the
Communists You are a Dam i.iar und 1 warn
you to be careful of you Life.
Bkull, cross.. bones und 'otGu.
Whether the above is the foolish urk of n
sapient lunatic, or whether the work of r.n in'
defattgable miscreant and ioltroon, weareuipi'
ble to stale, but be It either, or luith, u the ei-e
may be, we have only to ny to our cowardly
Informant that we are not in the lea-t alarmed
by hi unprincipled threats, and tint so lune
tte remain at le helm of tho Yii'iuue ue
shall never ulss an occasion for leading our
feeble aid In scouting down an 1 uoi.ilrinning
the actions of any men, regardless of pirty or
persons, who shall trample ii-kui ami di-rcp. i t
the laws of our country. Jlirdtboro IViiuif,
The young people of Cincinnati are excited
over a promised wedding that didn't take place
The young man and ynuug woman bad kno-su
each other from childhood, and were proiiil
nent in society circles. 1 he wedding guests
were assembled and the loving couple were on
the floor. The minister propounded iLe ii-nul
question to the bride as to whether she would
take the man for her husband, etc,, when, much
to the surprise of all present, she answered
"Ko" Thinking he misunderstood her, the
minister asked the question again, and squill
she answered "No.'- This stopped tho cere
mony, and the story came out, The young
man, addicted to the use of Intoxicating liquors,
had promised reform If the lady would consent
to marry him, and had slgutd the pledge. He
had beeu on trial lor mouth, but the bride bad
turned to him as they stood side and side be
fore the minister, she caught the odor of whisky
on ids brealh, and delected signs of incipient
Intoxication, bhe closed the extraordinary
scene by stating that she could not (rust her
future lo a man who bad broken a promise so
wlcmnjy made. Kj'wUilalloiisund entreaties
were all in vain, The wedding did not take
You deserve to suffer, And if you lead a mis
crnlilcunsatisfnctorylifoln this beautiful world,
it Is entirely your own fult and thero is only
, , , ' lr u"ft'ona"1 l'"J tho adjutant general baa Issued an order dls
.lico and skeptlcism.whlch has killed thousands, charging all unnocessary officera and reduc
1 crsonnl knowledge and common sense reason-1 n. . i r .u.i.i... t-.i ,..
ng,ll soon show you that Oreen'a August
! lower will euro 'you of I.iycr Complaint, or
Dyspepsia, with all its miscrnblo effects such as
si. i ., r ., ,
in.m.nnv, iai HUlUOn 01 1110 HCaH, BOUT
stomach, habitual convenes, dimness f the
bead, nervous prostntion, low spirits, Ac. Its
sales now reach every town on the Western
Continent and not a druggist but will tell you
ofils wonderful cures. You can buy a samplo
bottlo for 10 cents. -Three doses will relieve
you. junu 14-if ji
. .
Im: flliY IIol'SF.Wll'K. The careful tidy
hoo.ewlle, when she is gtving her house Its
sprinj! cleaning shou d War In mind that the
dear innate of her lmiLo aro more precious
"- " mm uieir nyciFm need cleans-
ing by purifying the blol, regulating the atom-
iu h and bowels to prejent and cure the disea-
res arising from spring malaria and miasma,
and she should know that there Is nothing that
ha periecny ami surely as nop Hit-
tirs, the piire.l end best of all medicines. See
other column.
A steamship compsny, knowing that success
begits eonli Imce, may adveili-e that they have
never lost a in-senger or met with serious de
lay, and no one question the statement. But
if il lliysicl.m, afler many yeais of investiga
tion, announce the il scovery of a remedy that
o-ilively cam certain forms of diseases, ond
backs up his slaleuients by indisputable evi-
deuce, his word is doubted, and his motives
-questioned. Is not such prejudice unriasona-
ble There aro those alllicted with cough,
colds, consumption, liver complaint, or some
!ific:lloii of the blood, that still refine lo use
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Disrovery, not-
ttiuivi.iii.nrg u,ey lnve witnessed its ellicae, in
..ihus similarly sflectcd. They "have no con-
Ii It-nce in advertised medicines." Does the
guide Imard at the corners of a country road,
w liiih ndvertis'M the way to go, sbakeyourcon-
lidmce, and create distrust in the route? Do
you refuse lo patronize railroad that advertise
llieirliine tables? I hen why doubt the truths
publisiiid concerning DrPiercu's Family Med
Icinc? if debilitated A males fall lo receive the
'relief promised after using hi Favorite Pre
scription, the money will be refunded. ' Full
particulars given in the People's Common Sense
Midical Adviser, a woik of over H00 page,
price $1.50.
Address the author, It. V. Pierce,
M. 1)., World's Dispensary and invalids'
tel, Buffalo IS. V.
. A heavy earthquake at Tittnn, New Heb
rides, l reported, Tho land roso twenty
feet, seriously imparing the harbor.
Application for a new trial in the case of
Martin liergan, recently convicted at Potts
ville of the murder of Patrick II. Burns.haa
Ikiii refused.- He will be called up for
euti'iice on Monday, June 21,
The Kuiperor of Germany lias on four dif
ferent occasions served a a target for would
be assassins. Ho evidently realizes by this
time ll.o triteiKM of the adage "uneasy lies
the bend that wear n ciowu."
The large.'t strawberry farm in the w-rld
is piobibly that ot John 11. luuug, Jr.,
about two miles from Norfolk, Vn. He cul
tivates ISO acres, arm the yield last beason
was over 500,000 quarts.
The long liiokrd-fnr Congress of tho Pow
ers lias at lust been culled, und will assemble
in Berlin on the 13th of June, where and
when it is to be hoped the existing difficul-
ties will be amicably settled und peace be
At Itatclfonlciti, Fraserburg, South Afri-
ca, where witter is precious, a wool washing
nun i so nrrnngeu tnat tno water, alter pass-
..!,, ; , ., ... . e. .
im through a lino wtro gauze screen and
falling nver the water wheel of a com mill,
gue to the land lying in Ibo valley, and
thus is ucil for wind va.shiiig,corn grinding,
immuring by carrying down the grease from
the work, und irrigation.
Bobert Wliittlaw and William Lewis,
M.olliu .Maguiris, i-oiik'tid in Westmore
land county of firing building and coal
tippbs, were sentenced tin the Till atGreeu
burg to six years iuiprisoiinient in the WW
em Ptuitenti.iry. Frederic Proctor, cou-
victed nf Hitting telegraph wires, was, tent
to the wnrkhoiise fur eight months.
Thn hanking house ni Samuel Donne &
Son, nt Canton, Pa wn entered by thrco
burglars on Tuesday of last week, I,.r,
Doane, who slept in thn bank, was com
pelled to open tho vault, and then gagged.
Afler tho robber. had gut hold nf$25(J0in
registered bunds they were driven of!" by
neighbors, vh had beard the noise.
of the rubbers wa severely wounded in the
head with a club, but escaped with tbo
The estimated yield of wheat for this year
I 450,000,000 bushel. This i nn immense
quantity, and means not only an era of pros
perity, but also what appeals directly
to the masses cheap bread. To propeily
distribute thi large amount of grain will
bring into action a large number of tallroads,
nud although these wero already supposed to from him at the same rates as though pur
be ten years beyond tho wants of the country, chased direct from the manufacturers, Tkis
It Is estimated that not loss than two thou
sand miles of new lines will be completed
by Christinas, and will be taxed to their ut
most to carry the tonnage.
1 ho force of hostile, Indians in the Lava
Ileds I now reported at three hundred, It
i also slated that seventy-five Yankton
Acency Indians liavo gone north to the vi
cinity of the Brule Agency where they have
created trouDie among me Urtiles, which
may necessitate the presence of an armed
force. General Sheridan regards the news
from the North as "very alarming," Troops
will bo sent from Salt Lake and stations
along the Pacific Railroad toco-operate with
troops from General McDowell's command
If necessary.
Pope's villa, at Twickenham, near Lon
don, wa put up at auction a few days ago,
The poet purchased theproperty Iu 1715,and
r..ul,1o,l II.apa ,n,ll l,tj .lontl. lS-rl, OM. -
nronertv otfered Included thn wlml nf !,
' - w
irriillml. Ivt niiroj 1,1 Avian, .t,l. 1.A .1...
i .i i. ...
nun inner vniuuuio growing timoer, together
with tho celebrated grotto vyhich the poet
Iiiriucil, anil which Is saw to remain Intact
til tht lirAtfpnt. ilav. 'I'liAllrwl nllt,r m..l. u.n.
625 .00(1 which wa Immediately f'll-,l K
an udvance of $5,000, and the property
: ' " ;v.
shortly Hood at f 1U.WU, when there was a, on which the auctioneer remarked wtt,-nt,. clocks, jewelry, allverware, or any
that Jho cedars of Lebanon, planted long be- l fftfu
fore the poet's time, and probably the oldest
in I'.ngliiud; were with the rest of the timber
on the estate, estimated to be worth 20,000,
Ultimately the property was bought In at
$70,000 ; but it was stated in the room that
this sum wa nominal, and that the property
will probably be puicbased privately at a less
HeorganlJallon of
the National Quart.
The Governor having signed the bill for
tho reorganization of tho National Guard,
obedience to the. rennlment. nf fb.
r,.ra ,., !,,. m . ,i n
lucre aro eighteen olJlcera on the Gover-
-.l. , , I! . , ,, t
? n"d 'J'.0. hJJuUd1 Wner. '. order
, '"f r , f"ll0Wl"5 Oo'oneU
D. Uc ar.Scranton ; Charlw J, Arms,
I'ancas,er S Thomas M. Walker, trie ; Stan-
hf Woodward, Wllkesbarre j F. I.acey
GllJar, Rni A- Wilson Norris, Philadel-
phla, Under the order all division and btl-
gade organizations, as now prescribed, will
cease In ilst. Until V. f,,m t. r.n..n..
ed relm,nt.l l,.ii.lnn ..a ...!.,
company commander will report direct to
the departments.
- - . ,
Senator Dill at an ovation given him at
Mlffllnburg, Union county, not long aince,
said among other things that ha was "reared
In all parts of Pennsylvania; that he was a
Methodist preacher's son, and as such was
raised in spots." That he had lived in Mlf-
llintown, Kellefonte, Huntingdon, Sunbury,
Milton, Berwick and other places. He said
that bo came among us in I860 as a taxpay
er, yet came os n Pcnnsylvnnian, reared
within the limits of the State. Patriot.
For War.
Tho Lock Haven Democrat, in alluding
to tho question, says: "Senator Dill's res
ignation of hi senatorial seat to accept the
nomination for Governor, Is like a General
burning bis bridge behind him. It means
fight, and hla partv will rallv around such n
leader in the spirit that be enters upou the
contest, and when the bugle sound the
charge he'll find n following that will make
tl,0 ,ila and dales of the old Commonwealth
ring with enthusiasm of raeu who mean to
wjn "
, m ,
Stanley Mntthews wants n Senate commit-
teo to investigate him. By the time the
Potter committee is through with him there
will not be much left of Stanley to invest!-
gate. Tho Senate
committee had better
hurry up. Patriot.
Notiiino Short or Ukvistiiasli Bixinrt
Conferred upon tens of thousands of sufferers could
originate and maintain tho reputation which AVer's
Sarsanarllla enlovs. ltls a 'compound of ths font.
vegetablo alteratives, with the Iodides of Potassium
and Iron, and Is tho most effectual of all remedies
for scrofulous, mercurial, or blood disorders. Uni
formly successful and certain In Its remedial effects,
It produces rapid and complete cures of Scrofula,
Soros, Bolls, Humors, rimplcs, Kruptlons, skin Dis
eases and all disorders ailslng from Impurity ot tao
blood. Dy Its Invigorating effects lt always relieves
and often cures Liver Complaints, Female Weak
ncssesand Irregularities, and Is a potent renewer of
vitality. For purifying the blood it baa no equal,
lt tones up the system, restores and preserves the
health, and Imparts vltror and enerry. For fortv
I years lt has been In extensive use, and I to-day the
available medicine for the suffering alek, .anywhere.
Koa Silk by iU. Daiuus.
HA(lKNBUClI-WAHR.On the ltth lnsu y Itsr,
W. E. Krel, Mr. Hoy 1). llajenbueu to Miss Sarah
A. Warr. both of BloousiS-.-z
MOOKE-COX.-on the 11th lnsu oj her. W E
Krcbs, sir. M arshal Moore ot this county, to Mlw
Alvaretta Cox of Bloomsburg.
EVEHT.-ln Mt. Pleasant township oa Jnns 7ta
1S7S Gabriel Evert, aged t6 jears. inoatss aids
Wheat per bushel I
, 7.0(1
. e
Dried Apples'.
I ll&IUS .........
Hides i shoulders
Lard per pound
lo no
nay per ion
m'eswux v.
TlmothyScea u. '
vuui atium run cual.
No. 4 on Wharf t 3,00 per Ton
No. 6 " " 8.J5 '
No. e " " I ,(i "
Blacksmith's I.utup on Wharf f "
" tlirnmtnous " ft "
Busiuess Notices
For a Summer Hat go to
Call at McKinncy's'lor Shoes.
You can pet lace Window Curtains nt
L,titz ft Sloan's, price Iti to (Jo cents.
For a Nobby Summer Suit
go to D. Lowenberg's.
Itubbers at McKiuney's.
The display of jewelry, Silverware
Watches, Ac, at P. S. Bales' is said by all
i oe ttie choicest to be seen in Jlloomsburg
Kepalring is done by liitu in the best mau
uer niul lit the lowest possible rates.
Sole Leather, French Calf and Kid Skins
at J, bcliuyler X Son,
Shoemaker wanted,
Apply at Mcrtin
For a nice Straw Hat go to
D. Lowenberg'a.
Go to Peler Billiaver's Centre street for
the celebrated Hill Carter ACo'a flouMMen.
denball's best. Wholesale and retail. 200
barrels will be iteeived Cist of next week.
Vn,, or, !... t I .. ... ...... II ,!.!..
- "our "s "'Bh reputation here, and will
be lu great demaud.
May 7, -Jw,
Boots and Shoes cheap at McKlocey's,
Go to L. Bernbard's for Spectacle! and
j-jyu uiusses.
Cadman always keeps in atock Picture
Frames and Mouldines of all kinds, and is
also prepared to make picture frames of
any size,
For plain or figured Lawoi go to LuU Si
Hoot headquarters at McKinney'a.
For a Nice White Vest go to
1). Lowenbcrg's,
Crampton's Palm Soap is the best laun
dry soap in' thl or any other market. For
sale uy Jacob II. Maize. may 18-3w
Lutest Stylo and Lowest price always to
be found at
If. Lqwenberg's.
Shoe Store below Ceurt
I JlOUScj,
fry It Buy it
lslml'sl,nioim n.
At Jacob II, Maiz' Jacob if. Maize's.
I Ulu7 o-lbiv
.Lutz &. ?'oa" Aave a full line of Grass
i and Dress Linens,
P. S, Hates makes a specialty of repairing
with his work-
For a cheap Suit of Clothes go to
D, Lowenberg'a,
Cramptou " Brother's Palm noau at Jacob
II, Maize's. It is the Lest. Try it,
Admission free at McKlnney's,
TX?ES?t?te&,M I I I VrnTm Oil
Rev. D. J.
THIS SCHOOL, as at cresent constituted. oRors thn
liulldlnirs spacious, Inviting and commodious ; complete!
sprlnif water.
Location hPalttitul, ana easy of access. Toachers experlil
moderate. Virty cents a week deduction to all expecting ll
Ooursus ot study prescribed Dy the state s I
I, Model School. II. Preparatory. Ill, ElemeJ
Adjunct Courses : I Academic, II. Commercial
The Elementary. Scientific and Classical Courses are I
corresponding Degrees ; Master ot the klcments; Master cl
lufir auuiameniK,, signed or me uiucers or ine noara or
The course ot stud y Drescrlbcd uv the state Is liberal, a
Tho stale requlresa Higher order ot citizenship. Tho
rent and efficient Teachers tor her Schools. To this end
and their talents, as "-tudents. To all such lt promises
vuiuiuue, allures me I rinciimi,
IIII.V. UII.I.1A.1I i:l.WI.I,I President llonril
sept, s, "to.-
Mercantile Appraisement.
I hereby C'rllfy that tho following list of dealers
taken, returned and classinod by me In accordance
Ith tho several actB ot Assembly, In and for the
county of Columbia, for the jear ls"8, Is correct to
tho best of my knowledge and belief.
Class. Amt.
nice. Abram. store 11 Ton
shuman, C A, ' 14 loo
nreisDicn. ueorge r, store i ? uu
Michael, Levi, general merchandise 14 l oo
J A Losee, agent, ' " 14 J oo
Il Mcllenryt Son, general merchandise 14 loo
JJMclIenry " " la 10 oo
HohrMcIIenry " " 13 10 00
nnwtnnn A Crisnln. reneral merchandise 12 H M
It Hit Bower " " H 1S)
II II Little, rtmir Btorfl 14 ,00
P L Dlsteihurst, furniture store 14 7 00
1 A Iiucklnirham. stoves and tlnwaro 14 7 to
0 1) Fowler, agent, stoves and furniture 14 7 no
Jackson A Woodln. manufacturing Co, 7 4i) no
.1 w s-rev. o-nnpral merchandise 13 10 00
II M Hockntm. confectionery and bakery 14 fee
A llilttnln. drtlir store 14 TOO
w r Hughes, general merchandise H la u
Frcns Brothers, general merchandise H 1J 60
" lumber dealers 14 7 oo
Adams Son, general merehandUo H 10 oo
David dross, nortcr bottler 14 7 oo
0 A Jacoby, grocery 14
Henry Kl-lm, grocery 14
(1 M A' J K Lockard, dealers In coal 14
J K Iilttcntiender. dealer In lumber 14
Hartman Brothers, grocery store 14
1. R Hilary, stoves and tlnwaro 14
1 w McKelry, drygoods and groceries e
Clark & tt'olt ". " '
Wagenscller fo, notions fancy goods 1
(Jross Brother, clothing store 14
J 11 steckcr, nour and feed 14
Isaiah llagsnhuch. stoves and tlnwaro 14
TV,' Conner, grocery store 14
D A Crsssy, geiitraf merchandise 13
David Stroup, ' " J4
Ho Has K Holmes, gas litters and plumbers 14
A 3 Evans, clothing storo 14
Bloomstmrg Iron Co, genral merchandise 8
I r.HUl 0. nroi uer, uraivio it, wot
V V Marr, gentrai mcrcpaooise
Joseph Decker, contect'Onery
m Knjsmer, I.Ti'wrj n'.i'a
s II Miller Mn, gsneral merchandise
J Schuyler bon. hardware
I w Hartman, general merchandise
It u Hartman, carpet store
c A Klelm. drug store
.1 SCOO KClier, nouotis unu imitv buwm
w .1 Corell & Co, furniture room
W c McKlnnor. boots and sloes
Lata A Sloan, drj goods
J II Maize, grocery store
(leorge Clark, books and stationery
.1 n s-cott, confectionery
7 oo
lo no
T 00
7 HO
7 ll
in to
7 00
7 00
7 60
10 00
7 00
7 CO
7 00
7 HO
10 IHI
; oo
David Lowenoeru, iiictliiuui. uuiui
William Itabb, grocery
I.ouls Bernhard. lewctry
James Cadman, agent, furnlturo
L Kun on & Co, hardware
I"H Bates, tewelry
.r k KT.r ,lrv poods and irroceries
Joseph nenuersnoe, coai yani uuu kiw
Moyer Bros., drug store, (corner Main)
rocery il
9.1m n
(lirowers block) 14
Piter dross, porter bottler
Augustus Itabb. grocery
c Navajo, Jewelry store
a l, siyers, meuiciuen
N J llendershott. rtruj and grocery store
J Y Caldwell, confectionery
J o Melia;n, joweiry
TTiomas Webb, confectionery
J II Johnson, tobacco store
Jesse Coleman, Medicines
Peter Ltllmyer, Hour and feed
Jacob Itaatz, general merchandise
s-wank A' Orange, general merchandise
10 i
s II Hlemer, general mi reuanaisH
K f-hai Dtess .-oiis. general merchandise 1 1
Win rnrDtluro room 14
c,eu .M.ii.ll.irt. bouts and shoes 14
John & Baldy. general nwchandlso 13
Cllbert K Kline, general merchandise 11
10 uu
A II Cleaver, Moves arid uuware n
I! I' lorlner Son, merclundUo 11
Y L Slmmau, clothing; store 14
7 (s)
7 00
7 l
,iohu .Mccov. coiirectioncry
I 11 M-eslioltz, groceries ai.dproMslon II
W II mange (by und groceries 14
S li Klnsrd, general merchaLdlso 11
7 0s)
7 00
i r; naraer. lurnnuro rouui -John
.Mensch. tleuU r In coal 14
7 OO
7 U)
11 to
7 u
J M Mnltb, druggist and hardwa is
Win John, aud tlnwaro '
K 11 Utile, agent, co il 14
7 00
ej t naruer, munuiaciurer auu utiu
O V Jllchaii. grocery store 14
ti II Millard, inercband se 13
10 no
7 no
u h .iiurpu.1, general uieiinuuui.'w
A 11 hoitner, Moves and tluwaie 14
(leu ' Hails, drug suire 14
11 C Black, groci rl s, Hour and feed 14
.Mrs LMward llaltey, grocery bloro 14
Iriln llros. ltuhtv store 14
7 00
John Sioreu, boots aud shoos 14
Jacob Spousler, general lnerchardlso 14
7 00
7 00
7 00
7 no
7 00
LOW liro CO, geillTUI llttlliuuvw
I. W Wooley, dealer In coal 14
Z T l'ow ler. dealer In grain and coal It
Thomas Brobsl, grocery tlore 14
wtltmlre & lrw In, general merchandise 11
J II Amrerman, general mercliandlso 14
J K llclleury, general merchandise 14
I! II Myers, manufacturer and dealer In
meulclaes ,8
all uowell general merchandise 14
1 lltbler A; Sous, general merchandise 14
Dj er A liro, general merchandt se 14
Win MsMers. dealer In merchandise 12
Kills hves a Hro, general dealer In mdso 12
A II w hlte, general dealer 14
w K Hess, general merchandise 14
1' H Black, merchandise and furniture 14
A J Derr, general merchandise 14
J K Wc-llUcr, general merchaudlse 14
A II Hartmau, general merchauotse 14
F F Harris, general meicbaudlse 14
7 00
10 00
7 ll
7 00
12 SO
7 00
J 00
7 00
J C Christian, general merchandise 14 too
Jacob Yeagor, general merchandise 14 7 is)
Peter Yoeuui. L'eneral merchandise 14 7 oo
Thomas Seburu general merchandise 11
J 11 Vustlne, general merchandise 14
O Kreamer. general merchandise 13 10 eo
Win (iliigles, merchandise is lo
J I) Bodlne. general merchandise 14 7 00
U J Campbell, general mcrcliiuabo 14 7 00
Creasy & Brown, general meivhanllso 13 10 oo
U w Ilartiel, general merchandise 14 7 00
1 Kleaierhs:hweiiieuhelser.geheralmdso 14 70o
J 11 llellei, general lueichaodlso 14 7 no
Mrs J T l'arnswortli, grocery 14 7 CO
Henry S Iteay, oils and brushes 14 Ino
1'oxton A Harman. general dealers 13 111 no
Augustus Dtbby, grocery 14 T 00
J S Sands A Son, general merchandise
J 11 Hsrman, general merchandise u too
O W loiw Kin. geneial merchandise 13 loe-i
VI O Keller dealer 14 7 00
r jl Houlon. drug store 14 71
1 K bloan, general merchandise li 10 uo
It W U'oa, general mercLandlse 14 7 oo
O W Chorilogton, general merchandise
O V in Ighard, general men hamllso 13 looo
MUs oung general merchaudlsu 14 7 no
A H While, general mercbsLdlsu 14 7oo
i( h km, dealer in stoies slid tinware 14 7 no
(1 w Crevt ling, general merchandise 14 7 00
W E Pletteilcu, geeenil inerrliandUe 14 Too
N Klchurt, Loots, t-boes and nolious 14 Tihi
ti A Worumii, general merehai'dl'ie 14 7 oo
J 1) Werkhit-tr, general merchandise 14 7 oo
i i leveling a, id, gris-ei v store is 10 no
Henry aui, UeuK r lu coul and grain 14 Too
E Cole A r-'i n, geqera) rneiehandlso
All icrtons who inayfeel afgrleiedby theaboie
ciassinojtion can have an opportunity of appealing
by meeting the uudcrslgned
Sutunltiy, Juno 22, 1878.
at which time an spinal will beheld at the Court
House la Hloumsburg, cimuenclug at 10 oflPck a.
in., and (udlug at 4 o'llcck p. m,
loay 41, TI. MercsAitua Appraiser,
It I
itemoi ed to the Tost Ofllce bulldlnir. first dor
above the Kxhange HoteL
All kinds of Watches. Clocks! and Jewelry neat
ly repaired and warranted.
may 11,
Thomas 15. IUktmak.
MOYEBS' block:.
Spices of all kinds, Glass & Quscnswarc,
Foreign and Domestic Fruits,
Family Provisions
4tli door Klow Market street, Hloomsburg, Pa.
rr (loods deiu ered to all parts of the town
April il, TT-tf
Ciirvis Mil I'.ilii In .Han und Ilcast
raoLAi-srs I'ikmi .Falllmr of the Womb.) A Won
derful cure. Nine years my wile suffered !wtth this 1
lerriuit :i-uuipiuiui, i-iio us aim-uuvu uj uui,'. Al
ter doctor. eut to the different Uosnltals where re-
males are treated; tried them all j wore bandages I
and pessaries wlthouly ttmporury relief. Her Me I
wasimlserable. We applied Dr. (lies' Liniment.
Her relief was Immediate, bhe la now w en.
n. llcDnHiiOrr.
40 West 13th street, w York,
I hadltweho strokes ot I'araissls. My leg, arm I
and tongue were uselens j was obliged to use a cath- I
eter eirv dav. Doctor lilies' Liniment lodl.leofl
Auimohla has cured iru. Will ausner any Inquiries
so tnat an amic-ea may know ui iu
Jons Acrki.. Noith Itranford, Conn.
Chestuut 11. rhiiuueinhu. Abru n.
W. M. Giles, Em., Hear sir I uss-d ur Iodide of I
Ammoula Ltulmt ut ou I'lnra Temple's hind pasleru I
Joint, bhe had been 'quite lame; the effect wasl
wonaenui ; sue wiiks now quite weu. ery, re-
spcciiuiij luura,
A. Wairn.
1". a. I am now uslnglt on Littleton's rliht lore
leir. I
A large shoo boll on a taHtable youog horse wasl
resioeu vy uues Liuiutiui louioe ui auuuoqis.
SUll'UKUU Khil'l'.
c arpels, itnsisiu ae., now vorK. I
AsTimt The tenures and agonies I endured fori
six years, none but those who hatebulTered wlihl
thla terrible iltsease can know. My life was ml -era-1
ble. in desperation 1 Hied lilies' Liniment loulde of I
Aiiiiuouio. ii. ljuiu inn niMuufc reiici. cseaitiu-.
terusny as wen as eieruauy.
1 I10S. llKANIOlN.
1I nest SHU stres l. kew 1 ork.
I was In a dreaaiul condition. Joints swollen.
nala Inleiise, Injections or morphine into my veins I
fulled lo lelleve me. (Hies' Iodide of Aiuiiionla look I
away tho deposits Horn my Joints 1 want c) cry I
Another hunerer cured. Iifschared from the I
V-r.p,l. Mi.lallA.I. I n.....,.,lllu,n V.
tlassachusetla (lenerul Hospital as lucurablu, with I
lhilauiiiuitory iheiiiuJtlttiu lu m blioiUders,nhgeisl
and leet : suffered leaifully lor thrtw years, ukdl
rtrrj luiii)f ; luib ml llOK.' nr. Idles unimeill IOU-1
iuu ot Auiuwum euecieu u comp.ete cure.
Ki.i.ln vuirn.
No. It 1'rane street. Kali inter. Muss.
Sprains. bDlluts. bruises. Lauieresa lu hrkes I
(Hits' Llulmeiit lodld.- of Ainuwli Is a (vrfrit e-l
si,,,-, nu jMsuu uuu uniu u tierbu snouiu ue Willi I
5J9 soenlli ateuue, .New uik.
. In my family, and Cor the stock, I have used l,l!u't
Lllllll.eut louldo Of AUUllOLlla. It Is Uiihiii-tuiuh,.,! J
aud I am surpi Ised ut the mui.y onri reH nmlaul.-.l
iu nunu il la nijuii.-uujc, Jt lVU IUO Ulinust bulls I
Jnnw .T. Oiht, u
Superintendent Eastern rcnnulucM Eniwrlmenl
tal Kami. I
see. aiidfi i ODaiuiJuarlsotll.w, In which then
is a kuh bu,uu.
Trial size u cent!,
SLIJ Br 41 L IlKl'liniNTtt.
N. J, llUNHLKMIIlTT, ,tgl. lur Illooui.burs I
may i, "is