The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, April 19, 1878, Image 1

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odtcxsu ociiat, star or mi north axd couth.
Issued weekly, every Krl lay morntnr, at
two iiollahs per .year, payaoio In advance, or
mluif the year. After tlio enpiratlon of tlwjear will ho ciiarjetl. To siiuscrltwrs out of tho
ooanty tlio terms aro $1 per year, Mrlctly In advance
M si If not pild In mlranco and .ou It payment bo
delayed beyond tlio ear.
No paper dlscont Inucd, except at the option of tho
publishers, until nil arrearages are paid, but lone
continued credits otter tho expiration of tho flrst
year will not bu itlvcn,
AU.paperasento ji.of tlio stale or to distant post
ofi'.ces must bo paid for In advance, unless a rcspon
Bible person In Columbia county assumes to Pay tlio
subscription duo on demand.
l'OSTAdE Is no longer exacted from subscribers In
the county,
Tlio Department of tlio Colcmman Is very
completo, and our .1 b Printing will compare favora
bly with that ot the larifo cities. All work done on
demand, neatly and at moderate prices.
Sxttf at &flwtWt.
srlct. 1.
Onolnoh woo It-M $. soo
Two Inches . . .. a.oo "
Three Inche 4.m 4.f0 7.00 1.
Four Incurs MO J.on no U.oi
ouarter column 8.00 P.oo lo.Mi IJ.i
llalf column. ...Ki.o" is.oo vs.oo
one column.. '.oo js.tio jo.oo r.o.00
Yearly adrertlsrments ravage quarterly. Tran
slent advertisements must be paid for before insert a
except where parties hate account.
Legal advertisements two do lar per inch f or t hre
Insertions, an at Uiat rate for additional In wrtb'ii
without reference to lenirth.
Executor's, AmlDlstrator's and Auditor's notlc
three dollars. Must be paid for when Inserted.
Transient or Local notices, twenty cents a III
regular advertisements half rates.
Cards In the "Business Directory" column, oe
dollar per year for each line.
Columbia County Official Directory.
Prostdcnt Judge William dwell.
Associate Judges I, k Krlckbaura, T. L. Hhuman.
I'rotlionotarv, Ac 11, Frank Zarr.
Court stenographer- N. Walker.
iteglster lleoi'iler Williamson It, Jacoby,
District At torney lolin M. ulark,
SherlH lolin w. llorrraau.
survovor Isaac Hewitt.
Treasurer Dr. II. V. Mcrteynolds.
0 mmlssioners-iohn llcrncr, 8, W, McIIenry,
Joseph s.inds.
Commissioners rierk William Krlckbaum.
Auditors M. V. H. Kline, .1. 11. Casey, K. U. Drown.
Coroner ClnrlesO, Murnhv.
.lurv Commissioners Ml Kobbtns, Theodoro W,
t'juutv superintendent William 11. Snyder.
Xloom Poor DIstrlct-IHrectors It. w. Knt, Scolt,
Wm. Kramer, HlouinsburK and Thomas Itcece,
Scoit, Secretary.
Bloomsburg Official Directory.
rrestdent of Town Councll-U. Iiwcnberg,
Clerk-W. Wirt.
Chief of police M. C. Woodward.
President ot (las Company S. Knorr.
secretary C. W. Miller.
tllooinsourg llanklmr comnany John A. Funslon,
President, II. II. iiroz, Cashier.
Kirs Na lonal Hank Charles It. I'axlon, ''resident
J. 1". Tustln, cashier.
Columbia County Mutual Savins Fund nnd Loan
Assoela'lon-K. 11, le, President, U. V..MUIer,
Illooinsnunr llutldlnT and Having Fund Association
-Wm. Peacock, I'rest lent, J. 11. Itoblson, secretary.
Itloomsburir Mu'ual savins Fund Association J.
I nrower, I'roslclcn', C. (1. Ilarkloy, Secretory.
Itev. J. P. Tus'ln, (Supply.) .
Sunday Hervlcos-iuM " nnd Stf p. m.
Sund v School It a. m.
Prayer Mectlng-Evcry Wednesday evening at tn
Saais freo. Tho public aro Invited to at tend.
Mlnls'or Itov.o. I). S. Marclay.
Sunday Services 10K a. m. and i4 p. m.
Sunday school o a. in.
iTaver.Meoilug Kvcry Wednesday evening at
Seats freo. No pews rent ed. All aro welcome.
Minister llev. Stuart Mitchell.
Sunday Services lo; a. in. and otf p. m.
Sunday School 9 a. m.
Pra er Meeilng Every Wednesday cTcnlng at 0f
Seats freo. No pews rented. Strangers welcome.
mbtiiooist EPiscorAncncRcn.
Presiding Elder ltev. N. S. I!ucklnham.
flimsier ltev. M. L. smyser.
Sunday Services lux and H)i p. m.
Uiinftnu Mltnnl '1 TV ID.
nible Class Uverv Monday evening at C)i o'clock.
Voting Men's rraver .Meeting Bvcry luesuay
.Tmitnvnt HunVlivb.
(lenerall'rayerMeetlng-Every Thursday evening
Corner ot Third nnd Iron streets.
I'astor-ltev. (1. 1). Hurley,
ilesldonco Central Hotel.
Sunday Services toy a. ra. and 7 p. m.
Sunday School 9 a. m.
Prayer Meeting Saturday, 7 p. m.
All aro Invited Thero Is nlways room.
Rector liev I .aimer.
Sunday Services lux a. m., 7f p. m.
Sunday School 9 a. m.
First Sunday In the month, Holy communion,
services preparatory to Communion on Friday
evening beforo tho Bt Sunday in each month.
Pews rented; but everybody welcome.
rrestdlng Elder-ltev. A. L. Heeser.
Mlnt'ter llcv. J. A. Irvine.
Sunday ServIco-3 p. in.. In tho Iron street Church.
Vra er Meeting Every Sabbath at a p. m.
All aro Invited. All aro welcome.
Meets In "tho llltlo lirlck Church on tho hill,"
known as tho Welsh Baptist Church-on nock street
cast ot Iron.
ltegular meeting for worship, every Lord's day af
ternoon at ( o'clock.
scats tree s and tho public aro cordially Invited to
SCHOOL ORDERS, blank, jiift printetl anil
neatly bound In small books, ou hand and
for salo at tho Colombian onicc.
BLANK DEEDS, on ParcTirj.'iitnml Linen
Paper, common ami for Admlnlsi rators, Execu
tors and trustees, for sale cheap at the Columbian
nnil for sale at the COLUMBIAN (Jrllce. Mlnts-
ers of the (lospel nnd Justices should supply them-
801VCS Willi int'SO necessary ui uttus.
JUSTICES anil Contablen' Fce-IIiUs Tor sale
,i ttirt pnitrvRtiM nniee. Thev contain the cor
rected fees as established by the last Act ot the Ig
:uru unori the sublcct. Every Justice nnd Con.
stnblo fchould have one.
VENDUE NOTES ,nt printed and for Bale
cheap at tlio Columbian onice.
E. SAVAGE. Dealer in Clocks. Watrliw
and Jewelry, .Main St., Just below tho Central
In Brewer's building, 2nd story, Booms 4 & 5.
rR. WM. M. REI1ER, Surgeon nnd I'hysl
1 clan, s.
E. corner Hock and Market
T" R. EVANS, M. D.. Surgeon and I'liyci
I . tlun. (Olilco and Residence on Thlid street,
corner Jcttt.Ti.on.
IS. McKELVY. M. D.. Surgeon and l'liy
slclan.northBldoMoln street, below Marktt.
11. ROHISON, Attoniey-at-Law.
In llartmop'8 building, Main street.
ROKENSTOCK, I'liotograplier,
, Cllrk Wolf's store, Main bti cet.
AVID LOWENRERG, Merchant Tailor
Mom St., above Central Hotel.
S. KUIIN, ilcnler li. Meat, Tallow, etc.,
ueniro siroci, between rcctmu uuu imiu.
Increase ef Pensleris eltalned, Colleetienssiade,
onice, Second door from lbt National Bank.
Jan. 11, 1S78
oruce, North Market street,
Mar.27,74 Bloomsburg, Pa.
Offlco, llartman's Block, corner Main and Market
Incrcaso of l'cnsioiis Obtained, Collections
Main street, opposite Episcopal Church, Blooms.
f" Teeth extracted without pain,
aug m, 'J7.1y.
A T TO It N E Y S-A T-L A W,
Columbian Bciloino, Bloomsburg, To.
Members ot the United States Law Association.
Collections made In any part of America or Uuropo
Q li. i W. J. I1UCKALEW,
Bloomsburg, Pa.
Office on Main Street, first door below Court House
P. & J, M. CLARK",
Bloomsburg, Pa.
Office In Eat'i Building,
OrncE-AdJolnlng O. It. t W. J. Buckalew.
Bloomsburg, i'a.
TMnnmuhlirfr. la.
7,WB.CM.t,ore U. 8.ratentOfflce attended
Offlco In A.J. Evm'a Niw Bumma,
Member of Commercial Law and Dank Collection 1 a
soclatlon. Oct, It, u-u
Centralis, Ta,
omeo in Browcr's building, second floor, room No.
1. Bloomsburg, Pa,
W. II. Abbott. w. II. Rhawn.
Pensions obtained. 1
HOW E L h,
omco In llartman's Block, second floor, corner
Main and Market stieets.
BLooMsnnrtn. pa
May 28-ly.
p . nr.lNKEK, OUN nnd LOCKSMITH.
sewing Machines and Machinery of all kinds re
paired. OrBKA iiocbx Building, Bloomsburg, Pa.
l PV Rvrhanrrn tlnffil HlfmorititH P
Mtna.. Ins Co.. of Hartford. Connecticut
.. .,500,000
. JO.ooe.oiio
. 13 500,0110
LUerpoo), Loudon and Globe....
ltoyalof Liverpool
lo.ooe. oo
HreABsoclauon. Philadelphia
Farmers Mutual ot Danville ..,
Danville Mutual
Home. New York. H
. 8,100,000
.. 1,000,000
ISO 631.000
As the atronclpB nxe dlrpct. rvnllelM ftro written fnr
the liisureu wttnout any delay in the office at Blooms-
warcn y
represents Tnx followiko
Lycomln? of Muncr Pennsvlvanla.
North American ot Philadelphia, I'a
franklin, ot "
Pennsylvania of '
Farmers of York. Pa.
Hanover of Now York.
Manhattan of "
unico on Market street No. , Bloomsburg, Pa.
oct. M, 17-iy.
AllOKAJtl - A I LtA W ,
Collections promptly made and remitted. Office
ooposlto catawissa Deposit Bank. sm-ss
KiiiiIi, Fryniler 4l Edwards,
(Successors to Benedict Horsey Soul, MS Market
importers ana aeaiers in
23 Market Street, Philadelphia.
Constantly on hand Original and Assorted Package.
June 29, "77-ly
Dealers In
N. E. Corner Second and Arch Btreets,
reorders wui receive prompt attention.
Orangcville Academy.
REV.O. E. CANFIELD.A. M.,PrincipaI.
If you want to patronize a
give us a trial.
Next term begins
MONDAY. AFK1L 15, 1878
For Information or ratalocuo apply to
July !7, '77-ly Orant'OTlllo, Fa.
Cent rim Int
Tlilrtcciillinntl Filbert Six.
MmcricirRERS or iutinti
WnrajliUri MiEM Heaters
With Slinking nnd C'llnkrr-Cliindlnc Orntrifor
liurninv A di uracil e or iiiiuiuuvbb
Cooking Ranyes, Low-dawn Orate ,
die, etc.
Descriptive Circulars sent fbee to any address.
ApU V7, 17-ly
Carriages, BftjglM, Phietoni, Slelghfl,
Flrst-clius workt always on.baad.
Trices reducoil to suit the time.
Jan. 1. 187T-U
Wrlie for Atewy at once. JOHN MJILY Uu,
InibHsberE, 7 bauswa wreei. nuuueitwak
lUWlntr the tndebtedneju. err of the Town of
Hloomsburg. for the vear ending March sin. is7s.
made In accordance with the act of Assemb'ynf 11
April. IS7S, "entitled "A supplt iant lo an Ac to
regulate the manner of Increasing the Indebtedness
ot municipalities, to provldo for tho redemption ot
the same, and to Impose penalties for tho Illegal in
crease' thereof." Prepared and publhhcd by tho
corporate authoiltles of said town.
Bond due Octoberl , 1S7J i.oooo
mi on tame iromoctoTier 1,1SJT....
Iivnd duo August!, lsts ,... . 70000
Int. on same tram February 1, 1878
Bond tfuo October t, 18TS ........ . wo oo
uituiiMuiD injin Alini 1,
Bond One February 1, isi totioo
lnton Bame from rebruary 1, 1S73
Bond duo August I, T9 doioo
lnUttnsamo Irom February LISTS.......
Bond due October 1, ls; . nkioo
int. on same irom April 1, l7i
Bond due Febrmry I, lsso Coots,
Int. on same from February 1, 1578 .... .,
Hoi d due August 1, issu 7oo no
Int. on Rhine from February 1, 1878 ........
itond due February 1, lssi too 00
Int. on samo from February 1, ISIS
Bond due August I, nil .... .. 800 to
int. on Bamo Irom Fibruary 1, UT8.....
Bond due February 1, 192 600 00
Int. on same from February 1, 1&7S.........
Bond due August 1,1 v.2 800 00
Int-oiiBane from February 1, 1878
Itond duo February 1, isss 70001)
Int. on same from February 1, 1S7S ........
Bond due Auirst 1, issj .... soo 00
Int. on sane from February 1, 181s
Bond due February 1, ism 700 00
Int. on same from February I, IS78
Bond due August 1, 1M. too 00
Int. on same from February 1, 1878
Bond due February 1, 1S93 .., 700 00
Int. on same from February 1, 1S73
Bond duo Auguit I, lssi .. nwoo
Int. on same irom February 1, 1S78 .......
Iwnd due February 1 1B.1 70OO9
Int. on samotrom February 1 1878
Bond due August 1. ism! 600 00
Int onsamemtm February 1, 1778
Bond due February 1, Kit 600 00
Int. on samo Irom February 1, 1878
Bond due August i,iki7 boom
Int. on same from February 1, 1878
Bond due rebruary 1, isis M. toono
Int ou samo Irom February 1, 1S7S .......
U,0 (H)
Tho Interest on thoss due In October Unusable
yearly ; on all tho others half-yearly,
Orders f outstanding $ SGi
Orders of lsro uutatauuiinf ...., io sa
Orders of 1STT out-standiug....., 33T go
$353 71
Total Indebtedness M.
Tax uncollected on dup icato of lsiT
Due from sundry i ersons. contribution
assessed on the opening of streets
Due from sundry persons on account......
Cash in hands of Treasurer
$14,653 74
$188 07
113 W
$119 C8
taluation ok taxablk tkopektt tubrbin.
Real property .... m. $tsu,SQ0OO
I'sruonai pruueriy,... rt oi,iikp
J782,3i in
. V6.DMI 1.)
Trades andoocupations....-
Total valuatton $929,615 no
r. r. Illlliuejer, Treasurer for 18TT,
rll. To am't. received from. D.
;oons. Treasurer for 1876. as per ac
count o' Bald Koons...HM - ItGS 01
Mav n. Toara.t. rrom m, o. woouwara.
collector rorittie-7. as ner recemi 84 33
May 3t. To am t from m. wviikooD.
collector tor 1874. saner recti nt ... 9 99
May 8l,To am'l.proceeos ot sale of town
Dona?, issuq oi Jiayv, im. o.iuuiw
Junev. To am't. absesameut on tax roil
J uly e. To am't from J no. snuman uam-
aire to street lamp ... ... 1 99
July 6. to am't. rro ii isaao APiueman
aarnage w eireet lamp . s m
Sept. ft, To am't. from L. Stroup on act. 4 oo
Oct, is. To am't. from o. . Jacoby cost
of side-walk lata oy uie uinn on
premises or nonman nmrs
rtarch 6, 187, To am'u from M. Wyn
koop.col lector for lt74, balance due on
duplicate, i
M arch s, To am't from U. O. Barkley
Eso.. to-wit:
Iron street as essment of contribution
collected from s. o. wavo -lino
To am't. from Enoch Cad man 6 m
1 A. J. KVaUS 11(0
1 M. K. APDieman 5 60
To Second St.. from J. M. Barton 50 oo
8 37
Txss com. allowed for collection
79 o
14 50
To am't. from CommUsloners of Co
inmma co. on account doiico expenses
To am't. from M. ti. Wooduurd, collect
or or taxes ror ii,o-t, as per receipts,
beginning ftnitember V0, 11,77 and end
tncrwllh lanuarv SI. lsln: heeaccount
of M. C. Woodward ., 3,113 75
warcn 6, 'io amx. rrom ii. imwenuer?
rresiaenc oi coudcu, noes nnu licenses
durtnir the ear...
Marcu xo, i o am i. irom n LoweoDeru
paid try commissioners or uoiumoiaco.
on account police services prior to and
durtnir tlio execution of llester.Tulley
and Mcminn .a uo
To cash from E. B. Bldleman. collector
ror iti v tt
ch. tm.isi (so
isri.iiy ami. ot nupucaie ot i,7,piaroa
in nanas oi m.u. ckhiwhtu iur eoueu
llon tietnir umount lax uneotlected by
Treasurer W.409 93
uytouuDonus ana interest on same
paid, viz :
ilayir, bond No. 9, second lwuie, bal
ance of Diluclpal bum and Interest In
full .. S33 31
Mav 17, Uy bond No. t park, principal
nu-refct raid w.i n bond ist3 disss
May 17, Uy bund No. v, second Issue
orlncloal sum G&JAO
Interest paid with bond b SO r.1'176
May 19, liybond No. s, 'parkvpnncipui
sum soooo
Interest paid nltli bond in 60 C19 ed
May 19, Hybrid No. 1, 'park,' pilnclpul
sum 6O00O
Interest paid with bond 19 93 819 93
Auir. s. liy Iwnd No. 15. (oouinn bond.)
principal hum vvutu
uy uouu iw. io uoupuii uuuu
rrtnclrai sum 2iooo
Oct. 1. Hv bond No. 17 (couuon bond)
print loui sum 10000
Oct. 1, Hr bond No. 1, 'second Issue,"
oilnclnalsnin 501)00
lutcieM raid with lmd 1500 51500
1ST1.. Feb. . Hv bond No. 1. tcoutxm
bond ) principal bum nuooo
Feb. 9. Ilv bond No. 19. (counou bond)
nnncrnal snin : von ou
Ilv couuons to lov u bouds.patd durtnir
me )ear... tut ti
to iivamouninaia alo -ireaaii.
rer. lux un '1 oi n bond. f .r 1371 J J lo
Ilv amount orders raid during the 3 ear
lz :
Orders of 1S75 M67
Orders of IS7I1 - 1793 in
orat r or lm. s-iv va i ,ii ss
Hv communion on f7tei n 8 tier cvnt 155 so
uy commission ou m u oo (41 per cent 50 oo i5 94
lly balance cash In hand 119 ;M
$10,181 M
Statement of receipts and expenditures of the Ton n
oi uioomuuri,' iur me eur i&ti.
Amount from W. n. Kimiiih Uto Treas
urer S loi 01
Amount rrom M. U'nkonn. eolleclor
for 1B74 00 14
Amount rrom M. V. Woodward eolloct-
orior is, isxxi
Amount rrmn K. II. Illdleman collector
ror 1875 v til
Amount from I), stroup on account.... 4 ou
" " joun Miunian i v
" IMSIIO Applcinan 8 91
" o. a . Jacoby 37 87
.. ' (mtnlloiiela Columbia
county 59 50
colnbutlons ASbclsed on
street oiientnirs 75 89
" fines and 11eens oolit
ed by li. Lowvittiuri? 1'ies-
ldent of council
collected on tux assessment
of 1877 - - .
. proceeds of Town bonds May
9, 177
93 40
7,10 CI
5,000 OIJ
KXrESI.ITrKfcS. lllflllWATS,
119,771 71
I'ald O. A. Jacoby fur irihlufs and
ror siono ror cunert tinrwi hin-ri. uu
euHert on new road Traub's .....
t 337 93
B. Jaroby, btreetcouimlbsloner tor ser
Foi labor, teams and repair to touls
9,048 4
13.334 04
Rent fir engine house and room..
I-rlnU-r bills
lient of Found and lock-up
costs in Hecond street opening...
69 71
Fornoveanaeoi toriocK-up
13 I
Fnr nillee bervlces...
ror riiBiuccr n'i. uu uBunl)DH.
IllEb Cunttuble
Fur gas for Mreet lamps
liamage and costs In Irou street open-
Intr u ...
1(5 00
914 91
lit SO
5 00
John La hock, auditor for 187S... . ...
II, c. Ilartman, ' " .....
O. M, Vandersllco
John K. Olrton for removing the dead
5 00
76 OO
from old i'rebOteiiHu ounsig-iouDu.,..
ltusemont cemetcrycompany for burial
lot lor ueau remov.-u bb owi,d..,
W. 11, Jacoby, recording deed lor burial
lot ,.- u.
It V. Zarr.Viu.ts in suit vs. O. Hobblns.
Geo. A, Clark, blank books and station..
J.J. lirovte, rent of council room and
administering oaths
c. t). Barkley, Ksq , solicitor to Town
councl I w
U 75
103 00
John M.Clark Ksq., District Attorney
expenses Investigating Incendiary Ores
95 cm
Iteo. mrcmca, uorao iiui? a. ivnu iwbh
390 00
133 00
w. Wirt, becreury....
Interest on bonda.rald by Townordera
Amount orders of Ibis pald
orders of lata pild-
Town bonds paid........
coupons to same paid..... tww
interest nlth bonds paid......
commission allowed treasurer
In band tt treasurer. .........
1,807 93
0,891 00
Iieduct unpaid orders of ISI7.
Treildtnt of TPttnlXiuncll.
TLe undeiklffned audltora of the Town of UlooiCB.
burg, do hen Iy certify Uiat e haeeiamlnedtno
fortgoina accounta and atatemeuta and nnd them
cornet, and Co approie the tame.
II. 6. HlKIWiH. 1
C M. ViuDKKaucK, Audltora.
Johx lAToocur, i
Mr, ai,rfrt Crookkb, tho well-known drujrelst
amlnpothccxry n' sprlntfvltlp, Me, ntn-ayn advtses
every one troubled with liiiuumatlfin to try Vefft
tlno. Heiul Ills .stalcmcnt.
srKirtviLtE. Mje. Oct. 1,
Mr, ir. It. trvpTH!
tH-ir -ir.-H!K'pn ycirt aso lrist fall 1 was tnken
flck with rhoum,iilm n win tinnM to mne until
ttionnxt prJI. From 'lilt 11'noutittl 1hrrofan
nyii this T H 1 mffT(Ml pv tjii in ' wlfhrhoMmMNn..
Komt'ilitf- time would Iipw Km nt utlinu Ihitl
c-iiil mil s(im (inn Men ! ho uttm.'kH werenit
oPcn, l su.reif Uiorii nlliui n inanco'iUt. uver
lir.-e cur atM lat Rprinif I roninu'iireil tnklnff
-Vtf' tlc nnl rnilowi-FiiL up mtlt lliail Fertn tot
les! hiivn r.o rhtMiin ttln n tlnr ihnt. t!nif. 1 nlwnvn
ndvise enry n i wlm i f- iuti'ed wltn rheuinatlsin
to try V.-vHno nl h(LnufTt-r fur hxst ns 1 lmvo
done. Tin- stitemfut w Rmtultuus iw fixrn.'i.Mr.
Steven U conifrncd. Yours, itp.,
AlllRIET (RfnKRIt.
rm of A. Croaker c o . liniLriit nncl Anf.tlioriu
llsn KiKlrvly
t.m-cil 31 p.
1I01TO.V, Oct., 1S70.
a. II, II. fTEVENS-l
m-ui -ii, .mj uuukhi't, hillt n;iviu ii severe at-
tJirk of WhoopTir Oimgh. waslert in a fcehlo mate
nr health. Heinir ftdilHcit by a friend Mm tried Hit
Veiretlne, nnd after uslu? a Tew bottles was lully re
stored to health.
i haVfsbenftiTreat.RiirrerprfromHheumatIm. I
have nken Heveral Iwt ties of thn V I'cttnn fnr this
coinpUlnt.and am lwppv to niy it hancrittrely cund
n-. i iiuiu uvuiuriifiiiien mo egeuno 10 omera
Itllttie S.Klie ITOOsI Htlltft. ttUn trrrit elpnnaor
andpuiiner of Vim blood j It tspteaRant totakeand
cau cueetiuiiy rccommena it,
1AM MOUSE, m Athens elreet.
Illio tmnlNiii In a IH.scnsp ot tlio
The blood. In thU dlseape. U found to contain nn
tcpss of tllirlti. Vct'tino nets by coinertlnir tho
loud from tin diseased eonriltlon tt a healthv circu
lation. eppitnereffUl'ttcstho bowels which la ery
Important In thlsu(mplalnt. one bottle of VeetJue
wm ene reuer, nuttoenerin tiermanent rure it
must be taken repuiarly and mny take several liot
tlfs, especially In caes of lonfr Mandlng. Veiretlno
Is sold by nil druinrUtE, Trr If. nnd jour erdlct
wtllbothe parno as that of tliousands before jou,
whosav, "1 never found no much re'lef as from the
usof Vfetlne," vhich 13 composed exclusively of
uurK.3, ruuui uuu iktus.
Sftys ft TtOftTon physician. 'ha9 iio cnual asablfKHl
purlllcr. Hcarlnccf its many wonderful cures nfrcr
an inner rvmt'aiei rna laiiPd, 1 jsnea, inn Miufjra
torv, anrt cniiMiicei mHeIt of lt irenuliu' merit H
H prcpftml frnm Iwirka, roots, ntitl lierl, each of
li'ch H hljflily elTectlvo. an l t lipy are compounded
In such a m inner as to produco astonlshlni; rt
Xotliin Equal to It.
POUTII SA1.EM, MiSS.,NOV. 14, 1S76.
Dear lr I hive leen troubled with scrofula. Can
ker and liver Complaint fnr three scar. Nothloff
ever did me any corxl until 1 commenced ulntf your
VKtlKl'INK. I m now cettlnp alonif first rate, and
Btlll ulnir the VKOETINK. I consider tlierula noth
lnircriuai to It for huch complaints. Can heartily re
commend It to everybody
Yours trulv,
Mrs,l,lZZIR t. PACKAItll.
No. 10 Larange St., bouth Salem, .Moss.
Is Prepared by
II. R. STEVENS. Boston,
Vepctine is sold by all Druggist).
The Great New Medicine 1
A Health-Giving Power!
Tlltl. efTirtuully curing; ilLea.e ol what
vtr iiunie nr iiutnrt. It Is worthy of It
trlul. HKI.IEP guuruiiteeil.
to tli fttomucli, ami tirtw efficiently an fx
ltKTK. It action 1 not ut tended with,
any unpleaitniit ft-ellng. neither U lan
Kuur nor debility experienced, hut on the.
contrary refriilimfiit und liivtgorutlon
It tmmrdliitei effect upon the dlgetlY
organ. hether lntpnlied tiy dlicaie or
eihauuted from miy ruuse, U lo Inrieaie
their ioter nf UBoljiittatlon and nutri
tion, the appetite being Increased atoiire
To those affected with tin engorged ran
illtlon of the. liver, u Illlloune. char
nrterUed by it dimky romplexloti, a route!
toilette, a pauty, hatt tate Intheiaoiith.o,
raprlclotiH appetite und ilugK'1 uitlon
of the boueli, it 1th n tenir of rullne In
the head and of mental dullneia. A'lGOIl
KNK proven mom vulunble
It effect upon the kldneyi U no lest
happy, u turbid, Irrt luting urine. 1
qiiHkly clruietl up by It
Iiifluiiiiutitory and Chi on I o UIIKU3IA
will Mnnu disappear by m. ieritUciit
le of Vlt.OHKNK.
For the rure nfNklit Dlie ae and Krap
tlous or all kind, VIGOUKKK it moit
certain '
VIUOUK.VK U composed of the acllre
Properties of IIKIllIM, HOOTH, til J.MS and
AUKS, thut IVuttilo aloitw furu lilies,
tfreut care beliiK taken by us that they
ure gathered at the right season of the
year, and that they possess their native
That VIOOHKNE has the power to I'l'Il
IF. TI1K 1H.OOII, lVl(iUATK the
KIVKIt, and -STI-MUhATK tho DltiKhT
1VK OlttJ.V.VS, U litdtiputahly proven by
those w ho haveglieu It a trial and have
been permanently cured.
We tlo not ask i ou to try a doien bottles
to experience relief, for we GUAHANTER
you will reel better from the first few
VICJOIIKVK astonUhlne the world
with Its cures, and l throwing all other
'lOMC'.N, All'KHATlVKS and 1.VIUUU
ANTN. Into tlie shade Iut up In larife
bottles, double stiength llequlres siiiail
doses, nnd it pleasant to ut
Price, gl.Ot) per Ilottle
C3 :&i St., Utv U:l, 1 Jim; CHr, ir. J.
'THE OBJECT OF EATING," & new book every
one should retvl, beat free upon rwtlpt of a one
For Sale at I J.
ISlooiiisburg, Pa.
jan.H, is.-ly.
Health and Happiness are piinleiss Wealth to tlielr
iJuaM'bBurB, uuu ju lufj uru wiiuirj uio leach ci ev
ery one who tl(u?
The only sure CUI1E for Torrid Llrer. Disnentla
ueaaacnp, hour Momacli, Coubllpatlon, Inbtllty,
Naubta, and all Ulllloua complalnlaand Iilouddla.
orders. one genuine unlrba Blirued'Win. rlcht.
rniia." if jour druggist will not Buprlywndss
rcui jur uue uux ui i.urrica, itouer & tx., to.
u, l uua. jan, 4, is-iy ur
EKSI'KCTFULIA' announces to the putlii
that he has reopened
(old stand) Bloomsburg. I'a.. at the
I'orWsotlho Jipyarn
u Uk'in turret
roads, where all descriptions ol
it'&iijer uni ue inaaa in 1110 mwt
substantial and workmanlike manner. and aold at
prices to suit the times. Tlio hlgheat price In cash
will at all times be paid for
of every description In the country. The ruLllcptt
enucge 1 respectfully solicited.
biuinluik.txt, 1, lblfr-
Select Story.
Arthur SUngatc, nltorney-at.lnw, was my
brother. Ho liml succeeded to my father's
btnintu and no name, was more esteem and
trusted in all Kiiutiingtnti, and ltuniiliigton
wa? a rich and Important place. My broth
t'r's office were in tho town, two nille tll
hint ; hut he did nltuoit a much litiiiir-
ammiK tho gentry at his own private
Most of tho great folks employed htm j
hut hN best client was Sir Ktchln I'kford,
a ci-ilerant Iudlau judge, very wealthy ami
the possessor of some rare and costly jewels,
known in tho country at the Ktchin Dia
monds. Their nanio even unices me shud
der now.
One evening as Arthur was preparing to
return to hU olfice, where important busi
ness would detain him all night, Sir Etchln's
groom left a pan el, with n note. Tho latter
stated that the former contained the famous
Etchin diamonds which their owner thought
safeit to intrust to Arthur's care, as he
had been unexpectedly called to London,
"I dou't caro what deeds they leave with
me," said my brother j "but I don't like
such trusts as these. Still, f suppose I must
keep them."
Qf course he could not send them back ;
so taking the parcel, heat once proceeded to
lock it in the iron safe. I went with him,
and a woman's curiosity and love ol jewelry,
besought a peep at tha gems before they
were put away.
Arthur, the best brother in the world, in
stantly removed the paper covering, disclos
ing a square, brass bound, with
the key tied to the bundle. Opening it, bo
showed me tho gems. They were, indeed
magnificent, stt in the massive Indian fah
Ion, while mauy of tho diamonds were yet
uncut. One by one, bracelet", bangles,
lltrktcls. Arthur liflprl. mill tlnnhul In the
lamp-light before my dazzled vision.
He was holding a superb emerald and
diamond necklet is his hand, for my admira-
tion, when happening to raise my head, a
rrv of alarm hurst from niv llns.
"What is it. Nell V asked Arthur.
Nevertheless, he flutur un the window.
called, and gazed in every direction. There
was nothing not a sign, not a sound ; and
aured as I was that I had been mistaken,
o fastened the latch, and dropped the cur
As, however, he wai about to put away
the diamond, I said, "Arthur, would it not
be better to nlace them in tho safe in vour
He agreed in the advisability, and locked
them ui. t then, havimr cautioned me to see
well to tho house fastenings, and asked acain
fl was reallv not irichtened to remain
alone a night with only the servants Jane
nnd Jenkiti", lie left for town. I saw every
thing fcccure and went to bed early, locking
Arthur's bedroom, and taking the key with
t was long before I slept
When I did, I
was almot immediately aroused by a slight
sound al my door. I asked who was there,
lane's voice answered in a cautious whisper,
Seeing something was wiong, rising, I ad-
mitted her. No sooner had she entered than
quickly closing, she fastened the door, and
exclaimed, in accents of terror, "Oh, iiiss 1
what shall we do ? For mercy's sake, make
in noiso don't get a light, Iturglars are
breaking in the house, and I'm sure Jenkiiii
is their accomplice."
'Ilurglars 1" I cried. Then the thought
of the face flashed across me. "Oracious
powers?" J exclaimed, "they are after the
Etchin diamonds I '
I saw it all. Tho groom's errand had
been divined, my brother's absence was
known, and by Jenkins' treacherous aid, the
place was being attacked. I dropped stun-
ned nn the bed. Then I started up.
At any cost even life tho diamonds in-
tru.ted to Arthur must bo saved, llurridly
I dre-sed, and while doing to, heard the soft
sound of persfins moving in the house.
"Jane," I said, having explained all to
the faithful girl, "I must get Sir E'.chin'a
"How, miss ?" If you go in the passage
thev'll murder you."
"True ; thcretoro I must get out by the
window. They will not hear, for they be-
llcve the box is in the study ,and it will take
them long to discover their mistake."
Opening the window, I got out on Hie ve-
randa. How fearfully It sloped ! Could I
Jo It T i is by pressing my feet against the
gutter. Slowly I went, loot by foot, until I
reached Arthur's window. My heart leap-
ed as I found It unfastened. Quickly I en
tered, opening and relocked the iron sate,
and with the diamonds, more Blowlyaud
with greater dlfuculty returned.
Beachiug my own room I did not enter,
tor what could helpless women do against
strong evil men, bent on plunder ? Instead,
I ordered Jane to tear a sheet into threads,
having attached which lo the box, I bade
her lower it to me, after I had descended the
She did as I directed, then joining me,
we carrying the box between us, ran from
the house.
We had not gone a dozen yards before the
ureau 01 pursuit ana uaviug me uiamoum
wrested from us, possessed me.
'Jane,' i said, tins will never Uo. Let
us make for the hollow oak. We can put
me dox in mat ; tuey u never nnu it ueioro
help comes.
Hastening in the direction together, we
i . 1 . . 1 1 1 1 . 1 .
mauageu vu raise. iue uox nigu enougii 10
reacn me noie, anu i toppled It In. It tell
with a heavy thud ; I knew It was safe. I
ineuiou. jane 10 run 10 iiawmorn a, me
nearct house, arouse the people, and bring
some of the male servants back. She want-
ed tne to go with her, but I dared not leave
v.f. u. ui mcd, nuy mis-
erable chance should occur and the burglars
find the treasure. Crouched among the
bushes some yards off, I bauu the girl
.va.vv mh ud uu iuqu ) uuiao iu mn
house .attracted my attention, lly (light
with the jewels was discovered. My heart
stoou still, ana the blooa in every vein turn-
eacold. witu Jenkins there were three of
them. Through the darkuess 1 could see
they were beating and i caching the bushes,
They had guetsed we could not carry the
box far, and evidently were lu hopes of
finding It before help come.
Twjce, thrice, they approached so near to
where I was, that my hatr'atood on one end.
The fourth time it wasJenkins himself-I
knew him, despite his crapo mask-that
drew- aside the branches and discovered
With n cry I endeavored to lly, but the
burglars InUanty secured mo. Hardly can I
describe the scene that followed. It makes
my fieh now creep with horror. They
looked ffround for the box, and not finding
It, with awful oaths and threats bade me say
where It wai. My only reply vm to shriek
aloud, until they checked me by blows, and
finally by placing a pistol at my head. I
implored mercy ; but I remained firm. I
felt my senM lepving me ; they, tin, saw it,
and by twitting my arms to create exquisite
torture, aroused me. At last one exclaimed,
It won't do to fire. It'll bring others upon
in. Gag her and take her along to the
lake I"
Totholakol What were they going to
do? Drown me? My brain swam ; but I
re'olvcd to remain firm, and save tho dia
monds. Heachiug the edge nl the water,tho
villains, taking me by the shoulders, laid
tuo back in tno lake, pressing my he'd be
neath. My mouth being gagged I could not
cry out, and never shall 1 forget the horrible
sensation. Surely I tasted death then 1
Every few seconds they raised me to tie
mand the whereabouts of the diamond'. I
answered by u shako of the head. How long
all Ih'n la-led I cannot tell ; but abruptly a
fearful noise sounded in my ears I felt the
water was rolling over me, and I was ecu
scious no more.
Tho immersion caused the most curious
sensation I ever felt in all my life before I
became unconscious. My breath went and
came at fitful intervals, and I had a painful
sense of smothering or suffocatlou, which
paralyzed my brain and deadened all power
of volition. I could nut speak for the life
of me, neither was I able to otTer the slight'
est resistance to my tormentors.
When I came to I was in my own room
Arthur was near me, and the first words he
said werj, "My brave Nellie! You have
saved tho ntchin diamonds. The help Jane
brought arrived just when the ruffians flung
you into the lake; but they are all cap-
H wi n considerable time before I thor-
oughly recovered from the nervous fever that
awful night occasioned., Oue day Arthur
came to 'ne milling. 'See, darling I" he
villains brought a few threads
r "'verto your hair, but-" and he held up
a magnificent bracelet "they have iut gold
0,1 Jour writs- Tlie "aronet askyou to
accept this (or your bravery in preserving
the Etchiu diamonds.
The Mipior l'uiiili.
A bill providing for the adoption ol the
be" l,unch in "10 collection of a tax on in-
toxicatiug liquors lias neon reported lavora-
bly in llle 1Iollso of Representatives of
t'ennsyivania. ine uni suusianuaiiy pro.
'vwei tlial alter January l, lb, y, all dealers
in spirituous, or man liquors, except suen as
are hereafter excepted, shall pay a lax of one
cent ou each drink nt alcoholic or vinous
liquors or any admixturo thereof, and a tax
of one-half cent upon each drink of malt
liquors sold or drunk on tho premi-es nf any
person licensed to sell at retail ; said taxes
to bo paid into tho county treasury. Every
person or firm engaged in the sale of liquors
at retail must havo attached lo the counter
over which said liquors are sold one register
marked" Alcoholic Liquors" and one marked
.Malt Liquors; said designation to be mark
el on the fice nt said registers in letters not
less than one inch in length. Eicli bell in
said registers is to be struck by means of
mechanism for that purpose, one fur each
stroke of said bell is to be registered on a
dial on said register tho number of drinks
sold. 1 he register must haye stamped on it,
in legible letters, "Commonwealth of I'enn
sylvania," and also tho eoat-of-arms of this
State, and the registers are to be furnished
by the fctalo to the Uounty Treasurers of the
different counties. Each person procuring a
license to sell liquor at retail must obtain
from tho County Treasurer the requisite
number-of registers, which will be furnished
nt co-t, and attach tho same to the c .unter
"n the premises where tho liquor is to be
sold, the same to he attached under thn sup
ervi-inn of the Collector of Taxes. It is
made the duty of all persnn-i having a regis
ter to properly register tho s.ile of
all diinks in the presence of the purchasers
thereof. If spirituous liquor sold in larger
quantities than by the drink the register
must be revolved so as to register four drinks
sold ; for each pint of malt liquor sold the
reeister must be mado to make two drinks
1 ho proceeds of tho tax in Pennsylvania
would amount to millions annually.
A False Alarm.
A largo concresatlon had assembled to
hear a stranger of some notoriety. Soon af.
ter he had introduced his subject, the cry of
"fire I firel fire I" in the street very much
disturbed the congregation, and many were
about to retire, when an elderly brother rose
and said :
'Jf the congregation will be composed, I
will step out and see if there is any fire
near and renort "
The congregation became composed, and
the minister nrnroeilpil Tol-ln ulnnl.n.
Lf tho occurrence, he called attention to a
fire that would oonsume the world !-a fire,
that would burn forever In the lakes that are
bottomless 'and had lust concluded a en
tence of terrible import, and not without
manliest impression ou his audience, when
a vojce from the other end of the church, as
if In flat denial of all he had said, bawled
1 .
1 ou( .
"It's a false alarm."
The effect was ludicrous In the extreme.
The old man had returned; but the respouse
lK)llea ,Ue force of lhe elc(.uent . al aml
even the speaker could ecarce refrain from
joining In the universal smile that passed
over tue congregation,
I , - .
What iscaltcdatiackdayingmachino has
I lately been constructed, and lis adaptation
w the purposo successfully tested. It is conf
i puseu ut a succession oi rouers set in mova
ble frames attached at will to tho sides o
several flat cars in a train, elevated so as to
form an inclined plane from rear to front,
Upon, these, the ties on onoslde.and th,
rails on the other, are readllv rolled nrlal.l
by workmen upon the cars, when thr-v mnv.
along over the rollers to the front, ami dtp
dollvered to the tie aud track layers as fast
as they can use them. Tbs aiu f 11,1.
arrangement Is to obviate the necessity of
teams lor the distribution of ties along the
bed, especially over rough or swampy ground
and also to save extra handling of the iron
as by the present way, thus insuring both
rapidity and economy.
Three Motnlitln Service
10th fitgimtnt,
In April 1801, the following citizens
mainly of Herwlck, went to llsrrisburg to
enter the service. They were mustered In
April 20, 1 Sill, for 3 months; but at once
agreed to rc-enllst at the expiration of that
time, which most of them did. Their Cap
tain was Dorshemler, and the regiment wa
a part of the 4th Urigade, First Division ;
and subsequently of tho Fifth Division and
Held Hie leu ol tne line nt uuu llun. was
in the second forward movement towards
Marlinsburg, thence to Bunker Hill, thence
by forced maich to Harper's Ferry, thence
by Smithfield, menaced by Stuart's cavalry
to Charlcstown In Virginia, thence at close
of term of service to Harrlsburg, where they
were mustered out July 30, 1801.
S F Shwartz
M J Uoodman
N Q Williams
Jacob I'off
Tlios Stack-house
Harrison Swank
A 1) Seely
James Smith
A Lockart
Robert Webster
Wm Campbell
Lafayette Myers
J F Chemberlln
A S Kensey
Fernando Lake
W 0 Thomson
E O Bahl
V H Crandall
A C Thomson
J W Gilroy
J A Yount
J F Hertz
Lyman II Fowler
Cyrus Robblns
Wesley R Prico
th Regiment P. V.
Clarence O. Jackson, mustered into service
August 2, IS62 in Company II, 84th
Hegiment, P. V., promoted from 2d to
1st Lieutenant, January 18, I8G3, to
Captain July 1, I8G3 ; wounded and
captured at Chancellorsvllle, Virginia,
May .1, 1863, transferred to Company
H, 07th Kegiment P. V, January lit,
1SC5, and discharged by special ordtr
March 10, 1865.
Hiram S. Marr, Oct. 16, 1862, promoted to
Corporal March 1, 1865, to Sergeaut
June 1, 1865, mustered out Juoe 29,
Uriah Edgar, Sept. 1G, 1862, discharged by
general order June 1, 1865
miburn Samnel, Sept. 18, 1862, mustered
out June 29, 18G5.
HosslerFrcd jr,Sept. 18, 1862, mustered out
June 29, 1865,
Hossler Jacob, Sept. 18, 1762, absent sick at
muster out.
Seeley Andrew D., August G, 1862, trans
ferred Irom 81th Ilegiment P. V. 13
January, 1865, discharged by gener
al order June 1, 1805.
Among the familiar names occurring in
the 57th regiment, P, V., are the following,
but I am not able to determine if they belong
to Columbia county.
Allen B, Iteam, James J, Ruch, W, II.
Kuch, Lewis I' rank, Amos Whitenight, Ku
dolph L. Young, James Bassett, Gorge A.
U 1 1 rm I1 li .1 rl ..j I.' fMnAiHl TnMn nl I
Kline, Charles E. Crawford, James Chera
berlin, Washington Diebert, Thomas Deily,
Nicholas Eisman, Joseph Griffith, Abner
W elsh, and some others ; of which Colonel
Jackson or Major Seeley could and I hope
mil give information And see also 84th
regiment Company D, Hurley Guards for
men transferred to the 57th.
lGlef Regiment IM Cavalry.
ltusscl It. Pealer, muitered October 2, 1862,
into Company K, promoted from Per-1
geant Major to 2d Lieutenant, Decern-1
her 12, 1854, to 1st Lieutenant May 8,
18G5, wounded at Hatcher's Run, Vlr-
ginia, February G, 1SG5, mustered out
with company August 11, 18G5.
Daniel Swank, mustered October 2, 1862,
into Company L, promoted from Quar-
icruiasjer sergeant to zu lieutenant
oemuer ,o, 10U; co tst me uenani
, ' , v,Hin ay
... !$&, wounded at Trevllian Station,
, uK,uia,. .uu loui, iraii8Ierreu co
Company I, July 24, 1865, mustered
mil ...III. nm..a...t 11 lent
... ...... osu.i i, Q A.ttftlman .., Mitl O
- """"""" .,
,oui, .m. company cransierrea co
company I. discharged on surgeon's
rerciucaie reuruary z, io73.
Tl... !- . 1 .
uuu.. .imcsuue. musierea uciooer iv, ifsuz,
i" 7.7 J." ruu,ufu. lu ""rn.i June
1, ISGj. discharged by general order
T..1 O,
u uiy .-t, JOO.J
N. II. There are doubtless other Colum
bia county men in this regiment, but Tarn
not able to give' them certainly, because of
milarity of names. I hope they will sup'
ply me with the names omitted, so that the
roster may be made complete.
81i Regiment.
Daniel Harris, October 15. 1861, killed at
Charles City Cross Roads, Virginia,
June uO, 18G2,
V i Vn i i
IS. 15. No other names are recognized
l.tii t ,1 ii. .i ! i
nn.t . li if .
..jr ,.ciiu ,ig iHiormatmii as to
mv d no,.l ' -i" - "
J 1
oin.l. ?.. .
J.Milton Shuman, August 80. 18G4. com
pany 1-., promoted from private to 1st
Lieutenant. September 19. 1864. dl..
charged by special order FebiuaryHI Stls of tomatoes, egg plants and red pep.
18G5. pers may now be planted in boxes.
William II. Evans, September 13, 1SG1 into
company II. promoted to 1st I.Umennnt
January 28. 18G5. wounded at Hatch.
er'a Run, Virginia, February ii, 1S65
absent without leave at muster nut.
John I. Guild, September 7, 1864, 1st Lieu.
tenant company D. mustered out with
company May 30. 1865.
A number ol lamilar names occur In
210th, but I am nut able to assien them
certainly to Columbia county. Persons
can give names and company in this reci
meiic win greatly owiire bv do n,
A clergyman who had been stayinc
some time at tho house of a friend, on going
away, called to him little Tommy, the four-J daya, doing a day's woik at a farm houses
year-old son of his host; and asked him whatl The piudeut loufewIf,tocur)ncooddaJ,
bo should givo him for n present. Tommy, work, lighted candles wlmi daylight began
.m K,Cai ufaioi ropect lortho 'cloth' I to lade. 'Ji,e tailor looked to his ton and
thought it was his duty to mggcat tomelhing I mM : "Jack, confound them that invente
oi a religious nature, to he answered hesila
tingly; I I think I thould like a Testa
Bunt, ana,! know I hhouM like jwD-Rupfltker."
With liaoclnif hcad.'and fluted stalk,
A colden herald ot tho Pprlnfr,
Telling- how thrushes build and sin;
Amohg tho laurels In the walk
Where we hare also loted and auntr,
Come, daffodil, and whisper trua,
(Here among city fog and smoke,)
What tlillngs of our trysttng oak,
Where squirrels sport ana pigeons coo.
As though tho world were ever young?
Tell mo how all your brethren fare,
Upstanding In the garden-beds ;
And It the snowdrops' modest heads
Look earl hwards el, or high In air.
And It tho crocuses aro there ;
And If the forest glades are gay
With hyacinths, or silver strewn
With wood anemones, t o Boon
That bow their heads anil pans away,
D) lng the death of all things fair t
Tell mn all this and something more.
What I would wish you most to tell
Say, "Ho Is truo and ho Is well,
And still he lores you as before i"
Then nestle near me, where you will.
Or, It It please you to be seen,
And hold your head abOTe them all,
111 take you to a royal ball,
Where you may meet a future Queen
High honor for a daffodil I
London H'drM,
Now all the air tyc breath of springtime hold,
"prlng flowers delight nnd polar waves provoka XII
While hltTed glen and barnyard fence enfold'.
The wind anemone and Shanghai crocus.
Long ore the Christian world forsake Its bed,
Ho crows, as never "Archimedes' screw ;"
In mossy fells the violet hides Its head,
And like the business men, looks awful blue.
8o where the nodding ferns In slumber He,
The purple greens In crimson azure sleep ;
And on the calm, unrumcd sunset sky,
The tints of morning midnight vigils keep.
The last red grayling
nt it appeajs to us tills Is becoming entirely to
Tennysonlan for the ordinary mind to grasp.
We will save the rest for a magazine article 9
sell It to Joseph Cook.
Whatever a "fell" Is. We are not Just posltlro
what It la, but we know It occurs very frequently In
poetry, and wo haTe an Idea that It grows In the
Burlingion Uavl-Eye.
Easter in Germany.
"Ob, look t look 1 all those pretty little
Easter thirfgs In the windows already I" ex
claimed my little sister one day, as we past
one of the largest confectionary stores in
Stuttgart ; and, true enough, though Lent
was but half over, there they were, a pretty
show. Eggs, of course, in quantities and of
all sizes, from that of an ostrich to a hum
ming bird's made of choclate or of sugar,
and gaily decorated with little ribbons and
pictures. Then there were lat little un
fledged chickens, some just emerging from
the shells, some not an inch long, and oth
ers largo as life ; pure white lambs, with
ribbons and bells round their necks ; paste-
with holes nt thn "pnrla nnrl lnnlrtn
through, behold a panorama inside I and
. . ' ....
eggswith roses one side, which, when blown
tupon, emit a musical sound.
But odder than all these were the eoaU
playing on guitars or dragging behind them
fairy -like egg shaped carriages with little
hares gravely driving; and in others of then
carriages were reclining one or two (general
ly wo) baby hares, or a hare moitsr .
lng her little one in an egg cradle ; there
were sugar balloons, In the baskets of which
hares watched over nests full of eggs wheel-
barrows full of eggs, and trundled byaharo;
and dainty baskets of flowers, with bimi
perched upon each handle.peerlng down into
nests of eggs half hidden amidst the blof
soms. When one knows that each nest cornea
out, and forms the cover to a box of lonbont
neatly concealed underneath, this nretiT
structure certainly loses none of its attract
Tn ll .Hreetlons Innf tboromino..aT.
begin l0 apear, Eyery oW womau j ,h
market place offers for tale a store of hard
bollfd tgg 8mearcd over wilh .omehighiy
ioni. varnish, besides candy chicken,
uarPS etc , abunJance. All the shop
1 . ' ... . . . .
winHnivB an IS nullv n nrl i. n
I '
uesldes the sugar and chocolate eggs.tbere are.
egg, 0r soap and glass; egg-shaped basVeta
alld retiCules ; leather eggs, which really are
lll' ,,!, ,i r,n,i ,t,c.
1 OV.....8,
Implemeuts ; wooden eggs and porcelain
eggs, and even egg-shaped lockets made of
,,lld ni,i.. '
I a -
Hints for the Garden.
It is now time to have a few early peas in
the ground, as they are not injured by a lit
tle frost, and the ground is in good condi
tion for planting. They should be nlanted
deeply, four or five iuchesf covering is not
too much.
Onions require dry ground to succeed well
Ufl.lnl. Ll...1.l I... II 1 A
I ""mm uo wen prepared anu men
1 r. i.. n' , .. .
iuiuiv irouucu uowu, v OOSI
bw manure iur ciiem.
iiHlU i., ji.tln .., .i.u
and parsley may be own early. Spinnach
1 indpii r iiwhi tn tn I
. , bi w ovinii in tuo JUll
slightly protected through the winter, bat
where this has not been dona anrinc nwlna
I i---o
i n advisable.
- 1 t5""l 'I'flng turnips cannot be had witk-
I "ul """""K mem as early as the ground i In
fit condition.
llle B,raragu bed requires attention this
n"nin, and no larmer rhould be without it.
lue course manure should be raked off and
lif the ground is dry the finer should be
I l0kl In and the turface raked over smooth-
I Salt "hould then be spread over the
I Those who have neglected to order trees.
the pluU seeds, etc, until now ihould lose no
,lme ln procuring their supplies.
who I 1,1 ,ue uU"v of lrlng work do not be
- 1 tempted to plant, plow or wort the soil in
an I uy manner unm it is sufficiently drv and
I will crumble as it is moved by tie spade or
A tailor and his ion were. In llm nMm
- 1 worlin' by candle-ltcbt." Ay," re pile
- 1 the young snip, "or daylight dtUr, t