The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, January 25, 1878, Image 3

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BLOOMSntllMi, rlllAI, JAR. th, IB7I
lull ltoait time Talile.
Acconimodatlon Train, MS A.M. T.6JA.M.
Mall Train T.9 A. M 4.49 P. M
Kxpresi Train 1.M P. M. 11.61 A. M P. M.
NORTn. porrn
Accommodation Train A. M. 7,8T P. M.
lleifiilar KxprcM 4.(0 P. M. 11,33 A.M.
TlironKti curs on Ktprrsa I ruin either to New York
or Philadelphia. Accommodation train rum between
Untnwlisanml Wllllamiport.
MOI.LIE MAQ0U11B.-WI1I appear at
0r IIoum on Mondaj Erulag Jan oar 8,
1878. Don't Ml to Mfl them. Kfop mwiUcl
nlglilly. 8m Programms.
Tho Young Mens Christian AwoelMton will
hold a prayer meeting In the. Melhodlrt church
on noit Ssbtath afternoon commencing at half
part three o'clock.
A hew fct of rollers has jrrcAtljlmproTdtno
mechanical nppenrnnce of tho ColumhUs this
week. Mr. K. A. Ileraptrljr, of Williamfport,
nmile tho rollers.
A Oopel Temperance meeting will bo held
In tho Lutheran church to-morrow (Satunhy)
eveninR at 7 o'clock, A number of nddrcc4
will be delivered. Kvcrjbody is Inrltcd to attend.
NoTicrc To Jurtoim ash Witkessfk Dur
lug Court jurors and wllaeoe.1 will Iks kept at
HrnwnV Hotel for ono dollar a day.
Jan. 25 2w.
ltlSAl), AND HHKl).
To tWo of our nulicrlber.i who have paid up
in rwonio to notion Riven through tho papers
and by mall wo arc duly grateful. Wo have,
by systematic arrangement got our list In such
shspo that wc know who the honest patrons are,
and can rely on them for each year's Install!
mcnt as It becomes due. Wo alo lave all the
delinquents marked, so that e know who
thoio are that sponge on tho printer for their Tuesday last. Ho looks "bleached out'" and
Information. Let it bo understood oncu for all '''in, but 6ays ho is better in health than when
that we nubllsh a turner as a business out of ho left.
wlitrti wp PTttprt tn milfn n llvinff. Tills tin-
tier is ol,l n II,- .-11 1,1, en,!., fnr Cl.OVEIUEKt, WaNTEP. You can always Ret
money, and llioc who do not pay for it, neeel I"! ''i?1'?"1 m"H l,rlce for c,"r ec1 r
not expect to receive it, Wehavciut dead-head
Samuel Iloccrt of Hohrsbure, who has been
in tho Penitentiary for some years, hnvinc been
pardoned by tho Governor, arrived here on
John Dildine, Milton Pa.
Cash dealer in grain ami seed.
"an. 25 4w
lint. During the past year hundreds of names
have been stricken oil' the roll, who failed to
pay, and wc are still at it. Others are on pro
bation, anil will bo cut oil' unless they settle
very soon. Our endeavor is to instruct the pub
lic by furnishing useful information and the
IK ws of the day, hut wo ex net and Inleiu! to
Le paid for it. A small list of good paying sub
scribers is far Letter than a large one of worth
ies or doubtful names, atnl we pro(oso to keep
on cutting down until wo hive none left but
honest men. If any now receive the paper who
cannot afford to pay for it, they should notify
us at once of their condition, pay tip back dues,
ami stop the paper. To continue to take it
wiien they know they will not pay for it is not wt con,i;,;ot, Rinc(,,
mucii better man llielt. It is obtaining goods
under false pretences, llefore very long those Tin Jlrailord Argiu says
who have pn id no attention to our numerous I The little three-ycsr-old daughter of Ocorge
notices will be visited bv a condable. and find 3'on who drives tho Means House omnibus,
themselves in for cunts. Then they will como
8 uWriptions nnUide the county must be
paid invariably in advance. All subscriptions
in the rounly arc duo within the first six
months. If allowed to run a year 12.50 will be
charged, and no paper will be sent longer than
a year without payment. Kemcmber this I
Our Representative, Hon. E. J. McIIeury
was unable to attend the sessions of tho Mat
week on account of tho dangerous illness of
Ids daughter. Lnst week ho was suddenly
called home by a telegram informing him that
she had had n relapse. Wo have not heard of
Hocking in with indignation to know why we
sued them. Our answer to such will Ve, we
must be paid for our goods. If you do not pay
anything for lo years and a quarter, we take
it for granted that you will never pay until
compelled to do so -11 notes yiven fir atiliscrip
tionuill jmititdy be sued in February unfw Kl-
tlcd before that time. If until we shall add inter
est, and include, subscription to date in the suit,
at the rate of $2.50 a year. We have given
very possible chance to those indebted to us to
settle at ihe low rate, and as many have paid
was very badly scalded on Monday lut.
We are very sorrow for the littlo girl. How
cruel of her father to make her drive an omni
um I
We owe an apology to those of our pitroii
who pay for their paper, for obliging them to
read so many notices written only for those whc
do not pay. It is necessary, however, for us to
have money to meet expenses, and the failure
of many to settle their accounts render it nec
essary for us to talk plain.
Last Wednesday morning it was rumored on
the street that Peter Mcllugh, ono of tho con
victcil Mollies, had raado an attempt to escape
from jail the night before, and our reporter was
sent up to ascertain the facts. About two weeks
ago the three men, Hcsler, Tully and Mcllugli
who had been kept In one cell up to thai time,
were separated, nnd put in cells, each by him
self. Mcllugli was left in tho room at llio right
on tho first floor. Suspicions were aroined by
tho fact that ho hung a blanket over tho win
dow, "to keep out the moonlight" ns he sald,and
a close walch was therefore kept. On Tuesday
night Officers ltowbottom and Titus, while on
their Usual rounds, missed Mcllugli, and on
pulling out the bed Uowbottoni'srcvolver,whlcli
he held in his hand, was accidentally discharg
ed. A hole was discovered in the floor, and as
the shot was fired tho voice of the prisoner was
heard saying, "Don't shoot, Pll come out," and
ho did so. The hole was about twenty Inches
square, and made by boring around with a g'tn
let or bit. How he came bv tho tool Is a mys
tery. He had also n case knife witli which
he was trying to dig out under the wall.
He was put back in his cell and
hoppled, and chained to the floor. It has
been customary to hopple the prisoners at night
for some time, but M"lluglt had by some tueins
disposed of these ornaments, and was ready to
walk oil a free man when he reached the opm
air. Unfortunately for him, lie was discovered,
and now clanks his chains with no hope of re
lease. Hester expressed the opinion to your re
wrter that it was n bail job, and thought Mc
Hugh very foolish, as it could only prejudice
bis case the more. He said ho had no doubt
tljat the pap:rs would say that Pat. Howler was
to blame for it, as everything, even the stealing
of Charley Itoss, was put 1m his shoulders.
Hester and Tully, of course, h id nothing to do
with il, as they had not seen Mcllugli fur near
ly two weeks. No ono knows where the knife
came from.
Although a foolish attempt where the pros
pect of success was so slight, this eflbrt to escape
by a man convicted of murder, refused a new
trial, and who has failed to obtain a reversal in
the Supreme Court, is no additional evidence of
guilt. It was a struggle for life when every ray
of hope had fled, except ail appeal to the Hoard
of Pardons, and there are but few men who
would not escape if wssible under such circum
stances. All of the prisoners i-till assert their
entire innocence of the crime of which they
were convicted, and hope to be sived through
the Hoard uf Pardons, but, s.iy they, "While we
hope for the best wo are prepared for the worst
and if we must die wo shall trv to die liki
Do you lovo your children 7 Then do not nl-
no attention to it, we shall charga the high rale low them to sutler with coughs and colds. Oct
to pay costs, Wc have exercised the greater1
leniency, but forbearance lias ceased to be a
, yirlue and we shall now crack Ihe legal whip.
Kemcmber that tho Sheriff's sales are for
bottle of Dr. Haas Expectorant, and thus
have the means at hand to ayert a fatal termi
nation. 25 and 50 cents a bottle.
The roof is on the prison part of the new
Jail, and workmen are now engaged iu cover
ing the rcsidenco of tho Sheriff.
ine urangevme Acauemy commences a new-
term his week with fair prospects. It is a good
time to begin.
The sale of the mill property of William N.
llrown, deceased, iu Mifflin township, has been
adjourned to the 21st of hebruary.
Mr. fJeorge l Craig, collector of Hoaring-
creek for 1877, was tho first one tn pay off his
llonjiniin I. Vannatta has entered his name I Jervis, N. Y., where it will connect with Ihe
as a student at law In the oflicu of Ilrookway of New York and Erie, and thence with tho Cull-
The commissioners having finally heard of
the murder ef John Van Liew near Lightslrett
about six mouths ago, have offered $200,00 for
the detection and conviction of the murderer.
It is n pity they had not been informed sooner,
so that the reward Jmlght have been oflered
whilst the traces and proofs were fresh.
The present copy of tho Coi.unman is a
sample of what wo issue weekly. Contrast it
with any other paper published iu the County.
Having undertaken iho cause of the people, fur
thu people, they should subscribe for it. It
should bo larceny tn borrow your neighbor's
A railroad is aliout to lie built from Tomhlck-
en, on the Danville and Haileton road, to Port
The stock of goods of Old & Pursel has been
sold out at auction and the firm dissolved.
Col. I'recze's stone pavement has boon com
pleted. I, S. Kuhn is new laying one on Cen
tre street in front of his meat market,
Judge Monroe is so far iniprincil ns to bo
ftble to ride out occasionally. Wc hope to hear
soon ol his entire recovery.
Owing to rt break in tho boilers tho Lumber
Company has not Leon at work for several days.
Ihcy will soon be in running condition.
Tho rusideneo of Col, Cuke, of Northumber
land, was burned last week Thursday night.
Loss about $1,1,000, Thu light wui seen from
Henry Ward Ileccher lectured at Damille
last Wednesday evening. A special train tool
large delegation from llloomaburg, Cutuwissii
and other places.
A masquerade party is on the programmi
ng next Thursday night. Tho chief anxiety
now of nil those who expect to attend is tu find
out what every body else is going to wear.
Mr. Peter Knapp nnd Miss Clara Wicht wero
united in the bonds of matrimony at the resi
dence of the bride's mother by Itev. L. Zuhiu-r
on lliursday morning ut 0 o'clock. May hap
piucss attend them.
ncclicut estcrn, which runs to Iloston. Tin
object is to transport anthracite coal by tlii
route tn that city, and also to the Wet by ihe
Erie road. Simon P. Kaso is the prime mover
in this enterprise.
An Aof.i (ioose. Among the aged inliabi
tents of Point Lookout, near Washington.Penn-
sylvania, is a goone sevcnlyfivo years old, own-
:d by Mr. Itobert Chambers. This old patri
arch of the barnyard lolls around as if consciou-
that toughness is a protection from all the rav
enous intents of hungry men. One of thi
Washington papers suggesLs that when he
shifts his mortal coil bo should be stufled and
forwarded to the college museum in Washing.
ton. Et.
The story is tougher than the goose.
Uev. Dr. McCron has received a unanimous
call to the I'irst Lutheran Church at Pottsvsll
and has accepted. His duties here will cease
in about two weeks. In 1830 Dr. McCron or
gnniied the first Lutheran congregation
Pittsburg and built a church. He has just re
fused an invitation to return and take charge
of t.iat congregation, preferring to go to Potts
villo. The Dr. has resided here since Auiru
LS75 and leaves his charge in a very healthy
condition. The congregation is in perfect bar.
niony, and will greatly regret to Ioso the ser
vices of so excellent a pastor. He is an elo-
quent seaker, a ripe scholar, a devoted cter
gyman, and a genial, poluhcsl gentleman. Xot
only the members of his church, but tho entire
community will miss him, and wish him (lis
speed iu his new field of labor.
Wo are informed that tho iron works of tho
AH the world over, Ihby governs. Yet of
ten disease will overcome tho Haby and then it
is that Dx. Hull's Haby Syrup proves its worth old Pennsylvania Company, at this place, hue
by conquering the disease. Price 25 cents iior recently changed hands. Mr. Isaac o. W at
You are wasting grain when you try to fallen
Hogslhat have their intestines filled with worms.
route's Horse and Cattle Powders will destroy
the worms and put the animal in a condition to
At the church sociable which nut at .Mr. C
1 . Sloan a on Wednesday evening a ery good
programme was performed. It consisted of
singing by tho Quartette Club, tableaux, panto
mime, charades, Ac. Iho sccno in tho photo.
graphic gallery was especially enjoyed by ull
man, late ot tlie tirin ot waterman ft Heaver,
proprietors of tho works has bought tho who!
-stahlishiuent, including mills, furnaces, mines,
etc. l ioni the facilities Mr. Waterman pos
sesses pecuniary and otherwise, wo havu no
doubt that this celebrated works will not loi
stand idle, I!ut from what wo have leiinus!
further, woconcluduthat tho mill will no long
or opcruto to maku iron rails. To compete iu
making rails an establishment of its magnitude
must bo arranged to inauafactiiro steel rails
and that will doubtless bo done sooner or later
most probably sooner. Danville lntiU'ujcncrr,
The store that burned down on thu 19th of
November last, Wru, Lamon is oiiig to re
build and has contracted with Messrs. Wilis mid
ltlngroso for tho same with improvement.
Tim miller at Watts mills says that he grind
We are indebted to tho Philadelphia IVmas
lor two copies of its alumnae for 1878. It con
tains a digest of thu election laws, the election
returns for tho entire state, names of all coun
ty officers, thu Presidential voto in tho United
States, and much more useful information,
making altogether the most complete collection very little wheat and guesses that the peopl
ot political statistics that has como to our no- have concluded to live on a cheaper scale vu
"u, i no iimtt never does uuy tiling halt way. buckwheat and com.
Our genial frUnd Itev. Ii A. Sliarrotta has
Notaries Public have no authority to charge concluded to stay another year. Such Is the ro-
more than $1 60 for protisting a note. It is liort. Glad of it.
slated tkat there lias been and still is a species Owing to the mildness of the winter our imb-
. . ,
ol gross imposition praclwod ti(ion the public lie schools are very well attended
In this respect. Notaries are known to have Oulte a hurso trade that. Heller trade aeal
charged from $2 50 lo $20,00, according to dls- cant loose anything but a little sleep. Don'
tance traveled. A law was passed In 1873, al- mention names but when he saw hu many com-
lowing Xsotaries to send polices by mail, and Ing concluded to surrender and own up beat.
prescribing the amount of $1.50 for services. hlislia sits in his new house coney this win
s.X. Iter savs ho lias ulenlv nf lmrl-wlipsf -ilfHi unit
lots of walterii
A ternblo explosion of sulphur gas occurred J, P. Iiinoii has a tine little pony which 1
in tho Potts colliery in this county last week says can trot In 3 j minutes and we igbs only
ny wnitli lour men wero instantly killed mul 050 (louuds.
.miuuiorsnuuiywouniieu. mo namesoi ine Mr Aaron K'elchner hauled three loads of
Head aro Hugh Wilson, W alter Coigrovo I rod-
crick (i)cr, and Henry Jones: Iheiujured aro
.J nines ivliney aim jonn nans. Jbo accident
'Wised great excitement and an investigation
.vus held to ascertain if Iho Philadclphiaand
Heading Coal and Iron Company weru repon
t!l.l, Tup I tin en!, i mt v iimlor tint i on
" going io get new uaii and bat then
n u uuvu noi ueuru inu resun ui mu invcangu-1 low that I'rank belter quit,
wood a short distance lately and when told that
was a small days work for him he says thats
more than you fellows have done all winter.
J ust so.
The game of base ball that was played on
Xew 1 ears Is not dead yet, Jvlbha says ho
lie wi
The follo-ring interesting item from the Phil-
lelphia Tiws of last Saturday has such a sin-
gulnr resemblance to a transaction that oeeurr
il here scleral years ago between some of the
amo parties and tho I'irst National Hank of
is place, that we gixt it Bpace iu our col
umiH ,
Cooper A' O raff having a judgment of $2o
17.3:1 again-t .lames S. llaucs and T. .1. Mil
ler. nnd finding that the latter had won a suit
gainst Anthony J. Gallagher for the prico of
hisky alleged to nave been sold and delivered
to him, issued nu attachment and levied tho
amount ot the judgment against liallaglicr,
:i,2Ui(i7 and costs in liallaglicr s hands n
'arnishee. Two years and a half after the ver
ict anainst Gallagher ho ascertained that Mil'
ler admitted that the judgment obtained against
him wus fraudulent. Gallagher then had the
idgment opened, but Cooper it Grail', the t-
ulung creditors, cumu inlo court, and, alleg
ing that Gallagher had not given them notice
t his intention to open the judgment, got the
ourt to rescind the order oooningit. When
the attachment of Cooper ,t Grutf came before
.. ! .C ' .. I i ,1
jurv nir iriai, inu iiirv louuu uimiusi. iiieui.
After Miller had commenced his suit ngaiuat
Gallagher he Iranslerred it tn .Nicholas lliilliet
whereupon several other transfers wero made
This raised itucslions as to the ownership, o:
the judgment against Unlloghcr, unit utt
much litigation, the case has linaliv come he
fore the Supreme Court on writ of error. fI ho
argument yesterday involved many abstruse
technical points. L inter nduscmcnt.
Our readers may remember how, by a curl
ous transaction, H.tllict, Groll'and Mill cuptur
1 tho First National Hank of this place j nu
u a possible aid to the delrauded parties l
he ponding suit at Philadelphia, and as
warning to others throughout the Staliy w
give a brief resume of that affair :
Sometime in April 1S73, Nicholas Halli
through the agency of T. J. Miller purchase!
t number of shares in the l'ir-t National II. m
of Hluomsburg of Charles It. Paxton
if we remember correctly, which were transferr
ed on the books of the Uink. This was to cu
ible Haliiet to qualify bim-clf as President
the Hank. Mr. Paxton further contracted
ill 210 additional shares at the rate of $350,
share, which, with the other eleven shares gav
Htlliet a control in the Hank. Haliiet had
money with which lo purchase any part of tl
lock, The money for the eleven shares,
wit : three hundred and fifty dollars for eacli
share, was to be p. lid upon the checks of Oroll'
The purchase of the 210 shares was at the
rate, the down payment to be advanced by
( i roll'. Halliet's note and other collaterals were
to be given, but the 240 shares were to lie lie-
as security for payment of the three hundred
and fifty dollars per share. When paid fur
Grofi'and Haliiet iqu.dly, they were to be pari
tiers in the ownership of thu stock. Hut in
meantime it was specially agretd and tiudi
stood, that so soon as the purchase of tiie stock
should be made and Haliiet elected Director am
President of the hank, he would hand over
(Iroll'tho certificate for the eleven shares, and
thenceforth have no interest therein, but
same should be owned by Cirofl)
On the 11 Ih day of April this arrangement
was carried out so far as regards tho purchase
of the eleven shares of stock tho transfer
Haliiet the payment of tho money by Gro
and the contract foi the other 210 shares.
the same day Mr. Paxton resigned as President
of the bank and Nicholas Haliiet was elected a
Director and at the same lime President of the
bank. Ontlielllli of April he gavo bonds,
was sworn and entered uou the duties of the
office. On the same day Mr, Grofl' by his at
torney iu fact, demanded of Haliiet u surrender
of the certilicale of the eleven shares of stock
according lo their agreement, Ilailiet refused
to comply with this demand, In about a week
the Directors "smelt u mouse," and on thu 21st
of April Haliiet was removed as a President
and Director of the Hank, Thereupon Mr,
(J roll' made information before Justico Cham-
berluin alleging that Haliiet was bailee of the
stock, and had convened It to his own use. On
this charge he was committed to jail In default
of $5000 ball. On the 10th of June a hearing
look place beforo Judge Klwell ov a writ of
llabetu Cbrjius. During the hearing it became
evident that tho charge could not be suti!ned,
and the (irotl's, and their accomplice Miller,
suddenly left the Court. In the meantime
Constable Ilidleman had a warrant for their ar
rest, but they were too quick fur him, as well
as for Kherift'Smlth. They tumbled over the
back fence of the Court House where a carriage
hail been conveniently placed lor them. Hul-
litt was discharged, Grofl' and Miller wero
"run oil'," and Ihe Hank saved.
wowd not niciraooATK.
Tho following from the Fairchlla (Me.)
Chronicle Is neatly dono ami has wldo appli
cation outside of Maine. He was the manager
of a church fair, and 'one morning he walked
Into the newspaper ollioo and said 1
"Want an Item this morning?"
"Of course," replied the editor, nhereuion
tho visitor laid tho following note upon the ta
ble t
Tho ladits of the street church will
givo a festival at their vestry hall next Friday
evening. Literary and musical entertainments
will bo provided, and a supper will be served
to all who desire. Tho ladles in charge of tho
aflair have much experience in such matters
and are sure to Lave a good time. The admis
sion will bo only 15 cents, and It Is certain no
one can spend that amount to better advantage,
He sure and go and lake your friends.
Win the editor had read it lie said ;
"Oh, I see, an advertisement."
"No, not an advertisement. We prefer to
have II go in the local column," said the mana
ger. And seeing the editor look skeptical he con
tinued :
"It will Interest a great many of your read
ers and help a good cause; besides we have
spent so much money In getting up our enter
tainment that we can't nflbrd to advertise it
without Increasing tlie price of tlie tickets, In
such n matter ought we not to be willing to help
ach other,"
"Well," said th'eNsliior, "if it goes into the
locals, I suppose you would be willing to recip
rocate by reading a little notice in the church
next Sunday,"
The visiting brother a'ked what notice, and
tlie editor wrote and handed him tlie follow-
ng !
The Weekly Chronicle for the coming year
II be the best and cheapest family pajier in
Main, Its proprietor has had much experience
and lias all the helps which a large outlay of
money can procure. His paper has a larger
rculation than any other published in the
county, and is to be furnished at only two dol
lars. It is certain that no one can spend that
amount to a better advantage. He sure to take
tlie Chronicle, and subscribe for your friends.
The manager hemmed and hesitated, and
then said, solemnly, that he doubted whether
it would be judicious to read such a notice, but
suggested that if it was printed, copies of it
might be distributee! at the door of the vestry
on (lie evening of tlie entertainment.
Yes," said the editor, "but it would attract
more attention in the middle of a sermon. It
ill interest a large number of your congrega
tmn and help a good cause, beside so much
money is spent upon the Chronicle that I don't
sec how the owner can afforel to print handbills
to advertise without increasing the subscription
priee. In snch a matter as tins, we ought to
he willing to help each other.
Then the gentleman saw the situation ami
went straight out, without leaving so much
complimentary ticket.
A Oot to ML. A pair of UanoVome 0x8
oliromos aro given frco to every ono who sub
scribes for thtoe mcpttvi t) Jtww TTotwv, n
largo 1C pige literary papor filled with the Ixvt
stories, ioetry, etc., rby writers of established
reputation. The papers sent will contain the
opening chapters of a charming story entitles!
"Iloldcu with the Cords," by the author of
"Shlloh," "My Winter in Cuba," etc. Tho
publishers, J. L. Patton & Co., 102 William
Street, New York, have ilecideel lo oner this
short subscription at fifteen rents (ostnge
stamps taken), about the cost of while paper
and mailing, and to give free such a pair of
beautiful chromos ns cannot fail to please every
one. Double value of money is promised to
every subscriber, $1,500 In priies is'given free
to agents.
Jan 18-tw
Busiucss Notices
Call nt McKinncys for Shoes.
Ltitz & Sloan have a large lot of remnants
of dress goods, 2 to 10 yards In length that
they will sell very cheap.
KOPv HALK.-Tho brick hotel in Hlooms
burg known as llrown's Hotel. For terms
inquire of II. Stoliner. jitn. 25, '78-lw
A great variety eif ready cut Ilatnburcs.
just received at L 11", Hartman's.
r i
P. S. Ilatrs, tho icweler. gives special at
tention lo repairing. Watches, clocks,spec-
tacles, iVc, carelully nnd promptly repaired.
Ho lias a high reputation as a watchmaker
and jeweler.
Hoots and Shoes cheap at McKlniicy's.
Castors. Card Il.iskets. Mugs. Vase. Toi
let Sets, and a full lino of tine Jewelry al
ways on hand at Hates . hpecial attention
paid to tcpairing of nil kinds In his Hue.
Hoot headquarters at McKinney's.
Ladies' cold hunting lever Witches ns low-
as twenty-live dollars, silver huntiug, levers
tun jewcieei, ten dollars nt ij. iierniiara s
ewelry store.
Kubbers at McKinney's.
Bloomsburg, Columbia County, Pennsylvania.
Rov. D. J. WALLER, Jr., A. 1YL, Principal.
Tlimwrttnnl as at nrcscnt constituted. oflcrstlioerybC9tfacllltlesfor Professional ana Classical learning. nft
nuiiainCTS completely Healed by steam, w clUenttlatcd, lighted by gas, and furnished with a bountiful supply ot puro.soft
spring water. , n-n,nhnr. n.,..rii.nmi. MiMnt. n,i niirntntiiotrworlt. Dlselnllno. Arm but kind, uniform and thorough. Expnsi
moderate? Kitty cents a v. eek deduction to all expecting to teach, students admitted at any time. Itooms reserved when deslrea.
Cuurses ot study prescrioea uy mo mum i
1. Model School. II. Preparatory. III. Elementary. IV, Classical.
Adjunct Courses t I. Academic. II. Commercial. III. Course in Music. IV. Course In Art. V. Course in Physical Culture.
The, elementary. Sclentltlc and Classical Courses aro IMtOI'K-HlOMAt., nnd students graduating therein, receive stato Diplomas, .conferring the ioUowlni
corresponding Degrees , Master ot the Kieincniss vaster en iiintecicnci',; .H.isieror mo uiassics. uimra nmrai,!,,
inoir nuaininem-.. S-IBIII.U 7 , V...,,, . . m,,i , interior In tho.,. nf nnr host OMrmi.
cent and ehlcVnt Teaehirs for her Schools. To this end It solicits young persons of good abilities and goon piirroses.-inosc who .ueiire 10 mil
and their talents, as i students. To all such It promises aid In ileu-lopIng their powers, and abundant opportunities tor well paid labor alter 1cm lng school, tor
Catalogue, address tno rrincipai.
Sept. S t".-'
Tho lnrirest and most select stock of Linen
Towels iu Moouriburg 10 different sizes and
prices nt I, It. Ilartman s.
P. S. Hates, has tho finest assortment of
Jewelry. Silverware, Watches, Ace, In
Have you seen I. 11'. Hnrtmau'a new light
calico at 7 cents.
Shoo Store below Court
Ci:ntiik Twi, Columuia Co. Pa. Jan. 21
Mix-its. KoiTOiis. Due notice having been
iven, Ihe ten hers, pupils and quite a number
f the parents and friends interested ill educ: nutters, assembl cd at tlie Hidloy Uuiim
liurch on Saturday lut, for the purpose
holding a District Institute.
I he audience was called to order shortly nf-
ttr 10 o'clock a. m. by Mr. Snyder. County Sir
lerinleudent. After making some introduclo.
ry reunrks the subject nf reading was taken uy
eln-s representing nearly all tlie schools o
he district ns formed from tlie pupils present
and a recitation was conducted bv Prof. Noel
of tlie Nnrm.ll School. lie illustrated very I
clearly the elifl'erent meanings conveyed by ma
king different wurds in a sentence emphatic,
and urged the importance of thorough prepa
ration before every recitation.
Tho afternoon session was opened with sing
ng following which was an exercise in spelling
iy Mr. Snyder. Twenty-five words were pro
nounced, and upon correcting it was found that
nearly on tqnal UHnihir were missed by each
of the schools reprm tiled in the class. Prof
Noetling then asked a number of questions up
on the geography of Pennsylvania and Ohio.
He sfHike of the importance of map drawing
in connection with this brunch.
Kssays were next road by three of the pupils
in attendance. A few minutes were lien spent
upon tlie Mibject of arithmetic, followed by an
exercise in language lesons by Prof. Noet
Mr. Snyder then made a few closing remarks
urging upon parents tho duty of co-operating
with, and encouraging the teacher by frequent
vi-ita to the school and not to rely, as too many
parents elo, upon Ihe reports which their chil
dren may give. A vote of lhanks was tender
ed Ptol, Noetling and Superintendent Snider
for the instructions given, and to tlie Tru-tees
for the Use of tlie church.
Tho session was I'lo-e-d willt pinging and
prayer. All seemed highly pleased with the
day's exercises.
We think that it would bo mutually advan
tageous if the people throughout the county
were better acquainted with our Normal School
and lis work, and we know of no hotter way lo
attain this end, than by visits like the one Prof,
Noetling has just made us.
No wonder the people have confidence, when
the best physicians are prescribing Dr. Hull's
Cough Syrup ill all cases of Cough, Cold, etc.
Familiar in Kvehv IIocseiioi.d. Dr. U,
V. Pierce', tho great "medicineman" of HufTalo,
is running lor the oflice of Senator from that
cily, lie seems to lie the mo&t popular man on
tho track, and well he may be, for his name I
familiar in every licni-chold in the land, and
people will vote for him regardless of his pol
itie-s, iri-Mf"&urre -Votes,
Correct, as the .Vara always is. Tlie Doctor
was elected by about 3.H00 majority. HuffuJo
If you want Furs or dress goods go to
Lutx & Sloan's nnd they will sell them to
you very clieapj
Admission free at McKinney's.
No other medicine in tho world was ever
given such a test of itscurativo qualities as
lloschce's German Syrup. In three years
two million four hundred thousand small bot
tles of this medicine was distributed free of
charge by Druggists in this country to those
afllictetl with Consumption, Asthma, Crou
Severe Coughs, Pneumonia and other disca-
cs of tho thioat atid lungs, giving tho Atneri
can people undeniable proof that German
Syrup will euro them. Iho result has been
that druggists in c cry town and village in
tho Pniteil States are recommending it to
their customers. Go to vour druggists and
ask what they know about it. Sample bot
tles 10 cents. Itcgular size 75 cents. Thtce
doses will relieve auy case.
April 27, '77-1 y jl
Ii. r
Pn-nlilcnt lloiird or Trustees
ThutMiK-rMioUitptnntn has boon so thorouchty
tested by till classes ot the community that It Is now
deemed Indlspctisllile as a tonlo medicine. It costs
but little, purities the blood and glies tone to the
stomach, renoeates tlin system and prolongs life.
Kiorjnoiiy should nawui.
For the euro ot weak stomachs, general debility,
lndlgestlun, diseases ot the stotn eeli.uiid for all case's
roq'iirlng atonic. , , ,
1 his w Ine Includes t ho most agreeable and etnclMit
salt of Iron wc iiosscss citrate ot magnetic oxluc
combined with the most energetic ot U'getable Ion
ics lellow Peruvian bark.
I'OJOU mine suiiicuuiik i" oimu&w J
Do you want a good apiietlto ?
l)o you want to get rid ot lien ousncss J
lio j ou w ant energy 7
Do sou want to sleep well?
1 )o j on w ant to butid up your constitution ?
Do 5 ou want to feel well J ...... ,.
It you do, try KUN'KEL'S niTTEll WINS OV
I only a iriai or mis vamaoio ionic i
llnwiirn nr rnlintorft'lLs. ns Kuntvel'a Hitter 1110 Of
Iron Is the only sure and remedy tn the
known world for Iho permanent euro of dspepsla
and debility, and as there arc a numberof Imitations
offerer) to the public, I would caution the community
to purchase nono but tho genuine article, manufac
tured by K. V. Kunkel, and hai log his btamp on the
cork ot every bottle. Tho cry fuct that others arc
attempting to Imitate this valuable remedy proves
Its worth and speaks volumes In Its favor- Oet tho
genuine. E. F, Kunkel's.
rum uniy in ri uuuica. c-,,m u,,ta"i ,...,
dealers everywhere. E. V. Kunkel, proprietor, a-9
North Mntli street, Philadelphia.
Head and all complcto In two hours. No fee till
head passes, seat, pin and stomach worms remove d
in- nr. Kimknl. u.-.y Nnrth Ninth street, t'lilliidelnlil i.
Pa send tor circular or ask jour druggist tor ulxil-
iic or KUUKCis vvorm sjrup. n never i.uis,
Notice. Tho following named persons have tiled
their rs-tntons for Ik'en-o with the clerk ot the
gu.irtcr sessions of Columbia county, and. will lio
I..,....,... - " s
Frederick .M.t.llmore, Eating House, liloomsburg
s, II. llagenbuch, Hotel, urange
I. V. MeKelvj, Hotel, llluomsburg
John s. .Maun, Hotel, Centre.
Milton Charles, Eating House, lllootnsburg
11. FltANK ZAltlt,
Jan. 11, TS-tc clerk i. s.
JLli Notice Is hereby given to all legatees, "crcdl
Ujraand other persons Interested In the estates ot
the respective decedents and minors, that thu tol
loulngadinlnlstrntlonand guardian accounts have
been tiled In the edllco ot tho Ite'glster of Columbia
county, and will bo presented for confirmation and
allowance In tlie orphans' court to tie held In
Hluomsburg, on .Mondiy, tho 4th day ot l'eu., is;s,
at 2 o'clock, p. m. on said day:
1. Tho ilrst and llnal account of Elizabeth Isler, Ex
ecutrix ot Fredetlck lsler, late of tireenword
township, deceased.
V. The second nnd partial account of Emanuel Lau-1
bach. Kvectttor ot John Conner, late ot Denton
tow nshlp, deceased.
3. The account ot V. It. llarnard and llolandus
llerbclu, Administrators of lieorge Felterinan.
Lite of Locust tow nshlp, deceased.
1. The first and llnal account of Henry I'. Oman,
eiuardlan of Anna, Oeorgo Mcll., and cl.iience
Kline, minor children ot llarman Kline, late et
Reott township, deceawjd.
First and tlnal account ot A. .1, Hurkalew, Ad
ministrator ot Anna Holler, late of .Mimin town
ship, deceased,
Tho account of Johuo. Jacohy, tluardtanof Lou
isa lilank, (now Ccnsll) a minor child of Samuel
Itlank, late of Centre township deceased.
The Ilrst account ot John II. Iletler, Executor ot
John .Michael late of .Minim township deceas
ed. Tho account of tieoigo c. Scott, Administrator
ot Ueorgo seott, late of Catawlssa township, deceased.
9. First and tlnal account of Itenson Conner, Ad
ministrator or Emanuel Conner, lute of eireeu
wooi township, tleceased.
10. First and partial account of A. .1. Evans, Exec
ioi- ui i no i.isi win unu lesiiiineiu oi jucoo cvun
late of the Town or Moomsburj, deceased.
11, The Ilrst nnd tlnal account of .1. II. Iketer, Guar
dian or Elizabeth vvelllver, a minor child of v II w culver, latu ot .Madison township, deceased.
12. The Ilrst and final account ot .1. II, Ikeler. Guar
dian or Tnomns u. Kester, a minor child ot Ill
ram Kestcr, lato of Greenwood township, deceased.
13. The Ilrst and final account ot Lahman Martz and
iiir.unit. nower, i;ecuiors or John .Martz, late
oi iirurcree'K low nsuip ueeeaseu.
14. 1 ho Ilrst and account of Clark Prink, Ad-
uiinisi'-iiior ot iienjuniu nriiiK, late Ol lienton
townsuip, ueeeaseu.
Coal! Coal!! Coal! !
Extra preparation !
Superior quality I
Orders left at 1. W. McKelvy's
Store at, our oflice, or sent through
the mails will receive prompt at
tention. Your patronage is respectfully
C. W. N EAL & Buo.
May 1, 1877.
Priceless Discovery. !
A Sure Cure for Piles.
A Mim euro for the blind. bleedlriL. ltchlncr and ul-
rernU'l7llt'SlmHbfenill'-co(rt(l bv 1 r. William, (nn
Hull tu mneui) c.uisn ir, miliums incn.irnum
mont. A IhkIu I'U liascuml tlio worst ohWhroule
cuh'scI uwni live nnd ti.lrtv jemV staEdlr.jjr. No
one iiei-il Miiri-r llon lnuttsatttr appoint this won-
dtjrmi fenoiiiing irciiu w,e 1,0110ns, luMrumt'iits nnd
t-Ifduaricg do tin' re ta.iu kooiI William's
ointment mp ports thu tumors, nllays the Intense
luiiini: (purucuiuiiy ui uitriu iim-i kuiuik warm in
bi-d), aetsasa poultice, fhfS lnsunt and (ulnlttfa
relkr, and Is prepared only lor Mies andnoihln?
else, Thousands of em ed patients attest lt Wrtues
and plmldiimut all school a pi ghoul eu it 1 lie Kteut
(M contribution to medicine of tlttuiro. It mutter!
not how low: or fceurelyjou hao been fcuUerln
jou can be cured.
uurlv hm jimannu iuuiuk tmu i im uiiu in..-,
triVd remedy alter remedy admtKed, and consulted
plDslditns tu I'hlladulphli, LouMlllc, clnclun.itl
11ml ibis dtv: ami srent hundiidti of dulUrs. but
found no nllf (until 1 obtained 11 box of lr. W Ullaruh
Indian ointment some tour months nyo, and H has
cured mu completely. 1 had fi utt of the box k-tt
uhlihlk'utu to n friend onr-lne who had doctcred
wim tunny pnyMCians, unu as aiasi res-ori went u
tiM noted Hot MirlmrH. Arkansas, for trottmt-nt
lie informs Hint hut tho Indian ointment Imsnlsn
cured tdm of tho plies. It Is certainly a wondt rrul
Olaiuer t aial sjiouiu 00 useu oy mu uau) inou-
sands vUo ate how buffering with that dread disease.
nf"lo,(oo Howard will be raid for a more certain
ZIKlt, sole proprietor, lleu-land O.
J, jr. Smaii, assignee of I, John A Son, will
Hell real eitate in Calawlj, beginning January
311, 1878.
11, J. Heftier, administrator of IMtorah Kel,
chard, will wll real estate In Cutawla on I'tb
ruary 21.
Sale of balance of rial (Mate of M.Grovcr
tleceaaed, conl'mutd to February 2J.
N'nt left U herebvtrlven that tho followlnir account
has been tiled In tne onic of the Prothonotary ot Co
lumbia county anu win iw presented to mo court on
tho sth dav otKebruiry next and wlllbecontlrnifd
alter fourdajs unless exceptions bo tiled within
mat tune.
The account of Frederick Ilatrenbuch, Trutec of
(ieort'O iiwiuy unuer me. win 01 ueorgo jimmy, ne
11. F. ZMIIS.
Prothonotary's oflice, .Ian. 4, TS-tc l'roth'y.
Letters of Administration on tho (Mate ot WlllUm
inches, late of reaver low nsnip, coiumwi coumv
dt'ciMSPil. hint been eranted bv the ltetrlstf r of sail
county to Allen Mann of same township. All persons
.AWiiK claims against me esiaieaiu reipiesiemo
present them tor settlement and those lnacbitdto
mahu pajinem wiiuoul ueiay.
Jan. IS '7--flw Administrator.
iv ui er luwiiMiip.
'Nbtl'-i' Is lidtlw clcn Ihat I purcliaspil ill fonsla.
Hit' aw (in tin mii tt.ij in .iiinu.iry, tno lonow
lii vi-fm mil rrupirtj ur S11I1jiii MuMi'.k'r: ttnu
cow, 1 calf, a lotof luy, l '-arn1! i.f tni-'ai' u lot ut
lUCKi'tisii tn'iH nna u-aaimr. uti" taiU'. il cn.ilrs,
ciMitK-turil-,. 11 lot ofcutiHt. 1 cookt.lue. .turlur
111', HUH U 1UI. Ol HIM!'",, Ml I't'IMIIl III U llt'H'I'.V
'autUinril against lull 1 ftTtirlnir with Hie mine iw I
iiaMi K-ri tiifmiiii nun aunnir ni pieitsurt'.
..1lLl'.l. 1 ill.N
tcnlral, Jan. i", 5-4w
Few liomcn nro really happy ami what homo
8I1011M lie utile the littlo prattler are arouinl
tho firc-iiile and mingle in tho family meal
Fonil niotlierscan le.wn Ihcir cares and anxie
ty for the dear little onen hy always having a
bottle of Dr, Coiea' Wild Cherry and Seneka
in the house. It ftojw the trouhlenome night
cough and curen that terriblo malady croup.
The following bill hat been introduced in tho
Mr. Long, relating to evidence iu uroseou.
tiona for libel nnd slander.
1 hu bill provides that from and after the
passage nnd approval of this net in all protect!
tiiiim for libel under the laws of thU
commonwealth it hhallbo competent for thouc
eun'd to produce in his own behalf nnd defence
tcntimony in support of tho truthfulness of the
alleged libel or blander, and that the publica
tion of tho snmuwni not prompted by malice
but was fur nnd in behalf of tho public benefit.
That in nil actions now pending or hereafter tu
bo prosecuted for tho recoery of damages sus
tained by libellous publication or slanderous
utterances, tho defendant in tho action shnll
liao tho right to gito evidence of tho truth of
tho publication or utterance upon which said
action is based nnd that it is not prompted by
malice, which facts when proven shall go tu
tho jury in abatement or mitigation of damages
which may bo returned by tho jury ns nominal,
exemplary or vindictive ns tliunatuioof the
cn-,0 may warrant j neither conviction under
tho criminal statutes nor a verdict for damages
shall follow when tho alleged slander or libel
shall be proven to be justilinblo or madu from
proper motives for tho public good or for tho
purpose of warning the public against improper
practices of evil disposed persons r lawless
III spite of Flannels, coughs and colds
will muL-u a lodgment in tho system. Hut
they are not tenants at will. You cm dis
possess them with Halo's Honey of More
hound and tar, in less time than it takes a
sheriff to ezecuto a writ, Sold by all drug
gisU. Mice Toothache Drop, cure in 1 minute.
Jm 18.
or fold, when 25 cents will buy a bottle of Iir. tra
iler's l'oukIi iuup at any drue stote. It has
wrought a complete change in the rough Medlelm s,
is m us uujiey ami iuw uj b cures.
tff Dr. FrttfUVs I'ougli t-jrup useil la connection
wiiu ur. nazier s noui Diners wiLj.iiKuiu..aiJfi'
Mand.inl Steam I.aunilrv. Cleveland, o. Oct. SO. "A
IiH. Fkaiier, Hear Mr: 1 teel It a duty I owo to
sulTerlng tiutnatillv to wiltejou. For some lltne 1
was sorely anilcteil Willi a couch, mlslne: tad stun,
wltheery sjinpiomct belngaeoutlrineil eonsuinii
lite. 1 tiled dlttirent uiedtilnes ami cures without
rinding relict: 1 also consulted three ot our most
prominent Cletelaiid plij&lclans, tlio last one ct
which pronounco my caso serious, and Inturmed me
that I could not lUe more than atew months. About
!h st ine. hear user jaurwoiiaenuiuiecesH, I toic.
luenced taking 5 our Sjrup In connection with our
Hoot Hitler, and was ntoiice Unttlttid.audatur
using the medicine some two months I nnd mjselt TollltliNCE Ul'NN.
If ir. Dunn again writes, undir date ot August
J, 1517, Dr. Frai'er, Dear Mrs lean endorse) our
medicines more strongly than ever from thu fact
that It Is now nearly or,o jear since iwascureu,
Jiy luugs ore to-d.iy strong aud sound, ha lug no re
turn of Ihe dlM'ase.
:ar-Tho soon Medicines speak for themscltes.
li!(. u. . riiA.u.n, iTopneior. wiccianu, u.
For Salo by all Druggists.
Dec. u. it;-ij
In our stylo of climate, willt its sudden
changes ot tcuipetaluro, rain, wiud and sun
shine often intermingled in a singlo dav. it
is no wonder that our children, lrieuds and
relatites aro so frciiucnlly taken from us by
neglected colds, half tho deaths resulting
nirecii; iiuiu mis ttiupi;, uuuiu ui iiu-
scheo's Gertuau Syrui kept about jour homo
ior iiuiueumiu uso uin incteui serious sick
ness, a largo doctor's bill and perhaps death
by tno uso ot tnreo or lour uosos. f or curing
Con-uuintion, Hetnorrhage. Pneumonia. Se
vern Coughs, Croup or any discaso of Iho
Throat or Lungs, itsfuccess is simply wonder
ful. as vour druggist will tell von. (ierinan
Syrup is now sold in every town and village
on tnis continent, satupio tottics tor trial
10c ; regular mc, 75c,
April 27, 77-ly jl
I 1.50
Wheat per bushel
lt "
Corn, new, 11
(am, " "
Flour per barrel
L'lou'rsced ,
Flaxseed R
Dried Apples ,
I!ahi3 ,
sides & Shoulders ..,
Hard per pound
lUyiK'rtou , ,
lleeswax , ,.,
Timothy Hoed
No, 4 on Wharf i sju per Ton
No. ; " i us
tsu. . wig,
ItlackunlUi'B Lutup on Wharf... l j,ou
" Dltumlnous , ii u
Letters of admlnHtrtllon ou thiestaieit Uf nr
Hurt man, late or lli-tnloetv tow nshlp, t'oluinliU cntin-
v. Pa.. uae txen eranted tivthd 1 euWtt r rr Culum-
hlA county to Jacob lliutman. Admlnl trator. H
whomall persons indetted ur- reuuesu'd to nuiKe
lmln dlatr- ra inent. and those ha In-' claims i de-
mands gal nsi mu Mill estate win muKi tnem
known to the under lmied Aumlnlstrat'i wlfliout
jan i s sw
Nntlee Is hereby elven that tho unden-lirne.l lia
punhavfd cf Ullah ucum on the Ulh day i ( .Inn
unrv. lTs the fuMowlntr tv-rdonal momm.
'i mown marts, i iwo-norse wagon, i sprnu waon,
1 tulr of IkjIj tled, 1 ahluh. 1 plow.l harrow. 1 loy
iled. I lot; chain, 1 na of douhlo harness, 1 bet of
Miij'ie hurncHw. 1 cow. 1
rudder, lot of hny, tte hogs, 1 wwk stou, l parlor
mou ami an nousenaia j;otHis ine piepen (
Klllah Yoenm. All or which di-erlhed rtroretv 1 ha
It il in tharue ot the f-atd U. oium during lny Meas
ure and nil persons nro Iwieoj eautloLed against
mewmm; wuii iiieiviiue ui uit'ir ihtii.
jan, l", i";s-3w
assigni:e's sale
of v.urAW.E
Iteu'lsler's omce.
iloomsburi;, Jin. 4, Ists,
letters of Ailinlnlstrnllon on Iheest Atitof Hrntaintn
Miller lute ot C'utaw Issa township.col. co., deceased
hae txeu granted by the l!eslter ot said county to
the undersigned whom all pet sons
iiiiicuifu uiu n nuesieu 10 muse iiiiiueuiaie ruj meiu
aid those h.i ln' claims cr di'inimds at'alnst the es
tate will make Itiem known to ttie administrators
v unoui u,'iay. :i, Ts CW
IIENItV .1. Mll.LRU, 1
l.MiYli Mll.l.Eit, - Admr's.
VM. Kltlt.'Kl!AL'.M, I
TriIKltKAS, the Hon. William Elwkll
President Judge ot the Court ofOjer and
Terminer and General Jail I)ellery, Court ot Quar
ter Sessloni ot tho l'eace and the Court of Common
Heasnnd orphans' Court tnthe nctb Judicial Dis
trict, composed of tho counties ot Columbia and
Montour, .and tho Hons. I. K. KrHikbaura and F. k.
Miuman, Associate Judges of Columbia county, have
Issued their precept, bearing date tho 15Ut day of
Dec, In 'ho jearot our Lord one thousand eight
hundred and seventy-seven, nnd to me directed for
holdlngn Court of Oyer and Terminer and General
Quarter Sessions of tho Peace, Court of Common
l'leas and Orphans' Court, in llloomsourtr, in tno
county of Columbia, on the first Monday, being the
4th day ot February next, to continue two weeits.
Notice Is hereby given to tho coroner, to ino jus
tices of tho Peace, and the Constables ot tho said
county of Columbia, that they bo then and them tn
their proper person atio o'clock In the forenoon oi
said 4tli day of Feb., with their records, Inqui
sitions and other remembrances, to do those things
which to their ofllces appertain to bo done. And
those that aro bound by recognizance to prosecuto
against the pi Honors that are or may be In tho Jail
of tho said county ot Columbia, to be then and there
to prosecute them as shall be Just. Jurors are re
quested to be punctual tn Uietr attendance, agreeably
to their notices. Dated at Uloomsburg tho 1st day
fA1 ot Jan., In tho jear of our Lord ono
) L.H. - thousand eight hundred nnd seventy-eight
I r) and lu tho ono hundred and Becondycar of
tho Independence of tho I'ntted States of America.
Sherlll sonice, JOHN. W. HOFFMAN,
Uloomsburg, Jan. 4 tc Sheriff.
V TbofoUowlng appraisements of real and
Eersonal property set apart to widows of decedents
ao been tiled In the ofilco of tho Register ot Col
umbia county, under the Utiles ot Court, and U1 bo
presented for absolute conilrmatlon to the Orphans
Court to be held In llloomsburg.ln and for said coun
ty, on Monday, the 4lh day of Feb., 1S7S, at 2
o'clock p. m., of said day unless exceptions to sucn
conHrmatlou are preMously Hied, of which aU per
sons Interested In said estates will take notice:
1. Widow ot David Shaffer, lato ot Urlarcreek town
ship, deceased,
2. Widow ot Z. Taylor Martz, lato ot Bilarcreek
lownsnip, ueceasca.
3. Widow of Lewis Mctz, late ot Catawlssa .town
ship, ueeeaseu.
4. Widow of Nathan 1110S3, late ot Borough ot Btr-
w ick, oeceast u.
B. widow of Daniel Shuler, lato of Locust town
ship, deceased.
r,, widow of Oscar I'. Ent, late ot Scott township.
lleetstcr's omce. 1 W. U. JACOHY
Uloomsburg, Jan. 4, lsts f Register.
I'.llllL'AltVTElt.M, 1ST'
Notice Is hotobreUen thatw. II. Abbott, r.m .
rt cataw Issji has been appointed Assignee of i harles
ii. iia7it'iiiie unu .iiujor mi-u, trailing unnerine
Mrm name ot llazletlue and '-teel. ttntmr business as
farm rs, All persons tinlebli'd to them will settle
wnu me unucrsigneti.
v, ii. Aiinu rr,
Jan, 11, 'is-3w Catawlssa, 1M
letters of AdmlnKtratlon on the estate of Alex
ander Hess, late of hmrarloar townshln.
I'olumbla county, defeated Jiae been grunted
m ine iiui-it r or said counti to the underMe:n-
ed Admlnli-trotorH. All per&ons haling claims
iniiiiiiM uif miti t-Miiiu uiu reiiuetieu vo prchcni
inuu nu M-i i ii nil-Hi, una uiuuj luutuivu l'l imihr
paiinent without delay.
KAl lI r.l. A. IIK,
J i n. a ' T s-fiw Adnitnist ra toi h
Coin's Cretk 1'. o.
The ot-H ts ( f Ihl M- old Cfiriiorntlt n nro nil In.
Mstidtn MiL!l Mt UlilTlh-s ni.clere liable tothe
niuura vi run oniy.
juiiM rii.t' i lies i.n i in ph riKHare nfirn neri'n ph
LOtMH llKllllTl tllid HOMtTlA Ullltltl d Qlill fiald
ui nu ii ( t urn riiiiiiru in i ii k ivri a n r. km r. fiM.
tlal Al'i nt ami Mlltistt r. H'oombuie'. IVhii'a.
ii-e tiu7ii h in toiunuia (our.ty Mionid patrnnizo
thennenej w U it Unet, if any. mc d justed uttd
p.lltl U LI1U11 lllt'll UVll llllVIlti. liUV. Ki. ij-iy
.1. Ucllumn ii t'o. ) Fi. t'a. No, i-S.Dec. TernVTiTl.
it. Hrj-feonA: Co. J
And nowto wll. .ianuars'4. 173. on motion of w
A. Marr. Attv. for.l. lUllmnn .tt'n. nnd KirM n.
tluuul Hank of AbhUnd, l'tnnslanla, the ordertt
uuuiuni unuTinir 1110 monej mio i ourt aitsiny
from the f-ale of the ncrt-onal rroiertv of ihrerui.
ants Is lmidltled so s to order into Court the &um oi
four numbed dollars for distribution and an Auditor
uppuiniin ior uisu luuiinir ine tamo, r, r. JUiimey
11V THIU'Ol'ltT.
Tho aliO0 Auditor antvjlllted will meet nil n,irtt,.j
lnteiesii il tcrthe purpose of his appointment at his
omit' ii im.inisuuiH on rmiiij, rmreary sin, isis,
luuu uiiim,,. m. r, i . Ull.LlKl,
lan. 11, 'Is-4W Auditor,
The undersigned nprolntcil Asslgnteof I. JOHN
s ON, uatewlss.1, l'a., will otici at puMlcsaleon
the preiuues on
Thursday, January SUt, 1S78,
At ten o'clock a. tu., aud to conttnuo three das, the
following valuable properties to-wlt :
Tract No. 1 -OO ACBB OF LAND, ad
Joining propertlts of btacy Jehu, John Harmon)'
and others, situate In Main township, Columbia
Tract No. S.-9I3 .tt'lllN adjoining lands 01 N
llartmiin and others situate tn Catawlssa lonnshlp.
Tract No. 3. TllltKE ACHES adjoining lands ot
John Klltl rami others situate tn Catawlssa town
Tract No, 4. !, acres adjoining lands ou, Krctgh
nnd oilurs, situate In Catunlssa township.
Tract No. 5. i't Aires adjoining S. bhuinan and I.
John sit uate in Cataw Issa tow nshlp.
Tract No, 0. ono Town IM ftontlng on Thtrd
street, Catawlssa, l'a,
Tract No. T.-one Tow n Lot corner Third and 1'lne
streets, Cataw Issa, l'a.
Tract No. s. ono Tow n Lot corner Third and Wal
nut struts, calawUsa.l'a.
Tract No, 9.-0ue-balt ef a town lot cornerot Wal
nut stret t and an alley, Cataw Issa.
Tract No. 10. ono houso and Doublo Lot adjota-
nglt. W. Kzns, sltuato InCnta-
r Issa.
Tract No tl.-Ono lot and Dwelllngwlthout-butld-
lugs, (occuf led by I. John) in 1'lne slnit.Catawlsfa
Tract No. li.-Ono House, und Lot corner '! bird
street and an alley, Catawlssa.
Tract No. 13,-Ono Lotandhtoro llulidlng, corner
of Main and Third streets, CatawTssu.
Tract No. 14,-llalt Interest In Keshollz Tract in
Cataw issa township.
Tho above properties will bo sold In the following
order t
Number 1, 11, (I, 4, n, , I, s, 9, io, l, 3 u, u.
cent, of one-fourth if the purchase money to be paid
at tho striking down of thoprupcrt); the ono-fuurili
less the ten i r cental eonnrmatlon of sale.and ui
reuialnlng three-fourths In one eur tlitreatter wltli
luicri-si uuiu cuuurinaiion nisi.
J.ii. SMITH,
Jan. U. T4-ta Assignee.
At the Columbian OFFior.
Notco Is licrtbv clvcn that annllcntinn win i.
made to Hon. Vtlllluin Llwell, I'resldent and law
Judge of the courts o: liecord In Columbia coumv on
the 4th day of February, A. 11. lsis to Incorporate
" I he Hector Church Wardens and Vestrj men of .st,
fiabrlel's Church, t-ugarloat" Icing an (
ier(-ration, ilrst class In the bald County, under the
Act ot the liencriil Assembly appiou'd April imb,
Jan. 4, 'T5-4t Ward.ns.
Dauchy & Co's. Advt's.
W A N T E D !
Cuicago, 111. j Nkw OiaKANs, La.;
sanih W. Sujder'a use vs. Uloomsburff Literary In-
lUWd Towler'H admr's. vs. William Klnt'Ston,
Samuel J. Case s. Jonas Dotv.
Wilson (iiuuonsts. Jonas Doty.
U F. l als s Jomw Doty.
Win. lI.MorL.m vs. Clark Merrell.
C. It. lirockvay s. oranje township.
immei muiiu -iimn u. inc.
Iteutrf-n Klsner s. Millers A: seNrt
AshUnd Hanking Co. vs. Frederick Hush
trockway and tnt s. j. Miner taub.
'V. J. Vandersiice a. l-ottrott 6c Trick.
CulumiiU Insurance. Co. n. Josenh M. Frcck.
Columbia insurance Co. s. Jackson Woodln.
coiumnia insurance ro s.jackHOnc uoodin.
oiuiiiniu iiMiranee uo. ebeonec nritieo co.
Peter Knecht s, hamuelehweppenhelter et. al.
Henry c. Conner a. Kmanuel conner'n Adin'r
Willi tin Ituckel s. (ieord Moore et. al.
i;dw.mmerairiu.v s. uonMiiruam townsnin.
Jissu lllce a. l. J . A: W. It. It. Co.
II. It. AUiert-son s. Joseph Y, Inp.
M. (inker's lulmr'n. va. 'Ihomaa CiUn.
Win U l'arka vs. Hltl eU al..
M. tiroUT's Admr'a. vs. Thomas Cain
iT.tiin Aynic nan s. v. it. L'rawroni.
Natlian Creasy vs. Maurer et, ol,
Aaron l)relsbich s. Mmon bhellhammer ct, al
Kzra. I.onab.l. U.Eus.
Jacob Kvans' Kx'r. vs. Thomas tt. (Jeddls et. al.
Nimuel tiller vs. rranets juvaiis.
KhiomburK Lumber Co. vs. wuiiam Morris er. al.
KloomsburL; Lumber Co. va. William Morris et. ux.
William MimvlUt) yk. 1'eUTKnt's AdmtntHrator.
K. 1, Adams a. John etert.
M arj t Jeortj a. J nines Morrison
Daniel Lelny vs. Henrv Knannet. al.
SArah caul vs. Samuel and Emma iieppctt.
M. rover's admr'a, vs. II, I). Knorr.
AUffiLstus Everhart vs. Daniel Kerhart.
i'.ernjru JMiimerman s. .m. u. Joimsnn et mt.
Mel U'nlheu vs. Conjngham und CcntralU Toor
Din riot.
John II. Scott Ts.Iicrnhard stohnwr,
Simon Krebbss. WlllUm Masteller.
i,. . urmKHU . rirbi mionai uank or lienricK
Wllitam Sni tier's Kxr's a Valentin iiMimnn
C. W, 'I hoiopson h r.viiilmrd stohner
united Matea Fanning Mill Company va Fr in kit a
Thomas Knorra ex'r s. C. A. Knorr et al.
ivrme la hoona vs. htltzir ; Miiwr
Conrad Mvank s. Daniel wank.
viuLunoa duuiilt a jonn McDowell adm t
(Jeorifo w, Davis vs. Conj ngham and Cent rail a Foor
Henry J, Kdw ards vs. W'iniam Walp.
rat rick .Ityrnes vs. Conjntham nna Centralla Foor
w uitam Kingston s. Montgomery Cox et. ux.
Klljih lemons s. Heller & Eves,
Elijah Lemons, a. F. Heller.
Elijah LemoiiH a. c W. Les.
.iuuu M-neti jonn iiinaerlter et. al.
Jacob John son vs. Itobert h. vnt
Henry ragio s. Uloomsburg Lumber Co.
Real Estate! !
Jan. 4, ",-iv
or Sk Fniscisco, Ciu
Tmf,0,n"WKr?rut'o,V,(,,i,l?;.n'1 n" "leases of tlio
UltANL- LtN(i,S' CUEbi uhd MUCOL'H MEM.
Vnt up only in Bluo 13oxori.
' "I JIU, UllClilllbTS.
c. K. CHITITNTOX, t fcuTu A un, New Vortt.
Jan. 4, TS-4w d
N i:V (llti.N-H. 16 Mops lit; 10, U0; 1!, fid; 9, ,
I'lniio. retail price 1160 onlv tuas. s, n,t fr.V n.!n,w
tui circulars. l)iuil1r.ii,.,,.v.i1i1,u,
janL4,',s-jY el
W A T 'Y H ! .'Vl" ? "so of CatarrlMneac-h
ill. "r.'.' helghboihcXHl, wlUi pr. Karsner'a
1 Ittsburir, Va. J4to nov, sa,TI-8m
Ml les of '. it ti. to e, or S3 New year Cards
... jitn. i. is 4u
y f I'tir ni'Kr of a .A TARR T-T
SKI I lut p. ord'. Itii.ilnitcifri-lot-
In nurtmanco ot an order of thoOmhans1 court or
Columbta county, tho undersigned, Admlnlstratore,
4c, ot Michael Urovcr, late ot tho Town of lllooini
burg, In said county, deceased, win exvo&e, to public.
oxiv uii uiu iiremineH, ou
.tH10''' PKBRUAHV 1M, 1876,
atlOoclocka. in , ot Bald dny. A tract of land Bit
uato In italn township, in bald county ot Columbia,
lOS .A.
morn or la8, adttnlni; lands of Aaron .Vasteller,
Aaron Miller, aud others, and a public road, where
on are erected a two-story
Dwolhng House, Good Bank Barn,
wason noma) and com cut), sood out.butldlogs,gooet
fcprlni; and sprtni; hou', good water on the premls-
1!, k"ou "i'!'iu oreuarci una otuer fruit, trees liend
In a srood htatu of cultivation, ono public road runs
tnruuifli ihe lund, aud ono on tho north side, come,
nteni to bchool and church.
TKll.MS Or bALII. Tennercent.of one-fourth nf
the purchase money to bo paid at. tho striLtn ,to.n
ot satJ premises, one-fourth ot the purchase money
wro v u I'c-r ivm, co no paid al tno confirmation
ot tho sale, uud the balance ot suld purchase money
in iaj imiu iu im jear irom ina connnnatlon of said
bale, with Interest on said balance from tho contlr.
matton nisi ot said sale.
Jan. IMS u
IS cure? "cS ltZ!WV" "
ii,. .. ii J -vc pictures and in mu., bowlie.ui'scsntiin.i.,.,,! iin
boclely, etc i n!' lets thu work ot iNmBurK Ai-
nation, urant k ltoveen. sl 1,h
tstimonlals and trenitu, i.v ... .
rice, Willi nnprowd Inhaler, 1. hold
.'ten where, wkkkm iM.i,,,
Jan. ti, 1STS-4W
l- tTH MVfiH nAtini
.1 J VISlTINtl CAKliH,
USTTfilt UKAD3, llKAOiJ,
OBTKltS, tO, JtO,
e.coiH i lemiieranee, omau s Crusade, Krun.
rl .lliiridti . I'rultllilil,,,,. ,.(.. ..,p ,,Q
salo Is mnelluua. ill n lllit,:i'wth UOIKI Iu
t DSHATiuks far excel all others. Prices Just reduced
'Jo per cent 1 1 Send for terms.
Ill liUAHU llltos., Pubs., U3 bansom si., l'hlladel.
P"1". d clec. 11, Tl-4v
rnnted ut thiti Ollico
Nftl) kuu cueaply rrinlocl at the COMJH ON SHOUTEST NOTICE AND AT THE
ib uiace, 1 unsT iipk(ik'iiii t