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DB0:2WA7ii ELWELL, Editors.
Friday. roc.l. 1877,
Iu Ml christianized countries, the anni
versary cf the birth of Christ is observed us
a holiday. In ellflerent nations there are
different custom", hut one anil Ml cclebrati
the twentyfifth of December ns the iloy
when the world was redeemed by the coming
of a Saviour, When the Wise Men of the
Kftt heard of tbo fulfilment of the piopho
clex In the birth of Median, they journeyed
to the place where tlin new-born King lay,
and worshipped 11 im, offering gifts of gold
frankincense and myrrh. The custom of
giving Christmas presents probably nroso
from this presentation to the Divine child,
Many people look upon this festival simply
as n time when gifts are to be exchanged,
and tUeir children vish for Its approach iu
anticipation of the toys ami good things
which Santa Claus will put in their stock
Ings, It is truly pleasant to glvo and to re
ceive, but in the mere giving of gifts we
should not lose sight of the lessons that are
taught by the observance of tills seaon.
The festival, and all connected with it,
Is symbolical, The day itself reminds us of
the promises of Salvation in the birth of u
saviour' who is Christ, the Lord; the gifts
recall the adoration of and premutation to
the child God j the Christmas tree of ever
green is symbolical of immortality.
Christmas is the happiest day of the year
for the children. When they retire on the
evening of the 21th, "visions of suga1, plums
dance in their heads." Many n little one
struggles with the "Sand-man" to keep
awake long enough to hear the prancing of
the reindeers on the roof, and to hear old
Santa Claus come tumbling down the chinv
ney with his load of toys and candies. Many
a tear is dried during the year by the threat
that the little fat Saint rewards only good
boys and girls, and not those who cry. The
legend of this kindly old man is a pleasant
hallucination, and children ought not to be
undeceived until too large to enjoy tbo belief
While the wealthy aro making merry and
exchanging costly gifts, there are many in
our midst who not only lack the luxuries of
the season, but who are actually in want for
the necessaries of life. While your table
groans with the fat of the laud, do not for'
get the poor.
In conclusion, we wish our readers one
and all, a Merry Christmas, and a Happy
New 1 ear.
At our December Court, the pitiable spec
tacle was presented of three colored children
arraigned in a criminal court on charges of
the gravest nature. The poor fellows, with
ntelhgencca scarcely above that of brutes
riendless, and whoso rags did not cover their
nakedness; wero convicted. A merciful court
sent the eldest to tho House pf Refuge whero
he will receive proper moral education, and
wholesome food and raiment. The other two,
after receiving proper admonitions wero re
leased. We believe there is no town in the
State which has so largo a religious clement
as Bloomsburg in proportion to population
so many churches and, church-goers and so
strict an adherence to the Sunday laws. Our
people aro also liberal according to their
means. There Is no estimating tho number
of flannel shirts and bibles they have scut
to heathen lands. But it is anomalous tfi'at
in such a community colored waifs such as
these must beg for food, and go almost naked
at this season of the year. Hut, wo are asked
why do not the Poor Directors take charge of
them? Simply becauso they must have a
proper order for relief and that has not been
applied for. But placing them in the Poor
House does not lessen tho evil. They are
too young to work there, and no one would
take caro of their mental and moral training.
On tho contrary they would bo subjected to
tho worst kind of companionship, aud be
come speedy adepts in sloth and crime.
It should bo remembered that these
children, who are now begging for food from
door to door aro being educated to a life tlia'
must eventually result in idleness and crime j
and that it is easier iu sucli to mould a soul
to good purposes and thoughts, than to reform
them years henco by punishment after they
havo become hardened. Society wonders at
crime, but it is far easier to remove the cause
than to apply the remedy after habits have
become a second nature. Tlieso boys can be
trained to become good and useful men, and
die as Christians. At present they are being
educated to crimo and iu beggary, and there
are so many "higher toned'1 souls to look af
ter that tho.-o aro neglected.
By all means aid the worthy poor j by all
means punish conscious guilt; but by all
means prevent both if prevention lie possi
ble. There is missionary work in Blooms
burg, and souls areas valuable here as they
aro in the interior of Africa.
Editors Sentenced.
M. P. Woeidward and M. F. Dorin.editors
of the Sunday AVit, published at Wilkes
Barre.who were convicted of libel upon Geo.
B. Kulp and Sheriff Kirkendall, have
been sentenced by Judge Handley to ten
months' Imprisonment nnd a fine of 700 in
each case. Their application for a new trial
was denied.
The sentence seems severe, but is not too
much if there has been Kulp-able guilt.
From 18.10 to 1871 215,000,000 acres of
public lands were granted by Cougress to
States and corporations lor railroad purposes,
159,000,000 of this to the Pacific roads, and
nearly 5,000,000 acres have been granted for
canal purposes j lor the Pacific roads a debt
of JG4,O00,O0O was assumed, nowuwollen to
192,000,000, and promising to exceed $150,
000,000 j and the largest grantee proposes to
repay the Governmentby practically borrow
log anew from it.
Dennis, who manipulated the frauds in
Alachua county, Florida, last year, and gave
tho State to Hayes, is now drawing $1,600 a
jear Icr service in one of the departments at
Washington, Thus reform goes marching
Auotlirr Democratic Senator.
The legislature of California on Tuesday
last elected J. L. rarley United States sena
tor by a strict party vote In each house.
Ashes from the recent eruption tit Co to
pail, In Ecuador, are said to have fallen at
a distance of one thousand miles from the
Iloiv to Use Ilia Malls.
miMNoi i noM orncut.
There is pcrhnps no subject upon which
the great public Is less Informed than how
to tiso tlio United States malls. Postmasters
aro dally obliged to reply to Inquiries In
person and by mall corcemlng the proper
mode of sending various kinds of matter
through tho Post Ottice. It may be about a
letter or package, concerning money or mer
chandise, or relate to postal changes or rut'
Ings, The following departmental decisions
were mado In answer to Inquiries by Post
master?, but the information is also useful
to tho public:
1. Parties addressed have the option to
refuse to tnko auy package out of a Post
OlHee, or the hands of n letter Carrier If,
for any cause, they do not see fit to accept
them. '
2. A Postmaster Is not obliged tn accept
n payment of package any currency which
may be so mutilated as to be uncurrent.
II. A business card may bo printed or im
pressed upon the envelope or wrapper of a
package of third class matter, without sub
ectlng tho package to extra postage.
1. A mail carrier should not receive mail
matter unless he is one mile or moro from a
Post Office, nnd when recolved such matter
should bo delivered Into the next Post Office
at which ho nrrives. This rule does not re
fer to mall matter properly enclosed In Gov
ernment stamped envelopes.
Anything other than an address written
or printed upon the sido of a Postal Card
which contains tho words, "Write the ad
dress on thisside,the message on tho other,"
renders the same uumnilable as n Postal
(1. When two or more kinds nf mall mat
ter are enclosd iu tho same package is sub
ject to the higher rate.
7, To paste or nttach anything to or up
on a Postal Card, except the name and resi
denci of the person addressed, renders the
same unbailable as a Postal Card.
8. Manuscript passing between (cither
way) authors and publishers of books in the
malls is subject to a. postago of one cent tor
each ounce or fraction thereof.
9. "Drawings" mado with pen, pencil or
brush, aro subject to postage at the rate of
three cents for each half ounce or fraction
10. Music manuscript and proof sheets of
the same cannot be sent through the mails
at less than letter rates of postage.
11. Manuscript letters transmitted by mail
are subject to postage of three cents for each
half ounce thereof, when sent in sealed or
unsealed envelopes.
12. Unpaid letters containing orders for
goods cannot be lawfully carried by the mail
carriers outside the malls.
13. Specimens of penmanship enclosed
with printed ma'ter cannot be mailed in the
same package without subjecting the whole
to postage at letter rates.
A Curious Clerical Case.
In this country, as well as in England,
many religious persons, decidedly against the
ubj of wine, spirits, or other strong liquors,
indulgence in whicli causes inebriation, con
tend that the wine which is administered in
the communion service ought to bo simply
tho unfermentcd juico of tho grape. Dr.
Wordsworth, the learned and somewhat
crotchety divine who was mado Bishop of
Lincoln )in England) iu 1809, lately prohibi
ted a clergyman in his diocese from adminis
tering unfermentcd wine at the altar. In
consequence, a case was laid before Dr. Ste
phens, anlecclesiastical lawyer of high re
pute asking him to give a professional opin
ion upon tho point whether any law or can
on of tho Protestant Episcopal Church in
England prescribes the cemmumon to be ad
ministered in the fermented juice of tho grape;
if such use of unfermentcd wine is a breach
of the law of the Church; if a bishop has the
power to prevent a clergyman in his diocese
from so using it j and what penalty a clergy
man would incur for disregarding such prohi
bition? Dr. Stephens reply is direct and
plain. It points out that there is no defini
tion of tho wine in tho Prayer Book, as there
is of tho bread (which tho Knbio says, must
'be the best and purest wiioat bread that con
veniently uny bo gotten"); that, though it
may bi taken for granted that the juico of
the grapo is meant, there is nothing to show
that it ought to be fermented; that, by ref
erence to authorities, it appears that the pure
juico ol ttie grape was olten usd by tho
Jews in Christ's tiiuo; that the canon orders
that wino shall be used, but the mcaniog of
tho term ''wine" his never been decided sci
entifically. Therefore, unless tho legal courts
should rule that wino means the fermented
juice of the grape, no British bishop has pow
er to forbid tho puro juico of the grape. Th0
Knghsh temperance societies aro resolved to
obtain a judicial decision on this curious
point. Presa.
.National Debts. .
What country has the largest national
It ? At the latest date for which statistics
are now in hand, Great Britain had. That
was in March, 1875, when the debt of
that country was $3,870,000,000, reckoning
the pound sterling at five dollars. In the
preceding January the debt of France, ac
cording to the Statesman's. Year Book for
1877, was $3,750,337,129, counting five francs
to the dollar. This debt was then the sec
ond in magnitude. Some writers have stated
tti6 French debt to be as much as $4,500,000,-
000. Probably the true amount is some
what above that first given, as In 1875,
France must have had a good deal of floating
aud temporary Indebtedness that had not at
the time been converted into rentes, and the
Statesman's Year Beok gives only the capi
tal of the rentes. But those who put the
French debt at $-1,500,000,000 must Include
municipal aud oilier local lndebtedness,much
of which was incurred for war purposes dur
ing the late conllict with Germany. There
is probably not much difference between the
debts of Frauce and Great Britain at the
present moment.
Tho indebtedness of tho Church of tie
Holy Trimly, New York, is $230,000. Last
Suudsy Edward Kimball tho church debt
raiser, got subscriptions to tho ainouut of
$145,000, tho largest sum ever subscribed at
ono timo to pay a church debt.
"Have I not suffered enough and tried all
kinds of medicines and still I must cough,
cough 1 True, But gel a bottle of Dr, Coie's
Wild Cherry and Sencka,anl you will be cured
after all your doubts.
When a faithful mother goes ou a whal
ing expedition she never falls to get all the
blubber she wants.
More than 150,000 boxes of clothes-pins
are annually shipped from this country to
It costs thirty-six and a half cents per
mile to run a locomotive.
Every farmer should provide himself with
an ice house.
Wasuis'itox, D. 0., Dec. 17, 1877.
It seems there was real danger on Saturday
morning, of a duel between Senators Gor
dan and Conkllng. Hut friends interfered
and the trouble Is not only settled, but the
settlement made matter of record In tho
Senate, Senators Ransom and llamfin weru
the active parties in bringing about the do
sirablo result.
flier all the House passed tho deficiency
with additional sums, amounting to more
than n million, added by tho Senate.
Senator Matthew's silver resolutions go
over until after the Holiday recess. Tho
personal and political unpopularity of Sen
ator M. had much to do with this.
lly refusing to vote, and thus leaving tho
House without a quorum, the Republicans
on Friday and Saturday succeeded iu pre
venting, for tho present certain investiga
tions desired by tho Democrats.
Senator Uiitlcr of Soutli Carolina, just
prior to adjournment on Saturday, presented
a resolution requliing the proper conimltteo
to Investigate the means by which the votes
of Senator Patterson and Conovcr wero so
cured In favor of his' ((Sutler's) admission.
This of course, is because Senator Kdmunds,
when the question of admission was up,made
charges of corruption.
I have never had any great confidence in
the sincerity of Secretary Schurz's efforts to
reform the chll service, ile has not appear
ed to go about it as if ho was in earnest. He
has been secret and sly in Ids investigations.
For months he hss refused to act on charges
nf fraud after they were 'investigated. He
has just dono one thing, howiver which
shows that he means to be the head of his
Department. Ho has Issued an order to pre
vent lobbying before Congress by chiefs of
i, i i .- .
lvureaus uuuer mm.
This nuisance had become intolerable,
One of his chiefs has spent much of his
time of late in attempting to securo such
legislation as suited him in relation to his
Unreaii. Clearly if Mr. Schurz is to be re
sponsible for the conduct of his Department
recommendations for legislation regarding it
should come from him.
Tho National JlepubHcan besides being
very rude in its treatment of Mr. Hayes, is
publishing a series of savory articles attack,
iug Secretary Sherman. It demands the re.
tiremeut of that gentleman the Secretary of
State, and the Secretary of the Interior from
the cabinet. It is the oigau of Senator
All the developments so far announced
by several committees investigating our re
lations with Mexico, go to confirm the belief
that wo haye a large element on this siJo
of the Rio Grand, striving to precipitato
war with that country.
Hayes's National University.
Tho faculty of Mr. Hayes's proposed great
National University at Washington has not
yet been fully arranged. Several important
chairs including thoso of Greek, Political
Economy, and tho Uso of the Blackboard,
main to be filled. So far as determined upon,
the Board of Instruction and Government is
constituted as follows :
President and Emcritui l'rofjssor of
Eight to Seven Law,
Professor of Applied Theology,
DO.N'.N PIATT, A. M., by brevet.
Emeritus Professor of Jurisprudence,
(Uarv. Oxon.)
Professor of Obituary Literature nnd
Steward of Com mons,
Tom Paine Profc'sor of Natural and Ilevealed
Professor of Political Ethio',
Emeritus Lecturer onAntcdiluvian
Joint Hayes Professor of Pure Mathematics,
Jay Gould Professor of Journalism,
WlIirfcXAW REID, D. P.
Professor of German and Instructor on tbo
Professor of the French Language and
Purio Professor of Philanthropic
Instructor in il'thetic Botany and
English Composition,
Tutors in Practical Mathematics1,
L. Kcnncr.
Director of the Gymnasium,
WM. M. EVA11TS, LL.D. (Yalo).
l'o whom candidates for admission should
apply for rooms, fuel, text books, aod board
and washing. N. Y, Sun,
THE AMOUNT of testimony la laior e.1 Er
Hchenck'a Pulmonic Sjrup, as a euro tor Consump
tion, Ur exceeds all that can tie broui-ut to support
tbo pretensions ot any other medicine. See Dr.
Bchenck's Almanac, which can be had or any drug.
gist free ot charge, containing tho cirtlflcatea ot
many persons ot tho highest reBpuclablllty who have
been restored to health, alter being pronounced In
curable by iJiyslclana ot acknowledged ability,
Kchcnck's Pulmonic Kyrup alone has cured many, as
theso evidences will show, but the cure Is olten pro
moted by two otaer remedies which Dr, Schenk pro
vides for the purpose. Theso additional remedies
uro Schenck's 8ca Veed Tonic and Mandrake rills.
lly the timely use of theso medicines, according to
dlroouons, Dr. Hchenck testifies that most any case
ot Consumption may be cured. Every moment ot
delay makes your cure moro dimcult, and all de
pends on the Judlclouscholce of a remedy, Bchenck's
Mandrake nils areau agreeable and sate euro tor
Constipation caused by bllllousneBs, and also for
sallow complexion unci coated tongue. There Is no
better remedy ;ior disordered stomach and all the
evlls resulting inert from. Dr. Bchenck Is profes
sionally at bis principal outce, corner HUth and A rch
tsrhUadelphla,eiery Monday, whero all letters
of advlco must be addressed.
tk.heuck's medicines are.for sale by all druggist.
The Rose of death. Do not wait until the
hectic flush which indicates advanced consump
tion, appears on the cheek, Check the haul
cough unil heal the irriuted lungs with llulit
Jhney tif Jhrthound and War, before the crisis
comm. Ile In lime. Sold by all Druggists.
Pike's Tootliaciie Drops cure In I minute.
Dec, U lm.
Holiday Notices.
An elegant present for a littlo boy is ono
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Sloan's from 75 cuts t.i 8.0(1 a set and La
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Do you wan silverware tor a Christmas
prei ti( ? I )o j i"' wml nil t'lciru'it gift for
iitisbaii'l, w.l' . latin r. mother, sUter, broth
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Louis lternhard's Jewelry Store In Cadman's
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New lot of Miuco Meal at Conner's this
Marr sells K. 0. Molasses at 7" cents.
Marr sells Coffee 20 to 2o cents,
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this week for Christmas goods,
11 .
At Cadman's Furniture store is to be
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lor Christmas goods. Uo and tee them.
C. C. Marr has his new Fall stock of
Jeam, Cottoimados nnd Cassimeres for boys
nnd men,
Shoo Store below Court
Ilvmns. Methodist. Lutheran and I'res-
bvlerian Hymns In cyery style at G. A.
Ulark s.
Don't forget that there remains but a few
weeks more to secure u nargain in Lamps
silling at cost, nt Mover Ilros.
Snocial attention eiven to repairing of all
kinds. wnicni's, spectacles, uncus, cue.
btlfnllv mill iimtontlv rplialrcil. ltates hit1
a hlirh renutatiou r.s a watch maker and
Fresh lino of New
Goods this week at
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Dec. 21 2w
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Special inducements will bo offered I
persons buying a quantity of goods at J. II
Maize's up to January 1st, in order to re
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tion for Christmas Presents.
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Attractions nil over in
I. W. Hartmati'i
Another large lot of Paints, just received
uy .Moyer uros., will be sold cheaper than
ever lor cash .
Fancy Boxes, containing collars and cuffs,
haudkerehiels, .vc, nt prices to suit you, at
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Many consumptives are now using Dr,
Frazier's Root (litters and Cough Syrup wit!:
remarkable success-
If J. F. Caldwell can not suit vou in Can
dies you can not be suited iu town L r all is
nice and Iresh.
Under Dr. Howers dental room.
Smokers and chewers of tobacco should
call at Wtbb's belore purchasing elsewhere,
tie hasjusl received a new and well sueelii
Parlor set , walnut chamber set, cttag
sets, sideboards, chairs, and all kinds .it" 1 1 1 r
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Try before you buy the Pearl Shirt.
Sold only at Lowenberg's Clothing Store.
Raisans, Currants, Peaches, Coffee, Su
gar, Syrup &c., on the Grocery hide of I
W. liartmau s lor Uhnstmas.
Pleasant as honey, tho old folks like it,
the young speoplH like it and the babies cry
lor it wo mean Dr. rrazier s Uougli cyruii
If you are in want of Holiday Goods, b
sure to look in at Clark & Wolfs stock
They have a great variety, at bottom goin
O. A. Clark has just received JoOO
worth of Mabie A 1 odd's celebrated Gold
Pens, Pencils and Toothpicks,
Machine Oil and Needles at Marr's.
5 salesmen to bo iu I. W. Hartman's store
on Saturday and Monday next to wait o;
the customers.
Watches, clocks, jewelry silverware, Ac.
carefully and skillfully repaired by L. Bern-
A new lot of Teas just received, and to be
sold cheap beforo the 1st of January, at
uouiier h.
I!KAI)Ui-AD.Ms,-.U tho Central llctel In
Hloomsburg oa tbo 13th Inst., by Key, M, I. Smi str,
Mr. James lleaglo and Miss Margaret A. Adams,
both of Madison township, Columbia county, ra,
HESS-EDCIAIt.-At the residence ot tbo bride'
mother on tho 11th last., by Iter. 11. Miearer, Ml
IlarrettW llessof Henton to Miss c, K. Kdgarof
Jdeksoa. Allot Columblacounty.
(Iltoil-IIIMS.-In Jlloom.burgon tho lsthlnst,
by Rev. stum Mitchell, Mr. Ephrulm II, eiroh of
Dixon, Leo county, Illinois, to Mrs Surah. M, lUss,
of llloomsbiirg,
Illinois papers plea30 copy.
Our thanks aro due tliu brldo for some excellent
specimens of wedding cake, Those who remember
tho printer remember tho poor; and no trust her re
ward Is hereafter. May her future be asbrtghlas
her cake Is good.
HAHTMAN-IIAltTMAN. At the Unformed par.
nonage In eirungctlllo on tho tsth Inst., by Iter, A
lloutz, Mr, Amos llartman ot Klshlugcreek to Miss
I. Carrie llartman, of Now Columbus,
SAVAIIK.-Iii evaugctlllo ou tho mil last., Mrs
Mary bavage, aged 74 j ears and I days.
A good doineslio Sulphur bdh can bo Instan
tly prepared by taking a cuke of Glen1
nuipnur Mnp into the bath tub. huch an ex
pnlienl will, lo use a slang phrase, "knock th
hh)Is oil'' any victim of cutaneous blemishes,
Sold by all druggists 25 cents.
Hill's Hair'tV Whisker Dye, black or brown,
CO cts.
Nov. 23 4 w.
The attention of ngents Is called to Tho
Housekeeper's Supply Company, of t'lncinnath
Ohio, who mnko a business of getting up and
manufacturing new anil Mmr mtin convenien
ces for hoii'ckeepers, and ulvo employment to
hundreds of ngtnts of both sexes throughout
the whole United Slates to Introduce and sell
tliitn, and oll'tr Inducements that will pay them
handsomely. Many of their agents are now
making from $ I to $0 per dny, and some of
Ihcra even moro. Wiile lo thdii nt once and
thev will send yoH circulars, giving you full de
scription of each article lluy mnniif.ictnre, and
their terms to agents, and will assign you ex
clusive territory lo sell in. Their address is
The Housekeepers (supply Company, No. 212
Elm Street, Cincinnati, Ohio.
lA'C. 1 1 iw.
No other incdic'ino in tho world was ever
given SUCH a tesi oi ii.scur.nivu quaum-sus
llochco's Herman Syrup. In three years
two million lour liundicit t'inuanu small not
es of Ibis inedicino was distributed tree oj
cltarqe by Druggets iu this country to those
nlllic'ted witli Consumption, Atlmia, Croup,
Severe Cough, 1'ncutunnla and other diseas
es of the throat and lungs, giving the Ameri
can people undeniable proof that German
Syrup will cum them Tho result has been
that drugilsts in every town ami yiua;;u in
the United States are recommending it to
their customers. Go to your druggists and
ask what they know about It. baniplo bot
tles 10 cents. Regular sizo 75 cents, lliree
docs will relieve any caso.
April 27.'n-ly Jl , ,..,.
ens nt tho iinfnwissn Denoslt Hank will to held
iit inelr lnnkhu House In the town or Oatawlssa on
tne sieconit Tuesnayoi .lanuiry isis ui-i,i--" ,uu
hours of ten and two p. m., to hold nn election for
scen directors to serve the ensuing 5 ear,
II, 11. 1) Wis,
Catawl-sa, dcc.21, 'JJ-2W Cashier.
v. 11. Abbott. w. ii. huawx.
l'enslons obtained.
dec 21, '77-ly
llio stock-holders of tho tlrlarcreek Farmers' Mu
tuil Insurance Company ot l.lino Itldgo will meet nt
tho onicn ot Samuel Ncyhard, Ksq , In t'entro town
Blilp, Columbia county, pa., on Monday, tho 14th d i.v
ot Jamwrv, 1S7S, between tho hours or lo a. m. and i
n. m., ror the purpose oi ciecunir uurciuiaior mu
ensuing scar, nnd transacting siicu oiner ousincss
as may proper., XmUIX Nl7ilAIt.,
d0 51, "77-3W. secretary.
uorroiis xotick,
ti, nnfiiTRii-npii Auditor annolntud to make dis
tribution of Iho balerew of lunds In the IianiLs of
Samuel Knorr, Adm'r., to nnd among tho p'rtles
ntltled thereto will attend to the duties of Ids ap-
Iiolnllneiit al llio omen oi u. u. narMi'i, iu i.iuuuis
luru ou the loth dsy ot January, ls;s. at ten o'clock
a. m. w hen and where all persons has tnir claims are
requested to present tho same before the Audlior or
be debarred Iroiu coming In for a share of said rund.
dec 21, '77.4w.
Notice Is hereby irlsen that the undersized, ap
pointed by tho e'oilrt to adjust and settle said estate
and make distribution ot tho a-setslu tho hands ot
ssnilain Neal, executor of said deceased, to nnd
union-' the parties entitled 111 attend nt his
oilice, In iiluumsbure. on Prldsy.lhe 25th day of Jan
uary, 187S, at nine o'clock In the fore-noun, to per
form tho duties of his appointment , when and w here
ah panics claimant must appear and proso their
claims or bo forever debarred from coming; lu on
said lund.
Notleo Is hereby idscn that the undersigned, ap
pointed by tho court to distribute tho balauce hi the
hands ot lllram.l. lleeder, assignee of Nathan Kov
tenbauder, to and ainomr tho parties entitled there
to, sviu attend at his omce, In liluomsbunr, on Wed
nesday, tne SJd day of January, ls?s, nt nlno o'clock
In the forenoon, to perrorm tho duties of hlsappolnt
went, ss hen nnd sshero nil parties claimant must
appear and prove their claims or be forever debarred
from coming lu on said fund.
dec 21, '77-esv
Tho undersigned Auditor appointed by tho Or
phans' coui tot the County ot e'ohunbla to maldis
tribution of the balance of tne funds In the hands ot
tho Administrator among the parlies entitled there
to, svUimeui all persons Interested for the purpose
or his appointment, at 9 o'clock u. m. on Friday, Ihe
eighteenth day ot January. 1S7S, at thoonicoot W.
I.. Kscrly. In latauissa, when and whero all persons
having claims against tho sail estate are required
lo preacnt tho same Iieforo tho auditor or bo debar
red from coinlug in tor a sharo of said fund.
dec 21, '77-lw
hi lb
no matter of the sheriff's sale of tho property ot
James It. lllcu.
Tho undersigned Auditor, appointed by tho Court
by eiais-'iit f parlies Interested lo dWrlbuto the
money arising tiom said sale, will meet tho parlies
In eicsted ut tho omco of Iirockssay & Klwell, lu
uioo'osburg, on saturdiy, Iho mil day of January,
ls7i,aileu o'clock In iho forenoon, at which tlmu
idl parlies Interested svill atleiil or bo debarred
Iroiu coming lu on said fund.
CEO. 11. EI.WKI.L,
dec 21, "77-tsv
"loo undersigned, Auditor appointed. In the case
ot Aaron Maslol erss. Charles Mauicr, James K,
M.urer and A. schweppenlu-lser. No. Bos, May Term
ls7, Kl. Fa. ISO September Term 1S77, Al. IT Fa. 152
Decemticr Term. Is77 "to ascertain svhnt aro tho
hens agalust tho lands, to whom due nnd tho nmouut
or i no same, aoo wnt-iiier inuiauu nuuumwwiu
subject lo any of tho liens, aud It so what oncs,"wiii
attend to tho duties of his appointment at his ofllco
In tho Town ot liloomslurg on Monday the 21st day
or January. A P.. ws. at y o'clock a m.. svhen and
wheie all persons Interested In said matters are re-
nuisieu lu uucuu.
dec. 2 1. '77-lw Auditor.
In pursuance of nn order of Iho Orphans' Court of
Columbia county, the undersigned Administrator of
Margaret Karns, late ot Henton tow nshlp, deceased,
svlll expose to sale on the premises on
at ten o'clock n. m., tho following real estate of snld
decedent, situate In Denton township, bounded aud
described as follows: Ou tho north by lands of Wll
llaT smith, on the east by lands of Peter Kase, on
tho south and west by lauds of Joseph Hess.contaln
more or less, all Improved, whereon Is erected a
two-story frame
and outbuildings.
TEUMS OF SaLE. Tenter cent of one-fourth of
the purchase money to bo paid at striking dosvn of
property, tho one-fourth less tho ten per cent nt lbs
confirmation of salo, and tho balance in ono year
thereafter, with Interest from confirmation ntsl.
Denton, Djc. ii. lS77.-ts
In pursuance ot an order ot the Orphans' Court ot
Columbia county, tho undersigned Administrator of
F.llsha shultz, lato of Denton township, deceased,
will expose to sale on tho premises on
at ten o'clock a. m the Interest ot said deceased In
the following real estate, sltuato In Henton town
ship, bounded and described as follows: Oa the
south by lands of S, P, Krickbaum and Thomas Del
las, on tho w est by lands ot Thorn as Delias, north by
lands of II, C, Moss, and on tho east by lands ot Jo
seph II. Shultz and I), C. Moss, containing about
more or less, whereon Is erected
one and a half stories nigh, A Fit A ME HAItN, and
other outbuildings. About slity.flto acres Is Im
proved. There is a ROOD OIlt'llAIlD on the land.
A t the same time and place will bo sold the Inter
est of Hhulti la the camo land, and the
purchaser can get a good title to tbo whole tract.
Terms of salo will bo made known on day of sale.
Jieiiton, iKsj, a, 1.77,-U
Christmas HolBivy Excursions.
Tho Philadelphia & Heading R. It. Co.
Will (.sue r.Vt 1'lliliiV TICKRTS between all points
In us territory, good fiom
Decomkcr 22,1077 to January 33, ism,
with no sales after January 1st. 1:s, at a reduction
e.f thirty-tiireopercent. from regular r-ire. 'cniiii
tnwn and Norrlstown branch local points except
ed ,..
doe. il, 17TT. elcne-'ral Ticket Aoont.
.o .,f,,L.M- nlvt-M, -flint, flip linrtfT-
slened will npply'to the l.oeWattiro of rennsjlvanU
St iwreirular session of 1s7h for the passiiw o ' an
Act to be entitled "An Act to valllate a cerinln f a'o
Si real estnto by tho Administrators ot .tames lie s,
latoof Columbh county, deceased, to Alexander II.
Stewart" ho object whereof shall bn o validate a
certain sale made to 1.1m by said Adm otstrators on
tier an order ot tin orphans' court of Coluiihla
count v or Mh of Mav, ls73,otn certain tract ot land
conti lnlnir onolituiilred nnd elBht-two nnd a Half
acres Mtualc partly in Columbia county and partly
K ll in county In this Mate, bounded by an Is
now or late of Crnls nnd lilanchard. .lonas llantT. 1 1.
Willis Das Is and others, and for which tract a d-eil
was executed lo lion uy saiu ,uniiui3iiin.vov.
isthdayof June, 1571.
A, 11. STEWAltT.
Oraiis-cvlUc, Dec. 1', 19TT.-4W
Orphans' Coure Sale
oi-' VAhfAiii.i:
Pursuant to nn order of tho Orphans' Court ot Co
lumbia county, "a , will bo sold nt public sale, on tho
premises In Mirtlln township, In Bald county, on
ntio o'clock In tho forenoon, all that real cstato
lato of William N. llrown, deceased, to-svlt t A Val
uable Mill Property, sltnato In Mifflin township
aforesaid, bounded nnd described as follows
commencing nt a corner at lands of 1). A. Hess
and Maria Wolf; thenco north sesenty-tour and one
fourth degrees, cast sesenty-ono and slx-tcuth rods
thenco south nineteen and one-half degrees, wist
lltty-sli nnd four-tenth rods; thence south sevent ten
nnd one-fourth dcirrecs.cast six nnd four-tenth rods;
thenco south thirteen and three-fourth degrces,cast
tsvelso and four tenth rods; thenco south slUy-thrco
and one-fiiurth d.-grecs, ssest ono and four-tenth
rods; thenco south twenty-four and thrco-fourla
degrees, east one and sU-tcnlh rods j Ihenco noith
tlglity-sescn and one-Iourlii degrees, east ci-ni-
tenih tods ; theuco south "vcu aim tnrio roarin
degtees, cast three mil e Ljbt-tcnth rods; tl.i nco
south ivsenly-four nnd one-fourth desires, cast six
nnd iiiie-n-nth rods; thence south lllly-lioeu and
thrtS luiutii degic, 8, iat three roils; theaiusouth
ten and three-fourth degrees, fast four and four.
tenth rods ; thence sjiith kp, deg. cast 4 4-lo
rods; thence south thlriy-two nnd one-half
degrcca, cast nlno 1 oils; thence north ilgh j-ihrco
degrees, cast Iho and iwu-tenth l'ols ; thenco Boulh
twenlj-sesenandihrec-tounh degrees, east tweutj-
thico rod! ; thcucu sjut'a el. -lit -three aui one-halt
ilt giccs,eist live imdtwo-tenthrods; thenco south
thirteen anil oiie-I lurth degrees, we5t lourteun and
scsei -1 nth ioisj th .nco north seven! s-i.hioilcgucs
west live toil t : thence south lltlj-foiir and one
fourth degrees, svest, sevt-n and IWe-lenth rods
the nco noun tweiit-foura'id three-fourth d.'groes
ss-isl lls-o .Hid els'. l-teiiih rols; Ihenco suiilh ilgldy
sevnand three-f jurth degrees,we-t eleven and
foii'-'iiilhr ls ; th' nee noith twenty-two ntir one.
half e'cgreis, wo t thirty live r j Is ; tho;i"0 soulh
scs-enty-nlce and one-rjurlh (lorries, west six and
tsvo-'enth rods ; ih'ticc noith twentv-nluoand one-
fourth degrees, west twenty-two and scven-lenth
roils ll.enee n trtli twent) -four and thr.'-e-iointh de
grees, west ,i irteen and nine-tenth rods; thenco
south eighty l" rand onu-fourlhilegs., si est thirty
Ihreeaud iilne-tenth roils; thenco uorth two degrees,
east sit and three-tenth rods ; thenco north thlrtj
eight and thrce-fo'iith degrees, east twenty-two
ana nine-tenth lods; thenco north eighteen and
one-halt degrees, west tlurtj-two and scsen-teuth
rods lo tho place or In-ginning, containing
nn:,vrs-MX acki;s
and one hundred nd th'.rtj-ono iwrches, whereon
aro ei-ectc 1 a 1 raine Water Pow er
Urist anl
mr run ot Duns
with fuur ma of liunan'ula tweutytu k-et uut
fchot li-jl, 11 tawllllLii fruiDO
lJvelliM; House, Dunk Dui'ii,
two wngon-houscs and othvr ncrcsary out-bulld-Iniri;
about I'lgtituen acresaro clour ii uiuTundtT
cultlvatluu. ALSO, tlw water prtUtDo ami Iho
right to enter upoj so muci of tho Ei'suh'. bouiuleil
and described in follows, lo-w It :
Commencing In a lino ot aforesaid described tract
at a maple ; thenco south seventy-six and one-half
degrees, east si rods ; thenco south thlrty-ilne and
ontt-balf degrees, east threo rods; thenco soutli
eighteen degrees, cas.t twenty-three aod Hx-tciilh
rods; thence booth slxty-threo and three-fourth de
grees, east nine rod-i ; thenco soutli fifteen degrees,
west eleven and elght-teuth rods ; thenco noutli
thirty-two degrees. west nlno rods; thenco boulh
seven and on-half degrees, wot thirteen rod ;
thenco south nlno and one-half degrees, west
six rods; thenco bouth twelve and one-half de
grees, east six rods; thenco bouth foily-four
and one-half degrees, cast si rods; thenco
south twenty-set en and three-fourth degi cos, west
twelve and Ihree-lentU rods; thenco south eighty
seven and one-fourth degreu, weit two and two
tenth rods; thenco north thirty and one-half de
grees, west eleven and six-tenth rods ; thenco north
nlno degrees, east three rods ; thenco north twentj
four degrees, cast twenty-four nnd seven-tenth rods;
theme north tltty-elght and one-half degrees, east
ten rods ; thence north thirty and one-half degrees,
east live rods ; ihenco north teven degrees, e isl sev
en rods, thence ulung west bank of racoon a line
parallel with and two rods distant from line on
side to stone In lino of Hist described tract ; ns may
be necessary to maintain thereon a dam and rate
In good working ordtr, doing as little harm as possi
ble to the ground and crops gruwlng thereon.
Thtsproptrt la within half u mile of the town of
Minilnvllle uud the same distance uf the lino of the
N. & U. llallroad which is partly graded and
which Is expected to bo completed during tut loan
ing summer.
Tutus ov Sale. Ten per, cent of onc-rourth ot the
purchase money to be paid at thestilklng do ah of
the property, the on-fuurth less the ten per tent, at
confirmation ot sale, and tho u-malniug three
fourths In one year thereafter with Interest irom
continuation nisi. 2,00 oof the purchase money 10
to remain ln.thc premises during life of the widow
and Interest theieon to bo paid to her annually. Pos
session lo bo given on tho llrstdayof April ne.t,
provided good security Is given for the pavmthtof
the purchase money. The purchaser to pay for mak
ing tho deed.
Any further Information can bo obtained by ad
dressing JOHN F. IIIIOWN. Mtnilnvllle.
4 or JA&. C. UUUW.N, Uloumsbuig,
dec. 21, 17-ts Kxecutors.
Real Kstate !
In pursuance of an order ot tho Orphans' Court of
Columbia county Iho undcrsljuc-d, Administrators,
Ac., of illchael (Hover, lalu of Iho Toisu ot lliOvius
burir, In said counts, deceased, SMU epo!,o to public
salo on tho promises, on
1'UIU.VY, JANUARY 11, 1878,
commencing on tho farm lu Main tou-nshtp, at 10
o'clock a. m.and on the property In Minim ut tsso
o'dock p. ui of said day. A tr.o t of land tllualu In
Muln low nshlp, In said county of Coluinbla.conUtu-
more or less, adolnln lands ot Aaron MastelUr,
Anion Miller, and others, and a public road, si here
on aro erected a hi o-story
Dwelling House, Good Bank Barn,
sraen house and corn crib, good out-bulldlni;s,i;oGd
spring and Bprin house, good ss ater ou tho premis
es, good applu orchard and other fruit trees-land
In a good stito ot culllsutlon, ono publlo road runs
through tho land, and ono on tho north side, conve
nient to bchoot and church.
ALSO All lhat certain piece, parcel or lotof
land eltuate In Mlftllu town-hip, In tho county of Co
fumbla, containing c Acres and s-J peiches more or
less, adjoining land ot John Aten, A. t-chis cppenhel
ser nnd olhers, w hereon nro erocle d a tsvo-atory
ritAMi; mvKu.iNo,
a Frame Porn, IdackMulth t-hop, uud other out
buildings, good svatert tho door and fruit tree's,
and lo bo sold bubjeci to tho follow log reservations i
Tho right to Jacob Voho, his heirs or assigns, to all
tho waters within tho limits ot creek running
through the above debcrlbe-d land, with the light to
dam or backwater up In said creek to any he'gth
not exceeding Ihe top of Iho bank ot bald cicek j and
excepting and reserslug to said Jacob Yoho und for
ever prohibiting tho snld Michael Orover.hls Ex
ecutors, Administrators or assigns from building,
creeling or ostabdshlng any (Irtst, 1'iutom, or Mer
chant Mill on sal t stream or premises, or using or
diverting tho water th' not from tho cntlrousoor
control ot tho raid Jaoob Yohe.
AUO, a certain lotof land In mniln township,
In tho said county of Columbia, containing
beventy-ouoperehes, adjoining tho above deMTlbed
tracts, lands of John Aten, lauds ot Jacob t-chvsep-penhelser
and a public road.
TKIIMS OF HALE.-Tcu per cent, ot one-fourth of
tho purehaso money'to bo paid at tho bt riling dovsn
of said premises, one-fourth of tho purehaso money
lebs tbeu-n per cent, to bo paid at tho confirmation
of the sale, and tho balance uf bald purehaso money
to bo paid la ono jear Irom thi confirmation of Bald
tale svith Interest on Bald balance from thocouttr.
roatlou ultl of bald sale.
A linsi mr,
Joshua rurriiilMAN,
BLANK MORTGAGES for tale cheap at the
oounuuv USloo.
notleo Is hereby given tbnt application will bo
tnndi! nt tho next, inorthurot tho legislature for tho
pasture of an act to authoilro tho Auditors to let
Iho makhiif nnd repslrlng of tho puWt.i roads of cat
anlssa tnnhlp Columbia cojnty lo tho lowet
bidder, the letting toll- undo bv Iho Auditors, arid
toubullrh of fciinerrltoraln said township.
doc. .1, '7MW HOLOMON Sllir.MAN',
t coislativj: noticT:.
iitiee Is ht-rrbr (riven that application will ho
ma le l i thn l.i'Rlsl dure soon to convene, lor tho or im nrt intltld "An Act lo mum! sm-rt o
net No. 8J, relative to Ions, out of conn-
IV Ilinus 10 nffl iciinur,il si'i-i'-uen iipi'i'iveu in,. 4 ii
day of Uiiv, Anno nomlnl, one thousand eight linn
ilrcd and Hslv-foiir. 'I he object nt I his net Is to en.
title tho Columbia county Mril uilur.d, Umtlctittu.
ralntid Mechanical Association, to lcpin-entallon
In the state. Hoard of Apiculture, crented by nn ait,
npproed tho stli day of -May, A. li. ls-n.
.i.i. , i.i'.t,,
llloomsbiirg, dec. it, 'TT-4W Chairman.
lly sirlun ot a svrlt ot Vend Px. Issued out
of tin- court ot Common Pleas of Columbia co., nnd
lo Ino directed, whlbeexiwdln public side nt tho
Court House In llloomsbiirg ut a o'clock p. m. on
SATUKDAY, .IANUA11Y l!i, 187S,
All that certain real estate sltu.ilo In Ucntnn tosvr.
ship, Columbia county, Pa., described ns follosvs to-
svlt 1 Hounded on tho noiinuy innas or jonn iieish-
llne, on thn svest by land of John C. Knrns, on tho
soulh by land of John el. Kains, and on the east by
land of Jonas Doty, containing furty-idr.o ncicsnnil
sixty Perthes, ou which Is erected a frame dwelling
CONDITIONS OF Purchasers must pay
ten per cent ot tho purcha'-o money, or nt least
enough to cover all ctAisnt nrlklng down ot salo
otherwise piopeity to bo tesold at once.
dec. 21,'77-ts
Tlio Seaside Library.
choice books no lontrcr for tho fesv only. 1 he best
standard novels svllliln the reach of cserv one.
Honks usually sold from f to $3 (risen (unchanged
and unabridged) for 10 mid 20 cents.
1. HistLynne, Uy Mrs. lltniy Wood double no.2io
2. John llAi.U Ai. (U:nt. by Jllss Miiloeu. vihi
3. Jank r.viiK. by Chiirlottti inonto (duublo no.) 2110
4. Wosias ilATl.ll, t'hallcs lleado's new nosil 210
r.Tm: IU.ack Imuks, .lulls Vt roe's latett l(o
11. Last Uavs op I'omchi, by llulvser lno
7. Musi lino:, by ncorge I.lllott. (double no.) 2110
s. Tun AniMU i. Mono, by Maty 1 e-ell May lno
0.01 h vti'i'iKTON's Monks', by Mnryi'ecl Hay too
.0. Tin: ss osiak in sviiitk, by vv llklc Collins uie
n.'l in-: M11.1. ostiik l'n, by (leorgc 1.1 lotr. 2110
12, Tor Amkimcav -iknaioji, by Ant lion v 'Irollopo 2 0
I. 1. A I'lilM'Is.s ol Tlll' S llll.iln black 2110
II. Tin: liBso .Trin-T, bv s llkl" Culllns lno
15 IIomoi.s, by (h-orge KlUott. (double 110. 2uo
10. Tuk I-'Miri.-ii at tiik Noam I'oik smi Fielu
ok Ick, In one book by Jules Vi rno 100
U. Iltnio.x i i.iiiis, by Mary Cecil liny inc
s, iivunAiiA's llisionv. by Amelia It Kdvvnrds 2uo
la. A TKiiiiiiu.K'l ksii'titIos, by i hai'les;ile,ido mo
20.0111 e'emo-iTV Mior. by hat lea Idckcns 2nc
21. Foci, l'l as-, by Chin les llcndp loo
21. Man ami Wiie, by Iikte I'oillns wo
a. tub NtriKKV laoAcs', by Mmy Cecil liny 200
24. "It is NhVKitTool.eTK 10 mkmi," by Charles 20c
21. 1, env APEneiiiE'sOeTii, by Mrs. IK Wood,
vs. Ai-iioiiA Fioyii, bv Ms M. II. I'.raddon.
2T. Vktok and VVNQrisnFP, bv M, c. Ilav.
as. A liArniiTKit ok by William lilack.
vu. Nous's I.ovb Tist, by Mary Ci ell Hay.
a ITT SOCItsUlK in 111s l'l ack. by o. Ifcade.
31, FKI.1X IIOI.T, THE ItAIIICAU by (JeorgC KlllOlt.
.12. Tiik (Jckkn ok iieakis, by ssilklo Collins.
31. Handy Andy, by -amiiel lsso.
31, A Mmplelon. bv Charles Ite-ale.
13. Fells- llolt. the itidlcal, bylieo. i:ilot,
.m. Tho Wooing ot. by Mis AleMiiider
3T The Mrs. Henry SVood
5 O
i u
11 O
as, .snionia, oy ss iikio colons
3 1. Ivunhoo by Kir ss'aller ncott
40. 'I hi- Heir 10 Asiuey, uy .Mis II. ssood
41. SShlie Lies, by Charles iteado
44. Ulile-niid-seek. by Wllklo Collins
41. lle'dor MTViolnc, bv.lules Verno
44. The Tosver of Umdon, v. II. Alnsvs-orth
45. A I lie's Secret, by Mrs. Ilcurv Wood
41;. Ilerltnireof Langdile, Mrs. Alexander
47. InMlk Alllre, bv SMIllim IllacK
4s .'iho MraiiL-e Adventures of a l'haeton. bv
William black 1CC
43. (Iranvlllo do Vlgno i or, Held In bondage, by
'(Hilda.' 2iio
M). Under llio eireenvvood Tree, Thos. Hardy 100
51. Kllmenv, by William black Ko
52. 'I ho I ost Hank Note, by Mrs. II. Wood 100
53. 1 he Monarch of - lnchig I nne, W, lilack loo
a.. i-nuiT iu ruifs, uv noma -55.
A s Inter City, by "(Hilda''
5ii. Mrathmore, bv ' oulda"
57. A Vosajc Hound tho srcrld-South America, es verno
f,s, Mlas Marner, bv eieorgo Kllot
50. chnndos. bv ' oulda"
110. A Vosago ItoundtUo World Australia, by
Cl.liibeo; or, Two Littlo Wooden Shoes, by
"OuMa" 100
02. Folio Farlne, by "(mid 1" . 2ec
c,.i. Heno Hollow by Mrs. Henry Wood 2uc
04. s. Vojngo ltound tho Wond-Ncsv Zealand,
by Jul, s Verno loo
0.1. Tbo Nobleman's Wlf., bv Mrs. II. Wood loo
iw. Ilory u'Mooie, by Samuel Lover 20c
C7. e'nsllo Water, and Henry Arkell, Mrs. Henry
Wood 10c
(Is. Flvo Weeks In a llalloon. Jules Verno 1110
ty. 1 it ioo iiHier eno, oy .suss .si. u. nraddon 20c
70. Ml Idli'mareh, by (leorgo Eliot 200
71. Ariadne, by -Oulda'' 100
Ji. Mcrhllana : or. The Adventures of Three Kng-
llshlnen and Three Itusslans In south Sirica,
mid Tho blockade Uanricrs, bv.lules Verno loc
73. l'.oss'i Itanr, by Mrs. Henry Wood 200
74. ltiiiurt Hall, bv Mis. Henry SVood 100
75. Tho Fur country, b.' .lull s Wrne 100
7(1. Tlio New Magdalen, by W Iikio Collins 111c
77. Mtstrcsa and siaid by Miss Miibick loo
7s orinilh (lauiit, by Charles Iteado loo
7!). Madcap Violet, by SS 1111.1m black 200
so. Daniel iterond 1, tiv (leorgo Lllot, 20c
M. ('hrMlin's .Sll.lake, Miss Mulutk 100
Kl. My Mother and I, by Miss MuloeK 100
s:i. svrn-i's rrldo, by sirs. llCury Wood 200
s4. 2i).( 0 1 e.igues Uuder Iho seas Jules Verne 100
si. Majiirlo liriii-e's lasvers, Mary ralrlek 100
Ml. I'm s. uurselt In Ills I'laco Chaa. Iteado 10O
87. A Uairney to tho Centre ot tho I.'arth, Jules
Verno " mo
RS. Two Marriages, Miss Mulock 100
so. 'I he Liisi Is 1 1 Anion, M. K. iiradduq 2UO
00. Mvsterl'ius island- Dropped Irom tho Cloud-',
by Jules Wrne too
til. llio "moan's Kingdom, by MKs Mulock loo
VI. .Mrs. llnhbiirtnii's, b.v Jira. Ilcnrv SVooil 200
M. "sstcitjiM Island The Abandoned, by Jules
Verno 10.3
91. Tlio Law nnd Tim I.adv, Wllklo Collins 10c
03 Ilea 1 Men's shoes, Miss M. K. Ilr.iddou 20u
oil. Love s Vh tory. by II. L. Fargeon clo
07. Mjstcrlnus Isiaiui-Thoi-ecretacfthe Island,
by Jules S'trno 10c
OS. llurrj I oirequer, by Charles Lever aiC
I'll. F'om iho fa rib to iho Moon, and Around tho
Moon, bv Jules SVrno too
100. A '1 nlo of '1 wo I'll les, Chat les Dickens uio
101. A Noblo Lire, bv Miss Mulcek loo
102. HardTTiiH'H, bv ('harks Hickens 100
103. A Ilravo Udy, by Miss Mulock 200
101. 1'ecp o' Hay, bv John liunini 100
103. At ih sign of Iho Mlver Flagon, by II. L.
Parjeoti ' ' too
100. he Master of (Ircylands, by Mrs. Henry
W OCHl O.I..
107. Illa'les O' eirass. by n. r Farlenn 11m
to.. Illa'les O' eirass. by 11. l. Farjeon
l,s. Tno Sen King, by ( aptuln Man jat
?' ,' !'.Vr,v ".!ory' M!',,M-l; braddoi
111 a t " rshatn, by Florence Ma
Ion 200
''ATom- of tho Woild lu L'lghly Days, by
1 1 vanes i.eaoo
113. (loldo 1 drain, by 11. rurvenn
IU' -M"rb,hatn. Miss M. f:, nraddon
15. sv it .in tho Mao. bv Mrs. Henry Wood
0. Paul ne, by I 11. Wulrord
117. I ho 1 o , nlo Minslcr, Hugene lies
J J' p.r;V,tAf,,,ut,,!"""s' llv 1 hai les Dickens
110. ivtroiiel, by Fioieii"o.Muriyat
1H1- VS'!1,""'011' ,al,onr(iiiun stnn.O Feulllct
!, 1l'u'1!l;"'c;r,'1,"""','-v lapialiiMarryat
123. Irish legends, by Samuel Lover
l- SuiroTr( slvn's Heir, by Mr-. II. Wood
VI 10
'iC'.J'r V"m"' r" Mi 1Utl" r'S D' b' lla0H-
!' ;,v Ladv Ludlow, by Mrs. (i.ukell
las. cousin Phinis, i.v sirs, (li-u u
tira.s he adoring Jew (First Half), by Kugenc
12'J. The Wnnderlng Jtsv (-'econd Half), by Eu-
tClie SUO qnn
l 'i!.h !"!"J.,U of V""' ''5 Miss Mulock ioo
131. Mlchiu. slrongotr, by Jules Verno leu
8i. . nek lllniini, oy charl-s u-ver JfS
FarJon "wuatf i.iw, uy r. 1..
131. My itr Iher's W lfe, Aim Ha II. Fdsv ards
'H- l'1-'.',1"? 8 H"bai,d. by Miss Mulock
M. Katlo Stewart, l,y Mia. on, hatit ,
!!!' ..'"."r,1".11 ('1"1"1' by Charles Uver
13s. w hat He Cost Her, James Pas 11
130 l.niir fin's i, r ..-i.... '
40. 1 ho uny Lisle, Miss M H.'lirndden
, S,,aM,,',rnm" heady, ( ujitaln Marrvatt
Ml- w '11" 01 1'"1""v- MIH ""lock
!"-.. '", u!,,' ';d Tosver Mrs. Henry Woo
144. 'Iho Twin 1 leutenants, by Alo. Ilnma
sVi' ls'1 M""tU 11 J''"'J-' Amelia
!,,,' 1 J tfu'Almf' 11 f- Annlo Ldvvnrds 100
I4'J. Joshu 1 Marvel,
no. 'iiin ia,,v..i; .. v..rv..'. r.t,:',:' """"0
w 'ivo,1n ,"1 'e, by Aio'illa ll. tMwards
ii' i f "f.uro Tri,ve- u.v Samuel Luvcr
100' 1 i!n 'i',u,!."1'"Ml'' "X'Ptaln siarryat
Cl' 0 li'M " '', byAlexaiid. r Huma.s
IS. ii? ,"orl,l Weil lost, K. Lynn llntuu
int. Shirley t harlollo llioub.
03. I rank Mlldmay, by 1 uptaln Marryat
m a l0","" w ".' ? "lory, Harriet How rn
Jf- A Modern s inlsur (Vol. DChesely Nosel
S I! ," Aldlnl. b, lieorg,' sand J 0UI
!?i' -!,'," ;(JU ,nsNiella(e, by sle Dumas
HS. CpucVegan, bye harl.-u fever
UY- r.1' I atrak's hve, by Charles Le ver
by Captain
174. Kaio ii'Honoehuc, bv Charles Lever
im iw v,SHw il.""'v T"1'-'"' '""Plain -s
i ?' I.Vu.l,'ll ii'iio by Captain Miirnat
.Marryat 100
am at n o
Wouet "-u'"t"'ul'J by Mrs
-l 'rhr.t,iMltM t-t:ck, bv v. K Fruulllloi
;ll,ul,la or.yefaerhne, i.v VlcWr 11
? ' Armalade. by v llkl-- Collins
! .'.' 'hoiounU'ssdeChariiv. Alox Hum,
by Mrs. Henry
v o
llllon 100
ugu 100
lurnv, Alox Dumas lou
ISO. Henrv Dm, li, t.. sn-u 1
St 'nV," "soIalhvHel n, by Alox Iluioas
IS' ! ' ?."r"0, """" by aplaln Marryat
t : I'liVl'lr'."0.' 1,1 leiaiuu-r Dumas
Ibartof siid.uildati, lr alter soutt
Ss' ?,l",t.,.l,ul' I'loreiiee Marrjatt
J : kW" i'j","'". b' shaxand. r-1iuraa
St' t ,l.'i'Jaf th'l-leb.v , by Chai lea Dickens
!'-Ja"cy lir.ugb.ieui
J: iilf i'V ' ''""da. by e'ai tain Mumat
JSS' n "'"'f,1''' and tho Hearth, bv thus Iteado
u0,. 'oi,".ol'k; ,b' "atthevv 0. bowls, M. I
(Monk Lew 1st,
v oj
scne'rfi6 h)r ""o'-w-'Hers nnd Nevsbdcalers, orl
(JliUHllE" KlIINIlll 1-nlilUlier.
taJstm a and K5, Vondev, ater bU, N. yJ
V 1 'i L -nJIi P.'.".'.", V?- h.v. ''"Plain Marryat
L'S 1 . Iu I arlMiitt
i'i'.' '.'.W,',""1' 1 J' ''aplaln Mariyat
f'.A,' ll01"""- Mrs. Annie idvvnids
ills' 1.; , Si1 '"'"""t I'V i' tain Marryat ioj
IS" 1 affi1 J nV,' l,,!"Vl,!",'un " u '!l"la lirougton 100
kt"nS , nP'i ", l"p,l'J''h'.i1esDUU'ns 200
isr, isiinon, bv AlexaMlirDuuias 100
iss. I lie nil 1 I.., lull.. I,.. I.