The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, November 09, 1877, Image 2

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BB03SWAY& EOTELL, Editors.
F r i d a y, Nov. !), 18 77,
Last Tuesday New York elected n Secre
tary nf State, n lull Home and lialf the Sen
nte"; New Jersey a G rernor, one-third of
the Senate, and n full Hotic ; Massnclni'etts
tlected a fult Slato ticket and Legislature ;
Wisconsin a Governor, full State ticket, hall
the Senate and a full Houej Minnesota a
Governor, full State officer, and Legislature;
Connecticut, half the Senate anil a full
House; Virginia a full State ticket and
Legislature ; Mississippi the smio ; Mary
land elected a Controller and Legislature
Kansas a Chief Justice, Lieutenant Cover
nor and local officers; Nebraska a Chief
Justice and two ItegcnU of the University,;
and Pennsylvania a Stato Treasurer, Auditor
General, Supreme Judge and local cillicers,
The results as far as learned up to Thursday
morning will bo found ctsewherc.
Just as Don Cameron had the job nicely
get nn for his reverend sire to go to Kng! to represent this country at the Court
of St. James, the bottom fell out and Simon
did not go. Don first fixed the l'cunsylva-
nia delegation in Congress, and then got the
President and Secretary Lvarts to partly
promise that the choice of that delegation
should be appointed, and when that choice
was made known it was none other than
their lord and master, Simon. This pill the
ml-ninistration could not swallow. As Sec
retary Kvarts said, they bad no idea that
the Pennsylvania Uepubllcans would resur
rect a man who had been so long dead that
his sou and heir was in possession and en
joyment of the estate.
As the son was dismissed from the Cabi
net with a slap in the face when Hayes was
forming n new one, so the old man is now
shelved in a very similar manner. It must
be throwing painfully apparent to the Came
ron Dynasty that their reigu is drawing ra
Idly to a close.
Mr. John Welsh, of Philadelphia, a gen
tleman whose character is above reproach,
has been appointed by the President to fill
the important uilsslon to Englatid.anil every
good citizen of this Commonwealth will he
pleased to learn of his confirmation by the
Senate. tMr. Welsh Is a Republican, but
the contrast was so strong that all Demo
crats weie delighted to hear of tho rejection
of Cameron for such a man as John Welsh,
lie will do credit to the nation.
Dr. Creigb, the celebrated Masonic writer
and orator, at a recent celebration by the
Odd Fellows at Claysville, gave a splendid
At the beginning of his remarks he made
a plea for the liberty of opinion, lie traced
this doctrine from Wm. Penn's time down
to the present a period of two hundred
years and showed it was the corner stone
of American liberty. In tho course of this
argument he bad animadverted quite severe'
ly upon Gov. Jos. Ritner, the Anti-Secret
Society man ot the seventeen Governors who
had presided over Pennsylvania's Interests.
The only argument now in common use
against Odd Fellows, Masons, Ac. the
speaker claimed to be their "secresy." In
meeting this, he brought forward arguments
from the Constitution of the United States
of Pennsylvania, and the laws, and even
claimed a vindication of secrecy by tho acts,
life and teachings of Christ.
He then Bhowed by official statement that
there were 44 Grand Lodges iu the United
Suites under one General Grand Lodge, with
a membership of 433.100 -having 6.9G0
lodges under its control with fund of $4,
183,094, out of which during the year 1S76'
$1,508,085 had been paid for the relief of
the members, their widows and orphans.
That in the State of Pennsylvania there
were 950 lodges with a membership of 102,
178, that during the year 1870 21,541 per
sons bad been relieved by these lodges, 1,110
families provided for, $287,000 paid for the
relief of the Brethren, $14,409 for the relief
of families, $78,788 expended to educate
the orphans and bury the dead. That in
Washington county there wero 19 Lodges
with a membership of 870, all striving no
bly for the principles of the Order, having
a fund of $21,000 fur charity.
Tho largo crowd listened attentively to
the close and went away better acquainted
and with better impressions of tho aims and
objects of secret benevolent associations.
Oliver P. Morton, United States Senator
from Indiana, died at his home in Indiana
polis Thurtday morning, November 1st.
He was a great sullerer ior twelve years,hav
ing been partially strieUu with paralysis in
1805. Mr. Mortem was Governor of Indiaua
during the entire period of the civil war,
and it is raid that his incessant efforts while
in that itlice were the cause of his paralytic
. , . .1 i . .
ainuuiuu was in uc a ii-Biucm ut lue uuueu
.Stales. Uuvernor Williams will probably
appoint Hon. D. V. Voorhecs to fill the va
New York Slato went Democratic by 20,
000 to 24,000. John Morriscy defeated A.
1'. Schell fur Stato Senator.
In Maryland the Democratic Governor is
elected by 22,299 majority.
New Jersey elected McClclian Governor by
a majority of 12,000.
Tho whole ticket was elected in Virginia
without opposition,
Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nebraska, Wis.
oontin and Illinois wero carried by tho Re
publicans by about their usual majorities.
Democrats should favor reform, John
Murrissey was indicted in 1855 for murder,
in 18SG tor gambling ana lor instituting a
prize fight in 1857, four indictments for as
fcault and buttery with Intent to kill four
dtnereut persons, uatelte cv Jiullelin,
And now he is a Republican candidate for
the Senate, iu the wealthiest district iu New
York city, and is supported by George Wil
liam Curtis and William Cullen Uryaut, If
the tone of their papers means anything.
Yes, he ought to bo reformed.
Why is it that tho Jlepublican does not
frankly nknowlcdgo the defeat of its party at
tbo polls? It rays: "Our State is in doubt.
Wo would not bo turpritcd if wc had been
lefcated."WIiea tliat was written it knew to
a etitainty that tho Stato liad gone Democrat
ic ly 12,000 msjority. Wo m'fdit as well fay
(hat Massachusetts is in doubt.
Pennsylvania Redeemed !
More tho
Orowa !
The election hold in this Stato last Tuesday
rcssultcd in the overthrow of the dominant
party, and tho choico of Trunkpy, Schell and
N'oyes to fill tho offices for which they had
been nominated by tho Democratic party.
In Philadelphia, the stronghold of Republi
canism, Judgo Thayer was defeated for Dis
trict Attorney by Henry S. llagcrt, Demo
cratic candidate. The Democratic majority
in tho Stato is from 10,000 to 12,000. In
Columbia county tho voto was light, neither
party seeming to take a very active interest
in the result, llclow wo give a table showing
the voto for President last year and that for
Supremo Judge now :
Illoom K
Bloom W
ConynghamN .
Conyngham S.
l'ishingcrcek .
Greenwood ....
Mt Pleasant .,
Roarinircreek .
The majority for Tilden was 2,325 while
this year it is only 1,780, a loss of 539 on last
years majority. 1041 Democrats and 1102
Republicans did not go to the polls, and yet
they say they allowed as to beat this year be-
causo they did not vote, with a full party vote
wo could have carried tho state by 30,000.
Official and Keporteil .Majorities for State
Noyai, D.
Adams 805
Hart, R.
Armstrong 200
Hedford 521
Berks 5,500
Bucks 550
Butler 485
Cambria 1,200
Cameron 278
Carbon 441
Centro 1,100
Clarion 800
Clearfield 1,330
Clinton 1,441
Columbia 2,000
Crawford ,
Cumbeiland 1,039
L'lk 700
Fayetto 7Q0
Fulton 325
Greene 1,400
Jefferson 305
Juniata 400
Lehigh 2,000
Lycoming 1,700
Mifllin 187
Monroe , ljoo
Montgomery. 760
Montour 751
Northampton : 3.400
Northumberland 1,100
Perry 257
1'ke soy
Schuylkill 1,000
Sullivan 350
Union.... ,
Way no 700
Westmoreland 1,275
Wyoming 342
York 3,000
41,511 32,505
The returns from Clarion, Elk, forest, Ju
niata, Potter, Susquehanna, Sullivan aud
Woyro aro very meagre and furnish only a
slight basis for estimate, but the remaining 58
counties us given above will bu changed very
httlo by tho full official count. Iu Susquc
hauua tho greenback vote is comparatively
very heavy, Iu Schuylkill county the green-
backers jiolled 3,000 votes.
Subscribe for Tjik Oolumbuk.
In tho formullon of our Government, its
leadeJs, guided by tho past, determined to
make It out of ,11c, and whilst defining tho
powers ol 1 aeh department, and nttnililnn;
prudent limitation, recognized the right
of revolution, or amendment by peaceful
methods. Foreseeing that political changes
would become nrciwary In tho future, tho
Declaration of Indepsndcnce boldly sets forth
henever any form of government be
comes destructive of these ends, it is the
right of tho people to alter or to abolish it,
and to Institute 11 new jftvcriinicnt, laying
its foundation nn such prliiclples.iind organ.
Izlnc its powers in such form, as to them
shall seem most likely to ell'ect their safety
and happiness. Prudence, indece, will dic
tate that governments long established,
should not bo changed for light nnd transi
ent causes and accordingly, all experience
hath Hlinwn.tliat mankind are more disposed
to suller, while evils are cullernble, than to
right themselves by abolishing the forms to
which they arc iicciistimuil. Rut, when a
long train of nhues and usurpations, pur.
suing invariably tho samp object, evinces n
design to reduce them under absolute despot
ism, It is their right, it is their throw
olf such government nnd to provide new
guards for their future security.
Tho power of amendment was
therefore incorporated in the Constitution
of 1787. Tho Declaration of Rights of tho
State of Pennsylvania adopted this prlticl
ple.and the constitution provided for amend
ments. The necessity for a change in our State
Constitution had long been apparent, but
was delayed for years by tho jealousy of
parties, and, for n time, by tho excitement
of civil war. The evil of tho undue growth
of corporato influence, special legislation,
assertion of unknown and unprecedented
powers by the different branches of the State
Government, locai mismanagement, and tho
evils of purchased suffrage, all tended to
demand a change iu tho. fundamental law
that would give the people an improved Con
Therefore,aftcr many struggles, an act was
passed by the Legislature In lS71,submittliig
to a popular vote the question of calling a
Convention to amend tlieConstitutionofPenn
sylvania. Exclusive of the counties of licav
0. and Klk, (for which wo cannot give tho
vote) tho people decided in favor 1 a con
vention by a vote of 328,354 against 70,
205. Tho Legislature of 1872 therefore met un
der peculiar circumstances. It was their
duty to frame an act to carry into t fleet the
will of the people. The Senate, by the seat
ing of McClure, was a tie, nnd McClure, was
an Independent Republican, holding, as it
were, the balance of power in that body.
The House was nearly two thirds Republi
can and hostile to any change that might
interfere with the existing order of affairs.
Tho main question between tho two
Houses was the basis of representation ; the
majority iu the Senate being in favor of
impartial representation, and,o far as poss.
ble.a non partizan body. The Iloute,on the
contrary , was iolently opposed tnantj amend
ment to the Constitution, and desired to have
tho members chosen from tho gerrymandered
Senatorial and Representative Districts, in
tho manner that Senators aud Representa
tives were chosen. This plan would not only
have secured a lot of low politicians and
ringsters as members of the Conyention,but
would have defeated the object of the people
in securing an amended Constitution. That
portion of the Senate Hill relating to the
selection of members of tho propossed
convention was as follows :
That at tho general election to be held on
the second Tuesday of October next, there
shall bo elected by the qualified electors of
this Commonwealth, delegates to a conven
tion to revise and amend the Constitution
of this Stato ; tho said convention shall con
sist of one hundred aud fifty-two members
to be elected in manner following; twenty
members thereof shall bo elected in the State
at large, as follows : each voter of the State
shall voto fur not more than ten candidates,
and the twenty highest in vote shall bo de
clared elected, and tho other ono hundred
anil tnirly-twoilclegates shall reapportioned
to and elected from tho different Senatorial
districts, 11 formed by the apportionment
act dated May 0, A, D. 1871, of thu State,
four delegates to be elected for each Senator
therefrom, anil in choosinc all district dele
gates each voter shall ho entitled to vote for
one halt the number of members to ho chos
en from his district. And six additional
deleg-iUs shall he chosen from the city of
i iiiiuuei punt ny a voie at lario in said civ.
aim in meir election no voter shall vote
toi moro than three candidate", and
nignesi in vote mall De declared electtd.
Sec. 2. The followintr reuulationsshall in
ply to the aforesaid be held nn the
second i uesday ot October next, and tore-
turns ot ine same :
I'irst. I ho said election shall be held and
conducted by the proper election officers of
mu save,.,! eit-cuuii uisincis ot too common
wealth, and shall he governed and regulated
in all rfspects hy the ceneral election laws
of thu Commonwealth, so far as the same
shall he applicable thereto, and not incon-
sistient with the provisions of this act.
Second. The ticket to he voted for mem
bers at Isrgo of the convention shall havo on
the outside the words "delegates at larce."
and on the inside the names of tho candid,
ates to be voted for, not exceeding ten iu
Third. Tho tickets to be voted far district
members nf Vie convention shall have on
the outside the words 'district delegates ;'
but in the case of the delegates to ha chn-cn
at large in Philadelnhia. the worth shall l.i.
Vity delegates and on tho inside tho name
or names of the candidates voted for, not
exceeding the proper number limited as
aforesaid ; but any ticket which shall con
tain a greater number of names than the
number of which the. voter shall bo entitled
to a vote shall bj rejected.'"
The llouso Bill on the s-une point was as
follows ;
That nt an election to be held on tho
second Titesnay of October next, the quali-
ned electors ot this Cutntnonwtalth are hero
by authorized to vote for eelenates to attend
a State convention to review and amend tho
Constitution of the State. The said conven
tion In consist of one hundred and thirty-
three be apportioned and elected
as Senators and Representatives are now by
law apportioned aud elected.
Sec. 2. Tho following regulations shall
apply to the aforesaid election, to ha held
on the second Tueday of October next, and
to returns of the same:
As each House insisted on its Bill, a Com
mittee of Conference was appointed, the
committee on the part of the Senate being
Messrs. Wh!te,Hil!lng(elt,and Iluckalew,and
nn the part of the House Messrs. Cooper,
Starr, and llrockway, Messrs. Iluckalcw
and llrockway representing the. minority in
each Hoiuc.
Tills committee met for tho first time
March 28th 1872, and organized by electit g
Harry White Chairman andO. II. llrockway
Secretary, and then adjourned to meet again
at 8 p. in. that evening. At that meeting,
Mr, Cooper moved, and Mr, Starr seconded
a motion to adopt the House Hill, The mo
lion was lost by a tie voto. Tho same gen.
tlemen then moved to amend the first section
so us to select 100 delegates, as Rupresenta
lives were theu elected, aud 31 delegates at
large, each elector to voto for 17. A division
of the question was called for. The first
dlvisiou was to the election of the 31 dele
gates at large, which was carried by one vote,
Trie second division was lost by a tie vote.
The Committee then adjourned to meet at
81 a. ui., March 29th. At that meeting
Mr. Iiuckalew was abbentund the Committee
adjourned to meet at C p. m. Theu Mr,
Cooper woyed to amend by substituting a
bill of his own, which motion was lost. Many
subsequent meetings wero held, but finnlly,
on tho Oil, of April tho Commltleo iinntii
mously agreed to tho following section, which
was adopted, viz :
At tho general election to be held on tho
second Tuesday of October next, there shall
be elected by tho qualified electors of tills
Commonwealth delegate to n convention to
rovl-c nnd niiiend the Constitution of this
Strto : tho said convention shall conlst nf
one hundred mil thiit -tlirto members, to
be clecttd in ihianii r tnllnH ing i Twenty
eight member 11' siihII l.o elected In
the Slit- II I re.', lis lilllllUs I'lll'll Vnlrr nf
the Si. i'. 1 I nr lint mnre I linn four
teen cntiilnl 1:, and the tweiilv-ciaht lilgh
et in viiti' m,. in li.' ilii lured ilii-tnl 1 ninety
nine ihlHeii't--luill ho apportioned to and
elected ti .hi I in- iliHW-i'tit districts
of the State, lliriu delegates to be elected for
each Senator therefrom; and in choosing all
district delegates -ach voter shall voto fur
no moro than two of tho members to 1
chosen from his district, nnd tho three can
uiuaies Highest in vote shall lie declare
eircicu, except in tho cotintv o Allpi?nenv
forming tho Twentvthird Senatorial district
where no voter shall voto for more than six
canlidatc s,r.nd tho nine highest in voto shall
mi elected, itnti III Hie counties ot Luzerne,
.Monroe mill Pike, forming the Thirtcentli
cciiuiunai ui-imci, wnere no voter snail vol
for more than four candidates, nnd the si:
highest In vote shall be elected ; and six ad
uuionai tieiegaies snail lieclinen Irinn II
city of Philadelnhia bv n vntn nt l.irirn I
said city, and in their election no voter shall
voto ior more than thrco candidates, and tin
six highest in vote shall bo declared elect
Thus was settled tho important question as
to the selection of delegates to amend oti
Constitution, It is only necessary to ad 1
that tho amended Constitution was ratified
by a popular vote of 252,741 in favor, IPS
591 against it.
The Lesson of Tuesday.
A lieart-pore, despairing Republican party
surrendered Tue-day to its own internal de
moralization, and gave over Pennsylvania to
tho Democracy without a contest. Whether
the majority shall foot up ten or twenty thou
sand it matters not ; tholcsou is tho same
Tho irSea'-urc of tho di-astcr will not add to
the emphasis of tho rebuke tho people Inv
given to tho leaders who seized upon ono of
tho noblo't political organizations tho country
has ever known and degraded it to telfishncss
and greed. Its once fair temples have been
bcslimcd by tho track of the crawling pretend
crs: its patriotic aims havo been subverted to
tho clamor of mean ambition ; its crown 1
been polluted by tho net of the spoiler, nnd
its strong foundations havo been burrowed bv
the mousing placeman. A faithful President
wlto remembered his pledges when called to
the highest civil trust of a free people, and
sought to restore n corrupted government to
purity and fidelity, was met with consumin:
contempt and resentment hy tho.e who claim
ed to havo elected him; and tho verdict of
yesterday in Pennsylvania is but the consider
ate judgment of an honest people demanding
honest public servants. Thus has Pennsy
vania spoken, and sho has spoken bccaun
her people mean to be hoard in defense of
their own great patrimony. Tho Stato candi
dates voted for were but straws on the cur
rent. They were homo to victory or crushed
in defeat without regard to their personal
merits, for tho issues were mightier than the
the claims of any mere individuals. AM were
competent and worthy, and Judge Trunkey,
Colonel Schell and Colonel Noyes are victor:
bccauo they were the only agents througli
whom tho pooplo of tho Keystono State cotit
speak in declaring their own omnipotence
When such Republican strongholds as Phila
delphia and Allegheny falter, and such men
as Judge Stcrrett, Colonel Passmore and
Captain Dart aro swept down by tens of thou
sands, under a banner that onco inspired the
subhmcst patriotism and ;that has achieved
the grandest triumplis in tho history of man's
struggles for man, there is a meaning iu the
ileliverauco that none but the fool-hardy wil
disregard. Pennsylvania is Democratic to
day becau.-o her people could no longer bj
Republican under tho Republicanism of 1877,
aud she will remain Democratic until Rcpub
licanism recalls itielf to its purer purposes and
nobler duties. 7Tm-.
Plain Words.
The following, from the Augusta (Ga.)
Chronicle and Constitutionalist hits tho nail
on the head, and is as applicable to one
place as another :
A newspaper is nofc a public institution,
but a purely private enterprise. It is usual
ly printed solely and entirely for the benefit
of its owners. This maybe aselfish,and per
haps, Kordid view of the question, but it is,
nevertheless, the true.and houest one. Thi
obvious fat t is too often overlooked by iu
dividuals seeking the use of its columns, fur
special purposs.
it is a matter oi almost daily occurrence
for a publisher to be solicited to print gra
tuitously certain articles not bearing upon
public, but simply advocating private or
corporate interests.. This is trequen lly done
on tho specious plea thatsuppooed industries
or municipal interests may be ultimately
benefited by the publication, when in reali
ty no effort would be made to secure tho re
sult if personal interests were not at the
foundation of the transaction.
We are now speaking of covert advertise
ments, articles written as interesting read
ing matter, but shrewdly intended to put
money in tho purses of tho individuals or
corporations seeking their publicity. This,
of course, does not cover great and grave
juestions of public policy, which every hon
est and independent journalist will fearless-
Jy discuss without considering whouiay be
pleased or ollended, or what effect his course
may have upon the question of patronage.
Tho point we desire to make is that the tome
rules which apply to general buiiiess should
be invariably extended to nowspapers. "The
advertising columns of a newspaper are ex
actly like the wares upon a storekeeper's
shelves, and it is from their proper and legi
timate uso that the publisher, in connection
with the sale of his paper, obtains tho reve
nues which enable him tnisstio his journal.
Cost of tno National Utinnl.
There never was a State institution that
aff irded so poor a return for its cost as tho
Pennsylvania militia under its present or
ganization. Within the last three years the
ordinary expenses of the militia, as the re
ports of the Auditor General show, have
been upwards of $376,000, They have been
increasing at a galloping rate with each suc
cessive year. In 1874 they were $48,771 87,
J875 they increased to 102,915 44. Last year
they aroso to $227,005 64. Tills is exclusive
nf the expenditures for tho militia during
tho Susquehanna and Luzerne riots. It is
exclusivo, too, nf the expense of maintain
ing the offico of Adjutant General, which is
on an average upwards of Slo,00u a year
Thus the total ordinary expenses of tho mil.
itary establishment for tho last three years
has amounted to upwards of $120,000,' The
militia expenses of the present year, which
havo not yet been audited, will exceed the
cost of former ytiri.Jlarruburg J'ulriot,
The rcturus wero not received iu time to
enable us to prepare a tablo of the full voto
of tho county for this iiiuo. Next week wo
will give complete official icturns.
"A great newspaper In every senso of the
phrase" Is the judgment of journalists nm
the people tipmi the Philadelphia WccUy
nmtt. -ot jet a year old, this weekly pit
per has achieved n success in circulation ii
well ns In inlliionc'tliat is without a parallel
It emhr.i.'- ciirhi pages or filly-six columns
full to nn ill .wins with i.-ad.ible matter
gleaned from eu-iy part of the wide fields n
I'olllic. Literature, Se!eii,-e aud Art. Tho
editorial ,p:iiti- iibmtinh ill crisp comment
on the new nf the diy, embodying c.tieful
nnd iuilepiiiih'iit judgment fearlessly ex
presl. I he dep irliiients relating to Homo
nnd Society and the Farm nnd Garden make
It welcome at every llrride, and offer from
week to week temptations that aro lrrelsti-
hlo t.i the sels.nrs of nn editor. Fiction,
pontry and talcs ul travel nnd adventure
find a place in eiery number. But the great
distinctive fixture nf tho Philadelphia
llVrty Tim U It tiirrentseries of chapters
on the Unwritten History of tho War.
Lvery one of theso is from tho pen of a
prominent actor in the late conflict between
tho States, and describes souio phase of the
war that came within his own peronul ob
servation, No newspaper ever b -foro pro
sented such nil array of contributors ns up.
pear in thi department. Among them are
such men ns linn, Carl Schur, linn. A. G
Curtin, General Joseph K, Johnson, Gener
al Joeph Hooker.General JameLnngtrcPt,
Hon. John W. Forney, General G. T. Beau.-
regard, General Win. 11, Franklin, Hon.
John II. Reagan, Hon. Simon Cameron,
General Richard Taylor, General John C,
Fremont.and such women ns Mr. Stonewall
Jackson, .Mis. U K. Briggs ("Olivia,") and
.urs.Jessie lloiiton I-remont.
At this season when people nre
sleeting tlieir newspapers for tho next year
no ono should fail to send for and examine
a specimen copy of this truly remarkable
Line Salmon have recently been caught
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Ono of our saloon keepers recently emptied
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his customers had largo families of childien
atllictod with coughs nnd enld who needed
their money moro to buy Dr. Cosc's Wild
Cherry and Scncka.
It Ha Stnnil the Test.
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Sold by C. A. Kleim nnd N. J. Ilcndcrshott.
April 0, '77-ly j
ny virtue of an order Issued out of tha Court of
Common Pleas ot Columbia county, dlrect-.'d to mo
a.) s.slguee of I'arvla Masters, fortho h-n lit of his
creditors, there will bo exposed to Public Sale, at
Hess' Hotel, in thu town ot llcnton, as per adjourn.
meat., on
SATURDAY, DEC, 1st, 1877,
at i o'clock, p. m, the following do scribal pleco or
parcel ot land slttnto la tho township ot lienton,
Columbia county, l"a , on the waters ot lllg Fishing
creek, bounded an 1 des-rlbed as follows, to wit : on
thooist by lanlot.lo'n I'ole, south b limls of A.
u. lioia and John I'. Chipln, west by tlio u.i,t I. nm.
daryliiootthotownof llinlon, and north by lind
ot Ilenjimtn Mcllenry, containing
28 Acres and 20 Perches,
more or less, with the Improvements, consisting nf i
small Dwelling House, a Miluglo .Mill and wat r
rights appurtenant.
rcKMS or Balk -as proscribed by the order or tho
Court: Tiicnty-llie per cent cash; b.dioco in two
wi'iil annual payment, with Interest trim onrir
nutton of salo by tho Court, to bo secured oa tin
at tho samo tlmo and place, wilt ho offered for salo
arner hlnglo Machln and Bit orclght thomand
iwod shingles, belonging to tho aforesaid Pan In
Cll.irOV 1.LOVD,
ii".nj.5iin w.ns'i:u,
Assignee of Panln Misters,
Ili'tley Hall.
Lycoming county.. Pa.,
Nov. 0 .ts
lly virtue ot sundry writs to mo directed will
be ciposed to public salo at tho Court Houso Ul
Illoomsburg, at ono o'tlock p. io. on
Ad thoso certain lots ot land sltuato In tho Bor
ough of Central!.!, Columbia county, Pennsylvania,
A double lot bounded on tho south by Main street.
on the west by Thomas Oeraghty, nortfi and east by
allej s, whereon aru erected n two-story framo houso
and stable, meat houso and other outbuildings, said
lota being 60 ftet front aud ua fed Iu depth.
ineanovepropcri. wlUbesold In two naru-tho
ono part thirty feet front on which aro O'o dn elllng
nousr, intai nouse, sc. And the other properly
twenty fcctlront.
Ono other lot on Centro sttect, bounded on tho
enai by Jtaln street south by Centre street, west by
Louis Kantncr and north by an alley conlalnlng fif
ty feet front and fett la depth whereon are
erected two double dwelling houses and outbuud
logs. Tho lost rr.enUoriod premises will bo sold Iu two
parts, each b.vtnga dwelling houso and outbuild
ings, tho lots being each about 25 loot In front and
10 feet in depth.
Two other kits on Troutwlne street bounded on
tho west by an alley, on the bouth by Joseph Panes,
north by John "ooio nnd eaKt ylroutulnc slrett,
whereon Is erected a double due-mug houso and out
bulldl ngs, containing lltty t ett In front and ono hun
dred uud forty feet in depth.
One other lot bounded on tho west by Troutwlno
Btreet, cost by an allay, Inorth by Chadwlck.
south by Mrs. Ooo. Steele, satd lot being twenty-nio
feel In front and one hundred and for y feet IndcDth
One other tract o' land sltuato tn Koarlngcrcek
township, Columbia county, Pennsylvania, bounded
on tho north by .Muchlabcrger, on the east by (loorgc
moss, soutn oy uie same, west by William Howell
and John moa and others coatalntag thirty-eight
ocrru and one hundred and lltty lurches, on which
are erected a Itunio houso otd framo barn.
tklied taken Into execution, and to bo Bold as tho
property of Jtmes Dike,
Tho following real estate sltuato In tho town of
liloomsburg, Columbia county, Pennsylvania, boun
ded on tho north by tho II. D. L. Hall lioad, cut
by Pat. Jl ark In, south by .seventh Unct, and west
by Iron street, containing two tots being feet la
froat, and - feet deep, wheroou ore erected two
dwelling bouses and out-buildings.
t-eUod, taken Into execution, and to bo bold as tho
property of (I. A. Potter,
All that certain real estate tltuate tn Fishing.
creek township. Columbia county. Pennsylvania, de
scribed as follows to wit i IU ginning at a poot, thence
uy lanusof ucnjitnin Jones, deceased, south forty-
ono and one- toirtb dc grtcs w est twenty-two and six
tenth perches to a whllo oak corner, tnence by tho
same bouth suty.lhne degrees west eighty-two
lercnts to a stale, north tlx degrees west
eighty thrco perches to astono pile, thence north
sixty degree, east slxty-pcrchcs to a .Tuna cherry,
thoneii south nflj-ntni' degrees ensttwenty perches
ton post thence llilrtv-i Ul.t degrees east, thtrtj
clslit perches to a Mono corner, tlinco forty-two
fti'Kices west Itl cen perches tn a pod, thence north
serenty.slx degrees west three nmlslt-tenth perches
toa post, theneeMxtr-four decrees west nlno and
tlv-tenth perches to a post, thenca south twenty
dein eos east eight perehe to a noU tho li'ae ol tie.
Rlnnlnsr, containing nliout rnrty ncre. on which Is
(reeled a I wo-story frame dwelling houso and ou t
building. Seized, lakptilntocxeeiitton, and to bo told & the
properly of ttarlus Harrison.
Tho undivided one-half ut thQ following d.-scrlbed
realestaioi All Hint certain lot or piece ot land slt
uatoln theil lagoof llcnton In llenton township,
Columbia county, I ennsi Irani i, marked on tho plan
of sill village Xo. Is, and bounded and dosctlbcdns
follows, t.i lli-glniilng at a pod. In tho road to
ltohrsburg i thenc-e by said road north Kitty degri es
west throe porches to a post j llionco by land lato cf
.lohn llartuun, (lot No. ill) south thirty degrees
west thirteen and one-third perches to a postj thence
by land of Robert I.. Y. Colloy, south slity degrees
cast threo porches. tit i posts tb -nee by 1 ind Iito of
Abraham Young (lot No - II) north thirty degr es
east thirteen nnd)one-thlrd perches tn thopltroof
beginning containing forty square perches ot land,
one.fotirthof anncro wliei-con Iserecte I a dwelling
house, public hall nnd outbuildings.
The undivided one-half ot tho following described
real estate to wit : cert dn lot or parcel of
land situate la tho southern part otitic town of Hen
ton In llenton township, Columbia con utj-, l'
vaula. bounded and d 'scribed as rolln-s, to wit:
Beginning ut a po-t by tlm public road to Itulir&burg
theiieobj the lands of Join .M. Henry, (part of lot
No, 12) on the west sldo of a garden fence north
S2 degrees cist ten perches ton post, thence by
land 1 Ho of lir. John 51. t'uliner, (part of lot No. U)
north sixty degrees w est four ami eight tenth perch
cs to a post ; thence by land ot David Cro.ssley, south
twenty-two degrees, west ten perches to a post by
n public roul thencoby said road south sixty degro.
east four and efglit-tcnth ierchcsto tho place of
beginning, (Wing parts ot lots No 12 nnd IT) con
taming -I, square perches of land ou which Is
creeled a dwelling house nnd outbuildings.
clued, taken In execution, and to be sold as tho
property ot It. 11. Albeitfon.
All tint certvr. rcalcstato sltuato In Iloirlngcrcek
township, i-oiuinbla con ty, Pennsylvania, describ
ed as tuMows, tn-w It: bounded on tho north by lands
or l-rankiin lucmn, on the east by lands of Willi nn
MUdier.on thoso'ithby Ian 1s of s,iiiii nnd on the
west by hinds of Hand It, tinner, containing forty
rour acres moro or less, on which Is erected a dwe
ling huUiC, b irL and outb ill.lln
f-Uzed, taken Into execution nnd to be sold as the
property ot J. 11. liilngr.
Acciuinlot ot ground sltuato In tho Town ot
liloomsburg i olumbla county Co., described as
ions: Hounded norliiwardly and eastwar. ly
alley, south .imlly by lot ot M. O. Woodward and
westwaruly hy hast Mrect, being slxty-slx fett
rontanaonehuudrenaud ninety seien feet d--cn
mora or less, wnereou miected a Framo Dwelling
uouse, t-iui - anil uuto did n,
m:ueu taken Into execution and to bo sold as tho
property ot Casper Kre-bler.
A 150,
All thai, real estate sltuitola MHn townshlo. C
liiinbln county, Pennsylvania, descrlbeJas fjllon
to-wlt: Hounded on tho north by land nf Isaiah
John on tho west by land ot Stacy John, on the
south by land ot Jae.o Hugars, deoo ised, and
mo east by an 1 or .Stacy John, containing th'rty
acres more or less, on which is erected a dwelling
uouse, uarn ami oumuuuings,
issued, taken Into execution and to bo sold ns the
property of n.ts. Crlteu.
All that certain real estate sltuato in Pino town-
snip, i oiuinoia county, Pennsylvania, described as
follows, to wit: Hounded on tho north bv lauds or
WIHLun Audcr aud Irani Derr.on the east bv lands
ut umiau unainucrun, on lho south by hind of th
same and on the west by land of Heller Hios,con
amiug ninety-ono acres nioro or less on which Is
creeled a dwelling house, turn and uiituulldlairs., taken into oxecutlon, and to be sold as th
property of Iram Piatt.
Tho following roal estate situate In tho village cf
1-spy, Columbia county, Puunsy lvanla. .Ml that cer
ima town lot do--rlbed as follows, to wit : Hounded
on tho bouth by .Main street, on tho nest hy Market
sirect, on tno north by an alley, and on tho cast b
lotot tho heirs of hllas Puwlcr, deccased.belngelgli-
ty-tnoand a hall feel In width mora or less, aud one
uuuurcu anu seventy-thrco and a u urter feel
In length, more or losi, whereon aro erected a two.
story brick dwelling, a framo store house, a framo
stable and other outbuildings,
seized, taken into execution, and to bo sold as tho
property of itooro Ciovellng.
11 that certain real est.its situate In Minim town
ship, Columbia county 1'etinsyli.uila.boundod ou the
noiUi by land of I. K SohwepiKiihelser, ou the cast
by.Monryand and west by lands
or JOscpn i learnart, on w hlch are erected a dw ellln
house, ti. inland outbuildings saw real estate con
sisting of nlnety-llvo acres moro or lens.
helzed, token Into execution, and to bo sold as the
property of John Aten.
All that certain real estate bltuato In Hemloek
township, Columbia county , Pennsy li anla.descrlbed
ns follon s, to-w It : Hounded on tho north by lands ot
rieorgo Whltcnlght, on tho cist by land of Kcubrn
Hngart, on thu south by land of l.'euben Hog rtnnd
on tho west by land ot .Matthias Whltcnlght contain-
lno furty-uvc acres more or less, on which 1 erected
nframo dwelling houso and Ham.
Nelre.l, taken Into execution and to bo sold us tho
property of John Webber.
All that certain real osteite bltuiloln Rcotttown.
fchlp, Columbia county, Pennsylvania, described
ollows, to wit: Hounded cm tho north by 1 inds ot
Aaron lioono tn tho cast by lands of .Mllnes' estate,
on tho west by lands ot White estate, and on the
south by lauds w Idow Hartmnn, containing onchun
ilreil feet in width and thrco hundred feet deep more
or less, on which Is erected una lime kiln and one
dwelling house.
Ono lotot ground situate In Kspy, Columblacoun-
ty, Pennsylvania, bounded on tho south by Main
btrcet on tho nest by an idley, on tho uorth by lands
or William Dletterleknndon the cast by land ot.Mrs.
Hartman, on which Is erected a dwelling houso and
Seized, Into execution and to bo bold as tho
propci ty of i ltlco.
Tho following rcit estate sltuato In Madison town
ship, Columbia co-tnty, Pennsylvania, described as
lo'lows : Hounded on the north by James Klnlln and
Funston, cast by Kinney Ishultz south by heirs ot
J. w. mrton, nnd west by William .McS'lnchct. ul.
containing eighty acres moro or ltss.on'Whlcharu
erected a fraim Dwelling House, barn and
Seized t ifcen Into execution, nnd to bo sou as tho
projierty of Frank liraham and VA llllam O rabani,
All that certain to', ot ground sltuato In tho town
of liloomsburg, Columbia county, Pennsylvania,
boundd and descriood us follows : on tho north
by lot cf lacob schuy ler, on tho ea-t by an alley, on
bouUi by lit of 1. K. Miller, an t wust by Catharine
street; oa which are erected a frame dwelling houso
and outbuildings.
Sclztd, taken executl in, and to to sold u.s tho
property of Samuel dross,
All that certain real estale situate In I lavertown
ship, Columbia county, bounded by land ot tlo Co
lumbia Coil s. Iron oinptnyou tho north, by 1 ind
ct II. Mcateo oa tho east, ot Daniel DavU on the
south, and of K, Lu tvs on tho west; containing
eighteen acres more or less, ou wulcharo erected
a Dwelling Housd, btabhj aai oiitbjlldiugs, with tho
Hi Ued, taken luto execution, and to bo soli as the
property ot Uriah McAfeo,
Tho following real o-tulo situate in Hrlarcrt-cl- town
ship, Columbia county, Pennsylvania, bounded and
described as follows : On thu north, south undnest
by Christopher Mluetcb, cast by a public road ; con-
talultig.oue-ha!t aero moroor lebs,ou which aro erect
ed a Framo Dwelling House.
N.'lzcd, taken In execution, and to bo bold as tho
property ot John nobler.
A 10,
All that certain real estate sltuato In Montour
township, Columbia counts, Pennsylvania, described
as follows, to-nit, lloundod on tho north by land
of uidoon ucist and heirs of (icorgo Tovy, deceased,
on tho cast by lands cf Ulilooll and Clirlstl in Heist,
on the soutli by lands of llarbara lilgcr and Samuel
Ulger, and on tho west by Iud of Piter ilelnbach,
containing about ono bundled lures moro or less on
which aru cut led ono framo dwilllng housu and ono
stone dwelling houso largo bonk barn and suaw
sheJ, with other outbuildings.
Helzed, taken Into exeo ut Itn, and to to told as tho
property of Ellon Ulger,
All that certain real citato sltiiaUitu Miniln town
ship, Columbia county, Pennsylvania, described as
follows, to-wit i Jlouuded ou tho north by land ot I.
K. Hcbneppenboluer, on tho i-ait by iandot A.
Bchweppenholber, on tho south by land ol John
Keller, and on thu west by land of Iteubcn Hens.
containing throe, acres inoru or less, ou which Is
erected a dwelling houso and barn.
Seized, taken Into execution, and to be sold ss tho
property of Haldol lions.
CONDITION OH WAIK-Purchascrs must pay
ten per cent, of Uio putihofo noney, or at least
enough to coverall usis ut nrlking clow u of salo
o Uitr yhc property to bo it sold at once.
nov. 9 ts tsUrur. j
Y, PA.
Hy vlrtuo ot sundry nrHs l53uel nut of tho
Coiut of Comm'm Pleas of Columblt county and to
mo directed will be cxpo cd to public salo at the
Com t House at two o'clock p, m.,on
The follow Ing lots of ground sltuato In (Hen city,
county of Columbli and stato of Pennsylvania, sit
ing lots No, 8, 4 and n, bounded cast by lot No. n of
William llarners, west by lot No. 1 of Oeorgo ncn
rles, north by an alley south by Front btreet,salt
lots being to feel front by lf.o In depth Tho build
lugs are ns fol'nnsi n two-story doublo frame
Unfiling llou-c.Jon lot No. 8, and doublo privy i a
two-story double Dwelling House, on lot No. 4 nod
doublo pi Ivy i bolh of snld double houses tiling In
slzo tf.xs-lfeel, and a two-ston Dwelling lloiisn 1(1 x
St feet on lot numbf r ft, and alson privy and coal
houso In front of said building on Front street
Seized, taken In exocutlon and to be sold as the
propel ty of C It. Ilariies.
Tho following real estate sliu-ito in Malnvllle, Jlaln
township, Co lunula county, I'ciuisylvanln, bounded
by laud of William Hawk, Jedlah Hawk and others;
whereon are erected a two-story framo Dwelling
lioue, about eighteen feet la front by twenty-Iliu
feet In depth
.-elzid. taken Into execution and tobe vrldas tho
properly ot Thomas (J ilnn nnd John (Jiilun.
All that cci tain real cstate.sttuato In liriarcreek
township, Columbia county, Pennsylvania, bounded
and described as follows: On th 1 north by public
raid leading to-llemlck, on the east by land of 1)
el Piireell, ou the south by the snvpichannu river,
and on the west by- land of D. A. Hon mm ; contain
ing nnc hundred and six acres and seventeen perch
cs, whereon nre erected a two-story brick house, a
(rami bank barn, two other dwelling houses, and
other uutbull'llDgs.
An Island In tho Susquehanna river, npposlto the
nboio and about
fourteen acres.
seized, tiken in execution, an 1 to bo sold ns the
property ot Wm. L. l'reas.
All that certain reil eslntc situate In Montour
township, lu too village of Ituert, I'otiunblo I'ouaty
I'ennsylciiil i.dfM-rliied as folio vs, to wit : Hounded
on th" north by Is ot l'.isto i & It irii.iin, on the
cist by a street, on tho south by lot cf Wesley
I'lenilugs, and oa the wast by I indiit IMxtou t llar-
inait : c mi Unl if nwlil n itererui a divel-
llng bo h.-, In t -e of Itupert.
Kelso., til: mi tt imvull i.i, unl to lie soli asthe
properly or J. T. Dj I on.
A t.?0,
'lho un Itvld'd. one-halt Interest In n't Hi it certain
real estate kit late In t-lslnugcivei; toa (islilp, Colum
oil county,, d -sc-lUed asfollucs, lo
nit : 1 until.' Ion I he noi Ih by l.inli of Joiui ..met- that'll b.t l.iude vt John .tner,
on lho Houtub; I.m Isof th ' heh-a i.f arcn Karti-,
aud un t te west by lau isof 11 ;x. slew-art and John
llldi; i ) i-.iliilug font v lliivj a-rosm re nr lesi
oa a hleli aro eroetuJ a t.'ani H.vellln Houso and
bank bun.
Seized, I A.JU 1 1 OiO.'-lUo l, a.l I to In said as lho
properly or .;.mj i nia II. K ir.n.
A LM),
All I, ilc red clitisti t i'o In l'lae town
ship, r i. : ooi i e j-mty, P -in. . iv ml i. bound 'd and
Jt,8 tl ... I in toIl.MH, u wit: i M t!u south by 1-a ic
Yoillil unil III nial sLien i-ui, west by William
llouleii an 1 Havls iir.l'm.-, no. Hi by Davis u.irdner
ind Henry Wirier, ,,n I n-i llw cut, by soloui in
Hick aud phi..,, s.iueinuker ccniulnlng ninety
aero t.twj or i on uro tri-c-ttda frame
house and burn.
sel?.--. I, tn exec tthn, and tnbo sold asthe
property cf William Spralo and Marina H. yprule.
All that certain real estate, ultimo In Jiel.-son
tonnshlp, Coluiiibli count i, Pennsylvanl i, d iserlb
ed lis foluiw-, to wit : U vnij-il ou thu west by lands
ot Iran Iierr, m the north by liu tsuf Haldol Young
on tho east by liu Is ot William I, Parks, :md ou the
south by land) of Henry Aitwlnj; containing titty
acres in no ui l-ss.
scU. ,1, tiken in ex.'ciillon, and tob- s ild as tho
piopcrty of Aims Hess.
All tliat certain real csUii;, sltuato In Mimin
lowr.thlp, CuluinU.i count. , I'i niy.ianla, bo'indid
oaths north by land uf John Wolf, on tho east by
l.uids of Philip Heller and John Monry, oil tho west
ny Henri 11 't'er, an 1 on liu so Uli by 1 nits ct Mow
rv and swank; ciutalnlng bixiy-llio acres moio or
less, on which are erected a Dwelling Houso and
Ono other piece or parcel ot land sltuato In Minim
township, oluinol i county, Pennsylvania, bouuded
on tho nirtli by hind of Henry Hetler, ou tho cast by
land uf II nry Hutlcr, ou tho west .y land or Joseph
Hloser, and on tho south by land of Jaojh Illttenben"
ler; containing forty-nine acres unru or less, un
.vhlch Is erect e t a Dwelling II juso and out buildings.
Seized, taken In execution, and tube sod us the
property uf Isaac
A 1 SO,
All that certain real estate, sltuato Hi the I'.orough
of llei-ivlok, Colum U co iitty, on Mulberry birou.
commencing un sal Isticet un lino ut lotuf II. oro-
ler, theueo by tho bjm i two hundred an I faily loci
moro or less to an alley, thence by tho butuo una
llnopirallel with. Mulberry street forty-idiio auda
h lit feet to Jackson stieet, thenco by tho simotwo
Hundred and forty-juo feet, inji-o or le-.s to Mulber
ry btreet, tiieiwe by tho samo forty-nine uud a half
feet to tho place oi begl nilug ; on whleh Uciectcd
two-story Hwelllug llnaso and other uutuulldm,
Seized, taken In execatlou, and lo bo bold as the
property uf J teksoa Ale.
All th.V. certain pl0C3 or parcel of lind, situ Ha la
Scott township, Coluinbl i county and of Po- n-
ylvunli, bound ;d and descrloed as foJows : Hi-
ginning at a corujru landuf Jesj W. Merrell, an
Market street In ths vlllago of Hspy, Columbi i coun
ty, and stato ot I'ouiiylv,iula, th-meo bouth twenty,
nlao, weat blxty-livo and nvo-tonths perch
es to u corner ou Light, street, th-;i.eo south twentv-
etght degrees, thli ty-seven intuutos e.v-t twenty one
anu live-tenths perchas to a corner ot land of II. O,
(-reveling, thciicu north bcventy-ouo nut tlir'e
tourths degrees east ca pennies to a comer on Mar
ket btreet, thenc-i by said btreet north t.ienty-two
degrees forty-eight minutes west eleven nlue-tenth
perchss, lo tho place uf beginning;
acres nnd ono hundred and lurly-U.x peuhts, net
Siizcd, laken In execution, and to bo bold as the
property of II. (1. crcieltiig.
All that certain real estate, situate In tho Uorongh
or uernic::, being a part of water lot No. 51 as maik
e I ntul numbered In tho plan of tald towu ; i'.egla
ning at a cumcr on vine K-reet one hundred and tlx,
ty-scicu and ihre-fourtli fett Irom irontslrect
thence ny vine btreet f tho Suhiiuehanna tsiur.
theueo down bald river f orty-ulne and a l.alffeelto
tho corner uf lot number twenty-two, thenco by the
samo to a corner ono nundrod and blxty-soten and
ect ti tin plica of b jglunlng; suing and ox
cepttng tho rights herctolure grained bv Samuel
steel lu the Lackawanna and liloomsburg Ilallroad
Uompuiy, being tho right of way for their railroad
icrossand upon thosuno; also tha right of way
ueiu uy tno Pennsylvania canal Company over nnd
acrus-me bamo.
Seized, taken In execution, ani to bo boldastli
property of Johu II. Barley.
uu.NuiniJNs oi' s.ii.i:-Piirclur.s must pay
ten per cent, of tho purchiso money, or ut least
enough tu cover all costs, ut striking downed bale
otuerw io property to bo refold at onco.
, . JOHN V. HOKl'MW,
. '-' sberlif.
Orphans' Court Sale
i pursmnco tf cratra cf the Orrhann' courts
ot cuiiimi.a nnd .lulltvau counties, tho undersigned
will boll at public sa'e, at tho rxchsngo Ilo't-I In Hie
Towu uf Houton, in tlio County of Colu ubla, on
VIII DAY, NOVKMI.r.H 30,1877
at lo o'clock a, ni., tho following described
iti;n, sis i-i'i'i:.
the equal undivided one-half of a tract ot unseated
laud, bltualo parti tntlw towiishinot suirirloat.
t-uiiiuiuioouaiy, anu parm iu ilia tjwnsblp of Ha-
viaxsD, Buutvau county, bounded on tho norlh by
lands in the warracteo name ut John r.alllot, und
Edward and Nath in tho east by Mary
Custard, on Ihu south by Jchn Lockard, and on tho
wesiuy iiantci Mcllenry ; containing
251 ACRES,
and ono hundred and Iwentj.clght perch, which
tract is in mo wairantco natuu of Crovcltugand
TeitJiaos' Hai.b. Ten per cent, of tho ono fourih
ut mo purcuasJ money to bo paid at tho striking
down of th.) property; tha ono-fourih less the ten
percent at tho coonrinithn of salo; and tho re.
malnlng threc-fo.rth In ono year thereafter, with
Interest from confirmation nisi.
UK. OltVIs,
Admlnlbtratcrct Thomas llese.
nov. u, TT-ts
letters Of AllmlDlbtratlon dnl.rir.l4 nr.n
eMatoot I anli I, lato of mo Town of
Hluc.msbsrL- ( nlutnl.u mum,- h.i... t.. .;
byuio IteglkUrot said county to tho uu5erstm.
til AdudtiUtratur. All ihimiis having claims
ugalnol tlio bald c-sutu aro reuueslod to prebeut
thimliirbeitlimeut, and Uioso fudtbted to mako
pajmeut without delay,
nor, t'll-or
or vai.uaiim:
In pursuance nf nn order nf the Orphans' o mrt cf
Columbia county, tho undersigned Administrator of
radwatlader oberts, 1 ito cf Montour township co
lumbH county, ileceised wllloxpo-o to public sale
on lho pri mlses(n Montour township on
sAi'Uimay, 1)1-:oi:miii.;ii i, IS77
nt J o'clock p. in , a certain inossuagu and '
1 1 acl tl' l.iimi
sltuato In said township of Montour, Columbia coun.
ty, I'ehiisilvania, luiindfd by lands of Joslih i0b.
er s, William Huberts, (leurgo lildieLJosonKiPrv .....
others, uud cont lnlng
moro or loss, with th) appurtenances: nn whin.
erected a
Terms of Mau Ten per. cent of onn.fonMi. .,..
purchas-i money to bo pall at tho striking do-not
tho properly, tho one-fourth less tho inn .
confirmation nf sale, nnd tho lemalnlni. n,.
fourths In ono. ear th .rentier with inter,.., ,.
confirmation nisi.
llllOCKWAV Ih.WbU, wil Jrlisj
nov. 0, ir-ts '""'9- Admlnlstiators.
mi. 'vPV,,,,"?'"rn" ''esijr-Lookl start
' V ..J ""' ! ' organs, In stins jw 1 1
anus onlr IOu. Cost f-ra. circulars Free 1 li.V, i i
Ileaitv, Washington, N. J. u "ce "aid 1 F.
uov, tenv u
Ssnd for Hciuccd Prica a.lrJef
MASON & 1-1 v i v
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nre rii (in in4-.ii. nt.-! i. tiii iiii-n .
Address M SI,N R llA.Mi.IN OltliAN CO . boston
New York nr Chicago 1 1,0Rln",
nov. , '.T-iw
fV G
W A N T E D ! !
S2.i IIkoaiiwav, New niusCirv ;
Ciiicaiio, lu. ; Nun- oiilf.i.s, i,a.;
oil Sas Francisco, Cau
nov. ,'TMw d
An "1-1 pio-i mn.r-l Irml In.m tTsctic, inirini A.
r- n.l from Mi ai.t LiUm inuatiaurr tha formuU t
cirortf rr.Mo.nrts.l...irAi u, r.i nnh.a tnna &na r-l
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fl t.yn l n,.l in-' "vn It imm veil, mm, I will ,eti,l
f t.-i;l. .1-;II I i .Ipoliilli-rmsn. Iren I,,
1 ' ,'l ... " 'f n V." At,r. c- w tlw, a.p.
nov. v, -;i-iw
TIiosj brands ot Sweet Plug nro acknowledged by
all to In tho I'lne.t Cliel.w Tab icons In thorair
Set. .'ut. tin In nil Khcm nii.l wl7 u lr. ti1n,
niil blick wrapp'rs. Soil by the lrado generally.
-euu ior sampio ui in . m mat v'turers,
I'. A. JACK-ON .V. CO , l'etcrsburir. Va.
flKj. P., ( igo-it.
mis. Sand o South Water street. Ph ladelnhla.
T-4!i d
G 1 V MN A W A V p':,,e?.cry"rc"dor ' thb
A Premium bteel Eugravinf;,
Entitled "1'IIS FlSlilNll OPTIIE im tub Tr.
n.E' with tho woiiKINi) I'liuitcil, a 4 paitu Helli.
bus lamllv Sewsnatitr, devote.1 to II nuehold tho
sundav school, Music and (leneral Church work.
in .t months trial for 'AS cents. Agents wan cd Ad
dress ,i. ii iiiti:,vi:n.
, ' a Warren btreet, New York.
nov. ti, '77-3m J w & co
.1 Oiiiiil'te I'ietnrinl Ilittinjof the Tim'i."
"The best, ehtapttt and mnit mc&iiful
Family Paper in the Union."
Harper's Weekly.
Notices nf the 1'ren.
Tho Weekly Is the ablest and most powerful Illns
ated nor od en nu b is h.i in ii.u m.i.. ,JJ '.'!.
tin I lis arn scholarly and conv Inclng nnd rn'rry muih
welttlit. lislllutrailoiii of current events iru tuil
V u"u I " par oy our licit ues gners
Lnulsvlllo courier Journal.
Harper's Weekly lion! I be In
out tlm hin.l as a nurer.mnro int..rnti..,r hu..
en, beii-r ilbistrat-d iuiht is not publish mthts
toil .-"" v-onniierc-iai uuuetin, llos-
'llln Weeklv Is the. nnlv lllncrrn,,
d iv that In Its essenti d ch ir-icterlstics , Is recogniz
ed ns a n itlonal piper.-ilrooklyn Eagle.
TKItMrf :
Postaire fren tn nil hiiWhiwi..
in tho United
SI to
S. postage by
uarp r's ilrekly, ono year,
I ll'l lllCltlde.s nreimvini., nf Tr
subscriptions to H-irp.-r's Vagulne, Weekly and
li-iiir oniwa. dre-sfor ono lear, ; or t. .!! of
II irner s I'erljdl.'als tn one mtlr.... t,r . - .
postag.- free. ojw... . ,
j j.i no. lu,
ii ic- numbers can bo supplied at any ttmc,
Tho V llll tins nf t in c- .iti, ..,,..
Jfiir. hen no time Is luenil inid It will bo under-
rui,ru,iun ,vi-oes io ro nmeneo wiui
thenumuriiexi iiit.rfenc.lpt of his order
-ir in i,i,, iVn,'.1 ,Vn','1lncsf,I.,','irl'er's Weeklv, lu neat
...... .-..,,., ....... u.. oein, nv rre-. or ex.
eacli1"1 bV m'" "m m re;e'i't of $i55
sump." 10 ea-hvol'Jraosent gratis on receipt ot
subs.-rlntlons r.-eeive,i
for Harrier's Periodic lis
iviihmfYfV3 ftro nr". ocnVy nu ailveritsemcnt
without tlio express order ut Harper i Druthers.
Address HAIii'lHt s BltOTIIElts, New Vork.
' Unquestionably the Hal Sn'biined Worlof
the Kind in the IlirW."
Harper's iIagazine.
AViret nf the Press.
kent t inv aiiraast nr tj, u.'V. , . ,.".V,..unu 1
ISmu' lr" ','lb'l,1'ors an I tho t .el and wis tmn nt
!!?.. L",.. .I'"r w.u 1 ey"' u ''st and most leadablo
In tho llterntum of travel, discovery and nctlon inn
',Vm!'"r,,!,'t'""er "''-".day 'onks t.iiarper" Maga"
Hao JI-stiiKuxpecUllllvasthe reader ut a nil "iter
a century ago ; there Is tlio samo admirable Jar e J
nf coiiicnts mil no samo freshness iiu. 1 i Vebiive
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Stuns"80 F,,EU t0 ftU '""'loera n tho tlnltctt
i '..... .
; ii,' 'I ."-"inn unn year, m
tl HO Iqi ludes nri'navini.i,, it u . . V".:
publldiers. " ' . i-swiugu uyino
subserlntlonsto Harper's Magazine. Woeklv onrt too,... .iinress for ono year, I "d w t in or
pSJeVri'.r.!0mCl14 "J 01,0 r Sea" frf
sent by express, fn-Kiit nt oxren-o ufnureiinser fn?
only, - " "-irn .i-rioaicais
jjewspapcrs aro not in copy this advertisement
without th enrress order uf llarner & "roheisl
Auoress HAlll Elt A UltOTHHIts, New York.
.ride Awako
Thopnnular estimation of "vi,ia a.vw,,
summed up in what a illstlngulihed llSrarv
tcrs." Th;l "W im Awake- lllconthiuo tT be rn
I. "True HI nn nv fv, fiii.
rial s,ory ,or tho O.rls uf Life' in VhTgS sMt
d.lV'V"y CMris?i?mK.C!r"nf11,'or'- FT Little
Illustrated Pper." ilv I'mm iT Hrown ' T,Vi,lv0
'or un .r.l ? ?' il "'!"!!? Nuare. Her
HrawinifJbrnopUai","' Juua urownjean.
Jn'Sl0? f.'KS.V 1',i-:rAPI"-.l'arlor PasUmre
Foreign Travel and' tfatliral llurtory bJ'ou?
biuhtebtnuthorsundartla's. " lho
uVrpfioliw Jr- mo 01 va,t'- sendsuh-
H.LOT1I1I0P4C0., Publishers,
Huston, Mais.
I.I, 11. a .
tha knaSTiVM :;,VMr!ti?i
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ti , , ,i ,r epvor (ithcr tlu Magazine. Weeklv or
II will he supplle,! gratis tor l-very Vinb ui it nt u nil each paid by one i renlttan ' lr
;U copies (or cuo year, without cx ?i f,?n? 'rSI
li : irk ntimberscan bn supplied atany time
llievniumesutao mi.-iuiin. comtiVnc witiiUi
nurnb.-rs fur Junn nd Den-nmer uf mch ear wii?2
nn time Is siitcllleu. it will bo unaTrt(ii"i th.t tSS
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