The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, August 17, 1877, Image 1

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(mood weekly, ovcry Friday morning, at
Tiro dollars por year, payable In advance, or
(luring thn year. AfUTthe expiration ot tlio year
mum will bo eniirgcd. Tb subscribers out of I ho
county tlio terms aro 11 per year, strictly In ailvanco
l 11 1( not paid In advance anil f3.ou If payment bo
delayed botbiul tlio year.
No )ui"i' discontinued, except at the option of tlio
putillriliers, until all arrearages aro paid, but long
continued credits alter tho expiration ot tlio lirst
yeaf will not uo given.
Alt.papcra sent out ot tho 8 tat o or to distant post
offices must bo paid for In advance, unless a respon
Blulo person In Columbia county assumes to pay tUo
subscription duo on demand,
I'Os PAH K Is no longer exacted trom subscribers In
lie county,
Tho .Tobbltif Department ot tho Columbian Is vcr
complete, and our J b 1'rlntlng will eomparo favora
v wllii that of tlio large cities. All work dono on
mam!, neatly and at moderato prices.
rlri. IX.
SM. SM. .
j.m I '.oi tteo s.m '.no
4.tO 7.00 1I.00
i.oe n.uo in.'
.no IS.M
!. Of
One Inn , . ,U.
Two Indies .c
Tliren Inches... 4.'"
Knur Inolimi '
uiinrtfir rnlntnn. . . . S.00 riilmnti Id.""
U.iki !.'
Cllltl COllUIIII
I3.W) w.oo W.00
Yearly advertisements payable quarterly. Tts
slent advertisements must be paid for before insert
exeept where parties liato occounts.
Legal atiicrirscmcnts iuuirFi ,' "V77A
Inserllons, an at that rato for additional Insertion!
without reference 10 icngtH.
Executor's, Administrator's and Auditor's notices
three dollars. Must bo paid for when inserted.
Transient or f.ocol notices, twenty cents aline,
regulur advertisements half rates.
Cards In the "lluslness Directory" column, one
dollar per year for each line.
Columbia County Official Directory.
president Judge William El well.
Assoclato Judges I. K Krtckbaum, F. L. Bliuman.
I'rothonotary, sc. H. Frank Zarr.
Court stenographer s. N. Walker,
teirlster t llecorder Williamson II. Jacoby.
District Attorney .Tohn M. Clark,
iherlir John w. llonman.
survovor Isoao Doivitt.
Treamlrnr l)r II. W. Mellevnolds.
ommlssloners-jolin Uoracr, 8. W. Mcnonry,
JUiepi! .-muni.
Commissioners' clerk William Krtckbaum.
Auditors M. V. II. Kline, J. I). Casey, 1J. 11. Brown,
coroner Charles o. Murpliv.
Jury commissioners Jacob II. Fritz, William H.
county Huocrintendcnt William 11. Hnrder.
lllooin Poor District Directors o. I'. Kiit. Scott.
Wm. Kramer, Uloomsburg and Thomas ltccce,
400U, u. i unl, secretary.
Omc, North Market street.
Mar.iV74 Bloomsburg, Pa.
J E. 0RV1S,
OFETCK Tlftom No. 1. Pr.liln.tilnn" ItnfMfr,,-
Sept. 19,1876. '
Bloomsburg Official Directory.
president, of Town Council V. Lowonbcrg.
Clcrk-W. Wirt.
timet of I'ollco t. O. Woodward
President of Has Company S. Knorr.
Hecrotarv C. V. Miller.
Illooinsourg Hanking company John A. FunBton,
President. It. 11. (Iro'z. Cashier.
Firs' Na tonal Hank Charles It. Faxton, resident
J. 1". Tusttn, cashier.
Columbia Count v Mutual Saving Fund and Loan
Assocl.vlon-E. II. Utile, President, c. W. Miller,
Uloomsburg Building and Saving Fund Association
wm. reacocK, rresiaeni, j.ii. KODison, secretary.
Bloomsburg Mutual Saving Fund Assocta'lon J.
J. Brower, President, c. u. uarkloy, secretary,
baptist cnnncii.
A T-L A W.
OfTlCO. Tlartman's Tllftclr. enrner Mntn nml VAt-kM.
la.. - ' . . . -. -
I ottcvu, UCl. 9. 10
Itev. J. I'. Tus'ln, (Supply.)
! a. m.
and o)i p. m.
Hunilav services li
Knnrliiv school 0 a. m.
Prayer Mooting Every Wednesday evening at oj
Soiis freo. Tho public aro Invited to attend.
Minister Dev. J, McCron.
Sunday Services toys a. m. and Wp. m.
Uimrlnir tlchnnl an. in.
Pra er Meo.lng Every Wednesday evening at in
Scats free. No pews rented. All aro welcome.
ntRSOYTsniAN cncBcn.
Minister Itev. Stuart Mliilicll.
Sunday services Via a. im. and otf p. m.
Knnilftv H(.hnnl 9 a. m.
Prav er Meoi lng Every Wednesday evening at Stf
seas free. No pews rented. Strangers welcome.
Methodist sriscorAi. enencn.
Presiding Elder Iter. N. S. Buckingham.
Mlulsier Hev. M. I., smyser.
Sunday Services low nnd 0M p. m.
Wn,t4.. MLlinnt -J n n
Illblo Class-Everv Monday evening at 6f o'clock,
t'oiing Men's l'raer Mco lng Every Tuesday
..nnlnirnl ftu n'rlni'k-.
(lenernl Prayer .Mectlng-Every Thursday ovenlng
Corner ot Third and Iron streets,
pastor Itev. (1. U. (lurley.
ileslilenco Central Hotel.
Sunday Servlcca-10)tf a. m. and T p. m.
Sunday school 9 a. in.
Prayer Meeting Saturday, 7 p. m.
All aro Invited There Is always room.
Hector Itev L. Zahncr.
Sunday Services liw a, m., la p. m.
Sunday School" a. m.
i..ipu, Himtimin thM tn,tnt!i. llftlv Cnmmttnlon.
Sertlces preparatory to Communion on Friday
evening ueiuru mu st nuuuuj in 1-111.11 muuiu.
Pews rented i but everybody welcome.
Presiding Elder Itev. A. L. Itcescr.
xtiniiinr Wav .T. A. Irvlnn.
Sunday Servlco 3 p. m., in tho Iron strcctChurch.
Pra er Meeting Every Sabbath at 8 p. in.
All aro Invited. All aro welcome.
Tim cncKCtt or ciikist.
Meets In "tho llttlo Brick Church on tho hill,"
known as tho Welsh Baptist church-on nock street
east of Iron.
ltegular meeting for worship, every Lord's day af
ternoon at njf o'clock.
scats free ; and tho public aro cordially Invited to
onico In Browcr'8 building, Bccond floor, room No.
i. Bloomsburg. Pa. Iulvl.78
K. U. rCNC. U E. WAtXKR.
Attoi noys-afLnw,
omco In Columbian Bcii.MNO. Jan. 19, "77-ly
Al 101iaiilS.AT.LAff,
Bloomsburg, Pa.
onico on Main Street, first door below Court IIouso
fliur.o, (4
F. A J. sr. CLARK,
omco In Ents Building.
Bloomsburg, Pa.
April 10,'74
Office Adjoining C. It. & W. J. Buckalew.
Bloomsburg, Pa.
Apr. u,1t.
Bloomsburg, Pa.
tw"nuslnes before the D. s. Patent Offlco attended
to. Office In tho Columbian Building. 39
A 1 1U 11 Pi 1 SS-A A W,
Columbian BcuniNO, Bloomsburg, Ta.
CMcmbcra of tho United States Association.
ouections maao in any port of America or tiurope.
Ccntralia, Fa.
Fsb 13, '78.
Offlco In llortman's Block, second floor, corner
Main and Market streets,
TIOWN'S HOTEL. Bloomnburc. Fa B.
i stohner. Proprietor. Accommodations Urst-
class. $1.25tol.60pcraay. ltcstaurani auacnea,
Octobers, tis-u
CfCHOOL ORDERS, blank, just printed and
neatly bound In small books, on hand and
tor salo at tho Columbian offlco. Feb. 19, lBia-tl
f.ANK DEKDS. on l'urcliniint nnd Linen
Paper, common and tor Admlnlsi ratoiB, Execu
and trustees, for Bale cheap at tho Columbian
Tt .rAItUlAOK CERTIFICATES init printed
VI ana for Bale at the Columbian omco. Jllnls-
turu ot the oospel and Justices should Bupply them-
Belyes with these necessary articles.
TUHTICKHnnd Constables' Fee-Bills for sale
9f at tho COLUMBIAN omce. -iney uuiiuuu muw
tna na nc,nhlihp,1 liv thn lattt Act of tho LetT-
alatureupon the subject. Every Justice and Con-
I table sbouia have one.
TfENDUE NOTES just printed and for sale
f CnCap UbUlU ULUUUIAn Ulliw-i
Just below the Central
ewlng Machines and Machinery of all kinds re
paired. Opera House Building, Bioomeourg, l-a.
Ulb 1, tO
burg and
C E. SAVAGE, Dealer in Clocks,
and Jowelry, Main St.,
wnnlfl nnnntinen to the citizens of Blooms-
nirir and vicinity that he has lust received a full and
compicio asscrimenb ot
and all other goods In bis line ot business. AU the
newest and most approved patterns of the day are
always toboroundlnhls establishment. Main street,
bolow Market. oct, S.1t
MJilitJJrlAiN'l.' XAiJUUtt
corner of Main and West ttreets, threo doers below
J, K. Ejers store, moomtourg, ra.
All orders promptly attended to and Bnttsf action
Aprnxi, it-it
(1. HARK LEY. Attorney-at-Law. Oflice "T1REAS BROWN'S INSURANCE AGEN
In Tirower a Duimmg', na BLory, wuia . o. j ux, Bxcnange noiei, uioomauurg, i-u.
By vtrtno of sundry writs to mo directed will
bo exposed to public salo at tho Court IIouso In
Bloomsburg, at ono o'clock p. m. on
tho following real estate to-wlt t
AU that certain tract ot unseated land sltuato In
Mlfllln township, Columbia county, bounded by land
ot Bantel Nungesser, Abrnm Schweppenhotser and
others-containing two hundred acres more or less.
Ono lot ot ground sltuato in tho Town of Mifflin-
Mile, Columbia county, bounded and described as
follows i on tho north by 2d street, east by lot ot
Joseph Mastellcr, south by 8d or Main street, west
by lot of A. J. Buckaiew.whercon are erected a frame
house, barn and out-bulldlngs.
Ono lot of ground sltnato In M inunvllle, Columbia
sounty, Pennsylvania, bounded on tho north by 24
street, oast by street south by sa or Main street,
west by lot John of Keller, being as .feet front and
230 feet deep.
All tho defendant's title In ono lot of ground sltu
ato In Minifnvtlle, Columbia county, Pennsylvania,
bounded on tho north by 2d street, cost by lot of
lonn Keller, south by 3d or Main street and west by
lot of Theodore Fedder,
AH tho defendant's title In four lots ot ground slt
uato in tho town of Mlflllnvlllc, Columbia county.
Pennsylvania, bounded on the north by 3d or Main
street, east by street, south by 4 th street, an 1
west by lot ot Michael Entitle, containing ono and.
a-half acres more or less:
Seized, taken Into execution and to bo sold as tho
property of John Keller,
On all that certain lot ot land sltuato In Briar
creek township Columbia couuty, Pa., bounded nnd
described as follows to wit t On tho north by land ot
Jesse Hicks, cast by lands of Daniel l'urcel, south by
Susquehanna Itlver, and west by land ot 1). A. Bow
man, containing ano hundred and six acres and 17
perches; on which Is erected n Two Story Ilrlck
Dwelling House, Framo Barn and other buildings,
all improved.
An Island In tho Susquehanna Itlver opposlto tho
above and to bo sold In connection therewith con.
tatnlng about 14 acres.
Ono other pleco of land adjoining tho abovo con.
tatnlng 43 acres and 8 perches described In two
pieces as follows : one bounded on t ho east by land of
lato Stephen Thomas, south by Susquehanna Im cr,
west by Wm. L. Freas and north by the Canal, con
talnleg 39 acres and 27 perches. Tho other bounded
by land of Mrs. Sponenberger, Daniel Purcell, Pub
lic Road, nnd tho Canal containing 4acres and&l
Seized, taken Into execution and to bo sold as tho
property of Wm. L. Freas.
On tho following described lot or pleco of ground
sltuato In tho Town of Bloomsburg, Columbia coun
ty, PennsYlvanta, bounded on the north by nn alley
east by Iron street, south by lot ot Thomas Vannat-
ta and west by lot of Jono McUrlde, being about ono
hundred foot front on Iron Btrect and slxty-slx feet
deep on alley, whereon Is erected a Framo Dwelling
House, a Framo wagon-maker shop and blacksmith
shop. 'tald lot will bo sold to suit purchasers, either
In the whole or In two parcels. One lot ot about w
feet front on Iron street, contalng tho wagon maker
shop and smith shop, and the balanco about SO feet
on same street, containing tho dwelling house.
Seized, taken Into execution and to be sold as tho
property of A. S. Crowilej-.
All that certain real estate sltuato In Main town
ship, Columbia county, Pennsylvania, bounded and
described as follows, to-wlt : On tho north byland
of John Oearhart, on tho east by land of Joseph tlel
ger, on tho west by Und of , on the south by
public road, containing flf ty-slx acres more or less.
seized, taken Into execution and to bo sold as tho
property of Isaao Yetter.
Tho following real estate situate In Madison
township, Columbia county, Pennsylvanla,descrlbcd
as follows: Bounded on tho north by James Kln
len and Funston, east by Kinney Shultz, south by
heirs of J, W, Olrton and west by Wm. McNInch e u
at., containing eighty acres rooro or less, whereon
aro erected u framo dwelling house, framo barn and
Seized, taken Into execution and to be sold ns the
property ot Frank Graham and William Graham,
All that certain piece ot land situate in Scott town
ship, Columbia county, Pennsylvania, bounded and
desrlbed as follows : On tho north and west by land
ot Mary L. noppcr, on tho south and cast by public
road, containing one-half acre more or less, whereon
are erected a frame dwelling house with tho appurtenances.
Seized, taken tnto.exocutlon and to bo sold as tho
property of William Hopper.
(a leoal mrrr to be bito without chorus to the
John smith, a young attorney, Just admitted to tho
Was solemn nnd sagacious as as.youngattorneys
And a frown ot deep abstraction held the seizin ot
his face,
Tho result of contemplation of tho rulo In Shelly's
Ono day In tcrra-tlmo Mr, Smith was sitting In tho
When somo good men nnd trua ot tho body ot tho
county did on their oath report.
That heretofore, to wltt upon tho second day of
A. D, 1877, about tho hour ot noon, In tho county
and Stato aforesaid, one Joseph Scroggs, lata ot
said county, did then and there feloniously take,
steal and carry away
Ono bay horso, ot the valuo of fifty dollars, moro or
(Tho samo then and there being of tlio property.
goods and chattels ot ono Hczeklau 11 ess) ;
Contrary to tho statute In such caso expressly made
And provided ; and against tho pcaco and dignity of
the Stato wherein tho venuo had been laid.
Tho prisoner, Joseph Scroggs, was then arraigned
upon this charge,
And plead not guilty, and ot this ho threw lilmscll
upon tho country at largo ;
And said Joseph being poor, tho Court did gracious.
ly appoint
Mr. Smith to defend hlm-much on tho samo principle
that obtains In every charity hospital, where a
young medical student Is often sent to rectify a
serious Injury to an organ or a Joint.
Tho witnesses seemed prejudiced against poor Mr.
Scroggs ;
And tha district attorney mado a thrilling speech, In
which lie told the Jury that it they didn't find tor
tho State Uo reckoned he'd have to "walk their
logs ;"
Then Mr. Smith arose and made his speech for the
Wherein ho quoted Shakespeare. Biackstone, Chltty
Archbold, Joaquin Miller, story, Kent, Tuppcr,
Smedcs and Marshall, and many other writers,
and ever body Bald they "never heered slcha
burst of eloquence."
And ho said : "On 'this' hypothesis, my client must
go free ;"
And: "Again, on 'this' hypothesis It's morally im
posslblo that ho could bo guilty, don't you
seo 7"
And : "Then, on 'this' hypothesis, you really can't
convict ;"
And so on wlth'forty-Blx moro hypothcses,upon none
ot which, Mr. Smith ably demonstrated, could
scroggs bo derelict.
But tho Jury, never stirring from the box wherein
they sat, returned a verdict of 'guilty,' and his
Honor straightway sentenced Scroggs to a three-
5 ear term In the penitentiary, and a heavy nnc,
and the costs on top of that ;
And the prisoner, in wild delight, got up and danced
and sung;
And when they asked bun tho reason of this strango
behavior, ho said : "It's becausq I got off bo
easy, for If thcre'd ha' been a few more of them
darned 'hypothesises' I should certainly have
been hung 1"
In Seribner.
ict. 15, '75.
nil. WM. M. HEBEK. Surireon and Physi
1 J clan, onico s. E. corner ltock and Market
.fltna, Ins Co., of Hartford, Connecticut.
Liverpool, lxmuon tutu uiuuu....
ltoyalof Uvi
Fire Association. Philadelphia.
i, TMr A-ua r t-i c.,.r..n otwI Phva, . I Atlasof Ilartfora
clanr(6mco aVd iadencobon Third street, 5522 D4nrtUo-
corner Jefferson.
II. McKELVY. M. D.. Surccon and I'liy-
Blclan, north side Main street, below Market.
Home, New York...
,, 6,600,0011
. ?0,ls 11,01
. 13 600,001)
, 10,000, 00
. 8.100.000
& 0,000
,. 1,000,000
JB. ROBISON, Attorney-at-Law.
. In llortman's building, Main street.
ROSENSTOCK, Photographer,
, Clark Wolf's Store, Main street,
AVID LOWENBERG, Merchant Tailor
Main St., ubovo Central Hotel.
commercial Union 17,000,000
Marcn 20,11 y
The Columbian Law Docket,
A complete record for tho use of attorneys. Con
veniently arranged for tho docketing of all cases
containing 600 pages, with doublo Index. Tills Is
tho most corapleto book tor lawyers that Is pub.
PRICE, $3.50.
The following tract of land Htuato In Montour
township, Columbia county, Iennsjlvanla,descrlbed
as follows, to-wlt : on the north by lands ot Gideon
rlst, east by land tt.lncob Glrton, eoiiti by land
. widow Digger, west by land of Ellas digger,
containing twenty-six acres moro or less, whereon
aro erected a dwelling house, barnand out-bulld
seized, taken Into execution and to bo sold as tho
property ot Christian Heist,
CONDITIONS OF SALE .Purchasers must pay
ten per cent, ot tho purchaso money, or at least
enough to cover all costs at striking downot salo
othcrwlso property to bo resold at once.
aug. 10, 77-ts Sheriff.
By virtue of sundry writs of Issued out
of the Court ot Common Pleas ot Columbia co., and
to me directed, will be exposed to public Bale at tho
T S. KUIIN, dealer it, Meat, Tallow, etc., piged DV BrOCkwaV & ElW6ll Court IIouso in Bloomsburg at two o'clock p,
J- ' . , , SATURDAY, AUGUST 20, 1877,
'TriIEN YOU WANT A FIKST-CLASS liUltors ana x-ropneiora oi iuo v,ui.uim.n,
T SUAVEor anything In tho TONSOltlAL line
go 10
Under Exchange Hotel, Bloomsburg, Pa.
Oct, 13, 15
VXTM. H. ABBOTT, Attorney-at-Law, Main
1 1
Catawlssa, Fa.
Collections promptly mado and remitted. Office
opposite Catawlssa Deposit Bonk. Cin-38
wanted? $50 to $200 Per Month
A New, Cleab and Concise
x Universal History
commencing with the earliest periods, closing
March, 1B7I. X volumes ot the World's great, Grand I
History In one. ancient, Middle Aaiu, and mod- I
xitN.'inciuaing History or centennial exmoition,
Inauguration of President Haves and Turkish diffi
culties, A book of thrilling Interest and universal
Died. Sells fastei than any other. Beautiful lllas-
u-auons, low prices, quick sales, extra terms, circu
lars freo. Address J, C McCUltDY & CO., Philadel
phia, Pa.; Cincinnati, O.: Chicago, 111.; St. Louis,
""J. d une xv, i (-taw
Baboock & Wyeth's Ads
Is taken Internally, and PoMUvcly. Cures lthoumo
tlsm. (lour, Neuralgia and Lumbago. ir"Sold by
Who esote and lletall Druggists everywhere. Send
tnr rlri'iiiiir in.
xlrTM'IlWVHf Tvw iimtin t?v
Drueirl&tM- W&f.iiiiitFir.n n
The unaerslfrned auditor nnnolntrd hv thn nr.
imuua" v-uuivm vuiuiuujt cuumy. u loheprooioi
1IU.10, muv uhwi tun t:ivpi 1U1IO UIVU
ufttuunL or A bra Im in WaJtman. jxt'utor fir
-tateof JeftBoZaiier.iateur UrUrcrtek towusMp, de
c?iutL'd. will attend to the duties ot lila anDolntniont
Kvau'a fjuUdlne, corner of Halo sua Iron uTrcets.'on
Friday I lie ml day ot Auguu, ltTT, at 10 o'clock, a.
July so, TMw. Auditor,
contains the largest stock of
QuEuDsrae, Glassware, Wiwtaare,
Canned Fruits, Dried Fniits,
to to found In Columbia county.
A Complete Asiorlnient
always on hand. Call and examine.
Jan 1,1617.
N, K. Corner Second and Arch Streets,
Dealers in
ic, ericas, mcaei soda, o., to.
ivorders will receive prompt attention.
... . ....
(Successors to nenedlct Coney & tons, m Market
u, rev, '
Importers and dealers In
m Market bum, fhlhtdelnhlo.
ConsUntly on liand Original and Auortcd Packages
June "77-ly
Tho following teal estato sltuato in tho town ot
Bloomsburg, Columbia county, Pennsylvania, boun
ded and described as follows, to-wlt i On tho north
by I). L. & W. ltallroads, east by lotot Peter 11111-
meycr, Bouth by setenth street, and westbyiotcf
IsloomshurgGaH company, containing three-fourths
ot an aero moro or less, whereon ore erected a largo
two-story brick foundry and machine shop, a framo
waro house, frame blacksmith shop, framo car shop.
together with engine, and boilers, lathes, fans, drill
press, belts, pulleys, grindstones, boring machines,
llosks, patterns, and all Uiturcs, tools and machin
ery belonging thereto.
Seized, token into execution and to bo sriaas tho
property ot Samuel Tnrnbach and Wins -M. Hess.
CONPITIONS 01" SALE. Purchasers must pay
ten per cent of tho purchaso money, or at least
enough to cover all costs at striking down of sale
otherwise property to be rcsoia at once.
On all that certain real estate tltuato in Green
wood township, Columbia county,: Pennsylvania,
bounded aud described as follows, to-wlt: On tho
north by land ot llarvln Kline, east by land of Jo
seph Keller, south by land of II. Kitchen and others,
and weBt by land of Marvin Kline, containing 40
acres moro or less, on which aro erected a frame
dwelling house and barn with the appurtenances.
belied, taken into execution and to bo sold as uo
property of Leonard Kline.
Aug. J, 17-ts Sheriff,
mlttee ot Levi Mturr, a lunatic Los rued an account
in thn office nf the Prothcnotary of Colombia coun
ty, which will be presentfra to iuo uouriior connr-
IHUIIUUUIl IJll, lUMllll UB, Jt r(nituu(i iicmiuu
iinfticeDUODH u mru vtiuumuur wuo uieretuicr.
IUO sumo win uo cunurturu.
Also the account of C. W. Miller. Trustee tore.
ceive and Fay out moneys duo on mortcaKesfrom
Anna Millt r and 1 evl A. llldlay and J. K. Alkinanto
Levi A. itiaiay wnicu win oe prrsenieaiotno ioun
uttne saoo lime bou stiujeti tu tne aitiiio iuui'
lions lorvumiliusiiuu us tuuuuvtu ativuiit.
AIM), the account ot G. J. McUenry. Cfimro lltee o
Wclluer a. Kline, a lunutlc. which will bo present.
td to the Court at the timo time, ana subject to tlio
samo conditions for ccnmmauon as iho above ac
II. FRANK ZAIUt, Frotu'y,
Chrouos,ln French oil colo
ono and one-halt down
most neauuim n e.w
iirointia. in Frenrn on color, over sten ror si.eo.
They aro mounted In sxm block ensmtl and gold
mats, uvat uiiemuir utiu uuttivit utiiumiic uuw uvturu
the pubUc. Two samples for SO cents, or six samples
for to cents. Hend 10 tents for Brand Illustrated cat-
alcguewlth Chramocf Mocnllgbt on the Iihlne, or
to rents lor two landscapea and Calla Lilies on
black ground. J. LATHAM CO., i Washington
street notion, Mass. Jladuuarters for Chroinoo,
iuigritviui.'a tutu Af A
Works. A
June 8, "II Juno ttptunl
I have got a new-born Bister ;
I was nigh' the flrst that kissed her,
When the nursing woman brought her
To Papa, his infant daughter,
How Papa's dear eyes did glisten 1
She will shortly bo to christen I
And Papa has mado the ofTer
I shall havo the naming of her.
Now I wonder what would please her,
Charlotte, Julia or Louisa.
Ann and Mary, they're too common ;
Joan's too formal for a woman ;
Jane's a prettier name beside ;
Hut we had a Jano that died,
They would say, If 'twas ltcbecca,
That Bho was a llttlo (Quaker.
Edith's pretty, but that looks
Better In old English books,
linen's left otT long ago ;
ltlanche Is out ot fashion now.
None that I havo named as yet
Are so good as Margaret,
Kmlly Is neat and fine.
What do you think ot Caroline 7
How I'm puzzled and perplext
What to or think of next I
I am In a llttlo feter.
Lost the namo that I shall give her
bhould disgrace her or defame her,
1 will leave papa to name her.
In 1833 Helens became house servant and
cook to JI, LoDrago, cure of Oucrn. In
Ills hotiso seven persons died between tho
28th ot Juno and the 3d of October, among
whom were hlmsclf.hU father nnd bis moth-
er,and Heleno's sister Anna. AU died with
the samo symptoms, copious vomitings and
acute abdominal pains ; all had eaten of
dishes prepared by Holcne, and had been at
tended by licr in their last moments, and
over each death-bed she had wept bitterly,
but remarked with sinister significance,
"This will not be the last." Only one corpse
was examined, that of tho priest, and then
Dr. Gabzaln contented himself with saying
that there had been Inflammation of the in
testines and Berlous disorders of the diges.
tivo organs. Another physician, Dr. Mar
t el, felt nearly convinced that there1 had been
foul play, but so pious was the conduct of
tho suspected woman that he did not care to
Insist upon this theory ?
Helene's next engagement was with the
new cure of Ilubry, M. Lorho, where she
succeeded her sister Anna. There three
persons died In as many months JIarie
Jeanne Llsconet, her aunt, and the priest's
sister and niece. They all exhibited the
samo symptoms which had attended upon
tho death of tho invalids of Ouern. Helcne
passed many nights watching beside their
bedsides, and M. Lorho's sister was eo con
vinced of her devotion that she would accept
a drink from no other hand.
From liubry Hclene moved to I.ocmlnc,
where slio bound herself out to a washwo
man, I.cboucher. Her mistress and a daugh
ter died, but tho other child, a boy, taking
an aversion to .Uelene, refused to receivo
food or tnedicino from her hands, and re
covered. Ileleno left tho house speedily,
saying "I fear I may bo accused of all these
deaths. Wherever I go Death follows me i"
'.This was true. The widow Lorey took her
in, ato one of her soups and died. "Un
happy woman that I am," said Ilelone, fall
ing on her dead mistress's neck, "wherever
I go they die." liny 9, 1835, sho hired out
to Jltne.Toussaint, at Locmine, where four
persons did not hesitate to die, her mistress
aril her husband, tho lady's maid and at
last the daughter of household.who perished
almost immediately after eating ono of
Helene's broths. Thence the woman went
to a convent at Auray, whenco she was ex
pelled for maliciously damaging property.
Sister Anno Lecorvec, who conducted a pub-
lie mission nt some little distance, received,
her and died within forty-eight hours. On
the day of the burial Helcno left nnd took
scrvico with lime. Anno Lefur. Sho fell
sick, but, having her suspicions, got
rid of her servant and recovered. The
servant then went to one Mme. Hetel,
but this woman's son, having heard of her
conduct at the convent, put her out of doors.
Too late, however. Mme. Hetel had eaten
of several dishes prepared by her servant,
and her death ensued in a few days. Hel
ene's fatal record did not prevent her from
finding employment in tho family of ono M
Jouaiino, whose son, aged fourteen, speedly
I died ; but, as the boy had been in the habit
of drinking vinegnr, tho doctor laid tho in
testinal pains and inflammations to the ac
count of that habit. Not long thereafter
ileleno found a homo at Hennebon with a
M. Kernllic, who was just recovering from
an intermittent fever. A cup of tea pre
pared by her hands and her sleepless minis
tering beside his bed ended him. In 1839
tho Bame servant was employed by a Mme,
Neron, and this mistress died as speedily
nnd with exhibition of the samo symptoms.
Such wai tho Indictment framed against
her; during the readingof which tho pris
oner was suddenly seized with a hysterical
attack, and lifting her hands to Heaven fu
riously called, in an almost inarticulate bab
ble, upon God and the Holy Virgin to attest
her innocence and deliver her. At tho same
time tho witnesses who were present began
crying aloud for justice upon her, this bid
ding her restore a wife, that a mother, the
other a child, making furious attempts tho
while to get at the prisoner and tear her to
pieces ; so that it was with the utmost diffi
culty that the gendarmes could save her and
restore quiet. Tho prisoner had strenuously
denied her crime, and declared that she had
never used arsenic, neither ever bought any,
neither had any one ever seen any arsenic In
her possession. Indeed, though science
clearly Bhowed that the deaths of tho latest
victims had resulted from arsenical poison
lng, no traco of the deadly drug was to bo
found, was ever found in the prisoner's box
es or haunts, nor could any one be discover
ed who knew of her having it.
Her examination presented nothing that
was sensational. She denied everything, ad'
mltted that she had tended the dying beds
of those with whose deaths she was charged,
bnt laid their perishing to her ill-luck
Ill-luck which sho could not understand
Her language, strongly Infused with Breton
Idioms, was clear, Intelligible, and even
mocking. Sho recurred repeatedly to her
pet phrases, "Oh, for certain ;" "I speak
truth as if it was the angelm;""! dearly love
the child, because, like myself, she had
Sainte-Helene for patroness;" "The blessed
Salnte-Anne can Bay If I am lying," and so
on. Pressed with the facts of the deaths of
her late fellow servants, sho said: "If Qod
ever places me beside a sick person; not a
bite nor a drop will I give that person even
if ho were dying; see what my good nature
has brought me to. I know nothing about
any poison and, Lord willing, I never will.
I have suffered much, but God will give me
grace to endure all. If I did not die while
n prison it was because Jesus sustained me.
He knew all about me."
"In threo months," said tho Judge, "threo
servants working with you fell asleep ; all
three showed symptoms of poisoning with
arsenic ; no one but you fed and nursed
them, and yet you claim to be innocent I If
you aro you must have very bad luck some
how or other."
"Exactly, sir; that h just it I have
very bad luck,"
There wero seventy-one witnesses exam
ined, Marie Leboucher said that when she
engaged Helene her mother had a whitlow
on her finger. "I fear she will dio said the
prisoner. "Impossible ; a whitlow is a triv
ial thing." "Yes; but wherever I go death
comes in at the door." Tho widew Cadic
testified that Ileleno had cried upon her
neck, and said she was a moBt unhappy
"Seeing the Elephant."
Tho Milkmen of Naples.
I will tell you how the oft-quoted saying I must tell you about the NeapoliUa
originated. You will bear In mind that It milkmen, for they are funny fellows. TMy
Is not a result of great surprise and wonder- do not have a wagon and horse m our milk-
mentto a man that leads him to say, he has men have, or even a pall ana dipper, lnej
"scen tho felephant," but It la when ho has have only little threo-leggod itooU tied to
been wofully "taken in and dono for." themselves (so that when they wnt toil!
Thus it was ; down they are all ready), and they drive
Years ago-from 1831 towards the present their cows and goats before them to the dlf-
Tom Tufts, of Maiden, Mass., owned a ferent houses, and milk them at the door In
menagerie and circus j and I think ho was a bowl provided uy eacn customer, no
tho first Showman at any rate, of New chance of watered milk there, you see.
England to present the two sources of mis Is not toe queerest part oi it, tnougn.
amusement In combination. He had a full As I have said, Italian houses are terr
grswn elephant, ono oftho largest and finest high-five, six, and seven stories oOen, with
specimens over brought from Its native a different family living on each floor. Even
haunts, and in those years be sure it was a the paiazzoi (paiacesj oi tne ncnare aivmea
curiosity. In traveling through tho coun- In this way. To the first floor (not the
try It was Tua's practice to take the huge grounu uoorjtnere are sometimes iromeigmy
beast from fown to town under cover of tho to one hundred marble steps leading up. On
night, nnd, when possible, to secure quar- this floor perhaps a duko may live J on the
ters in advance in the barn of n responsible next above, some one lower in rank, till It
farmer. On n certain occasion the ngent would net be imposslblo that the noble
had secured quartets for the monstrous duko's laundress might live in the seventh
quadruped in a great open shed, flanking a story of his palazzo. Theso uppermost farai-
barnyard where he saw a hull roaming at lies usually take goavs mtir, Decauso me
liberty. Ho had made his arrangements for goats can go up stairs, even to the very top
quartering and feeding the elephant, after floor, and be milked in full view of the cus-
which he said to the owner of the place that tomerl
he had better secure the bull or drive him Part of llttlo Palo'a pleasure was In pat
away, before the elephant's arrival, ting tho goat that came up to his grand
"What for?" asked the farmer. mother's door, rubbing its little nose and
"Why," replied the agent, "your bull giving it roasted chestnuts to eat. After it
might find himself in dangerous company If was milked, the goat would turn and skip
ho were hero when the elephant comes. down the stairs so briskly that the milkman
Now that bull had been for a lone time could not begin to keep up with it.-JVo
woman, for wherever sho went death follow
ed her. "Iliey said in the town," continued
the worthy widow Cadic, "that her liver was
white, so that whenever she breathed on any
one .that person died. I was so afraid of
her that when we went to the confessional
together I would not enter It after her." A
doctor, M. Toussaint, whose father and
mother had been poisoned, andhissupicions
especially as he ha l Been tho prisoner using
a white powder in a mess she was cooking,
but did not caro to make an autopsy. "My
In 1841 sho was found at Lorienr, engaged as family said he, "oppo-ed tho proportion,
cook in the family of M. Dupuy de Lome,
A llttlo grand daughter, aged two years and
I a half, died almost immediately, and next
day the other threo members of the family
fell ill. They all recovered, but for many
years thereafter felt tho workings of tho
poison in their frames. In tho eiht years
from 1832 to 1811, a period which, by tho
way, was covered under the ten years' pre
scription law, Ileleno Jeg.ido had taken
twenty-three lives, besides making five mur-
i uerous attempts.
It was not till seven years thereafter that
this egregious criminal was again heard of.
She filled several positions in the iutcrinr.
as they considered that tho priioner's inani
fest piety removed her from the scope of sus
picion." A woman of Auray said, vividly :
"laming with her wns talking with death.'
Another had seen her in company with a
dark man, apparently a soldier, hut "really
tho Devil, tn whom sho had sold herself.
The Mayor of Auray testified that the cure
had warned him one day at dinner, when
Helene served tho repast, that the woman's
presence was fatal. Two day's later the
Mayor's mother-in-law died, nnd he had great
difficulty in inducing the daughter to dis
charge the woman, berauso sho had nursed
poor ma so tenderly and used to go to church
at nearly all being accused or proyen guilty 8 regularly.." M. Bidard told how, when
of theft. November 0, 18-19, M. -Ileebot, of Hosalie, tho last victim, died in Helene's
Itennea, engaged her; December 20 bis son arms, the cure Bald to him seeing that tbo
died. The child had been ill for some timo yng g' "as kissing the hands of hermur
master of tlio situation, and his owner did
not think tho animal lived that could over
come him in a fair fight.
"Look here, "squire," ho said, the old
Adamic spirit strong within htm, "I guess
it would bo your elephant that would find
himself in danger. At any rate, I'll risk my
critter if you'll risk yours."
The showman assented.
In due time the elephant arrived, and was
lead to the great open shed, were food and
drink was supplied. The bull was eviden
tly surprised ; but ere long surprise gave
place to rage. Ho fancied this was Borne
uncouth monster sent in there on purpose
to humble him to humble him who had
never yet been humbled by anything of
earthly mould. The thing was aggravating;
It was not to be endured.
lie faced the colossu, with flaming eyes,
ploughing tho earth with bis horns, and
Bending forth a defiant roar ; and anon he
prepared for work. He advanced first by
parallels, as though to attack in front ; then
he made a detour, as though for a flank
movement. The elephant bad stopped eat
ing, and was quietly watching tho signifi
cant movement of the native. The two eyes
wero very Btnall for so large a beast but they
were wondrously bright nnd quick for all
that. At length the bull flung his bannered
tall to the breeze, and with a terrific roar
plunged forward to the onset.
Tho elephant must have been considering,
for a human face could not have expressed
more satisfaction than did his express when
he saw tho game thus approaching a crisis.
He had not been in fear of the threatened
antagonist, but had been anxiously wonder
ing how the fellow would attack. Suspense
is painful.
Ah 1 ho saw now. On plunged tho swart-
browned taurus, evidently intending to dis
embowel the mountain of flesh before him.
The keen twinkle of the elephant's eye was
a study ; his heavy trunk was gracefully
curved inward and raised on high, and then
at the proper moment, like the snap of a
rille.-cock, that prodigious trunk shot out
ward and still upward, and then came down
came down like the ponderous ram of a
pile-drive, came down like as though forty
thunderboltH had been held in check until
that moment, and had then burst at the base
nf that terrible proboscis. The blow fell
upon the bull's neck and shoulders, and
sent him to earth as though lightning had
struck him. The proboscidian cocked his
head on ono sido, and considered further.
A few seconds and he then bent his brow and
ran his beautifully perfect tusks under the
prostrate body until they lay between the
"The Coral Fither and hit Wife," St. JWcAo-
lai for August.
Did they Git the Male ?
At the Jacksonville (111.) asylum for feeble-minded
children one of the young lady
teachers sought to Interest her class deeply
by telling tho story of Absolom. Dwelling,
with all a woman's tact and persuasive elo
quence, upon the dreadful end of a wayward,
wilful life, and giving special emphasis to
the most important moral lesson suggested
by the fact that the young man Absolom, re
sisting all the better Influences which sur
rounded him, rebelled against a kind father
and yet a more loving heavenly Father, she
hud in simple, earnest language wrought up
the story with chief reference to its moral
impressions upon those half-demented chil
dren. Curious to know what had been the
degree of her success, she requested them to
ask questions about anything in the story
that most interested them. Not over flat
tering to her was the result when one of the
little fellows, looking up with the utmost
simplicity, eagerly asked, "Did they git the
In the Country.
"My folks aro going to the country to be
gone all summer," enthusiastically exclaim
ed a little Detroit girl as she met another oa
Cass avenue.
"Your pa must be' awful rich," replied
the second.
"Oh, no, he isn't ; but if you'll never tell
anybody I'll tell you something."
"I never will hope to die if I do,"
"Well, then, pa was telling ma that we'd
all go out to Uncle John's. Ma shall work
for her board, pa will work in the saw mill,
I'll pick berries and ride horse to plough
corn, brother Tom will go around with tho
lightning rod man, and while you folks are
in the awful heat we'll be putting on airs
and fixing over our old clothes for fall.
Don't you tell,now,for ma is saying to every
body tbat she must have the country air to
restore her shattered nerves."
but grew rapidly woreo under the treatment
of the Jegado during the last nino days of
its life, a dish of soup served by her ending
its existence. February 3, 1850, the father
gave her warning, aud the next day he and
his wife were smitten down. After ridding
themselves of the girl they recovered, though
for years they were sensible of tho effects of
tho drugs administered. Thnco Helene
went to tha liotiso of the Ozannes nnd al
most immediately their baby died with
vomitingsnnd convulsions. Tho next day
she changed her qearters to an inn. The
innkeeper's mother-in-law reproached her
with untidiness, fell sick at dinner the Bame
day and did not completely overcomo her
Vim Uitiu-r Dinos. An intoxicated
German got on a Hudson river train at
Kinderhook to go to Troy ; and the Budgt
of that city says: "He threw his satchel
down In a corner of the car, took a seat, and
was soon asleep. On awaking he said he
left his baggage at Kinderhook, and aked
the boy employed on the train what he
should do to recover it. The latter, who
had seen the German place his satchel la
earth and tho bovino mass like a pair of the corner, replied : "You give me thirty
giant arms, and then, with not a great effort CDta ani1 l'a telegraph to Kinderhook to
deress and insisting on having her by her
bedside until the last. "There, sir, you see
together the most perfect Innocence and the
most complete guilt on this earth,"
In tho defense It was testified by medical
experts that the prisoner was an anomaly,"
that some organ must be unaccountably and
Immeasurably defective, thus irresistibly im
pelling her to crime. "If sho were set at
liberty to-morrow she would begin again to
take life. Killiug Is with her an instinct, a
necessity. Her organic nature is perverse ;
and her science discharges a holy mission
in declaring, for the honor of humauity, that
Fodr days after tbeconn ih'ttat of Decern
ber2, 851,an immense crowd of liretons
pressed to Itennes to witness the trial of tho
servant, Helene Jegado, author ot thirty
four poisonings, of which twenty-seven had
resulted fatally, these crimes extending over
period of eighteen years and having beeu
committed with a futility nnd an impunity day anil unl not completely overcomo ner this woman is ono of Nature's mistakes. It
on v exnl cable becauso of the sunerst t bus "mess lor ciguieen monins. ner leuow- may be ob ectetl that the murderous nst net
ignorance, the sordid avarice, and the re- servant, a girl named Mace, attracted her does not nece-Karily Involve exclusive resort
pugnance to figuring in court proceedings ""'"" " ai "" 1011 " Auey were to-loxlo means, t reply that It is with mur
till ho conspicuous in tho Western provinces nvais ior iue auecuun oi nn nostier, anu uo aer as it Is with suicide each does after hi
of France. In fact to bring this monster to sliowemuspreierenceunmisiakaoiy lorjuaco, or her temperament. Women drown them
book it was necessary that her last three who died ln Brelit angu' with the syuip- selves old mm hang themselves, young folk
crimen slititiltl Im committed at Rennes. the toms of vomiting pains in the stomaeh,swell- asphyxiate themselves. If Hele
seat of the Court of Morbihan, and in the '"gf the raembers.&c. The doctors suspected sorted to poisoning it Isonlya question of
very family of n professor of larf. Tho I ' presouco oi puisou, out mo gin s iam- temperament and a consequence of her Ben
poisoner, then already legendary in Ilrittany "7 reimeu.m permit an autopsy iest umigni edntary life."
was fortv.eiffht veara old. heav v bu t and reveai mai, suo was cnmnic. lonuigm December H. after an absence nf half mi
highly colored, wearing a high anil BtiiTly thereafter Helene engaged with M. Bidard, I hour, the jury found her guilty, without a
Btarched jacket, a coarso wincey skirt and a 1 rofessor of Law, November 7, 1850, a fel- recommendation to mercy, Whenjentenco
cottou apron,and having at her neck a silver iow-vi, jmo xessier uieu.nerueatn do- WRs passed upon her she said: "I am inno
Sho entered wlili her hands Inter- g auriuuteu to rupture oi the Ulapuragm. cent and res cned. I would nnnRr.liAlnnn.
laced and her eyes cast down, and took her Francolse II utlaux succeeded her and fell cent than live guilty or suspected. You
seat on the prisoners' bench, where her. ab- 8lck w1"1 tte same symptoms, but having an have judged me ; God will judge you. He
I I 1.1- Al Al A 1. TT.I 1 11 I ...... . - '
ject ugliness, her hard Btare, her mouth "'curuuio uuiipamy uwurus iieiene, inaisf win judge M. iliuard and all the false wlt-
eurvedw tha s n ster sm o. caused a unl- c ue"'B uome, wnere sne recov,
versal feellne of disgust that betrayed its- ereu- ,ulru housemaid, jtosane fcfarrazin
elf In an Involuntary shudder.' ' had meanwhile been engaged. She was a
- i .i .11 1. tt ., t ..... ,
T, i Buuii nuuj ucmtujr gin ut inueieeii, anu
' I hIt wpfttrn nftpr linr pnpm.pmnnl full a!Mr
rtM. .. : .. i : t . ...a .1 r, .r. , l ,n I ... .... " 1
iUM IUUIl.tU,CUt. UUIUU1C,,,, IUHUI tu !.,, . .1 ! T,,., . -nilM Tin Inn
read, not aione uecauso ot tne crimes it re- g hBlt afler tbl8i anJ ,,, Joctor8 aiJ ln.
citeu, nut aiso uy reason i me increuiu.e ,ormation ttgain8t jIelene jegld0 who aione
B(UJilU!iy Ul Lit) .ui. B.u itsait m baiJ ,! une tlie victim9 0f .M, ,!
liaaso iougpraciiseu, nut wnose memuera ,j .,, c , ,hat . .
untnlstakeable were tho symptoms of poison
lng that even if no poisnu were to be found
for such a muscular mass as ho represented
ho lifted the body and threw it over his back
to the far part of the yord.
There wasn't much moro of it, because
the owner of the bull very readily persuaded
tbo showman to help him in removing that
utterly demoralized subiect.
On tho next day was the show, on which
occasion the assembled multitude beheld
many wonderful things, and of them all, the
elephant, so prodigious in bulk,and so wou- A, young lady had coquettcduntil tho vic-
derful in other ways, was the central object "m completely exhausted. He rose to
of Interest, so much that the honest country
people took pride in saying; "I have seen
the elephant."
A few days thereafter a friend of our ac
commodating farmer happened along, and
saw the once magnificent bull, now limp,
lame, cowed, and woe-begone, and he eager
ly asked ;
"What's the matter with your bull ?"
"O," replied the owner, with a dubious
had refused to bring her to justice, and had
even opposed the taking of evidence or ex-1
pressing of suspicions in the case.
I on autopsy and analysis in the viscera, none
nesses tbat came here to swear away my
lite.-' Anil so Baying Bheleft the hall, shak
ing her list at the crowd.
Jauuary 18; 1802, sho was guillotined at
Rennes, amid the savage exclamation of the
Imraeuse throng. To the last the denial
her guilt, but just as shs was going to the
scatiou, whispered to the clerk the name o
a woman, who, sho said, had furnished her
with poison, 1'his woman proved to be an
octogenarian paralytic at Locmine. whoso
long career or active benevolence and patient
i ..!.. .. , , . ..
Heleno Jegado was born at Plouhlnec thn leas would thev Insist nnon Ihplr nrnfM. I "U"B"8 '" V ...... tbe ,lame """J
(Morbihan) in 1803. Left an orphan at .tonal honor and reputation, tbat the girls KXwLtrUP i ' , 1 v.T m
seven, she found a home with M. Klallau, had all been dono to death by some LJ ""'-tohernature-JN', Y, IIWJ,
cure of Ilubry with whom uvea her two acent. The Judee destruction on vlsitini? It ... riht... -t.i -i, u
aunts. After seventeen years service there the house was met at the door by the cook. tinitl,Wm i.,..r .i. .... u
Bhe removed with one of these lattcr.Helene Helene Jegado; who. of her own motion wa, about to depart : "If It's just as well
I.lscouet. to the house of the cure Conan. at I rl.,l ni', lonii" rr,.,n.nt r ..i,.t I ,. .'
o it i t,i ii i,.. i , .' ; :. ' 4 'uu UTOnl wuuuie yoursell to call any
oogiicujvtucitj ii, iuBwiruw a iiuioaucjiueru pio one accuses you, replieu the ouicer, and I more." "Oh. it'a nn tmuhU" .i.lm.,1
-1.1 (.,,..1 I. I,. I,,,.,!,., n.n.l 1...1.1 , . ,, , .i . . -"-. v..
gut iuuuu ... wu ua us. utu.u. raug niuciuueu ui once, uuu vTj uaturaiiy, mat I tua
tlculary unhealthy ingredients.
he was guilty.
chap, earnestly.
I all; I like to call."
"It's no trouble at
have the depot master forward it by tele
graph to Qreeubush. It will reach there
before we do." The Oerman paid the thirty
cents and the boy departed, taking the
satchel into another car. On reaching
Grecnbush the boy returned with the bag.
"Ah," said the German, dot delegraff is vun
grate dings. Here dake anoder quorter,
go away. Bhe whispered, as she accompa
nied him to the door: "I shall be at home
next Sunday evening." -'So shall I," he replied.
Tho Chritttan Adtocate says "G ve an
oyster locomotion aud tho Cvo senses, aud he
might bo tho rhinoceros of tho sea.' He
might bo ; but we hope uo generous person
will give him those things. Tho price of a
shrug, and an untranslatable expression of I ball' dozen fried oysters as largo as a rhinoc-
tne lace, tetn the elephant." cros wouiu bttixe away beyond tho margin of
uiobt modest editors pocket books. And a
Here's the story of an unfortunate younc I ul)l0 ' Titled oyttcrs oi bucH dimensions
lawyer. This unlucky wight was' bead over woula populate town.
heels in love wth a beautiful girl, and was
about to be married to her. On the eve of Tb0 othcr wlicn Admiral Rous was ta-
the wedding day he was called in to defend . . y 1"' 'ho doctor coming to attend
an awful miscreant a man of thirty who bim 6alJ' "Well, Admiral, wbat'a the mat-
nau ipoisoneu nis mother and father. The ' .usuij-ntu, wm iwas, j.nai s
case seemed a lost one, and when the proset au 8 lne ma"cr
cuuon nau closet, the young lawyer was jus
auuuk giving up me struggle without an ef
fort. Suddenly he percelyes in the rear end
of the court room his beloved and her pa
rents, who nau come to seo what kind oi
Bluff he was made of. He feels that he must
make a show of talent, and commencing his
argument, rises to the highest flights ot elo
quence. In a word he succeeded in showing
that the criminal is au upright, virtu-
An American journal asks what is the
difference between a good soldier and a
fashionable young lady J and replies: "One
faces the powder, and the other powders tie
"Henry ,you ought to be ashamed to throw
away bread like that. You might want it
some, day .""Well, mother, would I stand
nr.ii 1 . til. I . . 1 1 V
tuons, and much-abu.ed man, and obtains 7 Z: " " "
his acquittal. In the evening, the lawyer,
with triumphant airmails at the house of hU
future father-in-law, expecting that his suc
cess will insure him a warm reception. To
his surprise ho finds the young girl cold and
her parents much embarrassed. He asks
what this sort of reception means. "My
friend," says he, whom the young man had
already began to call father-in-law, "I must
tell you my daughter loves another."
"Another I Who is tbo man 1" The geod
and virtuous man whom you, to-day, Ly
your eloquence, restored to society," replies
the father. Ihrit Jir,
The Michigan penitentiary management
keeps cows. A convict who was sent to look
for them last week is not back vet.
"How to Tell a Mad Dog" is the title of
an article that is going the rounds. Wo
haven't anything to tell a mad dog that we
couldn't send him on a postal card.
Some one said to Hugo once upon a time;
"It must be very difficult to write good po
etry." "No, sir," replied the poet ; "It l
cither very easy or utterly impossible.