The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, April 06, 1877, Image 1

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of gkAwtisliiff.
tliutd wenu, rorjr KrMar morning, at
two iMUinl f r ytar, payabla In advone,or
Uiiu Itch, twuTo lines cr it. tquUu. -it li. Jotw
rclltrnwuna or two lAitilloai, UitctlLsVl
lAiirlair lUHaar. Alwriuw uifirauuuui lot year
rl tin b amriroJ. To subscribers out of th
Jn.iot the term are lr year, -trlctly In advance
ll tt At not p iH In mlf nco and i.n i If payment 60
Onolncn..-.Vn -T.X7 .itXO'UoO HOT a c
rwulncUM.-,,...r...l.tO,.CH. J.IU., .tu
Three inches . T.oi eO ll.w)
i In. ,4. . . ,
.vliir.iKiuniinuea. exectit at the ontlon of thn
nuoltlsueTS, until nil urrjaraifes are paid, but long
coiun.nJ credits after tbe nxplrattou of the nrst
rear ivlll not tk1 iflven
1 of thestalo or to distant post
oir-va must ho paid for In advance, unless a respnn
.11,10 pjrson In Columbia county assumes to pay tbe
inscription due on demand. ......
pus rAOK Is no longer exacted from subscrlberstn
roiirtncliea 1.00 (on nee
Ounrter column lu.oo H.oo 14.00 su.w) M.I
Half column ls.on I8.uu to.oo so.oo
one column .wi o.oo eo.oo loe.M
Yearly advertisements payable quarterly. Tran
sient advertisements must bp paid for before Insert 0
except where parties hate accounts.
lA-gnl advertisements two dollars pertnchfortlifei"
Insertions, anil at that rato for additional Insertions
without reference to length.
K . cutor's, Administrator's and Auditor's notlsea
three dollars.
rrnmlcntor Local notices, twenty cents a line,
rcsuliradvcrtlsementshslf rates.
i 'arris In the "Uuslness Directory" column, o
dollar per car for each lino.
he county.
Tne f.ibolLB l)i"P irtment of the Uni.tfMBIAN Is Tery
complete, and our J b I'rlntliut will compute favora
v wllli that of Ihn larire cities. All work done on
mini, neatly and at moderate prices,
Si I. ELwISf' Etri.ndrrcirl,tori.
, jj , " . .....
1 Ttl Ifiillf'il'IfMSf lit it 1 fit '
Columbia County Official Directory.
I'rjd.lj'it JmUe William Elwcll.
Aaicliite .Iiuljccs-I. K Krlcktwum, V. L. Mhuman.
crjiiinuitar , sc. II. frank Zarr.
C wrt steno,rmD'ier -H N, Walker,
wuler itj.'orlur .Vlllia nson rl. .lacoby.
j-u-nt vtt irnoc-toiin Mtciark.
slierlir Jrrim w, llorfman.
s irfii or Is.ttc Dyivltt.
Trnwircr-lr II. v. Mclteynolds.
u n nHM'i lera .lohn lleruer, 8. W. McIIcnry,
Jcujnli Hands.
0 in nlioiier'Clcrk William Krlckbaum.
A Utwrs-M v. li. Kllnu. 1. U.Casey, K.D. Brown,
c ironer -Charles (I. Murph .
jury Co ninlstloners -Jacob II. Frlti, William II.
int. Sjperlntonilent-Wt'llam II. Snyder.
Illooji I'oir l)lstrlot-l)lrectors-0. I". Knt, Scoit,
Am. Kramer, Uloomsburfr and Thomas Keecc,
leo t. o. i', Ent, secretar .
Bloomsburg Official Directory.
IllooTisbursr Ilanklnir Comnanv John . Vunslon,
rrrllin . It. II. Urn 2. Cnshler.
Klr.s Na lonal Hank Charles 11. Paxton, rrosldent
j. f . rrisun, uasnicr.
Columbia Counrv Mu'ual Savlnir Fund and Loan
AssnU lon-K. II. Lit le, President, C. W. Miller,
niojiniburif Tlulldlny and Saving Fund Association
-w-n. I'eacock, rresuienr,.!. ii. uomson, wecrerary.
Bloomsburir Mu S.ivlnir Fund Assocla Ion J.
J. Brower, I'rcslden , C. ti. liarklsy, Sccre'ary,
cnuncH "dTrectohy.
pattist cucacn.
nov. J. 1". Tus' In, (Supply.)
H tndav Servler-s 1 ii n. m. and SX p. m.
H in.liit' school 0 a. in.
I'rajcrMeetlntf-ltvery Wcdncuday evening atX
Sj.i free. The publlo are lnvPed ton' tend.
st. Matthew's txTutnAX cncacn.
Minis cr Uev. .1. VcCron.
H'ln Hy Scrvlnes-lo a. in. aud 6f p. m.
Mitnrintr HphfMil 0 n. m.
i'ra cr Meo Ing Every Wednesday evening at t a
seats free. No pews ren1 ed. All are welcome.
Minis cr rtcv. Stuart Ml'Niell.
8unday Services roitf a. hi. and 6if p. m.
HtnijAi' Hrtinnl s n. in.
rr.t er Mce ag Every Wednesdas evening a' e$
Hea s free. No pews rented, si rangers welcome.
hstiiodist sriscorALcntmcH.
rrestdlnj Elder-Iiev. N. S. Iiucklnjham.
Minis er-itev. J. s. McMurray.
Jundac Servlccs-1 n andox f. m.
Ulble Class Ever Monday evening a o'clor'k.
Vuung Men's I'ra er Men Ing-Every Tuesday
fvenlng a' o'clock,
ilonernl ITnyorMuetlng-Evcry Thursday evening
Corner of Third and Irun streets,
f asvor-ltev. o. U. (iurley.
Kesileuce C jntrtl Hotel.
Hunday Services lOtf a. in. and J p. m.
8undav Hchool 9 a. m.
Prayer Meeting Saturday, 7 p. m.
All are Invited There Is always room.
tfCtor-Itev L. Zahner.
huiulav services 1 x a. m., ly; p. m.
Sunday school o a. in.
't.u, nn I,il- In Din tminth. IldlV Hninmunlon.
Services preparatory to t'oiiununlon on Friday
rveitU; belore the bl Sunday In ejeu momn.
h rented ; but ever boil v welcome.
evaioblical curitcn.
rresldlng Elder-ltev. A. L. Ileeser.
,lr.l .ti,r itnv .T A. Irvllll1.
Hiindiiv Servlcc-8 p. in., In the Iron street Church.
I'ra er Meeting Every Sabbath at s p. m.
AU are Invited. All are welcome.
Meets In "the little llrtck Church on the hill,"
;Vcnovn on tlio Wuuitt Baptist Church-ou Hock street
'legular'meetlnB for worslilp, every Lord's day at-
scats free j and the public are cordially Invited to
e-irunnl. mtDKIiS. blank, iiist urintcil anJ
nroilv bound In s-nall ljaoks, oa hand and
rHu sale at the Columbian onice. Kill I, 1SI5-U
JILANK DEEDS, on I'archi.i.-nt nnrl Linen
'1 J'apcr, common and for Adralnls ratom, Execu
tion iiiii trustees, for Bile cheap at the colcmbian
and for sale at tne Columbian uince. juihb
t ihn doftoel and Justices should supply them
tjers of t
Bfilves with these necessary articles.
TOSTICESanrl Constables' Fee-Hills for sale
pf at me COLUMBIAN ouite. ihvj tuuwuii vw.-
rected fees as cstaDllsnea Dy mo last aci, oi uxixg
Mature upon the subject. Every Justice and Con-
itable should have one.
ENDUE NOTES just printed and for sale
cheap at the Columbian omce,
'hoots and shoes.
EM. KNORR, Dealer in Boots and Shoes,
, latest and best styles, corncrMalnandMarket
streets, In 111 oia posi omce.
E. SAVM1E, Dealer in Clocks, Watches
and Jewelry. Main St., Just below the Central
O. HARKLEY, Attornev-at-Law. Office
In Iirower's bulldlnif, Jnd story, Kootns 4 s.
T-T? WM.M. nEBER.Bureeon am! Physi-
U clan. Office B. E. corner Hock and Market
t atreeta.
T It. EVANS, M. D., Surgeon and Physl-
t , clan, lomce ana itesiae:
dence oa Third street.
corner JeCTerson.
- ti wjw f n B,n .nil Vim.
B. McKELVY, M. D.. Burgeon and lliy-
. alctan, north s de Mala Btreetrbelovf Market.
B. ROBISON, Attorney-at.Law.
In llartmon's buUdlsr;, Main street.
ROSENSTOCK, Photographer, over
Clark won 5 store, am suviiu
DAVID LOWENBERO. Merchant Tailor
Main at above Central Hotel.
T C KUHN, Jealer in Meat, Tallow, etc.,
X Ceatrfl atreet, between secona ana iniru.
YV SUAVE or anj thine la the TO.NtiOliIAL LI.nb
Under Exchange Hotel, Blooinsburc I'a.
M. IL ABBOTT, Attoraey-at-Law, Main
Catawlasa, I'a.
Collections promptly made and remitted. OHce
Important to Farmers.
and everybody la want ot
We have erected VUns at or near tho Paper MUl.on
tie I). It. t YV. It. H. and are now prepared to sell
line at very reasonable prices anaoigooaquauij.
Orders by Uie car prompily Oiled and shipped to
uy I r '
A lull line of I.UMBEH.ot aU kinds, dressed
or la the rough, Shingles, Lath and
bill Timber to which we Invito
the attention ot custo
mers. 'Orders received and flUed for all kind of Family
kClfy itrlc attention to huslnebs we hope to merit a
Tmareoi puuuu l"""""""'iiK1TTLK ABBOTT,
i . 1816.. Catawlssa, I'a.
l A T K IS T S .
n......d.driinubiint catentx. or dealrlng
feVlnformatlon frua the 'United states I'a ent Omorj
ihould consult r,A.iiiHKi "
, cm hd Foreign rn. Washington. l. C. Bi
cau u" v. ....,,, ,,v senator
..ninaiiona aw. w - - -
11 I
ttfkKI. HuUl KB 1.01 UH MV1H wnwvii
V drlit;'. iTrVr?i. NO more worry with flrea
f wn.'ia-ijr.
nusiNE&s CAuns.
omce, North Market utreet,
Mar.ll.-y Bloomsburg, r.
E. ,:-
Iioom No. 1, '-Columbian" BuUdlnjf.
Sept. 18,1815,
A 1 1 U K Is ri Y-A T-j, A W,
omce. nartmon's Block, corner M sin and Market
airci'is uct, , 10
onice In Brower's building, second floor, room No.
1. Bloomsburg, I'a, uly1,73 y
Attoi neys-nt'Lnw,
omce In Colciisian Hcilhiko. Jan. If, n-ly
AnUlWftlAl..AW ,
Bloomsburg, Pa.
(mice on Main street, nrst door below Courtllouse
F. it J. M. CLARK,
A n u itrs Aa A E) A 1 -ut w,
Bloomsburg, I'a.
April lrvtf-y
omce In Ent s Building.
Bloomsburg, Pa.
IWAll business entrusted to our care will recteve
prompt attention. Julyl.H y
AtiUlUlHl Al
oi net-AO Joining c. K. A; W. J. Buckalew,
Bloomsburg, Pa.
Apr. 14,T-ly.
H. & R. R. LITTLE,
Bloomsburg, I'a.
tf Business belore the U.S.PatentOfflce attended
to. onice In the Columbian Building. ly s
A 1 i) 11 IN lj i -A l-L, A w ,
Colcmbian IIcilhinq, Bloonisburg, I'a.
Members of the United States Law Association.
Collections made in any part of America.
Centralis, Pa.
Fib is, 'T-ly.
onice to llartraan'i Block, second door, corner
Main and Market Streets,
May W-ly,
innWN'S HOTEL. Bloomsbure. I'a.. B.
Moiiner, iTopneror. iix-omniuuiiviuuD mo
class. 11.15 to fl.M per day. Kesiaurant atiacnea.
October s, ns-u
'ewlng Machines and Machinery of all kinds re.
paired. Opkka llocsi nulldlnj, Bloomsburr, i'a.
in:b i, to ijr
wnniri nnnminre to the citizens of Blooms-
uurif and
mTl- and vlclnlt v that he has lust received a full and
compieto assortmenv ui
and all other (roods In his line of business. All the
newest and most anDroved patterns of the day are
always to be found In his establishment, Main street,
below Market. oct- B-ls
Oppoilte tbe Court House,
The LAROisTAUdliisT In all respects Lnthecoucty
oct, 8,15-ly
CY, Exchange Hotel, Bloomiburg, ra.
1 Btna, ins CO., oiiiartiora, wonnecucav...
Lirooi London and Globe
Hafot Liverpool
JRlnti, Ins Co., ot nartf ord, Connectlcnt
10,000, 00
ljineanshlre .
Fire ARSoclatlon, Philadelphia
Atlas of Hartford
Farmera Mutual o: uanvuie
Danville Mutual
Home, New Tort...
5,l 0,000
Commercial Union..., 11,000,000
March M,7I-T
rpHE UNDERSIGNED, repreoentina; several
J of the most conservative and reliable Amerl-
can Fire Insurance Companies, would berr leave to
offer his services to the citizens ot Bloomsburif and
vlclnlti , requesting a reasonable share ot the public
Bloomsbursr.July 18, 18ie.
omce la mowers uiock.
contains tbe largfbt HccV tt
Qaeensware. Glassware, Wo'iflenware,
Canned rmlti,j)rld Traits.
to be found la Columbia county.
A Complete Atsortiuent
always on hand. Call and examine.
Jan 1.1SU,
MM! f H f
To the Warklac Claaa.-We are now prepared to
...iui, n riium with constant smDloyment at
menlI. Business new, light and profitable, ivraons
m KX eaWJ etm rrom w Cfnts to
evenlne.andaproiwrtlonal sum by devoting their
whole time to the tusloens. Bojs and jrtrla earn
nurlv aa much aa men. That all v. ho tee Oils notice
of either sex easily earn
n!np. &nd a Dronortlon;
may send their aaoresa, ui wrsv juo "
make this unparalled olten To such aa ara not well
i mubie of wrUlfl. Kull parttcuULm ttmple worth
neeral dollara to vomroeiice work od, aud co
i copy I
iiritnA ana nrruue. uuo ui vuu wtn.
rtreht and Lei
i!..TT.,fttH thtifntUinii. ii Hrsnt. fro Lr malL Head
er, it j oa wmit permanent, proflutue worn, aaarosa
ft, k. Comer ttecwd and Area Street1,
Dealers in
ici, tnou, S1CAXI aoM, ., rto.
ur-ojdafA wtutciaya PfP anaanara.
TlihdKtrt!i!.infrAnflilAniirerou crtmplnlnt ondlt
prcmnnltnry Mmptoms n-'plfctr-fl cnn.'li, (iljr'it
Rwet. hoannw wtwlnff fl(,fc1i ffVPt i'Pitnnnt-iit-h
iircd hy l)tt "swaj nt'B Coinpouna Sj rup ot iUl
nuoNcniTIA-a rrrmoMtor of Pulmfttmry Con
sumntloii. Is clinraetcTlzM by Catnrrli or inflnmnt Itm
of tlm imicuoii" mmbrnnf1 of th nlr p:ifi(fo,
hoorp',nf,B3, pains In Uo chest Tor nil lliuiaulal
affections, Bore tlirrat,lusfof otce coukLp,
Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry
Ilemmorrhnpf! ortsplttlnp of W(wm1. mav prrccert
frnm the lnt nr. traclila, l-ronchta or lnn;s. inul
nrtsp from arioionii"CR, awndupplMrnloKfrllnn.
plethora futliiPhBOf the vrmi l, wmk lurp", oct
(trnlnlncpf the tolre, puppreeil evacuation, ob
fit ruction of thu spltrn or lher, &e.
CcmpcT:nd"Syrup of Wild Cherry
rlkps at the root of dlfenM1 hy purlfilnif lhbloml.
restortnit the lhf r and kldnrjH to hcati hy action, lt.-
ts nrianelnnspowpr not only ovor every clirnnlc
Fe where a craaual alterutnc notion is necien.
ider Its (ifo the rouirli is looeued. the nlsiht
sweats diminished, thn pnln iihldes. Ihe pule re
turn to its at urai stnnnaru, tt ehtoinnchis iiiutu-
In ltsnowrr to dlirest and assiml ate the rood nnl
prv tircriin tins a nurrr niid lielter nunlltv of hloud
upplled to It, out of which new rucreflthcantlplasi-
maieriRi is mauu
!)H sVAYNKeraluatH!atono of the hestMcdl
il Colleges In the 1. atiU "as eiitrncrd in an nc-
tire prnctlco for many earn, thu jruarantcelnir that
his Ions are prepared upon btrlelly sclent 1 tic
Reliable Evidence.
Tin. PwAVNE liear Sir t I feel tt to I'p due tn you
and nifferlntf humanity tn pUo thofdlowlntesll-
monv ruBpeciinir iiiB wonut'iiiu curauu inrrt m
jourrompounds.irupot wild Cherry nnd Sirapn
riUa and Tar rills, I was amicted with a Mount
cough, pains In thn Mde and hrcat, nl'ht. swontu,
pore throat, my bowels wprctostlu appetite neuih
irnne, nnd mv fctomach fo very weok that m vhy Ti
tian was at a losa to know what to do for me, aa e
eryihlnfr I used In the shape of medicine was rejet-
u ; spii niiii'rcni Hint" ti tinv in inuuu i ifiniiincu
for months In this awful condition, and trae up all
hopes of ever recoverlnir. t ihH lime nil leuim
mpnded the usof jour srup and t tils, which 1m
medlatelv bejj.w to soothe, eoinfort nnd nllay tlie
violence of the eoutrh, strencthened nndhtahd
unjes; in snort, it ims uuuten trrecr eui-en. nic,
per-on douUlnj; th'' truth of th, aN) e n
will please ca 1 on or ad iress me at the f T'tnr
i:iw.i:i)ii. n.wsov.
Knjflneprof (ieo. Hweenrjv pt.ttcr,
UltigQ oad, below ultacc, I'lil.a
Ovrrso vears have elancd. and Mr. ltamvin Mill
remains n heart man to this clay-K-ptcmb-raoth,
16 u.
Dr. Thomas J. It. Ithoads. imprtown. lifrV-s co..
Pa., vvilte-: Your compound s.rn of U 1 d i hcrrj
eMeern cn liiirhiv : nine oer-n scniinr una r eoin-
mendlnjrlttomv tatlcntsfor nwnj jeaib and It I
wns nropf ellKactous In obstlnaie cmiirh-. binii-
chlal and astnmaM. nl nffectl' ns It has mailc some
remnrkaijie.cure? in tins seeiion. nu i ronsiuer n
the best leinedv with whih lam nnnialnted
Price ti. sin hot lies for$ If not sold by our
drup2tct,we will rnrwrrd half do7en b impress
freU'ht paid on iccf Ipt of p Ice.
tzDo.-'ciibe sjtnptnms tn all communion! I-tis, and
address let'er" tn I)lf sWAVMIA: suN'.Bto Noiili
slxh Street, Phllndtlphl i. Nuch.u in will W uauU
roraaice, soia uy aruccisis nnaueaieis in incut-
clnes generally.
That dreadr d ol;(ace,from which to mam pcrton
Buffer, Is frequently the cause of
Is speedily re leed, and arc often permanently cured
Swayne's Tar and Sarsaparilla Pills.
Fevers are often presented by the me of these
Sarsaparllla Pills, a? they carry off. through the blow l
the Impurities from width lluy ailse. Tor I'ohtlve
nefis there Is nothing bo effectual osiSwajne'H Tar
and Harsuparllta Pills.
i ney are purely epeiaoie,nnu rci specially fin mu
.iver as Ulue Ma&s or Cult uiel. without au. Ladle-
suits from taking'.
Address letters to nit. SVYNI. & PONM'hlladei.
phla. Ho chnrpo fcraUlce. tei(i b) mall on r-ctlpr
of price. Price 25 cents a box; me boxes fort I, sk
our urugibb iur inem.
Itching PJles
U ger.eralli preceded by a Moisture, like perspira
tion, dlstrfssliitf ltehlnpr. though pin worms wcru lu or about the rirtum, partlcul.irly ftt
nieniwnpii un'jrt'KSiiiir.ur 111 ut i iiicr trt'ii nir i rm.
Uanrvflr8lnbuminera9 wellns wlirer. nftrntlnu'3
huua iiM'ii aruuuu iim jun uiu jim i, unu if nui run
nneii in ina e un v. uui 11 mine as iret 1 ei 1 wiai it-
males are soryjy an lie ted, nuittculnilj In thut-s r.r
prt'ffuanej . exieiidins lrioun Migina, provirn; tut
tri'Kslnir almost bevoml nuurrs of eriduiancc.
Cases or lone btniullnir, pronounced Incuniblf, ix e
oven permaneniiy emeu uy simpiy appij ing
Swayne's Ointment,
1 was soreh a filleted with one of the most dutres-
fclnir of all alseiis-ea. 1'rurltu or Prurigo. r uiuit
commonly known as Itching Plies, 'ihe lUhlnHt
times was almost lntwleraMe, Increased bysiratcU
Iijl', and not unfrequently became tiuli u K-ie. 1
boutrhta box of bwayne s Olntnient; lis us trail'
nulck relief, and tn a hbort time made n norft'Clture.
I can now sijen undisturbed, and I tuuid adil'-e all
who are sutTeilnsr with thHUMre&slnrtJinplulfit lo
procure hwajiiert ulntment at once. I had til"..
pvescrlptlon3 almost innumerable without finding
any permoneui renei
Firm of Ituhde) Clirlst, Poot nnd khon H6Uhe,334
mjiiu K'cona hireet, 1 nuauvipma.
Swayno's All-Healing Ointment
la also a apectflo for tetter, licli. 2a't rluum he.ild
head, ervt-lnelas. bnrrnjr'K itch. l)Infrhe. tdl scalv.
crustv. cutaneous itudUuiih Puft-cili Nife and
harmless, een on the mf t tepdni infaM. I'rlee fu
oi'iitB, or tlx boxes forH.xft. heut b mal to any
address on receipt or prliv, l'repuretl 0 ly by
DR, SWAVNK t foON. S.10 K. Ctli St., Philadelphia
ratarrh Is an affection t f the tnuru memhrnre r f
the nofeo, throat, chest, Ac, Hccomponh'd with dull
heavy headache, dt met Ion 0' thn naf-a) pnsapis,
weakejes, watery and Imlomeii, nrrkliij: or utiifii
inc to clear the throat, expectnrsilon f ofTeit-hc
maiicr, 8 men unu ihmo hip njipuueu, Mrrtu
feeling In tho head, Incessant blowlm? of tl e w-v,
and other sjmptoma are likely to uproar virv ills
treeslug, and no rtlsenfr Is more crnnnon, and in. tie
less understood bv pbVFlilans. Mnf-nnthsif the
cases of oiltnsUebreatli are occaslcntU b) tat irrh,
Is a certain and permanent cure, and warranted in
eiery case, no matter how obstinate or lomcMund
Inir. It can be obtained only by adrcst-inc int.
SWAVNK t SON. 83 1 North SlTth stiiet Phlladel-
phla. Mailed toanv atiarerson the ticelpt tr tie
price, one dollar, with full dlrecllors for use alsoa
full account of the orl In and natuie uf ihi disi if-.-sIdk'
comi lalnt. We repeat It t It Is be end (tl) en. in.
fiarlson the beft remed forrtitarrlu Hrdlfrmcie.
if member I itian beobtnlfed Hiiv b fliidrc--tiiti
OH. HW'A YNK : SON.3S0, Norlh Sixth Htreet. 1'hU
rdelnhla. with artiultUnce, as we do cot place 1' In
the band of dealers, the eamo as wo donur otiwr
preparations. In writing for our Mi 'atari h itemed "
iiao aiaie jou nu uutinisviut'iii in uv
uinbtun" Hloorasuury,
Why Dye ?
No mnlter how (.ray or Ilnrkh Ihr
ifnirmtr be. It can ba restored tnlts srlclual color
andjouthfulappi' nseluc
London Hair color ncstoi cr.
A Itcmei1' to lteln.
state the Human Hair
la a'l Itajontlitul
color, lustre, boftneka
and Utauly,
Hair Kcslorer
llalr Itchioirr
Hair livMoier
Hair Ueslour
llutr Hesierer
llalr lUislorer
Hair Itestnrcr
llalr UcHtoicr
llalr liotlurl r
All 1CI KOI1N It llO tlNllll'O lo llfitlllV
of uernonal appearance, fchould not negltct that
natural nfsceaslty, Ihu hair. Hv many It has luen
fallen Off, Iho ronilon Hair Color llrbtorer restai ea
nAturea Iobsus. and luiparwa healihy and natural, thirk-eiia lliu hair, curca dandruff and all
Itchy, scaly eruptions on tho scalp, inaklnir it u bUu
and clean, and Insurlni; a luxuriant eroulh of hair
In Its natural j outbful color. ITleo 75 cenls. Prin
cipal depot for the U, tl., U-A .North bUll) tUtet,
r,i',Tn;u intiii: muiininu.
You can't help ilio Imliy, rnrKin
nut villi I want joit tnuo
Down tin' look In upuii lur,
An' rcml nn' pr.iy, nou know,
Only Irtt wrel fho wt'fi nklnj In' rrttirrl
A pnllln' my wlilk'n 'n' hair,
A cllmliln' un tn tlin t iWo
Into her little high chair.
" h" tlrt n'uht Unit sliejocl; It
When Ikt h'tlo clieeUs (ncwicil,
lirii ph" hls.cil Bwl-nlftlit tn papa,
Aiiil went nw.ivtnhod
Soz shn i "II hi'ml.ieiir, papn,
l!o ln'lt"r In mcinln' hji' ;'
An' snrai'thln' In how she sihl It
.lct m.ia.' mo v nut to rry.
"Hut thn rrnrnln' hroujht Iho fr ver,
Ami her Ittllf li 'hrH wfrr hot,
An the prcttv rerl uv lirr lUtlc chcr-ki
Orcwlnto a crtmpon spot.
Hut shr law tlirre Jett C2 patient
V.7. ever a wnra mi couM,
Takln'whnt vcrwe giro her
ltetter'n a crown woman would.
"1 ho rial h aro Ic.i Ihlo long nn slow,
An, Mie's iirowlir w-us In each j
An' now i-hp's J"st n sllppti,'
Clour nway out uv our roach.
Kvcrv lilt'hr Hh"n I kl-l her,
Trj In' hard not to cry,
Miu s In a w ny tint kllH me
'Ho better In niornln' hjo 1'
Pho can't get thr. ' the n'sht, parson,
So I want jelnenmo nn'pr iy,
Anil talk with mother n little
ou'U know J"tt what tn say
Net that Hie hahy ncoJs 11,
r.or that wo tnnke any complaint
That nod scrmi to think lie's nmlln
'i'ho srallo uv the little saint."
1 walked nloncr wllh the ccrpoml "
To I h" ilnor ot his humt lo home,
To which the silent me8i.engiT
II foi n mn h id nlvo come ;
nrl if he hivi lirrii a title I prince.
I ii imM not li ive I n honored inrrn
'lh in I w.-. i.i'h hli he?rlleltw(lermie
Tu UU lnv.'i.. c.Ttn?e dnnr.
M'.it rn'-. in; iln In,the rotHijn ;
Th y mne in nienei' mid rlresil.
Arcund the room woere Ihe baby
Lies pai.tln upon her berl.
"Hues huliy Kiinw papa, d.llltnir?''
And he innei her lift Jo face '
lih answi r ilmr. Rh iwsfIio fcnews him;
Hut fciirce a vlblllu traco
Of her wonder ul Inf lr.tlle beauty
Hetnalii us it was b1 f ro
1 ho mix rn. i-llenf inesrier
Hid wnl'ed nt h" tloer. '
"1'iipn khs-liiiby-lN sn-tirctl."
't he inan Imws luw his race,
Abil tMi swjl.'n ha-idK mc lifted
In h.ihj's Iit enirrace. '
And lulu lur father's Krirleti bearj
The mile red flnjrer-iclln,., 1
While h r hukv whlspend tenderness
Teurs rrum a ror-k i oukl u rlns,
"ll.tby -U -no- shU- papa
Hul don't want r,u -tn cry ;"
The little hands fall mi Ihn tmerlet
"Hi Iciar !n-iuoiiiln' byol'
And niff it nrnund baby 1s fslllnir,
Settlltijr rlown rlnik nnrt dense ;
Dots Hud nerd Ihclrdjilln',' In lieatcn lie niusr em, lurh
I praved. wlih tears In mi voice,
As the enrpiiral si lemnlj knelt
With such i;nerui new r Ufii'n
His great wji m heart had felt.
Oh ! frl ul us men and women I
l'n uu know that u round on, and nigh
Alike finm ti ehumhli and haushty
r.neth up evermnro tho cry:
'Jly child, inyprecliiiis, my daillngr,
Him can I lei jou Ulu J"
Oh ! In At j e thu w hlto Hps v hl-ipcr
"He-beltei In niorr.ln' bye !"
r.Mii:i: rm; ska.
ny fTfAN roor.tiior.
They were scrambling down tho rocks,
pay clinttcriiir; procession pretty lvate witli
her captain; Dr. Gray supporting his in
valid wile. ; Helen, Jcubel, Tom anil their
midshipman cousin ; and last of all Ksther
Yane iilnne. It Fcemed tn her morbid
fancy right that it i.hould bo so. Henceforth
she mu-t bo alone always.
The little guide trittid on in advance
his round, ten year old face wearing the va
cant look so strangely common to that part
ol'iho Maine coast, with its glorious scenery.
There the ocean is considered simply a vast
depot of herrings and "porgy oil,1' nnd thu
mountains ns untoward obstacles in the wny
of n primitive husbandry. "Iila-t 'em, I
wi-h they was Hit," natives say, ns their
plows encounter the boulders at the base ;
and.if they look aloft at nil, it is to calculato
the perches of "tin rider land" which might
bo made to occupy tlio sumo area, if tho
heights were nut of tho way.
Our party felt on the eve of great things,
Having arrived only the day before, Mt.
Newport with Its wonderful reach of sap
phire sea, tho binds, tho lakes in their set
tings of dark blue hills were still to them
the images of things net fecn. This, their
fir-t excursion, thev bud dedicated to tho
"(irnttn," or "Devil's Own," ns tho coa-t
people term it ; a so''t of (iihuinriuo c.ivo
unveiled and accessible, at low lidu only, nod
a great wonder in its way. The path grew
steeper. Carefully they followed its wind
ings step hy step; sure-looted Kate accepted
tho help slio didn't mud (or that pleasure in
being guided nnd wnlchcd. And now the
little guiuo piiu-cs, mid willi a freckled fore
finger poinU round n projecting rock, All
crowd to tlm ot, Ah ! ilitrc it is thu
ol the mei maids!
A shriek'nf mingled surprise and tnchnnt-
incut huist from ihe party nt tho sight, lie
neaih tho low browed arch the rocky 11 ior
arose, terrace above terrace, till in its high
est recess it nut tha roof above, A Ilnor
fur tho ucrcid. to duueo 'upon ; a floor of
pink coralline, gleaming here and there
through pools of tmtrnld water left hy the
retreating tide, And each of these tiny
lakelet turned lulmiuiiig with flowers the
(loners oi ocean gncn whorls, like chest
nut liiimianemoncswith the r dahlia bloom,
brown and niy tnossis, nmong whoso tend
rils fi-h dartid nnd played nnd snails of vi
vid orange color clustcrul ; Wood leaves of
brilliant dye swaying and undulating witl
tho motion of tho pool mlnuto sparks of
life Jibbing every irridtseeuj hue ; earthly
garden wat never to gorgeous. Tlio rocky
uhtdvis were dimpled with IhiIqws softly,
exquisitely curved, o fancy o( the old
clakslo days seemed loo autastto or too fair.
for the spot. The iniiigiuatipn Immediately
kindled into pictures and saw the sea nymphs
sporting In tho foam bold tritons winding
their shells ; mermaids playing ut hide and
seek nixies aud waterspritet peeplui; from
the basins--nil dreamland uud wonderland
opening, and the common earth put aside
uud faraway,
Willi crii" r filellirlit tlio party iiiurle tliclr
wny (Inwn, Mini snnti.rul lliroilgli tlio cave
Them wns mnm fur im nrmy. It wan linril
to renlizi? Hint Willi flip icttirninir tlile tlic
the 'pare must fill, the gateway clnsc, ami
U'.iyr mo rrsilng place for human fool.
"nu iaiil the tide was going down, illdn't
ymi, little loy?''
Ye ill."
Ynu'ro "lire"
TliM's nice," irieil Isaliel. 'Tlirn wr
nan sluv m lung ns we like. Oh I ilo sour-
linrly crime In re ninl see this.'
She was lylntt wlih her facti nlmoit touch-
ing tin- niiemnncH. Nolmily rcspniiileil tc
her cull each had fniinrl ionic other point
of Interest. Trim hiulfi'hoil una cen urchin
mid was Fxhiliiiini? it. Kate and tho cap-
lain, In it niche ot tin i r own, at safe whis
pering distance, were absorbed in each oth
er. K-tlier Inul climbed to the topmost ledge
and wns aittinit there alone. For the first
time in nix weary months, it sensation of
pleasure had coin'." to her, and "he was con
demns of hut niie longing that they would
all );o away nnd lento hrr to realize it. With
nnme vague hope he got out her color box
and portfolio, and began trmketcli. Sketch-
iiil', ho had discovi red, kept people ofT. nnd
furnMicil an i xi for silence. And po nn
hour or so pa'ced by. Slio heard aa in a
dream, tho clatter of tho others, their ques
tions to tho little iruide, his abort, jerky re-
plic!. The pools weio nil explored j the
urchins and anem ones had all been tickled
with para-ols, and had been made to shut
again ; tho yomur peoplq had begun to sigh
fir future worlds to conquer nnd Mrs. Oray
to consider It very damp.
'I.ittln bny, isn't there something else near
hy which we should like to ee?"
"fine" so."
"Well, what is it?" Toll us, please.
"There's lb 'he.vls,' I cues."
"Oh ! how far nil' is that ? A mile did
you.ay'' 'll.,"s nt far. I'.ipn, tho boy
says there's n place railed the ends.' only
a mile awav, m d we want to go and nee it.
Can't wc jo? Ymi know the vay,don't you
little boy?''
"1 think this place is very damp, sighed
Mrs. (Irny. 'I "boold really be glad to po
some where and foil the unbine nirain. I
begin lo have
let, the liny 1,
crecpim; chills,
uv us lie way
suppose we
lo this other
plmv. fith.-r?"
"VerywMt. (t -t
KsMht, we'r cn;ii;r 1
your things together,
"0, Mr. Ony ! Mu-t 1 go? I'm in the
middle, of a sketch, you see. Couldn't you
leave me here quietly and pick me up as you
como back? .slmulrl like it so much.1
neii i non t knew. uiic tnleisgoing
out, tho hoy says ; there won't ho any trou
idem tnnt kunl Are vtm euro vou won t
be chilled or ! rely ?"
"Oh ! qnil" sure "
"Promis'c me that if you aro you will go
to the cnttiiee nt tl'e henrl and warm your
self, or it nn iln r' l-l.s in the sun. We'll
li'ok lor ymi in nun place or tl.o other.
Cioi'd-bv, niv dear.''
"(loo'd-by', sir."
"And, lather, you must have somo lunch.
You'll be starved before wo come back,"
crlrrl caieful Ile'en.
So she nnd Tom and a basket made their
way upwaid, and a deposit of sandwiches
ami l'ort wine was lelt In a convenient crov
ice within reach,
'flood by, rl. nr I hope the sketch will
he lovely." And they are gone up the hill
side Mr-. Gray last, leaning upon her hus
band's arm.
"Poor chihl," she .-aid, 'it makes my heart
ache to see her leek so sad. Didn't you no
tied bow she was loo -ing to have us go and
Icnvo her nlonr ?"
"Aud the wort thing for her. She needs
rousing, nnd ail this morbid thinking does
her . ,i i."
Tho voice did away. Ksthcr caught tho
words and fiyiLd at I hem a bitter little
smile. That was what all of Ihem had said
since her tnmbh came. She must be arous
ed an, Used and they had crowded busi
ness aud pleasure upon her until she some
times felt tlio could no longer bear it.
This was the liisl time in many months she
had felt really fno; freo to be silent, to
look sad, to cr) il" she wished. What a
luxury it was I Xu aniom mother to watch
her, thise cnmpuiative strangers withdrawn,
his cool, d.irUinir silence, it was delicioii".
There was sum thing in tho very nature of
her trial which in.ido it necessary to veil
hur grief with re rve. A bhek dress sho
might wear was a cousin, and soma
s-lnw is nllowd fir second cousinhood even
and for intimato friendship, such us theirs
has been. Hut no one knew tho unnvowed
ngiigeinent which hound them since the
lurried fan well letter in which his lovo
found utterance, and which only reached
after he had sai'.id the sailing from which
there was to bo u leturn. Xo one knew
n they talki d compassionately of her hav
ing had .1 drc.idful shock, poor girl, her
own eniisjn, you know, ami such n iius
young f'-llon Mint Iter heart was wearing
widow's weeds, and mourning its dead ns
tho great loss of lite. It wouldn't hear
talkiu g abuut so tho kept silent, and tried
to wear brave lace.
Left ulunu, she found with some surprise
that she didiilt want to cry. All that morn-
ho hud felt that lo creep away some
where and Vitep, and weep hir heart out,
would l so;:td; but tears are contrary
things, flic sat there dulled into u calm,
that Ans nine st content. Sho was think
ing ot Ihn time l'aul had visited the island
and climl'id about thai very cave. On
that very t ck wluro six sat he might per
haps h avo res'cil. riho liked to think so.
It brought hi. m luurer.
A little later slie.put her sketch nway and
crept down to a biond ltdpe, where through
tho arch, tho exquisite sky lino was visi
ble. Tlin surf tumbled and clilui
ed liko distant hells. She lay ns if fasciua
led, her eyis fixtd upon the shilling hori
zon, buma wlnru beyond it was the
snot where tho ship which held her all went
ilowu. Down where if ller imagination ran
riot. Clemiu ihe liquid depth to Inmost
sanctuary ul t c i cum, sho saw the golden
sands, the .diadmiy green light percolating
tliruugu miles nt water tho everlasting ra
poju which Kilned there beyond tho reach
pf wind, htuimnr hurricane, Shu tried to
fix Iho uoiulu'i.! images, nnd to think ot it
as it heavcu un hrs tranquil than tho quiet
mounds un.h r which ore pillowed beloved
heads on eurih. lint it would not stay.
l hnughta il tempest aud fury, or chill pip
ing winds whipping tho foam from tho
waves, ot rt i r and tumult, and of a ueaV'
lug nJlucru o I dark waters cams over
her, nnd through nil the refrain of Jean In
gclow's pathetic strain both mixed nnd
"And shall I -ce thee no morn
Till tho sea gives up Its dead?''
Orent drops forced themselves beneath
the closed eyelids, nnd she sohbedout: '0,
l'aul, Paul I how enn I bear it?'
Aud then sho thought ns she had thought
before, how glad she would he to die 1 lAfe
didn't seem desirable nny longer, unci it
would be blessed to be with Paul, even nt
the bottom of tho dark, deep ocean. And
thinking thus the long eyelashes drooped
more and more heavily; peace fell upon
brow and lips; she was asleep nsleep and
dreaming n sweet joyful dream. She awoke
with n sensation of intense cold. The spell
of slumber was so strong upon her that for a
moment she did not realize what had taken
place. The cao wns full of water. Her
feet nnd the hem of her dress were already
wet. The roar of the waves benenth the
hardly distinguishable nrchwny told them
that the tide had surprised another victim,
nnd already the avenue of eseapo was
Was this the answer of somo unbroken
Tho thought flashed over her. Had she
really prayed for death ? Hero it wns, close
at hand, and sho wns conscious of no glad
nessonly a distinctive desire for life. It
was loo dreadful to be drowned in tho hole
and washed away liko a weed. Life
wns worth living after nil.
Hnd somebody said, or wns she dreaming,
Mint a portion of tho caye wns untouched by
water ? She could not remember, but now
she searched about for some indication. Ah,
surely this wns one a cork, a scrap of pa
per lodged on tho higher shelf, fragile
things which a tide must inevitably have
washed away. With that instinct of prop
erty which survives shipwreck nnd fire, she
collected her drawing materials and other
little belongings, anil retreated to this possi
ble place of refuge, wrapped her cloak about
her, nnd with folded hands satdowntouwait
her fate.
The cave was full ol pale, green light. It
wns beautiful to see, as the advancing flow
rose, ledge after ledge, nnd flooded the fairy
pools, how each star flower and sea urchin,
each crimson -ind golden weed, trembled
anil quivered as with delight at its refresh
ing tiiueh. Knell anemone threw wide its
petals and expnnderl into full blossom to
meet tho spray baptism. Xo mortal eye
ever looked upon a sight more charming;
but its beauty was lost to the shivering and
terrified girl.
The doorwny had quite disappeared,
Sharp spray dashed against her dress. The
drops struck her face. She shrank nndclung
more tightly to the rock. A prayer rose to
her lips; nnd through the tremulous light
of the submerged nrchwny a strange shadow
began to go nnd come, to move and pause
and move again. Wns it fish or weed, or
some mysterious presence ? Did It come ac
companied by life or death?
Meanwhile on Ihe rocks above, n distract
ed group wero collected. The party hnd
como gayly back from the "Heads." Mr.
Gray, ignorant landsman though he was, had
grown uneasy, and hurried them away. Ar
rived at the "Grotto," the full extent of the
calamity was nt once evident. Tho boy hnd
mistnken the tide How or ebb aud the
only hope was that Esther, discovering her
danger it time, had taken refuge nt tho cot
tage near by. Thither they flew; but, as
wo know, in vain.
The sobbing girls hung distractedly over
tho clir, listening to the hollow boom with
which the waves swung into tho cavern be
neath, sickening to think of the awful some
thing which might any moment wash out
ward on the returning billow. The gentle
men went for assistance and brought a cou
ple of stout fishermen to the spot. Itut what
could anybody do?
"If the young woman has sense enough to
climb up to the right baud corner aud sat
still it wont hurt her none, perhaps,' one of
them said. "Not mors than two tides n year
gets up there."
"Oh! if lMher liadon'y been told that!
They could but trust powerlessiy to her
steadiness of nerve and common sense.
"She's such a wiso thing," Helen sobbed
out. So they waited.
A rattle of wheels came from the road.
They all turned to look nnd some one said,
'Perhaps its a doctor!" Though what earth
ly Use a doctor could have been would bo
hard to say,
rV figuro was rapidly coming up tho path
a young mau. Nobody recognized him.
till Dr. Gray started forward with tho face
of one who sees a ghost. "Paul ! Good
God! Is it possible!"
"Yes, doctor,' with a haty hnnd shake.
"Xo other, I don't wonder vou stare."
"Hut in heaven's name how has it como
auout i ncre nave you been since wo
gave you up for lost 1"
"It's a long story. You shall hear it
some day. Hut' rapidly forgive my im
patiencewhere is my cousin, and what is
the matter?"
There was a dead silence. At last with a
groan, Dr. Gray spoke.
"Paul, my poor fellow, how can I tell you!
l'.stlier Is below there."
"In the grotto?"
"In Ihe grotto, Can anything be done?'
The young man staggered. The glow faded
from his face, leaving him ashy pale. For
a moment he stood irresolute, then ho nrous'
en unwell, ami ins voice, though husky,
was lirm :
"It is a frightful place: still there is no
absolute danger if she keeps her presence of
mind. I staid thero over a tide once my.
sell, Just to see It. Is your boat at hand?,
to one of the fishermen.
"Yes sir."
"Fetch it around then, is quickly as poi'
siuie. men lo ie, uray : "l shall row
thero opposite the entrance and make a dive
for It. If I come up inside it Is all right
and I'll see that no harm happens to Esther
till the water falls and we get out."
"But tho risk 1"
"There is tho risk of Btrlklng the arch as
I rise that Is all. Pin a good swimmer,
you know. I think it can be dotie. You
can guess," with a sort of a palo smile, "how
I have been counting on this meeting; and
to leave her alone Is simply Impossible. I
shall manage it never fear,"
Tho boat came. They saw it row out
Paul taking the bearing carefully, shifting
positions once, and yet again, before satis
lied, then looked up with bright, confl
dent eyes and a nod, and clasped his hand;
over his head. A splash lie was gone, aud
the water closed over lutn.
Within the cave Hither watched the
strange, moving phantom which darkened
the entrance. Tho splash reached without
startling her, and In another instant a flash
ing object whirled down nnd Inward, nnrl
rising, tho 'waves revealed a face a white
face with wet hair, In the pale, unearthly
glow It wore iho nspect of death. It drew
nearer; she covered h:r face with her hands.
Was thesea giving up Its dead, that here, In
this fearful solitude, the vision of her drown
ed Paul confronted her or was she going
mad ?
Another second, and the hands were with
drawn. The peril, the excitement of the
past hour, tho strangeness and uureality of
the spot, combined to kindlo within her nn
unnatural exalation of feeling. Had she
not craved this 1 If they met ns spirits in
this land of spirits, was sho to bo afraid of
Paul, or shrink from htm? Xo, a thousand
times no. ,
Tho face was closo upon her. With rapid
strokes it drew near a form emerged it
was upon the rocks. With a shiek, she held
out her arms. Cold hands-clasped hers a
voice (did dead men speak.?) cried "Quen
ie, Quemlel
The old pet name I It was Paul's ghost,
but none the less Paul. "I know y are
defd," sho said, "but I'm not afraid of you,"
aud felt unterrified as a strong arm enfolded
her. Put tho breast upon which her
cheek rested was throbbing with such vivid
pulsations that, half roused, sho began to
shudder in a terrible blended hope and fear,
aud she shrank away from his touch.
"Oh, Paul I are we both dead, or only you?
Is this the other world ?
"Why darling," gently seating her on the
rock, "you aro in n dream. Wake up, love ;
look nt me, Ksthcr. I am not a dead mau,
but your living Paul. Keel my hand it is
warm, you see. God has restored us to each
other; nnd upw, if his mercy permits, wo
will never be parted again."
"l'aul 1 Paul!'' cried Esther, convinced at
They were very happy. Prosy lolks could
they have looked In would have seen only
two exceedingly wet young people seated
high on a rocky ledge, receding wa'ers rip
pling about their feet, hut they, all aglow
with life and happiness, scarcely knew of
tho lapse of time before the shimmering line
of light appeared nt the mouth of the cave
Willi blessed tears streaming down her
cheeks Esther heard his story ; how, picked
up the sole survivor of that dreadful wreck
by an India-bound trailer, her lover had
lain delirious many weeks in a far laud un
able to tell his name or story; and in part
recovered, started at once for home and land
ed in advance of the letters which told of his
salety. And so they had met here 'mid cor
al anil tangle and alomoiidine,' as she heard
the story of his perils Esther clasped the
hand she held as if she never again could
let it go.
That provident littlo Helen bless her
heart! "huilded better thau she knew,' in
having such a store of damp sandivitches
nnd refreshing wine for those drenched ami
happy lovers. Aud when at last the reced
ing tide opened agaiu the rocky gate aud the
ista of the sea tinged with rosy sunset, nnd
Csther, nided by strong arms, left her pris
on it was with a glow liko the sunset upon
her cheeks, and in her eyes such n radiance
of happiness Mint it fairly dazzled the for
lorn, hedragged group above. Mrs. Gray
embraced her Ifondly and fell into a fit of
ong deferred hysterics. Tlio boys executed
war dauco of congratulation, and Helen
and Isabel laughed and cried for jov. And
as Esther turned with Paul for a last look at
the scene of their deliveranco the ,'chimes
and murmur of theseaeemed full of bless
ing the blessing of tho dear Lord who had
compassion upon her weakness, restoring her
to life, and to that life its lost joy. With
thankful heart she went her wnv.
A Louisiana correspondent of tha Si.
Aioirxii writes to that journal as follows :
The rescuo of a mule in llienville Parish,
La., from a well sixty feet deep, caused ho
much surprise and interest here lately that
senu an account to you.
It is vouched for by some of the best citi
zens of this place, who witnessed it, and I
assure you it is every word true.
Iliis inula fell hind-feet backward into an
old dry well sixty feet deep; it is supposed
that the edge ot tho well caved iu with him
All eflorU to rescue him wero fruitless, as ho
was completely wedged in. Finally, tho
owner of the mule, supposing that the poor
cre.i lire was severely injured by the fall, de
cided that it would be more merciful to havj
him killed than to allow him to starve to
death. Xot knowiug any other wuyofdis-
(itching him, he had a cart-load of dirt
thrown in upon him. Hut, iustead of allow
ng himself to bo buried alive, his muleship
quietly shook oil' tho dirt and pressed it
down with his feet; thus raisiug himself
several inches above his original position
Another load was thrown in with the same
result; aud then some said that if the mule
would continue tramping down tho dirt, it
was possible that he might be extricated ;
it would be no harm to try, auy way. Act
ing on this suggestion, ull the farm hands
went to work filliug tho well, carefully pour
ing tlio dirt in ou tho sides so as not to hurt
the mule. It was slow work filling that deep
well, but a heavy interest was awakened by
the perseverance with which the poor ani
mal tramped down the dirt,and ull worked
with willlug hands.
Slowly but surely, inch by inch, did he
ascend, until the great well was filled within
a few feet of the lop ; then as complacently
as il uolliing strange had hnppccd, his
muleship slopped out safe aud sound !
A celebrated vocalist, whoso demeanor
and action were as awkward and ungainly
as hli voice was beautiful, said ono day to
Shanes ISannlster! 'Do you know what
made my voico so melodious?' ,No,' re
plied Ilannister. 'Why, then, when I was
fifteen 1 swallowed hy accident some train
oil.' 'I don't think," rejoined ll.iunistcr,
'it would have dono you nny harm If, at
the same time, you had swallowed a dan
cing master,"
Jokkh' Cakk. Somebody praised a kind
of cake Jones brought down to his ollica
'He was asked for the recipe for building
tne cake, and next day appeared with tho
following, which his wife dictated, after
dluner; "Seven cups ot molasses, three
pinches of flour, two heaping quarts of sal
aratus, a pint uf sugar, two pounds of milk,
fruit to suit taste j stir well and boll over a
slow fire lor three hours, nnd then set aside
ill a cohl oven for a week." Somehow.
Jones said It didn't sound just right, but
mat was tue way Ul cote read.
How Anguslus host his (1 1 rl.
Some months ago, a youth of this or some
other city, says the Chicago Iribune, took a
fancy to a fair Indy, nnd began to be polite
to her. He met her when lie could at par-
tics nnd that sort of thing, and occasionally
ho called to see her at home. She liked the
young man, and smiled sweetly whenever
his name wns mentioned. Uo was Augus
tus and sho was Mary June.
Augustus wnsu't worth n cent financially,
but lie hnd a capital of hope that surpassed
the treasury of tho First Xationnl Bank.
Mary Jane had a father whose narno was
Tones. Ha didn't fancy Augustus, and
didn't liko to have him spooning nround
M.iry.Tatio, Put ho was a shrewd and sen
sible oid duffer, and knew that if he raised
his voice in opposition that Mary Jane's
liking would he strengthened into red-hot,
diamond pin, flat footed lovo. Bo he kept
still and pondered, and then hn hit on a
plan to smash tho courtship of Augustus
into smithereens.
At the boarding house where Augustus
lived, there lived also two youths of his age
and sex, who wero as full of mischief as a
caucus is of seekers for office. So papa
Jones went to them and unfolded his plans,
and o He red them ten dollars each to bring
about a succeiful end. Within a week thoy
had tho money Htid.this is how they earned
it :
Augustus wns to call on Mary Jones that
evening, so of course ho put on his best
clothes for tho occasion, Half an hour be
fore ho went to his room todress, his friends
went there and took his best coat from the
wardrobe. They ripped open the lining fie
twen the shoulders and put inside a couple
of very thin slices of Limbcrgcr cheese. You
know what that is if you have any knowl
edge ol German bccrhnlls.
Augu-tiis dressed ami started for old
Junes' house. He changed his scat two or
lime times in thrt -trod car, and when lie
rc iihed the door steps 111' turned agaiu, like
a i'.jh' about to lie down ; hut 'twas no use.
He usually occupied a seat on the sofa
at Mary Jane's side ; hut that evening she
was inclined indignity, aud occupied an arm
chair a couple of yards away. She went
twice out of the room to dip her handker
chief in Cologuo water nnd tho second time
sho drought the bottles nnd ofl'ered some to
A Justus.
Alter ho had gone home nnd changed his
(.lollies, one of tho boys took him to walk.
iv!.i!e the other restored his coat to its form
er condition. lie exnmincd it very carefully
bsfort lie went to beJ, and naturally discov
ered nothing wrong exfcept the scent of the
roses r maiuing there still.
fin' when, three evenings latcr,he again
visited Mary Jane, the trick was repeated.
Old .l ines had taken pains to hide the Col-
ogno jottle nnrl everything else of that
character, so that the oflenso uf tho Lim-
erger could not bo Cologne, The fair
maiden stood it half nn hour, then sho faint
ed, and he called her folks. Sho was borne
to her room, and Augustus wns sent home.
Xext morning hereceived a highly perfumed
note (white rose was the odor it exhaled)
which told him that for the future they had
better be friends only, and tho next time sho
met him she hoped it would bo in the open
air, nnd she would try nnd keep to the w ind-
wnnl. (ML
April I'liai'iuterlslies.
j.pril, nt its best, is tli-j tenderest of ten
der salads. Its type is the first sneer of
grass. Tho senses sight, hearing, smell
are ns hungry for its delicate and almost
spiritual tokens, as the cattle aro for the flist
bitoof its fields. How it touches one and
makes him both glad and sail I Tho voices
of tho arriving birds, tlio migrating fowls,
the clouds of pigeons sweeping across the
sky or tilling the woods, theelfm horn of the
first honey .bre venturing abroad in the mid
dlo of tho day, the clear piping of tho little
frogs in tho marshns at sundown, the camp
firo iu the sugar-bush, the smoke secnnfsr
rising over the trees, the tinge of green tlut
comes so suddenly on the sunny knolls and
slopes, the full translucent streams, tho wax
ing and warming sun, how these things and
others like them aio noted by the .'eager eye
and ear! April is my natal month, and' 1
am born again into new delights and now
surprises at each return of it Its namo has
an indescribable cliatm to me. lis two syl
lables are like the tho enlls of the first birds
like that of the Phoebe bird, or of the
meadow lark. Its very mows aro fertilizing,
and are called tho poor man's manure.
Then its odors! I nm filled by iu fresh
mid indescribable odors the perfume of thn
bursting sod, of the quickened roots and
rootlets, of the mold uuder the leaves, of
tho fresh furrows. Xo other month has
odors like it. Tho west wind tho other day
came fraught with n perfume that was to the
sens.) of smell what a wild and delicate
strain of music is to tho ear. It was almost
transcendental. 1 walked across tho hill
with my nosj in the uir taking it in. It last
ed for two days. I imagined it came from
the willows at a distant swamp, whose cat
kins were affording the bees their first pol
len, or did it come from much farther
from beyonJ the horizon, the accumulated
breath of innumerable farms ami budding
forests? The main characteristic of these
April odors is their uncloying frcshr"-x.
They are not sweet, they aro often bitter,
they nro penetrating and lyrical, I know
well tho odors of May uud June, of the
wjr.d of meadows and orchards bursting
into bloom, but they are not so ineffable and
Immaterial anil so stimulating to tho sense
as the incense of April,
One characteristic April feature, aud ono
that delights me very much, Is the perfect
meraldofthe spring runs while tho fields
are tt brown nnd sere, strips nnd patches
of the most vivid velvet green on the slope
aim in tuo valleys, limy the eve irraze
there mid is filled aud rolreshcd ! I bad for
gotten what a marked featuro this was until
I recently rodo in an open wagon for threo
days through a mountainous, pastoral coun
try, remarkable for Its fine spiings, Thoo
delicious green patches arc yet luuiyeye.
The fountnius flowed with May. Where no
sprlugs occurred, there wire hints uud sug
gestions of pruif,s about the fields and by
tho road side in the m-hened grass some
times overflowing a space iu the form of an
actual fountain. The vsaler did not quite
get tu the surface in such places, but bent its
Influence. Juhn llnnnuiht, !n Strilnw far
Klx-ycar-old ; "Mamma, what aro twins
made for?" Precocious older brother quick
ly: "So that raunibals may cat iiUllopenM,'