The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, March 30, 1877, Image 3

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11 1 o o ji s ii u it o, r it in A v, jf Alien no. is;,
Rail Koatt TIiiib TiiMo.
. 0.41 A.M.
7.3? A.M
, M 1'. M.
0 to 1'. M.
1.4? I1. M
ll.CT A. .M
Accommodation Truln,
Mall Train .
Express Train
.ccnmnodatlnn Train A. St. T.17 P. M.
Uoj itar Exprcei 4.0 P.M. 11.3.1A.M.
Tiirowrii earn on Express train either to Sew York
or Philadelphia. Accommodation train runs lietwecn
CatawUM anil Wllllamsport.
In buslncM it Is ho who als who receive.
Klwnril II. Clark is (pending hU Easter va
cation at home.
The next term of the Normal School will
open on Monday, April 21.
JihI step Into tho l'ost Oflico and ec If you
know where yuti are.
Who lamp chimneys are recommended for
weak eyes.
Tile advertiser pene rally liai the advantage of
securing the fini call of p'ircliaer..
When people learned to read, advertisement
became indi-peii'lhle to a lively bminess.
Our thanks are due Hon. E. J. McIIcnry for
a copy o. SninU's II ind liook for 1877.
Tliu Iter. A. A. Marple of Scrantou will of'
ficiiitjat the Kpicopal church this (Erielay)
Tneday It rained and Widne'diy it imovveil,
and between llietwollie mud and flush ii
somclliln.! Intolerable. Kverjbody will glailly
hail the comitigof April.
Fort I!i:n't, Oiio room, lt iloor helow I) V.
Itolibini' lupior store. For further information
apply to II. V. Kahler.
J. K. Ilittin Winter & Co. have purclia-ictl n
power prow. We are glad to see thN evidmce
of their prosperity, and wiili them enecem.
William Krtamer has moved his grocery and
provision store to S-Mve'a bloik, on Main street,
third door below Iron street.
The -lmiTfcun, a new illustrated weekly pub
lished In iw York at fcCO liroadway, improves
with each iue.
llev. S. C. llirtics formerly of llloomsburg his firewell eriuoii in Pot'sville on
Sunday the IStli m-t.
J II. Ixjng mid family expect to start for
Iowa in a short time. We understand ihat they
intend t J settle thtie pumancntly.
The following naiuid gentlemen have hem
amiointcil Postmasters for this Countv : E. W.
JI. Low, Lime Itidge ; and 0. W. Low, Orange
The Kline hotel at llohr.sburg was destroyed
by fire on Saturday morning of litt week. W
have learned no particulars, There is said to
be about S2,00O in-iiraiico on the building.
All subscribers about to change their ie.i
dfiiccs should notify us at once, so that proper
changes may be made in our mailing lists.' It
would also be n good time to send us money
for arrearages on accounts.
A bite from n rattlesnake is sometimes not
tnore dangerous than a severe cough or cold. A
well-merited reputation has Dr. Hull's Cough
iiyrup, and this remedy is sold by nil druggists,
Price iio cents.
Fifty families have left Lyktns within n
month brcau! thero is no work and hard
limes. And yet Hayes has been declared
President. We hope the BiiH'erers are the men
who voted for him and the rotten Republican
Rev. C. K. Canficld, a former correspondent
of the Record of the Times, and a gmtleman well
known in this county, will take charge of the
.Academy at Orangevillc, Columbia county. It
-will be opened on the 16th day of April next,
and we wish him jus, what he deserves sue'
cesa. llecord of the Times.
Thomas and Albert Harlman have opened a
grocery and provision store in tho room lately
-occupied by M. M. Russel. Capt. Johnson has
.gone out of the business, having sold his stock
to the above firm. They are young men o:
jjood business habits, and deserve encourage'
AVorkmen are busily engaged in removing
tlie bodies of persons buried in the old Frcsby-
terian grave yard on Third street. Many
ghastly sights are brought to tho surface. Many
people have visited the ground, and the children
of the neighborhood are interested spectators
On Saturday last three men from Mitllin
township were taken to tho Wtlkes-Harrc jai
on the charge of having broken into and rubbei
the railroad station at Hicks' Ferry. The good
taken wero not very valuable, and the tickets
of course are worthless. Their names are Hen
ry Fedder, Alfred Robluhood and William
On Monday last Dr. W. H. Bradley took for
rual possession of the llecord of the Times. Tho
Doctor has the abi.ity and energy to edit and
lo manage n first-class newspaper, and we havo
no doubt that he will steadily improve the Timet
and show an independence and fairness for
which the nverage Republican organs are not
Tho Shenandoah Herald does not like tl
manner in which wo went for Its pet reporter
And so in the absence of a nspcctablo answer,
it calls tho Columbian a "dead-and-alive
idieet." The Comimiuan has enough life about
it to convince the people in this section that
they ought not to patronize a paper that mis
represents the county ns the 1 la aid has done.
During the Hester trial over nine hundred
Herald were sold hero dally, Now, since tho
people have found out hat a windy sheet it is,
there aro less than fifty disposed of daily in
Vloomsburg, and that small number is glowing
beautifully less. Another Kt:cr or two will
close It out.
To-day is Good Friday, the day recognized
In Cnrl-thm hLtory as the time when our Lord
ai crucified. This week, known ns Passion
Week, is commemorative of tl e sullerings and
trials of Christ, when Ho was mocked and
scourged and spit upun, and condemned to
death. To-day and to-morrow Ills body lies In
the darkness of the tomb, but on Sunday morn
liie, Kaster day, comes the joyous announce
ment of His glorious resurrection, and an end
of his earthly mission.
St. Paul's Episcopal Church will be open on
Sunday morning at half past six o'clock, when
the moinlng servlco will bo read as far as the
I iany, ThU time Is peculiarly appropriate, as
it was early in thejmorning that Mary Magda
lene vLlltd the sepulchre to find that the Lord
bud risen from the dead. At half past ten ser
vices will be contiuued beginning with the Llta
ny and tnding wllh Holy Communion. At
imi .' In ll.a bdL. .1 ...til e... -
....... - . ...v vTcMiug eiiceu will uo esrt
vice ful 'he members of (,e Sunday School, to
-which, eveihody la lurlttd.
Mr. John It. Townseml lia tmrcii,ieel (Uo
ropcrl of A. It. Paxlon on North Main ulrett.
It U nJvcrltcd for rent In nnotlier column.
8rrantonlan, lnleail of dividing Luiorne
count)', niccpiitnl in iltvlillnit tlivlr own iilv
b.v leaving I'rnviiltiioe out.
Mr. Shultz, of loin, Colnmbit county, lint
received the e'otitracl for carrying tlio mill
from I,initi.toiievillu to Milton slx'llim n week
for S1S9 a year, tocommece on the 17th of
July. The illttanco H 12 miles.
The liorongh and township officers', (except
clionl directors,) chosen at the recent election.
will enter iixn llielr dnlh on the lirt Monday
n A HI. School dlrtctnrs will inter upon their
luties on thu first Mondiy In June.
Samuel M. Ihrlon has been appointed post.
maslir for llkesbirre, to succeed Stewart
'eirce. Mr. Ilirton has been emploned In the
Wllkeshirre post oflico for sixteen vear. and
is appointment Is In pursuance of the new
civil service policy.
Washington township, Snyder county, has
two grandmothers aged 43 and GO years :
two gnat grand mothers nged C.1 and 07 yearsj
a grent'great grandmother nged 87 years, and a
grandfather aged -11 years, nil re"!ding upon
t lie same farm.
The ro ids have been In such a condition for
several days that the omnibus could not run be
tween hero and Rupert. Olrton has been using
a spring wagon. This piece of road is alwayB
in bid c6ndillon lit this season, and something
ought to be done to obviate this.
Prof. I. W. Xlles, thegreat musician, will take
up lus resilience in bunuury in April, and
with his family, aided by the choir of the
hurch, Intends giving a concert of vocal and
lnti omental music for the benefit of the Re
form church, on the 17th day of April. Prof.
Niles Is a musician of great prominence, and a
rich treat nny he expected. Further notice
will be given indue time. Sunbury Ameri
There was a strong desire to hear the address
of Col. C. O. Jack'-on last night, as he is known
in this city and regarded as a speaker of far
more than average interest.
Rev. J. II. MrUarrnh, of Rerwiek, who is at
tending conference, is suffeiing severely from
tho tfiVcts of having a heavy window comedown
on his head some time since. Gazette tfc Jlulle'
11 persons are hereby notified ihat they are
rupiired to remove all ash heaps and rubbish
of any kind about their premises in tha streets
or alleys of the Town, as soon as the weather
permits. If this is not complied with it wi
be done by the Street Commissioner at their
expense. D. Lovi:sm:ii(i.
President of the Town Council.
March 23 3w.
William Webb, an old and respected .ilizcii
of Rlo'iinsburg, died at his residence on Mou
dav morning last, Mr. Webb was an Kn-
gli-hm-in by birth. He emm lo this country
many years ago, anil was always known as nc
honest and upright min. He leaves a large
circle of relatives and acquaintances to muoin
Ills loss. The funeral took place at the lCpisco-
pal church on Wednesday afternoon last.
Moving day is cloe at hand. To morrow
and Monday will be busy times for those who
luvo to change their placo of residenc.
will not be long before the house cleaning feier
will attack the good house wives, and then the
stoves come down and the carpets come up, and
men feel there is no place like houie, except
just Ihen, when very urgent business requires
their attention elsewhere.
Arthur Clearhart, a soldier of the Mexican
and of the last war, was buried at Danville on
Sunday last with the honors of war in Gear
hart's Cemetery. He was almost fifty-two
years of age or fifly-ono years, eleven months
and fifteen days. With u single exception he
was the last survivor of tho Columbia Guards,
that went to Mexico. He also served for more
than three years in the lato war for the Union
Ilia funeral was largely attended. Public
JJei'kniuntsi as YUTNiisSEis. i lie gover
nor has signed an net which provides that in
the trial of all indictments, complaint and oil.
cr proceedings against persons charged will
the commission of crimes or offenses, excc
the crime of homicide, in ony court ofcrinii
nal jurisdiction, the person bo charged shall at
his own request, but not otherwise, be deemed
n competent witness, but his or her neglect.
omission, or refusal to testify shall not create
any presumption against him or her, nor shall
any reference be made to, nor shall any com
ment be made upon such neglect, omission, or
refusal by counsel in the case during the trial
of the cause.
Ui:niv:cK, Pa, March 8 1S7
Kditors Columbian : In your issue of la-i
week you say : "Tho First National will close
soon, lack of business is the cause,"
Please say in your next issue, that the bank
will not close, and that its business and pros
perity is second to none of like capital.
Respectfully yours
S. C. Jayne, Cashier.
We gladly insert the nbove communication,
and are pleased to learn that our luforman
was in error. So many banks are closing be
cause their business is not remunerative, tha
we the more readily published the iufortuii
An Ashland boy was sent lo Ceutralia to
look for work, and not finding employment he
returned home, where ho was stripped naked
by Ills parents, bis hands tied behind his back
while his father wllh an iron poker am! hi
mother with a leather strap which had a buckl
at the end of it, beat him until the bleed ran
down upo n the floor and pieces of the boy's
bleeding flesh stuck to the poker and tho strap.
Some of the neighbors, in response to the
screams of the lad, forced an entrance into the
house and compelled the parents to ele'sist from
the brutal treatment of their child, A whip
ping post, with a hundred lashes on the bare
back, would scarcely bo adequate punishment
for such fiends in human shape as these.
l't,ttmile Standard.
At a meeting of the St. Paul's congregation
held after service on Monday evening to take
steps toward the relief of the needy, Mr. John
A. Eunston wos elected Chairman. The object
of the meeting was briefly stated Ly-Geo. K.
Elwcll,and the following committee-of relief
was chosen, K. R. Drinker, Edwin Townsend,
Geo. E. Klwell, Mrs. M. il. Clark, Miss A. D.
Webb, Mrs. Wm, Klwell and Miss Annie Ilea
dershott. The committee met and appointed
E. It, Drinker Chairman and Geo, E. Klwell
Secretary and Treasurer. Collections were, tak
en up every night this week at services, for the
pour. It is not expected that relief cm be
given lo every fa nilly that is not supplied with
all tho comforts of life. Tho object Is to provide
for those who are unable to obtain work, and
who are suflering for food ond clothing. The
other congregations of the town are invited to
cooperate with St. Paul's church relief com-
mlllee. Persons knowing of needy families
will please report them at Ihe Coluuman of
fice, or to any member of the committee. Con
tribution! of clothing will be received at Miss
A. I). Webb's store, and money contributions
may be liandcil to the Treasurer. Those need
Ing assistance can apply to any member of the
SC. OAliniKL'S'.
The new Kplcopal Church at Colo's Creek,
i ..... .......
mini on tne "tied what was so long known as
the"Old Log Church," Is now finished, except '
painting, and morever, d.Miiiu the fears of
some, slid Ihe In pes of olio - is MM for.
It is a shining (X.uuplo of what cmrgyaud
teal will accomplish, even when the laborers
re few and poor.
The church was humed on Palm Sunday,
April 0 1S70 A vestry was elected on Lister
Monday, April tlio 17. The comer stone1 of
the nqw building was laid Msy 2.1. Tho first
service was held In th'e church Thanks civ-
lug Day, November 30 and tho IlUhop of tho
Diocese will consecrate tin" church lo Its holy
purposes on Tuesday, .May 1 1S7.
It was truly a labor of hve, and lhoo who
had the enterprise In hand nny falrlr be con
gratulated on their splendid success.
T o entire cost of the building is stated at
about $2000 Of this about $00 was from tow ,
ndlviduals in Ithmm-burg, mid about 100
from persons at a distance,
Rsgular services arc held in the new church,
the Parish being under the chargo of the Rev,
Mr Harding uf Athens, who has appointments
also at Dnshore and Lipnrtc,
ItOLt, OK 110X011.
The following name 1 pupils were neither tar
dy nor absent during the month ending Mar.
lo77 at Catawissa sehools.
Jfoom Ao. 1. Diniel Ktiimm, Charles
Krumm, A. S. Manhardt, Joseph Wright,
Freddy Frederick, Clare Huffman, Charles 11.
S...ith, Lora Stjcrs, John Waller, William
Thomas, Henry Uillingor, Rtittain Lrwine-,
James Keeliel, Stanley Kills, Nannie Gilbert,
Alice Harman, Annie Arnold, Katie Kesller,
Fannie Keller, Gertie Lulu lie, Annie Illle,
Lydi.i John, Kiltie Reifsnyder, Lucy Chris
uim, Cora Selimick, ltessie Witman, Kill Ree-
der, Cladia Uule.
T. P.. Mll.i.r.n, teacher.
Hoom A'o 3. Annie Mnru, Susio Walter,
Lizzie Marks, Suzie Schmick, Kddie llarluijn,
Fannie Mostcllar, John Metr, Reuben Orange,
Klsnorlh Mensch, Joe Reif-nydtr, Cli is. Mos
I'mma Ci.AUK, teacher.
Roam Ad. 4. Irene Sears, Lillie Walter,
Dollie Mosleller, Lillie Wheallv, Uessiu St i-
ille-r, Sidie Long, Hattie Metz, Mary llolliug'.
he'ad Allie Helwie', Allie Former, Lultic
Jacoby, Junle It illy, John Lewis, Albert Y.f
ter, Clinton Long, Harry Doeliler, lieorge
Frederick, Daniel Mench, Harry Munch, Gus,
Hollingslicad, George Mench, Frank Keller,
John McCoy, Geoive Dir.itt, Hilly 1 isher,
Sta dey Jones, George Harder.
Mi-s Katk Mnens ami Lima 11.
SNYI)i:u, tiaelieis.
Till: NEW .TAIL.
For two weeks past the Court House h is been
the scene of considerable excitem nt. Th.1 oc
casion of this was the fict that the County Com
missioners have deti'rmined to proceed at once
with Ihe erection of a new prison, and this
brought lb 1 arel'iUe Is nt.d i ontrn. ti- in from
all rpi ir.ers. Several dill'.rc'it plan wi re sub
initio! for the approval of tin1 ( Vininiis.ion'Ts,
one hv Mr. X"sbit of I.ei-hug, aii.i'her by
Mr Wetzel of Danville, anolln-r hv Mr. Prbc
of Wilkis-Ilaire', ami another by a geiuhui m
fiom Montro-e'. Kaih of he pre-entid attrie
tive fedures, and as the niigii.alor explained
the dillerent peiint- of li's plan, each one seemed
lo bo Ihe bet. The Cumiiii-sioiier-, however,
were unable to acjee, and for the pnrpu-e of as-si-ting
thini in their di-i'i-ion a number of me
chanics and builders were called together on
Friday last to examine the several plans and
express their views as to whiih was the hc-t for
Ihe purpo-es of Columbia county. The commit
tee voted in favor of Mr. Wttrel by a ballot of
seven, to one for Mr. Price'. This decision was
nit adopted by the board of Commissioner",
some of them alleging tli at they knew nothing
about such a committee, anil hail no voice in
the selection of it, ami therefore would not be
governed by its report. Up to this time (Thurs
day) no plan has been udopteil, but tho Com
missioners will meet next Monday and it is
likely that the epicstion will besettled at that
An adjourned meeting of the Council was
held on the evening of March 1 tth, at the
Council room. All present except K. R. Drin
ker who was kept away by sickness. Minutes
of la-t regular meeting were read and approved.
A communication was received from S. C.
Siiivo protesting against the removal eif a
porch which extends into Iron street. Or
dered to be filed. Hills of Geo. A. Clark for
stationery, and of Geo. Reiswick for horse bile
lo attend road view were allowed. Proposals
were received from several persons for remov
ing the dead from the Presbyterian burial
ground on Third street. Tho contract was
awarded to John K. Giilon for the sum of sev
enty five dollars, Ihat being the lowest sum
Notices wero ordered to be given to certain
parties on Last street to make sidewalks in front
of their premises within ten days,
Mr. Kltrell from the committee on widening
Centre street along the Lutheran burial grounds
reorted the following resolution, which on
motion of Mr. Jones and Mr. Knorr, was adop
ted, as follows: Jlrwhrd. That tho Town
Council of the Town of Bloomshurg accept
the proposition made by tho consistories of tho
Lutheran and Reform congregations of Rlooms
burg on the 2nd day of May 1S73, with the
following specifications to wit, llmt the said
consistories consent to throw out sixteen and a
half feet from First street to Ridge alley on the
side of Centre street for the use of tho public,
the Town to be nt the expense of opening Ihe
same, removing tho old fence, and rebuilding a
new wooden fence as good as the fence on the
other three sides of the burial ground, securing
the bank by sloping and sodding il, and laying
a stone pavement j the said conisorie.s lo keep
the walk, fence and bank in repair thereafter.
The committee was Instructed to lay the reso
lution before the consistories for their consider
ation and report the result at the next meeting
of Council, on the 27th Inst.
March 27ih Council met pursuant to adjourn
Cards aro still played nt tho White IIouso
thoueli the allmeinents of dravvpoker play
ed with all its pristine) ferocity do not fd-ci-nate
our pastoral President, who delights
rather in the moro innocent excitement of
"old maid" and "beggar my neighbor."
Tho other evening they were making up a
patty, but had only secured three players,
when ono of their immbcr called heedlessly
and perhaps innocently to Mr. Hayes:
"Mr. Hayes, shall wo count you in?" An
awkward silence ruccccded, and Mr, Hayes
turned as red as fire, but Mr. Schtirz seated
himself at tho piano aud played some selec
tions from tho "Ilattlo of Prague" and di
verted tho attention of tho company till
Senator Stanley Matthews und Mr. Charles
Eoster hul removed tho unfortunate in
dividual and crucified him. AViff Yuri
The scene presented during tho lato Inau
guration was an niiiuinted one. The stylo
of dress worn by tho members of both Hous
es consisted of every conceivable, stylo of
Fashion aud it was. not necessary to look
through blue ylau to Beo the best titling suit.
I), Lowenherg having just returned from
New York is now prepared to ttipply the
Public with the latest novelties in Gents'
Wear, His Goods are First-class, vvhilo his
garments are made up in City Style aud can
uot ba excelled. Cull and sco the latest
siyles aud select your Spring Suits at
Ur.Shlloli's System Vltnllior.
We nrn fltitlinrlztel In punrrintMe thU mm.
cdy for tho cilreofDyspepsIn, Inactive!
er'.Sotir Stomach. Conciliation. Lo. of An
petite, Cuming tip (if rood, Yellow .Skin
nnil U moral languor iiml D. liillty. You
iiiiit nckniHvMud tint! tills would be mill
tm unless we had positive evidence thiit it
will cure. You who nrn suffering from
these" couiidnlnts llitse wolds lire wldrcssed
and will you continue to sufl'er when ytui
can be cuieil on such terms? It i for joii
to determine. Simple bottle 10 rents; reg
ular size 7(5 cents. Sold by O. A. Klelni and
N. J. lleiidcrshctt.
fiO.Ono die annually by neglecting a
Oouuh, Cold or Croup, often lending to
Consumption nud the grave. Why will you
neglu't so important u matter, when you
can get nt our atom Sbiloh's Coiusiiinplioii
eure, wiiu me nssuriuice ol a speedy recov
ery. I'or soreness ncross tho Chest or Lungs
or lino- Rack or hide, Shiloh h Porous
Phut-r gives prompt relie f. Sold by C. A.
ivleiui nud X. J. lleiidershott.
Il.iekmclack, n popular nud fragrant per
fume Sold by C. A. Klciin mid N. J. Hen-
Alarcli 30, ( i-eow
What a blessing to the poor would ho
su-'h a wholesome purifier nr. 1 preventive of
contagion ns Glenn's Sulphur soap could It
b" ilitrlliuted among them. Why don't
Rome philanthropist net on this hint. De
pot, Crittcnton's, No, 7 Sixth Avenue, New
York. Hill's Hair nnd Whisker Die. black or
brown, CO tts. March.
Business Notices
Read a few of their prices :
Rest Cnticoi's, S cents, per yard ; less by
thu bolt. Wide Percales, 12J cents a yard.
Rleached and unbleached .Muslin, yard wide,
8 cents n yard.
Appletein "A" Muslin 8 cents a yard by
the bolt. Hill bli'.iched 10 cents by tho
bolt. Fruit of the Loom, bleached Muslin,
11 cents a yard by the bolt.
Illack Alpacas, '2i cents to il a yard,
llliick Gros Uralu Silk, $1.12 to $2 a yard.
A full line of black and colored trimming
Silk-, cut on the bins.
Plaid, plain and fancy Dress Goods, a
l.n go (is-oi-iincnt ill rediici'd price's.
Ladies' Shawls, large size, 75 cents to $20
cadi. Striped Skirts 75 cents to ?1.00,
Stripi'd Skirting 1(1 to 22 cents a yard
Iidicn' Hose 8 to 130 cents a pair. Gents'
hall Hose .i t) 30 cents a pair.
Ladies' Gloves 15 to 80 cents a pair. La
die's' Kid Gloves 00 cents to $1.75 a pair.
Ladies' Linen Handkerchief 8 to50 cents
White Goods a full line very cheap. All
linen Table Cloth 35 cents to $1.25 a yard.
1 1. t 1 urUey Kid lahle Cloth, all linen, co
lor -u.iir.i. .( i -1 to be fat, 'JO cents a yard,
Host quality imported Gros Grain Silk
liinbous, No. 4 for 8 cents, No. C for 12 cents
.S i 7 I- r lo I'ents, .No, U lor 20 cents, No,
12 for 25 cents a yard.
Cotton Plaid Sash Ribbons for children's
salu's 12 cenls a yard.
A large assortment of Hamburg Kmbroi
dcrics I cents to J2.50 a yard.
li kinds of Cor-el". 35 e'enls to $1 15.
Cork (r"i'K something entirely new and
g'l.ii'iitiici d i. give Mitislaelinn, as there are
no bones lo break, and lames wearing them
s-'cak of them in the highest terms. Try
one and be coiivince'el, 1 each.
In addition in the above lit they have al
mo-t i.e rvthing in the Dry Goods line and
will give you llin lowest possible price on
. All they ask is for von to bring vnur crsh
and they will satisfy you that you get
the worth ol vnur mom v.
"Down to Hard P
m" Roots and Shoes a
You can buy cheap at Knorr' this week.
Caldwell's last Hour prows to bo the best
ever brought to town, so .Mr. Jacobs says and
ho should know. Thnte wishing bread of
the flour can get it at J. F. Caldwell's under
Dr. Ilower's Dental Rooms,
FOR SALE. A new Truck Wagon. In
ipiiroof John W. Gibbs, Ironstreet, Rlooms
$1.25 Foxed Gaiters at McKinney's.
FOR SALE Oil RENT. A house and
lot situated on Main street, Rloomsburg,
Apply at V. Lowcnberg's Store.
Mar lC-4w
Mrs. Milton Charles, Exchango Block.has
just received a lot of delicious Milwaukee
and Cincinnati! Reer to which s,ho asks tho
attention of lovers of a good article. Tho
beat of alo and beer always on hand.
"Lasting Gaiters, $1.00 at McKinneys.
Prcttv Suits for Little Roys,
bchool Suits for Youths,
Neat Suits for Children,
Late in Style, low in Price at
D. Lowenberg's.
Harman & llassert aro selling Plows and
plow repairs at panic prices. Don't fail to
gtvo them a call. jlaach 30-lw
Ifand-mado Shoes, at McKlnney's,
An lino of Neck Wear just re
ceived at 1). Lowenberg's.
linrpains at Knorr's. Selling all stock in
his lino at cost this week.
Spring Hats, just received at O. Lowen
berg's. Ladies' fine Shoes, all widths and sizes
at McKimiey's.
From March 2Gth to March 31st, Saturday
evening. Ilargains for all.
A brick house and lot on Centre Btreet
for sale. Inquire of I. S. Kuhn.
Heady-inado Clothing to suit Everybody,
good aud cheap at D, Lowenberg's.
(IM Kstiililislird Coal Yard.
C. W. Nkal eS: lino., Wholesale & Retail
Dealers in all sizes ot the best qualities o(
Keel and White Ash Coal, at the very lowest
m:u ket rates. Haveconstautly ou hand largo
stocks of
lllacksmith's Anthracite,
and Limeburner's Coal.
Especial attention given to tlio prepara
tion of coal before leaving our yards. Grain
and Lumber taken in exchanuo icr coal.
Coal delivered to any part of tho town at
short notice. Orders felt at I, W, McKelvy's
tore', or at our olliie, will receive prompt at
tention. Ollico and Yards at William
& Sons I urnace, East liloomsburg. i'our
patronage respectfully solicited.
COAL. 17 tf 25 COAL
Havo you tried Klrby'a WildClierry Cough
IlaUam f A very palateable compound tor
the various affections oltho throat and lungs
It has been used with success, in seven cases
of asthma giving instant relief and In many
cases effecting a pernament cure. Price 61)
cents per bottle aud positively warranted to
give cntiro satisfaction c r money refunded.
Kirby's Magic Itelief for the Instant cure
of severe and acute pains,
Kirby's Tasteless Worm Lozenges, pleas
ant, safe and t-llcctiinl.
Kirby's Horse and Cattle rowders are tho
best powders for stock, manufactured. Try
them and be convinced.
Kirby's Camphor Ice for sunburns, sore
lips and chapped hands.
Gill's Uillious and Liver Pills are recom
mended bv the first Phvslcians.
The above preparations aro for Bale hy all
ll !. 1 .11 1 ,. '
4Jiugiska auei uvuicra lu uieeucino,
MOYEll lIllOTilllRB,
July 21,76,-ly Wholesale Agent
executed promptly
At tub Columbian Office
Tlio World's tliolce.
A Centennial fiictrion.
Competent judges representing the clvlllml
people of Iho wor.d sppointiil for the knowl
nine of pi in ubir n I ' r sciences, convened nt
I'lillaiieipiiui lo; six inohdis to decide upon the-
couiparallw niciit of tin various intentions of
mankind, awarded to the manufacturers of lien-
son's Cspclnc Porous Pla-i. r, nfn r a careful test
and conipan-oii o: Uin i. mailable remedy with
oroinary p nc n- ai o 'in r kinus ol pla-ters, (lie i
. . ... ... . . .
highest and only mniil, nbovo all foreign and
aiuerican loiiipiinors, on Hie giound of its suir priority over other plasters, and Its
wonderful p.iln relievliistrengthenlng and tu
ridive pioperlies. Remember that this decision
ve is made by four praiiii al and "killed physi
cians, Remeuibi r lb il no ni'simm was nl lowest lobe
exhibiii'd mil., i.-niumia' Krim-mler when
jou are siifh rine- I'oni ah'.' m h eir pain that lien-
msCanelne I'lntcr is the htl remedy ever
levised for all external diirii ullios.
Tu iniiiCTDncAL UiimtsTS, Jf, Y.
May 1!), '7(1 ly.
CAI'I l.N'i: l'OIIOt s PLANTKK9,
A greatlinpruvement on ordinary poro a p'astcrs.
Tin: iiest
atrengthcnln!? Plaster Known.
Itheuiratpni, Neurolida,
i-uine nun MeaK lineic,
Sct.itlort, Lumbago,
.phial and Kidney I'omr-latnts,
all aclies and pains of a local nature.
Sold ci ere. w tieie. I'rlco 23 cents.
Slay 19 Td'-ly MUAHUIlY .IOIINSoN,
1'liiruMceutlcal L'liemlsta, N.Y.
Tho public is hereby Informed that thev
can obtain tho latest styles at lowest prices
in all kinds of Spring Clothing.School Suits
for Roys, Pretty Suits for Children, Nobby
ftuits lor louths, an ol the latest styles and
at the lowest prices at I). Lowcnberg's.
This truly valuable tonic has been so tlioroucUly
tested ley all classes or tlio community that tt Is now
deemed Indispensable as a touts medicine. It costs
but little, purines tho blood and gives tone to the
stomach, renovates tlio bj stein and prolongs lire,
tier) body should lisle It. Tor tho cure or weak
stomachs, general dohllty, Indigestion, diseases ol
the btomacti, and for all cases requiring a tontc.
This wine Includes the most agreeable andentclent
saltot Iron we pusscss-cttr.ilu ot magnetic oxide
combined wltn Ihe most energetic ct vegetablo ton
ics jellow l'e i in Ian lurk.
Do jou want something to strengthen you?
Do you want a good appetite?
Do j ou want to get ltd ol niriousness ?
Do you want energy ?
Dojou want to sleep well?
Hu j ou want to build up our constitution?
Dj jou want To feel well?
Dojou wan a brisk nud vigorous feeling?
lr jou do, trv Kunkel's r.liler Wlno or Iron.
I only ask a trial or mis v atualde tonic.
Iteware or i I'uiti rti Us, us Kunkel's Hitter Wlno or
Iron Is the onij sure and umcdy In the
known vvoi Id ror tho permanent cure or etjspepsla
and debility, aud as there n re a number or Imitations
offered to the public, I would caution the coTmunl
tj to urctiaso none but tho genuine article, manu
factured b i:. r. Kunkel, a d having his stump on
ttiecorkorcverylmuu'. Tin wry r.eet thatolhers
are attempting lo Imitate this valuable remedy
proves Its wurt'.i.anJ speaks votum.s in lis favor.
Sold only In fi b tu.,... -i. botiles ror f.-. Trythts
valuable lie dli'lue uinl oe convinced ot Its merits,
sold by driigijhis o d dealt r.s t . rywheie,
Head and all com; leie, luiwohours. Noreollll
head p.isse-s. s-e-d, pin and stomach worms removed
bj br. Kimkt I, ijn Norm Ninth streel, Philadelphia,
I'a. send fur clicunir w hh a treatise on all kinds ot
worms, advice free. Ask jiur elruggl-t lor a Itotile
of Kunkel's u oi in sjiup, which lll dotneworm
Price 1 It never tads t.i remove all kinds, rrok.
children or grow n its. ms. Mi eel luis b 1th It.
Gentlemen's Di-jbh Goods
lnvltesattentlontohlj large andclegantstock
Cheap anfl FasliionaWe CMMi
at his store on'
I)LOO.M.sUUl;(l, l'A
whero ho has J ust received from New York and mil,
adelphla a full assortment of
lncludliiff tlio most fashionable, durable and
smE&s GOODS,
no has also replenished his already large stock or
Ho has constantly on hand a large and well select
ed assortment of
Olotha and Vefitinga,
which he Is rrvparcd to maka to order Into any kind
of clothing, on very short nottco, and In tho best
manner, AU his clothing Is made to wear and most
ot It Is of homo manufacture.
Clothing, Watches,
Jewelry, &o.
isotlce Ii hereby given that ipplleallon will bo
mdljatihneu ninUug or lliu lieiarn rt Pardons
Tor the pinl'.n or Hanum lioir .rr, seiilcnccd at FcU
ruary 1 erni, lb7o, for mauslautrliu r.
. . A, O. B.MIT1I SON,
Mar 4,3r
IN imrsuance of tin order of Delano C Cal
Mn, Hsij , surrogate ot the County or N'cw York:,
iiieo ism nny riven w nil in'rwns Hating claims
against rimriolie i:yer, latoof Cnluwlss-a, l-ennsjls.
...... h'V" w ...l iw-isvil-, IIHSIIIir
laiili. bid leaving awets within thnelty and county
of Newortc, deceased, lo present Ihe samowiih
uin-iiem iiit-retu ui iiir suuse'riocr, ai ins omce. No.
us Wall street. In lime Hyor New YorX, en or tiiroro
tlin eighteenth day of .1 line nett,
lsj'ated, New York:, the (seventh dayot December,
I)ecl5-cm rxecutor.
J,J kstvtf or niKitii. nrNKiMiER, nnc'D.
Letters Testamentary on the (.8'jde ot Daniel Hen
ntinre r, hit.- or ik'aver township, ( oiumM.i county,
deee ised, luie been erratili'd hy tlio HezMeror said
cointy to.ioiui lleiihliigeraud ilhleon Nnss.ot Hea
ver township, Co uinhl.i county, Kxrc'itnr, to whom
nllnerseitis isnvwo; are riiui'stcil lorn ike pavment,
and those iHvUigi'inliiisiirdt mnndsagaliislllie said
estate will make them known to tnetald LxecuUirs
.1011V HllNNINOEIl,
. UIDEON M'sl,
.March e r.w' Uxecutors.
uniToirs notice.
In tho matter nr the account of John McAnall, Ex
ecutor ot Hannah llalrJ, elc'ccased.
The undrrvlgticd auditor appointed by tho Court
lo distribute tne balance In tlio hands of tho Hxecu
loisor said ilect-a-t-il to and among llin persons
cntltl d to the same, will aili inl to the dudes or Ids
npixdnt jnent at tho e.nieo of M. L .lackson s Son, In
Herwtek.on Saturday, April 14. ls"7, at lo o'clock a.
in. when and when; all persons aro hereby notliled
to make Lnonntnclrelalm before, the Auditor or be
debarred from coming In on said rund.
,, , i uiLLsiKYnrt,
March 23,-lw. Auditor,
IMters ot Admlnlstratlon.on Iho estate of Andrew
(llngles, late or .Main twp, Columbia ('ounty, dee'd.
have be'en granted by the Register or said county to
tlio underslgucd administrators or Columbia Co.,ra.,
to whom all persons Indebted to said Estate, aro re
quested to mako payment, and thoso having claims
against the said estato w III make them know n to the
said administrator without delay
n. t: zAitn, woomsburg.
W. T. SIIUMAN, Main iwp ,
March sal-eiw.-
t?xi:clitou's notice.
Tj istitk or oroMii ArrLiMiv, nEcrtsm.
Letters Tcstanifiitory on the estate) or cieorgo Ap
nleman. Iab3 or Oramre townshln. Columbia ennntr.
deteased, have been giante . by the lteglster ot said
county to (ieorge W. Appleman, of VVelllversvllle,
Columbia county. I'a.. Kvecutor. to Whnm nil tut.
ssons Indebted aic requested to make pa) mcnt, and
eiiosu niving uemanos sginsi tne saia estatovvui
mako them known to the said Kxecutor w Ithout de-la5'-
March lD-Ow Executor.
Tho underslened auditor annolnte.l lo rilstrlhotn
runds In tho hands or tlio Administrator among
parties entitled thereto will meet all persons Inter
esteJ, tor tho purpose or his appointment, at lo
o'clock a. m. on Wednesday, April 11, lsio, at the or
flceot Knnk Waller, in Illoomsburg, when and
wliero all persons having claims against the said es-
t lie aro requested to prevent the same lipforn Ihe
Aiilllor, or ho debarred rrom coming In for a share
of said Hind.
March Ic-Cw Audlwr.
rillliS IS TO OIVK NOTICB that on the
13th 1M1 Ur -MAKU1I, A. D., 1S77,
a w arrant In Hankruptcy was Issued fiRalnst the es-
iiiis: in risriier, eti lIloomuurr, e oiuinuia
I'ouiity. reiinsvlvanlo. who his Ih.iii ii'iimii-Hri n
V.akrunt on Idsonn nctlllon: that the navment or
nny dehu and delivery ol any property ti'liiuplnir lo
sii'h Uunkruiit, in hl:u or for h's use, and ihulrans-
ler or ony litortriy ny mm are roibldlen bylaw.
1 hat a mecftn : of Ihe creoltirs or said Itankriipt lo
prove I heir debts, and one or moi e iissU'n
eesor his estate will lie ln'ld at a ourtor liunkiupi
ey, tolieiv-Mut the llti'iianra Hotel, Iiluomburg,
1'eun', eioro mivvakiin vv ILLMili. lteu
later, ou the 1th day of Aprd ls77 at 11 o'clock u. in.
U.S. Marshal.
March 23, 1S7T.2W
District "ourto.
emtio United Stales, 1
t(.f .he Mn 11 nkrupt-
Western I)lstrjct or I' J cy.
In tho matter of Nthfinlahlteecc, Bankrupt.
A Warrant In liaLkmntcy has been Issued hy said
Court against the i;siaic ct eheinlah Keeeeotino
County of Columbia ond statu or l'ennsjlvsida iu
sold L'Mrlct, ndiuoped llsukrupt upetn tstltton or
Ids Creditors, and tho pajm'-nt or any debts ond
the delivery of 01 y propertv belonging tosaid Hank
nipt, to him or to Ids ue. and ih transfer of any
nioiieriy ov mm are ruroifnen oy law. a meeuni:
et the Creditors ot tald llankrupi lo prove their
urois unu eitce.i-e one or meio asM(:iiies oi iiiaf-
holrten nt Woomsburi: in bald District, on the 4th
day or Anrll. A. I).. Is77. at lo o'clock a m.. at the
iuie. vmii oe ueia ai a eoure oi ojuhiu oes-j. iu ue-
nAeiianire lioiel, Deioro 1:. vv u.i.siei), oncoi luo
Jiek-i&iers in naakrupicy ei l-aia insini e,
March 23, '"7-2W U. S. Marshal tor tald DUtrlc t.
have removed to Evans Block,
Main Street.
Extra heavy Tin Wire, also
of every description manufactured
Rollins & Holmes
Galvanized Iron Cornice
designed and manufactured by
Rollins & Holmes,
thebest and most economical in
the market,
Rollins & Holmes,
Oven Ennge, the LION and EM
PRESS Portable Ranged have
no equal.
Rollins tt Holmes.
Public and private buildings
leated by steam. A variety oi'
Steam Pipe, Valves and Fittings,
constantly on hand.
Rollins & Holmes.
promptly dono
Rollins tt Holmes.
Feb 1, TT-tf
. . 'nVEi KNTKlll'ltlSINIl SUN to act as Afi ut
In Columbia county for the Keilik Jlinousus Pu
Hii'iKK, to whom uUberul commlsilon vvlhtwraid,
Addrcas, '
Much tj. iin-rsw" Wesua(tal
Dauohy Be Co'h. Advt'w.
ao i.A.niKs rAvmitTK fAimi nil m vies with
name 10 els. 1'ostpo.ld, J, II. misted, Kaiusau, Hens.
l!0.,N. y. March n'jn-iw d
1 r cuup
MttMC, nn
will aitree to riistrUmt-v wins) of our fir-
irs, we e III send you arfliluvlo IN (HLT
end a 10 natre. M oolnmn lllnstrats-l inner
i t.r-r. iu! a uiunuis iuuite, iv urniA eo uny iroiuxc.
Atf. ids wauled. Iti: . UALL Co., Hoston, Mass.
March 80, 'It-ivy d
r i: ir h i x u
a suro remedy rorcorons, and all dlei,oi of tho
1I1HNB. Pur up only in 'iluo boxon.
o N. cut i I'RvroN ; sixth Avenue, Now York.
March 0, IT In 11
Oonn A Month. uiKvis WANTKD nn our
Vvni i hi
ilir.Kiim:T $2 hooks. iio storyof
vv itomtwmitj.., XVrcssroarn
a full at't'oiint er this lire it Mvslery, wmt' n hv his
I'ntlier, i nts lioWiistin i'ruoc in thrllllnjt Interest,
Ihtilllmtrnted IIAVD-Ilooit to all Iiei.mio.vs, a Com
plet't Ati'oiiiituf -jdl denominations an 1 M'fts. ooo
Illustrations. Also the ladles' medical guide, hy I)r,
i'ancoivi, i'i Illustrations. 1 hese iKiokssell ut sieht.
Male and remain Aerctits coin money on them. Par
ticulars rree Coplisbj luall ts eih. John V.. rot
ter 4: Co., I'ldla. March 21, 'JT-lw d
SST'lVi! tvatil SOO morn Ilrs1-clasi
Scwltic; riiifiiitio .Afjenl. anil .100
iie'ii ol' cae'i'B5 ami aldtlf)- t
I I'll I'll SIlC llUtillCNl iif'Ni'lIliicr St'.W.
ItlK lllllfilllU'N. C'ottipuiiNiilloii
lllii'i nl, (ml varylnir stccordlnc; lo
ability, character a a el qualllica
tleniH of lliu Agent. Tor jiartic.i
lars, ndtli cms
Wikon Sewing Machine Co., Chicago.
827 k 6!9 IlroRdwa) , Now York, or New Orleans, La.
March 30. 77 4vv d
KOTTCE. hftta in
Inrgeit fttiel bt Illn
HMilnncrr i'ddmp-J In tl
M oriel. It oonuica U
Alieaii of tier, in ootbI-
rp.pnctl,pnhrleljr,(rolJn pon,ael pw f tiubl
Jwlry. Coriip,etiRinplprwknc, with eloffun t nald platM
lrs btittom. nrl IftJio' f tut de m able lanry Ht,pin n4
flroii.iwit rUi, 2S mnta B pckarc. with mHortl Jaw
If 1 8 I iJ-j' I rtenfttr tvtw tm to all Afcnntl.
tnwmiitms. THIL01T) C01ID1KATI0V. dlhliri
ft ft Irocll.l ealioldertno Pon,Lrai.t.r,rviikrir,l.i'v nrn
opnr, l'-.rt;mtrr Iltihber, stwlng Vlnchl'19 ThM
Ciillrr. and r.r nir.(.n brum.. Ciltlnoff una E.ri
BU1U.IIS. I milnj. IH.iti, It hint, fommon pencil. Is
!. II J nlckol rlalja, Mill -Tt 1 l.t IIMItns. iionti lira
jolnlnK ninniy and My It U tlifl le-t allliir artm a nut.
f ainpla 23 t'nu, six for 0 1 , ratraardluanr InHmBli
eo egeni- PfM for putupm hnlfaoijn can.asi your
.-. ii,.uco.e.u,, yoo uroauvYay, ri. y,
y STATIONEaY rjeitAnrs, and SIX rt
If tiaMOVIieoUl IVATIOS lor f U)n
& 739 Broadway, Now YorK
MareUSft, 77 -lw d
ymiDefllallSEcruiiyJlew teyLife
And other doiibtrunNsiltANCKCOMPANII-S
(Chartcrci! lfi) ofTers iiectal terms for rt In-uranco
Mrtrstou and Wukelln, (t;n. Ag'tn , 4tli atrttt.
Maich 2, '.7-4.V a
.Ian, did Vie (Wi ft nn in! M'dnl.
Hi' mo t, Mmple. and
' I'l-iiv.'. i us huperior aavani pe
I ir.lil cute 1, uidierijally ac
knuw l.'i.i;. d . Atldress,
.Mfrs. ot Wheels nial Mill Maehln
.r, , Mol'NT lloi i.v, N. J.
Wo vvlil glv
in uiurai turlnj iLtlitt.. .Mar. 2-iv.- d
On tho lino of a(iltK VTltAILItOAIi with good
markets both EAST aud WEST.
Now is the timo to secure it
Mild Clt.rate, Ferlllo Soli, best Country for Stock
liaising in the United States.
Iionkt, Jinpi, Full Information nlw "Till:
Mini:" sent free to all parts ot the world.
Address, il, r. li.wis
Land Com. V. F. it. II.
March 2, 'II-4W d
Is what lnducea bo many people In search of
to go to Mlcldgan, and select from tbo
or the land grant ot tho Grand Itaptis and Indiana
It. it. co.
Strong IsoIIs, sura crop, plenty ot timber, no
drouths, grasshoppers, or chinch bugs. Iure water,
running streams, ready markets, civilization and
schools. Kallroad runs throucrh centre of grant.
I'rlco fiom W to tlo per acre. r.end for our Illustra
ted pamphlet, full of facts In Herman and English,
Say In what paper you saw this notice. Address
W. 0. HUGIIAKT, Land Comm'r.,
Title Perfect.
March 2, isi7-3m d
T. D. Eellogg'a Advts.
"Out of the Cage,"
Inst nuhlUbed. A derrlvintf rrsttnir nnwnmfi ii
(i. . Owen, vlioso oilur works havo tteriso puc-
iTcini unci iiu wiaeiy ican. cjoiudouihI; rilcofi.iy),
i J uut'ivMiitii, Ut t . ivAllLLll. L.O
l II UIIMH lie, ,f i urn, X. ny.
Ffl). P, li71 bw K
.-sew HKvifEii Enmov. 16.1.000 articles. 3.000 en-
gravtnirs, and is splendid mans. HwllKST HOOK
oi universal knowledge In ths language. Now lu
coursoeif puwicatlon. SPECIMEN wllh map bent
flir Cn entity. H1I.'VI UHVI-l'li r
CIIAS. II. UAVJ.S fi je., IMllIil.
Iliere-ln) I
Aur. II, Jn.-iivv k
i., m:u- voiik.
"What Tho President
nt la no humtn
aid cot mode
t, Pres. citlzei
Haas' Exrectoront la no linmimr-
without Ii II It veould cot llvodolTar nlioinV
I would not bo
J. II. lioovuit, Pres. citizens'
Nutlonal Hank,
I havo dls.pcnsed nana- i:pccioront among my
SfSU Jf.V -J?1 ,.'. HrPvt,tl "" '" than
any other medte luo (fits elats that I havo twr.
uslncln my roedle'aL career. And even in my own
ca,e. In very oiteilniiii. imiironary dlwasea. I derived
the KrentiM tienelit ircm the hxpevtorant. I havo
alwass been vi i) re-piiKnaul tu iho ukoot nnybe
ctel noslmnis or pate nt inedlclnew, but thoiintver
sal reputailcu of the UH'iiorai,t has Induevd mo lo
Klvoltafnlr irli.l. and notemlv havo 1 leallied Its
reputed virtues und ineiim, ltd, veil moro thnmy
mott tonuulnn oiKtlailonii. IkpinK umt every
ono uiuve-onviutehlHiMlf by his own trial, and that
kuv f.-iit-Liun,iit ma ieue-u ine. inoufcaneld velio
may t
be Uneflted by II. 1 ruly yours.
I. u:o. iilNOLK, JI. ii., (ireca lirlar, Pa,
.' Expectorant Is the l-t coueh medicine I
.d. II. It. HAVEN, Trentcn.N.J,
hv nil i14l..rH nt fj t. n.n ... ... i.. '
ever us
hold by uU dealers at W ctnts mt buttle
Jim. 1'J. T7-!tm
I Adopted by all iho nuce ub of fashion. .Vnd for
0r.,ul.a 1- K.,;,.,,1J,bi "rth KUth btreet,
Phlladelrhla, i'a. Jiee.s, H-tni J w
pEDAR VATS AND TANKS. for lircw-
vrii., uji is, ie.ruiu.LA, iiiaiiuiae-iurers and nrivalo
dveilllllits. UEO. J. UUItlCIIAlir 4C Co..
June V-4w, liuttonw ood bt., below liroiid.
7rilllLR GOODS of every eWrli.tlon,
JAllelllnr, Pacllne, lloo, Uoolsand Khoes. Cloth!
lLt', c. lili'llAltHTJSVIl'K, hON CO..I.iChe6l-
June -4iv L.iLLw tittueiuai iiuooer vo.
Tanrommonwoaltiiof ronnsjlvanla, to iho stierllt
o( aid Uojtity, crosllnji
Wli"i!a, LouUi Intcrinarrlcel wUh A. II. Dlldlne,
AtiiTolii.o Intcrm irrlcl vrlili I, K. Wldlno, Aaron
Kaorr, Kilehx Knorr, Iteglna Knorr, Joseph Knorr,
.Vary Knorr by her guardian deoriri Zimmerman,
heretofore, to-wlt, oathe llthdayof September A.
D. lure In oar county Court ot Common ricas, betore
our .1 iljaa at liloomsburg, recovered Jadgmont
asralnr II. c. 1'roas, ndinlnttratorol all and slnira
lar ih" gooit, cluttols, rlirht.1 and credits which
uero.r I jan 1'reas, lalo of your oounty, deceased,
f.rn. i'ialndenturiimot els hundred and forty
Mid era and aorcn centK, as also ten dollars and
ntt'". nenu wliloli lo tho tald Louisa Dlldlne et, al.
wop. a Judjedforhts costa and charges which ho
Bust 'I 'i id by occasion of Iho detenllou ot that debt I
An 1 wiiereas tho iMId John Freas died kelsed of real
eut'i!." in the said county ot Columbia, which de
scndo I and cuno to the said II C. Frena, William
L., o -orge II. Frois, Hlrara U, Frea?, John A.
Frees lloraco Freas, Isaiah 11, Freas, Hatllo Ann
lnt" tu irrled with J.W. Eck.and Nancy Intcrmar
rltM rrn lionjimln lllcks, the heirs of the said John
Fit i, deceased.
Ai I Mheroas tho said Louisa havo
given into understand that tha said Judgment re
mains wholly unpaid and unsatisfied, and has be
sought ti3 to provide ror them a proper remedy
And we- be ing wllllnsf that vv hat 13 lust in this behalf
should i done, do nccordine to tho form ot tho Act
ot Assembly In such caso made tnd provided, com
mand you that you make known to tho said II. O
Freas, llllam U Freas, Ceorgo II. Freas, Hiram D
Firns, John A. Freas, lloraco Freas, Isaiah D. Freas,
Sallle Ann Intermarried with J. v. Kck, andKancy
Inu'rmarrled with Donjamln lllcks, that they be be
fore our Judges at liloomsburg nt our county Court
of L ommon Fleas, thero to, lie held on tho nnt Mon
day of February next, to show cause, If anything
thi'V havo to know or say, why the said Jadgmcntlio
recovered against tho said 11. C. Freas, administra
tor, &.c, ot tho Bald John Freas, deceased, shall not
be levl"d and paid out of tho said real estate ot which
the Bald John Freas died seised as aforesaid: And
have you there thrn this writ,
Wltnesstho Honorable Wdllam El well, President
Judo of our said Court, nt liloomsburg, tho six
teenth day of December A, 1). isto.
11. FltANIC ZAIlIt, ProUi'y.
M. W. MJS3, Deputy.
March 5-lw
Sr-M. F. nODINK, Iron Street below .eo
ond, liloomsburg, Fa., Is prepared to do al
s of
Inthn bnjt styles, at lowest and at short
notloe .
l'atf 'a lis vine- s'lh vrnrk tf ,!i will biiva tnnnpv
calltm; ou rue.
Ml v nrk warranted to clvo satisfaction. Ordprn
Important to Lawyers.
" of the Peace, Constables, Ktecutcrs, Ad
ators, e.uanlian, Township omcers, and busl-
.as .
i -:uu.uii.v
. 've on hand a lanje assortment of local
to the imc ot Aitorueys Juitlces and Con
lilanus of all 1 tads. Nolo and ltccetpt books rs e
pitici: LIST.
lor .v..
Pntip-j for fummon3.
i-i. i a.
Hide to lake Depositions.
" " ChoObO Arbllratone.
1 cents apiece, cr tl.?5 per hundred.
Pet: lo'i for Appointment ot Guardian.
" Citation
llul,' t.i take llenoalt Ions.
Narr In Debt, with Confession.
Mechnnli a I.l.m.
4 ivntH each or $3.50 per hundred.
rcuuonior sale of ileal nstalo scents each.
rrKiibpcenas, Summons, Warrants, Executions, 80 fo
llluo Deed3
Parchment De-cds ,
orphan's court Sales
Constablo's Sales
Jtortpagu and llond -
5 cents each
15 "
10 for 11 GO
3 cents each
,vn Kioo-ior oies .
Itlfe'iDtS. Tvot. h. Kflinnl rerilora lw c,AM
orders, ne itlv tiound, couslantl'y on hand, or made
to onler ou thort notice.
Wealo T.ronari'il in i-nnim. i.hni.ii......
other omce in tlds courTti" '" '
Editors and Proprietors
Of thoC'OLOllBUN,
Uioomsburs, Pa
RESPECTFULLY announces to the public
that ho has reopened
ins nf
hn rtlftila In tl.a
substantial and workmanllko manner, and sold at
prices to suit tho times. Tho highest price In cash
wui at nil times b paid for
u ii a: i: s hides
of every descrlntton In the rnmitrv. Tl.. nnhitKnoe
ronage Is respectfully solicited,
Diu.juiauuii,r, uia, 1, e.s
Verbatim Reporting.
TCHMS: Actual travelltc-, boardlns-. and other
lenses: Ave dollars a fission. fririiLk-im-ehp ivrvirt-
and ten ttnts a lolio, ( hundred words. ) for wrulnc
nrn nn-.1i.nri '
Where tho matter reported In ono day cornels or
exceeids nny folloa, iho dvo-dollar ieo will bo remltt-
t-Ai, nnu ine iranscnoinc;
ajng-hand charred at
jiiiiwn linen lejuuu; uui, an bucu co&eb. It lewer
than lltty folios are purchased, tho Uvo dollars wilt
bo charted.
Address:. S. N, Walker, A.M., Courttnofi.
lapher, liloomsburg, Columbia county, Pennsylva-
lti'sldence. Iron street, between Third and
Foun ii.
i irtlt'e. Wll b It. E. Orv Is. liiq. , Columblan-bulld-lnir;inlrance,uppostt
the east mite to.Uie court
hou'. . aid. Hint door, nnt door to right.
onice-hoiir, from.tweKo to ono o clock.
aaittiijyi 1 1 aiiia. i.w mm jqm..
Valunblo Town Property !
'Ihe undersigned will offer for sale on
THURSDAY, APRIL fith, 1877
at two o'clock p. to,., tho let cf snound on Ironstreet
In the Town of lUcoinsburf, bounded and described
as follow : on Iho north by lot of John Hooper, on
the-Hivstby an alley, on tne south by lot of Mary
Clav ion, and ou tho west by Iron strcit ; on which
ure erecieel
of two stories and ono and a half stories retpco
Oood water and fruit trees of superloi 4
tho lot.
Tei ma easy and made known on day o
niAii' i.
March 3 13.
Babcock & Wyoth's Ado
Is lukon Internally, and Po.-ltiveiy t ures Hheuma
tlm, i, out, Neuruliila and LumbjL-o. t-bold bv
forurcuur'to ltC'U'1 I"ug?11'il t-ryvvhere. tend
vihitinu caium,
lktteu i1eau.,
l-Jl-l, HEADS,
I'ObTEliS, tc ac.,
Ntatly a- ..aply printed at theConn.
Sci iti; i
lifv-wV (oldbtand) Uloomsburtr, Pa., at
MX i ores of tho EspyandXlcht
JAAmmU Vjar. roads, whero nil deacrlntir
rom this dato the Uloomtbun: Uos i ompany will
put lu icrvico pjiics at post and turrdsh and net
meio t ut four duibus oacli.
Tte eouiuy uao on bund a kit of pis lar suited
iSfrtEJ.'1'? J0"'' IUJJ 5" or tMr '""rs placed
Prlco lo cvnts per RaUtvn or JtJiO r barrel.
Oo. liTN . I'. W. JULLKIt.
) lOUHtlaV OMlCe. '