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l-'iMWhy, Ocst. a 7, 18 7(J.
Tl M'lTi'.M CAN ORATOiTV. " "
Atarccctit meeting of tfitj "Have A
wliocliTt'Itclub in IlloomsVurf?, II. K. Hmltli,
Ksil-jjiHtorlnliiml Uio audience with tlio lot
1ivln beautiful iiiul pathe-lia lunu.o.
' nig, 1'opo anil tlio Devil nre chained t"
irelhrr. After the Niivrmber ilrcti'iii we
will, linyo another link In tlic elintii.ii'iul thru
tlio Tope, tlio Devil anil tho Democratic
iiartv.wlll bo clialneil tepgctlicr." Tlicro U t
lit ofh valuable Information In tlio above
Sacrey1 history tell us t'.iat tlio Devil use.
tubes, ni the liablt of "('dIiik about tike i
r ar(ii5 ion, tecklnj; wIiomi he may devour,"
but now, thanks to tiro .bmilli, the sinlsici
crtitleiniiii U securcl. He lias gone unto
the rmiriiij; lloii bitsliioss, uml Is anchored
fust to the Pope. What n prcat relief It inu!
Itafobeen, to the sneaker when ho made tin
eliseovcry that Ms saianic majesty is no long
trallarpel This brilliant orator seems V
bo laboring under tho impression tbat tin
l'opo-js,a candidate for tho Presidency. Tills
may;.bo true, but wo bad not heard of his
nomination. Such nonsense as tlio above I
n falr.samplo of .the kind of argument that 1.-
Iteing used by Republican speakers alt over
the ijuuntfjt In their desperation lliey re
s MortJidt only to falsehood, but to aluolutelv
idiotic statements, llecklcy, in, his struggle
to hold on to tho post-olKce, iuforine.d an an
dleuce.ln Ucrwiek recently hat it tln Dem
ocratic iwly succeed this fall there will be
another war. That weans that tho army ol
KXJ.OOO oll'icn holders will fight before they
wilt givo iin their hold on tho people s mon
ey, ilteckley will undoubtedly be one of the
leaden We have n faint recollection of bis
bravery. Ho onco assisted in an attempt to
bang a fecblo old man in the early days ol
the rebellion, -fur wbich ho was indicted and
convicted. Auotlicrspeclmcn of tho oratory
of a'imich abler-speaker was given in the
address of Mr. llrosim in the Opera House
last wtek. He did not threaten wr, but
inado' Ibis most pathetic appeal ! "We can
eflind 'almost any calamity that divine Prov
idenco may eeo fit to send upon us. Wnceii
survivo a repetition of tho plagues of Egypt
but don t, don't, turn us out ol oflice. ' And
all fiiis is, tho kind of stuff that theltepubli
can ysrty expect to win on. They do not
hesitate to falsify j they aro not ashamed to
"bejor-a, continuance of their hold on the
treaury, and they insult tho intelligence of
the American people by the argument witli
which they are attempting to carry the No
vember election, iiut tho insult will bo i n
eligi&iitly flung in their faces when tho na
tion shall file its decision on tho 7th of
next month.
(iOT 'KM.
We wean Forney. In 1872, when he was
Bober.-lic made a magnificent criuade against
thieres'ln Philadelphia and Pennsylvania,
and'had no hesitation in denouncing the
Camerons,- HartranU,' ltowan and other
Itlngsters ; but now ho sees huge Confeder
ate armies In motion, rebel debts paid in de
fiance of the constitution, and not a colored
man left alive in the South. In liis deliri-
uinhe says "he wanU to go at the Demo
crafcy with "cold sleei." Wo do not know
how 'Forney is on handling tho sword or the
knife, at least ho did not evince much light
ing propensity at close quarters during the
rebellion, but for a cold tlal Forney is per-
lectty aujail. Witness tits saj.uuu ueorge
O. Evans grab, and tho 25,000 Pacific Mail
swindle. Forney hasno equal in a wholesale
Meal from tho people's treasury. Ho won
two' grand victories in that line.
Gov. Tllden has written a letter to Hon
Abrahi S. Hewitt, in which, after citing the
fourteenth amendment to the Constitution
he uses the following vigorous languago :
Should I be elected President, the nrovis'
ionsjof the fuurtceath amendment will, so
liir'as depends on me, bo maintained, exe
cuted and enforced in perfect and absolute
good faith. No rebel debt will be assumed
or miid. No claim for tho loss or emancina
tion of any slave will be allowed. No claim
fonanv loss or damupa incurred bv dislovul
persons, arising from tho late war, whether
covered by tho fourteenth amendment or
..' . ..Ill I. . .....:... 1 .,.,!.! Tk ,.,
tarwill not be refunded. I shall deem it
1IUI, Will UI.1 llt.'t!l&CU Ul I'.ll.l. IUU j'JVbUIJ
rayiduty to veto every bill providing for tho
assumption or payment of any debts, losses,
damages, Claims, or or the relundiiig of any
such' tax.
'fhis'eflectually disposes of the Republican
twaddlo concerning tho payment of South
em-claims in tho event of Democratic sue
cess this fall.
There Is a larger Confederate force under
arms in the South to day, than at any time
during the war, and there havo been more
TT'l v.. . I. ill 1 i. .1 I r.. . ..
uuioruinen kiiiuu in me single mate oi
MissiAppi since the close of the war, than
were luitea in any tlireo battles ol tuo re
beliion. Muncy Luminary.
Evidently our neighbor is endeavoring to
rival the lirpullican in mendacity; In tho
tbrfca battles of the rebellion. Gettysburg,
Wljdernes3 and Spottsylraula there were
10,p3I Union nu n killed. Tho Zuminary
with nil its effulgence, cannot count thirty
eutj.Unlon men killed since tho close of, tl
war., eucti wliolcsalo lies as tbat of our
cotfrnporary will only meet contempt among
decent men.
t. 1ICUAUU0.
The charge that the hopes of the DemO'
cracy In the coming election depends upon t
"aoliil Bouth" is dissipated by n reference to
tho election returns of 1874. In that year
thcDemocraU had 1,002,833 votes in tl
southern States, and tho Republicans C5G,
782. At tho same time the Democrats had
2,055,419 votes in the northern stalei, show
ingconcluilvely that there are two votes
North to one South.
Sixteen of the convicted Molly Mnguires,
and four persons convicted of perjury in con
nectlon with their cases, were sentenced
l'mtsville on Monday of last week. Th
terms of imprisonment range from one
Ujcc years, Donnelly, O'Neal and O'liri
cn received the longest terms,
'f he man who introduced Den Uutler
public Uio died In a Massachusetts poorhouo
thaotLc day, Virtue Is Its own reward, If
a man lives long enough. Detroit J'rt'
t"(o 'Republicans lost only 120,000 votes
in Vermont, Maine, Arkansas and Alabama.
Llkctj-Mcrcutlo's wound, this loss Is not
wido'aaa barndoor nor as deep us a well
buti'twlll serve.
" .-n..
fjtlio hidisn campaign lias ended it U
uly)jut (hut the publloeliould be told nhcli
it yBiincnced. Nobody bus heard of any
JuiUJih bell'g Mi.Petrott the lWu.
(io,,i:s's ctiAiHius rnovr.x.
f'licii.Mr. Gowcii,ln his celebrated speech
ilt'lho Muni? trial, charged that State
InClals high lir porter had bargained (or and
actually bought tho Mollhi Mugulro vote,
those who knew him best felt nured that
In duo time tho iiroof would bo liirnlshed,
notwithstanding tho emphatic denial of Gov.
Itartranft nnd Scnretary tinny. It ninio out
iroiich tho trial of eltow Jack Doiuihoe
ast week for tlio imiidcr of Morgan l'nwcll.
The wlliicss waH.Tohn .1. Slattcry, n leadln,'
Mol HoT" w hoisTiil ly corioboralcil.
IViidlng'tlio'canipalgu' lutt year Hlatlrry
and John ICchoc, county delegate ol'Schiiyl-
kllt county, met General Jr 'lv.' Hlgfricurri
prominent Rcublicau politIcian,holdingtha
ucMltvo appointment ol boiler inspector
f this county, mi l James Kyon, ex-Judgo
f Ihe Court of Common Plc.isof thli county
who was UeleateU lor re-election uy Miiugc
Pershing, r.nd tluy bargained with Kelioe
.nut al.ittuy to pay them olio lliuusaiidduh
Ur4 apleco for jirocuriug tho votes of the
Molllo Maguires for llaitranft. After the
argaiu was concluded Higfried said he
would hnvo to go to Harrisburg to get tho
money, and if he succeeded ho would com
uiiiuie.ito with Keliue and Slattcry by n ()
iher telegram agreed upon. The day follow-
ngSlattery received a dispatch Irom big-
I'rleil, which meant that tlio money hail been
raised and that Slattery and Kelioe should
cotLolo Sigfrled's liouso In Pottsvlllo the
next day. They came, and there, In the
presence of Judge Hyou nnd D. O. Honing,
Ui , a prominent Republican nud law.
yer Sigfried paid over to Slattery and
Kchoo a thousand dollars apiece. At
the sumo time an additional Mipulatiou was
made that if one-half of tho Republican
codnty ticket was elected an ndditional
thousand dollars sbould bo paid to Kelioe
and Slattery.
Slattery further testified that John M.
Delany, Governor ilartranft's messenger in
iho Hxecutlve Department, carried n fund
of money to Luzerne county for tlio purpose
of securing the Mollies' voto of that county
for Hartrnnlt, and that a much larger fund
was sent to Pittsburg, the headquarters of
tho A. O. II. In Pennsylvania, to be used for
tho samo purpose. A refcrenco to tho re
turns from the localities named ivould seem
to corroborate Slattery'a testimony. Promi
nent Republicans promised to uso their in
fluence with Gov. Hartrnnlt for that purpose
after tho election, and Kchoo and Slattery
used this promise witli tho individual mem
bers of the Moltio organization and with
those who sympathized with them to induce
them to vote for Hartrauft. As a matter of
fact, ehortly after tho election the prison of
Schuylkill county was emptied of all the
Mollie convicts by means of pardons.
Gen. SigWed and Mr.Deniug admit hav
ing paid the money.
In tho faeo of these facts how can any de
cent Republican longer act with n party that
deliberately buys up a bandot cut-throats.
Col. Henry M. Hoyt, fire chairman of tho
Pennsylvania Republican Stato Committee
has issued a frantic call to arms, which al
though a somewhat blood-curdling docu
ment is nvcrtheless mighty pretty reading.
Tlio Colonel liko a good Republican claims
n victory for his party m all tho states which
have held elections this Fall, and even de
rives comfort, of rather an uncomfortable
kind, from Indiana. We would not advise
persons with weak nerves to read Col. Hoyt's
manifesto, as the picture which ho draws of
the horrors that will follow a Democratic
victory in November U enough to appal tho
stoutest heart. Tho proclamation deals
largely in blood, gore, shut-guns and clubs
and the poor negro is held up in all imagi
nable forms of torture; Taking itall togeth
er we aro of the opinion that Col. Hoyt is
at present tho worst scared man iA tho State.
His party owes him it large debt of grati
tude for his strenuous efforts to firo tho Re
publican hearts and if they don't "fire," it
is certainly not his fault. If ho only lived
in Indiana, and coulU tako John W. Forney
with him, what a campaign they could coi -
duct with Morton as leader. Ah I
It is a little odd that men who, according
to popular report, arc poscssed ol ordinary
common sense should feel it a wise thing to
foist such rubbish on tho peoplo as is con
tained in Col. Hoyt's manifesto, and cspec
ially eo in tho face of the uumistakablr rc
pudiatlon ol the fctulT in the great States of
Ohio nud Indiana. However, there is a
scriptural adage relative to the braying of a
certain kind of human being in a mortar
and tho results tln-reof, which wo prciiimo
Btlll holds good in this nineteenth century,
E N T U O K Y ,
W 13'
. Jtepullican,
Indiana -Republicans.
Bluo Jeani Wjlllams llluo
This is tho languago of Gen, Hoyt, and
hi scared bummers have taken up the cry,
The "fort" Is the Republican piirlyfentrcnch
ed in power, with M.00Q office holders, the
whisky ring, Pacific rail roads, Indian
rings, and all the rotten and corrupt in
fluences in tho nation as allies. The out
posts were taken in October; and the people
wjlltako the "fori" Nov. 7lh, and place
Titdcn and Hendricks in command.
Another massacre of white men by1 tie
grnes hai jmt occurred ut E Icefield Cjurt
uoue, bouth Carolina. Ihe whites were
returning from a quiet nud orderly I)emO'
cratlc meeting when they were fired on by
a party ol nrgioes jn ambush, Ono man
was killed mid two others dangerously
wounded. This took pluco In the Stato for
which that lying hypocrite, Guy, Chamber
liu, demands United States troops to secure
au hoiiest(r) election I
A prize light occurred In Chester county
feiv duys ago which must have been peiftct-
ly satisfactory lu its results to the order-lov:
ing people of tho county, One of the pu
gllisU was so badly beaten that he died,
whereupon tho friends of the deceased kill
bis antagonist and a riot ensuing several of
tho participants were severely injured. Now
if thoso who aided and abetted the prize
fight can bo sent to jail the job. may bo con
Bidered lis complete.
Francis P, lllair, the venerable journalist
uml politician, dii'd on Wednesday at his
residence at Sllur Sprjngx, Maryland, ugul
87 ytarx.,
Tho tcrrlblo condition of this unfortunate
Slalo Is not generally understood at' Iho
North. A few figurcjiWllllsliow how tho rc-
e thero are plundered byJtlio carpet bag
gers nml lliclr' negro allies, 'ino propcriy
nidation In lSGOainotiutcditoMtlO.OOO.OOO;
n 1870 It was $170,000,000, n dci llno of 07
per cent, Tlio tax levy nitiounied in isiiu 10
$.',00,000; In ISO,'!, to $2,700,000, mi Incre.-iie
f nearly f.00 per cent. The ligWallvt1 ex
cuses amounted in I SIM to $-10,1)00 ; In 1S72
6 $2!),000,nn inereaoof nearly 700 per
Is It any wonder in view of this wliolcsalo
robbcry-that Iho peoplo of South Carolina
protest against tho cotitliiuanco In power of
their oppressors? Ono bundled nnd odd
cars ago tho people of this country rose
g.ilnit tho rule of King George for taxts
,ir less oik runs than thoo now imposed on
South Carolinians. Aru wo to suppose the
present Inhabitants of tho State are degener-
te sons of noblo fathers, and that they wit.
ubnilt without a murmur to such outrageous
obbery ?
Judge K, R. Hoar Is to run as an inde
pendent candidate against lieu llutler In tho
Seventh Massachusetts Congressional Dis-
ricl. If tills movement on the pait of the
neurits of Llutler results in tlio election of
Mr. Tarbox, tho Democratic nominee, the
country will owo many thanks to Judge
Ho..r. As between Honr and Uutler, there
shut little to choose: both aro rampant
Radicals and ndmircrs of Grnntism with its
attendant corruptions. Of tho two, wo are
not certain whether wo don't prefer llutler.
Ho is not a whit more intolerant than Hour,
besides which he is witty and amusing and
Hoar is neither one nor the other, llutler,
too, is tho fittest exponcnt.of tho principles
of Massachusetts Republicans. With tho
iresent complexion of tho liouso llutler
could not do much harm and ho would give
us some spicy speeches.
Hero Is a fact not generally known : An
act of tho Legislature of Pennsylvania,
passed Juno 1.1, 1S33, says ; "Tho father
and grandfather, and tho mother and grand
mother,and the children and grandchildren,
of every poor person unable to work, shall
at thelrjown charge being of sulllcicut ability
relievo and mairtaiu such poor person nt
itch rate as the Quarter Sessions of the
county where such poor persons reside shall
ordtrand diiect." This, it will be eccn,
makes children and grandchildren responsi
ble for the support of their parents and
grandparents, if tho loiter are unable to
maintain themselves ; while it also makes
lurents and crandparcnts liable to the sup-
ort of their children nud grandchildren, in
enso the latter arc destitute and unable to
work for a living.
.Tackso X.
HAltlllSO N..
ni.un x.
His election is a forcgono conclusion.
Tho Boston J'ost crows as loudly as if it
had fed on nothing but crow diet for a month.
It accuses tlio Daily AdcertUer of "staying
fast on the nest rather than como off nnd
show that its party has laid no egg j" then
inquires If it "isn't about time to put tho
question to the tax-payer, whether he sup
ports tho lederal army for the benefit of
Zach Chandler and his lieutenants, Cham
berlain and Patterson;" compliments tho
tYssociated Press on its magnanimity in con
cctling the election of Williains,and express
es sympathy as follows: "Wo pity our Re
publican friends know how it is have been
thero ourselves."
Ex.-Govcmor Pollock is reported as say
ing that nine-tenths of the whisky ring nro
Democrats. We would liko some proof of
this. Wo know the facts pretty well upon
this subject and believo there arc more Re
publicans than Democrats selling intoxica
ting liquors lu Pennsylvania, and that tho
whisky frauds of tho country were only ren
dered possiblo by tho contrivance and co-op
eration of Republicans and Riiblican of
fice holders. Temperance Vindicator Hep.)
The New York Times commends "tho en
ergy and ability of General Dix in tho
present ciimpalgu to tho Imitation of somo
younger men, who are under greater obliga
tions to the party." That General Dix is an
effectivo worker thero cannot bo u doubt.
What he couldn't do he wants Haves to do-
beat Tilden and therein issweet revenge,
Tho Dover (N. II.) iVc-jjis amazed to seo
"how slow the facts of history are to come
out! Through Mr. lllalnc the country learns
for the first time that while that eminent
patriot was serving his country by substi
tute In tho Augusta jail Char'cs Francis
Adams was plotting treason in the halls of
Congress and making an cffrt to avert tho
civil war."
The Congressional voto In Ohio was divi
ded as follows :
Democratic .... ,",00,005
Itcnub lean .... 3M.553
iiuru rarty .... j,yi
According to this showing it will bo Been
that tho majority against the Republicans In
Ohio on Cniigr. smien Is S73.
Tho aggregate vote on the Indiana State
election Is -1:13,103, of which Williams rc
ceived 213,003; Harrison, 207,070; Harring.
ton, independent, 12,220. Williams' major
ity over Harrison, 5,110. 'Hie legislature
stands, house, Republican 53, Democrat
-15, independents 2; i-enati-, Republicans 23
Democrats 25, Independents 2,
Tho whaler Florence arrived at Fran
Cisco, Saturday, with 100 men of tin-crew
of twelve Aictic whalers which were lost lu
tho lee with portions of their crews, It
believed linn liftv or sixty lives were lust,
Tho loss on tho vessels owned In New lied
ford, Mass., Is estimated at nearly $500,000,
mostly injured In Huston ami New York of
Mr. A'lanx has in his veins wnat Mr.Cur
th) has not -blood sullicicutly patriotic to
mako.jiim filling to join with tho Democra
cy in an effort save tho country, Tho cd
itor (if Harper'a Weekly would rather scu the
Republic dead, mu d-Wlcd than saved by
Pemocraiiu ilytlun, il, .ohm Y'4
liotvi (Ind. Dtm,)
IVrhnps Morton's l'o'tmaiter General Ty
ner cult siuero n lew innuieiiU tu intend to hii
business wow that the Indiana election is
over Js.
UWhn your simplicity, tils busliuss is to
look after elections I IK'it s what ho was
nijulu Postmaster General for.
Jn Ihe mutter oJhcdtrti Million fif procieih
; Mie.ty penofiai prperiy nj irifiantu'itfi r
by im Mienjr, the following, (union vai
rendered by William Jilvell, J'. d.,,OMr
110A, l870.f g t
Tho wages Act of 9 April IR72bU-ck no
llcn'ln favur of Clerk", Miners, Mfchauiis
r laborers, upon any property not l -oil at
or in rouiiecllon with the mine or innnufai
tory or oilier lllo I ii'li iss tthrrn tho claim
ant of tho lle'n Is employed. "
In considering cases' under tho Act it is
Important to toti.hter whether tho IhisIiipjs
In whlciniio owner or lessee of the property
Is engaged Is sueli its entitles his employees
to n Hen Tho words ol tho statute used in
lelinlng tlio business are, "work, mine,
manufactory eir oilier business when1 clerks,
miners, or inecliaiiics urn employe-it," other
kinds of bllsini s, nodi ns keeping a hoti 1
aro not included by lhr-e word. Al'e-n s
Felil.11.1 Li-g Int. .'MO ; Sullivan's Appeal,
27 P. F. Smith m.
It is also important to usecrtvdn whether
the property about to bo sold upon nn exe
cution or otherwise wns In and nbnut the
mine, manufactory &c, or used in carrying
on the business there-at eir In connection
And lastly whether tho claimant lias
rendered scrvico entitling him to a lien, and
has given tho notice of his claim as required
by tlio second section of tlio Act.
In this coso the auditor has found that
Win. Voider tho execution debtor was en
gaged In mining and in building houe
at the mines ; ho was also engaged In the
business of hotel keeping wholly independ
ent from his mining business. The fund for
llstribution wns ruheel by the sale of the
personal propeity in and about the hotel.
Tho auditor therefore rightly dee-iiled, that
tho execution creditor wits entitled to the
proceeds of the sale mid the persons employ-
d at the mines had no lien upon the prop
erty or claim upon the fund.
The notices to tlio Sherifl" we re no defec
tive that the money could not have been
legally awarded to the claimants if they had
a lien.
Tho act requires that tlio nolico of the
claim shall bu in wilting nud shall bo given
to tho officer executing tho writ before sale.
Tho writing should contain every element
which goes to make up a claim under the
statute. H ought to statu the businei-s in
which tho employed was engaged the kind
of service rendered by the claimant, wheth
er as clerk, miner, mechanic i.r laborer the
fact that a lieu is claimed upon the property
seized by the ollieer and tho particulars of
the sorvico as to d.iy's work, or work by the
mouth or other contract, and the amount
Tho courts will not be hypercritical in
scanning this species of claim, butthcy can
not disregard tlio requirements of the? statute)
As tbatj requires tho notico to ho in writing
no part of it can bo supplemented by parole
evidence, but the writing itself must contain
every essential to a valid claim, with reason
able certainty. .
iV notico which merely gives tho name of
tho claimant, and a sum opposite, without
referring to tho property nnd claiming a
lien thereon, is invalid and worthless.
McMillen vs. Hank, 1 Weekly Notes 55.
For tho reasons given by tlio auditor and
for tho further reason that tho notices to the
Sheriff are not Mich as the statute require s,
tho Auditor's Report must be continued
Exceptions overruled and report confirmed.
unappreciaiive papers continue to pay
their respects to Colonel Rob Itigersoll. Tho
Cincinnati Enquirer says it is true that Hob
has a poor opinion ol the Democratic party',
but ho has a worso opinion of God. The
Brooklyn Argus thinks that Ingersoll can
light a sulphur match just by talking to it.
When the Devil takes a fancy tefn man it is
useless to anticipate his methods of showimr
Tlio full returns of the elcctinn in
Ohio, as published by the Cincinnati Cam-
mercial, givo H.imes, tho R. publican candi
date for Secretary of State, n majority of
5,774 over Hell, Democrat, Chapman, tho
Temperance candidate, received 1,77-1 votes,
leaving Harness a majority ol -1,000 over both.
Hoynton, tho Republican candidate for Jus-
tico of the Suifremo Couit, received n major
ity of 10,708.
Tho four Doiuocra'ic Congreotmeu elected
in Indiana had an aggregate majority of 18-
C5(i; tho nine Rrpttblicau Congressmen had
an aggregate majority of 10,04.'!. Tho net
Democratic majority in the Slato is7,9KI.
This shows the beauties of Republican ger
Tho height of impudence has been reached
at last. Sitting Hull, tho Sioux chief, has
asked permission or tho Indian Agent at
Fort Peck to come in and trade lor ammuni
tion. That beats anything we have ever
known. Score one and a lar;e one for
Blasphemous Hob Ingersoll, the pet orator
of the Republican party and special cham
pion of Rutherford H. Iluyes.styles Christian
ity a relic of barbarism, and Socrates the
peer of Christ, and all the good peoplo of
the party ol great moral ideas flock to hear
The St. Louis t?ol thinks tho Radical
"party 'can get along without the German
vote." Whether it can or not it will have
to, just as it wilt get along without tho voto
of tho editor of the Globe unless Grant par
dons him out of tlio penitentiary.
Carl Schtirz, in tho Innocence of his heart
preached Hnyes and Reform iu Indiana.
His dojtrinus did not suit Chandler, Morton
and Cameron, and so Schtirz was wiuolched,
and his "sweet German accent." is no longer
heard, lie is kept out of buch Districts us
Hen. Butler's.
The Methodist says : "Gov. Tilden was
elected to his present ofiico by fifty thousand
majority over John A. Dix, a decisive test of
personal popularity. After Mr. Dristow, ho
is tho only man in high plnco who risked
anything in a fight against corruptlonlsts.
The ladles, one and all, pronounco Glenn's
Sulphur Soap tlio best clarilier nnd omollent
for completion, that they havo over em
ployed. It should be used by all who arc
anxious to possess unblemished skins.
Depot, CrittentnnV, No. 7 Sixth Avenue,
New York. Hill's Hair & Whisker Dve
brown or black, 60 cts,
Oct. 0, 4w,
Doctor, it Fheij) Liki: a Bat.i, ov
Fll'E I I So speaks oftentimes the sufferer
from dyspepsia. After eating, it seems as
if there wasu veritablo ball of firo running
up nnd. down through hie stomach. Tf bo
eats much he leels it i If he don't cat much
he (eel it. It destroys his onjoyinent of
lifo. If the doctor be really desirous of
curium nis paiicut no should pot axpsrliiient
with the hitHurer, hoshoiild lecotnuieud him
to iiku Peruvian Syiup. whoso merits have!
been letted so long, ami always satisfactori
ly. Hulls of fire In the Btomuch and IVru.
vlaii Svrup can't elwcU tegether, Seiinl to
)'9iir etrngglst, ho keein it always ready,
and try it, Jt will work like n charm.
National Dom.ior.xVu Ticket.
ror. I'nnSjiliNT,
SAMUEL, )Vflffi3EN,
' jjf'OF NHW'Uific.
riin vieinMninsfnriNT,
Drinnrriitlr Dlrrlunil Tlclie-I.
KUinrotts at i.Attni:.
t'UAnt.W II, nCCICAtXW-SAMl-KL n. WllioN.
llntiertr. Mlcf
Daniel 1) "o.-ts
.1. II. Slce'elluui
I-'. W. Knox
liititi II. I'lil
Tlinmns llower
lmWil -mull
m iii Minn wimnter
.litiws.l. Mniit-tt
.tolin H. Outline
II. M.rillisnn
I lavldM. Morris
11. M, lironn
'I lioiuns W, lira son
(Iciugn it. lurrell
Wm it wrlirlit
Thomas I". llusKltl
If.lm Morrct
I. .Mon I ton
imen Ioiiim
Win. K. I Lin
lnl L. I Iu-Iiiiiit
II. 1'. -rruml-ovd-r
lif-u. II. Itcml.imi
J'jtlll Ni'iilnti
.1, II. Aiil.'uin.nit
S HcnJ train 1 .Moms.
Couuty Officers.
of Lycoming county.
nnriti snxTATiviM,
of I'inhinycrcel:
of Main.
ASSOG'IATi: Jlll'tllis,
F. 1.. SMUMAN,
of Odawima.
, of Jlcnton.
of Dloomnhurri.
ei.i nonniNs,
of risfiiiiycrrcl:
Detiioi-rulli- SliindliiK (Viiiiiiilltee.
Henver Nntliin nredbjnder, Jr.
Denton W. II. Smith,
llerwick W. T. I'nytler.
Hlooinsbun; I! W. .1. tluckiilew.
Hloomsburt; W. II. W. Mcliejno'.il.i.
llrtarcieel: Wm. Lainnit.
Catawlssa li. .M. Tuivksbttry.
e'cnti-nlla M.tttus McllriMrtv,
Centre II. A. Hcltweppcijlielser.
tion) nchitin X. Mel Letilhin.
ConviiKltain s. Peter l.ttliy.
, Klshlnjcreek l'miik Woll
Kritnkliti-Vneoh Knltlle.
ilrccnwood-ei. w. utt.
llemlsck Win. Illrton.
Jackson Wm. I,. !;iliuliij.
Locust Win. II. Hcinbolil.
.Madison Conrad Kramer.
M.ttn W. T. Shtunan.
Jtiniln-D. II. Montgomery.
Montour J. X. nordon.
Mt. Pleasant A. T. Ikelcr.
Orango Abraham White.
Pine W. Karshuer.
lloarlnircreek J. 1). Kllnger.
Scott-O. P. Eat.
Sugarloat-C S. Fritz,
Important to Centennial Visitors,
Many of our readers who yet intend to
visit Philadelphia, will wisli to do so at tho
least possible cost and trouble. They will
not wish to pay hotel rates when they can
obtain good accommodations at private and
boarding houses at one-third hotel rates.
Dti ring September and October the crowiis
will be so lariro that thev cannot be nccninn.
dated at hotels, and to avoid trouble on their
arrival all should know whero they nrefjoing
to stop, beforo leavintr home. You can oh-
t tin good accommodations by tho week for
from $5 to $10, or by the day from SI to $2.
To do this you must write to J. Weaver tt
Co., 1!118 .Market street, Philadelphia, and
they will, on receipt of 1, to pay them for
their trouble and expense, send you a list
of one hundred boarding houses, giving the
prices charged by tlio day or week. You
can then select a place for vourself. and
make arrangements d.rect with tho parties
ju nisii iu siiiji nun, tit tins way you can
save irom ciu to rjiiotlld you wistt l;
stop nt a hotel they wiil maieo all nccccssa-
arrangements for you nud charge you but
Thit it our advice. T.c it. Stato what
paper you saw this in.
I3C1. iOU,
Have you tried Kirby'sAVildCherrv Coutrl
Balsam ? A very palatcablo compound lor
tho various affections oltlie throat and lungs
it has been used with succcks, iu seven cases
of asthma giving instant relief and in many
cases efi'ecting a pernamcnt cure. Pricu 6U
cents per bottle and positively warranted to
give entire satisfaction e r monev refunded.
Kirby's Mngio Relief for tho instant cure
ol hcveio iiuu acute nuns.
Kirby's Tasteless Worm Lozenges, pleas
ant. safe and effectual.
Kirby's Horse and Cattlo Powders are tho
best powders lor stock, manufactured. Try
them nnd bo convinced.
Kirby's Camphor Ico for sunburns, soro
ups anti cunppeu minus.
Gill's Billions and Liver Pills nro recom
mended by the first Phvslcinns.
Tho abovu preparations aro for salo by all
uruggtsis aim ueaicrs in menicine.
Movuu Bhothkrs.
July 2l,'70.-ly Wholesale Agents
llOOPN.VOLK.-ln Kescopec, on Saturday night
last, Martha, relict of Gccrg-o HoofnaKlc, aged about
74 years.
HUFFMAN. In Hloomsburg, Oct. IT, lsT, at the
residence of hereon, O. A. Jacobv, Mrs. Klliabetli
Huffman, aged SI ears, 1 me. uuu 2 days.
PAliKS. Near Jonestown, on Uio istu Inst,, Miss
parks, eged lTjesus.
KLINE. Near Itohrsburg, on tho 91st Inst., John
Kline, nged a years, v nioa, ami is days.
MILLKIt-KUI.LKIt.-lly llev. O. 11. Dechant, at
tho re.sldi.nco of tho brldo's father, Mr. Aci1 Miller
to Miss Mnry Matilda Keller, both of l.ociut tonu
ship, t'OltllllOl.l Co.
ltllOAIW-ll!LLIN!).-Oc. IS, by the sumo, at I'ut-
al.-s.i, Mr. ('l.trk l.uo.ids, of ltom lucreek, lu ii:s
C'aiolluo Hilling, of Unjust Inwubhlp, 1-YluinbU couu
t)', Pa.
uiLnnmiAN!) ki.siihaun.-oii tho isth inst
by e:. A, P.ucklngliHin, Use., Mr. lllldebiuntl
to .MUs Clara Klshlmeli.
A.VKIt-lIullFNAIILH.-NJpt, Willi, by llev. A. It,
Hottiiistliif, Mr, M, Amer to Miss LlltdbcUi Hocfea
tie, both of llerulck.
SMCTIIi:its-li:ss.-Oct Hill, by tho naino, Mr.
Jacob I'. Smelliers tu Mt Maillt.1 A. Hess, both or
Wheat J.or bushel..., I1.S9
It)H " 11, 11 is)
Flour per barrel ,
Kggs ,,.
Dried Apples .,
nmu. onumiiui. ijia.,. .. ..... .1.
LaidDcrnound ..;.."".'J....';!?ffI M
llayportoa .,, , W.eo
Hooswax , Vt
Tuaolliy Beetd 4.U)
il!OT,vni)NH Hill COAl.
No. 4 on Wharf .".I,,,.!., $ 4,00 per Ton
no. "::::"v.v.:lv"::'."'S
VluckainllbVLutuiion Wiuitf .., tl no "
Bltuialuouji JC m "
DjTr-er la Is tlio most pe-rrlexlnff of all human nil-.
InfMs. lis M miliums urn nliniMt. Innnlie In their
vmtoty ftfirl IIiq forlorn and efefpondt-nt vlcilmSof
tlio tllseano eittcn fancy the tnwlvi's Uio prey, In ttirfir
of evrrj'ltnown m-tlaay, litis Istliie, Inprtrtlott'o
elnso sjinpntliy which exists betneon tho stcuiacli
ml tho 1-ratn, and In nort i.lso to Uio fact Hint liny
illstitrbdtico of the ditfcslh e nincllons necessarily dts
itlsordi'is'tdoi-'llver, tlio liowcls nud tlio nervous
ttjMom nnd orfccU, to somo cxtent,,tlio quality of
lliu Mood.
):.!'. Kniilel's Hitter Wlneibf Iron li a sum cure.
This It not a -low pii'imrutti-ii, to I a lili-il mid lound
u anting 11 Ims In-i-n ,ii-scrlbtd tlally fvr 111.111)- years
Ilio imu-'liu if tiiilnuiU lil.i sk'Biiis Utli iin-
psrallcil aiieressj It Is not u!iiocte-tl or Intended to
u ro nil tho dlsensos to which Hit fninll) Issub-
tecUbutWitrrniiltd to cine litsiieii-ta In Its most
olisllitalo form. lilmU-l's Hitter Wine of Iron never
ilU to curt'. H)tnptoTsot H)S)cpsln nro loss of
ftlipcllli-, uind mid Hslntf of the lood, tlriitssotthu
mouth, Ucuritiurn, illstcnstoit of lli-J stonmch ntul
Lowcls, coiistl;iullon, hcadjcho, dizziness, sleepless.
nets and iGWhpli Its. Try the treat roinedy ami Lu
contlnecd of lis lin-rlls. tlet Ihe KCtiiilnc, Tnko
nlv Kiinkers,wlilililiputoiityln)l holtlos. Heiiut
1M s tin uy nil Drujfijhls nml ilc.tlers ever) here.
Ask for K. V. Kiu.ktls Hitler Mno of Iron nnd
take no other, six bottles for f ?.oo or II. per bottle.
Worms I Worms I Worms 1
1. 1'. Kunkel's Worm Hjru-i never falls to destroy
'In, NtiitniidMomacli worms. Dr. Kutikt-I, tlte only
successful llivtlclan who removes Tnno worm In!
hours, nllvo wttlt lio.vl, nnd no feo until removed.
.'otnmon sense teaches If Tnpo iiorni bo removed
nil oilier worms can bo readily destroyed. Heml for
lrelilirto V. P. Ilunkel. 250 North Nlnlli slreel.
'hllndi'lphhi. Pa. or call on your (iniffs'tst for u bot
lo of Kunkel's Worm Hi run. nrlcefi. It niver
filli. October.
T 1ST ()!' OA ITS KS O R 1) 11 R H I) l-OII
l.MIIUIl -iitu, ,. u illl.
William Hrown ct al. s. John Drown's En'rs.
Kl'l KetidlR vs. Danlct Morris.
John J. Mcllenry vs. 1). L. & W. 11. 11. Co
Henjamln Wlnterstecn vs. William Houghton. Miller s. P. 11. li. It. Co.
John McCalKVs V.x'r vs. eiooruo J. Luco ct al.
Mary McAlarnov et nl. vs. Simon P. Knso ct al.
Jacobs. liludcrllters. William Mrnslmjcr.
A. P.. Slurrelts ct al. vs. Hobert C. Howell.
A. II. Slmrretts et ul. vs. David Stroup.
1)A Wybert vs. John P. Creasy.
Daniel Smith vs. John H. Kimble.
John 11. Jacoby vs. s. A. Wilson.
Iteuben Klsncr vs. 1). K. Scybert et nl.
Second National Hunk of Tltusvlllo vs. J.A. Lo-
'flm lirothcr vs. B. I'. Halltnan.
Daniel A. Heckley vs. W. II. llradley.
Mlllllu School Hist. s. Peter J. Ijintz ct al.
Catharine lless's uso vs. John Sllner.
I. W. McKelvy vs. William Shafter et nl.
John Woodsldo & Co. vs. Hantcl Morris.
J. M. Hew IU vs. Samuel Crevcllnj.
A. L. Turner vs. Klma Kester.
J. W. Irwlnsj use vs. Jcsso A. Losee.
Oct, 27, ls'tl, Prothiuotary,
Yalmiblc Ecal Estate
FoPn. Sale!
Tho Ileal Estate of Joseph Coleman, Into of Fish-
liitfcre-ck township, Columbia county, Is for sale.
Property consists of about
of first quality of kind. Thero Is on Iho premises a
a good barn,
with Rood water power, and uood fruit. For fur-
Hit r Information apply to
Executors of Joseph Coleman
Still Water. Col. Co , Oct. -JT, -jc-iw.
The imderblgncd Administrator do bonis non cum
testnmentqnimexoof Iho cstnlc of Vincent lllchard
deceused, will olfer for sale on Ihe premises, In FK-h-
Ingcrcek township, Columbia county, Pn on
lit 11 o'clock a. tn., the follow Ins described
bounded on the north by F. M. Pealcr, enf.t by John
Weniiernutt others, south by John Crutcllnir, west
by John llelslillnc, contattiluK
oxi-: jirxniiun Acmes,
mere or less j creator parted It being la a statof
cultivation. Thero are on the premises
barn, ind other outbuildings, T hero li a never fall
Ing spring of water near the liouso nnd a well at the
liouso. 'IheioLs
nnd other fruit on tho place.
Tlio property Is Mluutod In Iho midst or one of tke
best agricultural bectlous In tho county. Location
Terms of Sale. Ten per rent of one-th'lrij of the
puiehnso money to lH) pnld nt tho btrlMng down of
tho property, tho ono-thlul lets Iho ten per cent
on tho Hist day of Apill, 1S7I, when poipesslon will
be given, nnd the balance to bupuld lutwo equal
annum payments; the whole to be bceuied u Judg
mem bona and tnoitgnge,
Oct. 81, IB. Admlulsirulor.
lly virtue of awrltsif Fieri Facias to mo directed
win bo exposed to public salo at tho Couit liouso In
Hloomsburg, at 1 o'clock p. in., on
Tho following lcult-Hato tdluatoln Ceutiotown-
bhlp, Columbia county, Pu , bouudod und deserlbcd
us follows, to wit : Tho undlWdcd ono-half Inteiest
lu oil that certain messuage and tract of land bltuto
In Centre township, Columbia county oforesall.
boundcil and described its follows: beginning at
btone In tho middle of the public road, t hence along
tho mlddloot bald road north is und 4-10 degrees
east 4s and u-lo perches to u btone, thenco along the
lalddlaof bald road north 81,4 degrees wustl and
4-10 pel dies to u btoue, tlieuco alougthe mlddloof
raid road s 1; degree s oast 1 15 s-lo pel ches ton stone
la tho mlddloof a public read en the cast of bald
tract of land, thenco along the mlddla of said road
north degrees west 120 s-lo perches to a btone,
thenco by lands of Lei I A. Hldlay bouth degree-
west ico perches to a btone, thonce by luids et Oeo.
W. Shafter, Da-rld Leo und Frederick Hagcnbuch
south koa degrees cost 13J pcrcho3 to a btone, tho
placo of beginning; contfllniuglQl ii.ORES
and U9 pcichos, bo tho same more or less.
Tho undivided one-half Interest la all that certain
tract, farm or plantation of laud bltuatu In Centre
towiibhlp, Columbia county, bounded and dubcrtbod us
follows: Hegtnnlngut a post nud from theucoby
land now occupied or owned by Webbs, Philip Miller
and Samuel At henbach, bouth Tl ilegrees wtbtltii
lurches to a btone, and thenco by land now owned
by Jocob lluger.buchboutU4I degrees east 20 perches
to a chestnut, thenco by other land of tho bald Jacob
Hugeubuch boulh 10 degrucs eibt SI iiciches to a
ttone, thenco by land owned by Ouo, Hldlay ninth
77;, degrees east SW perches tu a btone, thenco by
other hinds of tho bald tleorgo Hldlay noith 73, tie
grees oust 87 Mo perches to a btone, t hence by land
of the suld lito Hldlay south 11 degrees onbt tl 4-10
perches to a btone, thence by land of fiatdel Lee, Sr.,
n irth 54' degrees east 71 6-lupeiehos to ablackoak,
thence by eilln-r land of Dauto'l Lee, Sruortli iJdc
grfos east 37 6-10 ierehcs to u post, thenco by land of
'Ihoinas Mullly, Aaron Hooue und Henry Trembly
hoi IU 1 V.Hi degrees west 112 ptrclu-s to tho pluco ut
beginning; eoiituiulug 13J. AOBUS units
perches, strict incisure,
, AI.SO,
All that certain incbsunge, tenement nnd tract of
laud sltualoln orange townthlp, In bald county of
Columbia, bounded and described as follows, to-wlt i
Beginning at a btone corner In Iho public road on tho
wjuth of bald tract tt lutid, thenco by lands of John
Vanllew north UK dcgiees west 10J S it) pcichvg to a
stone, thenco by land of Mary llleLelta south H9'de
grees cabt tl 4-lu pi relies to a btono, thence by lands
of Lovl A. Hldlay soulh ll ili-greeH eas-t 00 o-lo pi reli
es to a point In the aforesaid publlo road, thenco
along said road boulhui); dogroos wests 6-10 perches
lu a BUiito, thviioo atougbald rood noitlt ll,n degrees
Most 4-lu porciioa to a stotio, thenco alone said road
uoiltli7tl degrees wast Si U-lo peiches ton btoue,
tho place or beginning; containing Hi ACHHSund
37 perches, be tha bumo more or lets,
bellied, tuU-n Into execution, and to Co sold as tho
luojierty of Frederick Hugeubuch.
tfCONDITIONU OF 8ALK.-Puuluisers must
pay 10 per ecu', of tho purchase money, or at lcust
t-nougli to cover ull t'osla, at striking down of bale,
othirwbo projierly to bo ro-bold at once.
Mi"i1II' (jrtlce, bhulir.
I iK-i, suthTisM.' ' 'I I '
I ne undersigned Auditor nppelntni ny tiiu i-piiri
if l oininon l ieiisof loiuinMieoiiiit. loellstrl uilq
I nfnndiirl-liiif irom Miorlff's of reaiestaio oi
'ill mms IV. Mkhi-, of seott nwnvhln, will meet Iho
r-iiitt.HlnliitMost forlhopuriitisi'Ot liisnpi)lntmiit
i. ..a. r. In n.l.u... .,n LiI.T,tt . Kill nmtiAl V4.
HI 111.1 "lll.r 111 IHWIIHITUIH fii .. . .... .-v..
18,'n nt l u elo"k n. in., wnen an I win-re nil r-"i is
Inti rested nro leiiulrid to present tlielr clulins tr bo
ucbarred from coining- In ou slid fund. ,.
r, i . hi i.i.,ni, . i.i.i
OltHI.'Td-Of Auditor.
AI).MIN'l.sntASOIl'-l NOTIOU. ,
..itmnr Aiiiiitni.irntinn on tnecstatoeif KeiUien
I.,..,.. i.iii.r ij,mi.t. iiiivnhlii. rnltimlit l t'Mllll-
ti.liu bet n Kruno d byths llculsler -of seld eoitii-tj-io
llermiuiT-'nhrlntrer nnd lsuluii llower. ws,.
iMist 'in. All peisnns hmltur clnbhs uanlnst. I he
tld estate aro ruiuetted lu luiscut llitm lor ypltie.
meat, nnd those Indebted to mako payment without,
' llKllMON FAIIIllN(lKlt,
OcUI,'T(i-(iv Administrators.
.tf.l.n U'nnnl-. Ailnitnl.l r.llor of SolOlllOn HllSS.IatO
! Flbhlnirrreek loimshlp, ileceuscd, will expose tu
paotio sdio wn too pmiuses un
at ten o'eloct In tlio forenoon, nil that certain
I, O T U V (1 R O U N 11,
t ltuale In rislilnirf reek tow nshlp, nforosnld, bounded
nil uehcriot-u as iouoivs, io-,v,i. , ni mu tiuuu .-j
,,i,n uvimr'i- on lliu hastbv William ltobblns nud
Ixniflerb.ieli. ana coiitnluliu: 'IHO AOllt.i
iii.ia noli ler. .on tno Miuiii mi j t-H ui
nioio or
k-tB. on which uio ended a
und other out-bulldlnes.
TKIl.M.H OF SALK. Tell per cent, of one-fourth of
no imrciinse money to on panita inn siumo iiuwu
at Hit, euntiruiulloii of sale, and thoreuiulutiik' tlireo
ir inn oroiienv. 1110 i iii-iuti i i lost, inn irn rei irn.,
fourths In ono there Jller, with Irom
conjiriuiiiiou nisi.
Oct. 1', is:c-ts AdiniuWrator,
O R 1' II A N a O O U R T 6X1. E
In pursuance of au order of tho orphans' Court of
Columbia County, tho undersigned, AdmluMrator
of tho estnto of lldward Lowls, will expose to Public
Silo ou tlio premises on
at 10 o'clock n. iu.,tlio following described real estate
to-wlt i
Tho undivided ono half of a lot of ground situate
In tho town of llloomsbilrg, beginning ut tlio corner
of n lot of ground formerly of Thomas llutrtsnnd
running thenco along tho cihl tddo of East street
now known as Iron street, northwardly about foity
, .... . ..... ...
feet to a corner of lot formerly of ltobtson King
. I. nnnn I... ..... . -II.. . , I
thenco by the Baine iiorthoastwurdly two hundred
and fourteen feet to an alley, thence along the bamo
southeastwardly abSul fori y feet to said Hants lot
and thenco along the samo two hundred hud fourteen
loot to tlio placo of beginning, containing elghr.
thousand live hundred feet bo tho tamo more or
Terms of Sale. Ten per cent of one-fourth of tho
balance of tho purchase money to bo paid nt tho
stilklng down of tho pioporty, tho ouo fourth less
the ten per cent ut tho continuation of sale, and the
remaining threo-fourtln in ono ) ear thereafter, with
Interest from continuation nUI.
Oct. at, isj.-ts Adnilnliilrator.
lly Irtuo of a writ of l'l. i-'a. Issued out of Iho Court
of Common Pleas of Columbia county and to mo di
rected, will bu exposed to public bulo on tho pieml-
sos ut ouo o'clock p. in., on
FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 17th, 13 70.
All that certain lot of ground situate In tho bor
ough of Ccntrulla, Columbia county, Pa., bounded
and described as rollows: On the north by Hiillroad
btreet, east by J. II. Johnson, south by nn alley, and
west by Tliomis Howell, being rsilcct front &ndl4)
feet deep, whereon aro erected a stable and lco
seued, taken into oxeeiutlon and to bo bold as
tho property of Conrad Follau I
OONIJITIONS OF B.VMi-FurchVicre must pay
ten per cent, of tho itrcbxso money, or ut lcat
enough to cover all costs, utbtrlklng down of sale,
otherwise property to bo resold at onco.
Sheriff's onico. Sheriff.
October 17, 1ST0.
Hy vlrtuo of sundry -writs of Venditioni Kxponasto
mo directed will bo; exposed to public sulu ut tho
Court liouso lu lilooinsbni'g, ut ouo o'clock p. in. on
FRIDAY, OCTOllElt 27th, 1870,
All t li u t certain tract of land
Mtu.ito In Hemlock township, Columbia
County, Pa., bounded on tho lKirlhby lands of Clias.
liclterlck, west by laud of Jon-ph Moust, bouthby
land of II. F. Kester, and east by land of WlllUm
Wagner, containing
inoro or less, win reon nro erected a Frame
uiosrsi:, :;ixtt iiAit.v
and other out-bulldlngs with thenppurtei.anees.
Sel7d, taken Into execution nndlo bo sold ns tho
property of Amos U. Appleinan.
At tho samo time and plnco all that certain tract
or parcel of land bltuutelln Jackson twp, Columbia
cimnty. Pa., bouuded nud elccrlbed us follows : on
Iho north by land of Joseph Yoike, i-a-st by William
Vorks, bouth by Jacob Snyder nnd H, W. Mcllenry,
west by Henry Hurleymau, containing about M)
Acres more orj Ie.s.4, whereon aro e rected a Placl;
Dwelling House, und Uank-llurn wltlt tho appurten
cl7cd, taken Into execution arjd to bo sold as Uio
property of Daniel Frllz.
At tho sums time and plnco all that certain Heal
Ksuito blluuto In tho town t.f Hloomsburg, ColumbU
county, I'll, bounded ns follows tu wit : Hast by
Eighth Street, south by Abo Lung, wctt by nn alley.
north by JolinOieen, snld lot; being eo feet lu front
nndlOO feet Id dcplh, tnoro or lebs, w hereon uro
erected a ono and ono-half btoryl'nimo House and
Seized, taken Into execution and tu bo bold as tho
properly of Catherine Long,
All that certain tiact or lot of land bltuate In Pino
township, Columbia county, Pu bounded and dc
bcrRied as follows : On tho north by laud of Abher
Fullmer, east by land of Elijah Fullmer, boulh by
land formeily owned by 11. Meudeiihall,webt by land
of Susan Faus; containing 54 acres, 14 of which
aru cleared ; whereon ore erected a la btory log
Tho one-eleventh Interest In a farm In bald Pino
township, containing 110 acres,boundcd on tho north
by land of Weisley liaker, cabt by land ot Buson
Faus, Bouthbyitndof K. Mendcnhall, w-cbt by laud
ot P, W. Faus, nnd known ns the farm of Thomas
Faus, deceased ; whereon are erected a two Btory
frame house, barn and outbuildings.
Selzod, taken Into execution and to bo bold as tho
property of Joshua It. Faus.
At tho sametlmo and placo, all that certain real
e-btato bltuato In tho Milage of Montana, Columbia
county, Pa., bounded and described as follows i On
the oust by Centre street, boulli byu publlo street,
west by nil alley, north by Daniel Ooodman, atd
lot being lso footjln depth, wore or less, and CO feet
In front, more or less.
KeUeil, taken Into execution and to bo sold as Uio
property of Philip 1). Hughes.
At tho same tlino and place, all that certain lot of
ground bltuato lu thu borough utC'cntrallu.Columbla
county, Pa., bounded and debcrlbed as follows! fin
tho south by Centre btreet, on tho west by lot ot
John Artt-r; on tho norlh,by an alley, on the call by
lot of August liable, containing H) reet front on bald
Centra street and 140 feet lu eli-pth, whereon nro
crecUjdntwo-btorylruuio dwelling Uouso and out
buildings. Wired, taken Into execution and to be sold as tho
property of John Pliukant Hongiand.
At tho samo tlmo and placo, all that certain lot of
lina bltuato In Iho lloroughof Centrolla, Columbia
couuty, Pa'.hounded aim debcrlbed asfolluwst On
tho e ast by paxion St., south by North M., west by
an alley, north by lot of Henry Jabpen, being so ft. In
front nnd 140 feet deep, on w hlcli nro erected a fraino
dwelling house, a largo tw o-biory f ramu wagon shop,
and u blacksmith, bhop.
Heled, tnleen Into execution, and to bo bold as tho
proicity of Iteuben Fuhrluger.
CONDITIONS OF HALIC-Purchosers must pay
ten per ceiit. of tho purchaso money, or at least
enough to cover all costs, at Milking dowuor solo
otherwise piopeity to bo i-o-buld at onco.
Wpt.,'I0. bhenir.
Can't ba inoda by every ngent every
month In thu bubtucss we furnish, but
Ihoso willing tu work can emuiir mini
u don dolhirB a day tight lu their own localities.
Iluvuuuroom to explufn here, llublnuss pleusaHt
"7, .......v.., Mi... w,a tinu gliJSUOUS
we lt us men. We w III ) ou a complete out.
lllfre-c- l ii butluets iwys better than an thing
Iso. Wo will boar oxpeiiso of starting you. Purlleu
larslieu. rlto und bee. Farmers und m ochaiilc
their sons and daughiers.aud ull lu iifeilof
pn lug work utiioiui,, Hioiilil hi lie to us and learn
nil about lliu woik at once. Now Is iho tlmu. Dou'l
eJehiy, Address 'I rue i Co., Augusta, jalue,
O It V II A N 8 ' O 0 U R T SALE
Iiipirauftiieenf anorderof tho Orphnni court of
CohimblftKounW, thu itndorslgncd, Administrators
of the estate of PntrlcU MeCloskey, mil oxroKito
Public saw ou uio prumucs on
HATtJRDAY, NOVEMBEtt 11th, 1870.
ntioo'locka m.tlio following doserlboJ cstaU
First-All that ccrlfln Town lot Ml-uto In tlio
town of lllooiiisbui'tf lu the .Uuiiiily ufoiesuld,
bounded and UiwrlH-d us follows l Heglnnlngat
Iho sorth-ensi corner of Culh.irlnn Stroet and Lncka-
waunn Au-uiio and extending eostwurd utongsald
avenue fifty feet to corner of lot formerly owno I by
chirk iiruwn, thenco nurlhwnrdly along the lino of
said lot ono hundred ind Dfty feet Inoruor less to
nn alley, thence woslwardly along said ulloyjllfty feet
to the line of Catharine street, thenco southward
ly along said ft rout to tho place ofb' ginning,
Second. All that certain Town lot Minute in tho
s.ilil Town of lllooiusbttrg aforesaid, bouuded and
described as follows to-nlit on Uio west by lot of
Patrick Mct'tosky, on tlio north by nn slley, on ILo
c.istbylulot W'llllaiu llabb, and on tho south by
sixth street of Bald town of Hloomsburt,
Terms of Sale, Ten per cent of eine-f ourlh of tho
purchase n.oney to bo paid at tho striking down
of the property, tlio one fourth less tho ten per
nut nt tlio continual Ion of salo, nnd tlio remaining
three-fourtlisln ono year thcrenttcr, with Interest
Iroinconllrmalluu idsl.
oet, w, lo.-ts Administrator.
iivMriunnf nn order of Iho OrnhnnV Court of Co
lumbia county, w Ul bo Bold on i ho premises on
nt 2 o'tlock p. m., tho following real estate, lute ino
propeity of (leorgo I etterinnn, ueeeasen :
All tint certain tract of lmd situate In Locust
township, Columbia countv. bounded nnd described
as follows, to-wlt.: jicginning um biuiu-uuu mu-
nlng from theneo uy limn now or laio en tuc neirs ui
.,...,. i'ii.. iii-n-jiipfL tmrtti y-iu rleons-s w,-HtC3
li.lo perehos to a slone heiip, tin lice north ax eto-
grees west i o-m ptreuen 10 11 Muue, iuviiv.j uj uwh.
of Peler Miller south S2 degrees east CI T.lOpeivhes
to nkloiie, iheiicobv the Mime njutli HM negroes
west!.r.0-luiieii.liestollio place of beglmdng; con-
neat measure, bo the ramo tnoro or less.
TEKMs OF HALK. Ten per cent, to bo paid nt tho
I SlllhlllLT UUWII Ul IUU 1IIUIPI.-I I , Iimij I'll wm.
I coutiruiatloa of bale, and the balance In ono enr.
I ' I. II tllllVAtlll
Rtilklng down of Iho propeity, torly per cent.ou
Sep. , t-t9.
27ic Cheapest Soap that can be used for Ihe folhte-
my licttmns :
lbt.-OnebnrwlllgonBf.irastwoof nnyother.
il imiriiiii usual iiiliUriir beliur renulreu.
theielsubavlngof moro than the entire cost of tho
yoap In liilior nlone, .
nil The I'lotiica are mniio swi;i;t, i i.uAiv.nnii
WlllTH without iiiilLlNflor .sCAI.liINU, thus nil
Injury to Hit in Is uvolded. 1 heru Is n fae Ing In fuel
and haul woik, nnd Iho washing lsdonu Inubout
uait uio usual nine.
It Is also guaranteed under npennlty of fifty dol
lars not to lnjuiu tho clothes or hands, nnd ns ono
trial will cnnblo nny person to ascertain the truth of
these statements, It would never pny the proprietor
to engage lu nn extensive sjMem ot advertising nnd
claim such decided meill for his bonp unless ho
know from pontile experience that It would prove
to bu In eu-iy respect what Is claimed fer It.
This Is also a superior Soap for shaving and Toil
et purposes.
Aug. 4 TOem. It. C. ,t Co. Plilladelphlo, Pa.
YViirriinted niiinl la nny l'otiisl. In tlin inurUet,
uml InrsuiM-rlor In Coiireiuriileil l.e- lor
nil lu,riM,Hi-it far Mlill'tl It U uwed.
Put un In ono nou nil metal cans, convenient for
use In lumllles fur making hard und sott bc.ips, and
for Meaning purposes generally. Directions for mak
ing soap, etc., accompany each can.
For cleunlmr typo, nressi-s. machinery, paints.
sortentng water, washing sinks and rrult trees In tho
spring, It Is unequalled for excellence) nndconienl
eneo of packagu. For bale by llroccis and Hrug-
glsis cverywui'ie.
visciier .v iiuii'H jnNeriu-iiitt nnu iiiniiiiei-iiiiii
Fun der Is valuable for tho elestructton of the potato
bug, rolton worm, grasshoppers, mice, ruts, roaches,
insects, und verinlu of nil kinds. It is harmless to
men nnd iinlmals, uml far cheaper than purls gieen
fur the ilestruellnn of M-rinln. It Is ulso Invaluable.
ius a Iiimnflctant, purlfjlng the nlr In huspltnls and
blek rooms, and destrui tug tho foul udnrsof blnks.
e ellars, slubles, ke. put up lu ono pound cans. For
saio cy liruggisis uuu iirocers ever; wuere,
VISCIIIIR .V IIAI.I., Millllirurtiirrrs,
Aug. 4.-3U1
w. ii. Aiiiio rr
Important to Farmers.
and ever body In want of
Wo hnvo ere cted kilns nt or near tho Paper MUl.on 11. und nio now picpuicd tusell
lime) ut very reasonable prices nnd or gufid quality,
orders by tho war prompily idled nnd bhvped to
nny station on tho aboio road,
A full llui) of 1.1'MllF.U, of nil kinds, dressed
or lu the rough, shlng i s, I41II1 and
bill Tlmbee- to wide h we Ini lto
eirders received and for all kinds of Fauii.-t
Uy strlc attention to business wo hope to merit a
Bhai b of publlo patronage.
VI. 1S7S.- CutUWlasu, Pa.
TrM- v- IIODIXE, Iron .Slrt-et below sec
I oud, Illoomsburg, Pa., Is prepared tu do al
kinds ot
In the bent btyles, at lowest prices, and at short,
P irtles bavlog such work to do will sivo monex
calling on mo.
All work warrantod to glvo Ballatactlou, Otoe, a
T. D. Kellogg'R Advtfi.
Vers, dyers, chemists, manufaetureis nnd prlvato
dwellings. one). J. liriiKHAItT & t'n.,
June U-4SW. Huttunwood Bt below Hroad.
BUI1IIKR GOODS e.f every eWiptinn,
lleltlnt', Packing, Hose. Hoots and Hiioes, Clotli
. Ac, iii' HAiinxuvicK, son & e:e. uiniest
nut HI., Philadelphia, Agents National ltubber Co.
Nkw Heviseu KniTtON. w.eioo articles, n.tiou en
gravings, and is bplendld mops, 'lliu HKbV HOOK
of universal knowledge In tho languuge. Now lu.
eoursoof publleutlim. SPHI IMKN Willi map bu.
for HO cents, AOKNTH WANTED,
VIIAH. II. DAVIS & CO., IMillii.
llari luy l NUtV VOUU.
Aug. II, 1a.-4tv k.