The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, October 13, 1876, Image 1

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    iimu COLUMBIAN.
',, . . , 7
liLooMsnuiiu. uolVmiha copni-v i-a.
p maff uioywir. After tho oxt-iriUlon of tho hnr
tlM It 111 Tin all -1 rrrn1 Tn anli .nrll,n ....
COUtitV ttia torim nrn 1 nrr nr. KiriMiv in n,iun
if J ill If Mm. llAlfl Mi n, I vnti nn nti I it 11 I f n 1 1 ..
piibllHlifM, until till ftrrtmrnires nro naiii. but inn
liomimintl ITtM M nfUT t in i-nlrit t,.n nf th,. n,7
VA1K itflil twit Iwi nlin
All 111 iter -4 nil ill. nnr. nr llin Utntn -n In rtlilnhi
piuiu in vuiuiiiuii uuuiii-v iiijiuinus 10 bay tiiu
1'osT At 1 IS H no longer ojtnctcd from subscribers in
tho county
Tin .Tobbir..- Dep-irtment of the Coi.csihun Is very
complete, and oiirJ b ITIntlnc will compare fuvoru
y with til it or tho Linus cltlo. All work doneon
om.ind, neatly and at moderate prices.
Columbia County Official Directory.
President Juilire-WUItam niwell.
Associate .ludrfcs Irnin Dorr, M. (I, Hitches.
Prothonotarv, ,vc II. Prank .nrr.
Court Htciinnrnphor-H. N. Walker.
Il-ttlstiir llueorder Williamson II, Jacoby.
District Attorney Jolin .M. Clark,
Hurvefor Isaac Dovvltt.
Treasurer Dr II, W. Mclteynolds.
Ojiinnlsloiier3-.;olin llcrncr, H. VV. Mcltenry,
Jgsepli Hand.-. "
I'ommlssionors'ricrk-W'llltam Ki Ickliaum.
Auditors M. V. II. Kltne. .1. II. Casey, K. II. Drown.
Uoronor-i'harles O.Murphv.
ury Commissioners-Jacob II. Trltz, William II.
county Supertnlcndcnt-Wl llatn II. fnvrter.
llloom Poor District-Directors t). I'. I!nt, Scott,
win. Kramer. Htooinsburi and Thomas Ureicltnif,
Acoa, o. P. Ent,secretnr.
Bloomsburg Official Directory.
nioimsburj lianklnsf Company John A. Funslon,
President. II. II. lro 7. Cashier. '
l'lr.s Nu lonal Hank-Charles It. Paxton,' resident
J. P. Tust In, Cashier.
"itunui.i iminv .Mil' ai nav ne Fund nnd
llloomsburg Hulldlnu nnd Saving t-'tind Assoclni ion
Win. Peacock, President, J, II. liolilson, Heeivlnry.
HloomsburjrMii'ual Savins Fund Assoelailon J.
J, llrower, l'rcsldeni, C. (I. liarkley, Sccrulnry,
cnuRCir DiitECTonY.
I!ov. 3. P. Tnslln, (Supply.)
Sunday Services l'ix a. m. and x p. m.
sundav School 9 n. m.
Prayer jMectlny; Every Wednesday evening; at M
Hm.s free. Tho public nro lnl!ed to attend.
Jllnls er lfev. .1. VeCron.
Sunday Services -Ms; u. in. nnd Op. m.
Sunday school
Prater.Meo tng-i:rry Wednesday ocnlntf ntc;
Mcatafree. No paws rented. All are welcome.
. Minister Itev. stuarl Mliihell.
Sunday Services luif a. m. and 6jf p. m.
Mindav seliuolo a. 111,
rraver .Meuiinj; every Wednesday uenlng ai ox
Scai s free
No pov3 rented. Strangers welcome.
Presldln? i:idcr-llcv. N. S. Ilucklnshara.
Minister Itev. .r. s. .Mc.Murray.
Sunday Servlces-lu and-of m.
sund.iv School 'i p. in.
Illljlu Class Uverv .Monday evenlns at CV o'clnrk.
V'oun' .Men's I'rauT ilea lug l.cry Tucsdaj
i'enliia' HJ4 o'clock.
( 1'r.ijur. Meeting Every Thursday evcnli.i:
7 o'clock.
Corner of Third and lion streets.
I'astor Itev. 0. 1. uurlci.
Kf-,1 luncii ('.'iitral Hotel.
Sunday Hen ices Hi;, a. in. nnd 7 p. ni.
Sutidat School -'. a. 111.
I'rajer Mectlng-s.iuirday, 7 p. m.
All arc muted mere, is nlwnys room.
feT. I'AUI.'S CHCRCll.
Sunday Services in n. m., 0j p. in.
Sunday School 9 a. m.
First Sunday In the month, Holy Communion,
services preparatory to Communion on Friday
evening before tho st Sunday In each month.
1'owa rented j but everj body welcome.
Presiding Klder l!cv. A, I., lleeser.
Mlnlter-Hev. .1. A. IrWnc.
Sunday Scnlce .1 n. m., In the Iron SlreetChuich.
Pra er Meeting Kicry S.ibbath at 2 p. m.
All nru lmlled. Allure welcome.
Meets In "Iho llltla Prick church on the hill,"
known us tho Welsh Ilapltal Church on Kucfc btreet
east 01 iron.
lleular meeting for wornhlp, every Lord'j day af
ternoon at o'clock.
sests rreo ; ami the public are cordially Invited to
SCHOOL OIM)KIiS, lilanK-, just piinlcil ami
neatly bound In small books, on band and
for sain al thu Coi.usiiilAN (mice. Feb l'J, liI5-tf
T1LANIC DI3I3DS, im l'anlir.i.'iit i nml Linen
ly Paper, coiamon and for Admlnlsi ratnrs, Ilxecu
fois and trustees, for balo cheap ut tho Colluuiah
"jlTAIMMAOE CKltTII'ICATICS iii.tprinleil
It! mid forsalo at tho Coi.umiuan ohlce. Minis
ters of the (lospel and .lustlces should supply them
selves with these necessary articles.
JUSTICES and Constables I'Ve-I!ills for sale
ff at tho Coi.umiuan onice. They contain tho cor
rected fees as established by tho last Act of tho
slaluroupon tho subject. Every Justice and Con
stable should have onu.
ENDUE NOTES jut printed ami for sale
eoeiiaii uiu uoi.uuiiian onice,
Q II. MILLEIl .0 SON, ilealers in Dry
O. Hoods, groeeiles, ipieensware, Hour, sail,
Mioes, notluns, ete., Main btieet.
J II. MAIZE, Mammoth (Jrncerv, lineOrn
. cerlus, Fruits, Nuts, Provisions, ie., Main nnd
Cent i-o streets,
IjT M. KN01M!, Dealer in Hoots anil Shoes,
I J. latest and beslsiyles, coiner Main and Mai ket
streets, In tho old post otliee,
f E. SA VAOE. Dealer in Clocks, Watches
II ut ',cwtlr' ,,a'" bt"
1 Jl. IKKLEH, Atlomey nt Law. lioonis in
Jlj Exchange Illock, 2d IToor, Dloombburg, Pa, os
( (L lJAUIvLK", Oflico
j , In Hrowt r's building, '.'ud story, llooms 4 & t,
Oct. is, '75.
Bit. VM. M. HElllClt.SiiiReon nml I'hvsi
clan. OIllco S. E. corner Itotk and .Market
T K. EVANS, M. D., Surgeon nml l'Inl-
. elan, (oniro and Iletl leiicu on Third btieet,
corner .Icllei'sou.
II Ml.'lfl A'V Sf H V ,l Il,t
. blcl.m, north sldu'.Mal'n bluet, below Matkt't.
T It. ItOItlSON, Attoruev-'at-Law. Olliec
a . inn.
I.u tman'3 bulhllng, Main btriet.
KOSENSTOCi;, JMiotographer, over
, Clai I; & Wolf's store, Main st i eet.
DAVID LOWENIlEItO, Merchant Tailor M.rehaanlT II7s,m,w)0
Main St., uIkjvo Central Hotel. juarcu a.-y
IS. KUIIN, ifenler ii. Meal, Tallow, ilc, rpiIK UNDEIISIONED. reprei-i ntitig several
. Centru street, letw ren Second and 'I bird. JL of the most conservative mid n liable A meil-
, can Flro Insiiianee Companies, would lieglcau'to
rimntl tKU'ii'liP (.,,,,,,..r ,,,,.1 n,bnr olTer hUBiiMees to tho eitlensof llloomsburg nnd
'I'lUIMAn I'.IIL, Co fieliouery ami llaker mhiiIH , leauesllng a reasonablo sliaro of tho public
X wholesale and retail, Ecliuuge Hlock. palronago
. . W. J. POWELL.
G, . . ,, ., Illnnmsbui'L',.lu!yls, 117G.
. COIM'.LL, I'lirnittiro ltioliiH, three- omco In llrower's Illock.
a story brick, Main struct, w est Of Market bt, .Tuly 21-Mn.
AH. IIEIMMNO, Carpeiiter ami huililer,
, .Main street below Pine.
MO. A W. H. SIIOEMAKEH, Dealers in
. Dry (loods,(lrucerles and (lent ral Mcrclian-
M. H. AHBOTT, Attornc-at.I-aw, Main
1'". DALLMAN, Merchant Tailor, Secoml
, btreet, Dubbins' building,
Catawlssa, Pa.
Collections promptly mado and remitted, onico
ooKjslto CutawLvsu Deposit Ihuik. lim-lis
Aa.i'.'iinu'iit of A. II. IVurson nnd wlto of Sprlncllcld
lowiibhlp, Ducks eouul), I'a,
Wiii.iii-:ah, the, nl.iiMi luiiiiid l.uio made an assign
lueiil if nil (hi ir rial nun personal propeily lo tnu
uiiilerslKiii il for tbu Unlit of indlti in, noileo Is
thi'lt'ior thi n llial all pi in, oh luitlngcluliusugalnsl
I.u Assliii.erb will) rinnt llu m ul Ohio, and all In
t bled n ru nollllcd to uuilu ImmtdlaUi lui) mi nt,
ugin, 1'u. 1. 11, tVAONEIt,
ttjt. Wiciv,:
" .
0. iliSf' EUtOKanJI-roptUtors,
TQIt. A. I TUllN'KK,
Hcsiilcnco on Mnrkot Ptrrct 0110 door below
I). .J. Waller's.
nmco nver Klclm's Drug store, office hours from
1 to 4 p. m. for treatment of dlaenscs of tho 11 e, Kar
nml '1 hroat.
All calls night or day promptly attended to.
Ty I. . C. 11UTTUH,
physician ftsuitrinoN,
onice, North Jtarkel Mrei t,
JIar.!7,'74-y Illnomsburg, Pa.
ni.ooMsiiuim, pa.
Cilice abovo.l, Schuyler & Son's Ilaidwaro Store.
gAMUKI, IvN'OItli,
A T T O li N 13 Y-A T-L A W,
(mice, Ilnrtman's Illock, corner Main nnd Market
directs ()ct. 8, 7S
(iFEirK-lloom No. 1, "Columbian" llulldlng.
Sept. 1S.1S7B.
1 AV.MIIJ.Klt,
onice In Drawer's building, second No.
! llloomsburg, Pa. Jul1,T3 y
Q V. fi V. J, lujclcXTKw,
P.loomsburg, Pa.
Ofllce on Main Street, llrst door below Court House
F. it- J. JI. claim;,
April 10,'71-y
nrnvEv f.wimi suirn.
Offleo InEntsllulldlng.
A. ram r imi smith.
,i Cl!i:Vl:f,!N(l SMITH A SOX,
llloonisburg. Pa,
SifAII titisinens entrusted to our euro III reclevo
prompt intention. Julyl,'73 y
J? V. l!IU,MKYKi:,
OiTicr.-AdJolnlng C. II. A V. ,r. Ilucknlcw.
llloomsburg, Pa.
Apr. u,'7S-ly.
K. 11. I.ITTI.K.
ItOB'T. II. I.ITn.K.
J7 II. & It. It. LITTLE,
llloomsburg, Pa.
:3!P.usness before tho U.S. Patent oniccntlended
to. omco In tho Columbian llulldlng. !y as
A T 'J'O H X K Y S-A T-L A W,
Cnt.DMiiuN HciLiiiNn, llloomsburg, Pa.
Members of the United Stntes I.w Association.
Colli'dlons made hi nnr part or America.
Agents fur Conllneii till Life Insurance companv of
.cy iuiu, .imni-ih iii-nriv jt.uinr.iKie, i ne uesi in tne
eouul r;. send forilescilpttepnniphlit. tf
II, 1. 1AM IiltYSON,
Cenlralia, I'a.
Feb is, '7r.-ly.
IItOWN'S HOTEL, llloomshurg. I'a., 11,
O Slohner, Pioprletor. Ions llrst
eiass. totl.ooperday. Kestauraut attached.
Octobers, '75-tt
lu.s removed Ids Hoot and SboeStoro ftom Hrnwn's
Hotel lo 1st uoor aooo wngonseiler and Miarpuss .
Towaiida Iloot3 a bpecialty. He palrlngilonu at shoi t
sewing Machines nnd Maiblncrycf all kinds re
paired. Oi-fiia lloi'si: llulldlng, Illoomsbuig, I'a.
Opposite tliv :om 1 ISoiinc,
lil.oo.Msnuiin, PA.
Tho Lakoist and Hkst In ulltcspetls Intheeounty
(ict. M,'
1") If. N T I S T.
omco In Hnilinnn's Dlock, teeond lloor, coiner
Main and Market Mricts,
.May 2fi-ly.
T7 J.TlIOItN'luis
lJJt won
would aiuiouneo to tho eitlensof Illooms.
I mi ir and Mclnltv that bo lias lust rcccliodnfull and
compute assol tiueut of
FIXIt'ltES, t'OllDS, TAPSEIil,
and all other goods In bis lino of business. AH tho
lieivestnnd most appiined patternsof Ihuday ale
aluajs to Im found In his estubllshinenl, Main street,
bilow Market. net. S.'JK
cv, Exchange Hotel, liloomsuurg, Pa,
.. II, M 11,000
. ?l,lil 11,0, 0
. 13 f 00,11011
. 10,11110, 00
. 3,tlMl,HJl
., 1,1110 UIU
ft' e.inHi
.. 1 .OOO.IH K)
.. s,n o.noii
.. 17,0lU,IKJO
Etna, Ins Co., of Hartford, Connecticut.
Liverpool, London and (llobu
Koyaf of
Fire Association, I'hlladi Iphla
American of Philadelphia
Alias of llartronl
Wyoming, of Wilkes llan o
Farmers Mutual of DanMlIo
Dam Mln Milt Hal
Home. New York ,
Commercial Union
Tho 1111 Street Indicator.
Contains Ulustrnllonsofllulls nnd Hears,
Also, full and complete Instructions how tooieru!u
In stocks and siisk Prltlleges, Capital hltsaiul
hiiggestloiis. Also, a list of Valuablu l'leuilums to
uiuus. "senu ror iw
IIUCKWALTEll : CO., Hankers nnd limbers,
P. o. Hox 4317. 1U Wall St., New York City.
Columbia County
Voimerly Iho Hunk of Espy, removed April llrst,
IKjo. Ibcoineiilenllyjocatiil In thueontral partof
Iho toun, und does 11 general IIANKIMI business.
.Mono) iwi liiiloii ilciubltbutiju't totherk Willi
ouliiollcu. Ssulalarraiigeiueiilinade "lib depos
itors, una Interest ullovud on llmo Deposits,
Jstue Draflitm Ntw York uml l'hiladelphin.
collections innilu on all important lowns In Iho Ir,
S., ut lowest inUHOf exchango, lionds mid stiKita
Isiught and told, uud coupons coll, led. Every w
turlty gh ell Ui di'Jsltoi s tbut can bo ollored by uiy
Discount Days; Tuesday and Erlttty.
Aug. 10, u-ciii.
1 11 is) I'ti'Cii is on ni l; Willi .
. Advertising V- Agents,
X. Wit HA 1.17
m r f j. a.
Mil Mtirm M i l tfMt 1 AAA M Jy A
Uio discoverer nnd compourdcr of the far-famed
Compound "Syrup of Wild Cherry
nnd oilier valuable preparations, entered upon his
professional career with the Important udMii.tiigo or
a regular medical education In one or the oldest ami
best schools In Philadelphia, ami, perhaps, In the
Ho subsi'uueiitlv sened
II llll
fatlhrul term of
practice In the riill.ub lphla Dispensary, and for ma
ny years mienueu in lie1 nospnai. in tuii-o insiitii
tlnns l.e rtijojert the most nmplo opportunities of ob
taining fin in'lght Into diseases In all their vnilous
forms as well us for asiertnlnlng the best methods
of Ihcl Irenttnent. In ottering, therefore, totbu peo
ple of the rutted Slates tin) fruits of Ids extensive
professional experience In the medical compounds n
I Im best results of his skill and observation, he feels
that be Is but prorferlng n noov to every family
thronghout tho land, resting, as he does, eonlldenily
111 the merits nnd enicutlotis lrtiinnf theielii' dhs
be herevvltlveominends. The vast ninountul tesll
mony from all pirts of tho world has proven "Doc
CIIEIIUY" the most efficacious remedy known, nnd
It Is niliultlid by our most eminent physicians, and
alMvhobavn witnessed Its wonderful healing piop
ertles. Tho WILD 01IHItlt In all cges of tho world
and In all countries where It Is known has been Just
ly celebratee tor Its wonderful medicinal qualities,
but Its gicat power to euro some of the worst nnd
most distressing diseases among us vtas never fullv
nscei tallied until tlic experiments of that skllfuil
phjslclan, Dr. swnv ne, had demonstrated Its high
adaptation. In comt (nation with Pine Tree Tar, nml
oilier equally valuable vepelublo Ingredients, which
chemically combined renders It- action tenfold more
certain and In curing all diseases of the
throat, breast nml lungs. Dlt. hWAYNfc'rt WILD
CIIKUIIY COMPOUND strikes ntlho root of disease
by purlfjlng tl.o blond, restoring lb" liver nnd kld
ne.vs to liealtbv action. Invigorating Die nervous nnd
shattered constitution. Ir jour druggist or store
keeper dors not hav e It, do not be put otr by any
other remedy Hint may bo onered, but send to us ilf
recr.nml wn w III forward a half doyen to anv address,
fri tght paid, on receipt of the pi Ice, it per Isittle, or
the half dozen. Address Ictlets to Hit. SWAYNK
K SON, 11:111 North Sixth stieet, Philadelphia. No
charge will b mado for udvlcc.
AnU Your ISiiinsIst for Tlicm,
1i'inn!e-i nml all vvlio v ali.e hi a'lli should never I'll. nVV ', 1 M. s I ,it Mi S M.sAI'.X
l.ll.l.A 1'Illl.M, ur the., I ill If., loeliliuil, leioove a)
obstruction-, clr.ui-v the sklu of nil pimples mat
liloirlie.-, and lull, g theilih t'lolll liclth lolh.'
paie 1 net s. reiuain liivgiiati iue me lesioreu 10 a
ftealtli, condition. 'Ihej ate aceiltdn euieror sick
uudNeivous Headache. Asa Dinner 1111, nothing
can e.ceed them : luku one, twu. or ihlee, as lua.v be
found uecessarj ; 110IIL0 oiiieis, lhe gilpe,
produce nausea, or liny oilier i'iip!ci.ruiil senMilIon.
while Ibeyare ns povveilut as It Is po-s bio for a
medlclue to t e and bo I1.11 mless. These I'HIs
out the dlsu:deied humors, enrich and puilfy Iho
blood, U'lnove till unbeallhj bilious i-ccietkms of the
slouiach and bowels, causing a perfectly healthy
state or the liver, ahunio undoubtedly the bust ca
ttail Ilc and antlLlllous 1111 dlciuo jet discovered; und
we nro determined mat the sick shall nave them nt
a price within tho means of tho poorest (g.j ecu is a
box of mi I'llN.) If jour druggist or storekeeper
has not got them, do 11' t bo put on by anv otlnrs uui) be olteied In their place, but to us di
rect, and we will loiiv.nd by mall, on rccilptol tbo
pi Ice, V3 tents a box or 11 vo boxesesl.
a Qintmsnt,
Is particularly nd.ipted to all forms of skin dls
easts. Vures even whrn all oilier 1 eme
ctlcs and treal mi nt fall.
Cures Tetter,
Salt Itheuiii.
Harbor's Itch,
Prarle licit
Soie Heads,
Humors, Piles,
All Kiupllous,
Scald IP ad,
Pimples, sores,
Army lull,
blotches, si urvv.
Chronic Erj Hrolas of tho
Sccrr.sto curoevry case, leaving I he skin smooth
mid clear without a blemish behind.
Itching Piles
Is generally preceded by a moisture, llko peisplra
t'.oo. dlstii sslng Itching, ns though pin woiins were
irawllng In or nboiit. the rectum, particularly at
nlghlwlieu undres.slng,or In bed nrter get I lug warm.
It appears In wimnur as well as wln'er, oflenlliiK.
shows Itself around I he pi I vale parts, and Is not eon
llned to males only, but Is null'' ns frequent thai fe
males nte Hurvy untitled, partlculaily In times of
pregnancy, exleodlng leln the vagina, liovlnz dls-liessln-r
almost be.vond t'-" powers of einpitaiiee.
Cjsesof longsl.andlng. pronounced Incurable, have
been pi rmniicnily ciiud by slmplj nppljlng
Dr. S'-aj ne A Son :-(:enllemen The box of oint
ment vou sent mo by moll cured 100 enllielv of Itch
ing Piles, vvhlih I siiriered with furtive jears. 1:11-elo-ed
ilnd ntij cents forui.olhcrboi tor a lilend i,r
mind. Aniuikvv .1. hcacii.
1'aimvvell Station, Loudon Co., Ya.
He". Isaac Holland, Webster, Taj lor county W, Ya.
November si), 1S73-I have been a sullen r Hum
llehlng Piles. I procured is box of jour ointment,
lastsoilng which gave 1110 Instant teller, and ret I
'oiitldint It will i ili ( 1 a peiinaiient emu Eialostd
tind lltly cents, fur which pleasuseiidiuoaiiu(hi.rbo
by mall.
An Eruption of 8 ITcars Standing.
I was troubled wllh on eruption if tlgnt
llcldng. lutoleriible ut limes; tried maiiv ueara
tlonn wlihout ilndlng relict. Through 'iho use of
swaj lie's AlMIealliigolntrceut 1 unit nth elvcureiL
,Iosi:i'ii Lavidki.t.
At Horlsman i Eros., Hh and Cheiry, Phiia.
I was entirely cured cf Tetter
In Its worst form by Dr. Swn.v lie's All-Heallng oint
ment, nnd shall be happy to explain mj case to all
who may call upon mu.
Jamfs .McKivi.rv, W esl End Hotel,
23d Street, below Lombard, Mill ulolphta.
Suit bv mall lo nny address oniteclpt of
cents u box.
Desrilbo symptoms In all communications, and ad
dress Ii tiers to DII SWAYNE & SUN, Philadelphia.
No dull ge Tor adv Ice.
l'Olt SALE 11Y ALL Dltl'C' '.ST..
Sole Piopiletord antl .M.uiuraetiuerb of
celebrated all over tho world for its remarkable cures
of scrofula, Meieuilal und sypldllile complaints
and incases v lit re, Svphllllle virus of iho parent
t'liu-es ilevelopnient of sj ilnlls or Hrofiila In the
child nothing his ever proved so cut etna! In rnm
uletelv erailleailne; every vi'stliro of these il.nererniih
couipl.iltiUniid till diseases ailslng from Impuilty or
11,1 parilcularto nblnlutho genuln, ns prepared
by 111). SWAYNE v SON, !U0 I , I'.lh'l,Il.iilellii i.
k. ll,l ll,n ,nii I. Ln.ll,l,i Ii'
as there mu preparations of soinovvliat'tlnilhir liam'o
In the market.
IK SO 1)1) Mir FA Hi to list:
Tho most
Ixaiilon llnlr Color restorer
London Hair Color Hi si out
Loudon Hals Color ,(eslorur
Loiutoii llulr Co or Kt'siort r
Umdou Hall Color Kostorer
Iaii.iIoii Hair Color Itosiorer
London Hair Colur Hestoier
I.011, lou llulr Color Itesloier
London Hair color Restorer
London Hair color Hestoier
London Hair Color Restorer
London Hair Color Resioier
lmdou Hair color Restorer
Uiiidou llulr Color Restnier
Uuidou 1 lull Color Resioier
London Hair Color Itestorer
London Hair Color Resioier
lAindou Hair Color Restorer
London Hair Color Reslorer
I union Color Hestoier
liuidou llulr Color Restorer
London llulr Color Eesturi-T
I ondou llulr Color Reporter
U110I011 llalr Color Hebtour
IjjoiIoii llalr Color Hcslort r
London imir Color Hestorer
London llulr Color Itebtoier
Eellablo Hair
Intioduecd lotho
l'or Ilestorlng
Cray Hair and
Pre venting
Tho great
Luxury of
tho I)rc33
ltoom. 1. It will restore gray lu.lrlo Its original color,
V, It wld uinku tint hair glow on bald beads,
3, It will lesluru tho natuial heciellons.
4. It will remove all damlruiraud llehlng,
IV. It will inuko Iho hair soil, glossy and llexlblo
f, It will preserve tbo original color lo old age,
7, It will pioveiit tbo hair Horn falling uB,
8, it Will CllrO Id' OtM'UbUH of tbo sculp.
75' OontH pov Bottlo-
u bottles n, Kent bj cxpniss to any address 01110-
ivil,i,r pi us,
Addre-kH orders to DII. SWAYNK A- SON. 100 North
mill Mitel, I'btla., I'a., bolo propilctors.
Thero U ft land, of every ljnd Hie pride,
lleloved by heayen o'er all tho world bestdo i
Where brighter suns dlpeno serener light,
And milder moons emparndlso tho night.
A land of boaut)-, virtue, l.ilwr, truth.
Time-tutored ago nnd love-exalted youth.
Tho wandering mat In r, whoso o c e.xplorci
Tno vvcallhlest lsls,lho most cm hunting shores,
Vl?ws liota realm so bountiful and fair,
Nor breathes tbo spirit of purer nlr 1
tn every ellinu Hi" m ijfnet of Ids soul,
Touched by remembrance, trembles lo that polo ;
l'or la tills 1 ind of )i 1 ivvn's peculiar g?aco,
Tho hoi Hugo of nature's noblest, tjco,
There Lsa spot of rarlh supremoly blest, ;
A dearer, sw ecter spot than all Iho rest,
Where manjcreallon's 1 rant.c.'sts asldo
His sword and cceptre, p.igentry ami pride,
Wldlu In Ids softened loots benignly blend
Tbo she, tho son, Iho liii'baud, brother, friend.
Hero woman reigns ; tho mother, daughter, wife,
Strew vv llh fresh ilowcrs the narrow way of llfo I
In tho clear heaven of her delightful cjo
An angel-guard of love and graces llo ;
Around her knees domestic duties meet,
And nresldo pleasures cambol nt her feet.
Where shall that land, that spot of earth be foundl
Art thou n man 1 n patriot t look nround ;
Oh, thou shalt nnd, liovvo'er thy footsteps roam,
That land thy cotritry, nnd Hint spot thy homo I
11. .'I, JOIIDAV.
There are beautiful songs that wo never sing,
And names that an ticverspoken,
There aro treasures guarded xvltli Jealous caro
And kept ns a sacred token.
Thero nro faded Ilowcrs, and lo'tcra dim
With tears that have rained above them
For the ncklo wor js ant, Iho faithless hearts
That taught 113 how to lovo them.
Tliero are sights that come In our Joyous hours
To chasten our dreams of glndness,
And tears that spring to our aching ej'es
In hours of tho'tghllesa sadness.
TV' Hie blp'iest bin that "111',-s In Fpilng
Wl'l lilt ta wrl'iif summer. ,
An I Up th t kl 'sed In f in.l--.vt lovo
Wl'l , mli" on th Srs! a-sw ecmnr.
Over the brea-st wIita lilies rest
In while hands stl'led forever,
The roses of .Hint vv HI nod and blow,
Unheeding the hearts that svcr.
And Hps that quiver In silent grief,
All words of liop3 refusing,
Will lightly turn to tho lleetlng Joys
That perish with H19 using.
Summer blossoms and winter snow3,
Lovo und Its sweet elyslan ;
Hope, llko a siren dim nnd fslr.
Quickening our fainting vl-lon ;
Drooping spirit and fulling pulso
Where untold memories hover,
Eyelblls touched with the so il of death
And tho Utful dream Is over.
f?(ino retiiiirknlili! fuels vvcro told a rejiort
cr tho other day in t oiincction with ii Krctieh
111:111 Hiimetl Jr.cqiKs Carctnc, vvhoso shill
with tho divining rod lius earned him nt lit
tle celebrity uinoii;; the suiierstitioua of his
own coiiiilrjnieii. Alumt thrco years tigo,
in tho vullcy of tho Meusc, five miles from
Seruinjr, in Iiolgiiim, .1 now shaft for a pro
jected coal initio was commenced. The
stock company wore satisfied ihat mi excel
lent quality of mineral lay licncutli them.
Two of their number, MM. Chaitvin nnd
Gamier, wcro npprchensivo tiiat obstaciis
might bo incoiintcrcd in sinking the shaft,
iipproaeliing us it did tho northwesterly
spur of tho Vosgcs, which would miitcrially
detract from the subsequent profit of tho n
terpiisc. M. Chniivin dreatled water, ii
iainier was afraid of a deep band of igneous
rock. Their partners laughed at them.
They sent secretly to a vitiligo near Xordlin
gen, in Wurleinbiirg, for a man named
Jacques Carenie, famous lor his divinations
by means of rfiubdoinancy. Carcmo was
placid over the spot vvheio ground had been
broken for the shaft. "IIo held in his hands
a straight stall' cut in two ; ono extremity of
tho o'lt half was hollowed out, the other
half was shaiicnid and rouuikd nt the end,
and this end was inserted in tho hollow nnd
the -minted stick could rotate in tho cavity
liko a bull in a socket." Almojt as soon ns
lie had placed himself in petition there
was a v iolcnt action of tho stick in tho cavi
ty. IIo boldly asserted that thero was a tre
mendous quantity of water below. Tho two
partners sold out of tho company. The
shaft was proceeded with. At tho depth of
100 feet an citurnious lissiiro or gullet vvn
encountered, almost vvidti enough for n man
to pass through, l'jwn this gullet a stream
of water lushed in upon tho sinker.-; with
tho finco of a liU.'iruct. All progress for a
time was prevented. 51. C'oulson, the most
expei it'iiccd sinker 'in Europe, directed oper
ations. Heavy pumping machinery wish
erected, and a drilt was constructed to carry
this water to the river. Thero ivro four
thirty inch pumps, anil they discharged wa
ter at the rato of 7,!00 gallons per minute.
Thero had never been seen in Europo such
powerful pumping apparatus, Notwith
standing their exceptional rowers, they vvcio
quite inadequate. Tho water flowed in In
greater forco and volume tlinn over. Th
company made up their minds that it Wtt"
useless longer to struggle against a condition
of things that appeared to bo irresistible.
Shortly afterwards, Jacques Careme, by
means of his singular divining rods, discov
ered the perpetratoinof a mysterious murder.
Tho two culprits confessed tho crime, and,
according to sentence, wcro broken upon tho
vvhcil in tho i'laco des Terraux, ferning.
This triumph of his art iniido Carcmo for a
time the popular Idol, Naturally, however,
criminals of all classes regarded I1I111 with
tho deepest aversion. At any moment ho
might bo Induced to his skill in de
tecting their crimes. They, therefore, form
ed 11 conspiracy to murder Iiim, but receiv
ing timely warning ho buminarily quit the
country. During the early part oflast win
ter ho arrived in Now York and proceeded
tn Sag llnrbor, where he has a married sis
ter. On Christmas eve n neighbor named Ay
toun, while absent from home hud his hoiiso
broken into und a quantity of wearing ap
parel stolen. Tho fact was mentioned to
Oarcme, "1'erhaps I may bo able to discover
tho thief," ho quietly said. On reaching the
room w hero tho theft had been committed
tho rods revolved rapidly in his hand, und
they continued to rolato In his fingers us
long ns he remained wltnlii, nnd also when
he ciimo outside, nml continued in a certniu
direction, but ceased to turn if he diverged
from It in tho sllghest degree. Guided by
his rod, Carcmo went from lano to hiuo in
tho direction of Aiimgnnsct, Thero ho en
tered n cottage nnd jissertcd with warmth'
conltjjtf to thcn-severnllon of the occupant,
that tUi thief had entered his room sometime
tltiriihr tho previouii day. The man said
thntt fas Impossible, ns ho hud been from
lion Jjc 'id the door had been locked. "Then
tho .yfniloiv was open," said Carcmo, ennfi
dciilrj Pure enough the window bad been
nppti.'i The hotuo had been entered and nn
old-'iiiiliinetl gold watch, tho gift ota form
er cmpbiyer, stolen frntn a bureau drawer In
the little bed room, Johnson, iho owner of
tho watch, now joined Careme In the quest
and li( gar. d with open mouth nt tho queer
perforniunees of the rliabdoinanccr nn I his
whirligig sticks. The track ltd to l'at
Hampton, nnd to a dilapidated looking hut
In th'aT jdace. The sticks rotated violently
as tlicV npiiroached the door and knocked.
Whoija voiio in-ido cried "who's there?"
Cnremc was so much agitated that ho near
ly mulled. The door was opened ; the thief
stood Pcftire them, " Hectirc the man," said
Careme, "it is he." Tho fellow, after tho
most positive denial, was finally overcoino
by hli f nperstitioiH fears and confessed tho
burglaiies. The clothes nnd the watch wcro
product I, and on the thief's promising fu
ture reformation, with tears in his eyes, he
was niit given up to justice.
On tho Uth of June Inst past a wealthy
family in Ilicksville, Long Island, missed
froiri'ftio family safe a quantity of valttnblo
jewelry, consisting of diamond rings, gold
bracelets, watches, chains, etc., to the value
of over $7000.
The safe was intact. The lock was
perfect. Tho key was in safe keeping.
It was evidently no burglar's work ;
nor could tho servants, of whom there
wero two, have bad any hr.'id in the robbery.
No one could havo opened tho safo unless
they knew the combination. Thero wcro
only four persons who knew it the father
and mother and the son and daughter, both
(tin last named of whom have attained their
stnajori'v. fb'or'i, the son. N a steady, re
llcious young man, a strict tr-etolaler nnd a
patron' of Young Men's Christian Associa
tions. Ho hud frpo access to the s.ife and
its contents at nil times. So had his sister.
They had no inducement fur ahVtyactiiig
by st&ilth what they could have pJsesed
themselves of openly, He-id--, iho key of
the safe had been locked up in tho old gen
tleman's writing desk for three weeks, and
had been last used in the presence of the
diughter, when placing a bracelet that had
been recently repaired, in the safe.
A private detective of some experience
was consulted, lie was greatly perplexed.
His suspicions not unnaturally fell upon
soino one of the six inmates of the house.
Ho finally dismi-sid the theory as untena
ble. ''Somcof the family must be somnam
bulists," he laughingly suggested. He could
discover no trace of the jewcliy in any of
the New York or Iirnoklyn stores where
such valuables were likely tn find their way,
and he assured the family that it was a ease
which time and perseverance alone could
solve. Tho subject meanwhile was kept a
profound see.ct. The two servants were
placed under strict espionage. George, the
son, had been to S.ig Harbor on business on
tho first day of tho current month, and ho
casually heard sonio of the details of Car
eino's discovery of the stolen clothes and
watch. IIo determined to see tho rhabdo
mancer. Ho beheld a quiet little man, with
11 soft, violet cyo and (luxeii hair, with small
artistic lingers a neck like a woman.
IIo spoke lOuglish remarkably well for a
foreigner, but was unwilling to enter into
details rc-pecting ills own performance in
Germany mid Uolgiuin. Ho said it was a
divinely imparted power, nnd therefore, not
a subject for self-glorification. The story of
the robbery was told. Carcmo
listened with interest. "I cannot tell, but
peihaps I may bo able to nssist in some
way." That night ho slept in tho Hicksyillo
mansion. After breakfast next morning ho
was conducted to the scene jf tho robbery,
with tho rods placed between his two ex
tended palm?. Tliero was 110 motion ds ho
traversed the corridor and a-cended the stair
way. Hut when ho reached the small safe,
tho rods rotated tremulously and the man's
pulse could bo plainly perceived to riso as if
be had an accc-s of fever.
Tho same motions nnd symptoms mani
fested themselves ns ho proceeded down tho
back staircase incd'hy tin) servants. Then
the trail led through a window aim into tho
garden. Tho robber had come from with
out! The trail led by an eccentric circuit
to tho railway station. Tho burglar had left
by a train. Three lines of railroad centre
at ilicksville ; which had ho taken? Car
oine said ho would have' to try this by expe
riment Hi mint travel every lino and g-t
out at every station until he recovered tho
track of the fugitive. Ilisssill had never
been before cculVoiitid with tho dillicultics
of a inilroail, and ho was confused. Ho
traveled to Syossct, Cold Spring and North
port on n bleevelcss errand. Then ho tried
WcslUiry, Mincohi, Jamaica and Hrooklyn
whero he recovered tho scent. George, who
accompanied Carcmo 011 this extraordinary
quest, laughed incredulously. It s cmed
mero midsummer maducss. Hut the sticks
rotated and Carcmo's f.ico was llushed with
excitement. They camo to Fulton l'eiry,
croscd, and ii'jaiu tho trace was lost. Car
01110 was troubled nud perplexed. Just then,
howcyer, a strange thought flashed across
the young man's mind. "Como with me,"
said he, and they proceeded to the corner of
Hroadway and Wall street. Again the sticks
began to violently ntalp. Careme led the
way down Wall street, passed Hroad, and
still continued onward). At tho door of a
certain building ho stopped, and proceeded
up stairs, Georgo was so agitated that his
knees could scarcely support him. With
fit ul precision the door of u room was
reached and entered,
Tho young irun's dearest friend wns tho
only iiiiuate. "This is tho man" said Car
cmo. A wild, exciting and painful scene
followed. "Why you have not been at
Hlcksvillo In two years," Haid George, "Yes
I have," was tho guilty confession. Tho ex
citement ot the gambler's tabic, heavy lo--es,
betrayal of friendship theso wcro the
nallt'iH points of tho story, Ho had learned
tho secret of tho combination had abstract
ed tho key from George's pocket, mado n
cast of it and had another manufactured.
While tho sister and her rroVier wcro resid
ing nt his homo in f 00 y tho wretched
gambler procccdttl to III uaville, nud whllo
iho old gentleman am icorgo wcro in tho
house proceeded quietly to rifle tho safe.
Hud he been discovered ho purposed to pass
tho thing oil' as a good practical joke, nnd of
course (ho explanation would havo been ac
cepted. Some of tho goods wilt bo recover
ed, but tliero will lie uo exposure.
How to Hiimlifotinil 11 Ituhbrr.
It happened upon ono ocrnlnn that your
imcln Trunk had to go to London upon
soino linptiitiint business. I was not In very
good health, nud retired to my bed-room
nboiit two hours before his departure, lie
proinijul to como up nnd wish me good-bye
bc-f'oro hi'startitl, which-would be between
twelve nnd hub o'clock 1 11 the morning. The
mailer which called hlni away whs connected
with the bank hr-rc, which bud just been
burned down j and my hn-b'ind, It scetn.
though I did not knnw it n iho lime, had
many thousand pounds belongitu; to the
concern In his possession, locked up III the
iron s-tfo in our bedroom, when- tho plate
was kept. Ho was bank manager, and re
sponsible for the whole of it. It was winter
and there was a firo in this room, so bright
ami comfortable that I wn in no hurry to
get into bed, but sat up, looking Into the
fiery coals, and thinking about all sorts of
thinss. It wns a little after eleven 'o'clock
when I got into bed, but I did not feel tho
least inclined for sleep even then. I knew
that Frank wmild be coming to wish mo
good-bye prtsenlly; and besides, thero seem
ed to be all sorts of noises about tbo room,
which my foolish car.i always used to hear
when I wns alone at night. You may im
agine, then, my horror, when I heard a
tremendous sncczo within a quarter of an
Inch from me, just behind the head-board
of the bed and between that nnd the wall,
where thero was a considerable spacj.
The only thing, as I believe that saved
my reason Irom departing altogether, when
I first Lcard that terrible sound, was that my
mind clung to the hope that it was, alter all,
but the Mieczo of n cat. Fifty cats together
could not have made such a disturbance, it
is true, for it was the sneeze of a man who
sneezes in spile of himself, and almost shook
the house. Thetir-xtititant the wretch had
tiwil fg-.ii', and pi'shln- aside tho bed,
winch rol'ed in ei -tor-, I !elt lie was stand
ing I' t'iy pillow, looking nt me. ff 1 e
had tivci only ori sncizo he might have
believed me, n I lay quite still, brcnthin
a reiiuljrly ns I could, and pretending to
hi t-hvp ; but he reasoned very justly, that
unless I was deaf or dead, I must have been
awakened by the second.
"You're awake, inarm," said he, in n gruff
voice, "and ils no tiso shamming 1 If you
don't want a tup with
look alive!"
I oprned my eyes exceedingly wide at this
and beheld a man, with a crape over his
face, standing by the bod. He held a sort
of club with two knots upon it in hi.-right
hand, and with hit left be pointed to the,
iron -afe.
"Is tho money there?'' said he.
"Tho plalo is," said I, in a trembling
voice. "T.i'.'ft it. sir' f mu sum vnn nr..
tweic.1 r ... 1. ..... ...... , ,
thin "iigui. nave nun cvery-
1 ai 'g oi value in tno nouse, witu all my
.Vart, so he left me my life.
"Tho money -the gold tho notes, are
they there?" cried he again, in a terrible
sort of whisper.
"It is all there," replied I, although I
knew nothing about it; "for I would not
deceive you, sir, on any account."
"You had better not," observed tho bur
glar, grimly, "or it will bo all the worso for
you." He produced a key like 0110 my hus
band u-ed, and approached the iron safe;
but as lie did so his guilty car caught a foot
step on tho staircase.
"Who's that?" cried lie.
".My husband, sir," returned I; "but, pray
don't hurt him ; piay."
"Is ho not going to town, then?" cried
the rufliaii with an oath of disappoint
ment. "He is going at 12 o'clock," replied I;
"he is indeed."
"If you tell him, "said tho burglar hoarse
ly "if you breathe but one word of my
presence hero it will bo tho death doom of
you both ;" he had slipped into the alcove,
and drawn tho bed back again to its place
in an instant.
Your Uncle Frank leaned over tho pil
low lo kiss me, and observed how terrified I
"You havo been frightening yourself
about robbers again, I suppose, my silly
"Not I, Frank," leturned I ns cheerfully
as I could ; "I have only a little headache,"
but I said with my fingers so that ho could
plainly read it in tho firelight "For God's
sake, hush ; there's a man behind tho bed
head." Your Undo Frank was ns bold ns a lion,
and had nerves like iron. Hnonly answered,
"where is your sal volatile, dearest?" and
went to the mantel piece to get it. I thought
ho could never havo understood, he spoke
with so much coolness and unconcern, until
I saw his fingers reply as ho tonic up the
bottle : "All right, don't bo afraid I" and
then I was not afraid, or at least not so
"Ho has a life preserver," said I with my
"Your firo is getting rather lovv.Georgev,"
observed he, taking up tho poker, "I must
leave you a good lire to comfort you before
I go." He poked tho fire, nnd left the pok
er in, but without ever taking his eyes off
mo and the bed-head, "I will Just ring tho
bell and sen whether Thomas has got my
purtinanteaii ready. ".Mary." continued he
lo the maid that answered the bell, "send
Thomas up." Then when she had gone upon
that errand : "lly Jove! I never travo him
that key ; where is It, Georgey ? I have not
a minute to lose. I- it in your dressing-case
with tho rest thero? I shall bo an ago In
looking for It. 5ilght I ask you to get out
of bed for an instant and show mo which it
is?" Ho said with his fingers, "jump I" and
I jumped ynu may bo sure, Dicky, quickly
enough, and wns insido the dressing-room,
nnd with tho door locked lu half a
"Como in, Thomas," said your uncle,
"come in," for Thomas was modestly hesi
tating nt tho chamber door : "thero is sonio
blackguard has got into the house, nnd if
he makes tho least resistance, I'll kill him
with this hot poker,"
Atthcso words tho bed was pushed slowly
outwards, nnd tho burglar, without his crape
mask, nnd with a faco as judo ns nshes, em
erged from hs hiding place. Your Uncle
Frank knew him ut oneo as having been a
bank messenger, who had been turned out
of his situation sinco tho flre,upou suqdclon
of dishonesty,
"Oh, sir, linvo pity on me," cried he.
"I'm an unlucky dog. If it had not been
fur 11 sneeze, I should havo had ten thousand
dollars In my pocket by this time,"
"Oh. you catnonfter that did you," sail
my husband coolly. "Well, plcnso to give
up that 1Kb preserver you havo in your
pocket beforo wo havo any moro conversa
tion." "And did your lady tell you that, too,"
cited the villain, In neccnts of astonishment,
as he delivered up tho weapon to the ser
vant;" nnd yet I havo stood by her yonder
and never heard her utter a .vord."
"I never spoke," said I, through the dressing-room
key bolo.
"Then it Is a judgment on me," cried tho
miserable wretch, "nml It's no good to fight
ogninst it."
"It's not tho least good," replied your Un
cle Frank, decisively, "and you will go to
tho police ofiico nt once."
So oil went tho burglar In their custody,
leaving poor Aunt Gregory sife and sound
after all. And now, don't you think there
may be some use in learning everythlng,evcn
so small a thing ns the deaf and dumb
alphabet ?
Wiring (lot a llnlly.
General John Goshvviclcr, ono ofthe lead
ing capitalists of California, nnd ono of tho
really good fellows of that state, tells n
thrilling story :
Ouo day In early times he was standing
in n pioneer shanty saloon, in company with
a great big fighter who was tho terror of tho
camp and town.
There was nothing this giant could not
whip, nnd very little that ho had not whip
ped. Tho big fellow was bitting near the
bar when n stranger entered. He was not
more than twenty-five, slenderly built, pale,
with big eyes, delicate features, nnd a hand
like a girl.
Ho stepped quietly up to the bar and
asked for a glass of brandy. The glass was
placed beln'o him, whereupon the bully
roo frim his t-li.iir, pin his big br.'.vnv
hum in Irion o,' t!ic youiig-te.r. t the
brandy mid drum it. Tile otiuir 'nun said
nothing, but qu'otlv laid down lour nits and
-aid :
"Give mo another glass of brandy."
The tirandv was put our, iho glass was
filb'd ami tin- bully again reached lorward,
took the L'ln-s and drunk it. Tin- young
ster put foil-bits on the counter and said
easily :
"Givo me two glasses of brandy."
The two glasses vvero put out, nnd filled
nnd the bully the third time reached for
ward, took a glass and drunk It. The voting
man paid no attention even to the giant's
pistols and knives.but taking the other glass
drank it and put down a dollar. Then witli
easy manner, he luft Hie har for the door,
walked five nr six steps turned like a flash
of lightning and shot tho bully through tho
As he walked out of the door he said to
one of tho bvstnrjlers :
"I bat fellow might havo hurt somebody,
Tnoors that ark Not Wanted in tiih
South. Company I), of tho Eleventh
United States Infantry arrived in this city
on Sunday, and wero obliged to lay over un
til 5Ionday. They wcro from Fort Worth,
or some other po-t in Texas, nnd on their
way to tho Indian country in Dakota. A
meddlesome Itadlcnl politician met the boys
soon after they had pitched their tents on n
hill above tho depot, and called out :
"Hurrah, boys, for Hayes I"
Not a solitary cheer responded. Ono of
tho senromts stepped out of tho crowd and
remarked :
"You havo mado a mistake ; wo don't
cheer for Hayes ; we aroTilden men."
"What 1 you do not mean to say you op
pose the men who givo you food and cloth
ing? "Yes, wo do. We are tired of Grant nnd
his trang, and as for our food nnd clothes,
wo will excuse him for that if ho will let us
"Oh, nonsense, boys ; ynu don't mean to
go back on Grant and Hayes ?"
"Yes, we will go back nn nny man who
keeps two-thirds of our boys in hiuo down
in 'Dix'n' tn keep vvMto niPn down beneath
tho nigsrers, nn 1 who sends a handful of us
North to be killed nnd se.i'ned bv the In
dians.armeil with etins nnd bullets furnished
by Grant's brother Orvillo and his deputy
post-traders ; and I will bet you a keg of
beer that three-fourths of my company aro
Tilden men."
"I will take that bet."
A vote was taken, and the vote in Com
pany D. Kleventh United States Infantry,
stood : Tilden, 10; Hayes, A. Kanuu Oily
A lady asked a very silly Scotchman how
it happened that tho Scots who came out of
their own country were, generally speaking,
men of more ability than those who remain
ed'at home.
"Oh I madam," said ho "tho reason is
obvious. At every outlet thero are persons
stationed to examine all who pass; nud lor
tho honor of tho country, no one is per
mitted to leave it who is tiot a man of under
standing," "Then," said she, 'T suppose you wcro
smuggled !"
In a thriving town of Michigan, a year
or two ago, when tho country was full of
agents, nnd almost everybody was agens for
something or other, at certain infant of that, being blessed by tho advent of a baby
brother, was very inquisitive as to whero tho
little stranger came from. Being informed
that Dr. S. had brought, it, ho stood In a
brown study for a moment, when, with tho
intelligent look of 0110 who has solved a dif
ficult matter, ho askts.1: "Say, pa, is ho tho
agent for them?"
Touiiii:.m:d Glass. Tho new process for
mnkirg a tough or unbrcaknblo glass, has
been grcntly improved sinco its first an
uounccmeut, nnd tho material, lu tho form
of lamp chimneys, tumblers, etc., Is now of
fered in commercial tiuautltics. Tho success
attending tho experiments already mado
Havo luspircii further research in the same
field, and a number of new processes, of
moro or less value, aro rcnortcd. In Hit
original process, glassware raised to a red or
melting heat, is plunged into a bath of oily
and fatty matter, and tho result Is to frii'n tlin
glass an entirely nsvv character. Instead ot
uieuking wim a star-IIWo fracture uudero
slight blow, it resist serious blows, nnd bo
sides 11 certain amount of elasticity abovo
Ihat it had before, displays a toughness nnd
cohesion many times in excess of its ordina
ry character. If broken at all. it dlslnln.
grates and llloa into a great number of ml-
unto particles, resembling qunrti sand.
"rAiill'orrfif Mori,'" ikribntror October,"
Ono Inoh, (twelra llne nr Its eqntTftlent. In Nonp
relltypHjono or two Insertions, i.twi tlirco lnsei
Hons, ().(
srAcx. 1M- sx- rM' ,T-
Onalnoh fiM a.oo ll.m fw llp.JO
Twolntbes n.w t i 1.o m.hi H.oo Inchu fi.',7 0 Pin ls.tfl 18i
Fourlnches 7.oo una tun I7.u '.to
ouarier column jm H.uo ii.i "'
llalf column IS.O' so.ou .oo 0
Onu column .00 4U.00 co.oo IdO.oil
Yearly art erllvmcnts pajablo nuartrrly. Tran
sient ua ertlsetncnts must be paid for before Inserted
oxecptwhero parties baionwounls. .....
l-egn! ndt en Isemenls two dollars per Incli for I hreo
Inn-rllnns nnd at that rato for additional InserUona
wltboutrefereneotolennth. .....
Kxecutor's, Administrator's and Auditor's notloco
tbreo dollars, . . ,,
Transient or f.ooal notices, twenty cents a lino,
rczulnradvertlseinenlslinlf rnles.
Cards In tho "llusiness Directory" column, ono
dollar per car for each line.
Tim S1100TINO Fisit. This very remark
oblo fish is a nativo of tho AWst Indies.
Naturo has constructed this aquatic sports
man in n very singular manner, but ono ad
mirably adapted to bis sporting predilec
tions. Tho fish has a hollow cylindrical
beak. IIo frequents the rivers or tho sea
shore In search of food, and from tho unus
ual manner in which ho pro'vides for his
daily wants he derives his name. When this
hungry gentlcmnn espies a fly or nn insect
not taking duo caro of hlmsolf, but sitting
on plants In shallow water, ho swims away
to the distance of four or five feet, and often
of six feet, that he may take aim at his
prey ; nnd when ho ha3 done so to his satis
faction, ho then with amazing dexterity and
cleverness, ejects out bis tube-like mouth
0110 drop of water, which la so well di
rected and so swiftly shot forth thnt it never
falls tn knock the fly Into the water, and
onco tliero nil hopo of escape is gone tho
fish darts upon his prey and eagerly devours
it ; thus supplying us with another instance
of the diversified modes in which nature
qualifies its countless millions of creatures
with tho powers necessary for procuring
A Siiecimen Enj-liidi Farmer.
Tho London TWi'gn-p'isays : In the neigh
borhood of Newbury, not a hundred mil
from tho placo where John Hampden was
born nnd bred, a sturdy yoeman has given
us .-""specimen of what can be done eyen lato
in the autumn of life by those who "scorn
delights nnd live laborious d)," Mr.
Chnrlvvood, a farmer and miller near New
bury, and some years past the prime of his
streng.h, made 11 small bet that he would
singly and unassisted, cart twenty acres of
wheat between the earliest moment at which
he eoul.l bee in the morning and the last mo
ment at which hf could tee nt night. Ho
begun hi- woik m : Kr'.r.ay morning at 3.45
." .. "r-ii of V, :. G. Hutchinson, at
Cr okl aM, n ur iv, bury, nud by 9.20 at
nii.-1't 1111.I t-ni'rtl the whole ontentsof
the ivveiny nc.m-i. Tho ricks built from hU
carting were live in number, thrcu of which
were ten yards by live, one ten yards by six,
and tine which was as the clownsays in tho
pantomime "a little ouo in," It is calcula
ted that while 5Ir,Charlwood was at work ho
lifted from two hundred to two hundred and
fifty sacks of wheat and fifty or sixty tons
of straw, and It is said It would take throo
ordinary agricultural laborers an entire day
to get through such a job. Tho physical
power of the British farmer has always been
exceptionally above the average j but at tho
same time it is seldom that wo come across
a man who is able in the course of one day'a
daylight to pitchfork into tho wagon twenty
acres of wheat. It is too much the fashion
at present to utter mournful prophecies of
national decadence, and to declare sadly and
solemnly that tho nation is going to 'tho
dogi. As far however, as can bo made out,
the ordinary physique of Englishmen was;
never higher than it is now; und when ouo
man swims the channel nnd another single
handed carts twenty acres of wheat in sev
enteen hours and three-quarters of continu
ous work, thero is-not much reason to com
plain of national degeneracy.
A Silver Linikq in a Dap.k Cloud.
There has lived in this city the past few
jears a quiet modest gentleman by the name
of l'eter Miller. He has resided inthisstato
for tho past twenty years, worked in tho
mines, and part of thu time at his trade,car
peiiteriug. Years ago ho commenced to send
homo to his widowed mother, living in
Michigan, what ho could uiTurdto spare from
his earnings.
Being a bachelor, he could not brook the
idea of having the idol of his heart toil in
her declining years; consequently he sent
her money at times, making no entry of it,
but presuming that his worthy relative
would use it as she deemed proper. After
years of ab.scnce his mother kept writing for
him to return, but like other old Californi
aus, ho w as proud and did not desire to go
back until he had sullicient to show that bo
was from the golden state.'
Time works changes, so it did with Peter.
He lound himself about a month ago with
out labor "etrapped," to use the common
term -and the surroundings neither pleasant
unsatisfactory. Ilewiuunvvell, and thought
of home and the friend 1 of his youth back
in tho wolvcrino districts.
He wrote his mother that ho could not
conceal his pride any longer, and stated tho
situation; it he hud money he would return,
b,ut ho had to make it. Monday last he re
ceived a check for ifoUO, and in the letter It
was stated that the mouey he had been send
ing homo for years had been invested in real
estate, and that he bad better como back and
take charge of his properly, which was worth
over fifty thousand dollars. Oakland, Oil., '
WlHTCHN EriQ&TlJTrn. A Yankee trnv.
cler out west has written to his mother, teL
ling her his experience, ns follows : "West
ern people ure death on etiquette. You can't
tell a man ho lies, without fighting. A few
days ago u mau was telling ouo of his neigh
bors, in my hearing, a pretty large story.
Says 1,'Stranger, that's a whopper 1' Says ha
he, 'Lay thero stranger,' and in the twink
ling of an eye I fouud myself lu tho ditch a
perfect quadruped. Upon another occasion
sats I lo a man I never saw before, as a
woman passed, 'That isn't a specimen of
your western women, is it?' Snjy he, 'You'ro
afraid of fever and ucue ain't vou?' Verv
much," says I. "Well, replied he, 'that lady
is my wile, ana II you don't upologizo in two
miuutCB. bv the honor of n I'enllpmnn T
swear that tlieso two pistols' which ho held
eockcii in ins Hands 'shall euro you of that
uuorucr entirely ' eo 1 knelt down and po
litely npoligizcd. I ndmiro tho'Westorn
country much ; but diirn me If I can stand
so much etiquette it ulways takes mo una
1-r.i'BiSNCi: op 5IiNiv At n firo in a pro
vincial town the goods in the burning shop
hml to be cast into the street, and as a mat
ter of course, the night being dark, tho arti
cles were disappearing rapidly. A police
man observing a man In tho act of picking
up a flue cheese made his way through tho
crowd and stationed himself behind so as to
prevent any escape. Tno man rose with the
cheeso In bis hands nnd
" '1"M'6
decamp, but nn beholding the j-ollceuiau lie
uuiiucniy ci.nngesi 111s muni, and placed the
chiTM In tho pollccmnu' arms, remarking
as he did so : "There, you bad better toko
euro of that or muic ono will bo walking off
with it."