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Friday, Nov. 10, 187G.
Tho negro votj elected Hartrnnft. Tlio
ni'jority of our white voters nro Demo
I'rats. Tlio Democrats carry Mississippi by u
Jnro majority, and gain six Congressmen!
ueueuury iMMjiiicr.
Steady, Stable i The Stato Is entitled to
but six, mid the Democrats had one.
Tlio (insigcr Vote.
The vote for Col. l'iollet shows that as an
organization tlio Grangers took no part In
the late contest. It is true that they tako no
part in politics. Had they desired the elec
tion of u farmer, It was In their power to do
it, but they preferred n millionaire manu
facturer. When it chance for reform was
offered them they threw it away and defeated
their ablest champion.
Hard Times.
The election is over, nml tho voters of
this State havo again endowed the l.epubli-
can parly. )ut tho times are no better.
Money is as scarce as evcr,and it will be un
til tlio present party is ousted from power,
Tho Republican who voted to continuo this
condition of nuTirs should quit grumbling,
and tlio Democrats who slaid at home de
serve, no sympathy. OJlicial extravagance,
Hilary gr.ib,arnl general corruption has been
endorsed, and it is somo satisfaction to know
that those who helped produce this condition
of affairs must suffer in tbo general dis
tress. ,
Tho Democracy have attended fivo Gub'
eruatorial funerals. Tho candidates were
all from the East. Perhaps tho west may
be recognized alter while. Pittsburg Post.
Wo thought the West, was recognized in
nominating Lieutenant Governor Latta, and
Auditor General Templo at Pittsburg last
year and Speaker of tho House of Represent
atives. Tliofacfis tho West dictated the
Platform at Erie which led to our defeat,and
in tho teeth of delegates from the East
where wo bavo regular Democratic ma
Kkction Hots.
Wo are opposed to betting, not only be
cause it is contrary to law, but because it is
against sound morals. Xor havo wc any
sympathy for those who loso at this species
of gambling. But wo insist that those who
bet on a majority for Hartranft are obliged
to pay, even by tho gambler's rule. We
have been taken to task for having made
this statement last week. Wo now fortify,
it by an extract from a celebrated Sporting
Majority Means Majoritv. Wiikes'
Spirit of tlit Times has decided that a bet on
Hartranft's majority in Pennsylvania, or on
Hayes' majority in Ohio, must be decided
by the majority over the whole vote polled,
including the Prohibition vote.
I'hilailclphia's l'rothonotary.
Tho twelve Judges of the several Courts
of Common Plea3 of Philadelphia met on
Saturday last to elect a Prothonotary for
said courts, in obedience to the provisions of
tho new Constitution. Col. William B.
Mann formerly prothonotary, was chosen on
a voto of 7 to 5. Mr. Mann is undoubtedly
an able officer, but his skirts have been so
dragged through the miro of political un
cleanness that peoplo in the country have
but little confidence in him. But he is not
our prothonotary, for which the Gods havo
our thankR. Mann is the Republican War
wick. He has made kings for Philadelphia,
rind for the State for years, and he did more
than any one elso to secure tho nomination
and election of the judges who have now re
warded him with an office that pays $75,000
a year. How beautiful is gratitude !
The Philadelphia Press does not crow as
lustily over the result of tho election in this
State, as somo of its more thoughtless con
temporaries. It sees the hand writing on
the wall, and sounds tho noto of warning to
tho Republican party as follows:
Gov. Hartranft's official plurality is an
nounced as 11.01)0. In other words, the Re
publican ticket came to Philadelphia de
feated in the Stato and was only rescued by
the solid Philadelphia column of 17,282.
Not even General Hartranft's excellent civil,
and brilliant war record could savo the ticket
before tho people in tho counties. Now,
what is tho meaning of this? Simply that
the peoplo of Pennsylvania who demand,and
intend to have, constant progress in the
purity of government, and honesty of ad
ministration, are not satisfied with the ex
ertions of The Republican party in that di
rection. Evidently the people of tho interi
or aro not so well satisfied with tho respective
tubal management in their own dUtricts,and
their voto of this month is a voto of want of
confidence. This is a condition of things
which cannot exist without danger to the
party. It behooves every county to set it
self in order,and bo ready to enter tho Presi
dential campaign in gooU lighting oruer.
How to aiil tho I'artv.
There aro at least fifteen hundred Demo
cratic voters in this county whoso names arc
not on our subscription hat. Many of them
tako no paper at all. After each election
two or threo hundred Democrats can bo
counted who wero not at the polls. These
aro mainly among thoee Democrats who do
not read the papers,and therefore do not tin
derstand tho necessity of voting. To bo n
Democrat simply because your father or
grand-father was of that party, and to voto
tho Democratic ticket, becauso somebody
asks you to do so, shows ail amount of imbe
cility that no man ought to confess. There
are great and vital principles upou which the
Democratic Party is established, and every
man should know and understand them,
and in order to do that he must read the
papers. Again, to bring up children in
ignorance, la a crime, morally considered,
It is the duty of every parent to Inculcate
tho habit of reading iu their offspring, and
there is no better matter for that purposo
than a good family newspuper.Jwhlch keeps
them informed of what is taking place in
tbo world, and at tho samo timo furnishes
interesting reading matter. That tho party
inav reap tho benefit of a wider disscmlna.
tlou of Democratic truths, and that parents
may cive their children good bound lltera
ture, wo will send tho Columbian free for
one year to any person sending usne new
subscribers and ten dollurs. Read this to
your neighbor I
Tub Official Jiksult. Tho official re
sult of the election In this state aro promul
gated from Harrlsburg. Hartranft has 304,
175; Pershing 292,145 ; Hartruuft's plurali
ty 12,030; Kawlo lias 302,870; Plollet 203,
160 ; Rawle's plurality 9,725. Tho Temper,
aiice vote was, Brown 13,244 ; Pennypacker
Tlio balior Association.
Tho l'ottsvlllo Workingman devotes a
column ntul n half of well written criticism
on our recent editorial headed "Wanted in
Pennsylvania, A Democratic Statesman."
Very appropriately it precedes a circular of
V. W. Hughes, "To tho friends of National
money," mid both articles havo tho same
ring. Wo do not bhimo Hughes, nor any
one c!e for wanting more money, but we do
object to their putting a parly in a false
position because their financial speculations
may not havo been successful.
How far this nameless correspondent rep
resents thcLabor Reform clement of Schtiyl
Mil we arc unablo to say. Hut this wo do
know that tho organization has been used by
a few politicians, and sonic mercenary lead
ers for political purposes until it has driven
from its support some of the best men in tho
State. It could havo dictated nominations
and a platform, and yet when both wero iu
accord with it, money and corporations con
trolled its action.
Our article embraced threo points:
1st. An anti-Democratic platform.
2nd. A nomineo for Governor who was
afraid to tako the field.
"il. An imbecile Chairman.
The 'orlingman proposes to examine
"these assumptions inversely," and at once
launches into praises of Col. Wright, and
abuse of other men. It falls to meet any
other question.
This does not explain the trick at Erie.
Nor has Columbia county any other defence
to make except that under all these adverse
circumstances she increased her majority
twenty-seven per cent What did the Hughes'
Barr's, and Wrights' do? The returns
The Democratic Voto in Columbia county
was increased this year about twcnty-scTcn
per cent over that cast for Lieutenant Gov
ernor last year. Tho different townships
mado their contributions to it in all
cases except Benton where tho voto was the
same that it was last year.
Tho following list shows tho credit that
should be given to each township. Tho gain
is given in wholo numbers and is nearly cor
rect. S. Conyngham
N. Conyngham
Mount Pleasant
East Bloomsburg
West Bloomsburg
13S per cent
12G " "
83 " 'i
CO "
.13 " "
45 " "
43 " "
34 "
31 " "
20 " "
25 " "
21 "
18 "
15 " "
14 "
14 "
12 " "
12 " "
jo "
10 "
j ti
4 "
O " "
It will bo seen by tho above table that
Conyngham is entitled to the banner
promised by the Standing Comraittco which
will be presented in duo time. Wo con
gratulate our party friends thero on the
handsomo vote they gave, and their refusal
to listen to Radical blandishments.
Campaign Management
Our recent criticism on tho last campaign,
has called forth a friendly response from all
sections of tho State!'"' Wo did not expect
unanimity, but we are gratified at the en
dorsemcnt of our ablest and best contcmpo
We should profit by the lessons of the post.
No party can bavo a permanent existence
which is not based on sound principles. For
years Democracy has keen followiug after
strange Gods, and it is timo we come back
to tho true faith. In 1EG0 wo tried the ex
periment of running two candidates, and of
course, failed. In 1874 we put a popular
General on a peace platform and failed. In
1808 we put a hard money man on a green
back platform, and failed. In 1874 wo put a
rabid Republican on a hard money platform,
and failed.
Wo havo experimented long enough. Let
us meet the questions of tho hour in an
open manly way, and have done with patent
projccts,and with leaders who have forgotten
that progress is the order of the day. The
Rip Van Winkles should not control des
tinies. Organization should begin at once. It is
not necessary to wait until our opponents
aro thoroughly drilled and ready for an at
tack. Open fire now, and along tho wholo
lino ! Call tho young men to the front, be
cause tbo burdens of tho campaign fall upon
If this bo done success in 1870 will lo
assured. Our own blunders have given the
opposition success.
Luzerae Politics.
If tho charges made against Dr. Trimmer
and his clerk are true, both deserve prompt
punishment. It will not answer for us to
condemn fraud when perpetrated by our op
ponents, and shield it when committed by
members of our own organization. Cheating
never pays in tho loqg run, and is as dis
reputable to accomplish a political purposo
as to effect a private one.
The following indictmenta wero found by
tho Grand Jury of Luzerne last week :
Altering, defacing, embezzling, etc.. elec
tion returns Samuel W. Trimmer, Michael
Gaughan, Patrick Welch.
I'orchiL' Dubllc documeuts Samuel W.
Trimmer, Michael Oaughlln.Patrick Welch,
Altering, ueiacing, uesiroying, etc., elec
tion papers S. W. Trimmer.
District-Attorney Farnhara and Chairman
Chaso put special Detective Meyer upou the
track of Trimmer and Gaugban, to detect
them in altericg tho returns, nut iiieue
teetlve failed to makB a point.
Liwil nrocecdincs havo been commenced
against Prothonitary Trimmer and Chief
Clerk Gaughan for tempering wnn me elec
tion returns. They gave bail to appear in
enn.r. K. H. Chose. II. W. Palmer and II.
B.Payno are the counsel lor tho prosecution.
is. Li. ilerrlman u counsel lor inu ucieuse.
Mr Pli nan Is chairman of tho Republican
county committee, and Mr. Memman is
chairman 01 me ueuiutruuu tuumy ur
mittPP. It Is not alleged that Mr. Merri
man was In any way connected with the
crime ot alterlug tuo returns or miew any
thing of it.
Tin: Wisconsin Election. Returns
from every county In tho state, according to
Republican report, give Ludiogton, Repub
llcan for Governor, 703 majority. This In
clude the soldiers' home voto lu Milwaukee
county of 183, and the Burnett county voto
of 400 for LudlngtoH." At Madison the Dem
ocrats claim 300 or 400 imjorify for Taylor,
All tho Democratic stato officers, Including
Secretary of Stato Doyle, aro re-elected.
Doylo's majority will bo at least 1,500. II.
D. Barrod Is defeated for tho state senate In
tho north-western district. Ills aucwwful
opponent Is Charles Smith, Democrat, ot
Pierce county. This leaves ine senaio wim
fivo Republican majority. Corrected returns
as to the assembly give 61 Democrat, 46
Republican), osd 9 Independent.
The Itcmocrntlc Organization.
Tim: Knnous or Tin: Campaign and tii
Policy oi'thi: Fcrinn:.
Mi:3tt9. Editors. An editorial under
the caption ol "Want of Organization" ap
pcared iu tlio Harrlsburg Patriot on the Oil:
Inst., calculated lo load public opinion
astray, and upon which, therefore, I beg
leave, through your columns, to pas 11 few
strictures. Tho Palf'vit says: " What was
pain fully manifest throuahout the recent contest
in Pennsylvania, was the utter want of organ!
zalion in the Democratic party. The dissatis
faction produced by the platform and the spirit
of faction which prevailed at JCrie, could have
been counteracted by a vigorous organization of
party strength." Now, to what cauo aro wo
to attribute this "utter want of organization
In tho Democratic party?" Up to tho meet'
Ing of tho Krlo convention, which took place
on tho 8th of September, John Miller, of
Chester county, In whom the Patriot places
Implicit confidence, was chairman of the
Democratic Stato Central Committee. Why
then did not that gentleman organize the
party as soon as tho Republicans, lu May
last, had adopted their platform and nonil
nated their candidates? In that platform and
In those nominations they surely furnished
enough material upon which 1111 aggressive
organization of tho Democratic party could
havo been established for immediate action.
But Mr. Miller evidently thought that tho
organization of tho Democratic party, for
tho campaign, should mainly depend upou
the nature of tho platform and tho character
of tho candidates adopted by the Eric con
ventiou, and, therefore, patiently awaited
tho action of that convention. When that
convention did meet at tho eleventh hour, it
split into two ficrco factious iu the discus
sion of a monetary plank with which it
really; had nothing to do, and, finally, by
tho adoption of a flagrant heresy committed
as great a political blunder as signalized the
action of the Baltimore Democratic national
convention in 1872 when they nominated
Horaco Greeley as their candidato for the
Presidency I The latter nomination was
mado by men who wero ruled by considera
tions of EXPEDIENCY, regardless of the
pulsations of tho Democratic heart, and re
suited In tlio demoralization and defeat of
tho Democratic party. Tho adoption of the
soft money plank in tho Erie platform was
also dictated by tho advocates of expediency,
regardless cither of principle or tho record
of tho Democratic party! EXPEDIENCY
that prostitute mother of apostacy I
Thus, on tho very threshold of tho clec
tion, tho Erie convention gratuitously threw
the apple of discord in tho midst of its own
party, that had, the year before, marched to
victory under tho banner of hard money ;
and while tho Democracy of tho Stato was
violently disturbed by this sudden change
of front and mbsequently paralysed by tho
rout ot too sol t money Democracy of Ohio,
tho Patriot gravely asserts that the hundred
thousand disgusted voters who staid at home
ou the 2d of November could have been
rallied and marched to tho rescuo of the
Democratic party by "a vigorous organiza
tion of the party strength!" This assertion is
simply ridiculous. Under such adverse cir
cumstances, no living man,noither tho Hon.
Hendrick B. Wright, nor oven tho Hon.
Win. A. Wallace, with all his experience,
could, in the limited space of two or three
weeks, havo rallied and organized the Demo
cratic party of Pennsylvania 10 tho support
of a platform which had just been smashed
to atoms in Ohio, notwithstanding tho in-
comparablo organization of tho Democratic
party in that State, under the guidauco of
tho veteran and experienced chairman of
their Stato Central Committee! Tlio IXitriot
does not seem to havo profited by Its experi
ence of 1872. Let us hope that its experi
ence of 1875will teach it that tho Democracy
of Pennsylvania cannot bo united iu the
support eitherof false gods orf.Uso doctrines;
all tho organized machinery in tho world
cannot do It, Principle alone will unite
them in determined and concerted action.
In tho article under consideration tlio
Patriot goes on to say : " One of the prom
inent blunders of the campaign consisted in de
posing the chairman of the State committee
who had so prudently and successfully con
ducted the canvass of last year." We aro not
disposed to deny to Mr. John Miller any
praise he may de3iro for his management of
tho .campaign of 1874; but wo do not hesi
tate to assert that tho greatest blunder of the
campaign was committed by him, when ho
and his committeo determined to drag tlio
Democratic state convention to tho remotest
corner of the State, in a little town without
accommodations, and that, too, at so lato a
period of timo in the campaign that under
tho most favorablo circumstances thero was
not sufficient time left for party organization.
Whatever may havo been Mr. Miller's mo
tives for convening thu Democratic conven
tion at tho furthest extremity of tho Stato
and at so very lato a period as tlio 8th of
Scptc!uber,hc, by so doing, displayed a want
of judgment. Tho Republican convention
having met in May and mado their nomina
tions, overy consideration of sound policy
should have Induced tho summoning of the
Democratic convention to meet at tho latest
in July lost; and, from tho fact that Harris
burg is the seat of government and the
central railroad point of tlio State, amply
supplied with tho best accommodation, both
for tho convention and its individual mem
bers, more cheaply reached from all parts of
tho commonwealth than any other city iu tho
State, tho convention should have beo:i con
vened at Harrisburg in the interest of the
party and of ita individual members. Tlio
practico which baa' lately obtained of ped
dling tho Democratic stato convention from
town to town, in remote, out of tho way
places, void of proper accommodations,
without regard to tho comfort of the dele
gates or tho euormous expenses to which
they aro gratuitously exposed, clashes with
the dictates of common fairuais and of com
mmon sense, and is calculated to excite
among tlio people suspicious of dark in
trigues which should not attach to the
leaders of a great party.
We agreo with tbo Patriot that the chair
man of tlio Democratic Stato Central Com
mitteo should bo appointed by tho conven
tion, not by tho candidates, and that his
headquarters should bo at Harrisburg.
As regards organization for tho campaign
of 1870, it should commenco immediately, on
tbo basis of opposition to tho ro-oloctlon of
U. S.Grant to third jtcrtn and tako in at onco
every Republican sincerely opposed to a
third term. Tbo first step towards this or
ganisation should bo immediate prosecution,
under tho direction of tho Democratic State
Central Committee, of the Individuals con
cerned iu tho election frauds perpetrated at
the lato election lu Philadelphia, Luzerno
and other localities. It Is tho impunity al
lowed every year by the Democratic party to
tho avowed Republican perpetrators of elec
tion fauijs, which is tho main causo of the
demoralisation and discouragement of thous
ands of DemocraU who liave become dis
gusted with, tho baro-fuced effrontery with
which their political opponents are per
mitted year fffcr year to cheat them out of
their votes,
It Is the imperative duty of the Demo
cratic Stato Ceutral Conimlttoe to abate this
great wrong. Their predecessors havo
shamefully neglected that moit Important
duty. Hut In this liurajnent political crWs,
which must decide the lato of our Republi
can Institutions, wo lnvoko tho patriotism,
courago and energy of our State Central
Committee, and especially of Its chairman,
to tako tho first step iu the efficient organi
zation of tho Democratic party, and thus lo
Infiuo new life and fresh courago In the
hearts of tho devoted patriots,vho,ycar after
year, without oven tlio Incitement of hope,
havo marched lo tho polls and battled In
vindication of the Democratic creed, al
though cxpcrlenco taught them that t heir
leaders havo quietly succumbed under tho
monstrous accumulations of flagrant election
frauds without an effort to punish tho guilty
or vindicate their own cause.
Mr. Chairman of tho Democratic State
Central Committee, organizo your party In
tho prosecution of tho perverted villains
whoso trade It Is to cheat tho peoplo out of
their sovcrigu rights, and you will havo
opened to your party tho road to emancipa
tion and victory.
It is disgusting and disgraceful to hear
after each election, in this once respectable
commonwealth, Individuals and newspapers
complalnlng,llko crying babies, of notorious
election frauds, amounting to thousands of
votes, sufficient to exalt and Install minority
candidates over tho legitimate choice of the
people, and yet not 0110 organized body
found to enforco tho law against tho well
known perpetrators of such monstrous mls-
leeds. Democrats, rouso yourselves! Now
is tho time to act and ORGANIZE I
"(Jetting tho Voto Out."
Considering tlio actlvu and earnest nature of
the recent election canvass in Pennsylvania,
it is surprising to see how largo a proportion
of tho voters of tho Commonwealth stayed
at home, or neglected to go tho polls. The
aggregate voto issixhundrcdand nine thous
and, five hundred andsixty-four (009 504)
not so great an aggregato by moro than 03.000
as wascastatthoGovernor'selection in 1872,
and not so many votes by moro than 40.000
as wero cast for President in 18G8 seven
years ago. 'Making allowance for tho sick
and thoso absent from homo on business and
otherwise, and for tho increase of popula
tion since 1872, the absentees at tho recent
election must number from eighty to ninety
thousand. Thero was thus a great failure
all round in tho strenuous efforts made to
"get out tho full vote." About one voter
in every eightornine failed to respond lo
tho appeals mado to "rally" him. The Dem
ocratic voto is not so heavy by nearly 30,000
as it was for Auditor General seven years ago,
and the Republican vote is not so heavy by
nearly 38.000 as it was for President in that
same year 1SG8. Tho Inchest accrecate
voto ever cast in the Stato was that for
Govenor in 1872, when it was G72.344 ; tho
highest Republican vote ever ant by Penn
sylvania was that for Hartranft in the same
year,353.387 ; and the highest Democratic
voto in tho Commonwealth was that in 180S
for tho Democratic candidato for Auditor
General, 321.739.
The following proclamation has been is
In tho name and by the authority of the
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
In the abundant crops with which Heaven
has blessed us ; in tho absence of pestilence
and want from our midst; in tho diminish
ing distrust that pervades tho channels of
trade, and the prospect not only of a revival
of commerce and manufactures throughout
all the States of tho country, but of the hap
py and cordial reunion of tho peoplo thereof,
the nation has occasion for thankfulness. I
respectfully ask, therefore, that tho people ot
Pennsylvania, in accordance with the recom
mendation of the President of the United
States, assemble on the 25th day of Novem
ber, 1875, to give thanks to tho Great Au
thor ot all our blessings, and to petition for
the continuance of divine favor to our na
tion and State.
Given under my hand and tho great seal of
the State, at Harrisburg this eighth day of
November, in, tho year of our Lordeigh
teen hundred and seventy-five, and nf tlio
Commonwealth the one hundredth.
By tho Governor. J. F. HARTRANFT.
Secretary of the Commonwealth.
Foreign News.
London, Nov. 13. Whilo thetidowas
ebbing to-day n bore or tidal wave, ten feet
high, swept up tho Parrett river, in Somer
setshire. At the Bridgewatcr dock tho gates
were buret open, and vessels wero broken
from their moorings. Ono vessel was sunk
and twenty were moro or less damaged,
Bores aro not unfrequent along the shores of
tho British Channel, but tho ono to-day was
larger and moro destructive; than any for a
lung time. Tlio weather is still inclement,
Tho floods In tho inundated parts of Englaud
are increasing.
Poonah, Nov. 13. -The Prince of Wales
arrived hero to-day and had an enthusiastic
reception. His movements alter leuving
hero are uncertain. Thero aro bad accounU
of tho spread of tho cholera in various dis
tricts of tho Madras presidency. The trip of
the Prince to Gairsoppa Falls and his shoot
ing expedition to Baypoor havo therefore
been abandoned. It is doubtful whether ho
will even visit Madras.
Paris, Nov, 11. Tlio Franco-American
Union for tho erection of tho Centennial
statuo iu New York harbor is organizing a
grand feto to tako placo at tho Palais d'In
duatrie on tbo 19th Inst. President MacMa
hon, tjio members of his cablnent, many dep
uties, and other distinguished persons h.we
subscribed to tho statuo fund, and several of
tho principal cities of Franco havo voted
-London, Nov. 16, 5 A. M, Disastrous
floods aro reported throughout England and
Ireland, and the streams aro also rising. The
river Falka, near Dublin,bas burst its banks
and submerged thousands of acres.
Rome, Nov. 1G, Verdi, tho celebrated
musical composer, yesterday assumed .bis
sent In tho Italian ben ate.
Supkcmh Couiit in Banc Justlco Will
iams has decided the caso of Tho City w.
Edwards et al, IIo decided that before a
property owner could bo charged with the
paving of the sidewalk In front of his prop
erty ho must havo actual notice, and that
leaving a notice on tlio premises under a
stouo was 110 iiotlco at all j that tho act of
1813, which applied to tlio district of South
wark, and which restricted the character of
tho defence In such cases, does not apply to
tho city, and was impliedly repealed by tho
consolidation act, and that if Councils had
nqt ordered tho street to bo paved tho Chief
Commissioner of Highway vvus without a
shadow of authority to enter Into a contract
for tho paving of tho sidewalk, hut If they
tisu 110 was uounu to uo ii, in uccoruance
with tho provisions ot lue ordinance ot Auy
3, 1850,
St, Louis Is to havo a big hotel, will),
two thouand rooni,nt a cost, with furnlttml
of two million dollar. It will bo called tln
Hotel Grande, and will bo larger limn thr
new Pnlaco Hotel lu Sail l'rniicitrn, which
is now tinstirpas-cd in the woildilisize Con
struction will begin next spring, Boston
capitalists providing the moiiey. Until tho
election of tho I'alneo Hotel, tho Grand Ho
tel, In Paris, was without n rival,
l'I.i:cKKNSTINIJ-Hi:iXA3. Ill OraiitfeUllo ou
Nov. 1 1 tli, by tlio Hev. N. .S' lill.un l'lcckcnstluc
to .Miss Ualtlo llelUs, nil ut ur.uifeMlle.
l'l'LLEN'-MoMtCIIAKL-Ult thoUdult., by tho
llev. J. A. In Ine, .Mr. WlUUm l'ullen to Miss surah
.McMlcliaol, nil or Light I.trccU
Clir.SSLKIt-IIOUOllTON.-On tho Sth Inst., by
tho Hcv. J. l'.Tusttn, Mr. Lloyd Cressler to Miss
Sarah M, Houghton, all ot Columbia county.
FOX. lu Pine township on tlio 10th Inst., alter
brief Illness, .Mrs. Catherine, uKoot John Fox, ngetl
40 years, 4 months nod is days.
liI!OOLIK.-In Woomsboitr, on tho 12th Inst., Miss
Mary A, r. Uroglle, ngcu !) )cars, 1 mouth ami
Wheat per bushel.,
nju ..
Corn, new, " . .
oais, ' " ..
i' lour tier barrel ..
Dried Annies
f 1.2.-,
.3 1
Mdes 1: Shoulders .
Lard per pound ....
Hay per ton
Timothy seed
(juotations run coal.
No. 4 on Wharr
No. 6 " "" "
Blacksmith's Lump on wharl ,
" llltuiulnou3 " ,
. t 4,00 per Ton
. 2,50
, $ 4,00 "
, $ 0,00 "
Letters of Administration on tho cstato of llobert
lonnsion, lato ot .iiainson lownsuip, Columbia
county, deceased, havo been t'runtcd by tho lleirls
ter of said county to Isaac b Haul, ot Washing,
tonvlllo. All persons having claims ugalnst Uie
estate of tho decedent, nro requested to present them
for settlement, and those Indebted lolho estate to
make payment to tho undersigned administrator
wiiuoui neiay. ia..u N. ill,,
Nov. n,'75-ct Administrator.
.ettcrsoi Administration on tho i:sutnr Kllzahnth
noDeris 01 sugnrioa r twp. Columbia county deceased
havo been granted by tho ltoglster of said county to
,uu. .iuuiu, nvp.. coiuiiiuia coiinty,r.i., 10
whom nil persons indebted to said Kstuto nro re
quested to mako payment, nnd thuso h ulng claims
against tho said estate will mako them known to the
said administrator wimout delay.
Nov. 19,n5. Administrator.
All persons Ii
persons Indebted to the unilcrsluned on nook
Account prior to Juno Ut 175. nro renuested to call
.iiiu semi- uy nuiu (ir uuicrtt isu ueioro January isi,
mtu, us liner mat uu unset lieu accounts win uupiac
in iuo nanus vi uu uiuccr lur coi:cclioii.
T. J. swini:u, M.D.
HaMng associated w 1th mo Dr. Win. VcKelvy, wo
aro prepared to attend promptly to nil professional
calls In Medicine, .surgery, nnd obstetrics. Public
patronage is respectfully solicited.
Jerseytown, Nov. 19 Cw.
Ilv vlrtllo of an order of tho Ornhans Court of rri.
lumbla county, tho undcrFlgned, Administrators of
the estate of Philip Sllllcr.dec'd.w 111 expose to public
saic on mo premises on
the following described real cstato, to w It, commenC'
lag at 1 o'clock 1'. M.:
1.1 it No. 3. situato in crntro township aforesaid
bounded nnd described as follows: on tho west by
1 urn 01 dumcs curr, on lliu houiii uy iui ui iieiijatiun
Miller, on tho oust by purpart No. r, nnd on tbo
north uy purpart no. v, containing 11'J perches.w here,
on Is u
LOT NO. is. situato In Centra township aforesaid.
bounded and described as follows : on tho west by
nurparus os. & nnu 4 nnu lot 01 ncnjamiu .Miner, on
tho south by purpart No. 1. on tlio east by purnait.
No. G, and on tho north by purpart No. 2, contaUung
acres nnu ctj percnes, i nercon is u
LOT NO. s. Slluato In ecu tre township aforesaid
uounuen on mo west, houiii, east unu norm uy pur
parts nos. o. 1, 7 nnd '2 respectively, containing two
acres unu imy-nino percues, wnercon is a
LOT NO. 7. Situato In Centre toivnsldn aforesaid.
bounded on the west, south, east and north by pur
parts nos. e, 1, B and 'i respectively, containing two
acres uiiu uuy uiuu pcrcucs, nutrcuii is u
LOT NO. 0. Situate In Centre township oforcsnld,
buuuded on tho north, west nnd south by purpr rts
nos. anil i respectively, unci on mo cast uy pur
parts nos. 1 1 nnd 12 nnd lot ot Andrew dingles and
aonn vv. Miiiniaii, continuing iwo ueres luiumty.
nine perches, whereon Is n
LOT NO. 10. hltuato In Centre townshlnaforcsnld.
bounded on tho north, oast nnd south by purparts
nos i unu i, unu on tno vvesi uy purparts nos. u una
liana oylotot Andrew Mngies nnd John w. Shu
man, containing two acres and Iltty-iilno perches,
vvnereon is i
LOT NO. 11. Situato In Centrotownshtpaforesald,
bounded on tho west, north and eastbv purparls
nos. u, i and 10 respectively, and on tho soulh by lot
of Andrew singles nnd John W. Shuman, containing
liny perencs, on wnicii is u
LOT NO 12. situato In Centre township aforesaid,
bounded on tho noith by tho Lackawamu.t lllooms
burg It. It., on the east, south iind vcst by purparts
lius. if, 1 uuuir iL-siJctuicij (Cuiiuiimiiifiiiiy peienes,
LOT NO. 15. Situato In .Main township, county
aforesaid, bounded on tho north by the Susquehanna
river, on tho east and Bouth by lands now or lato of
tho lie rs of oeorce Longenberger deceased, and on
tho vvest by land of , containing 112 acres nudti
pcriues, uu vyoou xanii.
LOT NO. IS. A wharf lit situato In tho village of
Espy, Columbia county nforesahl,ad Joining tbo North
nrHiieii uanai on mu mjiiih, uu iiuey on me noun,
and Market street in Raid town on tho west, contain.
Ing about three-fourths ot n square perch.
TKHMK OP H I.E.-Tcn per cent. c,f tho one-
touri n or tno purcuaso money to oo paiu at tno sti Ik
ing down of tlio property: tho one-fourth less tlio
ten per cent, nt tlio conllrrnatlon of tho Kile: and
tlio remaining three-fourths In ono year thtrcnfler,
with lnurest from couilrmatlon nW. Purchaser! tu
pay for Deed or Deeus eicept uio purcuascni of no.
iu luuisuuu w pay lor ueeu.
Nov. 19 ts. Administrators.
Ik, Notlcu Is hereby L-lven to
i to all legatees, credl-
turs and other persons Interested In tho estates of
tho respective decedents and minors, that tho fol
lowing administration and guardian accounts have
oeen iueii in uioonico or mo icetristcr oi coiumuin
county, and win bo presented for confirmation and
nllowanco in tho orphan's Court to bo held lu
uioomsburg, on Wednesday, tho sin day of Decem
ber, 1ST i, at 2 o'clock p. m. on said day;
1 Tho final account of Alfred Eck, guardian ot Fran
ces KUtler. minor child of Nathan Klstlcr, latxj of
Columbia county, deceased.
2 Tho second and final account of Itcubcn Miller, ex-
eeuiuroi juuu ijuucu, laio ui uriartrceK luvvu
shln. deceased
3 Thu second and final account ot Iifayetlo Crcasv
aim iieury ruaiier, imiiiuusiruiura ui t-cicr ii,
Wenner. Into of llrlarcroek township, deceased.
4 The tlrst and final account of John A l'unstou, ad
ministrator or wiisou Alien, hub of .viautsou town
slilo. decexscd.
5 'I ho account of James Wardln, executor of Wil
liam Wardln. lato of Centre township, deceased.
0 Thu first and Heal account of Isaiah llowcr.adinln-
tstr torn Ashtl povuer, lato of urlarcieek town
shin, deceased.
T Tho account of Samuel It. Johnson, administrator
o: uaviu jounson, law oi uuuvcr towusmp, ucccas
ui. 8 Tho account of Henry W. Vauilersllcc, admlnlstra-
tor of John 11, Vandetsllco, lato of tno town or
Uioomsburg deceased.
9 Tho account of c. W Miller, guardian of Isabella
Alason.tnluor child of llobert Muson,lalo of llloouis
buri?. deceased.
10 '1 ho first and final account of Aaron V, Hess,
guardian or liinuia Hess, minor ciiuu oi unarms ii,
Iless, lato of .Minil'i township, deceased.
11 'I ho account of William II. Rosier, administrator
of hj lvesttr Pcaler, lato ot ITsUlugcrcek township,
ltetrtster's Onlco. 4 W. II. JACOI1Y.
llloomsUurg, Nov, s, i76.( ilegtster,
V Tlio follow Ing appraisements of real and
;crsonai property sei apart vu w iuuwa ui ucieuciiiu
iiive been filed In tho onlco of tho Iteglster of Col
umbia county, under tho Itules ot Court, and will bo
presented for absolute confirmation to tho orphans'
Court to be held In Hloomshurg.ln and for said conn,
ty. on Wednesday, thu sth day of December isfo, ut 2
rfclock n. m.. of hnlil day unless executions to such
connnnuUon aro previously filed, of which ull (cr-
Bouij uiuru&icu IU bum cbwiiib win vuu uuiivc;
t Widow of ltlchard F. Keller, late ct Locust town?
f hip, deceased,
2 WiAow ot Philip wilson.laM ot Flshlngcrcek town-
shin, deceased.
8 Widow ot Abraham Adams, late ct Iirlorcrcclc
4 Widow of John WnUher, lute ot Madison towncldp,
lteglster's Office, 1 W.JI, JACODY,
UloomsiAirtr, Kui , ItevUWi. ,
tj,ltor4 nf Adinhil .(ration liti Hie r-sliltp of Mar
Kim t curry, 1 lie irf ivniinli.i imroiurh county f
iiuWiiihl.i. Mule t,f lVinis.vU ihl.i, cleeensed, luve
iK-.-n trant' d to li.inh l !'. curry, of Ceiitralh
boi-MU'ii, Vii., to whom nil pi rums hulehled ImaM
ist. iti- mo requested lo make pavhioiit, nnd tin1
havlngiUitins or demands will make known I lie
tame without delay. 1IAMIX 1'. tTltltv,
oclS'J ow Administrator.
"Un'imrtiona'ibi the bent tuttnined voihcfthc l.iml
in the lIV,."
Xntices nf the
The rver-lncrcnMng rlrcu! jtlon of Hit cwllWit
monthly proves lis luliptatlon to popular de-lirs
nnd needs, Indeed when wo think Into how in in)
homes it prneir.iles every month, we conMilerlt ns
one of tho educators ns wetl ns entertainers of the
public mind. "Huston tllolin "
The character nhleh this mag.irlne possesses for
variety, enterprise, nrtltlo wealth, nnd literary cul
ture which It has kept Pace wllh. It It has not led the
times, should cvimj Us conductors to regard It lth
JiistltMblR complacency. 'I ho inig.ulne his none
good nnd not evil nil tho dajsof Its life. "llrooklyn
linirlo." . ,
some of the most popularot modern novel have
first appeared ns nerl.ils In this magazine. In nil re
spects It Is an excellent periodical, and fully deserves
lis great success. "Philadelphia Ledger."
ts: tis :
Postago free to all subscribers In tho United states.
llAKrni'a Maiuzise, ono, $l.m
Jl Includes prepayment of United States postage
by tho publisher.
subscriptions to llAiit rn's Maovzine WEmv, nnd
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flack numbers can bo supplied at anv time.
A cumpleloset of llanter's Magazine, now com
piMmr fd volumes. In neat cloth binding, will In
Bent by express, freight ut expense ot purchaser, for
tl S3 per volume single volumes, by mall, postpaid,
Jl I loth casts, f )t binding, ts cents, by mall, post
paid. A complete ahull Ileal Index to tho tlrst fifty vol
turn s of Harper's mawlne has Just boen published,
rendering available for Itferenco the vast nnd varied
wealth of Information vihkh constitutes this period
ical u peifeet Illustrated iltenry eyclopoill.i. svo,
cloth, .f h lit calf, 15 as. Sent postage prepaid.
Ascites ot papers under the title of Mho first
Century of tho lit public," contributed by the most
eminent American publicists. Is now betng publish,
cdln Harper's Magiilne Tlilsserlesif overtwentv
papers gives a compiehnslvo review of progress
dm Ing tno century now closlng.ln overy department
of our national Hie.
Newspapers nro not to copy this ndvcrtlseiucnt
without tliu express otder of Harper .V lirotliers.
Address HAltl'El! & into 1'llHlts, New York
SEIMER'SM0 NTHLY for 1876.
Tho publishers Invito attention In tlio followln-jllst
ot souiu ot tho iitlracllvo m tides secured forscrlu
ners Monthly, for tno coming year. In tlio Held of
Ilctlon, besides numerous novelettes and shorter sto
ries, thero will bo
Two Remarkablo Serial Stories
Tho first of these, now complete In our hands,
by HltET. HAUTE, N
begins In tho November number,
nnd will run for twelve months.
Wc shall idso begin In the January number,
or. Show Your Passports,"
Tlio bceno ot this story Is laid In tlio south -cstem
territory, now forming tho -tales or lulslana anil
Texas, nt tho timo of Aaron Uurr's treason Tin
characters lived In n section which was now Amert
can, now French, now Spanish, and tuts record if
their adventurous lives nukes n story ot intense iui4
unllagglng Interest throughout.
by COL. GEO. E. WAhlNO, Jr,
Col. Waring Is now In Europe, visiting, In n row
boat ride of two hundred nnd titty miles, ono ot Hie
most ferlllo and Interesting ot the vl no-grow In? val
leys of Europe. This second series of papers prom
ises to bo even moro Interesting than tliat with
which our leaders aro already familiar.
edited by JOHN V. CIIENY.
A rare collection ot Revolutionary Letters, miinlj
from stores In thu hands of the deseendenl.s of L'ol
Joseph Ward. They nre full ot Inleiost, and will m
read with n rare rellsii tn connection with the Co n
tennlal celebration of tho y car.
Brilliantly Illustrated Artidcs on
Written respeclvely by their friends, will appear
during the year.
Rlecantlv Illustrated articles on Old New York-, by
John Mines, will appear nt once, nnd wl 1 ntlrait
the attention or all, In city or country, who m irk
w n u interest 1110 uo . c onmcut or mo great metronu.
lis, aud alfectlonately remember tho quaint peculiar.
iiies ui lis uiuuii tune.
Every numlier Is nrofusolv illustrated, tlitu enn,
Wing us to glvotoourdcscrlptl omul narraltvonitf.
cles un Interest and permanent valuu never utUUuud
in 11 uuu-uiiistraLou periuuicui.
The Editorial Departments
occupy over twenty pages of each number, nnd con
win ur uouanusvi-orousnnii uineiy if
well as revluws of tfio latest works In Art, Litem
luro, nuu ncicucc.
tl n Year, In ndranco; 35 cents a number.
Tho 10 vols, comnletu. Nov. 1870. lo Oct. 1ST5.
uounu iu maroon ciom ii.o
do. do. bound In half morocco, so.oj
Vols, begin In November and May. Any of the
earlier volumes!! to VIIDwill bo supplied scouateli
to parties who wish them to complete sets, utthU
rate. I. o.. cloth, ti : half morocco. i.
nilooksellers nnd post musters will bo supplied nl
rates that will enable them to till any of tho above
suoscrloers will nlcaso remit In I O. money or.
ders, or In bank checks, or by registered letters
.niouuy in tellers nut regisiei eu, at senucr s nsa
SCItlllNEIt A CO., W Ilroadway, New York.
Tho underslirned. Administrators of tlm estate of
John Menseh, Talo of Franklin township Columbia
couuty, uocexsed, win exiwso to ptiuiio salo on
In tho premises In Franklin township aforesaid n
oonds ot -Michael Mensch, lion) unlii Ford, Jonathan
tract or ianu situate in rr.inkiin ton omnig
i,uiiniiaii unu outers, containing
of good quality of laud In good stato of cultivation,
on wuicu is crecieu u largo unu comnmuuus
outhouses, bank barn, sheds. Sc.
mho to commenco nt m o eiocii n, m. or said day,
wiieu cuiiuiiious ot saiu w in uu uiaiio Know ll.
Franklin twp., Nov. Sill -iw. Administrators.
Juries for Sept. Term, 1875
liloom M. Wynkoop, Daniel Howman.
llentou lllram Ash, Michael Hartnuu.
llerwlek-A. S. Phillips.
Centru Lafayetto Creasy, Samuel Crevcllng.
Cauntssa J. L. Shumin, Duilel tiearhart.
Planing Creek Iiaae Labour, John Wenner.
Franklin-Montgomery lloedor.
Oreenwood-EIlJUi Klsiicr.
Hemlock-Ell Old, Samuel Alo
Locust .Joseph Sanders.
Mifflin Joseph O. swank, Samuel Snyder, W. V.
Pine William lCarshner, Asher Fullmer.
Scott J. K Fowler, F. P. Kelloy, Charles Crown.
Illoora-A. McDowell, J. i widemau, c. M, lirown
II. F. llartman, James C. lli'u.m, John I.eacuck,
Ocorgo Correll, S. II. Miller
Ilenton Earl Boston, JohnO.Dlldlno.S.F. Karnes,
William Applemau (
Berwick Henry llowcr, Alfred llowir.
llrlarcnck-Hcnry Uoak, William L. Fioas, David
Shatter Jr., Frcas Fowler.
CatawUsa-ll P. Former
Centralia James Dyke.
Flshlngcreek-Aarou Iless, Benjamin fielder, Jo
nas Doty, Jostah Hess, Jacob o. Wilson.
FranMlu-John Houp.
Oreeuwood-James L. Preston, John Patterson,
Henry lletr.
Hemlock -Mathlas Whltenight
Jackson-Benjamin Savage, Augustus Everhai t
Locust-llcnry Beaver
Mimiu-B. F. Workhclser
Montour-WUllaio M, Quick
Madison lieorge Boaglo
Mt. Picasant-.Matht.u Kindt
Orango-tieorgo M. brnlth, bllas Shuinau, Hamuli
llagenbuch, Michael V. Vance.
Pino-John V. comer
ltoaringcreck Henry Hoffman
Scott-Jonah Tow usend, James Hlce, llobert lXt.
Henry Creveltug, 11. c, Kelchner
Bloom Joslali llalslon, James llenwood
Bouton-Charles Hotter, William Holmes
Beaver Mosei Schlicher
Briarcreek Abraham Jackson, Joseph Lainon. si.
II., John II Suit
Calawlsaa-Clias Knlgli, I, II Seesholti, II, F. Clark
Contro-Isaao Cryder
Convngham-Marllu Laughlla
Franklln-Mlchael Manhart, Andrew Low-man
Ureenwood-Thcodore Uinon, M. M. Annleman.
ltlchard J, Evcs.Dlcuier Davis, John Leggou, John 0
Hemlock-John Miller. Peter S. Brugler. Mathlas
ill, Pleasant-Jacob Mellck
Madison-A, J, Carr j
Main-John narrow, Boj d Yitter
Orango Samuel Henry, Moses Everett
Bcott J, J, Keller, llustoa Hoblson -
Tr!Il'-HI'"-f;. tlic lion. Wit.ttAM Hi.wr.M.
President .Itidgo of tho Cowl of oyer nnd
Terminer nnd licnrrnl .111 Delivery, Court of ('Hur
ler Sessions of the I'eneoniul tlio Court of Common
Plensnnd orphans' Court In tlio 2Cth Judicial Dis
trict, composed of tho counties of Columbia nnd
Montour, nnd tho llon. Ittui Dtnit nnd Isvau s.
Miiniiur, Associate Judges of Columbia county, havo
Issued their precept, benilng dato the lstli day ot
Sept,, In tho yearof our lmt one eight
hundred unit sovohty-IUe, and to me directed for
holdlngn Court of Oyer and Terminer and (icnernl
(jtiartor Sessions of Uio peace, Court of Common
l'lens unit Oiphnns' Court, in Uioomsburg. In the
county nf Columbia, o thu first Monday, llng tho
cth day of December ti"xt, (o continuo two weeks
Notices Is hereby glien to tlio Coroner, to tho Jus.
tlces of tho Peace, and tho Constables ut tlio Hold
county of Columbia, that they bo i hen nnd thero In
their proper person at la o'clock tu tlio forenoon of
said cth day of Decetnlior, with their records, liupd
pill ins nnd oilier remembrances, to do those things
which to their unices appertain to bo done. And
Ihoselhat nro bound by recognizance to proseeuto
against the prisoners that nro ur may tie In tho Jail
of tho said county of Columbia, lo bo then and there
to prosecute them ns shall bo Ju t. Juiursnio re
quested totiepilhcliiallhllit'lralteliil.iliccngi'eeiibly
to their notices. Dated nt Uioomsburg tho .Mil day
) of November, Intlie yeiirof our Lord one
Mhousjnd eight htuitliod nnd evelily-llvo
'Intuitu the nlnetv -ninth year of the Inde
pendence of the I'nltcd siules of Ameilca.
sherirsOlllee, MICHAEL UliOVEIt.
Uioomsburg, .Nov. r.-to sheiirr.
It. !lorrcll .V Co. vs. Joseph M, I'reck.
Lc.ihder Carmen's use vs. William Appleman.
Andrew Crawford vs D. W. Johnson.
llllam II. Crawford vs 1). W. Johnson.
Christian Wolf s N. it V. II. It. II. Co.
Stephen Wolf et ui. vs. N. .V W, It. It. Co.
John Uggott Ic A . Fl ick vs. Estliet Eves et. nl.
George K, Try on ct nl. vs. Jacob Brown ct nl.
(joorgo K. Tryon etnl. vs. .Martin Lubolil et nl.
(leorge K. Tryon et ul. vs. William Clark et nl.
George K. Tryon et nl. vs. Isal.ili Hand et nl.
(leorgc K. Tryon it al. vs. chrUHan Scliack il al.
Wellington llugh"S vs. I'. Spotionberg.
E. II. John's ndm'r v. Aaron Grover.
Ell Kendlgvs D, Moirls.
F. s. smith vs school Directors of Ilenton Township,
Wm. Harris vs. Berwick liollln? Mill Co.
D. I, Morgan & Co, vs. Samuel Jollnson.
W. F Andrews vs. I). F. Seybert.
LU KendU vs. J. 1). Hlce.
Levi Klnlcy vs N. S. Campbell.
Jacob Schtij ler, endorsee, vs. J. M. Barton et al.
A T. ILeler vs Jonas Doty.
John lleaeock vs. Jonas Doty
First National Bank of Bloomsburg vs Goorgo Cava
nee, it ti'.
Charles M. Marple's Evr's. vs Enos Jacob-.
Samuel J. Cuso vs Jonas Doty.
Vllson (Ubbons vs Jonas Doty.
.M. (I. Hughes vs Jcsso D. Hlce.
M. II. Hughes vs. Oscar P. Ent.
I,. F. Davis v.s Jonas Duly.
Jesse llartman vs Jonas Doty.
William Abbot vs. William Miller.
Vastluc Boone vs II. (I, Crovellng.
John J. Mcllenry vs 1). L. .t W. It. Ii. c,t.
Ilenj. Vttnterstclu vs. Willi im Houghton.
Stacy Jolm vs. I! (I. Crovellng.
ElloM Miller etnl. vs. P li. lull Hoad Co.
John McUoIlum's oY vs George .1, Luce et al.
Thomas MoGraw vs. John Grow.
The screw Mower .t ltsapcr Co. vs J. s. Turnbach.
1). F. Soj bert vs. Philip Appletnan.
Mary McAlaniey's use vs. S. P. case ct nl.
It. nubbins vs. Sh irpless & Son.
I. S, Ktihn vs. .1. K. Grotz.
J. It. Evans v.s E. Glger.
M. cii vies vs. .1. D. Hliio ct nl.
F. Itlcherl's me vs. W. II. ltelnbolil et al.
I. Yetter vs. Jacob Hilling's adm'r.
E. W. Soud-r vs. W. Sehechterly.
J. Evuns vs. 1. II. Hageiihueh.
N. Brandon v.s. William T.shuman.
. Colo's uso v.s. T. II. Cole.
A. Cole's use vs. T. 11. Cole.
A. Cole's Uso vs. T. II. Cole.
II. W.McKc Holds v.s. J. A. Losce.
s. Bloom vs. Allen Mann et nl.
s. H. Wolf vs. Pan in Keller.
W. Mimes' ex'rs vs Michael Grover, Sherirr.
I!. Taylor et nl. vs It. Oorrell.
Jeremiah Taylor et nl vs Hobei t Oorrell.
llobert Taylor et nl. v.s. llobert Gorrell.
laeobs. Hiiiterlltcr vs William Menslnger.
C. IP Bruckwayetnl vs I). It. Applemau.
James Dyko vs. William Howell
A. E. Sharretts et al. vs ll. c. Howell,
A. E. Sharrcts et nl vs Dav Id Stroup.
William Howell vs James Dke.
Wagner, Starr ,t Co. vs. Willi un I'ettlt.
Benjamin Hicks vs. George II. From.
Daniel Kilns vs. Charles Leo et al.
W. K. Longenbergervs. Conrad Bredbender.
David U-w Is vs. Juhu Dlltz..
Catharine IIo s' use vs. John SHner
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siery and men's underwear to be
found in this county. Ladies' and
children's Merino Vests 50, 75,
87cents to $U50
Gents' undershirts and drawers
from 50 cents each to $2.25.
10 dozen ladies' 2 button kit!
gloves, black and colors, at $1 per
pair, warranted.
Full line of ribbons, neckties,
ruches, collars, culls, belts, combs,
and tlio largest assortment of fan
cy goods to bo found in this sec
Bargains iu Ui,amci:ts, at $-1,
$5. $5.50, $0.50, to $8.50.
Prints at 8, 0, and 10 cents.
Cotton flannels at all prices.
Most brands of bleached and
brown muslins as low as can be
found elsewhere.
Please call and t-eo us and wo
shall endeavor to convince you
that wo can sell you coods as low
as any establishment outsido of
Aew iork. Buying, and paying
lor our goods in 10 days, enables
us to oiler very low prices, and
you will receive polito attention
whether you purchase or not,
Till 1'OrULAIt (JHliAl' cash stoiu:
AY. T. aONES & CO.,
Nov. 0, 1875.
p-VKctrroit's xoricn.
I J iTATnrst'AN kivsbv, tm i
ltter tt'-wmontsrv tin the e.iab of
hoy, late of liloomsbiirir, Columbia count
n l,l
i ii
it u
' ,
r- in t
iinii .
tu. in
iinvii mien irmiiiuu nv me iteui
Ileiil-li i-uf iH
eti r ItruRler, t f Blooinshurg,
lWeeutor. tu wliiim nil nei'iioiis ludi iit, I i
itinr. i ii ii i,ii , ,
oil In innkv im.vinent, mill thime I
until) against the ml,l estate win i,
known to the said executor without u.ia
I'l.l'HIl I),. I I M l!,
l)Ct. S2.-OW. 1. U('ri
ADMIN IS'Flf 7T ) I t'HN ( IT I (' l
iwtitk nr u ii iikhiisr 11111.1. i
u tters of Ad Inl-ti'iition on llm tst ic ot t ll
lleillliie, late ot GrecnwiHitt t()u ri-tnlp. i ' o
deceased, hale been grunted In the i;eist r of Fnltl
county, to. I. s. lleillliie nml it wntts, of i.reen.
wood loniishbi. All iikoiis luivlii',-ci dm, naln l,
theesliitenr the il'eeti.'iit. uiv i.'imst lloen ent
them for settlement, nnu thus,' in I. hi . t, t a. i r t tI
to make luivinenl lo the until r-1 u tlniii.uii -i.i ors
vvllnutil delay. Jtm.iM . 1.1 i,i.,i,
, . lXl.Vs vv VI is,
Seit ti, '-Mi. Aduiinlitiators.
j-oncH to cuiiDiToits.
' lllllltf M. under the ,, i.l rr r r u ......
land, of centrum, fur the bei.t ,lt . t creditor,, iho
juld llcmgliind h is iiipll"il to th (. . urt of t oimntui
I'leiisof i ultiuibla county tun v.. s,-t dde rurlho
iisiM ttheniwIgiinr ntntlils family eeitaln iniMcs
and Ihltigs not oxeeeilliig in vul" nt tin mu ,1,,,.
Illi'lll th-ixsif lliree htlndl'eil 11 ll il-s, Nnw, t Here
roie. Iiollee Is hereby given tin I apnllcillnn will bo
nude on Uio llest ilai of Deei , imr term of euurt
net. n-.itii tin isi-n,d i r
lliouseiirori'aild.ii.eiiithlesni Hi rs in jiidmi
l.ralsenient s,,.ellled. .,. J. iiiiai.I. T
UV . ti to It,
oltinibla county Mutual
Mat Ing Funds Loan Aus,
Stephen It. Wolf
Mat la, his wife
In Ih
Court nf ( y, rion
ot Columbia l tin.
I.evnil Fuelai.
Nos , and u;. s picm.
ber t ini, Is.n,
,lhennillli,riiiiioliiteilb.vtlio.,,urtt m d.e dl ,trl.
billion of Hie funds lucouit jiro meed In the Mu".
Ill'n sale mider theiibovo wills wm nti mi tiiim tnlav tin ' tiiiii;
ot November, his, at 10 o'clock . .Mnthl ui.i- in
Hie I own of Blooiiisliiirir, when nnd wiierealliMin,,.
liilereMHdiire reiiulied lomik ilielrcl.iliiit.huwii
or bo debarred fromeouihii In uinn s.iltl tiinil.
Nov, ti- 4t. Auditor.
"1 7 X IX' UTO I t'S .NOT I CM.
a;tler tentainentary on the ist teof Jr Im Mel.
teli, lalo of scotl ton'iishli I'oltintbla eountv, at ee,. .
ed, halo been Kruutod by the !te,'ntcruf sar I tunn.
t to I, .M. C. ll.llick-, of scl.ilttoii, 1" Kietlir lo
wliiiui all pci'Miits Ipdebied are re mesl si to
liauneiit, and tluwo li.ivtiitr elalnis or it. inainls
nifulnst tho said estate will make them known t . 11 it
sail Bxecutor wit bout delay.
. .1. M. t. ItWi ..
Nov.S.-Cw. lxecii ti'.
Ji iisrAiKor nsTiicit miinnit, nrcKA'-iKti,
iterstesl iiiieiiiarvonlii'iMti on: , , i , .,.
lale of Madison towuMtllM'olulllbl icotlllt .if I
have been itraiited by the llcrlsti rof snl.1 e ami . i ',
D. A. Wilson, of Matilsiui tnw-iisiiiti, coiiitntil , n
ty, IM, lAeeulor, to whom all , ,' ti tint, nt ui',
s.iltl etaio are ietueted to make i.ijiut'iii un.l
thusn h.ivlni! claims or demands tii'aln it tli nt
I'Ktuto will make Ihcm known to the Kil.l l eut jr
without delay. Ji. a. l ATS'j'
Nov. 5 Ct. i:xi 'in ir
BY.viirrn: of si-miiiv whits issi pd
otitot IhoCoirtof i:oin:no:i I'l as am!
to mo directed will be exposed to pillule Hate ut
the Couil llotihe, In Bloumsbur, on
nt ono o'clock, 1". si.,
All that certain farm or piece of land situate in
Briarcreek township, Columbia eountv, bound, si ami
(lescilbed us follows : Beginning at a Mont-corner on
lino of l.intl of Mart, thence by the una
north eighty degrees east eleven nnd elght-t nibs
perches lo a si one, thence south one degree east ten
ami two tenths perches ton stone, theiuv norm
light' degrees east seventy-eight iind tw-o-tuntin
Jterches to u stone, thence .south one degree eu ,t t.ui
tnel l-ltipeiches tu iistoiie.theneeliv land of J. IXius
north suvenl v-ctght and u half d-grs's ea.t one
hundred and f.iur and ono-lenlh pereht h to u stone,
theneo by land of Jmnes Liimon ninth on,' de'iuo
west tvvcuty-ronr nml eight-tent lis ierehes to u p,,-t,
tlienco north fcci'dily-slx and on.'-rourth degr.-es
east tw'entv-tlvo anil nine tenths pert lies ton stone,
thence by laud ot v llllam Van Pelt it. a Hi 1 1 'lit nml
on. fourth degrees vvest eighty-seven peri'le's lo a
hickory tree, theneo south eight and iiirce-r.iuith
degrees wo-,1 one hundred ami seveniy-iilii'1 anil
seveli-tentiipeielies loa stoueeorner tit tlte o.tst l.le
ot the public road, thence by land of said John i.i'av
ner siiuth thhiy-slK degrees west Ihhlj flv 1 and
eiglit-tenlh tierelios to it stone, thence s u h "he
degree east Iwentv-cLht peiehes toaiedoak.thenee
south eleven degrees west forty-lx perehea to the
Place of beginning; eoiitalnlng one hundied and
thlrty-iilno acres and one hundred perches, st rh t
measure, mote or less, with the iippuit.'iianee ; ..n
which are vrett da two story dwelling house, barn
and outbuilding-.
seUetl, taken lnloeeeutton, and to bo sold us tho
properly ot Johu W. Hawk.
Ail the following real estate, to w It, situated In tho
township of Seult, county nt Columbia, and or
I vnnsxUanla. Iiouniled ami ile.scilhed as rollims il -ou
Iho north by I md of John Vaiill' iv, on the easi in
lands ot VVllltim Mairimd David the smith In
main road ntul lands of Divld, on the wesi In
lands of Keos' 1'alna in, upon whleli Is erected, i two
story frame house and outbuildings, containing one
hundred nnd twenl-llve netes, more or less.
seized, taken Into evecul Ion, and to bo bold us thu
property ot Chatles Lee.
All that certain lot ot land sltualn lu Iho town of
Ilspy, .-cutl tiiHiishlii, Columhla iMunit,liiiimdi-tl.i.v
Mtilkot stlect ou tho west, lot of- turtle! Illilli'tu it
on the ninth, lot of Stephen Aeheitiiach on tin . , t,
nml uu alley on the south, when ui are eie.a da
frame dwelling and outbuildings, with i nt .ip
ptirlonancc!. seueil, taken Into execution, and tj be sold ui tho
property of c. VV. Trump.
All that certain lot ot ground situate lu th .,wn
of L'tttawlssi. Catawissa towiishlo.t oiuiiiui.t . oiitj.
bounded en the itui'lli (to leeli by I mil or i I..
Hal tier, on the east (i.v feet) b public n,a I to t.a - i
mill, on the south (I 5 feet) by loi ot s. i. umi..,
and ou the west !;.'.', feel) ti,t I'liurttistre. t, on i, nl ii
are erected u ono and ahalf bton tlm lung hmi-e,
a stable and outbuildings,
seized, taken Into execution, and to be a.lil as t It.
propel lj of Isaac Thompson.
All that certain piec" ot land In seolt I nm-iii ,
Coliimblicounti, boiiin li'il on thoiiortti b .ip'tmi
roail, on t l,o east b Ian. In! Klch.iril Kinisw ,rtn . n
the Huulli by land uf Moore crovellng, and on in
west by l.tml oftieorge Tiiumio; cuiitalniii r aiion
oue-rourlh of tin ucie, more or Ii s, wiiei n ure
erected a two story iranio house and out buUUIn ,.
with the appurtenances.
sel.ed taken Into execution and to bo sold as the
proier!y ot Samuel II Iless.
All tu it, eerliln messtii;o anil farm, c ntilnliL
ono hull Ired and thirty four acres, lutitv or le ,s
In Orange township, iitlj.ilnlng lands of the hobs
of lieorge Kline, Daniel Klin-, and bounded in pot
also by Fishing creel:, helug Hie same premises u.
Voletl by 1-.. II. lilckells nnd wlf; to IVUT Bellas, oil
which Is erected a frame divcoU-i.' hous.-, u bank
barn, and outbuildings.
right acres of timber lafid, bo tho same more or
less, In tlio township ot Orange, n.lj ilulm,- lands of
Jesso llrumstetk-r, Joseph itWinrt, James Lv.s,
ll.triinaii ant! others, betng then unu pruul m-.ui-ve.ved
to I'etiu-Bellas liy James lives mid wire, i -get
her with the heieilltami'iilsinid ,n ptnieuan. i .
Seized, taken Into execution met to be sold ic- the
property ot Charles Lie.
All that certain real estate situate In lTshingei k
township, bounded ns follows: on Hie north in 'I lie
odore I .trier, ou the west by Philip Appl .1111111, .1.
seph I'lillmer 011 tlio east, by Alfred Preston on tli.
south, containing one huutheil and twenti-sci. 11
acres, more or less, whereon uru erected a two-sturv
house, 11 barn, 11ml 0111 buildings.
selzetl takm Into execution, iind to bo sold us tlio
propel ly of Jacob 1'an or. sr.
All that certain into! ground Mutate m thelmi
ough of Berwick, lu the county ot i'oiiiiub 1. and
stale of l'eunslvtuil.i, liti.imled en Hie iiorihle
seventh street, on tl asl bj I'hestuut -in t.on
Ihesoulhb Mm sireel, antl on Iho w.stln ui.,t
beliuigliig tu the building association, knuuiia. ihe prop,.tv, sltii.n n, mo Uuroilgh of in nil. k
liter, said; on which aro erected a dwelling h..ti,e
mid out buildings.
Two other lots hounded ou the norlhbv IIL'hi..
street, east In i'hestuut street, south In Si ,.-iith
street, nnd west by lot of Burtres iiirrlson; said
lorn being 49 feet by leet tn length.
seized, taken Into exeeuilon, and lu I e sold as tin
property ot Margaret I'ai ku uud Amos I'ai ks.
All Iho following real cstato to wit, situate in the
towiisiilp or Heaver, count of fuluinUa, anil stale ol
I'emiSj Ivaiila, bounded mid described as rotluus. viz
011 the 1101th and east b.v lands of Je hso Joiiiisou, on
the south bj lands nf Iho heirs of Tli.iauss.;,n,,,,n,
uiu1 on Iho ttost b.v lands of Henry Hustler and
'I homas Lilt, containing eighty ueres, mine 01 it ss,
whereon are creeled a two stor) frame dwelling
house bulk barn and, outbuildings,
with the iippurli nances.
Seized, taken Into execution, and to bo bold us tlio
propel ty of iv llllam smith.
All that certain leal estate situate In lirecnwood
tOWIlshlo. I'olumbl eti'iuty. hounded nml (lesi'
as follows: bv lands of John c. lleh, north ss de
grees west n perehesi b lands of John Bobbins'
heirs, nut th 1 degieos east a'J H-rehes ; by lunis ot
Jesso Keslcr, south M degreos east ion perches; of
David Hosier, south as degiees cu-o'a in-iches;
llienee suiitli 81 degieus west is pel this to place of
beginning! containing forty ucrus mid nii.v.two
lierehes, more or less, on which are elected a frame
duel lug house anil oulbulltllugs.
selziil, takt 11 lino i xeeutlou, and lo bo'sold us the
pi o peil of Kphrulm c. Kesicr.
All that certain piece ot ground bltuato In locust
lovTiishh). Columbia county, bounded by lands of
Cenrgo lluntzcl on Iheuoith, of John Kiluo ou Iho
bouth, o! lieorge Beaver on tlio west, it ltd of
en tho east, containing into hundred acres, more or
M led, Inken Into execution, nnd to bo sold as tha
propel! of John Ithudcu and Joseph Bhodcs,
Mierlll's onice, bheilff.
Bloomsburg, Nov. s, 1815
Published nsa wnrnlnL' nml r,.r 1 1,. 1,. .., nt r . r.n
men mid uthcrs who sutler Iruni Nnous Delilllt.'!
Loss ot Womanhood, lie., irivini. t,i niics . s. n.
cuie, utlir underifolug ii.ucli miiTuiiik siidi-Mnnse,
and tmiuttl Ireo 011 n,rtlilr,L- a 1 .-.. ,1,1 ,1. n.I
envclojio. Addresu Naiumkl Mav.iik. I". 0, Box
iw, iiroosi!!, n, , juij ,'I&-Cm
m'Y, ) a
Ciiieiol di uk is In 1 imr, i.iiu,
torn dihb to biutr,
III- ft. CU8-ulkiu