The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, October 22, 1875, Image 3

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II I, O ( M S II V It (I. V II HI A Y, OCT. SJ, Is;.",
Itnll lloa.I Tlmo Talilo
Accommodation Train 0.45 A. Jl.
.Mull Train A. M
Lxpress Train 1.1(1 r, .M.
" ls.94 1'. Jl.
Accommodnllon Train Ms A.M.
lii-gulnr Impress n,M 1'. M.
1M A. Jl.
W 8 1'.
1I.M A.
T.r.u v. m.
11,93 A.M.
Through cars on Kxprcss Imln cither to New Yoik
or Philadelphia. Accommodation trnln runs between
t"ntawls.s.i and Wllllumsport.
KMli.rrlli rr io hut t Kl.! 11.,. rttlrlnir r.lilr of Ihit (Oil lltlllN
In ,4.RnrA will li, miUlfl with Ihff til Ihff tinok. nf llrotki
way A I In, II. Thi n.w firm will nl.o (ill ntl ..herlMng ronlr.rh.
All contract mailo by Mr. Dicfi'ciiliacti furnil-
veitlsetnciil", and prc-palil sulMcriptlons will be
carrlcil out by the present proprietors of this pa
per. llusincss cauls In tlio directory will be
continued, nt tbo obi rales, unless otherwise or
(lend, and will dato from Oct. 1st, 1870. In
ileliteilness to tbo CoLUMiilAN on nny account
from July lt-t, 1S73, to Oct. Ut, 1875, will settle
with Mr. DicH'cnliacli. Persons ileslrlhg tostop
llieir paper, if any, and tboo wnlnnji to sub
scribe or to have tbeir pint ofl:ce cliangesl, will
plea'O notify us at once. Tbo paper will be con
tinued to old subscribers unless olberwiso order
ed, Owing lo tbo great amount of work inci
dent upon taking cbnrgo of tbu odico wo bave
not bail time to change llie dates on tbc printed
directions. Next week tbey will be changed to
Oct, 8lb, 1875.
Our legal duties will not be neglected by rca
i on of our having taken charge of this paper
One member of tbo linn, and both, when neces
sary, will constantly look after (lie interests of
our clients.
On Satuiday wo will open a line of Ladies'
leaily-tnailc Cloth Coals, which we will oiler at
very low prices. Call and see them.
Claiii; A Wo
Turn out to the Democratic meetings and hear
the issues of the dav discussed.
The lliulctonians ale again agitating the new
enmity question,
K 11, Little, Ksip, has purchased the proper
ly 011 Tliiul Street formerly owned by David
l'.et, for SISjOO.
Jlr. Samuel lloyt,of Kingston, died on Thurs
day night of last week. He was widely known
and respicted.
''What is tbo useofniy advertising, I have
been here for twenty years." Tilt people so.
That is advertising.
John 11. 1'nrker, of Greenwood, at the lale
I'air received a premium lor some extraordina
rily large pumpkins. Wo tried to eat one and
Don't fail to read the local notices. That is
the way lo ascertain who are tbo leading mer
chants of tins town and the places where you
can buy the best goods at the lowest rales.
The important mining case of the Locust
Mountain Coal and Iron Company vs. Joseph
JL 1'iiek, tried in .Schuylkill county, has been
decided in favorol the plaintiff, the jury award
ing 17,000 damages.
We arc thankful to our friends throughout
the County for the liberal support and encour
agement that we aio receiving. Keep the ball
rolling. The larger our subscription li-t, llm
lictler paper wc can allbrd to publish.
The lilllo child of l'rankliu Keller's, on Iron
Street, mentioned in last week's (.'oi.i-miiian
was liuricd on Tuesday Inst, having died fiom
the effects of the injuries received by falling
into u kcllle of hot water.
IhicUwltcnt seems to be a more than average
crop this year. .). 11. i-'iitz counted the grains
011 a stalk of hue kwheat and found to his utter
.Ktouishincnt fourteen hundred grains which had
(piling fioni one seed. llenlon W1tl.l1.
Invitations are out from his honor, Judge
(iarrick M, Hauling, announcing the marriage
ol'his daughter, Miss Harriet I tiller Hauling,
to Mr. William W. Cuilin,hoii of the cx-Ciover-nor.
The ceremony is to take place on Thurs
day morning, October l!lt, ut 11 oclock, in St.
Slcphen'a ciiuich, llecord 0 the times.
No lloinxo. We are authorised by Hiram
Schwtppcnhciscr to state that ho is not a candi
date for County Treasurer. Ho believes llie ae
tio.i of the Convention was not entirely legular,
but for the sake of harmony and success declines
to be the instrument to breed dissatisfaction in
our 1 auks.
Tin! following was found at the bottom of page
i'l'i in Deed Hook K. in tho writing of Charles
Conner, then Kecoider :
"Tlio weather iqi to this period, l'ebruary 'lib,
IK-IS, has been unusually mild, no snow above
an inch deep anil a break up every few weeks.
Veiy slrange weather, truly."
lien. Noyes, with a wooden leg, managed to
outrun tho ic-puiliutlem team in Ohio last Tues
diy. I'itlston Claulle.
Some person ought to inform llio editorof the
(liiutti that Noyes was not a candidate this year.
Hut, then, in these days any kind Jof stiill'suits
Itepublican leaders.
There was a "Grand Opening" of tlio Nagle
House, in Danville, last evening, (Thursday.)
Mr. Levi Duugan, of Philadelphia, delivered
;iu address, nuil music was furnished by Sloe's
Orchestra. A ball was tho leading feature of
tho opining. Mr. L. II. Strieker has taktu
limine of the Naiilo House, and will make it a
first-class hotel in every respect.
Tho lllooinsbiiig JltpuUieun, in spiaking of
tho Nob .Mountain Meeting says that "the worst
traitors in llie nation wcio invited to attend."
Among the speakers wcro C. 11, lluckalew,
1 leister Clyiuer, Gen. Lilt, Wesley ill, ami C.
11. lliockway, and tlio camp was guaidid by
Cnl. Si-ulev and other sjldiers. Sonic ol these
nun fought for llieir country, but neither Heck
by or Drown ever smelled libel gunpowder.
H. O. llartman has in his store window, an
iiuieiiiouj niece of I'ltiicli nuchaiiisin. It con
sists of a clock siiriounded by vines and (lowers,
in which a humming bird hops about in the
most life-like manner, while at the h.tso of the
clock, which is a representation of a rock, a
.biilllinch is thinking from a stream of water,
.rinnilntr from the side of the lock. The birds
ming and aro accompanied by iiiilsiefiom tbu in
ttrior of the clink. It Is worth stopping 10 te
We aro Informed that all tho money has heei
subscribed nnd the ten per cent paid hi that is
iiquired to mako llie turnpike from SliicUslilu
ny lo l-'alrinouut Springs, but 11s ytt nil organl
..iliou has not bleu peilirlcil. JI10 piojcci is
grand 0110 and we hope to announce, ere long,
Iho completion of the same, 'lhero is not a fal
IIIIO- Ifnillltlf 111 t- iiher Iho wistern portion of
Liuiriio or Iho caslcill portion of Columbia who
will mil In, In-ill filled bv It. and It Is tho duty of
all lutereslul to push Iho woik along, Mvi
Tin; Opim.V Holsi; On .Satur
day evening last, despite tho iinpcrficuiollci
and heavv rain, a ton-lderablo number ol ci
zeits iiathered nt tho Opera Houo to hear tli
kiii-ccli of Hon. C. It. lliitkalew. It was a calm
and luiiuilial icvicw of tbu candidates and is-
suiw. No abler exposition has yet been mad'
of tho vexed curicucy question, uud theio wi
mi niinintit lo evade or mislead In icg.ird to it
As wo publish tho speech this week, our read
ors t-au hidtru of its merit for themselves, urn
we would call tbu at tuition of our readers to lis
Mr, Duckakw was followid by O, D. Drocl
Tho lover? of oysters, mid lrgton Is thonamo
of such, will bo delighted to learn that ancient
oyatcrmen nre predicting tho best season for that
sort of sea fruit since lSfiO.
Wo have a new carrier, and mic of our sub'
scrlbcrs havo failed lo rceeiv ho Columbian.
Wo hope thai in tlio fiituro .lsucli omission8
will bo reported to us promptly that wo may
rectify them,
All notes, drafts nnd checks drawn through
nny bank, require a two-cent stamp, This Is a
new decision of the-Internal revenue departniont,
Tho penally is filly dollars.
Non.tAt. School Huiluinu. A good deal of
Interest was manifested nt tho letting of tho Nor
lual Hoarding Hall last week. Seven bids for
tho cnllro work were received, varying from
$17,000 to $59,210.89. An estimate of tho ma
tcrinl 011 hand determined tlio result, nnd tho
contract was let to John S. Sterner, of Illootns
burg, at S 12,19 1. A large number of bids for
portions of the work were nlo received, but in
the aggregate were not available.
Di:.MocnATio Mki'.tings A Democratic
meeting will be held at Kspy, In Halter's Hall,
Wednesday evening, October 27lli. A meeting
will also be held at Itupeit In the school house
on tho same evening.
A meeting will bo held nt Mainville, Thurs
day evening, October "Slh ; also oiie at Mt.
Pleasant, Miller's tho samo evening.
The above meetings will commence promptly
at seven o'clock.
In response to our suggestion of last week
concerning an entertainment for the benefit of
the Normal School, Mr. E. Jncoby has kindly
tillered his services as manager of a Dramatic
Troupe for the purHsc mentioned. Any of our
citizens willing to take hold of this matter
can obtain information. and help to complete ar
rangements by calling upon liiin. The lirst
thing to be done is to organize, with a compe
tent head. Tho enterprise must 1h) carried
Sixoui.Ait AcviiiKxr. The Muncy Lumina
ry says that John (lortuer, of Jordan township,
Lycoming county, lost two horses last week un
der somewhat peculiar ciieuinslaiices. Mr.
(lorlner was plowing on a very sleep side hill,
and below him was a liercely burning log heap.
l!y some means the horses stumbled and tell,
nnd becoming tangled in the harness, struggled
and rolled until they landed inj the fire,and
were so badly burned that to end their suller
ings they were killed.
Vic, I'iollet's l'isbinccrcek record is unpalat
able. Did he go from "Nob Mountain Camp
Meeting to Canada direct?" Uloomsburg llrpnb
Horn. What bosh! Somebody should muzzle that
junior editor because lieckley certainly did not
write the article. He knows better. A lie well
stuck to, it has been said, is as good as the truth ;
but the ltepnUhun should remember that the
"Canada meeting" was in 180-1, and the Nob
Mountain meeting in 1SG5.
Sheri ft' CS rover met with an unfortunate acci
lent last Tuesday night, from the effect of
which he will sulfer pain and annoyance for
some days to come. He was at the house of
Sainuel Dietterich near Lime llidge, and step
ped from an outer floor, thinking there was a
porch outside to receive him. This was not the
ease and the result was a fall of some eight feet
to the ground beneath. The medical gentlemen
state that no bones aro broken, unless it may bo
1 minor fracture of a rib or two, and the shcrill
will make his appearance in society as soon as a
cut hand and a bruised frame will permit.
We understand that active steps will be taken
luring the winter for the erection of water
works. This has grown to be rather .1 dry sub
ject, but the immediate necessity for the works
still remains. Within the last few years more
than four times as much property has been de
stroyed liy lire as would hiifllce to pay for llie
most complete improvements, and much of this
destruction might have been prevented but for
the entire absence of any facilities for extin
guishing llames. With addition of waterworks
llloom-burg will be one of the most complete
towns in the interior of the State.
The genial face of our friend, Col. L. L. Tate,
beamed upon us in our sanctum last week. Tho
Col.'s many acquaintances through Iho County
will be pleased to learn of his good health and
prosperous condition, lie was here attending
the senatorial conference,
Hon Geo. I). Jackson, Miihacl Meylerl, of
Sullivan county, llobert P. Allen, ex-Sherilf Pi
att, J. Gamble, Hon. J. J, Metrgar, Col. Lm-
ick, of Lycoming, J. S. Sanders uf tho Hazleton
utinel, Thomas Chalfant, of tho Danville Intel-
lycncer, Col. it. II. Jtickclts, ol ilkcsbarriyuiu
tny other distinguished gentlemen were in
town last week.
Mr. C. M. Leo, who was elected County Su-
icrintenilent of Wyoming county while be was
student at the Not mid School, attended llie
air. Air. lias enieiTU upon 1110 mines 01
is office.
The Centennial Dramatic Association may
ell fell gratified and encouraged by the success
f the performances at the Opera House on
Thursday and Friday evenings of last week
The House was packed on both occasions j in
let it was the laigest audience ever in attend
ance, not excepting tbo opining nights. The
people aio evidently beginning to appieciate the
Hurls of our young friends. "Tho Hidden
Hand," though a somewhat diflicult piece for
llieiu to attempt, was well rendered, and t he stage
rrangenicnts were the best we ever witnessed
there-. The niii-ie, under tho leadership of Air.
W. Monroe, was much improved, and added
ureatlv to the excellence of tho entertainment
though we must suggest that If that high note'
on the viollH, at the end of each piece, weie
iiiillted it would be much more agreeable lo the
As all the members of tho Association did
themselves credit ill their pails wc shall not at
tempt to particularize. Wo hope to hear from
them soon, again.
The Democratic conference of tho 21lh se-na
lorial district met at lllooiiisburg on Th ursday,
the 1 lib. All the counties were iepresenleil.
Columbia by lion. John G. Freeze and Cy
rus IS, McHenry.
Lycoming by H. 11, Cummin, Hon. John
.Montour by James MeCormlck, William
Sullivan by Michael Mcylert, John G Wright.
On assembling, on motion of Mr. Me-ylert, of
Sullivan, Hon. John G, Freeze, of Columbia
was elected chairman, mid II. H, Cummin, l'.q.
of Lycoming, was chosen secretary.
Nomination jr senator being lu order,
Mr. Wright nominated George D. Jacksgtt of
Jlr. MeCormlck nominated Thomas Ciiulfant
of Montour.
Mr. McHenry nominated, Chailcs ei. Harkley
of Columbia.
Mr. Metzger nominated ltoVtt P. Allen of
Tbu subsequent proceeillJg of the conferenci
consisted mainly of ballo'-.ngs nnd adjournments
It icnialned lu session until 11 A. AI. 011 balur-
day lu which Unit-150 ballots had been taken
wilb varviug lesuU, nut none 111 securing 10
any candidate 11 nomination. Great good mv
lino and the mos' aniicaiuo inieicoursu luctaii
id among ull prrtlcs during tho whole contest
n.linii-iiliiij weru Increased by Iho fact ll. at
.1,,. nit sent is a oil" year term, succeeded by
two year Urm, and ihiii a four year term and
fiiulliiL'lt Impossible lo overcome them ut the
present sitting, tho conference udjourned to meet
at Wlllhuaiport on Wednesday, OUobcr 20lh
at 10:30 In tho forenoon.
Jlidgo Pershing Is a man of medium stature,
rather slightly built, villi thin, clear cut features,
keen eyes and hnlr verging Into grny. Ills de
liberate way of speaking nnd hearing glvrs him
a judicial aspect that Is heightened by his clean
shaven face and tho gold-rlmmed spectacles ho
always wears, A lilllo in his looks, and still
more In his manners ho resembles Charles 11,
lluckalew, lfoncsduk lltrald.
It is Inexplicable why Iho management of so
many county fairs in litis State Is conducted on
the narrow gaugo principle. This sort of man
agement seems to havo been a particularly dis
lliigulsnlng feature of the Columbia county fair
held at Hloomsbiirg last week, ll wns conspic
uously parsimonious In nil Its relations to the
public, nnd seemed to thnk It tho proper thing
to utterly ignore the newspaper press of tho
county a fact that cannot hurt tho papers nor
help the future of tho agricultural society. (7u
Kite it Jtulletiiu
AxoTiinn Dixkakkh Hviint. The large
breaker of Messrs Graeber & Klinbel, at locust
Gap, this county, was consumed by fire on Tues
day night lat. This is tho second time the
breaker burned, the last 0110 having jut been
completed. Its cost is about one hundred thou
sand dollars. It was considered ono of the best
In Iho Shainokln region. The lire was caused
by incendiaries, who set it 011 firo In three places.
Wo havo not learned whether there was any
iii'tiranco on tlio building or not. Sunbury
The meeting in tbo school house at Jersey
town, Monday, Oct. 18lh, was nddrcsscd by Col.
J. G. Freeze nnd Geo. U, Klwcll. The house
was well filled.
A meeting was held at Oraugcville the same
night, addressed by 13. K. Orvis and W. J.
Huckalew, lvsqrs.
The Fowlersvillo meeting on Tucday even
ing was organized by electing Henry Shaffer
President nnd l'rankliu Lamoii Secretary. At
tendance was fair. Addresses were made by 11.
1!. Little and 11. Frank Zarr, F.sqrs., of Hlooms
blllg. Tlio meeting at Calawissa was well attended
and was held at tho Masonic Hall. It was or
ganized by electing J, H. KnitlbJ Chairman,
and Joseph Martz, Secretary. Prof. Walker, of
this place reported the speeches. F. K, Orvis
and C. li. llrockwny addressed the meeting.
The CatawNsa Hand furnished music for the
occasion. Catawissa is alive and will do her
A meeting was held at Lawrence's school
home in Franklin, on Tuesday the 10th, Jesse
John presiding. W.J. Huckalow made a speech.
Much enthusiasm was exhibited.
C. W. Miller and George H. Klwcll nddrcsscd
n meeting nt ltohrsbiirg on Wednesday evening
last. Joseph Keller presided. There was a
reasonably good attendance.
At Locust, same evening, H. Frank Zarr, O.
H.Hrockway and William Hryson made speeches
'to a large audience. Elias Helwig presided.
At Milllinvillc, same evening, 11. 11. Little
and K. K. Orvis. Esqs., addressed a large audi
ence. Christian Wolf was president and A. W.
Hess and Charles Woikheiser were elected sec
retaries. KilKlllTKlTI, TltAtinilV. llAOKr.TTOWX,
N. J., October 10 2 p. 111. A German
painter, named Hitter, shot his two children
this morning, at this place, and then shot
Tho youngest child, aged four years, is
dead, and tho other, aged eight, cantiol livo
until night.
Hitter, himself, is not dangerously hurt,
the ball not penetrating his skull.
Hitter had some trouble in his family pre
vious to this and had been separated from
them several years until recently, when they
started anew here. Hitter, nt tho time of
tlio murder, was just recovering from a
drunken spree.
DnuT-Ai, Assault. Saturday night about
12 o'clock as a man by the naiiio of Milton
Hlack attempted to cross tlio canal bridge at
this place, with tho Intention of going to his
home in Nescopeck township, he was brut
ally assaulted by Jako Duck, son of Jcsso
Duck, formerly of this place, nnd terribly
beaten. On Sunday tho man Dlack npnear-
d beforo Ksquiro MeAnall in 11 sad looking
plight, his head cut open, faco bruiseel and
clothes torn, and sworo out a warrant for the
arrest of Duck. The warrant was placed in
tho hands of Constablo Knorr who started
for Xc.scopcck for the purpose of arresting
Duck, but did not sticced 111 doing so, as
Duck got wind of the affair and inado him
self scarce. No cause is assigned for Duck's
brutal treatment, and If caught he will be
severely punished. Ikrwick Imlqiuidcnt.
Tlio practice of buying on credit the ne
cessary aiticles of tho household is fatal to
good economy. Tho housekeeper must ill-
tys pay dearer when she docs not pay cash.
Tho tradesman must have interest for his
muncy, for a man will never in a busy com
munity bo willing, and is seldom ablo if he
cro willing, to forget it. To tlio ordinary
ash price of the article ho therefore adds tho
nterest which may accrue during the time
that credit is allowed. This, moreover, i
not all ; lhero must be a premium exacted
by tho dealer fur tho risk ho runs in trusting
his goods to that class of nioro or less dan
gerous customers who never pay ready mon-
y. Even tho most honestly disposed of
Iheso aro often unsafe debtors, for they nre
generally such us nro imprudent enough to
anticipate) their incomes, and to oven 1111
them in expendiluic. Tlio credit system,
moreover, is it temptation to unnecessary
purchased. There is .1 sort of check 111 tho
sight and touch of the hard won money to
the disposition to dispose of it lightly. On
the other hand, there is something in tho fa
cility of credit, removing ns it does the dis.v
greeablo necessity of payment to 11 vague fit
ure, very seductive to tho buyer, who can
gratify his lovo of possession with n moiucn
ary sense, nt any rato that its gratification
costs him nothing. Thcro is no such cheat
and cautious purchaser as cash.
ltUN ovint 11Y TIIK CAItS.
On Tuesday evening about seven o'clock
train No. 12 on tho L. it D. road from Ply
mouth ran over a man who was sitting 011
tho track at the timo near Toby's Eddy. Tlio
engineer did not observe) tho victim until
too late to prevent a collision, Tho train
was stopped at oncbiind tho body was placed
on tho baggago car, Tho man was not iccog
nlzed by any of the train bauds, and he was
supposed to bo dead, as blood was llowiu
freely from terrible gashes In his head nnd
lhero wcro no signs of animation given, At
Kingston tho conductor thought to removo
tho body, but soino one there suggested that
it bo carried to West Pittston, as It was be
lieved that tigent Dlauchard could tell wb
ho was. On arriving at West Piltslon Ulan
chard was culled, and ho nt onco recognized
tlio bruised and mangled victim us Andrew
lluuluck, a nephew of Judge Harding, who
with his parents resides on hxeter street,
Tho body was at onco removed, and while
Dlauchnril and another wcro subsequently
engaged In wushlng tho faco of what was sup
posed tho dead man, ho suddenly revived
Uaro was now givou hlin and shortly ho was
removed tu his home. Ills wounds wcro
dressed and It was discovered that no bones
wcro broken, although ho was terribly bruls
cd on many parts of tho body. It will bo
soino tlmo before lfuulock will bo ublo to
tret about, but ho ought to be tuaul'ful that
he lias escaped with mi life. Cbnicf.
On Tuesday Oct. 1th, nt James Ammcr
man's storo near Still Water, n liver colored
Spaniel Pup, long curly cars, had on a black
strap collar with tinned ring. Any person
returning, or giving information leading to
tho recovery of samo will bo liberally re
warded by applying at this ollicc.
On Saturday wo will open a lino ol La
dies' rcady-mado Cloth Coats, which wo will
oflcr nt very low prices. Call and look nt
them. Cr.Anic & Wow,
Ho not buy a Merino or Cashmcro dress
without seeing Lutr. & Sloan's stock.
Jacoby sell Fino Tub Oysters at 3.1 rcnU
pcrqtinrt. Ills Oysters aro always fresh as
Ills sales nvcrago -10 gallons per week.
Mens, Ladies' and Children's woolen II030
at E. M, Knorr's.
Mnrtlm AVasliiiigton Neck Handkerchiefs
and Jabot Tics (list received at Clark &.
Lutz ec Sloan claim that their Dlack Al
paca's nro better this year than ever for the
snmo price, which is a fact.
10 Dozen Now f icand '27 dozen of Linen
Collars and Cull's, just received nt Clark it
Overcoats I Overcoats I Overcoats I
Men, Dovs nnd Children.
Great Dargains at
1). Lowcnbcrg's
Felt Skirts at C. C. Marr's.
I. W. llartman sells tho best Dlack Alpaca
for tho prico In Town. Oo nnd seo for your
self. Ladies, did you sco that largo caso of Rib
bons, all at 2.1 cents per yard, from o. U lo
7 inches wide, at Clark t Wolf's.
Machine Needles and Oil at C. C. Marr's-lilma-pts
Flannels. Gimrliams. Prints and
full lino of all tho leading Domestics nt
Clark & Wolf's;
Hoyx.Flno Doots ct E. M. Knorr's.
t w. llnrtman oncns his pound Calico
and sells it at 0 cents per yard.
flirt- Wnlf lmvn iust received a lino of
standard Prints nt 7 cents per yarn uy 1110
Go to C. C. Marr for E. Dutterick it Co's.
Calf Shoes at E. M. Knorr's for $2.00 per
pair. ...
A bin lino of Dress Cottons in all tho new
tylcs nnd a full lino ol tlio new styles 111
orstcd Fringo now open at vviars. iv
Mens Kin Doots at E. M. Knorr's for$i.2.".
Hoys Kip Doots from $2.f0 to $11.75.
Moro Muslins. Calicoes and Cotton Flan
nels this week at Lutz &. Sloans.
A full lino of Corsets at Clark & Wolfs.
in l'isr-M Amilotnn A. Muslin 10 cents
per yard by the bolt, for cash only, at 1. W.
llartman s.
For 3 1.00 cash you can get 40 yarels of
pplcton A. .Muslin at i,uu is eioaivs.
a n!..n linn of .nil the leading styles m
Draids, Gimps,-i0 dozen Moss tercc bringes,
Laco in Guipures, Yak, and Common Laces
;it Clark it Woll's.
Vnn mm cet Dlack Heaver Cloth for
ladies' sactpies and coats at Lutz it Sloans
lor &!.&, vftf.ou ami ?vi.ou per yaru.
A new invoice in Silk Handkerchiefs and
Hibbonu at Clark it Wolfs.
Hubber Doots at McKinncy's.
Do not forget that Clark it Wolf sell
A..,.Wnn A inr 10 cents per vara bv tlio
bolt.llill and Fruit of the Loom 1 yard wide
for 12 eamts per yam uy me oou.
Oysters by the gallon or quart, atHussel's.
The best and most rcliablo lor every one
to buy. Trytlicm. bor sale at aickiu
ney's. imti uor. tlmt 9.1 cent Dress Goods at
Clark it Wolf's both Plaid and Plain with a
full lino of other Dress Goods at Clark it
J.00 buys a good pair of Ladies Shoes at
McKinncy's. Call and examine.
Specialties just received at
1). Lowcnbcrg's.
Gents' C'aslimero Mufllers,
Gent's Silk Mufllers,
Gents' Silk Handkerchiefs,
Gents' Linen Handkerchiefs,
Gents' Linen Cuffs,
Collars, itc.
A full Htm of Underwear for both Ladies'
and Gentlemen from 00 cents to S2.00 at
Clark it Wolfs.
Farmers in want of first class articles of
riireshejs and Cleaners: abo, one and two
horso Tread Powers, call nn or address J. JL
lluMiiziT, Lielit Street, Columbia County, P.i.
C. W. Niiai. it- Duo., spare no expenso to send
out iiico Coal. 32tf
Do nut fortret that cheap lot of Dibbous
at uinrt: iv Woll's only 20 cents per yarei.
Latest Style,
In Keady Madcs,
nt D. Lnwinberg's,
An elcpnnt line of Gout's Underwear,
Pure Aleiiiio Shirls and Drawers,
Medicated Flannel Fino all Wool,
Canton Flannel.
Childrens and Dov's Merino Pants and
vests at i. l.owenuerg s.
Cashniercs in all tho new shades from $1.00
peryaiil, and up, at Clark & Wolf's.
Fresh arrival of Dlankcts. Lap llobes,
mil Dullalocs. llutlalo Liihiil' ami iiorucr.
Panic prices at 0. . l'lirman s.
Fino Dress Shirts,
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Tho only rcliablo filthier. Shirt is at D
Lovvcnbcrg s.
Men's Fancy Slippers at 10. M. Knorr's
Men's Calf Doots, best in market for ?5.00
at lv. Al. Knoir s,
If you want a good Ham,
If you want cheap und good Tea,
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If you want tho best Syrups in town,
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If you want anything In tho Grocery and
Provision line, go to ltUbtiEl.l.'rJ, Main street,
Good clean Coal to bo had only of C. W,
Ncal & Dro. U2tf
Cheese I Chcesol Chcesol
Fine assortment
of Cheese nt Itusel's.
Faiimi:iih,Atti'.ntion. Hi-kski. takes Duller
Eggs, Lard uud Pro'hico In exchange for goods,
Don't bo worrinl ami nnnyeil with not only
poor uuallty but dlrtv nnd slaty beside
but buy of C, W.NllAl, it Duo, who deal only
in llie bent ipiallllcs, J.u
Latest Styles.
Lowest Prices,
Largest Stocks,
At U. Loweuberg'a.
All Coal slated mid screened before leavlii,
tho old utublhlud coal yard of C.W.Neai,
Duo, 32lf
Wvomlnc Scmln.irv nnd Commercial Collcec.
Klng'ton, Luzerne county, Pa., has accommo-1
dntlons for 175 boarders nnd 200 day scholars,
niuucnu rccciveil at any llino mm charged lor I
boarel from tho tlmo of admission. Students I
prepared for college, teaching nnd business. I
Commercing course and telegraphy unsurpassed. I
amnion r.ngusu similes inorougniy laiigui. I
that or any I
mcrciat journal to jicv. i. ijopcianu, rn. 11. I
students address Prof. L. L.
Oat Meal for sale nt Kussel's, Call and try It
If you want a first clnss Farm Wngon,
If you wnnt a Platform Pleasure nngon,
If you want an Kllptlo Spring Wagon,
If you wnnt n Pleasure Wncon.
If you want your Wngon put In good trim,
11 you want repairs done trow I with short I
notice, Go to J. H. Fa vs. I
When you go to Philadelphia stop
tho Allegheny House. No. 812 nnd 814 Mnr-
' House, iso. svji nnd su Ai
kct street ; having been recently renovated,
..''." . ..1
iritouiity ji peruuy. j. m.t,K, I
iu i" iiiquicwi.
Old Kstftlillslictl Coal Yard. I
C. W. Nr.AI. it lino.. Wholesale it Hctail
Dealers in nil sizes of tho best qualities of I
Hed and White Ash Coal, nt the very lowest
market rates Have constantly on hand lurirc ""k wl" "n(1 1110 stoinacn anil nver cioggeti, ie
.np n? constantly on iiaim turc mainng totplll nm, nac(lvc, n a ftlmost More tliey
stocks of
Dlacksmith's Anthracite,
and Limcbttrner's Coal.
Especial attention given to tho prepara
tion of coal beforo leaving our yards. Grain
and Lumber taken in exchango for coal
Coal delivered to an v part of tlio town at I
short notice. Orders lcltat 1. YV. AlcKelvy's
store, or at our olHce. will rcccivo prompt at
tention. Office and Yards nt William Ncal
it Sons' Furnace, East Dloomsburg, Your
patronatro respectfully solicited,
COAL. 7 tf-2o COAL
. . ' ", . . .1 . . .1 . , . , I
ll is a conceded met null moiucrs wno novo
me care, anxiety aim eiraugtii 111 nursing in-1
, - ... J 1 1 . , . -,.1 P I
lams arc weaK ami need itic am 01 some
siregiiieiiiiig eunio to iuiiku iqi mu iiuiu- i
lsimicnt required lor tlio growth 01 tno
cm d. Alp. noripr.anti meter peer nave ouen I
ucen recommended, yi uue, since pnysic mns
have beconio awaro that Port Grapo Wine I
sing infants as tho best supply medium lobe
r.,...i '!. .,.:.. : ,:i, ; i..i,. , t
found. The wine is rich in body and not in-
toxicating but gently stimulating. Druggists
generally keep it, and sell it for a dollar a
bottle. hnquircr.
Wllinti: TO AllVKIUlSL'.
A. T. Stewart says the best advei Using mediums
lie has ever found -are the old established organs of
tho two political parties, at the several county seats
throughout the I'nlon." "These," ho says "reach
every family of thcleast account In their several
counties, nnd nro moro carefully rend than nny other
class of Jonrnals." It Mr. Stewart's Judgment Is of
value, there Is no difficulty In deciding which paper
It Is for tho Interest of business men to advertise In
Tho Columbia Demociut, upon which this paper Is
. iKic,, .
pariiany luuiiiieu, niiatsiuuiimu ... .....
emnnnuv now 'cnlovg a wider circulation and
,,.!, it rvpr (Uil. it roes rptrular-
Kii-un, v.. . -
W Into two thousand families in I
tnininir counties, and by most of them Is read from
produced by Alfred epeer, ol l'assalc, fl. J., , rcrsoiisinueuteuiotno undersigned for ndvcrtls-
U sti-Setk- lium ilnv I iirescrilipil it In. ig or uthcr printing must settle up lmmcdlati
""cl1 pure tlia) prcscriucil ll in- p.ljmcnt or note. Subscribers In arrears for iho
stead of ale and porter. 11ns wine is pnn- e'oi.iimAMnronlsoreiiiiesU-d to settle prompty, In
nlnnll., enlint, V- l.u mntlinra tilhn ll!l vn till r. CltSll Or llOlO. TllO lllldCrSlffllCCl. Or SOinCbodV fOV
thvllrstto tho last line. Ills the only recognised "TTMiiTnifs: vnTiri.
..n.riviun tiiniiunml Keir.ocrattc voters A ui'iivjun .vinin,,
l'S"""" .
in tho county. It gives ndver iseme us n iiisij it s-
play, that makes them attractive to us pairous, urns
ensuring greater certainty that they will peruse I
,i,p,n mule Its circulation Is undoubtedly much the
largest In tlio county, the advei Using rates of the
Columbian nro no higher than those 01 oilier papers
w lth barelv half nnd several not one-fourth the num
ber of subscribers. Tacts llko these speak for them
selves. No shrewd business man w 111 neglect to ln-
tort his advertisements In the Columbian tf.
Tim nrpioni is n pond oiroortunltv to remind the
friends of the paper, and the public gener.lvv that
the Columbian Job l'niNTiNd Ol fick has no superior
In this section, and, in some respects, is without an
,i,in iiin i,.., lour p linve coinnletelv re-
equal. During tho last) ear woiinvtcon P'y"r
neweu our types unit inuuo u..u.i.m..o, ...... .
no ldlo boast to say that wo have now tho nest
rnwa. tlm lu-st Assortineiit of Tvpe, tno nesi
.stock of raner. Cauls, &c and tlio Ilest Workmen In
the country, our vv orkmen aro specially adapted for
their places, and wo make It n point tonlwajsglvo
our customers a neat, correct and satisfactory Job.
We do not cf dm to do work for less than others, but
ill warrant It to bons cheap ns can be done nny
here nnd ) leld a decent rrollt. All w ho nre In need
nf .inn l'rintliiL' ot nnv Miid-1'laln or In Colors-will
nnd it to their Interest to give the Columbian onice
. ... , , V., ,,!,., i-,,,k
a trial. Wo havo on hand every vailetj of Cards,
nner. ink. Env clones. Tags, ,tc., that Is likely to be
called for. and can furnish any quantity or btj le of
oi k on short notice. Ulndlr g to order.
, , ., t, .,,vin(, r.r nil iMimn ni l I
Dvsnensla ts the most perplexing ot nil human ai 1
ineitts. Its symptoms are nlmost lntlnlto In their
arlcty, and tho foilorn nnd despondent victims or
, ,,M,,i,n, iimiii-pi- In turn I
the dlM-.tso often fancy themselves tho piej, in turn
of every known malady. Thlsls due, In part, to the I
cliisosviniiathv which exists between tho stomach
, ,i, .,t. nisn to tho fact that any
u,m ...-j .-.., . - I
dlstuibaneo of tho digestive function necessarily I
disorders the liver, the bowels nnd tho nervous sys
tem, and effects, to somo extent, the quality ct tho
i:. t Kunkel's Hitter Wine of Iron a sine cuic.
. - -
This Is not anew preparation, to bo tried nnd found
anttng; it has been prescribed dally lor many J car-
intimnraetlceof eminent physicians with unparal'
clcd success; It Is not expected or Intended to euro
nil tho diseases to which tho human family Is subject
lmt Is warranted tocuro Dyspepsia In Its most otistl-
nate form. Kunkel's Hitter Wlno of Iron never mils
tocure. Symptomsot Dyspepsia are loss of appetite-,
wind nnd rising of food, dryness m mouui, ncari-
burn, distension of the stomach and bowels, const!-
...... .iiinnc. clrinnlow&npii nml ImV
-,,-, ' , , ,.n.l l,n nnvlnnil (if
lllll IU1I. lll'UUUI. 111'. IllWluto.-, oi.- - .
spirus. iij mo kibui, ituum
its mir tu. Get tho genuine, tukm oniy nunsei s,
which is Putonly.ntlbolt.cs. Depot,Nort.,Nlnth
St., PhlUdelphla.
l-'or sale by all druggists and dealers everywhere.
Tai-k Woitu
Entirely removed with purely vegetable medicine,
nasslnir from the system alive, N'o feo until tho
head passes. Cumo and refer to patients treated.
Dr. L". V. Kunkel, No 4iJ Noitli Mam h'.., ruuauei-
phla. Advlco free. Seat, l'lu and stomach Worms
also removed. Tho medicine for removing al others
but Tapo Worm, can bo had of your druggist, ask for
Ki'NKiii.'s Wokm bvavr. l'rlco Jl. K. t, KUUkCl
'lilladelphla, l'u.
Tho voluntnry testimony of thousands establishes
beyond all doubt a fact of vital lmpoitnnco to tins
f likand debilitated, vU,that Hostctler's Momncn mi
ters Is nn nbsoluto speclllo for remittent and Intermit
tent fever, djsK'psla, constipation, biliousness, men-
tnl tienrosslon. slecnlessness. chronic illarrhira, and
unmedlcatcd btlmulanU usually prescribed In these
cases only nggrnvato tho symptons, Instead of re-
ri-,,.iii,tnrQ ..n ihn i-mitrni-v imt uH
ii.u.iiib n.viu. .UUI.U.V..,-.. .
acorrectiYuuuu ninguiuiii, u..uu ...
unplcusant and dangerous consequencos ot tho old
school practice. The action is mild anu sooitung 10
tho Irritated stomach nnd bowels, promoting diges
tion and preventing flatulency, nausea, headaches
and nil Intestinal Irregularities. A winegiassiui Be
fore meals greatly assists digestion. Tho convales
cent may uso them with great benefit, nsa means
'of restoring stiength nnd cheerfulness.
Tho certnlnty and promptitude with which llostct
ter's Stomach Hitters conquer tho most obstinate
cases of malailal disease, and tho complete protec
tion which thry nfford tho system against tno mias
matic poison which ImrrosnateBtho air o( low-Ding,
marshy localities stamp them oa tno foremost ot
American antlperlodlcs, Wccrover on this continent
fever nnd ague Is a regular visitant In tho bottom
lands of tho South, tbo new clearings and mining
districts of tho Webt.nndtnalllocalllleslnthoKast
em and Middle States whero malaria provallcs, tho
Hitters nro recognized as tho only truo specific for
tho disease, and Its mast rellublo preventive). They
are, moreover, a Eafo and agrccablons well ns a cer
tain remedy, and on Ibis nccount nro Immeasurably
mi pel lor lo tho preparations ot quinine, arsenic bis
muth, and other inluolral poisons inlstakcniytadmiu
Utercd as curatives for maladies caused by miasma
and v hlch It jierslsted In woik Irrcparnblo Injury to
tho constitution,
Uulortunately, fever and ague, and tho other lebrllo
complaints genernled by miasma, aro not the only
evils which result from It, A great variety of dlsor-
ders aro superinduced by tho Irritation which It
causes. Among theso aro neuralgia, iheumatlsn,
gout, periodical headache, palpitation, painful affec
tions of tho spleen, and various derangements of tho
stomach. When tr&ceublo to mul.ii la, tho above uf
lections aro apt to assume, llko the dlscaso which
originated them, an Intermittent typo that U to say
tbey incur at regular Intervals, llomtter'a hitlers,
howover, obviates them nil, by lanUUlbg thu mU
Health, Iho poor man's riches, the rich man-s bliss
U found In AvKK'sMtuiciNKs.ntler a fruitless search
amonsr other remedies. A word to tho wlsoUsufll-
t - nin.
Tho lllood owes Its red color lo minute globules
which float In tin t fluid, nnd contain In a healthy
person, n largo amount of Iron, which gives Mtallty
to tho blood. Tho Peruvian Hrrun aunnllcs tho
blood with tilts vital Mrmntit nml trlvraktrpntrtlintirl
vigor 10 tlio Wltolo sjstem
Whenck's Pulmonic Hyrtip.
hciionck's sea Weed Tonic,
schenck's Jlandrako l'llls.
Aro tho only medicines that wilt cure Pulmonary
Frequently medicines that will stop n cough will
occasion I ho death of tho patient, they lock up tho
uvcr, stop tno circulation of the Wood, hemorrhage
rnitmra. nmi i ,t ,.. ,,, ,i , ,.,
very organs that caused tlio couirh.
Mvcr Complaint and Dyspepsia nro tho causes of
two-thirds of tho cases of Consumption. Jinny
t'Vl.TVil-J VUllllllillll Ull 11 .UUll Hillll 111 L1IU Hldl!. UUIH
persons complain of) a;dullpaln In tho side, con
stlpatlon, coated tongue, p.tln in tho shoutdcr blade,
feelings of drowsiness and restlessness, the foist
iynig ncawiy on tho stomach, accounalned wit 1 act.
dlty and belching up of wind.
Tlieso symptoms usually orlglnato from a disordered
conrtition of tho stomach or a torpid lUer,
1 crs0"3 so aucctcd. It they tako ono or two heavy
??ld'- "J"1 ' P0.u"."' tu?so n b?
nrn awn ro tlio lungsnro amass ot sores, nnd ulcerated
tho result of which Is death.
schenck's Pulmonic Hymn is an expectorant
which does not contain opium or anything calculated
to check n cough suddenly.
Schenck s Ken Vt eed Tonle dissolves the food, mixes
with the gastric Juices of tho stomach, aids digestion
and creates a ravenous appetite,
when Iho bowels nro costive, skin shallow, or tho
sjmptoms otherwise of n billions tendency Schenck's
.nanurnKo ruisnro required,
Theso medicines nro prepared only by
J. II. Sciibkck so.
N. i:. corner Sixth and Arch Sis l'hlli.
And nre for sale by nil druggists and dealers.
Tho mercantile business hcrotofoi-o en rrlpil rm lu
tho firm of I'liamborllu Kitchen In tho village of
fiv us miy ot-en misum-u uy muiuai consent
llie bus nnss will liprnnfN.r lip i-M..,t nn li, .1 u
Kitchen who lis niithorlVti i ll roiiect all debts
mu nun uuu pay nu inueuicuncss 01 inesaine.
s. -i f am hhkli N,
''"" umnnwiM,
hours, nt room No. 1. t.'ni.runiAM lmUfUm- nppnnipii
mav nt nil times lin fnunil ilnttm- inning
by K. ii. Orvis, Esq , ns a law onice.
Oct. 15,'JMt
From this date tho llloomsburir (Ins Cnmnnnv lll
put In service pipes at tlrst cost and furnish and set
meters at four dollars each.
The company hnv o on hand a lot of gas tar suited
for painting roofs, and posts or other timbers placed
under ground.
i ncB m cents per gallon or iz.oo per Darrel.
W. illl.LEIt,
Oct. 15, ';:;
Jistate of Slimier Cltavcr, late of Franklin
toiviuhip, (tccrasnl.
Tho undersltrned. Auditor tn make, ilutrll.utlnn nf
the Hinds In tlio Hands of the Administrators of SJl
v ester Cleaver, deceased, will attend to tho duties of
his appointment at his orao lu catawissa. on Tues-
iuuj, uu iviu uuj ui .uiuiui:i, ioio, ueenteu uiu
injurs m n.m.,nnii3 p.m., when and wlicro all
persons having claims against the said estate nro re-
'li'Ired to present the samo beforo the Auditor, or bo
Oct. 15,'i5-iw Auditor.
(( lh( () ,mllJ CW( of Clhlmbia Lh,m,,.
The untlcrslgneil, Auditor to distribute the rund
in tlio hands of tlio Administrator of c. H. l'.robst
deceased, .will attend to the duties of his appointment
at the oniceof llrockwny A: Klwcll, In illuomsburg.
rrldav. November r. 1ST5. nt ill oclock. a. m..
when and where all persons hav lng claims ngnlnst
Iho said estate niu required to present the same
before the Auditor, or bo debarred from coming in
tor a share of said fund. OEO. KI.VV'EI.L,
Iiloomsuurg, oct.s, isi5.-it. Auditor.
Letters of Administration on tho estate of John
Swisher, lato of Madison townshtn. Columbia
t0Wnslilp. All persons having claims against the
estate of the decedent aio requested to present them
for settlement, und those Indebted toilie estate to
maku p!ilnent to tho undersigned administrator
tho undersigned administrator
V. Jl. VV A 1 nl'.s,
Oct. s,'75 ct
tiitulc oj Jacob Aoslenoauiter, decerned.
The undersltrned Auditor to make distribution of
the balanrc of tlio funds In the hands of J. II. Knltlle
and o. ll. 1,. KosteiibaiidcT. Administrators of the
estato ot Jacob Kostenbauder, deceased, among the
paitlesentltieu tnereio, win nitenu to ino amies oi
Ids apiiolntmeiit at his olllcv In Cataw lss.i, on Tues
day. November utli. lsTa. at in o'clock a. m.. when
and where all persons havlngclalms agalnsttliosatd
estate aro re-quested to present tho same before tho
AmmororlK.,ll(p,irre,l t;um coming In forn share of
said fund.
V7 II. Allium-.
t'ct. 8,'15-lvv
The. undersigned, auditor appointed by the Or
P nan s court oi conimuia couniy 10 m.iKo nisinuii.
i , . , . .,,,,, ,,,,, ,,,,., j.,,...,-. mi, ,
tm-iilstrutaruf ihoestnte or Ad.un' Hill, Into of Centre
township, win aiieuuio iiiuiiimes oi nis anpoini-
llicill Ui ins onice, in iihiuiiisuiiik, mi .-siuuni.iy,
xovembi-r. 1S75. at Hi oclock. In me
feireuuoon, vhen nnd vv hem nil persons having
claims on Iho fund are requited to present them
or be dcb.incd from coming in for a share of the
same. u. it. itvci.tit,
oct. 8,"5 ivv Auditor.
I r vstatii of jirnn viiKNiMl. nECKASEn.
I 1111 lllltli'IlLTlll'll. .iiuiuur lU 11I3I11UUIU 11.11,. 11.
,nn,i n, . tnintnivtrntnr. nr tho pstnio of
1 Jacob Manning, deceased, among the parties eu-
;,VrV0s0 ,;( ffi nppK is,
1STS. nt lllnVlork. n. in., nt till-nttlcn of E. 11. IkellT.
In lllooinsiiui'g, at vvlilch thne nndplacuall parlies
Interested will attend nnd present their claims, or
no lorevcriieoarreiiiromi-oiiung in ror a msiuuiiiive
snare in said cstale. l . I'. I)I1.i,.myi,h.
lilooinsliurg, septemoer l ., is.o-4t Auditor
. , , , . ,
I 1 UC UlllierSlglll-U, AUII11U1- 1 II 111UKH U1SII liiilllUll ill
tlielialancuot llio funils In the nanus ut Tiiomas.1
vnnders oo. Ai in n stridor, wil l t m win nnnexeii,
dav. October 14. IsT.i. at 10 o'clock, a. m . when and
vvnero nu nersons nav n? claims atruinsi tue saiu
estato nro required to present tho samo beforv the
Auditor, or bo debarred from coming in for a share
or saia runu. kuiii-.hi r , ci.a hi,.
lllooinsuurg, Sept. iT,'7S-4t. auqhoi-
:cutous NOTICK.
fAltora tostnmentarv on tho rstatocf l'hllin WU-
SDii, iaio oi risiHiiin.TL't'K lownsnip, L oiumuiueuuni
dcccitseil, lino been crranU-d by tlio Heirlater or s.v
toiintv. tn.lull.i A. Wilson ami Jacob o. Wilson.
r lain ll LTC rt'fK imvnsiiiii. I'nininniA rouuiv. I'll. ipr.
utora, to uliomull ln-isons liulcbtrd toh.iKl estato
nro rciiiio.sUMl to m.tku mvment. nnd thoso li.ivlnir
claims or ileiiuinU ntfulii'-vt tho sultl estato w til make
tnem known to tno bam Executors w ttnoui nemy.
juua a. wh.sux,
AU. 27, '"evet,' Executors.
7Xi-:cT"roK'.s noticb.
tlr4t.u.inini.iitnrv rm tin, nhtnln nf .liihn llrlisel.
into of Mllllln towiishln. Columbia countv. deceased
, . ,,a i Kecutor, towhom all peWns Indebted lo
estato aio icquesled to mako pavment and
those liavlutr claims or demands ucatnst the saltl
I pwlnlrt lllll mnLn tlif-ni klifiwn tn tin, Mllil l-!Yi(Mltnr
wltIlou, de uv. JOHN II. 11 .TI. '. t
I Aug. lo-ct. Eiccutor.
KSTAIE tiV ltlL'IIAllll P. Kkl LRU. DEC'll.
Ij-tiersoi Admlutstrntton on tliel-stuteof hlch&rd
I', Keller ot Centralla, Columbia Comity deceased
havo been granted by tho lti-glster of said county to
Samuel I,. Keller Centralla. Columbia countv. 1'a.. to
whom nil ltersnus Indebted to said ltato aro re-
qucsicu en uiuiiu p.iyineill, anu must! iiiiving ciaini-i
llgailli. lliv Biiiu i-aiuiv n ill muku lueill Ivuul, u w U1U
said udmlutstrator without dela).
Sept. 80, 1ST5.
Valuable Property.
In mirsuancfi of an order of tho Orohans' Court ot
Columbia County, tlio uuderslgned, Ailinlnlstrator
of Itlchard V. Keller, lato of Centralla, Columbia Co.
ra., ueceaseu, win expose 10 puouu saiu uv ino j -uuiic
lloiiso of J, 11. KUngcr, la Koarlugcreek, In said
couniy, ou
Commenclntrnt 1 o'clock in thn afternoon of said dsv
tno following ucbcriocit tu-ai i-.atate, tu win ah
that certain piece, )arcel or tract of tlintK-r land,
bituuiu in iicuvi-r lonnaiiiii, i umiiium i-tjuiiijr, tm
lolulng lands ot Jehu Mowcry, Daniel uearhart,
l-rauieiin i.. snuiiiau, auuotiiers, containing
All Timber Land, consisting of White and 1'ltch l'lno
w hllo and Itucktialc Umber, Dluswlthla 1 miles
ot tho Cutuulssa railroad.
roNDITlON'Htll' SAI.H Ten ner cnt.of omvlinlf
ot tho purchasu money to bo paid at tho striking
dowuof tho proju-tty, the one-half less tbo ten h.-i-cent,
lo bo paid at I bo continuation of the tulo and
lue iiuiuiiiu in ouo cur iiiereaiivr, tflku luveivbb
liuui tuuiiritiuiiuu 1IIM ui nitiu suiii.
SAML'KL L. Kb'LLKIt. Adm'r.
Itotrlugcreck, Sept. u, l-u
- 1 TJLANIC MOKTOAQL'Sj fortale thiii at ill
JL) cotcntus urcce.
At the
Tlio Columbian Printing Estub-
islimcnt is amply supplied with
the necessary Presses, Types and
other material for executing all
kinds of Printing at low rates and
in tho most expeditious and satis
factory manner.
Columbian Building.
Bloomsuukg, Pa.
When special materiitl is required
it will lie promptly obtained.
Bookrf and Pamphlets,
Hand-Bills and Dodgers,
Largo and Small Posters,
Letter and Bill Heads,
Envelopes with Business Cards,
Bussincss, Pic Nic, Wedding and
Visiting Cards,
Programmes, Bills, ol' Fare, etc.
Will all be supplied and cxeuled
in superior style, at eheap
rates and short notice.
The best workmen aro employed
and tho best materiitl will
always be furnished,
A liberal share of public patron
age is respectfully solicited.
Bi.ooMsuna, June 18.1875.
formerly ncctiiiieil
serona siory in u"
Thn snnctum linn
Iwn changed lo the lawonico ot llrockwny fi Klvrt II.
STcv York Weekly Tribune.
ONIlIioIXAHperyenrln clubs of thirty or over.
Specimen copies free. Kor terms and commissions.
Address TIIK TltlllD.NK, New Vorlt.
undersltrned liaslieen nnnolnted an Assltrneo
ho benelllof tbo creditors of J.J. lloaclaml. cf
Centralhi boroturh. in Columbia county, nnd has
take nupon himself I ho duties of thn t rust. All persons
nro thetefore required toseitlcvvlth him. adjust anil
pay in tiimnit accounts, ueoisnnu uucsot iiienain
llonnland; and thoso havlmr claims to submit them
lo Iho Assignco properly nulhentlcnled.
Sept. 3-6t. I'axlnos, Northumberland Co., To.
BY VIKlTKof o writs of Venditioni Kx
iKinasnnd l'lcrl l-'aclas Issued out of the Court
oi uoininon Hens of Columbia county, nnd to mo di
rected, vv Ut bo sold at public outcry on tho premises
at ten o'clock, n. m., the following real estate to-wtt!
All tbatfi rtnln piece of ground sllu&toln Scott
township, Columbia county, bounded on the north
uj t.iiiusui a iMiyucr, on mu ivenL uuu i-unt uj mu
same, on tho south by tho I.. & 11. II. It. Co., oontnln
Injr two acres inoroor less, whereon nre erected a
planlni; ml 11 nnd all machinery and out building and
Iwodwellliig hordes.
tint; mm nnuaii u
divellliig hordes.
Ized. tiikcii In e:
Seized, Inkcii In execution nnd lo be told as tho
property of li snjder K Co,
lilooinsliurg, Oct. 1, 1S75.
l, Willi
Y VITHKof a writ of l'ier iKnclss,is.sueilout
tii :ourt of Common Pleas and to me dlrect-
bc exposed to publlo salo on the premises on
nt two o'clock, p. m., the following real estate to
wlt! AH that certain plccoor parcel of land sltuato In
Scott township, Columbia county, bounded by lands
of Joseph lleckman and others on the north, of
l'eter Ilagcnbuch, on tho east, of James Lake on tho
south, nnd of heirs of John rtoblson, deeased, on the
west, containing about eighty-six acres moro or less,
on which nte erected twu framo dwelling houses, a
bank barn and ouubulldlngs with the nppurtenauci-F.
M-letl, lltKCU in cxcciiuun imu eu ue suiu as uio
property ot Thomas crovcllmr.
Dloomsburg, Oct. I, istb.
BY VIKTUKof a writ of Fieri Kscins, issucil
out of tuo Court of Common I-lcas and to me dl
lected will bo exposed to public sale on the premises
at 10 o'clock, a. m., tho following real estate to-wlt :
All that certain messuage ot land situate In tlio
village ot Light Street, on the east sldoof a publlo
road lending from IllonmsliurgtoOraiigevtlle.tiound
ed by tho public road aforesaid, lands of c.eorge
snug, (X-orgo John, l'eter Wlilto and Matthew
McDowell, containing 7 acres and 124 perches of land,
whereon aro erccti-d n two-story fnunc dwelling
house and out-bulldlngs.
seized, taken Into execution and lo bo sold as the
property ot r. r. Kelley.
Uloomsburg, Oct. 1, 1875. Sheriff.
i" VIIITUE of a writ of Levari 1'acias issued
r,wt nt tlm court of common 1'lcas. and to mo
Trcioed, will be sold at public outcry ou the premfces
TUESDAY, OCTOKElt 20, 1875,
at 10 o'clock, ti. m., the tillowlng real estato to-wlt!
Tho following described building und lot of ground
ot Jnmes Jennings, to-wlt : Located on a lot of
ground sltuato In tho borough ot Centralla, Colum
bia county, bounded as follows : on tho east by Tax
ton street, on the north by property t f Oeorge Jones,
outho west by land ot tho locust Mountain Coal A;
iron Co., on tlio south bvlotof James McColluogli,
It being a framo stable sixteen feet front by twentj
nro fee t deep and lltteen feet high.
seized, taken In execution and to bo sold us the
propeity ot James JiICIIA1!L m(0VKlt,
Uloomsburg, Oct. 1, 1.67.1. Sheriff.
Is widely known
as one of the most
effectual remedies
ever discovered for
cicansme; the sys
tem anil purifying
the blood. It Las
stood the test of
years, with a con
stantly growing rep
utation, based on its
intrinsic virtues, and sustained by its re
markable cures. So mild as lo be safe and
beneficial to children, and jet so searching
as to ch"cctnally purge, out tho great cor
ruptions of tho blood, such as the scrofulous
anil syphilitic contamination. Impurities,
or diseases that have lurked in the system
for years, soon yield to this powerful anti
dote, and disappear. Hcnue its wonderful
cures, many of which aro publicly known,
of Scrofula, and all scrofulous diseases,
Ulcers, Irruptions, ami eruptive, dis
orders of the skin, Tumors, Blotches,
liolls, Pimples, Pustules, Sores, St.
Anthony's Fire, or Erysipe
las, Tetter, Salt Klicuin, Scald
Head, Jeinirwot'in, and internal Ul
cerations of the Uterus, Stomach,
null ijivcr. it also cures other com
plaints, to which it would not seem especi
ally adapted, such as Dropsy, Dyspep
sia, Fits, Neuralgia, Heart Disease,
Fcmalo Weakness, Debility, and
JUcucorrliocn, when they aro inauiiesta-
tions ot tlio serotinous poisons.
It is an excellent restorer of health nnd
strength in tlio Spring. ly renewing tho
appetite and vigor of tho digestive organs,
it dissipates the depression and listless lan
.... i'.i i- t ii i
uui ui mu M.I&UII. w licit; nu uisuiucr
appears, pcoplo feel better, and livo longer,
lor cleansing the blood. The system moves
on with renewed vigor and a new lease of
Dr.J.C.AYERriCO., Lowell, Mass.,
Practical and Analytical ChcmltlB.
Ayer's Cathartic Pills,
For the relief and
euro ol nil dernngc
ineuts hi the- stom
ach, liver, and bow
els, TlieymcainlM
npcrietit, nnd nn
fxi-ellent purgative.
iieing purely vt-ge-'
table, tbei- contain
no mercury or mine
ral whatever. Much
serioiiH sickticiisand
' i-il bv their tliiu-K
use; nnd every family t-liould hav e them on hand
lor tticir pi-ntecimn and relict, when required.
Long c-xpc tienco has proved thcni lo be the af
est, btirext, and lct of all thu Villa with vvliii-h
tne inaiket uuoitniis. uy tncii- oecabiiiniii um-,
tho blood is liurillcd, the roiruptions of tho sv s
tern cxpcllt-il, obbtrui-tions leinovcd, and iho
vvlioln inacliiiicry of lll'o i-iMarcd to Its hcnltliy
activity. Internal organs which become rloggenl
ami biuggibit aru riranseil uy .11er'a J'fffii, una
btllliuluted into action. Thus Inrinlent tlmeima
is changed Into health, the value nf which change,
v hen rm koned on tho vast miiltltuileh vv ho cnjuy
ii, l-uii nurriiy uc cuinpiiicu. i ne-ir biignv coneing
makes ineiii pieasaiu 10 take, nnu iireset'vcs ineir
virtues liniinpaired for nny length of time, so
that llicy nro ever ficsb, ami pi-i-ltclly ichablo.
AltlioiiRh searching. Ihey aio uiitil, mid npcralo
without ilUtui bancu tu llio coustllutlon, or diet, or
l-'ull illrcctiotis ai-q trlven on tho wrniincr tn
each boi, how to ufo them as a l'aniily rhyble,
nnd for tbo following complaints, which theso
J'If rapidly cure;
ror i?iptiu or iuuig-i.tiuu, Libtiras
ii-Mii. x.niiiriiui- and I.tib of .tiiii.Uft-,lhey
bliould bo taken moderately to Bthtiulutc tho btoui
ach, and restore Its hrnlthy tone and action,
for l.iv r t'oiii itlul nt and Its vat Ions svniti.
toilis, llllluiib ikt-uilut'lKi, Milt lli-ml.
IOK KF.NT.-Tho oflico fn
1 by Mr. DlelTenbach, In Iho ?
(iiU'hbiav building Is for rent,
l.uan , t.nnr.n.1 l.tll.n ln.0hn(.. ... tl
iiciii. juuiig.ii-- or turri-u NicUiira, nil
ifiiib Colic mid llllltiua t-Vvt-rii.lhey ihotild
Ik) Judirioinily taken for each case, to correct thu
dUeabi aclkni or remove tho obstructions vv hlch
canto It.
l'or Hyn-un-ry or lllurilioeu," but ono
mild dnsu is generully ivqiilicd.
For lllieiiniallbiii, Cluut, tnrusfl. lu.
ifllutlmi of lli lli-url, Ititii l lin,
Mil, llue-1 and fLoliib, they bliould be coutln.
tioualy taken, as rcqiiheil, to cluingo tbu dUiau'd
aitioti of tlio system. V lth mcli chango thoto
complaints disappear.
for Itruiiny and Itroiilciil Mm-llliiia,
they bhould bo taken In larito anil dequeut (lutes
to nrodiico the ellect of a drantio purge,
1-or Niiiiri-aloii. A largo iWu sliouM bo
taken, us It produces tho desired cirent by sym
pathy. As a Dinner I 'III , talto ono or two i'lllj to
promote digcbtlon nml re-lievu Iho btouiaeli.
An iiccasloual dnso bthiitilatcs tho itoinach nnd
bowels, rerlores llio nppctile,nnd invigoralca the
syttt-m. Ilriu-u It Is ollen advantageous wlicro
no serious deriingemcnt exluts. One who fi-eU
tolerably well, onen lltids that a doio of lliena
J-lf makes him feci decidedly belter, from their
cleamlng uud renovating effect ou tho Ulgcstivo
t'KKi-AltEti nr
Dr. J. C. AYVll X- CO., i'racflffif C'irmlif f,
r.UWHLL, MAUS., V, H, A,
A rrOHNEV'S 11I.ANK8, Common nml
Lrt Judgment liohils, just prltiu-diind tor i-ale at
Ihii colchsun omce. All Uluas ot Alloicej's blaLks
viuier Kepi on nana cr (ilatN to order,
way In a brief speech.