The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, September 24, 1875, Image 4

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To tin lilltor ot tlia OOLUUBIAN.
Diun Sin : You know some eolo ilo
lint l)cllovo nil tlioy read nny moro than
otlicM tiellnvo nil they Imir. Mtuiy nrcnilv
lctl by both.
Tho of to-tlay contains tlic
7tli and 8th chapters of what wo presume is
called mi nllcgory, entitled "Angel Sleep
and Angel De.vtli." Tho two chapters nam
ed nro tho only portions of it I havo read,
and of conrso I am not about to express my
opinion upon the production, Hut I do feel
hound to nsk for a correction, or nt least an
explanation of a pn$ago lo ho found near
tho beginning of tho 8th chapter, which
seems to mo to bo misleading in its leach
ing. It Is this i
"Ho listened In a dreaming sort of way
to tho words of thngnotl minister j but when
ho heard him speak of the child as a white
robed angel, &c "
Now, if your authoress intends to tench
by this that a spirit of a child, or adult,
leaves tho body at death, it is transformed
into "a whlto-robcd Angel," I would very
seriously ask to know tho authority for such
It is qui to common to hear some ministers
nt funerals speak of a deceased child as being
an Angel, and in heaven, too; anil quite
common also to hear mothers, following
their teaching, tell tho children loft them,
that their deceased brother or sister is "a lit
tlo Angel in Heaven ;" and tlicro is a little
Sunday School hymn which begins with the
words "I want to bo nn Aifgcl."
liut I havo never found n word of sacred
scripture that ever suggests such a teaching
much less states it. If there is anything of
tho kind I would like to know it for tho ben
efit of others beside myself. Tliat the spir
its of mankind arc at death transformed into
Angels, I havo often heard but ucver believ
ed it. The Biblo docs not teach it, as far as
I can learn. It teaches tho Angels aro an
order of intelligences separata from man,
created before the world was created.
l'coplo are so much hi the habit of simply
submitting to teaching of this kind without
really thinking of what they aro consenting
to, that it is well to watch ourselves occa
sionally. Tho aim of tho allegory is so laud
able that it ought not to bo tho instrument
of erroneous teaching even by implication.
I am ifot seeking a controversy, nor will I
engage in one, for I havo not the time or in
clination. I only wish your authoress to
test tbo truth of her teaching, and I will
hero express beforehand my gratitude for
any Blblo proof that will undo my wrong
belief, if it bo wrong not to follow tier teach
ing. Very respectfully, &c.
IlLOOMsiiuita, Pa., Sept. 10, 1875. J. II.
Many beautiful moonlights and golden
sunny days had passed cro the Angel Death
again met Angel Sleep, wonderfully chang
ed. Tho Angel Sleep after saluting tho
Angel Death, said, "I havo been many
places, and seen much sinco wo parted, sit
down, my brother, and I will tell you all
"No dear brother," said tho Angel Death,
"I havo not time to hear half, so if you
please I will questiqn you on the subjects of
most importance. First the minister do you
think his crown will be decked with a thou
and stars ?"
"Why," answered tho Angel Sleep, "I saw
how well ho is paid on earth for his labor I
saw his largo Halary which enables him to
denote his whole timo and talent to the Mas
ter's scrvico is made up from the sweat of a
hundred men and women's brows. If they
pay him for working for tho Master, 1 hard
ly think tho Master will pay him again, but
rather pay those who havo toiled to pay
And, again, those who pay a hundred dol
lars a year for the Master's cause, givo it, and
is but a trifle from abundance. They hard
ly feel it like poor womeu who toils a week
for tho dollar sho generously gives; or the
man who from his little gives five."
"And do you think God rewards according
to effort or amount?"
"Why according to effort said the Ange'
Then whom havo you fou"11 ctson to
bcllevo will be greatest?" :
"I do not know," t,aid Angel Sleep, hold
your majestic light brother.
"I havo held it for you already until wo
have, I believe, dipped Into tho future far as
human eye can see."
"And will wo know each other in the
spirit land," still questioned tho Angel
Sleep, and if so, will we know each other iw
wo do here as child, youth and aged?"
"No, my brother," answered tho Angel
Death, it is evident in eternity all aro aged
alike, that is, at tho resurrection each begin
to live, and none nro older than the other,
but whether we shall know each other is
something beyond tho ken of humanity. Nor
does any ono know exactly how wo shall ap
pear in the spirit land. No one knows who
will be happiest in Heaven.
"Ono more question," said tho Angel
Sleep, the wise, tho learned of earth, will
they bo tho wise, tho learned of tho spirit
land? Will man carry his wisdom from
earth to Heaven? hold your majestic light
brother Angel Death."
"I havo held it, brother Angel Sleep,"
said Angel Death, I havo gazed long by its
illiminatlon. Often havo my cyea ached
with tho weariness of looking. But I do
not know. The first born sons of light have
tried In vain to discern.
"But still another, tho last and perhaps the
greatest. I havo heard there is only ono sin
jnen can commltwhich may not bo forgiven."
"What is tho sin, brother Angel Death?
' I havo heard tho minister say tho greatest.
wisest, moat valiant, soldiers of Jehovah miv
it is comparatively tho works of Christ to
tho work of tho dovll. Did not St. Paul do
this and yet was forgiven ?"
"Yes, brother," answered tho Angel Death
St. Paul did do that and yet was forgiven,
A chosen light, so that Is not tho unpardoii
able sin." '
"But what it is I cannot tell. Nor, docs
any ono know' however well he may pretend
"And now," said tho Angel Sleep, I should
like to know something concerning the
futurity of tho Jews, hold your majestic
"I havo not time to do this to-night broth
cr Angel Sleep," said the Angel Death
"pleasant as it would bo to oblige you."
"But," said tho Angel Sleep, I had ex
pected a different answer, a more satisfac
tory ouo to the question I long sinco put to
And I had then purposed giving you a
different answer; but I cannot. Will you
not pardon me, dear brother pardon mo so
fully an to refrain asking mo to explain
"I will, dear brother," exclaimed tho
Angel Sleep, for I truly lovo you, and trust
.you, and beliovo you havo douo tho best for
mo that you could, mid thus contradict the
poet who says :
New n lend are llko whllo lilies
Wlilcli In fairest places bloom,
Ami wlille the winds brenthe putt and low,
DtltiiM ft Rtt ect perfume
lint when exposed 10 nno ruilo Wast,
or i Vn the. Bun's hot ray,
Tho bonut.t of tfci) Under llowers,
soon vnnlsH alt away.
Tho Angel Death smiled blandly upon tho
Angel Sleep, whllo the good Angel continu
ed i "I tun in earnest brother, though I am
In many ways llko a reed shaken in the
Mud, yi't It could not easily cast a friend
ntldc. To whom I pretend to lovo I will bo
ever the samo friend. Aye, I would broth
er Angel Death, even though that friend
should smlto mo, nought but prido could re
strain mo from humbly kissing tho chasten
ing rod. And I would lovo the friend nil
tho samo and pass and part without n word
or look of recognition. Hut the btiuly of the
sons of men. Tho human heart. Who has
conned well its page. O, 'tis n groat book a
propound mystery.
"I must part now," said Angel Death ami
it will bo long, very long o'er wo may meet
again. 0, how can I live without you, dear
brother, you havo so lung been my friend.
But even before ho had finished speaking,
tho Angel Death had vanished, nnd Angel
Sleep will seo him no more for many years
to come. And as tho Angel Sleep pardoned
Angel Death, so also, I hope my readers will
pardon me.
Female Jurors
FAiLuiu: or thi: srarnM in Wyoming
The first notable point is that there are
not women enough to mako any particular
difference in the state of government, though
they were ever so active and wise. Tho pop
ulation is estimated at 18,000, of which 2,
000 nro under the ago of twenty-one. This
leaves 10,000 adults, of wlinm 1,000 iro wo
men eligiblo as voters. This would leave
14,500 male voters, though, in point of fact,
it is very raro for all to vote, so many being
remote from tho polls. Ten men to ono wo
man is, however, tho usual proportion.
Tho most interesting facts aro in regard to
ladies as jurors. Good nnd evil are strange
ly mingled in tho new territories, and Wyo
ming contains a largo proportion of intelli
gent and eminently religious nnd good wo-
it was hoped, therefore, that great
good would result from placing them on ju
ries. After a few trials, however, tho system
was quietly abandoned and has nevor been
revived. Tho reasons for this aro many.
First is tho fact that so few women arc eligi
ble. Tho following classes are, from the ne
cessity of tho case, exempt: all nursing.
mothers; all approaching a condition of ma
ternity ; all tho delicate, nervous, or hyster
ical ; all who from temporary physical con
dition aro not fit for sitting on n long trial ;
all of notoriously bad character, and all
who should be exempt from tho samo causes
men should be. These classes include nine
tenths of the whole tex. When to these are
added thoso who havo sick or very young
children, who need frequent care, it seems'
that all Wyoming has no moro than a hun
dred women, at any ono time, fit for jury du
ty, llio system, therefore, was given up,
not as a failure exactly, but as utterly im-
Another difficulty presented itself. When
a jury, consisting of men and women (five of
tho latter), was long detained anil locked up
for several hours, tho resulting inconvenience
was so creat and tho exnenso so much in
creased that both sexes were heartily sick of
tue experiment, llio general result is said
to bo that both the friends and foes of wo
man sullrago aro disappointed, as neither tho
good nor the evil lias como to pass.
As to the cllcct of sufi'rago on tho ladies
there aro almost as many opinions as there
aro people in Wyoming. Tho majority,
uowever, declaro themselves unable to soo
any change. As far as can bo known tho la
dies divide their vote between parties much
as men do, rather more, perhaps, voting for
personal friends. To sum up, tho opinion
of tho best informed is that woman suifraso
in Wyoming has resulted in making every
tBing just ns it was before, only a little more
so. tiocky Mountain View.
The Fabric of a Dream.
Wo havo often witnessed the formation of
a cloud in a clear sky. A hazy point, bare
ly perceptible a littlo wreath of mist in
creases in volume and becomes darker and
denser, until it obscures a largo portion ot
tho heavens. It throws itself into fantastic
shapes, it gathers a glory from tho sun, is
borne onward by the wind, and, perhaps, ns
It gradually came, so it gradualy disappears
melting away in the untroubled air. Now
we say that tho littlo vehicles of which this
cloud was composed aroso from tho conden
sation of water-vapor, pre-existing in tho at
mosphere, through reduction in temperature
wo show how they assumo tho form they
present. Wo assign optical reasons for tho
brightness or blackness of tho cloud ; wo ex
plain, on mechanical principles, its drifting
before tho wind ; for its disappearance we
account ou tho principles of chemistry. It
never occurs to us to invoko tho iuterpoti
tion of tho Almighty in the production and
fashioning of this fugitive form. Wo ex
plain all tho facts connected with it by phys
ical laws, and perhaps Bhould reverentially
hesitato to call into operation tho linger of
God. But the universe is nothing moro than
such a cloud a cloud ot suns and worlds.
Supremely grand though it may seem to us
T...1' I 1 I. ..!--. 1. I
lu inc illume aim r,icni.u inieueii it js no
moro than a fleeting mist. If thcro bo mill
tinlicltv of worlds in infiuito space, thcro I
also a succession of worlds In infinite time.
s. one alter another, cloud replaces clou
in tho skies, so this starry system, tho uni
vcrr.e, is tho succession ot countless others
. . . .
Hint will lollow. lucre is an unceasing met
amorphosis, a sequence of events over in pro
Dont scowl I it spoils faces, Before you
know it your forehead will rcsemblo a small
railroad map. There Is a grand trunk lino
now from your cowlick to tho bridge of your
nose, intersected by parallel lines running
east rnd west, with curves arching your eye
blows; and oh I how much older you look
for it 1 Scowling is a habit that steals upon
us uuawarcs. Wo frown when tho light is
too strong and when it is too weak.
Wo tie our brows into a knot when wo nro
thinking, and knit them ovcu inoro tightly
when wo cannot think. There is no deny
ing there .are plenty of things to scowl about,
Tho baby In tho cradle frowns when some
thing fails to suit. "Constitution scowl" wo
sav. Tho littlo toddler who likes sugar on
his bread nnd butter tells his troubles in tho
samo way when you lcavo tho sugar off.
"Cross," we say about tho children, nnd
"worried to death" about tho grown folks.
and as for ourselves, wo can't help it. Hut
wo must. Its rchex inllucnce makes unhap
py ; for face answerclh unto faeo lu llfo as
well as In water. It belies our religion. Wo
should possess our souls in such pcaco that
It will reflect itself In placid countenances.
If your forehead is ridged with wrinkles be
fore forty, what will it bo nt seventy? There
is nno consoling thought about theso marks
of time and trouble tho death nngel almost
always erases them. Kven tho extremely
aged in death often wear a smooth mid
peaceful brow, thus leaving our last memo
ries of them calm anil traiuiuii. But our
business is with life. Scowling is a kind of
silent scolding. It Biiows mat our souls
need sweetening. For pity's sake let us
tako a Mid-iron or a glad iron, or smoothing
tool of somo sort, und Btraighten theso
creases out of our faces beforo tlicy become
Indelibly engraved upon our visage.
arlGoa tho Shod, Eonovatos and Invigorates
thi Whelo Systom,
It MnllfAl l'roitrttf nro
VniKTiNK Is undo exclusively from f 10 llllCeR of
enrefiilly Roltrted harks, roots and herbs, and bii
sironiriy conccnii'itieii tnnt. n ttui eiiecuntuy entiii
coin from tho si stem every taint uf scrofula, scrofn
(out humor, tumor, cancer, cancerous humor, cry.
ipcin, situ mourn. stpniinie uisenics, causer,
.tltitness nt the stomach, nnd nil diseases tint nrlso
Irom Impure blood, sciatica, tultiiminntory nnd
urnnlo rheuinallmi.nciiriiliilii, (tout nnu spmni cotn
ilalnts, enn only ho effectually cured ihroush tho
l'or ulcers and crttntlvn diseases ol tho skin, pus
tules, pimples, Iilolchos, holla, tetter, Bcnldncad nn 1
ringworm, Vwictink has never failed to effect a per-
nuineiit cure.
l'or nnlns In tho back, kidney complaints, dropsy.
femnlo weakness, leiieorrhfrn. nrlso from Internal
ulceration, nnd merino macaws nnu Kcncrni ucuiu
tv. Vfiiktinb nets tllrcctlt unon Ihecniiiesof thes-o
complaints, it InthruMti s and strengthens tho tnsiein, nets niton Hei-reino organ's uuhjb hi
Ihiuiiii.itlon, cures ulceration nnd rcKUiulos tho
l'er cvtnrrh. dvsnensda. habitual eosllveness, pal
pitation of the heart, head.irho, plies, nervousness
and ceneral prostration of the nervous
ineuii-ine nan ever Kiten nucu iicru-ci, siiu.-miiuiumi a
the Vkuktink. It purines llio blood, cleanses nil of
tho organs, nnd jwisbcsses ft controlling power over
tho nervous system,
The remarkable cures nITected or raiBTiNR have
Induced many phjsLdans nnd npnthccnrieswhoniwo
know topreHorlbo nnd use It In tin Ir own tamUles.
In fact, Vkuktink Is the best remedy yet dlscmer-
ea lor mo nnovo diseases, nnu is inuuniy ro.uiuiu
1II.O01) l'tTHUTr.Iljct placed beforo the public.
Am not the munv testimonials irlven for thodlffcr-
nt complaints snilstactory any reasonable; por-on
suirerlmr Horn any dlieaio mentioned noon, that
tney can no cureti7 iteau inc tesiiniiini.iii kkwi.,
and no ono can doubt. In many of theso cases ilia
persons say that their pain nnd suffering cannot be
expressed, ns In eases ot scrofula, where, apparently,
the whole bodv was ono mass ot corruption. If v bo
f.tink will relievo pain, cleanse, purify nnd euro
such dl3oases, restoring tho patient tu perfect health
after trying different physicians, many remedies,
suirerlng for years, Is nolconclusl jou
nro a suiferer. j ou can Ik) cured ? Why is this medi
cine performing such great cures? 11 works in tho
blood, In tho circulating lluld. It, can bo called tho
ilrent Illood l'urlller. Tho great source of disease
originates In tho blood; nnd no medicine mat does
not net dlreell) upon it, to purify und renovate, has
any lust claim upon publlo nttenllon. When the
blood becomes lifeless nnd stagnant, cither from
changoot weather or of climate, want of cxerchc.
Irregular diet, or from any other cause, tho Veiie
tink will renew tho blond, carry oil tho putrid hu
mors, cleanse flio stomach, rcgulato thn bo els, nnd
Impart n tonoof Mgor to tho whole bodv. Tho con
Mellon Is In tho public mind ns well as In the medi
cal profession, that tho remedies supplied by the
egeiaoio ivinguom uiouiuiu aaie, muiu nm i iwtui
i mc euro oi uisease, uiuii muieiui hiluiuihi.
kiiktivk is comnn-iod of roots, barks nnd herbs. It
Is pleasant to take, nnd Is perfectly safe lnglo to
nn Infant. Do uu need It? Do not hesitate tu try
ou will never regret it,
Thn crreatbenentf havo rccelvod from tho mo of
VK'imsit Induces mo u gUo my testimony In Its
favor. 1 believe It to bo not only ot groat value, for
restoring tho health, but a preventlvo or disease
peculiar to mo spring nnu summer seasons.
I would not bo Ithout It for ten times Its cost.
i:i)WAltI) TII.DKX,
Attorney nniineneral Agent for Massachusetts of
i r.uisinen s i.uu .nsurum;u lumiiuii) , -W pl-uio
liuuaing, nasion, -moss.
Vogetino is Sold by All Druggists,
1 rlendlyvolco to erect ,t'e,"by II. I'. Danks. sent
msi-paiu ior ur. ceni-s. unieroiircainioguo ior ism.
. M. ii. 1 on'nh K x. CO.. Jtustc l uousiicrs nmt.
Chestnut street, Philadelphia, Pa. Julj lc-lliw.
organs nnd Arlon Pianos. K. JI. llltltci:. isos chest
nut St , I'hlla,, formerly of 18 north 7th St.
N. E. Corner Second and Arch streejs,
Dealers In ,
worders will rocelvo prompt attention.
Independent in Everything
-Neutral in .Nothing,
Opposed to all Corrupt Rings in
Municipal, btato and, .National
THE DAlf.VTIMES wlllbo Issued on Saturday, the
1Sth of March next, and every morning thereafter,
Sundays excepted, under tho editorial direction of
A. K. Hectare, printed compactly from clear, now
tvne. on a lariro folio sheet, containing nil tho news
of the day, Including tno ASSOCIATE I'ltESS TUI.E-
iiii..tin, npeciai jeiegrams nnu i orresponuencu
from all points of Interest, und fearless editorial dis
cussions ot current topics. Price, TWO Ci'.NTS.
jiiau giiuscnptions, posiago tree, sis uouars per
mi mi in, or llfty cents per month, In advance.
Advertisements, llfteen, twenty nnd thirty cents
per uue, aceoruuig 10 position,
The Weekly Times
Will bo issued nn Saturtlav. March 20th. weekly
increaiier, containing an important news oi tue
wcck. uuu complete AinrKCl. nun l-inanciai uenoris.
Mailed, for ono year, po&tage free, at tho follow lng
Ono Copy
Ten Copies
Twenty Copies ..
1 1. Ml
AllvnitTISKMKNTH ttvcntv-livo eentu ner line,
llemltanccs should bo mado by Drafts or Post Of
flco Orders.
No. USoutliKoventb strcet, .
tf J'1III.AI)KI.P111A.
r .1 1 id c inont. linn
IltiAXK S. Common nnil
Judgment llonds, lustprlutud ml for salout
thoCoi-UMUHN onice. All klmiiof Atoriicy'H tl.inkti
M'nr.itEAs. bv tho laws of this Commonwealth It Is
made tho duty of tho Kherllf of ett ry county to glut
notice of Ihe general Eleetlun, by publication mono
or more newspapers in tho county, at least twenty
liuja oeiuru llio eicciiun, aim iu ciniiuiinio iiiciciu
the officers to bo elected, and to lU-slauuto tho plaeo
ut which tho election Is to bo held.
Therefore, I, .Michael tlrover, High SherlH of Co
lumbia county, tin hereby mako known and proclaim
to tho iiualllleit electors ot Columbia county that a
general elottlon will bo held on Tt'KSIlAV, THE
TIllltllllAY Of NOVEMIIl'll, IStt (being tho Tues
day next following tho llrst Jtmiday uf said month,)
ul tho several districts, within tbu county, to w It i
Heater township, at tho public housu of Thos. J.
llenton township, nt the publlo Jtouso of Illrani
IIokb, In tho town of llenton.
I 'list iiluoni, tit tho Court House, In Illoomsbiirg,
West lilwjin, at the Court House, in llliHim-burg.
Horough ot licrtvtck, at thu store ot John McAiull,
In the lxirough of licrtt lek.
Horough of Ceutrulla, at tho publlo houso ot Wil
liam Pel ter.
nrlarcreek township, at tho public school houso
near Evansvlllc.
Cutawlssa. township, at the public houso ot Samuel
Kostenbauder, In tho town of catanUsa.
Centre township, at tho school houso near latfay
ttto Crca-sy'a.
Norm Conynghnm District, nt Iho school houso
near iho colltcrv of John Anderson &. Cu.
south Coiijngham District, nt thu houso of Thomas
Kilter, lately llxeil by u Vgte of tho of that
I'Uhlngcrock, townslilp, at tho school house near
Jf 11. tt UIU! 8.
1'mnklln township, at the Lawrence school homo.
tireentvood tutvmdilp, at thu hoiuo of Juai-iih it,
I'litUm. '
Hemlock township, at the public houso of Chas. II
Dletterlch, lu tho town of lluck Horn.
Jackson Lnwnshlo. at tho hollw of Ezeklel Coin.
Locust towushlp, at tho publlo houto ot Daniel
Morris, In Nuinetlla.
Mlinin township, at the publlo house ot Aaron
lless, lu tho totviiuf Mlffilnvllle.
Madison tuwiiililp, at tho public house of Samuel
ltltuby, In .lerseytuwu.
tit. lieosant towniblp, at tho houw ot II, W,
lloutour township, at tho publlo house cf W. It,
'tubbs, at Itupert,
-Main township, at the publlo hou-s) of Juremlah K,
Pourlngcreok township, nt the house formerly oc
cupied by Oeo. W. DrtUliach,
orunge township, at thu publlo school houso la
Pine'' township, at thn Centre School House, lately
nxeu ny a vote oi iiiiiviiii'-iiiui nun, .'j,ii-.uiii.
bcott township, ut tho publlo houso of U iu, IVUlt,
In bnr.
At which tlmn and places the ipiolined electors
will elect by ballot the lollow lua btutouud County
umcers, tut
One liersnn Tor tlnvernnr rif lltn r',,tntnrmrnntlli tl
une person ior mate Treasurer,
One liersull for Hpnalor for thn VVIh rlUIHef. rnm.
vwed of the counties of Columbia, 1.) coming, Moi
mmi mm nuill, III),
(1110 lierson for Anaoelntn .ttiftvo of llineountv nf
one lierson for rrothonotary.
one penwn for Itegtster nnd ltecorder.
tine ieiKon for Treasurer.
Three Persons for t?nnitiilssloiinrri. flml mi i.lnrlni
ooto for more than two)icinims.)
'I hroo persons for Auditors. Hint, nn eWtnr In v,.ln
for more than two persons.)
It Is fin Ihcr directed tlinL Ihn eleellon polls of llio
several district nhallbe opened ntsewh o'eloek In
iiih iiireiiiKiii, nno snail eoiiiinuu niien iHinoiti inter
ruption or ndloiirnment until so en o'clock In the
eU'liltig when llio polls will bo closed.
Pursuant to the proMuns contained In llio mill
Section of tho Act of thn tleiicrnl Assembly being
"A tin I her supplement to the net regulating elec
tions lu this Commonwealth," approved .Inn. so, isit.
nkctio.v is. Ah hooii ns llio polls shall close, the
onicers of election Mini! piwissl to count n'l the
Votes east for each eandldato Noted for, nnd tnuko n
fulUettiriict lln samo In trlplle.ite, with n return
sheet In addition, In nil or which the Votes melted
by ench candidate pb.ill Iw given after his or her
name, first lu wonts and again In llgures, nnd shall
be signed by nil of said ollleers and eeitllled by oti r
Hoers, if any, or It not so certllled, tho overseers nnd
liny onieer refusing to sign or certify, or cither of
them, shall write upon each of the returns, his or
tlielr reasons tor not signing or ceitlfjlug them.
'I he vote, ns soon ns counted, shall also ho publicly
and fully declared from the window to lliecllleiis
present, nnd n brief statement shotting the votes
received by each eandldato shall be made and signed
by the election nnieers as soon ns tho Vote Is counted,
nnd the Hame shall ho lmmodlntcly posted upon the
door of the election house for Information of the
public, 'llio triplicate returns shall lio enclosed In
envelopes nnd be -valid In presence nt tho omrers,
mid one cntil pk, v.lth the unsealed return sheei,
glieiito the Judgo, which shall contain ono list of
toters. tnlly.papcr, nnd oaths rr onicers, and nnotlur
of said envelopes shall bo given to tho minoiitv In-
!m,cii,ui-. iu jutuey living Kiuiin nveito nines n
the prothohotnrj'ti onieo, or within tttentv-fot.r
miles, if their residence be In a town, village or Lit
unon the line of u railroad leailln-r In ihneomiiv
neat, shall, before o'clock post meridian of the
u.iy uuer mo eict-iioii, nnu an oilier juuges Riiau,
before twelto o'clock meridian ot the second dat
aller the election, deliver said return, together with
return sheet, to tho nrothonotarv of the court or
common ideas ot the county, which said return shett
niiuii oc men, nun uiu ua,v nun nour oi llllllg uiarKeil
thereon, nmt shall be preserved by tho protnonotary
for public Inspection.
Alio, that whore- u .ludge, by sickness or unavoida
ble accident. Is unable to attend, then the ccitlllcate
or return shall ho taken charge of bv ono of the In
spt-ctors or clerks ot tho election of tho district, who
shall do nnd perform tho duties required of said
Judge unable tu nttend.
Tho following Act of Assembly, regulating the
modo of voting In tho Commonwealth of Pennsyl
vania, was passed March la, jsiw, aud rends thus:
nkctios 1, Iiu It enacted by the Senate nnd House
of Itepresentatlvu or tho Commonwealth of I'ennsvl
Minla In (leneral Assembly met, nud it Is hereby en
acted by tho authority of tho snuiu that tho iiuallllcd
voters of tho several dlsti lets In tho several counties
of lids commonwealth, nt all general, township, lior
ough and special elections, nro hereby heieaflcr
iiuiiuuiseii ami reiiuireu in voio ny uckcis pnnicil or
written, or partly piloted nnd partly written, sever
ally clasMllvd lis follow st Ono ticket Khali embrace
tho names of nil .lodges of Courts voted for, und
labelled, outside, "Judiciary:" ono ticket shall em
brace thn names of nil tho htnto officers toted for,
nud to Iki labelled "State;" olio ticket shall embraco
tho names of all county officers voted for, Including
llio onieo of Senator, and .Members ot As
sembly, If voted for, nnd members ot congress, If
toled for, and bo labelled "County ;" nno ticket shall
einiiracu ine names oi an lownsiup onicers voieuior,
and bo labelled "I'otvnslilii:" ono ticket shall em-
hraco the, names of all borough onicers toted for, nud
bo labelled "Iloromrh."
suction i. Ti.ut it snail no tho duty or tho unci Iff
in ino seterui counties oi ine i ommontteaiiu lom
sert In their election proclamations, hereafter Issued
uiu ursi section oi uus nci.
That everv ncrson e.xcentlni? .fust Ices of tho Peace
nnd Aldermen, Notaries Publlo and Persons In the
militia sen ico ot tno ntttie, wuo snail noui or snail
within two months havo held tiny r"i"o or annolnt-
inentof prollt or trust under thn i'ii.ii Mates.orot
this State, and city or corporated dhtrlct, whether a
commissioned officer of otherwise, n subordinate
onicer or agent who Is or bhall bo employed umler
the legislature, Exectitlvo or Judiciary Department
of thlsStnto, or of any city or ot any Incorporated
district, nnd also, that ctery member of Congress
and of thn Slato Leglslatuie, nnd of tho select or
common couucil or tiny city, or commissioners of any
Incorporated district. Is by law Inclinable ot IhiIiIIiil'
or exercising nt Iho samo tlmo the ufllca or appoint
ment of Judge, Inspector or Clerk of nny eleellon of
thl" Commonwealth, and that no Insnectnr. Jtidirc or
otheromcerct such election shall bo eligible to bo
tueu toteu tor.
Tho Inspectors and .ludtro of tho elections shall
meet at tho respective, places appointed for holding
i uu election tu iiioiiisuici tu which tuey icsiicciiteiy
lielomr. before scten o'clock In tbo mornlmr. nnd
each of said Inspectors shall appoint one clerk, who
shall bo a qualltied voter of such district.
In case tbo person who shall recelto tho second
highest number of votes for Inspector shall not at
tend on the tlav of anv election, t hen the ncrson tt ho
shall havo reeelted Iho second highest number of
votes ior .luugo at. mo next precetiiug election siuu
act ns insnectnr hi his liiace. Anil In case the ncrson
who shall havo reeelted the highest number of voles
for inspector snail not attend, tno person elected
judge shall appoint an Inspector In his place and In
case tho lierson elected ludiro shall not uttend. then
tho Inspector who received the highest number of
totes shall npiwlnt it Judga In his place or It any
vacancy shall coutlnuu In tho board for tho space of
ono nour inter too iiiuu uxen uy taw lur tno opening
of tho election, tho mutinied voters of tho township.
ward, or district for which such officers shall hate
been elected, present nt such election shall elect ono
of their number to nil such vacancy.
It shall bo tho duty of tho several assessors re
siectlvely to attend at tho placo ot holding ctery
general, special or township election, during tho
it nolo i nno sucu election is Kept open, tor tno pur
posu ot giving Information to the Inspectors and
judges, When eniieu on in reunion to tno riguiot any
lierson nssessed by them to toto nt such election.
and on such other matters lu relation to thoussess
ment ns tho said Inspectors or either ot iheui bhall
from time to tlmo ruutilre.
No person shall bo perinttted to voto nt any elcc-
itou a-s uinrcsaiu outer man u mate,ot ino
niro of lwenty-onoveurH or more, who has been n
cltlcnof the United states at least ono month, nnd
who shall hat o resided In tho State at least ono jeai,
ami In tho election district wlicro ho olfera in voto
two months Immediately preceding such eleellon,
and. If twenty-two jcare of ago or upwards, hato
tt It hi it two j ears paid u state or county tax which
shall havo been assessed ut least two months und
paid at least ouo mouth before tho election. Hut a of tbo United States who has tit'ovlottslv been
a ipialllled voter of lids stato nnd returned and who
shall have Hied In tho election district mid paid
taxes, ns aforesaid, shall bo entitled to toto after
residing lu this state six months. ITo hied, that
citizens ot mo t linen Males, uetttceii mo ngo or
twenty-one nmt twenty-two who havo resided lu Iho
election district two mouths, u-s nforcsatd, shall bo
entitled to toto although they shall not havo paid
No ncrson shall bonermlttcd to voto tt hoso namo
Is not contained In the list ot taxable Inhabitants
furnished by tho commissioners, unless, Mrst, hu
produces a i ecelpt for tho payment within tw o j ears
ot tt Stato or county tax ussessetl agreeably to tho
Constitution ami cite satisfactory etldenco cither on
his oath or affirmation or tho oath or affirmation of
other, that ho has paid such a tax, ornit failure tn
produce a receipt snail mako oath to tho payment
thereof. Second, It ho claim tho right to toto by bo
lngnn electur between the ago of twenty-ouo and
twenty-ttvu j ears, ho shall depose on oath or affirma
tion that ho has resided In this Stato at least ono
year next liefura his application, mid mako such
proof ot residence In tho district as Is reipilred by
this act, and that he duos verily believe from tho ac
count given him, that ho Is of ago aforesaid, and
kiieh oilier evldenco ns Is reiiulred bv tills net: where
upon tho namo of tho person thus admitted to toto
sunn on iiiscrtcii in uiu niiuiauciiun iisl uiuiij.
sitectors, uuu u noto inauo opposnu tneieio oy w
'intriiinword "tax."lf ho shall Ui admitted tot
by reason of hating paid tax; or tho word "age" by
ho shall bo admitted to voto by reason ot such age
which snail no rauou out to mo cierKs, w-no snail
make tho llko notes on tho list of voters kept by
In nil cases where tho namo ot tho person claiming
to voto is noi louniion mo list iurtiisueu oy inn com
missioners und assessor, or his rl'-'htlo vote, w helhei
found thereon or not, Is objected to by nny nualllled
ill ken, It snail no mo iiutyoi mo inspectors too.
ntnlnnsiich iMirsott on oath as to his uualillcatlons.
and If ho claims to hato resided within tho stato for
onojear or moro his oath shall bo sunk-tent proof
tlicreoi, nut nu nnuu inutvu'iiuui i.j a. n-usi. uuu luui.
leleltl wtiness, wuo sitatt ue u iiuauueu elector, mat
it, lew resided In tho district two ltioiittis next Im
mediately preceding such election, and bhall also
himself swear that his bona lido residence, lu
iincoot Ids lawful calllug, Is In said district, and that
ho did not reinovo Into said district for thu purpose
ot t ol lng t herein.
Every person uuaiiuciias nioresatu, anu wuosuau
maku tluo proof, It required, of tho residence and
patinentof taxes as ivfurcsuld, shall lio ndinttted to
totnln tbo township, ward or tllstilct In which ho
shall resldo.
If any iiersoiisnaiiprovcnt.orntiempi- in pruvcui
nny officer of any election under Ibis net from hold
ing such election, or uso or threaten any tloleneo to
uny Mich officer, or shall Interrupt ur Improperly In
tcifero wllh him lu Iho execution ot his duly, or
shall block up tho window or uveniio to uny window
Wlierotno sumo may no muunix, or sunn riotously
disturb the peace nt sucli, election, or shall use any
Intimidating Ihrcits, forto or tloleneo, with design
to Iniluencu unduly ur otcrawo nny elector, or to
uetinl him irom toting, or to run rum tnu iieeuom
n choice, such prm, on conviction, shall bo lined
or uny sum not exceeding live hundred dollars, and
inipiisouen tnr uny mm-, nut iv-io inui, imu nui
moro than twclto months, unit It It shall bo shown
lo Court, when Ihe ti ial of biich oircnco shall bo had,
that Iho person so oiTendlng was not n resident of
the city, ward, district or township wlicro tho ollcnco
was committed, und not entitled to voto therein,
i hen on emit Id loii he shall bo sentenced tonj.v ntlno
of not less than ouo hundred nor moio tlmn nnu
thousand dollars, unu uu iiiipnsoueu not less muii
six inonins nor moro tuaii nniji-um,
If any lierson, not by 1-iw iiuailllcil, shall fraudu
nnv uiiH-tiiiii ui im-s luuiiiiuiuti-iuiii
(ir liclntr (illier
m so rpialllled shall voto uut of Ids
raootrdlstilct. or if uny person knowing the want
of buchtiuallilcallon, shall uld or procure such per
son to tole, tho person unending snail nn couiMInn
be lined In uny sum not exceeding two hundred dol
lars, und bo Imprisoned lu uny term not exnodlug
threo months.
If any ono shall voto at moro lltnn ono clci tlon
district, or otherwise fraudulently voto mnie than
once on tho s.iuni day, ur shall fraudulent !y fuld und
dellter lo the Insiioclor two tickets together wllh
Iho Intent Illegally to vote, or who shall pipcuro
another lo do so, ho or they offending shall, on con
viction, ho lined In nuy sum not less than llttynor
moro than llio hundred dollars, unit bo lmpilsoued
for a term not lebs than thice nor more, than tttiltu
If uny jioisou not iiuallllcd to voto In this Common
wealth agreeably to law (except tho sons of ipialllled
clllzens,) sbull upnur at any placo uf election for the
liilrpuse of Inllui nclng the illl.elis quallum! to tote,
lie shall un contlcllou fortell nnd pay a sum uut ex
ceeding one 111111111-011 fur ctery such offeneo
und bu Imprisoned for u term not oxceudlug turco
Tin: nuaiSTUY law,
I also give official notice to the electors of Colum.
Ma county that by uu net, entltld "An Actfuilhcr
supploiueutul lu the net lel.illio lo Iho elections uf
tills Comuinutveullh," upproted Apitl 7 III, A, I', Is,.',
It U prut hied as f ollott a i
SKirrioN U. After tho assessments havo been com
pleted ou tho blsly-llrstday before the Tuesday next
following the ilrst Monday of November lu each
year, thu assessor shall, oil the fullottlug day, make
a return to the county commissioners of the names
ot all MTkuns assessed by him since the return re
quited to bo m ule by htm by the Hist suction uf this
act, noting opposite cue name the observations und
cxphiuutluiuiuipilred lo be tinted asatoronuldj and
tho county coniiiilluners bhall thereupon cause the
same to lio uddud tu the return ruqulrui by tho Urst
section ill tills act, ami a full aud ourroct oopy there
of lo lie nuuleuoiitiilutiig the names of all ptmonnsu
returned us resident taxables In suld election district,
tiud furnish the same, together with Iho necessary
tleettuii blaliUH, to the olhi'i rsof the In sucli
eleetieii district un or btfnre which u cluck on the
liuirning uf the fleeliunt and nu nun Mudl Is pei--liitltetl
Ui vote ui the mi et Ion uu that day w.c
halilii Is not on s.dd list, tllih ss he l.lwll Mule' 1 . f
Of hli rl flit to V ite as In r, uiuturienuli. d.
SciTluN lo. On He day of eleellon un, periou
whose namo slutll not apieur ou tno r gtstr uf
voters, and ithoct.iiiiH the right to vote at bald flee
Hon, MiMl produce at least one. ipialllled wterut the
Ul .1 let us n tvuiiibs to thu residence of tho clulinuht
In (he district In which lio claims to bo n voter, for
the period of nt least two months Immedlatclv pre
ceding said eh ct Ion. which tvll iicks shall tie sworn or
iililiiiieil and xiiliMcribo n willlen or i inly wiltien
and partly printed affidavit lo the tuls lalulby
bun, ivlilen offidatlt shall dellnr clei rlj win n tin
residence Isot Ihe person so eliilinlng to be a vob ri
nnd the person so claiming llni right In tntc!uPal"
take nnil subscribe n written ir part! ttrlitin mm
mint mimed niiiuatii, Hiiiintg, hi ine nest ot ins
Jintt ledge and Inilef, when nnd Wb, re hi' was born
Hat he has been u ell Iron of the t nlted st ties f ir
one 11.01,1 Ii, ami of the commouttcnlth ot Pinii vl
vinln; I hat he has resided In the coinininw call hun
ear, or, it lormeny a nuaiiiieii Hector or n tw ivc
torn citizen thereof, and Ills retinitis! therefrom ninl
returned, that he lias resided then In It month
next preceding mid election : that he has i,-,nii I n
thedlstilct. In nhleh ho claims to be a Voter for the
pel hid ot nt least itto months Iintiiedlab It preceding
uiki election i tiiai ue nan iiol inuteii into nu
llslrht for the tiurisiso or toltnir tlieielni Unit In
bus, It ttventy-two .tears of mro or uiitt arils, n-dd n
state or county tax ttlihln two tears, which was as
sess! d at least ttto months and paid nt least out
moniii Lit-mro ine election, ino sain nmuavii snnu
niMi slato when and where the lax claimed lu ho
liuld bv tho affiant Was nssesseil. ntul when mill
wlicro and lo whom paldt nnd the tax receipt, tin re
for shall be produced for examination, unless the
affiant shnll state In his nffldatlt that It has liei-u
lost or ilestni) ml, or that he netcr reeelted an. i ,.uj
It a naturalized citizen, shall nln stale tthi n. ,ther
nnd by what court ho was naturallr -d, unci -di ill .i-o
produce iiHccrtllieaieot lialurallMllon forcamiiiii
Itr'ii. Hut If the ncrsnn so el.ihnliiv thn riL-hi i.iu.i..
shall lake and subset Ibo tin ulllilatlt that ho Is it un
live Horn eiiien or inn t alien Males, or, If horn
elsewhere, ahull state Hie fact In his nflidattt, and
shall produce eildencc that he has been naturally d
or Ibal he Is eiilllled to tltleiiship by reason of hli
father's iipiurallatlon. mid shall fin tlier state In his
affidavit, that he Is, nt tin) tlmo it making the tilllda
tut, ot thnnge of tweiiiy-ono and under lit i nty-ttto
.tears; that he has been n eltlen of tin" l'nltil
states one month, and has resided In tin-state one
;icari or. If it linllto bom eltlcn of the state aud
l'omntcd therefrom nnd ret timed, that ho has resided
I herein l months next preeeithigsald election, and
lu the election district Immediately two months pro
v-uiiik run ii imiiun, in- mum ut eilllllltl tu V-lte,
nltliouirh ho shall not hate nnlil tnes. M-iin .ni.l lis of nil persons making such claims, and lln us or tue witnesses to ineir rc-Miicm e shall be
irescrted by tho election hoard, and nt the close i f
.ho election tbev shall lie enclosed with the n.r ,,r
toters, tally llit and other p iicr required by law lo
uiniiniiij uiu reiuiii jutlge will ine proiiionoiiiry,
and shall remain on llio thciettlth In tho prolhono
tary's office, subject to examination us otlur election
i.iners nre. it ine ciecnon o l cers slia l l nil Hint
lie nimllcant iiohscssos all the IclmI iiu illileniions of
a voter he shall bo )ierinltted to tote, and his miina
shall be added lo tho list ot taxable by the election
officers, tho word "lax," being ndded where tho
Cl.lllllfltlt Plnllne tl t-ntii Ii.v n.l(l.ii m.i.l Inn, II
where ho claims to vote on ages tho samo words
ocuig lumen ny ino cierss m eacn case, respectively,
uii i tiv iioli ui iteinuus uiiiik hi. Biicii ciceiiiiii.
m i tion ii. u snail no law tin ror anv nuam cu em.
zen of the district, notwithstanding llio nitino of tho
ii-ojioseo voter 11 coiliaineii on tno list 01 lesklelil
:atables. to challentro tho otn of such ncrsnn.
whereupon tho same proof of tho light of sunrrago
ns Is now reiiulred by law shall be publicly mado nud
ncled on by tho election board, ami tho voto admitted
or rejected, according to the evidence. Every person
claiming tu bo n nnturnll7cd dlllen shall bo reiiulred
to lircKlucu Ids natiirn zul on eerlineatn nt thn nice.
Hon beroro toting, except where ho has been for ilio
years coiisocutltely n tottr In the district In which
ho offers his voto; nnd on tho' toto ot such person
nciiis rcceiveu. it, snau uo mo limy ci me election
Officers to Wllui or stlltnn mi Slleli celllllenln tlin
word "toted," with tho day, month nnd, tear; nnd If
any election officer or officers shall receive n second
toto on tno samo nay, ny tiriuo ot tno same coitm
Cale. I'XCenllllL' whern Kims urn nntlttnil In veto lv
cause ot tho nutiiralkallen of their fathers, they nnd
uiu ueiijuu miiu huau oner sucu second t ine, snail uo
guilty of n misdemeanor, nud on contlctlon thereof
shall lio lined or Imprisoned, or both, nt the tllscre
lion of the count but thu lino shall not exceed llio
hundred dollars lit each case, nor tho Imprisonment
ono jenr. Tho llko punishment shall bo mulcted, on
coiitictiuii, on too omccis oi election wuo snail neg
lect Or refuse to make, or cansn In bn inmlp. thn I'll.
dorsement required ns aforesaid on said naturaliza
tion ccrtiiicaie.
Sfctios in. If nnv election officer shall refusn or
nesrlcct to renulru such nroof of the ii!rhi. of suiTrntfo
us Is prescribed by this law, or the laws to which this
IS a supplement, from nny person nnerlng to voto
tt hoso name Is hot on tho list of nssessed t oters, or
whose light to toto Is challenged by nny ipialllled
voter iieseiii, aim snail annul. Hlicil person 10 toio
wiiiiuui rcijuiungsucii proor, every person so oiiena
lng shall, upon contlctlon, bo guilty of a misde
meanor, nnd shall bo sentenced, for otery such of
fence, to nnv a lino not execedim- live hundred dol
lars, or tu underironn Imprisonment not, moro than
one i ear, or bol Ii, nt tho discretion ot tho court.
Suction t. Tho respcctiio assessors, Inspectors and
Judges of the elections bhall each have tho power to
luiiiuiusiei uauis iu nny person claiming tno nglit, to
bo assessed or Iho right of sulTrnge, or lu regard to
nuy outer iiiiiucr or tiling reiiuirea to no tiono or in
mured Into by nnv of said officers under this net
and nny wilful falso swearing by nny person In rela
tion to nny matter or thing concerning which they
shall be lawfully interrogated by any of said officers
or otersecrs shall bo punished as perjury.
Suction IS. 'I he assessors shall each receive tho
samo compensation for tho tlmo necessarily spent In
nci tunning tnu mines lien ny cnjoineo, as lsprot idea
by law to assessors maklliL' valuations, tu bu nuld bv
tho county commissioners ns In other fuses, and It
shall not lie law ful for any nssessor to assess a tax
against any person whatever within stxty-ono dajs
next preceding mo iiiiuuai eiccuon in isotcinner;
uny t lolatlon of I his provision shall bn u misdemean
or, and subject tho officer so offending to n line, on
cunt lei Ion, not exceeding one hundred dollars, or to
iiiipiisiiiiuieui. not exceeding turco munins, or notn
nl thu disci ctlnn nf tho court.
section 4. on the petition nt llto or moro citizens
of nuy election tllstilct, setting forth that tho pa
polutmeiit of overseers Is a reasonable precaution lo
secure llio purity nnd fairness of tho election lu said
district, It shall bo tbo duty of the court of common
pleas of tho proper county, all tho law Judges ot tho
said court nbln to net nt the time concurring, to uj
nuuiL i,u juuiciuiis, suiier and niieiiigcni.eiueiis tu
Uiu said district belonging to different political par.
ues, ovcisecrd oi election to supcrttso ino proceed
llers of election officers thereof, anil to makn renoi-l
of thesmnens thev may bo reiiulred hv such cnuit
Said otersecrs shall bo persons iiuallllcd lo serto
upon election boards nnd shall havo tho right to bo
present with tho officers uf such election during tho
whole tlmo tho snmo Is held, tho totes counted, und
the returns made out and shrued by tho election oni
cers: to keep it list ot toters. If they sco proiierj to
challenge any person offering to vote, nnd Interro
gate hlni nnd his witnesses under oath, In regard to
Ids right of suffrage, ut said eleellon, and toexandno
his papers produced; mid tho onicers of said elec
tion nro reipilred tonffordto said overseers, so select
ed ana uppolnted every convenience and facility fur
Iho discharge of their duties; and If said election
officers f.ti.ill retuso to permit said uverxcers to lio
present, nun pciioriti meir uiiucs ils uiuresaid. sucu
oiueei or oiiieor.s suau no guilty oi a misdemeanor,
anu tin couticiioit mereoi sunn oo linen not exceeu
lng ono thousand dollars, or lmnrlsonment not ex.
cecdliig ono scar, or both, In the discretion of tho
court ; or It tnu overseers shall bo driven nway from
thu polls by tloleneo or Intimidation, all tho totes
lwlled In sucli election district may bo rejected by
uiu prupcr irtuuuai trying it cuntest Uliuer bald elec
tion, or n part or portion ot such votes aforesaid may
be counted, ns such tilhunal may deem necessary to
Section la. Any assessor, election officer or person
appointed as an ot erseer, w ho shall neglect or refuse
to perforin any duty enjoined by this act, without
reasonable or legal cause, shall bo subject ton pen
alty of ono hundred dollars; mid If uny nssessor
snail Knowingly assess any pcrbiin as a voicr who 1
nut ipialllled, ur. shall wilfully refusn to assess any
one who Is iiuallllcd, ho shall bo guilty ot a tnlsdo
ineanor In office, and on com lctlou bo punished by a
lino not exceeding ono thousand dollars, or Impris
onment not exceeding two jears, or both, ut thu ills,
erctloti of tho court, nud ulso bu subject to an ticllon
ior damages ny mo party aggrieved : anil it any per
son shall fraudulently niter, add to, deface or destroy
any list ot tutors inauo out us uiiecieii oy mis nci,
or tear down or remove tho samo from tho place
wheru It has been lived, with fraudulent or mischiev
ous intent, or tor any improiier purpose, thu person
so offending shall ho guilty uf a misdemeanor, and
on coutiction snail uo puiiisueti uy a nno not exceeu
Ingllvehiindred dollars, or Imprisonment not exceed
lng two years, or both, lit thn discretion of tho court;
and It nnv person shall, by tloleneo or Intimidation.
drive, or ulteinpi to drlto from tho pulls, uny person
or persons appointed by the com t to net as ovi rseers
of un election, or In nny way wilfully prexent said
overseers from informing tho duties enjoined upon
them by this net, Mich person shall bo trulltv of n
misdemeanor, and upon cou'tlcllon thereof shall bo
punished by it lino not exceeding ono thousand dot
I.iim, or be ruiiiilsonineiit not exceeding two years, or
boih, at Iho discretion of the court. Any person who
shall, on thu day of nny elucllon, tlsit n polling placo
lu any election district at which ho H nut entitled to
t ole, and shall use any Intimidation or tloleneo for
ino purpose oi preteniing nny umcer or election
from performliur tho duties reiiulred of htin bv law.
or for tho puriHiso ot preventing uny quallilcd voter
of such district exercising his light totote, or from
exercising ins ngni to cnaiiengu any person offerlmj
to vote, such person bhall bo deemed gulltv of n mis.
demeanor, mid upon com lctlou thereof shall bo pun
ished by u lino not exceeding ono thousand dollars.
or ny imprisonment not excecuing itvo years, or both
nl Iho discretion of tho court. Any eleik. oversee
or election officer, who shall disclose how uny elector
shall havo voted, unless requlied to dn so us u wit
ness In a Judicial proceeding, shall bo guilty uf a mis
demeanor, und upon coiiticiiuu tuercui snail no bun
lshed by ii llnu not exceeding una thousand dollars,
or by imprisonment not exceeding two years, ur
uuiii, in uiv msn i-uuu ui uiuiumi.
In obedience tu tho rcnuh'oinoiit of llio flovernor
of tho Commonwealth uf I'onnsilvunln, 1 hereby
IlllI'llSIl uiu 1-liU'tlllll UllCllUUlCllL ui uiu luilblliu
lon of too ('lilted Slates, tho Act of Congress en.
ron.ini.uie tame, nnu iiioau hi Assomuiy retain
th Tutui
Iho riflccnth Amendment of tho Constitution of
the United Mules is us follows :
"Skction 1. Tho light of citizens of tho I'nltoil
Stales to voto shall not bo denied urnbildgcd by thu
l linen ntiiu's. ui i'y uny num-, uu iiccijiiui ut rauo.
euior.or protious condition oi hortllUde,"
"SmioMS. Tho Congress shall Into power to en
force this article hv ubnruprlalo leirlslatlon."
An Act to enforce tho rl '111 uf citizens of tho mill.
ed states to vuto In tho beveiiU status ut this Unluu
unu fur ouier purposes ;
llOl'bE Ok' ltBl'llliaSNTAH VIM Of 1 UK UNI rHI STATKS OF
Aucinct in Cosuitcss AssKJiiu.Kii, That all citizens ot
thu United stales, who lire, ur shall hu ulhcrwlsu
iiu.iiiiien ny law 10 lotoui any eteciion by tho people
in nuy ntatu, leniuiry, iiisuict, uuuiiiy, city, parisl
luwnsiiip, school uisirict, municipality, or other tor sub-tut islon, shall Is) i lUHIeil uiu! nllotvcd to
toio ui nil sucu elections, tviuiuui iiisiinctiou or race,
color, or prut lulls condition of servitude: any Con.
slltutloii, Jaw, custom, usage, or logulallou of nny
ist.nuur i ei ruuiy, ur uy. ur uiiiict its uumoniy, I
the contrary nuiwIUistuudlng.''
St.criONS. ANiiiiBiritiuriiKit unactfii, That If by
or under thu iiulhoilty of thu constitution or laws of
nny Mute, or the laws of uny '1 cutlery, nny net Is or
su.iii uu icuiuiuii to uu iiuucun ii priToipii-iiu or uuai
lllcuttoii for votitiL'. und bv such Constltutluii or law.
jiersous ur onieeis who shall bu charged wllh llio
lierformaneu uf duties In (tirillshtng Ui citizens uu
opportunity to perform buch picreuulslto, ur tobo
some qiialllled lu M4e, 11 shall bo llio duly of otery
such person und offitcrtoglto luall citizens of tho
l iillud Slnles, tho same und equal oppoilimlty tu
rerfoi m such jneri qulslte, uud to become quallilcd to
toto without dlsllnclluii uf race, color, or pretlous
ciindllloii of bertltudo; nud If any Mich person or
olllter bhull rcfiisu ur knowingly omit to give full
euoct tu m Bbucuuii, i,n sunn, ii r every sucu uiienee,
tuiielt idid pay the sum uf llvt huntlrtd dollars ti
tho pcrsuii aggrletetl tlauebj, lo bo renncrcd by an
ui tluu on the c me.wlth full costsandsurli allow onco
for ouuiisi'l fees OS the court i-lnill deem Just, und
bluill also, for otery such ulleiiee bu ileemctl guilty of
it misdemeanor, and shall on conviction therein, bu
lined imt less limn me numiicu uoiturs, or be im
pilniincit iinl less than one inuuth.uud nut more than
one tear, or I Mil. ut the dlseridtun uf the couit."
A Itirllier siippleuii'ht ti) thu ucl relatlug to (lec
tion iu mis uonimuutveuim i
"skction m. 'I hat so much cf otery act ot Assoni
blv as prutldes that only white freemen slullbuen
lllled lo tote ur bu reirlstored as tuters. ur its chihn.
lng tu tote ut uny generul or svclal eleellon cf this
coniuiiinneultlnbe nudlluibamelshtreby re uled
and that lu auIUir that ull freeuieii, without distinc
tion uf color shall bo enrolled and registered mould
ing tu thu plot Ulun ut the Hint section nf the act up
proted Hid nth duyuf April, lixw, einltled "An Act
lurthur supplemental tu the tu t relating to thu elec
tions uf Hits I'ummoitwealili," und when otherwise
ipiulllled under etMIUL litis, bu eutllled lotuteut
ull M'ucral und biK-clul clt ctluus lu this I uiiiuion,
tt. ultli. '
olven uiuii r my hand, nt my office, In IHoomsburg,
Hits itlula , (if Hi ptciutit r.llithe j i ar of our I 'rd one
l.ioa aij.l ell.t hunUri d eii-l st v.-ni, Ut'e.unil In tliu
one hunui-' ih yi.ii ol lln 1C p. ndi in - uf the Lldt'
cilfciat' -.. Jib llAKl. tllltiVEll,
Sherltf of Columbia County,
lilocini.burg, l'a., Fcpiomlcr IT, l.
Hair vigor
For rostoring to Gray Hair its
natural Vitality and Color.
A dressing
which is nt
onco ngrecnblc,
healthy, nnd
ofTecttinl f o r
jifcsoiviiig tho
linir. It soon
restores faded
or gray hair
to its original
color, with tho
gloss and freshness of youth. Thin
hair is thickoiicil, falling hair checked,
and baldness often, though not nltvays,
cured by its use. Nothing can restora
tho hair whero tho follicles aro de
stroyed, or tho glands atrophied and
decayed; but such as remain can bo
saved by this application, and stimu
lated into activity, so that a new
growth of'hiiir is produced. Instead
of fouling tho lialr with a pasty scdi
niont, it will keep it clean and vigorous.
Its occasional nso will prevent tho hair
from turning gray or falling off, and
consequently provont baldness. Tho
restoration of vitality it givc3 to tho
scalp arrests and prevents tho forma
tion of dandruff, which is often so un
cleanly nnd offensive Freo from thoso
deleterious substances which mako
somo preparations dangerous and inju
rious to tho hair, tho Vigor can only
benefit but not harm it. If wanted
merely for a HAIR DRESSING,
nothing olso can bo found so desirable.
Containing neither oil nor dye, it docs
not soil whito cambric, and yet lasts
long on tho hair, giving it a rich, glossy
lustre, and a grateful perfume.
Prepared by Dr. J. C. Aycr & Co.t
I'ractlrnl ntul Analytical Chemists,
Apt II H-Tfii.
Cheap C3? thaxa EStrer!
Have Just llecoivcd
tho largest nnd best supply ot
They havo ever offered to their friends nnd cus
(Jloths, Cassiuiorea, anil Satinetts
Clotlis, Alapacas, Merinos,
for LADIE'S WEAli,
nnil every variety of Dry GooiU tlcslretl,
Carpets, Mats, Ottomans;
in great variety ntul at tho
including nil llio varieties of
and a general supply of articles useful for the
table nlvrnys on lianil.
Country proiluco of nil kinds token in ex-
change for gootli at cash prices.
Oct. 30,'74-tf
T. L. GUNTON, Proprietor,
Manufacturer of and L'calcr in all IcimU of
WousothohestAMUUICAN and ITALIAN JIai hie.
Ilo has on hand and turnUhcs to order'
Hvcry variety of Marble, cutting neatly executed at
tho lowest iniiiket prices.
A long practical ctpcrlenco and personal attention
to business nukes thu pioprlelnr cunlldent of ultlnj,'
t,,itlsftictlnn. All orders by mall promptly attended
to. V. t), box 2J7.
tSfX. J!. Mori: dcliiaed free of c7ini7C"Ba
Alii'. 21, '7l-ly. T. L. (1UNTON, Proprietor.
$38,00 PER T03ST.
A sea I'nwl li'io.Mi iniioi ti'il exclusively dy
uursi'lvcs fi'iiin Smitli Ami'i'it'.i.
Anoiated Snper-Plipliate.
AnnlyMson each batrandtpinllty KUarontt-cd. Seo
buiiiplesnndcliciilur,biilniiid by deulearst'cnerolly,
J0jy.UI .!. ALL UN'S SOXS,
No. 4 h Jielatvurc Avenue Philadelphia,
mis 2'Mt.
TyroTK EIS HEHEliy 'ilVEN to nil per
X sunt nol to IroDkp.iHH on llio pieiuU-aot Iho
Hull' li mned In liui.llnir, IWiln;' or othenvNe, as the
pi uulty cf tho law ttlll In ctery case bo enforced them,
N, U Cotilpliell,
L. A, Miailells,
(ieoriro t'ouuer,
I. ,f. fiess,
Win ll.hlahl,
Hamul i IlldUy,
IhUue Creaky,
J, K. AlLinitu,
I.. A. lIutclilHcn,
Runnel Neyliurd,
1'hlllp CI easy,
W. lllppenktetl,
I.tnl Alkmun,
1'. II, llfiLTntiiitli,
THIS I'Al'lIIt IS OX 1'II.K tvrtii
. Advertising Aflonlo,
L1.I I'UltllKADS,
I'DVlXitS, AO., M'
Neatly anil Cheaply jirlntcil at the
MAN OllllH,
(jvov Tlxittj'fonr CompctUovs
MA.V 8d, 1S75.
tiuins i.kavi; licrr.itT as tott-otts (siiNnAvi:xcmTi:u
Kor New York, Philadelphia, Heading, l'cillstlllc
Tninnqtia, Ac, 11,33 n. m
lor Catatvlssa, 11,33 u. m. nnd 7,!0 p. m.
For Wllllainsport, C,!8 a. m. nnd 4,00 p. in.
TXAINSFOR ltl'I'miT I.EAVB AS I 01 1 OtVK, (Sl hliAV FX
Iave New York, t,is n. ra.
Lent o I'hll.nlelphl.i, t,lr a.m.
Lcavo ltcadlni;, 11,3 m. in., rottsvlllc, 12,10 p. m.
nnd Tanuqun, 1,30 p, in.
Lcato Catatvlssa, c,50 a. in. and -1,00 p. in.
Lcnvo Wllllainsport, l',20 a.m. nnd ti,oo p. m.
Passengers to nnd from Now Yolk nud 1'lillailcl
phla go tlirutifjh tt Ithuut chango of cars.
Slay 8, 1874 tf. (icncrnl .Supcilntendent
tVI-Sl'IlllN ILMI.UOAl).
Tlmc-Tnblo No. S'.i, Takes effect nt 4:30 A. It.
THUnSllAY, llL'C'UMIlHK 10, 1S74.
. .Lackatv.-tiina
..West I'llthtuu...
,.1't inimtli .IllliC..
tt inutile
.. . Nnnilcoke
.llilhlnck'K lt-ek.
. ..MitcUhlniiy
....Hick's l-'eiry...
.... bench llntcn...
l'.envlcl; ....
p.m. p.m. p.m.
a.m. p in, p. in
I. -A, n no
12 2) S :u
12 1 I 8 23
It 45 S 13
. 4.'.
in cu
10 (4
1S 10
V no
2 20
2 S3
2 41
2 Wl
2 Ui
3 Id
3 111
:i is
3 2 I
3 25
3 3' I
.1 3il
3 40
3 r, I
4 IS
4 21
I !S
4 80
I 1.1
4 lH
I Ml
c, r.
1 40
13 !
1 21
ii 41
HI 17
1131 Sin
1 10
10 2.1
10 S!
111 III
pl M
10 45
111 M)
10 f,i
11 00
11 05
II 111
II 18
11 32
11 II!
11 K!
12 1
7 no
It 20
11 111
11 10
HI 4tl
8 17
8 12
8 nr.
7 40
7 W
7 (111
6 .17
o in
r S'!
6 27
I! 'JO
(i (111
r, r,s
ti M
7 t'J
7 M
7 48
7 41
7 sa
1 11
i in
l oo:
12 lit
12 4'i
7 1
7 1
7 81
7 3D 12 41
7 4S
7 r,o
7 2.1 12 Si!
7 1'J 12 So
7 1.1 12 21!
7 r 12 in
(1 .VI 12 111
t! ta it 4ii
a 2s 11 so
0 21 11 31
II 3 11 22
ti IS 11 17
Ii 03 11 11
fi r,: U e-J
5 4(1 10 M
7 ns
H 12
8 10
8 3.1
s r.
7 0
1 neck
12 IS
12 12
12 17
12 2(1
12 32
12 37
12 42
12 45
...Willow tirotc...
I.lino lllttfjf
Hspy I
-..Inui...' IT. ).),.,,
7 25
r, ci
r, 12
o is
n 2i
t so
7 3s
7 47
f, 40 IU 4'J!
7 .':
r, 41 r, at io
8 I
n ii
s 30 10 4 1 . .Clark's Htvllch..
8 I
r. ir,
4 cr
4 30
r, 12 10 22'..
l n trts
l 14 c, 03
S 8!
0 1)2 HI 12
4 r,7 10 os
1 40 0 .1
p.m. n.m.
8 4
8 65
131 Ii 2'l
II 21
p.m. p.m. n.m
HOUND, Sunt.
JIuichG, litl.
Superintendent's onlec, Kingston
On nnd after November 20th, 1573, trains will lent
Lrlo Mall 5.20 n. in., arrlvo Klmlra a. m
" Citnniidnlgua. . . 3.3.1 p. m
" liochcstcr 5.15
" Niagara IUU
Itcnovo accommodation 11.10 n. m. nn It o Williams
port 12.55 p. in.
Klmlra JInll 4,15 a.m., tirrlto Llmlrn 10.20 a.m.
lluffulo Kxpress 7.15 a. in. an lvu llufTalo n. m
lliifTulo Express 2.50 a. m. nrrlto Iliirrlsburg 4.60 a.
" r.altlmore 8.40 '
UlmlraMall 11.15 n. in., nnlte llnirlsljuii; l.r,o p,
" W'nshliigton
" llaltlmoroc.30
" Wiishlngton 8.S0 1
Ilnrrtiburg accommodation 8.40 p. in. unite Ilunis-
liunr 10.50 n. in.
nrrlto llalllmora 2.25 n. m,
" Washington 0.13
Lrlo Mail 12.55 a. ra. arrlvo linn Isburg 3.05 n. m,
'.' Halt lmoro 8.40 "
" Washington 10.35 "
All dally except Sunday.
D. JI. IJOYD, Jr., (lenernl Passenger Agent
A. J. CASSATT, General .Manage
riiiliitli'lhlila & l'.i'io !!. 11. Division.
rN and after SUNDAY. MAY 28il. 18"
J Uio trains on the Philadelphia fc Lrlo Kit
iiuau j'lii&ou mill uu iouuivti;
FAST I.TNi: leaves New York
" " ' Philadelphia
" " " llallluioru
" " " ll.iiilalmiv
" " nrr.nt Wllllanispoit
" " ' Lork lliten
" " " licllefontu
Li:ii:.MAlLleavc3 New York
" " " I hllndelphla
" " Wllllainsport ,
' " lock llatcu
" " Itenotu
" " nrr. nt Lrle
... 0 25 .1.
...I2.f,r, p.
.... 1.2U p,
. ,. A.liO ).
... 8.M II.
. .1I..20 p.
..11.50 p.
..,.11..V, p. Ill
.. 4.25 II. m
.. 8.35 a. Ill
.45 a. Ill
., 11.U5 n, iii
.... 7.'.0 p in
NIAfl A1L i:.'Plti:ss leat cs Philadelphia. . 7,to n, m
' ' " lialllmoro 7.65 n.m
" " " lliiiilbiirg. ..,lo.Mu. m
' " nrr. at ttllllainhpoi L. l.Mp. in
i.uei; iintcii-. p. tu
" " " Itenuto 4.30 p, in
LLMlItAMAlI.leaves;i'hll.idclphta 8.0 u. m
' " llaltlmwu 8 son. in
" " " llnnUUiinr 1 sis n. in
" " nrr. ut ttllll.imbpuit I'.io.p. in
' " " . Lock Iluven T.3U p. iu
1 OI
PIIII.'A USl'IinSSleatoa Itek Haven...
" " " Wllllainsport.,
" ' nnltcsntllariliburg,,..
" " " llallluioru
" ' " Philadelphia...
" " " Net York
HAY liXPllLSS lcatcs llcnovo .,
" " " LiK-k ll.iten. .
' " Wllll.imspoit.
" ' nrr.iitllnriWiuig....
" " Phlladelplila..
' " " New Vol k
" " " llaltlmoio
" " " llenoto
" " " l.i,ik Hutcn
" " Wllllnunpoit
' " nrr, nt lpiriltlmrif
" " " lliillllnere
" ' PUIIadelnhla
" " " New Vorl;
, 1.40 a. in
,.. 7.55 It, III
.11 4.111, III
., 0.15 p. Ill
., 8.3.1 p, 111
. 0.45 p. 111
.. 0.10 a. in
10. ft u. Ill
.118111. hi
.. U.IM p III
., (1.211 p. Ill
.. U 15 p. Ill
0.35 p. Ill
.11.20 n, in
, 8,2,1 p. in
. iui p. ut
10.50 p. m
. 2.25 u. Ill
.. 7.5 II 111
0.45 a. iii
,10.10 u, in
VMiV 1.1 NK laates Wllll.imttort
" nrr. at lluiiUburg
" ' " liulllinoiu
" ' " 1 lilUdelphtn
" " 11 Jiutv Yuik
12.35 a, in
8.55 II, 111
7.S5 II. Ill
10.25 a. Ill
1'rlo Mall Wnfcl, Niagara HxpieM Welt, Llinlta
Mall Wi-ktiihtl Day Lilili-twlUllt lriakelloiR'l'iuilii C nt Noi thumberlniid tt It It L. i II. II. It trains fur
Wlltck-ltuiiH mid K'lunton.
Lilu Mull Wckt, Niagara MpreM Wet and Lhnlin
Moll Weht inukecluse couuicttonnt Wllllanispoit
ttltliN.t'. It. W, truths North.
LiluMull laihtjunl Weht, Magara llxprcsa test,
1'nst Lino West nnil Day UxpreM Hunt mako close
conniellnu nt Ink lint en ttlili 11. 11. V, It It., ttuluH.
1 .11" Mull Luxt and Wit connect ut l-.llo tttlli
trfli ml. H.sM.Kll. Ii., nt torry ttlth n.t'.A.
V. II. It. ut LiuiKiluinttlth II, N. V. i 1'. 11. It., und
nl llrltttiood ttllh A. V. It, It.
I'nrlur t'ur will lun U'ltteen I'hlliidelphla ami
Wlllliuii vport ou Mdirnm Lxpress West, 1'aM, Lino
We , t, I'ldljilelplila i:pics('. ".t aiulliuy Kxpieba
Last, Shcplng tars on alliilght Iriilns.
Jiui. 8,15-tt ticiicraisupl
in crtirity nml oxccltcnco tiy nny nthcr. Awdnlnl
UIENNA.1873; PAR8S.1867.
nill U Amcrlcnn Orean ever ntronloil nny mnhl
UL In 11uroie, er tvhlth prcDcnt puih rxtriiorill.
nitry excclletico fti tu eominonil n tvlilo Kilo Ihcrr,
II lit II VP mvuKlcd hlshoKt fr'-mlntim nt ln.lm
ALl I A I O trtnl l:xK."it',c,n, In Amrrlrn nn ncll an
I'uropc Ontof lnuiilrp-lt litem h.ivu not turn u In
nit tt hero nny other or,n hnYO tu II prtfnrtd.
DTPT Declnred by Eminent Muilelimn, In liolh
Utol hMiilnphemi, I" Iw iiiirltnleil. Seo
''IMONIAI. CIlK'Uf.All, v. lib opinlumof moro
than Ouo 'I'lioiiiunil fwnt fric).
IMPICT en hnrlliK n Mnon ,V llumlln, Do not
1 110 10 I Inke nny other, IMUn set LAnnrn com.
iiifioNn fur uUkia tnftrtot ortmu; nmt for Uut
rtwmn if ten IvU tnu .(ml i ull unnttlilno cltt.
WCWI PTVirC ttllh mott Imiiortuit Imi'mvc.
lit II O I I Itu wnn ever inmlo. Netv
Nolo nml : in I) I lilt 1 1 1 1 M"P. Superb
Jlliiurro and other Otmcx of new ueMuus.
qtitflto combinalitm ot thrro instruments.
imjinents; or rentcil tintll rent pny for tlic oritnn,
nlTII nPllnP nnd Circular", with full lmrtlc
LA I ftUluUtO titans fren. Ad.lre MAhONVi
HAMLIN OIIUAN CO., 151 Treraont Street. I10S
TON; 25 Union Siiinre, NLW Y011K1 or 80 li 61
n aium nun
Ii. IS. PO,WBIiIi,
Cmcrnl Agent attn for tho tetcbrated
I. K. MlLVLTCli.
Dealer in above Instruments.
JIarcli 10, '75 y '
No. 17 Centra Stro .
Pirate Gas anil Steam Fitters
jiANurAcrritr.iis or
riK "W ABE, .
Wiro Tii'llls-Oii, c. Dealers in Slovci, l!nng
cii, ruriiiitt-H, lialtiniort! Ilcntcrs, l.otf Ilmtn
CJiiitc.-, Jlaiilcl-, l'UJirt!, Wi-atlicr PtriiiK,
tu: AUo
of thnlalcfrt desltrn. Sprclal nttcnllmi raid to ic
piilrlnttSewliiirSlnihlnestfi'tciydeMilplliiii M-.dt i,
locks. Hell llnnulinr. Key l'llllni;, He. I'llvale in- 1.
(lences Heated bj Meant at iitinull ic ,1 nlnite lint
Air. Keh. 20. '7 - If.
" prut ed tlllMllLH
t)01) PIMP Is tho ue
l.-nowlcdccd Mand.ird ft
tho inniket, hy popular
ttlUICI, till! Ul'at. pitllip un
Ifift'ty thuleasit h'.oney. Atlentlou
Hint lied In lllalchle.v'n Unmoved ill nel;-
i et, the Prop checl; talte, tthleli can hi)
It WnUlUUVtU VMlllUllt tUMUllilllK me J'.llli ',
t! .,,,,1 ))., nn,nr l,ot,,l,r. ll,., )., tor
id'.' cracks, Krales or ruMs and will last n lltn
;! time. 1'ors.ilo hy dealers nnd the Undo
' ' tronoriillv. In nrtlei tolieRlire that toll
tret lllatihley's l'liuip.he caieftll and mi
that It hail hiytrado markns nL-otc. If you do not
knowtvhero to huv, d"scrlptlve circulars, tnsctlii'r
WITH the mime nnd nthhessor tho n-.-ent nearest jou
will hofiirnhhed hy addrcsslnir ttllh Htiiinp.
t'HAM. (1. lll.ATUIII.KY, Manufacturer,
sj-i, uoinnurud 8t., I'hlladclpiil.i,
J. SCHUYLER cfi SOU, Bloomsturg, Pa.
-March r, '75-tun
HA VK JUST ItKCKIVni) nml nro o(Teriiig
forhnlo nt tery lmv prices one of t,ho hest ns
sui tint-ills of I'AltPKTS ctir offeicd for Fnle nt
IhotntMi tf Illooinhbunr They urn all netv and In
tho t cry latest p I j Its. Prices vary frun S5 cents to per ynrd. Cull und sco them.
Oct. S3, '7-l-tf.
"VTOTIOl-: is hcrcliy itivcn that llio HIooiiim
I Luri; (las company tt 111 put In t.crt Iro pipe and
furnish meter to the cltlreus of Hlwiiiihlniri: fer
$l!t.5ii tvhcui iho dlnnnro fioui Ihe street does not
exceed 5ii fi t I ; excesti of m feit ttlll Lo dinrirrtl nt
the into of 50 cents ltrfctt until Set leinl-cr 1st
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