The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, September 17, 1875, Image 3

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II 1, 0 O 31 S II II II (I, V It I II A V, SV.IT, 17, Is;.-,
Hull Koail Timo Tnlile.
Accommodation Tmln , cm a, .m,
Walt Train T.ild A. M
I'sprc-Hi" Trnl n , 1,19 1'. M,
" " 6.IU 1'. M.
Willi II.
Accommodation Train Ms A..M.
llcirulnrll-iprosa 8,M 1. M,
;. an ..u,
r..' a r. M
1I.M A, M
?i3o r. ji.
Through cars on IlxprcsH train either lo Now Yorl;
or I'lill.nlelplila. Accommodation train runs between
U.Uawlssa nnil WI1Hampoi,t.
Mr. 1". I.. Mvmis, collector for tlio Coi.miiiak, will
wall upon thoao Indebted lo thin olllcu for tlio pur.
posof reccUlngllio nnioutilH due. Wo trust that
tliuso Indebted will bo prcpircU to pay what they
cmo when Ho calls, built not, they will again bo
called upon. It will scarcely bo demanded ot us to
oner an apology fur iiiaUnif collections, Lulfortho
Mttsfiicllun ot llioso desiring It wo will just say that
ni wo halo to pay cash for every llitus as wc go our
purso Is not lontf or deep enough u hold out unless
11 1j icplcnlsliid Willi fioir.o drgri'O of pioiiiptness.
A Locust eorref pomlencc comes to hand m wc
po lo prcM too late. Mail curlier.
O- - '
It lia. at length liccn deniontralul lliat big
feet are not in vain. Tlicy are good for (.mash
ing pot.ito lings'.
The conclusion of "Angel Sleep ami Angel
Doalli" will appear next week. Also, a fliort
criticim on the use of the term "Angel."
The Itariisbiirg mail, nrrivcil hero on lime
onto during the past weeh. Generally it is n
full day behind. A fair example bnlh of Hail,
ical governnicnlal enlerniM: ami LncUa-raiina
ami llluomshurg railroad energy and hiisiniM
SoMilwitAT Ir.ltiA'iini'N'r. .Somo people
around tho Minicy Hills, wo aiu informed
Irealed a clergyman who ollicialcs at a ehuieh
about three mill's from While Hall, lo a liberal
mpply of eggs, but directed them with-rather
uncivil foteu lownids his noo, endangering his
rpeeluclcs as well as the market value of the
chicken fruit, lie is said lo have insinuated
that one of his parishioners had stolen a b'tblu
f lorn the meeting Iioiih', mid otheiwNc ollendul
the sensibilities of his lloek, All the indications
logilher would K'em to invite a niWonary to
that quarter.
Wc, Iho undersigned, citizens of Columbia
county, do issue this our call lo the I'rknds of
TenipcraMce lo alembic in convention at Or
angevllle, I'a., on Saturday iho -oth day of
,Si ptemher, IbT.j, for tho purpose of organiza
lion. Dr. A. .1. Clink, of I.cwisburg, I'a., will
he present on that occasion. Come friends, one
and all, and lit in leasou togetlur, sailh the
J .mil.
Itev. i X. H. lluekiiigham, G. W. Correll,
Jlloomslmr-;- Hev. U. S. Long, 1'. 1). Wad;,
Itohrsburgj Capt. (J. CI. Jackson, llerwiek;
Jacob Melliek, A. N. White, Light Street Xel
noil John, l'eler ll.ihly, Catawissa; Huv. A.
HouU, Hev. Gearhart, J, M. llarman, Orange-villi-.
Pnorixn- Tin: lin:i)3. Tho Country (nnllc
ii.mif.yg that n Grange, in onu of tho boiilliern
countius in tlii h Slato calls upon all fanners,
whether niembcrs of Granges or not, lo join in
protecting tliu insectivorous birds from destruc
tion by men and boys from chics 'and vilages,
who wander over tho fields and woods in every
direction, shooting indiserimiii.ilely all kinds of
birds ami wild game, he-ides throwing down
Juices and slone walls, when Ihc'su come in their
way. ruder tho game laws of tho State no one
has a right lo cuter premises of another, without
his consent, for Iho purpose of shot ting or li-h-ing,
and it is lo bo hoped that iho Grange nr
g.iui. itioii may unito with the public generally
in (he laudable mdcavor to protect faimcts
from Iho ilcMiuction of their fcatheicd friinds.
IlAbl! HAM,.
On Saturday the lltbint., ipiitealargeirowd
as-enibled on tho grounds of Iho llerwiek lla-o
Hill club, (and especially of the fairer sex was
there a large attendance) lo wilnc.-s n game of li.ill between a l'iekul Nine of thai place,
and eight oT the Daisy Cutters of llloonisbiirg,
in which Iho former were defeated by a tcoru of
8 to 21.
Wo failed to secure tho naino of tho 1'erwlck
L'mpiie, W. Sniitlicrs,
G. W. Wilson, scon r for Daisy Cutters.
Wo lender our heaitfelt thanks for the tn
couragemint given us by llie presence of many
ladie.s, and hope they will lurn out better in our
own town, Also, do uu thank the spectators for
Iheiroiderly behavior and tho kind treatment
received from Iho llerwiek club. Signed,
Daisy I'lttiun.
Whereas, wc have been to jour place lo play
we'li-ink it no more than ju-,1 thai you shuuld
leluni said vMt. Therefore, we, Iho Daisy
Cutter, of liloomsburg, do challeiigei tho ller
wiek I'ieliid Nino to a friendly game of li.i-u
Hall lo bo played on tho Fair Ground of our
place at your earliest convenient day,
Cait.un D. C'ri.
A meeting of Iho Demoeialie Standing Com
mittee was held at the Lxehango Hotel on Mon
day tho Hlih Tho temporary cliaiiinaii
called tho meeting lo older. An election re
sulted in the choice of Waireu J. I!uelalew
Ls(.,a. Chairman, Samuel Snyder, Secietary,
aim K, H. lkeler, Lsq.,Tu-a.surcr. Twenty-two
cleciiou di-tricts were ivpivsu;tcil. After trans
uiiiug die bu-ine-ss for which the niceling was
called, and the selection of Iwo persons in each
election dUrict lo act with the member of Iho
coinmitleo as a vigilance coiuiidttce, iho coin,
umtee adjourned to meet at Iho call of the chair
man. The following persons comprise tho vigilance
eiuiiiiiiiiees, Iho members of Iho standing com
milieu being placed lilst on tho lUt:
Heaver Moses Slither, Allen .Maun, Isaac
Heiiion K. 1C. Orvis, J. .). Melleiiry, James
Heiwlcl: Samuel Chambcrlin, I-alah Huwer,
.rncob Diellciiek.
Hlooni :. W. J. Huekalew, W . II. dllnioie,
Thus. Iliekev. , ,
Worm W.-K. H. lkeler, Geo. A. Clark,
Sti pbeii Knorr.
llriaicieek Win. Lnmon, Samuel L. Smith,
Isaac I lower.
lalawisMi If. .1. Hccder, W. L. I'yerly, M.
V. 11. Kline. , ,
I'cnlic II. D. Knorr, Freden'ik Jliigtiibueh,
Isaac 1-rvln,
CiiitraliaThonias Gehiily, 'William Hifer,
TMwaid Cuihy. ,
Convngham Noilh N. Lciilhau, 1'. Conway,
S. 1'. I'lvan.
Lonyngham South John Crane, Hoger Dix-
sin, I'e'ter l.ubj. ,, , , .
l-'ishlngercek Silas Me-l'fenry,Cyrus Hobbins,
U.K. Kdgar. , ,
Franklin W. F. Stoker, Jonalhan Lorunan,
Washington l'arr.
Greenwood John Lcggolt, Albert Kline,
Andrew- J. Dirr. ,.
Hemlock G. L. .shoemaker, II. . Mclicy
lloblri. IN li r K. Iblll'ler.
Jackson Kniaiiucl Savage, Frank Derr, Geo.
Ilurhyman. , ,, , ,
Locu-t Isaiah Ye-agcr, Holaudus llerbdn,
Jl. Hcinbold. , ,
Main Win. T. Shuman, U. J. Campbell, J.
H, Jainlson, ,,
Mndboii A. J. Car.-, John Allen, "A m Mos
Mlllllii-Siiiuml Snyder, John 11. Heller,
Juiius j, Jlowier. , , ,
Mcniloiii John N. Golden, W. H. lubbs,
I'dei-S. Kviiiis. . ,,,
-Ml. l'leii.iin; 1). n,App!iinnn,".m. Miller,
MlusHuHlll. ,
, Oiunge J. H. llaiiumi, W. II. Snjder, II. H.
Hun 1'. W. Foncs, Geo. Gelly, Adum H.ibb.
Hoiiiing Click - J. H. Klingcr, David Long,
biuhaiu Heuxcr. , , ,.
Scon J lliulinan, 0. 1. lint, John f-av
' lie.
Sugorloaf K. J. AlUiUou, Aliuiis Cole,
Jluiry (i. He,
The Agricultural Association, embracing Iho
le-gton ol lower Luierno mid upper Columbia
will hold its nnnual l'alr at llailelon, on Sep
lenibcr aid, i!3d mid Lillli, 1875.
The Northern Montour Agricultural Society
holds lis annual l'alr at Washliigtonvllle, on
October Oth. 7th and 8th, 1875. Tho Montour
Society holds lis Fair at Danville, on Septem
ber 22(1, IWd, 2llh mid 2oth, 1875.
If iho leader of the liloomsburg hand did not
know (as ho alleges) that they disturbed Iho
meeting of citizens In front of the court houso
on Iho occasion of tho tempiraneo meeting,
when they played full blasts In tho street In
front of iho Exchange, wo cheerfully acquit him
of all responsibility.
NOHMAI. FUllOOi. l!U!,i:S.
Hides and Regulations for the guidance of
Sludeiils from abroad, In attendance at lllooms
burg Stale Normal School, for the term ending
December 21st, 1870.
KTl'llllXTi All!! KXt-IX'THU
1st. To bo prompt mid regular at meals.
2d. To bo regular in ntlendanco on family
worship, in familie.e where such worship is reg
ularly maintained.
ill. To bo gentle and couiteous in the fam
ily mid quiet and well-bchavid on Iho street.
'lib. To cheerfully conform to all requlrc
inenls of the family, expressed or Implied, where
they are located.
filh. To repair promptly to their rooms for
study, at Iho ringing oftho'bell for evening, and
Saturday morning sludy-hour.
tith. 'To atlend their usual places of worship
on Sunday morning, and to repair promptly to
their rooms on Sunday afternoon at tho ringing
of iho bell for (jfinr "lioflt, and remain there
till supper hour, or till 5J o'clock.
7tb. To bo in their rooms Sunday evenings
unless in alteiidaiieo at church with Tin: l'AM
li.Y where they are staying.
Slh, To be regular and prompt in llieir at
tendance on all School duties,
lllh. To be in their rooms on Saturdav even
ings unless in allciidaiico on one of the Normal
School Liteiary Soclclies.
sruiiENis Am; Nor i:.v.i-i:un:i)
1st, To be out of their rooms after the ring
ing of the bell for evening study hour, except
Sunday and Satutday evenings when In attend
mice at eliurch or at one of the Literary Socie
ties. 2d. To make or receive calls from, or tido
or walk, with one of (lie oppo-ito sex, without
lirt obtaining peiniiss'mu Irom the 1'riucipal.
"d. To vilt saloons or places of public
1th. To be out on tho streets or out of their
rooms, when excused to study away from iho
school building, dining the school hours of each
dav, or between the hours of 8:15 o'clock, A, M.,
and 1 o'clock 1'. M., except on Saturday.
Any Students failing to comply willi tho above
requirements will be promptly subjected to such
discipline as circuni-tanees may require.
Teachers and Heads of families are requested
lo aid in securing the good results to beobtained
by carrying out tho above regulations, by
promptly reporting any essential violation
thereof lo tho l'rlncipal. T. L. Gnisw oLl).
September 15th, 1875.
Tlio I'hiladelphiii'jir ipiotcs from the
Itcpiiblican platform of this (state, that it
demands "free banking and n safe unci uni
form national currency adjusted lo the grow
ing wants of the business interests of tlio
country," and it adds: "If it menus any
thing, mcniM nidation." And yet tho Had
ical organs are howling about tho Ohio
Democratic plalfoim, became, il opposes con
traction. Consistency, cte.
couiiT rnociXDiNus
Commonwealth vs. Joseph Van Sickle
fireeny of "ten dresses" from .Mrs. Kachel
Howell, at tho burning of tho Normal School
dormitory. We think tho following speci
men explains tho whole matter. It is the
testimony in full of n single witness (not
more than one-tenth of tlio case,) for tho de
fence, who ueems to bo singularly clear
headed, although a lilllo singular in his Kng-Ji-ih.
K. K. lkeler, F.sq , conducted the ex
limiuation. "Mr. Frank Slayman, wero j-ou .it tho lire
last Saturday
"Are you Acquainted wilh Joseph Vim
Sickle, the defendant hero? '
"I am."
"Did you sco hint there ?"
"I didn't see him there, but I eaw him on
the way going there when I was going there.
"I low long had ho been then at work?"
"That I can't tell."
"Well, about, as tw as yon can."
"Can't say how long ho was there at all.
I met him when 1 was going there."
"Did you assist liim any with this bundle
of clothes ?"
"I did."
"Whereabouts did you help carry them?"
"I assisted him witli helping them over
the fenco between the corn field and wheat
"Will you stale from your own knowl
edge', what his object was in taking tho
clothes and removing them?"
"Well, from the story that ho told me it
looked plausible that ho were trying to
savo them for Mrs. Howell and her daughter
"With that impression did you assist him?'
"I did. Glial ies Deekar and I stalled
from the planing inill in East lilooinsbtug,
at tho time of the Cue ; and, instead of going
up East Street, wo stiuck right out below
and crossed up through tho fields in a direct
eouiso from the planing-niill tortile building
lliat was on lire; and, when wo got up to
tho fence between the cornfield and wheat
stubble, we saw some one, (wo didn't know
wliit it wa at that time) with a large bundle
that I supposed he got at the lire, and il
somewhat amused us at his exertions, trying
lo roll that bundle of clothing (it proved to
lie al'tenvaid) away from tho lire. And Mr.
Deekar made the remark to me that that fel
low was exerting himself very much with
tlio bundle, but neither him nor I know who
it was at the time. Wo stayed there) for n
few minutes tit Iho fence, and this fellow
(Van Sickle it proved lo be afterwards) hol
lered and made a motion for one of us to
t'omo up (or both of us to conio up) to assist
him to get that binidlo away, and Deekar
told mo he would go up and bee what tho
felluw wanted, and I stayed still, What
paed between him Mid Deekar I can't say,
but Deekar helped him down toward the
fence- whero I stood, and I saw then that it
was Van Sickle, tho man there, tho prisoner
now, and as soon as he came, I says, says I,
'Joe, what's tho matter?' Said he, 'I have
got Mrs. Dowel's (Hachci's) clothes hero
mid, says lie, I am going to take eaio of them.
That wu the amount of it then. Well, says
I, how far are you going to tako them I Says
he, I am going to tako them down to the far
side. Says I ho bhoulel leave them here.
Hut ho said, no, I am going to tako them
down to Fourth Street, to John's. No, ho
said, they are Hacliel Howell's, and tho old
lady's mid I am not going to tako my eyes
oil' them. I am going to tako them clown
there, then I shall know they arc safe.' Tho
bundle had como open and tho clothes wero
duty some. 1 tola him to tio them up, mid
helped him tio them up. Ho said, I am go
ing to do them up right nicely and tako cam
of them. Well, mid I, that's all right
Wilh that I fctarliel on, and went up to tho
"Did you think ho was under tho Inllu
rnco of llnuor? Did you notice that ho
"Well, ho might huvo been, very bllghtlji
not bo much uu but what ho know what ho
was about. Ho was a lltllo cxcllcd, liko ov
cry body elso there, but I don't think tho in-
lluenio of tho llmior Hurt liim in an.
Thli witness was not interrupted nor cross
examined, topoko in n straight-forward
manner, easily reported, nnd Is n model wit
ncss, in your reporter' opinion,
Tlio court briefly charged tlio jury, who,
without leaving their seals, rendered tlio ver
dict, not guilty; and Mr. Van Sickle, dis
charged from custody, received Iho congrat
ulation of his friends.
Sept, 7. On motion of Geo. H. Klwell,
William Itryson and Franklin 1. HUlmyer
wero ndinittcd to practico lawoln the several
courts of Columbia Co. ,
Sept. 8. Tho Grand Jury made their final
report and wero discharged.
Commonwealth vs. Stephen Thomas. tio
cognizanco of Elizabeth Thoma', prosecu
trix, nnd (). 11. Millard, In $50, forfeited in
open court.
.Sept. I). Mount Carmel Savings Hank vs.
J. 1). Meltciirj. Jury return a verdict, in
rcforeiico to tho nolo of i?S0O finding for
plaintlfi; otherwise for defendant. Tills waj
a feigned issue to try the validity of certain
judgments in this court, live in all. lint in
procecs of tho tho validity of all but
one, or a note of SSOO, said to h.iio been
given to 1). F. Edgar by William E. Edgar
for a piece of laud, was acknowledged. Tho
question was then reduced lo virtually this :
Tho bank aliogo that that, note was a fraud
that the brothers had put their heads togeth
er lo protect the property of Win. E. Edgar
against tho claim of the bank, and that tho
note, from which tho judgment was entered,
was concocted and gotten up for tho ptir
poso of giving u spurious lieu, &. Was
tho nolo a fraud? Tlio verdict said it was,
and E, E. Orvis, Esq, of counsel for defen
dant, filed motion (on the lUth) and reasons
for a new trial.
In tho estate of N. S. l'ronliss. Hcttirn of
inquest confirmed hi.
Lcidy vs. Leidj. Divorce decreed from
the bonds of matiimonj.
Tlio following sheriff's deeds wero ac
knowledged in open court, to wit;
Hiram ltecce, fur i!8ncios in Montour.
Abel Thomas, for 87 acres in C'atawissa
and Main.
Scott & IIolllng3liead for 11 1 acres etc. in
Thomas MeNinch for 1 lot in Catawissa.
E. H. lkeler lor 87 acres in Fishingcreek.
Abbot it Haldy for 1 lot in Catawissa.
Freas lirothers for 1 lot in Hcrwick.
Thomas Hughes for 21 acres in Locust.
Thomas Hughes for 10 acres in Locust.
liloomsburg M. S. F. for 2 lots in lilooms
burg. M. E. Jackson for 1 lot in Hcrwick.
William Yohey vs. Oliver E. Yohey.
Verdict lor plaintiff.
lload in Jackson near 1'ine Grovo lo
School house. Ho,.ort of viewers in favor
of road confirmed nwi.
Petition for reviewers for a road in Jack
son near John Hafl'erty's. Isaac Hiock, M.
M. Applenian and Mathias Kuawer appoint
ed reviewers.
Petition for the road in Sugarloaf, near J.
Harrington's. Samuel Hartman, John P.
Hess and Isaac Dowitt appointed viewers.
Petition for a bridge acioss Litllo Fishing
creek near Samuel Eckmau's in Pino town
ship. John ltantz, Jacob Snj-dcr and Dan
iel S. Young appointed viewers.
Petition for a change in a road in Fish
ingcreek township near tlio blacksmith shop
on lands of John Zauer. Samuel Koan,
James Long and John Dildiuo appointed
Petition for reviewers of road in Hriar
creek town-hip near Samuel Sweet's. Sam
uel Snyder and Aaron lles appointed view
Jctemiali Hiiicy, James Sullivan and
Daniel McCarty sworn as citizens of tlio
United States.
Kcport of viewers of arioad in Centre near
the houso of Cicorgo 11. Kelchner, deceased.
Continued niV.
Petition for a road in Koaring creek near
land of David II. Ca-c. Joseph Xiiss, Jos
eph Gciger and W. T. Shuman appointed
Petition for a road in locust near!). IIcl-
wig e. Jl. U. Ungues, Caspar Jiliawn, antl
Sol. Mensch appointed re-reviewers.
Petition for a road in Milllm near John
lloofnagle's. John Keifer, Adam Festcsalf
and Samuel Drum appointed viewers.
Petition for an alley in Catawissa near
Go. Sells' shop. Daniel Morris, ,1. II. Vas
lino and Itcuben Fahriuger appointed view
Oliver Yohey vs. William Yohey. Judg
ment for plainlifi'by con-.ent, for 270.
Petition to change the place of holding
flection in Madison. Elcctiou ordered.
loiin J. .uonenry vs. jonas i-oiy ec .u-
ron Fellows. The name of Miron Fellows
was stiiekeu out. Tlio jury returned verdict
for plaintiU'fori-oO.ll.
Aaron liarrol vs. Lycoming 1-ire Insurance
Company, (Galbraith and Conily for plaiu
till', Hill and Joluisou for deft.) was called
on Monday morning, the loth. Counsel for
defence wero ab-enl, and Col. J. G. Freeze
moved continuance, becauso lulling lately
come into the ea-e, ho felt unprepared for
trial ; this motion being denied, ho obtained
a postponement for ono day on account of
tlio absence of an important witness, 1511
miles distant, whom both parlies had sithpic-
nied, and for whom both parties asked an at
tachment, which was promptly ii licit
Tuesday afternoon tho witness arrived, but
too late, as the ca-o had been settled by tho
parties. Judgment for plaintiff for 5-2,000.
First National Hank of llloonisburg vs.
Charles Lee, W. G. Shall'er and Fred. ll.i-
geiibueh. This was an action upon a note
for 2,500 which tlio defendants had endor.s-
:d. Tho case was tried at great length on
Monday and Tuesday. Verdict for 2,200.
The Couyiigh.ini School district vs. tho
Lo.-ust Mountain Coal and Iron Cmipany.
Argument on caso stated. Freeze for
daiiitill', Marr for deft. Quostiuu of the
meaning of tho act of Assembly piovidiug
for a separate school-tax for building pur
poses, tho plaintiff claiming that repairs aro
included, the defendants refusing lo pay Iho
tax, and claiming that, if paid, the money
must bo applied solely to buying ground mid
building thereon.
J. J. McIIenryvs. Jonas Doty. Deft,
files motion and reasons for a new trial.
Locust Mountain Coal and Iron Company
vs. Thomas Gehrity. Motion of deft, todis
nolvo Injunction argued by Hrockway for
deft., Marr and Wolvertou for plaintill's.
Decision reserved.
First National Hank of liloomsburg vs.
Josso I), ltiee. In this case, which was ex
pected to bo called on Tuesday, an attach
ment was issued on Monday for Charles Lee,
who was absent through blckncos, during tho
caso against him and others.
Wednesday. Tho caso of Levi Kluly vs.
N. L. Campbell was called and a jury im
paneled, but important witnesses for plain
tiff wero absent. Attachments wero issued
and tho caso postponed.
Pardee, Marklo and Orier vs. 11. G. Crevo
ling was then called, tho same jury as in tho
former caso Impaneled accepted, and tho
trial proceeded with, Tho defence was want
of personal notle-o by tho notary personal
notleo being reqiiisllo (as tho court also
charged) when the party lives in tho samo
town with tho notary and whero tho nolo is
payable. Tho caso was sent to tho jury bo
foro ten o'clock. Verdict for plaintiff.
Tho gentlemen of the bar then Informed
tho court that thero was nothing of Impor
tance BiilTiclcnt to reqtilro calling tho trial
list again, nnd tho court, nflcr determining
various petitions fornppointment of guardi
ans, adoption of children, adjourned to
Saturdaj, discharging nil jurors not already
Tho caso stated between tho Episcopal
Church (St, Paul's Parish) of this place and
executor of Chas. Conner's will, bequeathing
a legacy of 31,000, wns argued by Geo. E.
Elwell, Esq,, nnd Col. J. CI. Freeze. Tho
church owed tho testator u note of sj-IiOO, and
claimed that tho will gavo them $1,000 mid
tho note. His honor, Judge Itockcfeller, of
or the 8th judicial district, who heard tho ar
gument, decided that tho church would tako
f 1,000 less the note.
Mr. Alfred Specr, of Pasalc, N. .1., so Ion?
and lavorably known as the wine man of New
Jersey, expects a bu-Rer yield of grapes this
year usual, and has reduced, tlio price of
his four year old port to ns to bring it within
tho reach of the poorer families who need a
imre mid licit wine for medicinal purposes.
Mr. Speer's modo of fermenting and keeping
his wine diflers from the UMial methods. This
is the reason why it is so much superior in
quality, but it requires four years management
and changing of lemjieralure In order to make
one Ii a perfect line wine as il is; tho knowledge
of changing to various temperatures at dlHerc-nt
limes, and at tho right time, is where he has
tlio advantage of gelling so rich a wine without
llie u-e of liquor. Large quantities of Speer's
Port Grape Wine have been ordered lo South
America, nnd by Europeans, Phj-sicians rec
ommend it ns bupoiior In inot of the European
wines. It is dealt in largely by druggists.
Daily Jirprtm,
Wyoming Seminary and College,
Kingston, Luzerne county, Pa., has accommo
dations fur 175 boarders and 200 day scholars.
Sliidiuts received at any lime and charged for
board from the time of admission. Students
prepared for cellese, leaching and business.
Couiniereial course and telegraphy unsurpassed.
Common English studies thoroughly taught.
College ptcparalory course equal to that of any
other school. Send for a catalogue and a Com
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Dlln inilCI;, belli or thai place.
At tlio it, V.. Parsonage, In Cenlrall.i, September
Utli, 18T5, by llev. (I. Jl. I.irncil, Mr. I.. .1. t.AMIimi
SOX, anil Miss CLAIIA t.ONU, both of l'wlllor,
Nortliuuiberlaiiil county, Pa.
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I.Ijy, son of Hubert C. anil lllcatior Ilurly Neal, aged
4 months ami 4 days.
In Jlalionlii'f lownslilp, Montour county, on tlio Sil
Inst., Mrs. I'ANNY li()L'si;i, wltoof Win. Hoiiaer,
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In Catawissa township, July vslh, lsis, Mr.
1IANIIX (il'NHII,, nsed about SI j ears. I'arly conse
crated to (lod by holy baptism, and In later j enrs
court rmeil a member ot tho Keformcd Church,
In r.loomsburi,', on tho Mil tnsl., 1'ANNT, Infant,
daughter of John and Maria Cox, nged 0 months and
8 el 1 s.
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Inst., Mrs. MAItV, widow of tho lato John Heller,
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SIM'S, rod ii" Joseph and Christiana Demott, aged 1
j-ear, 0 montlis and SO days.
"Tint Infant U a seraph now I
. .
That beauteous boy, with harp anil crown,
llvtiltliij: spreads his slber lnrs 1
Thou almost nearest those poifei't stilngs
Whoo muscle Is to thee unknown,
Sound whero tho glad Immortals bow,
Whero children cast their honors,
Whero elders and apostles meet
At Jesus' feet.
Think, mother wlillo sweet tears aro shod,
How blessed aio llie caily deail."
In Jersey! own on Iho Oth Inst., Mr. JOHN SWISH "
11, In the sith year ot his age.
Pl IIWII, I Will WHUMIi ,Hi, I M. w IH l ,1 , ,, ma ,, .
"market liii'oia's.
Wheat per bushel f
Hyo " o
Com "
o.its " f.o
l'luur per barrel ".uu
Cloverseed ".on
l laxsi'ed 1..V)
llulter 3U
I'lrcs is
Tallow os
I "ni aloes i.)
Dried Apples Hi
Hams 10
sides ,t MiouliliTH la
I.ard per pound is
I lay per ton
Ui'i'swav -r,
Timothy Seed 4.10
No. I on f 4,fi0 per Ton
No. ti " " $ 3,; "
No. 0 " " $ 2.MI " "
Hl.icksmUh's I.uinp on wharf $ l,oo " "
" limtniliiotis " t i',,i) " "
Scn 'rises r o'clock 2t! minutes seta fl o'clock 31
(10i.n Is now quoted at a premium ot about 113-la
other woids green backs are about 13 percent, below
DI..VSK Deeds, on l'arehmcut and linen paper, com
mon and for Admliilatr.itois,r.xccutor3aud Trustees,
for sale cheap at the Co cmcian olllce.
K"Ttino tries all things," and has proven that Wl.s
tar's llaKun of wild Chei ry Is tho remedy par excel
lence for the euro ot coughs, cMels, croup, whooping
cough, bronchitis, asthma, phthisic, sore throat, In
lluenza, and "last, not least," consumption. 50
cents nnd Jl a bottle, large buttles iniieh tho eheape r.
II. 1'. KL'NKKI.'S WING 01' I HON.
(Hies tone to the stomach, linprou-s tho appetite
anil assists digestion ; excites tho bowels to healthy
action, expellliu all iho foul humors that contami
nate tho blood, coirupt the secretions and ollend
thobiealh. It.exeltes the liver to a healthy action
ami strengthens Iho ncnes, imparling that glow to
life thai pioeeeds nlono from perfect haith. Thous
ands In all w all.s of life, tcstiry to iho i lrtues ot this
excellent mi'dle'lne In correcting the derangement
'of the- dlgestHe organs, (let the genuine. Suld only
In I buttles. Ask for I', r. Kuiikel's Hitter V.'lne cf
Iron, and lake no other.
IHm'Eisii. Dvsi-crsii. Dvsru'su.
V.. V. Kuukel's Hitter Wlue of Iron, a sure euro for
this disease, lthasbeen piei-cilo-ed elatlj for many
years In the practice of eminent physicians with un
paralleled success, sjmptoms are loss ot appetite,
wind nndil-lngof food, dryness lumouih, head
ache, ilklness, sleeplessness and low spirits, net
tho genuine. Not sold In bulk only f 1 buttles.
Do joimant something to st lengthen you, or a
good appetite? Do you want to get rid of nenous
ncss? Do j ou want energy, sleep well, or be ciuvd
ot dyopcp'la, kidney or llier disease? Try H. r.
Kuukel's Hitter Wlno ot Iron, livery bottle guaran
teed to do as recommended. Sold only In $1 bottles.
Depot and olllce, sr.!) North Ninth St., Philadelphia,
I'a. (ieltho genuine. Suld by all druggists. Ak
for H. I'. Kuukel's, and take no oilier.
T.ii'i; Woiim
Hemuu'd alive with head complete, la from two to
Unco hours. Nofeo Ullrcmocd,by 11. 1'. Kunkel,
2.VJ Nurth Ninth St., Hilladelplila. Seat, pin and
stomach woims also rcinoied. Call unit lco ; adWi'u
fiee, or bend for circular. Ask your druggist tor
Kunkel's Worm Syrup. I'llce, l per botlle.
Although the days of liraltonal mediation aro
Happily passing away, and Intelligent plij.slcl.ins
halo ceased to measure tho supposed e'l caey of a
remedy by tlio violence of lis effects, there sitlllln-
gorsamong tho older practitioners a few ot these pre-
itllii'llioislu favor ot "heroic" treatment, which It
would bo Hu'Uy for their patients If they tiad ab in
iluiied. One of these Is a loudness for administering
draM lo piiigatlux, siuh as lilua pill, adumi 1, Jalap
.111.1 castor oil. A COltl.u,t ot Iho elicits of lllese
drenching drugs wlfii Ibe i.dtd and lieiiellcient oper
ation of llostter's i-tuiiiaih lllltei s, Is the u best
argument that cm bo aildili oil against Iho wlsil.iai
ot hllill llitlllietlU' lliatliulll. The old fasillolied
calhaill'-i cuitvulse t Ik ttomaeh, mid relax tho bow.
els so abruptly and eurluiisly nalo weaken them,
Hostellers r.lllcrs, ou ilm contrary, never gilpo the
liite.slbies, but pioiluco a l.iiatlu-1 licet resembling
Iho action of nature. At the same time Ihey rcmuo
Iho cause ot coiistipattuii, by arousing the iluiiuant
liver to senile Iho llie necessary to tho regular
pel formalin-if Ihu exeieileo function, and enablj
l lie btoiuae-li lo thoroughly digest tho tuud, luillges
llou bllloiiMiess having been thus oveicoine, u regu
lar habit ot body Is Iho necessary consi'iiuenee,
which Iho uceaslonal biibswiuenl Useiot the Illllers
renders permanent, livery disagreeable symptom
which, la Iho absence of pnfeet ellgestlun and eac
u.illuu, harrasses the. s-slem, vaiiblus under Uiu
lullueucc ot tho great nalloual ttoinachlei and altera'
llie, llcilili unci vigor aio fol
low Us Use.
Ol' e'ONSl'.Ml'TION, COl'lillS AND COI.DH.
Vho great vli tuo ot Ibis liiedtituo Is all that It rip
ens iho matter and thiows It out ot Iho sjstem, pu-
I llles the blood, and thus eiructs a cure.
SCHICK'S "FA WKEH TOXIC, toil 1IIK frill! 01' IIVS.
Tho Tonic produces a healthy action of tho stom
ach, clouting uu appetite, tunning ehj le, and cluing
tho most obstluatu cases cf ludlgusllou.
Se'licML's .Mamuiakc I'll iji, Ton nils Ccue of I-ivku
COMl'lAlSr, iC.
These pills aio iillerutne, and produce a healthy
action of iho liver without the least danger, nslhey
aro free fioin caloii'.il, and i et laoie ctfueluus In le
sturlng a hcidthy action of the liver.
These remedies, aru aceitalncuieforconbuinptlon,
us iho Pulmonic Sjrup ilpi'usllio inalteraud puri
nes Ino bIod. 'Iho Mandrake I'llls act upon Iho
llv er, create a healthy bile, and reniov o all disease of
tho Hut, oltenn rauso of consumption. 'Iho Sea
Weed Tunic gives lone and strength to the stomach,
makes a good digestion, and enables tho orgaim to
form good blood j and Ihus creates aheallhy elrcula
Hon of heallhy lilood. '1 ho combined action ot these
inedlelues, aiu thus explained, will euro every caso
ol consumption, 11 taken In lime, ami tho use of tho
medicine pi ebi'l v ed In,
Diseases multiply. Onu begets nnothir. A trif
ling inelUpoblllon may, therefore, originate a compli
cation cf dangerous maladies, Inillgcibtlon Is-gets
tar uioio furiuldablo elleuses; n inullltudo of nil
ihcnts aro tr.ieculilo lo eenstlpullcu i fever and oguo
uiihluges Iho cullro tuluii, mid Is therefuio tho
buuree of tho protean ailments whleli iiirint that
poitlonof tho human crganUm, Ilosletter'sMom-
ueli lilitt rs, however, whciher rescued to at Iho In
ception of those ct Mil del 8 of Iho stomach, boweU or
liver, which glrublilh to tho inajuillyof cIIsciiihis
nnil dhubllltles, or taken when they have Hienud
Into formidable nuluilty, nio nllkcionerfiiltocuie,
'Iho pioee aof leiovciy Is, of couise, longer when
the mulady liasgaltied liaday,hut It Is none mo
liss ceitaln, D)siepsla, coiiMlpallon, blllouswss,
klduoy complaints and Intel udlteiit fever, Invaria
bly h id to the opt rutlon of tho treat altcrath o and
Inv Igoraut,
It Is ot great lii,noiiiiiu-i to -oil what kind Of
manure jou apply tooiir Wheat, Lands this fall, If
you want a (."Mill cr ;iof vi itneM ijeiisnn, nnd a
heavy crop of (, i.i , b, I- iioh, u-c.
Haw Bono Super Pliospliutc
rut up in won. biurn.
The base of this Old lstnbllshed Arttclo Is Haw or
L'libunied Hones, nnd Its strength cannot bo ex
hausted Willi tho crop of Wheat, but vv 111 prove of-
fceiivo on Iho follow Ing crop of (Irons, nnd will also
permanently Improve Iho soil.
Tanners look In your own Interests and prove If
what we say about
Baugh's Eaw Bono Fhosnlmto
lslruoor false, and hotiry us of the rcsull. Make
application for It early to vour nearest Denier In
Manures, and It you cannot seeuro It through them,
send j our orders direct to j our friends
Allg. Hl-2t. l'lIILAUHLl'lIIA ,t I1ALTIMOIIE.
J j kstvti! of ntunt, pkceaseii.
Letters lesliimentury on the csUIeof 1'hlllp Wil
son, hue of I'lsiiingcreek township, Columbia county,
deceased, have been grunted b) tho lteglster ot said
county, to.iiilla A, vvllson and .Ineob o. Wilson, of
rishlngcrei l; township, Columbia county, I'a. Exec
utors, to whom nil persons Indebted to said cslnto
aro requested to make payment, nnd those having
claims or demands against, the said estate win make
them known to tlio said Executors without delay.
u i.i.v .v. vv ii.-mj.,
Aug. ST, '".vet." llxeculors.
J J KrATr. ni-' jouv Micinnr,, nnccvsni.
r.-l t,isi I, l nt.jfv m, 1 1, i.wliilf, i.r .t,,li M lr1inr.t
late of Minna tow nshlp, Columbia county, deceased,
nave ncen granted nv the llegisterof said county to
loliu II. inner, of Mliillu tnwiishin. Ciiliiiiiblacoiiii-
ly. I'a, Executor, lo whom all pcrscns Indented to
said estate are leiiuested to make pavuicnt and
Ihose having claims or demands ngalnst tho witd
esiuin win iniiKo luem Known ioiucs.uu i.xeruior
without ilelay. JOHN II. IIETL15I!,
Aug. lu-ct. Hxecutor.
1.1 uiidei-stgned has been appointed an Assignee
lut-lhe bi'iielltof Hie creditors of. I.. I. lloiurlanil. of
Ceiilralla borough, In Columbia county, and has
take tiupon himself theclutli'sot the trust, All persons
aro the lefore leipilred to seltlewltti him, adjust ami
paj luiiiinaii neeouuis. ueiiisiiniiiiiiesoi iiiesaiu.i,.i,
lloaeilaiid ; and thoso having claims to submit them
to the Asslgueo pre-perly authenticated.
Sept. a-Ct. l'axtnos, Northumberland Co., I'a.
Bird U
A valuablo Bird Deposit,
Imported Into tho Untied slates
Tills (luano possesses the most remarkablo cliarac
teilstlcs as a cheap fertllUter for all drops. Tho
analysts of four cargoes shows an average of r,s.lo.-i
per cent, ot Hone Phosphate of Lime. Tho testa havo
been highly satlsfadorj, ami when you once adopt
llie article, you will iho ni oilier In preference.
Packed In Hag, of 2nd r s each.
Price, S38 Por Ton.
Solo Proprietors,
20 S. Deliiwiiro Ave, Philu.
10." South Street, jjiiltimore.
aug. 10-'jt.
fflanW: How Lost How Moral!
JUST imblislieil a new edition of Dr. CUI,
VHltWKl.l.'S celebrated essaj' on tho radical cuio
(without medicine) of Spermatoi 1 ha-a
t iviarjii, or seminal VV eakness, Involuntary Sciu-itrir.vJK-
Inal we.ikne'-s, Impoteuey, .Mental and
r-ilrsLlciir piij.-leal Ineapaclly, Impediments to
Marriage, etc,: also Consumption, Epilepsy, andl'lts
Induced by selt-lndulgenco orsextual extravaganco
Piles, Ac.
l&B'J'ricc, in a scaled ennfape, only tit caifc.
Tim celebraled author, In this admlrablo essay
clearly demon- traces from a thirty jcais'suueessfu
practice, that Iho alarming consequences of self
abuse may bo radically cured w Ithout tho dangerous
use of Internal medlclno or tho application of the
knife; p'llullng out a modo of euro nt oneo simple
ceitaln, and effectual, by means of which every suf
ferer, no mailer what his condition may be, may cur
himself cheaply pilvatcly, and radically.
Cv-Thls Lecture should bo In tho hands of every
youth and every man In tho land.
Sent uuder seal, In a plain envelope, to any ad
dress, post-paid, on receipt of six cents, or two pest
Address tho rubll.shers,
12" liowcry, Nct? York, l'ost onico Dox i.tso.
April lo, '75-y
I'OitTTNK IN' IT. Kverv family hues il.
Sold by Agents. Address, (I. S. WALKElt,
Coughs Colds, Iiion
chilis, Sore Throat, In
lluenza, Croup, Whoop
ine; Cough, Hoarseness
Liver Complaint, I'ains
or Soreness in the
Chest or Side, Ulcctling
at the Lungs, and every
alTeellon of uie Throat, Lungs nnd Chest, nres-ced.
Ily cured bv the u-e ot Iin. Wistcu's IIci-samok Wii I)
ciikuuv. whleli Hoes nut dry upn euughaml leave
the cause behind, as Is llie case Willi most remedies,
but loe, ens It. cleanses tho lungs and allays Irrlta
lun, thus removing thoemisoof tho complaint.
Consumption can bo cured
by a timely result lo this -.Inmlnrcl reinedv, as is
proved by hundreds of lestlmonlsls It has received.
None genuine null ss Mined '!. lll'TTS" on llo
verapix-r. Lueenls and i abullli,; large bntll, m
uiu, Ii I he i hi ii'i'. SI! ill W. I'lnVI.E .t; sons,
ITopiL'lois, Huduii, .Ma--'. Suld bv, u-
.lan.ii'J, 'it.-ly
IIVLUTISl.Mi: (henii: Hood: Svslcma-
All nelsons velio ee,iiu(-mi,1.iteinal.liier eon-
li. e Is with iiewsn:ip, j-H p,i- the ihseiil, n Mnilvcr
llseuients, should m lei 21 eenls lo line I', lloeeell ,v
Co., 41 Talk How, Ni w Yolk, for I heir I'AMl'lll.ET
r.ooH (iiliiel.v-si'Venih leliilon.) cuidalnlug Hstsof
over 20IH1 iiewsiiapi rs ami (-.lluiiites, sliuwliigthe
eost. Ailveill-eiiii'iits I ii I, i n In- hading pnpcrsin
1:11111V Mutes lit ll til InelahUS KllUlllDII 11' 1:1 pill
Ushers' intis. cn n 1 I cel.. .isn. l.'"t,-ij.
(in-ut Hull:. MIIIIT SCEM..-, IN THE Hllll.E, 1111(1
a in igntili lent NEW Huolv just from I'less. Ad
dress, J. c. .Mee l HUV a. CO., 1'hll.idelphla, I'a.
huiil 1I1.11 lullii. M( nni l I-111, nnil MairliiKe- uuhli',
showliu liuvv , lilie-r wx may fast'liiali' .mil eraln tin1
lovo .uui alU'Clli'ii ( f nay pi'isfn ilicy ( luicisi' Instant
ly, l ilt,-nv iiiaii, ruii-iiis. 11, niriiiLic'r, inw is itm
.uni I'f lire alar, lint abuuki.t -inii 1 11m k Ailclre-oh,
HL'NT & l'u 1.1-1 Suutli Till t lill.iilell,!ll.l, i'a.
I l'l.lliMi:X'!'.--r.i';
lioiv iuwly !" " lull 11
n Ti:oriTAi!i.i: km
c'liutireil 1 "C'lianiilni;! ' "lili,
arei they vioil 1 " Ac Mali
aru cve-laiaiitlons by llui- vv tio sco Uiu l.irii- clctrant
lii-w ('lirdaioH iii-ikIiuciI liy llie llnrupe'an anil Aiai'r
le'.in C'liruiiKi I'liWhliliii; Cn. I'.vcrj oni will want
Hula. It n inilivs in, inlhlii, 10 Mil Ilm lilctuus.
tlll'V 81 .IK till lll,llls.'l,'n. I tllivassi Ih, tUTl'lllH,
ami laillea unit p ml, 1 uu, "in "I I'lnplo.viiiciit, vein
llnil IIils llie- U si ,,, uliiK' i-r on.-ri-.l to mala
liioni'.v. Tor lull pariu til.n.s m ml n.inii tor coMI-
1lc111l.1l cire' ,v,uir. s.s, r (,i,i, .v; eei us
W a-ElllIlis'l-'ll Mire-1, isusieli. 11.1.SS,.
A TTOUXKY'S lll.ANKR (.cummin ami
& s? si;
! I ?0
i. ?!' a
fl uu,l,lll,'llb liouus, iubi i'iiiiia-ii 11,1 lur rtiiuui,. lluuiur.
i,i Coi.tMiiuN onico. All kliuU of if tu.rui'yn blanks i!nuci-
, ulw.r e,nr mi li.iml nr rrlnliul Id oi-ili r. I "a
2 m
W. P. JONES & CO.,
keeps coiistnnllj on li.iinl .1 1'uU nnd Completes Stock ol'
vvliicli vro will sell to the Piililic ut Prices so Low- us to defy competition.
of nil Grades nnd Latest Improvements,
Burden's Horse and Mule Shoes, Horse Nails, etc,
Spokes, Hcn,vy nnd Light, Carriage MaUobcls,
Axles, Spring?, Gum and Oil (?lo(lis, Valentines Varnishes, Spirits
and 11 gcncrnl Stock of
Building Materials, such as UNCANNON NAILS, Lewis' Lead,
Best Colors, Pure Oils, etc., as low as the' can bo bought in the county.
Mar 19, lSTS If.
. s.- ' I
f Oimlcts, Gouj-l-s, Twee-zcrs, Pliers.
l'eits ami K itlcv, Pans and Friers,
J.VI1 tilings for all korts of bnyer.s.
Ujr- - - -m
ill! 1 nit?.
Wc liuvo also added to ourStock
In all it Pr.inclics, Carefully Felected and Pnreliai-cd low for Cash giving
Advantages fur S-elling which can not be excelled by any other
Hardware Sl01' m the Cbuntry.
Wc GUARANTEE both in PRICE and QUALITY of our Goodd.
The Largest Stotre in the Country.
ind 01
ErrHh's "Inthr.t Dress Elevator."
Nil Oil. Tills
of nil. Il lai iin
w-,m V TiiuriTiiowiino
r s5?rrA n Vart (if Iho
OUV.Wltll ll.e, "JtlOs.
Vliior " una to. inu
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lltri(l. ikcrMtt
form may f. cl Uu
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tklrtrron mo mini.
1 it jjonxium 1 mri is
a Taattfful Btld I'll'
,fliIo or inn Fv;i,
rhionfiblo Itannor. I drwB u
li fulLnnfla to lu urV, wkl tli
BtrftiKht front. n Ravc-a moro
than Tn Tim ttaCOSt. Il rin
men imxnis i,ir
Il-s.-l. ,, ,,tprn.
tbiogrd lromOnDrOiBliftnotllor. 1
S,i. ot
(kali modi 1, a
SWSi pilii rn, ve
zinni a on t ""I'l'i ,
Oil ilm J'niiors" nnt.nmli .J'0'1!',1.",,",1. ,,,",,.liX,w!.lV,
?.V. .?.!". "sr .to ii! t!'. h 1 olio ii-ui1-
"I'.vrmi.'i iiA.A.iic."
fori of Fasliios
FINE AflTS and POLITE Literature,
Nlimlo Oonlosi 25 I'cntn.
Kobsi-rlptlon Price 6't a rpar. ist.M, Indmllntr J
priraium of Tno Dollar.' vvortli of - uiu.ruam.-u lo caca
We Kn,! our f!r.UTIPICATI.S n' '"
l,p,m rn-.ii.t i.r .uUscrllilUm I'l'W ( ''.'. '."",.!! It ls
lll.r.VA-rOHH Mill bo gin 1 l PI.ACl. et en.a
lilUrawurtUbl I'allkTUl.UU.lKU;.
-T7, hitllAV II (linvPV lllli'iht.l
111,1.1 iii-aiiiiiiti, niti ai tiip laupiziiic to Smith's Illustrated Pattern Bazaar
he I'ciunil 111 (his i-oiinlry, ami i-vi'ry pr- sainpu cop-. , i cents,
soil lli) liogllli Willi lllleill il. "ill; subsnlpttun I'rliv,, poitpalil.
NKVKIl ilisfUlllilllie it while) It is imb-j ono's vvjriliot ratte-rnsulventocvcli
litlll'il. suiiscilljei' fre-e- us pruuiluui,
$4,500.00 in Gold Coin to Givo Away !
Wc will irlvi'l'i.tTiuo In CdlNto Ct, i vvl 1 u'lve li.wm.On llill.l) t'liIN to 183 pi-r-p,
im iis vvlio M-iiel ii Uu- l.iri;,st imnilsr of niis vvuumikI uk tlio laruest iniinlie'r cf Mill,
bulisi uiu rs I o em r "Mirlilof I'lisLleii!-, " ul t n rll'cit. tu our "l.aiiiur," at caeli, bt-furo
i-iuli, bifoio Man 111,, itT0. Mnreli 1, ls;ii.
iu ine- i,(iie'r-up 1 1 (11c
Ii' eiiM eluli..
..til. 11.10 In Cdil r(,ln.
'.'1 1 I.Hri,'i'si dull
ml LniKcbl (lull
Sill l.lllt'Cl-t cllil
Mil l4l!'l M Clllll
r.tli Uue-i'! 1 lui
"Ill UllKl'M dull
sili I uricebt 1 lul
Mil laih-i.tiluli
I Hi I nir- i-e eluli
,. visi.iu liKiolili'iln.i
, 1 n.isi in (,olil colli.
.. liw.iii In (told Kill.
, lii'.wiln (iiililiolii !
, 11 ,eii 111 liold coin. I
, 11 11 '0 In com coin. I
. ;r,.u 111 i.olil coin. 1
.. liusi 111 (,olil coin. 1
Bri.isi In Colli coin,
lt.11 Incoletcotli.
I I'D Mir-fl'M Clllll.
ami locn to llicC'tli Uu tCbl dub.
iiil 11 1 11 premium for cvory nubsk-rlb -r yon taoml us. AND ovury Biibcrlle'r gvln n rfcmlmn.
11(11 (lot tlicbo Col, coin I'le-Be-nls olfcn iv 111 Ihi fouinl al full lcimlli III Uiu tscptcinlicr lilt II t -bc-r,
U'l le-b Uiu iininuM iiinl 1. o uililivsoj of Ml is-r.sons lo vvliuiu u liavo Just pal.l ti,13...
mi in iiol,l, ae-coi'iiiii',' uxuir pii vlouaoirnd. Ion can vvrlio to onu or till of thorn, unci they will
toll yim t ,at w a do iu wo proiulxv,
Vfil T I) P IO'liWiiy Islobcnil your own Mibcrlnllon to cither of ivur MnifMlnos, wlion
1 UU IV DJ'JO L )ou vvlllitet iu-ilriat nuiniai-r iiiiil5ourccrililcnU'8of iircinluius, whleli
v 011 can slum-, and ut onco Ih'L'lu liullliii,- uueiocrlbcr', or bilid corns
S3 ctntrt for ono copy. S-e nd sUiuip tor l'aliluii 1'nl.ilutf uo.
r. O. IIok 0065.
A MOStllLV Mi-mi, l l l'l wumi AT
lk-Vntt'll In ltlllll, ul lull 1 r I I llt.rnrnrr,. U Ir ,,t,,l
lluuiur. naciiiisi r jcir, 1 lininu toev rv
bub -
AUdie a Kinm i,w I'V'kiit,
AtlanUi, ca.
F. Wl WCMAX et CO.,
Keep on Hand tlio
s. . rm-
In the County.
& SON, Blooffishuvg, Pa.
I'oslumi) wins tlio oilniliallun
of lliciso njlc-n llujl Him in
ilLD GOSN Presents!
nlo.W, C'tli'Clillly n U IS -.'iprniiriuiu ir uu
iii.ilctUI, i.iul r, itnlre'S lifs tiood; In niil.o tiiiiii
a.. u ..,1.. p l,,I( ,.r .,,11 l.,,nte'. IL Is (inu of tlui 1
. , . t(.( ti. I
u III llnil II'sscs just tit,- FCfntcluritltliat
j I, ... ..l.a.. 11m .11 ,ht fir UtT i'lt
y viVr., never foiulviu-.t-iscourly
.t (, t1, r, "ilUr tuliUer .lunel 1
uurep - ii in inraiij iu "
vvnii-n nriy "'' '--'
J!, ir ircsr.y-ininiii -
nu. i is,,.
I!., r ,r. 1 mod' 1. 23 CIS.
el. 41; luiie-n, wall
1 1". N'. ol mi Icr-Mrl,
all cloth mmtI, t0 ew.
.iib.crliiUoi. ic. ll.c
Ab ii,iiuvh: 10 1110 (.ciicr-up 01 1110
Ab lollOVVb'.
l.Ul'L'tH dull..
IWMIlKllu colli coin,
, VlKl.KIIU Colli coin.
tMI.Oll 111 Colli colu.
, lu CoM coin.
. 1 0.(10 In Colli rotn.
, 7v.uu In CoM coin.
, Mi.ou In UlIiI coin,
, !-,. 0 in (l. M coin.
, 'j.oo in (loia coin,
, is.tiuliiC'lilcotn,
mi I iniii-Kt club
Sil I nrgoU eluli
sill 1 nii:it club
f.tU I.uri-ci,l club
(Ill 1 urge ft club
till Urtcktclub
Mil,', l dub
(lib larj-i'tl club
1"IH Uirp'ft club
llili ijiri-i'st dull ....
vn.ii" 111 110111 coin.
ami fco mi 10 tlio ts-icl l.irtro.t club.
911 llroadwny, New York City,
kliniild bubbci Ibo for Iho Hoummi Nkvv, publUliud ut
taiiMiiinali, 1 la. Uully,ieii Weekly, tlr uniiuin ,
Adv. rin cm dcBlriiii; cuhionnra Iu thesu MnJia,
hinuiiii use Us colmiis). It is llie U'St iucr lu I tic
i-uutli. ant. Mpcauiiu copli s unt 011 ruclpt of e
cviits. AchlrcsJ. 11, 1..VH1.I, tavuiiiiiili, tiu.
EI. VKK MOltTCIAGKS forbaleclicanattlio