The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, September 17, 1875, Image 2

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v v i a iv y, s o'ptTTr , lsro,
Tho wNl of Isaac 51. Singer, tlm sewing
machine man, was filed in Jfew York n few
days ago. llisestato is appraised at thd tccu
millions of dollars.
Alt llio Urpublican papers thai liavo f.ilr
cliararlcr themselves, spenk In tlm highest
personal terms of Judgo IViKliinj?. No man
who knows him doubts cither his ability or
personal Integrity.
Gov. Pennington, of Dakotah, lias been
spending a few days in Uloomsbtirg, with his
friend and relative, Dr. Gardner. Tho Gov
ernor is a lemarkably fine specimen of dig
nified humanity and looks as though he
wuuld adorn an executive- chair any where.
Jlon.Sanitiel.Crtlvin.liitoii republican mem
ber of Congress from tho lllair district, mado
n speech at a Democratic ratification niccl
finf in that county, on Saturday last, In
which ho strongly advocated tho election of
Pcrshirig and l'iollet. Other Republicans
The Ilarrisuttrg Patriot says that the 7rfV
graph of that city lias found out that tho
Popo is not a resident of Pennsylvania. Wo
doubt tho 1'atriol's statement, and cannot
conccivo tho Ttlcgraph so far advanced in
popular information as to know whether the
Popo walks on ono leg or four more or less.
Tho Williamaport Gatctte iC" JltttltUn is
particularly exorcised because a Congress
man or two who took extra pay participated
in tho Krio convention, but it docs not licsi
tato to support Hartranft, tho foremost salary-grabber
of all tho country, except Grant I
Wo have before read of peoplo who strained
nt a gnat and yet swallowed a camel. The
G. & 15. is true to its type.
Wo print on the first pngo tho remarks
mado by Judgo Eltvcll nt tho meeting of cit
izens called to consider tho situation after
tho burning of tho school building. Tho
people of this county aroall interested in tho
Bubjcct and would do well to give it their
attention. Tho remarks alluded to arc ex
planatory and cover tho subject. Tho peo
ple of Uloonnburg will no doubt do their
full sharo nnd have thus fardono every thing'
that was immediately required.
Tho Republican papers arc regaling their
readers by giving currency to an untruthful'
report of a quarrel between Mayor Ilridgena
of Lock Haven and Senator Wallace, in tho
room of Col. Isoves, at Erie. Col. Xoyos, in
u published note, declares that tho coarse
language attributed to Mr. Bridgens was not
used. Tho Republican papers ought to un
derstand tho New York San better than to
bclievo or republish any thing it says.
bet it be Kcmciiibcrcil
That John F. Hartranft is the first Snlarv
Grabber who has dared to ask tho people of
this Slato for their votes! Ho struggled to
bo elected wlien tho salary was $.1,000 a year.
No sooner was ho elected than he. struggled
to have it increased to 10,000 a year. Ho
succeeded, and although ho agreed to serve
for f.i.OOO he has been pocketing $10,000 a
year ever since.
Wo guess that about this time tho Repub
licans have concluded that they did not carry
North Carolina or its Constitutional conven
tion. The latter body has organized with n
full list of Democratic officers from President
down. All tho Republicans and a portion
of the Democrats wero opposed to making
any amendments nt this time, nnd this is
why the former succeeded in electing nearly
half the delegates and that is tho oulv vic
tory they had.
Wm. II. Shoemaker represented this Sen
ntorial district in tho Krio convention, nnd
C. U. Uroekway and Warren .1. liuckalew
were tho representative delegates, Mr
Shoemaker generally voted for Noyes, and
tho others generally for Iiigler for Governor,
hut all cast somo complimentary ballots,
On tho final ballot, and some others, they
voted for Judgo Pershing.
For Treasurer Messrs. Shoemaker nnd
Buckalew voted for Mr. Piolett on each bal
lot after tho first, and Mr. Prockway for W.
It. Playford.
The Pcon-c Wast a Changi:. The
Lewistown True Democrat says : Tho Cam
bria Iron Company has ngain reduced tho
wages of its employees in all departments 8
percent, mils it lias been going all over
the country: not much work,'aiid Ircquent re
duction i of wages j yet tho Radicals nro in
power nil tho time, who promised fat things
for tho laboring classes and general prosper
ity for nil classes, if Grant should bo re-elect'
ed. Why trust them longer? Let's have a
change, by giving tho Democrats a trial.
We give all the points of interest in our
report of tho proceedings of the Stato cor.
vcntioti. As tliero is no ollieial report, wo
gather ours as best wo can from despatches
and newspapers, being mainly indebted to
tho Erie Observer for tho platform and bal
lots. Every tomnoddy that can now days
work his way into a Slate convention as n
delegato wants to bo cither President or u
Secretary, and yet the latter seldom think of
making out authorised proceedings nnd still
less frequently would have tho capacity to
do it if they did think of it. Hut tliero was
nothing of Interest except what wo print,
Tho strongest cvldciico tho J'epullican has
seen fund we substantially use its own words)
that tho Democrats favor tho political tern
perunco movement it finds in tho two facts
that Mr. Orvis, a member of tho Democratic
standing committee, gavo Dr. Clark u friend
ly greeting and that tho Cot.miniAN an
nouneed his appointments. That being tho
enso its proofs aro purely imaginary, Dr,
Clark mid Mr. Orvis are old personal friend
nnd leading officers in tho same church, nn
their intercourse hero extended no further
than would bo proper and notural to persons
having that relation to each other, lliou,
neither peculiarly distinguished ns a temper
nnco man nor dovotco of the cause, the edl
tor of tho Cor.UMiiiAN has nil his llfo pub
lishcd calls for meetings of its friends when
ever requested. Tho difierenco may bo thus
stated: while tho editor of tho Comjmuian
is not professedly a temperance map lie pub
lishes all calls for temperunco meetings in
his locality while Mr. liicklty, of tho J!c
publican, is professedly a tcmperauco man he
publishes calls for tcmperauco meetings on
ly when bo thinks they will do his party no
Dr, Chirk does his own talking and is re
sponsible for himself, and has amplo ability
to glvo satisfaction to his friends or enemies,
lie holds his own meetings and so fur as wo
know or believe no Democrat in Columbia
"jtinty or elsewhere has in any wiso aided
Democratic State Convention
Tho Democratic JSiato convention met nt
Krio on the 8th Inst, llcndrick 11. Wright,
of Lucerne county presided, as Hinted last
week, with tho usual number of Vlco Presi
dents mid Secretaries.
Tho convention determined nttho outstart
to mako a platform befnro proceeding to
other business, nnd a conunlltco of ono from
each Senatorial district was appointed to pre
pare tho resolutions and report to tho Con
vention, Hon. V. W. Hughes being chair
man. Thin conimltteo did not succeed in
agreeing upon n report until the Oth. Upon
assembling at 3 o'clock of that day, tho com
mittee reported tho following, which, nftcr
discussion, was adopted by a largo majority.
Tho 7th resolution is tho only ono about
which tliero was difierenco of opinion :
ViY.oir,That wo hereby declare our un
faltering devotion to tho fundamental prin
ciples of Democratic government as enunci
ated by Thomas Jetlerson in his first Inaug
ural address, to-wit: "Kauai and exact
iustico to all men, of whatsoever State or
persuasion, rcugnmsur nmin.n j mo siii'int
of tlm State irovorniiicnts In nil their tights
as tho most competent iiiiniinisirauou ior
our domestic concerns, and tho surest bul
warks against anti-republican tendencies j
tho supremacy of the civil over tho military
authority ; economy in tho public expense,
that labor may bo lightly burdened! tho
honest payment of our just debts and the
sacred preservation of the public faith ; free
doniof religion, freedom of the press, freedom
of person under the protection of the great
writ (f habeas cornus and trial by juries im
partially selected "
2. That tho wide-spread depression nnd
sulfering which ntlect every business and em
ployment that is rapallo of being touched
by legislation, show beyond a doubt tho
ignorance, ineUioiency and wickedness of
tho leaders of thu party that has ruled tho
State and nation for a period of years, and
calls for their immediate nnd permanent re
moval from tho placesivhlcli they have so
long dishonored mid disgraced.
!J. That tho undue multiplication of
public officers, and tho inordinate increase
of salaries and emoluments of ollico are
among the many evils which radical rule has
forced upon tho country, and favoring an
economical administration of the Federal
soriously oppressed, we call upon our Federal
arui bmus representatives 10 sirivu oy uu
proper means to reduce them both to the
very lowest practical numuer nun amount.
mt !i 1..- ,.f 11.- , c.,n
o. xiiat mo cuiiuuot m uiu present, uihiu
Trensurerin the management ol'thcCouimon-
calth's finances: in ins neglecting to appro
priate the moneys in tho sinking fund in
n.ivment of tho miblic debt as rapidly as re
quired by law : his non-accounting for the
interest received oy nun on tnu pcupius
moncv deposited with tho several banks and
bankfng institutions throughout tho State,
and his insolent refusal to sulmiitthonrchives
of the Treasury Department to a legally
oonstituted(committco uftho IIouso of Rep
resentatives appointed to investigate thes.amo
is cause for gravo suspicion and is deserving
of tho severest condemnation at the hands of
i outraged nnd already over-taxed people.
5. That the condition of our Stato Treas
ury demands the most searching and thorough
" .. .. t . . . I. In--
investigation, nnu weeau upon uiocouiiiiuieu
appointed by tho House of Representatives
to investigate the Stato of tho same, to reso
lutely pursue tho duty which has been con
fided to it.
C. That the nominees ot tins Convention
aro hereby pledged to apply nil moneys in
thesinking fund as required by law in reduc
tion ol the public ueoi ami tucreuy save me
interest on tho same to tho amount so reduced
mil that monevs due the Commonwealth
from corporations and individuals shall be
promptly collected aiwl paid intothoTrcastiry
and not in any manner directly or indirectly
to employ public moneys for their own prolit
or purposes.
7. ThaUhc contraction of tho money cur
rency and circulating nieuium neretoioro
made by the Republican party, and tliol'urtli
cr contraction proposed by it with a view to
1 . .1 ! ..!.. 1.....
iorceu resumption ui niicuiu imyiiiuiiis,
already brought disaster to the business of
tliecountry and tiircatens general uanisriipicy.
Wo demand that this policy bo abandoned
and that tho volumo of money bo made and
kept equal to the wants of trade, leaving the
restoration of legal tenders to par in gold to
be brought about by promoting tho Indus
tries of tho people and not by destroying
8. That tho policy already initiated by
the Republican party of abolishing legal
tenders and ffivintr the National Ranks tho
power to furnish all the currency will increase
the power ot an already dangerous monopiy
and tho cnormus burdens now oppressing
the people without compensating advantage,
mil lout uu uiu iiuuniini units, oiioiiinimii uu
iroinptly nnd permanently retired and full
egal tonders be issued in their place,
t). That tho public interest demands that
tho government should cease to discredit its
own money, nnd should make its legal ten
ders recicvablo for all public dues except
wliero resncct for obligation ot contracts re
quires payment in coin
10. The extinction ot tne present naiiona
banks and flic establishment in their stead of
a system office banks of discount and deposit,
under such regulations as the states respect
ively may prescribe, and no paper money
except such as may be issued directly by and
upon tue jauu ui uiu rvucinincniiiium-iir
fordlntr practically a currency based on tho
gold and silver and other property of the
wholo peoplo ol the country.
11. Thalwiththisdcclarntion of principles
and policy wo arraign the leaders of the Rc
pdbhean party for their extri.vngant expen
ditures and profligate wasto of tho people's
. .i...! ....:-.. . r.. ....
money , jur iiieir uuriiiiiiuu , jui men jiu
culation : for their contempt of constitutional
obligations ; for their extortionate increaso of
the salaries ot our ptiOH oincers ; ior ineir
oppressive, nnitist and defect! vesvstem of tax
ation, finance nud currency ; forthclrcontinu-
anco oi incompetent aim corrupt, uicu in
office, and for the general mismanagement of
both tho fctato and r edernl uovernincnis, and
wo cord ally invito tho Liberal Kcpuulicans,
and all other men, without regard to past
party associations, to co-opcrato with us in
expelling them from power and in securing
such an administration of our public alfairs
as characterised inpurerand better days the
Tho following tablo fully exhibits tho re
sult of tlio balloting for Governor and Stato
I 1 I I t 1 I t 9 It 11
It'll Its
stllos ?:
. . .13 111 IS IS V, 23 W V, m 14') so m a'i us vi 41 r.i cs
...ill 84 31 if! 111 41 45 41 .111
.....13 14 12 13 IH 9 9 U H Ii
..11 II H 17 13 11 S S 11 T
...'.' 1 VJ 41 43 4S til M M r.-. M
...43 41 40 40 VI ta 4S 43 UI VI
i 1 I tlU 1 !
'if, in vj VI 83 l
r. ft
. tin
... 5 B
... 4 4
... 4 1
't b
... Ii
.... 3
3 IT
II 3
C -i
Null l..
(Jo froth..
Hpansf 7.
illlclii'U ..
After tho 11th ballot the nomination of
Hon. Cyrus L. Pershing was mado unanimous,
amidst tremendous applause and cheering.
Tho convention proceeded to ballot for 1 reus.
urcr. Tho Unit ballot was too promiscuously
scattered among beggars for "complimentary
votes" to mako it worth recording. Mr,
Tiollet was not started as it candidate until
tho 2d ballot was about being taken, lie
tween tlio principal candidates on that ballot
tho vote stood l'iollet 111, Noble G2, Playford
(51, and tho rcht scattering. On tlio 3d ballot
tho votestood l'iollet liM, Pluyfordol, Noble
17. Tho nomination was then mado uiianl
A Stale Executive committee was then ap
pointed, couipofcd of ouo person from each
Senatorial district. J. 0. Ammonium, of
Danville, was appointed for this district,
Tho nominees mid tho President of tho con
vention are to select tho chairman,
Tlio following was adopted with hearty
applause, h ;
"That out thanks aro hereby tendered to
the people of tho city of Erie for the generous
and hospitable manner in which they havo
entertained tho delegates to this conven
tion," Tho convention (hen ndjourned nt 3 o'clock
on Friday morning.
The llrle l'hil form -Democratic Duly.
Like tho dulchman's r.un who "got nbovo
his business" by jumping over tho fenco from
tho pasture of tlio sheep to that of tho cows,
the delegates to tho Erlo convention got
themselves mixed with tho Federal finances,
with what success our readers may sco by
reference to tho 7th resolution. The ques
tion is ono with which tho Stnto nud this
election havo nothing to do. Xcxt yenr,
when tliero is a President nud Congressmen
to elect, it may have practical importance,
but not until then.
Tlio business of tho Eric convention was
to deal with Stato affairs and in that regard
it has dono most nobly. It has given us
candidates who are eminently qualified for
tho positions named and nro eminently prop-1
cr men, nud ns to State alllilrs has laid down
a platform that re-alllrms Democratic con
victions and plainly expresses Democratic
purposes. 'Ihose points were witliin tlio lino
of Its duty and of its instructions, and its ac
tion in that regard meets with universal
It is to ho hoped that tho Democratic press
and speakers will seo tho Importance of
charging homo upon tho Radicals their mis
government, dishonesty, extravagance and
corruption, in both State and Federal affairs,
but especially as regards the latter, and that
they will steadily refuse to bo diverted from
this grand purpose by any attempts of the
opposition to mnko tho finances an issue.
Tho people want to redeem the Stato from
corrupt and oppressive misrule, from extrav
agant expenditure nud squandering of pub
lic money. That is tho solo business now
and at this election, nnd let us not bo divert
ed from the discussion of that purpose. Of
courso the Radical press and orators will do
their best to get up discussion on other mat
ters and bring them in issue, just as they try
to bring forward the war that closed ten
b.ars ago, in order to distract attention from
nho wroncs their ollicials havo nernotrnti'il
a - i--i -
upon tho people. Rut let the Democracy
every where stick to the text and not bo fool
ed into the discussion of irrelevant subjects.
Tho cxtravaganco and corruption of llart
ranft's administration and tho Treasury Ring
of Stato plunderers, and tho gross corruptions
of tho Grant government and his third term
aspirations form tlio text of the issue at this
election. Let us stick to those issues and
not bo diverted from them.
Tlio Xcxt (lovcrnqr.
Cyrus L. Pershing is not only tho Dcmo-ci-.uie
nominee but ho will bo tho next Gov
ernor of Pennsylvania. Ho is a very able
man, an honest man whoso integrity lias
never been questioned, and ho is a vigorous
reformer in whom all who desire a return to
economical and just administration can have
tho fullest confidence. When Pershing be
comes Governor dishonest legislation will
stop, tlio revenues of the Stato will bo hon
estly applied, and squandering and extrava
gance will cease. Of these things his whole
public as well as private life give tho fullest
Judgo Pershing served fivo consecutivo
yeais in tho Legislature, representing Cam
bria county, where ho was born and reared,
and he can point to his honorable rcconl as
the sure proof cf his integrity and fitness for
Governor. Although our Stato Legislature,
under Republican sway, was about as cor
rupt a body as existed any where, no man
impeached or ever suspected tho integrity of
Mr. Pershing. Always nt his post, and
always discharging his full duty, his record
as a legislator is without a flaw and without
an act that raises suspicion either against his
ability to judgo correctly or his motive to net
honestly. So high did ho stand nftcr this
long service that tho Democracy of tho Stato
lSti'J nominated him for Judgo of the
Supremo court, but he was defeated by tho
same system of fraud and f.ilso counting that
defeated tho election of Judgo Packer for
Governor nt tho same time. Rut ho was not
long suffered to remain in private life. Tho
people of Schuylkill county, without distinc
tion of paity and without solicitation, in
1873 elected him a Judge of their courts by
a majority of over three thousand votes. In
that position ho has discharged his duty with
accustomed ability. Rut recently tho
Commissioners of that county were brought
before him upon a chargo of fraud in swin
dling the county in the erection of an alms
houso barn. Under his correct ruling the
charges were established and tho guilty par
ties convicted. Ho sentenced them to two
years imprisonment and ouo thousand dol
lars lino each, to restore tho sums improper
ly taken from the county, to removal from
oflico and prohibiting them from holding of
fice hereafter, and to stand committed until
tlio sentence was complied with. They wero
held proves, two wero Democrats and ono a
Republican, and ono of tho former it was
shown did not participate in the frauds fur
ther than to let them go on without opposi
tion. In sentencing them Judgo Pershing,
in remarks wo shall hereafter publish fully,
referred to tho pain it gavo him to send
men of their standing to the fcllon's cell, but
said that fraud hud become, so common in
official position that ho felt it a high duty to
imposo severe scutenco as a lesson to nil
either public officers who might como within
rim inri.ilir'lwin nf lilj i..nrf MMilj
affords a striking cxamplo of what Judgo
Pershing will do with peculating officials
when ho is eluded Governor. It gives a
guaranty to tlio people that tho beginning of
his administration will mark the end of olli
cial rascality, that tho rights and interests of
Vho tax-payers and upright peoplo of this
commonwealth will l,o protected, and that
impartial justieo will bo dealt to all with a
firm hand.
Judgo Pershing was several times n Dem
ocratic candidate for Congress, anil always
ran considerably ahead of his ticket, but was
defeated becauso of tho overwhelming Re
publican majority of tho district. Ho Is now
about fifty years of age, in tlio prinio anil
vigor of matured intellect. His election
will bring back the pure and uoblo times of
Francis R. Sliunk and glvo to Pennsylvania
au administration that will form a laud
mark in tho history of American govern
Tlio nomination of Judgo Pershing Is re
eclved with enthusiasm all over tho State,,
not only by Democrats, but by conservative
men and advocates of reform of all parties,
Ills nomination was not brought about by
arrangement of politicians, hitt by tho popu
lar demand for nn honest, sterling, able man
who would bo sure to put an end to govern
mental abuses and oppression. Tho peoplo
will flock to his standard. Wherever per
sonally known ho will run far beyond his
party strength. Ho will command tho votes
of nil intelligent men who demand a reduc
tion of tho immciiHo annual expenditures of
our Stato government jo tho economy of tho
olden time, and who desiro Just and honest
administration and a strict accountability of
all public officers,
Stale Treasurer-Col. l'iollet.
Past differences arising from local issuos
whllo Columbia, Bradford and other counties
formed a Congressional district, render tho
nomination of Col. l'iollet somewhat dis
tasteful to a portion of tho Democracy here,
but it is to bo hoped that every feeling of
hostility will bo submerged when cool rcllec
tlon upon tho importance of the Isstio per
forms its proper ollico.
That Col, Piollct Is eminently qualified
for tho position of Stato Treasurer wo pro
sumo nono will dispute. That when ho en
ters upon tlio duties of tho ofllco ho will take
particular palm to ferret out nnd cxposo nil
the frauds that havo in tho past been com
mitted iqioii tho people, and that ho has am
ple qualifications fur the task, will no doubt
bo admitted by nil. In fact, in theso respects,
ho probably has no mipcrlor nnd few equals
in the Slate. That tho peoplo would bo Im
mensely benefitted, therefore, by his elec
tion, is apparent. Can any Democrat, then,
hcsllato as to his duty in tlio case? If nmad
dog wore approaching any ono in dangerous
proximity ho would not stop to choose
mong his friends who should knock tlio dog
own, or caro whether it was friend or ene
my wlio did it. Tho Treasury Ring is now
in that attitude. It is the mad dog in tho
path tho enemy to bo destroyed. That can
and will be dono by Col. Piollct's election.
His defeat would continue tho Ring nnd in
crease Its powers and usurpations. Can tiny
honest man of good sense licsitnto in ills
choice? Shall privato resentment or patri
otic emotions prevail? Rut ono nnswer is
Col. l'iollet has been a life-long Democrat,
and though recently very prominent among
the Grangers of the State, it was his Demo
cratic instincts thnt led him there. A
Frenchman by blood he has no doubt, ns al
leged, been too impulsivo to bo always dis
creet ho may nttinies of excitement havo
uttered what his cooler judgment would con
demn but under and over all that is the
admitted nud most important fact that when
poso mem to tlio people, recover haclc a
gieat part of tho sums lost, and put a com
plcto stop to all the dishonest practices thatij
havo characterised tho treasury manage
incut ol tho itauicais. lie is therefore a
proper man for tho times just tlio kind of
candidate that is needed, and ouo who ns au
officer will fill tho demands of tho peoplo.
Rally, tlKTcfore, for the reform nominees
for tho men who will do what you want
done in State affairs.
Rut, he is a Granger, shout tlio Radical
leaders. "Well, let him bo a Granger I That
does not hurt any body nnd does not consti
tute a reason nor will it havo the effjet to
induco nny Democrat or reformer to voto
against him. If there were more Grangers
among tho office-holders it would bo far bet
tsr for the people. A Granger in tho State
Treasury just now will fill tho office of tho
cross dog under the wagon tho pilferers and
thieves will stay away tliero I Rally ior
Treasury reform that's the point to be
reached t!
Tlio Senatorial Conference Duty of Harmony
Tho Senatorial conference of this district
will conveno nt Williamsporton Wednesday
September 22, at 2 o'clock, as has been ar
ranged by representatives of tho several
counties. A protracted struggle may bo an
ticipated but ought to bo prevented if possi
blc. Tills is a time for unanimity of action
above any that havo over preceded it or are
.likely to occur for years to come. In the
great battle of tho people against corrupt
rings, peculation and fraud, every sacrifice
ought to bo mado and endured for the peo
ple's cause, and nil unseemly struggles for
placo by Democratic leaders ought to be
avoided. Tho whole energy of tho party
ought to bo united against tho corruptionisls
and used solely for their destruction. Who-
ever docs any thing to prevent this is a more
effective enemy to the caiiso than any open
Then let us havo harmony. The confer
ccs from Columbia will be tho only ones
present who havo been appointed by a con
vention and aro therefore representatives di
rectly of the party of their county. Those
of tho other counties aro appointed by tlio
candidates (by authority of tlicir conventions)
but aro therefore merely representatives of
tho candidates. As such the candidates they
represent aro responsible for their action.
These, however, may bo appealed to (safely
wo hope) to havo the great interests of tho
party and through it of tho country, in view,
rather than the interests of mere candidate.
Wo appeal to all to avoid discord and divi
sion, or long protracted session, and to give
,their party a unanimous nominee who will
bo a faithful mid efficient representative, ns
well ns n creditable candidate. Let tho as
pirants show their manhood by tho exhibi
tion of honorable unselfishness and heart
felt desire for union and harmony. If noth
ing else, will do, toss up, draw cuts, join the
army, or do anything clso lionornblo to put
au end to struggle. All this, however, an to
a nominee wdio will bo a proper candidate
and au honest representative of tlio princi
ples and purposes of his party.
llarfraiift's Extravagance.
Tho snobish attempt of Gov. Hartranft to
imitate a sort of regal splendor is costing"
tho people a round sum besides making both
Governor aixl people ridiculous. Ho keeps
around him the following personal attend
ants, at the salaries set opposlto their names,
paid by tho Stato:
Private Secretary, '- - - 53,000
Clerk to said Secretary, - - 1 ,-100
Messenger, - ... yuo
Errand Roy, .... -100
Tho privato secretary imposes all tho work
upon tho clerk, at present, and spends his
timo In Philadelphia as secretary of tho Re
publican Statu Committee. Thu messenger
is nliseut on tho sumo business, and tho boy
does his work. That is tlio way tho people's
money goes, though theso nro only items.
There is no law lor any of tho above offi
ces. Twenty years ago ono messenger,
without ussistant, was enough for tho Ex
ecutive, Ktato and School Departments,
During Pollock's Republican administration
ono was appointed for each of the-o depart
ments, and now Gov. HartraulVH inc.sciiger
has an assistant in tlw "errand boy I" Dur
ing Gov. Packer's administration ouo of tho
clerks was detailed as private secretary, with
a salary of $(500, which was taken from the
salaries of other clerks, and therefore added
no expense. Rut now this "private secre
tary" icccivos $3,000 per year, as much av
Democratic Governors used to get, und lias
n clerk at a salary of $1,1001
With such examples of snobish cxtrava
ganco It Is no wonder that thu expenses of
llurlranfl's administration are mora than
double those of any of his predecessors und
aro nearly, or qulto thrco times ns much as
tho expenses of any of his Democratic pre
decessors! When nil is counted they will
bo found to exceed thrco times ns much.
If tlio tax-payers stand all this, the proba
bility is that it will bo doubled in a future
term 1
Tho Tidal Wavo Gathering Strength As
It Rolls On!
Tho Republicans havo barely escaped de
struction In Maine, heretofore one of their
strongest and most reliable holds I In 1872
Grant had 32,000 majority, though Greeley
was popular in Maine, nnd Radical majori
ties havo ranged from 15,000 to 40,000 for
years past, according to tho voto out, but
last year, on a light vole, was reduced to
eleven or twelve thousand. Now, on a very
full vote, they elect their candldato for Gov
ernor by a majority of '1,000 or less 1 1 They
mndo every possible cxeitlon niul lind tho
best orators of their party in tlio nnllon in
tho canvass, including Morton of Indiana.
Tlio Democratic gains aw uniform through
out tho State, and thcro is a larger gain of
tho satno party in both branches of tho
Legislature. Thcro was a vacancy to bo filled
In ono Congressional district, In which tlio
Republican elected their candidate last fall
by 2,017 majority. Now tho contest is so
close that only full returns can settle who
Is elected 1
All hall, Tidal Wave messenger of re
form, good times and pence I
Thorough Organization Tlio Italy ef (loud
And now Democrats, your duty is nsplnin
as a jilkc-stnff'. Tliero can bo no such thing
a misunderstanding it. It is simply this:
ORGANIZl'5 thoroughly in every town,
township, ward and nrecluct. and do it
promptly. You havo everything to encour-
ago you to sucn action, l our standard hear
ers have been named, and aro ready to lead
you on to victory. Rut victoricsare not trcn-
erally won by mere rabbles. At tho polls
all men's votes count nliko; but the men
must bo brought to tho polls in order to
mako their votes effective. On tho day of
election every vote should bo polled, and to
accomplish this, dlscipliuo is vitally neces
sary. Discipline and effective organization
co hand and hand tosrether. They aro in
separably connected, and when brought into
play aro next to invincible. To work then
at once and secure tho rnzo now offered to
you, Vhila. hremmj Chronicle.
All that is good, and it is to bo hoped that
every Democrat in Columbia comity will
act upon tho suggestions of tho Chronicli
which aro not new, but tho valuo of which
have been tested in many a cainnaisn.
ORGANIZIO, in clubs and otherwise, every
where, therefore, and prepare to poll every
possidlo vole, and to take every ono from tho
opposition that is possible. Lcavo no stone
Rut no Democrat will fail to observe that
any attempt at discord, any division within
.the party, any "volunteering" of candidates,
must have tho effect to injure if not prevent
such thorough organization ns tlio times
require. Any man who now offers himself
as a volunteer candidato does so with his
eyes open to tho fact that ho thereby injures
his party, abstracts strength and votes from
Judgo Pershing ho will thereby provo that
ho is altogether selfish, and docs not caro for
Democratic success at this important crisis,
but that ho is ready and willing to sacrifice
tho cause of Democracy to gratify his own
personal ambition.
Therefore, Democrats, if you would bo
strong and do your utmost for success, frown
down all attempts at discord, all family
quarrels, and organize thoroughly, in every
township, und where practicable in every
locality. In this good work tho best Demo
'erat.s will bo foremost the most deserving
of future promotion will take the lead nnd
bo ino-t nctivc. Rally for tho cause for
Pershing and l'iollet! Rally now!
Montmir I!eiiililitaii .Nominations.
Tho following is tlio Republican ticket of
Montour county, to wit: Prothonotary
Wilson M, Gearhart, Commissioners Geo.
W. Dcrr and Daniel Do Long, Auditors
.lames McMahon nnd K. M. Sheldon, An
earnest effort will no doubt bo mado to elect
this ticket nnd unless tho Democrats attend
sharply to their business it may bo success
ful, in part at least. The Democratic ticket
is also a strong one, which with'proper effort,
tho inculcation of harmony and sensible
good will, can bo elected by the usual major
ity. Small as tho county of Montour is, so
common has bolting become there that tho
Democrats aro split into spiteful little fac
tions, and unless they wisely put au end to
such nonscuso they will soon find it impossi
ble to elect any ticket they cau nominate.
The friends of the cause every where Iinpo to
sco them forget their personal differences
and struggle alono for tlio succesi of their
principles. This end can only bo accom
plished by a thorough acquiescence in nom
inations regularly mado and au efficient and
unanimous support of them. Union is a
bulwark irresistible in majorities and always
potential too in minorities. It will bo well
for tho Democracy of Montour not to disre
gard either end of tho truthful saying just
Tliuso Walnut Hours.
Wo aro informed by u citizen of Harris-
burn that tlio Radicals (probably by ordor
of tho chief executive magistrate of the
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania himself,)
havo removed thoso famous Walnut Jfoora
from the Governor's horso stable nnd re
placed them by others! Alter tho election
tho Walnut's will no doubt appear again
unless somo enterprising Radical oflicial
shall steal them. A number of vouchers
havo also been discovered to have been
stolen or removed from tho Auditor General's
office, as there are no vouchers on filo for cer
tain warrants that were drawn I Tills wholo
matter, wo aro informed, will bo thoroughly
probed, and proofs will bo presented estab
lishing that a gross and monstrous fraud lias
been practiced in order to screen this piece
of littlo villainy and folly from public ob
What aro not theso rogues capablo of?
Tho walnut stablo doors for some timo have
been an object of ridicule nud just contempt
for tho snobbery of their inception, nnd now
records nro stolen, und perhaps tho doors too.
to hldo tho shaniol Yet tho men who do
theso things nro your Governors, Stato Treas
urers and other high officials ol your Com
iiiouweallli I
is it not high timo for tho peoplo to arouse
and eject them from power I
Foreign Xi'M's.
The Christian insurrection in Kuropcan
Turkey Is not so nearly suppressed as tho
Tuiks represented. Tho former have recent
,ly gained a decided victory and aro increas
ing in forco nnd war supplies, llio great
'.owers of Ruropo nro keeping a close watcli
on tho progress of events anil may feel called
upon to put an end to thu strugglo,
Tho French commander "f thu Mcditcra
nian squadron much excited his countrymen
lry writing and publishing a letter In favor
of re-establishing tho Umpire. Ho has been
removed from command but another lloun
partUt is put in ids place,
Tho Allimsist forces contimu t bo uc
cossful in Spain. What is thcro called uni
versal siiflVago is to lio adopted, Nono but
persons nbovo ii!) years of ago can vote, and
wo beliovo none but housekeepers. Soldiers
in tho field, of whom there aro 1 irgo nuin-
J hers, can not voto
llxrorjils ami N.nvs Unas I'.xclinnges,
Tin- p.'ople are tired of xiibtilullnn. They
nro tiled of having a villainous government
Mibstllir.i d fur mi honest one. They are tired
of having an liredcoinablo currency snlntlliilcd
for real enrieiiey. They, nro tired of having
Hiirlr.uift sub tltiiled for an honest man.
Thanks In Prof. Mulsh, Mr. Welh nud Red
Cloud, (he business of eliciting tho Indium Is
not so profitable as It was. Orvlllo Grant has
gone out of thu trade. This Is a bad indication
for Dclimi.
What care tho lenders fur tho com
moil school ylem ? Did they not attempt to
put a c!nuu In tlio Civil Rights hill which
would have utterly destroyed the ".common
schools lu nearly onc-hnlf (ho Stales of the
Union? Out upon such hypocilsy.
Democratic Stato Nomiuations.
Or Schuylkill county.
btvti: Titr.Asintnti,
Of Ilradford county.
Columbia Go. Domocratio Nominations.
CIIARLI'-S O. 11ARKLKY, Illooinsbuig.
asociai n .trixit:,
Or.OltliK SCOTT, Cntnwissa.
I'll H'llnNOTAUY,
R. FRAN'lv -ARIL Uloomsbtirg.
r.r.iiisnni and,
SILAS W. MclIKNMlY, Jackson.
.10HN 11. CASEY, lilooiiHhurg,
MARTIN V. It. KLINT,, Catawissa.
Knpublican Stato Nominations.
Governor Joll.V V. HAUl'UAXi r.
Stato Treasurer HKNliY Rawi.1I.
Prohibition Stato Nominations.
Governor RoiimiT A, RnowNi:.
Stato Treasurer Kmjaii K. Pi:xxtacki:i:
A i'stitk nt' .limit MAWl;fl. liErnvsEn.
'1 lio unlcrsli;iu'(t Auditor to illstrllmlti tlio tuiiil hi
tlio nanus ot tlio nxecuior, nun me win an
liovi'il nf llio pstntn of .Inool) MnnnlllL'. tlet'Ctlsetl.
ntnmif tho helm nnd leirutecs who may bo entitled
in tlm sainn tinder tho will ot doeedcn'.w til meet tlio
parties Interested for tliLtyinpose of ids uppoiiitiiienL
Ull iUUUU I) . lAWmi n, ni, UK inumivni ... .....
ill. IUU UUICU Ul T.. 11. IIVI-IWI 111 I .tin IllO I .in ""mi
time and place, all parties Interested will iitlend nnd
present ificlr claims, or no forever dulurrcd from
eominir in ior u uisiriuiunu wmnj in sum rsLim-.
R 1'. IlII.LMYIIlt,
lilooinsuurg, September IT, lS7.V4t Auditor
Tho undersigned, Auditor to mako flistrllnitlon ot
tho hamneo of the funds In the hands or Thomas .1
vnnuersi cp. Adm n strai or. wit i tlio win annexed,
ninonjfst the parties cut Itled tliereto.w 111 attend to t ho
lippoiniinenL iu iiiiuiiiuu, in luooinsour, on i iiun
ilav, October 14. isj.5. nt In o'elocu, a. m , when and
Nhi'rn nit nersons hnvlntr clntlns aualnst. the said
esinto aro required to present I ho before tho
Auditor, or lie debarred from coming in for a sharo
oi sain num. uuiit'.itT i-. in,.ui,
llloomsburt,', Kept. iT,'TS-4t. Auditor.
of dlg
I Ihodrnhm'sCoiiitor Columbia counly. tho un','iied, nellntf llveeulor ot tho last Will nod Te.v
lament of Adjju flablc, I.ilo of tho township of hmereel;, hi said cuuiily, deceased, w 111 exposo
lu public sale uu 1110 promises, on
eomtnencInK at 1" o'clock hi I ho forenoon of said day
Mm rollowliii- tloscilbcd real estate, to wit:
AU that certain niece, nai'ccl or trael ot l.mdsllil
nie. lvbiL' and belinrlnthotownshlnnr ltoarlnu'ercek,
In said eountv, hounded and described as lollows, lo
wit: Adjolnlne; r.indsof Miljnion Mrnuscr on llio
west, lands of Samuel llouck on thu north, lands of
.lohn lllco on the east, and lands ot oilier i.v.ius on
I no soinu, coniuniiiiK
iimb r less, nearly all cleared land, whereon are
ercv a
Tvo-srouY i'ka.mi: iiousi:,
a Vr.amn until: nam and other out-bulldlnes. There
Is on tlio premises a (,-ood Apple Oichard, and other
irillt. Also, Lromi waiui on inu niciiiiscs. i-ussuaaiun
L'lven 1st of April, lsio.
CONDITIONS Ol' K.U.i:. Tell per cent, of the one.
fourth of tlio inonev to bo paid at thestrlk-
lull down of thu properly, thu oiie-fourlh less thu ten
per cent, at mo eoniirinaitoii ot ino saio iitin ino u.u
iinee In one j ear there.ilter, with lnleresl from eon-
iiriuauou nisi, oi saui saio.
Sep. 17-4t, Acting j:ccutor
$1,200 PROMT on $100
Invested la Stock I'riUleites hi WallStreet. Hooks
nnd ehcul.irs lellhif,', "Mow 'lis done," sent free.
Address Haxteii .t uo., llankcis, 17 Wall hi., New
.lust, pun ill- for cnnvnsherH. Now then Is tho time
1o Itet terrltori-. Don't stop to experiment on oilier
HOOKS. 'I UKO Ono Oil Know will sen. i iuihiiv U..11UM
will trlvn nil fhiilei, of Held. Illlll COIdCll ItCtUrhS.
Oeton time iirsoatonen nnd yuu will win. onttll
costs iiolhlnir. eerythhiir furnished. Send hi our
.names and towns you want, or tor circulars at once,
.Address. ASIUUICAN I'Ulll.ISIll.(l CO., IlAUTioiiu,
i if."., i inn tiinu.rlil lietnvn Paced. UoaitllfllllV !!
liistrated. Handsomely bound. No soldier should
bo w Illiout It. "A lust tilbuleo to dlstlnuulshed ser
ilrnu" A ti I'nrt.iin. "Your account Of Ileitis-
hiirif it tho llnesl, nillest, unlivery best history of
tho greatest batllo of modern nines, -l-o . .,. .-X-1..I.I.1V..I, wtetntii'i. "Tint most eotnnleto uc
fount. extant.'' Mai. lien. II. lllltlerlleld. N. . Send
for circular nud terms. 4th 1
. terms. 4in i.iu i ioa a i si i i.w.u
Till! I'Iti:ss. T, 11, Davis & Co.,
horn St., l'hiludelphla.
I'ubs , 725 Sai.
of JIOO.IIM, .vvu, f.Ti,i), 2VJ'i. Jin.iOi, Hiniiller stuns nro nald la tho yointnjj
lottery, which Is eoniliicteil bv sworn commissioners
and duly lesrauzou ny hid v-omni,- wkihuiuiu.
lte"iilar ilrawlHirs ir.tli muni mi oi earn monin minus
ilietear. 'I each, li f ir la. 1 f ort.'O. ChCIl
lain with fail Inform tiled
ai.i.i:n x cu., - j n
Assie nr., NBW Voiik,
Sep. 17,-r.m.
WiiEiiE.ts, by tho law) of t Ids ('uiiiinonweiillh It Is
mado llio u uy oi um h ii i ul.v,lo.
m Ico of thu general lUei'tloli, by publlcallon lu ono
or lore newspapers In tho eoiintj.ut least twenty
days before tho election, mid lo enumerate therein
llio olllcers to bo elected, and to designate llio jilaco
nt which llio election Is lo bo held.
Therefore, I, .Michael (inner, High Shcrirf of Co
linnbla county, do hereby make. Kiiohii iiiid proc la m
h....,.,. i,,v iiij vi,fi.'Mlll.'ll. lstl l ie ng t ho 'lues
ilav licit following tho Hist .Monday of said mouth,)
lit tho districts wtlliin mo eiiuniy, i i in
.uatcr township, nt thu puuno of 'llios.
lleutim township, nt tho public of Illrnm In t ho tuwn ot nenioii. .
St lllooin, at tho Court llmise, In I loisiisburg.
:.. , .!i. i nn, I'.itiri misc. Ill oomsburg
llorough of herwlck, at thu storo ot John .McAiull,
'"iKftuXK Houso ot Wll.
hrl'irc'reei; tuwushlp, at tho public- school houso
" ca'tatVii lowuslilp, nt the public Hon) of Samuel
Kostcnbaiidcr, hi Iho lownot Cntnwissa.
ceiitio township, at tho bchool hoaso near Lafay.
UlNijririiacony!ighnni District, nt tho school houso
near tho colliery ot John Anderson X Co.
SoiilliCbiijiigliaia lilstrlil.tit tho house of Thomas
Kllker! lately aisI hyatotu ot tho cllUens of that
ishingcreek Uiwushlp, at tho school houso near
raiiVllutinvnshlp, nt thu Mwrenou bchool houso.
(Iriwnwiioil township, at Uiu houso ot Joseph It,
''liemlock township, at tho publlo houso of Chas. II.
Dlelterli-h, In tho town ot Uncle Horn.
Jackson township, at llio houso of l..cklcl Colo.
liciist township, at thu publlo h'jUso of Daulel
M Jllinliiniuwi"sl'ilp',' at tho publlo houso ot Aaron
Iliiss. lu Iho townof JinillhiWilo.
.Madison township, ut tho publlo houso ot kamuet
"VBWA'CIP, ut tho houso of II. W.
Montour township, at tho public houso ot W, II,
Chilli luwilsihliiot tho publlo houso ot Jeremiah K.
'i'lurmgueek township, at tho hou formerly oc
euiiluil bv (loo. W. Drelsliath.
orango township, at tho Jiubllo school houso la
''V'hoaowiishlp, at tho Centre School House, lately
flxedbyiiioloof tho citizens of snld tow iisliln.
Sugurlouf township, at tho houso of Allnus Colo.
Scott township, ut tlio publlo houso of Win. 1'cttlt,
in tipy
At which timo und plaies tho fiuttlinul electors
will elect by ballot tho fullowuii; bUituunU County
btuccrs, Mil
(inn ivrsoti for (lovernor of tho CoiniiionwcaUh of
uno is'rson ior state i minn-cr.
in.,, tu.tsuiii fur Hrnntnr (nr I 10 XVIh district, rum-
posed of I he counties of Columbia, Lycoming, Mou-
our nnu snuivnn,
One person .iiiueooi tnorouniy oi
one person ror rroinonomry.
One person for Itoiffster nnd Itecorder.
One iVrson for Treasurer.
1 hreo nerMotin for Commissioners, (but ho elector
to vole tar more t Ii.iii two persons.)
riireti persons ior Ainiiiorfi, omt nocietior i
for inoro than tvto persons.)
u milliner nirouoii mni ine eirenoo imiinn uiu
'Vernl iilsl rlels Klmll lio oiiened ntsoten imnck In
the rorenooii, nnd shall ronlhuio open without Inler
ruptlon or adjournment until set en o'eloel: In tho
olrhlmr when the jiolls will be closed.
rtnKiiani totiio piotisioiii cuiiuiiiieu in ue- ihu
Section of tho Art of tlio (leiicral Assembly belluf
lions In this Ciiininonwe.illli," approved .Ian. an, 1-74.
NM.TIOM IS. As soon ns tho pulls shall close, llio
nnteera nf nleellnti kli.lll lil-iwee.l In en'ltll all tllO
A further sunn erne it n l ho act reiriuaiinir eiee.
Voles cut tor each eiilidldalo toted for, and inal.e a
full return or mo saino in iiipnoaio, ttiiu n r. uirn
Riieei. In nililillon. in nil nf which I he votes receltcd
by each ennill'lain snail no mum auer ins or uer
name, niM In words and nrralii In llitures, nnd shall
ie sinned by all or said unicorn nnu reunion ny over-
Seers. It nny, or If not so ceitllled, the overseers mid
niiyofllerr refusion lo slt-n or eeiilfy, or (lilierof
liiein, snail wrno iijioii oitru oi uiu n-tuiiis in- m
their reasons for not. slirtdoir or eelllfvlnc Ihrm.
Tlu vole, ns noon ns counted, shall ii1hIn publl' ly
niul fully dei lared trom the window in ui" cuiens
prost'tit, nnd a brief slalenieiit showing the voles
rceclH'd bv each rnudldate shall be made and signed
bv Ih" fieri Ion olllcersns soon as the tote Iseoiniied,
nml the same shall bo Immediately posted up on the
door ot the tli'i'iloii house for Information of the
public. The triplicate reiiirns Mian lie enclosed in
envelones nnd bo senled hi itresenre of the oMrer.
nnd one entelowe. v.llh tho unsealed lctttrti sheet.
Chen to llio JihIk'o, which shall rnulnhi one list nt
voters, lull) -paper, nml oaths ot olllcrrs, nml mint In r
of said envelopes shall bo Kltrn to the Inlnnlllj In
speefbr. All Judges Utlng within twelve miles of
tho proiiioiioiar.t s oiurr, or it hum ineniy-mur
m es. f their residence no in a town, iiuairo or city
upon tlio lino ofa railroad lending to tho comity
seat, shall, before two o'clock post meridian of tho
day nfltr tho election, nnd nil oilier jmiiros snail,
befiiro twelte o'clock iiini lilhiTi of tho second tlat
niter tlm elect Ion. ilellter snld return, totrethcr with
return sheet, to the prothonotary of the court of
common pleas of llio county, which snld return sheit
snail lie iueu, nnu mo n.iy aim nour oi iniiijf uinri.eii
iliereoH, nnu mi.iii uo presertcu ny mo lruiiiuuoiary
ror nuonc inspection.
Also. 1 1 lilt 11 1 101 o n .nuiyc. u.v ru mil-ss ui iiii.iiuiii.i-
blo nccldcnt, is unable to intend, then tho certlllcale
or return slinll bo taken chariro ot bv olio of thu In
spectors or clerks of the election of the district, who
shall do nnd perform tho duties reiiulred ot said
Jiidjro tumble to attend.
IIUJ lOUOWIIl ACl. HI tSSCIHUl.l ll-tflll.lllUK Uiu
inoiiii .or toi n-' li.ioo uoiinno nit' i i t oi i unim e
tnnln. wni nassed March Id. isin. nnd rends thus:
Section 1. lie It cmclcd by the Senalo nnd IIouso
of Itepresentntlvc of the commonwealth of I'rnnsyl.
vnnla hi oeneral Assembly met, and It Is hereby en
nrteil bv I ho niitliorltt of tho samo that the nuatllleil
l iners OI l lie Hcvrrai nisiricis in uu- seieun i-inunma
of this commonwealth, nt all (fenernl, township, bor
oush nnd speclil elections nro hereby hereafter
nuihoi lsed nnd reiiulred to vote by tickets pruned or
will ten. or n.irilv nrinteil nml nnitlv written, seter-
nlly clnsslilcd ns'follows: One ticket shall embrace
tho names of nil Jiidsrcs of Courts toled for, and
labelled, outside. ".Iodic art': ' ono ticket shnll em
brace tlio names or nil me suuo oiiicrrs voien ior,
nnd lobe labelled "State;" olio ticket shall cmbracii
the names ot all comity olllccrs voted for, Ineliidlni;
tho onico of Senator, and .Members of As-
senibf, If voted for, nnd membi rs of Coniriess, If
voie'i tor, nisi no laoeueii "uooniy ; one uckei, noun
etnlir.ien Ihn u:itiictof nil lownsh n oniecrs voted for
and bo labelled, "township;" ono ticket shnll cm
brneu thu names ot all boiouxh oalccrs toled for, nml
ho labelled "lloroujh."
section ii. 'll.ntllshnu no me tuny or iiiosneriii
tlm Knvernl enlllit Iim of tlio I'olillllonuealth to ill-
sei t hi their election iirotlainatloiis, hercatlcr Issued
thu itrsi section or tins net.
xotick is iiruruy givrx,
Thai eterv person e.xcenlliur Justices of llio I'eaco
nnd Aldermen, Nolurles Public and 1'ersnis In (ho
lnllllia sertico oi ino siaie, woo so in noiu or so.ui
i.' hiii two minims nato lie 11 unv rt!i"o or n ooo ui-
mentor liiotlt or. I rust under llio I'm ;d Slatfs.or ot
this state, und cllv or cornor.Ueil district, whether a
commissioned ollleer of otherwise, a subordlnitu
oiiicerornKeiiiwno is or snau no rmpioten unocr
thu legislature, IXecutlve or .ludlcl.iry Department
of this stnlr, or of nny city or ot nny Incorporated
district, nnd also, that etery meiiliier ot Comjrcss
nud of tho stato U'ulslatiue, und ot tlio select or
common council or nny cut, or tommlsslonersof nny
hicorporntrd dl-lilcl, Is by law incapable of holding
or o.fcrolshi',' nttho samo timo tho ollico or npnolnt-
ineni oi .luoge, inspector or fieri oi uny election oi
this Commonwealth, nnd that no Inspector, .liideai or
other ollleer ot such election shall bo eligible to bo
men toteii ror.
1' ho Insnectors nnd JUdire ot tho elections, snau
meet, nt tho lencclUe places appointed for holding
the elect Ion In tho district to which the respectively
belong, befom seven o'clock in tlio morning, and
each of said Inspectors shall appoint ono clerk, who
shall bo uipialhk'tl voter of such district.
In oa-,0 llio person who shall receive tho second
highest number of votes for Inspector shall not at
tend on llio day ot nny election, then tlio person who
shall have receive! tho becond highest number of
lotes for .ludijo nt tho next preceding election slull
net as Inspictor hi his place. And In ease tho person
who snau nato receiteii mu ni.' uiiiiioer oi tines
for Inspector shill not utleiid, tho person elected
Judgo shall appoint nn Inspector hi his place and lu
e.uso llio persun elected Judge shall not attend, then
tho Inspector who received the highest number of
totes shall nppolnt u Judgu hi his place or If any
vacancy .siiauconiiinio in out noaru ior tuonpacooi
ono hour after tho time tiled bv law for tho opening
of I ties election, llio uualllled inters of the township,
warn, oriusirici ior which such uniceis snail nato
been elected, present tit such election shall elect one
of their number to till such vacancy.
tfMt shall bo tho duty ot llio several assessors re
necllvelv to attend ut Iho place of holding every
general, special or towinhlp election, during tho
wholu timo such i lection is kept open, fur thu pur
pose of glilng Information to tho Inspectors and
judges, when called on In relation lo the right of any
person assessed by Ilium lo totu at such election,
und on such other matters hi relation to thu assess
ment as mo sain inspectors or euncr or iiicia snau
from time lo time reuuire.
No person shall bo permit ted to voto nt nny elec
tion ns aforesaid other than a male c Illon, of the
ago of twenty-olio jears or more, who has been a
clllcnof the I'ldled states at least one month, nml
who shall havo resided in tho Slate at least ono vent
und lu the election district where ho oifers to voto
two months Immediately preceding biicli election,
ttud, It twenty-lwo tears of ago or upwards, have
within lit o jours paid a Stulo or county tax which
shall havo been assessed nt least two months nnd
paid nt least ono mouth before tho election. Hut a
eltl7eii of tho t'nlted states who has nretloit-Iy been
a iiu.illlleil voter of this state and returned and wiio
shall hate Ilteil In thu cleetlun district mid paid
tuxes, us aforesaid, shall bo intltled lo toto alter
residing lu this Mate six months, i'rotlded, that
iltl.ens of thu t'nlted Slates, between the ngu of
twentj-ono und twenty-two who hate resided In thu
uluetlon district two inontlis, us aroresald, slull bo
rnilllcdlo toto niiuougii mjj snau nut nato p.iui
No person shnll bo permitted to voto whoso name
Is not contained lu fl.o list ot taviblo Inhabitants
tiiililshed by tho commissioners, unless, l lrst, ho
produces a receipt for tho pajiiienl within two j ears
of a Slato or eounly tax assessed agreeably lo thu
constitution and eltesalisfaclorv eviilcucu either on
hHoath or nthrinatlon or tho oath or iililnnnltoii of
other, that ho lias paid such ii inx,iirou lauuro in
proilueun receipt shall mako oath lo tho payment
iiirrouf. Second. It ho claim tho light to lolo by bo
lngtiu elector between Iho ngo nf twenly-oiio nnd
tweiuy-iwo years, no Mi.inueiinso oiuiiuiisir uinriiui
lion that ho has resided In lids statu at least ono
tear next before ids application, und make such
proof ot residence lu tho district as Is ruimlrcd by
this act, und that ho doesieilly believe from tho ac
count given him, that ho Is of ngo nrorcsniil, nud
such other etldenco ns Is reiiulred by this net: where
upon tho name of thu person thus admitted to voto
shnll bo Inserted In thu list bv the in
spectors, mid n nolo mado opposite thereto by wilt
ing mo worn ' lll, 11 HU Sll.Hl 1JO lllllIllllOU III lOlO
by reason of hating paid lav; or tho word "ago" by
ho shall bo admitted to vote by reason of such ngo
which shall bo called out to Iho clerks, who shall
mako thu llku holes on tho list ot tutors kept by
In nil cases wliero tho name of tho person clnlmln;
to into Is not found on tlio list riiniKlici hi thu com.
mlssloiicrs und nssessor.or Ids right to tote, whether
found thereon or noi, is oojucien to ny nny iiuaiiiiuu
iltl.en, It shall bo tho duty of Iho Inspectors to ex
amine such person on o.iliins to his iiuahllentloiis.
niul It ho claims to hat o resided within Iho slato for
ono tear or more Ids oath shall bo sullleleiit proof
thereof, but he shall make proof by ut least ono com
petent wit lies", who shall bu a qu.illllul ( lector, that
lie hasicsliL'd In Iho district two months not Im
mediately preceding such ileellon, and shall also
himself swear that its bona Udu residence. In pursu
ance ot Ids law (til railing. Is In said dl-lrl-'t, and that
bo did not remove inio said uisirivt ior ino purpose
of tilling thuieln.
ltveri' iiersoo ouilltlod ns nforrsald. nnd who shall
Irtako 'duo proof, It required, of thu residence und
patlnrntof taxes us aforesaid, shall bo admitted lo
loie in ine tuwnanip, wuiu or ui&uiii hi wihui no
biiau resiue.
It unv person shall prevent or nltempt lo prevent
anv olih.'i'of unv eleellnu under lids net from hold
ing such election, or Use or Uneaten any tlnlenee to
any such ollleer, or shnll Interrupt or hopropeily lu
teifere with him In tho exeeullon of bis duly, or
su.lll liloi'K up l lie w lllilow or ui eiliiu in ttuy w iniiuw
where tlio same may bu holding, or shall ilotously
dlstiith the peaie ut nich election, or shall Use tiny
I m li til i l.i 1 1 ii ilin ats. force or tlolunco. with design
lo Inllueneo unduly or uterawo any chuor. or to
protein nun irom loiing, or to restrain ine irceuum
la iholee, such jwi son. on eonvlellon, shall bo Unci
orun sum nut executing lite luuwlred dollars, and
linpilsoncit for uny I line, not le-s Ihnji three nor
muru than telio months, and If 11 shall h' shown
to Court, when Iho tJsueh otfeneo shall bo had.
that thu person so unending was not a iesld"ht of
Iho city, nurd, district ur township whole theouencu
was committed, und not entitled to votu Iheieiu,
then on cunt let Ion hu shnll lie sentenced to pa) a lino
of not less than one hundred nor more than ono
thousand dollars, und bo Imprisoned not less than
six lliouius nor uioro man iwo)uur.
If niiv iiei-son. not hvlaw oualhled. shall fraudu.
Icnlly toio nt any election of this Coiiiiiiuiiwenlth,
or being otherwise ipiallllutl shall tutu uut of Ids
proper district, or If any person knowing iho tvunt
ot such iiuallllcnlloii, shall nld or procure such per
son lo vole, the person oilcuillng slull on coiittcilon
lu lined hi any sum not exceeding two Hundred Hot
iars, und bo tuipilsoncd In any term not exceeding
Uu eo months.
If nny one shall toto at more than ono election
district, or olhernlsu fraudulently toto more Hum
oiicu on tho same day, or shall fraudulently fuld and
dollter to tho luspoilor two tlcktts together with
Iho Intent Illegally to vole, or who shall procure
another to do so, ho or they circuiting bhull, on con.
Mellon, bo lined In iiiiysum nut less than llltyuur
inure mail uto iiunureii iionars, nun uu impiisuucit
fur u term not less than thrco bomtoiu than twelio
If unv norson not uualllled to voto 111 this Common.
weal Hi agreeably lo law (except tho sousof iiuallileil
cltlcus,) shall appear ut uny placu ot elecllou fur tlio
purpuso of lnllui lulng the citizens iiuallileil in vole,
ho shall on contUlioii forfeit und Pay a sum not ox.
cccillng ouu hundred for etery biicli otfeiieo
and bu luipilsoncu toraicim not excrctiing unvo
l Msii vit n notlco to (he electors of Colum
bia county Uut by an net, entitled "An Act further
supplemental lo Iho act relaliru lo Uto elections of
this Comusiiincullh," approved Apill Ull, A. D, lsou,
11 is prut iueu us loiiun 1 1
hi:criox3. Alter Iho iiMOssnients havo been com
ph led oil Iho slxty-llrstday beforo Iho Tuesday uuxl
tiilluwlug thu llrst .Monday ot Novimber In each
tear, thu nssessor shall, on tho following day, maku
a return lo tho county coiiiiiil.sslniiera of iho names
of nil jui sons assessed by him since tho return ru.
ipilred to bu mado by him by Iho llrst section of this
net, noting oppusllu euco name the ohicnalluus und
explanations icnuli ed Inl noted nsufurt'sulil; und
tho county coiniiilsslnhrrs shall thetcupoii cause llio
samo to lie milled to tho rclurn reiiulred by llio llrst
section of this m l, und a full ami correct copy there,
of to Ih) mndo containing thu names of nil jiersoiis so
returned us resilient l.ixulilesln said ileellon dlsti let,
und furnish thu siiuie, together with tho necessary
elecllou blanks, to tho oUitersot tho clctlloii In sucii
i-lecHon distill t on or before kovcii o'clock un llio
lntrliliiK,uf Iho i leelloii: nml hu linn shall lie per
milled lo votu ut Iho eloiilon on (hat day whoso
h.ime Is liol on :.uld list, unless lu shall luuko proof
of his light to voto as herehiutior ruyiilred.
KsenuN lu, on tlm day of tlocllon any person
whine- natuu shall not upiiear ou tho leglstry of
voters, und who iluhns thu right to otu ul said dec
Hon, feliull produce at least ono iiuullfled t utor of the
tlbl i let ua u w Itncss to Iho i csldunui ot iho claimant ,
InthnillMrlrtlnwhlrlt ho tlnhnu lo lie n voter, for
iim tipiin.1 nf nt In.itttwn months Immediate)! tiro.
coding Mid election, which w llness shnll be sworn or
niiirinrti nnu siinsrrioe it wriiicn in itiu.i tiitiien
niul partly printed nntil.lllt to Hie fails stated by
htm. tvnti li iiuiiiat It snau iienne uritii.v tviieie mo
residence. Isot the person so claiming to lie n loturi
nnd the person so rlalmhig the rigid l" loie shall nlwi
take ami subscribe a written or p.utl.v written i.nd
uiriiv prinirti niuiiatii. siiiitng, in ine oest. tu ni
knowledge nnd belief, when anil it hern ho mis liorni
that he hns I icon a rlllzrn of Hu' lulled si.iKsfnr
one Ir.ntilh, nml of tlm eotuinniincallti of l'rtitis-..
vntitaj Hint he wis resnieiiui tne eomnmiwi jiiuomi
jrnr, or, If funnel ly a nitnlllled elector or n iinlltu
born citizen theieof, nnd has u niotril Ihriefrom nnd
returned, that, hn has tesldcd tliirclti six tuoiiths
IlCXl. preecillllg mini eieeuuii , mm. lie mis 11 nien in
the dlslilct In which ho claims to l a voter tor Iho
iierlod of nt least two months Immediately preceding
said election! that he hns not moled Into tho
district for tho purpmie ot voting therein! that hn
has, If twenty-two yenrs of ngn or upw arils, paid a
Slnloorroiihty tnx within twuyrnn, which was as
sensed nt least two months nnd paid nt lenst ono
month beforo tho elecllou. Tlm snld pmdntlt slull
nlso stnlo when nntl wliero tlm tnx claimed to bo
paid by tho nninnt was nwsdccl, and whin and
where nnd to whom paid) and the tnx ucelpt there
for shall bo produced for examination, utiliss Iho
nlllntit shall statu In Ids nflldavll tlnit. It hni bti-n
lost or deslrojcd, or thut he never leeched nny ; nnd
If n iiatur.ill7cd i Itlzen, shall nlso slate when, wiuro
nnd ny wiiatcoitri im was naitiraiuen, nnu sn.inniso
iroduce his ceruticntooi nniiiruiizanoii iorcs.aintua
lon. mil If Hie ticrsnn soclitinltiir Hie right lo tulo
shall tako nnd suhscrltm nn niUdaMt that ho I ami.
tlio bom rlllrcn ot Iho I'tilleil Slates, or, If Iwrn
elsewhere. xhnll stnlo tho fact In his nnitliitlt, nnd
shall produce etldenco that ho has been natnrnlli d
orthatliolsrnllllod lo II lenshlp by reason of his
father's mititrnllntlon, nnd shall turlher stnto In his
nltldailt, t lint he 1, nt tho time ef making the nnida
int. ef the ngo of twenty-one nnd undi r fwctil,i-tHn
irnist; mat no uas nei'ii u ciueu oi un- i nneu
States one month, nnd Ins redded In the slab' ono
Venn or, U iv iinllio bum citizen of the SI de nnd
irininedihercfroin nnd retui'i)cd,thal he has nMdcd
then In -IX months next prerrdiugs ii,t i ifon, unit
lu the election illtrlet immediately two months pre
ceding such election, ho shall Ik' entitled lo lute.
nimoilgll no snau not. unto pain taxes, me stun Hi of nil tiersons making such claim -i. nml Hiu Us of tho wlthe-tsos to tlielr rcsldi nee shall bu
preserved by I no election iionro, nun nt tin ciosoor
the elecllou they shall bo enclosed with the list of
voter, tnllv IIt nnd oilier papers leipilreil bv law to
bo tiled bj 'the. rclurn Judgo Willi Ihe piothoiiotaiy,
nnd shall tclnnln on tlio lli'tenllh In tho protlumo
tnrt's onlce, subject to eTnmlnallon ns other clr Hon
jui'iers are. It the elecllou olllcers shall Iltul that
Iho applicant powsses till Iho legal ipt. indentions of
a voter be shall be permitted to tote, nnd Ids naino
slinll be added to the list of taxnbles by the elecllou
oniecrs, the word "lax," being added where tho
claimant claims tu voto on tnx, itlnl Hie word "age,"
ivhrio he claims to toto ou ngrj the suinu words
bring added by die clerks lu each case, n spe tltcly,
on the lists of persons lotlng ut such election.
Suction 11. Ii shall bo lawful for uny iiuallileil citi
zen ot the district, notwithstanding tlio natuo of llio
proposed voter Is eontnliied on the list of resident
laxublcs, to challrngo tho vole of such per un,
ivhrrritpon tho hiiiiu proof ot tho light of MiXiago
ns Is now reipilrrd bv law shall bo publicly made mil
ncled on by tho election bonrd.nnd iho totn admitted
or icjeetcd, according to Iho evidence, h'tfry person
claiming In bo a nalurallcd dlth-en shall be rciintreil
to produce his naturalization certlllcale ut Iho elec
tion before lotlng, except where he has been for lltn
3 rnrs consecutively a totcr In the dlslilct In which
lie otters his tote; nnd on tho voto of inch person
being reetti shall bo tho duty of the ileellon
olllcers in tvillo or stamp ou such n rittit uie tho
word "voted," with the day, month and year i nnd It
any elecllou oflleer or oniecrs shall lecclve a si cond
tote on thu same day, by Mrttlu or thu same cert III
catu, evcriitlng where suns nro entitled to tote, be
cause ot the iiitiirnllr.nlleti ot their lot lid's, thrv nnd
the person who shall offer such second mtr, shall lio
guilty of n misdemeanor, and on conviction thereof
shall be lined or Imprisoned, or both, lit tho discre
tion of Iho court j but tho lino shall not exceed Ilia
hundred dollars In each case, nor tho Imprisonment
ono .tear. The like punishment shall bo tnlltelt-it, on
coin let Ion, ou Iho olllcers of elecllou who shall uu".
lect or rcfuso to make, or caitso to bo mad-', the en
dorsement ruiiuU-cd ns afoiesald unsaid naturaliza
tion certificate.
SKCTioN lz. If any election oflleer sh.i'l rcfuso or
neglect to require such nroot of the i Ight of sum-ago
ns fs prescribed by this law, or tho laws to which this
Is n supplement, from nny person olTetlng to into
whoso ii.imo Is not on the list of assessed tot ers, or
tvlio-j; light lo into Is challenged by uuy ipialltled
totcr jiresent, nnd shall admit such person lo voto
without reiliililngsiicli proof, every person so orrctul
Ing shnll, upon coin let Ifii, bu guilty of a misde
meanor, mid shall bu sentenced, for etery such of
fence, lo nav a lino not exceeding Uto hundred dol
lars, or to undergo an lmiiilsunineiit not more than
ono year, or both, at tho discretion of Iho court,
Skction 7. The respectltoa.ssessoi'S,liispcclorsnhd
Judges of Iho elections shall each bale tho power to
liuinnu-ier oius in uuy person eiaiiioiig uiu iigtiL to
be assessed or tho right ot sulfrage, or In regard lo
nny other matter or thing reiiulred lu be done or ln
iiulred Into by uny of said olllcers under this net,
nnd nny wilful falsu sweat lug by nny person lu rela
tion to any matter or thing eoncoriilhg which Ihey
shall bo lawfully Interrogated by nny or said oillccm
or overseers shall bo punished us perjury.
Skchon Is'. The assessors shall each rccclto Iho
samo coiupensallou for tho timo necessarily spent in
performing thu dulleshereby enjoined, ns is pro! Idcil
by law to ussessurs making vuluallou-t, to bo paid by
the county commissioners us In other eases, und ft
shall not bo lawful for any assessor tu assess a tax
ngahist any person whatever within tlxty-ono days
next preceding tlio annual election In Xuvcmlter;
uny tlolullon ot lids protlslon shall bo a misdemean
or, and subject Iho ollleer so olTcndlng lo a line, on
eonvlellon, not exceeding one hundred dollars, or to
Imprisonment not exceeding thaO months, or both,
ut the discretion ot the couit.
suction 4. on the petition ot Uto or mora citizens
of uny election district, selling forth that tho k
polntmrnt of overseers Is a reasonable precaution to
secure tho puritv nud fairness of the election In said
dlslilct, It shall ho thu duty ot tlio court ot common
pleas of tho proper eountv, nil tho law Judges ot llio
said court utile to net nttho lime concurring, to aii
polut two Judlclou-i, sober nnd Intelligent;' Illens of
ilio said district belonging lo dlirerciil political pir
llus, overseers ot elecllou to supervise the proceed
ings of election oniecrs thereof, nnd lo makoiepoit
of the s.unu ns they may bo reinilad by such court.
Sutd overseers shall be jiersoiis iua1tlli d In serve
upon elecllen boards und shall liato Ihe right to lie
present with tho ullt'ers of such election durriii; Hie
whole time the same U held, Ih" tut enmited, ami
thu returns made out and 'I ;ii''d lit t,t" el-. ttnii nth
eers ; t i keep u ll-J of Mitel's, if tin 5 se-in-jp t.,
challenge auy per-oii ottering to vole, au 1 bu rr i
gate liiui and hi . witnesses under oaih, In r urd to
Ids right of siiilne: at 1 dd elect 1 n, and in run m
Ids papers produced; und the "Ulcers of sdd eh- -thin
lire required loatrnrd to saldov.-rsoci's, s.i -eli t
edunu upp ilnled every cunt enlunce nnd faedli.t u.i
tho discharge ot their duties; nud If sail eleiiinn
olllci r.s siiall rcfuso li permit said overseers in be
ptescnl, mid peiform tlielr duties us atop' ull. -m- li
uPdecr or olllcers slull bu gulttvot n uilsd. tin umr,
nud ou conviction thereof shall ! lined mil etc. si
log one thousand dallars, or ImiirlsonnmnL not e
feeding one tear, or both, In Ilia discretion of the
court for If llio oiersecrs shall bo driven away fium
the polls by tlolence or liitlinldallon, all the rules
polled In biicli election district may bo ivji i"d lit
Iho proper tribunal trjlng a conic-1 under -aid elec
tion, or a part or portion ot such totes aforesaid may
be ruiuited, as such tribunal may deem lo
a Just ami projier disposition of the case.
Si'crioN ui. Any assessor, elect Ion ollleer or persun.
appointed us nn tniTseer. who shall neghct or r run'
to puiform any duly enjoined by thl, net, without
reasonable or legal cause, shall bu subject lo u ih'U
nlly of one bundled dollars; and If any as."., or
shall I. now Ingly assess any person as a t ou-r w ho 1 1
not iiuallileil, or shall wilfully icficn to assess mi)
one who Is ii'.ulllicil, ho shall bo guilty of u inlsd -ineauor
In older, and on eoiiMctlon bo punished b a
Ilnu not exceeding ono thousand dollars, or Impris
onment not exceeding two tears, or both, nt the dis
cretion of the couit, uudnlsO bo subject to un notion
fur damages by tho party aggrieved : und It any per
sun shall miudiileiitly niter, add to, deface or destroy
unyllstof voters Hindu out as directed by tills act,
or tear down or rumuvo Iho samo from tho plain
where It has been llxud, Willi fraudulent or mischiev
ous Intent, or for nny Improper puniuse, tho person
so olleudlug shall bu guilty of a misdemeanor, nud
on conviction shall bu punished by ii ilnu not exceed
ing live hundred dollars, or linpi Isi ui uient not exceed
ing two years, or both, at tho discretion ot tho couit;
mid It uuy person slull, bv tioleiico or Intimidation,
drive, or iitteuipt to drive from Iho pulls, uny person
or persons uppuhited by tho conn to act us overseers
of uu election, or In nny tvuy wilfully prevent said
overseers from pel forming tho duties rnjolno I upon
them bv this net. such nelson shall bo eolltv of :
misdemeanor, und upon eontlctlou thereof shall hn
punished by a lino not exceeding ono thousand dol
lars, or bv unpilsonuiunt hot exceeding two tears, in
born, at tho discretion of tho court. Any person who
.shall, on Ihn day ot any election, tlslt u polling place
lu any elecllou dUrtct at which ho Is not cnlltled In
tote, und shall Hsu uny Intimidation or tlolence for
llm purpose ut prutenthig uny ollleer ot election
troin pciforinlng llio duties reitutreduf him bt law,
or for tho purpusn of nrutenllng uny iiuallileil toler
of such district exercising Id-night to tote, or fumi
exercising Ids light tnclullu jge uuy person ollerlng
to tote, such iersoii shall be deemed gulltv of a ml -itt-iiic.iuur,
unit upon rout Ii Hon thrreuf shall br pun
ished by a lino not exceeding one thousand dell-irs,
or by Imprisonment not exceeding two t ears, or bnlli,
at the discretion of the court. Any clerk, otcrscer
or elecllou ollleer, whosh'ill disclose how nnj elector
shall hate toled, unless reiiulred lu do sons a oil
ncss In a Judicial proceeding, shall bo rrulllt of a ed
demeanor, and upon contlcllrui thereof shall be pun
ished bv :i Ilnu nut exceeding onu thousand dollar-,,
or by Imprisonment not exceeding two yours, m'
belli, in tho discretion of tho court,
' In obedience lu Iho reipilreinent of tlio (lovernnr
of Iho Comiuonwit.itlh of I'riiiStlvanla, I heieht
publish Iho lltiecntli Amendment of ihu iiiiisiuu
llon of tue rutted States, Iho Act of congrcs i n
forclng tho same, and tho Act ot Assembly remit"
Tho I'lftecnlh .vmendinent of tho Constitution ot
the I idled stuirs Is us follows i
"Skciion 1. Thu light of citizens of Iho I'Mtnl
states to totu shall not bo duulrd or abridged bj thu
I'nltuil stab's, or by any Slate, on account of raco,
colnr, or proilous condition ot sertltislc."
"skciion 'z. Thu Congress shall hatu power to en
force lids iiillelo by upproprlato legislation,"
Au Act to enforce tlio light ot citizens nt tho i lilt
ed states to toto hi Iho several stales of mis Union
und for oilier puriKises:
"Section l. in: hwcnicikii iiv tiir hknitk .tun
Hocsk or IlKi'iiKsKsmivns or Tim I'liirKii Si'a iks ok
AMEI1ICA IN CO.NIIIIKS.S ASSKMIII Kl, 'I'llllt lll Clll.t'llS of
Iho I'tilleil Stntes, who ure, or shnll bo otherwise
iiuallileil by law to votont uny i lei lion by tho people,
111 uny statu, Territory, dlstilcl, eounly, city, parish,
township, school district, muiilclpulitt , or ollur li r. sub-dlt I don, shall be entitled und ulliined In
volo ut nllsiich clecilons, wlthniit dlsiliictlon ot nice,
color, or prctlous cundlllou of sunltudo; uuy Con.
stltiulon, law, custom, usage, or regulation nt uny
siulo or Tciillory. or by, or under ils authority, to
tho contrary notwithstanding,"
skciion 2. anii iiKirii'inusii iiNicTKii, That If by
or under Iho authority of Iho 'oust It nt tun or l.iwsof
any stale, or tho laws of nny Tniltory, uny net Isor
shall bu required to bo ilMions ll prerequisite or ijuaU
mention for luting, niul by such cuiisiliution or law,,
persons or ollleers who shall lio charged with tlu
'luirforiiiniico of diillcs lu furnishing to cltl.i-nsun
opportunity to perform such Pirrrqulsllo, or lolio
boiuu quallllcd lo vote, it bhiill bu Ihu duty of every
sum person nml (iftlecr to glto to ull clllzriisof Iho
I'ldled suites, Iho sumo nud equal oppoiliinlty to
pel tol in btichpic rcqiilsltc,niiilto bieoino iliiullllcillo
toto wlihoiit dlsiliicllon of nice, color, or pietloiH
roiidltlon of srrtllildui nud If uuy biicli jr-i'siiii or
ollleer shall rcfuso or knowingly omit to glvo full
eUcct tu this sect Ion, he shall, forotcry suehtUTciico,
forfeit and pay thu sum ot mt hundred dollars to
the person nggrletrd t hereby, to bo iceovereil by uu
action ou thu ciise, wllh full coitsniiilsuchullowiiiicu
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onu year, or both, at the dlscicllou ot tho court."
A further supplement In Ihu uit relating to elcc.
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Hon of rolor shall lie eiirollrd und registered accord,
lug to the piotUlonot llio Ilrsl suction of Iho m l Us
liroveil llio ntii day of April, Isii'J, ratllled "An Art
further suoDlemciiliil tu thu net relating to lie elee.
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nuallflod uiulcr existing laws, lie enlltPil tiitolout
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tvealih." lilren under my hand, at my onice,ln Hloomsburg,
this Itlh duy of hepu iiiber.lntl.o jcur of ourlwrd i no
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vdbtutcs. wiillAi:i. (,K(Ai:it,
Sherlll of Columbia County,
lUocuuluiir, I'a., tiidtniUr 11, UIg,