The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, August 27, 1875, Image 1

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Ono Incli. (twelve lino or Its cnuivnkut In Nonjw
ell type) ono or two niscrtloxs, l,t Hiiro luicr
tlons, ,.
Issued weekly, every Friday morning, nt
At two iot.t.AM per year, paynblo In advance, or
nitnnfr ui" eiu. flir um eAiuriuiuu ui inoycar,
tM will 1)0 chari-crt. To Buhscrtbors ont of the
Two Indies..
'1 liter Indus .
SM, tM,
fM. It
county thotcrras nro Jlpcr t ear strictly In advanco
U.MIf notpalil In advanco and $3.0i) if payment
fS.C'O fJ.OO
7.C0 .0l)
v.iki ll.oo
11.10 ll.MI
, r. .no
21' 1 0
ix. 10
Ul) llUUVOll iiv-vunu mu ju.u.
No paper discontinued, except nt tlio option of tlio
Publisher, until all arrearages aro paid, butlonir
continued credits after tho oxplratlon of tlio tlrat
year will not hu K'lvcn.
All papers sent out ot tlioHtn'o, or to distant post
0 mcos, must bo patd for In advance, unions a rospon
Binlo person In Columbia county assumoa to pay tlio
Biitivrlptlon rtuo on demand.
pus I'AOU Is no longer oxactod from snbserlborB In
1 bo county.
job DPiiisrTiisra-.
Tho Jobblnj Department of tho CouiMiiuNlsvcry
complete, and our Job Printing wUl compare favor
Ably Willi that of Urn large cities. All work done, on
luinnnd, neaily and at moderate prices.
I'uarlcr column 111.00
naif rolumn Ui.oO
H.ou to.oo
on column,. ,,,... .00 8.oo 40.00 oo.oo nw.eo
v..nrlv nlvnptliiAtnmila tint-liMn nlinrtrrlV. Trnll
nlvrrtwomcnw miui io pnm wioro imnuu
oxcent where wutlos tiavonrcounm.
insertions, and at Uiat rata for additional Inmjtk
It.nlfiilvej-tlHOjnentfl two dollars TXT
rlneti for Ohio
ultlintil ri-if-trrmii tn li'tiiUl. B
Kxccutor's, Administrator's and Auditor's Notlctd
tlireo dollars.
Transient or 1x-nl noticed, twenty cents a line,
reirulnradverllaeinints luilf rutin.
Cards In tho "liuslness Dlreciory" column, one
dollar per year for each lino.
thi: cor.uMiuAN. vol. ix, no. 31
Columbia County Official Diroctory.
President .Ttntgo-Wllllnm Elwcll.
Assocl.ito .lodgei-Iram Derr, Isaac H. Monroo.
Prolhonotary, Ac. It. I'rankZarr.
II Mister K Kecorder Williamson It, Jacoby.
District Attorney lohn SI. Clark.
Hhcrltf -Michael drover. .
Humwor Isaac Hewitt,
ireiviurer John Snuter.
Ooiiimlsaloncrs WIHUm Lnwton, John Hcrncr,
''comm'ssloncrs' clerk William Ki Ickliauni.
Auditors-!!, j.cnmpiwli, s. u. smith, David Yost.
Coroner-Charles (I. Mm ptioy.
Jury commissioners-Jacob H. Fritz, William II,
L'oiintv superintendent William 11. Snyder.
lllooml'oor Plstilct-nircctors-o. 1". lint, Scott,
Vim. Kr.imcr, llloomsbiirs nud Thomas Crotellng,
ricoit, o.l'.Knt, Secret nry.
Bloomsburg Official Directory.
llloomsburir Hanking Company John A, Vunston,
President, II. II. Iroir, Cashier.
Plrsi. National Hank Charles It. Paxton, President
J, 1'. Tusiln, Cashier.
Columbia County Mutual Saving Vnnd and Loan
Assoclaltou-15. 11. l.ltilo, President, 0. W. Milter,
llhminsbiirgimildlnitnndSartnir lnnd Association
Win. Peacock, President, J. n. Iloblson, Secretary.
Illoomsburg Mutual Savins Kund Assix'latlon J
llrowcr, President, C. (1. Harklcy, Sccrotary.
ltov. .1. r. Tusiln, (supply.)
y services iii,h a. m; nnn
iH p. m.
Sunday Sen tecs lux
I'rnj or Meollug-Evcry W Odncsday evening at 6
Soa s'lrce. Tho public nro invited to attend.
Mlnls'cr ltov.J. McCron.
Sunday Services iom a. m. and tysi. m.
Sunday School 9 n. m.
Prav er Slcoilng livery Wednesday evening at 0
scats froo. Nopowsrentod. All nro wclcorao.
rnBSDYTBiii in envnen.
Jllnlster-Itcv. Stuart MHcholl.
Sunday Sen Ices lox a. in. and 8,if p. m.
Sunday school I) a. m.
l'ravcr Mcoilng Uvcry Wednesday oveilug at OK
scats free. No pevrs rented, strangers welcome.
Presiding Ktder ltov. N. S. Buckingham.
Minister Itev. J. H. McOarrali.
Sunday Services 10,S' and 0,v y. m.
Miruuv ficiiom -i p. m.
Jilblo Class-Kvery Monday ovonlng at ty, o'clock.
voung Jiena rrayer .Meeting isvcry
nlng nt CK o clock.
jencral Prayer Meeting Kvcry TuurBday ovcnlng
nnroRMED enmcn.
Corner of Third and Iron Btrocts.
I'astor ltev. T. V. llorrmelor.
itolileneo Kiust street, near Forks Hotel.
Sunday Sort tees loirf u, m. and ays p. m.
Sunday School 3 a. m.
l'rajer Meeting Saturday, 7 p. m.
All nro Invited Theru Is always room,
services every Sunday nltcriioon at 1 o'clock at
Idler's church, Madtson township.
ST. l'AUI.'S C1IUHC11.
Hector ltev. John Hewitt.
Sunday Services luf a. m,, 6 p. m.
Sunday School 1 n. m.
l''ln,t Sunday in tho month, Holy Communion.
Services preparatory to Communion on Friday
evening before tlio st Sunday in each month.
Pews rented i but everybody welcome.
Persons desiring to ceusult tbo Hector on religious
mailers will and him at tho parsonage on Itock
Presiding Elder Hev. A. L. lteeser.
Mlnhter ltev. J. A. Intne.
Sunday senlco a p. m In tlio Iron street Church.
l'rni er Meeting Every Sabbath at 3 p. ui.
All nro tnvltod. All oro welcome.
Hector ltev. John Hewitt.
Sunday Services 3 o'clock p. m. every Sundny.
Sunday School 1:30 p. m.
Holy communion tho second Sunday In tho month.
ULOOMSHUnO Diuiccrouy.
C1I00L OUDKUS, blank, jti . printoil ami
neatly bound In small books, n hand and
sale at the Columbian Olllcc. eb. 19, lbT5-tf
lirs ani
LANK DK1JDS, on I'arclmunt nnd Linen
l'aner. common and for Admlnlsi rators. Kxtcu-
:(X iruswes, lor b.uo cneapai uio uolumumn
'AHH1AGE CEltTIFICATKSjiut printed
anil for salo at tho Coluubian Olllce. Minis
ters of the (losuul and Justices stiould sunnb' Uiem-
selvcs with these necessary articles.
JUSTICES nnd ConsUibles' l'ec-liills for sale
at tho Colcuuian ofllcc. They contain tho cor
rected fees aa established by tho last Act of tlio U'g
Uaturoupon tho Bubject. Every Justlco and Con
btablo stiould havo one.
ENDUE NOTES just printed and for Balo
encap ai mo Columbian oniee.
AVID LOWENIiEKCS, Slercliant Tailor
Main St., abovo central Hotel.
TTKNItY KLEIM, annfacturer and dealer
li. in uooLsnnil suoes, , groceries, eic, jiuiu su,
1TI JI. KNOlUt, Dealer in Hoots nnd Shoes,
JU . latest and best styles, corncrMaln and Market
btreets, In tho old Jiosl umce.
CE. SAVAOE, Dealer in Clocks, "Wntclies
, and Jewelry, Slain bt. Just below tho Central
LOUIS I1EKNAKD, Watch nnd Clock
maker, near bouthenbt corner Main andiron.
TV,f IS.S . DEHHICKSON, Millinery nnd
J.TX Fancy t.
Hoods, Main St., below MorkoL.
0. HOWKlt, ITats and Caps, Itools and
Shoes, Main btreet, above Court House.
SH. MILLER 6 SON, dealers in Dry
i (100,1s, grooerlcM, queonsware, Hour, bolt,
bhoes, notions, etc., Main btreet.
C G. HAKICLEY, Attorney-at-Law. Ilooms
, 4 and ft, Drower's building, sd Uoor.
TMt. WM. M. ItEIlEIt. Surtreon mid IMivsi
I J clan. Offlco 8. E. corner Hock and Market
Jjv. i.Mjt xy., umwi .tin. ..jf.
. clan, north bldo of MAla btreet, abovo J. K.
!. McKELVY. Sf. I).. Surgeon and Thy
blclan, north side Main street, below Murket.
J II. 11UUIHO.N, Attorney-:
'. In Ilurtmau's building, Mam
AMUKL JACOI1Y. Marlilo and Drown
Stoue Works, East Hloomsburg, Herwlck road.
KOSNESTOC1C, l'liotograplier,
i Clark li Wolf's Store, Main street.
U. II. C. 1IOWEK, Surgeon Dcnlist. Main
St., auovo tui court iiouse.
T II. MAIZE. Manmioth Grocery, (ine'Gro.
I) . ccrlos, t'rults, Nuts, Provisions, to.,
Centre streets.
,Matn and
AH. UEimiNO, Carpenter and builder,
Main street below Pino.
PK. O,
EH. ENT, dealer in Stores and Tinware In
, all Its branches.
PETEK ENT, Miller, and denier in all kind
of drain, nonr. Pnert. n. Aiittniianf rimin
MO. & W. II. SHOEMAKER, Dealers in
Dry Woods, Groceries and General Mcrchan-
omco over Klclm's Drug Store, omco hours from
to 1 1, m.. for IrcAtment of diseases of tho Kvo. Kar
ani Throat.
All calls ntght or day promptly attended to.
JQlt. J. C. nUTTER,
i'lllBIUIAfi .VfHJlltll.OM,
omco, North Market street,
Mar.ST.Tt y Illoomsburg, Pa.
omcoahovo J.Schoylor A Son's Hardware Storo.
Q li. & W. J. DUCK A LEW,
llloom3btrrg, pa.
f iy"All business entrusted to our caro will reclovo
prompt attention. Julyl,'73 y
Illoomsburg, Va.
"All business entrusted to our caro will rccclvo
prompt attention. Sept.11,'74 y
to. onico In tho Columbian molding.
"1 1. 1,T1D
Wlllnractlcolualltho courts of Colombia. Siilll.
an and I.veomlnc counties. In tho Sunremo court nf
l'eunsj iv.uila, and In the circuit and District courts
of tlio Itnttod states held at Wllllamsport, l'a.
Wllboln his omen In the Columbian building,
room No. 1. llloomsburir. on Tuesilavs. WeilnustUvs
and Thurbda) b of each week; and In Ilentonon Mon-
uayh, j nii iys ana oaiuruajs, unless auicnt on pro
fessional business. Sept, lU.lsts.
S. KUIIN, dmier in Meat, Tallow, etc.,
ccntro street, between sccona ana i mm.
n M. CIIIUSTMAN, Sdille, Trunk and
J , Harness maker, Phlve's HlocJt, Main street.
HMIOMAS WEI1D, Confectionery nnd lUker,
,i. wuuiusiud anu rciuu. x.cuauu mua
Ci W. COHEMj, Furniture Rftftm?, tlirt.
VJ Biory unci, .Munbireai, vrti oi miukvu t,u
"W. KOJJIUNS, Uquor dealer, socoml door
irum uio jiuruiwcst. curutr main uuu nuu
J. THORNTON, Wall Paper, Window
Shades anu iixturea, iiupcrt diock, .nam hi,
"V' II. ADIiOlT, Attorney-at-Law, .Main
I T btreet.
" P mi lAtAV rrplinnt Tallnr. SeCOll
J . street, pnliblns' building.
omce, on Main street,
Mar.,H-y catawlssa, l'a.
WM. I-
M.wka srJ
Catawlssa, Pa,
ly mado and romlttcd. Otllco
posit nan, (.in-?
S wnntdl to eell "Uio I'eo-
icnw) Medical anvcrtiserruy n,
, mnht reaay leiunir uook out,
ml liberal uj uw. Addrum tno
A. MEGA KG EL. I'hrdleLn snd
Surgeon, Main street, next door to Good's Ho,
omco In Drower's building, second Uoor, room No.
Illoomsburg, Pa. Julyl,73-y
Illoomsburg, Pa.
omco on Main Htreot, Are t door below court Houso
Aiiir.r, 1. y
) E. & J. M. CLARK,
omco In Itnt s Building.
Blooinsburg, Pa,
April to,! l-y
U. 1.I1T1.K. UOB'T. Jl. LITTLK.
i H. & K. 15. LITTLE,
Illoomsburg, Pa.
tir-iiuslncss before tho U.S. Patent omcontlendcd
ly 33
. CY, Eichango Hotel, Illoomsburg, Pa,
Wna. ins Co.. of nartford. Connecticut...
LUcrpooL Umdon and (Hobo . S0,io,imi
Hojklot LUerpoo! 13 Mo.oim
1-uicaushlru 10,000, 00
lire AssDClatlon. Phtladeltihla 3.1110.000
American of Plilladelphla . 1,100 0011
Atlas uf HiU'tfunl &o,mx)
Wyoming, of Wilkes Harm 231,000
Fanners Mutual of Danville
Damllln Mutual 75,000
Home, New York.,,. 5,Cti,000
March JS,'74 y
Cutting, cleaning and repairing proinptlyattended
). I'lrbl Uoor over J. F. Wldemau's Hardware storo.
Illoomsburg, l'a. Jan. e, '73 if
r 1 1 1 i"n v ti c
onleu 111 Maize's lluuduur. corner Main and Centre
lz"Orders bollclted and uromntly tilled.
May, 2S,'7S-ly
Hesnectfully orfers his profesAlonol ben-lccB to Uio
lames uuu geuiiemcu 01
lllooinoburg and vicinity.
laU'ht tmproveil Poiicklajk Ttlm, which w 111 bu in
UCLsnrentued to attend to all tlio various unerutloiix
in the Hue of his prof esslou, and U prov ldeu w 1th ttui
ru-d 011 gold plating,
look as w ell as tho natural ti-etu.
bllver and rubber base t
ral Uiith. Teeth ml r.irti'it
by all tho now and most anuroved methods, anil nil
oH.'Mttonson tnutoctn carefully and properly at-
office- u few doors abovo tho Court Uouso. somn
bide. julyi,l3
J i. would auuounco to tho citizens of llloom.s
burg and Mclnlty that ho lias Just received a lull anil
completo assortment of
and all other goods tn his lino of business. All tho
newchianu ino-i approve!! paiierusoi uioiiay aro
always to bo found In his establishment. Main struct.
neiow .iinrKci. juiyi, ia
xmooivzsstma, rA
B. STOHNER, Propriotor.
Accommodations First CUss-lt.ssto JI.50 jicrday,
Largo, Airy Samplo Rooms on 1st Floor,
A good stable In rear of Hotel.
Dloom5burg, July J, 1875-tf.
ni-ooMsruinu, r.
Heirictfnlly Informs the puMle that hf has opened
it New UuMc store. In tlio llloomsburir opera liotw,
on iVntM strrft, Delow Main, where he keeps n full
hfiortrint of
nlwsyi on liana And for snl at the lowest prloen.
ll Invites the patrons of musio to call andetamlno
his stock.
also attended to m demand. Thernblle patronage
Ls rtupocttnlly solicited. nprll 'its ly
State Normal School.
rtiniS Tntlltitlon afibrds to sludrsts prcp-anng
I for the nrofesatoa of TKACfllltfl. excellent fa-
cmttei forlmprovrment In the mcit spproTodmeth
odsot Instruction,
For the Accommodation of students fleslftnir trei
nratlon for College, or for the business relations of
lire, in Acaaemie iiepanme nt is orgamzea, wmcn
affords the most unplo facilities tor no doing.
Bach courso of study la complete ) Itself,
Superior idvanttges aro offered for Instruction In
Fall Session commences Wodncsday, August 50th
ran hessio closes luesoay, ucccmnr tx.
Spring .esslon commences Wednesday, Dec, 3nth.
Spring session clones Tuesday, .tune wth.
Spring TsnH commences Wednesday, MarelUlBt
Domn, tnclnrtlng ruol and Washing, VotoDol
tjtM per week.
Tuition oss nni.nn ner week. In Model Bchoo
orty to sixty cents per week.
Students nro admitted at any time, anil to anil
coursoof study for which U'ey may be prepared. It
1.1 ueiu'r, u possum, 11' i pivbeui ul mo euuiuieiie
ment of a wtm, or a session.
Send lor a Catalogue.
Applications for admission may lw addressed to
col. J. a. HtKr-zn.
)1IX)0.MSBUI!0, PA.
Has removed to Iron street, roconrt door abovo tho
Heformed ( huivh.where ho w 111 lw pleased to seo
ull his old friends and new customers, anil servo
them with hatMacUon. All work warranted. 15-v
Hits liro is not sit suniiiiiic,
Nor Is It yet all showen,
Hut storms snd clouds alternative,
As thorns imong the flowers;
And while we seek the ro'fs,
The thorns full oft we scan i
SHU let us, though they wound in,
Ho happy s juu eah.
This llfo has heavy crosses,
A well as Joj s to share,
And griefs snd disappointments,
Whlca you nd I must bear;
Yet, If misfortune's lava
Entombs nope'a dcarcst.plan,
Let ns tilth what U left us
Do happy as we can.
Tho eum.ot our.cnjojment
Is made of little things
As of.the broadest Hve rs
Aro formtd from smaller springs;
Dy treasuring small waters
Tho rivers reach their rpan ;
So wo Increase our pleasures,
Enjojlng what we can.
There;may bo burning deserts
Through which our feet may go,
Dul there are many oases
Where pleasant palm-trees grow;
As It we may not follow
The path our hearts would plan,
Ixrt us mako all around u j
As happy as wa can.
Perchance we may not climb wltli
Ambition to Its goal,
still let us answer "rresent"
When duty calls the roll ;
And whatever our appointment,
lie nothing less than man ;
And cheerful In submission,
De happy s we can.
I tlintotir futuro merchant labored at the oar I liltlo dreaming hotv important n pntt that
that was to Kid in carrying him to his tlosti-1 parchment was to plar In Ills ftitttro career.
ny, nnd with pride ho took his first earned llio iortiilt was numbered 03, and it after
ten dollars tvhen tho raft arrived at tho littlo wards opened tip to lilm n tfado whero mil
Dutch seaport of Katwyknati Zee, nt tho lions ncro made wllh tho case of previous
mouth of thoRuinowhcro ho was not long in thousands',
engaging pa!'ngo for Loudon. Here. inhH Malting over tho mattor of tho documents
brother's manufactory, ho went to work at with his rrlfo alter his return, they decided
onco but worked as hard In learning tho it would bo jood plan to open tho matter
Knglish languago as in making musical In-1 to a celebrated merchant of tho day, named
slruincnts, so that In sixwook's tltnoho could Jamc LiTonnore, who was largely engaged
speak it sufficiently well to malto himself tin- in tho WcH India trade, nnd owned many
dcrstood, though to tho day of his death he largo ships. So Mr. Astor called on Mr.
could not rid himself of tho German ac- Llvcrmore, and showing him tho document
"Now, If you will mako up a voyngo for
ono of the largest shlp, you can havo these,
provided I have half tho profits for them and
my suggestion."
'Tooh 1 pooh I" exclaimed tho great mer
it is
HAV10 on hand nnd for sale nt tho most
reasonable rates a splendid stock of
and every description of Wagons both PLAIN and
Warranted to bo mado of tho best and most durante
maecrlats, and by tho most csiierlenced workmen.
All work bent out from tho establishment will bo
found to lw of tho highest class and sure to gtvo per
fect satisfaction. They have also a Hue assortnien t of
of all the newest nnd most f.iihlonnblo styles well
and carefully mado and of tho best material.
An Inspection of their work Is asked as Ittsbe
Ueveil that none superior can bo found Ui Uio coun
July 1, 1S73-U.
Tho ancient city of Ilcidleberg is famous
throughout tho world nolcsa for its silk
stocking r.nd kandkerchlef manufacture,
cotton, wax-lights, etc., than for its institu
tions ot learning. And who has not heard
of tho vin du Arciar, presed from grapes
grown on both sides of tho mountain In its
capacious tnn, originally containing nvo
hundred and twenty-eight hogsheads, and,
when rebuilt, enlarged to six hundred, which
is still shown to strangers? Though the cas
tle and tho garden arc in ruins, tho statutes
of the ancient electors and Count Palatines
aro still to bo seen on tlio frontof tho castle,
nnd tho remains of tho hall of the chevaliers
arc still visible; while the granite columns
iormerly supporting n part of tlio imperial
palace at Ingclhcim, near Maycncc, are seen
supporting tho roof of tho fountain of tho
It was near this historic city, in tho littlo
village of Waldorf, not quito a docado ovor
a century ago, that the light of tho world
first shono upon a person who was dostinod
to a remarkable career m tho New World j
for hero John Jacob Astor was born on "tho
17th of July, 1763.
His father, Jacob Attor, was .1 butcher of
that village, and a "ne'er-do-well" of tho
Rip Van Winkle kind, who having littlo to
do in his lino of business in a villago whero
animal food was considered a luxury,spont his
Icisuro time, which was pretty much all of
it, in about tho way poor Rip did, though
wo nio not informed that ho ever bocame tho
worse for liquor, except to becomo as idlo rw
tho bccr-guzzling gossips did who spontthoir
time in tho becr-house, where tho father of
tho futuro wealthy New York merchant
In September, 1783, news of tho peaco be
tween Great Tlritaln and tho colonies was
published In Europe, and young Astor im
mediately made preparations to emigrate to
tho Old World. Ho paid twenty-firo dollars
for iiBteciaKOpa.sago to Baltimore, saved tho chant. "A ndlcnlous proposition
sanio amoi. it to Bcrvo nun after arrival, and I altogether too ono-sided,"
tlio balance of hU earnings in London ho He thought Mr. Astor would como down
paid to bis brother lor soven German flutes, on his figures. Rut ho found he would not,
taken with him on speculation. and so after thinking over tho matter somo
A characteristic story is told of tho futuro weeks, and reflecting on tho fact that no vei
merchant on tho voyage. Towards its close. I sol nt that timo traded to Canton, and that
while they wcro weathering a fearful storm tho East India ports were as hermetically
at tho entrance to Chesapeake Hay, he slid- sealed to American commerco as though such
denly appeared on dock iu bis best suit of a thing were not in existence, ho called at
clothes. Mr. Astor s store, and asked
"What docs this strange freak mean?" "Werojou in earnest tho other day whon
ono of tho passengers asked, smiling at tho you showed mo tho pass of tho E.wt India
singular sight, though all wero expecting company ?"
momentarily that tho vessel would go to the "I was novor moro so."
bottom. I Again tho two merchants talked the mat
"Why,'" said he, "if I sava my life, it will tcr over, and finally an agreement was sign
probably be all that I shall save, andlt will cd, that Mr. Astor was to tako no risk, havo
bo in my best clothes. If I perish it is no no expense, and half tho profits of tho clear
matter what becomes of them." trip,
His coolness and foresight when others Tho ship, loaded with $30,000 in Spanish
wero wild and forgetful with apprehension and milled dollars, and ginseng, lead and
could not bo belter illustrated. Years afler, scrap-iron, was sent out and in duo time an
it is stated, after a disaster befell him chorcd at Whampoa, loading and unloadin
throngh tho treachery nnd mismanagement precisely as if sho had beon a vessel belon
of others, ho attended tho thcatro on tho I Ing to tho Ea't India company. Her supply
ovcnlng of tho day In which ho received tho I of ginseng, that cot twenty cents a pound
news, and 110 ono would havo known of his in cw lork, was disposed of for three dot
thousand dollars, merely nn nctthnt ho could
do, but was not called upon to do by vlrtuo
f his position. It wasn purely voluntary
act, but ono which required determination,
skill and courngo, All tho return tho cap
tain received was 1111 acknowledgement of
thanks; and yet "ho was worth ten million
dollar, and tho captain had only his pay
twclvo hundred dollars a year and a family."
At the death of Mr, Astor, howovcr, his son
Wllllnm R. Astor, sent tho old sea captain
check in return for tho service. Parton
says that "tho lovo of accumulation glow
ith Ills years; It ruled him like a tyrant.
If nt fifty ho possessed his millions, at sixty
fivo his millions possessed him."
How tlio Weather Is Foretold.
Wise Sayings.
Rngo is mental Imbecility.
Tho mind knows no prison.
rrankncs.1 Is tho sign of a noblo mind.
Ho that will not reflect Is a ruined man.
Llfo would bo to smooth if it had no ruts
In it.
An Inconstant man is ilcspicablo; a faith
less man is ba.c.
Many being ill who nro very will
ing their lives should be.
In friendship, as in love, wo aro often hap
pier In our ignorance thau In our knowl
edge. A man Is fortunato If his enemies too vio
lently censuro and his friends moderately
praiso him.
Respect is to tho person beloved what tho
It is a mystery to many loaders of tho cncha'iug Is to tho com ; It shows tho valuo
ally piess who nolo tho general correctness 60t upon It.
f tho predictions of "old probabilities," on Tlio happiest of pillows is not that which
lat tho weather prognostications nro has- lovo first presses ; it Is that which death has
ed, and for their information wo would btato frowned on and possod over,
that tho weather ofiko iu Washington, which They err widely who propose to turn men
has been in operation nbout fivo yoars, is in to tlio thoughts of n better world by making
telegraph communication with weather sta- thorn think very meanly of this.
ons all over tho country, and Into at night To paulon thoso nbsurditles In ourselves
tho probabilities nro decided upon according which wo can suffer in other, is neither bet
to tho reports and calculations, and sent out tor nor worso than to bo more willing to bo
by telegraph to nil nowspapers, so that on fools ourselves than to havo other so.
ic morning of tlio day tho people can see Tho difference between war nnd peaco ha3
approximately what kind of weather they are I been well defined by onoof tbo ancients ;
olng to havo. Tho fact that in the United "In tlmo of peaco tho sous bury their fath-
States, in tho north temperate zone, storms Crs; in tlmo of war tho fathers bury their
almost invariably travel from west to cast
makes it possible, wtih proper telegraphic
notice, to givo warning to places lying in
iielr tracks.
Hence, if n storm is noticed crouitig tho
Rocky mountains or developing on tho west
ern plains and its course known by tele
graphic dispatch, it becomes a comparative
ly easy matter to notify, In advance, places
AS. CKOSSLKY has on hand and for salo
. thcaner than tho cheapest, for cash, or WU1
uxehango for old Wagons on leasonablo teiuix,
of ovcry description both rlam and fancy.
"XXT I IiM AM II. LAW, Manufacturer of
T Wrought Iron llrldges,, IloUers, (iasholder,
nreprooi uuiiaings, i rougnt iron iiuonng, ituuuuig
Frames. Ploorlnir and Dour. Farm flatcs and Keue.
ing, also wrought iron riping, stacks nnn an kino:
ot Smith Work, xt. Itepafrs promptly attended to,
ing a
gut I
N. II. Drawings and Estimates suppUed.
July 1, lS73-tf
G. A, II Ull KIN;
Tf KSl'I'CTKULLY announces to tho public
JL li mat liu una 1 cupcucil
ry .N YLMJlt'tf TAKMiltV,
'it- (oldBtanil) llloomshursr, Pa., nt tho
t'lirWH nt tint Esnv and Lltrlit htlee
ruiUi, wuert, nil iirbenpiiuii in
leather will ho made In tho most
Fuhstanllal nnd workuinnuko manner, and sold at
prices to suit the times. 1110 uigucsi price, iu cusu
w ill at un limes u puiu lur
ot uvery description In the country,
roniiKo Is respoitf ully solicited,
llloomsburir, March H tM&-y
Tho puhllo pat-
Published nsawarnlutf and for thobuientof young
meuatid others who sutler from Kenous DenUItt,
Loss of Womanhood, etc., en ins nia ruies 01 miu
euro, after undergoing much buffering and eipensc,
and mailed freo on n celvlug a post-paid directed
envelope. Address NilUNIU. MAYt'JUi, P. U01
IW, lirookjyn, N, V,
Ml H.TO-Ou
troublo from anything observable in his
On tho vessel, young Astor had mado tho
acquaintance of a German, who a few years
beforo had emigrated to Amorica, and had
mado considerable monoy in trading furs.
iVttor became Interested, learned all ho
could pertaining to the trade, and resolved
to engage in it. His first thing to do on ar
riving in New York was to find employment
in a fur-dealing house, and thoroughly mas
ter its details, bcirinninjr Ids labors at two
dollars a week and his board. Hero ho be
gan to amass new knowledge about furs, and
tho habits and retreats of fur-bearing ani
mals, tiuestloning all who camo iu with
skins to sell, as many of tho hunters did in
no only staid with his omploycr until ho
had mastered tho busiuesj, and then began
for himself. Ho had during this time, how-
ovor, mado ono voyago up tlio Hudson, and
across tho unsettled country to Lakes Oeorgo
and Ghamplain, and finally to Montreal,
where ho proved more than a match for tho
shrewd Indians, and brought back a repu
tation for "driving a hard bargain," which
ho always retained.
In 17S6, in a small storo on Water street,
Mr. Aetor's first ontranco into business took
place. His storo was furnished with a few
toys and notions which would provo attract-
vo to Indian eyes, and there ho began
"dickering" for skin?. His ontiro capital
consisted of only a few hundred dollars,
mado merry over his troubles, and forget part of which had been loaned him by his
them in tho hilarity surrounding him. brother. Hero ho bought, beat, cured and
Yet there was one season of tho year when sold skins himself, having no assistant, and
business was brisk with old Jacob, and that made several journeys on foot during tho
was duriiic the harvest time. It was then year through Western New York, buying
tho custom in Germany for the farmers to skim from trappers, settlers, savages, or
each set apart a bullock, calf, sheep or pic. wherever ho could find them. IIo also kept
and fatten against tho harvest sea-son j and
these animals the villago butcher was called
upon to kill and prepare. So this season
founu jolly Jacob Astor on his journey from
liou-o to house, making sausage meat of tho
pig, or othcrwiso preparing the flesh of tho
other animals in tho way tho owner desired,
frequently spending from ono to several days
a few musical instruments from his brother's
store in London, he being tho first person to
establish .1 musical instrument store in Now
His wife, married shortly after ho entered
tho business world for himself, had a thor
ough knowlcdgo of furs, nnd cntored hearti
ly into business with him, for a long timo
lars and a half, and the remaining articles at
a great profit also, and tho return cargo of
tea was sold at a clear profit of a dollar a
Mr. Astor's profit on this voyago was
$63,000, and it was sent to his storo packed
in barrols. It is needless to say that tho
next ship that sailed with that permit bo
longod to Mr. Astor, and carried an assort
ed careo.
A laughable incident occurred on her ar
rival at Canton, She had touched at tho
Sandwich Islands to tako in fresh water and
provisions, where tho captain took aboard a
largo stock of firewood. Tho firewood was
noticed by a mandarin at Canton tho moment
ho came aboard and ho inquired
"What ts tho price of that?"
Tlio captain smiled to himself at what ho
thought an absurd quettion, but finallyVaid :
"What will you givoV"
Oh, I guess it isvorth fivo hundred dol
lars a ton."
Every splinter of it was sold at that price.
It was sandalwood.
Tho traffic in sandalwood was monopo
lizod by Mr. Astor for nbout seventeen years,
no other concern In England or the United
States knowing the secret. Nor was It finally
discovered till n shrewd ship owner of I!os-
ton detailed a ship to follow ono of Mr. As
tor's and observe every event of the voyage.
In 1830, Mr. Astor began to withdraw a
little from active business, and then took the
first steps toward building tho hotel which
bears his name, but which wo seo is soon to
bo taken down, to givo placo to tho marblo
and brown-stono fronts that commerco asks
for Its haunts.
Mr. Astor was a peculiar man, and in
family matters was as proud and oxclusivo
as though he descended from a king instead
of a butcher. With his family ho was lib
eral it is said i 11 their day of affluence his
wife used to demand and receive fivo hun
dred dollars nn hour for her judgment on
furs but with tho world he was close and
in somo cases 'downright meanness wouh
crop out. Tho story is told of a difficulty
which Mr. Aktor onco had with ono of his
threatened. To accomplish this of course it from him, and go beyond his ken on their
becomes necessary to establish a largo num- perilous mission,
ber of stations to cover as wido an area of Shoot a cannon ball against a column of
country as possible, nnd to connect them all stnoko, and It shatters tho column, but only
by telegraph with the central office, where f0r an instant, when it reunites. So it iswith
tho results of observations taken at the same death. It dissolves tho theory we call
moment of absolute tlmo in each of the sta- lifj for a second, to bo reunited clsewhcro
tions could bo immediately collated, tho re- forover.
at tho houso where ho win engaged, accord- doing much of the buying nnd beating and captains, which cost him tho snug littlo sum
ing to tho length of timo it took him to uc- assisting him materially in many ways. of $70,000. Captain llePeystcr, who died
eomnlish his work After a while Mr. 'Astor found ho had about fivo years ago, and who is well rcmem-
Jacob Astor's wife, nnd the mother of our quite a lot of unsalable furs on hand, such its bored in New York, had asked Mr. Astor for
Portablo Top liturgies, open lluggles, Plain nnd
not bo undersold. I claim that I make tlio best wug-
Fancy Platform Hpriui; Wagons nil of llio latest stylo
nnd mado of iroml mati-rlal nnd fully wurrunted.
Olve 1110 n call before purchaslnc elsewhere
hero, was, however, a different person than
her shiftless husband. Sho was thrifty,
hard-working, saving, and ns devoted to her
family as her husband was to the beer-house,
If the truth must be told Dame Astor was
blessed (?) with a peculiarity of tho Van
Winkle household, as well as her husband
a somewhat freo uso of tho tongue, which
sho used iu a vixenish manner at times with
much tho samo result that attended Damo
Van Winkle's cxerciso of it, though in this
cao it drove the boys from homo to seek
congeniality in tho world at large, and
seemed to havo little ellect on tho easygoing
husband and father.
So out from beneath tho parental roof
went the Astor boys ata comparatively young
age, and inheriting their mother's thrift and
business qualities, fought their way success
fully. Two of tho brothers of our hero had
beaver and other high priced ones. Ac
cordingly it was not long beforo ho foundjit
necessary to go to London with them, as ho
had no agent thero to consign them to. Hi
went out as a steerage pas-ienger, fearing the
re-tilt might prove unsuccessful; but on his
arrival his venture was crowned with moro
success than tho most''uino would havo
prophesied, Reaver skim which had been
bought from tho trappers in Western New
lork for a dollar sold 111 London for six dol
lars, invested In English goods, netted him
ten in New York. Tho reader will readily
see what an immenso margin of profit was
hero open.
As though this was not sufficiently prom
ising, Mr. Astor during his rambles about
London, waiting for tho vessel to sail on her
return to New York, visited tho East India
a chronometer.
"Veil," said tho merchant, "you puy
Supposing this remark to authorize him to
hso on account, tho captain did so and put
tho price in tlio account; but, when present
ed, it was stricken out
Captain DePcyster, ono of tho gcntlcme:
of tho old school, brought down his gold
headed cauo on the pavemcmt with empha
sis, and said :
Very good, Mr. Astor. I shall not sail
in your service until the chronometer is
paid for."
Mr. Astor's rage, which had been gather
ing, culminated -nt this, and ho said :
"Veil,, tainu you I leave it."
And Ie.tvo it tho old sea-dog did, though
ho had been in Mr. Astor's employ for iif-
The separation of friends by death is less
terriblo than tho divorco of true hearts that
havo lovod, but ceaso to sympathise, while
memory Is still rocalling what they onco wero
to each other.
Tho blossom cannot toll what becomes of
Its odor, and no man can tell what becomes
of his influence and example, that roll away
suits worked out and the consequent "prob
abilities" arrived at.
Tlieso probabilities aro calculated for fif
teen departments or geographical districts,
known as tho North Atlantic States, Middlo
Atlantic States, South Atlantic State, East
OulfStates, West Gulf States. Lower Lakes,
It is not poverty so much as pretenco that
harrasses a ruined man and an empty purso
tho keeping up a hollow show that must
soon como to an end. Havo tho courago to
appear poor, nud you disarm poverty of itn
sharpest sting.
None but those who keep up nppearanco
Upper Lakes, Northwestern States, South- against heavy odds can understand what ser-
western State, Pacific btatcs, Ohio Iliver vitudo pretenco imposes upon tho soul. Tho
Bting of confessed poverty is not nearly so
Valley, Upper Mississippi Valley and tho
Cxtreino Northwest.
Thero aro now 102 stations in tho United
States. Theru aro also 17 stations in Canada
under the control of Prof. G. T. Kingston,
director of magnetic observatory at Toronto,
and 5 stations in tho West Indies iu charge
of volunteer observers, with all of which
telegraphic reports aro unchanged, making
121 stations in all, extending clear across tho
continent, and from St. Paul's Island, Alaska,
to San Diego in Southern California on tho
Pacific, and from Sidney, Capo Rreton Isl
nnd, at tho northeastern extremity of Nova
Scotia to tho West Indies. Tho West India
stations nro found to bo particularly valua
ble in winter, ns .1 largo proportion of the
most violent winter storms originnto there.
In the United States thero nro stations in
all principlo cities. On tho Pacific const
there nro three, viz: at Portland, Oregon
nnd San Francisco and San IMego, Cal.
Resides thuso aro stations at St. Paul's aud
St. Mitchell's Islands, Alaska. These, how
ovcr, aro not In telegraphic communication
with tho central office Tho Gulf and At
lantic coasts, and tho northern boundary
formed by tho St. Lawrcnco river and the
great lakes, have n continuous chain of sta
tions forty-four in number where observa-
tionsaro made nnd cautionary signals are dis
played. Cautionary signals aro also display
ed at the lifo saving stations on tho New
Jersey nnd North Carolina coasts, which aro
reached by telegraph,
The instruments used consist of tho barom
eter, for measuring tho pres-mro of tlio at
mosphere; tho common thermometer and
tho self-resisting maximum and minimum
thc'rmonieters ; tho hygrometer, for deter
mining the relativo humidity of tho atmos
phcro ; tho anemometer, for measuring the
force of tho wind ; tho wind vane, for deter
mining tho direction of the wind ; the rain
gunge, for measuring the rain fall and a
Tho observers who hold tho rank of ser
geants in tho army aro paid but a small sal
arv, nud tho assistants still less.
ons for tho least money.
I also do oalntlnir. tr
nt tho shorli-st notice, old springs welded and war-
rimming nnd repair old work
weiueu anu war
exchango a porta-
rnnti'd to staud or no nav,
bio top huggy for any kind of lumber, s'jeh ns heir
lock. nine. ash. linn hickory and noniar to hedellvei
,U nb III, BUUI VJ HIU iubi,ui l kui um J, ,t,u. nun-
rtalo orders taken and StcKelvy, Neal & C'o's for re-
pairing as cash.
V. OMAN hereby Informs tho pul.lh
1 111 l 11 nus ememi 111111 nwiaru criMim h i
M:.T.i t n,w, ll,nl II, l.lllm.wu vein
IllS UI ,M III I. ... WIllUII, .HH. I( ..,u,.,l,l .....
hereafter no conuucieti miner inu nnn iituuo ui
II. V. O.H.i.'V & ItltOTIIKK.
Tlioy will havo on hand or manufacture to order
spring wagons,
light wagons,
and 'very thing In their lino of business, of tho liest
maiurlal and most completo workmanship, and at
low as can 00 uuorucu
pru u
thart of VubUe patronage U rctpettJvMjl
- gwtcutu.
Aug. n,n-iy.
mis rArr.R is ok hlb with
Advortisinij Agents,
proceeded hi.u-ono to become a dealer of I,or'c" mmoot thogovernor. Tho man
house, and incidentally asked ono of tho teen years, and from forcoof habit wandered
musical instruments in London, and tho
other to follow his father's calling iu Haiti-
It had been tho intention of tho father to,
havo John Jacob follow his own calling;
but tlio soul of tho youth rebelled against
tho "uncanny" business, nud so nt tho ago
of sixteen ho was allowed to go out in tho
v.orld to seek his fortune ; but not until af
ter tlio death of his mother, and tho marked
dislike to him taken by tho step-mother his
father brought homo subsequently to tho
With two dollars in his pocket, and his
scanty wardrobo swung over his shoulder on
a stick, tho future mllllonairo passed tho
confines of tho Hluek Purest, and reached
tho Rhino whero ho was soon iu negotiation
with somo of tho lumbermen fur a chance at
tho oar of 0110 of the ImmciHu rafts of that
region, which, instead of floating down
replied giving 11 familiar German namo to
.Mr. Astor,
"Is ho an Englishman?" inquired Mr.
"No; ho camo from Germany when quito
a small boy."
Mr. Astor was satisfied ho was an old nC'
quaintanco, and entered his presence- asking
"Isn't your namo Wilhelm ? And did
you not attend school at Waldorf when a
boy 1"
"I did. And your faeo is familiar. I
ought to know you well. I remember you
now. Your namo is Astor."
Tlio two then had a long chat on school
matters, tic, and two days beforo tho vessel
sailed, tho two having met soveral times tlio
governor asked him ;
"Will you accept any present I mako
you 1"
Mr, .stor, Bceingtiio gentleman s earnest
stream as on our rivers, aro rowed by n largo ness and good feeling, finally responded that
number of men, sometimes seventy or eigli- ho would; ami so when ho culled to bid tho
ty to a crrft; ami as tho work is hard, and governor good-bye, tho latter quito all'ected
disasters often nvertako tho laborers, tho nt parting with his German school mato,
wages paid nro high for that country at that said handing him a couplo of papers
tlmo bolng about ten dollars for tho two I "Inko these; you may
weeks, passage in addition to tho coarso faro value."
furnished, Ono of them was simply n'Cantou prices.
Hut what wcro cither labor or danger to current ; and tho other was u carefully pro-
young Astor? His eyo was upon London, pared document, giving to thoship that boro
aud America invited lilm smilingly at a fu- it permission to trado without molestation nt
BLAi'K MORTGAGES for null cheap atlliu
turo day, when tho war should ceaso its rav
ages; for ever slnco his elder brother had
been in America, it seemed to him as though
that was to bo his futuro home,
lleiico it was with enthusiastic camestucss
any of tho ports monopolized by tho East
India company,
down Wall street, and into 0110 or tho largo
bhipping houses iu that locality.
"Ah! DePoystorl good morning. When
,lo you sail?
'I don't know. It's unsettled."
"What's unsettled? Isn't Astor"
"I'm not in Astor's service- now."
"Tlio devil I Como now, that's is it so?',
"It is."
And, after tolling tho story, tho old sea
captain was turning to go out, wheu tho
merchant stopped him,
"Do you want a ship? If you do, wo
havo tlireo ready to sail for China, and you
can take your choice.
Captain DoPeystcrsaw his opportunity for
repaying air. Astor s petty meannesses, in
addition to resuming his labors and accepted
tho command of tho largest of tho threo.
aud unknown to Mr. Astor, set sail.
Mr. Astor's ship returned with a cargo of
tea, aud a lew days only transpired beforo
tlio imu by tho rival house camo iu. Hut
Astor, supposing ho had a monopoly of tho
market, was iu no hurry about unloading.
and beforo ho was aware of it tho cargo was
sold, tho market glutted, nnd ho lost nt least
1 .1. . . 1 -I !.. ..-..Ri .
find them of lIlu naiueu uuuvu 111 piums
Shortly afterward, meeting Captaln;l)e
i'eyster on tho street, Mr. Astor met tho
former's triumphant suiilo with tho remark
"Veil, captain, I might tam sight bettor
paid for that chronometer."
Ho seemed to baso everything 011 money.
and seldom allowed a kindly feeling to rob
Giving tlio paper no serious thought, as ho him of a dollar. It is said that 0110 of hi
had no ships, nud not only had uotradowlth sea captains on ono occasion saved property
tho East Indies, ho returned to New York, I for him to tho amount of seven huudred
burning as is reality of being poor whilo
seeming to be rich.
Huhvcr, in ono of his early novels, writing
of lovo says, "Perhaps it would bo better if
wc could get rid of it altogether. Life would
go on smoother and happier without it.
Friendship is the wine of existence, love is
tho dram-drinking."
Nothing is so disgusting a3 tho whino of
tenderness; tho mcro cant of feeling, tlio pa
rado of sympathy; they bring tho most ami
able part of our nature into disrepute, and
prevent many a man from being generous,
lest ho should bo thought ridiculous.
Friendship has a noblo effect upon all
states and conditions. It relieves our cares,
raises our hopes, and abates our fears. A
friend who relates his success talks himself
into a new pleasure, and by opening his
misforunc3 leaves part of them bohind him.
Without a decision of character no manor
woman is ovor worth a button, or over can
be. Without it n man becomes at onco n
good naturcd nobody, tho poverty-stricken
possessor of but ono solitary principlo that
of obliging everybody under tho sun rueioly
for tho asking.
It is a foolish idea to supposo that wo
must Ho down and dio because we aro old.
Who is old 1 Not tho man of energy not
tho day laborer in science, art, or boncvo
lcnce, but he only who suffers his energies to
waste nwny and tho springs of lifo to becomo
The fruits of tho earth do not moro obvi
ously require labor and cultivation to pre
pare them for our uso and subsistence than
our faculties demand instruction and regula
tion, in order to becomo upright and valua
ble members of society, useful to others, or
happy in ourselves.
Perfect content was never ono of earth's
institutions; that belongs to tho sphere ethe
real, where perfection only is allowed, and
where wo who cheat and torment each other
hero hope to meet iu united bond of love,
which nil tho sins of tho former lifo cannot
The activity of tho young is liko that of
railway trains in motion. They tear along
with euro and turmoil, and leave peaco be
hind them. Tho quietest nooks provided by
them lose their quictudo ns they pass, and
recover it only on .their departure. Time's
best gift to uso is serenity.
Guilt, though it may attain temporal
Dnslish Envy.
The bitterness with which tho London
Standard denounced tho American celebra
tion of tlio Fourth of July in that city, and
tho Englishmen who took part in it, shows
that the largo number of tho English peoplo
hich that influential paper represents never
did nnd never will feel any real friendship
for tho United States. England has always splendor, can never confer real happiness :
onsidered her colonies iu tho light of lem- tlio evil consequences of our crimes long sur-
011s to bo squeezed dry for tho especial ben-1 vive their commission, and, liko tho ghost of
efit of her titled pauper lords and aristocrats, I tho murdered, forover haunt tho steps of the
and our country is about tho only ono of her malefactor, whilo tho paths of virtue, though
inner dependencies which sho has not plun- seldom thoso of worldly greatness, nro Always
Icrcd to enrich herself, Canada, never thoso of pleasantness nnd peaco.
ery profitable, has been spared somewhat, a woman of irresoluto constitution elves
becauso her oppression would havo resulted hersolf a treat of tho rack every time sho is
n her Incoming a part of our Union. It caue(i to mako un her mind rcsncctintr somo
was only by tho aid of our ancestors that petty domestic nrrangement. Tho poorest
nglatid was ablo to tako that country from nruuments will mako their wav when deliv-
tho French. Tho quotas of troops from tho crc,i wjth firmness and decision. ludecislou
colonies wero always valuablo to England Uriscs from two very opposito causes sceinu
11 her wars on this continent and tho neigh- our wav too far. or not far onoutrh.
boring islands, whilo our seaports and hardy RnnlMIlnBa , ,,,,,,,1 , , a ,
sailors wero almost Indispensable- to her long , . Im, , n, ,,,
continued maritlmo supremacy. This conn
try, if still under her sway, would be an ex
cellent placo to which her impoverished
nobility" could bo sent to hold sinecure
olliccs and steal for themselves fortunes to bo
Bpent in tho "Mother country," nnd its loss
will never bo forgotten or forgiven by tho
ruling classes in England. Exchange.
causes on tho bodily framo is not unknown
to any of in, though they ma perhaps not
havo been thought, in regard to education ,
to bo of very great importance. Tho effect
of anxiety, grief, and other feelings In di
minishing strength and wearing away health
aro'qulto familiar,
A man falls in lovo just m ho falls down
Tho cs-ieiico of jtntico is mercy. Making I stairs. It is an accident, perhaps, and a very
a child suifer for wrong doing is merciful to probablo inlsforttuio ; something which ho
tho child. Thero is no mercy in letting a never Intended, nor foresaw, nor apprehend
child havo its own will, plunging headlong to ed. Hut whon ho runs in lovo, it is as wheu
destruction with tho biu in its mouth Thero ho runs in debt; it is dono knowingly and
is no mercy to society nor to tho criminal if intentionally, and very often rashly nnd
tho wrong is not repressed nud tho right foolishly, even u not ridiculously, miserably
vindicated. Wo injure tho culprit who comes and ruinously.
up to tako his proper doom nt tho bar of'jus- It is in vain that ladders aro raised for
tlco, It wo do not mako hlni feel that ho has I peoplo without strength of purpose. They
uuuo n wrong tuiiig. wo may ucuver ms cannot mount. A boatswain can drivo a
body irom tho prison, but not at tho expenso lazy sailor up tho rigging of a ship to tho
nf justice nor to his own injury,
Tho story of a man who had a noso bo
largo that ho could not blow it without gun
powder lias turned out to bo a hoax,
maintop, but it is next to impctille to mako
liis way upward from tho common levi 1, If
futo has placed him nt tho foot of tin lnddcr,
thero in ull prol ability, ho will gioveltill
ho dies.