The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, June 18, 1875, Image 3

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II 1, 0 0 M S II V It (I. I'll I II A V, JIM! IS, IS"i
Kail lloiul Tlmo Talilo,
A nintiwiliillon Tmln IU3 A. M.
M hI Train .M A. M
I. iirem Tinln l.M l'.M.
I "i r,.!Ul M.
I'ATAWItMA UAlt. l'lOAl),
A iiiiinotiatlon Train .W A.M.
li ular lixpress 3,M 1". M.
Is. 11 1'. M
1I.HI A. .M
T,!M f. M.
11,83 A.M.
Throiwli curs on lixpieii train either lo New York
or Mil! ulripnlfl. AcccmiHHJii.mon train runs octwecii
( ,ii wi .wind Wllll.iinaport.
io nvit litiKsns, iin:i:iiMit
li.' the llrst of July coining: o shall hato complct
r I two jean of tho publication of the IOM'muuh
s ,. i It lust 'me Into our lianos. More man uirei
f i ir.iis of lis suUicrluoM nro Indebted upwards of n
. ,-, irWrlntlun, mid worn than lialtof them kxvo
i. D iM mi) thing. Asmir circulation Is largo this
i a in-,. O tnK upon the publisher and loo heavy a
i , i for tilm to curry much, longer. miring the sum.
i . an 1 autumn, ami oapect illy llio ensiling inonlli
M, i:. I.. M.mis will ca'l upon those Mibscrlbeifi who
! in am .ir.s tor tho p'lrposo of rcccli lag p.ij incut
oi i no amount j due, and wo hopo all win meet, liliu
Mii'ltS and be prepared to liquidate this Indcuto !
in s. ItlsfarlMin a pleasure In in to "end out a
t 1 1 ir or Uun people for dues In any form, but
i ollili;,' In o'lr Hue of Imslnesa must lit'puldfor
In c.iliauit tte cannot lliori'toro iilTord ti carry a
1 ,r,'0 1' no'it of Indebtedness fur year afkr year, mi l
uhMi l- tuiiitantly Inci-oiilng. We trust, there
fore, tint none will take olfenco at belngcalled upon
f .' unit I', due, but lint all will tal.o ploasmo In
u' iiu the paper to llio extent otpajlngwh-itthoy
owe for It.
ilr. Micrs Is also nuthoilwvl to take Job work and
. '. 'rtl-ing, to rccclto nubscil.itlous, .w, and to
t a!; p.i.v and receipt for the name. tf.
Full moon tills evening nl IWO o'clock-.
'flic Sii-cjHthtuiiiii'rivcr Is very low at tills
N" '.l Momlav.w
lw t tic longest ilay of the
Summer commence next Tiicilay llio "Jtl,
anil ciuls Tlmr.-ilay the U'Jil of September.
Mr. llernlmnl Klolnur has taken charge of hi
hotel, formerly comlueteil by .Mr. CI. II. IJrown.
A heuty fpul lat Saliirilay night, hill wo h
licve w,i aeintnpaliieil ly no wrious damage lo
Afc-sis .Tnlin Ciihh', .lini Pehuyler and Harry
Urol. vru on a fishing cxpeilitliin "up (lie
creel." this week. They report veiy fair hie!;.
A party cuTnistins of noma thirty lulic and
gentlem.'ii nf li!ooiubiuy, went pic nicking; tip
to i ViiMi'il t up, near ll'ieli IT iveii, on Tuesday.
The v.'iro rop- f.'irv at Culawi-S'i i) n failure
fo I ir in the r ipj is eoncerneil. In sittempline;
In -a- 'teli it aenm the river it broke three tinny.
Dr. IT. C. llower, of I.toomslmrfr, lost n
valuable home one day hut wet I;. It had been
driven lo iierwickyinil wai taken tick Hion nficr
aniving, and died in a few hours.
We arc informed that the C'ataivi-a bridge is
to be rc-huilt by ihe first of September next. It
is to bo a single track bridge, IS feet wide, and
the piers to be 0 feet higher ill in the old out.
Tin. flioio.y s'.oro of Mr. l'hil. Marganmi,
bilow Kupert an.l opposite f 'atavi-a, wis
loblieil of about S'JOO worth of goods one night
lai week. Wo believe, as yet, the thieves ale
at large.
Those of our tuih-criber; who have responded
1.) the oillofon.' collector h.ivo tho warn'Cft
thanks of the editor. Tho-e who did not will
continue to lu c ille 1 upon until Ihcy pay. The
new .ulneribers are nls cordially thanked.
.'Ii . D.T. r.oiuid.wifeof theSuiieiintendenlof
the I.. .V I!, railroad, dieil very mddcnly at her
hiun in Kingston, on 1'iidayla-t. f'he was in
lier u-ual lu.ilth until i-he ate a plate of t-traw-b-riies
and cream on the evening cf that day,
when -he took r-tuldenly ill and expired in a few
in'ii'ites. 1'oi.on is m-pceltd.
V Vi'.vimii ro ii'.)s.--Onj dav this wee!
a lit;! 'Mm of Mrs. ltishlon climbed upon a
trm 1: w.'-;iiii, and ill some way'bci'amo entangled
in ihe wheels, and was pretty Kcverely injured,
llr lle'i T amended li! in but found no hones bro
ken. l!.ys ho:il.l take warning from this and
nut jump upon wagons or cars.
Tiie eii-aiin:.' dill of duly anniversary will be
cc!ol rated at Oiangeville on Satuiday the !!il of
July, as the lib occurs on Sunday. The pi o
gramme u ill ho under (ho direction of the Odd
I'ii;, and lho proceeds nri-dng fiom the sale
of rifre-liin uits will bo devoted to Ihepaymuit
of an indebtc incv, of Ihe Melhodi-t par-onagc.
An nialion will bo delivered by llervoy K.
Sniitii, I'sp of l!loom-burg.
A liulu eight-yi ai-old i-on of Mr. Ihmett, of
lloom.-buig, was diowned in Kidiingercek, ju-t
bilow lown.caiThui'Mlay l.i-t. The little fellow was
lMiing wilhiv nuiuberof lioys, and we are in
formed was wrestling with ono of them and by
Mime mean i w.n pmhed iulo ihe water and
diowned ere he could he n'-cued. It was a fad
stroke to the fnnily of Mr. Il.irrelt, as the child
was a great favorite
Tlie h tting mmia Ins tiken n new shape.
An apoiliecary in Ilridgepoil, C'oiincclicnt, phte
e l a gl.i-s bollle filled wilh pill In his idioiT
win 1 hit, nnd.ollV'red any o-i" who'midethuncaie.t
gue ." to the nuiiibern hundred soda water lie-kits.
More than two thou-and per.-ous conlindcd for
the prize. Tho iiumher of pills was and the
gin,, oi ranged from 87 to 7,000, Two persons
gue-.-ed the exact number. This intellectual
contest is a til succe.-.wr to tliesp.'lliug hae. Jit
I. i-t Monday evening as the toiithern bound
ex ore train on the D. it' II- U. 1. was approach
ing tho d 'pot at this place, it was ill-covered
that a little boy about S years of ago was lim
ning a wheelb urow up the railroad, The little
fellow could not get lho wheelbarrow oil' lho
track as il was loo heavy for him, so he hft It
stand and ju-t had lime to get himself out of
harm's way when tha train nidied along smash
ing lho wheelb irrow all to atoms, Another
warning to hovs.
Mr. (leorgo Urccce, son of Mr. Daniel llreece
if this place, died at his father' residence la-t
.Monday morning, after a lingering illness of al
moit three years. He. went to Danville three
years ngo this coming Fourth of July, and was
taken sick soon after coining home, where he
rem lined an Invalid until Daalh cilled him lo
n higher sphere1. Ills remains were followed to
Koieiuont Cemetery by a large nuniberof friends
im Wednesday last.
A Grovo Meeting under tho supervision of
llie.M. I), Church will bo held on thu ground of
Mr. I. 1'. dinner, near 1'owlersvlllo Church; on
Saturday ardS in Jay, lU.h ci iMlh lnt. Divino
-Sji'vleowill ha held each il iv at 10 A. M., as
also In tho aftornoiu, at !1 o'clock on Saturday,
nd at ,1 on Sabh Uh. Thoinorulnj Service on
Kih'jUh will lu proeadid by n luvefoa.l, All
Christians and tha general public nro cordially
invllod to ba present. J!. H, Citiivim.
Dj nut forget that to niijht, (Friday), "The
Ccutchhtal Di'nmallu Association" appear at lho
Opera House, in llio mural draiua.culltlesl "Tho
Drunkard' Doom," Wuareauured by the Aaso
e'latlon no ejfl'urts have been spared to make
the entertainment inteie-.tliig, mid therefore let
everybody alb nd. The adnilsdon Is very lows
115, -5 and 15 cents, Itest'i vcd seat ("in he
secured at tho Hook Siore of Mr. G, A. Clark,
where u diagram of tho Hall may bo acc-u until
7 "cluck thl.i evening. Heab teh bill for fulher
tiii: r.m'iNu nominations and i:m:otion.
County TrcaMirers will hereafter he elected
for n term of three years. Three Commis!oncrs
mid three Auditor nro lo ho clecfed this fall,hut
voters inn vote only for two of each. We imp
poo the Democrat of Columbia county will
nominate only two candidalo for each office, yet
they might elect all thrco 1 y a proper dlstrihu
lion of vote". We hear of no desire to do thi",
yet if there idiouhl ha n volunteer in tho field
that result might i utility mid probably would
Tho newspapers all over tho country are re
cording robherie of private houses, nnd there is
much appearance of an organized ging operat
ing on that line. 1 or ordinary thieve locks
nnd flight care nro mflieicnt. To expert locks
and common precautions are scarcely an Incon
venience or hindrance. Watchfulness is Ihe
only remedy. Money in conid,.r.ihle sums
should never ho kept ill nil' privato house.
It Is only ntimptatlon to robbery nnd murder.
Willi Hanks ns good as tho'e of this county
theie is neither occasion nor excuse for keeping
money locked up at home or nhout ihu person.
The Hardware Stole of J. Schuyler & Son, of
lllooiiisburg, was robbed of revolvers and cutlery
to the amount of about JoU on Saturday night
last, between Ihe liomsof twelve and one o'clock.
The thieves clloeted an entrance to the store hy
hlcikiiig two of ihe large plate glass windows in
the front pait of tho building nnd crawling
therein. It is very evident that the robber or
robbers wanted nothing cNc in the hardware line
than levolvcrs nnd kli'nes from the fact that
they had taken a lot of other wares from the
shelves and thrown them over the Hour. The
aiuouutof goods stolen and the damage lo the
windows will not exceed $"".
On the same night, and about Ihe same lime,
and it is supposed by the same paities, the Gro
cery Store of W. II. Drown was lobbed of about
$lil) worth of goods. In t t s the thieve
did not cuter the -tore, hut broke a window nnd
look such goods as Ihcy could reach by putting
their aim through the broken glass. Their
h )oly coiiai-led of tomato catsup, pickles, olive
oil, Ay. Too much caution cannot be exercised
at the present toprevnit ruhbeiies, as tioies are
dull and Ihe country full ofdespcr.itecharacter.!
who will resort lo mo-t any means to secure
Chiirlci l.ce, .i student of tho Dloiiuishury
yiato Moruuil .School, hits, been elected Coun
ty Superintendent of Wyoming en., at u sal
ary of ;rft)(). Wo congratulate Mr. Lee tip
on hi i good fortune, jitt lini-hing his cour.-o
ns a student and entering upon the duties ol
n cnimtv niperiiitjiiilent. Cuixmiuax of
May ils't.
J-ii'l there considerable hiiinbiiggcry about
the siiperiiitciidency when n young manjic-t
Ire-h (oltcnlimcs green) from a school llint
tenches the science of teaching, is elected to
biipjiinlend teachers, who mat have been en
gaged in the pnil'e-sioii before ho. win bom?
iSuiiOtay Aiiurimn.
D ish I If our .Normal Schools are worth
mi v tning, tliev are ju-t thu institutions to
lit young men lor tho county supcrintenden-
cy. ilesiiles tlmt, llio American ought to
know (as it may find out by reading the law)
that no one, however eminent his sehohir-
s'lip or other (pialilieiatious, cm bo comui i
sioned for the olliee in unction unless ho
have "skill and experience in the art of
teaching." Tho insinuation of "humbug-
gery m tiuse.mueetioii tncreiore uisappears.
We believe Mr. is well leualilied in all
h:minau!i:s and cui.uHirs.
Our college men of to-day are being placed
in very tinjii-t and dircpulahlu position, owing
lo the fact that there are in existence ceitain ly
pic il seminaries which are cmpnwcicd by law to
coufer thu same degice of scholarship as can
onlv beobtiiined in ourgreat gionpof colleges
by liiird and incessant study, while the same de
gree or degrees can be obtained in certain semi
naries in k-s time and one-half the amount of
study. In behalf of our colleges, tho-e monu
ments of learning, and their member', I submit
to every sen-ible man the ipie-tion for con-ider-lion,
in tit U lijlilt -Should our seminaries be
placed on nil eipi.dily with our college-, when
the facilities nlKinled at -a cnllego for giving in
struction in the higher branches of learning are
far superior to those ollercd by any of our semi
naries? As for example, compare thecorps of
professors lound in our colleges with tho-e in
our seminal ies. In the former we find men
who by their nn-tcry over some special branch
of Icarningare elected togivo in-truetion in t lint
one branch, while in the latter, as a general
thing, we find the corps ol professors composed
of siipeiaunu.itcd niini-ters, whose health, (and
often their minds) are broken down, yet with all
the superiority that Ihe college has over the
seminary, they both confer the same baccalaure
ate di gives and in the words of another, ' in both
cases the same hum I is given to the victor." I
might expand more elaborately on the above
subject, yet it is unneee-sary, as any person cm
see ihe impropriety of seminaries having this
pilvilcgo. In eonclii-ioti, I would only reiiruk
to our si miliary graduates of to-day, that al
though they may h ive Ihe same haccalaure'ate de
gree that could have been obtained in our colle
gi by difficult study, yet let him remember that
he who Inn taken the degree in college can me e t
the demands of that degree; for ill hint we find
that thoroughness of culture and discipline of
the mind which our .'eminariain lack. A friend
lo the college inin and seminary men,
J he yearly cvimlnalions ol tho Senior t la-s
lit the Xo.-iual School, by tho State Committee,
too; place on lhursil.iy last, commencing at v
o'clock, a, in. The class numbered eighteen, eleven ladies and seven gentlemen, the
l.irgc-t class ever examined at thu chool.
Tho names of lho F.x tmlning Comuiltteo are
:u follows :
Hon. J. l'.Wiekei'sham, State Supjrintendent
of l'ltblle Instruclionj Kobcit Curry, D putv
Sup'l.j Frln. Maris, West Chester School, lih
DN'l,! Supt. Dutii', of Hai'ii-bui'g; Supt, Ilur
rows, Union Co.j l'riu. T. I..Griswold, Itlooms
lmrg, The following rules concerning examinations
at Xoriual School', have been iviied by the
Slate Supciintcnduit:
I, Tho voting shall bo done by ballot,
J. A slnduil must nctivu four affirmative
votes out of live in order lo graduate.
II. The classes, especially when largo, shall be
broken up into seelloiii and each siciiou bj ex
amliud by it-elf,
1. The examinations shall bo strictly piivate,
no per- ins being admitted except tho member
of the Faculty, the Hoard of Tni-lecs and invi
ted gnosis,
,1, The result of the examination shall ho
announced lo the Cliss by the l'lividcnt of lho
liiird of Fxamlners.
Tho Anniversary Fxcrei-es for Commence
ment week, areas follows:
Mu-ical and Literary Hutci'laluincnt, Tuesday
evening, June
Junior examination begin Wcdnei.lay June
Class Day, Thursday, Juno'Jllh.
C'I.m Contests, Thursday, 'J o'clock, p, in.,
Juno -Hill.
Model Schoul Inhibition, Friday Kvcning,
Juno liulh.
Anniversary lleiiuiou 1'hilologlaii Literary
Soclttv, Saturday evening, Juno -'th, l'hllolo
glan Hall.
Anniversary llfiiulou Callleplan Literary So
ehlv, Monday evening, Juuu USlh, Normal
Aluiiuil Meeting, Tucday, June ilUth, Jj
o'clock, a. in.
Couimeuee'iiicnt FxercluM, Tueslay, June
2Uth. 10 o'clock a. m.
Friuclpai Itecelillon, Tuesday evening, Juno
Tho uhovo mentioned vxercUei will be public
mid all are Invited to attend,
Whatever quarrel Dr. llradlcy may have with
tho Itloonisburg postmaster personally, It Is ut
terly uiilruo that the olliee Is not well conduct
ed, It Is now, ns it has been for n considerable
time, under lho care of Joseph Klcfler, wlrj I
n pleasant, attentive, efficient nnd popular offi
cer. Kven the Mimlour American might know
that postmasters do not carry the malls.
The Dev. Mr. ttcwilt, Mr. K. It. Drinker,
and Mr. W. M. Monroe, attended lho Fourth
Annual Convocation of the diocese of Central
l'cim'a, which was held in Heading last week.
Mr. Hewitt took part in the discussion on Char
ier', made n stirring address on lho subject of
Missions on Wednesday evening and nUted lho
Ill-hop at the morning service of Thursday.
Mr. K. Mciidcnhall, who was also a delegate
win unable to alteiul.
Ono day last week n stranger went to the livery
slable of Mr. Wlllifbn, Milton, and contracted
for tho use of a hor-ennd buggy for several days,
to go to Cohunbiaeoimty. The fellow appear
ing to bo nil right, Mr. Wlthcliu let Mm have
lho rigging. On lViday the horse nnd buggy
were brought home by u man who found tho
horse wandering along thu road by himself, mid
upon taking posses-inn, found in lho bottom of
the buggy a note directing Ihe person llndingtho
rigging to deliver it lo Mr. Wilhclm, its own
er. Tho stranger w iio obtained Ihe conveyance
h is not been heard from, an 1 Mr. Wilhelm is
out of pocket tho contract piice. Vtiiimpjrt
A walk or drive through lho country now, is
one of lho most agreeable things imnginable.
Everything presents such a lich, growing 'nnd
attractive appearance, thwoods and fields are so
beautiful in (heir summer drapery, and the wa
ters exhibit such s clear and sparkling appear
ance, that the vicinity of I'loomsburg looks more
like a fairy region lhan anything c'lewilhwhich
we cm at preascnt intimie a co.nparl'on. "Tho
world Is full of beauty," and tho Toice.t of the
birds ring with increased sweetness through "lho
sounding ilcs of the dim woods" and along
the shores of the wateis whero they hare built
their leafy homes. As far as tho eye can reach
the earth looms with tho variegated huesof sum
mer, and the mild breath of June touches every
leaf and every bud with its reviving influence.
The goodness and niere'y of Divine Providence
are seen in every direction.
Oats taken on subscription at tho Cur.UMlilAX
Xew Lot (iitigham
I. W. llarlnun's.
Calicoes, Dress Goods' at
cash Slore
the same as cash at Clark .t Wolfs
The fourth lot of 1'ara-ols
this se.niu at
DutziO Sloans.
Marr's Calicoes are uieo and cheap,
Ladies and Misses' ho-e at lOets. to $1.00 per
pair, with lots of Yankee Xolions at pticcs to
suit the times, at Clark ec Wolf's.
0 000 Oak Ties wantci peforc the
middle of Aii'iist, for which cash wilt be paid
by J. II. Stailon, Kohivbtirg.
Slate Mantles of the handsomest design sell
ing below coft at Ko'dins ec Holmes'.
Marr is selling nice Stockings for I. id ies at
lOeents p.'i- piir.
Slill running out Dihes at I. Ilirtmufd
White Ooods in great variety, flr.i'S Cloths.
I'ercalcs, Cambrics, llaniliurgKdging', Collar',
Tics Itu-hing', l'ara-ol', cheap for cash at
Clark .0 Wolf's.
l'or l'iqite, Swiss, Victoria Dawn, Cambric or
any other white goods go to I.ut. & Sloans.
A H nc lot of strawberries for
sale next week
bv Dillon.
J Clark & Wolf have lcduecd the price of inanv
of their l)rc-s. Goods and oiler same at co-t to
:duco Slock.
Tobacco and Confectioneries, wholesale and
retail hv M. M. Itu cl.
large lot of Calicoes, Mu-lins and other
dome-tics ju-t rceievul at LuU it Sloan'.
Another largo lot of Hair l'raids at Man's
cheaper than over.
liottom at I.a-t. Standard Vrints at Clark it
W'oll's, at 7J and S els. per yard.
"Shoot those Hoots'1
cad buy licit ones at
l'or a Handsome white Ve-tgo lo D. I.owin
bog's. Thatcher & Gearhart intend closing nut their
entire slock br the 1-t ol .1 til v, and oiler their
guodsat co-t till that date.
Wanit.k. Two smut Girls as' nppr, nlices
lo Hip tailoring husuu'ss. Aiuiv to w in, .Morns,
first flour above .K Schuvlcr it Son's Hardware!
Store. -t
.Iii't received, a splendid stock of Summer
Hat', in all the favorite styles and colors, a!
D. I.owcnberg's.
The only place to get a first-class Du's Shirt
is at 1). Lowiuiierg s,
Granulated Sugar for sale at ItUs-sin,'
Whito Shots at H. M. Knoiiu's,
For lieliable and lland-omc Hoots and Shoes
go to MclCinucy's.
AskfortheAl:UO'SIIIl(T-a perfect fit
sold only hy 1). l.nwciiuerg.
FAi:.Mi:i'..',Arn:Nriox. ltussi:r. t ikes Hutu r,
I'.gg-, l-ard anil rioduce in exchange lor goods.
The popular Coat for tho season is a Navy
Flannel a line slock at D, Lowenbcrg's.
A new Cabinet Kinpiro Sewing Machine, a
beautiful ailiele of fiirnltuie, for sale very cheap
If called for soon at Cadman's.
For a Nobby suit go to D. I.owenbeig'i
Fine and stylish Hoots ( Shoes at McKinney's.
Huy only L. II. Sudick's Manufacturo of
Whips, sold only by C. ,M. Gitton. Something
Neir. Call and Dxaininc.
The dim o( Ciutehley Aj Kline having dis
solvul by iniltual lolistiit, tho bu-ii'iss will be
cariied on by A. L. Ciutehley. A full nnd com
plete slock ol MnoKlng nnil l hewing loiiacco,
Cigars, I'ipis, Ac, will he found nl his esiabll-h-mi
ul, opposite the old Fpisconal Chiiich. Give
him a call and bo convinced as to lho good
quality of his goods,
l'or a Nobby Hat go to D. LowcnbcigV.
Oat Meal for sale at Hussel's. Call and try il.
Dulles' Lasting Gaiters for ?1.7o at 1!. M.
lliissil has Just received a fresh supply of
Apples, n.iuanas, Grange, Lemon', Fine Ap
ples, Ac. Hxamluo his stock,
J list received, a fresh invoice of latest slvhs
Childrin's Summer Suits at D. Yocum's. Al-o
Men' and Hoy' Clothing, all of which he is
silling cheap,
New Goods Jut received at Knon's.
If you want a liist cla-s Farm Wagon,
If ou want a l'latforin I'lca-uro Wagon,
If you want an Klipllc Spring Wagon,
If you want a l'leasuio Wagon,
If you want your Wagon put In good tilin,
If you waul rep ilrs done good with shoit
notice", Go to J. It, F.i'.s,
Army Shoe at McKlnucy'.
Gents' Favorite Hiickle Shoo at F. M, Knorr's,
Go to Tho Singer Sewing Machine office In
Opcia House foi' best Oil, Needles, Tuckers,
lleiuuiei's, iCc,
Meu'i Hultou Gaiters at Knurr's,
(lo to I!i'iii:i.iH for your firocerhn. Ho
soils for cash and will not bo undersold.
MeKlnncy's, iid iloor below tho Court I louse,
is lleadipiailers for Good llools and Shoes,
Men's Congress fchoes nt K. M. Kuori's for
Ft'wter Hand for nalo at'.i.'H.
If you want a good llnm,
If you wnnt cheap ami good Ten,
If you want Collec Jnvn or ltlo,
If you want good Canned Fruit,
If you wnnt the, bct Mackerel,
If 'you want fiiiffnr for the least money,
If you want the best fsyrupi In town,
If you want good Cigars,
If you want good Tobacco.
If vou want anything In tho Grocery nnd
FruvlMon line, go to ltUf.-Hil.I.'K, Main street.
Cheeso! Cheeel Cheese! Fine assortment
of Cheese nt ltuscT.
When ynu go to Flilliulolpliia, stoii at
the Allegheny House, No. Sli! nnd St i Mar
ket Hired; having been recently renovated.
Frlco only per day. A. Hiick,
March 10,70-ly l'roprictur.
Chlhlren' l'earl and Hun' Shoes at K. M.
Merchants going to tho city will do well
to call on W. II. llu.vniii, who Is engaged
u-ill, b ,,1,1 nnd ndbibb. linn nf YlUdl'.lt
it Hi'.ukunntock, for llnt, Cap', Straw
Good', Ay., i.",7 North Third street, l'hila
delphhi. Mnrcli l!),'75-3ni
Goto F. M. Knon's for Spring and Summer
Ohl LstaMishoil Coal Vnnl.
C. W. Nf.At. fc Duo., Wholesale A llctail
Dealer in nil ot the bent qiialilles of
Fed and White Ash Coal, nt tho very lowest
market rates. Haveconstniitly 011 baud largo
stool: of
lUacksmitli'si Anthracite,
and I.inieburncr' Coal.
F.specinl attention given to the prepara-
1 on ol coal lie oro caving our yards. Grain
and Lumber taken in exchange, for coal.
Coal dcliNerod to nnv part ol tho town at
short notice. Orders left. it I. W. McKelvy'
store, or at our office, will receive prompt at
tention. Olliee and Yard t at William Neal
& Sons' Furnace, Fast Dleiomsburg. Your
patronage respectfully solicited.
COAL. l7-tf-i-. COAL
sun rlsei 4 o'clock as minutes, sets " o'clock si
Moos 1 Iscs s&) o'clock a. 111.
(loi.o Is now nuotpil nt a premium of about llii-In
other words green backs nro about 14 percent, below
Iliast Dm, oil 1'areliineiit nnd linen paper, com-
111 jii and ler Ailnilalstrators.llxecutoi'.s and Trustees,
for sale cheap at the u, i'Miiiak ortlce.
IMi-Kit lliiis J list revetted, and for sale at tho Co-
riuri.i:', nuriTioNs, uni-nii skin.
The fi -teiu being put muter thu liillueiiee of llr.
Pierce's ilolileu Mcill;.il l)l-,e'oery for 11 few weeks,
tho s!.lu becomes smooth, clear, sott and Telvety,
and belnj lllumliuted wtlh the glow of perfect
health from within, truo beauty stands forth In all
ll.s glory. The effects ot all medicines w litcli operate
upon the sj-btum ihrougli the nieuluinot the uioou
are necessarily somen hat slow, no matter how good
the remedy employed. While ono tothreo bottles
clear tho skin of pimples, blotches, eruptions, jcllow
spots, comedones, or "grubs,' a doen may posiiuij
be 1 eipilred to cure soino cases whore thu system Is
rotten with scrofulous or lrutent blood poisons.
The cuio ot all those diseases, however, from tho
common pimple to the worst scrofula Is, with the use
ot this most potent agent, only a matter ot ttiiie.
Mild by dealers In medicines.
covKiinn with laiei-noss. cckkp.
o.eir.iiecic, Cousiniv Co., N, V.
Dr. Ubv. II. V. l'lEiicc, Ilulfalo, . Y.:
Diiaii sir. I am sixty 5 car of age, and have been nt
lllolcd : Ith Sail Uheuia In tho worst form tor a great
many jears, until, nccldently, I saw one of jour
books, which described my case cxactlj'. I bought
your liulden .Medical Ilkeovery and look two bottles
and a lia'f, and was entirely cured, l'roin my
shoulder to my hands I was entirely covered with
eruptions, also on face and body. 1 was likewise
nlfl'.eted with i:heilin.itlsiii, so that I walked Willi
great Uinienlty, and that Is entirely cured. MaJ
nod spare you a long life lo remain a bleshlng to
mankind. With untold gratitude1.
An Eminent lilvhio tays, "I havo been using the
rernrtaasji'iip. It gives mo new Igor, biiijaiicy
of si-irlts, elastlellj of niUscle." Selh W. I'owlo
Son', Host, 11, w III send, free, a pamphlet of :ii pngc3,
conbilidiiga full account ef this remarkable medi
cine, to any ono sending them their address.
eliforuus, tal.o Kunkcl's lilltcr Wlno ot Iron. "0
language can convey an adcipiato Idea of the Imme
diate nnd almost iiilrnciilou-, ehango produced by
taking U. 1''. Kiinl.ers Hitler Wlno of Iron in llio ills
cased, ileMlltaleil and shattered neivous sjstem.
Wiielher li ol.en down by excess, weak by nature, or
Unpaired' bj slekneiis, the relixed and unstruiig or
ganl.allon lsiestored topcifect health and lgm:
Sold only in il lollies. Ulllco and stoic, No. 85
Ninth NhilhSt., Vhllailelplila. duly lull bullies.
Sold by llini.-lllglsls.
nkuvoi's iif.r.11 iiv. XEiivots iu:du itv.
Debility, a de-pressed, In liable state ot mind, a
weak, 1.1 re ous, cxhair-lcd feeling, no energy or ani
mation, confused head, weak meinorj', thu coiim'-(pieuce-b
of e.eetsis, mental uurwork. This ner
vous deblllly II111N a si-rerelHii cure In i:. '. Uunkel's
Hitler Wine ot J run. It tones the sjstem. Sold only
in il bottles. Get the genuine. 'lake only 1:. V.
iiunlvcrs, it has a jellow wrapper around it, his
phologiai li en outside. Sold by J our di ugglst. 11.
I'. l'lcrrlitor, hllailelplila, l'a.
fiend and all complete In two hours. No fee till
head passes. -Seal, l'ln and Stomach Worms remov
ed by Dr. Kuukel, 'J.,U Noith Ninth St., Philadelphia,
Pa. To halo Tapo Woim reinoit'd, patients must
como on, but for all other worms, jour diugglst can
procure II, Ail; for Kunkels W01111 sjrup. l'rlcell,
and guaranteed. Send for circular.
Change of iltmatc, water or diet Is apt to ludu.-e
li.irr.essliig and oflen dangerous diseases. The
three eh inges comblneiriiro fatal to thousands cf
emlgiaiilsciery jear. Is It that llustctter'.s stom
ach littler.! uro an absolute prevcnllvo of tlioliuitful
Lunwqucnce-H aiblr.,' from theso caiLscs'.1 Tr.uelcir,
voyagers nnd to new countries can not bo
too often leinliul'.'dcf tho fact that this uijiecable
vegetable tonic Is tho most n liable safeguard against
dlsoulcrs whleh they uro far more liable than the del U"iis of healthy ie;lons. Tho
effect ot ihe uiiwholeHomo atmosphere which pro
daeus wliat are called lual irlous fovers. It to depress
and d'iblitate the .system. The body than beeonies
uneasy prey to the principle in llionlr.
Il Is nunltesl, ihenfure, that llio surest way to
avoid nil epidemic and endemic maladies of an Inter
mittent li pa, Is to countcrnel the weakening tend
encies of li.lism.l hy 111 1 tibial Invlgol'atlull. 'that
Hosteller', stomach llllteis U the surest rcsusel-
lalit ot nagging Mgor, Il 11 fact which Is bet apple
cUU'd wlieieM-r liillueneis Inimical to hcallii cslst.
Hut Is not iilino iignliist 1a.1l.11la that ll.ey protect
the si st 1 in, 'Ihej so loiiKhiult as to enable It to
ciidiiro wllh Impunity cxlieiiies ot beat and cold to
which Irai cleis are 0II111 subjecttd, nnd Ihcy never
neulr.illo those clean ts In unaccualomed water or
diet which would otherwise beget illsoiders of tlio
Btomacli ui.d bowels, 'lho braekhh water will,
which Mongers by lho sen nro often compelled to
quench u.clr Ihli'sl, Is apt lo provoke dysentery and
oilier sulcus ci niplaliiis, but when lho Hitters
aiomlicd with II, 11 b. cunios harmless, Truly Ibis
gieat proteetlio HiUiforant lsanl!ivaluabloliacllng
ami Mamhuki: I'll iji, 'I Iicso medicines i.nve ini
doubtedly perfuiineil inure cures ot coiisiuiiptluu
Hi 111 .my other remedy known to tho Amu lean pub
lic. '1 Ley lire compounded ot vcgetablo Ingredients,
an I contain nothing which can bo injurious to the
luman eouslltiilluii. oilier remedies in cures for
consumption, piobably conlnfii opium, whlih Is ,t
sum iw hat ilaugcioiiHilrug in all cases, und it Liken
freely by luiisuinpllie pallenls, It must do great in
jury i for Us Icndu.ey Is loconllno thoinuiuid mat
ler In the si Hem, which, ot course, must make a cure
Impossible1. Seliciick's I'u'inoiilo Hj 1 up Is wairunled
not tocontuln apartleleot opium 1 His couipe-cd
of poiveiicl but liarmlcHS hcibs, which net on lliu
lungs, Hut, stuimieh and blood, nnd lliuscoin cl till
nun I Id 1 ecu Huns, nnd cupel nil tho diseased taut t, r
froiullio Isiily. These me tho only means bj wldeh
consumption can lo cured, nnd'as ScInuSck's 1'ul.
111011I0 Syiup, sen Weed Tonic, nnd .Mandrake l'llla
1110 lho only luidlcliies which osralo In Ihls way, it
Is obilous Ihoy 1110 the only genuine euro for Pulmo
nary Coiiuiinptlon. llacli bollle of tliLs liivnlualile
medli'lno Is iiccoiiipaiilid by full dlreellons. Dr.
Schenck Is 1 lofesslcnully nt las principal oflice, pur
tier sUlli a'.d Areli Slicets, Philadelphia, CMiy
.Monday, where all Utters for luHlco must bo nil
TTOltNFY'ri HLANKK. Common and
Judgment HoiuUs, just pilnled lid for sale nt
aCiiiimuiN Ofllee, Ail kinds of Alluincy'4 blanks
ther kvpl on ksnn or primed to ordes.
)l,ANK MOItTGAGKSforialecheapaltho
I'm I'uiit av (Hllrt'.
CII1I.IHII:N.-No family cm alTord lo bo without
I'ond'H Hxl rnct. Ac 'Idenl s, In iilses, lontlislous,
cuts, sprains, nre relieu d almost Instantly iiy
oxti rnal uppllcatloii, rromptly rcllcvis paliisof
Hums, scalds, Kxeorlalloiis, e iialliigs, oiu sores,
Hulls, Peloiis, iiorns, nc, Arrest, lidlamalloii,
ii'diieessweiiiiie,,, -,iop3 bleeding, removes ills
coloration nnd iienlsr..pldlj'.
lX.MAI.i; Ui:AKN'i:sNi;s,-itnlivnjs relieves pnln In
thu back and loins, fullness nnd pressing pain In
Ihu bend, nausea, vertigo.
I.N J.KL'COItlllKllA It has no equal. All kinds of til
ii .it bins to which ladles nie subject nre prompt
ly cured Fuller details In book ncooinpimjliig
each bottle.
I'll.DU. Illlndor blccdltig-incct prompt relief nnd
ready cure. No ease, however, chronic or obsti
nate, can long resist its regular use.
VAllIcosi; VHINS. it Is lho only sure cure.
Kl UN HY DIHIIASHS. it has 110 equal for permanent
llI,l:i;iMX(l from any cause, l'or this It Is asicelllc.
It lias saved hundreds of lives wlpn all other
remedies failed to arrest bleeding from nose,
stomach, lungs, and elsewhere,
TOOTIlAClll:, l.nruche, .Neuralgia nnd llheumatLsm
nru all nllko lelleved, nudotien permiuehtly cur
ed. POX 11 S JlX'i'HACT COMPANY, 03 Maiden tanNew
York. .May its-It
1,,'llei-s of Administration on tho estate of .Tolm
Smith, late ot Madison township, Columbia cuimtj-,
I'iceeitsed, havo been granted by thu Register of
snld couiilv, to A, c. Smith,,ot Illoomsbiirg. All
persons havliigilalius egnhisl tho estate ot lho de
cedent, uro requested l present, them for settle
iiient, and those Ind'Mcd lo llio estate lo make
paiiitciil to th uii'Liislgiied ndinhilslrnlor without
ilelnv. A. C. SMITH,
,luru ll,t.'-it Admlnlstriitor.
DM IN '-- . UATOll'.S NOTICU..
OK J3IIS MKNsfll. IU!CI!lKn.
' vl liilsiiatlon on the estnlu of John
,it 1 1. nivlln tiiwtislihi.Coluinblacuiiuty
0 di granted bj lie' Ueglslcrof said
Ab 'i eh nnd .Mleh'tel Melisch. of
,.sl,lp. Ml persons li.nliiKi'l.iliiH against
p the decedent, nre requested to picscnt
Mcii'.i' :.
decens- d, t
county t.i
tho fi-lllte ,
Ihem fur
iiieineni, nun iiioseiiiucineiiioiiie
lo make p.iimeiit to thu imuei'sljjned ndmlnlslralors
Without delay. .Ilsi: mhnsi'II,
Win. I,. I'.yerlv, Attorney for tho Adinhil-trators.
Catawlssn, l'a., .luiietth, isw. Juno ll-ct.
ISON' lOWSsJlll',
letters of Admlnlslraltonim Ihe islnlo cf Catha
rine Krcamir. late of .Madison to-, uslilji, ( oliiiubla
counlj, deeea.scd, l.nve been granted by Ihe Hc'ls
ler ot snld county to Conrad Krenincr, of Jladlsnn
towii'hlp. Allpersom having ilnlins ng.ilnst Ihe
i-lnte of the decedent are requested lo lit cscnl them
for setlt iiient, nnd those lmltbted lo the estntu to
make payment to tho undersigned ndinltilstrator
VMthourilel.lJ. CONliAI)Klti:.Mi:il,
i'.aj 'j5-ilw Adinlnlstralor.
"7"1- WILL Mi:LT on the iiremi'es to let
Hi" re-buhillnx of a county brldiro over
lluiillnci-in 1 lei U, 111 l-'islilngerecK lownshlp, nt a
poll,! n .lo-lali llessv, 011 Wednesil.ij, .Mine 21,
H7r,, b"tiieeiiliio'clnek,a. 111 and 1 o'llntk.p. m. To be
an Arch Ihl'Ue, one span. 91 fett long. Abutments
lobe life, t high Iroiu low wiiter-in.irk, lhldgoto
rest mi nirl.-on ina-ih side. Whig Walls lo bo I by
in feel, und 19 bj '.Mf 'el long. Speeltleatli ns cm be
s 'en 111 the olliee or on the ground on day ot letting.
Commissioner's oflice, 1 WM. I.A.WTON,
Hliiuns'li'irg, Juno s, iT5. - John IIKUXIIII,
WM. KlllCKII ll'V, J .Itdl.NllNI',
ciei k. cotniiilssioners.
June ll-2t
IIY VIIlTlT. Of SfMIUY WHITS cf Levari l'acl-
) ns, Issued out of the Court of common Pleas nnd
l-i me directed will be exposed lo public sale lit
the Couit House, In Hloutnsbtirg, on
SATLM'DAY, JULY li, 187.".,
r.t one o'clock p. in., the follo'v lug real wit :
All that certain Iioiiso nnd lot ot ground situate In
the town ot Catavvlssa, liouiiiled und described as
follows-, lo wtt : on the west by front street, on tho
south by laud of late sainuel bck, on the cast by land
of Catawlss.i li. Ii. Co., and on the north by lands of
(leorgo stiicki r, containing in fronton s.ild front
street thlitj-llic feet, and extending in depth onu
hundred and sixty fuct, wheicon are creeled 0110
two-story frame house, one summer kltclicntiud one
liMine stable.
stled, taken in execution and to bo sold as tho
property of .latin's S, McMiich.
siiimiFi-soivicK, micii.u:i, cutovi:i:.
Hloonibbiirg, June 11, b75. ShcrllT.
1-Y Vtin'l'E Of A WHIT of Levari l'.ic Its, Issued
t out of tho Court of Common Pleas nnd to me
directed, will be evposed to public s.dealtho Court
House, in niiiiimsburg, un
JjATFUDAY, JULY .1, 1S7.-.,
nt 1 o'clock, p. in., llio following real estate, to wll :
Allll1.1t certain nwssiia :o or tract of lar.d sll uate
In c.itnulssa township, Coiumhla CO., I'.i., bounded
imfollows: on Hi-' south by lands of lieu. Z.irr, on
the east bv l.tnd-, of H'111. Melvelvy, Solomon llelvvlg
and Joseph eleivell, on the north by lands ot Joseph
Hiilseh, Win. lhirtia.111 and lands of Win. Corfmaii,
ibe'd, i.nd ii.i 1 lie west Iiy lands of Samuel Un-ten-baiider,'.ngoue hmidreil nnd ffiiiitien acres
and tin ' K p-1, In s. v. hereon ure cm ted one stone
gilst mill 1 . 1 I'm fen, oii.s frame saw iiillladj lining.
nut hou-i s -htgl -, llu'' e frame lenntit houses
it'iiible. niie fr.i-fo bank barn, one wagon shed and
four fniiie stables. About V6 acres of this tract
Is clean d.
lie 11111-si ij-i ir.inr- 1:1 oiseiii 111111-1-, luur name icil-
AL0 :
Ail I 'Mil eei tain lr.n t ot land situitn p.uily In
awl-sti im, iislilp and pa, II-. In M.-ln lounsldp, Co
lumbia c units, ii.lji-li.lug liuds of J.s. Ilrobst mi lho
south, l.ui'i Ann 'II10111.1., untile east, calawlss'i 1!.
1:. on me in ii in, uii'i i m. .ii.irun on 11m wesi,
ci.iilalidng sj acres, more or less, together Willi tho
si Ied, in cvcutleii and to bo sold as lho
propel ty cf . I. ones s. MeNlii'-li.
Moaoss s t ps s 11 r , .iiieiiAi.i, iii.iii 1,11.
Hloomoburg, June tl, 1 1.1. sheriff.
iTiTmFivs sali'I
llvviilu" cf sundrv wills of fieri l'acl is. Issued
out nf ihe Court of Coiumon Pleas nnd lo me dtrecl-
il 111 be snld at puhlle the Court llouie
In liliium-iiurj, Columbia eountj', fa., on
WFDNKriDAY, .UWi; 2:1, lS7.r.,
nt 1 o'l lm-k p. m. lho following real estate sltuato In
1 s 1 ti'i'ivek towiisiiio, Coiumiiia county, bounded
as follows:
on ttie north-west o i.iiiuor .losepn ruiiiner, on
111' noitli-i ast by land fori'ieil.i owned by Wllktiu
Ikeh r, mi the sniilh-east hy innil of Jaeoli lietns, de. il. .ui 1 mi the south-west l.i land of John Held,
coiitiMiltig s, ui res and .IT perches mm e or less, on
which ale cm ted 11 good frame duelling house,
franc bank hum and oilier lUit-buildlngs.
Seled, taken In et eutton und lobe sold as tho
propettv nf l.ei-rgc liilbert,
siiEiini'soiFicK, ) MiciiAi:i.(iiiovi:ii.
Illnniiisburg, May 2s, ';.,.f tlieiltT.
WD iV-M',
IiuleipemliHit in Evcrvthinjf !
Neutral in Nothing,
Opposed to all Corrupt liinys in
Municipal, Htato ami National
A Hairs.
Till: 11 Ml.Y TIM lis villi be Issued on Saturday, thu
bllh o Milieu next, und every nun nil g thereafter,
suodiis eveepted, uiid'-i' tin1 dlreetlon of
A. K. Merluie, printed oaipaellv from clear, new
ei pe, on a 1 11 g folio sheet nluliilug all the news
ot the day, Inelii.tlng ten ASSOCIA'1 11 Pi;is THI.i:
UUAMS, special I'elenl'ains mill Cori'espond"lic
ri'oni all ", hits nf liilen -t, und feat less edlloilal ill
eus.slnns of euricnt topics. Price, TWO CrkVl S.
Mali suhscrlptlmis. p.,!,!,!,, five, sli delliis per
aiiniiin. or ttftv cents tier liuititii. In ailvuuce.
Adu'itleiii "ds, iifteen, t wenty and tlihty cents
per line, aieoiiung 10 position.
The Weekly Times
Will bo Issued on S.ilunlay. March soth. weekly
thereafter, coiitnlidiig nil liii.i lunt news of the
wis k. und colillileto Market 11 lid itenolts.
Mall.'d, foi one) car, postage free, nt lho following
Ono Cony..
,. U.IID
Ten Coidns
TwelilT Conies ,
AUVKltl IsliAIHNTri tweidv-llvo cents per line.
liemllaneousiiouldbo m.idehy Drafts or fostuf.
Ilea (inters.
No. 11 South Seventh Ml ct t,
If fllll.Alifl.I'lllA
t'ouglis t'olils, ISron
ilillis, Soto Throat, In
llueii7.apt'roiii, Whoop
In;; Cough, Hoarseness
I.trvrl'mnphtut, l'.iins
or .Soreness in lite
Chest or Side, Illecilinj;
al the l.tuiirs, ami every
..IT...., I..,. ... , .... 'I , riii.irj .n.l I'liii.t nmu .....l.
Ill cured bv lho use of ii.i, Wist vu's IUiAm 01' W11.11
1 iikiuiv. l. n il ilm s tint dry up a coiikIi itiul leave
1110 i"iu e ceiiinii, us lsine enso iiiiu mosi i-cineiues,
hut loosens p. cleanses the lunipi titul ull.vs Irritu-
ion, inns re'iiovinif tnoeausuoi inoconipiaini.
Oonsumption can bo cured
by 11 timely icsortto lids standard remedy, ns ts
proved by Hundreds of testimonials It bus loc'clved
Soimifenutuo unless signed "I. lll'TTS" on tho
wrapper, fri rents und tl nbolllei l.uve bottles
nun 11 in" cue ip,T, sr. 111 vv. row i.r. .v sons,
froprk tors, llostoii, Muss, bold by dealers t'eie
Jau.SJ, 'JHy
Printed nt this OHico
The Columbian Printing Estab
isliment is amply supplied with
the necessary Presses, Types and
other material for exceutinjj all
cinds of Printing at low rales and
in the most expeditious and satis
factory manner.
Columbian Building-.
Br.ooMsnima; Pa.
When Hrceial uiateiial is required
it will he promptly ohtained.
Bookn and Painplilcts,
1 land-Bills and Dodgon?,
Largo and Small Posters,
Letter and Bill Heads,
Envelopes with Business Cards,
Business, Pie Nie, Wedding and
Visiting Cards,
Programmes, Bills of Faro, &c.
Will all ho supplied and oxeuted
in superior stylo, at eheap
rates and short notice.
Tho hesl workmen are employed
and tho hest material will
always he furnished,
:V liberal share of public patron
age is respectfully solicited.
Bi.oomsiiuug, Ju.nt. 18.1875.
keeps constantly on linnel n 1'ull nnil Coniilcto Stock of
vvlilcli vro will sell to the Public .it Prices so Low ft? to defy competition,
of nil Grades nnil Latest Improvement,,
Burdcn'sj Horse and Mule hoc.3; Horse Nuiln, &c,
Spokes, Heavy and Light, Ourringc i1illcbcls,
AxleSj Springs, Gum and Oil Cloths, Vnlentincd Varnishes, Spirits
ami n general .Stock of
Building Mntcritili, such as DUNCANXON NAILS, Lewis' Lead,
Best C01ors; Pure Oils, &c, as low as they can ho bought in the county.
jtlimlels, Gouge?, Twee-zers, Pliers,
Jl.,l .,.! l.nlll..a. I'ntia nnil f'ril-ra.
JsSjAll tiling.'! for nil sorts of buyers. JJf
Wo havo alo aililed to our Stock
T11 all its liraiicliei, Carefully Selecteil and l'lirclia'ied low for Cash giving us
Advantages for Selling which can not bo excelled hy any other
Hardware Store in the Country.
Wo GUAKAXTEE both in PKICE and QUALITY or our Good..
The Largest Store in the Country.
March 12,'75-y
chink lias Mirung rapUUy Into
favor ns iKisse'sslns tUe best com.
ms.vrios ct good qualltlon,
namely; Uk'l't runuUig.Smootli,
Sobe-lcss, llapl'l, Durable, villi
perfect Lock Blltcli.
It la a Shuttlo Maclilne, Willi
Automatic Drop I'ceU. Deblijn
beautiful ana fouatructten tlio
very best.
MwM Sewing
I',. ltfininKloii & Sons, 1
Ki'iiiiiiKton SeHiiiR M. Co., IM0N.
Iti'iiiiiiSton Ag'l Co., '
JIajs, T3 2m
$10. to 3500.
invo-tctl in Wall Ktieet
..linn inmistn fortune. A Ti
nnco book expi.tiun
Wall street Hut lew
iniKO book explalulng evei thing, and a copy of tlio
Hankers ami Hrokcru,
1 1NU." How cither set may f.i'clnuto anil
gain tho lovo and atliTttoiw ot tiny peis'in thev
cliiioso This simple, mental uciiutrcnit'iil
all can pnssoM, flee, by mall, fur '.'.', cenM, tugethi r
with a Marriage (Julile, Kgyptlan Oracle, Dieains.
lllnta to Ijidles, Wedding Mght shirt, ic. A ejueer
hook. Aildi cw 1 Wl l.u 'k .M ,u, nios. rnua.
AKets Wanted. ThoC ENTENNIAL
(i.tzin'i i:i.ii of tho iM-i i.n states.
shows the giand reiillNef ti u i in s ef rrecilum ,V
l'lOKiesH. New nnd Complete, liter ion pagiti
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fromJUM to J'iuua month. Aililri ss J. I'. Mel'l'UDY
to,, I'uuiienerH, riiii.iueipiii.i, r.t.
Conducted by us In every form, on cumnihMou onl)
l'uts nnd cilN, on bi'ht Iioum's and loweht rales,
Oust, 1100 Ui 13 and often pay J.',,oiH) prullt I'.uu
Dlile't. I'Tiihilnlng how Wall street biieeulallons are
I'oniluctod, hint free. Send for a copy.
liAiSKKl.s ami i:i:tiiti:rs.
S Hull strut, N
And all Throat Diseases,
a Tiin:t am .seen: iti:.m:iv,
l'or sale by llruggl.-ts gi ni rally, and JOHNSTON
1IOU.OWAV li CO , I'hlladclphla, IM.
TrmiMii, FnpporlPri tn.l Tlia
I'lpf. "hooky HirJ Jlutb.
Truiii'f." C-ool. cle.tTily, IlKht,
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Hon.lonit tcittU, nlwun reliable. lll'.WAIlKi'i 1MI
T.tTIONS:UciHitnotaniinsl"l.ri.N'i'ley." KalaU's.
1JI7 Che;. St., I'lilli.,i7.l7 llr'd'y. N. V. Sent by nia.I
iircxi., & toM by k'.iJioi'druij:.ii. Suua forcntaloiiuu.
THE HOIjY laiilB,
Heliig u full ilexi rlpllon of ralotluc, 1U llMor), An
lliUllli'H, InhabllanU and culi'ius, aeeordlng In tlie
L'lelit lUsci)te-rlen itcentlv Hindu bv llui l'.ih stlne
Kjp orlng HxiHMItlons. It hclliat sight. Se-ndlur
uiu e-.tiru it'ruii iu i 'ins, uiki te r tt uy u sens i.esi
erlliau nnv other took. NATlo.SAU I'l UUMIIMI
CU, I'hllaelelli 1,1, 1'u,
UV li A N 1) Ii A H (1 K 0 F
"V I UST Q- S T O 3ST 33.
IliielUillni; lho "LAST JOl. UNA LS."i untofds tithllv
hU S'. loirs btrnnire adventures, also thu ('iiilnlin k.
Wondera und Wealth of that marvelous country, und
la absolutely tho imlj now, eomplelo tioik. Ileiiee
11 bells J lust Ihlnlc, ilrat 1 eeka. MB poe-i
rmq Illustrations only Age'lits tmnted.
send fdr terms und lwMtlte proof. lIl'llllAllll
1IKU4., 1'uUMwu, et kuubcia, kl., I'hllaelelphla, l'a.
Keep on Hand tho
In the County.
& SON, Bloomshurg, Pa.
Or T 0 1ST .
IlEuisarox No. 1 Machine for
family use, In ti.o luntu vuaii
n more ii.erm incheask or iutio
llEMiNUTOsKo. 2 Jtachlno for
MANUFACTCKINU llllel f emllj' US9
(reaJy for elellvery only blneo
June, 1S74), for range, perfec
tion, and vb riot y ot work, li
without a rival In fnmllyor
Machine Company, Ilion, 1 Y.
sl A !53 llroailwny.'Scw Yerk, Arm.
Maill.sori Miunrt', w York, iM-nlng Machines.
I'litenjiu, 23T Male ht., K'wIul' Machines nnrt Amis,
llostun, Kit ViihliiKton (il., Sulng Muclilnes.
ilnelnnall. if I Wi'ii4tli SI., hen lui; M uchlnvb.
I'llci, ia (Itiu-be'e, M., SeMlnp Machines.
Atlanta, i.a., DedUu'a Opera llouce, Marloltnfstrcut,
t-cnlnir Mnclilnes.
W'nslilngton, 1). Frteii(liM.,f-ciiigMnchlncs.
U)iilsvllli. Uy., Weit JefTerson M.,Selng Machlncji.
l'hll.idelpla, blu I'hestnut Mreet, fcewlng Jlachlnes."
m. l.ouls, reu N. Fourth street, "
I'etrolt, 1U1 Woodnard Avyiue, " "
Inrtlanapoll-:, T'J Market hlreet, " "
ILiltlnioii', 47 N. Charles street, "
V. InI. TU15BS
tiflli'o In Make's llutldlng, corner ilaln and Centra
iiLooMsnrno, phnna.
tsroiilers solicited and promptly filled.
.May, avii-ly
Valuable Town Property
and Farm at Privato
Sale !
PIIK uiiilelgncil, ono of tho Tlxeetilors nf
X (lliOllilK wn.Wlill, deceased, offera at privato
s.iie, tho fi'llonlug taluablc property, to wit i
with out-bullillngs nnd lot attached, sltutJd'on
Main stiei t, llloomhbiirg, l'a, This Isbultalfei
tor lii tiiinllleK.
ALSO emo two-story frnmo dwelling houie, with
oiit.bulldlngs, frumostnblo and good lot attached,
'nil's property Is opposite the residence' ot tho Inlu
fir. Yosl,
Al.sei, one two-story framo dttpllln? houso tilth
stable oul-bullillngii uiid lot altuehed biluated on
Hock strut, liloomburg, l'a.
ALSO, sK lolj slluati'don l'ourtli Street,
ALSO, u t .tillable farm shunted nne.tmir miln rrmn
the toil II of .M'llwe list Hie. l'a. Snld farm cni.ttiln u,l
ui nsi.f land,
I or terms of side apply lo
ill W. COll'll'.l.I, Kiccntor,
l eu. in, ,b-cin.
Hioonitburg, l'a.
or VAI.VA11U5
1) Y virtue of mi onler nf lho Oriihnn'a Court
I I of I 'lluniMa county, tho undersigned, Admin,
lsiratui of Solomon lluvi, late of 1'Wilngereek town
ship, In said I'ouuty, deeeawd, will expose lu publlu
sale on the prcintaoa, on
SATURDAY, JULY 10, 1875,
At io nvimk, a. in., lho follonliig valuable real
esliit''. towiti
c ii lain lot cf grounil situate in Flsldngcrcek
township, bounded oa tlio norlh by John Wenuei. du
th." exit li) Wllll.un HoUiw aud Kllat lleniler, ti "liu
Buiiiu uuu oi 1, n iiii.un lAiiiaeroaei), t'Oliliuuiii
on whleliarn erected a ouo and-a-)ialt story frnmu
liouio, n inimo sliil.le, u goenl titll of water und
some fruit I lee, 'i ho land li lu n good state of ceil
tluitlon. Also, at lho suino time and place, t. Ill In
sold n lot of bi.u's, burreb, kettle und a lot ot house
ho'd furidlui-e,
TtiltMS of HAl.H.-One.tourlh of lho purchasu
inoliey to l o ald ut lho BtrlMiig ilnw 11 ot the proi er
ty, and tho remaining ihree-fi urlhs In oim tear
theivutter. JOHN WKNNi:il,
juu u-m. AitmiuUiriilor,