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'(Pit Jiotmil))'.UU
J3L00iMyiiUHG, PA.
Friday. Mnroli Q0.187G.
Is'o-U Sumlny
tbould begin.
is Easter when Spring
Whenever you heir h Radical liovHti;j the Isofc of legMuUon by the De-no-emtio
lluiMr, you can itmki up your iiilnd
that U hntl tit least hue job wnashctl.
President Grant tcr.soly ex.)ro-s tins ob
jections nl" tho public i well at his i svn to
the. Iluneomo bounty bill when r" my that
it takes a Iiu-ru sum of money from tho trea
sury when tlie juiulle revenues cnmiutfits
tain nucha diaughtj that the snliliers have
not deinaiitlcd tho law In any considerable
numbers, and that tho chief beneficiaries
would bo the claim agents and middle men
who would collect the bounty.
There it a great contest between the Head
ing Railroad Company and its employee,
two thousand of tho latter having been ask
td to dissolvo their connection with tho
Worklngmcn's Renevolent Association, the
alternative being a dismissal from the em
ployment of tho company. Instead of com
plying with the demand, the liaiiili have
been holding largo and enthusiastic meet
ings, at which they resolved to stick to the
Union, Und abide tho consequence.
Since it was ascertained that tho Demo
crats elected two of tho thrco Congressmen in
New Hampshire and that the Democratic
majority In tho State on tho Congressional
vote is over .100, tho Radical editors lo
Close of the Legislature. itailleal Abmo of the lato I.esUlatnre.
llio Legislaturo adjourned on tho 18tli. That tho noonio are not as careful to send
All tho necessary legislation was completed, experienced and ablo men to tho Leclslaturo
unless the bill to 11.x tho salaries of tlie txay ,-10uld UP ,vo ro froo to admit. Wo
Judges under tho new Constitution be nn ureabw free to admit that tho eloctlon of two
exception. That bill fell became of tho I hundred member to tho lower Uouso was an
rtrcnuoiH effort to Increase the salaries of all nh,urdlty, and that these, In vlow of the fact
law Judges to W.000 per annum. If there Is tiat tho half of them were necessarily and a
not a lormai combination on tho part ot an n)nlovitv of the riMiialnlne half accidentally
office-holders to IncrcAso tholr respective new member, wero not as woll trained as n
salaried to an.amouat far beyond what men fuot com,wny u tho regular army, Is also
may usually earn at honest occupations, and ,)robably true Hut that there Is a decent
beyond what ha over been paid lit this com.- OJCU,0 fi,r t,0 nbtno tht-t tho Hadleal editors
try before, thoso gentlemen at least are Bro heaping upon tho House as a body Is not
womieriiiiiy unanimous in working mr mat ttWt Tlcro wero blackguards there not
end. lint the thing is contagious, Ilko many RX)y tho Philadelphia, mostly Radicals
of tho most repulslvo diseases, lho l'rcsl-1 n,i g0mo Judical members who ought to
ilent had hi salary Increased from ?20,'Wu iavc m moro tcznn for their character did
to SdU.OOO per annum, (.besides a superior they could to render tho House odious,
amount for extras) and after tho utmost anx- uut tho fact stands out clearly and abovo
icty to be elected at tho smaller eompena cavl that tho body was comparatively honest
tion the Uovcrnor has his increased Horn i in keMatlnn, Tho economical appro
$11,000 without homo or light, fuel,&c. being prhitions, the linn stand agalnt tho demands
luriiishcil, to 510.UOO wltli n turuislicil House f t,c state Treasurer and his corrupt ring.
and nil Its attendant oxpen-es paid by tho t,0 rcw iaw that wero passed, ami lho total
Mate, except fur the table and servants. also nbsenco of anv of a corrupt or ritnr character.
after displaying tho utmost anxiety to serve &T0 ample testimony to the purity of motive
for tho smaller sum tho members of the that Governed at least a ma ority of tho lato
Legislature have their pay raised from $3 House. Tlicro standi the Incontrovertible
per day to $10, besides innumerable extras evidence, attack it who can 1 That evidence
ro of heads of departments and ever)' other defies the malevolcnco of the traducer and is
conceivablo species of olhcc-holders. In the IX fn answer to every slanderer
cases of tho Judges tho evil is n fearfui one, Compare it with the Radical Legislatures
The Slnklns Fund,
Wo honor tho Democratic House for stand
ing firmly by tho Sinking Fund and refusing
to permit a dollar to be abstracted from tho
legitimate purpraool paying tho Stato debt.
If tho fund Is too large and Is therefore
paying the debt too rapidly, let tho peoplo bo
relieved by removing a portion of taxation
from them and thus reducing their burthens.
To continue to tax tho peoplo ami waste tho
fund upon other purposes, affords no relief to
anybody. Therefore, If tho money Is to bo
raised, pay tho debt with It If it is not de
sirable to do thatus fait as Is being done then
do not collect so much. Nothing tends
moro to tho corruption of governments than
to have a largo available surplus in their
treasuries. Ueduuo tho taxes.
Imbecility of llio It.nllcnl Parly.
Tho want of capacity in tho Radical p.uly
to administer tho affairs of this country is
day by day manifested. In every direction
ouo sees tho ignorance, corruption, and
weakness of this party in Its management of
the great Interests Intrusted to its care.
Stealings, frauds, infamies, outrages, vio
lations of thu Constitution, tire ns Ireipiont
ns the blind hate of the Radical arty deems
necessary to force the people into submission
to power In opposition to the right.
As to statesmanship it is wholly unknown
not crow so much as formerly. Thelladieal j J " Pwpto can never put a stop
eandldato for Governor has a little over a
hundred moro votes than tho Democratic
candidate. Tho latter was said by tho Rad
ical papers to be very unpopular, which may
account for tho diflereiK o.
in tho Radical party. The negro, force bill
for their number is already great and there I vmt preceded It. Kvcry one of tho latter was i hate bills, election frauds, stealings, corrup-
is no limit to incir increase, iscstiies, no distinguished for the amount of corrupt pub- tion and imbecility mark the Uadical party
matter how hard tho times or what troubles c .j rivat0 lecislatlon it enacted, for be-
ovcrtako tho people, these salaries when onco j, K0Vcrned by baso rings of plunderers, for
fixed cannot bo lowered. What adds to tho ,he enormity of their taxation, for their ex-
burthensomo and henco objectionable char- traVagant expenditure ol tho people's money,
actor of this increase of salary is the fact .Mi for their outrages upon tho public aiid
that so soon as it becomes permanently private rights. No such legislation stains
fixed, the Judgeships will be increased until thc rsC0II f tie House just adjourned, and
every county in the Stato will bavo from ono tlcro no omitted proper legislation for
to three, and even up to n dozen or moro in w,jeli the Radical Senate Is not responsible
Such are tho facts. It is therefore vain
for Radicil editors to attempt by abuse to
bring thc late House down to a level with its
Radical predecessors, which wero distin
guished only for their baseness and corruption.
tho largo counties. But wo do not propose
hero to discuss tho sakry question at length.
When tho Quakers mado laws for Penn
sylvania they did not show favor to lawyers,
l'enn's first draft of laws, in 10S2, provided
that "in all courts all persons, of all porsua
sions, may freely appear in their own ways,
and according to their own manner, and
thcro personally plead their own causes
themselves, and, if unable, by their friends."
This was followed, in 1C8G, by a proposed
law forbidding "mercenary pleadings in civil
causes," and slthough it docs not appear on
tho statute book, it is a sufficient evidence of
tho spirit of hostility to lawyers It did
not take thorn long, however, to discover
that whoever acted as his own lawyer "had
n fool for his client," and they therefore
shrewdly appointed agents or magistrates to
attend to all legal business for communities
or colonies. It is a little singular that the
very scat of this hostility to lawyers, yet
inhabited largely by Quakers, should become
a sort of nursery for tho most astuto ot law
yers, so that it hfcamo a saying that "it
would tako a Philadelphia lawer to decide
that," in referring to busmen of extreme
Wo have often said, and as often believed
what we said, that the Ailllamsport Gatetle
d-JiulHm was a spicy and entertaining daily,
spirited and newsy, ,iu thoso and other re
spects excelling many of the moro preteu
sious dailies of the largo cities, but its coarse
and low bred assaults upon one of tho
councilnien of that city detract from its
otherwisehigh character.and are a disgrace to
it. "Calling names" is child's play conduct
that would render any man contemptible if
indulged in conversation, and worse still
when resorted to by respectable and honora
ble editors is in fact a practice that would
bo discreditable even to vulgar old women.
Tapers, to be useful or worth reading, must
command public respect, and wo commend
to the good senna of tha Gazette it Jtuldin
gentlemen that whatever grievance they may
have co complain of in reference to the Ben
,tlemen tlicy so coarsely vituperate almost
daily, that "calling names" is unmanly, dis
reputable to themselves, disgracing only
their own paper, and utterly ineffective as
against the councilman who is intended to
be victimised. For tho good namo of all
newspapordom, put a stop to it, especially
for tha credit of tho Gazette it Jlulletin.
Put on tho air brakes !
to this piece of extravaganco until they re
quire candidates for Governor to pledge
themselves speaiftcally to vcW every propo
sitiou of increase.
The talk about nun-payment of Judges
because ol Legislative non-action infixing
the exnet amount is all pcrlabber. Thc Leg
islature has appropriated a half a million to
A Third Presidential Term
We have always regarded tho third term
cry as n transparent humbug, not deeming it
possible that any greaimnu could so deceivo
tho payment of judicial salaries for tho cur- I himself as to BUpposc that his personal popu
rent year. This will cover all whoso salaries larity could over-ride tho almost if not altO'
have heretofore been fixed, ho authority gether sacred unwritten law of the country
can reduce tho sum these Judges havo been established by Washington and approved
receiving. Of course, therefore, tho btatc and strengthened by all his patriotic snc
Treasurer will havo no difficulty in paying ce-nors who lived out a second term, that no
them that amount. Tho Judges elected lust President should bo moro than once rc-clect-Novcmbcr
maybo a partial exception, but ed, nor havo wo been at all disposed to so
the Treasurer would run no risk in paying deny patriotism to Gen. Grant as to be-
them un amount equal to what was paid I lieve that ho desired a third term. Keccnt
similar Judges. I events, however, seem to point unmistakably
Tho spectacle exhibited of whole gangs of to a third tcrbi programme. Prominent
lobbyists, borers and roosters filling the ho- amongst theso and of most pointed character
telsof Ilarrisburg and the floors and lobbies I is the fact that whenever any prominent Re-
of tho Legislature, for the purposo of forcing publican, or Republican organization, de
tho increase of salarios, is discreditable to clares for Mr. Speaker Maine ns the next
tho Judges concerned and all others, and I Republican candidate for President, thc per-
cannot bo too severely condemned. It is I sonal organ of Gen. Orant at Washington nt
said that the disgust produced by this state of I once proceeds to abuse such persons and to
affairs induced many members to withhold threaten them with the vengeance of the ad-
thcir votes from tho measure. I ministration
As to the various acts passed, we either I For the country's sake wo would rather
notice them elsewhere or will hereafter pub- that no man who in a high degrco has enjoy
lish them. Wo believe there aro none of I el its confidence would attempt to break
very special immodiato interest except the I down thc time-honored two term rule, cspc
license law, which wo print this week, and chilly at time when so large a proportion
there certaihly are none which need affect I of the people arc ready to give their voice in
tho equanimity of peoplo punning lawful
After tho streciilnc disasters of f.dl. lho
Republican rejoicing over the el etlon In N -v I
i . . ... ... i
largo fortune amMho.i going Imo rupture- ... I'fi" T ?T P
finding a ei nt. 'NfU'iMlf
Tho Philadelphia Republican leaden nru
divided on Ihu Presidency, Already the shunts
are raised: "Hurrah for Orant I" "Hurrah
for Maine I" Tlie fight Wlvmu the "hit" und
"uuts" promises to bn warm.
They an moving for a ranil in .sleil demon
stration In Washington in P37l5. lis real olij(?ct
Is to hoiTii ihu wails of Oraift and tho Ring
legions, wh-n they retire In obtdiinre to the
people's Centennial mandate. '
.....I,. 1... Uta THAS at
1 1 lMPOltTrais'lMMi I'., or Kfltlnit "Pr'V.?i !"
(onus niiil country ror inoimi-si , " ; :
Mivnia cmmcM lniliirciiic;nts. seiMfoi tlrnunr.
t:: I'OM TKA I'O., US t hamlKTS St., N. .
wheat per liu-hi'l ' ,,,
Corn "
Oat "
flour per buret i
L'lovciceeJ ,
I'"l.aml ,, ,
Tiillmt ,
l'otutws i
Dried jiples ,, ,
Maes H. tihouMurs
t.iml prrtxiunit
Ik'esrtiix ,
Timothy Sued
No. 4 on V.'liait 4,nu per Ton
? U'l
. .'IS
, lt.Kl
, u.u
Some fellow in New York, under the names
of Dr. Cha. T.' Price and Dr. T. F. Burt,
sent out advertiicments to euro tits and con
sumption, in the samo envelope. Coming
in that suspicious way, and without any thing
favorablo being known of him, a number of
editors yet published the advertisements!
They now complain of having been swin
dled. We say, they were served right. They
placed a fraud before their readers, from a
wholly unknown and irresponsible source,
subjecting them to a swindle, and becauso
tho editors are not paid for their work and
aro themselves cheated instead of their
readers, they cry "swindler." Of courso,
that is so of tho New York chap, but how
much better nre tho editors who did their
level best to help him t
It is a shame to tho profession, which
works great injury to it and to honest ad
vertisers, that thero aro publishers who will
print any thing that is sent .them as an ad
Extra Session of tho U. S. Senate.
fter drumming all winter, nnd badgering
caucuses after caucuses, the President has at
length bucceeded in inducing nearly all the
Republican Senators to agree to pass a reso
lution endorsing his Louisiana conduct, and
that subject is now keeping the Senate in
session. That thc resolution, even if passed,
will havo any force or cil'ect, nobody pre'
tends. It is only intended to allay the uer
vousiiom of one or two individuals arising
from their own wron? notion, und us a possi
bio bar to Impeachment. The people have
passed their verdict at the elections in tones
ofsuch tremendous thunder that it can not
favor of making all Presidents inelligible to
even a second term, but for the interests of
tlie Democratic party we could hope for no
better fortune than for the Republican lead
ers to forco Gen. Grant upon tho people fur
a third term. It is by no means probable
that even one (jtate in the Union could be
carried for him. Kvcn cold-blooded Maine
and the negro States of Florida and Missis
sippi would rebel against that.
For tho credit of tho nation and himself,
let Gen. Grant decline. To render Demo
cratic success certain beyond thc possibility
of doubt or accident, let the Republican
party nominate Gen. Orant for a third term.
Another Lonis'ana Settlement-
Renresentatives of the nnnnwin nloinont.-i
be misunderstood or wiped out by Senatorial of dhonTA in Louisiana having agreed that
reuiiuions, especially wuen me latter arc lhe Congressional committee of investiga
tue result oi rresiuenuai winning, dictation tion should settle all matters at variance, this
and corruption. When Consresd meets 1 1. i,!k, n, ,i, :. ...i.i. .i,..
gain the Houso will speak the people's nf tln Pfi,lel mlminlstmtln,, Ti,
voice.and before its judgment forced Senato- .:... ig colnt)osed of lwo nH.nm.,,.
rial resolutions will bo but chaff. Gen.
Graut has used tho army in a despotic way
to crush un unresisting peoplo and make
them the prey of thieved and swindlers. No
Senatorial approbation can wipe out that in-
deliblo crime. It will be tho business of
tho next House to sm that it is not repeated
even if it be drivn to starving thc army to
prevent it frtm being used to outrage right.
anu n vo jtepuDiicans. as a oasis it was
agreed that Kellogg Bhnuld continue as Gov
ernor to the end of tho term, without ref
erence to tlie validity ol his election, and
the committee was to take up the returns nnd
decide who wero elected to tlie Legislature
in disputed cases ; that body then to meet
and organise. In pursuance of thi agree
ment the committee, after examining tho
ThoilaysofOiadical oppression by the use returns, decided thatthb. five members i-x
ot the army arc drawing to an end, as the pel d by Sheridan were duly elected, as well
!.. . . . . 1 VJ. 1 I - '
voice oi me peop' can do interposeo witu M 8lx olllcr Democrats, They then stopped
eilect alter tne uext congress meets. at thnti lest further I)r0Ceedinc: would seat so
is snrewuiy suspecicu mat, irieoDiect oi manv Democrats as .to l- ve them a maiorltv
pressing tho resolution nt this time is to com- 0 :()uit jjuiw and a U. 8. Senator in caso
mit certain new Republican Sei.ntoru who pinoi,back should bo finally reiected. Tho
have been elected under doubtful circum- peopW of tho State seem willing tosubmit to
stances, nnd to find out whether the admin- anv ,W tllat wiu cWo tIlem neftco .....i
Istration really has a majority of friends in
tlie Senate,
On tho 22d ex-President Johnson made a
powerful speech arraigning President Grant
fur Ids tyranlcal and unconstitutional action
in Louisiana and Arkansas, exposing his in
quiet, and protection to their property nnd
business pursuits.
vcrtisement, without knowing a thing about ( The galleries wero crowded and it was with
Appropriation Mil.
Tlie following nre tho amounts npprnpri
ated by the Legislature for tho objects spec!
consistencies and usurpations, condemning "ed in tho general appropriation bill, viz:
him for the reception of presents, &c., &c. I Salaries State officers, clerks and em
tho responsibility of tho party for whom the
work is done. No other business men will
;do a dollar's worth of work or sell tho small
ifest quanltty of goods upon credit without
"Wnowing something of tho person who nsks
ua favor nnlj green publishers commit that
foolish offence-f Why is it? Aro thoy less
prudent than any body else on tho face of
the cmth ? We uro always glad to see such
fellows cheated they may learn to behave
In a creditable way in time I "Dr." Price
alias Hurt wrfs very Indignant because we
would not insert without cash in ndvanco.
So nre all other swludlcrs to whom the test
is applied!
Temperance Legislation.
On tho fourth pugo we print the new Liquor
law at length. It repeals the Local Option
law and that measure is among the things of
the past. We regard the new legislation as
much moro In tho interests of temperance
than the repealed net, and its enforcement
will bo much easier. Wo regard the penal
ties as unreasonably high aud much less
likely to bo enforced than moro moderate
ones. A simpler and more cflectlvo mode of
reaching tho cud in view would have been
to requlro all applicants fur renewal of II
censo to swear in open court that they had
carefully compiled with all tho requirements
of tho law in repird to their traffic. Tho
new legislation, however, Is In the direction
of regulating and restraining the sale of
liquor and correcting tho most flagrant
abuses of tho (rattle, and so far will have a
practical aud salutary effect.
The charge for licenses must add very
considerably to tho avenues of tho State
None uro to be let than per annum,
while others will be from 100 to ff700. In
this county probably none will bo rated
hi jher thn SfSOO, if high.
difficulty that applause ould hi suppressed.
The speech will make an unusual impression
upon the couutry, and especially upon the
.South. It is not likely any of the Radical
Senators will attempt a reply, at least at this
Mr. Wallace addressed the Senate on
ployisn, and incidental expenses ex-
ecutivc department
Pupport common schools
Printing and binding
legislative record (about)
liblic buildings nnd grounds
Water supply public buildings
Kirj companies, Hiirrisburg
Judicial suInrn-H -
Intcnt on funded debt
f'Knmhi.MlixrM Iran ufI t Hoitm,
Tuesday afternoon In opposition to the reso- i, mi itbor, office clerks, houso
pition ins spcocn was a compact anu lor-1 unci senate
;i.h. l...l s,,,,n,nf nln.i il.o tw,i,ii'., George 11. Cutler and II. II. M'Cor
,. , . , , ... . . I mick, cxiienmn awarding contracts
nrllnn tnwtir.l4 I .mi tuliifm nml wiw lUfnnp.l tn I - 1 . I . "
........ ,..-., . June, JB7-1
throughout with'much attention by tho Sen-1 Indexinc lournals
atorsof both partieu. Hutionery, printing paper, fuel, re-
ftpr t in hl ii of sevrrfll nmpjiHrnentji 1"'"'
J I nnrtu in fLrmril.inA', wltli rtinlrfi.ts
rr - 1 i... .1 . -n .. . L l .. . I 1 ' . " '
uut-ryu uy uiv Aycmiiawj rt-nuiubiuii i aoout
passed bv veas 83. unvB 2-1. A number of Adjutant neneral's office, etc
Senators were absent, havlmr paired off with "' t"a,.e. "! ti.gravniir-, waie r
each other. Had all been present the ma
jority would have been the The reso
lution itself is an insipid affair and reads
Iletoivtd, That tho action of the President
l. . .' . 1 . . f 7
Itol and ludeiiendenoe Hall
ComuiU-lon to correct uruis Htute
Total $.1,237,112
Bi'f;aAL, APruoi'iiiATioMa.
following statement shows tlie
in protecting the government In Louisiana, amounts appropriated by tho various special
of w inch W. I'. Kelfopg is tho executive, appr0priation bills that passed tho Legisla
violence, und in enforcing tlie laws of the
United Mtateis in that tato is approcu.
TheScuate will no doubt adjourn imme
diately. The free trade treaty with the
Sandwich Islands has been confirmed.
Soldiers' orphans' i-chools
Pennsylvania refurm school
House of rifuge, Philadelplda
IVnnsylvanla institution deaf and dumb
Danville insane hospital
IlarrUburg Insane litsjiiwl
ns tlie oppressor of the people. Compare tlie
financial history of ! ranee and her last great
war and that of tho United States under
llndlcal rule :
Five years ago France, under the condi
tion of her treaty with Germany, promised
to pay five milliards, or $1 ,000,000,000, to
tho latter as tho condition of peace. The
whole of this vast transaction was earned
out between 1st Juno, 1S71, und 0th Septem
ber, 1873 (twenty-seven months) It is now
estimated that tho entire cost to France of
her disastrous campaign with Germany
amounted directly ur indirectly to 2,080,
000,000. That this enormous sum lias been
successfully shouldered, and the $1,000,000,
000 paid over promptly to Germany, shows
first, that France is vastly rich ; second, that
tho trade of Europe has attained such a
magnitude that figures are ceasing to convey
its measure; and, third, that tho aggregate
commercial actions of nations is a lever
which can lift any financial load whatever.
Tlie transaction is an admirable piece of in
ternational banking, and in tlie economy of
its management should teach a lesion. An
other instructive le-son is furnished in the
illustration here given of a wealth brought
to a country through having the rest of the
world as cusbimcrs. France has no gold
mines, iron mines, or other extensive miner
al resources suclins the United States abounds
in, but she draws the money of tho world to
her to pay for -her cxquiilu fabrics and
manufactured products, and thus become
enormously wealthy, while tlio United States
in the very height of its wonderful resources,
seems to be buying from Europe more than
it bells, and a steady drain of money is going
across the water to pay the difierence.
Remember that gold was never above one
aa'i a tmlf per cent, while Franco was paying
her great Tvar debt.
Again, compare thc Federal Post Ollice
Department of the United States with that
of France. In Franco thcro nre no Cress-
wells, no Chorpcnnings, no Cessnas, no
fraudulent mail contracts, no stealings out
of tho department under the guise of con
tracts. Seo the result of thc administration
of the French Pott Office.
Tlie receipts of tlie French Post Office in
1873 amounted to S2J,0iS.J,271 : the ex
penses to SM,50!,-123.-W. Tlie letters prepaid
numbered 33",79 1,105 in all against 319,
817,032 in 1872, showing a decrca-e of more
than 13,000,000 ; but on the other hand the
number of postal curds, journals, and printed
documents of nil sorts which passed through
the post office in 1370 was 331,875,723,
against 272,000,111 in tho preceding year,
an increase ol nearly G0,O00,OOU.
Tne-o facts ought to convince any reason
able human being that a reform in the ad
ministration of tho Government of the Unit
ed States is absolutely necessary. L.'t us
havo a change ! Commonwealth.
1'. reign News.
John Mitchel, one of the ablest and most
prominent of Irish agitators, died suddenly
last week Ho was convicted of treason
many years ago and banished to a penal
colony. Escaping from there ho came lo the
United States and during tho war was uc
tive in behalf of the confederate cause.
Moro recently he returned to Ireland, but
tho liritish government did not molest him.
Very lately ho was elected to Parliament to
fill a vacancy, but that body refused to re
ceive him as a member. Ho was then re
elected by n huge majority, but died beforo
the question of his right to a seatagain came
up. After the fashion of our Radical-, the
Dritisb. Parliament would no doubt have
given tho seat to his defeated competitor,
who had only a few votes, and n violent ugi
tlon would no doubt havo followed. Hut
"death makes all things even."
Tho French have again simmered down
to comparative quietness. M'Mahon's au
thority is supreme. Thc army sur tains him,
and while it obeys Ids com mauds, what
other Frenchmen say, or think, or desiie, is
of no more account than whittling wind.
In Spain, tho leading and most distin
guished of the Carlint Generals, Cabrera, hits
abandoned that cause, gone ov r to King
Alfonso, and appeals for peace. Otherwi-e
thc relative situation of tlie hostile p.ulicb
remains the tame.
In Prussia tho struggle between liisinark
.and the Pope for bupreiuacy in ecclesiastical
matters continues, with decided advantage lo
the former so far as legislation is concerned.
In England n violent agitation is also con
tinued between Gladstone and tho leading
Catholic clergy. Tho Pope occa-ilotially
also delivers himself in reference to these
struggles of the great leaders and in these he
always complains bitterly of tho loss of his
temporal power.
Two American ruvivalists arc preaching
with extraordinary power aud success in
Loudon. Their meetings are made up of
numbers ranging from 15,000 to 25,000. Tho
excitement la on the increase.
'ihu Eurnpeaii governments all prohibit
the importation of American potatoes, fenr
ing the introduction of tho Colorado potato
No. 6
0. n "
IllaekMnltli' l.isnpon xwiarf
" llltumlnous "
, 2.M
. 4,m)
"7"HNt)i;! NONiS just printed and for sale
2i:LL12lt & HARTLEY,
Jobbers of
Notions, Hosiery, Fancy Goods, Jic.
Correll's llullUinj;, .Main street, below -Market,
March as, 13 -3m
JL UY, I'-xcuango Hotel, liloonisburjr, Pa.
.tuna, ins Co., of llartfonl. Connecticut.
I lvernool, I.omlon and uiuR1...'.
Ituyai ot Mrcrpoo
Klre Association, I'lillaiKlplila ,
Ainerliun of Philadelphia
Atlas of llartfonl
Wyoming, ol Wilkes Ilnrn
Farmers Mutual of liamlllc
lhwvUle Mutual
March 2iV'l-y
.. II.Wl'.COO
. '.11,11 0,1) 0
. 13 J0t),tH'U
. lU.UUO, Ml
. i, leu,
,. 1.1U0 wi
r. ii,wki
2.1 1, (KID
.. l.OJO.OlKI
1 6,110
rON'KY easily
(Ail n
m.ooMsntnto, pa
Sf eamci W did Atimt on Iron .street, between Second
ntnl ThlM.
All kinJi of grain taken tn exchango for coal.
Mar, 19-tr liloonisburjr Pa.
lias Just opened with Now, 1'resU Stock of
l iui;i.i:s, saiths, nsii, iia.hi
vntiur.MiMM, AC., AO,
Fruits, Nuts unci Confoctioimries.
OUNTrf. '
M.inuractuibi- Company, HoMon.
(,'linier Oianir clls nt flolit.
ns Soap. ( f i' o. Chang Chang
I?!!!-:!'' NAMM.ra to Aftenti.. Ladles' Coin-
fL1 blintpn Nrwllo-book Mlth Chrouos Sniul
sump. I' P. fll.UOK New IleUforil,.Mu.sachusctt.s
t flKNTS WANTKt) for lho filrt rellhiR
r no-iK wnu lorcrcuiar nnu
our extra teuns lo -.gents. NATIONAL PtlllLlDII-
1NU CO, Phil wlclfihlj, Pa.
fo.fKlO Tor a c w of Astlmn. Couch", or Cold
n that ADAMsOVtf lid l"ANU( 1I.M.SVM Hill not
PIlT ticurn Hint! ltorrus
s ai ci-uts. .loiix.
CO , Agent-,! hllauel-
T 1 I'M nml i siilorailons of Dr.
Jj IVISnsTMNt; (llilng a clear and authentic
iuiuiil of tho irrcat i-xporcr from ehtliliood to
Uentli. New li Kik Just out, t-liowln-r how lie spent 3D
j cars In incutl'lsor Urle.i. It lneludi-s his "l,si
I fKNAi Vun I uverj llilng new to date. Ismllliu
our "1'ainltv r.IWes"nrn unenualM t stylos and
prices. AO K.N is wantcii ndiiressatoneororuiHT
ill teims. (itfAlIKIt CITY lTllUsllINO CO., l'hlla-
ueiiuu.i, i a,
j WM.Ki:il A. s. II, A splendid Music Hook
uuona NIIW, .Natural nnd i:.SY wMem. liy which
niav iciirn io lean iiiusie nnu niiioi urn
n tl::iu rioulrpd bv old met hods. Iiet-tznet
for Choirs. Mnolng behoofs nnd Musical societies.
Liberal inducements io .music 'i iMcnrrp.
Gas ana S:cani Fillers,
.MASt-t'ACTUHi:ilS 01
OAt.VANrzuii irioN coiinick,
Wlro Trellise", Dealers in Stoves, Ran?
our eonds havo benn boulit at nOTTOV PIlICK-",
mid iii be sold ni ths vkhy iaiwusi- i-usmui.i
or cxcliangeit for prime articles of
l'IMt KS
We keep no hook-all purchase OASII Jt lho time
es Kilrnares Halti'niorc Healers, Low Down Uf sale. Hy this strict cash system a
Clrates. Mnntek l'U.Ml'rf. Weather Strips,
t. aiso , Sdvlni! of 10 to 20 per cent, is assured to
r. TTTTiTTnTia Our Custumers.
tTirj i-iAiunua
of tho latest design. Ppcclal attention mid to re- ltcJ
pali lug sewing Machines i f every dekcrlpilon scalcj,
A share ot public patronage lircspecttiulj sollc-
..i.-u O..I1 ti.i.i.riiii. urn I'lfllni'. A-e.
deuces Heated by Mcam lit a small costnooin in;
lr, i "
ii n one
fouitli tho llino riipilred b;
riocinsburg, March 19, 1W-5"
pages ii-nlli-u tne .mii.ixk.s iiim.i; ami rrn
l.lMlllNO liolihi:, 1102 ami 11U4 Sansoni btrect, Phil
nacipnia, ra,
Letters of Admlnl'tratlon on the citato of William
Hes, lute of Sugirloaf township, ''olumbla county,
deceased, have tiecn granted li ho lteglstcrot said
county to K?ra dtuMiens of Sugailnaf tp. All
licrsons baling clidins ng.iln-t lho estate of the de
cedent nre re piested to present lliein forsclti lueiit,
iiuo uu'su iii-o-ou-o loioe esiuio io muKC pai meniio
the undersigned ndinlnlstr tor ultlinurdclav.
iv.iia m i Ki'iiLN-s, Adinlnljtrnlor.
March iO-Civ
"JU s f op" e n ei
W. P. JONES has just oiionctl
Up to tho 18th or .March 1871, the expo wiiruoni niKano i(piun
dltiousRudlcnl House had I passed six hills. ?C$$
On tho 18th of March 1875. tho Democratic Media trulnine hcIiooI
lVnnyivanla inllliiie for the blind
The Radical Legislature of 1871 r M K L1 SL
Houso hud finished up its business and ad
continued lu na-sion until after the middle of Be,ving writs of ihcilon
Hay, ana not a uingic itmgsier went nome
disappointed. This year all tho Rlngsteni
wont homo with empty pockets, and they
howl accordingly. ltUlurjh J'ott.
Tho Republicans don't want many more "vic
tories" like that of fev Haujvhlrt). That wan
ruoufU ru ino kiuu.
And all Throat Diseases,
Porsalo by Dnigghts generally, and JOHNSTON
HULl.ow.w & co , i-iiiiaueiwiii.i, in.
f)00 y sir. Is fninbtirg Eilgings
Thcro never was it time when tho Ring
howled more loudly about tho doings of the
Legislature than this year, Not a single
RitiK measure was allowed tho slightest
oiiauco In the House. Let the peoplo put For lncnln the burdms of (he ijp!ii Rail
t thU art(J that toyetber. HHtUtrgh itoif. U rule is a Mieoww.
Excerpts and News Items from llxelinnge).
Commissioner f Intornal Rivenuo Douglass
is doomed, It is understood that ho is for
Illahie, nnd against a Third Term, hence hu
will bo called upon lo step down and out.
Senator McCreery Is mid to bo the mot elo
qi; t Senator now In Washington. The Hcna
tor comes from Kentucky, a land where elo
quence grows upon the lotirftio like fruit upon a
Tho late Congress rfeuWeiltho powtago on mat
ter of the third class, Transient newspapers
now require u two cent stamp, lu-'tctd of the
etic-cent ktamp inider the old law. Packages of
merchundlte, Ac., mut pay the same Increase,
It is charged that the Kxprtss companies hud
much to do with thn passage of t ie incisure.
This is t its largest and most com
uleto a- ortmont ever opened in
this place. And the present
tiffor !s a good opportunity
to procure rare and de
sirable pal terns which
cm not be had
later in thoBeasoti.
Our ariangcincrts arc such that wo shall
Keep a
And oar
To ba as IJ.v
AND L" 1 MU THAN' . LyLAVHiillK.
W. P. Jones,
Coriwr iir.iin nml Tlitrd Streets,
March 1, lstn.
Read Kvery Word.
n ,1... nn,i iiin.f. moniim to kef n von i un
emploied person l-'teeii tho ages ot n- anil mi
Hll'iuitl iiiko tin iieiii;v ii" .
o I irjre, MiarMIutr. literary nnd futiill iiapcr. i.'.5o a
jear) pure. Instructive, and niiiu-vliiir : halt of Us
tots lull of iKMUlltul picture., lho other half cou-lnihln-'
tlm choice.-treadlnir matter. Jam us Partus
conn IDUtlnt- editor. I.IKo that ureal I nullsli paper,
,1... !,.,, .li lllllslr.ltl'il Nl'HS." 11 IS lilLllllV IllOial.
butentlrelv unsi' and non-pulltlml. tmrlUK
a sear It rurnUlies over l,Um pictures, nnd Ihn
... l-,r.r iiil-tlli Vfl I1I1H.-1 Of ri'llll 1 11 IT Illilttcr. IP
(iivr.s .V WAV. extra each Meek, u lurtro eiinravlntr,
t s In a s ear), t-Uo IT.24 Inches. 'I hese in o i-viulstln
f.icshnllcsor lie Itncst Meil eiiifnnlnns, onlieavj.;
tinted paper, wltli tnaiulns -mtnl'lc tor Irandnrf, nnd
are tiulv n Hue alt jr.ilkry eveiy ear. liesldes each
suliscrlbcr Is pre -utoil n Ita the cln oino, "Hold H-h.
. I Vli,iri ' hln yx2!.i feil. In 'It oil coois.
P.ilnli'd to ltamsey. Nut only the lari;o.,t and tlnest
! ...., ..,-... 1.1:1 tho imisL M-nnin-rru lv beau
tiful r liromo eier produced. It Is Just the paper for
....... 1. ...... l.i.nn ,1-nll I In,- 1 ll-riII- li I II I Oni'i- I
tlntiunv other, at half tho u-u.iTeost. Us succiks
(nearly 1 (iiisub-crlb(rsndavlK-luaiecclwd) prose-
ilil. so complete, so prire-tlie, so full of iisetul
ns siell us enterliilnlmr m tor Is this piper, that sii-.ii-,.
in H.1.1.11 t.i es-i'i-v Ihlnkliur. observant
.Mnerlean. a enrs suhscrlplton (eo-.1s js.Mi) Is , in
acl'lill. USflU-s-,nue, SYi.llll nnj uvjii.ii.-, -
rv.iV i i, ... u m.i.oii.ii led. it I nn lustnn-
tniieous und pronounei d success. II eryKoi d Ainer
lenii lutes at least on-i paper, of couit.--. HetaKi-s
this paper U-eaii'O (!) It Is tlio uleeM neneM and
l est i ei) It Is tlio ehcapest-trls ing a p eat liiirsalii-
and thus mils ine nam uiuim. unens iii-'"
...,ii- ir ,-.,n w.ii,! nn ii-i'liei 'IhNtlliloof UlO Vl-.U"
uiirnin-n'tcaii mala fr-an iio v f t piT day ond
,i.rl... f.i- vrj I'liii.-iis nnd lllrj'.tl tel ms. svitl)
report's from nicnts, mlw nin rs. nnu pn;ss ncllees;
or lelfr jet. in fuse nun', w-nu i ii"1 ,
,.1.1,11. .In moot, nml liTikl, l-i sildle sou siould
t.the.sslse Iks svalllnir. You aio hum to tnko hold
nnshow. Money refun li d If ol pei feel Ij satlsl ed,
or If tho territory sou si.ini n uiieinn i -i.i.
i,m...u nil tor f-oi rtini n4. RtlpsctlnllOliS. or
m sii l : I'lioii-ner " :u 11111-11.111.-11
O. linv 5-1MI No. 1! P -V ft.. N. V. 4SV.
oil! IIU t'l T.
rI1HK nib-eribers olTer at privalo sale, on fa
X vorablo terms, tho following described proper-
P I F T Y A 0 U E S
Vrftti of land, morn or less, situated In Jit ricas.
fri'l? ant township about two miles no.tli of
hTJij liloninsliiinr, 011 the public road leadluir from
:L I.lirht streeL to lluckliorn. adlolnln- 1 mils
of Kilns Unwell on llio ssest, Win. lion ell und .lames
(Irlincs on tno south, Samuel IIart7i on tho
east, nnd .inM-pli (illbett nnd Wm. Ilosiellon tin
north, nil cleared except atiout IMicres sildch Is is ell
tlinliered. on wli'cli un- erected a lxsf Housts and Los;
11.1111, oiit-bulklln-rs, ire. Also a variety of choice
fruit In bearlnif.
stluilo lu Mt. leasant tosmshlp, on the public road
lending from Ll;;ht street to JeiMstosvn, ulHiiit four
lutics from tiluomsuiirir. nil ileared, svliercen nre
erected a Two story I'll AM K llorsilnnfl Kltelien, a
NIIW IISN'K llAlt.S', and uut-bulldlmts. 'I here Is a
YOI'SO niti-IIA ItU or eh'ilco I'rult of nil kinds Ju-t
eomlnff lntolienrlniron theso premises. AhoiiKood
Surlni; of soft nter at llio door, l'or terms, Ai, ni
ply.on tho latter premises to tiKO. W. JAL'OliY
MM, -as ana .Steaa Gitters
lil.OOMSllUUCl. I'A..
ornat to i hi: runuo Tiinnt siatvicK in
and Gas Fitting,
In which tlwyliivo ha I many years of experience.
All si'orlt of this kind ss'arranted to bo tf tbu
Ixht description and encctilcd lu tlio
umt ivorkmanltko manu.-r.
Gtw Pi'iie .Lnid tit 12 Cents Ar
Foot !
Steam r n inea and Boilers,
(Steam and lluud Pumps,
Pipe and Fittingn.
A Pploml, 1 Assortment of Ghan
dulioiH, Brackets, Lumps, Shade.-!,
Bronze Ornament.'), itc.
IlUOKUTri, It.vaiXS, ISOWI-S, &e., Ae.
store ltoom In Ploomsburt', on Malu Street, oppo
tlto St. Paul's rptbcopal church, (ilvo them a call 1
Oct, VN-U
Srill'tKXA IK divougj:.
lo Uu I'uurt of I'ommon I'loas' ot Columbia
(xunt so. -a Docuuticr I'ciui, ism
51-iry U. u-lby.Py her UMt frleud, Koubeu fahrlngcr
vs, Jasepu I'. lAiiby,
The uud 'rsltfiiid liaslnif boon oppolutcil Cominls
sloivir to talcs Uepoilitous In tin- ubovu cus-, lll
meit, lir th" punio-o ot his appo iitnu'nt. at thi
ll luso of .1 lill.i o Ivuiur, In t atralla, on Tburs-day,
utl u'clo. Wt, M April Ulu, I9i6,
rATimm -i ..c fur
no ,iu',..,,.i, 1 1 i ., ii 1 1. trill in i'ai- lie! iveu In
old and oli.-ltnato eases, ilio lu lef Is s,; luinpt
that no cue ssho lias es r iweu li win uo nun.'1-KII UANlis AND l'AOI.'.-l'oiids l.Mraet
should ho In tseiy lamll lids roufli ssealhir
It reiuoses the hunuiess and mid buft
i ns and heals the sMn proiuMly.
ItIli:r.".lA'lls.M.-l)uiliii; tes-ete and changeable
iiialliu no un- subjii, to I.heuniailc pa ns
thould uo one day without 1 oud s I.Miuct.sudcli
soiiiVV.t M'l's-'.'o'NsrMPriox, couous, roi-ns.--i
his cold si-eathirtriisilin laingssoiely. Have
l-iiiid s 1'xtr.ict on hand ulssujs. It itllcses lho
p.dn and cures I In- disease.
Ollli.lll.AI.NS silll be pruinillj relieved nnd ultl
m.Uclv cuied bv luitliliii; tl.o ullllctid parts
sum l-oud's KMiact. , ,
l-'lto.slKl) I.I.UHS.-l'iind's Kxlract Inrailably re
lieves the pain and llmdls cuies.
hOlti: TIIIIOA'l' (iflMsY. INri.AMl-.l TONS .a
A.N1 All! I'ASsAiil'.S ale pioinptl.s cured by the
u-otf I'l.mlRKMniit. It iiesirfalls.
po.Nirs i;xilt.UT. l-amphlit. hhtoiy nnd uses
sslth each I ottle, aud mailed treo on applleollun
to s our druifijlst, or",io 'Ji, Maiden I.iue, N. V.
Sold bj Urufc'lsis.
ti if is'Tio co.iri.i: ri i.i t--i- unoiis op
This Rifted nuthor has lnsfree access to tlio per
sonal stiltlncsof l.lslnj;stiiiio, unfolds clearly tho
Kralidciirof Ids chaiacier.maKiillude othlsllle-work
uud llio l-irlls the 'lliillllni; Ads-en-lures
he met, the (.mnd Ai'hlesrineiilk l.e won. ns
nlsottio I'uilusllles, Wondeis and Wealth et that
Marvelous country. Its Vese'utlon, .Minerals, licp
tllu, blasts, mmjei-k. He. (le Asvaso Agen s
W.mti-il Kseri s lu re nt Onco fur lho onls i he ipeoni.
pleteweik ovmtsi imiref, P Splei.illd 111 list ru
lln'is, a hupcib .Miip, (Includes Ids f'lji. t .lo irnals."
l'llco onls . -. ss 111 sill linmeiiselj Millions
sv.inl It. I'cr paill'UilarK, uduiiss liriili.Mili
Mil 1 1.
linns., Publish, rs, I'A Sanson i
Of unyandcTCrytllirJ Bcndtmp
nuUrral mtmn Hu.
uii WiuMH-irisuunuu,
AllTllt'll'H I.AIKMI' AM) lilitlATCST.
TS,nnn I Or, Wounded In the IIoumi cf n
UiUltTtil 1 riVr.J. 'II.otrowiiltl?nikif this
seter.ui of Ameiicn I liiratme, has n Its topic u
subjiet ufrmliii; U.eH i Ilietifour WIIOI Ui'Ko
I'l.K, nnd tlscs a til Hide slew tf tl.ocvtl It CJls,s.
ixtnuicly rusdiiattiiir nnd Sinsiitltnal, it silll bn
read ssltb nsldlty ly nil. Illuslialul nnd Uautlful
ly bound. We Oileiuili.rU to uuiciluii it lido
cser.v family In tho laud, nnd illri uupainlilttd
Inuuoi uaiits to mule nnd lnua'e iiinsutK ih. u
svuiitiikudstsiiywlieri will tilid mo m api Hen
lion, t i ii is und deieilpnse cliiuliim. J .M Muli
HAItT is: CO., Hi, Cln htuut sins. t, 1'ldladi'IplUa.
Alll. YOU
Are you n Languid that any eeitlnn rn'iulres moro
ot nn elfoit Hi in yuii feel capable of inakliutY
IHcn try Jiirubcln, the wondi-iriil t-adu and In-vl.-or.itor,
wldcli acts so beni llclally on tl.o -icullso
O Jans us lo Impart vlioir load tho sltul forces.
It I- no iilcoiinlto nppeller. ssldcli bllinulatis for n
short linn, only tu h t lho suuirer fall toakisur
depth ot mlseij', but It is a vegetable tonic acllng
dlieetl on ihu liver and spleen.
It regulates tlio Ilosv.-li, quiets tho nerves, and
Rises such a lienllhv tone tn tlio whole system ns to
1,'KJii make the luvidld f -el like a nusv pirson.
Its op . ration Is not sl ilent, but Iseharueleilzed by k'Hitli'iicssi llio patient evpeilences no sudden
elian.'e, nu luark-'d resulls, bat irradually bis troubles
Kuld thiir b nts, like Ibu Aiabn,
And Ulenlly slenl uwiiy."
Tills H no nowr uud iiiiiiled ill-eovery. but has
been Ion,' used wltli wonderful rcim-dlal u-sults, und
Is pronounced bv Ihu Idk'Ui-st mi-illi'id uulhoiitles,
"the must posverful budn and ulteratliu kiioisu,"
Auk yourilrusjlst for It.
l'or salo bv JUANSi'ON, IIOIXOWAY A Co.,
l'hlladelphla, 1'a.
L ISO." Ilusv ilthi r box may f.u-cinalo and
gain lho luso uud umctlous of uiiy pein n Hi.
cu xwo lusuuitly. ibis simple, mental iiciiiiheun'iit
nil nan pirns ss, free, by mull, fur t. i eum, tuirullier
wltli a .Mai llano (luldo, l ifypllau Oracle, iiiu.nn.s
IIUiU lu UulluM. SVoddluj; Mlil bUIrt.ic. A outer
book. Addte-wS T. WILLI tit -V C., 1'ubs. I'UUa.
l oj k'l
" 1 ..lA.'W.I 7f?JJi sf lLs III i
l!V'l- ,im- "I ..I WT. I Vr III Lflu I II VJ I .
II moved
oii I'U.Mr is tlio ac
.nowled.Td standard of
no in.uket, by iiopular
, rdlct.thu best iiiiiup for
iholeostmonej Attoutl.u
o lllati'hli'.s's Improved llrnck-
la caiKuSty al riollimin ty any nthcr.. Awarded
VIENNA, 1873; PARIS, 1867.
nil I l Atnrrlcnn Orpin, cvrr nvTnnleil nny mislil
UtlL. In ntimr. or wnii n tTrpni mm siruonu.
nisry ntcui'nco is. li oiinuininii 11 swue mire iih-tk.
. . .1. .un dwihIaI lilrhi-ht mmnu nt Tnlnl
A III ft 1 0 KJlM'itlorn, In Amtrlrn b.w.II
l'iirors Oalof hunitnst. Itirn' h4o nutlmnMX in
all whore ny olhi r organ, l.uvo ln-n ptcftrn.a.
tlTPT l);'Rr'il by Kmlnrnt Mn-lilnnj, In bnlll
DtiM hcmipien s to hu unrlvulea Seo
ll!sTIM(lNI SI. ('IUCUr..H. -Allh tuilolm of mow
than Olio Tliollsnilll lnt fne).
IUPIPT en hnvln' n Jlnmn i ll.mltn. .C not
I H O I O I lake nny oilier. TimXtn att umtii cM-
muhiiosk f:T aeutnit Interior PMt. n'"l or IAU
reattrn vjun try rtru nam n -en 6iin..-i.
iv-i.t nnu pn t.Sth moit Important lnirrove-
rSJrW I I I f A mrl, miide. New
Nolo nnd Combination Slop-. Snpcrb
limzero an! iUiirt ucnu iw aemciin.
niiiin us nn nsnifirT nfinillJAn
nniidui rainblniiUun of the ln,tnuurntfl.
EftSY PAYMENTS. FoonSijMec'r"
mvmonU: or rented until rent pus. f. r thn orpin.
nSTll flPlirP nil Clrcnlom srlth fnllrBrtlo-
Lll I ULUDULO nlmfiw. ArtdretflASTO 1
et.llie Drop iheck salve, sildcli can lie
isituorawii s.iuiuui. ui-si-ii . "i-v-;-and
tho copper chiunU-r ssh Ich nesr
ermks, scales ur rusts and wld last a Hie
ttino. l'or a de by denlers und the trade,
Li-nerally. In order to bo sure th it ou
eet lilatihlcy's l -ui-.p, bo careful and bcb
mis-trade marKas .inose. u J """"!"":
kni.v-i'ii ere to bus', i eseripttvo cireiiKiis, '"sv"" '
Willi lho name and address of the nzent nearest you
1 he '''KlrcULyiv, Mamifac'uirer.
w e, eommerco si., rummi-ieiM..
.March 6 '75-lim
nn? ii iif :t tnKii m uiES tmi:
tlf-ot- K'nnnci I Srhnn .
LCiLSw I. 1 W 1 iliui wv-'.s
H IS Institutinn affinl-i in students prepannt;
lurthe profossKin oi 1 kauiii.mi, oxceueni, ia-
cluties forlmproveinent, in me mosi appros-eumcin-ods
of Instruction.
Tor the nccommodatlon of students dcslrlnir prep-
nratlon for College, or fer tho btlness relations oi
life, an Acadnilc Department Is organized, wblcb
uITords the most ample facilities for so dnlns.
Each courso of study Is coinplelo In Itself,
Hiincrtoruds-antttrcs are offered for Instruction In
Fall -session commences Wedniisdivv, August !CIb
fall session closes I'uesd iv, lieceinlier li t.
session commences sseunesaas-, uec. miu.
Session closes Tuesdav, June 23th.
Tkksi commences Wednesday, March 3lst
T(IN: S!5 Union Brjniiri.,
AiLuns St., C1IICAUO.
March 19, 'T.v-y
151 Ttimmt Blret. BOo-
aEW 1UIIK1 or Ml u
T)Ur.I.IC SAI.K. Tlieie will be tolil at
JL l'ublle Hale on
1 III DAY, MA11C1I 2Glli, 187.r,
at 7 o'clock, p. m., Kivi: sifAI,Fs or STOCK, In the
catanlssi Mutual llnlldlnif and sr.vliiji Fund .Sssocl
atlon, beniiEli'frtAiI.e i slate of .Unn s
ceascd.n' tl.eut'eoif tl e nbose Atsnclatlonln Cat-
usvlsa. 'It i nib maueMiossn at tneunie-i snie.
J. II. Kt-SH'lt.
JIarch.s, T5-Ssv Admlnlstrnlor.
'nnN in nn: moon.
Thk PimrriAN
vli . ml einl.-hi'S he
Mood, tones up tho hvs-
ie;n, ouuu up iiu-oniKeu
ii . i-.-.s ii Mie-isi i
'lllt.s.iinipn.), chills, md
i, eiiri-uie in iri'iuoa
rvous alloc mis, is -lb
11" r-. ill-t-Us r, i f t.i
i "'s and Ola I P-r, fe
male complaint 1, s
Thousands hav liet-n
changed u lue use of tho
remeily iiv-i ....ik, sliklv, buffcrlnr; creatures, to
strain,', heul uy, l.appi men and women; und
Invalid eanuntie.uoii.iblyhi-lt.itu to Rise un inn.
liMTION. lis SUIO JOU p t til" "I'KKUVIAN
Ssiill "liiotI,eruslau 1 nrk.S Sold by dea-erH cencr
ally. A MJ-piifo iinpIdft,contalidiii;a trojttse on
lrunus.ini dlcal nirent un 1 other valuable papers. lis from distinguished ph slelans, clergy
men aim inn1 is, sviu 10 SCIlL iro io llll.S imuicss.
Hum ss'. t'osvLC & Soss, proprietor), si! llurrlson
Aseuue, iiiisiuii.
DoAiiii. Including Fuel mid Wnshlne, rotiiDOL-
ljius ier week.
Tuition osi: noixan par ss-cck. In Model Bchoo
orty to sixty cents per si eek.
mim mm wm sM'nts am admitted nt ans time, and to and
coarse of study for which teey may I hi prepare I. It
is ueiier, li possiuie, io no preseui ai uic eom.neiu-e-n"nt
of a term, or a session,
.vud iora Catalogue.
. 'plication i for admission may be addressed to
II11.T. I,
I'rla 'Ipul.
coi.. i. (i. Funis'.':.
Mi;. 11,11 -ly
Hoius-Matle Fertilizers Tiu? Best-
Ul'OJf nceipt of kn einlsloia.v prinlliifr,
postage and proportion ot expense of this ad
Virtlcrnciit, the (ir.iv's lerr.v hcmlcal Works,
m inuf.icturers of oil Vlirol, liruund Hones and other
ferti.Ulng muteiluls, sslll send to any raimir or
other person, a receipt- fur making n Homemade
1'erilllitr from I'on sund other chemicals at a cost
of about tss-ents do,larspertun, sslthuut (rouble, ap
paratus or inacl.ln -ry, pronounced by hnndridswho
Iuu used It to to equal It not superior lo any super
Phosphate of Llino niircha-d luthe tnaikit. .id-
dress, mtAVS I'Kl.llVi'llKMIO.M, W0IIKS. Omco
Valuable Tow-i Property
and Farm at Private
Sale !
riilll-: un
I ii:iti
sale, the fnl
"IIK iinilersignnl, ouo of tlio Kxccutnr tif
ItilK SVi;.Vi:it, deceased, offers nt pilvate
illll-llll SUIUUUIl- IIIIJILIIS, IO Hill
lot att-flu'it. situated on
l'a '1 his houso Is suitable
wltli O'lt-b-Uldliiii and
.Main Mr -et. Illooinsbui-g
for two f iiullles -hid tivo-story franin dwelling house, sslth
out-bull l.ugs, fraai-j stable and good lot nttaclied.
nils prupeity is opjioslte the retidenie ot lho lato
llr. Yosi.
AI.-sO, iino tivo-story franvi d-ielllng houso svlth
sijintt out ujii.iniTs nu i i ii aitai'iieii sitiiat.d on
Hock Mi-,- -t. nlootiisliur.'. l'a.
Ai.mi, sii vacant luts- s'l'i.ited on Fourth sneet,
A I. so, a valuable farm 1! a it.-d une-half milo ffom
thoto-sii ,t M'Kucnsvllle, l'a. Said farm eontulnsW
itrii-niii mull.
Illoiimsburg, l'a.
tor tor. us of nlcnmils to
. . ohomu' U'. colt'.tin.i, I
Feb. li, f.voni.
G. .1. El i: ( t I V G
I till! Ol'nll.ltl'H I'lllllt. l.f isislninl.t , .siinl
'fiiisti-e tn sell the real estate of Mary ilorlocher
....' ..iiuiii, mi, ii-iuii', in sum i-oiinis , iiereii-i-u
ss lll expose to salu by public outcry upon theprem
Siitunlay, March 20tli, 187o,
at 10 o'clock a. in tho follosvlng valuable real estate,
hltuatu in tho township of .sininn, in said county
bo inded on tut north and east bv lands of Uoruellus
Klkendall. ou tlio soulii bvAbraliun Mastelli-r aud
on tho west byUouard tilkundall, and eoutalnlng
on which aro erected a
l'ramo Uniik Eurn and
S 111 -1 1 1 llisiicna
ivTl1rQi1l, J"".'!1 0rl'h'1rJ n "io premises nnJ flood
Ti:it,is'oF svt.s:on
money lo uo paid ul tho slriklnir down or tin, nmiw.
i , ami tin rcinalulu.' tiiriiisYourti o, n.. v..r
-Ono-fourth of thu purchaso
.Vyi' W'U b-tresl from tlie nrt day of Aprtl,
A. II. IS, S.
I ots.seaontoboglsen on tho Uret day of Aprll.A.
leb it, 111! irusteo
T) ESPU J'n-'UI.I.V miiioiuices to the laillic A UDITDIl'S NOTICE.
imivujuasilH;ln.U(:U I " TUK EsTSTIi OK CI KMUF.L d, niClEITS, llto ff
SNVDKK'S TANNERY. "a d. "r " """' -uuuiyoicoiumDia.
Wj&Wr1 ."''1 "la"') bloomsburg, l'a.. nt lho ph Vi w- c nf t ? " .IiW?.?.111, V'!" "y the Or
jSfSJSy l'.,ll.sollhu lps uud llglit Mievi ' uilm.Vtio
Z-0Usn rwils svheiu all ,u-iTp Ions of ?Ji w mliu"l tor i, J rJ'.'ri'iL' Dt t ,w"
Ilul1"-1 H''l bu made In the most aU-lSiem
Bubatautlol out sioikuianllko maiiiier.undsol.ini andoliim ihol i atces
prlovnusalttiutlavs. mi blgawt pr;u In cash all ii ir uJ iniH 'o, "wfund lu hand aid meet
sitll at ull times b-i paid fr . Si 'ij t J "rJ. b; said estate ut th oiilre of
JLr?.'z'i.,V.e,1)r-.ln tbu town ot ninamsburj on
su.'y. ." sill day of April uuit. ut, a 3vi-n-k n,
ef overy dewtlpllon tn tho country,
rona.'e li loiin-eifuily soiiclit-d.
lllouuisbui' Jl.uca it, ls;s-y
13 9
TLo public pat,
X HI A CUl'.Nl'V,
In the matter of the mrim n r.f tim r,t r,t
llurton V. Wiiplei, moot scull township, d ceased ;
io Susanna sapies svuiosv, and llurton tl Waples
iv r i
ifirtlw Tnw i m il W'' ut,whl,cl1 tl,nu P ce all
Borsslck, Marchs, 'T5-4sv. M K JACK TudW.
A uditor's notice.
'VVV.?oii'?,ie!;!J'.l'.n,no.!n,t'd Orphans' Court
of uihiniiii, Af.ur.v r,,,.'.".:."'.v'.''.,'.r.i,,i ' "'""ri
Ann wuHboti, ,.p ;,sirali Uiulsa SVai.les .slav fund, lu li e h nds of th. udi n
H Wuplei, John ss Waples su,autiah ss'uplesiini ".ou u, deiea-d, w 11 it o id ? the duties . I mi
, V," W '.'A' u-' '"s'al ri-prcsent- ,, at I Is o Ice In Illoom nirl' in x!i H ui miu nuauil l . I L'1. WL' lStt I U.t . Q L I IV h 1 lift I iot ... .. .
.Notlci; Is lieicby given lo tln'ulmse panics by 1 ?" I-K"''1 ''"I"? claliin'iig,iin,t suit estiiul are."
?, f n'oi'.Sr v,' l,? iK'T l'l;1.l:.''ed nit or iboo- .U ,u.ti.wl.rtfi'lit,tie,1?.' r L,' Jsa.iu m.l uom cinUn lu fo
Inn II V v" IWUIII.' Ull .lllil-,l 111 lit " -.
h-M nnd lak-n udoii the tiri.n.isj- ti.iiii.inii.,v..iii,n,i
hltuatu la scott iowusldp, tn lho euuiity aloresald,
ami la ihu ornug i of liauvllle, In the. ci unity ol
Muiitoiir, on l-'nd ly and Saturday, thu sUteenili and
-eVl-lltl-eilt I li IV-t nf Surtl nn.i ,tn.,.i.. 1. . it
Mi- lho puruo-o i.f matiliii.' puillilnii or vultiutlon' unit
..v vi .in, piiniiiiiu I'MHie, US 111 I II
ss rlt renulred, .a sildch lino and place tho sal.
..,,. m.,1.., .un mini, in HT
JiiuilAHL onov
Jioomsuurs, I', isivflt Mielltr,
M.ircli 12,
J.X. lararie or im jiiou b
u said -h" r, .. :a,j,i. 4- ,llor nppu nti-rt by lat nn,
lllooms iurj, March ll Vv. Auditor.
iiidoraliued Trusteis of - he j,
tho lnti ntlr.ti i.f it. .,
Uuie ludgu Jlillioulst
Ctrall, UinMi lt, 1ST5-U 'lXnlur:t30Br. JMlou, Marybmd.
.UOO AC1IL.S I,Lurii.lll.ail I f ii.lliin li..iiltiiv
ttooil Andfona WAl.b, IiIIHJi.LV, Attoruoy .
I'jrlUfurmilUouciaiut Qlboo. or wnd forCnu toii
J AtroiiiTimiM. .Nut,!-
lie tois'nldp liduult, i7 iVm' iy , n . YJ?
ur arjuabUi to tu riiloa i und toim li ill I, i , .. .';
UL l"'"