The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, January 29, 1875, Image 2

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Slit (!kihaiiJjisu
1'Viclny, .luimivry 2.), 1875.
l'opo l'im is hns iiroolaiineil a tolierai
jubilee, for tho ye.r 187o,e.T, tending through
out t!ie Catholic worlil.
lion, Wm. 1". 1. l'niiitor, of Mtuey, lias
liccn clcctctl I'rciidont of tho l.yeomln;-,
Mutual Insurance Coinp.i iy, i;i pl.ieo ot
Joshua Uowninn, l'si., ilec-t4-;il.
Advertisements Crowd lit upon us wild 1
rtieh. lty next week we villi be able to rid
our columns of mnny now crowd it",
wiicti rye will (o solo to give our utiui
(U.intity of reading matter.
The U. S. Senator elected from lie'Srus'tca,
over tho regular Itepubllctn nominee, i
eniil to bs a mongrel In politic, having been
an, adherent of President Johnson and an
irregular supporter nnd op.po.ser of all par
tie. Hia name is I'addeclr.
The Hnilcton iSentlnel gave representative
Finchcr, of that locality, great credit for his
"manly protrst" against the election or
Frank Beamish as y; Ujt
when Finehrr wilted on the subject the
Smthttl had to take back lU praise. Sj It
The Commissioners of Luzerne countv are
Asking for an act of the Legislature exuluil
ing from grand juries, when considering
bridge subjects, all persons who may bo per
sonally benefitted by their erection. We re
of opinion that few bridges would then be
built by counties. If passed the law must b
a general one.
Speaker I'atterssn has ut length announced
tho committees of the House of ltepresents
tive.s. Mr. Mellenry is on Elections, Hureau
Statistics and Compare Hills. Mr. Hv.m on
Ways and Means nnd Mining. Mr Achen
bach, of Clinton, (formerly from Columbia)
ou'both the important committees of Ways
aril Means and Federal notation, and In
A lladlcal tax collector in Now Orleans, a
leading friend of 1'inchbaek, killed the At
Uatant Secretary of State, on the 21th inst.,
with a large knife. Tho latter had attempt
cd to shoot the former, but his pistol missed
fire, lioth were leading Republican politi
cians and light colored mulattocs. Another
army ought now bo sent to Louisiana.
Delaware ha3 re-elected Hon. Thomas F.
Iiayard to the U. S. Senate by a unanimous
vote of her Legislature. Ho U one of the
ablest and purest men now in that body and
coraniaficls an influence in tho Senate tecond
t no man there. Probably no man in the
nation is better fitted for the Prejidaucy
than he.
Upon examination the Wayne county
Herald will find that the Columbian was
accurate in its statemiut about the proposed
increase f salaries of county officers, if the
Philadelphia papers gave a correct . state
ment of tho bill. It is not the practice of
Legislatures in time days to re luce nalaries is the order of the day.
The PottsTillo Standard urge the nomi
nation of Hon, James Ellis, of Schuylkill
county, as the next Democratic candidate
for Governor. Mr. Kllis served several
years in the State Legislature with ability
and distinction, and in all respects acquitted
himself most honorably. He would 110
doubt nuke a good Governor.
Hon. George Soott, of Columbia county,
has been elected President of the State Ag
ricultural Society. We need not tell the
people of this county who ho is or what are
his meriU, but will say that the choice is one
eminently fit to be made. Notwithstanding
tho fact that i day's service between two
plow handles would senrely be agreeable to
him, he will no doubt make an efficient
President. Tho timeand place forthenextStato
exhibition havo not yet been fixed upon.
They had a cloe contest for U. 8. Sena
tor in the Michigan Legislature, notwith
utanding its Ilepublican majority of 20.
Zack Chandler, whose money alone recom
mends him to public favor and who has al
ready served two or thret tsrins in the IT., S.
Senate, was tho regular nominee of iho Re
publican caucus, but was beaten by J. P
Christiancy, by a vote of 67 to C3. What
the successful candidate is we do not kuoiv,
but it is utterly impossible that anyb'ody
else in Michigan could bo as mean a man a3
A Republican Congressman who ventured'
to remonstrate with Gen. Grant about tho
danger to the party resulting from his Lou
isiana action was fiercely snubbed with tho
declaration "I could be re-elected to-mor-row."
Those who aro in a situation to
know say that the President has such an
idea of his personal popularity that he has
no doubt ho can bo lor an indefi
nite number of terms, no matter what he
may do us regards publig measures. If ho
tries it again lie will change his mind.
In Massachusetts, Henry L. Dawes, Re
publican, was last week elected U.S. Senator,
which is an immense iinproveinentupou any
thing that the blue-bellied State has had in
that body within the last twenty years. Al
though 1111 able Republican, Dawes Is a gun-
ttcmau and lias disposition and cnurago to
fight many forms of corruption, and withal
lias ruucli candor.
His election is a surprise. List winter he
and Hoar divided the party so equally that
the Democrats held tho balance of power
and prevented tho election of cltker. This
year it was supposed tho same result would
follow, but a majority of Hoar's friends for
(some unexplained reaon caved and Dawes
was elected, liutler ami Dawes now laad
Massachusetts, in pliice of the snob aristoc
racy of Uoiton who kept Sumner and Wilson
In that position.
The contract for post office scales just con
conclucfocl by tlio Government with the
Messrs. l"ii 1 banks, Is said to bo tho largest
contract of tho kind ever entered into in the
world. In u circular on tho subject tho con
tractors Bay "tho fact that In every capital of
Jiurope, in tlio cbtef oitles of India, in semi
barbaric China and Japan, on nil tho great
American railroads, In the small pioneer
stores on tlio western frontier, in tho large
establishments of our merchant princes, and
in the laboratories of our men of science
the Fairbanks Scale is tho standard, must
hare influenced tho decision In favor of the
champion scale-makers of tho world. This
is the largest contract for icales ever inado
in the wujd, and it is a matter for congratu
lation that fty. Postmaster-General acted as
ho did in the autd. If the same principle
were adopted in all ,l,e government contracts
h benficial impetus vouW he given to i. uier
ican manufacturer in first-Mass goods. Tho
footing obtained by the rt.,-,ank- Scales in
Great Ilrltaln U au honor to out .iiutry, and
(Lot It has beconio tli. Govcrntnut ,ta j,
lU duo U lu merit."
Tlio Political Power of Corporations.
One of tho cvlN, In which is embraced a
vast nmtunt of public Injury, attending the
(xlstcnen of powerful corporations, Is the
tact that they always aim to control gorrru
nent nod to filch largo nuns of money frors
,mblip treasuries. A bad i-hariftcrUlic "I
this fact is also that they aim to contr il olli
lals and official kodle by the corrupt "rr
ir of money. Having ones corrupted public
llliecr.s to nrrve their own enl.s, the officers of
ourso remain corrupt ns to all things, and
ciintiuuo to swindle the people In every pos
sible form. An example in point is the
Pacific Mail Steamship company. It paid
seven hundred and fifty thousand do1 1 aw, as
its own books show, to eficettue page of a
llll through Congress giving to it ten mill
ions of dollars from the United Stales Treas
ury. And to this same system of systcmatit
corruption may bo traced the bad action of
our State Legislatures for years past. First
they wero corrupted tt servo Railroad pur
poses, chief amongst which weru the sale of
the public works, which In itself was perhaps
.1 proper measure, but the passage of the bill
in tho csso was effected by corruption of the
most glaring and ramified character. This
iras followed by the repeal of thotouagotax,
oy means of the boldest and most direct bn
bory. Tills was naturally succeeded by the
corruptions and recklessness incident to war
times, ami tho advent uud stoutly lease of
power of tho Republican party, built on that
foundation anl maintained by the profligate
and illegittaiato use of public and corpora
tiou money. A huge Railroad corporation
speedily came to own the Legislature and
nearly all branches of (ho State government
It controled at will, not only Legislatures,
but nominating conventions, ftcn of both
patties; it appointed fcitatoTrcasurers and used
the miney of tlio people in the Treasury to
the person il profit of its officers, to carry elec
tions by tho introduction of au immense sys-
tjm of fraud at tho ballot box; it appointed
U. b. b-inator.s, who became its rcnre-seiita
lives instead of representatives of the State,
it made the ajcountius officers for tho State
to screen its Treasury oflisiaU, and it bought
to crush, still seeks to crush, and to a great
extent succeeds, every public man and every
newspaper that attempts exposure or resis
tance. It aims at exclusive and (practically)
Imperial power, by stilling all honest action
by public men, giving bold notice to the
justly ambitious tint they can not succeed
except by yielding to its desires and aband
oning all idea of economical government. In
fact it looks upon the tax payers as tho legit
imato and most promising obiects of nluii
der, and it will try to crush every public man
who does not cive assent to the sentiment
fliis powerful corporation largely makes our
Judges, our benators, our Ojiigrcssmen, our
Legislators, Governors, State officers, and nil
officials who have control of important pub
lic ffices and corrupts them nil.
Not only all that, but it and liko corpora
tions seek to control tho business, the finances
and the general interests of the land, as well
as its politics and its government. They are
a powerful at Washington asnt Harrisburg,
md several are thera n.jw, headsd by the
President of tho Pennsylvania railroad com
pany, impudently asking millions upon mil
lions from tho Federal Trsasury while tho
President of tho United States is demanding
the addition of millions to tho taxes of the
people to save that same Treasury from bank
ruptcy 1
How long, oh, now lonq, will tho people
bear this corruption, robbery, dictation and
tyranny? They crushed tho Republican
party for yielding to it. Aro the Dsmocracy
to bo captured in tho same way and the
hopes of tho pcoplo again to be dashed to
tho grouud? We confess wo soo terrible
symptoms and fear tho result, especially in
our State. .
Even our friends, the Grangcra, tho honest
farmers who control and compose that body,
when they nssemblo in Convention, in they
did recently at Williamspnrt with a repre
sentation said to number 1500, whoso whole
interests nro against monopoly control, were
kind as doves as to any thing that might ef
fect the great corporation. Tho fact is every
public body of influence is reached for and
controlled if possible, as is every single in-
lividual having material influence, by these
corporations, lhey seek to control every
thing for their own benefit, and unless they
aro noon powerfully and successfully resist
ed, tho whole country, with all its business
and interests, will soon .bo in their hands
and under their control.
It is high timo to go hack to tho patriotic
doctrines of Gov. Shunk erect corporations
only for such necessary purposes as can not
bs reached by iudividuil enterprise, and
allow them only enough and land
enough to conduct that .special business.
Whenever they undertake to muddle injio-
litical affairs lot them bo crushed.
As illustrative of the power of tho Pen n-
sylvania railroad company, wo ask, what
chance have tho people to resist any thing
it a-sks at Washington or Harrisburg? The
people havo their voice, ami it is powerful ;
they may protoitand nuko a representative
tremble in his boots. IJut the corporation
cau take from its ooa'urs and charge to "re -pair
fund," a hundred thousand dollars, or
two, throe, four or fivo hundred thousand
and with this fund uivo to this Legislator
one thousand, to that fivo thou rand, to anoth
er ten thousand, &., according to his im
portance or influence, and promise him all
the funds ho needs to secure his ro-election.
Tho sum is a small one to tho corporation
as a six penco to a larnur. What cares he
then lor protest or voice of pooplo? llo has
plenty of money and tho promise of enough
more to re-elect himself. He can go to every
election district in his county and by leaving
small sums with men who will bo active in
Ins behalf easily rally supporters enough to
a delegate election to Bocuro his re-nomina
tion, and by a similar distribution before
election among all parties, get such 11 vote
a to make himself appear tlio most popular
of candidates. Tho result to the people is
that their interests are lost while corruption
triumphs, llaware of the "clever fellows"
who spend large sunn to bj electod to office,
as well as 01 corparatlous!
Look to your Representatives take youf
papers ami seo what they aro doing and pa
peri that do not tell you how your Repre
sentatlves voto on important questions may
no justly looked npon with suspicion.
Tho Radicals are endeavoring to mako cap
ital out of tho assertion that Speaker Wilu
was tho first to Rsk tho interference of tho
soldiery in clearing tho lobbies. Sheridan
II. It .
in ins uispaicues o wells upon me same
known fuUehood. Tho facU aro that tho
United Status soldiers liad formed for some
time, uuder tho anomalous state of affairs in
LouUana, the guard cf the State House un
der orders to prevent disturbances. Their
commander was merely requested to speak
to a disorderly crowd outside of the legisla
tive chamber a duty which came within
his province. The soldiers had 110 business
there; but being directed by United States
authority to preserve order, they should have
jo..,. and their doing w is no Justification
whatever s,r Interfering in the deliberations
.of thj clsloi. judj.nJ, ol- thenuallflca
lion of lU members, i ft-dLly 0uitlUir
one ixut mxI int-UUlug ftovthw,
Next Uovtrnnr'i Elittlon.
The election for Governor next fall In
Pennsylvania will no doubt bo one of the
most exciting political contests tint ever
took place on this continent. Upon Its re
sult will probably depend tho Presidential
election of the next year, and tlio future ex
istence or the It 'publican party. It will be
politically a deatn sniggle. The deleat of
tho Republican p irly then will bo its utter
destruction and annihilation as a po ideal or
ganization. Willi theritatoand Federal Gov
ernments In their hands, with all tho power
and pluuder in their grasp, and with their
bread and life at stake, ot'eoursi the Repub
lican leaders will learo no effort unemplo)
ed to obtain success. The Democracy will
not be idle. Encouraged by their recent vic
tories they will make superhuman efforts to
crush their gigantic foe. The struggle must
necessarily be fierce. Now is the tisno to pre
pare, and every Democrat should keep him
self well posted lu regard to current events.
The Columman essays to discuss all cur
rent questions of public Importance ; to keep
a close watch of parties and public men, and
to report their actions and conduct faithlully;
to adiise ilj readers of all that is done or
proposed to be dono by Congress or the Leg
islature that affects the public interest, be
sides giving all the current nerrs of the day,
local and general. Its readers, therefore,
when tho great political contest of next fall
shall arrive, will b: thoroughly posted on all
subjects that will enter into It, and will be
well prepared to meet the issue in all its
Columbia county ought to be able to give
from 2.000 t 2.300 Majority to the Demo
cr.itic candidate, aud will do to with proper
cflbit. The very basis and met potent ele
ment of successful effort is a thorough circula
tion of faithful and industrious party news
papers. All experienco shows that tho local
paper is the beat and most clfcctivo for this
purpose. May wo not, therefore, appeal to
our Democratic friends every wherethrough
out tho county to see that the Comjximan is
in tho hands of all the Democratic voters ?
Not for our persanal interest, for there is lit
tie or no profit on subscriptions, but witli
the direct v'rew of swelling the Democratic
vote. Now is the time to prosecute this
work. L;t every active Democrat feel it his
duty to scud in live or ten names aud as
many more as he cau. They need not be ac
cotnpauied by advance payment, all kinds of
farm produce will at any time be accepted in
liquidation of subscriptions, and there is no
postage to pay ou county papers. With prop
cr effort tho party in Columbia countv can
bo so organized that every Democratic votu
may be made available anil the majority so
largely increa-ed as to make it one of the
most important and influential counties in
tlio State. Spirit an 1 energy is all that is re
quired. Shall the effort bo made 1
The Radical leaders are having 11 grand
time of it at Washington. Tho carpet
baggers demand the passage of the civil
rights bill and authority to Grant to suspend
the writ of Imbcus corpui. which would end
in remanding several of the southern States
back to a territorial condition. As there was
opposition to this in tho Republic m ranks a
caucus was called, and under tho leadership
of Ren liutler it was agreed to repeal the rule
which requires a voto of two-thirds to take
bill from tho Speaker's table. Strength to
adopt this 111 mucus was acquired by prjinis
ing to pass a number of plundering bills un
der the same programme, as a majority voto
could then take up anv tiling. Hut to the
dismay of liutler and his carpet-bag friend
when the vote on tho caucus resolution was
reached in tho House, some Radicals voted
against it, others dodged and many ran aw.iv!
It thcrclore failed and a witches tew prc
vails among all Radiealdom at Washington
Various schemes re 011 foot to fix up mat
ters. Of the Republican members from th
State, Ross of Potter voted no, and Ivellcv
and bchoficld sat in their scats but refused
to vote.
Tho Prcsidanthascommunicated addition
al Louisiana correspondence to the Senate,
being letters and despatches from Gen
Emory, lately in command, and Col. Mor
row, (tho latter endorsed by Gen. .Sherman)
sustaining tho views of the Congressional
snb-comniittec. Col. Morrow says' "Tho
present State government cannot main
tain itself in power a singlo hour without
the protection of Federal troops, and oven
with this protection they will not be able to
collect taxes and perforin tho functions of
government. The Statu government has not
tho confidence or respect of any portion of
the community." Further on he savs : "If
the expressions of tlio pcoplo are to bo be
litivcd, and I do believe them, there is a verv
sincero desire to livo quietly under tho lira
tection ot tho Constitution of the United
States and enjoy tho blessings of tho Nation
il Government. Rut there is no dis-mi-sin;
tho fact that the protection afforded by tho
Federal Administration to tho government
of tho present State Mxecutivo is tlio cattso
of bitter personal and political feeling In tho
breasts of nineteen-twentieth3 of the whito
inhabitants of tho State."
If wo are to judgo the present LsjisUturc.
like disease, by the symptoms it exhibits, u
reform need bo looked for. Nsthiii' of
practical importance h is as yet been dono or
proposed, oxeeptthe election of U. S. Ssaa-
tor. The Sjnato is industriously at wor!
passing a bill to increase tho nuuilj3r of offi
cers of tho two Housjs, alth'suzli there aro
atready so many that they cm scarcely full
euougli to do to amuse themsjlvcs. In tho
House, the committees hav at length been
announced, and abungliui batch they are
un l-riUay both Houses adjourned until
Wednesday, to give the members a chanco to
have a gay timo in Philadelphia.
We still have great hopes of the reforms
of tho new Constitution, becauso the-poweTrs
01 tue legislature aro so largely circumscrib
od, but lotk for nono from the Legislature it
sell. I lieblunder of increasing the numberof
members is fatal to its nscfulness, and mus
do rectllicU at the earliest opportunity. Un
til that is done, and the largo pay demolish
ed, any material good that will bo done by
tue body will bo purely accidental. Tho
sessions should also be limited to sixty or
ninety days and all adjournments for more
than a day prohibited.
Tlio whole Democratic party appeals to its
inemocrs to be Jnitlilul to the Pittsburgh res
oiutions. i,et tliem, at least, mako a faith
ful and honest record. The party demands
u 01 mem.
In Northumberland county they aro ap
piying tor an additional Law Judgo. Of
courso Liere nny bo cases where the increase
ol business makes this action proner. but in
nearly nil with which wo havo been familiar
tho reason for the application Is slmnlv tho
Incompetency of tho President Judgo or the
mere greed of aspirants lawyers who are
said to mako W.000 or $10,000 per year at
the bar auxioiu to go upon tho bench at
uau mat iiaure. Northumberland but a few
years ago was one of four counties forming a
district, then 0110 of three, afterward one of
iwo, niiaiiy a UUtrlct by Itself and now
wants an extra Law Judgo. If the Incrcaso
of business makes all this necessary, they will
want twenty Judges there within tho next
uu yews I
An ly Johnson Klcctcil U. S. Senator.
fter n severe strugirlo and upwards of IV-
ty ballots cx-Presldout Johnson was elected
IT. S. Senator by the Legislature of Tennoi-
see on Tuesday Inst. Two years ago he wa-
lefeated by money furnished by the admin
iration, nnd tho same eamo was ntlomptcu
It this election. Hut the foellm in behnll
of his election, In view of tho recent Roveru
mental outrages in Loulsana, was intense,
because his success was greatly feared bv
Grant and the Rpubllcju leader" at Wash
ington, llo will now be n member of the
court to try Grant before which he was him
self tried 11 lew years ago. His presence ill
Washington as Senator will bo most dis-
tatelul to the Radical leaders because the)
both hate and fear hiio, Though not n re
liable man In his politics, he may bo depend
ed upon so far in the Grant administration
is concerned.
United States Senators r.lecle.l.
In addition to tho persons eNewhere
noted as having been leeently elected to tin
U, b. senate, thero ate tho follow iii:
Francis Kiernati, Democrat, New York,
in place if I en ton. Liberal Rctmblican.
He Is said to be a very able man.
I. 1. Randolph, Democrat, New Jersey,
in place of Stockton, Democrat. He is also
au able man.
J. E. M'Donnld, Democrat, Indiana, in
place of Pratt, Republican.
Gen. Ilurnslde, Republican, Rhode
Island, In place of Spragtie, Republican.
The only improvement is that Iiurnsidc is
not a ynnkce.
In Wi-consin nnd Minnesota, botti of
whoso Legislatures contain Republican
majorities, nil efforts to elect have so far
An irrepressible jenious whose namoi
Haines, editor of the Williamsport Manner,
in about opening out into a Demscratlc daih
in that city. If anv body can keep up such
au institution there nnd make it pay it is
Haines. Once upon a time a t-tr.ingcr un
horseback overtook President Jefferson on
tho road, also on horseback. Tho subject if
politics was introduced and the strnnirer
abused Mr. Jefferson in unmeasured term
personally, inieiieciuaiiy, morally anil in
every possible way. Tho philosophic states
man listened attentively but made no reply
Finally the stranger asked the name of his
companion, "lliomas Jellersnn," was the
modest reply. With eyes opened to their ut
most tension, the stranger repliei, "my name
is Haines," and sinking his spurs deep into
his burse, he plungediuto the wods. Neilh
er lie nor his were ever heard of afterwards
until his lineal descendant turned up in
Williamsport ad is now to serve that good
ly city with a Democratic dailv. Haines will
succeed it is in him he is a genius, and
mates a good paper.
The Jstgulative Record is a publication
that would be useful (particularly to editors)
if properly mailed at Harrisburg. It should
reach those to whom it is sent every day, but
111 place of that we usually receive from
three to seven numbers in a single roll, and
often four or five rolls together. These of
courso arc never even opened, and are of ju-,t
the value of wasto paper. We aro informed
by an cx-mtniber tint tho reason of this is
that theStutc pays postagcon each single num
ber, but the pasters and folders pay by weight
in bulk, and this enables the latter to pocket
tho half or more of tho amount paid by the
btate. 'lhis is a gross abuse, aud if the
Speaker and Clerks of the House aro honest
men they will see that it is corrected, liy
the courtesy of Mr. MoIIeury we are enti
tled to a copy of the lltcnrd every day and if
it does not come in that way it is 11 nuisance.
We hope somebody will see to it that there
is some decuncy practiced in regard to this
The Patent haws.
Gen. Cockreli, Democrat, recently elected
to the U. S. Sjnato by the Missouri Legisla
ture in place of Carl Shur, Republican,
madcaspoeehin acknowledgment of the honor
in which lie took strong around against
tho extension of patents, by which pa.ipb
using patented articles have to pay about
three times their value. This is one of the
most outrageous abuses that is niw imposed
upon tho public, audit is gratifying that
ono able man has at length Iujii elected to
Congress who is strong in the determination
to attack and if possible destroy it. As farm
ers are most seriously oppressed and taxed
by tho patent abuse it is strange that the
Grangers do net speak out on the sub
ject nnd demand of their Congressmen to
give the required relief. U is true that
patent right mon have been tickl n the
Grangers with special reduction to them.
but is this only to a class, even to them
the reduction that would follow a repeal of
tho patent laws, their modification as to
timo and sons to prevent renewals or tho
patentingnf "improvenieuls," would be two or
three times as much asany patentee, will make
to thcin, Sowing Machines that now cost
from fifty to seventy-five dollars could then
be bought at f. jm ten to twenty, nod Reap
ers, Drills, Rakes, &e., could bo bought at a
similar reduction.
The election of Mr. Wallace to the Senate
of tho United States rcquirqs t'aa resignation
of Ins seat in the Statu Senate. We believe
it is held that he need not resign until the
commencement of his new term, (March !,
1873,) but if that bs a valid nr.uU Motion of
the law, wo ib not sen why he may not ro
inain in the State Sjnate iiatil ho takes tho
oath ol oflico of U. b. Ssuator. As the latter
body will probably not mc'ta.riln until next
winter, w; seo no use in his resign Uion un
til tho close of the sesiiou of tho Stato Sjti-
In view of tho vacancy, we observe that.1
It. Poale, Esq., of Clinton county is brought
forward as Mr. Wallace's successor. At.
Pealo is a lawyer in largo pr.icticu, a gentle
man of unblemished private character, and
a Democrat without stain. He is intolhct
ually abovo the average of Senators aud
would fill a seat with honor to himself and
Mr. P. Gray Meek, tho able editor of tho
Hellcfonte Wu!thMn, will alsa bo a candh
date. Mr. Meek would peculiarly and exact
ly represent the tone and prineiplos of Cen
tre county politics, and perhaps of Clearfield,
and would bo the most thoroughly r'prciai'a
tiva of his immediate o mstltuoiicy of nuy
man ou the floor of tho Senate. Ho has abil-
ty, courage, pluck and fire enough to su
ply an ordinary regiment or small volcano.
Though Mr. Wallace's Inferior in sonio at
tributes, ho would admirably represent tho
present prevailing sentiment lu that district.
If faithfulness to-party ami industrious party
work, with a lively knowledjto 'Of the im
pulses and desires of the leading men of his
uistrlct, ami a high appreciation of Leglsla
tive distinction, entltlo anv man to tho nom
Ination in this case, Mr. Meek will probably
ue me successor or Mr. Wallace.
Clearfield having a surfeit of honors, will
probably not present a candidate.
lion. John II. Walker, the venerable pro
ident of tho late constitutional convention,
after the death of Mr. Meredith, died at his
residence In Erie on Monday l&it, in the
wjvwitjMifcii ywr ot hi (e.
Prepare for War. I
Tho President last week cent n special
message to Congress urging the thorouirh 1
arming of thotnllltnry defences of the c.-
port cities, aiu their improTnneiit orlnr-
wlse. As these ar! only ii'sfnl in of.
l.ireijn war, it II sugi;sted that the IV-si
dent may h; deterininis I Pi f irej a war with
Spain. We apprehend, however, that even
if this bs the object, th nniiey ki:is will
prevent war between tho United States aud
any foreign country.
Iaptrtant Ultctiju litcislm.
In a contested election cas- In Venango
futility, Judge Trunkcy, one of the clearest
and ablest Judges In tho State, decided sev
eral points of much public interest.
1M. In one case the law fixed the place for
holding tho election at an old school house.
A new one had been built nt about 80 rods
distance, te take Its ptacr, and the officers
held at election of the latter. The Judge
rejected the return deciding that "If nn elec
tion be held without necessity, at a ditl'orent
place I'rem thootio drslguatcd by law, the en
tire poll must bo rejected."
2d. Tho law disqualifies persons in .the
service of thn United States from acting as
election officers. In imo case a postmaster
had served as Mich and on this ground it was
Hought to throw out the return.
Wliile the Court condemned in plain
terms the gross violation of the constitution
and the 1 aws of the State on the part of in
dividuals who assume and perform the du
ties of nn office for which they are disquali
fied, and said such men should not be allow
ed to escape a penalty, if one can bs found
for the oll'enee, it hold that the action of
theo officers was valid, and the election
held by them legal.
Tlio remaining question at isue related to
the legality of tlio votes of unregistered per
suns who were not required to produce proof
if their qualifications at the time of voting.
On this point Judgo Trunkcy's review of au
thorities was full and elaborate. The gist of
tho decision is that, "under the act of 1871,
the voto of a person, name is not on
the registry list, without the proofs of quali
fication, is illegal when received, and cannot
be made legal by evidence of qualification on
the trial."
Therefore it is plainly tho duty of elec
tion officers to require proof in all cases from
pcrsot.s offering to vote, whose names aie not
on tho registry list, aud that f.ict should be
kept in mind lor future occasions.
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- t t in !vu it r:si wvi-tfi'i. i
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Hour per barrel ....
Drleil ipploa
Mrlcs .V Shoulders . .
hard per pound
Hay per tun
Tlmotliy seed
$ l.l'i
ql'otatio:;s ion COAL.
No. 1 on Wluit
No. f. " "
No. i) " "
blacksmith's I-unip ou wiiarf
" UltUiidiio'is '
, t 1,00 per Ton
. $ :i,fi " "
, s " "
. t 4,1)1 " "
. $ o.uo " "
Tins rii'iui is ox mm: with
. Advertising s Agents,
TVTOriCI' is hereby given that a bill will be
lulroilujail Into tfioi,eii"ral Assaaiblyol I'onu
silv mU ta rep ul an au'. eiillllcl "An net ereailns
M.trll'i Jloua'lian of tin bo,ou,'h ut Aslilaud In the
county tf se.'mj i:;lll, aa aueiluueur fjr tiii count l,-s
ol Se.nnlKl I uud ColiiiiiliU," approved tiio i:itli day
M 17, M rn.i.f Kilts' I IU 1 (H'U
Jan. , '74-st '
qtati:mi:n'J" of madison pooij dis-
O ritlUl'KOIt TJlii YHAI! r.NDINQ Al'HII. 1st,
Amount of D'luiii'uta $ l.ssMi
lialau.'u troui fjn.i.-r voir 149.41
Itseelied from proiueo of farm 1 s.V'l
Amount ptld for keeping paupers $ 3)1.2
" p il I for Attorney loo.s and costs on
Miitof Wost ilonilooKvj Mallsoa . 810.24
" uasli paid on farm His.
" pat I II. II. Mom lor pump IVJi
" paid for lima and iih.jspu itu . . liv.iu
iji' niduicai aiii'iidanee paid lrs,
ttiiilt.imd lUrdtr l
" exonerations lo collector l'.'.a
" landsretiniieil 11.41
" col'celor'j .lUdtirasuiLr'seoiiiiids-
ti,u ' 74,',s
uireciors ifcs lor i iuar, 4 momiu c .u
" nudltors' fees S.ii
liuljiio) due lovrnshtn &4 M
12.111. 51
THOMAS J, HWHIli:!!, )
wm. ia.sti:i.i.i:h, y
(,i:o, w. kfi'u:, )
tao l'uor.
WE. tho Auditors of Yiullstn tonht,i. luvu en
iiuilmd the aboio.nud llnd It correct.
T. II. (I Nil I KM,
JOHN ball'l II,
Jan. 85, is-tt
Ooiigli, Cold.1, llrjn-
ihitls, Sore Throat, In
lluinza. Croup, Whooi
Ing Cough, Hoarseness,
I.iverC'oiuplaint, 1'iilin
or Soreness In tin
Chest or Hide, Illeeillng
lit the I.uiiKs. nnd every
nrrectioii ox m ihroat, I.unusaiid Clitbt, nros oed.
Uv cured by lli'i U' ot l)n, Wisrui'a HaijiiM ni Wu.u
( iiehhy, uli ih dots not dry upu cou-ihiiiul leuvo
tni cau Jib. Idnd, nslstha ltli ino-t remedies
bat liwartiis it, ceuii s tho lu'iifs and nllavs Irrlta
Ujii, thus rouiovluif tliucauio of tho complaint.
Consumption can ba cured
by a timely renort to this standard romwlv, asts
pioied by hundioOs or tesilmonluls It Uasrecilved.
Nono fenutnp miksi HirnO'l "f. IllTTTS" on tho
raprr. w cents and It aboltloi larira lyittios
inucli tho choapcr. Bin JI W. KOWU"a, SON8,
l'romletors, llo.ton, SJius. Sold ly dealers Ken
craily, JUo, w, T.y I
SlIOU'iN'ii th a ii. viut of liidihti'dnnf, the
naioiintnf ti .,".. Its imin nf Moonis
ir.rji i pr.-imr.' 1 k'. I j. !i( In-1 U Pi-1 i'owu s nuiirtl
i'f . il I hrn, In i i- n I ii-s Tiit i tli re iiilrni nl i il
li -ixl.l sirptl iii of fii. A i nf lt'i nilrol Apilll'tlt
i-.i. r-mltliM, "a Act 1 1 i'MUt- tti imunerof In
er infill" lntM 'ItiMiuf iiiunU'lialllls lipro.
via - for tin r'li"iiotlou of in., n un an I to linjioso
i"mU1s ler th mural Im-ense nieienf."
1'iinlcl ilcht, tin
lion l Nn. t, ifnim Nor. n.iws, tiuooet. 1,14,
ultti merest try.n Dot. , ism, push!' an
Minitr, reilivmihip nt tlio oMltm ot tho
Tovfii, nficr April I, isri, ,03.""
InlertM, on tlin sams from tie 1. 1, 1874, (up to
liteti lime the latrost li.vs been palil,) lo
J.i!, ls-, ti.M
liinu No. a, (itsii Nor n, is;i. ilue Oct, 1, 1'Ts.
Tilth Intru-i from nit. I, isTn, i-avslilo an
nually, ra Iiviiuiilr nl thn ontuaof tUj
'lon, nficriM, t, is;,, UO,1
llilrirst on the same from Oct. I, ls74,(ti)lo
which time the Interest has htiii imlil.) to
.lan in, ls- S.C3
Howl No !:, il ilmlNVv. i",lSa,i1iiovt. I. IsTH,
i.llilu! .vm rrmi on. , is-., tiiynlil- au
ninllj.reil. i-n.iliic t intlm cl tht Iohii,
HltTlvl. 1, I, 6Jl,l)l
Intel-.! oa tliM .surne fiMtn Oct. 1, 1ST", toJaa,
s.. l";r, I.9.e
Kon tNo.4. (l-t ! V.iT,.1.1T4,rtlieOCt.1,1s;7,
with lr.icr- i d-jm (lit. 1, lsTH, t'lt-iiWe nn
luwlv. rulivi.ii'Uo at option ut tneTonii,
tifliTO.-t. I. i-.i, MO.IO
Inienwi on tic nic from Oi t..l, 1S7I, (iipto
truii'ii tim 'tiii lulerssi lias bun paid,) to
Jan. a7, i-;s, j.m
CerM'l-asat imh.iino.s ti I). Mreup. lie
liiffor rirtitcialratteil hr niootn tunii'iitp
piiiloisir to tlio Act U Incorporatlua i
low ilut nml pjrulilii, 1,6"".C7
inmen, on no hamo rrnm.'stp. 25, 1J7I, (up 10
wMp'i ttms tho Interest has beta paid,) to
riofiilnir ilel I. ti ,
Ainnunrof cir.lcraoutstandlBfr,
Amount ilue surulrv nrsrms na Mini: ic.
ILi'iiacss arising from the ti Mat.l ncr or JJnr-
kt Plrctl, liclai; Imlanie unpaid, towtti
Aieoimt iluis.lnnimrj 1. n;i,
, , ". " Ju'llMr.t 1. IS77.
lntneu on :ild il noises from tlir.aof connr-
inntlimlTj.n. '.r,is;.s
K .en
..I ' :uijii troru rfiiinunc or ceiiira
ttitet, l'Htijr Uil.iniT unpaid, luMIt:
Amount ilii Am-, t. is;-,, l.ov.'in
" " 11""'. 1, 187", 1.ISI .mi
" " AMr, I, l7il, 1.1 10.-'
" i.. t t,w i.uoo.e)
Interest on the samo from time ot conDrma
Hon, to Jan. 27, 117J, V4fl.33
Amount t,us uncollected, for the vcar 1S73,
on liupllrote la a.itids ot n. i., 1S1.O0
Amount t-.cs itno'iliceted. fur the year
1-.I, o duplleale In hauls of .M. VTjnlcoop,
collector, ,n; m
Cnsli n li.icdsof Y. ti. ICoons, Treasurer, l-ss
hl eoininlslons, wiileh iiiu to tis Undiluted. 20S.03
1 lacs, In tho hands of l. LoHi'iiborv, Presi
dent nr Council, 40
l.leensc, In n,o hi.nds ot I). I.orr enbcrL'. I'rs-
iii'iitor count II,
wuisi.inoiii''ioltcni ilil.ts. to n t!
i ue from Mindrj pcr-ms on bnoic account,
u.ii' irom sunnri Persons, n nuwn, of
rontrlb'illnnson Market strest onmlii', SsS.OO
i roni s'injry persons, on Centre nre t
oji"!iln.?, noj.oit
irom saniry persons, on Fouilh street
opening, ijr,.,o
Lands, to MR:
1 arm. ji.isri.on
Snbnriiau, if-.i.n .oo
"'un, up,
rersoinl proport-, s.nsA. o
Add and occupations, lot J.JA.IM
Total. S,U.2.'i.(jO
-suiuojroi ila, n.
... iiAviDi.owi3snr.iio,
T "t-nr vV utr, fo.'retary. ivusl lmtof Couiuli.
llloom sbarir, January -i, is:.,. at,
r isto:'u:sks ron tkiai7'.vt"Fkii
lj ItL-AUVllllHI, lsW.
MUST M hps".
Clirlsth il,'o-,-o I'aydon.
John J. Mullenrv vs Jon is Doty et. al.
I'rlah Chimb rlln is D. v. Johnson.
-lar l.a II. smith vs T. W. lilaar & Co.
John Hunter vs Phillip Hess' ndtar.
Ihn.inuel Kikondall vs Hpiu-y Jlcll n'
Anliew cr.iMf ji-d vs I). W. Johnson.
William -I. Crawford .s I). W. Johnson.
Margaret (losses lt'betcacarinin.
hrl-ll in Wolfvs l'h.'.oitli West llranchlt. It. co
Mepli 'il lf el. tit, v.s Xorih k West lliau.'h 1
11. e impair.
Hilomin ilelnl,-s use vs Mahloa Him'lu.
Ih-alh'j , Ciord'i'i vs Ilec!ilc ,t I'lilllps.
Il.'allo .V li.H-dan v.s Meekly X Philips.
I'ooplo's l'lr ins'iran-o co. vs J. II. Untitle.
William Heed vs Jes-o A. I.o-i-o.
W.'lllnston HiiL;h'.'s vs Philip Siw.'ienbcrj.
Sll is c itia"r i t al rs Jauies S. Whd Is.
1.. II. John ,s a im. v.s A iron drover.
Th tteher i Oeirlurt v.s D.inLd Hiyilir.
sar iiii wi:i:v,
A. Hun h'lj'csoa vs l'lilliljlplila Itj.Ulnj It. 1!.
Clinton co'.oet, al vs n.'njitiila ivtnmadil.
nil lpndla- v.5 D.iuL'l Morris.
J.icoo !.-7aiu Kt. vs William J. (M.v.
"I.irgaret Hess vs tiojr.'o Mrlekcr.
John II. Kl ctn.'i'oLii'; vij. w. saukoy et in.
Th" I'nlou II ink nf Cauwlssa vs Cli irl:s similok.
F. s. Smith vs Tlio School Ul.ojturs ot llciitoa
Willi lai 'I'Uom is vs Isiao .1. ri-her.
Sarah A.IVtrl ;ln et al vs Tin Town of r.lonnsb tr'
Willi un Snyder's U.rj. vs 1'hs Town or 111 jam
Willi un ll.inli vs Tin lljn-l:!; Itolda-; Mill
Willi mi r Andr,'.svs 1). scj licit.
I'Trsi. Nation il Han!; cf llliiomburs s Jesse l.
I'avetlo Iirliibloblss vs Iea.tCo.
First Natl ml Ilia's ot IlDjmsb'trrf vs (I'.'rifj
c.ivaii'.'l et. al.
WlMlun pp!emiV3 Henry lAlunin.
Charl-sM. Mirplas ILxrs vs i:nois Jncoby.
M. (1. II I '!,)) vs Jjsso I), lil'f.
M. (i. ll'uh n vs. 1'. lint.
II. c.ilUu IIj'j'jIqs vs. Ullsha "siuttu and I), c.
-Moss. 11. FIIANK ', ltlf,
or YAi.i Aiit.r:
1Y YfltlTIIOF AUTIKlinTY IN Till';
jj 1.1 I Mill. Hid l"s ir.Tl.tOt WlUHVl llMUIKI'.thO
iiitilersljne.l ft ,'iiiorwlll otpo-e to :i:ilo br public
U'luliie, tile loltonliigi:i.i IMjte, z:
A Valuable Farm,
t-ltuate about o-e.ha'f mil- from .Ter toirn In the
tuwtisbliioi Madison, i onu y ooliimfila. I'euiuil
T.inl.i, bound 'it b land i (f (.uirj W. wipleo.
J s Ki,nr. J. II. Ml'ls and pilll- road to liuoms-
bui-j, coiitaluhig about
KiiiiriY aciu:s
alt el'irjl nnd la a .)0 faru.1115 euadltloa eac pt
ajjut It) acroool tl iiVr 1 ia I,
A 1.0 r )? f.WOlaMillsinti.vns'il'ibonlMby
I.111 1 1 of c. j, Hi'ller, Win, Holler uul otlnrs, cou.
A I.ov op I.wn In .lers-vtown, coatalnlii? ahrtt
fiio-f I'irt'i of macro or irm m I wiuro 1:1 Isoi'DJled ti
sM I.I. DWlll.l.lNV Horn; A well ot water at tha
do r,
Silcf Inuseand Ijt on th pi'jailses 0,1
SATURDAY, 'I'KlilllJAItY, (1, 187,),
Al n Aluk a. ra., imtof t'u ot'ajr p.'.!sssou ti)
Ui m ou the tains du tit I o'clo 'k n u,
ooxnillo-i OF s.H: OiidlHlf otpti'chttsomo'i
cy uu huii") nod lot .uiteloit aero lit atstrluin'
down if .rr i-rt nnd balance In uu rear. Ojt'rj
Lirmon- tnirtn of t i-j ruirelmsi; uioii"! to he vxldut
the striking doivn of the proaurtv, and tlio bjlaaeo
U ono year then aturwlth luiesi -.t.
Jan. rj,1;:. is. d. a. vfAiao:;, Uxccutor.
IS siiii'ori'icri.'s.
lap Velul Apill '.'I, I km, r.'diil.e.l svss.irs. Su
s.rH,ort, and 1 ollei turj of liond and I'siiool tuves to
luase returns If. t lie county comml-'loiiei's, "for tin,
loll' 1 It Ul 1 fill law, oh lands; ' all I -11 di
leturns nimii i,e tr i , Vlluj lr , ,,, i.. ,
iho nr ,i d.iy of 1 . 1 1 11 10 1 f each ) cr, but n t there
alter, lo, net iisd of Kel'iunrj, Isfs.
vUicii uii..'j.iu 1 l.inis are not regulailv asn'-es,s"d
nnds't forth In iheil'ipll".ito. thocolliciorsot H.ia I
School and I'ooi lives, ki.onlu; the r.ito, which In
all e.i. "s should I o s t forth la Oils duplleati, bv tho
oiili'i-rs in ikiu ; tho same, eaiiiiiiki'tl.eii'tiinilhciii
telves. I'orm should bo as foilowa-
'Hatoof 'la, f ..r TuishvUnfur
ls7-s-i,iiiisoii tSD do valimtlon. 1 d 1 m is not nsseKvil In uiv daplleate.
sealed Uhl,',i7said,r,al'.'.U Ul ,m"
When 'dl md. are mg ilfirlyasHcsHedimd
set f . nh hi tti, uup!le.iie,ret uneieU trai t, with tho
tisdui, aiidstitw th annus tr.iets u, u nswswii
mi u!dt '"uur L"1l,"la'u toreollotilun, undremah!
Ucri tafsarorcgiilarl assessed itmHet out In
b" d'ii,lleale, Iho Is ll.e proper person to
nuk- the rtui'h. .iien that 1. nut tUeeaao tlio
!'.' 'T'r, ' H' r'', ml0 return tt .dd rate aud It Is
tli"ir il ity to do o.
The cist mils not loasscm) andratn un
seal" l.ui-1 1 In tin. dupili-utos, but toroiiiru tho
lates to H e l'oinlid.slciu rs.
Ail f lath April, 1 su, s,.L'...'Mi roal o.tato -.villi-tntitls
iirnin in w uliii.on which piisoiul pininiiv
Can iioiba lojud .siilllelont to li.iy tlm TW.
Coljceuirs ut timmhl'H In wlitui sued lands lie,
hlull leturu tlm sain.' (o th Commlsftoners."
t-olicotur.i niuMurf ictuinsot mmu-i! lands must
attach a e 1 tub ate to tuU rotmn stitlux Ilut there
lsn,t w-oiieriyoiiiui;. or either cf sal I li .n-tr, return
ed 'iiillli cut to mako I1M1 . ask scd tkeroon.
Ui" sear fur '..lile'.i tuses uro as-e.ei ami tho
.. . ....u... u. 1-,- netri. ou Biiticil, I OIillll'l
o' 11 ' laatterwlllrochito pimpt uttm.
' o, ' ..s I ,,- rs' onice. WM. KltKKilAL'M,
..loo.iisbtirg, Jan, m, 173. at Clerk,
111 I-VIJ' 1
jVOTI('i;Uier(.l)Vifiviitliu lullowlniumwl
i j.uler Hess ous their iietltlmsror Tmorn. liatlue '
joiiii s. m.i ti ,i . "'.' "ri',. """ u t. 1
Humphrey 1'arkor, Oreiuwood, "
... . t . twin hi t
teloii I 11 ui .I.m, tv l ..,....
lmr riNT io,;;--' vrri ..... "... .
h. w.iiarkVrT' " HMl - -ul"f."-u ih Kritmer Cuulro
K -M. (Jlhiioro, liloomsburg
Wll lleagle, lireennooa Utitel
Natinu nndbeiiDcr, sr. iioav"r
W. u. Kuons, Iiioomitburg
a. 11. iinjenuucn, uruiigevuit,
, II. THANK ZAItlt 1
lrk ijuanvr kVitloa. '
Jn. . '75-r.m
rtm ill. WIIiiM IP MAY f'OXCl'UN.
S-ollce is hereby given that thn Horse, WJifnn,
I'airl.isre and lhitlies, now In Hi" possession of An
drew Kane of Centralia, Helonjs lo ins.
lice. 'AT, ji-r.i
The partnership nereni'nv i-vishii ' ,"
llrm (if Coleman a Ms ( i s lins this d il Ih en d ssolrcd
by mutual conscut. jki;
I lie Olivioe-s, mil I,,' roiniiiut-,. m ... -o. . .
at the old st'ttidMhcr-hewlll ulivajsbe glad to le
cle c Ids old friends and customers.
. . . ... .Ai.iiniin.1 In- tn..n I'nlnmn n .
BtSPOMTION" XOTICl. Notice is hen
bv irlvcn thai tlv partnership herclefere eMs
lictiieciiN. S. nniiey and Win. Moll L, Is (111
solVi'd In mutual consent.
YXrANTKI). Acnls, tmile nml fuiiiie, lo
? i wll l'lcturrs emywner.'. 1 otirteen tliotisaud
ri'tnllcil by on". Another v tiles : "I can make
nor.s iLoncy In this business tlun I can on a tlii.u.O
farm, nil stock-d. . WIIIT.NKV k CO..
rorwirn( i onu.
Ai).u.vir7ni.Ton's Nonci:.
E.srarcniJiiiiv nnros, inr-i.'.
Utters of Adnill.stratlon on lb" cstMe of John
lloslot, lat of ris'.ilnir 1'ivck tofnJilp, cohin.Wa
couriti.dt ceased, have been granler! bY tho Iti'ffls
t"rof'sal,l co,iiit to Mui'lilis iimtoii. Win'olam
biis, l.ii,-.t tnc . univ, and D. I.. Ch.ip'.n, PaMdson,
IsiilllMin i,.iiti'-. I'a. All P'r-'mis lnvliijr chillis
nf ibis' th" e 1 it" of Urn dei'cd nt. are reqU'Hied to
pioselit tliem M'i.' tt!"iiici.t. nnd Hi se In.l. I.leil to
tliiM'sUilB tsim iko pivi.v nt in tli" una 'rsljii-sl ud
lalul.traWr's with "at dtlav.
.11 I'I'IIIAS 11 Jirosj. V,:w Coluiiibus,
11. l,.CilAl'iN, Davidson,
ViriLUo sold bv Pali!!' V.iiiliieoii Hie
pri'iiil-es lu l.'i'ailn.r cr.s I: loMlishlp. I'olum-
Id l eoii'i v. it- ir tin t,'tn uti-ti Hi li'k i harcli one
la! I" li'i-iliiL't, ill's mill, on Wedni"da ill i nth
divi.f Kebi'tii, I5..MI1.' farm on wUch the sub
hcrlbcr resMis,
coxrAixtNi: audi r ci acuks,
linr.'oi' IMS. a1! el'ii"! ci" t a'lout 10 aires, on
w in 11 is "i t'i U'.i a iii'w im i...i.i:,u nui st
IIAIt . nil I oth'T o ,tb-i!i H:i There Is 11 lielfr
fulllnir s'reun 01 wafer ti"..r lit' bntnanil a jjoml
SDi'lux at ih tiou lir-.- 11'itiiiierof ., ouiiir and
Ifilltty fruit, tr.'.'s, of .ill i.irlcU". and 31 lo J.)
b'arliiR apj)'." trees, live leen pL.tit. d 1111. 1 are
irror, Uu; on lb" pri'iiil-i'i. I li" -1 11 U a 10.1m
of good nil null , uu I mult r ir " " I uilH.atlcn. It
has been well lhuod an I Is otnerv.lse In goon eon
Tinwsof sua'. il,3,) to le pull on dellicrj if
n.'"a aaa 111'iea m lillliuai raj ineius 101. uu
c'tivd hv J'l U'tent. J11II.N Ill.oss.
J ur.'JU.
m f)7i S, ? sTsSf'P
ill I'aiiil-j, Oils, Cilr,, Putty,
Drug.-1, S'pices, P.ttuuL 3uili-oiitt!.-',
etc., etc.
roi'I.D e.ill the allnr.i'm nf die lmlilie In
? their ery large and nel tekcted stciktif
goo'ts vvnieii they otter tt ti:e
r,ovr-iT .MAHicur uatk?.
23) bnes Wlnlnv ois.s all sljos 0:1 1 iiualltltis.
(U.1S3 for Picture I'rnmos a spt clally.
H'liilu Lend,
Jiod Leal,
Yullow.-jl'tli,y anil hi Oil.
cleiiural Agents lor
OASTOIt, nnd other OILS
from the host Manuf .ictoi les.
Tilth' stoc:. cf
exwls any Ui this auction ot th'i htilti.
Agoats for Dr. BIOKLEY'S
Family Medicines.
(loacrat Peput of .suppllei, for Dr. J. ti. Ayer'n
The Pruscrlptlon Depatiment u under tlm Uinrgc
(.1 comjiettint I'
Pliyisioians' Presurijjlions
Cclil Spartlim Scda Water.
oo-Mcaw-ra Asna,
Patent r,r.d Prcptiotnrj' HetJIdnco &c.
our w agon will coutlutio 04 f0 mw1-u i.uu.olts
uual trips td uppiy euitwaerii.
Tettor, j
Piles etc., !
au tuveiii.u and Eiternul ioiuuv khb i,nii ,ir
tu r altera by thouMauTh, utlfflS
Price 50 Cents Per Bottle,
Apr.lT,I- ly J
"VrOTICK l hcrebv clieit llmt the lllofiti.n
I 1 imrff (ins eompariy will put In srvieii plr,i nnd
fTirnlsii lu'teri to t he ettlxctns Of WoiilTiMmr for
tm m wlimn thn illntnneo from l"Mrft doenpflt
csi erdrif.'ot; exeflsn of Mi feet win Mi rliiiw! at
the laleof Meetils pfrfoW until ''! tfiflber 1st,
ls.n. c. W, HU.I.KII, iseeretnrj'.
lept. II, '74.- tt
! rnrroK's not k 1:.
J IN TIIIIMATrnnoi'TllI! IHTTI!n('l!t.t.lslset1MICIt,
, lt"Afi.
I The underslcneii aurtltnr nvpolnlcd lodlftrlbiiln
1 the nii,iif lu I lie lnuids of t lie ndinlnlslrntor to nml
i ninoni: th" h"HHBD'1 li'Bnlri'rfpseril.iilvi sot Ilif ran
. decns. I nilimit IheiWilles at Ills i Mini In lllcmti.s-bitii.-on
Tiiexlsy, then thrtivi f Jjnaiuy, A. l..lstr,,
'nt s oi ln.k, a, m. for the purno e or lilsappolnt-
rullt. Hf III Kl. MtllllH.
J.ill. 'Hi -It
nuii ill's NoncK.
IS TIIS KSTATK 01! SMI.t.U'i nl Tl.tlil. tltlf KlUItll.
'In liti'liTrtifiip-l itiiiioliii, d le. t in riiliiiiis' Court-.
of Culii.'iililn eoiinty, itudltor lo mai.e diiitlbtlllon of
bsl f -el I fslsU' will oltflld to 111" illttleu (if 111'
ni(i miiiieiit as his ufflee In Hie Mrtii of MlisUMsbarg
ii i- ittudi., the .sib rtn of JMiu.iri, ls7,r.t H
0 eh a, m. All port" ins hallni c! ems ng .Inst nIJ
estii. nro re pih'o I t) .iliftvl or te dttined from
roiniiis l-i for ash ue of SiiM MMd.
' CI!.M!I,!!S II. nARKI.RY,
Dec. M' 71 -4 IT. AU liter.
2 rsf.lP.rtr 'Hiirn.i imhtmin, uttrnASKr.'is of s.d'n!ni"lr.itl..'n on Ih I'stut" of Martha I loan late of "' otl tofliiditp, ohimWK couM.y,
dfi'e,i'eil. liaTi'l'ffv Runt-" lit lie Hcifl-ter nf wild
e iintv to Ihnin r iierttni'i ot shli'ishhiny. All
P'-"ii. hiihnf cbilt'is niciln't tin- estate of flip de-
1 ' rtrer 'ipii si.d to pie nt tlim for settlement,
and 111'.-" In, I, Me, 1 1, i Hi" e ,1,11c lo mnk(! pilffil'l,t to
tlio imtlTM'tnod n.lldiil-'.rit'ir lthoiirdlay.
r.MANffih HAIITllA I.
Jan. s,-8t' Afliuliilsirutor.
Hlilek .hlnny, Lucerne county, i'a.
jtx. rarri-iu rniii!' tiMn, iittunto.
itltrrs tt Irttnlnl'-lrnllon on Hi e.state nf Ph! Ip
Ilf sslate of .'Uiijarloiif tai'nsidp,C'il'iir,!ilai o.,df conn
ed, hale ticen grnntefl th f.i jlsteri'f said county
lo John Horn, if Dnildna l'it Dfllie, Miilllvnh
i"ii!.lc. I'i tins? inula All p-r.ons tisTli.g cl Hins
ng.sinnt Ih"' of the dfialint are reipieteil lo
i t 'n i ior se, iiernei.i, ani. un se uei.tnieu io
he estate lo Dint: nn meni to thn under lu-nednd-
inlnlslrator nituout dela. .mux Hon ,
Dee. 2.-.HW' Mill iviin eounty, I'a.
AniMTOlt'S NOTIfl .
it Titr. lai (Tie or itiKti k htk, ncei!sKii.
The ucdT-slcned. nnof, -d bv th" 'irDhnu's Court.
of colemnhi count , niuim r ti make tlfstriMlilon of
bil.uief In thehnml"of Isnae K. Itt'lekliiiuni. .tdinlii
Istritiorof Mnrii K.uiff dii oaM"d. will ntlond to iho
diuli'1 ot hlsiirpolnlinent .it 111" o'"e o, I-:. II. .V It.
II. Utile, In I'lo itusbnrg, on !mlurdii., the aad dav
of .inniur.i, H7.i, tit 1 o'clock, a. in. Ml iktsphs
having c iilm- s .-aliest raw i t ite are rciptlrnl to nt
tend or be deh..rred Iror.i eomlns' la for a slnire of
said fund. Itolllir.l' II. MTrMf
lice. a. '71 I v. Auditor.
4 riiiToirs vtvrifiv
2 oot.rsmls en TT,!wi
at, 1'iiiax H11 u cords and nr icce 'Irtfs cf the Court
of (umtiion I' Int"r nll.i. It Is thus c inlnliicd:
In the nml ler of Hie m i'v paid Ititn 1 an t f ir ills
trunnion .inning the cl.iim.inlM uuahist Hie liorough
of 1 entr.illn:
And now. December a tii IS74. en motion of A. r.
Spliinev. i:sn., thr crli -lotm M. 1 'lurk. I he court ap
pointed c. n. '.101 ki. n.r llsii., auditor lo a 1 1 1 tidti
winu iiiio,riii'',ns 11,0. e.isiiirx tut' mini ii.sims
against the suld b(n-nu-h mid the amount thereof
unpaid, Diet lepovt to the court 111" order In 1M1I1 It
the same ijiall be p td oul of inone, now in coin t or
vvliK li may heic if(r be paid In. Three weeks 11' tleo
1 f tho timo mid place of tri"i ting bi Tore Hie auditor
to be given by publication In two nockiv newspapers
oflh'oiuiilT. in Tllllcolnl.
Cei titled from tho l.'eMids.
In ee'iibcrr.l. i74.
11. l'i::.'K tfAitit, I'r.itiiouotnrv.
In tiur.suinee of ihenlnvo order. Hie uiiili'rsi''no.T., will m"et the pirtl s lnteisted, f e'tho por-li-es
nt forth In U10 order, lit his olllce In lilnoms-burP-,
on Mlur.l'iv. -Iiimun' SHh. H7n, nt. 2 o'clm k,
p. m.. i.t Wile.i Ibae jnd place, h iilng claims
can a.t- nd If th '.. s ) proivr.
Jan. 1, '!l-4t. Auditor.
r mmijuxi-.i-ss'sam:.
' two iiiM.otr. chanpa
l.f l"l"S, a iiumiM n tslde Lmniifi with good itIIi loin,
one six fni.l Ver.lllntor and a f,-r of MuHIng aid l ar
li"landom,ro't Limp, will bolTercdi't public koIi at
the co.'iri.l.ssIono'.' nn'ee. In 111, omsburg, on Weil-irsda-,
the thlntCiy of IVi ruarj, leir,, nt 1 o'clock,
p. in.
'I hose artl-lfs hn i iieen in use in the Court room,
h-fure said lDotn v. as icpidred und idled upwlth
li w U.'lit.
C iininls-lonei ' onice, 11 r rder of ( 'ot.ini 1? Honerb',
Dldl.l.isb.irjr, Jan. II, ".'.-it. WM. KIHCKIIAI's;.
L I'ri po'-Us for street I ships nnd lamp Posts,
lor IboTovn of liloMnsbiirg, v,lll be milTed by
the l'li'sidenl 1 1 thr Town Council of said Towa, un
til four oVloek, p.m., en 'Hiun la, the ai-t net.,
the ijirni's and I'o.ts to lip 1 ach thirls, i.t .1 hi 1111111
ber, nnd the fi nuer to le t a charucti r sultiihle for
the proper consumption of the gas fiiinlslKd bv Iho
lllO'iinhiutf Has Conipanj. ci.iiti.ictors to take In
payment. Town nor.Us. paitibl with Inteicst, 0111)
ji .ir from d.ll irj ffth- lan.n tu.d l'ost . .md thu
:i"e cf the same by Hie pre- cr aulborltlcs.
siiinpli.s cf blimps nml lofts can ho seen a; Hiu
Council loom by calling ou Hie Secri tnrv,
n. iovl::.'iiri(i.
w. whit. creUry. I'rcsidi nt i f 'l on 11 Council.
I'looinsburg, J.m. 1'.', Is7r,.
"IVruTlCf, TOioI.Li:' TOIiS,
IS Tlie 1 u'int 'I'r-10 hit. en tlio first daycfJan
u..r list, had In UN luinds fiu.:i'i fount; funds, und
mi rpald on Ho fund fill! is',, nlileliMiowHientnouiit,
oierp.ild und tlm- the 'In aMiicr lo le (son.;., in or
der to met t the turrcnt tlen.ands on tiu t'ounly
I reasurv, I' nu-stcd to Make proiaot
I'll tin l is. '
.lie auimuil rf t'oiMity tax imrelleltcU Istl' .S43.J3.
Ilalfof Hint amount, at least, should ho paid hv Iho
I'l'liruaiy emit, and Ills ttoicdHiiit oury collee
tor ttllltry 10 n tile 1,1s du llci te I Hiul lime.
'I lie (iinoiuit 1 f lii'ir'Hux iiiKollicttd
(i inliilstlLi.irs'tdl te, Ull. Kl.KKliAI'M,
lilooiuslurb', Jan. 1.' tli, lsts-tt. Clcik.
S'S'J.S.Jt.' HM.V.
Civ vai.i'ai:u:
N p'lr-u.ineo of an cnlt r nf tho Oinlians'
euurioi i.'oiuniMa eounty, reimsyliaiila,6ii
fatis-t3i.r. .3 itMiniy :ti, v;r,,
0 i!m'ji'S,'",V:,,:1; n; I-!i:ic K. KlI'Mwmi, rxeeulorof
John I, line, j-itt. , f Ucnt.,11 lowusiilp. lu said enmity,
L i?"1, "'" ".H'1 ' h' l""'1"' '"I"" " tin!
PMiiUch, aeeitatn tuetor lot of land eonlaluln,
115 ACRIaK 31 P ..rilfH
f.'.'i""'.""''.1""1"11'''11' landsof IH.iii.asiilbbouM,
lleori-o Mil', r saiii'le! o,.l, 1 ;f, fe,-, mi-,., Kur;
IK:1, V.'f!";1' f-, 'line. Hiild tract coidtdi , al,u MX-
n"J'.o ViAI '"'V 'f '-AMI "d
1 he,-, '.,f-'.'"."TV 'l ,V't!l ''U0 UU 1 Uiilt"'' t,!"''
lluuo are Itiereeu
2 Dweilins Mi ui a Mm Bara.
There Isalsoa ffnod h-arlnr prJe Orchard andn.
rloui other 1'rtnt Trees on tao prVmiVel 1 ' m a
kiip-rr.iiM.'i or s.ii.hVcisi
toT;,'.nL',M Z"; ' ' ,,'?,t';'"'i"l'i ' f the purchase' money
Id be paid ut thestilklns iioivu of unimrtv l'o
S iui'tU. Iw '"I-1- '"'". ' tl1" KrmMlon
lioaoiuio, uivl ten leu iln u, t irrt'.fj'irtlls la ono
twihiieaiuu', ttlth inter at' the 'omm.mtl""
tJAWAlMJk& ,a 1110
Ile,.,on.Ja.8,,S7--,. U ,MlUKtM
"MKW yoiiic 'J'l: i m: N 1;. -ti 1 if i.rA i
1 IMI A.MIC'tlL'N MI. SI'APrif' Til r ' nlAv
CTr,l.S,S" UKmc: li-n-'' '" "simY-
or more-only l, pta-, p4n. A.lJrw t,,"tk,"
LV!"t- ' . J.ui I5'rf,i-.
f3Si)Utli Third Street,
oo,Kr,u"SKr',meut 3sm ' th 0M an(I su'
HUl; nii "li.ndit and wild cm commission.
1'rcJeaweif By, isd Har l)lWy.6 la u,e uilreibli-,
UMd.. atrxioN is ui ti.
ssfawiW i" n' " ""
lf.-Ji.llu u., lUHImuic. Ud.
Tin: ih:.s,t ufv, "o, iii.piif'n"r. r
llottlcu, l,eiv Veil; or tUlcuVc
Maryland Kyo antl ICar IiiKtituto
uu w letter tu ,ii to,,,,..;;nr,' r.1 .".
. . . T u..w,o-.t. t1un1.1r.11, s, 11,
,ll,t't..nil, J, I,,
Surgeoii lu Charjo.
TL'SIrH niiiuo
iy vi8iiis('u.Alin.s
. 1. It CAlkS
oi..-..nivtn v-...,'V.W?l"'.
I, s.0.